Three-month canadian bankers acceptance futures(bax)

Three-month canadian bankers acceptance futures(bax)Useful Link


C$1,000,000 nominal value of Canadian bankers' acceptances with a three-month maturity.

Expiry cycle

Quarterlies: March, June, September and December.

Serials: two (2) nearest non-quarterly months.

Price quotation

Index: 100 minus the yield in percentage point on an annual basis for a 365-day year on Canadian bankers' acceptances with a three-month maturity.

Minimum price fluctuation

Contract type


Last trading day

Trading ceases at 10:00 a. m. (Montreal time) on the second London (Great Britain) banking day preceding the third Wednesday of the contract month, provided it is a business day. If it is not a business day, trading will cease on the first preceding business day.

Expiration day

Final settlement price

Based on the average bid-rate of Canadian bankers' acceptance with a three-month maturity, as quoted on CDOR on the last trading day at 10:15 a. m. excluding the highest and the lowest values.

Position reporting threshold

Position limit

Information on position limits can be obtained from the Bourse as they are subject to periodic changes. See Circulars .

Price limit

Minimum margin requirements

Overview of user acceptance testing(uat)for business analysts(bas)

Overview of user acceptance testing(uat)for business analysts(bas)Overview of User Acceptance Testing (UAT) for Business Analysts (BAs)

User Acceptance Testing (UAT) is one sure way to reduce or eliminate change requests, and drastically reduce project costs. If your organization does not practice UAT or does not have a mature process of UAT, this article provides information to hopefully persuade you to re-consider. UAT is an effective process with a high rate of return for those who take the time to implement and follow its discipline. If missing from the software development life cycle, your organization is missing a great opportunity to improve project success.

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Here swhat you can earn working at morgan stanley

Here swhat you can earn working at morgan stanleyIt's hard to get your foot in the door of Morgan Stanley, the bank that pulled in $8.9 billion in revenue in the third quarter of 2014.

Landing a spot in its summer internship program is near impossible: 90,000 people applied to the gig this year, but only 1,000 were accepted, making for a 1.1% acceptance rate .

But if you do make it in, you're going to get paid. Case in point: Its junior bankers received a 25% raise over the summer.

To figure out just how much Morgan Stanley employees make, we looked through self-reported salary and bonus numbers on Glassdoor. the job reviewing site.

As is characteristic of Wall Street firms, Morgan Stanley has some outrageous bonuses.

Here's the combined compensation — annual salary and bonus — for 15 positions at Morgan Stanley, in ascending order:

1. Financial Advisor Associate: $65,683

2. Financial Analyst: $85,120

Sm forex trading

Sm forex tradingTerms & Conditions

The following describes the terms and conditions upon which Easy-Forex Inc. ("Easy-Forex" or "the Company" or "we") offers access to its Web site to you the customer (hereinafter "you" or "user" or "customer") and the use of its services (hereinafter the "Agreement" or "User Agreement" or "Online Services Agreement").

You must read, agree with and accept all of the terms and conditions contained in this User Agreement without modifications, which include those terms and conditions expressly set forth below and those incorporated by reference, before you may become a customer of Easy-Forex. By continuing to access or use the Web site, you agree to follow the Terms and Conditions of this Agreement as they may apply to you.

This Agreement is effective upon acceptance in registration for newly registering customers, or upon receipt of e-mail notification by other users. The Agreement is otherwise effective for all users as of March 14th, 2004. The previous terms and conditions are effective for all transactions that were not closed on or before March 14th, 2004 made by users who registered before March 9th, 2004 and who did not receive an e-mail notification of the new Agreement.

If you do not agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of this Agreement, do not use or access our services, and inform us in writing immediately.

Libor scandal

Libor scandalLIBOR Scandal


Caribbean Development Bank (CDB)

Regional Asset Liquidation Agreement.


LIBOR is an important interest rate when it comes to global finance. It is used to determine the price that businesses pay for loans and individuals pay for mortgages. and is also used in derivative pricing. The rate is supposed to represent the interest rate that a bank pays to borrow from another bank. The scandal involved banks understating the interest rate, which in aggregate, could keep the LIBOR rate artificially low.

The brashness of bankers involved in the scandal became evident as emails and phone records were released during investigations. Evidence showed traders openly asking others to set rates at a specific amount so that a position would be profitable. Regulators in both the United States and United Kingdom levied millions of dollars in fines on banks involved in the scandal. Because LIBOR is used in the pricing of many financial instruments. corporations and governments have also filed lawsuits alleging that the rate fixing negatively affected them.

Investigators turn bankers into informants in forex probe wsj

Investigators turn bankers into informants in forex probe wsjInvestigators turn bankers into informants in forex probe: WSJ

n">U. S. investigators have turned several bank employees into informants to gather evidence against some of their colleagues in the probe of possible manipulation of currency markets, the Wall Street Journal reported, citing people familiar with the matter.

Britain's Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and U. S. regulators are investigating allegations that dealers at major banks colluded and manipulated key reference rates in the $5.3 trillion-a-day foreign currency market, the world's biggest and least regulated.

Investigators from the U. S. Justice Department and Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) are preparing to seek criminal charges against individual traders as early as next month, the Journal said. (on. wsj/1qPzF5W )

Leslie Caldwell, head of the Justice Department's criminal division, told Reuters last week it was using more body wires and wiretaps to gather evidence in investigations.

Caldwell also indicated that there may not be any prosecutions this year in the foreign exchange probe.

"I think it's too early to tell. We're looking at the evidence, and we're still working very hard, and there is a lot left to do, so I think it's too soon to say," he said.

The Journal report said it isn't clear which banks had secret informants cooperating with the government investigation.

Ethical standards in the foreign exchange market have been put under the spotlight since investigators in the United States, Europe and Asia started examining whether small groups of traders colluded to rig prices by sharing information about their clients' orders.

The global inquiry has not yet concluded but the review has shaken the industry, with dozens of top dealers put on leave or fired and banks under pressure to sharpen up on supervising their traders.

(Reporting by Arnab Sen in Bangalore; Editing by Gopakumar Warrier and Greg Mahlich)

Currencies-forex arbitrage

Currencies-forex arbitrageCurrencies Forex Arbitrage

In our arbitrage manifesto: BANKNOTE Why Bankers Never Lose and Why You Should Not Either . You discovered a little bit about the history of how banks operated, and most importantly you learned what money really is; especially the relationship between currencies and debt.

But today we are going to learn one of the most basic and purest forms of arbitrage, one that deals directly with money: the investment strategy of currency arbitrage.

What is Forex Arbitrage?

Forex arbitrage, also known as currency arbitrage trading is one of the oldest forms of money exchange. One of the ways bankers used to trade the money supply of multiple currencies across different bank branches in order to keep a steady balance of foreign coins on hand; in order to complete any kind of international transaction.

The classical and simplest definition of Forex arbitrage states that in order to have a successful trade, one need to find two different clearing houses (or at least two banks) in order to identify a price discrepancy among them. For example:

Ach faq

Ach faqKey Features

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ACH merchant accounts

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Identity verification helps you “know your customer”

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Our Merchant Accounts provide a wide range of value added services.

Online money transfer

Online money transferOnline Money Transfer

We facilitate over 100 000 transactions around the world annually!

1 st Contact Forex offers:

Excellent exchange rates

Total transparency – The rate you see is the rate you get

Security of the exchange rate seen at the time you upload your transfer using your debit card online

No hidden fees

Online transactions clear within 3 working days

Free transfers over ?10 000

Speed service transfers are offered at an additional charge with guaranteed money clearance within 1 working day

Secure online system 24 hours a day

Around the clock specialist consultants available via phone or e-mail

Service regulated by HM Revenue Customs in the UK

The rate you see is the rate you get!*


ForexliveForexLive: Big Risk To 'Underestimate the ECB'

The European Central Bank is expected to announce its plan for quantitative easing on Thursday morning, with the central bankers expected to start asset purchases this month. However, Ryan Littlestone, currency analyst with ForexLive, said that traders should not underestimate the ECB.

Bank Of England Follows Bernanke And Adopts Explicit Rate Guidance

Early Wednesday, the Bank of England, led by Governor Mark Carney, formally adopted forward rate guidance. The BoE became just the second major central bank to adopt such policies, following Ben Bernanke of the Federal Reserve in tying rate hikes and other policy initiatives explicitly to economic.

The Top 10 Financial Tweets For Monday, July 29

There are millions of tweets written every day. Benzinga sifts through the maelstrom of information to find the ten best tweets of the day that are either informative, insightful, or just down right comical. 1. Lawrence McDonald Lawrence McDonald (Convertbond) of LGM Group tweeted about the.

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Forexlive's Editor Adam Button on Tapering, the Fed and Gold

Canadian Inflation

Proposal templates methodology implementation plan template

Proposal templates methodology implementation plan templateHow do you write a Implementation Plan document?

The following is our implementation plan for the project divided into phases. Describe your approach to project implementation and how you will be able to achieve the timeline outlined. The Implementation Plan template is used to describe timeline of events and milestones for the course of the project divided into phases from the time of the proposal acceptance to the time of final signoff of the completed project. This template is similar to the Production Schedule template; however it is divided into more distinct phases. The following list of implementation items is only one possible set of steps. You may need to change item names remove items and add items to fit the needs of your project. Initiation Phase. Proposal acceptance. Insert date Contracts signed. Insert date Assign project team. Insert date All client supplied materials due. Insert date Planning Phase.

Start project planning. Insert date Insert specific project planning steps Project planning complete. Insert date Start project design. Insert date Insert specific project design steps Project design complete. Insert date Execution Phase. Development milestone #1 completion. Insert date Development milestone #2 completion. Insert date

Development milestone #3 completion. Insert date Insert additional project milestones as needed Project Alpha completion. Insert date Project Alpha testing completion. Insert date Project Beta completion. Insert date Project Beta testing completion. Insert date Testing and Acceptance Phase. Final testing completion. Insert date Performance metrics testing. Insert date

Specifications testing. Insert date Project Final completion. Insert date Client approval on final release. Insert date Closure and Transfer Phase. Installation. Insert date Final installation testing completion. Insert date

Documentation delivered. Insert date Training completion. Insert date Back up and archive all project information. Insert date Contract acceptance signoff. Insert date Post project analysis lessons Insert date Enter maintenance phase. Insert date

A Document from Proposal Pack

The editable Implementation Plan template - complete with the actual formatting, layout and graphics is available in the retail Proposal Packs.

Documentary collection

Documentary collectionDocumentary Collection

DEFINITION of 'Documentary Collection'

Letter Of Credit

Bill Of Exchange

BREAKING DOWN 'Documentary Collection'

A key document in documentary collections is the bill of exchange or draft, which is a formal demand for payment from the exporter to importer. D/Cs can be classified into two types, depending on when payment is sought by the exporter: 1) documents against payment (D/P), which requires the importer to pay the face amount of the draft at sight, or 2) documents against acceptance (D/A), which requires the importer to pay on a specified future date.

In a D/P collection, the exporter ships the goods and then gives the shipping documents to his or her bank (which is also known as the remitting bank). The bank forwards these documents to the importers bank (known as the collecting bank), which will only release the documents to the importer on receipt of payment for the goods. The collecting bank then remits the funds to the exporters bank for payment to the exporter.

A D/A collection differs from a D/P collection because the exporter extends credit to the importer through a time draft in the latter case. Once the importer signs the time draft which becomes a binding obligation to pay by the due date shown on the draft because of the signed acceptance the documents are released to the importer. The collecting bank contacts the importer on the due date for payment, which upon receipt is remitted to the exporters bank for payment to the exporter.

The exporters risk is obviously higher in the D/A collection process, since the exporter has no control over the goods after the importers acceptance and may not get paid for them.

In terms of risk, D/Cs are much safer than an open account but have fewer safeguards than a letter of credit. since the banks neither guarantee payment nor verify document accuracy and authenticity. These features can be exploited by fraudsters posing as either the exporter or importer. As a result, D/Cs are not recommended for exports to nations that are politically or economically unstable. Overall, because of their lower cost and simple process, D/Cs are best suited for established trade relationships in sound export markets, and for transactions involving ocean shipments rather than air or land shipments which are more difficult to control.

Forex traders leads

Forex traders leadsForex Traders Leads

Forex Traders Leads : would our list of Forex traders includes their first and last names and telephone numbers e-mail addresses website opt in information and much more. This list was extremely expensive to come by and includes a downloadable e-mail list of Forex stock traders. Marketing to a list of Forex traders just got easier with our brand-new Forex traders e-mail list for sale. Includes thousands of records that contain vital data and information regarding recently signed up Forex currency exchange traders e-mail addresses. A current list of currency exchange traders and Forex traders are now available for immediate download in our members only area. We also have other investor lists available such as our CBS Market Watch Investor List, Our Day Trading Stock Investor List and our High Net worth Investor Lists as Well.

SAMPLE LEADS: Simply Fill Out The Form Below to Receive a Sample of This and Other Databases!

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What is your training strategy-powerpoint ppt presentation

What is your training strategy-powerpoint ppt presentationWhat is Your Training Strategy - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

What is Your Training Strategy

Discover innovative ways to utilize Sandbox with pre-built training scenarios. Strength of presentation delivery. Relevance of the session to your organization. PowerPoint PPT presentation

Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: What is Your Training Strategy

What is Your Training Strategy?

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