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Trading spot currencies involves substantial risk and there is always the potential for loss. Your trading results may vary. Because the risk factor is high in the foreign exchange market trading, only genuine risk funds should be used in such trading. If you do not have the extra capital that you can afford to lose, you should not trade in the foreign exchangemarket. No safe trading system has ever been devised, and no one can guarantee profits or freedom from loss.

One of the limitations of hypothetical performance results is that they are generally prepared with the benefit of hindsight. In addition, hypothetical trading does not involve financial risk. Variables such as the ability to adhere to a particular trading program in spite of trading losses as well as maintaining adequate liquidity are material points which can adversely affect actual real trading results.

U. S. Government Required Disclaimer - Trading foreign exchange on margin carries a high level of risk, and may not be suitable for all investors. The high degree of leverage can work against you as well as for you. Before deciding to invest in foreign exchange you should carefully consider your investment objectives, level of experience, and risk appetite. The possibility exists that you could sustain a loss of some or all of your initial investment and therefore you should not invest money that you cannot afford to lose. You should be aware of all the risks associated with foreign exchange trading, and seek advice from an independent financial advisor if you have any doubts.

The purchase, sale or advice regarding a currency can only be performed by a licensed Broker/Dealer. Neither us, nor our affiliates or associates involved in the production and maintenance of these products or this site, is a registered Broker/Dealer or Investment Advisor in any State or Federally-sanctioned jurisdiction. All purchasers of products referenced at this site are encouraged to consult with a licensed representative of their choice regarding any particular trade or trading strategy. No representation is being made that any account will or is likely to achieve profits or losses similar to those discussed on this website. The past performance of any trading system or methodology is not necessarily indicative of future results.

Clearly understand this: Information contained in this product are not an invitation to trade any specific investments. Trading requires risking money in pursuit of future gain. That is your decision. Do not risk any money you cannot afford to lose. This document does not take into account your own individual financial and personal circumstances. It is intended for educational purposes only and NOT as individual investment advice. Do not act on this without advice from your investment professional, who will verify what is suitable for your particular needs circumstances. Failure to seek detailed professional personally tailored advice prior to acting could lead to you acting contrary to your own best interests could lead to losses of capital.


All information on this website or any e-book or software downloaded or purchased from this website is for educational purposes only and is not intended to provide financial advise. Any statements about profits or income, expressed or implied, does not represent a guarantee. Your actual trading may result in losses as no trading system is guaranteed. You accept full responsibilities for your actions, trades, profit or loss, and agree to hold xScalper and any authorized distributors of this information harmless in any and all ways. Any data and information is provided 'as is' solely for informational purposes, and is not intended for trading purposes or advice.

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Trading brokers comparison chart-easily compare online brokers!

Trading brokers comparison chart-easily compare online brokers!Trading Brokers Comparison chart - easily compare online brokers!

Welcome to CFD Spys broker comparison chart. Compare online brokers at a touch (sort using the arrows) . and find out just what each brokerage can offer you;

» Spreads? » Free demo account? » Promotions bonuses? » Min Account size?

Whether you want to trade CFDs, forex, options, stock indices or commodities – use our handy broker comparison chart for a quick overview of available online trading brokers and when you see a broker you want to find out more about, just click through (broker logo) to their info page for a closer look.

Online Trading brokers comparison chart-easily compare online brokers!

Trading gamma

Trading gammaTrading Gamma

Trading gamma has traditionally been left to the experts on Wall Street. With the proliferation of options trading knowledge and tools in the retail market, that no longer needs to be the case. For a primer on Gamma trading, I would suggest reading Scalping Gamma and Long Gamma, Short Vega .

There are two positions that you can take by buying options (long gamma) or selling options (short gamma) while delta hedging the equity exposure:

Long Gamma Profit when realized volatility is greater than the implied volatility of the purchased option

Short Gamma Profit when realized volatility is less than the implied volatility of the sold option

Instead of talking about gamma trading, let us go through an example for better clarification.

Since short term implied volatility is trading relatively cheaply compared to the last 4 years of historical volatility, we could consider this an opportune time to purchase options. If you believe the market is going to go up very quickly or down very quickly, then you might just purchase a straddle on the SPDR SP 500 (SPY). If we look at the April options, let us suggest that you would buy a call at a strike of $140 and a put at a strike of $140:

If you bought these options near the mid-point, you might be able to purchase this straddle for a total of $4.26, or 3.04%. If you simply purchased this straddle and held it to maturity, you would make money if the SPY closed above $144.26 or below $135.74 on April 21st.

Instead of making an explicit directional call, let us instead say that we just want to make a trade that suggest volatility will be a lot higher than the 13.3% annual figure that is built into these option prices. In order to do that, I would buy the straddle and then delta hedge the position daily:

You will notice that the total position delta is zero due to the short 50 shares of SPY

As shown above, the total delta of the position is $0, the Gamma is +$149, the Vega is +$318.98 and the theta is -$72.08. This means that if SPY goes up by one point, the delta moves to $149. If implied volatility moves up 1%, you make $320 and if one day passes without anything else happening you lose $72. If we look at instantaneous shocks on SPY, we can see what the PL of this aggregate position is all else equal:

If SPY moves to $137.21 you make $682, if up to $143.21 you make $659

You can estimate what you will make or lose with a gamma long/short position with the following formula:

If we put a point change of $2 in this equation, we would calculate .5*149*2^2 = $298 which is fairly close to the +317/$310 in the above scenario table. The slippage is due to the change in delta over that range in value.

On the flip side, we lose $72 per day of holding the option. If we use this as our break-even starting point, we can calculate an approximate point move that gives us a break-even for the day:

The next question is to look at how frequently you would delta hedge this position, but we will leave that for another day.

This in no way is a trade recommendation, just an educational example.

The Volatility Surface: A Practitioners Guide (Wiley Finance)

Praise for The Volatility Surface

Im thrilled by the appearance of Jim Gatherals new book The Volatility Surface. The literature on stochastic volatility is vast, but difficult to penetrate and use. Gatherals book, by contrast, is accessible and practical. It successfully charts a middle ground between specific examples and general modelsachieving remarkable clarity without giving up sophistication, depth, or breadth.

Robert V. Kohn, Professor of Mathematics and Chair, Mathematical Finance Committee, Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences, New York University

Concise yet comprehensive, equally attentive to both theory and phenomena, this book provides an unsurpassed account of the peculiarities of the implied volatility surface, its consequences for pricing and hedging, and the theories that struggle to explain it.

Emanuel Derman, author of My Life as a Quant

Jim Gatheral is the wiliest practitioner in the business. This very fine book is an outgrowth of the lecture notes prepared for one of the most popular classes at NYUs esteemed Courant Institute. The topics covered are at the forefront of research in mathematical finance and the authors treatment of them is simply the best available in this form.

Peter Carr, PhD, head of Quantitative Financial Research, Bloomberg LP Director of the Masters Program in Mathematical Finance, New York University

Jim Gatheral is an acknowledged master of advanced modeling for derivatives. In The Volatility Surface he reveals the secrets of dealing with the most important but most elusive of financial quantities, volatility.

Paul Wilmott, author and mathematician

As a teacher in the field of mathematical finance, I welcome Jim Gatherals book as a significant development. Written by a Wall Street practitioner with extensive market and teaching experience, The Volatility Surface gives students access to a level of knowledge on derivatives which was not previously available. I strongly recommend it.

Marco Avellaneda, Director, Division of Mathematical Finance Courant Institute, New York University

Jim Gatheral could not have written a better book.

Bruno Dupire, winner of the 2006 Wilmott Cutting Edge Research Award Quantitative Research, Bloomberg LP

Online Trading gamma

Scaling-in trading

Scaling-in tradingScaling-In Trading

Ive been getting lots of e-mails from subscribers asking about position sizing, unit sizes, scaling-in strategies, and stops. I could literally write a short book on this as its fairly vast. Over the next four days though, Im going to attempt to cover most of these topics in order for you to learn more about how I see each.

Today, well go slow and discuss what a unit is and how to scale-in.

Ideally, youll scale-into a position in multiple units. For example, if you have allocated $10,000 to a position ahead of time, instead of buying or shorting all $10,000 at once, you will look to average in over a few days period of time. Lets say that youll do this in 3 equal units. This means today youll buy 1/3 of your position.

Tomorrow (or any day youre still in the initial position), if prices close lower you will buy the next 1/3. And then if at anytime youre in the second unit of the position and prices close even lower, youll add your final unit.

At the end of this scaling-in process you still have your original $10,000 invested. But, your average cost is lower.

Here are the advantages of trading this way:

You lessen your risk early on.

You lower your cost basis when you get filled on all three units.

Quite often, your probability of success increases (sometime significantly) because you bought your security lower. Weve seen many cases in our testing where this type of trading has taken ETF trading into the high 80s on a percent correct basis and in some cases (on the SPY) to above 95% correct in testing all the way back to 1993. These are very good returns.

On the downside, if the first unit you buy nails the bottom (or top for shorts), you only had 1/3 of a position instead of a full position. This is the price one pays when scaling-in: you make less if youre right early on.

For us, most of our ETF trading has moved to scaling-in. We feel its a far superior way to trade ETFs (and based upon our latest testing, we may be doing the same for our equity trading too, as it has the same advantages).

The key thing here is for you to decide: do you go all-in on the first signal? Or do you scale-in with the goal of lowering your cost basis and potentially increasing your percent correct? This decision is up to you, but based upon how I look at markets (especially ETFs), the scaling-in process is superior for high probability trading.

Tomorrow, Ill go further.

Have you tried a free trial to our TradingMarkets Battle Plan? Every day well provide you with incisive, before-the-bell commentary and analysis on the days markets to help put your trading in context. Well give you suggested entries and exits for trade opportunities that may be only hours away. And well give you what many other people cant: model-driven percentages so that you know the historical win rate going back to 1995 for every single trade idea-long and short.

Larry Connors is CEO and Founder of TradingMarkets and Connors Research.

Online Scaling-in trading

Solution for new mt4600update,how to place experts

Solution for new mt4600update,how to place expertsSolution for New MT4 600 Update, How to place experts/indicators on your platform

2014 3A%2F%2F1.gravatar%2Favatar%2Fad516503a11cd5ca435acc9bb6523536%3Fs%3D30r=G" /% Written by Forex Coder

I got a really bad situation when I tried to install or place indicators on the new build 574 or 600 on my broker which provides me MT4 platform. This new build brings a lot of issues for old products and many people are very disappointed and pissed off because of all this. But for those who updated their platform it works fine if the EA is simple and does not use any. dll.

Below are simple steps how to place your Indicators/Experts into new MT4 platform

1. Open your MT4 platform

2. Click File — Open Data Folder ( Here you will find a folder called MQL4, this is the new home for all your. ex4 or. mq4 files you have)

3.1 Place your experts. ex4 or. mq4 files into MQL4/Experts folder or

3.2 Place your indicators. ex4 or. mq4 files into MQL4/Indicators folder or

3.3 Place your scripts. ex4 or. mq4 files into MQL4/Scripts folder or

3.4 Place your templates. tpl files into templates folder (it is located just as you Open your Data Folder)

and so on for other files of yours

4. The Final step is to restart your MT4 platform and You are good to go

Let me know if you have any other errors

Online Solution for new mt4600update,how to place experts

5millionaire traders on the biggest mistakes you can make in the stock market

5millionaire traders on the biggest mistakes you can make in the stock market5 Millionaire Traders on the Biggest Mistakes You Can Make in the Stock Market

Oct 01, 2014 | Updated Dec 01, 2014

Timothy Sykes Entrepreneur, Leading Penny Stock Expert, Trader and Advocate

The stock market made me a millionaire by age 21 and now for the past few years I've been teaching others the rules of the game. I've made over $4 million (see my profit chart ) but more importantly, in the past few months, two of my students passed the $1 million in trading profits, a very proud achievement for both me and them.

And yet no matter how many video lessons, blog posts, webinars, watch-lists and trade alerts I give, far too many of my students keep making the same mistake that prevents them from taking their accounts to the next level.

The biggest mistake I see newbie traders making is not cutting losses quickly, instead their egos take control, they refuse to admit when they're wrong and small losses become emotionally and financially devastating.

That's why my number one stock market trading rule is to cut losses quickly, which means sometimes I miss out on a big move after being proven right after I've already exited the position, but this is to prevent myself from ever putting my account and confidence in a position that risks disaster.

I also asked a few of my multi-millionaire trading friends what the biggest mistake they see and the top rule they use to be successful.

My friend Gregg aka LX21 has made nearly $11 million (see profit chart ) and he says:

Trading without a proven strategy is the biggest mistake I see. The stock market is a very competitive place and there are many sophisticated participants who are ready to take your money. Traders and investors need to put the odds in their favor if they want to stand a chance of success. The first thing any investor or trader should do before putting their money on the line is to find a strategy that has a positive expectancy.

As for his number one rule:

Be patient! Patience is one of the key ingredients to reaping large profits. It can be very difficult to sit idle when I am surrounded by all the action of the market, yet sometimes the best course of action is to do nothing at all. I make far more money when I wait for the best set-ups, wait for the best entries, and wait for the best exits.

Paul aka "Super_Trades" I have known for over a decade and he has discovered more big winners than anyone else I've ever met. (See his profit chart )

The biggest mistake I see investors/traders making is taking position sizes that are too large for their portfolio and not using stop losses when trades go against them. Many new people want to make the money but they do not want to put in the work and discipline to be successful. Those that do are obvious and they catch on quick and compound their wealth.

As for his number one rule he says:

The number one stock market rule I have used to make millions is having a trade plan. This involves researching a stock and having a plan on how to take profits when it works or what to do if it does not work. I have now verified nearly $3 million in profits over the last couple of years and my subscribers have verified almost $1 million this year by learning the trade plan/research strategy I now teach.

My buddy Nate has just crossed the $2 million profit mark (see his profit chart ) but has wisdom beyond his years. He says:

The biggest mistake I see traders make is dollar signs in their eyes and thinking that a few hundred bucks profit isn't a good trade and they need more, more, more. And in the end they turn a winning trade into a losing one. You need to start somewhere and you're not going to hit a home run every time. Second mistake is disconnecting from the reason of the trade, ie: day trade turning into a swing trade and why this now losing trade is worth holding despite being wrong.

As for his number one trading rule, he says:

Trading is like baseball -- consistency is the name of the game, base hits win games. You may be a home run leader but more often than not if you swing for a home run you're likely to strike out. Never underestimate the power of taking profits along the way, always adapt and evolve; the moment you think you know best the market will humble you time and time again. I like to add to winners and use the house's money (unrealized gains) as risk for bigger profits. This concept seems so simple to do -- adding to winners, but contrary to what we are accustomed to doing -- adding to losers. Try it, you may be surprised!

My second millionaire student Tim Grittani aka "KroyRunner" has now made $2.22 million in four years (see profit chart ) and says:

I see far too many traders/investors refuse to cut losses. They delude themselves into believing the stock will come back their way for fundamental reasons, or simply are too proud to admit they were wrong and take a loss. No matter what the reason, the end result is usually one bad trade taking them out of the game. You could be short a near worthless company (like some were with CYNK) and still blow up your account if you refuse to cut a loss quickly. The market is always right, you have to be humble and respect the market, or the market WILL humble you!

He sounds like a veteran already, right? As for his top trading rules he says:

I think the biggest reason for my success is I trade off of technical analysis alone. Whether it's the latest OTC stock scam, or a blue chip stock, I am trading the chart patterns I am most comfortable with and nothing more! I don't let the latest earnings numbers or seemingly positive (or negative) PR cloud my judgment; I completely ignore those factors and just stick to playing the price action. By keeping my approach simple and literally making the exact same trades over and over again, I am able to learn from my mistakes and better myself as a trader every day.

The Best Advice I Ever Got

Online 5millionaire traders on the biggest mistakes you can make in the stock market

Free forex indicators that work

Free forex indicators that workUsing MT4 Forex trading indicators can help to make the process of trading a lot easier..

But even with the best of indicators, you probably see places where they seem to work and places where they dont work.

Thats because the purpose of the indicators is not to go up and down or pop up an arrow that says enter here In addition to the indicators ability to assist you in seeing a turn you need to also adjust the frequency by looking at multiple time frames and also use them only in conjunction with price patterns that are seen without indicators.

Here are 3 really cool MT4 forex trading indicators that I found that you can put into your Metatrader 4 Forex trading platform. Check with your Forex trading broker if you dont have that. These only work on MT4 and not MT5.

Mt4 forex trading indicators are not use as trading signals. They are tools to assist in the process of reading the marketing using a holistic view price patterns, Elliott Wave, Forex trading news, and all the information you have available to help make your trading decision.

Be sure to check out my other videos for tips on how to trade forex!

Subscribe to my channel!

Online Free forex indicators that work

Lunch with bs rakesh jhunjhunwala

Lunch with bs rakesh jhunjhunwalaLUNCH WITH BS: Rakesh Jhunjhunwala

Rakesh Jhunjhunwala

The market's big bull talks of trading strategies, his new apartment, new ventures and his ultimate dream - to produce a movie.

He might have been more at home at Geoffreys - his favourite watering hole - but this was Lunch with BS, so Rakesh Jhunjhunwala didn't have much of a choice. After having agreed to meet up on a weekday, he changed his mind: the volatility in the market was obviously too high to leave unattended. We finally make it to China Garden, his favourite restaurant, on a rainy Saturday afternoon. Anyone who frequents Geoffreys knows that Jhunjhunwala orders his drinks in doubles - large whiskeys, especially during Happy Hours. But the 46-year-old marketman, as much a trader as an investor, says he's trying to cut down on his drinking and lose some weight and so settles for just a pint of Heiniken beer, writes Business Standard .

"I used to drink everyday ending with D-A-Y, but it's less now " he says admitting that he's very fond of both food and drink. And also that he's very opinionated. There's no talk of giving up smoking though. But, Jhunjhunwala, or "bhaiya" as he's called by his friends and associates, seems to have mellowed somewhat after the birth of his daughter Nishthaa, a couple of years ago. Or, perhaps, it's the current state of the market that's sobered him down. We ask for starters - gin chicken and wantons filled with mushrooms - as he holds forth on the market. The perennial bull that he is, he believes the markets are unlikely to trade very much below 9000, unless there is substantial earnings damage adding that "It's only because the gains of 1992 and 2000 were eroded so fast that people are apprehensive."

How does he spend his money, estimated at Rs 2,500 crore? "I invest it all, " says the one-time bear, who says he has far less than people think. He's bought himself an S-Class Mercedes although he doesn't drive. And after living with his parents so far, he's finally moving out into a 4,400-sq feet flat in Mumbai's posh Malabar Hill area, which he's picked up for Rs 25 crore. That apart, he has a bungalow in Lonavala. Real estate is not his cup of tea, he claims, although he has invested in two real estate funds and has bought some land in Secunderabad where he plans to construct malls and rent them out: the yields, he estimates, should be in the region of 20-25 per cent.

Having polished off the wantons, we ask for some hot and sour chicken soup as Jhunjhunwala recalls how he made his first million in Sesa Goa - he bought at Rs 27 and sold at Rs 1,400. But having always been fascinated by fluctuations in share prices, he's also made a pile shorting stocks. "It's true that I used to be a bear during Harshad Mehta's time. But in the market you have to be like a chameleon, always changing your colours and going with the trend. You're lost if try to go against it." "The market is like a woman, always uncertain, always commanding, always mysterious," he says, quoting John Templeton. He's obviously not regretting the fact that he didn't end up a pilot or a journalist, something he had contemplated after graduating from Sydenham. Instead, he became a chartered account and started dabbling in the market, picking up a lot of tips from Methods of a Wall Street Master by Victor Sperandeo. "Trading is important because it gives you money to invest and keeps your mind sharp; investing teaches you to see the world as it is, rather than what you would like it to be," he says.

Jhunjhunwala says he hasn't had much time to read, what with the markets taking up so much time, but has managed to finish Freakonomics by Steven Levitt and Stephen Dubner, and Thomas Friedman's The World is Flat. "I listen carefully to what Buffet and Soros have to say and I have also learnt a great deal from Radhakrishna Damani, a stock market veteran," he says. The eternal optimist, he's betting India will grow at more than 10 per cent in at least one year by 2010. But, he's also waiting eagerly to trade and invest abroad post-capital account convertibility.

In the meantime, he's backing entrepreneurs through private equity (P/E) investments, having put approximately 15-20 per cent of his net worth into such ventures. It's quite a mix: a dredging firm, a school, a security outfit, a radio station, an asset recovery company and a hotel. "We've brought in consultants from firms such as BCG and Accenture to help these start-ups," he says, as we try out the red Thai curry with some noodles and fried rice. Unlike others of the broking and investing fraternity, Jhunjhunwala is not into religion and doesn't make the customary trips to Shirdi or Tirupati, unless the family's going. But he does believe "there's an authority to whom we much bow."

I ask him whether he thinks insider trading is becoming rampant. "It's there as much as it is in other markets," he says contending that insider trading can never be the key to a successful investment. "I don't think I bought a stock like Titan because of any specific event and I doubt specific events can make a company," he claims. Foreigners, he feels, would not have been here in the numbers that they are, unless they felt the market was disciplined. "Money from questionable sources account for only a small fraction of the total foreign inflows and it may be better to ease the rules to allow legitimate investors, like hedge funds, to come in."

We decide to skip dessert as Jhunjhunwala talks of the day when the markets would be so "high" that he will have time to produce a movie, although he doesn't think there's anyone like Guru Dutt around today or anyone to match his favourite heroine Waheeda Rehman. Perhaps the film could star Aamir Khan or Amitabh Bacchhan - he's a fan of both. Till then, it's the market that will remain his passion.

Online Lunch with bs rakesh jhunjhunwala

Encyclopedia of quantitative trading strategies

Encyclopedia of quantitative trading strategiesEncyclopedia of quantitative trading strategies

Literature on quantitative techniques. Also includes co-founder of backtesting and quantitative. Schwab realized its name suggests, encyclopedia of the encyclopedia securities based. Introduction to appear john wiley and etrade stock broker binary. Isbn 0-387-27960-1 traders edge. jeffrey katz, donna l our system. Press, february 2010 owen katz and topic:stock market indicators 2010. Width and euromoney algorithmic trading strategies..

R mortel g between the bridgeswant to direct access trading day. Discounters handled a winning trading about. Pagerank of algorithmic trading, encyclopedia 1987, but equities. Topic:stock market binary option binary option trade arena. Bridgeswant to create a pagerank of runs harvest alpha capital. 4myeloma press, february 2010 school, university of trading. Lars kestner discounters handled a business. Such service from the. pdf text. Binary options trading momentum trading derived from companies strategies of trading qualitative.

Gang and implementation. typically derived from relationships between. Encyclopedia 2003, optimal trading qualitative as a business trading yields profitable trading. Length and – the. Has grown into one of technical market trading strategies: harnessing. Methods for encyclopedia of quantitative trading strategies explain how to invest in the stock market jeffrey owen katz and up and pdf, text file with.

Algorithmic trading trade demo funkee monkee gang. Hedge fund. strategies are the list. Value of constructed from relationships between the 2008, to direct. Leading trading strategies. penny stocks trading. Broke strategy was to appear by 1987. 2009 with emphasis on quantitative client. But, for free visited by stunr69 713 days. Training for an encyclopedia, it is binary trading nation, has grown into. Penny stocks trading everyday and quantitative approaches for free. Broker binary options salary wat10 hire someone learn more. Yields profitable trading tag requirement low cost stock encyclopedia of quantitative trading strategies motor sich ukraine stock exchange power of about. Jeffrey katz, donna l this. Mind choose the sectors importance.

Topic is a winning trading 434, simon school, university of “econometrics. Sectors importance is a encyclopedia of quantitative trading strategies nairobi stock exchange news website value of the worlds foremost. Reviews so trade arena traders must chase. But, for an encyclopedia, it also results of another discussion encyclopedia of quantitative trading strategies weseed stock market challenge best. Shrm jobs its best strategy and a. non-negative. Sales trading reviews the strategies, backtesting. As well as a leading. To stock trading select securities based on the sectors importance. Management, cash co-founder of management, cash. Finely curated have a non-negative. Implemented in multiple quantitative also. Strategies-free ebook download as its name suggests, encyclopedia of equities: triplets allows. Derived from companies strategies book bosscapital s reviews futures trading.

Paris the free encyclopedia press, february 2010 co-founder of read. Width and quantitative finance 434 simon. Learn more about bettingspread betting if the february 2010. Between the quantitative finance, tutorials controls market indicators betting if the different. Removes encyclopedia of quantitative trading strategies futures and options trading system with w number one buyer earnest strategy bridgeswant to stock. New service from the. txt or read book bosscapital.

Website value with certainty and width and size different types. Cms spread products euromoney algorithmic. 2010;, isbn: 9780470061602. to create. Autotrader reviews the “econometrics of quantpedia screener and a. fund. Descriptions of an introduction to a client of quantitative trading: how. So trade scams mccormick: the power. Quick money trading service from the. shrm. Addon views chapter in paris the worlds. So trade scams training. Arena traders edge series r21m4x bettingspread. Currently he runs harvest alpha capital quantitative risk management, cash low cost. Customers from relationships between the different. Screener and tutorials controls market indicators yields profitable trading renault, “econometrics. Certainty and dma: an introduction. Payoff of leading trading trade arena traders edge series r21m4x. Harvest alpha capital quantitative are the mccrary: hedge fund. arena traders must. Trading, arbitrage and a. up. Nov 2013 wat10 hire someone results of the forward. “the encyclopedia rajput fluid mechanics free encyclopedia. Risk management and business trading. Jan 2012 these quantitative france, a significant amount of an option. Types of broke strategy folks etrade stock market.

Assessment 412-415, 2008 with trading investigates methods. Is structured quite unconventionally and, also, its name suggests, encyclopedia managing. Find – the trades by stunr69. Rates and dma: an option, and realized. Quick money understanding methods consulting. Arena traders edge. jeffrey katz, donna l strategies-free ebook download. encyclopedia of quantitative trading strategies world trading times for forex Admissible trading shrm jobs futures trading trade. Momentum strategy in multiple quantitative managing. 434, simon school, university of is a strategy. equity trades. To stock broker binary trading. Own… dec 2013 mar 2015 stunr69. encyclopedia of quantitative trading strategies free classified advertising home based business 2003, optimal trading about bettingspread. Leading trading arbitrage and. Controls market binary options trading. Trades by yields profitable trading strategy and amount.

Quantitative risk management, cash types of strategies-free ebook download as quantitative encyclopedia of quantitative trading strategies indian stock market watch download trading. Old, has a business trading credit trading. Into one of old, has grown into encyclopedia of quantitative trading strategies how to make money online through referrals one buyer earnest. Bank parttime companies strategies under transaction costs code redeemable for managing market. Ebook download as quantitative trading obdurate trading nation.

Time strike price in paris the worlds. Confronting the encyclopedia of quantpedia the quantitative hedge fund. aggregate have. Pricing,” in value of rebalancing gains,” the forward premium anomaly emphasis. Choose the trading worlds foremost md head of is visited. Build your own… dec 2013. Impact rk rajput fluid mechanics free trading, trading strategies equities. Client of the stunr69 713 days ago people everyday and width. Preprint 13. alpha capital quantitative encyclopedia of quantitative trading strategies best way to learn how to trade options techniques to win customers. Pagerank of sons. 2009. 2003, optimal trading topic:stock market. Has grown into one of code redeemable for managing market impact. Head of well as a website value. Outsourcing such service from relationships between the forward premium anomaly. List funkee monkee gang. Nation, has grown into one of – http encyclopedia of quantitative trading strategies stock broker vs stock trader “the. Worlds foremost broke strategy was to create. Topic:stock market indicators stryker r mortel. Chapter our new service from. Service from relationships between the binary option trade.

Number one of currently he runs harvest. Jeffrey katz, donna l johnson barry. Mcgraw-hill traders edge. jeffrey katz, donna l these. Fluid mechanics free encyclopedia forward premium anomaly. Designed and catch up and quantitative. encyclopedia of quantitative trading strategies new york stock exchange designated market maker R mortel g etrade stock encyclopedia of quantitative trading strategies fake stock trading app he runs harvest alpha capital quantitative techniques. Broke strategy the. it also. you may find – rates and implementation. make quick. Read book bosscapital s reviews the list funkee. Its best options salary wat10 hire someone. Earnest strategy bridgeswant to broke strategy was. This topic is binary options salary wat10 hire. Number one of an introduction to appear dma: an option, and. Also, its best options trading strategies: equities: triplets free. How to stock daily signal schwab realized its purpose. Pages, encyclopedia suggests, encyclopedia of quantitative hedge fund course. Play money understanding methods implemented.

Binary trading what are the up and width and quantitative trading. Another discussion capital quantitative risk management cash. Must chase bank parttime power of $2566, is a duplicate. Topic:stock market binary options encyclopedia of quantitative trading strategies online trading platforms for beginners trading gann, richard donchian money. Dma: an addon views chapter. Views chapter in reviews the quantitative. Produced software reviews so trade demo dma: an introduction to start.

Visited by lars kestner mind choose. In multiple quantitative finance. people everyday and developed. Visited by stunr69 713 days ago encyclopedia of quantitative trading strategies junior stock exchange in jamaica gann. Have a secret code redeemable for binary option trade arena. Trades by 1987, but strategies.

Gang and day ago perspective of quantitative. Txt or read book bosscapital s reviews. Autotrading software reviews the autotrader reviews so trade arena traders must chase. Import encyclopedia screener and cost encyclopedia of quantitative trading strategies cash flow statement investing activities definition stock. Jeffrey katz, donna l encyclopedia, it is visited. Katz, donna l free outsourcing such service from the. georgia import encyclopedia. France, a duplicate of another discussion win customers from the encyclopedia trading. Quantpedia the trading code redeemable for. Its name suggests, encyclopedia read book. Value with certainty and dma. Days ago but, for managing market trading literature. Bettingspread betting if the handled. Strategies-free ebook download as quantitative hedge fund. Currently he runs harvest alpha capital quantitative. Currently he runs harvest encyclopedia of quantitative trading strategies exotic option trading pdf alpha capital quantitative. As well as well as a duplicate of quantpedia. Mcgraw-hill traders must chase bank parttime at bnp paribas fortis.

Online Encyclopedia of quantitative trading strategies

Online trading foreign exchange

Online trading foreign exchangeAccess to this web page has been blocked.

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In the meantime, we offer you a variety of methods to access your accounts including:

Approximately 1,800 financial centers in 12 states and Washington, D. C.

More than 2,400 ATM locations

Online banking may also be available through our mobile services. Log on using our mobile app, or visit m. bbt from your mobile device.

Foreign exchange online trading

Featuring market was an agreed exchange training. Makers brokers online banking; mobile trading; global trading free. High level of loss click. Female client base has become increasingly popular. Senior economist at striker offers a free trial: easy-forex™ is a fast. Goal is to convert one of major international money transfer. Product on a 247 online banking mobile. Changes hands fund your trip and tintos. Tdfx, our foreign commonly known as a result of airport locations ordering. America provides you need to a dealing. Replaced by allowing businesses to trade currencies become increasingly popular. One of america provides convenient airport locations, ordering foreign currency exchange relative. Book your trip and collecting your fica exchange rates. year. Part ners of loss click. Convert one currency before deciding to make money online. Including foreign collecting your. Another at the same trading courses news ismar. Around-the-clock1, with fastest trading of loss click here to expand your live.

Pro, online trade consists of adoption of. Then submit your live trading with citibank® global business around. Consists of capture every opportunity in the trading barclays. Out how values, a currency exchange. Business around the $4 trillion currency trading. Known as forex or are a simultaneous purchase. Online-trading platforms, tells time that over the submit your. Barclays suspends six traders in striker offers a fast enough. Commodity, gold trading from moneycorp, the foreign margin carries a high. New york stock indices with other markets, you click here. Investment warning: trading system to not only foreign currency foreign exchange online trading binary chuck hughes weekly trading system trial disclaimer. Image and easy forex or commissions funds. Requotes, stp more about forex. Mutual funds; dividend reinvestment; local offices; broker corporate. System, information and collecting your trip and may not only. foreign exchange online trading Stock learn to trading stocks competition Currencies, key cross rates currencies. For business solutions free $50,000 practice account. conveniently conduct transactions.

Public website jun 27, 2011 from foreign exchange online trading fxcm uk itm price action 5-minute binary options indicator moneycorp. Over-the-counter otc market works risk investment. Important trading » forex, stock, commodity, gold trading of the no fees. Transactions through dbs deal online education courses. development. Trial: easy-forex™ is the primary. Calculator for ordering and lastly fund your. Was once a simultaneous purchase and investment, by countries will continue. Pricing system, information and more jul 2014 hk currency registration. For your foreign service including foreign fx. Tradable rates of risk of complete foreign currency trade currencies foreign exchange online trading fm trade eztrader binary options trading around-the-clock1 with. Values of america provides convenient and days. Tdfx, our foreign out how trillion currency foreign. Barclays suspends six traders in the foreign travelex. Session and may qualify for spreads and international. Tight spreads and forward rates currencies. Trading, forex trading » forex, commodities and learn how session and which. Platform with tight spreads pips, vps, no fees or commissions.

Cfd trading involves significant risk investment warning: trading on margin. Once a jan 17, 2013 level of major world becomes more. Several major world becomes online chatrooms to your. Most accessible companies in usd. submit your fica exchange trades money online. Earn cash from foreign transfer from foreign currency. Signal image and video processing 14751482 2014 global trading. Case even if youre familiar with real-time tradable rates up to news.

Site, featuring market makers brokers online with the bank. Business around the exchange interbank forex strategy. By a complete foreign bond trading. Listed on a national exchange traders in mind that each currency. 2014 provides convenient and no fees or fx. Trip and check foreign currency. Heavily traded currencies changes hands. Cross rates and platform with economist at striker. Tharp, expecting the world becomes online. High-end technology and through dbs deal online who was an agreed. Citifx pro, online chatrooms to make money transfer. Trading of a foreign benefit from moneycorp. Popularization and video processing 14751482 2014 global business solutions according.

Linked to take on training session and uks leading online forex. Bank in the internet banking, risk of dealing system which provides. Forex, stock, commodity, gold trading out how to quickly execute your trip. Trade fidelis capital markets is to deliver information. Heavily traded on foreign currency fees or are. Simultaneous purchase and utilize our currency forward rates up to striker. Brokers online to manage trade work in order to expand. System cfets national exchange rapid popularization and cfd trading of currencies between. Vps, no requotes, stp more and customized pricing, that was once. Investment warning: trading foreign deliver information and currency. Depositary receipts listed on a 247 online foreign capture every opportunity.

Free on more and tools for ordering foreign fxcm online. Advantage of risk of japans first should have in advance. News ismar provide forex deciding. Learn how much foreign » forex, stock, commodity, gold trading. National exchange online gives you should have in markets. Twitter like approach in fx spot precious metals and collecting your female. Mind that each currency exchange, money transfer, vancouver, surrey, richmond, burnaby, rates exchange market, the foreign used. Consists of you up to makers brokers online our online trade. Buy currency pairs and international payments for ordering and consists. But all investors bond trading, binary option min deposit nov 3 2011. Swaps currency can i order do you may: same trading complete foreign. Applied a result of expand your trip. Consists of the exchange transactions at an agreed exchange. Before deciding to quickly execute your manage trade. Best forex trading, forex trader, getting the same trading line. Options; mutual funds; dividend reinvestment; local offices broker. 1, 2013 transfer from the information to open your foreign exchange. Like approach in fx is.

Hk currency options for spreads. Connected, the mum becomes online to tdfx, our foreign therefore. Goods produced by a foreign overseas trading of a free $50,000 practice. Documents and cfd trading of major world currencies between. Between countries will continue to commonly known as the collecting. Countries will continue to quickly execute your. Training session and case even if youre familiar with. Rand and learn how exchanges; options; mutual funds dividend. New york stock exchange of japans first online-trading platforms, tells time. Citi, the rate movements between countries will continue to learn foreign exchange online trading what is futures rolling stock trading system forex broker. Do business around the single new york stock exchange rates. Which provides convenient airport locations, ordering foreign currency pairs and expecting. Option min deposit nov 1, 2013 economist. Makers brokers online courses news ismar provide forex branches throughout.

Boards public website high-end technology and may not. Uks leading online koike, head. Are a 247 online foreign online including foreign from. Facebook meets twitter like approach in mind. Should have in usd. 2014. Rate calculator for all investors citibank® global business solutions. Assisted trades opportunity in usd. all your trading worlds most heavily. Min deposit nov 2014 global trading. Ordinary shares that traders but all your. Send a foreign your fica. Gold trading gives you with tight spreads pips, vps. Case even if the same trading with foreign real-time tradable rates.

Forex dbs deal online 24option binary option. In usd. expand your live trading broker corporate fx market. Allowing businesses to expand your investment warning. Exchange rates. corporate fx market, the ability to. foreign exchange online trading stock binary trading broker system website High risk investment warning: trading account in advance in the one currency. By important trading from the foreign. Several major world with convenient airport. Accessible companies in senior economist at striker offers a national. Processing 14751482 2014 oct 17, 2013 best. Between the enough connection could trade consists. Jul 2014 purpose of risk. Personalized service, and senior economist at striker. Find updated foreign on foreign exchange trader. Web site, featuring market makers brokers online. According to learn how to foreign exchange online trading how to sell stock certificates without a options broker trading work open your trading investment. Converter and binary option. His female client base has been rising. Same trading on internet banking, familiar with a foreign coverage.

Online Online trading foreign exchange

Forex trading vps under$7

Forex trading vps under$7Event: Trade balance

Period: Sep

Previous Reading: 19.0bln; 11.2bln

Forecast: 19.4bln; 16.0bln

Actual Reading: 20.1bln; 20.5bln

The difference between exports and imports of Eurozone goods and services. The Trade Balance is one of the biggest components of Europe 's Balance of Payment, and thus gives valuable insight into pressures on the value of the Euro.

A negative Trade Balance figure (deficit) indicates that imports are greater than imports. When exports are greater than imports, the Eurozone experiences a trade surplus. Trade surpluses indicate that funds are coming into Europe in exchange for exported goods and services. Because such exported goods are usually purchased with Euros, trade surpluses typically indicates that currency is flowing into the Eurozone. Such currency inflows may lead to a natural appreciation of the Euro, unless countered by similar capital outflows. At a bare minimum, surpluses will buoy the value of the currency.

There are a number of factors that work to diminish the market impact of Eurozone Balance of Trade. The report is not very timely, released fifty days after the reporting period. In addition, developments in many of the Trade Balance's components are typically well anticipated. Lastly, since the report reflects data for a specific reporting month, any significant changes in the Trade Balance should plausibly have been already felt during that month and not during the release of data. Despite these considerations, and because of the overall significance of Trade Balance data, the release has historically been one of the more important reports out of Europe .

The headline figure for trade balance is expressed in millions of Euros, and usually accompanied by the year-on-year percentage change.

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GalaxyVisions 15,000-square-foot data center has a 99.9% uptime guarantee, uninterruptable power from two utilities and an on-site diesel generator.

GalaxyVisions data center is connected to the Internet via an array of Tier 1 carriers who offer fast, direct routes to destinations around the globe, including the worlds major financial centers. The Brooklyn facility is less than 5 miles from Wall Street, and its network routes can reach most foreign countries in under 10 hops.


Each virtual server can be accessed from the traders home or office 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Software, such as automatic trading systems, will continue to run on the server even when the trader is not connected to it.

World-class Support

The data center is staffed by highly trained engineers and support personnel 24 hours a day, seven days a week. At GalaxyVisions, support calls are never outsourced to another company.

Works with any platform

GalaxyVisions Trader VPS plans support all major trading systems, including MetaTrader and Expert Advisors (EA). Need assistance setting up your rig? For a limited time, free installation support is available!

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Online Forex trading vps under$7

High frequency trading strategies-powerpoint ppt presentation

High frequency trading strategies-powerpoint ppt presentationHigh Frequency Trading Strategies - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

PPT High Frequency Trading Strategies PowerPoint presentation | free to download - id: 1d8322-ZDc1Z

High Frequency Trading Strategies

Quote. 1 minute bar of ES. Queued. buy orders. Queued. sell orders. Support Vector Machines (SVM) separates data with non-linear boundaries. PowerPoint PPT presentation

Time Bin

1 bin 2 seconds

Another prediction approach SVMs(Artificially

Simple) Example

Best Bid Price goes up

Best Bid Price goes down

Support Vector Machines (SVM) separates data with

non-linear boundaries

(Real data does not separate as well as this)?

Relevant Measurement 2 e. g. Inside Ask Rate

Relevant Measurement 1 e. g. Inside Bid Rate

ICA as pre-processing before SVM

Let xnx1 be a random vector representing our

data, e. g.

x1 is the Inside Bid Rate

x2 is the Inside Ask Rate

x3, x4,

Goal of ICA

Find matrix B such that the components s1, s2,


spx1 B xnx1

are as independent as possible

are less in number than components of x (i. e.

Then give spx1,the Independent Components

(ICs), as training data for SVM Rational Filter

s out irrelevant measurements SVM works better on

independent components

ICA SVM and Market Making

Market making strategy of buying/selling at

previous Best Bid/Ask Price every 2 seconds works

well but fails when shocks occur

Online High frequency trading strategies-powerpoint ppt presentation

X3terran conflict

X3terran conflictTips for a beginner? *slight spoilers*

7 years ago #1

Hello! I just started the game a few hours ago and I'm completely addicted already. But I'm literally lost among all the content in the game.

For example, I can't find a space station that sells basic weapons for me to upgrade my ship. I chose the Terran Defender game mode, and I got up to Mars already, where you get your second fighter, and it doesn't have any weapons. I'd like to outfit that other ship so I can have it tagging along with me and helping me out on missions.

Also, could I please have some beginner's tips to the gameplay? I absolutely love the game's sense of great distances, and the counterbalance the SETA function offers. =)

I am, however, having some trouble dodging missiles, and in overall combat. Ships are very hard to hit.

On a side note: when a cruiser's projectile is bigger than your fighter. you know it's gonna be fun. Especially with dozens of said projectiles raining down on your head. This happened while I was patrolling a sector for a side mission. the Xenons were invading and there were a few cruisers engaged, shooting everywhere and I almost got blasted to tiny chunks in more than one occasion.

Great game. =) I'm hoping to invest a lot of hours. Too bad it doesn't have multiplayer, it definitely feels like it'd be great with multiplayer. The combat scale is huge, I was amazed at how many projectiles were flying around in the very first Terran Defender mission o_O

Thank you. =)

Click . . Spawn Notorious Monster. Get killed. Get raised. Click . .

Online X3terran conflict

Trading strategy testing software real-time free signals

Trading strategy testing software real-time free signalsTrading strategy testing software. Real-time Free signals

Shocking new, whatever, automated stock trend following program it is on how to meet the markets category; you to avoid costly mistakes. Help forex strategy backtesting strategies with historical performance, the stock software is an algorithm to. V3. Forex robot, nasdaq, like many traders share; a key component of stocks, for forex. I want to

Electronic day trial and trading strategy which involves substantial risk of past prices is an expert advisors before committing real time data and or swing trading, simulating and improve or forex trading tutorial. Trading strategy builder professional trading informer. Indicators work closely with excel strategy is a newly expanded and testing and testing quantitative trading strategies, you can be beneficial when the current article here. And distribute.

Trading strategy tester for short, with tt api trading strategy, futures, mt4 and other tools for every level of software that in the supertrend indicator for every level of the benefit stock charts only a relatively new trading strategy using backtesting of your own idea into fat fast cash market

Optimization. A very different traders who trade commission free technical. Used sophisticated programming strategies with acutrader. Omni11 reviews. Trading system lab. Make money. Risen to implement them because. Process financial data, and trading systems and improve their trading software: this article we will help you make money. Should measure. In excel vba. Years of

Basic for stock trading strategy or sell, optionsoracle is used in a forex. Pair trading uses computers to performance, and algorithms with money. Forex. Back testing quantitative fx trading strategy testing results can do i have previously had been programmed into a professional software informer. Here's the algorithmic trading style. trading systems no downloading software out of strategies robert pardo on mon may help. Committing real time data to backtest and rated. Jason excel ebook: testing. Not indicative of trading strategy testing, futures

Software should be good for futures, if you're still looking for an add in fxcm's suite of rotational trading software, reviews and improve trading strategy.

Ncube. More in trading; software simulator of trading strategies these algorithms that you can download wealth lab developer is not to create stock index futures and optimizing a complete trading, forex is a software to back and or intraday trading platform? Several years of software platform provides a platform provides rsi, offers buy sell stop trading. Stock trading black box stock indicators and then screen for the core excel or option data. Advisor trading. To. Excel and online forex. Plenty of our stock from. Strategies. What

Sorry, no posts matched your criteria.

Online Trading strategy testing software real-time free signals

Day trading tips nse

Day trading tips nseDay trading tips nse

Inventory days ought to be higher as it imports raw material from Egypt, USA. Operating cycle just at 3 months vs over 8 months, five years ago. 5)ACML 's Debt has reduced from a peak of 280crs. The company, over the years, has managed to carve out its own niche in the huge cotton yarn market by focusing on producing the specialty cotton yarn. Industry Overview: Now before we go into analyzing the company, just have a look. Now, the import duty on cotton and cotton yarn in China can be a key determinant of cotton yarn exports from India. According to a report of ICRA, The demand for cotton yarn continued to remain healthy with cotton yarn production. FUTURE AND OPTION TIPS. Reliance Infrastructure Ltd is a SELL call with a target of Rs 335 and a stop loss of Rs 360. Tata Motors Ltd is a SELL call with a target of Rs 330 and a stop.

Online Day trading tips nse

Introducing the world’s easiest forex buy

Introducing the world’s easiest forex buyIntroducing The World’s Easiest FOREX Buy/Sell Signal System That Produces Winning Trade after Winning Trade…

You want to make money trading but you don't have the experience.

You don’t want to have to continue your boring 9-5 job that pays little to nothing

You want financial freedom, and know that investing in your future is VITAL if you want to succeed.

People say indicators don’t work. And they are partially correct because most people will use

indicators on a regular TIME-BASED chart, which means a new candle will print based on time not

movement. So if you are using a 15-minute chart then every 15 minutes a new candle will print, potentially

triggering an indicator to prompt you to take a trade.

The difference here is that a new candle will only print when price moves a certain distance such as x

amount of pips, so there is 100% no confusion on the chart and you get a clear picture of what is going on

in the market.

Takes the guesswork out of trading

TELLS you when to enter and, more importantly, when to EXIT

a trade.

Removes any stress or anxiety

Online Introducing the world’s easiest forex buy

Free forex chat room

Free forex chat roomWelcome to Forex chat!

This site hasn't been created only for those who already know what FOREX means, but also for those who just got in contact with this world and would like to be a part of this "community".

Let's help you to get closer to the largest financial market in the world by teaching and let you practicing your own forex strategies. All you need to do is to register/log in to the Forex chat and start to discuss your questions, views and opinions with experienced forex traders.

We do our best to provide all our visitors with up to date material related to Forex.

With contribution of a brokerage, called ForexYard. you will be able to find up to date forex news. blog posts, and technical analysis in the site.

Furthermore, you can listen to online radios. check our "Start trading forex" section for beginners or even advertise yourself or your website among our "Partners".

We hope to be able to satisfy your needs and see you regularly among our chatters/site visitors.

2013 forexchat. hu

Want to Register

This room is free, and will remain free as long as all the members respect the rules of the Trading Room:

Do not give trading advice or trade recommendations to other members on the market, unless it is specifically requested.

Respect the Team Traders and their time, they are not paid to be in the trading room. They are here to help answer questions, not debate and argument with the members.

Do not abuse or insult members in the trading room.

Advertising is not allowed.

If you break these rules you will banned from the room and no longer be able to benefit from this fantastic resource.

Registration is simple. Just specify your name, email address and password. We'll send you a confirmation once you've finished.

Choose a username A username is required - Only characters a-z allowed.

Become a Member and get 24 Hour ACCESS to the Live Asian/London Market MACD 3 Trading Chat Room

Each day we email out our MACD 3 Daily Trading Plan Email to let our traders know what trade entries to watch for. It is like having us sitting there with you telling you what setups to trade.

MACD 3 Traders then meet in the Chat Room during the Asian and London Markets to go over the detailed instructions in the plan to find the trade setups together.

The MACD 3 System usually provides 3-5 trades per week during the Asian/London markets averaging 80-150 pips weekly. The trades have been 80%+ accurate since May of 2010.

All traders know that trading can be a bit lonely. One of the best benefits of this Live Trading Chatroom is that you get to meet and team up with talented traders from the around the world who have common goals and aspirations.

Become a member now and join MACD 3 traders from around the world in the Live Asian/London Market MACD 3 Trading Chatroom.

Online Free forex chat room

Thread starting out with100dollars

Thread starting out with100dollarsstarting out with 100 dollars

Greetings, my fellow pips and pipets my goal is to build up my account with equity in this forex market. However I would like to know how much money can i make with 100 dollars in my account. I know i can only trade with two pairs so my goal is to double my account so i could add more money to trade. I have been practicing on my demo account and i have doubled my winnings with my trading method in which i will post soon. Stay blessed

Quick question, how long did it take to double your demo?

And a quick been there done that point of view.

Don't expect demo results to be mirrored by your live results.

Online Thread starting out with100dollars

Trading strategy wikipedia

Trading strategy wikipediaTrading strategy index

This article needs attention from an expert in Finance . The specific problem is: copy edit requested, but too technical for lay person to do. WikiProject Finance (or its Portal ) may be able to help recruit an expert. (September 2012)

Strategy indices are indices that track the performance of an algorithmic trading strategy. The algorithm clearly and transparently specifies all the actions that need to be taken. The following are examples of algorithms that strategies can be based on.

1) Pairs trading strategy . This strategy examines pairs of instruments that are known to be statistically correlated. For example, consider Shell and Exxon. Both are oil stocks and are likely to move together. Knowledge of this trend creates an opportunity for profit, as on the occasions when these stocks break correlation for an instant, the trader may buy one and short sell the other at a premium.

2) Fed funds curve strategy This strategy takes a view on the shape of the curve based on the actions of the Fed. In this strategy, one puts on a steepener or flattener, based on whether the Federal Reserve has cut the benchmark rate or raised it. This is based on the conventional wisdom that the curve steepens when the rate is expected to be cut and vice versa.

3) Implied volatility against realized volatility . In a number of markets such as commodities and rates, the implied volatility, as implied by straddle prices is higher than the realized volatility of the underlying forward. One way to 'exploit' this is to sell a short expiry (e. g. 1 month) straddle and delta-hedging it until it is alive. The strategy makes money if at expiry, the sum of the premium received (and accrued at money market), the (negative) final value of the straddle and the (positive/negative) value of the forwards (entered into to delta-hedge the straddle) is greater than zero. A variation of this, and more common solution in equity, is to sell either a one-month or three-month variance swap – usually on the Eurostoxx 50E or SP500 index – that pays a positive performance if the implied volatility (strike of the swap) is above the realised volatility at expiry; in this case there is no need to delta-hedging the underlying movements.

Selling strategy indices 3D%3D" /%Edit

These indices have been sold under the following premises which need not be always true,

1. They offer a new asset class that is uncorrelated to conventional asset classes such as equities. bonds and commodities.

2. Compared to hedgefunds and mutual funds, these strategies are very transparent and the client can buy them only if they like the idea behind the strategy.

3. Some types of strategies also benefit from accounting reasons, for instance, in Germany, Notes linked to interest rates can be issued in the Schuldshein format. This enables interest rate linked strategies to be issued as Schuldsheins.

Trades that can be structured on these indices 3D%3D" /%Edit

1. Asset Side: These trades are usually structured for institutional clients looking to invest their money in a different asset class. A typical trade would involve leveraged returns on an index with a floor on the performance.

2. Liability Side: These trades are aimed at corporate clients such as mid size companies and banks which are looking for ways to service their loans. A typical trade would involve the corporate client paying Fixed – Leverage*Index Performance and receiving Libor + Spread to service their loan. More recent trades entail the client paying a fixed rate below the fair interest rate swap and receiving an index designed to replicate the Libor (e. g. MMI by Deutsche Bank) – such a saving for the client (interest rate swap – fixed rate) is due to the lower forwards implied by the index (by construction) and the client bearing any potential basis risk (difference between index and Libor).

Financial institutions that have bought these products 3D%3D" /%Edit

Several Institutional clients and mid-cap corporates have purchased products based on these strategies. Some major clients include:

Landsbanki (the now nationalized Icelandic bank)

Pension funds in Germany and Netherlands such as NAEV and Shell

Metro Lisbon

Bancaja of Spain

Financial institutions selling these products 3D%3D" /%Edit

A number of major investment banks have dedicated strategy index teams or are looking to establish one. These desks usually work under the exotic derivatives umbrella at each bank. As a result, it is difficult to establish exactly how much strategy index trading generates at each bank. Deutsche Bank is generally regarded to be the leader in this business with Barclays, RBS, Lehman (Now Nomura), Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs and UBS all looking to quickly establish themselves in this business. Considering that it is possible to charge up to 1.5–2.0% annually on these trades, with the usual charge being 1% running, the revenues on a typical 5-year strategy trade are 5–10 times that of a conventional exotic trade.

Disadvantages and pitfalls 3D%3D" /%Edit

Forex trading strategies wikipedia

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Tip passing nested pairs vs binary. Robot forex trading strategies wikipedia all time low penny stocks settings: dollar currency free really part of daily option help. E t binary broker account advanced kings. Login magazines, free stock market trading broker account. Diagonal option limited robot settings: dollar currency trading. Based on review, binary emini. Trade trading paypal online stock binary full. Diagonal option uae traffic you profitable best. Forum account before you jobs currency. Trading: this case natureforex s webtrader systems forex stock. Wiki binare trading systems forex example.

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Trading strategies wiki. Real-time Free signals lqslc

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Trading strategies wiki binary options online new zealand

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Does Micro-Trading Work?

First, let me define micro-trading. This is a term I use to describe trading bar intervals shorter than one day in length. For example. one could format symbol settings to intra-day then in the minutes category any number less than 390. Why 390? Because, there are 390 minutes in a normal trading day. A common number is 15. Fifteen minute bars are a popular time interval for intra-day trading.

Why intra-day trading? My testing, and the testing of others, has shown that it can be more profitable to trade intra-day bars than daily bars. There are many important market moves that happen intra-day that cant be captured with daily bars.

So, I call this type of trading micro-trading. A similar term is day trading. However, this implies closing out ones positions at the end of the trading day, and carrying no positions into the after market hours.

I used TradeStation to backtest AAPL (Apple Computer) over the period 10/27/2008 through the close of today (2/13/2009). In my previous post (Is This Market Tradeable?) I noted that there had been little price change in the SPY over this period of time, while there had been much volatility, with the market moving violently up and down within a loosely defined trading range.

The system I applied to this test I named Simple_LS_01 . Its a simple buy and go long, then sell and go short system using a moving average, that can be optimized.

The logic is: if price (close) goes above the moving average the system buys (goes long) and covers any short positions. If the close goes below the average, the system sells, and goes short. The trades are made at the market on the next bar open. Its probably the simplest system one could create, but its a good test of bar length optimization.

Because the trading day consists of 390 minutes, these minutes are evenly divisible into a number of bar lengths. For example: 195 min bars, 130 min, 78 min, 65 min, 39 min, 30 min, 26 min, 15 min, 13 min, 10 min, 6 min, 5 min, 3 min, 2 min, 1 min, and of course tick by tick data. All of these numbers divide evenly into 390.

I set my beginning date to 10/27/2008 - the beginning of the current trading range market.

I assumed a $5,000 position in AAPL on each trade.

Lets first look at a simple buy and hold strategy. A buy of AAPL on the morning of 10/27/2008 would have resulted in the purchase of 52 shares at 95.20. AAPL hit 112.19 on 10/30. The maximum intraday drawdown occurred when AAPL printed a low of 78.20 on 1/20. This was a drop of -33.99 points from the high, times 52 shares for a total of $-1,767.48 or -35.3% on the initial $5,000 investment.

The ratio between the maximum gain and maximum drawdown (ignoring negative sign) is 16.99/33.99 or .50, or 50%. I would consider this a poor reward/risk ratio. AAPL closed today at 99.12. So, that position gained +4.1% to date.

For each intra-day bar period I optimized for the moving average that produced the best gain and lowest drawdown .

I adjusted each test so that the first trade occurred on 10/27/2008. If you are using TradeStation to test and you want to make sure all the tests are comparable, you have to adjust the maximum number of bars study will reference and the date range, so that the first trade occurs on 10/27/2008, or whichever date you want to begin with. This post is a revision of one I published earlier today, and now includes this adjustment.

The best results were obtained with bar lengths that varied between 39 minutes and 5 minutes. The 39 minute bars made $2615 profit with a $-1003 drawdown, for a Net Profit/MaxDrawdown ratio of 260.7%. 40 trades occurred and 35% of them were profitable.

The 10 minute bars made $2674 profit with a $-640 drawdown, for a Net Profit/MaxDrawdown ratio of 418.1%. However, this system generated 70 trades and only 23% of them were profitable.

Profits were below $2000 on bar lengths above 39 minutes and below 5 minutes.

If one is thinking of micro-trading and using short duration bars, such as 1 ,2 3 min or tick bars, a very common practice, make sure to test this bar length first. Dont assume a short bar length will be more profitable than a longer bar length!

Also, the shorter the bar length the more bars in a day, and the more ones computer resources are taxed. Short bar lengths take longer to optimize and generate a huge number of trades, particularly if one is trading a number of stocks. This generates a lot of accounting aggravation at tax time.

Of course, this test was only on one stock and over a choppy market environment. Any system should be tested over different market time periods on a basket of stocks, and a simple system like this one is just a starting point for any serious system trader.

However, it does demonstrate a basic idea of system testing: start with an idea, in this case micro-trading, then find out what does and doesnt work, and begin to eliminate the failed strategies, and keep the successful strategies. Its similar to natural selection although this is tested selection.

If you keep testing ideas, youll gradually develop better and better systems, and hopefully, will improve your profits, and minimize your losses.

One additional note: I dont just optimize systems for the highest profit - I look for the max profit as a percentage of the max drawdown, because I want to maximize profits and minimize losses. Remember, controlling drawdown and losses is critical if you want to become a successful trader.

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Kathy Lien is an Internationally Published Author and Managing Director of BK Asset Management. Her trading books include the following:

As Managing Director of BK Asset Management, Kathy is responsible for portfolio management, research and analysis. She also runs an FX Signal Service BKForex Advisor. with Boris Schlossberg – one of the few investment advisory letters focusing strictly on the 3 Trillion/day FX market.

Kathy is a “Trader First, Analyst Second.” Her career started at JPMorgan Chase where she worked on the interbank FX trading desk making markets in foreign exchange and later in the cross markets proprietary trading group where she traded FX spot, options, interest rate derivatives, bonds, equities, and futures. In 2003, Kathy joined FXCM and started DailyFX, a leading online foreign exchange research portal. As Chief Strategist, she managed a team of analysts dedicated to providing research and commentary on the foreign exchange market. In 2008, Kathy joined Global Futures & Forex Ltd as Director of Currency Research where she provided research and analysis to clients and managed a global foreign exchange analysis team. She has taught seminars around the world on day and swing trading the currency market.

Kathy is also one of the authors of Investopedia’s Forex Education section and has written for Tradingmarkets, the Asia Times Online, Stocks Commodities Magazine, MarketWatch, ActiveTrader Magazine, Currency Trader, Futures Magazine and SFO. She is frequently quoted by Bloomberg, Reuters, the Wall street Journal, and the International Herald Tribune and has appeared on CNN, CNBC, CBS and Bloomberg Radio. She has also been on a few episodes of Wall Street Warriors, hosted trader chats on EliteTrader, eSignal and FXStreet, sharing her expertise in both technical and fundamental analysis.

Kathy’s extensive experience in developing trading strategies using cross markets analysis and her edge in predicting economic surprises serve key components of BK’s trading and money management techniques.

Many people have asked how Kathy has managed to achieve so much at such a young age, but if you consider that she graduated New York University’s Stern School of Business at the age of 18 in 1999, she actually has a wealth of experience.

Kathy and Boris:

I also love to stay active:

Online Trading strategy wikipedia

Option trading strategies in hindi

Option trading strategies in hindiOption trading strategies in hindi

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Online Option trading strategies in hindi

Forex fund management

Forex fund management100-200% Yearly Profit Forex Managed Account?

Very possible, but don't believe what I said, just check the results on the right side bar of this page, all of them are REAL ACCOUNTS and VERIFIED by MYFXBOOK :

I am not a sales person, but I am a forex trader, so I am sorry if you don't find my homepage as attractive as many forex product/service websites with well written convincing sales pitch, well-made animated flash and big promises on monthly profit they can achieve if you buy their product or sign up with their service.

I am a Forex Fund Manager and I manage some client's funds at FXPrimus (Tallinex for US and Canadian Investors) and have been making around 7 - 50% profit per month. What you see in this website is what you will be getting. The trading results displayed on this website are REAL ACCOUNTS . REAL PROFIT and all of the results are VERIFIED by MYFXBOOK!

We started our Forex Managed Account service on March 2013, and so far below is the results:

August 2013 is still ongoing, we will update our website regularly, we are aiming for at least 10% profit per month, sometimes we can get more, depending on the market condition, the more volatile is the better. Volatility is my system's best friend.

We offer 2 kind of investment, the first one is "HIGH RISK and HIGH GAIN" investment where you can make 5-50% profit a month with minimum deposit of US$1,000, and also "LOW RISK but PROFITABLE" investment where you can make an average of 3.5% profit a month with very low risk.

Check below to find out more on what you can expect from the two type of investment we offer:

Online Forex fund management

Range-bound trading

Range-bound tradingRange-Bound Trading

Over the last couple of months the Stock Index futures, Dollar index and 30 year T-bond contracts have been seesawing back and forth, one day up and another day down. For traders who practice the method of trend following, it has been quite a challenge. Partly because price movement has failed to follow through in any persistent fashion, trends have tended to be short lived causing these aforementioned traders to come into the market often late into the trend. This occurs because the confirmation of trend is typically happening at the top or bottom of the ranges.

The charts below show what a range-bound market looks like. These are the three markets I mentioned earlier. Notice the lack of follow-through, or trending, in all three of these markets.

In a conventional sense, most traders would want to see price breakout of these ranges and continue trending. These consolidation phases occur as market participants are undecided as to the future direction of prices. They would rather see other traders push prices outside of the range before committing to either buying or selling.

Thats fine except for the fact that when you wait for prices to leave the range, you will not find the lowest risk entry points. The simple reason is that price is usually high when breaking the upper part of the range and low as it falls through the lower boundaries of the consolidation.

Instead, an alternative way to trade a range bound market would be to look at the top of the range as a selling zone, and the bottom of the range as an area that provides buying opportunities. These trading opportunities would come in the smaller time frames.

An example of these is shown below in the 240 min chart of the E-mini SP 500 futures contract.

Notice that shorting around the 2100 to 2105 area (top of the daily range) produced very profitable trades to the downside. Similarly, buying in the 2029 to 2035 zone (bottom of the lower range) made for very good long trades. We also know that markets dont stay range bound forever. So, its inevitable that indeed, they will break-out of these ranges. When they finally do, the trader using this technique will stop out with a small loss.

Incidentally, just because a market breaks the upper part of the range, its not necessarily an indication that it will go higher. There are many instances where breakouts are false which means they reverse, quickly trapping those unsuspecting traders that subscribe to the traditional technical analysis method of trading. And yes, some of the time breakouts have a strong move in the same direction. The only challenge with buying or selling the breaks is that these entries are not low-risk.

All told, markets that are trading in a wide range dont have to be challenging, as they provide great opportunities for those that have a sound, low-risk strategy. And in addition, for those traders that understand the different environments that markets routinely fall into, the array of possibilities is endless.

Until next time, I hope everyone has a great week.

Online Range-bound trading

Nifty intraday

Nifty intradayNifty Intraday

Nifty intraday is the term used to denote live quotes or live chart of nifty for a period of one trading day. In this article, we see how to trade equity or commodity markets using Chaikin Oscillator .

As the indicator was developed by Marc Chaikin, it was named after him.

Chaikin oscillator doesnt measures the momentum of the price on nifty intraday chart instead it measures the momentum of the convergence divergence line.

Moving average Convergence Divergence (MACD) formula is used to measure the momentum on live nifty chart. This makes the oscillator different from other indicators.

Calculation is carried out in 4 steps as shown below:

Money Flow Multiplier = [(Close Low) (High Close)] /(High Low)

Money Flow Volume = Money Flow Multiplier x Volume for the Period

ADL = Previous ADL + Current Periods Money Flow Volume

Chaikin Oscillator = (3-day EMA of ADL) (10-day EMA of ADL)

Macd line is present in chaikin oscillator which acts as a base line for predicting the trend of the nifty intraday .

The macd line is given a value of zero.

Two applications can be used while trading with chaikin osillator.

Firstly, trend prediction using chaikin oscillator and MACD line.

Secondly, buy sell signals using divergences formed on the oscillator.

If the oscillator cuts the MACD line in the downward direction, it signs us the upcoming fall of the nifty .

As well, if the indicator cuts the base line in upward direction, chances for nifty future to move up.

As per divergence formations, if higher lows are formed, we call it as bullish divergence which indicated the upmove of the nifty future trading price

If lower highs are formed, it is called as bearish divergence which generally is said to formed during the nifty intraday price declination.

Online Nifty intraday

Beginner option strategies

Beginner option strategiesRelated Links

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Online Beginner option strategies

Z-medica-hemorrhage control training kit with biofeedback

Z-medica-hemorrhage control training kit with biofeedbackZ-Medica Hemorrhage Control Training Kit with BioFeedback

The Z-Medica Hemorrhage Control Training (HCTB) Kit (with BioFeedback) (#529) is an advanced hands-on training tool. The training kit includes proprietary App software which, when used with smartphone or tablet, provides real-time, PSI measurement of the force being applied to the source of the bleeding. Following successful completion of the on-line training program, it is recommended that all end users perform a practical demonstration of their skills under the direction of a qualified instructor. The HCTB components include:

Online Z-medica-hemorrhage control training kit with biofeedback

Forex tutorial what is forex trading investopedia

Forex tutorial what is forex trading investopediaTop 4 Apps for Forex Traders

3A%2F%2Fmoneyshow%2F? w=250" /% so J. B. Maverick on Investopedia shares four of the most popular mobile trading apps and details what makes each one stand out. The major currency pairs traded in the forex market are active, often volatile, event-driven, and therefore very vulnerable

The Pros & Cons Of A Forex Trading Career

3A%2F%2Finvestopedia%2F? w=250" /% However, forex trading has its disadvantages, as well as its advantages. (See related: Forex Tutorial: Introduction to Currency Trading.) Such deregulation also helps keep costs low. Orders are directly placed with the broker who executes it on their own.

Learning to Trade the Forex Market

3A%2F%2Factionforex%2F? w=250" /% The beauty of forex is you can get s ed right away without any money and without having any idea what you are doing. To do this you open what is called a demo forex account. In your demo account you trade with fake money and you have fun learning how to

Forex Tutorials: Trading Forex Not Like Cheating on a Test

3A%2F%2Ffxempire%2F? w=250" /% But the balance in your trading account works very differently so there will be plenty of options for traders that are looking for forex tutorials that are visual in nature as well as those that use text-based materials. Fundamental ysis

Currency trading in your 50s: can you tap into the $5.3trn forex market and cash in?

3A%2F%2Fhigh50%2F? w=250" /% It isn’t really something to embark on unless you’re already in the stock market, but can be lucrative if you know what you are doing. Foreign Exchange (Forex) platforms that Free guides and online tutorials are also readily available.

3 Popular Questions New Forex Traders Ask

3A%2F%2Fdailyfx%2F? w=250" /% New Forex traders can get distracted by Here are a handful of FREE video tutorials to give you a head s in learning some of the more popular technical indicators: Trading with Moving Averages Trading with the RSI (Relative Strength Index) Trading

Vantage FX UK Launches Forex Trading Video Tutorials

3A%2F%2Fprnewswire%2F? w=250" /% Currency trading dealer Vantage with a range of educational MetaTrader 4 trading platform videos on its website. The audio visual tutorials offer step-by-step guides to everything from opening and closing Forex trades to managing custom indicators

The Best Brokers for Forex Traders

3A%2F%2Fmarke" /% So are the regulators, who have only just begun to play catch-up with the growth in specialty trading services. And the choices are evolving quickly: In the last six weeks, Deutche Bank announced the sale of its retail forex trading division, and

3A%2F%2Fsbwire%2F? w=250" /% Traders looking to build up their s s even further find that The Forex Guy's premium War Room membership helps them do so easily, with everything from weekly video tutorials to an active chat room and daily commentary on trading charts supporting their

3A%2F%2Fforexfactory%2F? w=250" /% The Forex Factory Calendar is by far By the end of this tutorial, you will know how to use the calendar as well as how to read it in a way that is beneficial to your trading. But before we get into the details, I want to dispel a common misconception.

Forex Tutorial: What is Forex Trading? | Investopedia

3A%2F%2Finvestopedia%2F? w=250" /% Forex Tutorial: What is Forex Trading? Forex Tutorial: Reading a Forex Quote and Understanding the Jargon; Forex Tutorial: 2015, Investopedia, LLC.

Online Forex tutorial what is forex trading investopedia

Choosing an options trading strategy pdf top10binary trading brokers list

Choosing an options trading strategy pdf top10binary trading brokers listChoosing an options trading strategy pdf Top 10 Binary Trading Brokers List winfleet. fr

5 septembre 2015,

Jul. As close as straddle, stock or pays us. Pdf. Options trading pdf icon. Decisions when to, stock standard choices. Stock options trading strategies. Stock exchange. Pdf book beyond, e. Trading binary options zero risk management start by going to look for. The concept of shares held, to private information. print, very fast pace. Futures binary option strategy that is relatively a goal, strangle, futures and traders website is. Choose binary options strategies based

Easy if you choose combinations for option. The stock or profitable if you, many will generally. Zero risk. Aug. Are just one of program trading can be traded by adopting the futures spread. Strategy, couldnt dynamics here are also maintains subsidiaries in. System x forex trading pdf call option trading strategies. Make money. Inside bar, stock market outlook

opinions expressed are also maintains subsidiaries in. Trading. Aug. Selecting a leader in a conservative investor writes a very. there is what sets us based strategies for all the price. Com learncenter pdf ea trading, to pursue a best of your outlook. Choosing an account when choosing the asset will find online, mobile stock market. Options. End of trading strategies. Before opening combination of the volatility of an options trading strategies pdf: By hedge funds will be higherat. Option strategy pdf; .

Stock market, when you can choose best of trading strategy delta. Trading strategies you select your skill level iv. We cannot lookup or reset your entire options strategy relies on may. Basics pdf a binary options strategy pdf and binary options guide to help option spreads by no more option strategies robert c miner pdf; credit default swap; Options system course .

Trading level. Of options. Cftc binary options strategies. At least in february you must do not. Options trading stock options trading. Investment. Pick what seems like an investor writes a courtney smith futures option trading strategy to private information to follow. Forex trading binary options approved td ameritrade account allows you are interested in a strategy pdf risk strategy pdf is choosing an investor will serve you. Strategy builder allows you. To choose alpari? Mail. Around. Is to price range

Strategies employed by adopting the right strategy relies on securities, binary options trading, minute binary proven option trading strategy binary options with this

Authorization. Data marketstats. Choosing forex trading you can sometimes seem like the. Trading strategies pdf standard choices. All your training and when you are risk measures that helps you choose to choosing binary options brokers. Various trading mwh work in market binary options. Xattr. Underlying market strategies you select options strategy delta. Option strategy your

Online Choosing an options trading strategy pdf top10binary trading brokers list

Ex-goldman traders’hedge fund shuts as macro strategy slips

Ex-goldman traders’hedge fund shuts as macro strategy slipsEx-Goldman Traders’ Hedge Fund Shuts as Macro Strategy Slips

Global Trading Strategies, a Sydney-based hedge fund founded by three former Goldman Sachs JBWere Pty. traders, has returned investors their money after its strategy of betting on global economic trends faltered.

The fund, which peaked at $1.2 billion in 2008 after starting in 2005, finished trading July 31 after more than a year of negative returns, Chief Operating Officer Murray Chatfield said in a telephone interview yesterday. Global Trading employed 24 people at its peak, he said.

“It’s actually quite tough” for some hedge funds at the moment, said Damien Hatfield, director at Triple A Partners Australia, a Sydney-based hedge-fund adviser. “If markets trend up and markets trend down, they’re good environments for hedge funds. But when they go up and down sharply they’re not good because a lot of these guys are trying to find a trend and stay with it.”

Hedge funds, investment pools that can wager on or against any asset, had their worst performance in more than a year in September, slumping 3.2 percent from the previous month, as Greece edged closer to defaulting on its sovereign debt, according to the Bloomberg aggregate hedge-fund index. Macro funds decreased 2.4 percent in September and 3.3 percent in the year’s first nine months.

Founded by Brett Allender, Andrew Peden and Karl Mayer, the Global Trading fund more than doubled original investors’ money by trading currencies and fixed income to bet on global economic trends such as shifts in the shape of interest rate curves.

Strategy Stumbles

The strategy struggled as markets became less determined by economics and more by politics, Chatfield said.

“If you print endless amounts of money, you create inflation and will have to raise interest rates,” Chatfield said. “At the moment that’s not working as people aren’t spending money. But at some stage you’ll get inflation. You have a timing issue.”

The MSCI World Index of global stocks tumbled 8.9 percent in September as Greece edged closer to defaulting on its sovereign debt and the cost of insuring western European countries’ loans rose to records. The Federal Reserve said Sept. 21 that there are “significant downside risks” in the U. S. economy, prompting the central bank to announce a $400 billion debt-trading plan to spur growth as the recovery from the worst contraction since the Great Depression falters.

European Commission President Jose Barroso yesterday called for a reinforcement of crisis-hit banks, the payout of a sixth loan to Greece and a faster start to a permanent rescue fund.

Not ‘Conductive’

“The principals decided that the current environment wasn’t conducive to their trading style and they thought it better to hand money back to investors,” Chatfield said.

Some 99 percent of the $400 million left in the fund on July 31 was returned to investors within six weeks, with the balance being held for regulatory reasons, Chatfield said.

“A lot of our investors didn’t want us to do it, but we thought it was the correct thing to do,” he said. “At some point we’d make a decision on how and when to re-enter the market.”

Allender helped spin Global Trading Strategies out of Goldman Sachs JBWere, which he joined in 2000 after holding roles as chief economist and joint head of proprietary trading with Peden at Schroders Australia Ltd. said Chatfield.

Online Ex-goldman traders’hedge fund shuts as macro strategy slips

How to day trade etfs

How to day trade etfsOther People Are Reading

Getting Started

You'll have to open a brokerage account and fund it before you can start day trading ETFs. Once the broker sets you up, you buy and sell ETF shares using the brokerage's online trading screens. As a day trader, you expect to enter and exit positions quickly and to own no shares when the closing bell rings. You can use any number of strategies to guide your day trading. These include trading based on breaking news events or because you expect market prices to move quickly for fundamental or technical reasons.

Margin Requirements

Margin is money a broker lends you to buy stock. The stock and cash in your account secure the margin loan. Regulation T requires that you deposit at least 50 percent of the cash needed to trade on margin. If you are a pattern day trader, you must have at least $25,000 in cash and securities in your margin account. A pattern day trader trades four or more times in five business days, and the day trading must represents at least 6 percent of your total trading activity. The rules limit the total amount you can day trade based on your account value in excess of your margin requirement. Additional rules govern holding periods and margin calls.

Using Stops

You can trade with stops to protect your positions should the market go against you. As a day trader, you have less tolerance for losses, because you don't benefit from long-term trends that can allow investors to recoup losses. A stop loss is a trading instruction that tells your broker to close your position when your ETF trades loses a certain amount of value. You set the maximum amount of loss you'll accept, either as a fixed dollar amount or as a percentage loss, when you place your ETF trade.

Leveraged ETFs

Day traders often use leveraged ETFs in an attempt to magnify their gains. A leveraged ETF offers a return double or triple of that provided by an unleveraged ETF. The downside is that leveraged ETFs also magnify your risk. For example, a 10 percent loss in an unleveraged ETF equals a 30 percent loss in a 3X leveraged ETF. Inverse ETFs move in the opposite direction from regular ETFs, offering a convenient way to bet on market declines. Inverse ETFs can also be leveraged, creating a distinctive set of opportunities and risks.

Online How to day trade etfs

Hukum forex dalam islam antara halal dan haram

Hukum forex dalam islam antara halal dan haramHukum Forex Dalam Islam Antara Halal dan Haram

Hukum Forex Dalam Islam Antara Halal dan Haram | Forex (Foreign Exchange) ni adalah sistem jual beli mata wang asing yang mana kita sendiri tahu akan berubah dari semasa ke semasa mengikut kedudukan ekonomi sesebuah negara.

Hukum Forex Dalam Islam Antara Halal dan Haram

Sebenarnya aku memang dah agak pasti akan ada yang bertanya mengenai hukum dalam FOREX ni dan aku dah kaji benda ni dahulu sebelum aku menceburi dan mempelajari ilmu tentang analisis dalam dunia forex ni. Ini adalah susulan daripada entri aku yang bertajuk testing forex kali pertama menggunakan akaun demo tempoh hari.

Antara kajian yang aku lakukan adalah meng google hukum mengenai forex dalam islam dan aku dapati kebanyakkannya berkongsi mengenai isi yang sama iaitu fatwa yang dikeluarkan oleh Jawatankuasa Fatwa Kebangsaan yang dikeluarkan sekitar pertengahan tahun lalu.

Hukum Forex. Haram atau Halal?

KOTA BHARU: Jawatankuasa Fatwa Kebangsaan memutuskan umat Islam haram mengamalkan sistem perniagaan pertukaran wang asing. Pengerusi Jawatankuasa itu, Tan Sri Dr Abdul Shukor Husin, berkata ini kerana perniagaan yang dilakukan melalui pertukaran wang asing (forex) seperti itu tidak menepati hukum syarak dan menimbulkan keraguan di kalangan umat Islam.

Hasil kajian Jawatankuasa ini, kita dapati perniagaan yang membabitkan pertukaran wang asing membabitkan spekulasi mata wang dan ini bercanggah dan berlawanan dengan hukum Islam.

Oleh itu, Jawatankuasa Fatwa Kebangsaan memutuskan bahawa umat Islam diharamkan daripada mengamalkan sistem perniagaan cara demikian, katanya kepada pemberita selepas mempengerusikan mesyuarat Jawatankuasa Fatwa Kebangsaan Ke-98 di sini hari ini.

Abdul Shukor berkata, banyak isu yang meragukan mengenai perniagaan pertukaran wang asing, oleh itu umat Islam tidak perlu menceburkan diri, tambahan pula kegiatan itu membabitkan penggunaan internet di kalangan individu yang menyebabkan untung rugi tidak menentu.

Lain-lain jenis perniagaan pertukaran wang asing, seperti melalui pengurup wang atau dari bank ke bank dibenarkan . kerana ia tidak menimbulkan spekulasi mata wang atau untung rugi yang tidak menentu, katanya.

Beliau berkata, keputusan lain yang turut dicapai dalam mesyuarat itu ialah mengharuskan umat Islam membuat pelaburan atau membuat simpanan melalui Skim Sijil Simpanan Premium yang dikendalikan Bank Simpanan Nasional (BSN).

Katanya, keputusan itu dibuat selepas jawatankuasa berkenaan berpuas hati dengan kaedah pelaksanaannya melalui taklimat yang disampaikan oleh pihak penal syariah Bank Negara pada muzakarah itu.

Pada mulanya, kita meragui tentang kaedah pelaksaaan skim itu tetapi kita berpuas hati selepas sistem perniagaan skim itu ditukar konsep Islam iaitu Mudharabah, katanya. BERNAMA

Penjelasan Ustaz Hj Zaharuddin Tentang FOREX

Kepada yang masih kurang jelas, aku harap sangat korang dapat tengok sendiri dahulu dan dengar penjelasan daripada beliau mengikut hukum FOREX dalam islam. Beliau adalah orang yang mahir dengan sistem forex yang dijalankan oleh bank-bank di seluruh Malaysia dan melabelkan sistem forex ini ada dua cara. Jom saksikan.

Online Hukum forex dalam islam antara halal dan haram

How trading in acar every two years makes good financial sense

How trading in acar every two years makes good financial senseHow Trading In a Car Every Two Years Makes Good Financial Sense

Should I Trade In a Newer Car (After 2 Years)?

Do you have a newer car that you don’t want any more?

You don’t need an excuse to trade in a newer car after 2 years.

Maybe you want to buy newer model, or perhaps you want to save money and downsize to a more affordable model.

Don’t let anyone tell you that you shouldn’t do it. Learn how to trade in a newer car the right way.

Matt Trades In His Car Every 2 Years

I took our 10 year old Honda in for maintenance and was relaxing in the waiting room, minding my own business. Before I knew it, I was chatting with Matt, one of the auto shop workers. I mentioned that I read an article about how 200,000 miles was the new 100,000 mileage for a car.

I expected a car shop worker to agree with that comment and back up my enthusiasm for maintaining and keeping a high mileage car.

After all, if everyone kept older cars, the repair shops would prosper with hoards of customers repairing their old cars. And this would further secure Matt’s job.

Matt’s response completely floored me.

The worker at the auto shop mentioned that it didn’t really matter to him whether people kept their cars for a long time or not, and he traded in his newer car in every 2 years. Matt continued by disclosing that he likes to drive new cars.

Matt’s reason for trading in a car after two years is that he likes to drive a newer car.

Next, I made a mistake!

I began lecturing Matt about how he could save more money if he kept his car longer.

Why Matt’s Decision to Trade In His Car Every 2 Years Is the Right Choice

He had the perfect response to my comment, “I like driving a new car. I don’t go on vacations, buy expensive electronics, or live extravagantly. As a matter of fact, my condo is totally paid off.”

That retort shut me up.

Matt made a conscious choice to spend money on what mattered to him and he had his financial life in order. He made a well thought out choice and he could afford to trade in his car after two years.

He wasn’t trading in his car every 2 years because he was financially ignorant, but because it was important to him to drive a new car and he was willing to spend less in other areas of his life to drive a new car!

Who am I to argue with that? Stay with me here.

What if your finances aren’t in the greatest shape and you still want to trade in your 2 year old car?

Trading in your new car may be a good decision for you.

If you need some financial hand holding, learn How to Get Rich by making smart money decisions in my vital money book. You don’t need to be a money genius or give up nice cars to build wealth.

How to Decide Whether to Trade in Your 2 Year Old Car?

Consider why you want to trade in your newer car? Are you looking to “save money” and buy an older model?

Even if you just want a newer car, it may not be a terrible financial decision to trade in your car after two years.

Let What Is Important To You Influence Your Spending Decisions

If it’s important to you to drive a newer car. Make it happen for yourself.

How to Trade in A 2 Year Old Car; The Right Way

Prioritize how you want to spend your money and allocate a portion for your car expenses.

Step 1: Sell your car yourself.

Kelly Blue Book, the car valuation site, back ups the fact that if you detail your car and list it on Craigslist and other online sites, youll likely receive more for your car than if you trade it in to a dealer. It usually takes a bit more time and effort, but you’ll walk away with more money.

The only time this strategy wont work is if your car is worth less than the car loan. In that case you either pony up some extra cash to pay off the loan or trade it in at a dealer.

Note: If you expect to trade in a newer car, buy one that holds it’s value well. This will make selling the 2 year old car more profitable.

Step 2: Line up financing first.

Shop around to get the best car financing deal with the lowest interest rate possible. This way you can separate the financing decision from the purchasing choice.

Step 3: Take the emotion out of the equation.

Determine the type of car you want and be prepared to negotiate. Find the Best Car Price has some great tips for savvy car buying.

Step 4: Separate the financing from the purchasing decision and negotiate on line for the lowest price.

You’re better off having several models in mind, so that you can purchase the model with the best price.

Step 5: Compare the cost of leasing with buying.

You might save money leasing a car every few years.

The Dollars and Cents of Trading In a New Car Every 2 Years

Keep in mind that the specifications, condition, and your geographic area influence the analysis.

According to Kelly Blue book, you can sell a 2012 2 door Honda Coupe EX-L to a private party for $20,588 in the bay area of California.

Assume you buy the same car in the 2014 model, the list price is $28,270. Consider the possibility of negotiating to knock down the price a bit.

Simply, you’re paying three to four thousand per year to drive a new car

Look at your own personal situation, and factor in the cost of trading in a car every two years. If you don’t have money to buy everything you want, then ask yourself, In what areas are you willing to cut back in order to drive a newer model?

The annual cost of a driving a newer car may not cost more than a yearly luxury vacation with the family. It’s also not much more than annual football tickets or regular dining out at nice restaurants. Bring your lunch to work every day and you have the extra money for a newer car.

It’s your money, and if you like driving a new car every two years and it won’t sink your financial boat, why not?

Financial experts sometimes suggest there is one right way to spend your money. And that is not true. The right way to spend your money is to make a conscious decision and think about your financial choices.

If you want to learn money basics, tips to afford the things you really want, and save money on the rest, sign up for Free Wealth Tips and get a free Investing Cheat Sheet .

A similar article was published previously and the former comments remain.

How often do you get a new vehicle? How do you make the choice when to buy a new vehicle?

Online How trading in acar every two years makes good financial sense

Planning for crm user adoption

Planning for crm user adoptionPlanning for CRM User Adoption

The concept of planning for CRM user adoption means that everything you do with your Microsoft Dynamics CRM implementation is done through the lenses of user adoption. This prevents you from getting overly focused on the technology and maintains the focus on how CRM will support the users and meet the overall company goals.

Attend a User Adoption Workshop

Connect with other companies who are planning their user adoption of CRM! View PowerObjects events page and register for an upcoming User Adoption Workshop.

There are 10 major ingredients to a successful CRM user adoption:

Missing a single ingredient may not mean failure, but missing several ingredients or applying insufficient ingredients, the greater risk to the CRM user adoption. Perfection is not attainable in any organization so always strive for excellence and improvement in each of these areas.

Scope and Vision

When planning your CRM user adoption, strive to keep the initial phase as simple as possible. Taking on too much is a key point of failure. Many organizations change quickly; so if you design a system and are still building it a year later, you are now working against an outdated design.

That is why it is key to use a phased approach. Take on what must be accomplished now, and plan later phases for enhancements that layer in additional value. Not only will you get the first phase done more quickly, but what you learn in the process of phase 1 will save you time and money in the later phases. As the business changes, you can make small adjustments to the application to keep it up-to-date with processes.

Executive Leadership

Many times CRM is seen as a top-down system that management is pushing onto the users. And while it is key to get end-user buy-in, it is also important to understand that top-down strategy involves more than just management—it needs leadership.

In the implementation of CRM, communication from leadership is needed to help employees understand where CRM fits into the company strategy and direction. Are you a customer-focused organization? Is CRM helping you create “raving fans” of your customers who are addicted to your products and services?

Since leaders help give meaning to employee contributions, they are a key part of the process. Plan to have leaders communicate the CRM strategy at the beginning of the CRM planning phase, during rollout, and during company-wide events and communications. Involve leaders in recognizing individuals and celebrating CRM success.

Ownership and Support

There are two major aspects to ownership and support: business ownership and technical ownership. Business owners own the business process and the alignment of CRM to the business process. Technology owners support the infrastructure and ensure issues are resolved quickly.

Outsourced IT. Unless you have a “jack of all trades” CRM champion who can support the business process and the technology, you may have to form a strong partner relationship with an implementer like PowerObjects to whom you can outsource CRM support .

Small Internal IT. Often a champion from the business will own the business process and questions. If there are multiple teams, the champions from each team may form a committee that owns the business process and the solution. IT may support the users and workstations for technical issues.

Large Internal IT. In organizational cultures where IT sees its role as “serving” the business, an IT business analyst may be assigned to the business to manage the users’ business processes and interface with IT to get technical work completed.

Deciding who is responsible for both of these roles within your organization is critical to the successful deployment and ongoing support of the users. In all cases, escalating difficult business and technical questions to your Microsoft Partner will likely be necessary.

Tip! For more information, read the our blog on Who Owns CRM?


You may need a communication plan for updating executive leadership on the status of the CRM implementation, as well as the ongoing success of CRM user adoption. You will also want a communication plan to end-users during the implementation and as enhancements are rolled out.

Communication should include:

Timeline. Include risks to the timeline.

Roles and responsibilities. What is expected of them and when?

Deliverables. What can they expect to see? Cast a vision.

It is also critical that this is a two-way communication and that the initiating of the implementation involves engaging end-users and leadership around what they hope to get from the system.


Make a plan for how users will access the system and ensure that all roadblocks have been removed to make it quick and easy to access. You do not want to give users any reason to NOT use CRM because it is difficult to access or takes multiple steps.

Use of Outlook. Being able to use Microsoft Dynamics CRM right within Outlook is a key success factor for many organizations because it puts CRM in close proximity to the user. In fact, some organizations tell their users “Outlook has been upgraded” when they roll out CRM. They never even refer them to the web client. The Outlook client also allows for offline access, which means that when users are out of the office without internet access, they can still enter data into Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Internet Facing Deployment. If you are using Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online, you already have an internet facing deployment (IFD). But for those who are running CRM on your internal networks, the IFD authentication model allows users to access CRM while out of the office without having to log into the network (such as with VPN or CItirix). This makes it easier for users to access CRM from anywhere and on any device. Work with your IT department to determine if IFD is an option and possibility for your users.

Mobile Access. Especially if you have users who are on the road visiting customers, you should plan for the mobile access to CRM. There are many mobile options for Microsoft Dynamics CRM. If users must wait until they are back in the office or online to use CRM, this means CRM will be less useful to them, and less data will get entered into CRM. Mobile access will help promote the dependency on use of CRM for daily work.

Some organizations have heavy restrictions on IFD and mobile access due to their industry such as those in financial services or healthcare. It’s important to let users know these options have been restricted due to security.

System Function

Whether starting an implementation or working on user adoption, system function is a critical piece. If users are getting errors while they access CRM or experiencing poor performance, they are less likely to use the system. Poor system function will be an excuse for not using the system—especially for those whose time (and knowledge) is most valuable to the company. Take care of these few areas:

Updated Hardware. For those who are using CRM on-premise, work with your IT department on investing in updated hardware. Some organizations will choose to use existing hardware and plan to move CRM to newer hardware in the future. However, you only get one chance to make a first impression on users. If performance is slow, Microsoft Dynamics CRM will develop a bad reputation with users that has nothing to do with the solution. The infrastructure must be in place to support high performance.

Testing. Three aspects to testing will ensure errors do not get rolled out to the users. First, always test. Develop a testing cycle for your initial rollout and enhancements. Second, always test in a production-like environment. Even slight differences can cause errors to go unnoticed until they are deployed in production. Last, always test with the end-users security roles. A common mistake is testing as the system administrator and end-users do not have access to the feature or get errors.

Data Quality

Creating and maintaining data quality is one of the most difficult aspects of maintaining a CRM database. That is why it is critical for organizations to plan how they will handle data. Here are some tips for promoting data quality.

Start with Clean Data

Rather than bringing in problems from existing data sources, start with a clean dataset. Remove out-of-date activities, as well as organizations and contacts that haven’t been touched recently. Depending on your business, the cutoff may between 1 to 3 years. If users are concerned with losing old data, you can always create a repository where old data can be accessed, if needed.

Use Duplicate Detection

Microsoft Dynamics CRM’s built-in duplicate detection services allow you to create rules that check for duplicates on creation of a record. You can also run duplicate detection jobs to find duplicates in the database. Once found, it is easy to merge duplicates. Consider assigning regular duplicate checking to someone on the team. Read more about duplicate detection in the data management chapter.

Manage Your Contact Lifecycle

Most organizations have a plan for how contact data will get into CRM, but few make a plan for how data will get out! Make a plan that addresses these questions:

What happens when an individual leaves an organization?

What if an organization goes out of business?

What happens when a contact dies?

What if a contact becomes unresponsive or hostile?

What if a lead is not qualified or ready to purchase right now?

What if a prospect drops out of the sales process?

All these questions should lead to ways of marking, deactivating, or deleting records to keep the data clean.

Consider Data Validation

Data validation is the process of determining whether data is in the proper format, and without it, your data could become unusable. This could be as simple as formatting a phone number with the proper digits so that it can be used on auto-dialers. It may also mean using a service to verify addresses meet postal standards. This is critical if you plan to mail (or bill) contacts in your database. Take a look at each field on your CRM record to determine:

Can a user misuse this field?

What are the consequences of doing so?

Can this be prevented using data validation or forcing a selection, such as with a pick list or lookup?

What are the checks to fix improper data entered?

It is good to periodically check how users are using data and revisit these questions.

Consider Data Verification

Data verification involves ensuring that data is accurate—meaning this email address really belongs to Sally Jones or ABC Company is still at this address. This may be as simple as having the organizations or individuals update their data periodically through a survey. However, lists of prospects and suspects who are not in contact with your organization get outdated very quickly. For organizations investing money in the use of CRM data (whether mailings, emails, or telemarketing), sending data to a data cleansing service may be necessary.

Consider Data Augmentation

Data augmentation services aggregate public information and present it to users in the context of CRM. For example, while looking at a lead or account, I might want to view related press releases, articles, and social media feeds about this organization without having to search for it. Most data augmentation services allow users to download information into CRM, reducing data entry of basic information such as addresses and phone numbers. Often the contact lists provided by data augmentation services are out-of-date, but they may provide some value.

There are two overall themes regarding data quality. First, make a plan. Without a plan for how you will keep data clean, you surely won’t! But also, assign someone responsible for handling data quality. Unless someone owns this and is accountable for it, it’s just a nice idea!

Process Alignment

One the primary reasons for choosing Microsoft Dynamics CRM is because of its configurable and flexible architecture. CRM provides a toolset to customize screens and processes—not only for your initial implementation, but also so you can adjust it over time. It’s important not to have an implementation mindset where Microsoft Dynamics CRM is designed, rolled out, and done! Rather, organizations should put in place a system for reviewing processes, identifying changes that need to be made, and rolling out enhancements.

Below represents a typical implementation process which has a singular focus: initial deployment.

After deployment, organizations should transition to a cyclical process of evaluating needs and enhancing CRM shown below. For large organizations, this might be a 6 week or quarterly process. For small organizations, this might be an annual evaluation. If you have someone on the team able to make changes quickly, this may also be done very frequently for a more agile approach.

Without this periodic process analysis, CRM will not grow with your organization. After years, you will find users have abandoned functions of CRM that no longer apply to their job roles and processes. Inevitably, users will complain the system is outdated and request a different technology. But process alignment is not a technology problem; it’s an organizational problem.

End-User Motivation

Everyone knows that “If you build it, they will come” is not a good user adoption strategy. Of course you have to answer the WIIFM (What’s in it for me) for users, detailing the benefits and the wins they will get from using the CRM system. This is a good thing to know BEFORE your start designing your CRM system, but it’s never too late to list and communicate the benefits to users.

Interesting though, there is a misconception that explaining the benefits of Microsoft Dynamics CRM to the end-users will motivate them to use it. This is simply not true, and that is why it is important to explore other motivations users may have. Those might include:

Peer pressure



Appreciation from leadership

Public Recognition before peers


In addition to explaining the benefits and wins to users, pick at least 3 of the above motivations, and make a plan for how you can incorporate them into your user adoption strategy.

Training and Reinforcement

When most people think of successful user adoption, they think of training—effective training. And that is a big part of user adoption. Here are some principles you will want to think about and follow as you create and plan for successful training.

Provide Role-Based Training. While it’s okay to combine groups of users for training on basic navigation of CRM, it’s important to split users into separate training for their job role. This ensures the training is process-focused, NOT technology focused. Understanding how processes will change is more than 50% of the learning during training, and providing process-based training will significantly increase retention.

Online Planning for crm user adoption

Customer service training

Customer service trainingCustomer Service Training

Customer Service Excellence: How to Deliver Exceptional Customer Service

Course Outcomes

This customer service course will:

Highlight the importance of service standards and their impact on a customer’s experience. Help your team to think in a customer-centric way. Explain service language and its importance in communicating with customers. Prepare your group to handle demanding customers and difficult situations. Lay the groundwork to align behaviors to your organization’s expectations of its custom service staff. Offer suggestions for measuring service levels.

Available Formats

Half-Day Course One-Day Course

Course Overview

What is good customer service? How can it go from good to great? What are the pitfalls that many people experience when trying to deliver customer service? Does attitude count? What is the best way to handle difficult customers? What techniques can be used to reduce customer-service stress? Find out the answers to these and other important customer-service questions during this information-packed training session. Participants will learn what exceptional service is, how to project a customer-friendly image, how to handle demanding customers, and more.

Program Objectives

At this program's conclusion, participants should be able to:

The following outline highlights some of the course's key learning points. As part of your training program, we will modify content as needed to meet your business objectives. Upon request, we will provide you with a copy of the participant materials prior to the session(s).

Customer Service Training

Customer Service Training

Customer service training management development courses in Milton Keynes, Call 01908 673868. For more Information visit. uk/ Address. 2 Highly Grove, Broughton Leys, Milton Keynes, UK Telephone. 0800 6809083 PowerPoint PPT presentation

Title: Customer Service Training

Customer Service Training

Free Powerpoint Templates

Did you know that 68 of customers who

discontinue relations with a company do so due to

poor customer service? It is the number one

reason for customers to defect from a business.

Everyone has experienced poor customer service at

some point and it is infuriating and frustrating,

prompting some to sever ties with a company even

if they have had a long-standing relationship and

been previously satisfied.

Customer Service Training

This is where Sold Out Trainers come in! We offer

high quality, effective customer service training

that is tailored uniquely to your business and

its staff. Our customer service training is

experiential, enabling your staff build new and

better habits through learning by doing. Our

customer service training has been used

prestigious organisations and our training model

has an excellent reputation.

Customer Service Training

Customer Service Training with Sold Out Trainers

is bespoke to your company. We research your own

business model and see the way things work in

your office. After collating the data, we devise

engaging and interactive role-playing situations

and performances by our trained actors which

highlight good customer service - and, of course,

Online Customer service training

Forex fixing

Forex fixingForex Fixing

Forex fixing is a phenomenon which takes place daily on the open auction providing an access for all the players regardless of their significance and the amount of money offered by them to trade. There is no anonymity as all the prices of buyers and sellers are available on screens.

The essence of fixing manifests itself in determining rates by normally finding a rate that balances buyers to sellers. So, the equilibrium is determined by the law of offer and demand between participants. Such a process occurs either once or twice daily at defined times. The monetary exchange rate fixing is carried out by the national banks of each country participant which use the fixing time and exchange rate to evaluate behavior of their currency. The first and most important fixing takes place at 8:55 pm Tokyo time. Another fixing occurs at 4 pm London time. As far as the European Central Bank is concerned, it sets currency fixing in Frankfurt at 2:15 pm Frankfurt time. The ECB observes the spot rates in the interbank market in which it also participates. After the observation the traders of the ECB put their heads together to decide how to set the fixing.

Fixing provides reference levels which have great importance for Europe. Monetary fixings done in Frankfurt are applied to as a starting point for the daily revaluations of positions at the end of each day. Besides, they have validity and are used as the basis for the monetary agreement between banks and customers. These agreements are executed by banks in the following ways:

1)According to the fixing. This way gives the best price and is used in the interbank transactions

2)When there is a spread in 20 pips. This is an improved corporate spread designed especially for major customers.

3)When there is a spread in 40 pips. This method is taken into account while dealing with minor customers.

Customers, as a matter of fact, try to agree upon the best suitable spread with their banks.

Countries peg their currencies on Forex on various reasons. Pegging controls inflationary tendencies, creates demand because of stability, encourages foreign investors. Among pegging strategies we can distinguish

1)Hard pegs – the currency is bound by agreement.

2)Intermediate – from soft pegging to tightly managed “floats”

3)Floating – freely managed or freely floating against other currencies driven by supply and demand.

Pegging of an individual country’s exchange rate or fixing is usually done to control the country’s inflation. But it can also exert an adversive effect of slowing growth or even curbing the country’s productivity. Moreover, Forex fixing by individual countries can lead to serious financial crisis in their economics which proves its unsustainability in the long term. Devaluing or revaluing a currency shows a disability of a government to support the high value it has pegged its currency.

When applying to Forex trading one should have a clear cut idea how the rate changes influence the market. Every trader should be aware of turbulence times before the fixing of rates which lasts for about 15 to 30 minutes. During these minutes there can appear sharp turning of the market direction for a particular currency pair. That is why it is not preferable to trade at this very time because it is next to impossible to predict where the market will trend after these rate changes have occurred.

New To The Forex Scene? Try These Simple Strategies

Trading on the foreign exchange seems to be a big mystery to a lot of people. However, it is really not any more difficult than trading any other commodity. If you want to learn more about forex, start by reading the many books and articles written on the subject. This article contains some ideas to get you started.

Log and journal everything you do when you are trading. By carefully tracking your successes and failures, you give yourself a reference point by which to make future decisions. If you do not have a personal log of your experiences, you will be taking positions blindly and experience more losses.

Before you open a real money account, you should try a demo program. This will allow you to make the same investments that you would, but with little to no risk. Analyze your performance and when you feel comfortable entering the market, make your transition into a real money account.

When trading in forex markets, its important to remember that those markets are just that, foreign. They work on different time zones from yours. The active trading hours for each currency will be tied to the morning hours in each locale, not to your localitys trading or business hours. The most profitable trades usually occur within 2 hours of the market opening in a given nation.

Once you see that a position is losing, do not add any more money to it. Short-term predictions are often the only ones you will be able to make accurately. Thus, you should make decisions based on what you see in the moment. Adding to a losing position is generally too great a risk.

Doing what you already understand is a way to get ahead in the Forex market. If you start trading, and have no idea what you are doing, you will end up losing more money then you wish to. Trading just because someone told you it was a good move will not help you gain more knowledge, and if you are unfamiliar with what you are trading, you will not really know if it is a good idea or not.

If you are new to the trading world, it is best to start with small amounts. Doing this will reduce the risk of losing a lot of money, allowing you to act calmly and reach some long term goals. Putting a lot of money into trading can lead to putting a lot of emotion into trading, which can lead to making the wrong decisions.

When you are having a bad day and losing a small amount of money, it is best not to sit at your computer and try to fix it right away. Walk away from your computer and take a break. Try not to thing about trading, and when you are calmed down and not acting on fear, you can go back and see if anything has changed.

There are a few things that heavily affect the trading market. These things include interest, inflation rates and exchange rates. These things should be paid attention to, as they can affect global trading of currency. The exchange rate can affect you directly too, because it affects the returns on your investments. Be sure to learn about everything that can affect the outcome of your trading.

Once you understand the basics in foreign exchange trading, you can start planning your investment strategy. The key is to give yourself enough time to get used to the market. Do not expect to become an expert overnight, and do not be discouraged if things start slowly in the beginning. Be consistent in applying what you learn, and you will be in good shape.

Great Advice For Being A Successful Forex Trader

Are you interested in investing your money? One option is the Foreign Exchange Market, otherwise known as FOREX. Before you put your money into it, like other investments, it would be wise to learn what you can for success. In addition, only use money that you can afford to lose! Following are some tips that others have found valuable in their FOREX endeavors, read on:

Forex can be a high intensity trading environment. For this reason it is absolutely necessary to have a thorough plan before beginning active trading. If you find yourself making buy and sell decisions on the spur of the moment it is time to rethink your strategy. A good plan should keep these quick decisions to a minimum to prevent emotional mistakes.

When you invest in trading forex, it is important that you do not let your emotions get the best of you. If you do not keep a level head, you can make bad choices. All trading calculations should be done purely through logic and understanding, not greed, fear or panic.

Do not underestimate the power of experience. Make trades, study, and learn. The best Forex traders are those who have been doing it the longest. An experienced trader can see what looks like a great trade on the surface, but theyll know from experience that its not a good bet. Keep practicing your skills as that is the only way to learn.

A great forex trading tip is to ride a win for as long as you can, and to cut your losses early. When you are profiting from a trade, its best to ride it until the market changes. On the other hand, if you notice losses, youll want to quickly pull out.

The biggest challenge with Forex has to do with understanding how to read the market. As a trader, you have to learn to recognize the wave so that you can ride it. If you are attempting to control the market or are attempting to go against the tide, you arent going to experience success as an investor.

To be successful in the foreign exchange market it is instrumental that you know the hours of high volume for a certain currency pair. Prices move slow after trading hours and they are relatively much faster on trading hours. It is good to know what time these trades happen to make good money.

When learning to trade forex, money mangement is one of the fundamental keys to success. Its important to avoid overcommitting yourself and risking a margin call. Expert traders advise that you use no more than 1 2% of your margin at any given time. Use stop loss orders as part of your trading strategy, making sure to set them so that your losses will be no more than a 1 -2% loss.

Entry and exit points are very important in Forex, and the most successful chart tools to use for these points are support and resistance. Especially for the purposes of placing a stop loss on your account, the support and resistance levels you read are going to contain the most value for you as a trader.

Hopefully, the tips in the above article will prove to be valuable to you in your FOREX endeavors too! Apply the information that will fit your own circumstances. Remember, like other investments, only use money that you can afford to lose! Keep up-to-date with information that will help you to make wise decisions, so that you can succeed!

Ideas To Help You Win In The World Of Forex

If youre starting to gain interest in forex then youre in the right place. Forex is a great place to gain extra money throughout the week as it is open 24 hours a day for 5 days a week. Look at this article and see what information can help you become successful in your forex goals.

Choose a broker that fits you when you enter the forex market. Your personal style of trading may not be a good match for every forex broker offering their services. The software that brokers offer, the detail with which they present information, and the level of user feedback they give you, are all important factors to consider before settling on a forex broker.

When you begin to trade Forex, it is important that you have clear goals. You should understand your time frame for success and failure, as well as define what is success and failure in terms of financial gains and loses. If you understand your goals, your trading experience will be much cleaner and most likely more profitable.

To start learning about the forex market and how it operates, it can be a good idea to start out with a demo account. Many brokers offer these to novice traders. You can get an overview of the market and learn how it works without risking your life savings.

Try not to over analyze the trades that you make during the course of the day and night. Sometimes, the best decision is the most logical and obvious choice that you are presented with. Keep it very simple and do not question your original judgment if you want to maximize your profits.

A good Forex trading tip is to stick to your plan once you have a plan in place. Its not uncommon to be enticed by new and miraculous trading methods. If you were to forget about your plan and chase every new method under the sun, youll end up making poor decisions.

When you are researching Forex brokers and companies, watch out for fake reviews. Many brokers and brokerage companies pay people to write positive reviews, and these are hard to distinguish from real reviews. If a website features only positive reviews, you should also find another source of information on the company.

To be successful at foreign exchange trading it is instrumental to have a trading plan. It is important to have a set of rules that would govern the way you trade. With that said, do not trade impulsively as this kind of action could make you lose lots of money.

There is really no secret formula to becoming a Forex success story. You will have to take the time to develop a strong system of trading that is going to work well for you. This is why it is so important to use the Demo Forex to learn how it all works prior to getting real money involved.

Now that you have a deeper understanding of ways you can gain some extra money throughout the week through forex you should already have ideas of strategies you want to practice. Remember that in order to see any type of progress you have to actually apply what you learned to the best of your ability. If you do that then you should start making money in no time.

Key Forex Guidance You Can Start Using Now

Forex is a financial market that deals with trading currencies. Currently, the foreign exchange market sets the value of different currencies. The market is set up to assist international trade and investment. This article will introduce and give you some tips on how to succeed in the forex market, and what to do when trading.

If you are just starting out, get your feet wet with the big currency pairs. These markets will let you learn the ropes without putting you at too much risk in a thin market. Dollar/Euro, Dollar/Yen, and the Euro/Yen are all good starting targets. Take your time and youll soon be ready for the higher risk pairs.

Choose a broker that fits you when you enter the forex market. Your personal style of trading may not be a good match for every forex broker offering their services. The software that brokers offer, the detail with which they present information, and the level of user feedback they give you, are all important factors to consider before settling on a forex broker.

Having just one trading account isnt enough. You will test your trades on a demo account and your other account will serve for real trades based off the demos progress.

When trading a foreign currency pair, it is important to do your research on both currencies in the pair. Knowing a single currency out of the pair isnt enough. Successful Forex trading depends on being able to see how the currencies might impact one another, not just how one currency is going to behave.

To decrease the risk you run, start with a lower leverage account. This will allow you to get experience and start making a profit without risking a great loss. Conservative trading early in your career will give you practice, help you refine your strategies, and make success more likely once you switch to riskier trades and a standard account.

Once you have made a decent profit, move on to the next trade. While it is good to run your profit for a short time, if you get greedy and let it go too long you will lose all that you have gained. Allow yourself to make a little less profit to ensure you keep that profit.

Learn about forex trading by watching videos from a number of sources. Reading about trading and watching tutorials are both essential learning tools. Videos show trades happening and can help you learn more than simply reading the information. Using videos to learn about forex trading can improve your trading skills whether you are a beginner or intermediate trader.

Once you put your money into a Forex account, this should be the last time you have to deposit. Everything else should be handled with your profits and only your profits. If you start out by putting $1,500 into an account and lose it all, maybe you have to consider the possibility that Forex isnt for you.

You have learned the definition of forex and have been given many tips on to get into the trading market, and how to succeed when you do so. The key is to always make sure you know exactly how you are proceeding since, as was discussed, guessing could lead you to lose a lot of money.

Expert Advice About Forex That Can Really Help You!

Many people claim that there is quite a bit of money to be made on the forex market. They speak the truth but before you can earn on forex, you must learn forex. There are many things that need to be known about the market to succeed and these tips are the beginning of that success.

Before you open a real money account, you should try a demo program. This will allow you to make the same investments that you would, but with little to no risk. Analyze your performance and when you feel comfortable entering the market, make your transition into a real money account.

If you are just starting out in forex trading, avoid overextending yourself by trading in multiple markets at once. You will likely only end up confused. Instead, pick a few major currency pairs that you feel comfortable with, and learn everything you can about their trends. Once youve got the hang of it, you can extend your trading to other currencies.

Start small. When first starting out in the forex trading market, start with a small initial amount, and use your trading gains to further fund the account. If your account is losing money, adding additional outside funds will only serve to increase your losses. Increasing your account through gains is also the most surefire protection from getting in over your head.

A great forex trading tip is to make sure youre well-rounded. Being successful in trading doesnt just require a few skills. There are many areas that dictate success so its important that you have a strong, balanced plan. Try to assess your weak spots from time to time.

If you want to be successful in forex trading, it is important to look over the charts before you deal with the indicators. Charts are an excellent tool that can help you figure out price trends. Relying on technical indicators can affect your ability to analyze the market.

Keep an eye out for economic indicators to predict trends. The value of a currency depends on the general economic situation of the country: this can be measured by factors such as the Gross Domestic Product, the trade balance or inflation indicators. Learn as much as possible about economy and what kind of factors can influence an exchange rate.

Think about how long youd like to trade. Many people, when starting forex trading, only think about how much money they will put in. But knowing how long you plan to expose yourself is as important as how much money you use. This will help frame your trading experience.

A good rule of thumb for beginner Forex traders, is to find a broker where your expertise level and trading goals, match up well with what the broker can offer. Make sure the broker deals or has dealt with clients who have similar goals to yourself, so that you know your broker understands what you are trying to achieve.

These tips are all written to help you reach your forex market goals. You want to earn money and not lose it, and if you follow the tips and advice that are included in this article, you are sure to find a very profitable future in your forex market investments.

What are Forex Month End Fixings?

20with%20Widget%20Support/Cleaker/images/calendar. png" /% July 30, 2010

Over the past 24 hours, there has been a lot of talk about month end fixings. Therefore I think it is worthwhile to spend a few minutes explaining the foreign exchange markets monthly obsession.

A few days ago, central banks around the world announced that the daily volume in the foreign exchange market has expanded to more than $4.1 trillion from $3.2 trillion in 2007. (These numbers are from the semi-annual reports by the central banks we are still waiting for the Bank of International Settlements Triennial survey in August). The depth of liquidity in the FX market stems from large scope of participants who are buying and selling currencies for a variety of different reasons including speculation, hedging and trade related activities.

Month end fixings relate to the adjustments that international portfolio managers need to make to their currency hedges based upon the performance of the equity markets. These portfolio managers usually reweigh their portfolios at the end of each month if moves are larger than what they had anticipated. Their FX hedges protect their portfolios from volatility in the forex market because the worst thing that can happen is that stocks rise 10 percent but the currency falls 9 percent, erasing nearly all of the equity related gains. This month in particular, everyone is saying that U. S. dollars need to be sold on the fix because there was a sharp jump in the market value of U. S. stocks and bonds during the month of July.

Barclays published this wonderful chart showing the changes in market value over the past month:

Fixings are done at set times during the day and differ for each instrument but the most popular fixing time is at the end of day in the U. K. which is know as the London Fix. This occurs at 16:00 London Time or 12:00 NY Time. Usually portfolio managers will either leave or give orders to dealing desks to be transacted at the fixing time and price.

Getting into the specifics

Here are 2 very basic examples of how portfolio managers hedge

Example #1: U. S. Portfolio Manager

Lets assume that you are a U. S. portfolio manager with half of your holdings in American stocks and half in U. K. stocks. In the beginning of July, you have hedged 100 percent of your British pound currency risk. Since you are in the U. S. there is no need to hedge the dollar risk.

By the end of the month, the value of your U. S. stocks increased by 10 percent while the value of your U. K. stocks increased by 5 percent. If you want to maintain a 100 percent hedge, you would need sell 5 percent more pounds on July 30th to protect your portfolio against a decline in the British pound.

Example #2: German Portfolio Manager

Now lets assume that you are a German portfolio manger with 50% of your holdings in U. S. stocks and 50% in U. K. stocks.

At the end of July, you would need to sell both U. S. dollars and British pounds to re-hedge your portfolio perfectly. However more dollars would need to be sold than pounds because your U. S. dollar denominated investments increased substantially more in value than your U. K. investments.

On July 30th, you call up your bank to conduct the hedges and repeat the same process next month.

Hopefully these examples have helped you understand why everyone is talking about the need to sell dollars for the month end fix this month!

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2 Responses to What are Forex Month End Fixings?

wong said:

If I have 20 GBP and I am in US. To perfectly hedge my stock investment in UK, I can only invest 10 GBP into the stock market, and the other 10 GBP will be used to buy US dollars. Is that right?

It looks like I can only use half of the available capital for investment if I want to hedge?

Thanks, Kathy! I have been trying to find a good way to explain this end of month phenomenon to the traders in my online forex trading course.

I have been following your commentary for years, and use your blog as a resource for mine and my students progress. Thanks again!

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Online Forex fixing

How profitable are high-frequency trading strategies

How profitable are high-frequency trading strategiesHow Profitable Are High-Frequency Trading Strategies?

Oct 2 2009 | 9:25am ET

By Irene Aldridge -- High-frequency trading has been taking Wall Street by storm. While no institution thoroughly tracks the performance of high-frequency funds, colloquial evidence suggests that the majority of high-frequency managers delivered positive returns in 2008, while 70% of low-frequency practitioners lost money, according to The New York Times .

The discourse on the profitability of high-frequency trading strategies always runs into the question of availability of performance data on returns realized at different frequencies. Hard data on performance of high-frequency strategies is indeed hard to find. Hedge funds successfully running high-frequency strategies tend to shun the public limelight. Others produce data from questionable sources.

Yet, performance at different frequencies can be compared using publicly available data by estimating the maximum potential profitability. Profitability of trading strategies is often measured by Sharpe ratios, a risk-adjusted return metric first proposed by a Nobel Prize winner, William Sharpe. A Sharpe ratio measures return per unit of risk; a Sharpe ratio of 2 means that the average annualized return on the strategy twice exceeds the annualized standard deviation of strategy returns: if the annualized return of a strategy is 12%, the standard deviation of returns is 6%. The Sharpe ratio further implies the distribution of returns: statistically, in 95% of cases, the annual returns are likely stay within 2 standard deviations from the average. In other words, in any given year, the strategy of Sharpe ratio of 2 and annualized return of 12% is expected to generate returns from 0% to 24% with 95% statistical confidence, or 95% of time.

The maximum possible Sharpe ratio for a given trading frequency is computed as a sample period’s average range (High – Low) divided by the sample period’s standard deviation of the range, adjusted by square root of the number of observations in a year. Note that high-frequency strategies normally do not carry overnight positions, and, therefore, do not incur the overnight carry cost often proxied by the risk-free rate in Sharpe ratios of longer-term investments.

The table below compares the maximum Sharpe Ratios that could be attained at 10-second, 1-minute, 10-minute, 1-hour and 1-day frequencies in EUR/USD. The results are computed ex-post with perfect 20/20 hindsight on the data for 30 trading days from February 9, 2009 through March 22, 2009. The return is calculated as the maximum return attainable during the observation period within each interval at different frequencies. Thus, the average 10-second return is calculated as the average of ranges (high-low) of EUR/USD prices in all 10-second intervals from February 9, 2009 through March 22, 2009. The standard deviation is then calculated as the standard deviation of all price ranges at a given frequency within the sample.

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Stop reversal metatrader4indicator

Stop reversal metatrader4indicatorSTOP REVERSAL Metatrader 4 Indicator

Downloaded Recently:

Some other popular Metatrader indicators to install.

Tips For Trading With Indicators

Trading with indicators may seem an easy solution to beating the markets but if anything you have to be extra careful.

Now you have added your indicator do not forget to test any strategy fully.

If you are using an expert advisor you have to be especially careful and make sure you test and test again.

Once you have tested your strategy on historical data you need to now test it going forward.

After completing your tests take advantage of all the free platform demos out there.

Nothing is given in this game so a great system during testing does not always mean a great trading system in live trading.

Don't keep trying to improve a working trading method.

Trading this way with Metatrader or NinjaTrader indicators may require a certain mindset; don't worry if it is not for you. Try something else.

MT4 Trading Guide

The MT4 trading platform is a very simple trading platform which has brought financial trading in to peoples home across the world. Whilst predominantly for forex (fx) trading the popularity of the platform has allowed for expansion into other financial markets such as commodities and futures. Below is simple guide to using your MT4 Platorm.

Installing Metatrader Indicators is quick and easy and you can have your trading system up and running in a matter of minutes.

Mutliple MT4 Servers allow you to choose which broker can provide your platform data and which provider you would like to trade through all without having to have multiple platforms installed.

Custom indicators are the ultimate benefit of trading vis MT4 platforms. You can create indicators that are completely custom to your needs.

Expert Advisors allow you totrade your systems automatically allowing you time to research and create new trading methods.

Don't worry all is not lost. If your platform is set up correctly lost charts will be a thing of the past.

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Master of education in training and development

Master of education in training and developmentMaster of Education in Training and Development

The Master of Education in Training and Development at Penn State Harrisburg is designed to be a blended educational experience especially geared to working adults. We aim to develop students into scholar-practitioners who are flexible and fluid in a range of professional roles. They develop skills, abilities, and habits of thinking that sustain them in the face of rapid changes in the field, as they endeavor to assess and improve learning, performance, and change at individual, group, and organizational levels. The program curriculum integrates three fundamental and overlapping areas of the field with required core courses and a range of electives. This allows students an opportunity to customize their particular focus in the program depending on their professional goals. These areas are:

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New york city,ny

New york city,nyNew York City, NY - Directions

From Brooklyn using the Brooklyn Bridge to Manhattan

Exit at Chambers Street/Civic Center and turn left on Chambers Street.

Go one block and turn left onto Broadway.

Go South on Broadway to 42 Broadway.

After passing Trinity Church on your right, 42 Broadway is another 1½ blocks on your left side.

From Manhattan West Side and points North

Take the West Side Highway South. Go past the World Trade Center.

Turn left on Liberty Street. Proceed 4 blocks to Broadway.

Turn right and continue South on Broadway to 42 Broadway.

After passing Trinity Church on your right, 42 Broadway is another 1½ blocks on your left side.

From Manhattan East Side and points North

Take the FDR Drive South and go around the base of Manhattan, following signs for West Street.

When you exit on West Street, continue North on West Street until you pass the Brooklyn Battery Tunnel entrance.

Continue 1 block beyond the Brooklyn Battery Tunnel to Rector Street.

Turn right on Rector Street and proceed 4 blocks East to Broadway.

Turn right and continue 1½ blocks south to 42 Broadway.

Parking Options

The closest garages are:

Battery Parking Garage - a full block bordered by Washington Street on the West, Greenwich Street on the East, Rector Street on the North and the Brooklyn Battery Tunnel on the South.

Washington Parking Garage - on the Northeast corner of Washington Street and Rector Street.

1, R, or W to Rector Street

When you exit, you'll be on Trinity Place. Walk 1 block East on Rector Street to Broadway. Turn right on Broadway and proceed 1? blocks south to 42 Broadway.

4 or 5 to Wall Street

When you exit, you'll be on Broadway. Walk South on Broadway 1? blocks to 42 Broadway.

2 or 3 to Wall Street

Exit the station at the Southern end to Wall Street. Walk 3 blocks West to Broadway. Make a left and proceed 2 blocks South to 42 Broadway.

J, M or Z (weekdays only) to Broad Street

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Futures fundamentals how to trade

Futures fundamentals how to tradeFutures Fundamentals: How To Trade

At the risk of repeating ourselves, it's important to note that futures trading is not for everyone. You can invest in the futures market in a number of different ways, but before taking the plunge, you must be sure of the amount of risk you're willing to take. As a futures trader, you should have a solid understanding of how the market and contracts function. You'll also need to determine how much time, attention, and research you can dedicate to the investment. Talk to your broker and ask questions before opening a futures account.

Unlike traditional equity traders, futures traders are advised to only use funds that have been earmarked as pure "risk capital "- the risks really are that high. Once you've made the initial decision to enter the market, the next question should be "How?" Here are three different approaches to consider:

Do It Yourself - As an investor, you can trade your own account without the aid or advice of a broker. This involves the most risk because you become responsible for managing funds, ordering trades, maintaining margins, acquiring research and coming up with your own analysis of how the market will move in relation to the commodity in which you've invested. It requires time and complete attention to the market.

Open a Managed Account - Another way to participate in the market is by opening a managed account. similar to an equity account. Your broker would have the power to trade on your behalf, following conditions agreed upon when the account was opened. This method could lessen your financial risk because a professional would be making informed decisions on your behalf. However, you would still be responsible for any losses incurred as well as for margin calls. And you'd probably have to pay an extra management fee.

Join a Commodity Pool - A third way to enter the market, and one that offers the smallest risk, is to join a commodity pool. Like a mutual fund, the commodity pool is a group of commodities which can be invested in. No one person has an individual account; funds are combined with others and traded as one. The profits and losses are directly proportionate to the amount of money invested. By entering a commodity pool, you also gain the opportunity to invest in diverse types of commodities. You are also not subject to margin calls. However, it is essential that the pool be managed by a skilled broker, because the risks of the futures market are still present in the commodity pool.

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Day trading with moving averages

Day trading with moving averagesDay Trading with Moving Averages

Talking Points:

MVAs show the average price of a currency for a specific number of periods As price moves so will the indicator, giving clues about the current market Traders can filter a trading decision based on the position of price relative to a MVA

Simple Moving Averages (MVAs) are considered some of the most widely used indicators in the market and can be a great tool for day trading. Typically MVAs are used for filtering the trend, confirming support and resistance levels, and identifying possible market entries. Today we will look at how MVAs can specifically be added to any existing day trading strategy as a trend filter. Lets get started!

The Simple MVA

Before working moving averages into your strategy, its import to know exactly what they are and how they graphically interpret price. Moving averages are technical indicators that are designed to measure the average price presented on a graph for a selected number of periods. While 20, 50 and 100 period MVAs can be used, todays trading lesson will focus on the 200 period MVA as it is the most prevalent. This means the indicator displayed on your graph has taken the close price for the last 200 periods, added them together and divided that sum out by 200. Once this average is found, it is plotted on the chart and can then be used in your trading.

Below we can see an example of a 1Hour GBPUSD chart, with price trending downward. You should notice as price trends downward, the MVA will begin moving lower as well. At this point price is moving down faster than the 200 period MVA yielding a strong signal that the market is declining and pushing towards lower lows. Knowing this, we can now work the MVA into our trading.

(Image from the DailyFX Trading with MVAs course material)

Trading with a MVA Filter

One of the primary uses of a 200 periods MVA is to determine the direction of the trend. This is an important step for day traders and scalpers to take, because the trend will often influence their trading bias. The idea is that the best trading environment for traders to initiate new buying positions would be in an uptrend as price moves towards higher highs. To identify an uptrend, the price of the selected currency pair on your chart should stay above the 200 MVA.

This bias abruptly changes when prices move below the designated 200 period MVA. Since the price of the GBPUSD, depicted in the chart below, is trading under the 200 period MVA the prevailing trend would be considered down. As price moves towards lower lows and stays below the average, only new sell positions should be considered. Now that you have filtered for the trend, you can focus your attention to timing new entries using your preferred day trading strategy! Lets look at an example.

(Image from the DailyFX Trading with MVAs course material)

Pivots and MVAs

One popular method of day trading Forex pairs is by looking for market reversals using pivot points. Typically in trending markets traders will use these lines of support and resistance to identify areas to enter the market upon price retracements or during a market breakout. The 200 period MVA has simply been added to the chart below to determine if a trend trader will be looking to use one of these strategies to either initiate a new buy or sell order.

Below we can again see the GBPUSD underneath the 200 period moving average. Price is trading below the moving average so at no point should any buy positions be considered. With traders only looking to sell the GBP. one way to initiate a trade using pivot points is to wait for a breakout below the S4 pivot. Once price moved below 1.5855, this breakout allowed traders the chance to enter the market back in the direction of the primary trend.

Learn More about MVAs

Filtering for the trend is just one of three key ways you can utilize the Moving Average in your day trading! To learn about the remaining two opportunities, sign up for the DailyFX Moving Average Trading Course. Registration is free, and the course includes video as well as checkpoint questions to test your knowledge. Get started using the link below!

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---Written by Walker England, Trading Instructor

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