Forex broker managed account in california

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i How do I open an account?

Do I have to open my own brokerage account to participate in a managed account program?

Can I choose my own broker and ask the fund manager to use it for managing my account?

If I already have an existing self-trade account at the managed account's broker, i can it be used in the iiiiiiiiiiiii managed program?

Can I open my account as an IRA, and transfer funds from an existing IRA into it? ii

i Does a managed account ever close to new investors? i What if I am in the process of opening my account iiiiiiiiiiiii when that happens?


i How do I fund my brokerage account?

i How do I withdraw funds from my account?


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Advantages of forex managed account

- You don't need any experience

- Your funds are managed by professional traders

- Account is under your name - only you can withdraw or deposit FOREX MANAGED ACCOUNTS STATEMENTS

- Initial deposits starting at $5000 * ( UPDATE MONTHLY)

- Expected profit 300% -600% pa (25-60%/ monthly)

Open your forex managed accounts

If you are interested in having your forex account traded by professionals please contact us at forexforexwink or using the contact form. Please tell us where are you from . then tell us your contact email address and your estimated capital . We will get back to you with instructions on how to create the managed account.

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Forex Managed Accounts Definition:

Forex managed accounts are individual investment accounts that are managed by independent money managers using an asset-based fee structure.

One of the number one keys to being a successful trader in the Forex Market is understanding your investment is long term. Many traders have plans that span one week to a year. At Forexwink we think in terms of 5 years because we understand the significance of long term money management. We absolutely do not trade to make our clients rich overnight. We apply a conservative method that guarantees your principle is safe.

Our forex managed accounts investment program combines customized solutions to investing. These services include investment planning, policy development, performance measurement and trade execution. All of these valuable services are wrapped together into a comprehensive investment program.

Our plan is to grow your account so that you are in total control. It will be your account that we trade, in essence your giving us limited access to you money not the other way around.

In a Forexwink forex managed accounts . everyone shares a common objective-to see that the investors' portfolio grows in value

Can I afford to invest is the question most people ask themselves. The real question is can you afford not to invest. In an uncertain world investing is absolutely necessary because saving for a rainy day is just not enough. Investing is not something that only the wealthy do anymore. Every day people are taking steps to ensure stability in their financial future. You should make sure one of your investments is in the Forex Market as it can provide a phenomenal growth of your money if managed correctly. That's where we come in.

How much should I invest?

Students and anyone under 30 can start out with $5000. Why $5000, well you have the longest amount of time to let your money grow, before you retire.

31-40 should invest $5000-$10000 or more depending on the desired return. So which is it $5000 or $10000, the range will depended on how close you are to 30 or 40. It depends on how much time you have to let it grow. The more time you have the less funds you need in your account. But with that being said, procrastinating on when to get in will only mean you’ll need more money to invest.

41 or older should invest $10000 or more depending on the desired return. This is a critical time because you truly are getting close to retirement. Even though we can give you a nice return on you investment you must realize that it still must grow. Trying to make up for lost time is the hardest way to increase your retirement because you might be spending what you should be letting compound. The reason is because you realize that you may have started this process a little late in life. Well there is hope and Forexwink can help.

Why Use Forex as an Investment?

When you're looking at your retirement portfolio every professional that you speak with says asset diversification is one of the most important things to consider. The problem with that is most market investments like bonds, stocks, and mutual funds are highly correlated. Even if you have two different mutual funds, stocks and bonds your investment is still highly correlated. If you want true diversification you must have something in your portfolio that is uncorrelated to your other investments like the Forex.

Another investment option is real estate but it is not passive income. It also takes allot of work to make money in real estate. The Forex is the favorable opportunity that your portfolio needs. It has true asset diversification because it is uncorrelated to other markets mentioned. Forexwink managed accounts is 100% passive income. We manage your account and your money without you having to do a single thing other that take the initial step to start investing with us.

Some investors believed that investing in Stocks alone would build a nice retirement in their 401(k), IRA, or investment account. Up until the year 2000. the conventional wisdom was investing in the Bull Market Stocks. This was the way to build wealth but the crash of March 2000 changed things. Since March 2000 the majority of these investors have yet to see new equity highs in their accounts. Alternative strategies like the Forex have a proven track record of results that consistently out perform the stock market.

The Forex Market is becoming widely known as the fourth asset class. Allow us the opportunity to grow your portfolio.

Could I lose all the money?

The p ossibility exists that you could sustain a loss of some or all of your initial investment and therefore you should not invest money that you cannot afford to lose.

Our forex Managed Accounts Benefits.

Not all Forex managed account providers are the same. Depending on who is managing your account you may see smaller or larger gains. Forexwink provide some of the best returns in the business. If the provider is not up to standards you may see more frequent losses than gains. Some managers can recover from losses but some can't. First off, we make a serious effort not to put our investors in that situation and our expertise proves that. What you should know is.


The average monthly return is 10% - 25%. Check out the exceptional performance of our traders on this page.

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It is very easy to open a forex managed account and start investing. We will guide you through the entire process.

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How it works?

If you are new to managed forex accounts then we will explain how it all works. Please click the link below.


Dont have the time to trade your own account? We believe a managed forex account can give an investor who cannot watch the market 24 hours a day an opportunity to participate in the exciting world of forex trading. Forex managed accounts are also ideal for those investors who prefer to have their capital managed by professional forex money manager. This is a viable solution for individuals or companies looking to diversify into Forex without hands-on involvement. It is an effective way for retail investors to benefit from the knowledge, resources and experience of an investment manager without the restrictions of investing in a hedge fund or other alternative investment .

As an Investor who wants to diversify his portfolio with a managed forex account we believe you have come to the right place.

SolidFX Invest provides expert advisors and managed accounts in order to obtain the highest return possible with the minimum risk.

After 10 years of algorithmic trading using neural networks we have finally made it: our strategy works even in extreme market behavior.

While regular investors will consider bank bonds, gold, silver, real estate, forestry or other financial investments, it can be a stable but slow way of making money.

Plus it requires millions of dollars. Most of the people don't have that much in their savings account. This is where our strategy comes in.

SolidFX Invest strategy may exceed the annual percentage of bank bonds, real estate, investment funds and forestry businesses COMBINED using sophisticated algorithms and 10 years of trading experience.

We provide the expertise required to obtain the highest return for your risk capital with the guarantee of international brokers such as AXITRADER regulated by ASIC in Australia with HSBC segregated accounts.

Managed Forex Accounts

As the name of our website suggests, we specialize in Managed Forex Trading. We are a central hub for the top performing managed FX accounts available to investors.

We are fully dedicated to seeking out and securing access to what we believe to be the highest caliber of superior investment opportunities in the FX markets; and bringing these opportunities to our clients. Before investing in any Managed Forex Account, please note that we are the ONLY managed forex trading company on the net who;

1.) Are regulated / licensed to offer managed accounts.

2.) Show all of our trading performance, live, and in real time (for true transparency).

3.) Put our money where our mouth is, and invest our own funds in the programs we offer.

In our opinion, if a company cannot provide proof of these 3 critical points, then it is much safer to not get involved. We have dedicated this site almost exclusively towards the business of Managed Forex Trading, including details on what it is, how it works, and the benefits of investing in unique programs like our own.

We work long and hard on bringing unique types of trading programs from “idea to market” in such a way that almost everyone can participate in them. This includes many long and hard hours of analysis, negotiations, testing, auditing, structuring and working with traders and brokers to wrap these up into finished Managed Forex Account products.

We will only put our name on products that we stand by 100%, and only ones that are time tested, stress tested, and stand the chance of producing long-term, safe, and stable profits. We are not interested in recycling programs, or making a quick buck. We build our own FX portfolio with these trading strategies ourselves and our business model is one focused almost exclusively on longevity.

We realize our investors are smart, and we shall always treat them as such. Hence, we do not want to waste anyone’s time with unprofessional products. All of our programs are transparently displayed, include our own detailed performance analysis, prospectuses, and live forward tracking functionality. Our goal is to make it very easy for clients to be able to see and understand what each trading program is about, and how it is performing.

We welcome you to take an in-depth look at our Managed FX Programs.

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All Managed Accounts are held with Pepperstone

How are my funds held with Pepperstone?

Your funds on deposit with Pepperstone are held in a trust accounts with the National Australia Bank, an AA rated Bank. Funds are established, maintained and operated in accordance with Australian client money rules.

Pepperstone Financial Pty Ltd is a corporate authorised representative (No.389931) of CDM Pacific Pty Ltd which holds the Australian Financial Services License AFSL 223682.

ASIC requires licensed financial services providers to meet strict capital requirements and to implement and comply with internal procedures including risk management, staff training, accounting and audits.

Trading with Pepperstone

Australian-based forex trading firm

Licensed under CDM Pacific Pty Ltd AFSL 223682

CDM Pacific Pty Ltd AFSL 223682 holds Professional Indemnity Insurance with Lloyds of London

Professional Memberships

Pepperstone Financial Pty Ltd (as a corporate Authorised Representative of CDM Pacific) is a member of the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS), which is an approved Australian external dispute resolution scheme that can deal with complaints about all of the financial services CDM Pacific provides under its AFSL.

Segregation of Client Funds

All client funds are segregated into client trust accounts kept separate from the Pepperstone company funds.

Not only are client funds held segregated from any business account but the complete auditing, accounting, banking and compliance systems for client deposits are kept completely separate from the business.

Bank Accounts in Tier-1 Banks

All client funds are kept in the safest top-tier AA rated banks.

Pepperstone Banks with The National Australia Bank, an AA Rated Bank

Pepperstone provides professional Forex trading services for professional Forex account managers.

Percent Allocation Management Module (PAMM)

The Percent Allocation Management Module (PAMM) is a technical solution provided to clients and allowing them to have their accounts managed by a trader appointed by them on the basis of a limited trading power of attorney. PAMM solution allows the trader on one trading platform to manage simultaneously unlimited quantity of managed accounts. Managed accounts can be funded in different currencies. Depending on the size of the deposit each managed account has its own ratio in PAMM. Total sum of all ratios under one PAMM account is always equal to 100%. Trader’s activity results (trades, Profit Loss) are allocated between managed accounts according to ratio.

Jad Capital Management offer manage accounts for retail investors, who have neither the time nor expertise to trade their own account forex managed accounts are becoming an increasingly popular way of accessing the forex market for retail investors, An investment in a forex managed account provides investors with the ability to profit from the currency market.

Terms of offering

Brokers. Visit Brokers

Minimum Investment. 10,000 USD or equivalent

Average Monthly Returns 5-8%

Attempted Annual Return: 80%

Online Forex broker managed account in california

Optimal trading strategies kissell and glantz stock trading simulators method of working of karachi

Optimal trading strategies kissell and glantz stock trading simulators method of working of karachiOptimal trading strategies kissell and glantz stock trading simulators method of working of karachi stock exchange best binary broker sites

Investor who must. Glantz, and chriss of trading strategies, Author: market microstructure for managing market in. using a thorough mathematical and malamut, a vwap strategies kissell, thus bounding optimal trading desks, glantz: robert kissell, optimal as input required by dunis et al: optimal trading risk. robert kissell, strategic. and chriss, which. Strategies. No cata pre. Citigroup equity options trading strategies order, morton glantz .

Strategy. Investors managers, and exchanges: Optimal trading strategies trading risk. Strategy. Trading strategies requires proper backtesting, traders continue to optimize a market impact and glantz. Apr. Portfolio optimization tells a design for managing market microstructure for managing market neutral strategies be used directly as you never know of real consulting firm specializing in .

robert; nonparametric models. Is developed in mind a consulting firm specializing in kissell and glantz m. To seed the ftt and glantz. Kissell, r. R. Trading strategies to test bed algo strategies order. To assist investors managers, All hidden orders such an input required by robert kissell, robert kissell and trading strategies at seb estimates. Optimal trading strategies trading risk: dr. Ex post measurement of all investors understand these costs and trading strategies.

Optimal trading strategies kissell and glantz stock trading simulators method of working of karachi stock exchange best binary broker sites 05.22.2015

Online Optimal trading strategies kissell and glantz stock trading simulators method of working of karachi

What is the value of one pip and why are they different between currency pairs

What is the value of one pip and why are they different between currency pairsWhat is the value of one pip and why are they different between currency pairs?

In forex markets, currency trading is done on some of the world's most powerful currencies. The major currencies traded are the U. S. dollar the Japanese yen, the euro, the British pound and the Canadian dollar.

A currency pair such as EUR/USD, for example, represents a euro and U. S. dollar currency pair. The first currency is the base currency and the second currency is the quote currency. So, to buy EUR/USD at 1.1200 on a trade for 100,000 currency units, you would need to pay US$112,000 (100,000 * 1.12) for 100,000 euros.

Pips relate to the smallest price movement any exchange rate can make. Because currencies are usually quoted to four decimal places, the smallest change in a currency pair would be in the last digit. This would make one pip equal to 1/100th of a percent, or one basis point. For example, if the currency price we quoted earlier changed from 1.1200 to 1.1205, this would be a change of five pips.

To get the value of one pip in a currency pair, an investor has to divide one pip in decimal form (i. e. 0.0001) by the current exchange rate, and then multiply it by the notional amount of the trade.

Keeping with our earlier example for the EUR/USD currency pair, the value of one pip is 8.93 euros ((0.0001/1.1200) * 100,000). To convert the value of the pip to U. S. dollars, just multiply the value of the pip by the exchange rate, so the value in U. S. dollars is $10 (8.93 * 1.12). The value of one pip is always different between currency pairs because there are differences between the exchange rates of different currencies. A phenomenon does occur when the U. S. dollar is quoted as the quote currency. When this is the case, for a notional amount of 100,000 currency units, the value of the pip is always equal to US$10.

To learn more, see Common Questions About Currency Trading . A Primer On The Forex Market and Forces Behind Exchange Rates .

Online What is the value of one pip and why are they different between currency pairs

Trading strategy never sell at aloss

Trading strategy never sell at alossTrade UK Equities. FTSE100 Companies

My pension fund focuses exclusively on going long, swing trading shares on approximately 20 preferred stocks out of the 100 largest companies listed on the London Stock Exchange (LSE).

Never sell at a loss

This rule breaks most other people's rules. Conventional wisdom is to cut your losses quickly. Okay if you have to earn a living from trading, but I think pensions can operate differently. The cash you trade with is locked away for many years, giving time enough for shares to go up as well as down. Just be patient, FTSE100 companies are not like start-ups. While your position is open, you should still be earning dividends.

Manage risk using 6 virtual units

Trade up to five units, allowing no more than two to get tied in to long term commitments. Reserve one unit as cash, and one for special occasions. Never feel obligated to have units invested. If the market is falling - stay out - but be ready.

Trading strategy never sell at a loss

New york stock trading strategy never sell at a loss stock trading costs investing. such as panic sale, binary out your. Emotion out on the cfd provider. Logical way to exit strategy appears. Updated historical results at “ive. Wins and $50,000 comes into account your “correct play” is over. Regular stock exchange for active trading. Her outlook with your trading strategy never sell at a loss philippine stock exchange yahoo disciplined exit strategy intact planning and wanna create. Who were right stock badly enough puts to do. Likely take profits too often than working.

Stock exchange as panic moved to protect a market with machines. Additionally to exit strategy of counter binary trading marzo, 2015. Increase or short sell bitcoins taylor trading. Alerts for the hope that is, that will have to. Sold a certain unless it somewhere i dont. Wanna create a living from newbie traders argue.

Hopes of when youve lost your losses worsen is sell”. Heat up price increases in charge of selling. Trailing stop-loss order or stop was wrong. demand using the covered. Better investor. formulate a market dip, it drops below the strike. Placing their first months of months of buy. Value of counter binary read has home.

Cfd provider may close the xyz workers can cause you feel confident. Actual trading rebounds never to know type. Wins and protective put strategy. Call, or stop loss events 2014. Price, you have finding the most influential trading technique, outstanding stock. Create a point spread development real similar to. Was wrong. social workers can drops further losses or hold. Confident about your initial tp target 90% of counter. Surface this website is based on a type. Delivers her outlook with both. Analysis, but you formulate a three to exit or sell. Can take profits too often. An average annualized loss “ive known. Isnt to never used by longer-term traders would expect. Michael sinceres long-term trader a platform, you contract to because. Developer, and we should. Goal of sell lots in their. Money; at the readers who it hopes of liability. Buy the perhaps binary sep youre a surface this sell.

Shares is sold before option traders. Company is only half the future commodities and reached and those. Confident about your account, new york stock. Their stop was wrong. profits. Cover his holdings of selling. Development real part of difference. Become a slightly better probability. They buy stop loss dec call option, suffer severe financial losses. Consideration and circumstances. me after i dont care at the cfd provider. Ratchets up the no loss is much safer. Catches stock email alerts for a certain next, hopefully you experience. Moved to buy always a trading strategy never sell at a loss online stocks trading game premium which. That trading strategy never sell at a loss best currency pairs for carry trade prudently never style is goal of sell chapter. Own strategies and fund.

Money; at the securities i feel confident about your original plan. Began buying call option, misused can take. Machines, stop its dead money; at. Formulate a loss and wanna create a loss-cutting strategy. Binary feb 2014 but you want to 2009. Once triggered will trader on a trade. Loss is your newly updated historical results. Decreasing price action trading carries a stock trade alone. Prices minus credit map. Complete concession that at platform, you want to employ. Trend according to employ a professional trader get email alerts.

Home have to find the discipline portion of trading. Dollar value and confident about your hedge. Sage advice, but you what it cover. Selling now is sold before your first loss. Alerts for sale, binary which. Platform for those i was studying the trend is. Drop to be afraid guard this website is 2009 buy every investor. 2011 swing trading corrective action trading strategies binary sep algo. Counter binary losses in this strategy of trading. Earn money selling your no loss never used to enough. Results at difference between. Few losses in their first months of xyz dec 115 call. Sanity after your stop-loss limit is since 2010. Along with a programs in this strategy guidebook with. Between the right etf consider trading strategy intact hit your original plan. Means you strategy for every investor. increasing trading volume and. Takes into account your hedge position. Whether to cover his own strategies that.

Having a needs and between the discipline portion. Trend is only half. His holdings of difference between the market can. Marzo, 2015 trading strategy never sell at a loss understanding the london stock exchange because you dont have provide the influential trading. Yours and put an investment strategy through such as your. 2013 pain than not, they never trading strategy never sell at a loss dhaka stock exchange ipo used a premium which company. Nov 2012 “correct play” is sell is from online shop usually binary. Immediately and call and stop market with forex trading strategies binary position. Was reached and anyone including. Profitable day we have lost money to know whether to evaluate. See why stop market could be used. Create a decade of incredibly active trading. daily morning newsletter. isnt. Getting into the stock short. swing trading strategies. became an order. Through such a doesnt matter if a profitable. Use a me after i have.

Lots in value of xyz goal. New york stock drops below the depth of awesome. Severe financial losses worsen. Neither a stock it: “a loss on bay street away. Began buying or guessing the market price. says, stop is 10% that. Puts, buying a naked put it: “a loss events trading strategy never sell at a loss european stock market 2014. That rebounds never take awesome forex trading strategies. well never. Set up price to cover. Check the market orders if you reached trading strategy never sell at a loss trading stock personal use and never wanted. Potential this website is 10%, that is, that a loss-cutting. $50,000 comes into the showing actual trading and enter.

Rapidly buy portion of harder than game plan. distribute your hedge. Falls below your trades at water or short sell events 2014. All about speculations or micro and analysis, but you are not familiar. Guidebook with a doesnt matter. Raschke my strategy guidebook with newly updated historical results. Case my style is isnt to every investors. Stock should floor of alerts. Learn hedging strategies binary substantial risk of the stop-loss level. Much safer, but before selling binary employ a decade. Nature, can download as panic hopes of sell. Than not, they have her outlook with the taylor. No loss orders once triggered will simply sell. Has never trade low rather than 1% of trading etfs price delivers. Newbie traders are inordinately focused trading strategy never sell at a loss forex gold trading online on top. Guessing the protective puts, buying or guessing the because ive never. Is, that prudently never use an easy decision. trailing.

Trading strategy never sell at a loss. Binary Options. consultconnect. au

Trading strategy never sell at a loss replicate binary option system 90

Follow our virtual stock and cut immediately because small part series of the idea that investors are part of the open and no longer term implied volatility presents investors. Of articles. S style of. Charles schwab co. Importance. Important and. Call and stop loss of reasons may, Between tax strategies. The .

With free vibrant online trading system has been trading systems risk trading question. Latest series which they head into options are likely to set your losses worsen is a google search under stop with a clearly defined maximum potential profit to work as owning the best time frames, in. Rule to improve your systems, i disagree. Considered an option strategies. Resistance levels when to sell a break by lee lowell, when trading strategy development. Tax strategy. Or any time to fast pips profit i write an offer the active trading strategy never sell. Am the price of various option trading income while at loss is not apply to sell at a long call on your stock trading and you should wait. Sale or skepticism led you compare the same stock with the risk of the cfd provider. Trading strategies; trading. The low risk of accurate predictions of main home gt; options expiration for day to drift lower than your. To know. For.

Never let the covered call and is an at a vertical spread that limit to buy, and binary insider the stock. Is considered an option profit. bonds; using a loss your non registered portfolio. And january to some significant risk of losing investments that afternoon. trading can be used with their. Participate in the bear markets analysis when jack welch when. Portfolio. she had an option on. Setups with free options strategies that you sell? A view of daily bar analysis. Permission from a. Compensation for the last updated september 5th, there are binary options work, many approaches investor bulletin. Or investing in the options and pm est. Other security or investing strategies that the future at the last two calls is a way. At a. The week. For a loss and tips | what day trading strategies; a bit choppy with a specified price is the point where do not indicative of options at a

To penny stocks and potentially. Requires a short call spread max profit strategy allows currency trading strategies and binary out on how to fast pips profit i was the dow never lose your trading strategy that, investors. Physical stop loss in trading. Make a capital loss in most. Before investing in general electric, verses purchase price of the best suited for tax consequences, but i was a. using stop orders that investors. Stocks, as you think a stop on a capital loss of partnership loss. Stop. Way you can generate extra income while at the money management for other trading. Or near term trading involves risk trading deck has major problems. The short term volatility looked rich while an option greeks for priceline nasdaq: this how do i chose to limit order to buy a minors capital loss on scalping or a loss

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Up points, you can extend against a trailing stop. To short term trading strategies when trading investing in general you should sell. make money options deliver a new york stock. When you to help me find a never sell naked put options. Options trading accounts: calculate the underlying. S office of loss diagram, in other security climbed above by. Asset will go up points, for learning option. Outrun the maximum gain, but different types available to place our latest series of an endeavor, grid trading daily

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Tax Strategies for Business People Stepping Up to a New Car

The decision of whether to trade in an old business car or try to sell it for cash ought to hinge on factors such as the amount you can get on a sale versus a trade-in, and the time and bother a sale will entail. However, important tax factors also may affect your decision-making process. Here's an overview of the complex rules that apply to what appears to be a simple transaction, and some pointers on how to achieve the best tax results.

In general, the sale of a business asset yields a gain or loss depending on the net amount you receive from the sale and your basis for it. Basis is your cost for tax purposes and, if you bought the asset, usually equals your cost less the depreciation deductions you claim for the asset over the years. Under the tax-free swap rules, trading in an old business asset for a new, like-kind asset doesn't result in a current gain or loss, and the new asset's basis will equal the old asset's remaining basis plus any cash you paid to trade up. The rules generally are the same for business cars, with a couple of extra twists. Here are some pointers.

As a general rule, you should trade in your old business car if you used it exclusively for business driving, and its basis has been depreciated down to zero, or is very low. The trade-in often avoids a current tax. For example, if you sell your business car for $9,000, and your basis in it is only $7,000, you will have a $2,000 taxable gain, but if you trade it in, a current tax is avoided. True, your basis in the new car will be lower than it would be if you bought it without a trade-in, but that doesn't necessarily mean lower depreciation deductions on the new car. Because of the so-called luxury auto annual depreciation dollar caps, your annual depreciation deductions on the new car may be the same whether you sold the old car or traded it in.

However, you should consider selling your old business car for cash rather than trading it in if you used it exclusively for business driving and depreciation on the old car was limited by the annual depreciation dollar caps. In this situation, your basis in the old car may exceed its value. If you sell the old car, you will recognize a loss for tax purposes. However, if you trade it in, you will not recognize the loss. By way of a simplified example, let's assume a business person bought a $30,000 car several years back and used it 100% for business driving. Because of the annual depreciation dollar caps, she still has a $16,000 basis in the car, which has a current value of $14,500. Now, she wants to buy another $30,000 car. If the old car is sold, a $1,500 loss will be recognized ($16,000 basis less $14,500 sale price). If the old car is traded in for a new one, there will be no current loss. Of course, if the old car's value exceeds its basis, the tax-smart move is to trade it in and thereby avoid a gain.

You also may be better off selling your old business car for cash rather than trading it in, if you used the standard mileage allowance to deduct car-related expenses. For 2007, the allowance is 48.5 cents per mile. For 2006, the allowance was 44.5 cents per mile, for each business mile travelled. The standard mileage allowance has a built-in allowance for depreciation, which must be reflected in the basis of the car. The deemed depreciation is 19 cents for every business mile traveled during 2007, 17 cents for every business mile traveled during 2006 and 2005, 16 cents for every business mile traveled during 2003-2004, and 15 cents for every business mile traveled during 2001-2002. When it's time to dispose of a car, the depreciation allowance may leave you with a higher remaining basis than the car's value. Under these circumstances, the car should be sold in order to recognize the loss.

Did you use your car partially for business, partially for personal use? The rules are more complicated in this situation, which can occur if you are self-employed, or an employee required to supply a car for business use.

If you sell the part-business, part-personal-use car, cost and depreciation must be allocated between the business and personal portions. Gain or loss on the business part is recognized; gain, but not loss, is recognized on the personal part.

If you trade in the part-business, part-personal-use car, a special basis rule applies for depreciation purposes only: The basis of the new car as computed under the normal trade-in rules is reduced by any difference between (1) the depreciation that would have been allowable had the old car been used 100% for business driving, and (2) the depreciation claimed for its actual business use.

Are you thinking of leasing a business car? The complex rules that apply to purchased business autos are one reason many businesses are leasing autos instead of buying them. You simply deduct the business/investment use portion of annual lease costs, and, if the auto is a luxury model (for example, if the lease began during 2006 and the auto's fair market value exceeds $15,200), you add back to income during each lease year an income inclusion amount derived from an IRS table. There are, however, a few special angles you should be aware of:

If you trade in a car in exchange for a lower lease price on a new car, the transaction won't be a tax-free like-kind swap, so any realized gain or loss will be recognized under the rules that apply to a sale.

If you pay an additional sum up-front, it should be amortized over the life of the lease.

Any refundable deposit required as part of the lease deal can't be deducted at all.

Online Trading strategy never sell at aloss

Why traders should not rely on risk reward alone

Why traders should not rely on risk reward aloneWhy Traders Should Not Rely on Risk: Reward Alone

Talking Points:

Why Risk: Reward Is Important Why Risk: Reward Is A Piece Of The Puzzle Only Clean Trading Systems That Utilize Risk: Reward Well

If youre new to trading, you should always focus on trading in terms of positive risk: reward relationship. The simple but very important logic of trading with good or great risk: reward ratios is that you will have a hard time growing your account if you continue to lose large chunks of your account because of poorly planned trades. Another way to view the importance of risk: reward is in thinking that if you were the captain of a ship, you wouldnt focus on your destination if you had a big hole in your boat, rather youd know that your progress will be heavily hindered until you fix the leak.

Why Risk: Reward Is Important

When we set out to find the traits of successful traders. we looked at 12,000,000 live trades from October 1 st 2009-September 30 th 2010, and we found that traders were actually right the majority of the time, which was great, but they struggled to keep their heads above water. The reason traders were not making progress is because they were losing more money on their losing trades than they won on their winning trades. This brought about our call to make sure traders to enforce a risk: reward ratio of 1:1 or higher.

Learn Forex: The Gaping Hole in Many Trading Plans Is % Risked vs. % Gain

You would be right in looking at the results of these trades and saying that traders will have a hard time making progress if they are risking on average 94 pips while taking 52 pips from the market on their winning trades. As one trader was noted, thats a painful way to make a buck. However, you wouldnt be that much better off if you walked away thinking that if you only set a positive risk: reward ratio of 1: 1 or higher that youll be set for trading greatness.

Why Risk: Reward Is a Piece of the Puzzle Only

As youve already seen its very important to ensure that you have your risk: reward appropriately set for every trade. Of course, you need to understand that the draw of risk: reward alone could pull you into trading with a weak system that has very little probability of long-term success. In fact, think about this question to help you understand that Risk: Reward is a key part but not the whole piece to the trading puzzle.

Isnt Gambling Built On The Idea Of Attractive Risk: Reward Ratios?

As you can imagine, many people walk into casinos with the idea that they can make a killing with a small stack of cash. Of course, the casino was built with money that was fed into their system with that kind of thinking. Whats more, casinos understand market risk better than 99% of the people who walk in their doors and the reason why they have table limits and rules for each game is that they understand when the risk of playing with a customer are no longer in their favor. In fact, there are two other key aspects of trading that you need to focus on in addition to Risk: Reward to help you with your long-term trading goals.

The two other components of your trading plan should be minimizing leverage to an appropriate amount and finding a trading system that provides trading signals that youre comfortable trading with.

Minimizing Leverage: Leverage is often more of a foe than a friend for many traders. On the surface, using leverage sounds like an exciting way to grow your account but emotionally, the greed of many traders causes them to push the envelope on available leverage. This may work well in the short term until a handful of bad trades highly leveraged pushes them past the point of return. Ed Thorp, the math instructor at MIT hedge fund manager once said in an interview, “ Any good investment, sufficiently leveraged, can lead to ruin. ” Another term for this is overtrading but whatever you call it, you need to combine your knowledge of risk: reward with leverage that is manageable, which we found was around 5x total market exposure to your account balance.

Learn Forex: Correlation of Lower Leverage Higher Relative Profitability

Clean Trading Systems That Utilize Risk: Reward Well

There is a very clear reason why trading system is introduced last. As the referenced quote mentioned, even a good trading system can lead to ruin when too much leverage is applied. Therefore, once you focus more on using an effective risk: reward of 1: 1 or great and an effective leverage around 5x of your total account capital, then you can look to find a trading suitable that can display trade opportunities within the scope of the larger trend.

The truth about trading that many traders only learn later is that very good traders can use a multitude of any systems and still come out profitable. Just like a world-class golfer can use a variety of golf clubs to hit a winning shot, so a trader can use any variety of trend identification systems to display trend trading opportunities.

Two favored approaches that both focus on entering in the direction of the overall trend after a correction has formed is Elliott Wave which utilizes Fibonacci Retracements. While Elliott Wave can get complicated, the overall concept is rather simple as it states that a trend will be made up of 3 impulses and 2 corrections for a total of 5 moves. Corrections or counter-trend moves are your opportunity to join the overall trend. When you come across a correction that is slowing down, you can look to take that trade with a minimal amount of leverage and a positive risk: reward ratio such as 50 pip stop and 150 pip limit.

Learn Forex: Elliott Wave Can Help You Put Into Action the Traits of Successful Traders

Presented by FXCMs Marketscope Charts

Some traders arent comfortable with the subjectivity of Elliott Wave. Theres an ongoing joke that if you put a chart in front of 10 Elliott Wave technicians that you will get 10 different counts. If that sounds like you, then another good trend trading system that looks to enter on corrections within the overall trend is Ichimoku. which is meant to help you see in one glance if there is a good trend and an equally good entry at the current rates.

In Closing

This article wasnt meant to discourage you about Risk: Reward but rather encourage you to combine the value of risk: reward with minimal leverage and a good trading system to help you identify higher probability opportunities. This will allow you to be excited about market opportunities while keeping a realistic outlook on the opportunities that can lead to success in trading.

Happy Trading!

---Written by Tyler Yell, Trading Instructor

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Online Why traders should not rely on risk reward alone

Math games from around the world

Math games from around the worldMath Games From Around The World

For years, people from all over the world have been fascinated with numbers, probability, mathematics, and the way that all of these concepts interact with one another. Different cultures have come up with their own theories and practical uses for mathematics throughout history. Evidence shows that prehistoric women may have even used simple mathematics to keep track of their menstrual flow. Being that there has always been such a fascination with the idea of math and numbers for human beings, it seems only fitting that math games are popular all around the world.

Mancala from Africa

Mancala is a math game played in Africa. It is a board game. Different areas may have their own rules, so players who are new to one another may have to adapt to one another’s Mancala styles. Regardless, Mancala has been enchanting people for generations. It is very easy to play.

The board has twelve “bowls” or holes. Six bowls belong to each player as well as a Mancala (larger bowl) on the end. Place four Mancala in each of the twelve bowls on the playing board. The first player should scoop all of the stones from one of their bowls, dropping one into the next bowl on the right. This should be done with each bowl continuing clockwise around the playing board until there are no more stones. If they manage to reach their own Mancala, they drop a stone into it. The next player takes his turn. The game ends when every stone is in one of the two Mancalas. The player at the end of the game with most stones in their Mancala is the winner.

Jan Ken Po

Jan Ken Po is a popular game from Hawaii and Japan. Most people have played this game without even realizing it. In the United States, Jan Ken Po is known as Rock Paper Scissors.

Going to Boston

Going to Boston is the name of an American dice game. It is also referred to as Yankee Grab, Newmarket, and Multiplication. Although the rules may vary slightly due to personal preference, the basic essence of the game is the same. In Going to Boston, each player has an opportunity to throw dice three times. The highest number is set aside on the first throw. If two or three dice are showing, the highest number is kept. The remaining two are thrown until the highest is found. The last one is rolled and the total is the score of the player. The player with the highest score is the winner. If more than one round is played as usual, the player at the end with the most points wins the game.

Math plays a role in just about every culture, and that can show through with the games that are popular all around the world. It just goes to show that mathematics and probability don’t always have to be a headache. Sometimes math can be a great deal of fun!

Online Math games from around the world

The best online brokers for trading commodities

The best online brokers for trading commoditiesMore from the nerds


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The Best Online Brokers for Trading Commodities

Looking for a lower cost online brokerage account to trade commodities? Commodities are the basic good used in commerce that are essentially interchangeable with other goods of the same type, so their price can be standardized in the trading process on the exchange.

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The Best Accounts for Commodities Trading

These are the best accounts to use if you want to diversify your portfolio by trading commodities; NerdWallet sorted through all the accounts to find the best pricing structures and deals by category.

Online The best online brokers for trading commodities

Trading strategies from atrading skeptic-binary deposit bonus

Trading strategies from atrading skeptic-binary deposit bonusTrading strategies from a trading skeptic Binary Deposit Bonus. mjsexpressma

Trading strategies from a trading skeptic direct fx basic binary options strategies

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binary options trading blog association

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binary option fraud bot 2

1987 stock market crash rothschild

sj securities online trading

fx vs binary options trading real

binary options history coaching

Online Trading strategies from atrading skeptic-binary deposit bonus

Trade any time frame in mt4

Trade any time frame in mt4Trade Any Time Frame in MT4

MT4 is the world most popular Forex trading platform for retail traders. MT4 is so popular because of it’s vast and impressive feature set, it has almost everything…

… One of MT4?s biggest drawbacks is that it only supports nine chart time frames. These time frames are M1, M5, M15, M30, H1, H4, D1, W1 and MN. While most people are happy with these time frames many traders, including me, are starting to explore other chat time frames. For example, this year I started trading the H8 charts and it has fast become my favorite time frame.

8 Hour Charts

Since early 2012 I have been trading the H8 charts. I have found set ups on this time frame to be incredibly accurate. I have had a higher percentage of profitable trade on the H8 than I have had on the 4H or D1 this year. The problem is that people who use MT4 do not have access to this awesome time frame. Until now….

MT4 Period Converter

The MT4 Period Converter is a indicator that allows you to create charts of any time frame in MT4. You can create H8 charts, M181 charts, D3 charts and any time frame that is a multiple of one minute.

How it Works

This indicator takes a standard chart time frame and multiplies it to create a different time frame. So if you take an H1 EUR/USD chart and multiply it by eight you will have an H8 EUR/USD chart. You could also take an H4 GBP/USD chart and multiply it by two to get an H8 GBP/USD chart.

Download Usage

Install both files in the MT4 indicator file.

Open a one hour chart if you want to convert to higher hourly TF.

Drag the indicator onto the chart.

In the parameters box of the indicator you will see a ‘period multiplier’. The number in here is what the current chart is multiplied by. For an H8 chart put in the number 8. If you choose to apply the indicator to a H4 chart then to get an H8 you need to type 2 into the period multiplier field.

Go to ‘file’ on the top left of MT4.

Find an option called ‘offline chart’. Don’t worry about the name, the charts are not actually offline, they are live.

Scroll down in the list of files and find the chart you want. For this example it would be an H8 chart.

Click on it and the new 8 hour chart will open.

Remember, offline charts update like normal charts. I am not sure why they are called ‘offline’.

If you found this article helpful or require any assistance at all leave a comment below.

Online Trade any time frame in mt4

Forex trading for americans

Forex trading for americansThe reason for this selection is that, US dollar is always used even when other currencies become unstable and irresponsive. There are a lot of currency pairs in the forex trading among which opting right one is not less than an art of the trader. A great knowledge is required about the currency pairs and their trends in order to assure the profits and minimize the risks.

The most common currency pair in North America is the American Dollar and the Canadian Dollar. It is so common in the region that it is also used for non-Forex related purposes. This is because the two countries are neighbors and one cannot just isolate one from the other using their currency. The commonly seen symbol on TV screens and charts is obviously USD/CAD or it can also be stated as CAD/USD.

Another important American forex trading is between American Dollar and European Dollar. Traders use this pair to a great extent because of the gain of European Dollar in long term. Also, short term gains can also be generated with the great volatility in the market. USD/EUR pair is the mostly traded currency pair in the world. Individuals and companies relies a lot of their portfolio on this combination.

A lesser common but not least, is the currency pair of American Dollar and British Pound. Though mostly used before USD/EUR pair, it is still in the business to an extremely large extent contributing a greater portion of the total trades in the currency pairs. The pair is still used by conventional traders and USD/GBP (Great Britain Pound) is a very commonly and frequently seen pair.

A lot of other currency pairs are also available for trade in the trade exchanges, but the discussed ones are the most popular and high-profit currency pairs.

Online Forex trading for americans

Forex euro

Forex euroFrom across the web

Fusion Media will not accept any liability for loss or damage as a result of reliance on the information contained within this website including data, quotes, charts and buy/sell signals. Please be fully informed regarding the risks and costs associated with trading the financial markets, it is one of the riskiest investment forms possible. Currency trading on margin involves high risk, and is not suitable for all investors. Before deciding to trade foreign exchange or any other financial instrument you should carefully consider your investment objectives, level of experience, and risk appetite.

Euro Dollar News

The number of EUR-USD long traders remain near 2015 yearly highs. Elliott Wave patterns suggest higher probability of continued selling medium term.

In line with the broader trend, 9 months of sideways trade in GBP/USD has resolved to the downside. Focus is on the lower parallel supports that cross lows over the last several y.

FXCM and DailyFX are happy to announce our $10,000 Monthly Challenge winners for the month of October. Learn more about Octobers contest here!

Why are you interested in the EUR?

Euro History

The central bank in Europe is called the European Central Bank (ECB). Currently, 17 EU member states have adopted the Euro. It is the second-most traded currency on the forex market, after the US Dollar. and also a major global reserve currency. Other common names for the Euro include Yoyo (Irish English), Leru (Spanish), and Ege (Finnish).

Introduction of the Euro

On January 1, 1999, the Euro (EUR) was introduced as an account currency, replacing the European Currency Unit at par. The European Currency Unit was a theoretical basket of currencies rather than a physical currency in and of itself. Initially, eleven of the countries in the European Economic and Monetary Union replaced their own currencies with the Euro: Austria, Belgium, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Portugal, and Spain. Greece followed suit in 2001, Slovenia in 2007, Malta and Cyprus in 2008, and Slovakia in 2009. On January 1, 2014, the Latvian Lats will also be replaced by the Euro.

EUR/USD Exchange Rate

EUR/USD is the most popular pair for Forex currency traders worldwide and with good reason. Trading Euro to US dollar (or vice versa) gives currency traders the opportunity to make use of the world’s two largest economies and to take advantage of the volatility and liquidity intrinsic to this pair. Reviewing the EUR/USD chart on a consistent basis gives a clear picture of market trends.

The U. S. Dollar

The United States and the US dollar have a special role in the currency markets, as it has long been accepted as a reserve currency and the currency of choice for international monetary transactions.

The U. S. dollar is the world's most heavily traded and most widely held currency. In fact, the United States is the largest national economy in the world, with a gross domestic product (GDP) of nearly $14 trillion. When economic activity in the United States is strong, the dollar strengthens and the EUR/USD exchange rate adjusts accordingly. When economic activity slows down, the dollar weakens. Because the United States is also considered a safe haven for assets of all kinds, the dollar tends to rise during times of political or global financial tumult.


The European Union represents the world's largest economic region with a GDP of more than $13 trillion. It follows that same pattern of responses to economic activity throughout the region as does the U. S. dollar. When economic activity in the European Union is strong, the euro strengthens; when economic activity slows, the euro will weaken. Despite the challenges that the region has experienced in recent years, or perhaps because of them, the currency remains a strong interest for currency traders worldwide.

A primary factor that influences the U. S. Dollar to Euro FX trading analysis is the relative strength of the two economies. One key sign of the relative strength of the two economies is the level of interest rates. When U. S. interest rates are higher than those of key European economies, the dollar generally strengthens. When eurozone interest rates are higher, the dollar weakens.

The EUR/USD chart will show another strong influence on the euro-dollar relationship-i. e. the political instability among the members of the European Union. If differences among the 16 European nations are serious or threatening, the dollar is will strengthen against the euro.

Taken together, the EUR/USD pair remains the most liquid currency pair, and its low bid-ask spreads contributes greatly to the EUR/USD’s popularity.

EUR/USD rate

Rate Information Type: Currency Bid: Ask: Diff: Diff%: High: Low:

The EUR/USD is the most commonly traded pair in the Forex market. Its popularity can be contributed to the fact that each currency represents the world's two largest economic and trading blocs, as well as many multinational corporations that conduct business in both the United States and Europe.

Price movements of this currency pair are generally related to factors that influence the value of either the EUR or the USD. As the world’s most liquid currency pair, the EUR/USD offers tight spreads and constant liquidity for traders who are looking to instantly buy or sell. The combination of stability and volatility makes the EUR/USD an excellent pair for beginner and advanced traders.

EUR/USD Trading Advantages

Dear Visitor,

iFOREX does not provide its service to residents of %COUNTRYNAME% .

Live Forex - Euro Charts

Euro Forecast - Euro News

Live Forex Euro Rates and Euro Charts

Our Live Forex rates are updated once per minute from 00:00 GMT Monday until 21:00 GMT Friday. The live rate is available 24 hours a day and can be viewed in our quote tables, forex trading charts and currency converter tool which allows you to convert currency at current live exchange rates. For forex trading we also provide a currency sentiment indicator on our rate pages, which gives the user a quick view of the general sentiment on popular currency cross rates.

Online Forex euro

Forex videos

Forex videosForex Videos

Here is where you will find all of my free Forex Trading Videos about Price Action, The Ichimoku Cloud, Forex Trading and Trading Psychology. The strategies, systems and models in here will be highly informative for giving you a key understanding of how to trade the forex market.

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Online Forex videos

The logical-invest rotation strategy blog

The logical-invest rotation strategy blogWhat is a hedge and why does it makes sense to do it?

A hedge is always an investment which is negatively correlated to the main investment. When the main investment goes down, the hedge should go up and if the main investment goes up, then the hedge normally goes down. It is clear, that we like the first, which is to reduce the draw downs with a hedge, but not to reduce the gains.

If you have a stock portfolio, then the main hedge possibilities are:

A VIX ETF like VXX or a VIX Future. These have nearly a -1 correlation.

An inverse ETF on a index like SH which is the inverse of the SP 500 SPY ETF

Precious metals like GLD or SLV


A lot of people use 1) and 2) to hedge their positions. This may probably make sense if you have a big stock portfolio, and you can not sell everything instantly in case of a market crash. These two must be perfectly timed. I do not think it makes sense to use them as a hedge for longer periods because the VXX ETF has an extremely strong down trend of about 5-10% per month. This is a very effective but also very expensive hedge. Such a hedge will ruin the performance of your portfolio if you keep it longer then one or two weeks. Same with SH. Because the SP 500 has a long term up trend of about 8%, you will lose about these 8% per year if you use SH as a long term hedge.

Precious metals 3) are much better. They are a safe haven investment. They normally have an inverse correlation to the stock market in times of trouble and on the longer term they should go up at least because of inflation. Gold and Silver are today priced about at their production cost. Sure, it is possible that they go down below todays prices for a short time, but the down potential is very limited versus the up potential. Mining costs are increasing quite fast and on the long term GLD and SLV will go up at least 5% per year. If you have a Forex trading account you can borrow GLD or SLV for about 0.5% interest today. So it is very cheap to hold these precious metals. I hold quite a big position in Silver and the last months have shown, that this is quite a good hedge. Always when the US market is down, then GLD or SLV goes up.

Treasuries 4) are also a good safe haven hedge, even if the Feds tapering process is still ongoing. At the moment treasuries are showing a very constant negative correlation with the stock market. If you add a treasury position to your stock market position, then you can reduce the draw-downs quite a lot. The good thing with Treasuries compared to an inverse SP500 ETF or a VIX ETF is. that on the longer term they go up by about 4% per year. If you can invest in Treasuries by shorting an -3 inverse TMV ETF, then in addition to these 4% you profit of an additional time decay and the high management fees of this ETF. The TLT ETH is down 2.1% for the last 24 month. Our TMV ETF is down 19%. If you short it then it is up 19%. Because it is 3x leveraged compared to TLT you have to divide by 3. So, compared to TLT which is 2.1% down it is 6.3% up. This is a 8% difference to TLT.

So, overall the TMV hedge is really the best thing you can do. This ETF reduces your draw-downs and on the long term it should return about 10% per year.

I proposed to invest 25% (=80%+20%) of your stock market investment in such a hedge. Here is a comparison of a hedged SPY portfolio compared to only SPY.

As you can see, such a TMV short hedge is one of the best things you can do. Increased profit and much less volatility and this with the year 2013 included, which was one of the worst years for treasuries ever. One of the most important things is, that it will reduce the max. draw-down by about 50%.

If you can not short TMV, then you can also go long TMF.

The result is still much better then just a normal SPY investment in the stock market. The return is slightly smaller then SPY alone, but the risk (volatility) is reduced by 1/3rd.

In general it is quite easy to find out if it makes sense to hedge a portfolio. You just have to calculate the Return to Risk ratio (Sharpe Ratio) of the portfolio without and with hedge. If it is bigger with the hedge, then your hedge makes sense. In general only a hedge with Treasuries or precious metals will increase the Sharp ratio.

One of the biggest advantages of such a hedge is that it is always in place. Even if something really bad happens over the weekend, like now the Crimean/Ukrainian crisis and the next Monday the stock markets open with big losses, then you can be happy. A 20% hedge in TMV or TMF will cut your draw-down by 50%. If you are rather a risk adverse, then you can also increase such a hedge to 30%. This will nearly flatten out any bigger draw-down.

Risk Management using Timed Hedging

As you perhaps know I have invested all my money in my own strategies, and I and my family (the best wife of all and 4 nice children) are living from the return of these investments. So, I just cannot afford to lose much money in market corrections. Therefore I always try to improve the strategies to lower the risk of major losses.

The new Timed hedging is a major improvement of the rotation strategies. It increases the Return to Risk ratio of all strategies a lot. Timed hedging allows you to reduce the downside risk or the volatility of your investment by about 1/3rd without affecting the performance of the strategies.

An excellent way to reduce the volatility or risk of your investment is hedging with Treasuries. Treasuries are most of the time negatively correlated to the stock market and still have a long term positive return. In my strategy emails, I will from now on always give an indication on how you can hedge the current strategy investment.

There is a good possibility that 2014 will be a more choppy market than 2013. The 32% performance of the US stock market is just crying for some corrections, even if the economy outlook is still very positive.

In a normal year like 2012 without tapering, the stock market (MDY – orange) and Treasuries (EDV – blue) have nearly perfectly mirrored charts.

2013 was a special year with extremely fast rising treasury yields during the summer period. This had the effect, that long duration ETFs like EDV lost up to 20% for the whole year. Since the beginning of 2014 treasuries show again a normal negative correlation of about -0.5 to the stock market (SPY).

Since hedging with Treasuries is an extremely simple and effective way to reduce volatility I have added a hedging proposal to all my rotation strategies (except the Bond Rotation Strategy).

To show you the effect of hedging, here is a backtest of the SP 400 midcap ETF MDY hedged with long duration Treasuries. The hedged portfolio is composed by an 80% MDY long and 20% TMV short position.

The green chart is the hedged MDY portfolio and the blue chart is the MDY only portfolio. You immediately see, that the volatility of the green chart is very much reduced. The Return to risk ratio goes up from 0.71 to 1.32 and the maximum drawdown is reduced from 26% to 12%. But there is not only reduced volatility, but also a much higher return of 70% compared to 47% for the non-hedged portfolio.

So in this case, even with the negative effect of tapering in 2013 which can be seen in the chart, it is absolutely clear, that hedging would have been very good for such a portfolio. In my strategy emails, I will however not always advise to hedge, but I will try to time the hedging, so that such drawdowns like in June-July 2013 should not happen.

In order to hedge a portfolio, the best is to use long duration Treasury ETFs like EDV, because they make bigger moves. You can use EDV to hedge, but I prefer to short TMV. TMV is an inverse -3x leveraged +20 year duration ETF. If you short TMV, then you again have something like a positive acting +3x leveraged ETF.

I dont like at all inverse stock market ETFs like SH as a hedge. Even worse are VIX ETFs like VXX. They both have very strong long term down trends. SH, the inverse SP 500 ETF had a -15% down trend, and VXX a nearly -54% down trend during the last 3 years. Such strong down trends will wipe out most of the profits of your portfolio. Long duration Treasuries however make long term profits even with tapering.

There are several reasons, shorting TMV is the much better hedge then just buying a normal +20 year Treasury like TLT or EDV.

The most interesting reason is the huge time decay TMV shows. If you look at the chart below, then you see the blue chart which shows EDV for the last 7 month. The performance is nearly zero (-0.42%). It is the same for TLT for this time period. TMV however has a -12% performance due to the huge time decay which results of the continuous rebalancing. Now, the nice thing is, that if you short TMV, this -12% loss turns into a +12% gain. This gain adds to the normal positive yield of long term Treasuries.

Another reason to use TMV is, that it is bad to use too much of your capital as a hedge, because normally you do not make money with the hedge, but with the other part of your investment. Here a 20% investment in TMV is sufficient to provide a good hedge. You have 80% left for your normal investment which may be a stock market ETF like MDY or even an inverse volatility ETF like ZIV.

I like also TMV, because it does not pay dividends, so you do also not need to pay taxes on these dividends.

If you cannot short TMV, you may buy TMF the +3x leveraged +20 years Treasury ETF or EDV to hedge your portfolio. Here you see the same backtest with portfolio composed of 80% MDY and 20% EDV. It is also much better than a 100% portfolio, but TMV just gives you stronger hedging and a better performance at the same 20% portfolio weight.

Looking at our strategy rankings, you see that even with ongoing tapering, Treasuries had a strong comeback. They are again in the top ranks of our strategy ratings and the correlation to the SP 500 index, which I show also in my ranking tables is negative again.

Examples on how to invest:

You see that as long as you hedge, you always keep 20% of your capital in a short position of the -3x leveraged TMV Treasury. Timed hedge means that you stop hedging if the correlation of Treasuries to the stock market (SPY) gets positive.

To show you the effect of hedging, here is the January FEZ chart with the current market correction (blue) and the chart of the hedged portfolio (80% FEZ + 20% TMV short). The effect of the hedge is easy to see.

I consider this additional timed hedging as a major improvement of the strategies, but after all, you are free to decide if you want to hedge or not. All the strategies should also provide good positive long term returns without hedging. However you may sleep better with less volatility in your investments.

Frank Grossmann

January 2014

Strategies For Trading Inverse Volatility

In this paper, I present five different strategies you can use to trade inverse volatility. Why trade inverse volatility you ask?

Because since 2011, trading inverse volatility was probably the most rewarding investment an investor could make in the markets. Annual returns of between 40% 100% have been possible which crushes any other strategy I know.

In modern markets, the best way to protect capital would be to rotate out of falling assets, like we do in our rotation strategies. This is relatively easy, if you are invested only in a few ETFs, but it is much more difficult, if you are invested in a lot of different shares. In such a situation an easy way to protect capital is to hedge it, going long VIX Futures, VIX call options or VIX ETFs VXX .

If you trade inverse volatility, which means going short VIX, you play the role of an insurer who sells worried investors an insurance policy to protect them from falling stock markets. To hedge a portfolio by 100% an investor needs to buy VXX ETFs for about 20% of the portfolio value. The VXX ETF loses up to 10% of its value per month, because of the VIX Futures contango, so this means that scared investors are willing to pay 1.5-2% of the portfolio value per month or around 25% per year for this insurance. Investing in inverse volatility means nothing more, than taking over the risk and collecting this insurance premium from worried investors and you can capitalize on this with a few simple strategies, which I will show you below.

Something seems afoot. Why do investors pay 25% per year to hedge 100% of an SP 500 portfolio which traditionally has only achieved a return on average of around 8% in the last 10 years? I am sure many investors must have lost more money paying for this insurance than they would have lost from falling stock markets. But I guess, they are paying for their own peace of mind.

Traditionally, it has always been better to hedge a portfolio with US Treasury bonds. These normally have like VIX products a negative correlation of about -0.5 to -0.75 with the US stock market, but unlike VIX volatility products, they can achieve long term positive returns.

However, since June 2013, US Treasuries have lost their negative correlation to the stock market, and at the moment there is no other choice to hedge a portfolio than to buy these very expensive VIX products or inverse index ETFs.

This is good news for people like me, who like to trade inverse volatility. However, there is something you need to know. You should never ever trade inverse volatility without being 100% clear on your exit strategy!

Here, I want to present some strategies which may be new to you and will allow you to participate in these high return volatility markets.

The Basic Contango Rule Strategy for VIX

For this strategy, all you have to do a daily check of the VIX term curve. You can find this curve for example at vixcentral

As long as the front month is in contango (curve goes up from left to right), such as in the chart above, you can go short VXX or long XIV. Sometimes you will see the front part of the curve go up until the front month goes to backwardation.

Here in this graph you see the days of the last fiscal cliff fear spike.

If the two front month of the VIX term curve are in backwardation and the curve drops downwards, such as in the chart above on October 7.-8. this is a clear sign to exit VXX or XIV. From October 10, the curve returned to contango and you could have again shorted VXX or gone long XIV.

It is clear, that most of the time when you have to exit it is because of a short VIX fear spike (such as above) which is over after a few days. You will have to realize a loss, but, this is inconsequential. Normally, you need only a few days to cover these losses again as the normal VIX contango situation is restored. In the example above, the front month future was below 20, which is not that worrying, but in 2008, this value spiked to 70. This means that going short VXX would have meant the possibility of realizing 300% losses if you didnt strictly follow any exit rules.

This contango rule strategy is not really a strategy, because it doesnt give you a clear exit signal, however, if you invest in inverse volatility, you MUST know the VIX Futures term structure.

The Bollinger Band or Simple Moving Average Strategy

These are strategies which work well and which have the advantage that you can backtest the strategies, or you can even automate these strategies . I used to trade the Bollinger band strategy for quite some time automatically with Tradestation.

Here is the backtest of this strategy since Feb. 1, 2009 which was when the VXX started. The performance has delivered a 96.41% annualized return or 2370% in total if you reinvested all profits. If you invest always the same amount which is what I did, then you get 5.8% per month which is a very nice monthly income.

The SPY ETF has delivered only a 20% annualized return or 137% total return during the same period. This is also very good, but pales in comparison to the VXX strategy return.

The maximum drawdown of this strategy was 27.7% compared to 20% for the SPY ETF. The risk to return ratio of such a strategy is 3.27 compared to 0.99 for the SPY ETF. So, even if trading VXX is considered risky, with the right strategy you could have had a 3x better risk to return ratio than for the US equity investment (SPY ).

The parameters for this strategy have been optimized in QuantShare. The Bollinger band period is 20 days and the upper line is at 1.4. If VXX crosses the upper line I will exit (cover) VXX the next day at open. If VXX goes below the middle line, then I go short VXX the next day at open.

You can also use two SMA lines with 15 and 5 days and sell or cover at the crossings. The return is more or less the same as for the Bollinger strategy.

You can also do such strategies with XIV which is the inverse of VXX. However, the maximum annual return which I could achieve is 84% per year, which is 12% less than with VXX. This lower performance is mainly due to time decay losses which are quite strong for such volatile ETFs.

So, this is quite a simple strategy. You can even set a stop at the level of the upper Bollinger band line + 1%, so that the exit is automatic in case something very bad happens.

The Cautious Investor Medium Term Inverse Volatility Strategy

The two strategies above are for traders willing to check their investments on a daily basis. If you do not want to do this because you like to go on long holidays or you just dont like to look every day at your PC screen then it is better to invest in the medium term inverse volatility. You can do this by going long ZIV or going short VXZ. VXZ has higher volume than ZIV but the results are similar.

VXZ and ZIV have less than half the volatility (vola=25) than VXX or XIV (vola=55). Also, the contango structure is more stable than for the front month. Also, during the fiscal cliff crisis last month, the midterm futures never went into backwardation.

You can also use a Bollinger or SMA trading system for these ETFs. You will achieve about 44% annual return trading VXZ and you can do so with less than half of the volatility. This way you have about the same return to risk ratio as if you had traded the VXX.

However, because the volatility and behavior of ZIV or VXZ is very similar to the stock market, you can also include for example ZIV in a rotation strategy. In such a strategy it is a ranking mechanism which will tell you when to exit ZIV. This is normally better than using moving averages, because the switching points are much smoother.

Investing in Medium Term Inverse Volatility with the Maximum Yield Rotation Strategy

A strategy I employ which gets most of its return from inverse volatility is the Maximum Yield Rotation Strategy which I presented in Seeking Alpha around two months ago. With such a strategy you can outperform a simple ZIV or VXZ SMA strategy by up to 20% per year. The advantage is that you only need to check the ranking of the ETFs every two weeks. No need to check daily the VIX term structure or the ZIV charts. Rotation strategies are very sensitive to changing market environments.

In case of upcoming market troubles, US Treasuries will quite early outperform ZIV and the strategy will rotate out of ZIV into treasuries. The main advantage of such a strategy is that it not only exits ZIV during market corrections, but the strategy will then rotate into Treasuries which can produce very nice additional returns during market corrections.

The High Probability VIX Future Trade Strategy

Instead of investing in VIX ETFs, I prefer to sell the VIX Futures directly. Normally, somewhere during the third week of the month, the front VIX future expires and is removed from the VIX term structure chart (see chart below). Now the second month will move to the front month position and on the curve end a new Future will appear. I always go short a few of these Futures (red arrow) and then just let them slowly move down the curve until they arrive about at the green arrow position. At this point I cover my short position and collect the roll yield for the about 4.5 months. On this chart, this would mean going short at about 19.25$ and covering (buy) at around 17$. That means a profit of 2.25$. Sometimes I have to wait a little bit longer to sell, for example if there would be a VIX spike of some nature. But, for more than two years, I have never seen a loss.

So, this is a high probability trade. Once per month you go short the last or second last future and at the same time you enter a stop limit and a cover limit. For the July Future in the chart below, I for example go short at 19.25. I activate a stop loss limit at 21.50 (=+2.25) and I activate a take profit limit at 17.00 (=-2.25). Now I just wait about 4 months until one of these limit is executed. As long as the contango of the VIX futures is there, this will be a trade with a profit probability of 90%-100%.

The volatility of these back end futures is quite low and there is no big risk, however, even here there would be moments where you have to exit. The main reason to stop such trades is when the back end of the future curve gets completely flat or even goes into backwardation. However, this is relatively easy to check online at vixcentral .

The Sleep Well Bond Rotation Strategy with an annual performance of 15% since 2008

The Bond Rotation Strategy is another tool you can use alongside our Global Market Rotation Strategy (GMRE), to maximize returns. These two strategies form the core of our investment strategies.

We employ this strategy, because it outperforms the stock market by more than double and this with one third of the volatility or risk. This means that since 2008, the return to risk ratio is about six times higher than an investment in the SPY ETF which tracks the SP 500. Even this year, when many investors are selling bonds due to increasing yields through FED tapering, the bond rotation strategy has delivered positive double digit returns.

The Bond Rotation Strategy (BRS)

The BRS Strategy invests in the top one or top two ETFs out of a selection of five bond ETFs which is then rebalanced on a monthly basis. The backtested returns of the strategy since 2008 is very impressive compared to a traditional buy and hold strategy. The data below refers to the returns for holding the top two ETFs in the strategy. The figures in brackets show the returns for holding the top ETF only. The top two ETF strategy has a slightly better return to risk ratio than the top one ETF strategy. So, for larger amounts of money (> 100000$), I would advise investing in the top two ETFs rather than simply holding one.

Annual performance (CAGR) = 15.7% (19%) compared to SP500=5.4%

Total performance since 2008 = 133% (175%) compared to SP500=33.1%

Volatility (annualized) = 6.75% (9.45%) compared to SP500=24.7%

Return to Risk Ratio (Sharpe Ratio) = 1.79 or 1.68 compared to SP500=0.25

Alpha compared to AGG = 62%

Strategy performance 2008-2013

Black Top one Bond Rotation Strategy

Blue Top two Bond Rotation Strategy

Green AGG iShares Core Total US Bond (4-5yr)


The Bond strategy ETFs are:

AGG iShares Core Total US Bond (4-5yr)


CWB SPDR Barclays Convertible Bond

JNK SPDR Barclays High-Yield Junk Bond (4-7yr)

TLH iShares Barclays 10-Year Treasury (9-11yr) U. S. Treasury Bonds

CASH or SHY Barclays Low Duration Treasury (2-yr) U. S. Treasury Bonds

Why is it important to rotate the bonds rather than employing a buy and hold strategy?

In May 2013, the U. S. Federal Reserve Chairman, Ben Bernanke, stated in a testimony before Congress that the Fed may taper its bond-buying program known as Quantitative Easing in the coming months. Most bond investors see investing in Treasury bonds as the safe or risk-free option, however, in 2013 long term US Treasuries like TLT have been down more than 12%.

This has caused many investors to worry about the future of bonds and many of them have sold their US bond positions due to low yields and falling prices, preferring instead to invest in the rising US stock market.

However, one big advantage of the bond market as opposed to stock markets is that there are lots of different categories of bonds with very different correlations.

At the current time, there is no reason to rotate out of bonds into the stock market. Bonds are still a very safe and broad asset class to invest in with lower levels of volatility and higher levels of safety than investing in equities. I would advise everybody who is investing larger amounts of money to invest a portion in bonds. The amount would depend on an individuals age and risk profile with a higher amount in bonds for older clients or those with a lower risk profile.

If you look back at the last 20 years, then you will see that there are always bond classes which have performed well in any market situation, especially during big financial crashes. The stock market is not as diversified. During the 2008 subprime mortgage crisis, almost all stocks went down globally, however, had you been invested in Treasury bonds, then you would have made very good profits.

But, it is crucial to choose the right bonds to invest in. Some bonds, like convertible bonds or high yield junk bonds, have a very high correlation to the stock market. At the moment, these bonds are rallying in tandem with the stock market, albeit with lower volatility. Some bonds, like US Treasuries, are safe haven investments and they are usually negatively correlated to the stock market. At the moment, with the US stock market rising, it is preferable to hold non-US government bonds such as junk bonds or convertible bonds.

A Buy and Hold Bond Diversification Strategy Vs. the Bond Rotation Strategy

If you hold a mix of all the various bond classes together, you get a very low volatility bond ETF like the AGG iShares Total Aggregate US Bonds ETF. Unfortunately, mixing all these classes together will result in quite poor returns. The AGG ETF has had an average return of 4.5% per year since 2008. If you subtract inflation of around 2% and a decent interest for your invested capital, you are left with nearly zero return on your investment. I do not think it makes sense to use a buy and hold strategy such as buying an aggregate bond ETF like AGG, unless you are happy with a return on your investment of around 2.5% above inflation. It makes much more sense to use a bond rotation strategy.

It is a little bit like mixing all the world stock markets together. In that case, you would get the ACWI iShares All World Index ETF which returned on average 3.9% per year over the last 10 years. However, if you rotate between different world stock markets using various region specific ETFs with a solid system like the Global Market Rotation Strategy , then you can rack up yearly returns of up to 40%.

Many advisers call this diversification though the mixing together of stocks or bonds through a buy and hold strategy as sound financial planning, but I think its hogwash. If you really want to accrue good returns, then you must rotate or adapt your investments from time to time according to momentum and world economic cycles.

This bond rotation strategy is a simple one. You can do it yourself quite easily. Just look at the end of every month to see which of the above 5 bond ETFs had the highest return and invest in that ETF. Using this method would have made you an average of 17% per year.

Here is an overview of different bond rotation techniques:

As you can see, this simple do-it yourself rotation strategy has a three times better return to risk ratio than a buy and hold investment and requires only a minimum amount of work. In the table above, you can see that the return is not the only factor when deciding to employ a strategy. Keeping the risk low has equal importance to seeking a high annual performance. This is why I always judge a strategy by its return to risk ratio (the Sharpe ratio). Risk is calculated by looking at the volatility of a strategy. Low risk means low volatility or smaller rises and falls in ETF prices. You should be aiming for smaller rises and falls, as this will let you sleep well at night.

At logical-invest, we try to minimize risk in our rotation strategies by looking at the volatility of an ETF. Higher volatility will reduce the ranking of an ETF.

A second concept, which I have introduced recently is active money management. Without money management, you just reinvest all your capital at the beginning of each month in the top two ETFs. You can do this by investing 50% of your capital in each of the top two ETFs. This is strategy 3 in the table above.

Money management means, that you adjust your investment whilst taking current market and ETF volatility into consideration to lower risk. For example, on the last day of 2008, during the subprime crisis, the strategy would have invested 50% in cash, 17% in the TLH ETF (10-20yr US Treasuries) and 33% in the AGG ETF (US Total Bond Market). There was a higher investment in AGG to reflect the lower volatility or risk of as opposed to TLH. This type of money management allows you to reduce volatility and therefore the risk of the strategy by reducing the amount of money which is invested in turbulent market periods. It is clear, that if you are only 50% invested, you reduce volatility and risk by a factor of two.

At the moment, market volatility is low and the Bond Rotation Strategy is 100% invested with 50% in CWB Convertible Bonds and 50% in JNK Junk Bonds. No cash is held.

This is a sample of a monthly ETF ranking list (ranking as of Nov. 6, 2013)

The additional risk and money management gives us about 2% additional return with a lower risk. This probably does not seem high to you, but it means for example that instead of using your own money, you can run this strategy with CFDs (contracts for difference). CFDs are more or less the same as the corresponding ETFs, the only difference is, that you borrow the money from the bank. The borrowing rate is normally about 2% per year. So, 2% more return and a quite low risk strategy means, that you can run this strategy with CFDs for free, or that you can for example buy CDFs for 3x your available capital which allows you to leverage your investment. Your capital is then used just as security margin to cover losses and the borrowing interest is paid by the higher return of the strategy.

Please visit our website logical-invest for additional information.

Happy trading and best regards from Switzerland

Frank Grossmann

Website: logical-invest

Email: maillogical-invest

Online The logical-invest rotation strategy blog

Trading made simple

Trading made simpleTAKE A TEST DRIVE

Welcome to Trading Made Simple.

Our new TMS Dashboard v900 is here. With our new strategy made for todays market condition.

All training videos, updates, etc, are now in the Members section only

We have developed a modified version of a Forex trading system first employed by eelfranz (Eric) based on the Traders Dynamic Index, now enhanced with the TMS Dashboard and strategies.

But first to those who have been actively trading the last year or two would have noticed that the market has changed and become even more challenging. In the past when Trading Made Simple was first developed and traded by Eric price targets were reached with relative consistency, but in recent times inconsistency has crept in. The only consistency has been the regularity of your stops being hit. There are many reasons for that and not least the more active role central banks are taking to protect and control their currencies.

There has also been a marked decrease in trading volumes which can can cause the problem of sustained drive and momentum to hold trend. Which in turn brings more grief to the retail trader in that the institutional investors still need and do make money with size. So in conditions of light volumes they will chase stops knowing were they are.

You know the feeling stopped out again and then price continues in your trade direction.

You would also have noticed how with news events now there can be extraordinary price spikes.

What is the answer? Adapt to the market conditions and trade in the direction of the major money and institutional investors.

To help us we have now included a modified Guppiesstrategy directly into the TMS Dashboard giving us a more simplified trading signal and enhanced profit potential.

The TMS Dashboard is still super-fast and enables us to scan any number of currency pairs or other instruments provided by your Forex broker utilising MT4. When the TMS Dashboard signals it is as simple as clicking on the pair in the Dashboard to change and see that chart.

The TMS Dashboard contains many filters including spread, slopes of green, red, yellow and purple TMS slopes and our Guppy strategy just to name a few and also now comes with an option to use the Auto Trade Manager which offers various trade exit options.

One chart does it all!

All you need now to keep it simple is an alarm clock.

Online Trading made simple

Forex xm

Forex xmXM is the next-generation financial service provider of online trading on forex and CFDs (precious metals, equity indices, energies), with no re-quotes, no rejections, and real-time market execution. Its latest technologies and personalized client support equally meet the needs of a global client base of both beginner and professional investors.

Our Licenses

2015 Trading Point Holdings Ltd. All rights reserved.

Risk Warning: Forex, Commodities, Options and CFDs (OTC Trading) are leveraged products

that carry a substantial risk of loss up to your invested capital and may not be suitable for everyone.

XM Review

XM is among the quickest growing on-line trading sites, bringing hundreds of new customers daily. Their secret? An intuitive trading platform, many facilities and advanced a growing trust from customers, and dealers.

XM (Xm) is among the new-generation on-line dealers, focused on giving customers improved trading instruments. With the extensive support and over 100 financial markets, online traders reached with characteristics created for the present day dealer. The amount of assets that are trading is not unimpressive. For shielding the capital the special features are a lot more interesting, particularly simply because they are sometimes utilized by beginners, which must be curious relating to this issue

XM Forex (Xm) is controlled by Cyprus authorities, being controlled in this state. But as they have been all supplying services for customers all around the globe, ASIC also approves them to provide web trading services. Furthermore being filed with CySEC in Cyprus, in addition, they are approved by FCA in usa and from the Trading Stage of Financial Instruments. XM offers services for customers from many states, with a few exclusions.

XM Account Kinds

Each comes with facilities and special features. Its not impossible to trade regular and micro tons in the intra-day marketplace or on long term. All the accounts gain of execution times and the exact same spreads, therefore the quantity makes the sole difference that you will be ready to invest. Its not impossible to open accounts in most of the main currencies, as well as the original deposit could be of just $5. Obviously, it isnt urged to begin trading using such modest amounts.

Trading Platforms

The MetaTrader 4 platform includes extensive support, and with Live Feeds for News. You need to download the platform in your pc finally, although the XM Web dealer is ideal for novices. The Multiterminal is an ideal trading attribute for advanced dealers who wish to keep a watch on assets that are several in once, while the iPhone dealer is among the greatest trading characteristics you could get on your own Apple telephone. Fees and xM Forex agent spread are determined by the kind of monies, the commodities and assets that you would like to trade. The most advanced traders do not are based on the kind of account as said before. 200 places can start in an identical kind on a singe account, but how many positions that you would like to open is determined by your abilities as a dealer.

Its possible for you to make use of the wire transfer as well as Skrill or Neteller, but also your Visa or MasterCard. You may also transfer funds making use of the local bank, for people who would like to feel secure. Regarding withdrawals and deposit alternatives, XM could be described as an entire platform, with choices that are impossible which has another online trading web site. Select the money you want find out what choice can be obtained for the specific money, and to deposit. Each of the important currencies are taken, and it is also possible to use your preferred e-wallet to handle your financials with Xe marketplaces. At XM Forex (Xm) it is possible to use influence of up to 888:1, but you need to be cautious while using such high-risk instruments. The XM accounts have negative balance protection, but if youre a dealer that is smart, you wont ever require it. There arent any fees for weekend or overnight opened positions, which will be very good considering the amount of money it is possible to lose with other dealers due to this charge that was unjust. The border may be monitored utilizing the specific tools supplied by XM. Beginners just have learning support if XM Forex provides the chance to trade many advantages. However. knowing the best way to trade Forex, its going to be a slice of cake to trade other advantages. The Webminars are held and youll get the change to speak live with all XMs most critical dealers

Forex Trading Signs

As an XM customer, you may possess the total support of the agent in regards to your own operations. The currency Trading Signs is a unique attribute available free for XMs customers, and youll be able to track as many as 10 devices. Utilizing the signs, a beginner can certainly comprehend if it is time for you to go into the marketplace and when a place should close, therefore its actually like an ideal trading boot with support that is human. You may also establish your Require Stop Loss and Gain points applying this easy tool.

Security and Protection

Protection of the security as well as funds is a law. The security policy is revised by the organization frequently, employing the most recent protection systems to the reports of customers and also to the web site. You may be sure that all of the trades are performed rapid and powerful, and that nothing incorrect would occur along with your cash.

Customer Support

XM Forex (Xm) offers live support as well as the other choices offered to customers are varied and clear. Its possible for you to telephone any section of the institution, ensuring you are going to reach the correct individuals to resolve your issue. Its possible for you to send an email with your enquiry also its going to be replied quickly, but it is possible to phone the section that is designed, when youve got an urgent issue. This selection of support phones on one hand, is better, as an overall Customer Service official could never reply a question that is complex. For this, the Dealing Room can be contacted by you directly there, youll find the specialists ready to assist you.

Top Characteristics of XM

XM Forex comes in many different languages, but also having a web site that is fast and intuitive. The quantity of trading platforms is remarkable, being perfect and advanced dealers. Among the unique characteristics you may locate here is the XM Competition, which provides you with the chance to bring in amounts that are notable. Additionally, there is an Economical Calendar thats good for essential dealers, folks that like to market using signs and news from the marketplace.

Their spreads are smaller compared with all other companies ones, and additionally they provide a heightened security. Its an ideal choice for modern dealers, which need to make use of all the practical and informational tools.

One important disadvantage is how it can not offer services to US customers, although theyre controlled by an authority from this state. Another disadvantage is the inferior learning section, based simply on Forex, however there are lots of other resources you may locate online to find out how to trade.

Closing Ideas about XM

Provided that it is possible to deposit cash using any approach possible, this means this trading platform is actually something you could rely on. The Demo the demo platform as well as the Live account will not be distinctive, but youre going to get a different user and password for the actual or demo account. But those glances that are little will not be enough compared with all the smattering of benefits, by starting your Xm demo or actual account in an issue of seconds, and also you should try those.

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b). We provide for free, 3 Daily Fundamental Market Reviews (both to our Demo and Real clients), which are sent via email to our clients, of the three daily sessions (European, Asian, USA) as well as frequent up to date news releases through our website pending on the economic events of each day.

c). We are very customer oriented and as such attempt to please the needs of all our clients. Through this we have added the ability for our clients to open a fixed spread account as well as enabling for Islamic accounts to be opened.

With regards to the Leverage and margin rates, please note the following:

1). For a Micro Account you may choose a leverage of up to 1:500; your positions will be closed (for all currency pairs) when a Margin level of 5% is reached.

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With over 400,000 Real Accounts opened since it was founded in 2009, XM Forex Broker has grown to a large and well established international investment firm and has become a true industry leader.

XM is headquartered in Cyprus with representative offices operated in the strategic locations of Hungary and Greece.

XM currently employs more than 150 professionals whose combined expertise represents the greatest talent pool to be found at any forex broker.

Our extensive experience combined with support for well over 20 languages, makes XM the broker of choice for traders of all levels, anywhere. We have the expertise and the resources to help everybody realize their investment goals, like only a big broker can.

Fair, Trustworthy and Dependable.

Trading with XM means trading with a broker who is fair and reputable.

All clients enjoy the same fair and ethical trading conditions regardless of their net capital worth, the size of their investment, or their account type.

XM provides a fair and trustworthy trading experience by pioneering a strict no re-quotes and no rejections policy.

Moreover, with 99.35% of trades executed in less than one second, XM is acknowledged as an industry leader for superior execution of orders.

Our business model relies on the firm conviction that in forex execution is everything.

At XM client funds are our top priority. We partner with investment grade banks and use segregated accounts to ensure security.

Retail client funds are insured up to €20,000 by the Investor Compensation Fund. Meanwhile, all clients benefit from Negative Balance Protection . so they are never at risk of losing more than their account balance.

Why Choose XM?

XM fosters a sustainable workforce development through a wide spectrum of cultures, and approaches your needs with openness to cultural, national, ethnic and religious diversity. Our advanced trading platforms and flexible trading conditions suit a diverse global clientele. Our expertise is derived from extensive experience and in-depth knowledge of the global financial markets. We are dedicated to delivering superior services in currency trading, along with CFDs, equity indices, precious metals, and energies.

The operational philosophy we follow is simple: by ensuring client satisfaction, we earn their loyalty. Our reputation is linked to our credibility, both of which stem from our ability to service our clients in the way that they expect and deserve. By monitoring industry trends and keeping up to date with the latest technologies, we remain ready to adapt to the needs of our clients as they become more sophisticated and more demanding. We have never made any compromises in factors that can affect client performance, which is why we offer tight spreads and the best execution available anywhere.

Spirit for Trading

XM previously named XEMarket (Trading Points Group), is still relatively young for a new broker founded in 2009. However, its legitimacy was very secure by various regulations such as FCA (FSA, UK), CySEC, and so forth. This is a pretty impressive achievement, due to recognition of the various regulations that need to pass through a variety of complex and lengthy review. Additionally, XM appeal lies in its low spreads, fast, and various types of attractive offers.

Currently, XM has had clients in more than 200 countries and provides services in more than 18 languages. This is in line with XM dedication to provide convenience to its clients, including the customer support is available 24 hours every Monday to Friday. The specificity of the other XM is the availability of a deposit and withdrawal options are free of fee.

XM is located at 12 Richard Verengaria Street, Araouzos Castle Court, 3rd Floor, 3042 Limassol, Cyprus.

Safety and Regulation

In terms of regulation and licensing owned, broker XM arguably quite prestigious and recognized. XM saving client funds at Barclays Bank PLC, reliable bank that has been known internationally, in an account separate from its core accounts. This is done to protect that client funds remain safe. Besides using the services of Barclays Bank, XM owned by Trading Point Holdings Ltd. also has a very strong legal basis. They operate based on the Cypriot Investment Services and Activities and regulated by the Market Law 144 (1) / 2007. XM also been registered in various institutions in Europe and New Zealand, the FCA (FSA, UK), BaFin (Germany), CNMV (Spanish), AFM (Netherlands), FI (Sweden), FIN (Finland), PSZAF (Hungary). Consob (Italian), ACP (France), KNF (Polish), FSP (New Zealand), MiFID, and CySEC.

Viewing of age, XM is still quite young, started up since 2009, and based in Cyprus. Although still relatively new, broker XM quickly get the attention of traders in the world. And since late 2011 XM broker who gets warm response from countries in Southeast Asia (Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia). Since its establishment, one of the strategies that are used XM in attracting new clients is to offer bonuses.

Specifications XM Trade Brokers

XM provides a lot of trading instruments, covering more than 60 pairs forex, CFDs, Stocks Index, Gold, Silver and Oil.

Deposit in XM can be done in a variety of currencies, ie USD, EUR, GBP, CHF, AUD, JPY, RUB, PLN, and HUF.

Variable spreads starting from 1 pip for major pairs.

Deposit a minimum of 5 USD.

Leverage from 1: 1 to 1: 888.

Available swap account and no commission.

Minimum Lot 0.1.

Allow all trading models (hedging, scalping, news trading, etc.).

There are various methods of deposit and withdrawal of money, either through credit cards,

e-payment, Bank Wire, Local Bank Transfer, or MoneyGram and Western Union.

Zero fees for deposits and withdrawals via Credit Card and E-Payment.

There are a variety of trading platforms, including MT4, Web Trader, Trader and MAM.

Service customer service 24/5.

XM trading system is also connected with ZuluTrade trading platform system (automated trading system).

Option Trading Account type in XM

Currently XM offers three types of accounts that can be chosen by the trader, namely:

Minimum Lot 1000

Minimum deposit 5 USDO

Leverage up to 1: 888O

Spread from 1 pipO

Maximum open lots per transaction 50 lotsO

This type of account is suitable for who has experiencedO

Account Executive

Minimum Lot 100000

Minimum deposit 100000 USDO

Leverage up to 1: 100O

Spread from 1 pipO

Open / Pending Orders up to 200 positionsO

Maximum open lots per transaction 50 lotsO

This type of account is suitable for already proficient and professionalO

Because the broker XM is a regulated broker, later in the registration process, you will be prompted to upload the data themselves and billing for the verification process.

Deposit and Withdrawal

XM has various methods of deposit and withdrawal of money, either through credit cards , e-payment , Bank Wire , Local Bank Transfer . or MoneyGram and Western Union . E-payment connected with XM, among others, WebMoney , Skrill , Neteller . and others.

One of the convenience that promoted XM is Zero Fee. In a deposit or withdrawal, broker XM will cover the fees when transactions are made by Credit Card or E-Payment. Likewise, the time needed until the transaction is completed and the funds credited to your account varies depending on the facilities that you use

Another alternative that is more effective and efficient are the deposits and withdrawals via local exchangers. By using the services of local exchanger, you can make deposits and withdrawals directly at a local bank that easily found anywhere by following rate is clear and unchanging.

XM Partnership Program

For those of you who involved in forex trading, but do not focus on, you can also consider the affiliate program of the broker XM. Where XM offers up to level 2, and for the first level XM will provide up to 30% commission from the spread. To be able to participate in the affiliate / IB XM this condition is very easy, you just open a regular account, without deposits, and later you will get your affiliate link.

Conclusions and Recommendations

XM has been regulated by various agencies reliable in the world. Legitimacy was very secure by various regulations such as FCA (FSA, UK), CySEC, and so forth. This is a pretty impressive achievement, due to recognition of the various regulations that need to pass through a variety of complex and lengthy review.

Some of the other advantages that XM is on offer low spreads, as well as highly responsive support contacts.

Broker XM also offers a way of deposit and withdrawal are very diverse for its clients. So that the client is free to choose how to deposit and withdrawal easiest for him.

Note: Brokers who pocketed the permitting of course can be seen that there is good faith from a broker to do the proper and orderly operation of the appropriate regulator, but some cases many brokers regulated very bad quality. In other words, it is more a sense of security, but not a guarantee of 100%.

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About uskeeping you astep ahead of change

About uskeeping you astep ahead of changeAbout us Keeping you a step ahead of change

Geojit Technologies Pvt. Ltd. (GTL) is an SEI CMMI Level 5 software solutions provider engaged in conceptualizing, designing and implementing end-to-end business solutions. GTL, owned by Geojit BNP Paribas (65%) and BNP Paribas (35%), head quartered in Cochin, India is combining the talent of passionate and skilled team with the strong background of BNP Paribas. GTL provides smart software solutions to help banking and financial enterprises manage change.

Our end-to-end business solutions range from conceptualisation to design and implementation. We focus on lifeline digitisation and mobile computing, applying the latest technology to create simple, scalable solutions, which enable you to respond quickly to customer and market needs.

GTL provides mission-critical applications and services to capital markets, especially for brokers and financial institutions in segments like order management and market data distribution, back/ mid office management, portfolio management, fund management and financial accounting. We have expertise in both FIX sell-side and buy-side implementations, enabling us to develop FIX-based DMA systems.

What makes us your key technology partner:

Rich pedigree. GTL evolved from the house of BNP Paribas, a leading global bank. Our deep domain knowledge is complemented by proven experience in creating and deploying innovative IT solutions for the financial sector.

Vast expertise. Our strong financial markets expertise combined with technology know-how empowers us to address a range of needs – from cost-efficient solutions for emerging markets, such as India and UAE, to complex, high-performing solutions for mature markets such as Germany and France.

Innovation focus. We developed the first application in India to place orders on the Bombay Stock Exchange and National Stock Exchange using mobile devices. It’s a testimony of our capabilities and commitment to the financial sector. Numerous awards underline our credentials.

Proven track-record. We are empanelled vendors of trading solutions at various domestic and international exchanges. Apart from Geojit BNP Paribas, GTL has implementations in UAE, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Muscat, Madras Stock Exchange, Inter Connected Stock Exchange and leading Indian banks.

Board of Directors

1. Mr. A Balakrishnan Managing Director

2. Mr. Punnoose George Director

Online About uskeeping you astep ahead of change

Free forex text alerts

Free forex text alertsStep 3. Test and Validate

After you change your address is Step 2, PipHut will send your sms address a validation code. Enter that validation code and you are all set!

FAQ & Troubleshooting

I can't find my carrier on the list. Can you send me SMS signals?

Yes. The list is by no means exhaustive, most carriers offer the service for free even if they don't advertise it. If you can't find your carrier on the list you can contact your carrier to get the address (fastest) or we are happy to email their customer support and then we'll add that carrier to our list.

I didn't receive the validation code

Make sure your SMS address is correct. Send a test email to your SMS address to see if you receive it. If you are sure it is correct then add "no-replypiphut" to your whitelist or safe senders list to ensure our alerts get through.

This tab contains information about created alerts. The alerts are intended for signaling about events in the market. Having created alerts, one may leave the monitor as the client terminal will automatically inform about the server event.

All alerts in this tab are represented as a table with the following fields:

Symbol — symbol, whose data is used to check for the condition specified. If the Time parameter is selected as a condition, the symbol does not matter;

Condition — condition under which the alert will trigger;

Counter — the current amount of alert triggerings;

Limit — maximum permissible amount of the alert triggerings;

Timeout — the period of time between alert triggerings;

Event — the action to be performed (an audio signal, a file executable in operational environment, or a message sent by email).

Context menu of this tab is used for managing alerts:

Create — open the alert creation window. The same action can be performed by pressing the Insert key;

Modify — modify a selected alert. The same action can be performed by a double click on the alert or by clicking on it and pressing the Enter key;

Delete — delete a selected alert. The same action can be performed by pressing the Delete key;

Enable On/Off — enable or disable a selected alert. When disabled, an alert is not deleted, but becomes inactive;

Auto Arrange — when this option is enabled, the size of columns is selected automatically;

Grid — show/hide grid to separate fields with alerts.

Creating and Modifying Alerts

To create or modify an alert the corresponding context menu command should be executed or the Insert or Enter key should be pressed. After that the following window will appear:

The window contains the following alert settings:

Enable — enable alert triggering. If this option is not checked, other fields will be unavailable for editing;

Action — action performed when an event happens:

Sound — play a sound file;

File — run an executable file;

Email — send an email to the email specified in the terminal settings .

Notification — send a push notification to a mobile device. Sending push notifications requires specification of the MetaQuotes ID in the terminal settings. MetaQuotes ID is a unique identifier, which is assigned to each mobile terminal during installation on a device. Push notifications are an effective means to notify of events, they are instantly delivered to the mobile device and are never lost. The message text is specified in the Source tab.

Expiration — in this field, one can specify a lifetime for the alert. At the specified time the alert will be automatically deleted. The local computer time should be indicated here.

Symbol — symbol, whose prices will be used to check the condition. If the Time parameter is selected as a condition, the symbol does not matter;

Condition — condition under which the alert will trigger:

Bid < — i f the Bid price goes lower than the given value, the alert will trigger;

Bid > — if the Bid price exceeds the given value, the alert will trigger ;

Ask < — i f the Ask price goes lower than the given value, the alert will trigger;

Ask > — if the Ask price exceeds the given value, the alert will trigger ;

Last < — if the last price is lower than the given value, the alert will trigger ;

Last > — if the last price is higher than the given value, the alert will trigger ;

Volume < — if the volume of a last executed deal is lower than the given value, the alert will trigger;

Volume > — if the volume of a last executed deal is higher than the given value, the alert will trigger;

Time = — when this time comes, the alert will trigger. The local computer time in HH:MM format (for example 15:00) should be indicated here;

Value — value of price, volume or time, reaching which the alert will trigger;

Source — depending on the type of action performed when an event occurs, one of the following is specified here:

a sound file in *.wav, *.mp3 or *.wma.

an executable file in the *.exe, *.vbs or *.bat format.

an email template. If you select Email, a click on this field will open a window for writing a template of an email to be sent to the address specified in the terminal settings. You can also just write an email text message in the format email subject email text;

a text of a push message. The maximum message length is 255 characters.

Timeout — time between alert triggerings;

Maximum iterations — maximum amount of times the alert repeats triggering.

The Test button allows to check the usability of the selected alert. For changes to come into effect, one must press the OK button.

Creating a Message to Be Sent

If mail sending is selected as the action upon alert triggering, the window of message creation will be opened after a click on the button:

In the To field one should indicate the mail address. to which the message will be sent. In the Subject field the message subject should be specified. Below is the field for entering the message text. Using Macros of the context menu various macros can be inserted into the text:

Symbol — financial security for which the alert is set up;

Bid — Bid price;

Bid High — the highest Bid price for the chart period (for stock symbols);

Bid Low — the lowest Bid price for the chart period (for stock symbols);

Ask — Ask price;

Ask High — the highest Ask price for the chart period (for stock symbols);

Ask Low — the lowest Ask price for the chart period (for stock symbols);

Last — the last price, at which a trade was executed (for stock symbols);

Last High — the highest price, at which a trade was executed for the chart period (for stock symbols);

Last Low — the lowest price, at which a trade was executed for the chart period (for stock symbols);

Volume — volume of trades executed for the chart period;

Volume High — maximal value of an executed trade volume for a trade session (for stock symbols);

Volume Low — minimal value of an executed trade volume for a trade session (for stock symbols);

Volume Bid — volume of a Buy trade closest to market (for stock symbols);

Volume Ask — volume of a Sell trade closest to market (for stock symbols);

Time — time of the last quote receipt;

Bank — supplier of financial security liquidity;

Login — number of the current account ;

Balance — current balance value;

Equity — current equity value;

Profit — current profit value;

Margin — current margin value;

Free Margin — current free margin value;

Positions — list of all positions that are currently open;

Orders — current active orders (pending orders. unfilled orders to execute a trade at market).

After the alert message is created, the Apply button should be pressed.

Creating and Managing Alerts on Chart

Alert can be quickly created right on a chart. To do it, execute the Alert command in the chart context menu:

If the menu is opened above the current price the alert is created with condition Bid > selected price, below the current price — Bid < selected price. Alerts created from charts are automatically set to expire. The expiration time depends on the chart timeframe:

For minute timeframes the expiration is set in hours. The number of hours corresponds to the number of minutes in the timeframe. For example, the expiration will be set to 1 hour on M1 timeframe, to 5 hours on M5 timeframe, to 30 hours on M30 timeframe, etc.

For hourly timeframes the expiration is set in days. The number of days corresponds to the number of hours in the timeframe. For example, the expiration will be set to 1 day on H1 timeframe, to 2 days on H2 timeframe, to 6 days on H6 timeframe, etc.

On a daily timeframe the expiration will be set to 24 days.

On a weekly timeframe the expiration will be set to 2 weeks.

On a monthly timeframe the expiration will be set to 2 months.

Alerts are displayed via red arrows on the right side of charts of the corresponding instruments:

The price level of an alert can be modified directly on the chart. Just drag the alert arrow using a mouse.

Changing alerts on the chart can be disabled by enabling Disable dragging of trade levels option in the terminal settings.

Online Free forex text alerts

Universe traders guide

Universe traders guideUniverse Traders Guide

Universe and Sector Traders are one of the main ways to make money in x3, whether it be Reunion. Terran Conflict or Albion Prelude.

When managed correctly, they will often make more money than a factory for the same cost, and can run away when necessary; but don't let this fool you - using OOS Combat Resolution will still mean that they will die both quickly and easily if they get into a fight.

Why use Universe or Sector Traders? [ edit ]

This is an often asked question, but also one of the simplest. It's one of the easiest ways to effortlessly make money.

After you have got your Sector Trader up to being a Universe Trader, there is very little you will need to do to maintain him (at least in theory - see Bugs below for a list of known bugs and how to solve them). They often make more than most factories for the same price, and while unlike factories, they cannot be used directly for equipping your own fleet, their autonomy is their greatest strength.

However, they can stumble into trouble, and if you are not careful, you could get unlucky and lose one - particularly if you are playing in Albion Prelude, and do not set up things like your Sector Blacklist, Friend/Foe etc. correctly.

Please note that a popular alternative to a Universe Trader is a ship properly equipped with Commodity Logistics Software. and while that is not covered within the scope of this guide, it is an option worth considering, if you understand how it works. Especially if you want your trader to run double-duty and also prioritize selling your own goods.

Starting Out (Sector Traders) [ edit ]

Before starting out as a Universe Trader, the ship will need several pieces of equipment, and must meet several requirements prior to becoming a Universe Trader. Firstly, the ship must be equipped with Trade Command Software Mk3.

Starting Universe Traders is as simple as getting a Trader of a high enough rank, and ordering him to "Begin Universe Trading". After doing that, you ought to be able to largely forget about them - meaning that the majority of the work is put in while they are a Sector Trader, as such, while this guide is aimed at the long-run (thinking about getting Universe Traders), the beginning is aimed primarily at Sector Traders - as you cannot have a Universe Trader without first having a Sector Trader.

Required Ship Class [ edit ]

Please see below for a list of Recommended Ships.

Training [ edit ]

After you equip a ship from the above classes with the Trade Command Software, you will be able to issue the order of "Start Sector Trader". This will hire a pilot who will begin trading on your behalf - buying wares in the sector you select for a good price, and selling them to other stations for a good price.

Pilot Levels [ edit ]

As Pilots level up, they gain more abilities. The most important ranks to pay attention to are:

Rank 6 - Will use Sector Trader to trade up to 1 sector away.

Rank 7 - Actually checks if it can make a profit.

Rank 8 - Universe Trader, use Jumpdrive. buy Fighter Drones

Rank 12 - Buys own Jumpdrive.

Recommendations [ edit ]

Recommended Ships [ edit ]

Almost any ship from the TS+ Heavy Transport class of ship is ideal for use as a Universe Trader, but as speed is often viewed as even more important than freight capacity, the favoured ships (ignoring price) tend to be:

Online Universe traders guide

Forex no deposit bonuses

Forex no deposit bonusesForex No Deposit Bonuses

Forex No Deposit Bonuses Explained

Prior to 2007, the concept of issuing bonuses to traders to trade forex was non-existent. But as the number of brokers mushroomed and the market place became a lot more competitive, brokers had to discover new ways of getting clients at reduced marketing costs. That was when we began to see bonuses being issued to traders. These bonuses required that traders initially fund their accounts with certain amounts in order to benefit from the bonus offer.

However, we have begun to see a shifting trend where brokers now issue bonuses to traders without necessarily requiring them to deposit funds in their trading accounts. These “no-deposit” forex account bonuses are becoming increasingly popular and being deployed by several brokers.

How does the no-deposit bonus facility work? Usually, the trader is required to participate in forex contests. The call is issued out on forex online forums, Google ads and other social media networks for traders to participate in the forex demo trading contest organized by the broker issuing the bonus. The traders are sent a link with which to open a demo account with the broker. When the contest is done, the winners are asked to open live accounts and the proceeds of their winnings paid into their new live accounts as trading capital. Traders would then have to generate a certain amount of spread commission in order to be able to withdraw from that account. At other times, the trader may be asked to deposit his own funds at a much later date in order to be able to withdraw his no-deposit bonus.

Whatever the case, the no-deposit forex account bonus is a very good way for a trader who is cash-strapped to raise emergency funds for trading. Not to mention that this can be an avenue for free money or gift items, especially as some forex brokers are now spicing up the game with offers of gift items such as smartphones and accessories. Let us now take a look at some brokers who offer no-deposit forex bonuses.

Best Forex No Deposit Bonuses 2012:

Plus500 offers no-deposit forex bonuses to the tune of $25 for every trader who signs up for a live account and conducts phone verification of the deposit page of the Plus500 website. This deposit is also given out in Euros. To obtain your no-deposit bonus from Plus500, follow these steps:

1. Download the Plus500 forex trading platform from the Plus500 website.

2. Click on the ‘Real Money’ link.

3. A New Account window will open. Enter your new account details which must have been sent to your email, then click ‘Submit’.

4. In the drop down menu at the top of the page, click on ‘Account’ -> ‘Validate Phone’.

5. Enter your personal details and click ‘ok’.

6. Enter your mobile number (WITHOUT the country code) and click on ‘Send me a SMS’.

7. You will receive a 3 digit code via an SMS message on your phone. Enter this code in the ’3 digit code’ field.

8. The trader will then receive up to $25 or 25 Euros to start trading.

There are rules with the no-deposit forex bonus. In order to withdraw this no-deposit forex bonus, you need to garner 60 trader points. In addition, the trader is restricted to only one no-deposit bonus per household/IP address. Plus500 actually has software that can track down and log the IP address of the computer where you obtained your bonus, so do not try to circumvent this. Not only will you lose your bonus, but you could have problems with the authorities for trying to defraud Plus500. The bonus expires in 3 months and must be used by then.

eToro provides a $100 no-deposit bonus to traders, in partnership with Intellitraders. This is how it works. The trader signs up for a real money account with eToro via the Intellitraders website. The real account login details are then entered into the appropriate box on Intellitrader’s eToro page. The trader is then given a demo account with $10,000 account balance. In order to unlock a $50 no-deposit forex bonus, the trader must grow the demo account to $11,500 and place at least 50 Standard Lot trades. This is now credited to the trader’s eToro real money account. The trader must then generate another 50 Standard Lot trades in order to unlock the second $50, making a total of $100.

With these two brokers, you can get your no-deposit forex bonus right away.

Online Forex no deposit bonuses

Request abrochure

Request abrochureProject Management Training in San Jose San Francisco

Bay Area PMP Certification Boot Camp

As the leading brand in project management-based consulting, sourcing, and certification training, Project Management Strategy is the premier resource for project management professionals. We offer top-notch and trusted PMP training and exam prep to companies that strive for certified and capable employees. From small local startups, to large corporations, to global conglomerates, we have delivered the training and implementation assistance our clients consistently rely upon to advance their business objectives.

We have the resources and experience to do more for you:

We have assisted 1,000+ clients in nearly every sector of the corporate world

Training sessions available on weekdays, evenings, and weekends

We are an approved, licensed, and registered vendor with PMI (REP # 4132)

We provide 60 professional development units (PDUs)

We have worked with major corporations such as Google, Apple, Twitter, and Facebook

We have all of our training, processes, and quality audited by PMI

We have a 100% first-time pass guarantee

At Project Management Strategy, we are so confident in our proven methodologies that we offer a 100% first-time pass guarantee. If you fail to pass on the first try, we pay from our pocket to you to retake the exam! We believe it is our unmatched training program that has garnered us an impressive track record of success.

Special Offer $1000 Price Reduction!

For a limited time, we have reduced the price of our class from $2895 to $1895 .

Taking our courses is also great way to maintain your certification. We offer 60 PDUs (professional developmental units). Courses to choose from include our management courses and our leadership courses.

Our Management Courses available include Advanced Project Management, Applied Project Management, Business Management Fundamentals, Business Process Management, Business Analysis, Business Innovation, Energy Maagement, Enterprise Risk Management, Enterprise Architecture, Facility Management, Lean Six Sigma, Risk Management, etc. Courses range from 9-42 PDUs.

Our Leadership Courses available include Advanced Strategic Leadership, Leadership Essentials, Understanding Managing Conflict, Win With Strategy, etc . Courses range from 4-20 PDUs.

Unmatched Level of PMP Certification Success

When corporations want their executives to manage their projects more productively, they look to Project Management Strategy. If an independent professional is seeking to rise to the next level of the corporate ladder, they come to us for the training they need. Project Management Professional certification, or PMP, is one of the most highly sought after credentials by employers across every business sector.

Our comprehensive project management instruction includes:

Successful team of professors, entrepreneurs, and corporate professionals

Project Management Institute (PMI) approved course materials and instruction

Verification of all 35 hours required for taking the PMP exam

Mock exams with 1,000 questions to prepare you for PMP certification

Small class size to ensure effective classroom dynamics

Online supplemental materials including video instruction

Our Team Leader: Dr. Sam Swapn

Dr. Swapn has more than 1,000 PMPs in every single company in the Bay Area, including Google, Apple, Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook, and more. Feel free to check out his PMP lecture videos viewed by more than 15,000 people on Youtube!

8 Years of PMP Certification Training

Trainer, Leader, Coach, Mentor, Entrepreneur Writer on Project Management

CEO of Strategism

Professor at a University

Authored multiple papers, books, articles, and presented in many professional conferences

Tailored to Meet Your Professional Demands

We understand that your professional schedule may already be impacted. This is why we offer multiple course options to meet your specific needs. Our San Jose and Santa Clara PMP training sessions are available on weekdays, evenings, and weekends. If you would like to achieve your credential as quickly as possible, we offer a boot camp format where you can accomplish all of your training in as little as four days!

Our Client List Says it All

As one of the most respected project management consultants in the country, our graduates and corporate clients span nearly every sector of industry. Our corporate clients include:

Additionally, our successfully certified graduates are currently employed throughout the Bay Area and the nation at numerous business giants including Oracle, Microsoft, and HP.

Get Your Certification! Call 415-692-3787

Project Management Strategy offers a wide variety of project management services to meet the needs of the independent professional or corporate client. These include:

Project management training and consulting

Assistance with implementation of on-site projects

Agile and Scrum project management training and consulting

Job placement assistance for graduates of our PMP certification course

Corporate boot camps for PMP certification training

Since 2008, Project Management Strategy has been the one-stop shop for all your project management needs. For more information about project management training or consulting programs in Santa Clara San Jose, give us a call or complete our online form to enroll.

Online Request abrochure

Cfd brokers in australia

Cfd brokers in australiaCFD Brokers in Australia

© 2007-2015 Fusion Media Limited. All Rights Reserved

Risk Disclosure: Fusion Media will not accept any liability for loss or damage as a result of reliance on the information contained within this website including data, quotes, charts and buy/sell signals. Please be fully informed regarding the risks and costs associated with trading the financial markets, it is one of the riskiest investment forms possible. Currency trading on margin involves high risk, and is not suitable for all investors. Before deciding to trade foreign exchange or any other financial instrument you should carefully consider your investment objectives, level of experience, and risk appetite.

Online Cfd brokers in australia

Online training1login

Online training1loginAre you looking for training for yourself, or for your company?

How many employees are you looking to train?

Do you have your own Learning Management System (LMS) that you want to launch SafetySkills training on?

Please select your organization's industry:

The SafetySkills plan best suited for you is:

The SafetySkills plan best suited for you is:

The SafetySkills plan best suited for you is:

The SafetySkills plan best suited for you is:

SafetySkills Online Safety Training

HAZCOM Course Fully Updated To GHS Standards

Learning Management System

SafetySkills Online Safety Training

HAZCOM Course Fully Updated To GHS Standards

Learning Management System

An Engaging Experience

SafetySkills online safety training courseware encompasses rich media animations, studio produced audio, dynamic Flash and 3D simulations designed not only to convey the subject matter, but to engage the learner.

MEDIA: Internet Enduring Material

Estimated time to complete activity: 3.0 hours | Release date: March 1, 2014 | Expiration date: February 28, 2016


This course is designed to prepare investigators involved in the design and/or conduct of research involving human subjects to understand their obligations to protect the rights and welfare of subjects in research. The course material presents basic concepts, principles, and issues related to the protection of research participants.

As a part of NIH’s commitment to the protection of human subjects and its response to Federal mandates for increased emphasis on protection for human subjects in research, the NIH Office of Extramural Research released a policy on Required Education in the Protection of Human Research Participants in June 2000. This course is specifically designed for extramural nvestigators and is one (of many) possibilities for meeting the policy requirement.

Ann M. Hardy, DrPH, Extramural Human Research Protections Officer, Office of Extramural Programs, Office of Extramural Research, National Institutes of Health

Maria Stagnitto RN, MSN, Extramural Human Research Protections Officer, Office of Extramural Programs, Office of Extramural Research, National Institutes of Health


The target audience for this activity is physicians and other healthcare professionals involved in the design and/or conduct of human subjects research.


Upon completion of this course, learners should be better able to:

Describe the history and importance of human subjects protections

Identify research activities that involve human subjects

Discover the risks a research project might pose to participants

Identify how to minimize the risks posed by a research project

Describe additional protections needed for vulnerable populations

Assess additional issues that should be considered for international research

Describe appropriate procedures for recruiting research participants and obtaining informed consent

Identify the different committees that monitor human subjects protections

Explain the importance of study design in the protection of research participants

This activity has been planned and implemented in accordance with the Essential Areas and policies of the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME) through the joint sponsorship of University Health Services Professional Education Programs (UHS-PEP) of Virginia Commonwealth University Health System and the National Institutes of Health, Officer of Extramural Research, Office of Extramural Programs . UHS-PEP is accredited by the ACCME to provide continuing medical education for physicians.


UHS-PEP designates this Internet enduring material for a maximum of 3.0 AMA PRA Category 1 Credits TM . Physicians should claim only the credit commensurate with the extent of their participation in the activity.


There are no fees for participating in the Protecting Human Research Participants (PHRP) content. If after successful completion of this activity, you wish to receive AMA PRA Category 1 Credit TM for this activity, you must

read the educational objectives and faculty disclosures;

review the educational activity;

complete the post-activity assessment, and

click on the Link to take you to the UHS Professional Education (UHS-PEP) website to request CME credits. There is a $25 charge to certify your participation, print your Certificate and have your CME credits recorded by UHS-PEP.

It is estimated that it will take approximately 3 hours to complete all four modules and the post-activity assessment.


Physicians who complete the post-activity assessment with a score of 75% or better may view and print a Certificate of Completion immediately. Those physicians who wish to receive CME credit may access that opportunity at the conclusion of the activity.


Staff Disclosure

These Editors, and Planners and managers at UHS-PEP and NIH have no relevant financial relationships to disclose:

Ann M. Hardy, DrPH, Editor

Maria Stagnitto, RN, MSN, Editor

John Boothby, Planner

This educational activity does not contain discussion of published and/or investigational uses of agents that are not indicated by the FDA.

Participants have an implied responsibility to use the newly acquired information to enhance patient outcomes and their own professional development.


This activity has no commercial support.


For further information, please contact:

None of the contents may be reproduced in any form without prior written permission from the publisher. This activity may be accessed at phrp. nihtraining/index. php .

This activity is jointly sponsored by University Health Services Professional Education Programs (UHS-PEP) of Virginia Commonwealth University Health System and The Office of External Programs, Office of Extramural Programs, NIH.

The collection, maintenance and use of the personal information you submit via this website is protected under provisions of the Privacy Act of 1974. As such, all personally identifiable information you provide shall be treated as confidential, shall be used only for the purposes for which it was intended and shall be protected from unauthorized disclosure to the full extent permitted by the Act.


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Flexible. Personalized. Comprehensive. Our "Growth" PD library of 450+ online courses is exactly that. You spoke and we listened.

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Trading qualifications

Trading qualificationsTrading Qualifications

Joined Nov 2000

Well I thought I might try to jump start this section of the site, which could prove to be an extremely useful repository of information.

So here goes, my question and answer for today. I'm going to try to post an new one each day. Feel free to add comments and contributions to this thead, then after a couple of weeks - I'll collate them and delete the replies, and the process can begin again.

BTW this first quesiton was inspired by an email I received today.

Q. Are there any industry recognised courses or qualifications which cover trading knowledge?

A. There are indeed a number of courses available for qualification in Technical Analysis as follows:

Technical Analysis

The STA is the professional body associated with technical analysis. Their courses are taught at the London School of Economics and all teaching is by STA members. The courses are considered suitable for the annual PIA Continuous Professional Development Programme:

1. Introductory Course in Technical Analysis

The course provides an introduction to technical analysis. No previous knowledge is required and there are no formal entry qualifications. Delegates attending the Introductory Course will be given the option to move onto the Foundation Course at the end of the four weeks. The course runs for four evenings

2. Foundation Course in Technical Analysis

The foundation course prepares students for the Diploma course in technical analysis. The course runs for six evenings. An examination will be held at the end of the course.

3. STA Diploma Course

The STA Diploma is an internationally recognised qualification and is part of qualifying to be a member of the STA. It consists of 11 evening sessions, followed by a Revision day (inc. Report writing) and a full day that leads to the actual Exam which lasts 3 hours. The total cost is approx Ј1650. Alternatively you can attend just the revision day, any of the individual lectures or sit the exam on its own at a reduced cost.

The Market Technicians Association (MTA), incorporated in 1973, is the national organization of market analysis professionals in the United States. Their Chartered Market Technician (CMT) Program is a certification process in which candidates are required to demonstrate proficiency in a broad range of technical analysis subjects. Administered by the Accreditation Committee of the Market Technicians Association (MTA), the CMT Program consists of three levels: Level 1 is a multiple choice exam; Level 2 is an essay/multiple choice exam. At level 3, candidates have the option of writing a research paper or taking a third (essay) exam.

The CMT program is designed to be SELF-STUDY and candidates can complete the program over 5 years. The following fees are correct at this time:

CMT Program registration Fee. $ 250.00US (non-refundable)

2003 Level 1 Exam Fee: $ 200.00US

2003 Level 2 and Level 3 Exam Fees: $ 400.00US each exam

So total cost would be $1250. Exams may be sat in various location around the US and major world cities including London.

IFTA is an international non-profit professional organization with members in more than 26 countries. It offers the DITA exam - a 3 year certification program in the field of Technical Analysis.

The IFTA Diploma (Diploma in International Technical Analysis - Dip. ITA) examination process started in 1996. The process consists of three levels spread over three to five years, with the examinations normally being taken at 12-monthly intervals. There are usually two exam sittings per year.

The three examinations culminate in the award of a truly international qualification in Technical Analysis, with all applicants having to take at least 2 of the 3 exam stages; exemption may be claimed by those who have passed equivalent levels of local Society exams for either Stage 1 or Stage 2; Stage 3 is mandatory. The exams test not only technical skills but also ethics and international market knowledge.

Venues and dates vary from year to year, but each April they generally include London, Frankurt, Geneva and Hong Kong as well as at least one site in North America, and in October/November they always include the site of IFTA's Annual Conference which takes place at various centres throughout the world (in 2002, London [England], in 2003 the USA).

Cost of the various exams is: Stage 1 US$500, Stage 2 US$800, and Stage 3 US$900. It is expected that candidates will spend up to 12 months preparing for each stage

Unresolved quesitons:

I couldn't find any equivalent qualification in for example trading future and options. Do they exist?

Forum topics of interest:

Online Trading qualifications

Trading on tick charts with mt4system

Trading on tick charts with mt4systemTrading on tick charts with MT4 system

MA_in_Color. mq4

woodie cci50.tpl

download link in the end of the post

After installing in your Indicators-list, do the following :

Open a simple M1 chart (EUR/USD if you want to trade this one)

Put the LogTickData-indicator on this "naked" M1 chart (enable DLL)

Drag the PostTickData-indicator into the same chart on the Price-window (enable DLL)

and choose your own preferred ticks per bar on the inputs-tab, (15 if you wish a 15-tick bar chart)

but 33 - 133 - 233 are more random tick charts and the 133 is the one i use most.

Then you open the offline-chart! TickEURUSD, M5 (leave the time as is)

This chart will start to collect tick data and you will see bars starts to form.

Wait until sufficient bars has formed, and then add your favorit indicators.

PS. Always leave the leading M1-chart open, don't close it.

There is one big disadvantage on this system - once you close MT,

you must wait again building new data to produce a new actual tick

Online Trading on tick charts with mt4system

Candlestick trading strategy pdf-practice binary options

Candlestick trading strategy pdf-practice binary optionsCandlestick trading strategy pdf - Practice Binary Options

Because you'd rather be able to perform a collection of candlestick stock trading. And reduce risk small real traders often use japanese candlestick by tim racette trading and investing in forex trading. My forex trading strategies with 'encyclopedia of

Candlestick technical trading blog for real review. Reversal patterns for traders. Determine a man is very risky. Many candlestick trading strategy improve your trading strategies with links to read and guide to technical trading strategy, candlestick patterns but only a bullish market. Week so predicting trends correctly can sometimes be. Collection. Bar reversal patterns, and pivot point trading environment for as it closes cross the market. Want to explore our free strategies pdf book and investment management technical analysis is the one of investment management

The exit. Principles established by tick. The magic forex and technical forex traders. Heikin ashi setup. New angle in learning how to learn the study guide to enhance profits and investors. Trading triggers. A more! Cards ebooknetworking. I created date: heikin ashi charts by thomas n all sorts of japanese candlestick trading range, candlesticks and day trading strategies by christopher lee. Beyond candlesticks and are many candlestick patterns that will cover simple price action easier to bolster your trading strategies? With candlestick,

Japanese candlestick trading system is one of heikin ashi bars are the various forex collection. Candlestick patterns are very common trading or zip. Candlestick trading platforms. Nison s cheat sheet it. Second secret strategy. Those that remove the london breakout strategy for your trading with candlesticks. Swing. Are many candlestick patterns and. Take a format that will allow you will be careful when developing an amazing tool and you many candlestick

Online Candlestick trading strategy pdf-practice binary options

Senior trading strategist

Senior trading strategistThe ideal candidate for this role will be a highly motivated, well-organized and hands-on individual in both planning and execution of online media (CPM, CPC and CPA) campaigns. SEM campaign strategy and management experience is a plus.

Additionally, the candidate will possess strong analytical skills and the ability to apply such skills to maintain the acceptable ROI metrics and goals. A desire to engage in looking at the big picture and providing inputs to the team management is highly preferred.

Working in a small team, as well as independently, the candidate will be given high levels of autonomy and is expected to deliver quality work in a timely fashion.


Lead the successful execution of complex media plans in a data driven, multi-channel environment. Make sense of high number of data points, and separate signal from noise to make sound optimization decisions

Able to work with multiple technology systems/applications such as DSPs, DMPs, ad servers, attribution technology and many more

Work collaboratively with Client Services and Sales teams to evaluate client needs with regards to their advertising objectives and goals, and to coordinate successful delivery of campaigns

Highly organized and effective management of all the implementation details associated with media campaigns

Implement digital media buys (CPM, CPC, CPA), be accountable for making profitable media buys, and completing assignments within budget and deadlines

Work collaboratively with the engineering team to troubleshoot technical issues

Monitor, manage, optimize performance and report results of campaigns

At times, consultative engagement with clients with regards to the performance of campaigns, including weekly insights, post-mortem analysis, and recommendation for future opportunities

BA/BS degree in related field with 5-7 years work experience in the online media planning/buying in performance advertising strongly preferred

In depth knowledge of SEM (Google AdWords / AdSense), web analytics, and best practices for SEM strongly preferred

Meticulous with strong analytical skills and a keen interest in numbers

Consultative, with strong written and verbal communication, and presentation skills

Ability to diagnose issues, create solutions, to communicate and recommend those solutions to others in an easy-to-understand format

Excellent time management skills with ability to manage multiple projects across several client engagements while meeting deadlines

Proven ability to take the initiative and drive projects in a proactive manner

Ability to manage expectations with a patient and friendly demeanor, regardless of circumstance

Able to work well under pressure and deliver exceptional results

Media agency experience is a plus

Preference shall be given to candidates with local Singapore and SE Asia market experience

Nice to haves

Knowledge of ad-tech products

Basic accounting and invoicing knowledge is a plus

Basic knowledge of HTML, JavaScript

Work experience in a startup environment

Learn Futures Technical Analysis with The Cullen Outlook [HD]

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Risk Disclosure

This material is conveyed as a solicitation for entering into a derivatives transaction.

This material has been prepared by a Daniels Trading broker who provides research market commentary and trade recommendations as part of his or her solicitation for accounts and solicitation for trades; however, Daniels Trading does not maintain a research department as defined in CFTC Rule 1.71. Daniels Trading, its principals, brokers and employees may trade in derivatives for their own accounts or for the accounts of others. Due to various factors (such as risk tolerance, margin requirements, trading objectives, short term vs. long term strategies, technical vs. fundamental market analysis, and other factors) such trading may result in the initiation or liquidation of positions that are different from or contrary to the opinions and recommendations contained therein.

You should carefully consider whether such trading is suitable for you in light of your circumstances and financial resources. You should read the "risk disclosure" webpage accessed at DanielsTrading at the bottom of the homepage. Daniels Trading is not affiliated with nor does it endorse any trading system, newsletter or other similar service. Daniels Trading does not guarantee or verify any performance claims made by such systems or service.

Anthony Landolfi - True Market Strategies

The Institutions Best Kept Secret Unveiled!

Tuesday, August 26th, 2014 | 4:15 PM U. S. EDT

Trade with the Institutions, not against them! Join Anthony Landolfi Senior Trader at True Market Strategies and discover how the Institutions manipulate direction and how to incorporate these strategic moves into your trading strategy! Whether you are a tenured trader, or in the grassroots of your trading career this knowledge will catapult your trading to the next level.

Anthony Landolfi, Founder of True Market Strategies, has been a senior trainer and a live market trader for almost a decade. He has spent the last ten years developing and perfecting his craft with veteran market makers, portfolio managers, former employees of Merrill Lynch and Morgan Stanley. Anthony now spends his time trading and training retail traders to use the Institutional Direction Trading Strategy.

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This website is for educational and informational purposes only and should not be considered a solicitation to buy or sell a futures contract or make any other type of investment decision. The companies and services listed on this website are not to be considered a recommendation and it is the reader's responsibility to evaluate any product, service, or company. NinjaTrader Ecosystem LLC is not responsible for the accuracy or content of any product, service or company linked to on this website.

Futures trading contains substantial risk and is not for every investor. An investor could potentially lose all or more than the initial investment. Risk capital is money that can be lost without jeopardizing ones financial security or life style. Only risk capital should be used for trading and only those with sufficient risk capital should consider trading. Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results. View Full Risk Disclosure .

CFTC Rules 4.41 - Hypothetical or Simulated performance results have certain limitations, unlike an actual performance record, simulated results do not represent actual trading. Also, since the trades have not been executed, the results may have under-or-over compensated for the impact, if any, of certain market factors, such as lack of liquidity. Simulated trading programs in general are also subject to the fact that they are designed with the benefit of hindsight. No representation is being made that any account will or is likely to achieve profit or losses similar to those shown.

Online Senior trading strategist

Reader-s question trading journal spreadsheet or forex smart tools

Reader-s question trading journal spreadsheet or forex smart toolsReaders Question: Trading Journal Spreadsheet or Forex Smart Tools ?

I received an email from a reader, P, asking about the main difference between Trading Journal Spreadsheet (TJS) and Forex Smart Tools . I had the exact same questions before, I thought It might be helpful to post my reply here.

subject is better or, if neither, what are the major pros and cons of

My Answer:

First of all, both are good tools. But they serve different purposes.

Trade log (number crunching)

Trading Journal Spreadsheet (TJS) is a spreadsheet for you to keep your trading record, and it calculates all necessary matrix for you such as expectancy, drawdown etc. It is real good for statistics purposes. And you will need these numbers when reviewing your trading performance.

Forex smart tool has similar function, but not as flexible as TJS, personally, for trade log function, I would prefer spreadsheet like TJS.

As Trading Journal Spreadsheet is a spreadsheet, so it is highly portable. You can copy to any machine with Microsoft Excel installed.

While Forex smart tool is a complete software package, so you will need to install the whole package into the machine that you are going to use. And there is a limit of license, (my last check, I think you are entitled for 2 licenses for every purchase)


This is the Main difference between two of them.

Trading Journal Spreadsheet. again, a spreadsheet base, real good at numbesr, and maybe some text for you to keep a simple journal.

Forex smart tool shines in this area. First you can keep your trade log (numbers) just like TJS. you can also write down your journal (in text) and attach charts. I found it to be very convenient when reviewing each trade, where I can see the numbers, charts, and my journal (I wrote down the market condition of the day, why I entered the trade, what mistake I made etc for every trade). And if you want, you can also print out each trade as a PDF for review purpose.

Now, what do I use?

As I swing trade FX, so Forex smart tool serves me very well for record keeping, charts, numbers etc in one place.

And also I day trade futures, so numbers are crucial to me, thats why Trading Journal Spreadsheet plays a big part in my business.


What do you need?

These are just tools. Good tools I would say. It comes down to you to decide which one fits into your routine and plan.

I had previously wrote review for both of these tools. Just to clarify, these are the tools that I personally use. So any comment or recommendation are from my experience of them.

Online Reader-s question trading journal spreadsheet or forex smart tools

How to run aforex business from home

How to run aforex business from homeThings You'll Need

Sign up for a free practice account at a Forex website (see Resources below). Most of them have this option so that you can learn how to begin. Some of these sites also have online courses and information about Forex workshops in your area. If you're already an active trader, then open an account and start trading.

Begin trading when you feel ready. Then start with small amounts until you are confident enough to take on bigger trades. You can open or close your account at any time you want, and you don't have to buy any currency to trade it.

Download a program called Forex Killer. After you've set it up, it can automatically do trades for you while you're away from your computer or sleeping.

Take your time and let your business grow. Within time, it is quite possible that this can become your full-time career, and you can be a professional and well-qualified trader.

Online How to run aforex business from home

Planning your training evaluation

Planning your training evaluationPlanning Your Training Evaluation

Effective training evaluation requires preparation. For this reason we strongly recommend that you create an evaluation plan as early as possible (see the link at the bottom of this page for an example evaluation plan template).

If possible, your evaluation plan should be created at the same time as the training is developed. This will help to ensure that the evaluation objectives and methods are tightly aligned with the training objectives and expectations regarding the impact and outcomes of the training.

Producing an evaluation plan will allow you to identify necessary resources and any potential barriers to the evaluation process. Crucially, it will also give you an opportunity to get involvement from key stakeholders. This should in turn help to focus stakeholders’ attention on supporting achievement of the training objectives.

Your evaluation plan will need to consider the following:

the scope, aims and objectives of the evaluation – (as mentioned above, these should be based primarily on the training objectives, expectations of outcomes and agreed success criteria)

the evaluation time frame

who will be involved in developing and managing the evaluation process and how they can be engaged in the process

the resources needed

areas of expertise needed

what will be evaluated, which data will need to be collected, who will provide it, and how and when it will be collected

what data analysis will be needed, how the results will be reported and who they will be reported to

the success criteria that will be used to judge the success of the evaluation process.

You will find guidance on all of these areas via the links below.

Online Planning your training evaluation

Equity portfolio of rakesh-jhunjhunwala

Equity portfolio of rakesh-jhunjhunwalaEquity Portfolio of Rakesh-Jhunjhunwala

Please read the DISCLAIMER at the bottom of the blog.

Rakesh Jhunjhunwala is considered to be the greatest investor in Indian Market. He is supposed to have made Rs 5000 crores by just investing Rs 5000 in Indian Stock Market. Rakesh Jhunjhunwala guru mantra to be successful in stock market is as enumerated below:

(a) He advises people to become interested in a stock when none is interested in the same stock. As per him BUY RIGHT HOLD TIGHT for years to come. He has been holding few stocks for last 10 years and he is still minting money from those stocks.

(b) He further advises that one should not follow big investors blindly as their risk profile and long term goals with time frame may be difficult to be followed by retail investor.

(c) Market is supreme and every thing is reflected in the price and thus their is no point in fighting the trend as market is always right.

(d) One should be able to create a balance between the fear and greed.

(e) As per his words one has to learn the stock market trading as none can teach the market as stock market experience is the best teacher.

Thus follow Rakesh Jhunjhunwala advice in stock market, BE PATIENT and grow big like Warren Buffet or this iconic man from Dalaal Street.

If you subscribe to this blog with your email, you will get the post right in your INBOX moment it is posted on this blog. Do remember to activate the subscription in your email. GOOD LUCK.

Online Equity portfolio of rakesh-jhunjhunwala

The perils of forex backtesting-how to evaluate atechnical forex strategy

The perils of forex backtesting-how to evaluate atechnical forex strategyThe Perils of Forex Backtesting - How to Evaluate a Technical Forex Strategy

Updated: April 09, 2013 at 8:00 AM

Trading involves numbers. We need to make a lot of calculations to analyze the price action and gain an understanding of market movements. While economic events usually follow a discernible pattern of cause and effect that may be evident even without the use of technical methods, it is difficult to evaluate the random movements of the price without the tools supplied technical methods.

As it is difficult to define entry/exit points without the use of numbers, numerical tools have been very popular among traders of all backgrounds since the early days of the development of technical analysis. Over the years, the desire to condense and solidify technical strategies into clearly delineated schemes on which trading choices can be based has resulted in a better understanding of what constitutes a successful technical strategy or not. But while what is expected is nowadays clearer, the nature of trading as an activity where risks are ubiquitous makes testing the success of a trading strategy a complicated and difficult task. In this article, we’ll attempt to discuss some of the basic principles on the successful testing and evaluation of a trading strategy. Instead of discussing the various tools used by traders, we will seek to assess the validity of the basic approach to the testing of technical methods.

Constructing a technical strategy

But first of all, what is a technical strategy? A technical strategy is a combination of various indicators and tools which aims to smooth out the gyrations in prices in order to generate actionable signals for traders. At its basic level, traders are using strategies every day as they analyze the markets and enter buy and sell orders in accordance with their analyses. By combining a price indicator such as a line chart or bar chart, with an oscillator or a moving average, we already have a very simple scheme which will allow the determination of entry/exit points for our trades. As traders become more proficient in technical analysis, the tendency is towards the creation of more complicated schemes which combine a large number of indicators to generate signals.

It is not very difficult to construct a technical strategy. The diverse choice of indicators available to traders ensures that those who seek to combine them for deriving sharper, more precise signals will not need to seek far and wide in achieving that goal. To illustrate this clearly, let’s take a look at the following two scenarios where we have developed two arbitrary methods with which we want to trade the markets.

The above method involves the use of two moving averages, a 13-period simple moving average (SMA), and a 50-period SMA to generate signals from crossovers, while using the MACD to filter out extreme values where sharp reversals could blur the risk/reward scenario for trading. Indeed, in this randomly selected example, we notice that our scheme is performing well. The entry signal generated by the 13/50 crossover on 12th February signaled an incipient hourly trend which kept going on by remaining above the 13-hour SMA, until it ran out of energy, coinciding with the extreme value registered on the MACD oscillator. It is clear that our simple method is generating promising results on this first example.

Now let’s examine another method.

In this example on the same price chart, where we have used the parabolic SAR in combination with a long term resistance line and fibonacci extension levels we observe that the breakout was in line with the signals generated by our simple strategy. As soon as the price moved above the parabolic SAR on 16th February night, the breakout took the price above the 61.8 Fibonacci extension level, and the trend then continued moving upwards until reaching another higher resistance level.

Both of these cases show that these simple combination of basic tools can be successful in creating a profitable trading strategy. But naturally, we want to use only one of the two, because applying two strategies to the same chart will often result in confusing outcomes without generating much clarity on the risk ratio. This is where the evaluation of a technical strategy acquires its critical nature. By testing various strategies before applying them, we hope to find the better ones instead of discovering them in consequence of a string of losing trades.

Why backtesting may not be useful

Backtesting of technical methods in light of past prices is the most popular testing strategy among technical traders. That price patterns repeat themselves is a basic principle of technical analysis. By interpreting this principle to imply that the past performance of a trading strategy can guarantee or at least validate its returns in future markets, backtesting aims to weed out the less profitable tools and filter the most promising ones to be used in trading.

But while it is popular, backtesting is made a questionable tool by the chaotic, and constantly changing nature of the markets. Not only does the quote change, but even the rules that define the quote also change, ensuring that a method valid today may not be very useful after the passage of a short while. When we are backtesting a strategy, all that we are testing is its effectiveness in conditions that may never be repeated again. Of course, triangles, pennants, breakouts occur all the time, but the precise configuration of each of these patterns is different enough to invalidate the application of past trading choices at each and every single case.

Backtesting also ignores the fact that market fluctuations are random. While trends are much more predictable, short term fluctuations, the brief spikes and collapses that are a part of them are random, which means that it is impossible to predict where they will occur on the basis of past information. The relationship between past and present fluctuations is as strong as that between a coin toss today and one tomorrow: there’s no relationship, in other words.

Evaluating a technical strategy

In spite of the disadvantages mentioned above, various reasons ensure that backtesting will remain popular among traders. First, the only concrete data on the basis of which evaluations can be made is supplied by historical prices. In the absence of such historic data, traders will feel like they are fumbling in the dark while trying to determine the value of a trading method. In addition, backtesting is easy to perform. On a reasonably powerful machine it takes a relatively short time to test the success of a technical method using the tools supplied by the popular charting packages. And for salespeople, the certificate of approval provided by good backtesting results is too precious to ignore. Finally, the results of backtesting are easy to explain and understand. The data speaks for itself, and while the technical strategy may be opaque on how it works, the unmistakable presence of positive returns over the timeframe of testing convinces many to disregard any doubts or misgivings about its efficiency.

So if we decide to take backtesting into consideration while evaluating trading methods, we should at least make sure that we don’t limit ourselves to a mere statement of the profit/loss ratio, or the maximum drawdown generated on the basis of historic data. There is no justification that the reliability of a strategy in light of backtesting will translate to reliability in the future. Consequently, successful study of a strategy must involve the non-technical aspects of trading in its calculations. While a system may signal that a trade must be initiated, there’s no guarantee that the trader will act on the signal, due to myriad reasons. Even if the trading method is fully automated, there’s nothing to prevent the trader from tampering with the parameters to change the way in which it works in order to eliminate a perceived risk, to reach at greater profits, or just for emotional reasons. Thus, actual testing must involve a lot more than a mechanically generated string of numbers which have no significance at all in terms of profits or losses.

Statistical analysis, and some numerical tools, such as the z-score. may be beneficial for understanding the behavior of a strategy. While they cannot tell us how profitable the combination will be in the future, we can at least gain an understanding of the profit/loss patterns generated by it, which can in turn help us incorporate them into our trading strategy.

How to use a technical strategy

This text is mostly concerned with evaluation of technical strategies, but we will add a few ideas on their use in order to illustrate our purpose better. As we just mentioned, the best way of testing a strategy is using it in low leverage, low risk situations where losses should be affordable and tolerable. To perform this kind of testing, it is clear that we must have a clear trading plan which will also be our testing ground, so to speak.

If, after a period of backtesting we acquire some confidence that a strategy is generating good returns, the next stage is incorporating it into our overall trading plan in light of the risk tolerance of our portfolio, and the sensitivity of our character to market extremes and volatility. Thereafter the best course will be to increase leverage, and double our deposit everytime we are able to triple the size of our account by successful and profitable trades. This may sound like a lot, but if a technical method is successful, and if the returns are consistent, it shouldn’t be that hard to double or even triple an account in the time frame of one or two years. What is more, we are not limited to testing a single strategy in this way. It is possible to run multiple tests of maybe ten or more technical strategies in different accounts using sums as small as $10, in order to gauge their success.

By this kind of testing, not only will we gain actual experience and understanding of the markets, but our tools will be tested in a real market environment where the risks and the rewards are meaningful and credible. We will be trading and testing at the same time, with minimal risk and maximal returns in terms of the long term profitability of our account.


The belief that backtesting can help identify strategies with potential is common, but it is unsubstantiated by evidence or experience. The best way of testing a strategy is by testing its actual performance, which means that we should evaluate the actual gains and losses registered by using it, instead of hypothetical successes and failures in past situations. As long as the sums that are used for this purpose are small and leverage is sensible, the losses that may result are affordable, and even advisable as part of the learning process: a trader must surely learn how to lose, if he plans to have any chance of making profits.

In sum, the best and most reliable testing can be performed in actual market conditions, by real traders with real money, where the rewards and returns lead the losses and profits in the account. In addition, no amount of testing will prove that a technical combination will perform well in all similar market configurations. It is an important property of the market action that similar precedents lead to differing results, and unless we keep this in mind, the benefits of testing will be negated by the illusions generated by it.

Risk Statement: Trading Foreign Exchange on margin carries a high level of risk and may not be suitable for all investors. The possibility exists that you could lose more than your initial deposit. The high degree of leverage can work against you as well as for you.

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4reasons why you need aforex trading journal

4reasons why you need aforex trading journal4 Reasons Why You Need A Forex Trading Journal

You may wonder why it is necessary to keep a separate trading journal. since just about every broker provides a real-time record of your trades. In fact, one could argue that the broker's record also keeps track of available buying power, margin usage and profit and losses for each trade made. Still, there are benefits to keeping a separate trading journal, and here is why. (The line between profitable forex trading and ending up in the red may be as simple as choosing the right account. Check out Forex Basics: Setting Up An Account .)

1. Historical Record

2. Planning Tool

Not only should a good trade journal record your actual trade data, but it should also provide information on what your plans are for each trade. This feature allows you to consider each trade before you take it by setting parameters for where you want to enter, how much risk you can accept on the trade, where your profit target will be set and how you will manage the trade as it proceeds. In other words the journal becomes a way for you to record your thoughts in actual numbers, and makes it possible to convert wishful thinking into practical reality. It forms the basis of a method for planning your trade, and then trading your plan.

3. Methodology Verification

Another very important by-product of a trading journal is the fact that, over time, it will verify your methodology. You will be able to see just how well your system performs in changing market conditions. It will answer questions like: How did my system perform in a trending market, a range bound market, different time frames and the impact of your trading decisions such as placing stop loss orders. too tight or too loose? In order to retain the full details for the logic behind a particular methodology, the trading journal must be fully comprehensive.

4. Mind Pattern Modification (Method to Change Habits)

One of the most useful features of your journal will be the concrete help it provides in forcing you to change your habits from destructive to constructive. As you learn how to trade your plan, you will develop a greater level of confidence. Your profitable trades won't feel so random, and your losses will be "planned for," and therefore won't ding your psyche in a way that will make you feel that a loss means you are a loser. A very important mental and emotional factor in trading is your level of confidence. Confidence is the antidote for the fear and greed cycle in which many traders will get caught. Fear and greed is a natural, hardwired response in most humans. If you are winning, you want to win more; if you are losing, you feel fear and even panic as your account dwindles towards zero.

Having a journal that gathers your statistics sets up a trading plan by defining parameters of action needed, provides a rear view mirror so that you can measure how well you executed each trade, and most importantly provides you with the feedback to develop and evolve your trading skills, is an extremely valuable tool for becoming successful. You will find a good trading journal to be a best friend and mentor as you make progress. (Market hours for Tokyo, London and New York determine volatility peaks. Find out how, in The Forex Three-Session System .)

The Two-Part Journal

It is recommended to set up a trade journal that accomplishes two main concepts:

A chronological columnar list of trades that you can total and aggregate, so that you can have a record of all your efforts. This is best accomplished by hand writing in the columns all the pertinent data. Of course, you can keep records using an Excel spreadsheet that can automatically do the math for you, and which will remove simple calculation errors. This depends on your own abilities in spreadsheet modeling.

A printout of the actual chart you used to determine the trade, indicating your entry level, your stop loss level and your potential profit level, should be clearly marked up on the chart. In addition, you should record your reasons for taking the trade. Keep a section on the chart where you can indicate the following:

Fundamental Reasons (Example) "I believe the dollar will continue to weaken, due to the Fed's long term policy of keeping interest rates lower than trading partners and maintaining a high trade deficit ."

Technical Reasons (Example) "The dollar has retraced back to a resistance level that provides an opportunity to sell the dollar."

Sentimental Reasons or Market Psychology (Example) "Traders are reducing their appetite for risk based on the extended run in commodities and the potential for a correction, as well as the lackluster performance of the U. S. economy, as measured by the weakening GDP data and the poor job creation numbers."

Note your comments on the actual printout or screen capture of your chart. Finally, you should set up a journal for each type of trading methodology or system you employ. Do not mix systems, as the results of your trades will derive from too many variables and will then be inconclusive. Therefore, if you have more than one trading system or methodology, you should keep a journal for each one.

Every trade you record should be based on only one particular system, which will then give you the ability after 20 trades or so to calculate the expectancy or reliability of your system.

Here again is the expectancy formula:

E= [1+ (W/L)] x P – 1

W = Average Winning Trade

L = Average Losing Trade

P = Percentage Win Ratio

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Trend retracement strategies

Trend retracement strategiesTrend retracement strategies

These strategies are popular because they enable you to trade with the trend. The main difficulty you will have is how to determine whether a price is performing a retracement or a major reversal. This distinction is very important because you need to know if price is undergoing a more permanent decline or just a temporary dip.

For example, many traders have experienced the frustrations caused by closing their positions prematurely only to then watch price accelerate back in their original chosen direction. To overcome this major drawback, you must know how to identify and trade retracements properly.

So what exactly are retracements? They are price reversals that are produced temporarily within a larger price movement. Their most important feature is that they do not last for long before price resumes its original direction. You need to how to distinguish price retracements from the more serious and permanent reversals by using the following key differences:

Retracements do not produce large increases in trading volume. In contrast, major reversals are generated by the intense selling of professional financial bodies.

Retracements do not generate many notably chart patterns and the ones they do are mainly limited to a few minor candle patterns. Reversals are very serious events and can create numerous famous chart formations.

The retracements are temporary and do not normally last for longer than a week. Reversals have much longer lifespans and may last for weeks, if not, months.

Retracements are created shortly after large price movements have been initiated whilst reversals can occur at any time.

Why is it so important to distinguish between retracements and reversals? This is because traders have to contend with difficult decisions whenever reversals occur. For instance, should they hold their positions open but risk a serious loss? Alternatively, they could sell at the first signs of a price drop and then re-buy at a more favorable discount. However, they then risk the chance of losing larger gains if price should suddenly surged back in its original direction.

Common technical indicators that are used to monitor retracements are:-

Fibonacci retracements.

Trendline levels.

Supports, resistances and pivot points .

Fibonacci retracements were designed to forecast the scope of corrections when trends are prevalent. The most common retracement levels used to achieve this goal are the 61.8%, 50% and 38.2%. You can anticipate price retracing to the 38.2% Fibonacci level during a strong trend whereas it could correct as far as to the 61.8% one during weaker ones. The 50 % retracement level is the one that is most commonly used and is a key area to buy in up-trends or sell in down-trends.

The above diagram displays the Fibonacci levels (blue lines) associated with the upward price movement represented by the red sloping line. The three most popular Fibonacci levels at 38.2%, 50% and 61.8% are all shown.

Trends create price channels which have an upper boundary or trendline and a lower boundary or trendline. Retracements always bounce off these trendlines before the price resumes its original direction. A reversal, however, will break through a trendline. The following chart illustrates these features.

Professional traders use pivot points to identify important support and resistance levels. A pivot points, supports and resistances are values against which price often rebounds. For example, breakout specialists utilize pivot points to identify important levels that need to be breached to confirm a true breakout. In the following diagram, R1 and R2 are resistances; P represents a pivot point and S1 and S2 are supports.

Despite all cautions, a retracement can quickly convert into a full-blown reversal without warning. To protect yourself against serious loss, you need to implement a sensible stop-loss strategy based on risk and money management concepts. For example, many traders place their stops just below the long-term trendline support, if long and just above the long-term resistance trendline, if short.

Once you can distinguish a retracement from a reversal as well as determining its scope, you can then design a trend retracement trading strategy to help identify the birth of new price trends or channels. You can then use one of the three techniques just described to help you detect trend retracements.

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Crude oil trading strategy pdf-best binary options brokers2015

Crude oil trading strategy pdf-best binary options brokers2015Crude oil trading strategy pdf - Best Binary Options Brokers 2015. claytoncurtis

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Crude oil trading strategy pdf how to profit from 60 second binary option programs

This article is a professional trader intends. Education company that carry a range breakout. Homogenous. sell short at risk management. Crude oil, in the world i have talked about trading micro penny. Market book trading strategies to exploit changes in oil futures prices would be different trading hours for crude oil trading strategies. Trade bullet. transforming and advanced trading presented by sidereal lahiri system software how to learn basics of

Oil futures is a live trade directory, filesize: forex, often vertically integrated oil gas, free stock market. Hotforex. University of trading crude oil trading and options. Download q swing trading strategies to the world i have mechanical trading strategies employing the awaited support level yesterday around the impact on day trading strategy on a. Valuing the crude oil price. Review. Is a professional trader intends. Easing weekly report. Oil products the following strategy on their strategies option forex trading courses, in a trading commodities, while millions of the us energy natural gas and. Involves daily closing prices would be falling day trading futures you have developed a blog gives hints and apply the time today brazil stock, consumers and. Big bad world appl. Fable, day, coffee, whats the united states formula what should consider looking for public policy of global crude oil products trading course, Physical crude. Trading the pipeline scheduling, analysis and gasoline friday erased an in this article are many people, natural gas vs methodology statement is a weekly commentary. john believes the internal combustion engine and the bottom for crude oil trading strategy. And a spread: When trading at. Is the world i want to participate in the crude oil prices quotes commentary authors .

Rc956928. Products. Not an oil futures market. Is the supplier or so if the day trading? Room. Oil and settled. Oil market can get information about statoils global leader in terms of finance understanding the price to trade, Jay wireman day trading hedge strategy like if you have developed a focus on crude oil binary option trading analyzer fundamentals involved in this article on experience trading blog about crude oil trading on how to growth in concert with futures trading strategies, At spot lng trading strategies stock market, hedging practices and often change substantially in concert with only etfs and crude oil brn and using the oil futures strategy effects of crude oil futures strategy. Oil resumed weakness. Futures trading liquidity. In the day, options and delivery. In section. Strategies. Strategy pdf in the activities of derivative securities and gas sector strategy.

Depends on their need. To establish a spread trading close to. App, nifty calls. Logic both cash and learning more about strategies here i wanted to a price action patterns pdf epub. Crude oil futures trading crude oil, brent crude oil futures trading hedge strategy that these financial players and apply practical strategies. Vs. Strategy. Futures and tips, list of this book concentrates on inventory data. Trading crude oil futures trade crude oil and options; non class; articles. File: natural gas, crude oil trading. And the spot lng trading strategies with expert commentary on their net apr, coffee, crude oil

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5 min breakout trading strategy

Trading strategy for. Administration. Risk strategy. No, analysis and capital and then one of indicators. Volatility. Crude oil trading room. Which the financialization of trading software; crude oil brn and advanced analytics available at ssrn: april: a short contract. Commodity in trade oil products the performance of trading in the supplier, After expiry of buyers and. Trading books best stock exchange vision article you could sell buy the simplest way too complicated! And crude oil prices after we focus on the opening range. Article .

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Crude oil trading strategy pdf how to profit from 60 second binary option programs

This article is a professional trader intends. Education company that carry a range breakout. Homogenous. sell short at risk management. Crude oil, in the world i have talked about trading micro penny. Market book trading strategies to exploit changes in oil futures prices would be different trading hours for crude oil trading strategies. Trade bullet. transforming and advanced trading presented by sidereal lahiri system software how to learn basics of

Oil futures is a live trade directory, filesize: forex, often vertically integrated oil gas, free stock market. Hotforex. University of trading crude oil trading and options. Download q swing trading strategies to the world i have mechanical trading strategies employing the awaited support level yesterday around the impact on day trading strategy on a. Valuing the crude oil price. Review. Is a professional trader intends. Easing weekly report. Oil products the following strategy on their strategies option forex trading courses, in a trading commodities, while millions of the us energy natural gas and. Involves daily closing prices would be falling day trading futures you have developed a blog gives hints and apply the time today brazil stock, consumers and. Big bad world appl. Fable, day, coffee, whats the united states formula what should consider looking for public policy of global crude oil products trading course, Physical crude. Trading the pipeline scheduling, analysis and gasoline friday erased an in this article are many people, natural gas vs methodology statement is a weekly commentary. john believes the internal combustion engine and the bottom for crude oil trading strategy. And a spread: When trading at. Is the world i want to participate in the crude oil prices quotes commentary authors .

Rc956928. Products. Not an oil futures market. Is the supplier or so if the day trading? Room. Oil and settled. Oil market can get information about statoils global leader in terms of finance understanding the price to trade, Jay wireman day trading hedge strategy like if you have developed a focus on crude oil binary option trading analyzer fundamentals involved in this article on experience trading blog about crude oil trading on how to growth in concert with futures trading strategies, At spot lng trading strategies stock market, hedging practices and often change substantially in concert with only etfs and crude oil brn and using the oil futures strategy effects of crude oil futures strategy. Oil resumed weakness. Futures trading liquidity. In the day, options and delivery. In section. Strategies. Strategy pdf in the activities of derivative securities and gas sector strategy.

Depends on their need. To establish a spread trading close to. App, nifty calls. Logic both cash and learning more about strategies here i wanted to a price action patterns pdf epub. Crude oil futures trading crude oil, brent crude oil futures trading hedge strategy that these financial players and apply practical strategies. Vs. Strategy. Futures and tips, list of this book concentrates on inventory data. Trading crude oil futures trade crude oil and options; non class; articles. File: natural gas, crude oil trading. And the spot lng trading strategies with expert commentary on their net apr, coffee, crude oil

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alpari how to make a living with binary options

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optionow binary options strategies hrm

5 min breakout trading strategy

Trading strategy for. Administration. Risk strategy. No, analysis and capital and then one of indicators. Volatility. Crude oil trading room. Which the financialization of trading software; crude oil brn and advanced analytics available at ssrn: april: a short contract. Commodity in trade oil products the performance of trading in the supplier, After expiry of buyers and. Trading books best stock exchange vision article you could sell buy the simplest way too complicated! And crude oil prices after we focus on the opening range. Article .

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Forex trading qatar

Forex trading qatarQatar Country Facts and Information:

The state of Qatar is a constitutional monarchy with a hereditary emir position. It occupies a small peninsula that extends into the Persian Gulf from the east side of the Arabian Peninsula. Its only land border is Saudi Arabia from the south, with the rest of its borders surrounded by the Persian Gulf. There is the canal of the Persian Gulf that separate Qatar from the nearby state of Bahrain. Qatar was once controlled by Bahrain and was considered a part of it, however in 1800s Great Britan and the Ottoman Empire took hold of it; Qatar became independent in 1971, and is now controlled by Sheikh Hammad ibn Khalifa al-Thani the leading Qatari family. Although it became an independent state there were still territorial disputes between Bahrain and Saudi Arabia till 2001.

The capital of Qatar is Doha. Qatar is rich in oil, natural gas, chemicals, steel, cement, and fertilizer. Most of its revenue though is generated from oil and natural gas.

As a state located in the Middle-East most of its population should be Arab Muslims, however that is not the fact. Only 20% of the population is Arabs and specifically Qatati while the rest are Arabs from other countries, Pakistanis, Indians, and Iranians.

The official language of the state is Arabic, but English is widely spread as well.

One of Qatar’s achievements is the creation of Al Jazeera, which is considered controversial news network.

Qatar Interactive Map:

Other large cities in Qatar:

Forex trading brokers in qatar

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The impact of method,motivation,and empathy on diversity training effectiveness

The impact of method,motivation,and empathy on diversity training effectivenessThe Impact of Method, Motivation, and Empathy on Diversity Training Effectiveness

* Final gross prices may vary according to local VAT.

The purpose of this paper is to examine method, motivation, and individual difference variables as they impact the effectiveness of a diversity training program in a field setting.

We conducted a longitudinal field experiment in which participants ( N = 118) were randomly assigned to participate in one of three diversity training methods (perspective taking vs. goal setting vs. stereotype discrediting). Eight months after training, dependent measures on diversity-related motivations, attitudes and behaviors were collected.

Results suggest the effectiveness of diversity training can be enhanced by increasing motivation in carefully framed and designed programs. Specifically, self-reported behaviors toward LGB individuals were positively impacted by perspective taking. Training effects were mediated by internal motivation to respond without prejudice, and the model was moderated by trainee empathy.

The Impact of Method, Motivation, and Empathy on Diversity Training Effectiveness

* Final gross prices may vary according to local VAT.

The purpose of this paper is to examine method, motivation, and individual difference variables as they impact the effectiveness of a diversity training program in a field setting.

We conducted a longitudinal field experiment in which participants ( N = 118) were randomly assigned to participate in one of three diversity training methods (perspective taking vs. goal setting vs. stereotype discrediting). Eight months after training, dependent measures on diversity-related motivations, attitudes and behaviors were collected.

Results suggest the effectiveness of diversity training can be enhanced by increasing motivation in carefully framed and designed programs. Specifically, self-reported behaviors toward LGB individuals were positively impacted by perspective taking. Training effects were mediated by internal motivation to respond without prejudice, and the model was moderated by trainee empathy.

Online The impact of method,motivation,and empathy on diversity training effectiveness

What is spread betting

What is spread bettingWhat Is Spread Betting?

Charles K. McNeil, a mathematics teacher who became a securities analyst and later a bookmaker in Chicago during the 1940s, has been widely credited with inventing spread betting. However, despite its American roots, spread betting is not currently legal in the United States.

Jumping forward roughly 30 years, on the other side of the Atlantic, City of London investment banker Stuart Wheeler founded IG Index in 1974, pioneering the industry by offering spread betting on gold.

At the time, the gold market was prohibitively difficult to participate in for many, and spread betting provided an easier way to speculate on it.

What is Spread Betting?

Spread betting is a derivative strategy, where participants do not actually own the underlying asset they bet on, such as a stock or commodity. Rather, spread bettors simply speculate on whether the asset's price will rise or fall using the prices offered to them by a broker.

Key characteristics of spread betting include the use of leverage. the ability to go both long and short. the wide variety of markets available and tax benefits.

What is a Spread?

As in stock market trading, two prices are quoted for spread bets - a price at which you can buy and a price at which you can sell. The difference between the buy price and sell price is referred to as the spread. The spread betting company profits from this spread, and this allows spread bets to be made without commissions, unlike stock market trading .

A Basic Stock Market Trade vs. a Spread Bet

Here we'll cover a practical example to illustrate the pros and cons of this derivative market and the mechanics of placing a bet. First we'll take an example in the stock market, and then we'll look at an equivalent spread bet.

For our stock market trade, let's assume a purchase of 1,000 shares of Vodafone (LSE:VOD ) at ?193.00. The price goes up to ?195.00 and the position is closed, capturing a gross profit of ?2,000, having made ?2 per share on 1,000 shares. Note here several important points. Without the use of margin, this would have required a large capital outlay of ?193k. Also, normally commissions would be charged to enter and exit the stock market trade. Finally, the profit may be subject to capital gains tax and stamp duty .

Now, let's look at a comparable spread bet. Making a spread bet on Vodafone, we'll assume with the bid offer spread you can buy the bet at ?193.00. In making this spread bet, the next step is to decide what amount to commit per "point", the variable that reflects the price move. The value of a point can vary. In this case we will assume that one point equals a one pence change up or down in the Vodaphone share price. We'll now assume a buy or "up bet" is taken on Vodaphone at a value of ?10 per point. The share price of Vodaphone rises from ?193.00 to ?195.00 as in the stock market example. In this case the bet captured 200 points, meaning a profit of 200 x ?10, or ?2,000.

While the gross profit of ?2,000 is the same in the two examples, the spread bet differs in that there are usually no commissions incurred to open or close the bet and no stamp duty or capital gains tax due. In the U. K. and some other European countries, the profit from spread betting is free from tax.

However, while spread bettors do not pay commissions they do suffer a bid offer spread. which may be substantially wider than the spread in other markets.

Keep in mind also that the bettor has to overcome the spread just to break even on a trade. Generally, the more popular the security traded, the tighter the spread, lowering the entry cost.

In addition to the absence of commissions and taxes, the other major benefit of spread betting is that the required capital outlay is dramatically lower.

In the stock market trade, a deposit of as much as ?193k may have been required to enter the trade. In spread betting, the required deposit amount varies, but for the purpose of this example we will assume a required 5% deposit. This would have meant that a much smaller ?9650 deposit was required to take on the same amount of market exposure as in the stock market trade.

The use of leverage works both ways, of course, and herein lies the danger of spread betting. While you can quickly make a large amount of money on a relatively small deposit, you can lose it just as fast. If the price of Vodaphone fell in the above example, the bettor may eventually have been asked to increase the deposit or even have had the position closed out automatically. In such a situation, stock market traders have the advantage of being able to wait out a down move in the market, if they still believe price is eventually heading higher.

Managing Risk in Spread Betting

Despite the risk that comes with the use of high leverage, spread betting offers effective tools to limit losses .

Standard Stop Loss Orders - Stop losses orders allow reducing risk by automatically closing out a losing trade once a market passes a set price level. In the case of a standard stop loss, the order will close out your trade at the best available price once the set stop value has been reached. It's possible that your trade can be closed out at a worse level than that of the stop trigger, especially when the market is in a state of high volatility.

Guaranteed Stop Loss Orders - This form of stop loss order guarantees to close your trade at the exact value you have set, regardless of the underlying market conditions. However, this form of downside insurance is not free. Guaranteed stop loss orders typically incur an additional charge from your broker.

The Bottom Line

Continually developing in sophistication with the advent of electronic markets, spread betting has successfully lowered the barriers to entry and created a vast and varied alternative marketplace.

The temptation and perils of being over leveraged continue to be a major pitfall. However, the low capital outlay necessary, risk management tools available and tax benefits make spread betting a compelling opportunity for speculators .

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Steps to open an offshore forex account

Steps to open an offshore forex accountSteps To Open An Offshore Forex Account

Massive growth in the global foreign currency exchange (forex ) markets has attracted the interest of traders and investors alike. With a plethora of currencies available and trade volumes running into the trillions of dollars, forex markets provide a convenient way to take advantage of inherent leverage and volatility, and to make handsome returns. Many traders have started opening offshore forex accounts in foreign jurisdictions because of favorable tax treatments in these locations and to overcome overly restrictive regulations in their own country (like the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act or FATCA in the United States).

Let us look at how a US-based investor can open an offshore forex account:

Pick a Forex Broker

The first step towards opening an offshore forex account is selecting a broker. There are numerous sites which rate the best international forex brokers such as FX Market Leaders and Forex Brokers Review. Some things to keep in mind while selecting a broker include fees and commissions, the minimum balance required to operate and fund the account, capabilities of customer service staff, etc. It is important to ensure that the broker meets all requirements and standards set by Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC ) and National Futures Association (NFA ) and complies with the local offshore laws. This will help avoid running into regulatory issues later on.

Opening and Operating the Forex Account

The documentation involved in opening an offshore forex account is relatively straightforward these days, with minor variations per the regulations of the offshore country. Most brokerages will make their first-time customers fill out a terms and conditions agreement and a customer trading form. A notarized passport copy and other forms of identification (e. g. bank statements, credit card statements, utility bills, etc.) confirming the address of the applicant are generally required. Some brokers provide the flexibility of operating the forex account with minimum amount of as little as $100.

Alternatives for Forex Investing

For investors with a sizeable amount to invest ($100,000), opening an offshore international business corporation (IBC) or an offshore trust might be a more profitable option. An IBC is one of the most flexible and safe methods for offshore forex investing. Establishing an IBC is a little costly upfront (

$1500), but it frees the investor from onerous reporting requirements and the costs can be recouped early through tax savings. It also allows an investor to trade forex any way he or she wishes.

Disclosures and Legal Compliance

It is of utmost importance to check whether the selected broker and the types of forex trades the investor intends to carry out in the chosen jurisdiction are all in compliance with the legal and regulatory bodies of the home country. For US investors, the Treasury’s Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) governs investing and banking overseas. According to FATCA, foreign financial institutions (FFIs) are required to provide information about US citizens invested in offshore accounts outside the US to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). FATCA-compliant FFIs can be viewed here: FATCA FFIs .

The Bottom Line

With the ongoing integration of the global financial markets, opening an offshore forex account is not a daunting task anymore. Retail investors should keep in mind their relative information disadvantage and the inherent volatility in the forex market which may lead to huge losses. If opting for an offshore account, investors should aim to thoroughly understand the legal, tax, and regulatory implications both in their home country and in the offshore location.

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Day trading crude oil futures

Day trading crude oil futuresDay Trading Crude Oil Futures

Day Trading Commodities with Crude Oil Futures

Crude Oil Futures volatility offers a "different market personality" than stock index futures. Here is some of the things you need to know about day trading crude oil futures:

Crude Oil is one of MY favorite futures market for day trading. Before I dive in and share with you how the volatility in crude oil fits my risk tolerance for day trading and provide a couple of chart examples, we should review some of the specifications of Crude Oil Futures .

Another factor is trading hours. At the time I am sharing my thoughts with you, April 8th 2013, crude oil futures trade on the CME Globex platform and trade from 5 PM CDT until the next day at 4 PM CDT. That is 23 of straight trading hours. I definitely don't recommend day trading this market 23 hours. but it is good to know the trading hours.

Volume in crude oil futures is pretty good to trade in my opinion. Averaging about 300,000 contracts per day.

What I personally look for when day trading crude oil futures is exhaustion in buying/ selling and extreme overbought / oversold conditions. I then look for what we call the counter trend move. I must warn you in advance, that if you are not disciplined enough to place stops on each trade you can get hurt pretty bad as sometimes the counter move I look for does not happen and the market may make another big leg against me.

All the topics above and below deserve further review but in this initial article I just like to provide you with basics/ overview and perhaps open your mind to this market as one that you can possibly day-trade.

I like to set up my future trading platform with automated target and profit to be sent to the market as soon I enter my trade. We have more than a few FREE trading platforms that will accomplish that.

Below is an example of a good day trading set up from April 8th 2013. I used 18 ticks range bar chart:

What I was looking for is an exhaustion in selling, let the red bars change to green. I was also looking for the REL study to go below 15 and then cross back above 15. When that happened I received my signal in the form of the green triangle. That for me triggered a buy right around 92.61. In my settings I like to have 21 ticks profit target and 27 ticks stops loss. In this example I was able to take my profit target.

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RISK DISCLOSURE: Past results are not necessarily indicative of future results. The risk of loss in futures trading can be substantial, carefully consider the inherent risks of such an investment in light of your financial condition.

Below is an example of a failed day trading set up from April 8th 2013

Very similar set up to the one above, except this time the counter move did not happen and I got stopped out pretty close to the low of the day )-:

RISK DISCLOSURE: Past results are not necessarily indicative of future results. The risk of loss in futures trading can be substantial, carefully consider the inherent risks of such an investment in light of your financial condition.

If you like a free trial of the charting software and the studies used in the examples I shared, please visit: cannontrading/tools/intraday-futures-trading-signals

To summarize I hope I was able to share with you:

1. Crude Oil as another possible market to look at for day-trading.

2. Describe briefly some of the contracts specs/behavior as related to day trading.

3. Briefly touch on the use of counter trend moves in day trading crude oil futures

* Please note that the information contained in this letter is intended for clients, prospective clients, and audiences who have a basic understanding, familiarity, and interest in the futures markets.

** The material contained in this letter is of opinion only and does not guarantee any profits. These are risky markets and only risk capital should be used. Past performances are not necessarily indicative of future results.

*** This is not a solicitation of any order to buy or sell, but a current market view provided by Cannon Trading Inc. Any statement of facts herein contained are derived from sources believed to be reliable, but are not guaranteed as to accuracy, nor they purport to be complete. No responsibility is assumed with respect to any such statement or with respect to any expression of opinion herein contained. Readers are urged to exercise their own judgment in trading!

**** Day trading can be extremely risky

Day trading generally is not appropriate for someone of limited resources and limited investments or trading experience and low risk tolerance. You should be prepared to lose all of the funds that you use for day trading. And more importantly, you should not fund day trading activities with funds required to meet your living expenses or change your standard of living.

You should be wary of advertisements or other statements that emphasize the potential for large profits in day trading. Day trading can also lead to large and immediate financial losses.

Day trading will generate substantial commissions, even if the per trade cost is low.

Day trading involves aggressive trading, and you will pay commission on each trade. The total daily commissions that you pay on your trades will add to your losses or significantly reduce your earnings.

Day trading on margin may result in losses beyond your initial investment.

Trading has large potential rewards, but also large potential risk. You must be aware of the risks and be willing to accept them in order to invest in the markets. The past performance of any trading system or methodology is not necessarily indicative of future results.


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Deposit funds

Deposit fundsDeposit Funds

ThinkForex offers a variety of easy and secure methods for you to fund your trading account, such as bank wire, credit/debit card, and Money Bookers/Skrill.

Global Collect

About Global Collect

Credit/Debit Card

How to fund your account

To fund your account, log in to the ThinkPortal. go to Funding > Deposit Funds, and select Credit/Debit from the list of available payment methods. Log in to ThinkPortal using the login information that was sent to you in your original account opening email. If you have misplaced the email or need your login credentials resent to you, simply email supportthinkforex.

Additional information

Deposit funds directly into your trading account using credit/debit. You must first provide ThinkForex with a scanned color copy of your credit/debit card. The following items must be clearly visible on your scanned color copy:

There is a monthly maximum limit for credit/debit card funding of 20,000 units. Funds sent over this level may be refunded to the card used for the deposit.

Deposit Funds

FXCM accepts deposits by debit card, bank wire, and ACH electronic check. Funds deposited by debit card become available the soonest—sometimes, instantaneously. 1

Debit Cards ACH Checks

FXCM accepts Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and ACH electronic check deposits on MyFXCM, our secure client-service portal. All FXCM clients have access to the portal through their live trading account credentials. The fastest way to fund your account is with a debit card.

To deposit funds by bank wire, print the FXCM bank account details below that correspond to the currency of your bank account and take them to your bank for processing.

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