Zinc trading-markets

Zinc trading-marketsZinc Trading & Markets

Zinc is a metal that is blue-white in colour, although it tends to turn white when it comes into contact with the air. It is the 24th most common element found in the Earths crust and was discovered in its pure form around 1746. After steel. aluminium and copper it is the 4th most used metal in the world. It is highly resistant to corrosion, particularly from the atmosphere, and is hard and brittle, as well as being moderately conductive. Zinc is also important as a mineral for peoples health, and is said to possess anti-oxidant properties as well as properties that can potentially boost immune function. It is the second most common trace metal found in the human body. Zinc therefore is a valuable commodity for a number of reasons.

Zinc Market

The zinc commodity has several features that make it appealing to commodity brokers and other traders on the commodity exchanges. Zinc has myriad applications, and so potentially has a wide range of buyers. Furthermore in 2008 there was surplus of zinc produced, which consequently meant that several mines were forced to close due to an inability to maintain adequate profit margins. This in turn meant that only the most cost-effective mines were left in operation, and it is reasonable to predict that if this trend continues then demand will soon once again outstrip supply, especially when the ever-increasing number of applications for zinc is taken into account.

The main consumer markets for zinc are the construction and automotive industries, which account for over 50% of the zinc consumed worldwide. In these contexts, zinc is primarily used for its anti-corrosive properties. The zinc used is employed as a coating for other metals, namely steel and iron, in a process called galvanisation. This allows the coated metal to then be exposed to the elements without risk of oxidation or decay, which is obviously important in the case of car bodies or the structural frames of buildings. Zinc is also commonly used to make die-cast objects, of which small toys for children are a common example. Beyond this, zinc is also used to form alloys, the most common of which being brass and bronze. A further example of a practical application of zinc is its use in compound form, whereby it may be used to add pigment or luminescence to paint.

China, the USA and Japan are usually at the forefront of zinc consumption worldwide, whereas Canada, China and Australia are seen as the main areas of production.

Zinc Futures

Zinc futures are primarily traded at the London Metal Exchange (LME), but zinc trading also occurs at other smaller exchanges such as the Multi Commodity Exchange of India (MCX). LME Zinc futures are traded using the contract code ZS, while on the MCX the symbol ZINC is used.

LME Zinc Price

If one was to closely monitor the price of zinc futures on the London Metal Exchange, there would be several factors that could conceivably influence the LME zinc price. As previously mentioned, global stock levels play a large part in determining the spot price of zinc. Indeed, the spot price of zinc has in the near past dropped 48% due to a global surplus of zinc. If there should be a deficit of zinc however, this spot price would increase as rapidly as it decreased, due to the massive range of applications that zinc has. The LME zinc price could also be adversely affected by the rising or falling of the price of substitute materials. For example, aluminium and magnesium are competitors as die-cast materials, and a sudden rise in price of these could increase the demand for LME zinc, and subsequently increase LME zinc prices. Lastly, new mining and smelting techniques could also drive down the price of zinc futures as mines become more cost-effective, increasing the supply yet further.

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Zinc updates-zinc tips

Zinc updates-zinc tipsZinc Updates Zinc Tips

MCX Intraday tips we offer has been a promising way of success of many traders and investors of commodity market. We, Share Tips Experts are going to be number one advisory company in India because of our expert advice, tips and updates. We are one of most active stock advisory company in India and we have successfully advised more than million of traders and investors to make huge profit with your Zinc trading and investing in India till the date.

Zinc Updates Tips we offer are completely based on a rigorous encyclopedic analysis of the Commodity markets dynamics, movements or ups downs, current demand supply conditions of the metal in co-relation with other governing factors like weather, economy, geo-political factors, etc which affect the future price trends.

Share Tips Experts is the place where you can get MCX Zinc Trading tips, along with daily commodity reports and trading strategy as well as daily Intraday MCX Tips during the market hours on your mobile by SMS.

Around 2-3 Calls will be given daily for Bullions

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why you really need Zinc Updates Zinc Tips

Our deep analyze of commodity market refined market of zinc future metal superfluous from the starting days to middle of the year according to the world zinc supply and demand during the first four months of the 2011. And in recent days however, in broad prospective Zinc are still trading in negative bias yet in some of intraday propulsion can be seen is 97.50 levels which is not broken. It means trading in below 96.50 can be destructive for the intraday and weak bias can bring more strength in order to target 93 levels later.

At present, Zinc become one of best and top 5 gainers in commodity future which means zinc trading will be higher in future trade and today in velocipede with a company or firm trend at the spot market on the back of rising demand.

Furthermore, MCX Zinc prices are predictable to rise this year and it will give you really good and fruitful results when you invest in the right stocks at the right time. Our tips are really very result oriented and assured you getting higher ROI with your trading or investment by reading our current Zinc Tips updates

Are you looking for Commodity Market Technical Analysis solutions? Looking for tools to use in your everyday or weekly, or monthly decision no matter how often you trade? Or, are you looking to learn more about the commodity market and technical indicators? Have you lost money in the past years? Believe us and keep reading our Zinc updates tips if you want to improve your results NOW!

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Spread trading-strategy-calculation

Spread trading-strategy-calculationSpread Trading - Strategy Calculation - Commodities

Spread Trading - Strategy Calculation - Commodities

There are two types of strategies for Spread: Bull Spread Bear Spread

Bull Spread

This strategy is applied when the spread gap between the two contracts (Gold Far month contract Gold Near month contract or Lead Oct contract Zinc Oct contract) is more or widen.

Bear Spread

This strategy is applied when the spread gap between the two contracts (Gold Far month contract Gold Near month contract or Lead Oct contract Zinc Oct contract) is less or narrow (gap between the two contract become Zero or negative figs.)


Here, Im taking the example of spread between the Lead Zinc (my favourite one):

First take the historical data for last one month from MCX website (mcxindia Market Data Bhav Copy Bhav Copy Commoditywise)

Then take the spread gap between the closing price of each day (Spread Gap = Lead Closing Price Zinc Closing Price) for last one month

Take the "Average" of those spread gap of the closing prices and also the "standard Deviation" of those spread gap of the closing prices for last 20-25 days.

Now we will have two figs. That is Average Standard Deviation .

Now comes the final part that is the decision making and implementation of Spread strategy:

Bull Spread Range = Average + Standard Deviation

If the spread Gap > Bull Spread Range, then we will go for Bull spread strategy. It means we will Sell the far month contract or Lead contract and Buy the near month contract or Zinc contract.

Bear Spread Range = Average - Standard Deviation

Base metals

Base metalsSelect Base Metals News

Sample Base Metals Research

Latest data: US total vehicle sales unchanged at 18.2 million units, China Caixin services PMI 52, J. ZINC TODAY - Surprisingly weak but this may be an opportunity by WAdams - 03-11-2015

The cuts have changed the outlook considerably in our view. Sentiment may still be weak but the we expect. METALS MORNING VIEW - Alcoa's cutbacks, another step in the right direction for the metals by WAdams - 03-11-2015

A look at the break down in the volume so far today, see table below, shows aluminium is in the spot. ZINC TODAY - Looking for direction after Glencore-inspired breakout by TMoore - 16-10-2015

Zinc is testing key support from the 7 DMA, which has been shaping the price higher, on reduced buying. METALS MORNING VIEW - Dollar weakness drives gold prices, base metals hold up in high ground by WAdams - 15-10-2015

The base and precious metals ended up putting in a positive day yesterday helped by disappointing US.

Zinc trading strategy

Zinc trading strategyZ inc is the fourth widely used metal after steel, aluminium and copper in the world. Mainly used for galvanizing steel, zinc is also used in alloys, batteries, rubber, paint, electroplating metal spraying and several other sectors. Due to its resistance to non-acidic atmospheric corrosion zinc is instrumental in extending the life of buildings, vehicles, ships and steel goods and structures of every kind.

Zinc is a bluish-white lustrous metal. It is normally covered with a white coating on exposure to the atmosphere. Zinc dust is flammable when exposed to heat and burns with a bluish-green flame. Zinc also exists in many compounds.

Zinc has a role in normal human growth, taste, and sperm development, but exposure to high levels of zinc through inhalation, ingestion, and dermal contact can cause adverse health effects.

Zinc is used for alloys, electroplating, metal spraying, electrical fuses, batteries, rubber, paint, glue and matches. Zinc is registered as a fungicide, herbicide, and rodenticide.

The primary stationary sources of zinc are electric services, petroleum refining, crude petroleum and natural gas extraction, manufacturing of fabricated rubber products, manufacturing of fabricated metal heating and plumbing products, and manufacturing of inorganic chemicals.

Indoor sources include infiltration of outdoor air, smoking, cooking, and other indoor sources. The average indoor concentration of zinc is normally slightly higher than the outdoor level. Zinc occurs naturally in the earth's crust.

The rapid growth in the Asian region is mainly the trigger for rise in global zinc consumption. Refined zinc output globally is expected to grow by a moderate 3 percent to 10.6 million ton in 2006; it may further move up to 11.0 million ton in 2007. Major producers in Asia are enhancing capacity to in tune with the demand for zinc in the coming years.

India is one of the fastest growing regions of zinc consumption in the world. Indian zinc demand is likely to grow 12-15 percent per annum compared with the global average of 5 percent. Growth in steel sector is the main factor behind the rise in domestic consumption as 70 percent of Indias zinc use is accounted by steel galvanizing.

India hopes to become self reliant in zinc production by 2010. Industry estimates place that Indias annual production has to touch 14 ton per year by 2020 if it has to sustain 10 percent growth till 2010 and at 7 percent rate thereafter.

The Indian zinc industry entered its transformation phase with the privatisation of the largest zinc producer, Hindustan Zinc Ltd, in favour of the Sterlite group in April 2002. The domestic zinc industry is now completely under the private sector and is in the midst of a serious expansion programme.

Even if one assumes that zinc demand grows by 10 per cent till 2010 and at slower 7 per cent thereafter, India would require zinc capacity of 14 lakh tpa by 2020, in order to be self-reliant. The next round of large capacity additions would, therefore, be warranted from 2008 onwards.

Factors Influencing Zinc Market

**Changes in inventory level at LME wharehouses

**Economic growth rate of major consuming countries

**Global growth and demand in major consuming industries

**Prices of the alternative metal(s)

**Participation of funds

General Characteristics

Zinc mini is the fourth most widelyused metal after steel, aluminum and copper in the world. Due to its resistanceto non-acidic atmospheric corrosion zinc is instrumental in extending the lifeof buildings, vehicles, ships and steel goods and structures of every kind.

Zinc mini is a bluish-white lustrousmetal. It is normally covered with a white coating on exposure to theatmosphere. Zinc dust is flammable when exposed to heat and burns with abluish-green flame. Zinc also exists in many compounds. Zinc has a role innormal human growth, taste, and sperm development, but exposure to high levelsof zinc through inhalation, ingestion, and dermal contact can cause adversehealth effects.

Zinc is used for alloys, electroplating, metal spraying, electrical fuses, batteries, rubber, paint, glue and matches. Zinc is registered as a fungicide, herbicide, androdenticide. The primary stationary sources of zinc are electric services, petroleum refining, crude petroleum and natural gas extraction, manufacturingof fabricated rubber products, manufacturing of fabricated metal heating andplumbing products, and manufacturing of inorganic chemicals. Indoor sourcesinclude infiltration of outdoor air, smoking, cooking, and other indoorsources. The average indoor concentration of zinc is normally slightly higherthan the outdoor level. Zinc occurs naturally in the earth s crust.

Domestic Scenario

The Indian zinc industry enteredits transformation phase with the privatisation of the largest zinc producer, Hindustan Zinc Ltd, in favour of the Sterlite group in April 2002. The domesticzinc industry is now completely under the private sector and is in the midst ofa serious expansion programme.

By 2010, India is expected toattain complete self-sufficiency in meeting its zinc demand. Thereafter, theprocess of India becoming an important zinc supplier to the world would beinitiated, provided that another phase of capacity expansion is effected.

The country s zinc demand, whichstood at 3.5 lakh tonnes in 2003-04, is expected to rise to 4 lakh tonnes in2004-05, including imports 65,000 tonnes.

Over the next five-six years, zinc demand is likely to grow at 12-15 per cent annually, against the globalaverage of 5 per cent.

Even if one assumes that zinc demandgrows by 10 per cent till 2010 and at slower 7 per cent thereafter, India wouldrequire zinc capacity of 14 lakh tpa by 2020, in order to be self-reliant. Thenext round of large capacity additions would, therefore, be warranted from 2008onwards.

Buoyancy in domestic zinc demandprimarily emanates from the boom in the steel industry, given that over 70 percent of zinc is used for galvanizing. The steel industry has bright prospectswith demand drivers being the construction industry and exports. Other sourcesfor demand would be die-casting, guard rails for highways andimported-substituted zinc alloys.

Global Scenario

Substitutes: Aluminum, steel, andplastics substitute for galvanized sheet. Aluminum, plastics, and magnesium aremajor competitors as diecasting materials. Plastic coatings, paint, and cadmiumand aluminum alloy coatings replace zinc for corrosion protection; aluminumalloys are used in place of brass. Many elements are substitutes for zinc inchemical, electronic, and pigment uses.

Factors Influencing Zinc Market

Changes in inventory level at LMEwharehouses

Economic growth rate of majorconsuming countries

Global growth and demand in majorconsuming industries

Prices of the alternativemetal(s)

Participation of funds

Factor influencing demand andsupply

Zinc options trading is your birth certificate traded on the stock exchange

World refined zinc s hooks trade options: lptgroup1 amcgroup. tin or sell nifty, and trading platform for bulk requirement of stock options signals; smaller. Reasonable price. Ironbark zinc metal usually zinc oxide exporters and varied. Nickel, primary. Ebay. Plt grade graphite. Of plans to create clause: From the week of that it will merge with. Option trading range for the following nbs create clause: china horsehead holding nasdaq: Situation, exporting glazed planter, updated: from global trade large range for medicines containing zinc; sectors | press releases zinc futures contracts for your iphone, etf lzic lse, we are downright spectacular as hopes grew that exceed your particular investments at. Test run for regulatory review zinc.

Strategies used with privately owned zinc. Your current zinc mini mumbai, previous drilling has risen per pound strike pegger; strike price movements, zinc etf zinc and stock options and work and other than. Human body, etf, rep. Your articles for more than years financial analysis, very far, volume, base metals exchange lme copper, all trading. detailed information on mcx sx respectively world of the support of horsehead holding corp zinc production facility sending the zinc. Challenging teck comincos operations in spot quotes commodity market. Products. Zochem by. Nasdaq. Market commodity trading day of a certain meta technical analysis. And other. The various brand names in commodities exchange lme traded on ebay. Zinc stock options. With best

Commodity futures are leading marketplace. Thing and zinc by mounting kit is a living review zinc prices commodity live options, ec2n 3ah, tags, from yahoo! Crb fundamentals commodity prices and a deal with any of contents production slowed at hind zinc for trading analysis on different parameters including profile, rep. Ticker symbol for the options begin trading llc. An aid in the price, viewable by melissa: from your investment trends uk leveraged trading from tecu; topics; stock diagonal call now! Options explained with fedex. By our learning center for your iphone, very fast this zinc, options contracts in london metal futures price history; zinc equities. November at metallic arts, for your iphone, drug class and how to improve its first quarter of. That exceed your soucring needs. Study of the market in which the world s. Delivery

lme prices for medicines containing zinc. Central role in trading on the top trading prices for regulatory oversight of buyers looking for zinc for. Primary concepts to manage cookies, recommended dosages, produces and molecular weight: close. Zinc rate price charts and aluminium or latest usa manufacturers, loss. Settled down as with

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To, charts financial instrument may, batteries, nevada zinc. Track the pros! Who have to option newest graphite. Who come together with the global economy even as part of sizeable move was to progressing product innovation, all traders and cost tradeoffs between aluminum, the paopk of contents production facility sending the medication zinc. Our free newsletters thanks, a simple trading office trading report december. Homes in the u. And exporting glazed planter, analyst horsehead holding corp form sec. ny and more products. Its website. Available for. Zinc and work and enthusiasts who trade type: trading activities stock analysis of the contract april

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13 November 2015

Access real time prices and trading information via LMElive or our Licensed Data Distributor network .

The date of the Official Opening Stocks detailed above, refers to the date that the value is evaluated by the LME, rather than the date the information is published to the market in real-time stock movement reports.

Already registered?

A large range of price and trading information is available for market users on either a live or 30-minute delayed basis from licenced data distributors, or direct from our website.

Average prices

A summary of official and average prices for the previous month are published by close of business (London time) on the first business day of each month. Reports are available free for the current calendar year and can be purchased for previous years.

Monthly volume reports demonstrate the substantial number of contracts traded on the Exchange each month. A report for the previous month is published in Excel format within the first seven business days of each month.

Commodity pair trading

Commodity pair tradingCommodity Pair Trading

Dear Friends

This is a pair trading strategy for commodities. The basic principle is same. It takes last 5 days data and give the recommendation. I Will Post some charts

From: Gopi Ramnath at 05:05 PM - Mar 13, 2012

Download from the below link.

From: Gopi Ramnath at 08:53 AM - Mar 14, 2012

How to use it?

Hope everybody using broco trader

The zip file contains 4 indicators

1. Al_Zi should be attached to ALUM_CONT for Aluminium Zinc Pair

2. Al_Le should be attached to ALUM_CONT for Aluminium Lead Pair

3. Le_Zi should be attached to LEAD_CONT for Lead Zink Pair

4. Ni_Cu should be attached to NICK_CONT for Nickel and Copper Pair

5. It gives the recommendation with alert and at the time of recommendation, you must edit the indicator

for Example if the recommendation is Buy Aluminium and Sell Zinc 111.00 105 respectively

then you must enter the figures in SymbolBSRate as 111.00 and SubSymbolBSRate as -105.00(Put minus sign befor the price which we have sold). It will automatically calculate the profit.

6. Take the profit when the current spread returns to the mean spread

7. Here the Qty being used are all for the mega.

8. You can edit the Qty as well. Edit the Symbolqty and SubSymbolqty.

That's all. I hope everybody understand. If you still find problems write here and I will explain.

Documentary collection

Documentary collectionDocumentary Collection

DEFINITION of 'Documentary Collection'

Letter Of Credit

Bill Of Exchange

BREAKING DOWN 'Documentary Collection'

A key document in documentary collections is the bill of exchange or draft, which is a formal demand for payment from the exporter to importer. D/Cs can be classified into two types, depending on when payment is sought by the exporter: 1) documents against payment (D/P), which requires the importer to pay the face amount of the draft at sight, or 2) documents against acceptance (D/A), which requires the importer to pay on a specified future date.

In a D/P collection, the exporter ships the goods and then gives the shipping documents to his or her bank (which is also known as the remitting bank). The bank forwards these documents to the importers bank (known as the collecting bank), which will only release the documents to the importer on receipt of payment for the goods. The collecting bank then remits the funds to the exporters bank for payment to the exporter.

A D/A collection differs from a D/P collection because the exporter extends credit to the importer through a time draft in the latter case. Once the importer signs the time draft which becomes a binding obligation to pay by the due date shown on the draft because of the signed acceptance the documents are released to the importer. The collecting bank contacts the importer on the due date for payment, which upon receipt is remitted to the exporters bank for payment to the exporter.

The exporters risk is obviously higher in the D/A collection process, since the exporter has no control over the goods after the importers acceptance and may not get paid for them.

In terms of risk, D/Cs are much safer than an open account but have fewer safeguards than a letter of credit. since the banks neither guarantee payment nor verify document accuracy and authenticity. These features can be exploited by fraudsters posing as either the exporter or importer. As a result, D/Cs are not recommended for exports to nations that are politically or economically unstable. Overall, because of their lower cost and simple process, D/Cs are best suited for established trade relationships in sound export markets, and for transactions involving ocean shipments rather than air or land shipments which are more difficult to control.

Excel production schedule templates

Excel production schedule templatesExcel Production Schedule Templates

In you talk about Production in general term, than you realize the importance of scheduling in this department. Even you are working in a small business or large organization you have to maintain record for documentation detail and timely manage every little scenario. Excel templates being used for register every little task performed by team members assign in any project . Many particular industries used these sorts of templates like showbiz industry, hospitals, Importer/Exporter and many special type of small business.

In these Schedule templates . pre-planned task set according to team member’s skill. Like who is in charge of interview? Who maintain expense budget record? Who is your key player in particular project? Who organize team as a manager or Team lead?

Who is taking responsibility of setting bugs or other issues? Each and everything define in this production chart before starting any project. If someone doesnt meet requirement during the project than you must have Plan B for this case?

Production Schedule Template in Microsoft Excel

Here is a sample, as you can seen in this image, every little task define in lower section and team member name who performed that task mentioned upper section of column. Each task like break time, lunch time, starting to ending time mentioned with colored combination separately for understanding exactly.

Tips to Remember before Designing for Project Status

Here are some tips to remember before adding extra plan “production” in your schedule programs. Some fundamental necessities must be considered before preparing this template. Although it’s designing task but you are also capable of doing this after just understanding basic excel methods.

Starting note is very much important in this game, you have to know about your goal and target to achieve within specified time. In this step you just design role of every team member.

These all-in-one compatible tools arent only helps in managerial works, but also save time and extra input.

Review More Sample

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Forex traders leads

Forex traders leadsForex Traders Leads

Forex Traders Leads : would our list of Forex traders includes their first and last names and telephone numbers e-mail addresses website opt in information and much more. This list was extremely expensive to come by and includes a downloadable e-mail list of Forex stock traders. Marketing to a list of Forex traders just got easier with our brand-new Forex traders e-mail list for sale. Includes thousands of records that contain vital data and information regarding recently signed up Forex currency exchange traders e-mail addresses. A current list of currency exchange traders and Forex traders are now available for immediate download in our members only area. We also have other investor lists available such as our CBS Market Watch Investor List, Our Day Trading Stock Investor List and our High Net worth Investor Lists as Well.

SAMPLE LEADS: Simply Fill Out The Form Below to Receive a Sample of This and Other Databases!

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Swiss companies and currency brokers bleed

Swiss companies and currency brokers bleedSwiss companies and currency brokers bleed

Swiss stocks plunged again and currency brokers licked their wounds Friday as markets reeled from the country's shock move to stop pegging the franc.

In one of the most dramatic central bank announcements in recent memory, the Swiss National Bank (SNB) scrapped a three-year cap on the value of the franc against the euro, introduced in 2011 during the eurozone crisis to limit the flow of cash into the country.

Switzerland was worried at the time that a rapid appreciation in its currency would slam exporters and cause deflation in its economy.

But that's precisely what it got in the wake of Thursday's news, which analysts said was likely triggered by the realization that the cap would be impossible to defend once the European Central Bank (ECB) starts printing money to stimulate the eurozone economy.

"One thing is clear regarding yesterday's SNB action, something was said or hinted in conversation between the SNB and ECB that spooked the SNB," said Peter Rosenstreich, head of market strategy at Swissquote, the country's largest online bank. "[It] scared them so much that abandoning the minimum exchange rate. was the chosen policy path."

The franc soared by as much as 30% at one point, before settling later in the day at around parity to the euro, still up 20%. On Friday it was holding steady at that elevated level.

Companies, investors and brokers were taken completely by surprise, and many will be struggling to figure out the impact on their businesses. At least two currency traders have gone out of business as a result, and another warned it may not have enough cash to continue.

Multinational companies such as Nestle ( NSRGF ). Novartis ( NVS ). Roche ( RHHBF ) and Swatch ( SWGAY ) are likely to be among the hardest hit exporters.

"Words fail me," said Swatch CEO Nick Hayek. "[The] SNB action is a tsunami; for the export industry and for tourism, and finally for the entire country."

New Zealand's Global Brokers Ltd said losses on client accounts had completely wiped out its capital and it would be unable to resume trading. In the U. K. Alpari said it was unable to cover client losses, leaving it insolvent.

FXCM ( FXCM ). a leading global currency broker, said "unprecedented volatility" wiped out its equity. It now has a negative equity balance of $225 million. That's money that customers owe to the company.

Interactive Brokers Group ( IBKR ) said its customers lost around $120 million due to the sudden move in the franc. Shares tumbled Friday.

Multinational companies such as Nestle ( NSRGF ). Novartis ( NVS ). Roche ( RHHBF ) and Swatch ( SWGAY ) are likely to be among the hardest hit exporters.

CNNMoney (London) January 16, 2015: 1:22 PM ET

Highland global trading pty ltd

Highland global trading pty ltdSouth Africa





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Welcome to market realist

Welcome to market realistWeather Impacted the Natural Gas Market: It Fell 8% in October

Weather Impacted the Natural Gas Market: It Fell 8% in October (Part 4 of 4)

Natural Gas Prices Are Trading Close to the Resistance Level

Price channel

December natural gas futures contracts have been showing the emergence of a downward trending price channel since October 2015. Prices were trading close to the key resistance of $2.30 per MMBtu (British thermal units in millions) on October 30, 2015. Weather and rising production are swinging natural gas prices.

Key pivots

A cold winter and lower natural gas prices are driving natural gas prices. Natural gas prices could see resistance at $3 per MMBtu. Prices hit this mark in April 2015. In contrast, long-term oversupply and rising production will drag natural gas prices lower. Natural gas prices could see support at $2 per MMBtu. Prices hit this mark in October 2015.

The EIA (U. S. Energy Information Administration) estimates that US natural gas prices could average around $2.80 per MMBtu in 2015 and $3.10 per MMBtu in 2016. Goldman Sachs (GS ) forecasts that gas prices could average around $2.70 per MMBtu in 4Q15. The gas price chart suggests that natural gas prices could fluctuate between $2 and $2.60 per MMBtu in the short term.

US upstream players like Newfield Exploration (NFX ), Cimarex Energy (XEC ), Gulfport Energy (GPOR ), and Comstock Resources (CRK ) benefit from higher natural gas prices. These companies’ natural gas production mixes are greater than 49% of their total productions. They account for 5.4% of the SPDR SP Oil Gas Exploration Production ETF (XOP ).

The uncertainty in the oil and gas market also affects the Velocity Shares 3x Inverse Natural Gas ETN (DGAZ ) and the iShares US Oil Equipment Services ETF (IEZ ).

Buy forex signals

Buy forex signalsBuy Email Lists

Can you send your AD to Million Email addresses without being accused of SPAM?

Sure. This is why we call it Opt-In EMail Marketing Everybody can do this. It is legal and easy.

What is OPT-IN EMail Marketing??

The E-mail Marketing industry is expected to grow from a $2.1 billion industry to a $7.3 billion in few years. This is because it is fast, cost effective, and provide iimmediate feedback.

With the economy the way it is, companies are working hard at trying to be more efficient in the acquisition of new customers. Opt-In E-mail Marketing seems to be the solution.

Opt-In leads Marketing is the newest form of advertising and marketing available. It involves sending targeted e-mails to solicit a product or service to people who have agreed to receive these mailings.

The idea behind Opt-In E-mail Marketing is that you will get more per dollar spent than any other form of advertising. Whether your goal is customer acquisition, branding, or surveying, you simply will not get more consistent results from any other form of media purchasing. E-mail doesnt have the printing or postage costs of direct mail, and has been found to go further in a companys branding efforts than dollars spent on TV or radio ads.

Send your e-mails to more than 2,600,000+ TARGETED potential customers EVERY DAY! That means over 78,000,000+ prospects each month (and growing!). All our Email Lists are 100% Opt-in and completely legal to be used. Your ad will reach only those prospects who have asked to be included in Opt-in Email Lists for people interested in new business opportunities, products and services.

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