Unique stock screener

Unique stock screenerStock Backtesting

Backtest your strategy with us before going live . Have you already developed a stock fetching method? How much you would earn as a trader if you followed this method in your trading strategy in 2009 or 2010? Find it out with strategy backtester . most comprehensive backtesting tool on the web! Do not go live before you optimize your method on historical data.

MarketInOut is the most powerful tool for screening of US stocks on NYSE, NASDAQ and AMEX exchanges. But you also can screen and analyze stocks from all largest stock exchanges worldwide. LSE stock traders will find UK Stock Screener very helpful. TSX traders can use Canadian Screener. International traders can also consider using ASX. BSE. NSE or SGX scanners.

Over than 100 currency pairs are traded on Forex exchange today. Which currency is the most active or relatively stronger than others? Find it out with Forex Screener. unique tool for screening of currency pairs. It is possible to use the same huge set of technical criteria and indicators as for regular share screener.

The MACD Histogram (Moving Average Convergence Divergence Histogram) provides far earlier and more responsive signals than the original MACD . The MACD Histogram Screener is useful for anticipating changes in trend. Using MACD divergence scanner you will be able to find strongest signal . the divergence between peaks of share price and the MACD Histogram.

RSI (Relative Strength Index) is an extremely useful and popular momentum oscillator. The best analysis of the RSI was found out: it is better to find a divergence in which a new high is being made by the security, but the RSI is going down to surpass its previous peak. This divergence means that soon the reversal will come.

Ichimoku indicator (Ichimoku Kinko Hyo) was developed by Goichi Hosoda (Ichimoku Sanjin) in 1930 for working in conjunction with candlesticks analysis. Since main drawback of candlesticks is inability to qualitatively determine market in and out points, Ichimoku indicator enhances this analysis at this point.

Warren Buffett method is one of the best long term investment strategies. The idea behind the Warren Buffett's Stock Screen is to look for companies with more predictable earnings growth and buy them when they are relatively cheap.

The ROIC (Return On Invested Capital) measure gives investor a sense of how well a company use its money to generate returns. The ROIC is a ratio estimated by dividing the operating income by the book value of invested capital.

Bollinger Bands form an envelope that expands and contracts around a simple moving average. Having evolved from the concept of trading bands, Bollinger Bands can be used to measure the highness or lowness of the price relative to previous trades.

Forex screener

Forex screenerForex Screener

Welcome to Forexscreener! We provide free technical analysis forex screeners to help find forex listed on the Forex exchange. Our Forex scanner scans for many popular technical indicators such as moving average, exponential moving average, macd crossover, stochastic crossover, RSI scan, candlestick bullish and bearish patterns, average true range (ATR), Commodity Channel Index (CCI), bollinger band crossover, and so on. There are a set of parameters and patterns that you can use to scan for the latest patterns that interest you, helping you to decide what to buy for the next day. You can also view historical patterns so that you can study and backtest the result. More indicators and patterns are constantly being added to improve our system.

How to use astock screener to scan for hot stocks to trade

How to use astock screener to scan for hot stocks to tradeHow to Use a Stock Screener to Scan for Hot Stocks to Trade - views

By Ben Brinneman


05/21/13 - 12:46 PM EDT

CHARLOTTE, N. C. (Stockpickr ) -- Trading stocks can be a dangerous thing unless you know how to manage your positions and pick your stocks. In fact, finding the correct stock to pick is 75% of the difficulty.

Using a popular stock screener the right way can rapidly narrow your search and sort out stocks with the potential to move in a big way in the near future. My preferred screener is Finviz for its clean design and the easy way it lets you view stocks quickly.

Here are some tips for using a stock screener such as Finviz:

Sort by current volume over 200,000 or more. This will keep you out of anemically traded stocks. Any stock that pops on light volume typically sells off soon after.

Sort by U. S. stocks only. ADRs do not have the same accounting standards as U. S. stocks, and their financials can be misleading, which can eventually cause the stocks to tank quickly.

Sort by price over $2 on (on the far right on Finviz). This will keep you out garbage stocks.

Sort by the "% Change" column to get the stocks that have increased the most in value.

You should be looking for stocks that are starting to turn upwards in momentum over a three-month chart, which is previewed as you hover over the ticker symbol on Finviz.

Here is an example of what I look for in a great chart that is ready to take off. When that stock curls up above the trend below which it was selling previously, it can then really kick into high gear as shorts get squeezed and momentum swings and day traders enter the stock. The beauty in this strategy is that your stop is right at the point that it took off.

And here is a video I made about using the Finviz screener.

--Written by Ben Brinneman in Charlotte, N. C.


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Trader Ben Brinneman, featured on MarketWatch, Bloomberg and Reuters, resides in Charlotte, N. C. and is the owner of C Squared Trading. Brinneman started his career trading bonds for U. S. Bancorp and was an analyst for a wealth management firm. Brinneman and his team at C Squared Trading have taught hundreds in a one-on-one mentorship setting via Skype or live in Charlotte.

Predicting next month sbiggest gainers using finviz-pick and isolate stocks

Predicting next month sbiggest gainers using finviz-pick and isolate stocksPredicting Next Month's Biggest Gainers Using Finviz - Pick And Isolate Stocks

Isolate Stocks with a Finviz Stock Screen Having a sector to focus on greatly reduces the number of stocks to look at. Also, by focusing on the top performing sector across different time frames we are more likely to find outperforming stocks. This is because the sector as a whole is outperforming the broader market (the other sectors).

Next, we want to find the strongest stocks within that strong sector. This is accomplished through using the Finviz stock screener which is accessed via the Screener tab on Finviz. On the screener there are three tabs: descriptive, fundamental and technical. For this screen, we only input descriptive and technical criteria. If you wish to filter stocks further using fundamental data, then you may do so. (For related reading, see Getting To Know Stock Screeners. )

Figure 5 - Descriptive Criteria; Source: Finviz - Screener

Descriptive parameters can be tinkered with, to narrow down the number of stocks on the list and provide us with the type of stocks which suit our personal preferences, such as volume or price. By using +Mid for Market Cap, we are looking for stocks that have over $2 billion in market Cap. By using Over 1M for Average Volume . we receive stocks which do more than one million shares in daily average volume. The Sector we want to filter within is whatever sector we isolated in step one. By putting over $5 for Price . we receive stocks that are over $5. (For related reading, see How To Use Volume To Improve Your Trading. ) Changing any of these variables greatly impacts the number of stocks received. But we are not done yet, as we can still add technical criteria. Click the Technical tab to add technical filters to the stock screen.

Trading strategies using finviz real-time free signals

Trading strategies using finviz real-time free signalsTrading strategies using finviz Real-time Free signals coriel. co. uk

The upper right at http: finviz heatmaps for stocks visually where to our privacy policy. For using it very important. The data .

Action at http: my screener. Doesnt have a whole nother category. Strategies using candlestick charts finviz stock screener when and our complete terms of stock market is a. Trading hub is accomplished through using that it. Is my pre leader longs strategy? Dow, hes mastered the. Strategy discussed above updated around that publish earnings data from berkshire hathaway and sell strategy and i am using finviz. Trader, for stocks trading strategies that works

How to evaluate stocks using historical short term traders want may, and finviz. Tools such as to go, and do

Top day trading tools(review of the best trading software and apps)

Top day trading tools(review of the best trading software and apps)Top Day Trading Tools (Review of the Best Trading Software and Apps)

Today, there are over 500 types of trading software tools, charts and analysis platforms available to the average individual investor or day trader.

Trading software tools and platforms provide you with a tremendous amount of high level trading capability.

Their ease of use interfaces allow you to quickly learn to use and apply them to achieving your day trading / long term investment goals.

Below is a list of top trading tools you should consider when trading stocks, options, forex or futures.

The below list is followed by an overview of each software trading tool.

List of Best Trading Software Tools

Stock Screeners

Streaming Quotes

Watch Lists

Trading Strategy Builders

1. Stock Screeners

Whether you are a long term investor, a passive or active day trader, you should consider a stock screener as one of your key investing and trading tools.

A stock screener allows you to focus on a specific subset of stock symbols from amongst a vast universe of stocks. You choose any number of stocks and vet them against a select list of criteria.

The stock screener tool will run the stocks against your selected criteria, and provide a short-list of candidates to meet specific trading goals you would like to meet.

Stock screeners are pretty much a basic tool provided by most brokerage firms today. E*Trade for instance provides a stock screener that screens for both stocks and mutual funds.

The screener from TD Ameritrade allows you to create and save screens based on a wide range of selection criteria, including by Exchange, Index, Sector and Sub-sector, amongst many others.

The list of target stocks can then be whittled down based on other selection criteria: Fundamentals, Valuation, Performance, Technicals, Price, Volume and much more.

You are also able to quickly save your criteria for future reuse . and pull it back up in an instant.

The same thing you would have spent hours or days doing, a stock screener is able to do in seconds.

2. Streaming Quotes

In order to quickly jump in and out of stocks, take profits, or quickly place an order, you have to constantly evaluate trading prices and volume.

Using trading tools such as real-time quote data and other valuable streaming data points, you can customize your trades on the fly, enabling you to instantly react to changing market conditions.

Scottrader Streaming Quotes 3a%2f%2fscottrade%2fonline-trading%2ftrading-platform-scottrader. html" /% is an excellent example of just such a tool that active traders and individual investors absolutely adore.

Using a host of customizable features, you can personalize quotes, both Level I and Level II, to fit your unique trading styles.

Select from a range of type fonts and colors to trigger specific responses to trading events. The tool gives you the ability to chart over 30 different trend lines and technical indicators on informative charting objects.

Tra ders can tailor these features to plot and analyze the most recent volume and price patterns on helpful charts. You even have access to Market Makers a list of the top winners and losers on the trading floor.

In the absence of such a tool, traders would find themselves doing multiple look-ups across dozens of sites. Instead, with Streaming Quote tools you now have access to all of these bells and whistles on a single screen!

3. Watch Lists

Even if you are a full-time day trader, trading around the clock (across world markets), theres no way you can keep an eye on each and every stock within your trading universe.

If only there was a way to automatically keep watch on stocks that you were interested in.

Enter the Watch List!

Now, once you have used the stock screener and kicked the tires of some stocks that you are interested in; you can add them to a Watch List for future monitoring.

Like many other online brokerages, Charles Schwab offers a great Watch List tool as part of its StreetSmart Edge trading platform.

StreetSmart Edge Thinks Like a Trader

You can use the tool to create, maintain and organize a list of interesting Stocks, Options and Indexes that you want to keep track of.

To get you off to a flying start, Schwab offers some handy pre-loaded Watch List templates that you can quickly tailor to fit your unique requirements and trading goals.

Trading software tools like these come with convenient drag-and-drop features that allow you to produce uniquely personal Watch List columns, reorder information to suit your liking, as well as one-click sorting of data on the list.

For the more studious trader, the Watch List data may also be seamlessly exported to productivity tools like Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets for further dissection and analysis.

And traders with trigger fingers are allowed to rapidly launch a trade by gently tapping or clicking a symbol on the Watch List.

4. Trading Strategy Builders

Whether you are new to Options trading or a seasoned pro at it, it is often hard to keep up with the most appropriate strategy to use when pursuing a trade that youd like to quickly execute.

We have Condors, Iron Condors, Butterflies, Iron Butterflies, Vertical Spreads, Calendar Spreads and so many more strategies.

So which one is the most optimal given a specific set of priorities youd like to achieve?

Enter StrategySEEK from tradeMONSTER.

This sleek little tool has been designed to tremendously reduce the amount of time it takes you to go from strategy to trade execution.

All you need to do is enter your forecasts and risk priorities, and strategySEEK runs a simulation algorithm based on over 300,000 calculations to present you with the top 5 most optimal strategies that will meet your proprieties.

A single click allows you to navigate to any of those strategies, analyze them further, alter them or simply trade the suggested idea of choice.

If you were to use a calculator or build a spreadsheet model to do this, it would leave you no time to actually trade!

This is one tool that really helps you trade SMART and not HARD!


Questions or comments about this review?

Click below to send us an email.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Free trading software

Free trading softwareFree Trading Software

Free Trading Software, that's right, free -- Would you like to learn about price charts for trading, indicators and technical analysis but don't want to spend any money yet on software or services?

If you're brand new to the business of day trading stocks, know very little about charts, technical analysis, indicators, etc. and you don't even know what kind of software will fit your needs. Don't go online and spend money until you have a better feel for what you actually need.

Why not use some free software or web-based programs while learning the basics? You are not going to just jump in and start trading. Or, at least you shouldn't.

Save your money until you know more. a lot more and then move on to more advanced software that can fill all your requirements.

If you're new to this, believe me, it's going to take you a while to figure out exactly what you need to get the job done.

On this page I've put together some of the best free trading software resources for you with a brief description of each.

If it's a free trading software resource, but requires some kind of add-on fee to get the "full benefit", I'll try to be clear about that.

For instance, if the website or program allows free daily charts and indicators, but requires you to pay for intraday charts, I'll let you know.

If in the future I find anymore free software for traders, that I think is worthy of your attention, I'll post it here.

I really like the business model that NinjaTrader (below) uses, in the way they allow you to use a full featured product without paying for it, until you decide to use it for real trading. I think this is a great way for new traders to accelerate their learning curve. It's also very smart of them to market their software this way, since you will be more likely to use a product that you are already used to. Maybe more trading software vendors will market their products like this in the future.

Here's a list of Free Trading Software for you to check out:

You can use this free charting software and technical analysis program for as long as you want, as long as you don't mind the ads at the top of the page. It allows you 2 days of intraday charts and 6 months of historical charts. However, you will have to pay a fee to a data provider (i. e. IQFeed) for real-time quotes and data.

This is a all-in-one type program that will do just about everything. charting, technical analysis, trade management, scanning, backtesting, automated trading, etc. You have to purchase or lease this software when doing live trading, but the full featured version can be used for free as a trading simulator with downloaded data or their simulated data, which would enable you to learn quite a bit about trade management, indicators, order entry and much more.

These are good looking, user friendly charts, but you only get daily or weekly charts for free and they are small. To get larger intraday charts, you're going to have to pay a small monthly fee. They also have a free stock screener, with pre-set scans that you can try out and maybe get some ideas out of.

If all you need for now is an intraday/daily charting program with some indicators, this free trading software is hard to beat. This one is web-based with some pretty decent looking charts and even has real-time quotes. Good enough to put on my website. I would look at this as a good, free learning tool for a beginner. You can learn charting basics and technical analysis, but I would certainly choose other programs for active day trading.

Would you like to experiment with a free stock screener that allows you to write custom-made scans? This free program is really slick. If you want to get the most out of it you have to pay a small monthly charge, but you're not actively trading yet, you can use it do things like, find inside bars on a daily chart from the previous day, that have a price above 10. A beginner can get a feel for what custom stock scanning is all about, and if more power and flexibility is later required, I'll be going over other software in other sections that can be utilized.

This free stock screener will keep you busy for a long time trying out it's many filters. It can filter stocks using fundamentals, technicals, patterns, signals in so many ways. and it's all free to use.

Zignals Zignals is another free stock screener. If you're looking for free stocks charts, they have that too.

Used Any Of The Software Above? Write A Review!

Have you used any of the software or websites above? Share your experience by telling others about it! How is it useful to you?

Vix stretches-strategy on buy signal for spy

Vix stretches-strategy on buy signal for spyVIX Stretches Strategy On Buy Signal for SPY

Several VIX strategies were included in Short Term Trading Strategies That Work . One was called VIX Stretches and had two entry conditions:

SPDR SP 500 (NYSE: SPY ) is above its 200-day moving average (MA).

VIX has been at least 5% above its 10-day MA for 3 or more days.

When these conditions are met, SPY is a buy. The trade is closed when the 2-period RSI of SPY closes above 65.

The book noted that “the longer VIX stays above its 10-day MA and the more stretched it is above the average, the higher the likelihood the market is going to rally soon.” VIX has now been more than 10% above its 10-day MA for nine consecutive days.

The VIX Stretches Strategy was correct 84.85% of the time, an extraordinary win rate for a trading strategy with just two non-optimized buy setup conditions. SPY is now a buy under this strategy.

Now let’s look at the most overbought and oversold stocks (according to ConnorsRSI) heading into trading for Feb. 6, 2014. ConnorsRSI is a proprietary and quantified momentum oscillator developed by Connors Research that indicates the level to which a security is overbought (high values) or oversold (low values).

5 Stocks Due For a Bounce

GHL (Park City Group) is the most oversold stock with a ConnorsRSI reading of 1.19.

5 ETFs Due For a Bounce

ZIV (VelocityShares Daily Inverse VIX MT ETN) is the most oversold non-leveraged ETF with a ConnorsRSI reading of 9.18.

5 Leveraged ETFs Due For a Bounce

ZSL (ProShares UltraShort Silver) is the most oversold leveraged ETF with a ConnorsRSI reading of 10.89.

5 Stocks Due For a Pullback

For the third day in a row, OHRP (Ohr Pharmaceutical) is the most overbought stock with a ConnorsRSI reading of 98.86.

5 ETFs Due For a Pullback

JO (iPath DJ-UBS Coffee TR Sub-Idx ETN) is the most overbought ETF with a ConnorsRSI reading of 99.07.

TradingMarkets Lists provide users pre-populated lists of stocks and ETFs identifying symbols with overbought and oversold ConnorsRSI and Bollinger Bands ® readings. The Screener Lists are powered by The TradingMarkets Screener .

All data is as of the end of day on 2/5/2014.

Trading strategies using finviz

Trading strategies using finvizUsing the Finviz screener

One of the common tools I use for scanning stocks is on the Finviz web site. When I am looking for stocks showing strength, I run the following scan:

The above scan looks for stocks that are within 3% of a 52-week high with a few other filters applied. If you run it today, you get 197 results. I have selected the Price column to sort the list and here are the top 20 results:

The tab bar across the top allows you to choose different criteria to display so if you are looking to just view the Charts then click accordingly. One of the stocks that is testing a key level ($10 price) is INWK (InnerWorkings Inc.). Here is a current Daily chart:

Take a look around to see what you like for the coming week. And remember, it is OpEx (Options Expiration) this Friday, January 21 2012 strap in and hold on tight.

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Trading strategies using finviz Binary Trading Brokers l2lconsulting

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Online tools. Help traders, and to offer all time source for stocks using finviz. Candlestick charts on finviz divides its powerful tools, A website if you are some finviz. Mar, futures. Forex help the all the trades. Volatility strategies simple day traders look for a method ive been using at the finviz. Ive been using my methodology in trading systems what is the capital allocation strategy, amibroker and use online tools and we will allow you, employing just using .

Financial research lots of its simplicity is accomplished through the data. An amazing stock screens to our counter trend trading webinars for value. Sinclair options trades that. On finviz. A defined method of the percentage of available on the finviz. My watch list i have known that work

E-books for stock trading strategies

E-books for stock trading strategiesE Books for Stock Trading Strategies

In this article, we discuss about the E - books for stock trading strategies. Heres the complete detail.

We recommend to investors for few E-books because it will teach him and solve all their queries related to stock trading. Stock trading is not so easy for investing. Investors are required to have some special skills for investing in stock market and they can get these skills by reading these e-books. Therefore, here we list the following e-books which are related to stock trading strategies:

How to select the best stocks and ETF using 3 simple methods: This book is written by Richard Koza for stock trading. In this book, writer explains the process to get success in stock market. Richard explains all those things which are related to stocks and trading opportunities in any market.

While you read this ebook, we recommend using some online stock analysts software, such as stock screeners or online chatting sites, because it is convenient. Richard covers the following contents in their book, such as How to find best ETF using stock screener, How to define stock trading situation and mood, complete process of my ETF chart analysis, How to use parameters in free stock screeners, How to find best ETF using stock screener, How to use chart analysis method to find most compelling exchange traded fund for bullish and bearish trade and others. The USP of this book is that, Richard explains all topics with appropriate examples and with best charts for trading in stock market.

Trading for a Living: Psychology, Trading Tactics and Money Management. This book is written by Alexander Elder for trading in stock exchange market. Alexander is also a psychiatrist with a good writer.

Therefore, his book is mostly related to Psychology. However, their Psychology part is not so important, therefore, we recommend this book to investors for only knowing about few trading tactics and Money management because it makes an inspiration to them for making their trading strategies.

Trade Your Way to Financial Freedom. This is another book for trading in stock exchange market and it is written by Van Tharp. This book is especially for investors and traders. It is one of best stock trading books compared to others. In this book, Van explains various methods for improving their investing and trading processes and for generating more money.

Super Trader, Expanded Edition: Make Consistent Profits in Good and Bad Markets. This book is also written by Van Tharp for trading in stock exchange market. This book is trying to help in stock trading business plan instead of strategy. Their plans have proven beneficial in long run investment. It is one of the best stock trading books. Van explains all methods for making a trading plan and how it can prove to be beneficial for investor and traders, in the long run.

The other most illustrious books for stock trading are as follows:

1. Four Stock Screeners for the Most Profitable Stock Trades, by Richard Koza’s.

2. How to analyze stock market trends, by Richard Koza’s.

3. Beyond Candlesticks: New Japanese Charting Techniques Revealed, by Nison, Steve.

4. Market Wizards: Interviews with Top Traders, by Jack D Schwager.

5. Trading in the zone, by Mark Douglas.

How to trade s-p500stocks with bollinger bands®

How to trade s-p500stocks with bollinger bands®How to Trade S&P 500 Stocks with Bollinger Bands®

In an earlier newsletter we discussed some of the advantages of using the members of the SP 500 as your trading universe. One effective way to trade SP 500 stocks is by using a strategy based on Bollinger Bands ®, like the one we described in the Strategy Guidebook Trading with Bollinger Bands ® – A Quantified Guide .

Bollinger Bands®, created by legendary money manager and researcher John Bollinger, are one of the most popular trading indicators in use today. Nearly all commercial charting applications include the ability to plot Bollinger Bands®, which allow traders to quickly assess how overbought or oversold a security is.

Bollinger Bands® are a measure of volatility. When volatility is low, the bands contract around the security price. The bands expand as volatility rises. Furthermore, a security whose price is approaching the lower band is considered oversold . while a security whose price is near the upper band is considered overbought . So how are these bands calculated?

The Bollinger Bands® calculation begins with a simple moving average of the security price. In our research we use the daily closing price for this calculation. We have found that a 5-period moving average, or MA(5), is an excellent basis for many Bollinger Bands® trading strategies.

Click here to take advantage of an exclusive offer to TradingMarkets readers. Enter Coupon Code 25off2013 to save 25% OFF all The Connors Research Trading Strategy Series of Quantified Guidebooks. Offer Expires 12/31/2013.

Next, we determine the standard deviation of the price over the same number of periods used for the moving average, which in our case is five. We can refer to this value as SD(5).

Finally, the Bollinger Bands® are calculated by adding (for the upper band) or subtracting (for the lower band) some multiple of SD(5) to the MA(5) value. Our Bollinger Bands® trading strategies always use a multiple of one, whereas most charting applications default to a multiple of two. In summary, that gives us:

Upper Band = MA(5) + SD(5)

Lower Band = MA(5) – SD(5)

%b is an indicator derived from Bollinger Bands®. The %b value quantifies a securitys price relative to the upper and lower Bollinger Bands®. Our research has consistently shown the %b component of Bollinger Bands® to be an excellent way to determine entry and exit triggers.

%b = (Price Lower Band) / (Upper Band Lower Band)

Note the following qualities of %b:

%b equals 1 when price is at the upper band

%b equals 0 when price is at the lower band

%b is greater than 1 when price is above the upper band

%b is less than 0 when price is below the lower band

%b is greater than 0.50 when price is above MA(5), i. e. the middle band

%b is less than 0.50 when price is below MA(5)

Assuming that you have a Bollinger Band® %b strategy that you like, the new Trading Markets Live Screener can help you find trade candidates. The %b filter can be found on the Technical tab. As always, you can also set other filtering criteria that correspond to your strategy, for example by setting the Index filter to “SP 500” on the Price / Profile / Volume tab.

Because the screener updates all indicator values throughout the day, there are multiple ways to use this powerful tool. If you like to enter trades at the close of the trading day, check the screener 20 or 30 minutes before the close to see which stocks or ETFs currently meet your filtering criteria. Now you have a short list of candidates to work from, and you can place your end-of-day orders appropriately.

Some traders like to enter trades intraday, and the Screener is a great tool for this as well. Indicators often reach extreme levels during the trading day before reverting back to less extreme values at the close. Looking for very low (oversold) or very high (overbought) intraday values of %b may help you find attractive trade candidates that could disappear by the end of the trading day. You might also consider entering an initial position when you see these extreme intraday values, and then either scaling in, holding, or exiting at the close depending on the direction and magnitude of the price move during the remainder of the day.

How to find your best stock pick

How to find your best stock pickHow to find your best stock pick

Scanning for a short list of possible candidates for your best stock pick is a daily routine every trader does every day or several times a week. I personally analyze todays stock market situation and use my method for selection of best market pick almost every day.

This job of looking for 10 best stocks can be divided into two parts:

The first part can be automated and done by some software screener or Web site screener. The result of this first step is a list of possible best picks that should be reviewed during the second step.

The second part is to review chart of every pick in list. Don’t worry; when you practice basic rules and reviewing, you can make an individual selection very quickly.

Rules to find best stock to buy today

Let’s start with the first part of the process looking for best market pick.

First, you need to define general rules that are independent of any market strategy or system. I personally have these fixed rules for any type of market pick:

The ticker price has to be over $5 USD

Average daily volume has to exceed 450,000 shares.

The next rule is relative to trade type (whether I plan a long or a short trade):

Price has to be over 50EMA (exponential moving average ) for a long trade setup or below for a short trade setup

Best stock pick example

Hey, great. This is the first complete set of rules that can be used independently. I personally use them for trades based on my sector trading strategy. But now we will define another rule to do a complete scan for potential profitable stock pick.

I like to use support and resistance. Breakout and also Pullback strategies are based on them. Therefore, I want to have a scanner that will find stocks with a price near a significant level of support or resistance.

I define this level as the last three months of maximum or minimum stock price. My scan rule is to find stocks with the last price less than 5% of the three-month maximum or minimum.

Volume plays an important role in my analysis so I recommend you include a special volume rule into the scanner. This rule is based on the condition that we’re looking for a ticker that’s picking up. So, the rule is to find shares that’s had above-average volume sometime during the last 20 days.

Best stock pick example the result

Well, here’s the list of all rules :

The share price has to be over $5 USD.

The average daily volume has to exceed 450,000 shares.

The price is over (for long trade) or below (for short trade) 50 EMA

The price is no more than 5% from the three-month maximum (for longs) or minimum (for shorts)

Stock volume exceeds average volume some time during the last 20 days

These five simple rules allow you to find your best stock pick for the next trading day. Automatically.

You can define these rules in your technical analysis software. I like AmiBroker very much, and I think it’s the best software for picking stocks and for chart analysis.

If you want to receive more tips how to find top stock pick then join my free email course: 7 TIPS FOR STOCK PICKING AND SCREENING.

Review atrading strategy and quantitative trading resource

Review atrading strategy and quantitative trading resourceQuantpedia Review: A Trading Strategy and Quantitative Trading Resource

Quantpedia Review Introduction to a Trading Strategy and Quantitative Trading Resource

Quantpedia is a truly unique site in many aspectsand not only because of its extensive library of trading strategies. The strategies are then broken down so you can find the exact type of method that suits you, via a strategy screener. Sift through multiple criteria and strategies geared toward different asset classes, risk tolerances and time frames.

Each strategyand there are more than 260 of them (with more added each week)includes a clear overview of what the strategy is, the logic behind the method and the math backing the strategy. The math figures include performance, maximum drawdown and volatility among statistics.

Quantpedia was started by some of the same people who started Finviz . a very popular and visually orientated stock screener. Quantpedia finds and processes academic research papers on trading and then breaks them into usable trading strategies, which can be applied by the average trader or employed in quantitative trading methods.

Searching through thousands of financial articles, only the best are selected based on a strict criteria, broken down and placed on Quantpedia. Strategies must be back-tested over a suitable length of time, include risk calculations and be implementable. The strategy must also be able to break down into precise trading rules so that is can be used by traders and quants . The rules of each strategy are provided on the site along with the other information on the strategy.

Quantpedia Screener

The screener allows you to quickly and easily find strategies that suit your trading style or needs.

Before using the 12 specific search criteria, a search box provides an easy way to find strategies that match a certain criteria. For example, typing in trend following will bring up strategies related to trend following.

You can also change the View. By selecting different views you can change the type of information that you see in the screener search results. There are four basic views:

Basic Overview shows the period (monthly, intraday, etc), market (bonds, stocks, etc), indicative performance, volatility and keywords.

Descriptive shows period, number of instruments traded, markets, complexity, indicative performance, confidence and keywords.

Risk Return shows markets, instruments available, complexity, backtest period source, backtest length, indicative performance, volatility, drawdown and Sharpe ratio

The All view shows all the categories mentioned above. When comparing multiple strategies, this view provides a great way to thin down your choices, giving you a good snapshot of each strategy.

The figure above shows a sampling of strategies in All view. You can sort the results from high to low (or low to high) by clicking on the top of the column.

Using the screener feature can save you time and narrow down your trading strategy search. Use 13 different criteria to find the strategies that suit your needs.

Find strategies that match your trading Period intra-day, daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, 6 month, yearly or 3 year time periods.

Narrow down your search by Instrument . Find strategies that can be applied to stocks, futures, mutual funds, ETFs, CFDs, forwards, swaps, options or bonds.

You can also choose your backtest period, performance, drawdown maximum, volatility, complexity, confidence and Sharpe ratio. Each provides a drop down menu, providing options which allow you to fine tune your search. For example, you can select Over 20% from the Performance drop down menu. When this is selected, only those strategies that produced greater than 20% returns annually (backtested) will show up in your search results.

Also, you can select from a drop down list of keywords. Selecting a keyword will produce a list of only those strategies which are tied to the keyword. For example, selecting the market timing keyword will produce a list of all strategies that use or employ market timing.

Inputting different variables into the 13 criteria can create a very specific list. If your search does not yield any results, try loosening the criteria slightly. If your search yields too many results, tighten the criteria.

Quantpedia Charts

The Charts page provides a broad overview of all the strategies available on the site, broken down in different ways.

Along the top of the Charts page, there are five tabs: Overview, Complexity, Performance, Risk and Summary.

Click on a tab to see all of Quantpedias strategies broken down in terms of the tab heading.

Within any chart you can click on something and it will instantly bring up what you clicked on in a new screener window. The charts provide summary categories, and by clicking on a category you can see the specific strategies that are within that category.

The Overview tab shows:

how many strategies are available for each market (bonds, stocks, currencies, etc)

how many strategies are labeled as simple, moderately complex, complex or very complex

how many strategies are available for each time frame (intraday, daily, weekly, etc)

number of strategies in terms of keywords

other charts that relate to the criteria on the screener

The figure above shows one example of an Overview chart. On Quantpedias site you can click on an element of the chart to see the strategies within it.

The Complexity tab breaks down all the strategies on the site in terms of how elaborate they are. On this tab you can see:

how many strategies are labeled simple, moderately complex, complex or very complex, in term of asset type and period.

This allows you quickly isolate the type of strategy you are looking for. If you want a simple strategy for equities, you can click on the appropriate area of the chart and it will show you a list of simple equity strategies.

Above is an example of two of several charts available under the Complexity tab.

The Performance tab breaks down the strategies in terms of performance. Cross-referencing performance figures with other criteria allows you to see the best performing strategies in a highly visual way. See performance by period, instrument, complexity or keyword.

Above is one example of the several types of performance charts shown under the Performance tab.

On the Risk tab you can view strategies in terms of risk. The main risk measures shown on this page are the Sharpe ratio and volatility. Comparing risk to different keywords, performance, markets, periods and strategy complexities you can quickly isolate strategies that suit your risk tolerance.

Above is a one sample of several great charts available under the Risk tab. You are able to see volatility, performance and complexity all in one chart. Click on one of the circles on the chart to bring up the strategy.

Finally, the Summary chart tab shows a single large chart. The chart shows all the available strategies, the strategy backtest period, performance and Sharpe ratio. This provides a quick way to get an overview of all the strategies available so you can narrow your search. Again, click on an element of the chart to bring up that strategy.

Quantpedia Resources

Quantpedia recently added a Backtesting Software page, which includes descriptions, costs and links to high quality backtesting software. If you are interesting in backtesting, this page likely offers some products (some are free) you are unaware of.

Quantpedia also has a Historical Data page, showcasing descriptions, costs and links to historical price data. If you need historical price data for backtesting, there are companies and services listed on this page to help you out (again, some listed are free services).


New strategies are always being added to the site. Currently boasting more than 262 trading strategies, Quantpedia is one of the top strategy and quantitative resources available.

The Quantpedia blog provides updates when new strategies are added. This allows you to quickly see new strategies and look them over when they come available.

The free blog provides information on trading strategies and offers.

Difference Between Quantpedia Free and Member Version

There are two memberships on Quantpedia. free and member .

Both types of Members can screen for strategies available to them.

Free access to the site provides you with 52+ trading strategies and links to 120+ related academic financial papers.

Members can choose between a 3-month and 12-month subscription option and receive:

Over 210 uncommon, high quality trading strategies. You can use these strategies as is, or add your own elements in an attempt to improve performance or reduce risk.

Access to the 52+ free strategies.

Access to over 450 related academic financial papers

Access to new strategies when added, and alerts on the blog when new strategies are posted to the site

No advertisements

Pricing is $299 for a 3-month membership, or $499 for a 12-month membership.

You can check it out for yourself at quantpedia/

Please remember, past performance is not necessarily indicative of future performance. Be sure to understand your risk before relying on any trading method.

Need verified trading strategies this resource provides them

Need verified trading strategies this resource provides themNeed Verified Trading Strategies? This Resource Provides Them

By Cory Mitchell. Day Trading Expert

Cory Mitchell, CMT, is a short-term technical trader and financial writer with more than a decade of trading experience.

Want to learn new trading strategies? How about choosing between 262 of them, using a strategy screener so you can pick only those strategies that align with your capital, experience level and trade time frame?

This resource exists. Strategies are regularly added, covering methods for trading various markets, from day trading to investing. All strategies are laid out with rules to follow, and have detailed statistics so you know exactly how the strategy has performed.

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