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Live trading room,forex trading roomLive Trading Room, Forex Trading Room

I've been trading Forex, commodities and indices for more than 10 years now. A few years ago I discovered the best way for me to pass on my expertise, and for my followers to obtain their best trading results: daily live trading room sessions.

When I first started my daily trading room sessions, I was still working as a trader at a large Forex company. Today, as part of my Forex trading club, "Vladimir's Forex Signals & Mentoring", I sit in my private trading room.

Twice a day, at the first 30 to 60 minutes of the UK and US trading sessions, I open my online live trading room to the members. When you become a member, you can join me too in analyzing the market and looking for trade setups in real time.

Together we go through the various currency pairs, commodities and indices to look for potential moves.

Benefits for you

So, the Live Trading Room serves three important purposes:

1. An amazing source of trading signals for you: some weeks we finish with hundreds of pips of profits. We recently had a week with 1000 pips.

2. Learn my trading methods and expertise – in real time, live market conditions. No more long and tedious PDF documents or videos showing demo accounts – this is the real deal!

3. The personal touch – I'm excited to be meeting my followers each and every day. This is your chance to sit with me (virtually) each and every day, as we walk through the market.

The Live Trading Room (LTR) Account

Since the trades given on the live trading room have proved themselves highly profitable, I see the live trading room as an important source of trades for the members.

However, during live trading I may issue a large number of signals, and since I'm just a human being, I'm unable to dedicate the time and attention needed to broadcast so many signals, while also executing them as trades… and while broadcasting and trading myself all the other signals…

So, one of my loyal followers volunteered to broadcast the signals to all members. He will also trade the signals on a separate account that you can monitor and learn from, PLUS the trade panel traders will decide which trades from the live trading room, will be executed on the member's shared real account.