Forex volume indicators download

Forex volume indicators downloadForex Volume Indicators Download:

Volume indicators are used to determine investors interest in the market. High volume, especially near important market levels, suggests a possible start of a new trend, while low volume suggests traders uncertainty and/or no interest in a particular market.

In Forex Volume data represents total number of quotes for the specified time period.

Forex Volume Indicators:

The methodology of using Volume indicators Forex Wiki Downloads

When Volume increases it indicates a growing interest in the market, therefore it may strengthen a main trend or start a new trend;

Sudden and vigorous increase in Volume may signal for an upcoming reversal, while gradual decreasing in Volume may still be supported by rapid price moves.

Real volume indicators for forex traders

Real volume indicators for forex tradersReal volume indicators for forex traders

Real volume indicators for forex traders

This thread will focus on how Real Volume and Transactions indicators can be used for trading in the forex market.

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Real Volume and Transactions indicators used to be hard to come by for forex traders. Previously, we had to make do with approximations such as tick volume which, while useful, only tell part of the story. As you can see from a 1-minute chart below of the recent ECB announcement there's definitely a correlation between Real Volume (top), Tick Volume (middle) and Transactions Volume (bottom).

However, there are notable differences when there is a large spike in real trading volume. This reveals a limitation with tick volume in that it has no way of showing when a large amount of volume trades at a single price, since that would only be counted as a single tick. Real Volume and Transactions indicators can thus provide new perspectives on what traders are doing during major news events, especially since they work even on 1-minute charts.

To summarize:

Real Volume shows how many currency units traded

Transactions show how many orders executed

Tick Volume shows how often prices updated

While each of them can be valuable in its own way, this discussion will focus on Real Volume and Transaction indicators, since this information is new in retail forex.

Volume indicators

Volume indicatorsVolume Indicators

Volume At Price (Volume) Indicator

Learn Volume Traded At Every Price To Rule Your Markets

Price and volume are key components to power trading — but typical volume over price range charts don’t show you where support and resistance are hiding. Until now. Futures and day traders, meet the Volume At Price Indicator. Now you can tell the exact volume traded at every price and find the missing support and resistance. Make the money trades and stop when the ride ends.

With the Volume At Price Indicator …

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Volume2v4Volume 2v4

The Metatrder Volume 2v4 Forex Indicator is free. And not a single penny was paid, to buy the Volume 2v4 indicator. Hence, the foreign currency trading indicator is actually free.

When we execute a test on this mq4, weve determined its capability with MT4 (Metatrader 4) and MT5 (Metatrader 5) software and possibly, all MT platforms will be working to it.

If you like or find this Volume 2v4 is a great indicator for Forex please do not forget to rate the indicator. We also ask you to create couple of lines in our comment section regarding Volume 2v4 indicator just like the way to make use of it or best way to trade with it. Well view through your truthful rating as well as evaluations as a very important thing you do to our pursuit on taking or perhaps picking indicators as Forex traders.

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Download Volume 2v4.mq4 Metatrader Indicator Free

Test volume indicator

Test volume indicatorTest Volume Indicator

Thing you should know about test volume Indicator

You can now make use of a great test volume Indicator where you can download at no cost. Metatrader 4 and Metatrader 5 are really working with this forex indicator. Its through this site that one can study test volume forex indicator thoroughly. Regardless of what Metatrader editions you are making use of, this indicator can work perfectly with virtually all versions.

We added a picture of the test volume and the picture illustrates just what the indicator will look once it is set up in your Metatrader. Take a look of the image, and if you are convinced that it’s the indicator that can give you a lot of advantages, then download it now. Are you not pleased with this type of indicator? Then it is best to have a look at our Volume indicator group for more Metatrader Volume Indicators which you can choose from.

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Free Download. mq4

Test volume

Test volumeTest Volume

You can now take advantage of free download of Test Volume Forex Indicator for Metatrader. We found this Test Volume on the interest and we didn’t shell out anything to have this incredible indicator and thus we believe its a free foreign exchange trading indicator.

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Download test volume. mq4 Metatrader Indicator Free

Forex volume indicators

Forex volume indicatorsForex Volume Indicator

Download it from


Why IFC Markets?

IFCMARKETS. CORP. 2006-2015 IFC Markets is a leading broker in the international financial markets which provides online Forex trading services, as well as future, index, stock and commodity CFDs. The company has steadily been working since 2006 serving its customers in 12 languages of 60 countries over the world, in full accordance with international standards of brokerage services.

Risk Warning Notice: Trading in Forex and CFDs on OTC Market involves significant risk and losses can exceed your investment.

Volume scalper indicator free download

Volume scalper indicator free downloadVolume Scalper Indicator Free Download

Volume Scalper indicator can be effectively used for Volume and Pattern Recognition. It is one of the newest and most accurate forex trading indicators today. This indicator uses Volume Spread Analysis (VSA) and pattern detection technique to give trader an extremely precise trade entry that is different to any other indicator. It will help you to become an advanced trader. Using this great system, you can find the best entry possible which will outcome in a profitable trade.

Hawkeye traders

Hawkeye tradersHawkeye Traders | Precision Volume Trading Software

J oin countless others who, since 1996, have made trading their business using the Hawkeye Trading System. You’ll learn to trade with the market’s volume direction using any pre-selected timeframe. Hawkeye helps remove emotion from trading and equips you with a powerful set of indicators that will enable you to handle the complexities of the market.

You can make trading your business if you:

Trading with Volume Spread Analysis

The financial markets are driven by two forces: volume and price (momentum). Understand how they work and you’ll have the roadmap for your journey as a successful trader.

Volume shows where the professionals are buying and selling:

Hawkeye Volume is at the heart of our suite of unique and powerful trading indicators and tools. It’s designed to help you exploit trends and capture profits from the market.

Learn more about trading with volume, technical analysis, and applications of volume spread analysis by subscribing to our weekly Newsletter - its Free!

Forex volume trading strategy

Forex volume trading strategyForex Volume Trading Strategy

Volume shows the number of securities that are traded over a particular time. Higher volume indicates higher degree of intensity or pressure. Being one of the most important factors in trade it is always analyzed and estimated by chartists. In order to determine the upward or downward movement of the volume. they look at the trading volume gistograms usually presented at the bottom of the chart. Any price movement is of more significance if accompanied by a relatively high volume than if accompanied by a weak volume.

By viewing the trend and volume together, technicians use two different tools to measure the pressure. If prices are trending higher, it becomes obvious that there is more buying than selling pressure. If the volume starts to decrease during an uptrend, it signals that the upward trend is about to end.

As mentioned by Forex analyst Huzefa Hamid "volume is the gas in the tank of the trading machine". Though most traders give preference only to technical charts and indicators to make trading decisions, volume is required to move the market. However, not all volume types may influence the trade, it’s the volume of large amounts of money that is traded within the same day and greatly affects the market.

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My3favourite volume indicators for stock trading

My3favourite volume indicators for stock tradingMy 3 Favourite Volume Indicators for Stock Trading

If you already have a primary indicator or system which is going to form the basis of when and where you will enter and exit your Trade Positions. chances are your going to want some secondary indicators to help you filter out the good signal from the bad.

Trade Volume Indicators Volume filters are a great secondary indicator to help you draw a line in the sand and say yes this stock fits the criteria that I want to trade.

So lets start at the beginning, what is Volume.

Trading Volume is the number of Share, Contracts, or Bonds traded in a specified period for a particular security (eg. stock, index or exchange, etc)

Like price itself, Volume can also be monitored for Trend, Divergence /Convergence, Extreme Spikes, rate of change etc. Volume can even be compared to price itself

So I have included below my three favourite Volume Indicators .

Volume Indicators

Volume Spike

Measuring Volume High Low Spikes can tell you plenty about the current and past price action.

Although there are a few variations of Volume Spike Indicators I have developed my own Volume Spike Indicator (Global Trend Traders proprietary indicator) to help filter the Volume noise and only show me when there are High or Low Spikes of each security as show below.

Money Flow Index

In simple terms the Money Flow Index is volume weighted variant of the Relative Strength Index .

The Money Flow index is a volume indicator which simply compares the traded value of the up-days to the traded value of down-days and puts it in a percentage value. (Traded Value = average price * volume)

It is commonly use to spot weakness in trend and price reversals using the default setting of 14 days.

Typically readings above 80 signal a Market Top

While readings below 20 signal a Market Bottom

Divergence and Convergence can also be used to show price reversals

Force Index

The Force Index was created by Dr. Alexander Elder to measure the strength of the Bulls and Bears of the security.

The default setting for the Force Index is the 2 and 13 day EMA to help smooth the signal line which a basic of price movements and volume.

Typically if the Force Index is above the Zero line the Bulls are in control,

If it is below Zero the Bears are in control.

The stronger the reading above or below Zero the more powerful the trend.

If the Force Index flattens of it either means that a) volume is declining or b)large volumes are failing to move price higher. Either way a reversal normally follows.

Deep V signals the end of a down trend, and usually a retest of the bottom is to follow

You can even include in your Trade Entry Scans a volume filter, so that it only show stocks that trade X amount of shares per day or greater, and thus filtering out lightly traded securities.

As you can see Volume Indicators can tell you a lot about the what the strength of a security is, and combined with price and other primary indicators can prove a powerful tool in your trading arsenal.

I hope you have found this article helpful. Stay tuned for next weeks post.

Price and volume trend(pvt)

Price and volume trend(pvt)Price and Volume Trend (PVT)

The Price and Volume Trend is an indicator close to On Balance Volume using a cumulative volume total suffered adjustment. The On Balance Volume works through taking a sum of all volume of the positively closing days and subtracting the compound volume of all the lower closing days, whether the PVT carries out these operations only with a part of the volume of the day.

PVT is thought to show the money flow going into and out of security better than OBV does because it calculates the volume to add through the prices increase or decline in accordance with closing price of the day before. The principle according to which OBV works is summing an equal volume with the indicator in case the closing price of the security is a fraction higher or double.

Otherwise, PVT is supposed to add a larger part of volume to the indicator in case of significant price changes and a smaller part if the changes are less considerable.

The Price and Volume Trend is calculated:

Thread volume indicator

Thread volume indicatorThread: Volume indicator - accurate?

Volume indicator - accurate?

Is it true the volume indicator is reflective of the volume of trades through your broker rather than total volume for the forex pair?

Join Date Apr 2009 Posts 3,912

I've always thought that maybe if your broker has a large enough customer base that their volume figures would be representative of forex in general just from a statistical point of view. If you have a large enough sample it should be representative of the whole. Right?

On balance volume

On balance volumeOn Balance Volume

The On Balance Volume ( OBV ) indicator was developed by Joseph Granville and is explained in his book Granville's New Strategy of Daily Stock Market Timing for Maximum Profit .

3A%2F%2Fincrediblecharts%2Findicators%2Fon_balance_volume. phpreferer=http%3A%2F%2Fincrediblecharts%2Fcb=6401adab47" /%

On Balance Volume attempts to measure the level of accumulation or distribution by comparing volume to price movements. Volume is added to the indicator if closing price moves up and subtracted if closing price moves down. No adjustment is made if closing price is unchanged.

Trading Signals

On Balance Volume should be used in conjunction with other indicators.

Ranging market

Rising OBV warns of an upward breakout.

Falling OBV warns of a downward breakout.

Trending Market

A rising On Balance Volume confirms an up-trend and a falling OBV confirms a down-trend.

Bullish divergence between OBV and price warns of market bottoms.

Bearish divergence between OBV and price warns of market tops.

Trading volume strategy mt4

Trading volume strategy mt4The DNA of the market

Hawkeye Volume is comprised of three indicators (Volume, Volume Radar, Volume PaintBar).

Volume is the cornerstone of the Hawkeye suite of tools, and provides the key that professional traders have in knowing when the market is being accumulated, distributed, or if there is no demand. With this indicator, you will gain the edge you’ve been looking for.

Hawkeye’s Volume Indicator contains a complex algorithm which executes over 300 calculations per bar in order to analyze the price action and associated volume, giving traders a tremendous advantage.

Volume is the only leading indicator which:

signals a price movement prior to it happening

provides the fuel that drives the market

Hawkeye Volume works in all markets and can be used in all timeframes for both tick and time charts – from longer term swing and trend trading on daily and weekly charts, down to fast scalping on an intraday basis.

A simple volume-based approach called Volume Spread Analysis (VSA), is where Nigel started his own trading journey. VSA, however, takes NO account of the open price of the bar which results in false signals. So Nigel overcame this weakness with standard VSA by including the open of each bar thereby taking in the relationship of the high, the low, the open and the close of each bar. The indicator then looks back 20 bars and weights the volume and the relationship between open, high, low and close, right up to the current bar.

Hawkeye Volume displays whether buying or selling volume is dominating the market. In other words, it doesn’t just tell you the volume, as with other trading software, but it actually tells you whether the volume is professional BUYING or professional SELLING. This is displayed in a simple and visual way: red shows professional selling, green shows professional buying, white shows no demand.

The end result is likely one of the most accurate volume prediction indicators available to traders today.

Trading Volume Indicator

A trading volume indicator can dramatically improve your profitability, and the use of a volume indicator can make the analysis easier than reading the pure volume histogram at the bottom of the chart.

There are 3 things that are absolutes on a chart:

Most of the other elements traders put on charts are calculations based on one or more of these absolute values and we call them indicators.

Trading volume . like price and time, is not an indicator.

However using a volume indicator can be helpful in trading in that it can help us see the meaning behind price and/or volume more easily.

In the video below, I present a couple basic principles of how to read pure price and volume, and then go on to show how using a volume indicator can enhance your insight into what trading volume is telling you about potential future movements in the market.



To learn more about the Top Dog Trading techniques, including my

Top 7 Volume Patterns, go to: