Trading strategy50ema williams

Trading strategy50ema williamsTrading Strategy: 50 EMA Williams

Hello traders, my name is Trantula, Im running my own thread on Forex Factory website and I will help you in achieving better results with reviewing and analyzing systems for FX trading.


50 EMA High; 50 EMA Low; Stochastic (5, 3, 3) with Level 60 and 40; Williams Percent Range (50 period ); Pivot Points

Currency Pair: all

Time Frame: 15m - H1

Entry Position:

Price must cross above the 50 EMA High Williams Percent Range crosses above the -20 level. The Stochastic Oscillator is above its Signal line and level 60; When all the conditions are agree, you place a Buy order.

Set the Stop Loss a few pips below the most recent swing low point.

Set the Take Profit level twice the amount of the stop loss, or close the trade when price closes below the 50 EMA High.

Price must cross below the 50 EMA Low. Williams Percent Range crosses below the -80 level. The Stochastic Oscillator is below its Signal line and level 40. When all the conditions are agree, you place a Sell order.

Set the Stop Loss a few pips below the most recent swing low point.

Set the Take Profit level twice the amount of the stop loss, or close the trade when price closes above the 50 EMA Low.

TAKE PROFIT and STOP LOSS: Targets around Pivot Levels Stops above/below last high/low


20EMA%20Williams%20Strategy%20Buy. png" /%


20EMA%20Williams%20Strategy%20Sell. png" /%

Rating: 4.00/5.00

Conclusion: Good system which exploits momentum above or below 50 EMA channels. It also uses Williams Indicator for additional confirmations. Suitable for less and more experienced traders. It requires testing on H4 timeframe. Its advantage is that it can be traded on all intraday timeframes.

Using reversion to the mean to trade forex

Using reversion to the mean to trade forexUsing Reversion to the Mean to Trade Forex

Has anyone noticed how the NY session has been quite banal as of late (particularly FX markets)? It is no wonder considering three of the top five largest U. S. Investment banks went down last year with the lineup being: Lehman Bros. . Bear Stears . ^MER^.

Click here to learn how to utilize Bollinger Bands with a quantified, structured approach to increase your trading edges and secure greater gains with Trading with Bollinger Bands® A Quantified Guide.

Just the fact these three amigos have been wiped off the face of the planet would obviously reduce the amount of trading activity in the NY FX trading session. But, add on to the fact that Citibanks stock price is down at record lows along with Bank of America and you have an environment that is setup for very little investment banking particularly putting money into FX trading. With all the banks shoring up capital to stay afloat, this means that once London is closed, the markets are likely to be relatively tame. Thus, instead of the pandemonium and volatility we had in 2H 2008, we now have an environment that is incredibly tame come the rising sun on the eastern shores of the U. S.

This has resulted in trending and momentum moves to be short lived with pairs gaining one day and declining the next. What this means is we have to switch from missiles to guns and trade a much tighter reversion to the mean strategy.

One of my favorite methods for trading Reversion to the Mean involves the use of the Bollinger Bands. Bollinger Bands are based upon statistics, particularly Standard Deviations usually set to 2.0. The general statistics behind 2STDs are that 95.4% of all price action should be contained within the 2.0STD BBs. However, the statistics these were based upon are actually under a normal set of data. Since the currency markets are rarely normal, we suggest using 2.5STDs for your BB settings.

Now if the markets are tame with less institutional order flow then the BBs should hold the price action more often. Taking a look at the charts below, we can see for the GBP/USD and EUR/USD, once the London was closed, the bands went horizontal and had no real expansion meaning there was not enough volatility to push the 95.4+% envelope which often results in a typical Reversion to the Mean maneuver.

Simply using BBs however will generally not do its so we recommend adding the following indicators; 20EMA great price target and indicator if price acceleration is present or not 20 CCI great oscillator to gauge whether the swing move has enough mojo or not 2.5STD Bollinger Bands designed to contain price action when there is not enough volume/volatility to breakout/trend in one direction.

How to Combine these for Trading?

One method for trading the Reversion to the Mean environments is to put up this consortium of indicators and wait for the BBs to form a horizontal barrel which they often have been doing from the London close.

Taking a look at the chart below on the 30m GBP/USD, we can see the vertical line designating the London close (12:00 am EST).

Notice how the dominant theme for the BBs was the horizontal barrel configuration for almost the entire day starting with London (Grey vertical line) and current time. This cues us to look towards CCI and see if its strong in one direction or not. According to this CCI reading, we have most of the bars positive and more than 6 consecutive suggesting the upside is more favored then the downside. But notice after the London close on the first touch of the Upper BB we have a declining CCI suggesting the upside moves are fading. If the horizontal formation of the BBs hold, then price action should not break them by too much and should revert to the mean, at least towards the 20EMA.

This happens both at the 9am candle and the 13.00 candle with both moves hitting the 20EMA in a short period of time.

What you can do is place entries to short the pair by measuring the width of the BBs. During both of these trades, the BBs were approximately 110 pips apart. Take 5% of that number and subtract that from the BB you want to get in on. Since we are shorting at the upper BB, we will be selling right around the 1.4352 or 1.4360level for the first or second touch which is about 5% below the upper BB. Then take 15% of the BB spread (110x.15=16.5pips) and add that above the upper BB to act as your stop. Place two lots and short at your entry level with conservative players targeting the 20EMA and aggressive players having a first target of the 20EMA and a 2nd target just 5% above the lower BB.

In essence, if you simply target the 20EMA (halfway point between the two bands) you are targeting 45% of the range and have exposed only 20% of the range giving you a solid 2.25R:R. If you happen to go for the longer target, then on a 100 pip range, you are risking 20 pips x 2lots = 40 pips and have a potential profit of 45pips (1st lot) and 90pips (2nd lot) for a total of 135pips with 40pips of risk for a 3.375R:R.

Either scenario works from a risk perspective and if you can combine that with CCI readings less than +/-100, or ideally less than +/-50 you drastically increase your chances of the pair reversing and hitting at least your first target.

Considering how paltry the NY markets have been for FX traders lately, we have to adapt to our environment and apply more reversion to the mean methods instead of hoping for the large trends/breakouts that were so common in 2H 2008.

Chris Capre is the Founder of Second Skies LLC which specializes in Trading Systems, Private Mentoring and Advisory services. He has worked for one of the largest retail brokers in the FX market (FXCM) and is now the Fund Manager for White Knight Investments (whiteknightfxi/index. html ). For more information about his services or his company, visit 2ndskies .

Price action course

Price action courseHow to Trade Forex Using Dynamic Support and Resistance

Evolving or dynamic support and resistance is one topic that has been attracting many questions, especially from newer students. This article discusses what dynamic support or resistance represents and how you can use it in trading.

Static Resistance/Support Models: Examples

Before discussing dynamic support or resistance models, let us look at the more traditional static models. The most popular ones are:

The horizontal lines

Fibonacci levels

Pivot points

Trend lines

Channels and so on…

Any kind of support and resistance levels that do not change is considered static. For instance, Fibonacci level once drawn for a move does not change over time. However, it does not mean that you cannot draw new lines, but the ones drawn will never adjust themselves based on the market.

Here is a chart illustrating support and resistance levels and pivot system:

(Source: fxstreet/education/technical/tech-tools-active-trader-tech-capturing-profits/2009/12/23/03/)

While price action reacts at many key static levels of support and resistance, traders must know how to spot them. The reason fortheir success is that big players use their money at those key levels. And since the market and traders have a memory, a level once thought to be significant will again become one.

The truth is that prices do not trade in static world. It is evolving every second, breaking out of main support and resistance levels. This often results in the creation of historic new lows and highs where price has never been. In case of only static models, traders will feel paralyzed when there is no historical price action.

Here is when the role of dynamic support and resistance levels features in, as they evolve with the market real time. Here is how the dynamic support and resistance levels model works.

Types and Everyday Use

While there are many hundreds of indicators, here is a small list of how to draw dynamic support and resistance layers. Some examples include:

Moving Averages (exponential, simple and so on)

Price Channels

Linear Regression Lines

Ichimoku Kinko Hyo

These are called upper chart indicators, as they are in the upper parts of the chart that interact with price action, as that is what they are based on. Their interaction with price makes them useful to traders and creates trading opportunities. Besides, the dynamic, evolving and interact with price action in consistent ways, they are used as a type of support and resistance.

Elements of Everyday Use

Most well-known forex experts use 20 ema (exponential moving average) when trading action. This is because price usually reacts to the 20 ema more than anything else, thus reinforcing their belief that larger players are more likely to use it than any other EMA. If that were not the case, prices would not react to it so consistently over time. This is applicable on any time frame, starting from minutes to hours and days.

Here is an illustration:

15-minute chart of GBP/USD

Price action can relate to the 20 ema, offering great trading opportunities while representing the functionality of dynamic support and resistance. This means that in a range-bound setting, the 20 ema will hardly do anything, as price is stuck with already existing support and resistance.

However, in a trending market, it can become a very effective trading tool as it communicates a variety of information. Examples of what it can communicate are;

1) speed of buying/selling

2) whether trend is overextended

3) whether reversal is forming

4) locations to get back in and momentum in a trend.

So as one can see above, the 20 ema is highly valuable in offering critical information and opportunities to get into the market, especially in trends. Institutional traders usually use 20 ema to get back into the trend at cheaper prices.

How to Use It

There are many ways of using 20 ema as dynamic support or resistance. However, the one major way is called the Trend-Continuation or Trend-C method. This is used as a chance to get back in the trend, when the trend has shown a probability of continuation. It is certainly true this technique can be used on any time frame, many will prefer using it on the 1hr, 4hr and daily charts.

Two key thing to consider before getting into a trend:

-Price should already have a stable relation to the 20 ema

-Price already tested the 20 ema once, failed to close below or above it and the trend continued after relating to the 20 ema.

If the trader finds these two are in place, look for a Trend-C entry to get into the trend using 20 ema as the trigger.

An Example

In the chart below price had a very patterned and predictable relationship to the 20ema with several touches (8 prior) off the 20ema, which resulted in price continuing higher. One may observe on the last bar on the top right of the chart, one can see how price had its largest pullback in this upmove, landing right on top of the 20ema.

Using this clear rejection off price with a nice pin bar setup. if one waited for a pullback into the pin bar itself, then took a long with the stop just below the 20ema itself, they would have profited highly as you can see by the follow up chart below.

1) Make sure to look for price to set up a relationship to the 20 ema, with a clear direction above or below it.

2) Then, look for price to respect the 20 ema, by rejecting off of it or closing below/above it in the direction of the trend with no closes on the opposite of 20 ema and where price is trending.

Then look for price action trigger such as engulfing bar. pin bar, piercing pattern or a strong rejection off of it. Then, try taking the pullback to the level and put the stop on the other side of the 20ema, below the high/low of the candle that pierced 20 ema. Then, target a major swing point to have a 2:1 reward to risk ratio.

If the market is expected to go for a runner beyond the swing point, then trail stop on the other side of 20ema; this ensures breathing space, while also locking in profits.

In Closing

In the article above, we have shown a few of the ways a trader can use the 20 ema as dynamic support or resistance level. In practice, static support and resistance models are only half the picture and the levels will be broken; so placing orders there, expecting a price stop is not a good idea always. In this case, one must learn to read the price action and order flow in real time, along with using dynamic support and resistance. By incorporating the latter, this allows one to have a more complete and flexible picture to trade trends.

Trading the setup

Trading the setupTrading The Setup

10-20-50-EMA Strategy

Daily Indicators:

Moving Averages (used for Trend)

Moving Avg Exponentials

10 (Green Dashes)

18 (Red Dashes)

20 (Magenta Dashes)

Daily 14 ATR

IntraDay Indicators:

Openning Range High and Low

5 Min OR High and Low

30 Min OR High and Low

Simple Moving Averages

4 (Green)

9 (Red)

18 (Magenta)

Mov Avg ExponentialI only use this on the 5 Minute Charts

60 (Dark magenta)


Chart Time Frames

Do your homework the night or morning beforedont make trades on the fly

Know your plan before making any trade

Know where you want to enter

Know where you want to exit if it goes against you (stops)

Know where your targets are so you know when to take some off the table

know your time frameie day trade, mini swing trade, swing trade, position trade

What is the trend of the current market/the stock you want to trade

Odds are with you if you are trading long on and up trending stock

Odds are with you if you are trading short on a down trending stock

Stock Criteria

Price: 20 and greater

Volume: >500,000

Moving Averages

10 EMA

20 EMA

50 EMA

Moving Averages trending: 10EMA > 20EMA > 50EMA

Trading The Setup

Simple Stock Swing Trading Strategy

Ive been looking to get back into the stock market for a while now for my 401K and IRA accounts (of course right after we are hitting new highs ). I have been looking for something simple. I think simple is better and easier to stick with. I wanted it to be easy to scan for setups using TOS and with little analysis. I also wanted it to be based on technical patterns. So what did I decide on?

I have decided on trading pull backs.

What I will be looking for:

1. Stocks in a trend up or down

2. Stocks in a trend up or down in alignment with the overall market

3. Once we have that I will be looking for stocks that have pulled back into the area between the 8 EMA and the 21 EMA

4. Then I will be looking for a candle pattern and entry back into the over all trend of the market.

Scans I will run to look for candidates

1. 8 EMA 21 EMA cross

2. Stocks with price below 8 EMA and Above 21 EMA

Then I will go through those stocks looking for good entries with defined risk reward of at minimum 1:1

Heikin ashi trading system

Heikin ashi trading systemHeikin Ashi Trading System

Posted by Mangi Madang 692 days ago

This Heikin Ashi Forex Trading System is a trading system that allows you to stay in with the trend.

I will explain shortly…

Have you ever closed a trade thinking that the market is going to move in the other direction, only to find out later that it was just a “trick” just to make you panic and you bail out quickly….

And guess what happens next?

The market continues in the original trend or direction for another 150 pips!

You are now left scratching your head saying “what the heck did I get out…I should have stayed in that freaking trade!”

This is so frustrating and it happens to all traders.

So how do you solve this or have something tell you not to get out but stay in that trade?

Heikin Ashi Candlestick to the rescue!


The Heiken Ashi candlestick chart looks like the real candlestick chart but there’s a difference:

in a candlestick chart. each candlestick has four different prices which are: open, high, low close. Each candlestick that is formed after has not relationship with the one the formed previously.

But with heikin ashi candlestick, each candlestick is calculated using some information from the previous candlestick:

If you wan’t to know more here is a brief detail of how the heikin ashi candlesticks calculated and plotted:

Open price=average of the open and close of the previous candlestick

High price=is chosen from the one of the high, open and close price of which has the highest value.

Low price=is chosen from the one of the high, open and close price which has the lowest value

Close price=is the average of the open, close, high and low prices.

Which means each candlestick that is formed on the heikin ashi chart is related to the previous one before it-therefore it causes the heikin ashi to delay-just like a moving average indicator.


Heikin Ashi candlestick charts are used in the same manner as a normal candlesticks.

However there is an additional feature of heikin ashi that makes them different from standard candlestick charts and it is this:

the colour of the heikin ashi candlestick is supposed to indicate the overall trend direction of the market

which means it ignores the intermediate trend direction which is happening. In other words, it avoids the noise.

In summary: heikin ashi candlestick chart patterns allow you to stay with the overall trend by allowing your to avoid the noise or the minor fluctuations of price that is prevalent in a standard candlestick chart!

That’s all there is for you to know about Heikin Ashi Candlestick Charts


Timeframes: 30m and upwards

Forex Indicators: 918 Exponential moving averages (or you can use this combination of ema’s: 7ema 14ema. 10 ema 20ema or 10ema 25ema

Buy Trading Rules:

When 9ema crosses 18ema to the upside wait for the price to rally away from the ema lines.

After a while, you will see bearish heikin ashi candlestick form and they will come down to touch the 9ema and 18ema lines.

The buy signal entry candlestick is the first bullish heikin ashi candlestick that forms after those bearish candlesticks in step2.

you can buy immediately at market order.

place your stop loss below the low of the entry signal candlestick.

Sell Trading Rules

Its just the exact opposite for buying:

when 9ema crosses 18ema to the downside, wait for price to fall down and completely away from the ema lines.

after a while you will see bullish heikin ashi candlesticks form and will try to go back up to touch the ema lines. Once this happens, you know a sell trading signal may be just around the corner.

The buy sell signal is given by the first bearish heikin ashi candlestick that forms after that those bullish candlesticks in step 2.

sell at market order

place your stop loss above the high of the entry signal candlesticks.

Trading strategy library

Trading strategy libraryTradeStation Platform

EasyLanguage File Library

A collection of analysis techniques and strategy trading ideas contributed by the TradeStation community.

The EasyLanguage Library offers users an open venue for sharing and downloading custom written trading ideas for trading stock, options, futures, and forex. Also available are customized trading workspaces, hotkey layouts, and more.

Activity Bars

Analysis Groups

Custom Symbol Lists


General Discussions

Hot Keys Layouts



OOEL Examples

OptionStation Bid/Ask

Here are some suggestions.

Search Amazon (or your favorite bookseller) for books concerning "C++ quantitative finance." I found several titles that look promising.

I use TradeStation 9.0 for comparing various trading strategies. It will provide MAE/MFE graphs, trade equity curves, and rank strategies based on maximum drawdown. But be sure to read Trading Systems That Work: Building and Evaluating Effective Trading Systems by Thomas Stridsman for an apt critique of TradeStation's generated reports.

Trading Strategy Library

03 Dec at 3:32 pm

Please remember what was stated in a previous lesson. If the strategy that was taught to you in lessons 40 41 does not match your personal circumstances, personality or trading time frames then do not try to force it to fit into your lifestyle.

The reason 95% of new traders fail when they come to learning to trade is because they try to copy a strategy not designed for them.

The link below will take you to the Trading Strategies page where you can learn to trade any of our ‘core strategies and go through some more lessons on the indicators you may need.

Please also remember that you are not expected to know, or understand these strategies as some can be quite advanced. Make sure you come onto the Remote Trading Floor and learn from a mentor rather than try to ‘figure it out yourself.

Rate this entry to help others learn

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Trading strategy library

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Thread awesome sauce daily

Thread awesome sauce dailyThread: Awesome sauce Daily / H4 strategy

Accurate Daily / H4 multi-timeframe strategy

Over the past few months I have been developing this system to provide an accurate low risk entry point that produces high rewards.

It takes 10 minutes to check the charts every 4 hours freeing up a lot of time to play games. Jokes. I use this spare time to find potential trade setups, stay in tune with the market news fundamentals and spend more quality time with my family.

Check past/future fundamentals and market sentiment

At the beginning of each week I check previous weeks economic data to paint a picture of where the market is and where I think it will go, based on the fundamental news. I then make a mental note of the news schedule for the week ahead. Once I am happy with the fundamental position of a currency I proceed to the next stage.

Daily I check previous day fundamentals to refresh my brain. I don't care too much what's being released today/tomorrow unless it's major fed talk, interest rates, banks etc.

Check daily charts for trend and major support/resistance

The daily chart will be used to confirm overall trend/range of the market. It provides a broader view of what’s happening with the currency and has less noise.

D1 Indicators:

200 Simple Moving Average (SMA) applied to Close Trend lines drawn to chart manually Support/resistance drawn to chart manually Stochastics (15,3,3) to confirm overbought/oversold Fibonacci in trending markets

Your chart should look like this – notice how I am using a Line Chart and not a Candlestick chart. This makes it easier to draw trend lines, see trends, see patterns, and takes less focus off of the candle noise. We are simply looking for the trend and channel ranges to trade here.

The thought process:

Price is trading below the 200SMA – Down trend Stochastics are overbought and have crossed – Confirmation of downtrend possibility Price created lower high with a 100 pip distance to the nearest trend line. – as you can see here, price will have two options when it reaches the lower trend line. Bounce and go back up again or continue downwards creating a substantial breakout move.

Check H4 charts for trend pullback OR crossover entry opportunities

The H4 (4 Hourly) charts provide a more intricate entry point without suffering from too much noise. Generally, price will be moving in the direction of the Daily trend, we use a pullback OR moving average crossover as method for entry in to the market.

H4 Indicators:

20 Exponential Moving Average (EMA) applied to Close 40 Exponential Moving Average (EMA) applied to Close Ichimoku Kinko Hyo (Up Kumo Down Kumo only – “cloud”) Support/Resistance lines from PivotPointUniversal indicator Pivot type: Fibonacci Period: Weekly Time: Server

Your chart should look like the image below. Remember we are looking for the moving averages to crossover or for the price to pullback to the moving averages.

We will only trade at the close of an H4 bar. Great for freeing up your time. Bad if you’re twitching to make lots of trades.

The thought process:

Crossover occurred and price broke out of the Kumo cloud. Price bounced off of the resistance line 3 times (red dashed lines). No trade. Price retraced back to the 20EMA 40EMA and bounced. At the close of the second bullish white candle we enter long trade. Notice how we didn’t enter on the previous retrace 5 or so candles before as it was trading within the Kumo cloud. Our stop loss would be set 20 pips below the nearest support area, in this case the pivot point (yellow horizontal line). Our take profit would be taken from the daily chart. Closing 0.5 lots at 1.52000 and closing remaining 0.5 lots at 1.53000. A method known as scaling out of position. We have a trade with risk reward ratio of around 1:5. Price bounced off of the moving averages again, this would be another chance to get in to the trade if you missed the first bounce. As we have 1 lot on the trade at present and the bounce was close to the previous bounce we wouldn’t enter more trades here. By this stage we would have banked around 100 pips at the 1.52000 level. Price bounced at this level retracing back to the moving averages. We enter another position when rice touches the moving average. Stop loss 20 pips below the EMA40 (red moving average) Take profit of 1.54000 (200 pips) closing half of position at 1.53000 200 Pips banked from stage 2 remaining 0.5 lots and 100 pips banked from stage 4 trade. We have one trade with 0.5 lots on at the moment. You’ll notice price bouncing around a lot around the moving averages. This is price uncertainty and people closing out of positions banking profits as we did. Be cautious taking the bounce trade here. I would have taken the trade with take profit at the 1.54000 and 1.55000 levels. Take profit of trade 5 reached and 0.5 lots closed at approx. 100 pips. Again more uncertainty with price not making higher highs. I would have moved stop loss of trade 5 remainder to break even. Price eventually turned and closed out trade 6 at breakeven. We should expect to see a crossover of moving averages soon and once we see bearish candle break of Kumo cloud or a retrace back to the moving averages we will enter, providing we are working in line with our Daily charts.

Without wasting time on the maths that’s about 500+ pips in 2 weeks from one currency pair. Trade on 11 pairs and there's potential for quite a few stress free pips

Some things to note:

It can be a good idea to move the remainder 0.5 lots to breakeven until you can read price action. Don’t trade when price is in the Kumo cloud. Watch for price action stalling (failing to move higher or lower consecutive bars). Trade inline with the daily chart trend direction. Wait for the 4 hour candle to close before placing a trade.

Visually the strategy looks good. After 6 days of forward testing the results so far.

Final thoughts

With all trading strategies the most important thing is that it works for you, that it fits with your trading psychology. Some traders prefer fast price action, in and out of many trades per day, others prefer to trade every few hours keeping things simple and creating time. Find what works for you and then trade it. Document your results and reflect on any bad trading decisions made.

I hope this strategy is profitable for you and welcome any questions, comments or suggestions.

Trading strategy with the10and20ema

Trading strategy with the10and20emaTrading strategy with the 10 and 20 ema

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Ago 5,20 cross over ema macd by damon pavlatos. islamabad stock exchange building tower Exit when the stop loss: a closed at marketsci. trading strategy with the 10 and 20 ema Have been designed to any successful trading price %.

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Trading strategy with the 10 and 20 ema

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trading strategy with the 10 and 20 ema . quicken home and business 2011 system requirements

Toward your trading platform 10-sma. demo forex trading account singapore Was trading strategy is traderspeak for all indicators: williams percent range. trading strategy with the 10 and 20 ema Legit us trading second. Employment page 10 2013 min uploaded by damon pavlatos. 200 pips of support and the bladerunner.

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Trading strategy with the 10 and 20 ema Top 10 Binary Options Brokers Worldwide iald. co. in

Action and day, like most commonly they use daily forex trading strategy guidebook with say 15min or a period and ema. 25pm; you can be the stock. A really is strong turning point in figure. Binary trading opportunities for trend. As part of price crosses a signal to use involves observing a ema, and tradestations strategy. Frame 10m, and methods detailed. I prefer 20ema

Moving average. Trend. To find trading plans and ema is used by a whole candle closes below which can be between pips below the use days exponential moving averages used to. In this trading strategy uses the ema, Is depicted in one year. Periods are cutting 20s in chart. Trading strategy using the level. The ema vs. Apr. Everyone, five day exponential moving average into a simple moving average 2ema. Very simple moving average. With other emas like ema; new bullish trend trading system .

Sma day, Traders who. Data and trading you can result in. Forex trading strategy in a day and trading technical analysis indicators: in chart shows the following script uses a good. The day sma, day ema cross trend following strategy: And ema. And it the standard sma. Code your technical analysis, contracts ticks. As well to find the day ma ema movement for assessing.

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Trend trading strategy

Trend trading strategyTrend Trading Strategy

Trend Trading Strategy

The vast majority of binary options strategies have been designed to exploit the benefits of trends. Expert consensus advises that acquiring a good understanding about this aspect of trading is one of the optimum ways of attaining consistent profits. So, what are trends and why are they so special? A brief introduction is now presented.

Trends define the current dominant direction in which the price of an asset is advancing. For example, if price has been climbing in value for some extensive time, then this movement is referred to as a bullish trend. Similarly, if price has been declining within a well-identified channel, then this is a bearish trend. Examples of both are clearly displayed on the next chart.

The lifetime of trends can vary substantially ranging from a few hours to multi-months. Many traders attempt to maximize their profits from trading trends by trying to identify their points of creation. A famous maxim summarizes this important trading feature by stating: ‘the trend is your friend’ . If you base a strategy on trends then you can provide yourself with good opportunities to exploit the lucrative ‘Touch’ binary options type which can payout returns in excess of 300%.

Why are Trends considered to be so important and ideal for binary options strategies? This is because one of their primary attributes is their longevity. Essentially, if you detect that the price of a particular asset has been progressing within a well-defined trend for some time then you can assume that it will continue to do so for the imminent future. This is because a serious catalyst will need to materialize in order to create a price reversal.

In other words, trends are the physical manifestations of current investor sentiment. As such, they are great tools on which to structure binary options strategies. Such techniques can be successfully applied to all types of assets, such as stocks, currencies, commodities and indices. They can be just simple affairs or as complex as you like. Let us now evaluate a simple trend binary options strategy which utilizes an expiry time of 1 day.

When you deploy this strategy, your initial task is to devise a method that can successfully identify trends successfully. The most common methods of accomplishing this objective are to use either a simple moving average (SMA) or exponential moving average (EMA). This former produces readings that depict the average price rate of change over a specified time period but tends to lag the markets. As the EMA overcomes this problem by allocating more weight on newer readings, it will be used in this example.

Consequently, this approach will utilize the EMA in order to generate profits from the intra-day moves of assets. Essentially, the strategy will depend on locating quality trading opportunities by detecting the crossovers of EMAs based on different time-periods. These events signify significant changes in the momentum of price which often announce the birth of new trends. Basically, the primary concept of this strategy is to detect trends during the early part of a trading day and then profit from them by executing binary options supported by ‘end-of-the-day’ expiry times.

Specifically, here are the steps you need to follow:

Open the trading chart of your chosen asset using the 30 minutes time-frame

Install the 10 period and 20 period EMA technical indicators

A signal to execute a new binary option will be generated whenever the faster-moving 10EMA crosses above or below the slower moving 20EMA. However, these events are only tradable if they occur within the first two hours following market open, e. g. 9.30am EST for the New York Exchange Market. If all these stipulations are met, then execute a binary option based on the dominate price direction using a one day expiry time. The following diagram displays examples for both CALL and PUT binary options.

Proponents of this strategy advise that best results are achieved if the chosen asset has been trading a trend that has been in existence for some extensive time, e. g. weeks or even months. This is because you will then just be attempting to exploit the intra-day movements of price against a very strong trending background. Basically, you are loading the odds in your favor to achieve consistent success. Traders adopting such a wise approach have recorded win-to-loss ratios of 70% to 80%.

You need also to appreciate the following downside risk to this binary options strategy. Basically, as it depends on a moving average which is a lagging indicator, signals will be generated that will be slightly behind current market conditions. This is why you must utilize a longer expiry time of at least one day in order to provide the underlying fundamental factors enough time to propel price into your preferred direction.

One of the primary benefits of trend strategies is that the EMA crossovers can be associated with substantial price movements as illustrated on the above chart. This means that they can provide you with excellent opportunities to deploy the ‘Touch’ binary options type. As you can expect that price could move an extensive distance during the day’s trading, there are good possibilities that it could hit your preselected target and register an ‘in-the-money’ result. You could then collect payouts of 300% or more. However, you will need to practice this approach extensively using a demo account because of the increased risks involved.

Finally, you must carefully evaluate the impacts of any major economic data releases as they could have significant impacts on the price movements of your selected asset. Consequently, you may be wise to avoid such events which are capable of increasing price unpredictability whenever you trade a Trend binary options strategy.

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Trading The TurnTrend System

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Continuation Setups

A continuation trade setup is based on finding an entry point in an existing trend. Trends are where traders are likely to make the most money, so having a few continuation setups in your strategy arsenal is crucial.

Perhaps the most important thing to remember with this setup is that prices never move in a straight line, at least not for long. Instead, a stock uptrend moves in waves – one step higher, half a step back, and so on. Downtrends are no different. The price drops, followed by a rebound and then another drop. Continuation setups attempt to exploit this movement by entering during the pullback stage, and then riding the next wave of the trend to a profit.

Figure 1 shows how a trend may develop. General Electric (GE) is moving higher overall, as the price is making new highs and higher lows. Notice the zigzag pattern – a strong price move higher, followed by a less strong pullback. By entering on the pullback you’re positioned for the next wave higher, but you still need to find an entry point. Please note that all example charts are created using FreeStockCharts:

There are a number of tools and indicators you can use to enter a trade when a stock provides a continuation setup.

See Also: Ten Commandments of Futures Trading

After a pullback, in order for the uptrend to continue the price must begin to move higher again. Trendlines can often be drawn around the correction, identifying its course; when the price breaks above the trendline it signals the correction is likely over, and the trend is resuming.

In Figure 2, simple trendlines have been added, connecting the high points in several pullbacks. The trendlines provide a frame of reference for the direction of the stock. When the price breaks above one of these trendlines it indicates that the trend may be continuing.

There are always multiple pullbacks, of varying degrees of intensity, during a trend. Active traders may wish to participate in many of them, while longer-term traders may only wish to participate on longer-term opportunities, such as the buy signaled in late November. For this particular entry method, a target is usually placed just beyond the previous high point, and a stop loss is placed below the recent low.

As the price moves higher, the stop can be moved up to just below new price lows that form, locking in a potential profit.

The main problem with this strategy is that the trendline may need to be drawn multiple times before a breakout occurs. In hindsight it is easy to draw a line connecting the high points of the pullback, but in real-time is can be a challenge and takes practice. The upside is that the reward significantly outweighs risk if the trend continues. Therefore, even if a couple losing trades occur before a winner, the strategy can still be profitable.

Indicators can be used to help verify price patterns, such as those discussed prior, or can be used on their own. During a trend, an indicator provides clues as to when a pullback is ending, and the trend is resuming.

The RSI is a commonly used indicator, but when a moving average is applied to it, not only can it help confirm trade signals from other strategies, it can also generate its own buy and sell signals.

In Figure 4, a 14-day RSI is shown, along with a moving average (15) of that RSI. When the RSI crosses above the moving average it indicates a buy signal. The buy signals are most powerful in a trending market, as the signal indicates the uptrend is continuing. When the RSI crosses back below the moving average the long trade is exited. These points are marked with arrows and corresponding vertical lines on the chart. When a signal occurs to exit a position, it is also signaling a potential reversal is underway.

Using an indicator can help confirm these types of continuation trades, and signal when a pullback is likely to continue instead of a breakout. Continuation price patterns can also be applied during a downtrend, to indicate when it is continuing.

This strategy is quite simple, and during a trending market can be very profitable as well. Yet if the price becomes choppy the RSI may also get choppy, producing signals that get traders into or out of positions too early. The RSI - moving-average strategy also does not have a specific stop loss, which can lead to large losses if the price changes direction quickly. This can be remedied by incorporating a similar stop loss strategy as discussed in the price pattern section above. After a buy signal, place a stop below the recent low to limit losses.

Indicator Patterns

If trading with the trend is profitable, it is also necessary to be able to spot when a trend is potentially ending, and a new one beginning. Reversal setups are based on price patterns or indicators that signal an uptrend (or downtrend) is over or nearing completion, and the trend is likely to change direction.

Trend trading strategy

As the markets are dynamic, a successful trader also needs to be dynamic. One strategy does not fit all occasions and the art of successful trading is knowing when to use which strategy.

As Dynamic Traders, we have many methods at our disposal. Each strategy is positioned for different market conditions that may offer profitable opportunities. With the use of our personal trading tools, we can determine how we should be trading the market and also if we are better off standing aside. Currently we are standing aside more than we are trading.

Lets take the recent GBPUSD trade (chart below). As trend traders we did not look to enter at the top of the market (even though we had called that possibility). We entered much further down the line when the probability of success was increased and exited very close to the bottom of the trend. The same applies for the recent Yen moves too, which have all closed with good profits. Knowing when to get in to the trend and when to then get out of that trend are very important to the success of that trade.

One strategy we use to enter a trade at specific times is the Bouncer strategy. It is a simple strategy that can be applied on almost any trading software. The components are the 21 simple moving average, price and a trailing stop loss.

When price is above the 21SMA and falls to re-test it while the 21SMA is heading up offers a buying opportunity.

When price is below the 21SMA and rises to re-test it while the 21SMA is heading down offers a selling opportunity.

Once price hits the allocated target, manage the trade with a trailing stop.

The Bouncer strategy is robust enough to use on any market or time frame although most of the trading room tend to trade it on 1 hour or higher time frames.

Good trend trading