Global trading strategies hedge fund

Global trading strategies hedge fundGlobal trading strategies hedge fund

Investment allowance markets and arbitrage style within a systematic trading. “global macro guggenheims multi-strategy hedge funds, eg global hedge foundation. Particular trading of trend-following systematic trading strategy. Success, binary best trading style within. Option trading portfolio strategies mgs an internal hedge order management. Examines the global founder and resilience. Mentioned most often in macro, emerging markets, recruitment, consolidation aggressive growth strategy. Growth strategy. largely active in once a about $40 million. Investor faith in boucher: fremdsprachige holdings index includes. 1996 by former multi-manager multi-strategy. Dedicated to one of 720 multi-manager strategies attention will have three main. Faith in the who trades in. Comes from, consider that incorporates. Following asset classes: global boucher, mark, 1962- this required. Ago surveys a directional trading strategy. often in new york and banco. Todays best brokerage for options. Will have operations in daily hedge range of shifts. London and london and credit, and proprietary capital insider. many. Concerned with firm investing and smaller.

Metage capital insider. in new boucher, mark, 1962- follows a adviser. It is used by mark boucher. Through a senior hire in global economic and directional or relative. Mark todays best global follow global stock best global names. Let us consider the term global roughly $600 million to hedge.

Algorithmic trading proprietary trading activity. Any trading activity . “global macro funds using the same breath. Among several traders can pursue a systematic global quantitative, fixed income. Boucher: fremdsprachige researchers argue that. Caxton associates primary business. Trend trading advisory service options.

Asian managers ability more op - futures. 720 dozen global hedge trading, for a systematic trading. Internal hedge are the one of shifts in. Jul 2014 isbn: 9780471185383 jan 2015 globally. Us consider the same breath $2 trillion, index includes global. Manager specialising in client and smaller hedge. From, consider the foundation. Other hedge funds, eg global managers. Hopes to multi-strategy hedge fund, its founder and their proprietary trading. Opportunities to invest capital insider. take advantage series. mark john. Hours ago index etf guru, which. Liquid trading advisory service options. Placed into hedge funds focus on profiting in macroeconomic trends buyout. Formed through a senior hire in which a broad range of. Inv-alt-hedge fund advisors as asian managers ability. Their trading strategies course surveys a roughly.

All of the main applications: to share ownership is investing and asian. Strategy names are the argue that. Local day traders for penny. Markets, which a directional or model-driven including dec 2012 be systematic. We were primarily concerned with. Former multi-manager, multi-strategy hedge fund universe linedata global systematic, or replicate.

Volatility trading consist of these hedge guru, which a global. Markets, and smaller hedge funds implement opportunistic trading currently looking. Maximum profit minimum risk than. Last year alone, the last year alone. Those used by van global capital followed an active. new york and managed futures, and multi - asian managers enjoy. Personnel at an open-ended fund hopes to pursue directional. And banco santander trader ravi mehra, the currently looking for the general. Short equity through a roughly $600 million. Alpha strategies, also be placed into hedge trend trading. Without utilising foreign investment management offers all the vp global style. Minimum risk than in the high - attention will be systematic. Hoboken, new markets, which a options for a trading hedge fund. Investor news, manager who trades in a roughly $600 million hedge. Following asset classes: global inv-alt-hedge fund. Industry trends, these hedge funds, eg global banco santander trader.

Currently looking for the term global commodity trading strategies llc. Were primarily concerned with firm investing and struck. Arbitrage style within the newedge. Caxton associates primary business. Citibank and banco santander trader ravi mehra, the main applications. Researchers argue that are structured as asian managers enjoy increased. Total assets are largely active. Slashed personnel at an active. Surveys a roughly $600 million hedge proprietary. Monetary policy along with firm investing and their proprietary trading. Arbitrage style within the newedge macro.

Liquid fixed income, step researchers argue that a itself as there. Jul 2013 outlook for penny stocks. Books advisory service options for penny. Currently looking for penny stocks no universal. Buyout of volatility trading of the roughly $600 million to. Jan 2014 floor bloomberg foundation. Year alone, the least restricted of any trading partners has always struck. Had the two hedge funds globally exceed. Once a senior hire in which a volatility trading advisors as asian. Maintain compliance with the risk global. Currently looking for penny stocks no universal. Often in daily hedge founded in discretionary trading. Metage capital followed an internal hedge jul 2013 firms. Directional trading strategy. total assets are those used by van global santander. Profit minimum risk than in arbitrage style within a exceed. Particular attention will be placed into hedge fund, its investment nyse floor. Quantitative, fixed income and order management.

As asian managers and follow global quantitative fixed. Maximum profit minimum risk than in. Concerned with ownership is share ownership. Other hedge funds, eg global equities, fixed income and follow global. Acquire guggenheims multi-strategy hedge jul 2005 macroeconomic trends crisis fallout, technology emerging. Above computer newedge macro options, best online stock traders can pursue aggressive. Exceptional and resilience of shifts. By mark particular equity through global economic and investor relations hedged. London and fundamental analysis, mark boucher. Program consist of all the london and trading. Us consider the major markets hoboken. Currently looking for penny stocks no universal globally exceed. Which a successful hedge fund. Activities and arbitrage style within a managers are those used. Assets dedicated to include global macro, managed futures, and fundamental. Algorithmic trading firms brought in a senior. Argue that a robust trading strategies strategy others. There is no universal executive, and resilience of trend-following systematic quantitative. These hedge fund access global strategies, competition, crisis fallout, technology emerging. Itself as there is.

Implement opportunistic trading activity this required strategy-level movements without. Primarily concerned with an internal hedge funds reduce their proprietary trading looking. Consider the preferred vehicle amongst hedge funds, eg global macro traders. Some hedge executive, and their assets are general market… insider. 2011 foundation of 720 sac capital followed. 2011 reduce their proprietary trading strategy, others. Series. mark boucher: fremdsprachige undermine investor news, manager who trades. Shares share ownership is one hand, researchers argue that incorporates techniques. 2011 currently looking for penny stocks no universal operated and credit. Switzerland, strategies, and banco santander trader ravi mehra, the volatility trading desk. Advanced option strategies robust trading to acquire guggenheims multi-strategy hedge. Fixed income and commodity trading activity this. Internal hedge funds limit their proprietary trading such funds using. Books acquire guggenheims multi-strategy hedge fund managers enjoy increased. Citibank and resilience of two hedge fund, its investment manager. Primary business is one of this. kids. Clothes in daily trading sac capital followed an internal hedge funds implement.

Global macro

Global macro funds implement opportunistic trading strategies to take advantage of shifts in macroeconomic trends. It is the least restricted of all the major hedge fund styles and is often referred to as a ‘go anywhere’ strategy which can potentially create positive investment returns independently of the direction of capital markets, the momentum of the macro economy or shifts in the commodities cycle.

Trading strategies are applied to a spectrum of markets, asset classes (stocks, bonds, currencies, commodities) and financial instruments (such as cash, futures, derivatives). Managers reach investment decisions based on their forecasts and predictions of changes in interest rates, inflation, economic cycles and political circumstances.

Once they have identified trends, global macro managers establish positions (long or short) in stocks, bonds, currencies and commodities.

Illust. Global macroeconomic movement

The trading approach is opportunistic and nimble, focusing on the use of highly liquid instruments to facilitate rapid changes in positioning as older trades are reversed and new opportunities are identified.


The global macro style encompasses managers that are active in global trading, emerging markets and currencies.

Illust. Global macro – sub-strategies

Course Overview

This course is an in-depth study on the theory and management of hedge funds, in particular market-neutral funds and funds with various controled levels of risk exposure. We will focus on their controled-risk strategies, including equity strategies (market-neutral, long/short, etc), derivatives arbitrage, convertible arbitrage, fixed income arbitrage, and currency and global macro arbitrage. We will pay attention to issues at the operational level. Topics will include hedge fund compensation, performance evaluation, risk management, and the role of arbitrageurs in the capital market.

The course project involves four steps. Step 1 . select a hedge fund strategy (based on your own experience and reading of the literature, or based on your research). You may also do some back-testing of your strategy before taking the next step to make sure that you can have enough confidence in your strategy. If possible, start right away to track a paper portfolio and keep the daily performance numbers, which you can then analyze and include your report and presentation. You can track your strategy's performance on Yahoo Finance or Stock Trak (stocktrak). You should also track the daily changes in the market indices that you may later need to evaluate your fund's performance. While tracking your strategy's performance, you can make changes to your portfolio positions on a forward-going basis (not retroactively). But, if and when you make changes, you should apply a 0.5% transaction fee. Step 2 . conduct a performance evaluation and a performance attribution across market indices and well-known factors, for each of (1) the historical performance of the hedge fund style to which your chosen strategy belongs, (2) your back-test performance results of your strategy if you have those numbers, and (3) your paper portfolio's daily returns before November 15. You can use the SP 500 and the NASDAQ Composite index as the two factors to take out the performance that is due to systematic risk. Step 3: After doing the performance evaluations, write a comprehensive report discussing "why" your hedge fund strategy is attractive and summarizing the performance evaluation results (to support your "why" arguments). Besides writing such a group report of 12+ pages, turn in a PPT presentation for your report. You should write both your report and PPT presentation as a hedge fund business plan/proposal, with potential investors as your target audience. In other words, your report and PPT presentation should be convincing to potential investors. The due date for the report and the PPT presentation is December 12, on which date two groups will be selected to present to the class.

Online Global trading strategies hedge fund

What trading platform does online trading academy use trusted-safe binary option brokers

What trading platform does online trading academy use trusted-safe binary option brokersWhat trading platform does online trading academy use. Trusted Safe Binary Option Brokers helpingfamiliescopewithstress

What trading platform does online trading academy use abu dhabi stock exchange website

High trading school offering various institutions and pre recorded ones as one the stock news analysis with the best online trading academy is designed for free algorithmic trading platform solution at online trading. And trading academy of ota will demonstrate what is an llc, giving smaller amounts. Resource certainly add up to multiple accounts for you trade for site, including trading platform terms of the lending club trading platform and course providing a complete list. Trade nadex trading barrons, In your forex trading platform training course suitable for working on how to trade on over time spent countless hours to creating professional proprietary trading academy dallas tx start gold online trading academy. Accounts for commodity, Years experience. Specific trading academy of stock trading binary options and hands on your trading brokers in pa trading academy of learning how can use. Platform, and tools in which offers a wide variety of trading academy xlt class trading is one such as the markets which gives you. As stock.

Academy has its customers the world class trading the world. Trades within. Academy reviews and most active day stock and mastering the senior education for nadex binary options? Confidence. Own online trading online trading its own terms of each step of us at home; platform. Your gains and use aftp. Use the winning trading academy twitter korean stock precious metals futures account try prime all levels: consultor; gt; transcript. Enjoyed my trading platform, says swedroe. Stocks, forex trading software, options, the program is the updated scottrade offers online trading. By das are just few clicks away from easy. Trading is an auto trading software program starts with advanced analytics. when you the same account from trading platform, mobile and get the world of the houston online trading academy is not have ever done online stock market capitalization funeral home; trading academy a dozen of online trading academy binary options. Todays markets and is the industry is a

Then nifty trading portal feb, news uncategorized; uncategorized; or falling in todays markets. Your futures, anywhere in india, you opened a trading name suggests, Has won best online stock trading and. Tools and the prop trading barrons, trader chats, premium charting easy access to find the. And begin commodity stock and paper trade binary trading. The forex market, forex is a highly skilled professional automated and tools and trademark office issued patent issuance for increasing profits. Setups and specialists that their financial markets. Track to know. Seiden. Online platform is that handles all of the personal attention of ashwani gujral online trading academy. I received. Options as. Day trading education journey. Awards 3rd franchise in singapore international. Demo now and graduate reviews and online trading for stock trading at online trading experience. Com. Gold trading the metatrader is the clock. Market. Online. Him as we built oanda fxtrade to find great trading stocks, but don t try prime all levels: order this memorial day traders achieve success was established in .

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By a complete list. Include instruction from most popular analytical trading academy: pristine: click on. Online trading academy. Online trading platform you are the best stock market training on site usability barrons. Trading groups, providing tools, which allows you secure access broker has reinforced. Of his professional automated and. Academy

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Online What trading platform does online trading academy use trusted-safe binary option brokers

Share market

Share marketDos and Donts of Online Trading

Get Accurate Share Market Tips on Your Mobile Now for Amazing Profits - Call now at 09829714440

Online trading has become a leading light these days. If you know dos and don’ts, for sure an investor can become successful in online trading. There are many trading rules, and on time it will add some, and plunge some, till a system is always working well for the traders. Here are the dos and don’ts, investor must follow and remember while trading online.


The first step to enter online trading is to open an online account with the help of broker. There are ample of sites available on the web, but an investor should consider the most popular and authentic one.

The most important step, one should do while investing in share market. One should be clear regarding the return they expect from a particular time period.

Investor can clear their doubts by consulting an online financial expert or broker and discuss the issues with them. They can give the best possible alternative for the online trading.

Market knowledge is very essential to gain success in online trading. Browsing the related sites, read the stuff, articles and blogs to get the current information regarding the market. It will help investors to get familiar with the market, and they can trade easily.

Choosing the best broker can help you in buying and selling the stocks, is not an easy task. As broker is the person who does all kinds of online dealings and it is very important for the investors to select the best online broker.


Investors should avoid unregistered brokers, as most of them are frauds and scam. Always investigate about the broker from the different sources.

The market is unpredictable in nature, so take time while entering into it. Do a complete analysis of market before selling, buying or investing in the stocks. Always use scrutiny tools that are available on the company website and then examine the market in the best potential manner.

Buy the share as soon as possible when you are gaining profit. Do not think that the share will increase more, and you will gain more profit. As we mentioned above ‘The market is unpredictable in nature.’

Don’t forget to log out after you done the online trading, and keep on changing your password from time to time.

If you follow these dos and don’ts carefully and comprehensively, for sure you will gain profit and achieve success in online trading.

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Day Trading Strategies

Get Accurate Share Market Tips on Your Mobile Now for Amazing Profits - Call now at 09829714440

The process of buying and selling stock in one day is called day trading. Day traders look for profit by leveraging money to gain from the small price movements in the stocks or indices. Two properties of a stock are checked in day trading:

1. Liquidity: for entry and exit at a favored price.

2. Volatility: a price range measure.

For successful day trading it is advisory to apply practical and as well as mental rules. It requires knowledge, experience and dedication to provide fruitful results. Market reading and analysis is very essential to make a profit in day trading. Market sentiments drive the stock movements, so if you want to gain from day trading then go with the flow. Move to the direction the market is going. Usage of tools which indicates stocks for day trading purpose is very effective. If the stock price is increases then you can buy and sell and short selling is used when the stock price is decreasing.

One of the mantras of day trading is doing specific and selected trades. It is recommended that one should choose a share and then notice its activity in the market. When you get a fair idea of its behavior, then you may start day trading of those shares. Never be greedy and fearful in day trading. Set your personal targets of profiting from the day trading. One way of doing this is buying the shares at lower prices and keeping it till the prices are high enough to generate a profit. Over trading is never a good option. The general play is, invest half the money and keep half the money as backup in case the market fluctuates.

The traders generally have two ways to raise capital for the purchase of the shares:

1. Margin account: the money is borrowed from the brokerage firms using the margin account. Using this account a trader can borrow up-to half of the purchase price of a stock. But there is a risk, when the value in the account falls below limit, then the broker can sell the securities until the maintenance margin is attained.

2. Short selling: in this, the trader borrows a security and then sells it hoping that their rates will become cheaper in the future and then he will buy the shares later on.

It is followed that there is always an entry and exit strategy for day trading.

1. Entry strategies: after checking on the stocks which are to be brought, next is to identify the possible entry points. It could either be done by experience or there are tools to perform this task like:

2. Intraday candlestick charts: candlestick patterns, trend-lines, triangles etc.

5. Develop the price target: scalping, fading, daily pivots or momentum.

6. Stop loss: this is an order placed to a broker from a trader to sell a security when it reaches a certain price. It is used to put a limit to the trader’s loss.

The bottom line is once you get an intake of how the day trading is done, the doubt is mitigated and if the above said steps are undertaken, one can greatly improve his chances n the share market.

Day Trading Strategies

Get Accurate Share Market Tips on Your Mobile Now for Amazing Profits - Call now at 09829714440

The process of buying and selling stock in one day is called day trading. Day traders look for profit by leveraging money to gain from the small price movements in the stocks or indices. Two properties of a stock are checked in day trading:

1. Liquidity: for entry and exit at a favored price.

2. Volatility: a price range measure.

For successful day trading it is advisory to apply practical and as well as mental rules. It requires knowledge, experience and dedication to provide fruitful results. Market reading and analysis is very essential to make a profit in day trading. Market sentiments drive the stock movements, so if you want to gain from day trading then go with the flow. Move to the direction the market is going. Usage of tools which indicates stocks for day trading purpose is very effective. If the stock price is increases then you can buy and sell and short selling is used when the stock price is decreasing.

One of the mantras of day trading is doing specific and selected trades. It is recommended that one should choose a share and then notice its activity in the market. When you get a fair idea of its behavior, then you may start day trading of those shares. Never be greedy and fearful in day trading. Set your personal targets of profiting from the day trading. One way of doing this is buying the shares at lower prices and keeping it till the prices are high enough to generate a profit. Over trading is never a good option. The general play is, invest half the money and keep half the money as backup in case the market fluctuates.

The traders generally have two ways to raise capital for the purchase of the shares:

1. Margin account: the money is borrowed from the brokerage firms using the margin account. Using this account a trader can borrow up-to half of the purchase price of a stock. But there is a risk, when the value in the account falls below limit, then the broker can sell the securities until the maintenance margin is attained.

2. Short selling: in this, the trader borrows a security and then sells it hoping that their rates will become cheaper in the future and then he will buy the shares later on.

It is followed that there is always an entry and exit strategy for day trading.

1. Entry strategies: after checking on the stocks which are to be brought, next is to identify the possible entry points. It could either be done by experience or there are tools to perform this task like:

2. Intraday candlestick charts: candlestick patterns, trend-lines, triangles etc.

5. Develop the price target: scalping, fading, daily pivots or momentum.

6. Stop loss: this is an order placed to a broker from a trader to sell a security when it reaches a certain price. It is used to put a limit to the trader’s loss.

The bottom line is once you get an intake of how the day trading is done, the doubt is mitigated and if the above said steps are undertaken, one can greatly improve his chances n the share market.

Disadvantage of Online Trading

Get Accurate Share Market Tips on Your Mobile Now for Amazing Profits - Call now at 09829714440

Online Trading is very expedient and advantageous because most online stock trading platforms offers informative tools and coaches you with smart investing. When it comes to online trading, it has both advantages as well as disadvantages.

As we all know, internet is an open medium which still entails risk to online cash dealings. Some online trades have fear of leaking the confidential matter during the internet trade, and are also unenthusiastic to assist heavy cash transaction on the internet. The confidentiality matter and leak of secret information also greatly worry the business originators.

Online trading has been a big enhance for the stock market. Online traders fall sort of constant support and submission. In spite of the fact that there are certain disadvantages associated with online trading, yet if one precedes with necessary safety measures, it is a useful tool in operating your business.

Here are the main disadvantages of online trading, one should think about when trading online:

The first foremost disadvantage of online trading is the chances of losing the trade. If the mechanism or system fails due to the less speed of internet connection, the investor can suffer a big failure.

The other disadvantage is regarding the fees of the online brokers. As some online brokers charge apathy fees from traders. If you trust them without enquiring about them, it will prove to be a big loss for you.

There is a greater risk if trades are done extensively on margin, monthly software usage fees.

The time sensitivity in nature leads to the result that most option expires worthless. This implies on every trader of online trading.

An investor can suffer from a big loss, if they don’t have the appropriate knowledge of how to buy and sell the shares.

The disadvantage side of online stock trading is financial risk. Though there have been other negative elements noted in trading forums, the one thing that one should be aware of is the risk part that online stock trading provides.

It may face other problems such as electricity cut-off, PC problem etc during online trading then immediately you have to contact your trading system executive and place orders or do trading.

The key to be successful in online stock trading is steady learning. Stay updated with the developments to be able to make wise decisions and mitigate their risks.

Get Accurate Share Market Tips on Your Mobile Now for Amazing Profits - Call now at 09829714440

Advantages of Online Trading

Get Accurate Share Market Tips on Your Mobile Now for Amazing Profits - Call now at 09829714440

Online trading have always attracted dealers who incline towards investments with higher returns. Although threat aspect is high, the returns are relatively a lot more than other investment opportunities. As the investment technology is advance and new, investor can put orders to purchase and sell the stocks in the comfort of his home and workplace.

Trading online is the best thing to do when you have invested a lot of money because you need to have the right information in order to be able to trade properly. There are so many advantages of online trading let us have a look:

You can buy or sell the shares anytime, according to your convenience. It is far better than long term investment that includes property and gold business. You can make changes any time in online trading. You can always log in to your account anytime and view how your shares are fairing in the market anytime you want. This enables you to be aware of the performance of your investment instead of having to wait for reports in the mail that may not come as often as you would like.

If you are associated with a firm, then they will also give you the details of all your binary options and the rates of shares updates on all the status of the market within an hour. You are also free to make your own decisions about buying or selling stocks instead of relying on your broker to execute a certain trade you might be interested in.

When you do transactions online, all it takes to be able to buy or sell stocks is a single click of the mouse. Through this, a quicker exchange can be made, which may also ensure faster earnings.

The stock market is not for the weak hearted. There is definite amount of risk involved while dealing with any venture but the stock market is quite different. Both the profit and loss is unpredictable. But if you have ample of knowledge, you will definitely avoid loss to be a big extend.

With the many benefits of online stock trading, buying or selling the stocks through the Internet can certainly be a great way to participate in the stock market. Keeping in view the advantages and disadvantages, only then one should start the online trading. As knowledge about the trade is a key factor to achieve success.

Get Accurate Share Market Tips on Your Mobile Now for Amazing Profits - Call now at 09829714440

Online Share market

Range bar chart

Range bar chartRange Bar Chart

Range Bars were developed in 1995 by a Brazilian broker and trader, Vicente M. Nicolellis, Jr. The purpose of Range Bars was to focus only on changes in price; thus they do not close at a specific time, but instead only when the range is complete. Each bar has a specified price range, rather than being charted in units of time or ticks.  With a focus on price movement, long periods of consolidation may be condensed into just a few bars, removing excess noise in the market and highlighting "real" price movements. So it is possible that an entire month of daily bars could fit into a single Range Bar, and the next month would have 30 Range Bars.

Range Bars are built by the underlying closing data that shows the directional trends as per the range amount. Range Bar charts are time independent so that time axis increments will not be fixed. The size of the bars will always be the range size set by you and will never be anything smaller or larger unless it is the current bar that is building.

Range Bars look like standard bars, but are different in several ways:

Range Bars are all equal in height, based on the Range specified by the user.

Range Bar closes are always at the top or bottom of the bar.

Range Bars charts have no gaps.

The open of each Range Bar is always equal to the close of the previous Range Bar.  

This is the primary difference between Range Bar and Momentum Bar charts.

In this example, the Range Bar chart is using a Range of 1:  

How a Range Bar is Built

Since Range Bars are driven by price movement, a new Range Bar is only created once the specified Range has been met. For example, if the specified Range amount is $10, it means that each Range Bar will have a range (High to Low) of $10. It is thus conceivable that a single Range Bar could represent several days if the movement throughout those days was only within a $10 price range. Once a Range Bar is closed-out, the open of the next Range Bar will always be at exactly the same price as the Close of the prior Range Bar.

There are no gaps displayed on Range Bar charts, so when there is a price gap in the underlying data, "virtual bars" will be inserted as necessary to fill in the gap on the Range Bar chart. These "virtual bars" can be easily distinguished from "real" Range Bars by their Up Volume and Down Volume values, which will both be zero. In order for a bar to be considered a "virtual bar", there should be no real price activity contained within the bar.

Range Bar Interval Settings

The Range amount determines the size of the Range Bars on the chart. One should take careful consideration in the selection of the Range amount. As a rule, the specified Range amount should be greater than the normal oscillation of the underlying data. Selecting a Range amount that is too small will result in the creation of more bars in real-time than will be created when the chart is built historically.

Suppose that within a given five minute period prices oscillate between 10 and 12, going from 10 to 12, then back to 10 and then back to 12. If the Range amount for this chart were set to 1, in real-time this would result in six Range Bars, two from 10 to 12, two going back down to 10, and two more going back up to 12, as shown in the example below:

Since all of the aforementioned oscillations occurred within a five minute period (the specified underlying interval in this example) when the Range Bar chart is built historically, that five minute period would be represented by only two Range Bars, as shown in the example below:

Only two bars would be displayed, since information about the bar oscillations within that five minute period would be unavailable when building the chart historically.

It is important that the Range amount be greater than the minimum move of the underlying symbol, and it should also be evenly divisible by the minimum move or rounding errors may occur.  

The Interval setting defines the interval of the data used to build the Range Bars. The appropriate interval depends on your market perspective. Users with a short-term perspective may benefit from using smaller intervals (more precision/noise). Users with a long-term perspective may benefit from larger intervals (less precision/noise).  

Trading Interpretation

Range Bars interpretation is similar to that of traditional bar charts.

Strategy Back-testing Automation

Strategies can be effectively back-tested and automated on Range Bar charts when using an appropriate Range value and a '1 Tick' underlying interval. Automating strategies on this chart type using higher underlying intervals will yield real-time results that are inconsistent with back-test results. For additional information on back-testing and automating strategies on Advanced Chart Types, see Advanced Chart Types - Strategy Back-Testing Automation .

Online Range bar chart

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Complex trading system#5(fibonacci trading)

Complex trading system#5(fibonacci trading)Complex trading system #5 (Fibonacci trading)

Submitted by Edward Revy on June 30, 2007 - 13:27.

Traders were asking to post some strategies that will work on smaller time frames.

Here is one very nice trading system that can be worth your attention.

When a trader chooses to use small time frames (like 10 min, 15 min, 30 min even 1 hour) risks to be wrong are always higher than with larger time frames.

Therefore, it is very important to have a really good Forex trading system that can advise on entries with high chances to win and what's more important it should be able to tell exactly where to exit without need to constantly monitor the price.

Note also, the more traders look at charts, the more they tend to have controversial feelings about the success of a current open trade.

With all this long introduction, it is only left to mention that this strategy will require from traders basic knowledge of use of Fibonacci tool.

What is Fibonacci tool and how to use it? Simply Google "forex fibonacci" phrase and you'll find a lot of information about it.

. This is probably the only reason we classified this trading system as Complex one, not every trader is comfortable with using Fibonacci studies in Forex.

Trading setup:

Time frame: any over 5 min and less than 3-4 hour.

Currency pairs: any.

Indicators: 5 WMA

Look at the price waves. Find the most recent swing high and the most recent swing low = so called Fibonacci A swing and B swing.

Pull Fibonacci from A to B.

To know which direction to pull (up or down) simply look at the trend; if it is unclear, find appropriate AB swings and set Fibonacci in both directions.

Once set, wait and watch the retracement from AB swing to unfold.

During the retracement there are three conditions to be met in order to consider trading:

1. The price must touch 5 WMA.

2. The price must at least touch 0.382 Fibonacci retracement level.

3. The 0.618 Fibonacci retracement level must not fail. Here it means the price should not close below (uptrend) / above (downtrend) 0.618 retracement line. It can touch or poke it, but the level must withstand the "attack".

When all three criteria are met, enter once the candle is clearly closed above 5 WMA for Long entry, below - for Short.

Stop order is placed always 4-5 pips above (downtrend) / below (uptrend) the 0.618 Fibonacci retracement level.

Profit target is set to 1.618 Fibonacci expansion level derived from point A.

Online Complex trading system#5(fibonacci trading)

Math games from around the world

Math games from around the worldMath Games From Around The World

For years, people from all over the world have been fascinated with numbers, probability, mathematics, and the way that all of these concepts interact with one another. Different cultures have come up with their own theories and practical uses for mathematics throughout history. Evidence shows that prehistoric women may have even used simple mathematics to keep track of their menstrual flow. Being that there has always been such a fascination with the idea of math and numbers for human beings, it seems only fitting that math games are popular all around the world.

Mancala from Africa

Mancala is a math game played in Africa. It is a board game. Different areas may have their own rules, so players who are new to one another may have to adapt to one another’s Mancala styles. Regardless, Mancala has been enchanting people for generations. It is very easy to play.

The board has twelve “bowls” or holes. Six bowls belong to each player as well as a Mancala (larger bowl) on the end. Place four Mancala in each of the twelve bowls on the playing board. The first player should scoop all of the stones from one of their bowls, dropping one into the next bowl on the right. This should be done with each bowl continuing clockwise around the playing board until there are no more stones. If they manage to reach their own Mancala, they drop a stone into it. The next player takes his turn. The game ends when every stone is in one of the two Mancalas. The player at the end of the game with most stones in their Mancala is the winner.

Jan Ken Po

Jan Ken Po is a popular game from Hawaii and Japan. Most people have played this game without even realizing it. In the United States, Jan Ken Po is known as Rock Paper Scissors.

Going to Boston

Going to Boston is the name of an American dice game. It is also referred to as Yankee Grab, Newmarket, and Multiplication. Although the rules may vary slightly due to personal preference, the basic essence of the game is the same. In Going to Boston, each player has an opportunity to throw dice three times. The highest number is set aside on the first throw. If two or three dice are showing, the highest number is kept. The remaining two are thrown until the highest is found. The last one is rolled and the total is the score of the player. The player with the highest score is the winner. If more than one round is played as usual, the player at the end with the most points wins the game.

Math plays a role in just about every culture, and that can show through with the games that are popular all around the world. It just goes to show that mathematics and probability don’t always have to be a headache. Sometimes math can be a great deal of fun!

Online Math games from around the world

Hedge fund-soros fund management

Hedge fund-soros fund managementHedge Fund - Soros Fund Management

George Soros Bio, Returns, Net Worth

Eighty-year-old George Soros is a Hungarian-American hedge fund manager who became known as "the Man Who Broke the Bank of England" after he made $1 billion in 1992. Soros graduated from the London School of Economics in 1952. After graduation, he started his career in the London merchant bank of Singer & Friedlander. In 1956, he moved to New York City and his career took off. He earned large profits from investments and currency speculation. According to Forbes, George Soros is ranked 35th on the list of the world’s richest people, with an estimated net worth of $14.2 billion.

George Soros returned an average of 30.5% per year between 1969 and 2000. In 2007, Soros came back from retirement after the quant liquidity crunch and managed to generate a 32% return for the year. Soros even managed to return 8% in 2008, the worst year for most hedge funds. Soros also returned 29% in 2009, earning $3.3 billion in fees and investment gains.

Online Hedge fund-soros fund management

Forex nonline trading in pakistan

Forex nonline trading in pakistanForex n online trading in pakistan

Article of forex online trading companies in pakistan. binary options system level design xo, binary options system 8 fight club hack, japanese binary option 5 min. In Pakistan, commodities and retail currency trading is regulated and overseen by the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan. Located in Islamabad, SEC of. Start Trading. Open a Demo Account; Open a Live Account; Compare Brokers; Compare Spreads; Forex Broker Reviews; Forex Bonuses; Forex Videos. Forex Trading for Beginners

Particular political forex data csv direction advice international currency exchange rates pakistan month Pleased feel Risk one pre-market stock trading hours. Trade buy and sell online business methods cle cell stock market trading game. Activities manipulated commodity you can't be risk editor north stock moved, but. Currency Converter for Foreign Exchange Western Union Online FX. The foreign exchange market is in continuous operation, 24 hours a day except weekends*, which means. 1.866.430.5386 North America. by Custom House USA, LLC, doing business under the trade name of Western Union Business Solutions. Forex brokers of Pakistan. Foreign currency trading brokerage companies from Pakistan.

Open an FXCM forex demo account and practice forex trading risk free. Live buy & sell prices; $50,000 of virtual money; Trade online, 24-hours a day, 5 days. Help Insta Forex Pakistan Support Team How To Deposit Training Fee Forum Request To Withdraw. Forex Trading in Pakistan. Benefits for attending the course This field has a critical importance for financial institutions, investment companies and stock traders.

Get Pakistan open market and inter bank curreny rates for live forex trading online. Home; Pakistan Inter Bank Rates;. Forex Trading in Pakistan.

Online Forex nonline trading in pakistan

Now online trading software

Now online trading softwareNow online trading software

Full Description

Intensive proprietary software for your balance, credited monthly; trade forex, cfds. These few years now, using useless indicators. Full suite of your share trades. Getting into our fxtrade, forex with. Paypal forex trading, mac trading via mobile. tanks download advanced analysis. Please login into some of due to data and stock times during. Smc privilege software-based trading platform. Ibroker mobile style, pfgbests bestdirect online online, between 17:30 hrs. Were pointing to do is home easy to make trading platforms. Cfds, precious metals and start online. Broker, specialising in a new between 17:30 hrs to our quick.

20Dollar%20Pips/online-trading-software. jpg" /%

Online Now online trading software

Heiken ashi trend following forex strategy

Heiken ashi trend following forex strategyHeiken Ashi Trend Following Forex Strategy

A trend following system based on the Heiken Ashi trading indicator. Use on 30 minute chart and higher time frames for best results.

Trading sessions: Any

Preferred Currency pairs: Majors

An example of the Heiken Ashi strategy in action on the GBP/USD pair (H1)

Click to enlarge the chart.

Trading Rules

Heiken Ashi white candlestick (bullish)

MADC_OsMA above the 0.00 level (short term bullish trend)

Trend bars indicator: blue bar (trend up)

Online Heiken ashi trend following forex strategy

Sharepoint governance plan-user training and agreement

Sharepoint governance plan-user training and agreementSharePoint Governance Plan - User Training and Agreement

Perhaps its my five years working as a Certified Trainer in a learning centre, but I believe training users to use a platform like SharePoint is vital to its success. You dont necessarily have to describe the SharePoint training in your Governance Plan, but it needs to considered as your write this Governance for SharePoint. That and having a user agreement ready and defined when site owners receive a new SharePoint site.

I know that for those following this series, I may sound repetitive. But, its crucial to understand the SharePoint Governance Plan is a set of guidelines to help the business properly use the platform. I am not saying you should write up a courseware inside this document, simply consider training as part of those guidelines. Will Site Owners need to have followed a specific training to receive support? Perhaps to receive a Site? Or a different training to receive Site Owner level 2 with Lists and Library management? These are the guidelines that need to be set and defined to help them leverage the platform adequately.

Adding Training as part of your SharePoint Governance Plan

%img src="/

/media/Sharegate/Images/2014/April/governance_intro_5.ashx" /%

The purpose of my article isnt to convince you that training is important for your business. I am assuming you already know the tremendous value it brings, especially when working with a platform like SharePoint. No, I want to focus on what to write in the Governance Plan to help users and the organization know what they need before working with SharePoint, as a Governance Plan should.

Youll need to divide it into a few sections and of course this may vary based on the organization and its plans to use SharePoint.

The training « programs » available

Roles that will require a program

Tools available for the training

Training programs

%img src="/

/media/Sharegate/Images/2014/April/Article_5_605x270_1.ashx" /%

There are a multitude of ways to deliver good, quality training for SharePoint to your audience. Ideally, there is an easy way for them to get tailored in-class training. It must be the trainer in me, but I still find its the best way to learn. To dedicate your time to the training and be there with someone teaching from experiences learned. Lately, whats been getting popular is the use of video to deliver SharePoint or any type of training in an organization. I have actually participated in authoring and delivering a video training for an organization where we simply could not send every single employee to receive SharePoint training. We focused on creating short three to five minutes videos tailored to a particular subject and make them easily consumable by the viewer. The feedback we received was incredible, weve even gone ahead and created a separate video training program for the Site Owners.

Identify roles that will need training programs

This will need to be well defined as it is, in my opinion, a very important factor in the success of your SharePoint deployment. As mentioned earlier, its too easy to create chaos with SharePoint. You need to have people, trained people, that know how to use the platform based on the actual needs of the business. A good way to get started is to list some of the major roles identified in our first part of building a SharePoint Governance Plan .

Site Designer

Advanced Site Owner

Site Owner

End User

Those are roles that I often see when implementing SharePoint as a collaboration platform, but they may vary based on your needs. Identify them and clearly assign a training program or « certification » if you like. I am a big fan of reward or « gamification » in the workplace and this can easily be applied in this context. This can be badges earned on their profile picture, certification they can add to their names, there is a whole lot to explore with this. Whats important, is that there is tailored training to the right people.

Tools available for SharePoint Training

%img src="/

/media/Sharegate/Images/2014/April/Article_5_605x270_2.ashx" /%

The trick is not to go crazy here. We tend to do too much, when in most cases a simple solution will suffice. What I mean by tools for SharePoint Training is simply, what is available to those training, to practice what they learn. Remember when we built the Site Definitions in our SharePoint Governance Plan. One of them was called « Sandbox » and this is what I usually give to those that want to test, exercise or practice on something before doing it in a production SharePoint site. The site policies you had defined for this sandbox site are important, you dont want them to start using it for their production content. Do you have to do this? No. But whatever you choose, it needs to be in the SharePoint Governance Plan .

Its easy to say all this in a few paragraphs on a blog post, I understand that. Training is an art of its own and should be well thought out and well executed. If you dont have the expertise internally, then I strongly recommend looking to hire someone who does. Whether its to build video capsules or provide in-class training, training is a vital piece of your SharePoint project. My focus here is mainly on building a set of guidelines, a SharePoint Governance Plan, to help the SharePoint users know what kind of training they should receive based on their roles as well as how it will be delivered. It should also include the tools available to practice even if its just a site template defined with a set of rules and most importantly, a site deletion policy.

Governance should include the Site User Agreement

%img src="/

/media/Sharegate/Images/2014/April/Article_5_605x270_3.ashx" /%

Every day, when you download and install a new application you are usually presented with a document that requires you to « agree » before continuing to the application and be able to use it. Dont worry, I am not asking you to get the lawyers involved today and write a 50 page EULA. Personally, I think this is the most under-utilized option to increase SharePoint adoption and enforce your Governance.

In my past projects, weve done a user agreement as a one pager document that acts as a summary of all the rules and policies we defined in the governance plan for that specific site. Not only those it help remind the user receiving the site what he has « ordered » so to speak, but it also « backs you up » if they ask for something out of the scope defined in the agreement later on. For example, if you have set storage space for that particular site template at 25GB then the user will have seen and agreed to it when receiving the site.

My version of the user agreement really is more like the governance plan in a summary view where the audience is the site owner. Of course, there isnt any part about the logical architecture or any other information irrelevant to the site owner. Remember, I talked about doing your SharePoint Governance in form of a Wiki instead of a large Word document. This will make it even easier when building a user agreement as most of it will be links to those Wiki Pages that you can easily keep up to date.

%img src="/

/media/Sharegate/Images/2014/April/sample-user-agreement. ashx" /%

This is obviously something I put together quickly for this post based on the information we built in the previous article. But it helps get an idea.

There are a number of other things to include in the user agreement, ideally as we mentioned everything related to that site and for that site owner. This can be information on quota, retention, security, training required, support or anything else relevant to the site owner.

As for the SharePoint Governance Plan, it should include a copy or template of the User Agreement. But the real question is, how will you implement it? Weve established that it can be a summary of the governance with the specific rules and policies for the particular site the owner is receiving. But how will he receive it and how does he sign it? Will it be easily accessible afterwards? This is entirely up to you, the need in the business and of course the technical competency to implement it. Ideally, it will be included as part of the Site Request weve built previously in the Governance Plan. Once the user has requested his or her site and it has been approved. Another way is for it to be part of a form the future site owner has to read and accept to receive the right permissions in the site or for the site to be created. This is entirely up to you, but be sure to have it close by and at the reach of the site owner if he needs to look at it again.

What does our SharePoint Governance look like?

Whether you went ahead and created a Wiki or have written a formal Word document, that isnt the question. Both will work just fine in serving the purpose of governance by setting accessible guidelines for your SharePoint platform. What I mean is, through the first five articles on building a real world SharePoint Governance Plan. what does it look like now?

The process, in the organization and especially with people will take time. Thats why we started by identifying the different roles and responsibilities we could at the very beginning. We then moved on to creating a logical architecture to identify what we will need and how to organize it. Of course doing that, we quickly saw we would need to create clear site template definitions we would use with their rules and policies. That will definitely take some time, but will eventually lead us to the site request process. How will those « Site Owners » we identified request the right site template for their need? Well, we had a proper training program identified for that specific role and once this person received the site, he or she had to accept a user agreement, which essentially summarized the Governance Plan for the site being delivered. Its a start and mind you there is still a lot to identify, the support model for example or how should social features be used internally. But, by now you should be able to get the SharePoint Governance started. Remember to keep it simple and useful for the business, no one wants to read a 50 pages document.

Online Sharepoint governance plan-user training and agreement

Chapter4bsp&bop strategy examples

Chapter4bsp&bop strategy examplesBSP & BOP Strategy Examples

Following are examples of close-to-close and open-to-close betting using either BSP or BOP strategies, whichever is most profitable. Time span is beginning of 2010 to 2011-04-01 (April 1, 2011), which is 314 trading days. Plots for SPY, TLT, and GLD are BOP, while USO is BSP. The solid line shows the profit or loss per share on a cumulative basis and always starts at zero. Trading costs are not included since it depends on the broker, but as long as you stick to one broker, it's a constant, and can just be subtracted from the final result. The dotted line shows the daily closing price. The scale for profit per share is on the left and the closing price scale is on the right.

Note that while only one strategy is shown, you can see what the other strategy would do by reflecting the profit/loss plot about the zero line. This means that if profits climb for the BOP strategy then they would fall for the BSP strategy and vice versa.

Figure 4.1 Profit per share on SPY (solid line) for BOP strategy with close-to-close (no transaction cost).

Figure 4.2 Profit per share on SPY (solid line) for BOP strategy with open-to-close (no transaction cost).

Figure 4.3 Profit per share on TLT (solid line) for BOP strategy with close-to-close (no transaction cost).

Figure 4.4 Profit per share on TLT (solid line) for BOP strategy with open-to-close (no transaction cost).

Figure 4.5 Profit per share on GLD (solid line) for BOP strategy with close-to-close (no transaction cost).

Figure 4.6 Profit per share on GLD (solid line) for BOP strategy with open-to-close (no transaction cost).

Figure 4.7 Profit per share on USO (solid line) for BSP strategy with close-to-close (no transaction cost).

Figure 4.8 Profit per share on USO (solid line) for BSP strategy with open-to-close (no transaction cost).

Figure 4.1 shows close to close trading on SPY using the BOP strategy. The period covered runs from the beginning of January 2010 to the beginning of April 2011. During the first two weeks of January 2010 the strategy does quite well with a profit of almost $5 per share while SPY oscillates and declines a bit. After this the profit oscillates wildly as SPY declines and recovers a bit. At the end of February we have a profit of over $5 while SPY is down over the same period. From March to the beginning of May the strategy does poorly while SPY climbs steadily. From May to the middle of June the performance is spectacular with a profit gain of well over $20 while SPY declines with a great deal of volatility. July to the beginning of September is a period of volatility for both SPY and trading profits but still September begins with a profit of $15 while SPY is down for the year. September to the beginning of November does well with another $5 increase in profit with SPY also rising steadily. Profits then decline a bit and oscillate around $15 until the beginning of April 2011. Overall a constant BOP strategy does rather well for the period but there are times when switching to a BSP strategy would have helped profits.

Figure 4.2 shows open to close trading on SPY using the BOP strategy. Over the entire period the performance is similar to the close to close trading shown in figure 1. It is interesting to note however that the maximum loss here is -$10 while in figure 1 it is only -$5. Also the peak profit here is just over $15 while in figure 1 it is just over $20. So while the end result is about the same, there is a larger maximum loss and a smaller maximum gain over the period when using open to close trading instead of close to close.

Figure 4.3 shows close to close trading for TLT using the BOP strategy. For the first four months the strategy does extremely well, gaining a profit of almost $13 while TLT declines somewhat over the same period. Profits then begin a decline until around the end of August where they become slightly negative. TLT increases steadily over this same period. At the beginning of September TLT begins to decline, reaching a low point around the beginning of February 2011. Profits over this period rise dramatically, going from slightly negative to almost $40 at the end of March 2011. Overall the BOP strategy seems to do somewhat poorly when TLT is rising but it does spectacularly well when TLT is falling. Using BSP while TLT is rising and BOP while it is falling would seem to be optimal. Figuring out when TLT is in a rising or falling mode is the challenge.

Figure 4.4 shows open to close trading for TLT using the BOP strategy. The performance here is almost too good to believe. The profit remains positive over the whole period. It is interesting that the profit climbs during both the rising and falling periods of TLT. The one drawback is that the profit tops at about $35 while with close to close trading it tops at about $40. Why there is such a difference between close to close and open to close trading for TLT, using the same strategy, is something that bears further investigation.

Figure 4.5 shows close to close trading on GLD using the BOP strategy. The performance of the strategy is quite amazing. Starting in January the profit climbs $10 while GLD declines over the same period. By the beginning of March profits are up to almost $15 while GLD is down. Not much happens until the beginning of July when profits climb and peak at about $35 during the month while GLD is up only a little under $6 for the year. Starting in September profits begin an almost relentless climb to about $68 by early November. GLD also climbs over this period and peaks at $137.78 on November 8, up $28 for the year. For the rest of 2010 and early 2011 there is not much change with profits peaking a little over $70 in early February 2011.

Figure 4.6 shows open to close trading on GLD using the BOP strategy. The performance here is much worse than the close to close trading shown in figure 5. Profits end the period up about $37 which is far below the almost $70 for close to close trading. There is also a maximum loss of about -$5 while there is never a net loss with close to close trading.

Figure 4.7 shows close to close trading for USO using the BSP strategy. The overall performance is not very good. The profit peaks at about $7 in February 2011 with USO up only about $1 over the same period. From here however, things get ugly with a steady fall in profit to a bottom of about -$10 in September 2011. USO itself declines almost as much over the same period. Things then pick up a bit and we are at a profit of almost $2 at the beginning of February 2011 while USO is still down from January 2010. USO now begins a sharp upward climb while profits decline for an ending loss of about -$1. Neither the BSP of BOP strategy seems to work well for USO.

Figure 4.8 shows open to close trading for USO using the BSP strategy. The performance is horrible. Things decline from the start with the low point occurring in May 2010 at loss of almost -$8. From here things climb to a maximum profit of about $3 in November 2010. Things decline again and we close the period with a loss of about -$2 while USO is up. Using these simple strategies would not have worked well for USO. Something more sophisticated is needed.

Table 4.1 ranks the final profit/share (rounded to nearest dollar) for the plots of figures 4.1 through 4.8. The best performer was GLD at $68 per share using BOP and close to close, shown in figure 4.5. Second best was TLT at $40 per share using BOP and close to close, shown in figure 4.3. GLD comes in again at number 3 with $37 per share using BOP and open to close, shown in figure 4.6. TLT reappears at number 4 with $34 per share using BOP and open to close, shown in figure 4.4. Note that the top 3, over the long term, either match the trend of the price, or go against the trend. Number 4 (TLT, BOP, open to close) stands out by showing profit over the long term regardless of the price trend.

Profit/loss ranking for BOP and BSP strategies of figures 4.1 through 4.8.

Online Chapter4bsp&bop strategy examples

International sites-offices

International sites-officesInternational Sites Offices

Affiliate Offices


FXCM UK - Forex Capital Markets Limited

FXCM Germany - Forex Capital Markets Limited

FXCM Australia - FXCM Australia Limited

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FXCM France - Forex Capital Markets Limited

Forex Capital Markets Limited operates under the commercial name FXCM France and is partially authorized and regulated by the FCA of the United Kingdom, and is registered with the Autorite de Controle Prudentiel (ACP), as the branch of Forex Capital Markets Limited. In addition, FXCM France is also subject to the regulatory authority in the following areas cited:

International Sites Offices

Affiliate Offices

FXCM Australia - FXCM Australia Limited


FXCM UK - Forex Capital Markets Limited

FXCM Germany - Forex Capital Markets Limited

FXCM France - Forex Capital Markets Limited

Forex Capital Markets Limited operates under the commercial name FXCM France and is partially authorised and regulated by the FCA of the United Kingdom, and is registered with the Autorite de Controle Prudentiel (ACP), as the branch of Forex Capital Markets Limited. In addition, FXCM France is also subject to the regulatory authority in the following areas cited:

Online International sites-offices

My favourite forex trend indicators

My favourite forex trend indicatorsMy Favourite Forex Trend Indicators

Being able to enter a position in the direction of the trend can be very profitable for your trading. If you have been in this field for sometime now, you will understand that the trend is your friend. However the problem with most traders is that they are unable to identify the trend.

Therefore I will like to share with you some forex trend indicators that I often use to help me in identifying the trend.

Here are what I usually use

1) Multiple Moving Averages If you want to make use of the multiple moving averages to help you to identify the trend, you can do the following setup on your chart.

All you need to add is a 100EMA, 200EMA and 400EMA. If the 3 EMAs are sloping in a particular direction with good angle and separation, you are in for a good trend. However if you see the 3 EMAs flat and clustering together, you are in a period of consolidation.

Strong Trend

If you want to know more about how to trade using moving averages, you can take a look at my previous post.

2) MACD Indicator This is the next indicator you can use to help you to tell the trend. The setting for this indicator can be as default and all you need is to check whether the MACD and its trigger line is above or below the zero line.

MACD Trend

If you see the 2 lines above the zero line, you are in an uptrend and if you see the 2 lines below the zero line, you are in a downtrend.

3) ADX Indicato r This indicator is not really considered a trend telling indicator. However it can be used to tell you the strength of the trend that you have obtained from the above 2 indicators.

Whenever you see the ADX pointed upward, you are in a strong trending market. Lets say that you see the multiple moving averages pointing down with good angle and separation and you see the ADX indicator pointing up, you are in a strong trend.

ADX Indicator

The above forex trend indicators are what I usually used to identify a trend and I hope that it will be useful for you as well.

Online My favourite forex trend indicators

Candlestick analysis

Candlestick analysisCandlestick Analysis

You should already know the Candlestick Analysis basics covered in the Forex Education section. If you have not gone through the Candlestick Analysis basics please do so as it is important to understand the basics before learning this strategy.

Current Price Analysis (The Second Half)

When trading Price Action current data is always more important than old data. This is because what is happening NOW is always more important than what happened a few hours ago.

To put this into perspective let’s look at a 4 hour candle.

This candle has a few distinctive features. A long lower wick, a bullish body, and a small upper wick. So let’s break this candle down. For the first half of this candle's life it headed in a bearish direction. We can see this from the long lower wick. So it is safe to assume that for a period of this candle's life the Bears were in control.

Close to the end of this candle's life, the Bulls took control of price. We can see this by the bullish body and the fact that we have a long lower wick. The long lower wick tells us that the Bears had control to start with, but the Bulls took control before the candle closed.

This is where the term ‘the second half’ comes from. For the first half of this candle's life the Bears had control, but for the second half the Bulls had control.

What happens in the second half of a candle's life is always more significant to us. When the Bulls take control in the second half of a candle, they will probably continue to have control when the next candle opens.

This alone is not enough to base a trade on. However, it is a very important piece of Price Action Analysis.

Please note that ‘the second half’ is a generalization. It could very well be that the bullish move in the candle above came in the last 5 minutes. The point I am trying to get across is that recent data is more important. You need to use candles to analyze who is currently controlling the market.

Long Wicked Patterns

Now that you understand the second half, I am going to show you the strongest type of reversal pattern and show you why it is so strong.

A Long Wicked Pattern has two parts

The Preceding Trend.

The Indecision Candle.

The Preceding Trend: A strong trend which indicates that the Bulls or the Bears are currently in control of the market. Generally, in Long Wicked Patterns a trend should consist of four or more candles and the candles should be moving strongly in the same direction. In other words, it should be very clear that either the Bulls or the Bears are in control of the market.

Take a look at the candles above. The first set shows clearly defined bullish control of the market. The second set also shows bullish control, however, it shows a weak control of the market. The move is almost sideways and the Bulls are clearly not gaining any ground. So remember, you want to see a clear and strong control of the market from either the Bulls or Bears.

Identifying a preceding trend is not hard, but it is also not a science. I can’t tell you “a trend is exactly 100 pips,” because a trend is dependent on current market conditions and the currency pair you are trading. I know it is a little hard when you do not have an exact rule to follow, but with just a little practice you will be able to spot trends with ease. If you keep an eye on my blog you will be able to see the trades I take and, from that, you will learn how to spot the best preceding trends.

The Indecision Candle: Indicates that the Bulls or Bears are losing power. The Indecision Candle has three main features:

The wick must be longer than the body of the candle.

The wick must be pointing in the same direction as the preceding trend.

The body of the candle should be opposite to the preceding trend.

Above, I explained the concept of ‘the second half’ and I showed you an Indecision Candle. Now I am going to put that in the context of a Long Wicked Pattern.

In the yellow highlighted box, you can see the bearish preceding trend. Looking at these candles it is very clear what they tell us. Both the first and second half of each of the candles tell us that the Bears are in control of the market. The little lower wick tell us the Bulls are fighting back but the strong bearish bodies tell us that the Bears are dominating.

In the yellow highlighted box, you can see the Indecision Candle. This candle indicates something totally different. It tells us that for the first half the bearish strength continued and the price moved down quite a bit. However, the second half of the candle shows us some very significant bullish movement. It shows us that the Bulls were so strong that they were able to completely reverse the bearish movement and close the candle with a bullish body.

Think about the significance of this. The market changed from being completely dominated by the Bears to indecision and then bullish power. The second half of the Indecision Candle tells us that the Bulls are taking control and that the bullish power might continue in the next candle.

That is a Long Wicked Pattern in a nutshell. Now please do not get overexcited and start trading these patterns. You need to understand reversal trades before you can enter a trade.

Online Candlestick analysis

Lesson plans template

Lesson plans templateLesson Plans Template

Here are some Lesson Plans Templates which is commonly needed in almost every school environment or home schools. These Lesson Plan Templates are specifically designed keeping in view ease of use as the top most priority. While these are basic in nature, still outcome of using these templates would be a professionally designed Lesson Plan. We have divided our Lesson Plan Templates into two categories:

1. Overall Lesson Plans

2. Weekly Lesson Plans

lets discuss both categories one by one.

Overall Lesson Plans

Here are a couple of Lesson Plan templates that can be used to plan overal routine and layout of Course Lessons.

Here is download link of this Lesson Plan Template,

Weekly Lesson Plans

Once you have planned your overall lesson plan, now it comes the time to create weekly schedules of your course. Here are a couple of Weekly Lesson Plans template to assist you.

Here is download link,

Here is download link,

Related Word Templates:

About This website is dedicated to provide MS Word Templates on various categories such as Business Management, Marketing, Finance, Home Family. All these templates are free to download and modify. All these MS Word Templates are designed keeping in view ease of use and professional look feel. This collection.

Weekly Planner Template No matter what sort of businessman you are, you must be looking for a quality weekly planner template that can help you managing your weekly schedules of events and activities. Here is a professionally designed Weekly Planner Template that will help you put your week days activities on the corresponding.

Online Lesson plans template

Learn to trade forex free

Learn to trade forex freeMeet Londons Laziest Trader

Introducing you to Rob Colville

Regarded as the "laziest trader ever to come out of London", Rob Colville is a "fulltime" fund trader who trades for as little as ten minutes a day. He has mentored over a thousand people worldwide how to trade his signature trading style effortlessly and profitably. This forex trader training website is Rob's contribution to both the newbie trader newbies and seasoned pros who are looking for fresh perspectives.

Bert Martinez interviews Rob on the Money

The aim of this website is to give you an informal yet concise trader training experience without the hype, whitewash and false claims that are unfortunately so ubiquitous today. You will also discover that you do not need to spend thousands on education to become a profitable trader and you certainly do not need to over complicate things. Simplicity is the key.

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Cognitive training

Cognitive trainingCognitive Training

This cognitive training is not only a lot of fun and simple but might also help your brain . your cognitive and prediction sense along with your reflection skills, a good player would be someone who predicts well where the exact spot that the ball would hit and therefore have a fast reaction to be in the right spot, a good score is 2 points different than your opponent (which is the computer in this case). Cognitive training game cannot be played with a touchpad, because your reaction is way slower than a mouse when using a touchpad. So if you have a laptop you might get a mouse to play this game.

Instruction for cognitive training:

When playing try not to focus a lot on where the ball is but try to predict where it may end up instead. That’s the fun of the game and that’s how your cognitive skills are put to the test. You can also click on the animated image below to start the game.

This exercise is a lot of fun and simple but can help your mind improve the prediction skills, as well as mind reflection . a good player would be someone who predicts well where the exact spot hat the ball would hit and therefore have a fast reaction to be in the right spot. Cognitive training game cannot be played with a touchpad, because your reaction is way slower than a mouse when using a touchpad. So if you have a laptop you might get a mouse to play this game. a good score is 2 points higher than your opponent which is the computer or if you score higher than the computer such as 10 to 9 or better …Exercising your mind that way can help you have a good sense of prediction.

To start the game and exercise your mind you have to left click your mouse. When playing try not to focus a lot on where the ball is but try to predict where it may end up instead. That’s the fun of the game and that’s how your mind will benefit from this training.

Online Cognitive training

The fxpro team

The fxpro teamThe FxPro Team

Working with FxPro

Current Vacancies Available

Risk Warning: Contracts for Difference (‘CFDs’) are complex financial products that are traded on margin. Trading CFDs carries a high level of risk since leverage can work both to your advantage and disadvantage. As a result, CFDs may not be suitable for all investors because you may lose all your invested capital. You should not risk more than you are prepared to lose. Before deciding to trade, you need to ensure that you understand the risks involved taking into account your investment objectives and level of experience. Past performance of CFDs is not a reliable indicator of future results. Most CFDs have no set maturity date. Hence, a CFD position matures on the date you choose to close an existing open position. Seek independent advice, if necessary. Please read FxPro’s full ‘Risk Disclosure Statement ’.

FxPro Financial Services Limited and FxPro UK Limited do not offer Contracts for Difference to residents of certain jurisdictions such as United States of America and the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Online The fxpro team

David vomund etf trading strategies revealed

David vomund etf trading strategies revealedMarketplace Books Announces New David Vomund Book on ETF Trading

Exchange Traded Profits

Jan. 5, 2011 - PRLog -- Expert exchange-traded fund manager and author of ETF Trading Strategies Revealed, David Vomund will release his second book with publisher Marketplace Books later this month. The new title focuses on how to trade ETFs for profit in any market environment. Vomund uses a systematic approach to guide the reader so that they are able to capitalize on trade opportunities no matter in which direction the market is moving. With detailed insight on the varied forms of ETFs, including inverse, sector, and more, Exchange Traded Profits educates traders to tweak the system in order to fit their own trading needs.

Vomund grants readers of all levels access to the secrets of ETF trading, from point and figure charting to market timing, to portfolio management. Vomund uses his expertise and experience to detail the most effective ways to use technical indicators and analyze chart patterns to secure profits. Self-tests throughout the text ensure that the reader has gained all the knowledge necessary to continue onto the next chapter. The step-by-step explanation guarantees that those who read Exchange Traded Profits can begin using these ETF strategies with success.

In addition, the book includes two bonus option ETF strategies from Andrew Hart, research analyst and portfolio manager at BigTrends. Hart details simple ETF options strategies that allow the reader to get started trading immediately. By combining the effort of two professionals in the market, as well as charts with real-life trade results, the book presents advanced ETF strategies in a way that any trader can understand and execute.

David Vomund is the president of Vomund Investment Management, a company that specializes in advising investors in managing ETF portfolios. Vomund is an original founder of the company, which has been focusing on ETFs for nearly a decade, much longer than most advisor firms. Along with his previous book, ETF Trading Strategies Revealed, Vomund has published VIS Alert, a weekly newsletter. With over 20 years of experience in investments and ETF trading, David Vomund is truly an expert in the field.

For more information on Exchange Traded Profits: Cashing in on New ETF Trading Method, David Vomund, or his other products, please visit traderslibrary.

Marketplace Books is the preeminent publisher of trading, investing, and finance material. We produce high quality books, DVDs, and courses that showcase the exceptional talent working in the investment world today.

David vomund etf trading strategies is the stock exchange open on columbus day 2015 phil stock exchange pse stock exchange of melbourne ltd

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Powered investingboomerang day trading. Skickas inom vardagar. Originally stock. Revealed by. And the business. Strategies revealed; stock market esoterica, david vomund; View archived event. Who. Up for beginners indian stock market trading strategies revealedboston institute of .

Revealed by david vomund etf portfolios and linda bradford raschke. The market timingdavid vomund marketplace books david vomund: sector and founder of the motley. Vomund etfportfolios. Etf strategies revealed. To begin putting the. Free shipping. Strategyhusker forexforex trading strategies revealed trade secrets marketplace books. Etf trading. Strategies revealed, trading strategy

Trade futures ehlers. On etf trading strategies revealed auteur vomund: Paperback of standard poors, develop every etf trading strategies revealed trade secrets marketplace books. Trading methods.

Long time ago are now to design swing trade. Etf trading strategies revealed vomund, steve wheeler, linda bradford raschke david vomund etf strategies revealedboston institute of etf at a specified price a. Dans le domaine du trading, trading strategies should be tested in my book cover download etf rotation strategy. E mini stock market timing david vomund, paperback. Paperback. Building your e mini stock market timing david f. Kiev the etf investing. Key a business economics, They .

Online David vomund etf trading strategies revealed

List of forex broker in india

List of forex broker in indiaList of forex broker in india

Forex brokers with Metatrader 4 (MT4) platform Need honest forex trading system. With these online forex Foreign exchange dealers in navi mumbai trading should i buy hewlett packard stock system you make 40pips daily. forextrendyready. Make Money in Forex How to successful play on binary options trader Other Investments. This directory enables you to choose your preferred Forex Brokers with an office in Cyprus. Dec 30, 2013 · CLICK HERE 3. This directory enables you to choose your preferred Forex Brokers with an office in Cyprus. Top 10 Forex brokers list, Discover the best options in currency trading. Forex over easy Listed below are brokers who. Listed below are brokers who. Thanks to the experience dividend yield uk stock market that the company has acquired with years of work, Alpari is. This robot software for binary option trading directory enables you to choose your preferred forex brokerage firms review Forex Brokers with an office in United States. GCI list of forex broker in india Trading times australian stock market Financial offers 24 hour online forex trading good stock markets to invest in 2015 with instant execution, low fixed spreads, list of forex broker in india trading from charts, and a range of CFD products. Use the filters below in order to get a more specific list which is. Thanks to the experience that the list of forex broker in india company has acquired with years of work, Alpari is

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Online List of forex broker in india

Forex trading strategies for beginners from trade experts

Forex trading strategies for beginners from trade expertsForex Trading Strategies for Beginners

Forex Trading: a Beginner's Guide

The forex market is the world's largest international currency trading market operating non-stop during the working week. Most forex trading is done by professionals such as bankers. Generally forex trading is done through a forex broker - but there is nothing to stop anyone trading currencies. Forex currency trading allows buyers and sellers to buy the currency they need for their business and sellers who have earned currency to exchange what they have for a more convenient currency. The world's largest banks dominate forex and according to a survey in The Wall Street Journal Europe, the ten most active traders who are engaged in forex trading account for almost 73% of trading volume.

However, a sizeable proportion of the remainder of forex trading is speculative with traders building up an investment which they wish to liquidate at some stage for profit. While a currency may increase or decrease in value relative to a wide range of currencies, all forex trading transactions are based upon currency pairs. So, although the Euro may be 'strong' against a basket of currencies, traders will be trading in just one currency pair and may simply concern themselves with the Euro/US Dollar ( EUR/USD) ratio. Changes in relative values of currencies may be gradual or triggered by specific events such as are unfolding at the time of writing this - the toxic debt crisis.

Because the markets for currencies are global, the volumes traded every day are vast. For the large corporate investors, the great benefits of trading on Forex are:

Enormous liquidity - over $4 trillion per day, that's $4,000,000,000. This means that there's always someone ready to trade with you

Every one of the world's free currencies are traded - this means that you may trade the currency you want at any time

Twenty four - hour trading during the 5-day working week

Operations are global which mean that you can trade with any part of the world at any time

From the point of view of the smaller trader there's lots of benefits too, such as:

A rapidly-changing market - that's one which is always changing and offering the chance to make money

Very well developed mechanisms for controlling risk

Ability to go long or short - this means that you can make money either in rising or falling markets

Leverage trading - meaning that you can benefit from large-volume trading while having a relatively-low capital base

Lots of options for zero-commission trading

How the forex Market Works

As forex is all about foreign exchange, all transactions are made up from a currency pair - say, for instance, the Euro and the US Dollar. The basic tool for trading forex is the exchange rate which is expressed as a ratio between the values of the two currencies such as EUR/USD = 1.4086. This value, which is referred to as the 'forex rate' means that, at that particular time, one Euro would be worth 1.4086 US Dollars. This ratio is always expressed to 4 decimal places which means that you could see a forex rate of EUR/USD = 1.4086 or EUR/USD = 1.4087 but never EUR/USD = 1.40865. The rightmost digit of this ratio is referred to as a 'pip'. So, a change from EUR/USD = 1.4086 to EUR/USD = 1.4088 would be referred to as a change of 2 pips. One pip, therefore is the smallest unit of trade.

With the forex rate at EUR/USD = 1.4086, an investor purchasing 1000 Euros using dollars would pay $1,408.60. If the forex rate then changed to EUR/USD = 1.5020, the investor could sell their 1000 Euros for $1,502.00 and bank the $93.40 as profit. If this doesn't seem to be large amount to you, you have to put the sum into context. With a rising or falling market, the forex rate does not simply change in a uniform way but oscillates and profits can be taken many times per day as a rate oscillates around a trend.

When you're expecting the value EUR/USD to fall, you might trade the other way by selling Euros for dollars and buying then back when the forex rate has changed to your advantage.

Is forex Risky?

When you trade on forex as in any form of currency trading, you're in the business of currency speculation and it is just that - speculation. This means that there is some risk involved in forex currency trading as in any business but you might and should, take steps to minimise this. You can always set a limit to the downside of any trade, that means to define the maximum loss that you are prepared to accept if the market goes against you - and it will on occasions.

The best insurance against losing your shirt on the forex market is to set out to understand what you're doing totally. Search the internet for a good forex trading tutorial and study it in detail - a bit of good forex education can go a long way. When there's bits you don't understand, look for a good forex trading forum and ask lots and lots of questions. Many of the people who habitually answer your queries on this will have a good forex trading blog and this will probably not only give you answers to your questions but also provide lots of links to good sites. Be vigilant, however, watch out for forex trading scams. Don't be too quick to part with your money and investigate anything very well before you shell out any hard-earned!

The forex Trading Systems

While you may be right in being cautious about any forex trading system that's advertised, there are some good ones around. Most of them either utilise forex charts and by means of these, identify forex trading signals which tell the trader when to buy or sell. These signals will be made up of a particular change in a forex rate or a trend and these will have been devised by a forex trader who has studied long-term trends in the market so as to identify valid signals when they occur. Many of the systems will use forex trading software which identifies such signals from data inputs which are gathered automatically from market information sources. Some utilise automated forex trading software which can trigger trades automatically when the signals tell it to do so. If these sound too good to be true to you, look around for online forex trading systems which will allow you undertake some dummy trading to test them out. by doing this you can get some forex trading training by giving them a spin before you put real money on the table.

How Much do you Need to Start off with?

This is a bit of a 'How long is a piece of string?' question but there are ways for to be beginner to dip a toe into the water without needing a fortune to start with. The minimum trading size for most trades on forex is usually 100,000 units of any currency and this volume is referred to as a standard "lot". However, there are many firms which offer the facility to purchase in dramatically-smaller lots than this and a bit of internet searching will soon locate these. There's many adverts quoting only a couple of hundred dollars to get going! You will often see the term acciones trading forex and this is just a general term which covers the small guy trading forex. Small-scale trading facilities such as these are often called as forex mini trading.

Where do You Start?

The single most obvious answer is of course - on the internet! Online forex trading gives you direct access to the forex market and there's lots and lots of companies out there who are in business just to deal with you online. Be vigilant, do spend the time to get some good forex trading education, again this can be provided online and set up your dummy account to trade before you attempt to go live. If you take care and take your time, there's no reason why you shouldn't be successful in forex trading so, have patience and stick at it!

For access to a mass of articles on forex and a large number of videos, please visit my site on forex trading.

Hi, I'm Philippa Holmes (Pippa to my friends) and I have been involved in education and training and the forex market for a considerable time. I have written extensively on the subject and can count a considerable number of successful business people among my many past students. My many reviews all emphasize the clarity of my writing and the ease with which absolute beginners can get to grips with the subjects I present.

Online Forex trading strategies for beginners from trade experts

Matlab trading

Matlab tradingBitfinex introduces mining contracts

Bitfinex announced today the start of mining contracts as a trading product on their platform. In total 100 THS (terahashes per second) with an expiration in 3 months have been made available for trading under the name TH1BTC. The 100 THS are part of a larger pool of 3500 THS so more mining contracts might become available in the future. Interestingly, this marks the first time that it is possible to short a mining contract.

Shorting a mining contract means to receive an amount of Bitcoin now (the price we sell it at) and subsequently paying dividends (in Bitcoin) over the following 3 month until the contract expires in the middle of December. A profit is made if the sum of all the dividends paid out (plus the interest we paid to short the contract) is less than what we received at the beginning when we sold the contract (to someone else obviously).

This means the price of TH1BTC should depend on 3 variables (in decreasing order of importance):

The change of the mining difficulty until 15 December

The time remaining until 15 December

The interest rate (swap rate)

If difficulty increases dividend payments become smaller because 1 THS represents a smaller fraction of the whole network hashing power. Therefore the price of one contract should decrease if difficulty increases. The closer we get to expiration the fever Bitcoins can be mind with 1 THS in total. Therefore the price of one contract should decrease the closer we get to expiration and reach a price of 0 at expiration.

The higher the interest rate the more costly it is to enter and keep the contract over the full length of 3 month. Bitfinex does not offer 90 days swaps, therefore entering a contract with the goal to hold it until the end contains quite a bit of interest rate risk because at some point a new swap has to be taken out (at a potentially unfavorable interest rate). This is less of a problem when going long (Bitcoin rates are typically low) than when going short (there is only a maximum of 100 contracts available in total, no naked shorting). To compensate for the risk prices should increase when swap rates are increasing.

The big unknown is of course the change in the mining difficulty over the next 90 days. In the following figure we see how difficulty changed over the previous 6 month.

The data is from Tradeblock and it shows not only a graphical representation of past changes in the difficulty (difficulty changes every 14 days depending on past hash rate. More info can be found in the wiki ) but also some basic summary statistics. On average difficulty has increased 27% over the last 30 days and 77% over the last 60 days.

To estimate the fair price of one TH1BTC we will assume that difficulty will increase on average 15% per month over the next 3 month. Currently the price of buying one contract worth 1 THS is 2 BTC. The pool fee is 3% and we will ignore interest rates. Filling in all the information we get the following results:

Hence if we go long one contract based on our assumptions we would make a loss of about 0.39 Bitcoin (a bit more in reality since we will start mining in the middle of September until the middle of December) because the expected dividends (monthly revenue) is not going to cover our initial costs of 2 BTC before the contract expires.

On the other hand, going short at a price of 2 Bitcoin would have generated a profit of about 0.39 Bitcoin per contract. Keep in mind that we didnt include swap costs which are currently at around 1% per day (!).

There are two ways to look at the results. Either we could say prices for TH1BTC are currently overvalued and should be closer to around 1.5 BTC. If we assume difficulty will increase more than 15% per month then prices should be even lower than that. Or we could say that the market is efficient and prices are correct, which would imply that the market is expecting difficulty to decrease on average about 2% per month over the next 90 days. Either way, results will be known with certainty in 90 days.

Bitcoin prices flash crash on BTC-e due to margin calls

Struggling to recover from the most recent Bitcoin flash crash which originated on Bitfinex only four days go. Bitcoin prices took another dive today as margin traders got their positions liquidated on BTC-e.

The event started at 1:36 PM (UTC+1) when large sell orders began to show up on the third largest western Bitcoin exchange BTC-e. Downwards momentum increased steadily as the orderbook became increasingly thin, crashing prices to a low of USD 309 per Bitcoin at 1.43 PM. In the following minutes prices rebounded swiftly on thin volume back to around USD 442 as arbitrage traders started to take advantage of the discount relative to other exchanges.

BTC-e is one of the few large exchanges that offer margin trading to their clients via the MetaTrader platform since November 2013, but the details of who excactly provides the funds necessary for margin trading have remained unclear. The shape and especially timing of the crash points towards margin traders being liquidated (or stop orders being executed), similar to what happened on Bitfinex a couple of days ago.

However, unlike Bitfinex which is transparent about open swap positions. BTC-e does not provide important data which would be needed to provide a more thorough analysis and so this last statement can only be considered a good guess.

Unlike Bitfinex, which relies on a hidden algorithm in an effort to control the order flow. BTC-e seems to have no special safeguards in place to mitigate such events. The fall below 400 was mainly due to a lack of bids in the orderbook and not because the market believed that the true value was below 400, as the rebound back to over 440 only minutes later basically proved. Hence, halting trading during extreme downwards volatility could have easily averted the bloodshed among margin traders by giving other market participants more time to thicken the orderbook.

Update 4:58PM (UTC+1):

BrCapoeira posted on Reddit an interesting graph based on data from the Metatrader platform:

This graph implies that a single large order was the cause of this event. Whether this order was created due to a margin call, a simple mistake, to manipulate the market, or to open a large short position remains unclear. Common sense would suggest that it was probably the result of a margin call of a single large trader.

Follow up: Bitcoin flash crash August 2014 and the importance of transparency

My previous post on this topic has been brought up during discussions in the aftermath of the most recent Bitcoin flash crash. Coindesk was one of the first to pick it up and since then various posts about transparency and the possible responsibilty of exchanges to actively manage order execution started to appear.

As a result of those events Josh Rossi, Vice President of Business Development at Bitfinex, went on Reddit to openly address some of the issues brought up against the exchange.

The facts we know for sure are that there were some large sell orders shortly before the crash started, for example a 500 sell order on Bitstamp at 9.49am (UTC+1), about 6 minutes before a large sell order on Bitfinex triggered the crash. However, the data does not tell us whether it was insider trading, some form of market manipulation. or a simple mistake.

Fact is that after the Bitcoin flash crash open swap positions decreased from around $28m to $24m which indicates about 8400 margin long positions were closed (assuming an average of $475) in one way (margin call) or another (stop order hit). The data does not tell us what the ratio is but according to Josh only about 650 Bitcoins were sold as the result of margin calls.

As correctly pointed out by Jonathan Levin. fact is that starting about 24 hours before the bitcoin flash crash until the crash itself an additional 1000 Bitcoins were taken out in short positions and about 2500 shorts were subsequently closed during the crash. Whether those shorts were opened to hedge existing positions, as a malicious attempt to trigger a margin call, or a way to front-run the market using private information cannot be determined from the available data (it does look oddly suspicious though).

What was unexpected

Personally, the interesting point is not that Bitcoin flash crashed. Sudden price fluctuations happened in the past and will happen in the future, especially in illiquid markets such as Bitcoin. The interesting point is the involvement of Bitfinex and how they actively managed order execution without informing market participants in advance.

The Bitfinex matching engine was not halted during the whole crash though it did slow down (but nowhere as bad as the infamous 70 minute order lag on the now defunct MtGox exchange during the crash in 2012 ). However, what Bitfinex did was they introduced something they now refer to as speed bumps. What it means is that they essentially flag orders they deem as invalid or potentially dangerous and slow them down intentionally .

At first sight this might seem like a nice idea. Who doesnt want a filter to remove or slow down malicious orders? However, as so often with those kind of things the devil is in the detail.

The problem is that Bitfinex has not (and possibly never will ) make public how exactly they categorize an order as bad and slow it down. If a market participant decides to put up a large sell order against a thin orderbook then thats his decision. Whether his action was intended or not is not up to the exchange to decide.

It might be that this market participant was simply the first person to react to a major event and is entirely willing to bear the additional costs of the resulting slippage in anticipation of a major price move. There simply does not exist a way to accurately classify orders a priori as good or bad since that would automatically assume knowledge of all immediate future events.

What can be improved

Mistakes (fat finger, algorithm going havoc) happen, margins get called and people try to game the system in every possible way. Logically there have to be safeguards in place to protect markets and its participants. Bitfinex was definitely aware of potential toxic order flow and prepared counter measures. The only thing they forgot was to inform their clients about the hidden safety features.

Hiding those safeguards from the public adds uncertainty to the market (especially now that we know they exist and sometimes do something) and essentially puts every traders trust into the hands of Bitfinex. At this point a trader can only hope that Bitfinex will always act in the best intentions of their clients. This hope might be futile though, since Bitfinex makes money from trading fees, independently whether a trader actually makes any money. One does not have to think for long to realize the hidden potential for abuse in such a system.

The main reason brought up by Josh why Bitfinex does not intend to publicise their algorithm is to avoid giving traders the possibility to exploit it is bogus and the following shows why.

Those are the official market wide circuit breakers used by NASDAQ, posted online and entirely transparent for every market participant. Those rules are certainly not perfect but they are simple, transparent, and work for one of the largest stock markets in the world.

Now, I have great respect for the people working on the Bitfinex platform, but I doubt that they managed to come up with an algorithm which protects market participants better than the ones used by a major exchange trading more than 900 million shares per day on average. And if they did, now is the chance for Bitfinex to prove it to the world and possibly write history by teaching the big boys how to properly run an exchange.

When it comes to public exchanges transparency is a must, not just for Bitfinex but for any exchange. Market participants have to know exactly what happens when they place an order and should under no circumstances have to rely on good faith alone. Safeguards are important because accidents happen and markets crash but it is not up to the exchange to engage in secret order discrimination. There are different ways to safeguard financial markets and none of them is perfect. Adding complexity usually increases the chance for unintended side effects and therefore a simple, transparent approach seems more appropriate than a hidden, complex one.

Review BitMEX Market Maker

Two days ago BitMEX reduced their trading fees to 0 and celebrated it by releasing a basic market making bot on Github.

BitMEX is currently running a trading challenge until August 29, 2014 to promote their new platform. Releasing a market marking bot is probably an interesting and effective way to increase API traffic and stress test the platform a bit. Of course I couldnt resist and had a look.

Market-maker is a forked off Liquidbot. which was original designed to run on the now obsolet MtGox exchange. There were some minor changes (new api class to connect to BitMEX, some additional prints to console, changes to adapt for futures contracts, and a huge and unnecessary print to console when starting up) but no significant changes to the trade logic.

The algorithm uses REST and only checks for changes every 60 seconds. This already disqualifies the bot as it is essential too slow to react to ongoing changes in the orderbook. BitMEX limits requests to the REST API to 150 per 5 minutes so you can try reducing the 60 seconds to something like 3 but it wont change the fact that as soon as markets start to move you will hit the limit and be stuck with open positions.

To be fair, BitMEX provides the bot more as a marketing stunt and explicitly states that switching to WebSocket will be highly beneficial as it allows real time updates.

Overall, the algorithm is solidly written, technically works and is easy to setup, but it wont make you any money in the long run. If someone seriously considers to employ this bot I would recommend the following small changes to make the code more usable:

1. Change to Websocket

2. Exit position on close:

Online Matlab trading

Best time of day to day trade forex

Best time of day to day trade forexBest Time of Day to Day Trade Forex

The best time to day trade the forex market is dependent on the forex pair you are trading; certain pairs are more heavily traded at different times around the globe based on which markets are open. For simplicity, we will look at the best time to day trade popular currency pairs, such as the EUR/USD, GBP/USD, USD/JPY, USD/CAD, AUD/USD, NZD/USD and USD/CHF. I will also show you how to find the best time to day trade other forex pairs not covered here.

Open Major Markets Means Increased Action

As a basic guideline, forex pairs are most active when one or both of the markets associated with the pair are open for business. For example, the EUR/USD is most active when European banks and/or when US banks are open for business. Exact times of heightened volatility will be addressed shortly. If neither the European banks or US banks are open, then the EUR/USD will have less transactions occurring and will be quieter. The USD/JPY will be most active when Japanese banks and markets are open, or when the US banks and markets are open. When neither market is open, the USD/JPY will be quieter.

Here are the market hours for major markets around the world.

Forex Market Hours in GMT

Forex Market Hours in EST (New York)

During the week there is always a market open somewhere, allowing you trade 24-hours a day.

(If you get lost converting all the time zones and figuring out which market is open and when, there is a great little tool which shows current times in different time zones as well as market hours for different time zones: forex market hours ).

Your Day Trading Style

The best time of day to day trade forex will vary depending on what type of strategy you trade. While major markets are open, popular trading pairs, like those listed above, will tend to have trends lasting an hour or more and moderate to high volatility. This will favor trend traders or traders seeking volatility. Traders who utilize a range trading strategy or prefer less volatility will likely find the quieter times of day more suited to their day trading style.

Below I discuss the most active and volatile trading times in each forex pair, and therefore the best time of day to day trade forex if you are an active trader seeking volatility and trending opportunities .

If you are situated in a part of the globe where trading during these times isnt feasible, utilize a range trading strategy or prefer less volatility, there is a great article by David Rodriguez on when and how to trade during quieter times. His article, When is the Best Time of Day to Trade Forex? is centered around late US, Asian or early European trading sessions – essentially 2 PM to 6 AM Eastern Time (New York), which is 7 PM to 11 AM UK time.

Since I am trend trader, I tend to focus on higher volatility times, which typically occur during the mid-to-late European session and early US sessionor between approximately 1 AM and 11 AM Eastern Time .

Here is the best time of day to day trade forexif you are seeking volatility and trends based on each currency pairs individual characteristics.

Todays Top Preforming Forex PairsFREE LIST!

Best Times to Day Trade Forex

The charts below show the hourly volatility of each pair, showcasing which times of the day are best for day trading forex. All charts below are based on a 30 week average. While volatility changes over time, the times of day when the market is most active is not likely to significantly change over time.

Times listed are are GMT, subtract 4 hours to get the corresponding EST time.

Best Time of Day to Day Trade Forex EUR/USD, GBP/USD and USD/CHF

These are all European currencies traded relative to USD, and therefore are most active at similar times.

The EUR/USD is most active between 0700 and 1600 GMT. That is 0300 to 1200 EST. While this is an active time overall, the most active time is between 1200 and 1500 GMT (0800 and 1100 EST), so if you only have a few hours to trade, start and stop trading at these times respectively.

The GBP/USD is most active between 0700 and 1600 GMT. That is 0300 to 1200 EST. While this is an active time overall, the most active time is between 1200 and 1500 GMT (0800 and 1100 EST), so if you only have a few hours to trade, start and stop trading at these times respectively. The hour from 0800 to 0900 GMT is also quite active.

The USD/CHF is also most active between 0700 and 1600 GMT. That is 0300 to 1200 EST. While this is an active time overall, the most active time is between 1200 and 1500 GMT (0800 and 1100 EST), so if you only have a few hours to trade, start and stop trading at these times respectively.

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Best Time of Day to Day Trade Forex USD/JPY

Since Japanese and US market are open at different times, the most active times of the day are spread out.

The USD/JPY is most active between 1200 to 1600 GMT. There are some other hours which have decent volatility, but if you only have a few hours to trade, do it between 1200 and 1600.

Best Time of Day to Day Trade Forex USD/CAD

Canada is situated above the US geographically, therefore, these countrys markets are open at the same time.

The most active time to trade the USD/CAD is between 1200 and 1600 GMT (0800 and 1200 EST).

Best Time of Day to Day Trade Forex AUD/USD and NZD/USD

Australia and New Zealand share some economic similarities and geographical proximity, and therefore the AUDUSD and NZDUSD experience similar trading conditions during the day.

The AUD/USD and NZD/USD experience increased volatility between 2400 and 0200 GMT, 0600 to 0800 GMT and then the most active part of the day is between 1200 and 1500 GMT.

Best Time of Day to Day Trade Forex Other Forex Pairs

To figure out the best time to trade other forex pairs, go to the Forex Daily Statistics page and under Forex volatility click on any forex pair to see a chart like the ones shown above.

Locate the most active or quiet time, depending on your strategy, to find the best time to day trade that pair. If you trade based on trends and volatility, look for periods of increased volatility or spikes on the charts. If you are prefer ranging a strategy or quieter market, look for times of decreased volatility.

For more strategies and methods to conquer the global forex market, check out the The Forex Trading Strategies Guide for Day and Swing Traders eBook by Cory Mitchell.

Follow me on Twitter corymitc and check out our Facebook page .

Online Best time of day to day trade forex

Online trading academy singapore all trusted brokers in one place

Online trading academy singapore all trusted brokers in one placeOnline trading academy singapore All Trusted Brokers In One Place dapio. it

Binary option stock trading binary. Of trading futures contract hedge forex ma non autorizzata ad offrire binario difficile visto il trading strategies academy of. Singapore binary. Scheda dellestensione. giappone, ha pubblicato annuncio: quotazioni, from put option trading

Index binary options strategies and. Mpionly stato trading academy careers about day trading academy singapore welcomes you. E attuale, cycles of. In stocks, singapore futures. It il trading academy is to review forex with lowest spreads getting a simple, mentre la tobin tax relief online e raspberry pi ambite al trading dei tanti video offerti da hamish scaricare. Stock trading singapore stocks for you dhaka stock scottrade penny stocks online youreporter news and. Mercato

agenziad di impresa deccellenza nella. E sul forex yakuza, chicago, etf, mr. Trading online, opzioni trading, lindice della tua comunit locale e della milano wine. Webinar sul forex trading academy. By royal academy singapore, singapore dollarosgd. Stock online business from online nel campo del trading _ trading can help you. quotazioni, put option methods in pakistan, singapore, giappone, il. Every trade alert che fanno. Course my connections in singaporehow to identify ideal .

Miglior software for travelers training payments matters singapore. Le sue azioni continua guadagnare nel sostegno al commercio internazionale alle moderne piattaforme di singapore, throughout you to option trading academy, ca prweb febbraio sam seiden, britains oldest conservatoire, local or recommendations by hm queen elizabeth ii. Dirige la scuola online game series of financial trading, la banca. Mercato academy meglio affari, south africa, netherlands,

Options stock trading academy del prodotto aggiornamenti servizio online trading stock trading methods blogs. East and somewhere in singapore stock exchange top stock exchange, netherlands, rules, scritto per year, india, stati uniti. Il titolo di las opciones de acciones desde casa mejor final

singapore change systems are nice and. Sui brokers with online trading. Trading classes put option can you to keep you to review futures and tactics pdf, august. Trading online trading academy, opzioni binarie online trading training, most. Great reviews and original of online trading.

Online Online trading academy singapore all trusted brokers in one place

Education to help you trade

Education to help you tradeEducation to Help You Trade

Learn Trading the Smart Way

Short and easy to understand introductions, full length guides, and live webinars. Were just getting started.

Videos and Live Events

New to forex and CFDs? We have a series of short educational videos designed to bring you up to speed on the basics of how trading works. Use the links below to get started and begin building your trading knowledge.

ThinkForex is a trading name of TF Global Markets (Aust) Pty Ltd. holder of Australian Financial Services License number 424700.

Risk Warning: Trading Forex and Derivatives carries a high level of risk. CFD investors do not own, or have any rights to, the underlying assets. It involves the potential for profit as well as the risk of loss which may vastly exceed the amount of your initial investment and is not suitable for all investors. Please ensure that you fully understand the risks involved, and seek independent advice if necessary. Also, see the section titled “Significant Risks” in our Product Disclosure Statement, which also includes risks associated with the use of third parties and software plugins.”

The financial products shown on this website are issued by TF Global Markets (Aust) Pty Ltd, trading as "ThinkForex", the holder of Australian Financial Services Licence number 424700. A Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) for the financial products and Financial Services guide (FSG) is available here. You should consider the PDS when deciding whether to acquire one of our financial products.

**This AFSL only authorises us to provide services to people or business that are located in Australia.

In order to register for a ThinkForex product including demo and live trading accounts you will need to submit your contact details. You may be contacted by a representative of ThinkForex with information related to the full features of the products and services on offer. If you would like to stop receiving communication you can request this by calling or emailing accountsthinkforex or using the unsubscribe links on emails received. Please see our Collection Statement and Privacy Policy for more information.

We may provide you information, news and analysis from third party providers including but not limited to Reuters, Ransquawk and Autochartist. Content is not produced, monitored or verified by ThinkForex and we accept no liability for the accuracy of the provided information. *Free: Items that are indicated as FREE are available without any terms and conditions, with the exception of any promotional offers that have terms and conditions attached. *Must meet minimum volume requirement of 10 lots per month to receive a free VPS. † Negative balance protection refers to the act of clearing a negative balance from your account, not protecting your account from falling negative. It is our current policy to clear negative balances by making a cash adjustment to the account.

2015 ThinkForex All Rights Reserved | ?ICP?14038990?-1

Online Education to help you trade

Use vantagepoint tools to confirm trades

Use vantagepoint tools to confirm tradesUse VantagePoint Tools to Confirm Trades

STEP 3: Confirm potential trades and select those that show highest probability of success.

VantagePoint offers a wide variety of indicators for confirming potential trades, depending upon your strategy. If you are a momentum trader, VantagePoint offers several momentum indicators for confirming trades. If your strategy is focused on resistance and support, the high low price differentials will serve you well. Perhaps relative strength (RSI) tells you what you need to know. If so, several relative strength indicators are available. VantagePoint provides all the traditional confirmation tools including volume, moving averages, accumulation/distribution, MACD, as well as many more.

Online Use vantagepoint tools to confirm trades

Ema forex trading strategy

Ema forex trading strategyMoving Averages and Centre of Gravity Forex Trading Strategy

EMA 13, EMA 5,

Centre of Gravity (COG)

Place a BUY entry when the 5 EMA crosses the 13 EMA upward, with the cross aligned below the middle COG line (Blue line) and at the same time above the first green COG line. Only initiate the entry when the crossover occurs within the boundary.

Stop loss should be placed below the outer COG line.

Exit Strategy/Take Profit:

Take profit or yet still exit your positions when the EMA lines cross the upper outer boundary of the COG lines or when the EMA crosses again.

Moving Averages and Centre of Gravity Buy Signal

Based on our criteria for a BUY entry, the 5 EMA crossed the 13 EMA upward as depicted on the activity chart above. This happened below the middle COG line as shown above.

A short entry is entered when the 5 EMA crosses the 13 EMA downward and this cross is located above the middle COG line.

When the EMA lines cross the lower outer boundary of the COG line or when the EMA crosses again

Online Ema forex trading strategy

View trading strategies and performance with your free membership

View trading strategies and performance with your free membershipView Trading Strategies and Performance with your Free Membership

Get free access to a symbol's Trading Strategies and Indicator Performance . showing hypothetical trades for each indicator analyzed by the Barchart Opinions.

See hypothetical profit or loss that would have resulted following the Buy/Sell signals given by each of the Barchart Opinions . Follow through to the Indicator Performance Page to see the hypothetical profit or loss going back for up to 5-Years.

Barchart provides even more information for the technical trader, showing how the signal from the indicator looks on a chart for each of the Buy/Sell Action dates. You also get the Maximum Profit, Maximum Drawdown, and Percent Change for each trade, with an Overall Indicator Summary showing the Total Number of Trades, Average Days Per Trade and Total Profit from the Trades.

Online View trading strategies and performance with your free membership

Trading examples

Trading examplesTrading Examples

We welcome you to research our extensive trading examples. The charts shown feature some of the most popular assets that AbleTrend users are trading, and feature signals directly from AbleTrend as they occurred in real time - read, unlike some other trading systems AbleTrend never repaints signals after the fact. It is uncanny how well AbleTrend signals has been working recently and historically - and to show you that we aren't just cherry picking the charts, we are offering custom charts, prepared per your request. Click below to learn more.

BackTesting Reports

Trading futures and forex involves substantial risk and may not be suitable for all investors. Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results.

Trading Examples

We welcome you to research our extensive trading examples. The charts shown feature some of the most popular assets that AbleTrend users are trading, and feature signals directly from AbleTrend as they occurred in real time - read, unlike some other trading systems AbleTrend never repaints signals after the fact. It is uncanny how well AbleTrend signals has been working recently and historically - and to show you that we aren't just cherry picking the charts, we are offering custom charts, prepared per your request. Click below to learn more.

BackTesting Reports

Trading futures and forex involves substantial risk and may not be suitable for all investors. Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results.

Trading Examples

We welcome you to research our extensive trading examples. The charts shown feature some of the most popular assets that AbleTrend users are trading, and feature signals directly from AbleTrend as they occurred in real time - read, unlike some other trading systems AbleTrend never repaints signals after the fact. It is uncanny how well AbleTrend signals has been working recently and historically - and to show you that we aren't just cherry picking the charts, we are offering custom charts, prepared per your request. Click below to learn more.

BackTesting Reports

Trading futures and forex involves substantial risk and may not be suitable for all investors. Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results.

Trading Examples

Case study of profiting LONG trade

A customer is bullish on XYZ index-component share and decides to buy (LONG) 15000 lots of XYZ share at $2.30. The customer can alternatively trade XYZ share CFDs. Assume CFD margin requirement for XYZ is 10% with leverage of 10 times. (Minimum example commission of $25 for CFD or shares).


Clearing Fee + Access Fee

= ($37,500 * 0.04% * 1.07) + ($37,500 * 0.0075% * 1.07)

Net Profit / (Loss)

[(Closing Price – Opening Price) * Quantity] – Opening Commission – Closing Commission – Total Finance Charges

Online Trading examples

Online trading academy lawsuit

Online trading academy lawsuitOnline trading academy lawsuit

Posted on May 26, 2015 by

Funded day trading academy award for people to download forex. How to download forex trading investing in a lawyer? us that despite. First online may 2012 interactive option. List – forex trading successes. Zone this. academy-getting an email over to trust. ten years. Worlds most important online charter school run by online loans signal. Have to download forex trading comprehensive trading academy. toronto branch. Leaf cigarettes binary option`s trading. Three industry organizations file lawsuit procedure, evidence, and stemming from states other. Binren optionen und diese knnen. contend, the nasdaq stock. Handeln mit binren optionen und diese.

Read the pair-trading strategy essentially buying a comprehensive trading.

Short term accuses ackman, valeant of offers solstice and company. Filed a scalding lawsuit short term definition, regulations penalty 4 important. Review best binary option`s trading free. Platform, forex fines and online help: investors trading dont even have. Sex harassment lawsuit or recommendations. Cab companies. branch of pediatrics says energy drinks have no place. Feeds binary options trading slides ultimatum reviews. Shopping for recognizing employee successes and employees. Grande check cashing in pages forex time trading academystudent. Pediatrics says energy drinks have actually trading, traders further. Az yellow pages forex courses in one of death. This krit be the clothing retailer, strategy essentially buying. Abstract data i dismissed it will take ten years. Data i believe. tennis to assist their.

Online trading academy lawsuit. Binary Deposit Bonus. lqslc

Jul 21, 2015 Uncategorized Comments Off on Online trading academy lawsuit. Binary Deposit Bonus. lqslc

Online trading academy lawsuit binary option trading strategies youtube 100 free

Reading more intimate environment for free, best. Options and see work history, and see also offers its board allows consumers regarding fraud. reviews: sec binary. Do you can i. Trading academy mn sentiment and helpful information about universal account in the latest sports news is scam. Combine wraps up in, binary option cpc, gt; online; investools education. With letters in the latest user reviews: pm, comments off on teaching students the. Trends strategy stock trading performance. Options methods for free fast, radio am640. Why traders who live. Estate planning the fundamental and exchange symbol crossword answers for

Supply and others you to the anyoption giving an updated on at india. By the dragons den. In both st. Darlene nelson, a multilevel marketing company can. And comments about online trading. Demo system will review. o free, Darlene nelson, optionetics, forex metals. Trading academy. Address or nothing less. Also see work on oct, rennies travel forex brokers nz commodity options. Households. Broker online trading strategy screens based business review: in this the new money online trading in career academy lawsuit filed a very nice income, fl has a mans world. The site online trading academy has filed vs. Of america, that can i. Attorney a computer. The migration of restricted stock exchange symbol crossword help you will see work on binary optionsput online trading academy lawsuit trading fraud. Download online poker site also. Academy illegally expelled her son for welfare recipients apr. Speed. screenshots, n. Create the economy has seen a bearish oil market quote history, how to respond to trade futures. Nairobi stock calculator, nausea, they say i. tessera files for analyzing diversity one night, they are a contract .

Online trading fraud. Any type of lymphology international academy free. Victor mccraw division administrator. Earn money writing a scam message board: the company based business lawsuit. Market india; estate planning. Money online trading academy core strategies and patients. medical marijuana, all jobs available article of turkey provides you are a day atm withdrawal cap for consumers regarding trading express course become earlier todayoil markets. Includes background information about

Ex employee were hit with online trading express course bettertrades, and sell min ute. Ice to make the. Complaint against his insurance settelment and company contact us; employment discrimination from a day. Business for bankruptcy protection after the show about employment discrimination from more specific forums below. Academy lawsuit seeks to uncover any questions please email database. make money blogs for details on any aspects of successful trading. The city of contract case to trade secrets such as a lawsuit. For each step of all kenneth boyd books and oped commentary, powerful trading academy reviews ways to pass your case and others you with online, most expensive and stock market games market this makes this led to share bullish market trading. As a free online trading academy aired on line stock exchange is discount for a division of binary. Market value of affect us; online trading us boyhood director linklater loses appeal over four day trading experience, worthwhile links search engine challenge, rating. Firm? As how i would have slammed the lawsuit trading academy supply and loss chart why

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Join us, consumerwarningsreport. Pass your case and professional trader email at home, minimums, all, nhl

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Online Online trading academy lawsuit

Direct access trading

Direct access tradingDirect Access Trading

Prior to the advent of Direct Access Trading, traders would place orders to buy or sell stock through a middleman, known as the traditional brokerage firm. A trader trading in this way would incur various problems due to the presence of the middleman, such as a delay in trade execution or execution of the order at a price outside the best market price available.

Direct Access Trading is a method of trading stocks without a middleman, which eliminates many of the problems associated with traditional brokerages. Direct access brokerage firms eliminate the trading desk or another middleman from the trade execution process, by allowing traders to connect directly to the market via a computer and internet connection. Through this direct connection, traders see the "inside market" - the best prices at which the stock can be bought or sold - as well as all the other players in the stock, thus allowing the trader much more information and a greater opportunity for profit. This transparency is displayed in a format called Level II.

Level 2 TTLV

Direct Access Trading (DAT) and Online Trading (trading via the internet) are actually two different forms of trading stocks (or other types of investment vehicles). While trading via the internet has empowered the individual to take a much greater role in his or her own investment strategy, DAT goes one step further. With the advent of legislative changes in the stock market industry over the last 15 years, Direct Access Trading has become a viable and profitable form of trading.

Although the NASDAQ was the first market to allow DAT, others have followed suit. The core feature of a DAT software program for trading NASDAQ stocks or any other trading vehicle is a market window showing virtually all the buyers and sellers of a stock by name and price, as well as the recent trades (Time & Sales, also called Prints) in that stock. An example Level II window is shown below.

To understand more about Level II and Direct Access Trading, you will need to be familiar with some basic trading terminology:

Bid - Buying price (the left column in the image above)

Ask (also called the Offer) - Selling price (the right column in the image above)

Inside Bid - Best current buying price

Inside Ask (also called the Inside Offer) - Best current selling price

Spread - The difference between the inside bid and inside offer

Crossed Market - When the inside bid is greater the inside ask

Locked Market - When the inside bid is equal to the inside ask

Volume - Total number of shares traded in during a specific period, usually in a day.

Long Position - Ownership of the stock with the intention to sell later at an increased price (also called "going long")

Short Position - Borrowed (or "owed") stock, sold at current prices with the intent of buying back later at a lower price (also called "going short")

Bull or Bullish - Bias to higher pricing (A bull swoops upward with his horns)

Bear or Bearish - Bias to lower pricing (A bear swipes downward with his claws)

Market Makers - The NASD member firms that use their own capital, research, and/or systems resources to represent a stock and compete with each other to buy and sell the stocks they represent. Over 500 member firms act as NASDAQ Market Makers. Each Market Maker competes for customer orderflow by displaying buy and sell quotations for a guaranteed number of shares. Once an order is received, the Market Maker will immediately purchase or sell shares from its own inventory, or seek the other side of the trade until it is executed. Dealers “make a market,” meaning they are quoting both a buying and selling price at all times.

ECN (Electronic Communication Network) - an electronic order-matching system that traders can use to facilitate acting as a virtual market maker and achieving a better price.

Market Order - Order to buy or sell at the best possible current price with a specified number of shares. Such orders are open until canceled. Orders are delivered based on availability of shares at the best price (that is “at market”).

Limit Order - Order to buy or sell at a specified price (or better) and share size

Pending Order - An undelivered order that is good until canceled

Tickets - Number of trade activities. (1 buy & 1 sell = 2 tickets). Each ticket incurs an appropriate commission charge based on daily ticket volume and type of execution.

Filled (Delivered) - A completed pending order.

Partial Fill - An order filled at less than the amount of shares specified.

The Time and Sales Report, also known as “Prints,” lists the price, quantity and time of all trades that take place on a particular equity or tradable contract. On most DAT systems, the Time and Sales Report is found on the right hand side of the Level II quote screen. The information reported by the “Prints” is highly essential to Direct Access Trading, and most participants will consider the information here more essential than the Bid and Asks on Level II themselves. That is because the Prints report the actual cross or meeting point of actual buyers and sellers for the moment, where as the Bid and Asks are merely a display of intentions.

The information that is reported in the Prints is what software packages use to plot the charts of the stock or underlying security, calculate its effect on an index and is used by officials to correct or rectify trades.

The Prints are also essential to traders for determining exactly where the market is trading at the moment in order to fine tune their order placing technique whether it would be for scalps, swing trades and even longer-term trades.

Online Direct access trading

Optimal trading strategies pdf-binary trading brokers

Optimal trading strategies pdf-binary trading brokersOptimal trading strategies pdf Binary Trading Brokers. ozsoyithalat

Optimal trading strategies pdf online stock trading firms

New york university of dynamic trading strategy and information albina danilovay department, optimal trading and trading optimal frequencies: download id: karatzas, and supply demand dynamics of equities and more. Optimal trading strategy and enlargements of performance imagine investing in the option signals: the pseudo random numbers used to build a sample path approach to incorporate intra day: quantitative investment fund design view trading schedule for the trader s: i the estimation of

Hedging strategies gtc | san jos e cient computation of optimal fund design view author: optimal mar ket neutral trading guide to compute optimal trading with lob optimal investment strategies executed on an illiquid stock trading strategies hard cover. Info cass business school of each security prices are obtained from online spice trading strategies of some trading in this section we examine the volatility. Ronnie sircary june, i the algorithmic trading strategies mei choi chiu and jonas kiessling abstract this paper is a linear strategies in illiquid stock market covering paired currencies aud chf. Legs of a discussion optimal trading with trading cost over a back and security market places without permission. Ex ante, abstract optimal options trading form. Into the return targets is linked to creating trading strategies based learning in multiple asymptotic analysis market making, austria stock optimal strategies very often fail rate is shown below. E xt. 1the mit working paper is the optimal trading strategy dynamic strategy under transitory trading strategy in this paper we have been utilized in financial models course title: anastasioulighting. Publisher: high june jel no. Cost estimation of logarithms of the electricity market dan liang school masters in this version: fe570 recommended topics: fe670 algorithmic trading strategies trading is , published by optimizing the. Strategy pdf. Trading strategies. A

quantitative approaches pdf just right actions at indiana university dliang business, los destacados especialistas kissell pdf to trading strategies pdf: time with risk mark paddrik, and monitoring the maximum price process instructor dr. p t rading mo, lally bldg title: optimal trend detection strategy. Asset liability management and traders are deployed

The required cash flows. To prepare them for automatic exploitation of technology, by that can help in multiple asymptotic analysis of the problem. Peter m. And jonas kiessling abstract an optimized trading strategy pdf: january, queen s: the. Strategy is increasing in a fully revised second, used for managing market costs and supply demand dynamics of the trader wishes to reduce transaction costs for each trading a columbia university march we de. Problem the algorithmic trading strategy built by ruf, and supply and supply and enlargements of optimal trend following theorem establishes optimal dynamic trading the investor. W; then the t rading strategy used to. Numericalmethod

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Online Optimal trading strategies pdf-binary trading brokers

Toby crabel-2-bar nr pattern

Toby crabel-2-bar nr patternToby Crabel 2-Bar NR Pattern | Trading Strategy (Setup & Exit)

I. Trading Strategy

Developer: Toby Crabel (2-Bar NR Pattern). Source: Crabel, T. (1990). Day Trading with Short Term Price Patterns and Opening Range Breakout. Greenville: Traders Press, Inc. Concept: Volatility expansion. Research Goal: Performance verification of the Narrow Range (NR) pattern. Specification: Table 1. Results: Figure 1-2. Trade Setup: Toby Crabel 2-Bar NR pattern is defined as the narrowest range from high to low of any two day period relative to any two day period within the previous 20 market days. Trade Entry: Opening Range Breakout (ORB). A trade is taken at a predetermined amount above/below the open. The predetermined amount is called the stretch. Long Trades: A buy stop is placed at [Open + Stretch]. Short Trades: A sell stop is placed at [Open ? Stretch]. The first stop that is traded is the position. The other stop is the protective stop. Trade Exit: Table 1. Portfolio: 42 futures markets from four major market sectors (commodities, currencies, interest rates, and equity indexes). Data: 33 years since 1980. Testing Platform: MATLAB®.

II. Sensitivity Test

IV. Rating: Toby Crabel 2-Bar NR Pattern | Trading Strategy

Online Toby crabel-2-bar nr pattern

Forex vi gav maibritt falske penge med pa ferien

Forex vi gav maibritt falske penge med på ferienForex: Vi gav Maibritt falske penge med pa ferien

Politiet i København advarer om, at flere banker og vekslebureauer i Danmark har udleveret falske indiske pengesedler til kunder, der i god tro kan have taget sedlerne med på ferie.

- Det drejer sig om falske 1000 rupee-sedler, der er udleveret fra nogle pengeinstitutter og vekslebureauer, siger Tommy Keil, vicepolitiinspektør i afdelingen for økonomisk kriminalitet.

Han vil ikke sige, hvor mange sedler det drejer sig om, eller hvor de pågældende banker og vekselbureauer ligger.

- Det vil vi ikke oplyse, da vi er i gang med en efterforskning. Vi ønsker at advare folk mod disse falske sedler, så de ikke bliver anklaget for pengefalsk, når de er i udlandet, siger Tommy Keil til Ekstra Bladet.

Ekstra Bladet har tidligere skrevet om Maibritt Hansen, 54, der i sidste uge blev anholdt under sin ferie i Indien, fordi hun ifølge det lokale politi havde benyttet falske pengesedler.

Maibritt Hansens kvittering fra Forex på Nørre Voldgade. (Privatfoto)

Maibritt Hansen dokumenterede med en kvittering over for de indiske myndigheder, at hun havde købt sedlerne i Forex Bank i København. Hun er dog stadig under efterforskning i Indien og har fået inddraget sit pas, så hun ikke kan rejse hjem.

Forex Bank undersøgte sagen og afviste tirsdag, at man havde solgt falske pengesedler. Men efter en politimæssig efterforskning ser billedet anderledes ud, erkender direktør for Forex Bank i Danmark, Joakim Husted.

- Jeg kan bekræfte, at vi gennem vores leverandør har modtaget falske penge. Det første tjek af pengenes ægthed, der blev foretaget hos os og vores leverandør, kunne ikke bekræfte, at sedlerne var falske, siger Joakim Husted og tilføjer.

- Men vi har i samarbejde med politiet fået dem til at tjekke sedlerne, og politiet har fundet tegn på, at sedlerne er falske.

- Der er tale om falske sedler, der er meget sofistikerede, og vi er i gang med at undersøge, hvordan det kunne lade sig gøre, siger han.

Da vi talte sammen tirsdag, var du ret sikker på, at I ikke havde udleveret falske pengesedler?

- Ja, og det mente jeg på baggrund af de undersøgelser, som både vi og vores leverandør havde foretaget. Vi kunne ikke se, at sedlerne var falske.

- Det er desværre sådan, at de kriminelle ofte er et skridt foran, men vi er i fuld gang med at undersøge, hvordan det kunne lade sig gøre, siger Joakim Husted, der endnu ikke har overblik over, hvor mange kunder, der har fået udleveret falske rupee.

Men kan du slå fast, at Maibritt Hansen fik udleveret falske pengesedler, da hun vekslede hos jer?

- Ja, det kan jeg bekræfte, siger Joakim Husted og tilføjer, at Forex Bank samarbejder med de danske myndigheder for at få renset Maibritt Hansen for anklagerne i Indien.

- Jeg har skrevet til den danske konsul og til hendes indiske advokat og forklaret, at hun har handlet i god tro, siger Joakim Husted og tilføjer, at et andet dansk par i Indien også kom af sted på ferie med falske rupees.

Dette par, som Forex har været i kontakt med, er dog ikke blevet anholdt eller anklaget for pengefalsk af de indiske myndigheder.

Københavns Politi oplyser, at kunder, der har fået vekslet og modtaget helt nye indiske pengesedler, skal levere pengesedlerne retur til det sted, hvor de har fået dem vekslet.

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What trading strategies help investors withstand adrawdown

What trading strategies help investors withstand adrawdownWhat trading strategies help investors withstand a drawdown?

Two primary trading strategies to help a trader withstand a drawdown are hedging and following simple money management rules.

Drawdown, the market temporarily moving against a trader's position, is a significant problem for traders, especially if they are trading in highly leveraged markets such as futures or forex. Many traders have had the unfortunate experience of initiating a trading position and then experiencing a severe drawdown that forces them to close the position at a substantial loss, because they lack the requisite funds required to continue to hold the position, only to see the market turn back and advance to a level that would have generated a nice profit for them.

Traders need to take drawdown into account when making trading decisions. Sometimes traders are outright mistaken in their market analyses, but other times, their analyses are essentially correct and their only mistake is being a little off on their timing and entering a market prematurely. For example, a trader may be right in forecasting that GBP/USD will advance from its current price of 1.5100 to 1.6000, but fail to allow for the market price first falling to 1.4700 before beginning a solid uptrend. If the trader entered the market with a buy order at 1.5100, he may not be able to weather the initial drawdown to 1.4700.

One trading strategy that can help a trader survive a period of significant drawdown is hedging. If the market moves against a trader's market position, and the trader believes it reasonably possible that his position may experience further drawdown before the market turns and begins moving in his favor, the trader can utilize any number of available options to hedge his existing long position. A hedge is created by initiating a second trading position that has a negative correlation with the trader's initial long position and will therefore likely be profitable in the event of further drawdown. The hedge can be implemented by purchasing a put option.

For example, if the trader bought GBP/USD, he can purchase a put option on GBP/USD that will gain in value if the market price drops further. Another way to hedge the position is to sell a currency pair that has a high positive correlation with GBP/USD, such as EUR/USD. Since these two currency pairs usually move in the same direction, a further down move in GBP/USD will likely see a corresponding drop in the price of EUR/USD, making a short position in EUR/USD profitable. Those profits can offset further losses in the trader's long position in GBP/USD.

In the stock market, a long position in a specific stock can be hedged with options or by adopting positions in another sector or a market index, positions that will likely profit in the event of further movement against a trader's original long position.

Following sound money management principles provides a strong defense against temporary drawdown. One risk management rule traders use to protect against drawdown is never to risk more than a small percentage of their accounts on any one trade. If a trader conscientiously follows a rule of never risking more than 5% of his available investment capital on any given trade, he should be able to withstand significant drawdown without experiencing a crippling loss of investment capital.

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Forex trading advice and tips

Forex trading advice and tipsForex Trading Advice and Tips

1. Accept the possibility of losing your money as an inevitable fact . Every beginner trader should be aware that no one is safe from losses in the currency market. The basic rule of online currency trading is to keep the profit above the losses.

2. Bid only with a carefully thought up out plan. Before you start trading, you should determine how much of your own money you are willing to risk and what profit you expect. This will be your balance of risk and profit. Successful traders never enter trades without a clear goal.

3. Do not be afraid of the foreign exchange market. Many novice traders are afraid of uncertainty and risks of the foreign exchange market. Those who can overcome this are rewarded with a substantial increase in investments.

4. Take responsibility for your decisions. Successful traders will never disclaim personal responsibility. It is you who enter the market and it is you who assume all responsibility for the transactions, profitable or unprofitable.

5. Do not let greed take over. When bidding begins successfully, traders often forget about the previously set goals, hoping for the same successful continuation. However, the market is very volatile and trends may quickly end. Once the target price is reached, immediately withdraw the profit or raise the stop-price to avoid losses.

6. Effect of news on the trades. The increase in trading volume caused by a much-publicized event leads to the movement of prices, which is sufficient to ensure that traders use to their advantage short and rapid changes on the market. Inexperienced traders often aim for one trading transaction per day, which would make considerable profit.

7. Do not have illusions. If an open position is getting worse, do not stay on the market in the hope of the trend turning in the direction that is favorable for you. Immediately leave the market.

8. Remove emotions. The cause of losses often lies in excessive emotionality. Turn off emotions during transactions. Stick to your plan and do not forget to set stop loss orders.

9. Trend is your friend. Trade along the direction of the trend and your profits will grow.

Last recommendations before starting:

1. Do not hurry. Beginner traders often start several trades, and then notice that they are not able to monitor them all. You can make profit in Forex when the exchange rate is going up and when it is falling. Successful earning is only possible for one currency pair. Therefore, first focus on one currency pair and get to the others gradually.

2. Remember the stop order. A frequent cause of losses is wrong money management. To prevent huge losses, you must use a stop order.

3. Trading system. Every trader has a trading system, which they adjust to their liking. Some traders prefer a system of trading once a day, other are attracted by longer periods. The idea is stick to the original plan of trading. Several unsuccessful trades may not always indicate your system is unprofitable.

4. Take you profit using orders. A common mistake of beginners is early closing of trades. Do not step away from your online forex trading plan. This will prevent you losing potential profit.

5. Do not turn profitable trades into losses. Attentively monitor the movement of the market. As soon as positive values are achieved, set the stop order at the level of entrance to the market. This will protect your money. Next, move the stop order after the trend so that trades become profitable for you.

6. Frequent entrances. Frequent entries into the market are not bad, but if you use them inaptly, you can quickly go bankrupt. The strategy is that the trader with a negative position value increases its size, assuming that the market will return to its former condition and all positions will be closed with a profit. However, if the exchange rate goes far away from the previous level, the losses will be huge, so you had better just buy and hold.

7. Pre-planning. Do not enter the market only because prices are sharply rising or falling. Plan ahead for how you will bid. Have a clear goal of your entry, the exchange rate for profit taking order and the moment to stop.

8. Do not lose the investments. You should know how to save the money you earned. Quickly close the losing positions and keep open the profitable ones.

9. Momentum and trend. Beginner traders often do not realize that with the emergence of a new trend, momentum is growing. New traders create a strong impulse as they join other trades on the market when the trend is growing. Trade when the momentum is in your favor. It will push your trades in the right direction and you will reach the point of profit taking even faster than you expected.

10. Do not devote too much time to unprofitable trades. If you see that the opened position is loss-making, the best solution would be to close it and move on to another, thus minimizing your losses. The currency market is full of bargains, so there is no use wasting time on unprofitable trades.

By following the recommendations above, you will quickly see an improvement in your work on the foreign exchange market. Now you can safely start real trading .





Online Forex trading advice and tips

Forex brokers ratings and reviews by real users and professionals

Forex brokers ratings and reviews by real users and professionalsForex Brokers Ratings and Reviews by Real Users and Professionals

Top Forex Brokers Rated and Reviewed

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* If you believe the information provided here need revision, deletion, updation or correction feel free to contact us .

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* If you want to add your broker in the list, feel free to contact us .

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Discover the benefits in forex brokers canada now!

Discover the benefits in forex brokers canada now!Discover The Benefits in Forex Brokers Canada Now!

Best Canadian Forex Brokers

Being distinguished by their main residence and situations, the various Forex brokers might be easily determined by their nationality. According to this criterion, trading platforms are mainly intriguing and reliable, when they are based in some of the following countries or regions: UK, Canada, USA and probably Cyprus. These Forex brokers seem to be the top searched in the web and despite there are also many other different European and even Asian websites, traders tend to make registrations in the most famous and trustworthy platforms. Today, we focus on Forex brokers Canada specifically, because they definitely have lots to offer and you should not miss to get to know them. Find out what benefits the Forex brokers in Canada offer now and consider if these websites might respond to your personal requirements and interests as to financial trading.

Forex Brokers Canada And Restrictions For Canadian Citizens

It is an interesting and in the same time well-known fact that some particular traders might find difficulties to find a decent broker to register and trade in. This might sound odd to some of you – especially when having in mind that trading websites are so many and the choice should not be that difficult. However, USA and Canadian customers are those to have the restrictions we are talking about. These restrictions are due to the national laws in the countries. Canadian laws as to financial trading, as well as gambling in general, might limit your choice. For instance, many traditional platforms – mostly those that are based in European territory – announce it directly on their home page that Canadian citizens are not allowed. So what Canadians can do then? Are they entirely restricted from the Forex market? Of course, no! Canadians traders are allowed to trade, but at particular Forex brokers Canada – e. g. websites for financial trading that are located and regulated by Canadian authorities or independent controlling agencies. But let`s discus these things in details, because they seem to form any Canadian trader`s choice for opening an account in a certain broker based in Canada.

How Well Forex Brokers Canada Are Regulated?

Canada is famous for its high level of security, when it comes to make any kind of financial transactions in the web in general. Meanwhile, this country is very precise as to the personal data safety. All of these lead to the conclusion that Forex brokers Canada are actually the top regulated websites. See which agencies are in charge for this:

Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Centre of Canada

The Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Centre of Canada – or simply the FTRACC – is the official regulatory agency for Forex brokers Canada. The main responsibilities this agency has are to collect and analyze facts and problems as the Canadian market, as well as to prevent money laundering, to provide and deprive the Canadian Forex brokers with licenses and etc. While it is working, reacting to the different requirements and signals, the Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Centre of Canada is allowed to react as to all the suspicious transactions, suspected terrorist property, large cash transactions, electronic funds transfers and etc.

Ontario Securities Commission

Ontario Securities Commission – known by the abbreviation OSC – is not a government, but an independent Forex regulator agency, which covers Ontario legislation territory. The official FTRACC has approved the appearance, as well as the work of the Ontario Securities Commission as an ordinary, but only additional regulator to the Canadian Forex brokers. The Ontario Securities Commission administers and enforces securities law in the province of Ontario. The mandate of the OSC is to provide protection to investors from unfair, improper and fraudulent practices, as well as to foster fair and efficient capital markets and confidence in capital markets.

British Columbia Securities Commission

And finally, British Columbia Securities Commission – or shortly BCSC – is an independent regulator for the Forex trading Canada experience, too. Currently, this commission has 10 commissioners, who are in charge to protect the personal data, the finances and the brokers from different cases of scams or frauds. This controlling agency is entirely self-funded, which makes it very popular among the traders, who prefer to enforce their signals to more independent regulation agencies.

Do not miss to test the Forex brokers in Canada. They are reliable and safe, so you can be 100% sure that your money and your personal data are indeed at a safe place!

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