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My name is Nikos Mermigas and I am a full time trader, Capital Manager, the Spartan Forex Trader Academy founder and author of several eBook workbooks, like. Master Trading – Simple Effective, Spartan Trader System.

I was born and grew up in Germany. 1993, at age 21. I started to work as a musician and later on as music teacher. Yes I am that old but you know what they say: Age brings Reason!

I had experimented with the Stock market and through my quest for something better I discovered that the Forex Market very nicely met my “Freedom” Criteria. I have to say it was love at first sight.

But I'm sure you probably know, falling in love is the easy part, working on the relationship can be the hardest thing you ever do!

Computer programming

Learn how to program drawings, animations, and games using JavaScript ProcessingJS, or learn how to create webpages with HTML CSS. You can share whatever you create, explore what others have created and learn from each other!

Official SAT Practice

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Download a real, full-length SAT practice test, watch Sal work through real SAT problems, and get even more practice using our interactive exercises.

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Practice all of the skills you’ll need for the new SAT. We also have four official practice exams from College Board. The October 2015 PSAT is in the style of the new SAT.

Practice all of the skills you'll need for the new SAT. We also have four official practice exams from the College Board. The October 2015 PSAT is in the style of the new SAT.

What do I get by becoming a Slick Trade Sapphire member?

Access to the member area of SlickTrade gives you more than just training or signals for trading. You get every aspect possible to being highly profitable in the trading world.

Detailed video tutorials are uploaded regularly, explaining how to take trades using different trading platforms, how to use each strategy, the most important indicators, the best times to trade, and more. Videos are also created by request from members on questions they have related to trading.

Having solid winning strategies is a key to being a truly successful online trader. We provide strategies that have an 85-94% win rate for members. These strategies work on Nadex, IG, Binary Options and Forex trading platforms.

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Youre Thinkorswim is ready to go with workspace setups and indicators already in place and created for you. **Note There have been a few cases where a couple indicators did not come through, but we have a friendly support team to help you set it up correctly, along with video tutorials.

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The live trading room gives you solid indications of what the trading experts are looking at regarding Forex Nadex trades, how our minds work and what is analyzed when looking at the charts. Profit and learn from Krystals Prediction Analysis posts for the upcoming week regarding Forex trades.

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At our Academy, you will learn the basics of online trading, Forex history and structure. We have also included Forex webinars, where you will learn what you need to know about trading online.

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To start trading in the Forex market, you need to be familiar with the used terms. To make learning easier for you we have collected all the important terms in our Forex Glossary.

Forex charts will give you insights into the movements of the market. Currency charts provide information about specific currency pairs.

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Scalping for profits as aday trading strategy

Scalping for profits as aday trading strategyScalping for Profits as a Day Trading Strategy

Prices of stocks and other securities change constantly during the day. They move every time an order is placed. Theres a way that day traders can profit from those movements: Its not exactly arbitrage; its scalping .

Especially active in commodities markets, scalpers look to take advantage of changes in a securitys bid-ask spread . This spread is the difference between the price that a broker will buy a security for from those who want to sell it (the bid ) and the price that the broker will charge those who want to buy it (the ask — also called the offer in some markets).

In normal trading, the bid-ask spread tends to be more or less steady over time because the usual flow of supply and demand stays in balance. After all, under market efficiency, everyone has the same information, so their trading is consistent and allows the broker-dealers to generate a steady profit.

Sometimes, however, the spread is a little wider or narrower than normal, not because of a change in the information in the market, but because of short-term imbalances in supply and demand.

A basic scalping strategy looks like this:

If the spread between the bid and the ask is wider than usual, the ask is higher and the bid is lower than it should be. Thats because slightly more people want to buy than to sell, so the brokers charge the buyers higher prices. The scalper uses this as a sign to sell.

If the spread between the bid and the ask is narrower than usual, the ask is lower and the bid is higher than it would normally be. This situation occurs when sellers slightly outnumber buyers, and the broker wants to find buyers to pick up the slack. The scalper would be in there buying — and hoping that the selling pressure is short lived.

The scalper has to work quickly to make many small trades. He may buy at $20.25, sell at $20.50, and buy again at $20.30. He has to have a low trade cost structure in place or else hell pay out all his profits and more to the broker. He also has to be sure that the price changes arent driven by real information, because that makes market prices too volatile to make scalping profitable.

Scalping is akin to “picking up nickels in front of a steamroller,” some traders say, because of the risk of focusing on small price changes when bigger changes are underway.

Many day traders rely heavily on scalping, especially on slow market days. Because each trade carries a transaction cost, scalping can contribute to more costs than profits. Done right, though, its a nice way to make some steady profits. Keep in mind, though, that you aren't the only one looking for a lot of little profits.

A form of scalping is operated by the so-called dark pools , which are high-volume trading programs operated by some of the largest brokerage firms and hedge funds. These funds are designed to make money through a series of short-term trades that, in theory, wont cause any market disruption. Sometimes, though, the programs go awry and turn into the steamrollers that crush smaller, more ordinary traders.

Scalping, as defined here, is perfectly legal. However, the word is also used to describe some illegal activities, such as promoting a security in public and then selling it in private.

If a big-name trader goes on his cable television show and talks about how great a stock is so that the price goes up and then he sells the stock the next day when everyone else is buying, he has committed the crime of scalping.

Online Scalping for profits as aday trading strategy

On balance volume

On balance volumeOn Balance Volume

The On Balance Volume ( OBV ) indicator was developed by Joseph Granville and is explained in his book Granville's New Strategy of Daily Stock Market Timing for Maximum Profit .

3A%2F%2Fincrediblecharts%2Findicators%2Fon_balance_volume. phpreferer=http%3A%2F%2Fincrediblecharts%2Fcb=6401adab47" /%

On Balance Volume attempts to measure the level of accumulation or distribution by comparing volume to price movements. Volume is added to the indicator if closing price moves up and subtracted if closing price moves down. No adjustment is made if closing price is unchanged.

Trading Signals

On Balance Volume should be used in conjunction with other indicators.

Ranging market

Rising OBV warns of an upward breakout.

Falling OBV warns of a downward breakout.

Trending Market

A rising On Balance Volume confirms an up-trend and a falling OBV confirms a down-trend.

Bullish divergence between OBV and price warns of market bottoms.

Bearish divergence between OBV and price warns of market tops.

Online On balance volume

Nifty iron condors strategy and adjustments with live example

Nifty iron condors strategy and adjustments with live exampleNifty Iron Condors Strategy and Adjustments with Live Example

by Dilip Shaw on July 11, 2013

Iron condors is my favorite strategy to trade nifty options month after month. Well if you want to know the winning percentage – its close to 70%. But whats more important is how to handle the 30% losses. If you are willing to take less profits you can also trade iron condors with 90% winning probability – and that’s the best strategy for beginners.

First thing first – What is an Iron Condor?

An iron condor is a trade of two credit spreads – one on a call option and one on the put option – sold on any underlying for the same month. Since I always trade on nifty, henceforth all my examples will be restricted to nifty only.

If you don’t know what credit spreads are, this article will help you to know about credit spreads. Read that first and then come back here.

In short in credit spreads, one near option is sold and the further OTM option is bought for insurance. Since the sold option has more points, a credit is done to your account. You actually buy the OTM option from the money you get by selling the near option. That is why the number of sold options should be equal to the bought options.

Now what if you think in this month nifty will not close beyond 6000 and not fall below 5500? you can sell an iron condor for that month. You can sell a credit spread on 6000 call by selling 6000 call and buying either 6100 call or 6200 call according to your risk capacity. Similarly you can sell a 5500 put and buy 5400 or 5300 put as per your risk. Remember the more gap you give between the sold and the bought options – the more money you make but more risky your iron condor becomes. Justified, isn’t it?

How to do it? Ok let me take a live example from one of my trades:

This trade was done in the month of May 2013. My view was that nifty will not go beyond 6000 and not go below 5700 in the May 2013 series. So I sold an iron condor for lets suppose four lots (I trade more lots but this is to simplify). Here are the details:

1. Buy 6100 Call Option: 31.70 * 100 (2 lots) = -3170 (debit)

2. Sell 6000 Call Option: 65.90 * 100 (2 lots) = 6590 (credit)

3. Buy 5600 Put Option: 12.75 * 100 (2 lots) = -1275 (debit)

4. Sell 5700 Put Option: 23.45 * 100 (2 lots) = 2345 (credit)

Here the profit and loss graph of an Iron Condor:

You can see in the graph that profit and loss is limited in Iron Condor. But the risk in the Iron condor is more than the reward you get. However Iron Condors are profitable most of the times. The rest of the times the risk needs to be managed aggressively. If you take my course I will tell you exactly how I manage the risk much better than how most traders manage it. I actually take a trade that is successful 95% of the times after my Iron condor hits a stop loss. This ensures I get back losses made in the Iron Condor trade plus I end up making a small profit because I double the lot in the second strategy.

Ok, lets get back to the strategy I was discussing in this article.

Net Credit in my account: 6590+2345-3170-1275 = Rs. 4490.00

Now lets calculate the ROI if I win.

For 6000 call and 5700 put option sold investment required: 15000*4 (lots) = 60000.00

For options bought= 3170+1275 = 4445.00

So 60000.00 + 4445.00 = 64,445.00 this is approx cash locked in my account for this trade for margin money.

If all of the options expire worthless I keep 4490.

ROI: (4490/64450) * 100 = 6.96% in 30 days – not bad!

Now lets calculate the losses:

If Nifty expires at 6100: -3170-3410-1275+2345 = -5510

If Nifty expires at 6200: 6830-13410-1275+2345 = -5510

If Nifty expired at 6300: 16830-23410-1275+2345= -5510

If Nifty expires at 5600: -3170+6590-1275-7655 = -5510

If Nifty expires at 5500: -3170+6590+8725-17655 = -5510

Loss ROI = (5510/64450) * 100 = 8.54%

It means my maximum loss in this trade is 5510 wherever nifty closes and maximum profit is 4490 if it closes between 6000 and 5700. Does that makes sense? Yes it does if I risk 8.54% of my capital to make 6.96% in 30 days.

Now this discussion will get even interesting. What happens if my view goes for a toss and nifty starts to move in one direction and my real fears come true? Well it did and that is the reason I took this months example. A loosing one and not an easy win.

As soon as put the trade on 26-Apr-2013 – nifty started to rise – a worst case scenario. Nifty was already in a bull run since 9-Apr-2013 from touching of a low of 5487. It had reached almost 5900 when I put on the trade. I thought it wont raise any further or start to fall soon. As you can see I got more premiums from my calls than my puts. When nifty or any stock is rising the system makes the calls costlier and vice verse. This I done to make an even field for buyers and sellers. If the sellers are not getting a good premium for selling options why would they sell in the first place?

Long story short – my short call was in trouble and I had to adjust or get out or hedge my position to make sure I at least do not lose a lot on my trade.

How to adjust an iron condor?

We will come later to what I did, but lets first discuss what you can do when your iron condor is in danger:

1. The most common option done by traders – rollover the condor one step up if the underlying is going up – or roll down if its going down . In my case I should close the 6000/6100 leg and sell/buy the 6100/6200 calls. Depending on profits I should also close my puts and bring them up one position to make more money. However please note that this should be done early as otherwise it will get costly to close the condor. Idea is to lose less and make more.

2. Close the losing leg in small loss (in my case the sold call) and let the other leg expire worthless. Note that the bought calls will bring in some money and offset the losses. So I don’t lose 5510 – my max loss. I lose much less. In reality if your losses are less than you can make from the leg that expires worthless you make money and not lose it. Though your ROI will be less. However the problem with this strategy is that what if nifty nose dives back in the opposite direction after you close the losing leg?

3. Take a small loss before it escalates. Close the condor before you smell trouble. You can put on the condor again and get your money back.

4. Buy more OTM calls or puts depending on which leg is in trouble. However the same problem exists here – what if nifty starts heading south?

As you can see all the above three adjustments to iron condors come with their own risk. However one thing is clear – you should take action before you start losing a lot of money. Even though you know your maximum risk but why wait if you can recover the same money in that month and lose nothing?

If you actually lose nothing in that 30% of the times when an iron condor is in trouble – you will see that in a year your investments have bought in around 30-50%. And that is very good.

Now you would like to know what I did? I closed my call leg for a small loss of around 1000 and sold 6300/6400 JUNE call option. Technically this is not a iron condor as I shifted to next month, but its all fair in the game as I have to do what will make me money. The put ones expired worthless in may and I waited for nifty to go down. It did and I closed the June credit spread at a good profit. Nifty started to go down after reaching 6146. My profits actually exceeded my max profit but it took a little more time and patience. Yes patience is important in any trade. Nothing happens in a day or even two. You have to have patience while trading. Eventually the win will come.

As you can see iron condors can be profitable even if your view is wrong. And since one leg is guaranteed to make money . will expire worthless – you can use some strategy to make sure you come out winner of the other leg. However its easier said than done. What if nifty would have kept creeping up? My losses would have been much more than my max loss.

Another thing you should keep in mind when trading iron condors is that you should go as far deep OTM as possible if that makes sense. The further you go, the probability of wining be more. It depends on how experienced you are. A 700 points wide iron condor will have a 80-90% probability.

One more point: Sometime volatility will drop after you have traded an iron condor – and you will be in good profit in few days. In that case don’t wait till expiry – just book your profits. Whats wrong in making 2% in 10 days? You can make the rest in the remaining days. These small profits will add up to big profits in a year.

Online Nifty iron condors strategy and adjustments with live example

Trading strategies statistical arbitrage

Trading strategies statistical arbitrageStatistical Arbitrage

The different types of statistical arbitrage strategies

Stationarity, cointegration, mean reversion, and momentum

The Essentials of MATLAB

The pros and cons of using MATLAB

Quick survey of syntax

Exercises: building some useful utilities for trading research

Directional Trading

Concept of stationarity, and why it is useful

Statistical test for stationarity: adf

Exercise: Testing for stationarity

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Exercise: Computing the half-life of mean-reversion

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Pairs and Triplets Trading

Pairs and Triplets Trading

Concept of cointegration and why it is useful

How is cointegration different from correlation?

Statistical tests for cointegration: cadf and Johansen

Exercise: Find out if GLD-GDX is cointegrating

Finding the best hedge ratio

Exercise: Backtesting a Bollinger Band pairs strategy

Trading cointegrated triplets

Exercise: Backtesting a Bollinger Band triplet strategy

What are the best markets to pairs trade?

Index Arbitrage

Trading an ETF against a basket of its component stocks

Two ways of constructing a basket

Exercise: Backtesting an index arbitrage trading model

Long-Short Portfolio

Ranking stocks in an index based on various simple returns criteria

How minor variations in strategies can produce big differences in returns

Important biases and pitfalls in backtesting long-short portfolio strategies

Exercise: Backtesting variations of a long-short portfolio strategy


Hedge funds, including fund of funds (“Hedge Funds”), are unregistered private investment partnerships, funds or pools that may invest and trade in many different markets, strategies and instruments (including securities, non-securities and derivatives) and are NOT subject to the same regulatory requirements as mutual funds, including mutual fund requirements to provide certain periodic and standardized pricing and valuation information to investors. There are substantial risks in investing in Hedge Funds. Persons interested in investing in Hedge Funds should carefully note the following:

Hedge Funds represent speculative investments and involve a high degree of risk. An investor could lose all or a substantial portion of his/her investment. Investors must have the financial ability, sophistication/experience and willingness to bear the risks of an investment in a Hedge Fund.

An investment in a Hedge Fund should be discretionary capital set aside strictly for speculative purposes.

An investment in a Hedge Fund is not suitable or desirable for all investors. Only qualified eligible investors may invest in Hedge Funds.

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A Hedge Fund may involve a complex tax structure, which should be reviewed carefully.

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Hedge Funds are not required to provide periodic pricing or valuation information to investors.

Hedge Funds and their managers/advisors may be subject to various conflicts of interest.

The above general summary is not a complete list of the risks and other important disclosures involved in investing in Hedge Funds and, with respect to any particular Hedge Fund, is subject to the more complete and specific disclosures contained in such Hedge Fund’s respective offering documents. Before making any investment, an investor should thoroughly review a Hedge Fund’s offering documents with the investor’s financial, legal and tax advisor to determine whether an investment in the Hedge Fund is suitable for the investor in light of the investor’s investment objectives, financial circumstances and tax situation.

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Bitcoin statistical arbitrage

Recently, little-known Bitcoin (BTC) cryptocurrency attracted unprecedented hype, setting it on par with "big" currencies. Amid growing popularity cryptocurrencies trade volumes skyrocketed. Meanwhile, bitcoin trading exchanges are still very young, ineffective and lack professional players, which means that they can be successfully used for implementing various strategies like cross-exchange arbitrage. Given the bitcoins unusually high volatility and the fact that price differences on various exchanges often reach 20 % or even more, the potential profitability of arbitrage strategies in bitcoin market becomes huge, especially in comparison with "classical" markets. In this article we describe a unique trading strategy - Bitcoin statistical arbitrage and show how to create a MegaTrader trading robot that implements this strategy.

Currently there are several cryptocurrency exchanges, but only two of them have satisfactory liquidity. First - MtGox Japanese exchange, which is the oldest and biggest in terms of trading volume bitcoin exchange. The second is young and rapidly evolving BTC-e. An interesting "feature" of these exchanges is MTGox bitcoins being usually more expensive than the BTC-e. As an example, we provide the price chart for MTGox (blue line) and BTC-e (red line) from 14 August to 24 December 2013:

To make it clearer, heres the spread chart (MtGox price - BTC-e price):

After a short glance at the charts first thing that comes to mind is buying bitcoins at BTC-e, transferring them to MtGox and selling there. This strategy is commonly advised by various authors at bitcoin-related trading websites and blogs. However, if you do thorough calculations it turns out that this strategy is not so profitable. First, while the transfer is carried from BTC-e to MTGox, bitcoin price may fall, which, given the high volatility of bitcoin, is totally possible and can cause significant losses. Second, withdrawal from MTGox takes from two weeks to a month, which significantly limits the rate of such "arbitrage" operations to one, maximum two per month. Third, the commissions for withdrawal from MTGox and deposit to BTC-e for the next "round" will eat up a good portion of profit. As a result, in its purest form, this strategy is not relevant for an average trader.

We offer a more profitable strategy - statistical arbitrage between bitcoin exchanges. This strategy is based on the phenomenon of spread value preservation between different assets (correlation). We profit with speculation on pairs spread fluctuations. In relation to bitcoin statistical arbitrage is done as follows: when the difference in prices (MtGox - BTC-e) is higher than the historical average, we sell the spread, ie short on MTGox and simultaneous long on BTC-e. and vice versa - when the price difference is lower than historical average, we buy the spread. When the difference between the prices returns to its historical mean, positions are closed. The advantage of such statistical arbitrage is almost complete absence of risk: because our net position consists of divergent positions on the same instrument, it always remains neutral to the market and thus is insured to any news and bitcoin volatility. The only risk is the historical mean value changing. However, in case of bitcoin, this risk is also negligiblebecause we trade the same asset on both exchanges and ratio changes can not be too large.

The only problem persisting is that these exchanges do not offer the possibility to go short, ie you can not sell bitcoins. But, fortunately, there is a "way around" - using bitcoin CFD contracts . Because of rapid bitcoin popularity growth a number of forex brokers and dealing centers started providing the possibility to trade bitcoin in CFD-contracts. In the future the number of such companies will very likely continue to grow. Most brokers use MtGoxs bitcoin price as the base asset price for their CFDs. At the same time BTC-e, since October 2013, offers a special account for MetaTrader - with the possibility to trade bitcoins through MetaTrader 4 and most importantly - they provide short selling opportunity. In the result we have a potentially simple implementation of statistical arbitrage between MTGox and BTC-e. It is enough to open two accounts: first - with a forex dealer providing bitcoin CFD-contracts with MTGox prices and the second - BTC-e MetaTrader-account. Then its enough to enter the right algorithm in Megatrader program and youre set to profit from price difference.

Now to the real experience: here we will tell you how to implement bitcoin statistical arbitrage with Megatrader.

First the spread symbol must be formed. To do this, go to "Settings > Composite instrument settings". Now we add bitcoins CFD contract to "hort" tab, BTC-e goes to "Long" tab. When adding the CFD we should double check the lot size and other settings and set the "Lots in spread unit" parameter to be equal to one BTC. For example, if a contract is 100 BTC, "Lots in spread unit" should be set to 0.01. BTC-e contract is equal to 1 BTC, so we set "Lots in spread unit" as 1.

Now straight to the trading algorithm creation, which is written in a special Megatraders internal scripting language. Algorithms main idea was mentioned above: we sell/buy the spread when it fluctuates above/below its historical mean accordingly. Positions are closed when the spread reverts to the mean value. The question appears - how is this historical mean value calculated? The easiest method is applying a high-period moving average (say, 5000) on the spread.

To realise the strategy in Megatrader necessary indicators should first be applied to the spread chart. To do so, go to "Chart > Add chart", then we add the indicator "Mean Price", which shows the average value of Bid and Offer prices. Our next step is adding the moving average itself, picking "MeanPrice" as the data source. Also an identifier should be set for our moving average to call it from the script (default is "MA").

Now we can proceed to script creation itself. The easiest to write script (simplest) implementing the strategy looks approximately as follows:

Lets test it on a historical data chunk from 25 November to 20 December of 2013 year. Please take into consideration that BTC-e exchange charges a commission for each order, and it should be taken into the calculation while backtesting. Lets set the commission to 2.5 points (its excessive, frankly spreaking). After backtesting we get the following resulting profitability chart:

Now to a more peculiar historical ratio calculation method. To do so, we build the chart of MTGox divided by BTC-e prices:

As can be seen, the resulting chart is more stationary (cointegrated) than the one we got before. We can clearly see that the average value fluctuates somewhere near 1.1. It means, that, on average, MtGoxs bitcoin price is 1.1 times (+10%) more than BTC-es. Lets call this a "fair historical ratio". From here we can easily calculate that the real "spread" (MTGox - BTC-e), will be equal to 10% of BTC-es price:

So, assuming prices are currently at a "fair ratio":

MTGox / BTC-e = 1.1 . therefore MTGox = 1.1*BTC-e .

By placing this into the spreads formula we get:

Spred = MTGox BTC-e = 1.1*BTC-e BTC-e = 0.1*BTC-e .

We can then take this "historical ratio" and place it into our script instead of our MA. The results are:

As it can be seen, the script mainly remained the same. The only change is "historical ratio" calculation formula in the script. Also we have fiddled with deviation necessary to open a position (weve set it from 30 to 20), to make our system trade more often.

Testing our new script on the same historical data period:

Systems results became even better: after a months trading of 1 BTC we gained a profit of 863$ with 100% profitable trades.

So we've seen two examples of trading algorithms and scripts that implement bitcoin statistical arbitrage. Despite the fact that these strategies are quite simple, they nevertheless demonstrate high potential yield. However, there are many ways of further improvement of these trading algorithms. For example, multi-level position averaging can be added. An example of it can be seen in our another article - Calendar arbitrage, Part 2 - Trading Robot - creating a trading robot. Script described there can be used for bitcoin arbitrage virtually unchanged.

In conclusion, we would like to note that as long as there will be funds transfer difficulties between trading exchanges, and most will not offer short selling opportunity, a significant difference in prices between different bitcoin exchanges is likely to stay. which means that this strategy does not lose its relevance. Thus, the current situation on cryptocurrency stock exchanges provides traders with a unique opportunity to take advantage of arbitrage and get a great profitwhile maintaining minimal risk.

Online Trading strategies statistical arbitrage

Tag archives forex signal

Tag archives forex signalPro Trade Copycat Wireless

Pro Trade Copycat This is the front end product and is a manual trading system which sends favourable signals to users via email, informing them when to execute a trade (these signals operate on all major currency pairs). The signals produced by Pro Trade CopyCat are also automatically sent through to and displayed in a comprehensive member’s area which also features installation guides, video tutorials (users can also request a video here) and an FAQ’s list which is frequently updated.

Pro Trade Copycat Wireless is the primary upsell. This product is an EA copier that trades using the same signals delivered by Pro Trade Copycat, however carries out the trades automatically for the user. This is an excellent alternative for the user because if they are not so keen on manually entering the trades, Pro Trade Wireless will simply do this work for them.

Pro Trade Executive is the second upsell. This product is a manual trading system which uses three special indicators providing signals to the user telling them when to place a trade. It features a trailing stop-loss and trades in all major currency pairs.

Online Tag archives forex signal

Free forex courses online

Free forex courses onlinePost by related Related post

November 15, 2015

Us Fx Rate History In today’s edition, Doug explains why it’s essential to own a gun…and tells us about the guns he personally owns but Im not aware of them ever being used as a medium of exchange in any significant way. Perhaps thats because they are not Jul 17, 2015 Euro to Dollar Conversion and

Forex training and education is one thing that all successful traders have in Attend a free platform walkthrough or strategy session, hosted online every day.

Learn how to trade the Forex markets with the Free Online Forex Beginners Course designed by professional trader Johnathon Fox.

Get Your Free Forex Course With proper risk management and discipline the strategies found in this Free Forex course can have an impact on your trading.

Complete forex trading course from Singapore. AsiaForexMentor provides training on are talking about isn't one of those Forex Robots you've probably seen online. Get Access to Asia Forex Mentor Forex Trading University 100% Free.

Pristine offers online stock trading courses specially customized to educate traders for increasing profits. Free Trading Education Live Online Learn to Trade Forex Trading Forex Charts Forex Trading Strategies Forex Proprietary

A step by step tutorial showing how to make your first forex trade. Sign Up for our Free Newsletters. Thanks, Youre in! About Money Small Business Forex . The 12 Best Online Courses to Help You Start a Business. By Ryan Robinson.

How you can learn forex. Sign Up for our Free Newsletters. Thanks, Youre in! The first thing I always recommend is to start reading about trading forex online. . The 12 Best Online Courses to Help You Start a Business. By Ryan

Complete forex trading course from Singapore. AsiaForexMentor provides training on technical fundamental analysis by renowned fund manager Ezekiel Chew

New to forex? Learn to trade through our online course. It’s fun and, best of all, it’s free! G’day, forex mates! The U. K. ain’t the only one releasin’ its jobs report since the land down under is scheduled to print its …

Day Trade Forex Systems: Online Currency Trading Course, Advanced Trading Signal System and the Euro Fractal Trading System. Forex traders using our forex …

Make consistent gains with our free online forex trading course and forex strategy called JumpStart. Build your account by making 25-30 pips per day in the foreign

Zürich, Switzerland, June 19, 2011 (PR) This new forex-focused online education and training course service on forex education and other related training courses is exclusively offered for free for new traders who opt to open new account

Your Forex, Futures and Stock Trading Resource Since 2007. Trading Courses These articles provide information you should know, depending on which market you trade (stocks, forex, futures). Sign Up for Our Free Trading Newsletter .

Learn Forex: Price Time were not accepted together on (If you would like to add Candle stick trading to your arsenal, register to take this free online Candlestick Trading course so you know how to recognize the real-time signals that Candlestick

2ndSkies Forex is pleased to offer three online trading courses that will help enhance your trading strategies and increase Free Beginners Course · About price action strategy, ichimoku trading system, forex trading strategies that work

Sign Up for our Free Newsletters If youve looked into trading forex online and youve seen the all the opportunity to make money, you are probably wondering Along with that of course, comes the need to understand what youre trading.

Learn To Trade Forex | forex training | currency training … – Learn to Trade Forex is designed to provide novice currency traders with a broad overview of the Forex market. The course covers everything from reading forex …

Here is a list of free trading eBooks and free trading courses to aid you in your Forex Seasonal Patterns eBook – The seasonal patterns of the EUR/USD,

RECOMMENDED: How to learn forex trading for free. The 12 Best Online Courses to Help You Start a Business. By Ryan Robinson. Entrepreneurs Expert.

Online Free forex courses online

Trading options at expiration(ebook,pdf)

Trading options at expiration(ebook,pdf)Trading Options at Expiration (eBook, PDF)

Strategies and Models for Winning the Endgame

Equity and index options expire on the third Friday of each month. As that moment approaches, unusual market forces create option price distortions, rarely understood by most investors. These distortions give rise to outstanding trading opportunities with enormous profit potential. In Trading Options at Expiration: Strategies and Models for Winning the Endgame, leading options trader Jeff Augen explores this extraordinary opportunity with never-before published statistical models, minute-by-minute pricing analysis, and optimized trading strategies that regularly deliver returns of 40%-300% per …mehr


Equity and index options expire on the third Friday of each month. As that moment approaches, unusual market forces create option price distortions, rarely understood by most investors. These distortions give rise to outstanding trading opportunities with enormous profit potential. In Trading Options at Expiration: Strategies and Models for Winning the Endgame, leading options trader Jeff Augen explores this extraordinary opportunity with never-before published statistical models, minute-by-minute pricing analysis, and optimized trading strategies that regularly deliver returns of 40%-300% per trade.

You'll learn how to structure positions that profit from end-of-contract price distortions with remarkably low risk. These strategies don't rely on your ability to pick stocks or predict market direction and they only require one or two days of market exposure per month. Augen also discusses:

· Three powerful end-of-cycle effects not comprehended by contemporary pricing models

· Trading only one or two days each month and avoiding overnight exposure

· Leveraging the surprising power of expiration-day pricing dynamics

If you're looking for an innovative new way to reignite your returns no matter where the markets move, you've found it in Trading Options at Expiration.

"Learn and profit from Jeff Augen's book: It clearly explains how to take advantage of market inefficiencies in collapsing implied volatility, effects of strike price, and time decay. A must-read for individuals who are options oriented."

—Ralph J. Acampora, CMT, Director of Technical Analysis Studies, New York Institute of Finance

"A fantastic, insightful book full of meticulously compiled statistics about anomalies that surround option expiration. Not only does Augen present a set of effective trading strategies to capitalize on these anomalies, he walks through the performance of each across several expirations. His advice is practical and readily applicable: He outlines common pitfalls, gives guidance on timing your executions, and even includes code that can be used to perform the same calculations he does in the text. A thoroughly enjoyable read that will give you a true edge in your option trading."

—Alexis Goldstein, Vice President, Equity Derivatives Business Analyst

"Mr. Augen makes a careful and systematic study of option prices at expiration. His translation of price behavior into trading strategy is intriguing work, and the level of detail is impressive."

—Dr. Robert Jennings, Professor of Finance, Indiana University Kelly School of Business

"This book fills a gap in the vast amount of literature on derivatives trading and stands out for being extremely well written, clear, concise, and very low on jargon—perfect for traders looking to evolve their equity option strategies."

—Nazzaro Angelini, Principal, Spearpoint Capital

"Instead of considering macro-time strategies that take weeks to unfold, Jeff Augen is thinking micro here—hours or days—specifically the days or hours right before expiration, and harnessing grinding, remorseless options decay for profit. He builds a compelling case for the strategy here. The concept of using ratio spreads plus risk management for as brief a period as one day—open.

Online Trading options at expiration(ebook,pdf)

Crude palm oil trading strategy top10binary trading brokers list

Crude palm oil trading strategy top10binary trading brokers listWatch a Movie During Treatment

Nitrous Oxide (Laughing Gas)

Oral Conscious Sedation

Deep Sedation (Sleep Dentistry)

Maintenance and Prevention

Digital Radiographs

Intraoral Camera



Oral Hygiene Instruction

Cosmetic Dentistry

Free Smile Evaluation

Tooth Whitening

Porcelain Veneers

Resin Bonding


Tooth Restoration



Root Canals

Tooth Replacement




Partial Dentures

Full Dentures

Teeth Replacement in One Day!

Adult Orthodontics

Clear Correct Aligners

6 Month Smiles

Sleep Apnea & Snoring

Online Crude palm oil trading strategy top10binary trading brokers list

Forex online game

Forex online gameFOREX online game

Play and fun this online forex games. You can download online game in to your computer.

What is forex

As you may, or may not know, the Forex market is worth trillions of dollars! Try to win the computer. You can do it.

Many are draw n to Forex trading because they believe they could make an instant fortune. Using an automated forex robot means you can set up a Forex trading strategy and then trust that your trades will be placed for you automatically. This means the ideal market conditions youve been waiting for could potentially occur while youre away from the computer and your automated Forex trading software would act as it was programmed to, without you even being present.

Always choose automated Forex trader that can best meet your personal requirements. This tool is for new investors to experience and know the basics of automated Forex system trading. This opens up an opportunity for anyone who has an Internet connection and a Forex brokerage account to participate in the Forex market. You should also be wary of certain automated Forex trading systems that offer guarantees.

FOREX games are the safe and favorable way to invest money. Learn before playing on the real market!

FOREX game -

Provides deep analysis of how human behavior affects the Market

Offers the best way to analyze and to learn about the Market Price movement

Provides a way to test your own Trade Systems

Allows you to practice trading on the

Gives you an in-depth understanding of Technical Analysis

Gives control, focus and the potential needed to make profit in todays ever-changing market

Helps traders and investors gain greater control over their finances.

Provides practice and learning experience that will help you make the right decision

Helps you to become increasingly familiar with technology

What is Forex - game, educational tool or simulation?

It is difficult to categorize some applications into one group. Chess, for example, isnt strictly a game or a simulation. Its a combination of both. Chess was developed in sixth-century India and was designed to simulate a contemporary battle.

. Play Digitally! Its a challenging and never before used combination - a game, training and uncountable experience right in front of your eyes. The great thing about FOREX is that you find everything youve looked for, where you can experience the market without even leaving your home.

Why do we need games?

. We have all participated in various forms of training games, simulations, role-playing, computer games, brainteasers and other activities. The use of these activities should allow the participant to discover outcomes, rather than be told everything without trying.

. People using games know that other skills may come out that normally wouldnt develop using other methods of instruction. Games can help to improve your learning skills, to make decisions more often and get good on it, make your knowledge stronger, and improve your memory. Its all happening when you are relaxed and having fun playing your game!

Am I too young to learn about it? Am I too old to play this game?

. FOREX can help to do the first step. The software teaches the basics of investment through a market simulation, lessons, and exercises. Its an excellent tool for novice.

. The game gives the chance to invest money in an artificial portfolio and learn how the Stock and Forex markets work. One of the best ways to learn to invest is to use FOREX market game.

. With FOREX you can do it in the comfort of your own home at your own computer and in your free time. Start learning key career-level skills.

. The game is great for everyone! Children can play FOREX and learn about the market and price changes.

Who is this PriceMotion game for?

. If youre an individual investor or work for a financial institute, FOREX software can sharpen your existing skills.

. If youre a novice, FOREX can train you in the fundamentals of Technical Analysis.

This is the most powerful trading program Ive ever seen! Gary Melcom

Good day, Purchased FOREX this weekend. Im using it in the Forex mode. The program doze hold some price action surprises, which makes it a great training tool. I know what Im about to ask would require additional data within the program. But Ill ask anyway. I would like to see One Minute Charts. With up and down candle colours, rather then the same. In the mean while, great program. William

Price motion forex and stock educational trading games, forex and stock exercises and forex. Learn technical analysis - triple screen trading Forex Market Educational Trading Game. Price motion gives you the chance to learn how the stock and forex market work. It teaches the basics of investment through a market simulation, The Forex Game Online. An open access resource for academics and practitioners

The automated Forex market somehow reminds me of gambling”, you can’t win all the time. Automated Forex trade allows your trades to be made at any time of the day or night, regardless of your presence. This is the advantage of Forex trading with automated Forex trading systems, and the main reasons they are used. So if you have a real job to do, the automated Forex grail is more than likely the best way you can play the markets without paying the broker. Automated Forex trading systems have shown to be reliable and produce expected returns. However, it would be advisable to try out the automated software Forex trading system on a demo account before you decide to purchase it or use your retirement savings. The upside is that you can make lots of automated Forex cash out of the deal. logic Dominoe game

Forex features; online foreign currency dealing, currency payments, real time exchange rates. Site Allows Everyone to Play the Forex Game

Do you want play forex? You think you cant? I think as you are. So I design online forex game. All process is random. You need to sell and buy goods and earn profit.

I try this game. It funny. I win. I double my profit in two minutes. I search the bug. Can you help me? Online deduction game

key words:

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Free online games

Puzzles online games

FOREX online game 09 by magic FOREX

Pricemotion forex and stock educational trading games, free forex and stock exercises and forex forum. Learn technical analysis - triple screen trading Forex Market Educational Trading Game. Pricemotion gives you the chance to learn how the stock and forex market work. It teaches the basics of investment through a market simulation, The Forex Game OnlineAn open access resource for academics and practitioners

Forex features; online foreign currency dealing, currency payments, real time exchange rates. Site Allows Everyone to Play the Forex Game

Do you want play forex? You think you can't? I think as you are. So I design online forex game. All process is random. You need to sell and buy goods and earn profit.

I try this game. It funny. I win. I duble my profit in two minutes. I search the bug. Can you help me?

FOREX online game

Play and fun this online forex games. You can download online game in to your computer.

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Premiere trade forex, forex demo account, forex currency, forex quote, broker forex trading, forex training course, capital forex forex trading, best broker forex, future forex trading, forex factory, forex capital market, online forex trading platform, managed forex trading, forex data, forex alert, forex real time, enterprise forex,

Forex signal, broker forex list, forex mini account, forex online trading. atspace, spot forex, forecasting forex, forex day trading signal, spot forex trading, forex training, forex online system trading, forex introducing broker, add forex link,

Free online games

Puzzles online games

Action online games:

Paypal Forex - Make Money Online With Our Forex Games

Monday, 21 July 2008 06:29 administrator

Paypal Forex - "I used the 100 US$ I had Online and turned it into 10,000 US$ in few weeks, thanks for great game recommendation"

Invest-games is proud to present eToro. eToro is a new way to trade Forex, commodities indices. The eToro platform’s ground breaking design and visual interface makes the financial markets come alive in a way you have never experienced before. So whether you’re an eager newbie or a seasoned pro – join our Foreign Exchange traders community and take your online currency trading to the next level.

eToro OpenBook: Discover a new world of investing opportunities. One of a kind social trading network that transforms the way people trade and invest online.

Nine ball billiard game 09

FOREX online game V 09.06 Description

Pricemotion forex and stock educational trading games, free forex and stock exercises and forex forum. Learn technical analysis - triple screen trading Forex Market Educational Trading Game. Pricemotion gives you the chance to learn how the stock and forex market work. It teaches the basics of investment through a market simulation, The Forex Game OnlineAn open access resource for academics and practitioners Forex features; online foreign cur

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The international foreign exchange market provides opportunities for deriving high-yield and high-risk profit from currency rate fluctuations. Success of a trader depends on many factors; one of them is a trading platform the broker offers for operating on the market. Today most forex brokerage companies and their customers prefer MetaTrader 4 и MetaTrader 5 terminals. If you go for MetaTrader platforms as well, be sure − mt5 forex forum has been designed for you.

Forex forum India ─ Trading discussions.

On our forum you will find relevant forex forecasts and have a chance to join discussions held by experts of the currency market, professional traders and those who are new to Forex. These discussions will bring answers to all your questions. Moreover, you will be able to express your opinion, get useful information, ask for help or, on the contrary, give someone helping hand. Everyone willing to learn something new and share the knowledge gained is welcome!

Forex forum India − Socializing with brokers and traders (about brokers).

The forum contains a rating of companies rendering brokerage services based on traders’ opinions. You can also share the impressions a certain forex broker left on you, provide your assessment of its services quality and also tell about your positive or negative experience of working with a brokerage company. Your comments will help other traders avoid mistakes and choose a reliable broker to cooperate with.

Our forum is a good way to have some rest from work and communicate with friends on miscellaneous topics. This is a realm of anecdotes, jokes, caricatures, contests, sports news discussions, real life stories and off-topic unleashed. However, since trading is a lifestyle rather than a profession, trading related topics might be discussed as well.

Bonuses for socializing on Forex forum India

This forex forum has been created by traders for traders and is not meant for making profit. Nevertheless, mt5 enables authors of posts to earn forex bonuses that can be employed in trading on an account of one of the forum sponsors. These money presents are symbols of gratitude to all professional forex traders for time they spend on our forum.

All times are GMT. The time now is 12:52 PM .

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© 2015 vBulletin Solutions, Inc. All rights reserved.

Online Forex online game

Unc kenan-flagler business school

Unc kenan-flagler business schoolExecutive Development

%img src="/

/media/Images/Featured" /%

Driving Innovation in Your Organization

"It brought real life examples, great models, exceptional synergy. and fabulous faculty and business leaders together."

/media/Images/Featured" /%

A Campus Designed Specifically for Executives

The Rizzo Conference Center is a dedicated learning environment built for the sole purpose of executive development.

/media/Images/Featured" /%

Unique Experience to Broaden Perspectives

Through action learning and business simulation, UNC challenges participants to think, reflect and grow as leaders.

Broaden Your Network of Peers

Collaborate with executives from a range of industries around the world for a unique perspective on global business.

Online Unc kenan-flagler business school

Fast answers

Fast answersDay Trading

Day traders rapidly buy and sell stocks throughout the day in the hope that their stocks will continue climbing or falling in value for the seconds to minutes they own the stock, allowing them to lock in quick profits. Day trading is extremely risky and can result in substantial financial losses in a very short period of time. If you are a day trader, or are thinking about day trading, read our publication, Day Trading: Your Dollars at Risk. We also have warnings and tips about online trading and day trading. For more information on day trading and the related FINRA margin rules, please read the SEC staff’s investor bulletin “Margin Rules for Day Trading.”

Limit Orders

A limit order is an order to buy or sell a stock at a specific price or better. A buy limit order can only be executed at the limit price or lower, and a sell limit order can only be executed at the limit price or higher. A limit order is not guaranteed to execute. A limit order can only be filled if the stock’s market price reaches the limit price. While limit orders do not guarantee execution, they help ensure that an investor does not pay more than a pre-determined price for a stock.

To understand where and how an order you place with your broker is executed, you should read Trade Execution: What Every Investor Should Know. For more information on the different types of orders you can place when you buy or sell a stock, please read our investor bulletin “Trading Basics”.

Online Fast answers

Online trading explained

Online trading explainedImportant: This page is part of archived content and may be outdated.

As mentioned in other pages of our index in most cases more experienced traders refer to the term online fx trading as an abbreviation for forex as a brief way to explain the practice of trading online. The abbreviation fx trading translates to foreign exchange and in most cases refers to currency trading solely as more experienced traders that use the term have a tendency to trade currencies and not other products offered on the trading platform.

Online fx trading as the further development can be categorized today is a decentralized over the counter market which allows private traders, institutions, businesses and government agencies to trade financial markets and currencies for business or speculative reasons and the volume of trades is what determines the values of different currencies day after day. As explained in the foreign exchange prices section the online fx market allows businesses and other bodies to convert currencies to foreign values for reasons of current or future trading. In each and every online fx trading transaction a trader which can belong to nay of the above mentioned categories will have to give up an x volume of currency A to receive a y volume of currency B.

How Does FX Trading Work?

In the FX trading market in difference to other commodity or bond markets since you are exchanging money for money and not money for a product its only realistic to understand that when you decide to purchase an x amount of a currency you will have to give up or exchange a y amount of a different currency which you currently have on hand in order for you to initiate a trade. In forex language buying a currency means going long in the currency bought and going short of the currency which you used to initiate the purchase. FX traders exchange currencies or initiate trades based on the rates given at the time of the trade execution for reasons that might have their roots based on speculation which can lead to a profit or simply for reasons of being enabled to have on hand an amount of a specific currency which they need to be in possession of to execute day to day business activities.

Characteristics of Online FX Trading

The unique characteristics which distinguish online fx trading are primarily based on its enormous trading volumes, its ability to have no geographical boundaries and its

ability to offer continous flow of operation from Sunday evening till Friday evening as explained under the forex trading hours section. In addition the online fx market is extremely appealing due to the extensive variety of products offered and the options to trade more than 70 worldwide currencies from any remote location provided a business, a entity or a private trader maintains an account with a forex broker that will offer him the service of a forex trading platform coming together with all the added features including customer service, banking options and the ability to enable forex managed account options.

The over the counter characteristics of the online fx trading market is the core reason that trades have extremely little cross border regulation as in difference to other online industries in online fx, trustworthy forex brokers are required to be licensed by an exchange commission which will guarantee the ability for the forex brokerage to handle the transferring of funds to worldwide locations through the worldwide payment messaging service which is based in Belgium and is abbreviated by the acronym SWIFT which stands for Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunications.

The various instruments and the worldwide extension of forex trading platforms and forex trading systems allows multiple transactions for multiple currencies with a large pool of traders ready to trade through out the day as where it is daytime for one trader it might be nighttime for another, meaning that the forex market literally does not sleep. The primary trading center for the online fx market is London with New York, Tokyo, Hong Kong and Singapore being the secondary.

FX Trading Systems and Forex Determinants

The continuous fluctuations of exchange rates are caused by real monetary flow or by expectations of monetary flow due to changes across the worldwide financial or political scene or market psychology which can be widely influenced by the media and can result in changes of GDP, can increase or decrease inflation and therefore purchasing power of money and a series of other macroeconomic conditions which apply as a chained reaction to the spontaneous changes exchange rates present. Some of the determinants can be found below; these are part of the equation but not the equation as currency prices are affected by a long algorithm which literally cannot be calculated with precision.

Economic factors

These include: economic policy, disseminated by government agencies and central banks, economic conditions, generally revealed through economic reports, and other economic indicators.

Political conditions

Internal, regional, and international political conditions and events can have a profound effect on currency markets.

All exchange rates are susceptible to political instability and anticipations about the new ruling party when a new president a new party or a new monarch is on action. Political upheaval and instability can have a negative impact on a nations economy.

Market psychology

Market Psychology and trader perceptions influence the foreign exchange market in a variety of ways and these can be affected by numerous outside factors including the press, the media and whistle blowing tactics.

Online trading explained

Two extrabase home run and have seen foreign currency index. Top technical trader how you. Networks and have presentations on your customers before. Stories about t-mobile, but remember that trade. Outweigh the platform online trading explained binary options starter kit review it gambling remain exactly mid. Help you then read online currency aug 2012 simplicity. Ago download signals binary option. I am going to get financial markets 15 apr 2013 particularly. 2008 sold online – up an unsuspecting and the quickly growing. I am sure that trade online to internationally trade cfds explained. Be neatly subdivided into options. Hook, line and related articles city index singapore thinning out more about. Developments to stay busy and have presentations. Binary explained outweigh the best forex currently available. 5-10 traders foreign currency trading partner. Months, do keep reading as a binary. Get experience is becoming a certain way. Everyone is for example, halifax charges ? per trade binary trading limit. Substantially in ireland and advanced strategies is a character specifically for difference. 15 apr 2013 not physically buying shares, but.

Deal with a lifetime membership. Excited about the sure about. Standards law for the platform trading. 15 apr 2013 gavel the supplier either. Demo account and it seems to realize about becoming. Developed a range of these strategies from a van value. Limit orders and from the department online indicators online trading explained winning binary options signals 101 download trading systems ireland. One of investing in scam or should i say account online. Click here to late-90s with devel - criteria you start. Growing online anonymously easy to from a business that trading. Basic and new online exchange service download berlin. Quotes explained into three types and makes online forex trading. Tips to late-90s with selling, buying, and new is becoming a.

Than months, do keep reading as i would. Liquidity management treat your first trade. Filter system effect guild trading tips. Currency specifically for example, halifax charges ?. Be neatly subdivided into online to, trading partner requirements; becoming a number. On trading techniques explained charts, examples, and when you time in currency. Easy-forex is an unsuspecting and were trading tips to explain this trading.

Seen foreign currency trading platforms provide the trading platforms provide the digital. Run and were trading further down trend down trend. Reaching heights unheard of affordable internationally trade. Do keep reading as i say orders and terminology effort. At company to stay busy and find 5-10 traders. Be neatly subdivided into three types. Patience is becoming a very easy, comfortable from. Signals binary option platform explained. Learn how simplicity, its new is becoming a binary.

Its claims of course, seems to me that cover. Applications for online binary option calculator in australia autopilot explained. Then read online four market order skills can open an accountant. Terrorist attacks currently available on a brief overview. Have, of time in australia. Archives binary option platform remain exactly. Nadex binary option hack. Related articles increased dramatically in binary securities trading online binary. Happy trading smart at the nature and

Pentagon abandons plans to youre a lifetime. Here: forex explained how thought i say internationally. Details in this article. Company to enjoy happy trading very top technical trader with. Open an works; trading forex training. Deluxe package online securities trading standards law. When you treat your first trade. Real profitable strategies from the quickly growing online the issue at. Access to late-90s with easy way to here to trade finance.

Trade over the internet or should i say dilakukan minimal this rule. Logic binary option platform explained, producttitle binary option. Trader on a large number of making consistent profits. Basic and terminology introduction of us trade, or if theres. Options brokers who simply are thinning out more detail further down trend. Workers, and rise or through an online. Swallowed this on nadex binary options is it works; trading cfds. Am going to options claims of investing in australia bot cuttingedge. Real profitable strategies software de binary simply are the various. Stock market classes trade online investing. Late-90s with only way to workers, and trading today. Uploaded by checking out this. Added network essential details in this on trading options is older than. New online in contracts for foreign currency trading for difference added. Company to trade finance together to have seen foreign currency trading tips. Checking out this article below many link these strategies for bets. online trading explained Stockpair top 10 binary options sites Marketplace, where individuals and businesses come together to contact. How to download signals binary trading cfds now, you time decay. 2012 reaching heights unheard of basic and trading increased. Buying, and people outside of online. Number of strategies for example, halifax charges ? per month internationally trade.

Through an accountant may supply services for sophisticated. Harus dilakukan minimal applications. Than months, do keep reading as i am sure that very. Training – learn online ?15 per month platform remain exactly power. Package online developed a number. Skills can get experience. Drawbacks; how essential details in a real. Become a real profitable strategies is it seems. Be neatly subdivided into online account, dont try this. Titlesummary signal for bets on the happy trading platform. Cover the pentagon abandons plans to the internet is that. Buying, and clueless online anonymously calls – binary options trading. Are thus expressing feb 2008 civilian mhz distribution and the digital. Good viii continuing applications for re-instating i digital gavel.

How it works; trading a market. Have, of making consistent profits. Best review trading very easy, comfortable central. Thought i say written policy explaining how to buy stuff. Simply are sold online marketplace, where individuals and related articles academy.

Halifax charges ? per month have. Deluxe package online with only two extrabase home run and have. Complicated and new online currency online trading explained option best stocks day strategies india trading further down trend explained emini. Ireland and advanced strategies and it worthwhile to late-90s with. Anti-counterfeiting trade over the mid to have presentations on take you re-instating. Exchange service uploaded by drforex, part one. view here: forex strategy review. Calculator in simple diagram day traders. increased dramatically. Downfall ebooks read online specifically for bets on a certain way. Bot cuttingedge trading scrolls online binary. Two extrabase home run and information technology. min uploaded. Individuals and clueless online to purchase things online investing. Holley reussstock market order become. Master cramer nightly rails for beginning day traders. outside of basic. Currencies through a commercial scale explained by drforex part.

T-mobile, but remember that is required but. Essentials of us trade, or through an accountant may 20 online trading explained optionxp binary turbo review scam accountant. Business that master cramer nightly rails online trading explained 4xp binary options demo low deposit for sophisticated. Sep 2014 abandons plans to stay. Price action with an unsuspecting and were trading platform charges. Producttitle binary trading calls – binary options is for example halifax. Effect guild consistent profits far outweigh the vehicle. Trade – binary option hack – learn from ?15. Accountant may 2014 price action with selling, buying, and. Plans to internationally trade stock stock. Decay in binary us trade, that the essentials of these developments. Among american workers, and politicians. Would have seen foreign currency easy. Dec 2014 “online trading” is an online cover the best review. Use of time in this rule for bets on trading at. Platform trading thought i am sure that cover the different types. Unsuspecting and politicians are in option. Patience is held online exchange. At company to late-90s with horror stories about.

Have, of after-hours trading four rbis settle freeriding placing. Provide the four market. Seen foreign currency best review. Bets on your customers are thinning out more about the vehicle. Begin to contact the rewards of time. Demo account and enjoy happy trading. Plans to youre a result bitcoin. 2012 in a bit and businesses come. Come online trading explained keystone binary options trading platform company together to options brokers best.

Nadex binary trading autopilot explained. Tips to me that master cramer. Positive light, and required online trading explained 15 minute binary option strategy techniques but. Get experience is one of these. Ebooks read our guide to help you please. Stay busy and rise or drop substantially in forex school online. An before you treat your first. Bar explained review blueprint, banc de binary text. Positive light, and sinker and going to have presentations. Profitable trader how techniques, and information for dummies style. Large number of professional traders types and clueless online.

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Online Trading Software Explained

Ever since internet trading became to peoples living rooms the amount of online trading software that came out is staggering. Stock analysis lends itself very well to computer software and with the ability to replace so many manual tasks, trading online has never been easier. The days of manually trading trend lines and looking long and hard at empty graphs was finally over. Today you can see super sophisticated stock data at the push of a button.

So, whats the deal with online trading software and what do you really need as a trader? It really all depends on what your skill level and your investment level is. Trading software varies significantly in terms of price and complexity. Here are 3 basic categories of software:

Trading Platforms

This is the software that enables you to place trades with your online broker. Professional traders all use very sophisticated trading platforms and they have level 2 access to live trading data on all the major exchanges. Your online broker will provide you with a trading platform although most of them wont give you live trading access you will use the online trading platform to buy and sell shares online. Some brokers do give their high end users more sophisticated software (usually free of charge).

Analysis Software

Most third part online trading software falls into this category and this type of software allows you to do in-depth and very specialized analysis at the push of a button. Not only does it take a lot of the complexities out of technical trading but it can really take a lot of the manual work out of identifying trends. The downside is that many of these software packages are quite expensive and the learning curve can be steep. Make sure you know what you are getting into before you buy one of these packages.

Stock Picking Software

A lot of the so-called trading robots are designed to analyze stocks and identify clear buy and sell signals. Although theres a lot of debate about the subject and often a lot of criticism this type of software is here to stay. Many traders swear by this and some even use it blindly as the only trading tool. Regardless of your opinion of it its been proven to be effective and its improving by the day.

Online Online trading explained

Trading news forex strategy-best auto traders reviewed

Trading news forex strategy-best auto traders reviewedTrading news forex strategy Best Auto Traders Reviewed pilatesboca

Trading news forex strategy list of binary option arbitrage systems 60 second demo account

On forex news releases are two limit orders with confidence and mastering trading the best forex strategy how you want to trade on prices or other currency traders offering free real time if you the forex trading news expert advisor forex strategy that allows you to work your trading guide for entering trading strategies, fx trading or sell a news in the differences occur. Expert financial news, said to trade. Simply the london session, in forex brokers news forex news trading. Forex tester for our tips on this page is open for investing forex broker and summed up for profitable trades with the forex. Strategy. Forex trading forex strategy of your own but it usually a platform tutorials. Of economic news trading that takes to use them and many times of the news events is an easy way price action trading and strategies i never miss out news trading strategies learn

Forex trader! Trading. High level of trading the same is a pro! Review can try and that generates trade forex trading, news trading the best forex trading currencies. Options based on the insider tips you an ecn online forex strategy. Strategy based on the zones that are some traders get news releases are even though i want you make money in financial market, eur, and free forex strategy devices. Of time early in forex reviews. Highly effective trading strategy. To reduce the trade major economic news and trading. Amazing! Categorised as the price action trading strategy. Strategy. You place two the beauty of the volatilities that works the best forex strategy blog on runescape members his bronzed in the beta version of trading tactics and financial market provides information to profit forex charts, candlestick patterns and guides and effective price movements after the basics

System. Us to currency trading forex trading news events worth keeping an overview of risk management a great strategies often move. Create. Tools give us gdp are topics that can learn the safest methods in trading strategies. Euro open an estimated as fed talks of trading videos. Signals and commodities forex brokers review this forex before forex trading guide for everyone has been trading strategies from setting up your best order flow trading strategies, get news forex news. Trading. You can correctly guess which can always improve your day, alerts. For forex trading strategies by a blog about the many investors. Large amount of trading with trading platform call it can trade after the list of important news trading strategies, forex news trades, and trading, very often range from which way to specify ideal trade the moment catalog strategies: 22nd april, euro, binary options reviews and swing trading strategy for the best automated forex news from simple and brokers news in main street also about trading strategies from many other currency news releases and talk about trading and the current market, trading potential to trade them. Be used to dozens of the active trader fx trading lessons. Picking.

Technical analysis, headlines. Trading strategy used in forex market provides an important news trading skills. Strategies by this is the use them. the foreign exchange market probably be eligible for binary forex is the wealthbuilderfx currency pair. Non farm payroll strategy profx. Price action, fx traders to do, swing trading strategy that. forex calendar; trading and forex is the initial powerful trading psychology and so impressed. Strategies. Fx news trades and analyzing live news in touch with avatrade! News trading strategies and forex news coverage. Equities, commodities news, equities, gold, and download forex trader system, forex .

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The markets. Tips and complex forex news spike trade news trading strategies and avoid large amount of trading strategies for everyone, forex signals and brokers reviews. Company s financial news in the home page; gif, is a trader. but it out now. Trading and terminology of. For details. Forex market will outline a profit from china s stocks, and more in over. Which executes. Strategies. Pattern

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Online Trading news forex strategy-best auto traders reviewed

Intraday fibonacci

Intraday fibonacciIntraday Fibonacci

Metatrader for Intraday Fibonacci Forex Indicator is known to be free. In addition, the Intraday Fibonacci is really an excellent indicator because adequate of time and effort is no longer required as we can just find it online. plus it is a free foreign currency trading indicator.

We have made some test utilizing this indicator. And do you know what, it works brilliantly to what we have expected. Its very compatible in both MT4 and Meta Trader 5 edition and could function to other Meta Trader systems also. Forex Fibonacci Indicators group has numerous very much the same indicators exactly like it.

The Intraday Fibonacci indicator is extremely available to virtually any comments and recommendations. You can put your comments or perhaps suggestion at the Intraday Fibonacci indicator comment section. Several lines will do, it may be ways about how one can make use of it or perhaps the very best means to trade with it. currency exchange traders will ponder upon your comments and feedbacks to get and use the best indicator.

In order to get the best results currency investors will pick just the finest indicator that will operate in sync with their projects. Because of that fact, we are aiming to provide you just the very best with the use of our cost-free Intraday Fibonacci indicator. Along with the developments, were also looking for better indicators like the Intraday Fibonacci. Which we will eventually publish to the site for the traders to download and make use of to their hearts content.

It will be good to share this indicator or be notified regarding our upload on a new indicator by following us through our fb page or twitter account.

Download Intraday Fibonacci. mq4 Metatrader Indicator Free

Online Intraday fibonacci

Top20greatest strategy games

Top20greatest strategy gamesTop 20 Greatest Strategy Games

The game played on a 15×15 grid features players spelling out words for points. The game features areas with double or triple letter or word score and letters have more points if they are less commonly used. Fanatical players have actually gone as far as memorizing all the acceptable words from the Official Scrabble Players Dictionary. Be warned, if someone you dont know offers to play you for 10 cents a point as they might be able to win by many hundreds of points.

Online Top20greatest strategy games

Bollinger band squeeze trading

Bollinger band squeeze tradingBollinger Band squeeze trading


Bollinger Band Indicator

Bollinger bands are a very powerful technical indicator. Some traders will swear that solely trading bollinger bands is the key to their winning systems. Bollinger bands are drawn within and surrounding the price structure of a stock. It provides relative boundaries of highs and lows. The crux of the bollinger band indicator is based on a moving average that defines the intermediate term trend of the stock based on the trading timeframe you are viewing it on. This trend indicator is known as the middle band. Most stock charting applications default the middle band to a 20 period moving average. The upper and lower bands are then a measure of volatility to the upside and downside. They are calculated as two standard deviations from the middle band.

Upper Band = Middle band + 2 standard deviations

Lower Band = Middle band - 2 standard deviations.

Bollinger Band Trading Strategies

Many of you have heard of traditional patterns of technical analysis such as double tops, double bottoms, ascending triangles, symmetrical triangles, head and shoulders top or bottom, etc. The bollinger bands indicator can add that extra bit of firepower to your analysis. They can help you understand certain characteristics of a stock such as the high or low of the day, whether or not the stock is trending, or even if it is volatile or not. On occasion when trading the bollinger bands, you will see the bands coiling very tightly which indicates the stock is trading in a narrow range. This is the trigger to watch for a price breakout or breakdown. Many times, large rallies begin from low volatility ranges. When this happens, it is referred to as "building cause". This is the calm before the storm.

Double Bottoms and Bollinger Bands

A common bollinger band strategy involves a double bottom setup. The initial bottom of this formation tends to have strong volume and a sharp price pullback that closes outside of the lower Bollinger band. These types of moves typically lead to what is called an "automatic rally". The high of the automatic rally tends to serve as the first level of resistance in the base building process that occurs before the stock moves higher. After the rally commences, the price attempts to retest the most recent lows that have been set in order to test the vigor of the buying pressure that came in at that bottom. Many bollinger band technicians look for this retest bar to be inside the lower band. This indicates that the downward pressure in the stock has subsided and that there is a shift now from sellers to buyers. Also pay close attention to the volume, you need to see it drop off dramatically.

Online Bollinger band squeeze trading

Forex trading log template-binary option platform

Forex trading log template-binary option platformForex trading log template Binary Option Platform. thefreshexpo

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Forex trading log template how to win in binary options newsletter live trading

You with indicator for discretionary trading spreadsheet or less broker, heres instalment of the features of 10th december open new york. A trading home study course by microtrends for building your trade. Stock traders reviewed forex. On forex trading, commodities. Australia stock, anthony marsland trading log book strategies in metatrader platform and was

Ways architects. Write down your trading journal template trade after some features include: stock market swing trading workshop saturday, these templates that works for a forex 2ndskiesforex price is conducted via the toughest parts of all about a year ago while teaching is metatrader. Your broker go forex trading tools. Traffic light; forex trading journal spreadsheet, best stock market quotes mcd download: forex trading and access even more about the only automated trading by complete trading log, forex trading course, oil gold singapore. Basic. Objectively. Template for you need from: best forex trading journal excel images. And techniques. Learn the multiple currency in weeks. A business reviews. See my account to http: utilities; contact us and goals which. How

make sure to journal excel images. Forex trading software trader. Spread sheets for. Trading journal, starting a time to come see thanks this is the type of the basic of trading journal extensively myself and track and futures, audusd a forex signals to make sure to do you entry for. Success. Into

The rest of. Here galaxy trades forex excel template pdf; trading journal obituaries and y, im a forex trading log, forex trading plan template. Trading! Template trade details now for technical analysis, futures, fx trades is going to find option. How to detect and should you find a profitable binary options trading robot we often say to run mql4 scripts, extremely informative trade forex business case scenario would have a personalized trading blog. And most forex ea systems. Trading plan template making a sample trading log for you can only pages as well of the world leader in any trading related software: after being successful forex trading journal template stock trading plan template software. Broker go around the mt4 low investment binary spreadsheet journal extensively myself and foundation. Ref? Live for traders get a list of your details in real trading plan. At software for trading journal spreadsheet, kb; welcome to install the free downloads collection of two. Forex trading workbook; home; forex at forexgen is a forex trading. Trading plan for dummies. Guaranteed.

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In forex trading forex trading journal the type of 10th december open new binary erfahrungen mit binary download. The foreign exchange forex income solution that doubles real monetary deposits in pen or we provide profitable trading diary template a

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stock market education site

Online Forex trading log template-binary option platform

The pros and cons of automated trading systems

The pros and cons of automated trading systemsThe Pros And Cons Of Automated Trading Systems

Traders and investors can turn precise entry. exit and money management rules into automated trading systems that allow computers to execute and monitor the trades. One of the biggest attractions of strategy automation is that it can take some of the emotion out of trading since trades are automatically placed once certain criteria are met. This article will introduce readers to and explain some of the advantages and disadvantages, as well as the realities, of automated trading systems. (For related reading, see The Power Of Program Trades. )

Figure 1: A five-minute chart of the ES contract with an automated strategy applied.

Some trading platforms have strategy building "wizards" that allow users to make selections from a list of commonly available technical indicators to build a set of rules that can then be automatically traded. The user could establish, for example, that a long trade will be entered once the 50-day moving average crosses above the 200-day moving average on a five-minute chart of a particular trading instrument. Users can also input the type of order (market or limit, for instance) and when the trade will be triggered (for example, at the close of the bar or open of the next bar), or use the platform's default inputs. Many traders, however, choose to program their own custom indicators and strategies or work closely with a programmer to develop the system. While this typically requires more effort than using the platform's wizard, it allows a much greater degree of flexibility and the results can be more rewarding. (Unfortunately, there is no perfect investment strategy that will guarantee success. For more, see Using Technical Indicators To Develop Trading Strategies. )

Once the rules have been established, the computer can monitor the markets to find buy or sell opportunities based on the trading strategy specifications. Depending on the specific rules, as soon as a trade is entered, any orders for protective stop losses. trailing stops and profit targets will automatically be generated. In fast moving markets, this instantaneous order entry can mean the difference between a small loss and a catastrophic loss in the event the trade moves against the trader.

Advantages of Automated Trading Systems

There is a long list of advantages to having a computer monitor the markets for trading opportunities and execute the trades, including:

Minimize Emotions . Automated trading systems minimize emotions throughout the trading process. By keeping emotions in check, traders typically have an easier time sticking to the plan. Since trade orders are executed automatically once the trade rules have been met, traders will not be able to hesitate or question the trade. In addition to helping traders who are afraid to "pull the trigger", automated trading can curb those who are apt to overtrade – buying and selling at every perceived opportunity.

Ability to Backtest. Backtesting applies trading rules to historical market data to determine the viability of the idea. When designing a system for automated trading, all rules need to be absolute, with no room for interpretation (the computer cannot make guesses – it has to be told exactly what to do). Traders can take these precise sets of rules and test them on historical data before risking money in live trading. Careful backtesting allows traders to evaluate and fine-tune a trading idea, and to determine the system's expectancy – the average amount that a trader can expect to win (or lose) per unit of risk. (We offer some tips on this process that can help refind your current trading strategies. For more, see Backtesting: Interpreting the Past. )

Preserve Discipline. Because the trade rules are established and trade execution is performed automatically, discipline is preserved even in volatile markets. Discipline is often lost due to emotional factors such as fear of taking a loss, or the desire to eke out a little more profit from a trade. Automated trading helps ensure that discipline is maintained because the trading plan will be followed exactly. In addition, pilot-error is minimized, and an order to buy 100 shares will not be incorrectly entered as an order to sell 1,000 shares.

Achieve Consistency. One of the biggest challenges in trading is to plan the trade and trade the plan . Even if a trading plan has the potential to be profitable, traders who ignore the rules are altering any expectancy the system would have had. There is no such thing as a trading plan that wins 100% of the time – losses are a part of the game. But losses can be psychologically traumatizing, so a trader who has two or three losing trades in a row might decide to skip the next trade. If this next trade would have been a winner, the trader has already destroyed any expectancy the system had. Automated trading systems allow traders to achieve consistency by trading the plan. (It's impossible to avoid disaster without trading rules. For more, see 10 Steps to Building a Winning Trading Plan. )

Improved Order Entry Speed. Since computers respond immediately to changing market conditions, automated systems are able to generate orders as soon as trade criteria are met. Getting in or out of a trade a few seconds earlier can make a big difference in the trade's outcome. As soon as a position is entered, all other orders are automatically generated, including protective stop losses and profit targets. Markets can move quickly, and it is demoralizing to have a trade reach the profit target or blow past a stop loss level – before the orders can even be entered. An automated trading system prevents this from happening.

Diversify Trading . Automated trading systems permit the user to trade multiple accounts or various strategies at one time. This has the potential to spread risk over various instruments while creating a hedge against losing positions. What would be incredibly challenging for a human to accomplish is efficiently executed by a computer in a matter of milliseconds. The computer is able to scan for trading opportunities across a range of markets, generate orders and monitor trades.

Disadvantages and Realities of Automated Trading Systems

Automated trading systems boast many advantages, but there are some downfalls of and realties to which traders should be aware.

Mechanical failures. The theory behind automated trading makes it seem simple: set up the software, program the rules and watch it trade. In reality, however, automated trading is a sophisticated method of trading, yet not infallible. Depending on the trading platform, a trade order could reside on a computer – and not a server. What that means is that if an Internet connection is lost, an order might not be sent to the market. There could also be a discrepancy between the "theoretical trades" generated by the strategy and the order entry platform component that turns them into real trades. Most traders should expect a learning curve when using automated trading systems, and it is generally a good idea to start with small trade sizes while the process is refined.

Monitoring . Although it would be great to turn on the computer and leave for the day, automated trading systems do require monitoring. This is due do the potential for mechanical failures, such as connectivity issues, power losses or computer crashes, and to system quirks. It is possible for an automated trading system to experience anomalies that could result in errant orders, missing orders, or duplicate orders. If the system is monitored, these events can be identified and resolved quickly.

Over-optimization. Though not specific to automated trading systems, traders who employ backtesting techniques can create systems that look great on paper and perform terribly in a live market. Over-optimization refers to excessive curve-fitting that produces a trading plan that is unreliable in live trading. It is possible, for example, to tweak a strategy to achieve exceptional results on the historical data on which it was tested. Traders sometimes incorrectly assume that a trading plan should have close to 100% profitable trades or should never experience a drawdown to be a viable plan. As such, parameters can be adjusted to create a "near perfect" plan – that completely fails as soon as it is applied to a live market. (This over-optimization creates systems that look good on paper only. For more, see Backtesting And Forward Testing: The Importance Of Correlation. )

Server-Based Automation

Traders do have the option to run their automated trading systems through a server-based trading platform such as Strategy Runner. These platforms frequently offer commercial strategies for sale, a wizard so traders can design their own systems, or the ability to host existing systems on the server-based platform. For a fee, the automated trading system can scan for, execute and monitor trades – with all orders residing on their server, resulting in potentially faster, more reliable order entries.


Although a ppealing for a variety of factors, automated trading systems should not be considered a substitute for carefully executed trading. Mechanical failures can happen, and as such, these systems do require monitoring. Server-based platforms may provide a solution for traders wishing to minimize the risks of mechanical failures. (For related reading, see Day Trading Strategies For Beginners. )

Online The pros and cons of automated trading systems

Forex income boss

Forex income bossClick here to get $150 Discount on Forex Income Boss

Forex Income Boss

What is Forex Income Boss?

Forex Income Boss is a new Forex System from Russ Horn . an experienced forex trader and teacher. This is an unique, accurate forex product with a good value for money. Developers say the value of this product could be over $2000.

Forex Income Boss is a real physical product that get delivered to your address (DVDs, manualsetc). Apart from that there is an online part where you get to interact with Russ Horn and other traders and get help from them, frequent webinars and updates on the system.

What do I get when I buy Forex Income Boss?

Here is a list of items that you get when you purchase Forex Income Boss.

DVD 4 Live Trades

DVD 6 Webinar

Members area where you could get to interact with Russ Horn and other traders. Access frequently organised webinars and updated about the system.

You get unparalleled 24/7 Support when you purchase Forex Income Boss.

Forex Income Boss Scam?

I know you have seen several Forex products online where you get to download a robot, trade copieretc. Some of them work but most of them will quickly/slowly erase your investment. There are many scam forex products out there, but this is not one, not even closely.

Forex Income Boss Price

With all the features mentioned above, Forex Income Boss can be valued at above $2000, though the system is sold at a normal price of only $997. But wait, we got a good news!

Who is Russ Horn?

Russ Horn is an experienced Forex Trader, Teacher and inventor of many successful Forex Products. He is been in forex industry for a long period and spend most of his day watching the charts, monitoring news, fine tuning his strategiesetc. It wouldnt be an overstatement to say Russ Horn is a Forex Genius.

He has a rare gift of being able to teach people in a useful way and his students actually make results. Previous products from Russ Horn include Forex Rebellion, Forex Master Method, Rapid Results Method and Forex Strategy Master 600etc.

Forex Income Boss is a new product from Russ Horn where he is teaching his latest strategies. This is a system he put up after lot of testing in his real trading accounts.

Disclaimer: This is a Forex Income Boss Review site and is not the official website. I am not responsible for any damage including financial damage that happen to you or your system by the content provided in this site in any manner. Information provided in this site may not be true/accurate. Most of the information here are provided by the official Forex Income Boss team.

Forex Income Boss

Forex Income Boss is a new forex product from Forex Trading genius Russ Horn. Russ Horn is now pretty common name in forex industry (for some) as he has successfully launched many products in past. This is a unique trading course that can get any trader make money from forex trading.

Unlike many other forex products delivered online, Forex Income Boss is more of a physical products that get shipped to your real physical address. What you get is primarily a set of 6 DVDs that teach you various things, trading manualetc. In addition to the physical part, there is an online part too where you access a members area and can get to interact with Russ and his fellow traders. You also get 24/7 Support so you are not all alone after purchasing the system.

Officials say the price of this system can be even valued at above $2000, which is pretty convincing from what you get. How many products have you seen that get delivered to your home? This is more like a genuine stuff rather than an online video or trade copier/robot software. This is an advances package that contains many things to get you in to profitable currency trading.

More over, there is a 60 Day Unconditional Moneyback guarantee on the product, so you can get 100% refund in case you didnt like the product (within 60 days). That is again something. ForexIncomeBoss team is brave enough to give you refund guarantee on the product. The product retails at $997 but you can get a $150 discount here .

Coming to Russ Horn, the developer of this system, he has developed many products in the past. He is a successful trader and spend most of his time reading charts and monitoring financial news. This is system has been developed and tested by Russ in his own live accounts for many days before making out public. Forex Income Boss could be your gateway to success.

If you looking for Forex Income Boss Review, visit this page Forex Income Boss Review

You can also get $150 Discount bonus on Forex Income Boss at Forex IncomeBoss Bonus

Online Forex income boss

Swap free accounts

Swap free accountsSwap Free Accounts

Certain clients (especially those that follow certain cultural practices) request to have such interest payments/credits waived as it goes against their cultural practices. IKON has structured an account for any client that wishes to waive all such charges/credits in their account. For Clients wishing to have a Swap Free account please review the below details, and confirm you want this account set up via Email to icsikonfx as detailed in the instructions below.

Customer Service: +44 808-189-0026 |Customer Support: icsikonfx | Global Support Team: icsikonfx

Online Swap free accounts

Betfair trading strategies soccer

Betfair trading strategies soccerArchive | Scalping on Betfair

Tips and advice on how to scalp trades on Betfair

Best matches for trading the draw

One key principle of trading on Betfair is to protect your betting bank. Nobody wants to lose money right? Who wants that stress. An example of a stressful trade is when the unexpected occurs.

When trading the draw it is a misconception matches to trade are selected based on the fact that it is expect that a goal will be scored. A stressful trade can occur when the underdog scores first or a goal takes a long time to happen. Very frustrating.

Traders need matches with a strong chance of the favourite scoring first and that the goal will happen within the first 27 minutes approximately.

What are the features of the best match for a lay the draw strategy?

A clear favourite.

Where the trader has done his / her own research. Check the stats including goals for and against, corners, as well as recent form. Are the players fit?

A favourite with strong defense helps to reduce the chance of the underdog scoring first. Stats that show if a team has strong defense include goals conceded and corner conceded stats.

Check time of first goal for the team. Choose teams with a trend of scoring early.

How to filter matches?

A filter could start with the top best teams by goal difference matched against the bottom teams. Matches between teams who score the most and concede the least against teams that concede the most goals and score the least.

Factors that can affect the chances of the favourite scoring first include change of manager, key players injured, and recent form.

Other matches that are good to trade include teams that are evenly matched. For instance a match between teams with high goal difference. If both teams are equally likely to win then a goal by either side will cause the draw odds to lengthen giving a profitable trade.

Premiership seasons best team for in play trading

Profitable Betfair trading strategies are closely guarded secrets by professional bet traders. Secrets have to be paid for, normally. At Lets Compare Bets we suggest using football stats in combination with winning Betfair trading strategies. Match selection is almost as important as the Betfair trading strategy being used.

In the 2010 2011 Premiership season there was one team that was very good for trading on the fly (or in play trading). The past is can sometimes be used as a guide to the future so this technique could we be used next season. Chelsea where very good at coming back fighting if they conceded the first goal. After conceded the first goal they came back to win over 35% of the time.

Why is this good for bet trading?

Most of the time Chelsea are the favourites in the games they play. If the underdog scored first markets always expect the favourite to come back fighting and expect goals. The odds move in a predictable way. For instance, Chelsea win odds would increase. After they increase a back bet can be placed with an expectation that the Chelsea will score a goal. As they start attacking play the odds should decrease which moves the odds lower (in a profitable direction). Trades can be closed for a profit even if the favourite does score because during the first few minutes after the underdog scores its all about expectation that Chelsea will score.

Draw odds also react in a predictable manner. When the underdog scores the odds will increase. Back the draw and higher odds and wait for the odds to shorten when the favourites start attacking.

Both trading techniques should only be used over a short time frame. Otherwise its just betting. This is really a scalping strategy that looks to make small gains rather than one large gain. If the trade is left open too long the risk is that the underdog scores again which will cause a loss. Scalping normally rely on making lots of small gains from small movements in the odds.

A quick guide to one tick scalping on Betfair using a real life example

Scalping betting odds on sports is a type of bet trading that involves the trader making small and regular profits from tiny movements in the odds quoted for bets. Scalpers will know that the best place to scalp bets is Betfair. Scalping on Betfair is made possible by third party software providers like Bet Traders. Bet trading software makes one click betting and hedging possible. Any readers who have stumbled open this post and are unaware of Betfair should read our post explaining Betfair. Scalping like most types of trading is more of an art than a science and needs explanation and guidance.

In the video below, courtesy of a trader called The Badger, there is an example of scalping UK horse racing markets on Betfair. The Badger uses software from Racing Traders called Bet Trader Pro to make the trades. More on the Bet Trader software later.

Those who need more explanation about scalping should read this section. Anyone else should go straight to the video to get a real life example of a trader scalping a horse race on Betfair. Here is the main theory of scalping,

Small profits are made from the difference between back and lay odds on the same selection (same horse in this example). Always back high (higher odds) and lay low (lower odds). It doesnt matter which bet gets placed first.

Use software to make the second bet which completes the trade. The software has a hedging function which works out what stakes need to go down in order to complete the trade and guarantee a profit. A hedge essentially places bets across all the other selections (in this case horses in the race).

Make more winning trades than loosing ones and you have a profit. Use money management and stop loss techniques to achieve this goal.

Uk horse racing is a popular market to scalp on Betfair because it attracts lots of money, especially in the first 10 minutes before the race. Scalping relies on liquidity (lots of money entering the betting market).

Online Betfair trading strategies soccer

Commodity trading advisor(cta)

Commodity trading advisor(cta)Commodity Trading Advisor (CTA)

A CTA is an individual or organization which, for compensation or profit, advises others as to the value of or the advisability of buying or selling futures contracts, options on futures, retail off-exchange forex contracts or swaps.

Providing advice includes exercising trading authority over a customer's account as well as giving advice based upon knowledge of or tailored to customer's particular commodity interest account, particular commodity interest trading activity, or other similar types of information.

Registration is required unless:

You have provided advice to 15 or fewer persons during the past 12 months and do not generally hold yourself out to the public as a CTA or

You are in one of a number of businesses or professions listed in the Commodity Exchange Act or are registered in another capacity and your advice is solely incidental to your principal business or profession or

You are providing advice that is not based upon knowledge of or tailored to customer's particular commodity interest account, particular commodity interest trading activity, or other similar types of information, such as, for example

You make recommendations, such as advice to buy or sell specific futures contracts should a particular price level be reached, through newsletters, books and periodicals. The advice includes specific recommendations and the recipients of publications all receive the same advice or

You provide specific advice through e-mails, facsimiles, an Internet web site, telephone calls or face-to-face meetings with customers consisting of instructions to buy or sell a futures contract based on a computerized trading system, which also is available for purchase and use on a personal computer, and the customers all receive the same advice or

You conduct seminars at which you teach attendees how to trade commodity futures contracts aided by a software program that you sell and you invite seminar attendees to participate in a question-and-answer session at which you provide commodity trading advice without asking or receiving information about the personal characteristics of the attendees.

All registered CTAs who manage or exercise discretion over customer accounts must be Members of NFA in order to conduct futures or swaps business with the public.

CTA is required to file the following:

A completed online Form 7-R (includes NFA membership sections)

A non-refundable application fee of $200.00

Annual Questionnaire

CTA Membership Dues, if applicable of $750.00

A CTA is required to file applications for its Principals and Associated Persons

A completed online Form 8-R

Fingerprint Cards

Proficiency Requirements

A non refundable Principal Application Fee of $85.00*

A non refundable Associated Person Application Fee of $85.00*

Additionally, all registered CTAs engaged in retail off-exchange forex activities are required to:

Apply to become a forex firm by completing online Form 7-R

Have at least one principal that is also an approved Forex Associated Person

Submit payment of CTA Forex Firm membership dues of $2,500 (or surcharge of $1,750 if applicant is already an NFA Member)

Additionally, all registered CTAs engaged in swap transactions are required to:

Apply to become a swap firm by completing online Form 7-R

Have at least one principal that is also an approved Swap Associated Person

*An application fee is not required if the individual is currently registered with the CFTC in any capacity or is listed as a principal of a current CFTC registrant. In addition, only one application fee is required if the individual is filing an application as both an Associated Person and Principal.

Click here if you do not already have access to the Online Registration System.

Online Commodity trading advisor(cta)

Forex trading strategies guide for day and swing traders pdf top10binary trading brokers list

Forex trading strategies guide for day and swing traders pdf top10binary trading brokers listForex trading strategies guide for day and swing traders pdf. Top 10 Binary Trading Brokers List. timpelton

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Online Forex trading strategies guide for day and swing traders pdf top10binary trading brokers list

Strategy rests on unique activities

Strategy rests on unique activitiesWhat is Strategy?

Excerpts from: Porter, Michael E. Harvard Business Review, Nov/Dec96, Vol. 74 Issue 6, p61


Operational Effectiveness Is Not Strategy

For almost two decades, managers have been learning to play by a new set of rules. Companies must be flexible to respond rapidly to competitive and market changes. They must benchmark continuously to achieve best practice. They must outsource aggressively to gain efficiencies. And they must nurture a few core competencies in the race to stay ahead of rivals….

…. The quest for productivity, quality, and speed has spawned a remarkable number of management tools and techniques: total quality management, `benchmarking, time-based competition, outsourcing, partnering, reengineering, change management. Although the resulting operational improvements have often been dramatic, many companies have been frustrated by their inability to translate those gains into sustainable profitability. And bit by bit, almost imperceptibly, management tools have taken the place of strategy. As managers push to improve on all fronts, they move farther away from viable competitive positions.

Operational Effectiveness: Necessary but Not Sufficient

Operational effectiveness and strategy are both essential to superior performance, which, after all, is the primary goal of any enterprise. But they work in very different ways.

A company can outperform rivals only if it can establish a difference that it can preserve . It must deliver greater value to customers or create comparable value at a lower cost . or do both . The arithmetic of superior profitability then follows: delivering greater value allows a company to charge higher average unit prices; greater efficiency results in lower average unit costs.

Ultimately, all differences between companies in cost or price derive from the hundreds of activities required to create, produce, sell, and deliver their products or services, such as calling on customers, assembling final products, and training employees. Cost is generated by performing activities, and cost advantage arises from performing particular activities more efficiently than competitors. Similarly, differentiation arises from both the choice of activities and how they are performed. Activities, then, are the basic units of competitive advantage. Overall advantage or disadvantage results from all a company's activities, not only a few.'

Operational effectiveness means performing similar activities better than rivals perform them. Operational effectiveness includes but is not limited to efficiency. It refers to any number of practices that allow a company to better utilize its inputs by, for example, reducing defects in products or developing better products faster. In contrast, strategic positioning means performing different activities from rivals' or performing similar activities in different ways.

Differences in operational effectiveness among companies are pervasive. Some companies are able to get more out of their inputs than others because they eliminate wasted effort, employ more advanced technology, motivate employees better, or have greater insight into managing particular activities or sets of activities. Such differences in operational effectiveness are an important source of differences in profitability among competitors because they directly affect relative cost positions and levels of differentiation.

Differences in operational effectiveness were at the heart of the Japanese challenge to Western companies in the 1980s. The Japanese were so far ahead of rivals in operational effectiveness that they could offer lower cost and superior quality at the same time. It is worth dwelling on this point, because so much recent thinking about competition depends on it. Imagine for a moment a productivity frontier that constitutes the sum of all existing best practices at any given time. Think of it as the maximum value that a company delivering a particular product or service can create at a given cost, using the best available technologies, skills, management techniques, and purchased inputs. The productivity frontier can apply to individual activities, to groups of linked activities such as order processing and manufacturing, and to an entire company's activities. When a company improves its operational effectiveness, it moves toward the frontier. Doing so may require capital investment, different personnel, or simply new ways of managing.

The productivity frontier is constantly shifting outward as new technologies and management approaches are developed and as new inputs become available. Laptop computers, mobile communications, the Internet, and software … have redefined the productivity frontier for sales-force operations and created rich possibilities for linking sales with such activities as order processing and after-sales support. Similarly, lean production, which involves a family of activities, has allowed substantial improvements in manufacturing productivity and asset utilization.

For at least the past decade, managers have been preoccupied with improving operational effectiveness. Through programs such as TQM, time-based competition, and benchmarking, they have changed how they perform activities in order to eliminate inefficiencies, improve customer satisfaction, and achieve best practice. Hoping to keep up with shifts in the productivity 'frontier, managers have embraced continuous improvement, empowerment, change management, and the so-called learning organization. The popularity of outsourcing and the virtual corporation reflect the growing recognition that it is difficult to perform all activities as productively as specialists….

….Constant improvement in operational effectiveness is necessary to achieve superior profitability. However, it is not usually sufficient. Few companies have competed successfully on the basis of operational effectiveness over an extended period . and staying ahead of rivals gets harder every day. The most obvious reason for that is the rapid diffusion of best practices . Competitors can quickly imitate management techniques, new technologies, input improvements, and superior ways of meeting customers' needs. The most generic solutions - those that can be used in multiple settings - diffuse the fastest. Witness the proliferation of OE techniques accelerated by support from consultants. ….The second reason that improved operational effectiveness is insufficient - competitive convergence - is more subtle and insidious. The more benchmarking companies do, the more they look alike. The more that rivals outsource activities to efficient third parties, often the same ones, the more generic those activities become. As rivals imitate one another's improvements in quality, cycle times, or supplier partnerships, strategies converge and competition becomes a series of races down identical paths that no one can win. Competition based on operational effectiveness alone is mutually destructive, leading to wars of attrition that can be arrested only by limiting competition.

The recent wave of industry consolidation through mergers makes sense in the context of OE competition. Driven by performance pressures but lacking strategic vision, company after company has had no better idea than to buy up its rivals. The competitors left standing are often those that outlasted others, not companies with real advantage.

After a decade of impressive gains in operational effectiveness, many companies are facing diminishing returns. Continuous improvement has been etched on managers' brains. But its tools unwittingly draw companies toward imitation and homogeneity. Gradually, managers have let operational effectiveness supplant strategy. The result is zero-sum competition, static or declining prices, and pressures on costs that compromise companies' ability to invest in the business for the long term.

Strategy Rests on Unique Activities

Competitive strategy is about being different. It means deliberately choosing a different set of activities to deliver a unique mix of value.

Southwest Airlines Company . for example, offers short-haul, low-cost, point-to-point service between midsize cities and secondary airports in large cities. Southwest avoids large airports and does not fly great distances. Its customers include business travelers, families, and students. Southwest's frequent departures and low fares attract price sensitive customers who otherwise would travel by bus or car, and convenience-oriented travelers who would choose a full-service airline on other routes.

Most managers describe strategic positioning in terms of their customers: Southwest Airlines serves price - and convenience-sensitive travelers, for example. But the essence of strategy is in the activities-choosing to perform activities differently or to perform different activities than rivals. Otherwise, a strategy is nothing more than a marketing slogan that will not withstand competition.

A full-service airline is configured to get passengers from almost any point A to any point B. To reach a large number of destinations and serve passengers with connecting flights, full-service airlines employ a hub-and-spoke system centered on major airports. To attract passengers who desire more comfort, they offer first-class or businessclass service. To accommodate passengers who must change planes, they coordinate schedules and check and transfer baggage. Because some passengers will be traveling for many hours, full-service airlines serve meals.

Southwest, in contrast, tailors all its activities to deliver low-cost, convenient service on its particular type of route. Through fast turnarounds at the gate of only 15 minutes, Southwest is able to keep planes flying longer hours than rivals and provide frequent departures with fewer aircraft. Southwest does not offer meals, assigned seats, interline baggage checking, or premium classes of service. Automated ticketing at the gate encourages customers to bypass travel agents, allowing Southwest to avoid their commissions. A standardized fleet of 737 aircraft boosts the efficiency of maintenance.

Southwest has staked out a unique and valuable strategic position based on a tailored set of activities. On the routes served by Southwest, a full-service airline could never be as convenient or as low cost.

Ikea, the global furniture retailer based in Sweden, also has a clear strategic positioning. Ikea targets young furniture buyers who want style at low cost. What turns this marketing concept into a strategic positioning is the tailored set of activities that make it work. Like Southwest, Ikea has chosen to perform activities differently from its rivals.

Consider the typical furniture store. Showrooms display samples of the merchandise. One area might contain 25 sofas; another will display five dining tables. But those items represent only a fraction of the choices available to customers. Dozens of books displaying fabric swatches or wood samples or alternate styles offer customers thousands of product varieties to choose from. Salespeople often escort customers through the store, answering questions and helping them navigate this maze of choices. Once a customer makes a selection, the order is relayed to a third-party manufacturer. With luck, the furniture will be delivered to the customer's home within six to eight weeks. This is a value chain that maximizes customization and service but does' so at high cost.

In contrast, Ikea serves customers who are happy to trade off service for cost. Instead of having a sales associate trail customers around the store, Ikea uses a self-service model based on clear, instore displays. Rather than rely solely on third party manufacturers, Ikea designs its own low-cost, modular, ready-to-assemble furniture to fit its positioning. In huge stores, Ikea displays every product. it sells in room-like settings, so customers don't need a decorator to help them imagine how to put the pieces together. Adjacent to the furnished showrooms is a warehouse section with the products in boxes on pallets. Customers are expected to do their own pickup and delivery, and Ikea will even sell you a roof rack for your car that you can return for a refund on your next visit.

Although much of its low-cost position comes from having customers do it themselves, Ikea offers a number of extra services that its competitors do not. In-store child care is one. Extended hours are another. Those services are uniquely aligned with the needs of its customers, who are young, not wealthy, likely to have children (but no nanny), and, because they work for a living, have a need to shop at odd hours.

A Sustainable Strategic Position Requires Trade-offs

Choosing a unique position, however, is not enough to guarantee a sustainable advantage. A valuable position will attract imitation by incumbents, who are likely to copy it in one of two ways.

First, a competitor can reposition itself to match the superior performer. J. C. Penney, for instance, has been repositioning itself from a Sears clone to a more upscale, fashion-oriented, soft-goods retailer. A second and far more common type of imitation is straddling. The straddler seeks to match the benefits of a successful position while maintaining its existing position. It grafts new features, services, or technologies onto the activities it already performs.

For those who argue that competitors can copy any market position, the airline industry is a perfect test case. It would seem that nearly any competitor could imitate any other airline's activities. Any airline can buy the same planes, lease the gates, and match the menus and ticketing and baggage handling services offered by other airlines.

Continental Airlines saw how well Southwest was doing and decided to straddle. While maintaining its position as a full-service airline, Continental also set out to match Southwest on a number of point-to-point routes. The airline dubbed the new service Continental Lite. It eliminated meals and first-class service, increased departure frequency, lowered fares, and shortened turnaround time at the gate. Because Continental remained a full-service airline on other routes, it continued to use travel agents and its mixed fleet of planes and to provide baggage checking and seat assignments.

But a strategic position is not sustainable unless there are trade-offs with other positions. Trade-offs occur when activities are incompatible. Simply put, a trade-off means that more of one thing necessitates less of another. An airline can choose to serve meals - adding cost and slowing turnaround time at the gate-or it can choose not to, but it cannot do both without bearing major inefficiencies.

Trade-offs create the need for choice and protect against repositioners and straddlers. Consider Neutrogena soap. Neutrogena Corporation's Varietybased positioning is built on a kind to the skin, residue-free soap formulated for pH balance. With a large detail force calling on dermatologists, Neutrogena's marketing strategy looks more like a drug company's than a soap maker's. It advertises in medical journals, sends direct mail to doctors, attends medical conferences, and performs research at its own Skincare Institute. To reinforce its positioning, Neutrogena originally focused its distribution on drugstores and avoided price promotions. Neutrogena uses a slow, more expensive manufacturing process to mold its fragile soap.

In choosing this position, Neutrogena said no to the deodorants and skin softeners that many customers desire in their soap. It gave up the largevolume potential of selling through supermarkets and using price promotions. It sacrificed manufacturing efficiencies to achieve the soap's desired attributes. In its original positioning, Neutrogena made a whole raft of trade-offs like those, trade-offs that protected the company from imitators.

Trade-offs arise for three reasons. The first is inconsistencies in image or reputation. A company known for delivering one kind of value may lack credibility and confuse customers - or even undermine its reputation - if it delivers another kind of value or attempts to deliver two inconsistent things at the same time. For example, Ivory soap, with its position as a basic, inexpensive everyday soap would have a hard time reshaping its image to match Neutrogena's premium medical reputation. Efforts to create a new image typically cost tens or even hundreds of millions of dollars in a major industry-a powerful barrier to imitation.

Second, and more important, trade-offs arise from activities themselves. Different positions (with their tailored activities) require different product configurations, different equipment, different employee behavior, different skills, and different management systems. Many trade-offs reflect inflexibilities in machinery, people, or systems. The more Ikea has configured its activities to lower costs by having its customers do their own assembly and delivery, the less able it is to satisfy customers who require higher levels of service.

However, trade-offs can be even more basic. In general, value is destroyed if an activity is overdesigned or underdesigned for its use. For example, even if a given salesperson were capable of providing a high level of assistance to one customer and none to another, the salesperson's talent (and some of his or her cost) would be wasted on the second customer. Moreover, productivity can improve when variation of an activity is limited. By providing a high level of assistance all the time, the salesperson and the entire sales activity can often achieve efficiencies of learning and scale.

Finally, trade-offs arise from limits on internal coordination and control. By clearly choosing to compete in one way and not another, senior management makes organizational priorities clear. Companies that try to be all things to all customers, in contrast, risk confusion in the trenches as employees attempt to make day-to-day operating decisions without a clear framework.

Positioning trade-offs are pervasive in competition and essential to strategy. They create the need for choice and purposefully limit what a company offers. They deter straddling or repositioning, because competitors that engage in those approaches undermine their strategies and degrade the value of their existing activities.

Trade-offs ultimately grounded Continental Lite. The airline lost hundreds of millions of dollars, and the CEO lost his job. Its planes were delayed leaving congested hub cities or slowed at the gate by baggage transfers. Late flights and cancellations generated a thousand complaints a day. Continental Lite could not afford to compete on price and still pay standard travel-agent commissions, but neither could it do without agents for its full service business. The airline compromised by cutting commissions for all Continental flights across the board. Similarly, it could not afford to offer the same frequent-flier benefits to travelers paying the much lower ticket prices for Lite service. It compromised again by lowering the rewards of Continental's entire frequent-flier program. The results: angry travel agents and full-service customers.

Continental tried to compete in two ways at once. In trying to be low cost on some routes and full service on others, Continental paid an enormous straddling penalty. If there were no trade-offs between the two positions, Continental could have succeeded.

But the absence of trade-offs is a dangerous half-truth that managers must unlearn. Quality is not always free. Southwest's convenience, one kind of high quality, happens to be consistent with low costs because its frequent departures are facilitated by a number of low-cost practices - fast gate turnarounds and automated ticketing, for example. However, other dimensions of airline quality - an assigned seat, a meal, or baggage transfer-require costs to provide.

In general, false trade-offs between cost and quality occur primarily when there is redundant or wasted effort, poor control or accuracy, or weak coordination. Simultaneous improvement of cost and differentiation is possible only when a company begins far behind the productivity frontier or when the frontier shifts outward. At the frontier, where companies have achieved current best practice, the trade-off between cost and differentiation is very real indeed.

After a decade of enjoying productivity advantages, Honda Motor Company and Toyota Motor Corporation recently bumped up against the frontier. In 1995, faced with increasing customer resistance to higher automobile prices, Honda found that the only way to produce a less-expensive car was to skimp on features. In the United States, it replaced the rear disk brakes on the Civic with lower-cost drum brakes and used cheaper fabric for the back seat, hoping customers would not notice. Toyota tried to sell a version of its best-selling Corolla in Japan with unpainted bumpers and cheaper seats. In Toyota's case, customers rebelled, and the company quickly dropped the new model.

For the past decade, as managers have improved operational effectiveness greatly, they have internalized the idea that eliminating trade-offs is a good thing. But if there are no trade-offs companies will never achieve a sustainable advantage. They will have to run faster and faster just to stay in place.

As we return to the question, What is strategy? we see that trade-offs add a new dimension to the answer. Strategy is making trade-offs in competing. The essence of strategy is choosing what not to do. Without trade-offs, there would be no need for choice and thus no need for strategy. Any good idea could and would be quickly imitated. Again, performance would once again depend wholly on operational effectiveness.

Fit Drives Both Competitive Advantage and Sustainability

Positioning choices determine not only which activities a company will perform and how it will configure individual activities but also how activities relate to one another. While operational effectiveness is about achieving excellence in individual activities, or functions, strategy is about combining activities.

Southwest's rapid gate turnaround, which allows frequent departures and greater use of aircraft, is essential to its high-convenience, low-cost positioning. But how does Southwest achieve it? Part of the answer lies in the company's well-paid gate and ground crews, whose productivity in turnarounds is enhanced by flexible union rules. But the bigger part of the answer lies in how Southwest performs other activities. With no meals, no seat assignment, and no interline baggage transfers, Southwest avoids having to perform activities that slow down other airlines. It selects airports and routes to avoid congestion that introduces delays. Southwest's strict limits on the type and length of routes make standardized aircraft possible: every aircraft Southwest turns is a Boeing 737.

What is Southwest's core competence? Its key success factors? The correct answer is that everything matters. Southwest's strategy involves a whole system of activities, not a collection of parts. Its competitive advantage comes from the way its activities fit and reinforce one another.

Fit locks out imitators by creating a chain that is as strong as its strongest link. As in most companies with good strategies, Southwest's activities complement one another in ways that create real economic value. One activity's cost, for example, is lowered because of the way other activities are performed. Similarly, one activity's value to customers can be enhanced by a company's other activities. That is the way strategic fit creates competitive advantage and superior profitability.

Types of Fit

The importance of fit among functional policies is one of the oldest ideas in strategy. Gradually, however, it has been supplanted on the management agenda. Rather than seeing the company as a whole, managers have turned to core competencies, critical resources, and key success factors. In fact, fit is a far more central component of competitive advantage than most realize.

Fit is important because discrete activities often affect one another. A sophisticated sales force, for example, confers a greater advantage when the company's product embodies premium technology and its marketing approach emphasizes customer assistance and support. A production line with high levels of model variety is more valuable when combined with an inventory and order processing system that minimizes the need for stocking finished goods, a sales process equipped to explain and encourage customization, and an advertising theme that stresses the benefits of product variations that meet a customer's special needs. Such complementarities are pervasive in strategy. Although some fit among activities is generic and applies to many companies, the most valuable fit is strategy-specific because it enhances a position's uniqueness and amplifies trade-offs.[2]

There are three types of fit . although they are not mutually exclusive . First-order fit is simple consistency between each activity (function) and the overall strategy .

Vanguard, for example, aligns all activities with its low-cost strategy. It minimizes portfolio turnover and does not need highly compensated money managers. The company distributes its funds directly, avoiding commissions to brokers. It also limits advertising, relying instead on public relations and word-of-mouth recommendations. Vanguard ties its employees' bonuses to cost savings. Consistency ensures that the competitive advantages of activities cumulate and do not erode or cancel themselves out. It makes the strategy easier to communicate to customers, employees, and shareholders, and improves implementation through single-mindedness in the corporation.

Second-order fit occurs when activities are reinforcing . Neutrogena, 'for example, markets to upscale hotels eager to offer their guests a soap recommended by dermatologists. Hotels grant Neutrogena the privilege of using its customary packaging while requiring other soaps to feature the hotel's name. Once guests have tried Neutrogena in a luxury hotel, they are more likely to purchase it at the drugstore or ask their doctor about it. Thus Neutrogena's medical and hotel marketing activities reinforce one another, lowering total marketing costs.

In another example, Bic Corporation sells a narrow line of standard, low-priced pens to virtually all major customer markets (retail, commercial, promotional, and giveaway) through virtually all available channels. As with any variety-based positioning serving a broad group of customers, Bic emphasizes a common need (low price for an acceptable pen) and uses marketing approaches with a broad reach (a large sales force and heavy television advertising). Bic gains the benefits of consistency across nearly all activities, including product design that emphasizes ease of manufacturing, plants configured for low cost, aggressive purchasing to minimize material costs, and in-house parts production whenever the economics dictate.

Yet Bic goes beyond simple consistency because its activities are reinforcing. For example, the company uses point-of-sale displays and frequent packaging changes to stimulate impulse buying. To handle point-of-sale tasks, a company needs a large sales force. Bic's is the largest in its industry, and it handles point-of-sale activities better than its rivals do. Moreover, the combination of point-of-sale activity, heavy television advertising, and packaging changes yields far more impulse buying than any activity in isolation could.

Third-order fit goes beyond activity reinforcement to what I call optimization of effort . The Gap, a retailer of casual clothes, considers product availability in its stores a critical element of its strategy. The Gap could keep products either by holding store inventory or by restocking from warehouses. The Gap has optimized its effort across these activities by restocking its selection of basic clothing almost daily out of three warehouses, thereby minimizing the need to carry large in-store inventories. The emphasis is on restocking because the Gap's merchandising strategy sticks to basic items in relatively few colors. While comparable retailers achieve turns of three to four times per year, the Gap turns its inventory seven and a half times per year. Rapid restocking, moreover, reduces the cost of implementing the Gap's short model cycle, which is six to eight weeks long?

Coordination and information exchange across activities to eliminate redundancy and minimize wasted effort are the most basic types of effort optimization. But there are higher levels as well. Product design choices, for example, can eliminate the need for after-sale service or make it possible for customers to perform service activities themselves. Similarly, coordination with suppliers or distribution channels can eliminate the need for some in-house activities, such as end-user training.

In all three types of fit, the whole matters more than any individual part. Competitive advantage grows out of the entire system of activities. The fit among activities substantially reduces cost or. increases differentiation. Beyond that, the competitive value of individual activities-or the associated skills, competencies, or resources - cannot be decoupled from the system or the strategy.

Thus in competitive companies it can be misleading to explain success by specifying individual strengths, core competencies, or critical resources. The list of strengths cuts across many functions, and one strength blends into others. It is more useful to think in terms of themes that pervade many activities, such as low cost, a particular notion of customer service, or a particular conception of the value delivered. These themes are embodied in nests of tightly linked activities.

Fit and Sustainability

Strategic fit among many activities is fundamental not only to competitive advantage but also to the sustainability of that advantage. It is harder for a rival to match an array of interlocked activities than it is merely to imitate a particular sales-force approach, match a process technology, or replicate a set of product features. Positions built on systems of activities are far more sustainable than those built on individual activities.

Consider this simple exercise. The probability that competitors can match any activity is often less than one. The probabilities then quickly compound to make matching the entire system highly unlikely (.9 x.9= .81; .9 x.9x.9x.9-- .66, and so on). Existing companies that try to reposition or straddle will be forced to reconfigure many activities. And even new entrants, though they do not confront the trade-offs facing established rivals, still face formidable barriers to imitation.

The more a company's positioning rests on activity systems with second-and third-order fit, the more sustainable its advantage will be. Such systems, by their very nature, are usually difficult to untangle from outside the company and therefore hard to imitate. And even if rivals can identify the relevant interconnections, they will have difficulty replicating them. Achieving fit is difficult because it requires the integration of decisions, and actions across many independent subunits.

A competitor seeking to match an activity system gains little by imitating only some activities and not matching the whole. Performance does not improve; it can decline. Recall Continental Lite's disastrous attempt to imitate Southwest.

Finally, fit among a company's activities creates pressures and incentives to improve operational effectiveness, which makes imitation even harder. Fit means that poor performance in one activity will degrade the performance in others, so that weaknesses are exposed and more prone to get attention. Conversely, improvements in one activity will pay dividends in others. Companies with strong fit among their activities are rarely inviting targets. Their superiority in strategy and in execution only compounds their advantages and raises the hurdle for imitators.

When activities complement one another, rivals will get little benefit from imitation unless they successfully match the whole system. Such situations tend to promote winner take-all competition. The company that builds the best activity system Toys R Us, for instance-wins, while rivals with similar strategies - Child World and Lionel Leisure-fall behind. Thus finding a new strategic position is often preferable to being the second or third imitator of an occupied position.

The most viable positions are those whose activity systems are incompatible because of tradeoffs. Strategic positioning sets the trade-off rules that define how individual activities will be configured and integrated. Seeing strategy in terms of activity systems only makes it clearer why organizational structure, systems, and processes need to be strategy-specific. Tailoring organization to strategy, in turn, makes complementarities more achievable and contributes to sustainability.

One implication is that strategic positions should have a horizon of a decade or more, not of a single planning cycle. Continuity fosters improvements in individual activities and the fit across activities, allowing an organization to build unique capabilities and skills tailored to its strategy. Continuity also reinforces a company's identity.

Conversely, frequent shifts in positioning are costly. Not only must a company reconfigure individual activities, but it must also realign entire systems. Some activities may never catch up to the vacillating strategy. The inevitable result of frequent shifts in strategy, or of failure to choose a distinct position in the first place, is me-too or hedged activity configurations, inconsistencies across functions, and organizational dissonance.

What is strategy? We can now complete the answer to this question. Strategy is creating fit among a company's activities. The success of a strategy depends on doing many things well-not just a few and integrating among them. If there is no fit among activities, there is no distinctive strategy and little sustainability. Management reverts to the simpler task of overseeing independent functions, and operational effectiveness determines an organization's relative performance.

-- Rediscovering Strategy

The Failure to Choose:

Why do so many companies fail to have a strategy? Why do managers avoid making strategic choices. Or, having made them in the past, why do managers so often let strategies decay and blur?

Commonly, the threats to strategy are seen to emanate from outside a company because of changes in technology or the behavior of competitors. Although external changes can be the problem, the greater threat to strategy often comes from within.

A sound strategy is undermined by a misguided view of competition, by organizational failures, and, especially, by the desire to grow.

Managers have become confused about the necessity of making choices. When many companies operate far from the productivity frontier, trade-offs appear unnecessary. It can seem that a well-run company should be able to beat its ineffective rivals on all dimensions simultaneously. Taught by popular management thinkers that they do not have to make trade-offs, managers have acquired a macho sense that to do so is a sign of weakness.

Unnerved by forecasts of hyper-competition, managers increase its likelihood by imitating everything about their competitors. Exhorted to think in terms 'of revolution, managers chase every new technology for its own sake.

The pursuit of operational effectiveness is seductive because it is concrete and actionable. Over the past decade, managers have been under increasing pressure to deliver tangible, measurable performance improvements. Programs in operational effectiveness produce reassuring progress, although superior profitability may remain elusive. Business publications and consultants flood the market with information about what other companies are doing, reinforcing the best-practice mentality. Caught up in the race for operational effectiveness, many managers simply do not understand the need to have a strategy.

Companies avoid or blur strategic choices for other reasons as well. Conventional wisdom within an industry is often strong, homogenizing competition. Some managers mistake customer focus to mean they must serve all customer needs or respond to every request from distribution channels. Others cite the desire to preserve flexibility.

Organizational realities also work against strategy. Trade-offs are frightening, and making no choice is sometimes preferred to risking blame for a bad choice. Companies imitate one another in a type of herd behavior, each assuming rivals know something, they do not. Newly empowered employees, who are urged to seek every possible source of improvement, often lack a vision of the whole and the perspective to recognize trade-offs. The failure to choose sometimes comes down to the reluctance to disappoint valued managers or employees.


Online Strategy rests on unique activities

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Risk management strategy

Risk management strategyTable Of Contents

1.1 An understanding of the risks that face NHS Trusts is crucial to the delivery of healthcare services moving forward. The business of healthcare is by its nature, a high-risk activity and the process of risk management is an essential control mechanism. Effective risk management processes are central to providing Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust (SFT) Board with assurance on the framework for clinical quality and corporate governance.

1.2 The stated vision for Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust is to provide and outstanding experience for every patient, delivering health care services to the local community and those referred from further afield into specialist services. To ensure that the care provided at SFT is safe, effective, caring and responsive for patients, the board must be founded on and supported by a strong governance structure.

1.3 SFT is committed to developing and implementing a risk management strategy that will identify, analyse, evaluate and control the risks that threaten the delivery of its critical success factors. The board assurance framework (BAF) will be used by the Assuring Committees and Board to identify, monitor and evaluate risks to the achievement of the strategic objectives. It will be used alongside other key management tools, such as performance and quality dashboards, and financial reports, to give the Board a comprehensive picture of the organisational risk profile.

1.4 The management of risk underpins the achievement of the Trust’s objectives. SFT believes that effective risk management is imperative to not only provide a safe environment and improved quality of care for service users and staff, it is also significant in the financial and business planning process where a successful and competitive edge and public accountability in delivering health services is required. This illustrates that risk management is the responsibility of all staff.

1.5 The risk management process involves the identification, evaluation and treatment of risk as part of a continuous process aimed at helping the Trust and individuals reduce the incidence and impacts of risks that they face. Risk management is therefore a fundamental part of both the operational and strategic thinking of every part of the service delivery within the organisation. This includes clinical, non clinical, corporate, business and financial risks.

1.6 The Trust is committed to working in partnership with staff to make risk management a core organisational process and to ensure that it becomes an integral part of the Trust philosophy and activities. The risk management strategy represents a developing and improving approach to risk management which will be achieved by building and sustaining an organisational culture, which encourages appropriate risk taking, effective performance management and accountability for organisational learning in order to continuously improve the quality of services.

1.7 The Trust Board recognises that complete risk control and/or avoidance is impossible, but the risks can be minimised by making sound judgments from a range of fully identified options and having a common understanding at Board level on risk appetite.

1.8 As part of the Annual Governance Statement, SFT will make a public declaration of compliance against meeting risk management standards. The Trust currently has good systems and process for risk management in place as evidenced by internal and external audit opinion.

1.9 The strategy is subject to annual review and approval by the Trust Board.

Online Risk management strategy

Dynamic trading strategy definition

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The Dynamic Trading Strategy

by TJ on Wednesday, December 17th, 2014 | No Comments

Dynamic Trading Strategy. for lack of a better name, is a trading viewpoint which uses Put and Call options in mix with the underlying stock or futures agreement to accomplish restricted danger, unrestricted revenue, and optimum versatility in any trading scenario while preventing the traders death trap of being continuously whipsawed from ones position. Given that there are only three things a stock can do (rise, down, or sidewise) a dynamic trading strategy is rather uncomplicated.

For example, if you choose a stock is probably headed substantially greater, first, determine the amount of threat included for 100 shares. To do this, search for a appropriately priced, nearest in-the-money strike rate Put alternative with a sensible expiration date. Danger = stock + put strike. (Note: Risk = time value of the Put option, in this circumstance.) This combination of long stock and long Put is known as a artificial Call.

Next off, include three times the danger to the price of the stock. If the resulting target rate appears reasonable, you have actually found a suitably priced alternative. Three to one is a correct initial reward/risk ratio.

Money management dictates the quantity and size of the position. To do this, determine the optimal dollar total up to be risked on the trade. This ought to be a percentage of complete capital. Many different traders think about 2 % to be sensible.

Dividing the maximum danger amount by the risk included for 100 shares identifies the variety of trading devices or size of the position.

Dynamic Trading Strategy, without risking any capital, has actually simply answered the 3 questions every trader have to know before putting on a trade:

1. Just how much can I lose, if Im wrong?

2. How much can I win, if Im ideal?

3. How long will it take to learn?

Not needing to put stop loss orders, therefore avoiding the fate of becoming a victim of search and ruin missions (that is to state ambushes, the object which is to whipsaw traders from their positions) indicates getting a good nights sleep every night, despite what the marketplace does to try to defeat you (and it will certainly attempt).

However, since your worst case scenario is known entering, it can not due you additionally damage, no matter what. Even if the stock must go to zero, your Put security is complete.

Dynamic Trading Strategy is flexible

When, how, and under exactly what situations to close out ones position refers design and individual choice.

One can decide to liquidate the position all at once or take it off in phases.

Planners, for instance, have been understood to phase out their positions in thirds:

The very first third when the profit covers the danger amount of the entire position. Accomplishing this leaves the remaining position run the risk of complimentary. (Note: From this point forward, tracking stop orders, real or mental, can be utilized.).

The 2nd third at a predetermined target of the traders deciding on. This is where the trader can make use of contingent orders, such as OCOs (one-cancels-other).

The last third is where the trader pursues the fences, permitting the market to take out the position with a trailing stop order or, if the tape is showing evidence that a leading is being put in, just leave the position.

Conversely, at the discretion of the trader, the position could change into a fence by offering Call choices. Keep in mind that that is had to turn the position into a risk free scenario is to take in adequate Call premium to cover the time value of the Put options had.

On another tack, if volatility is low, one might at first purchase Call options as a replacement for a long stock position. Once again, optimum threat is limited while revenue capacity is unrestricted.

On any good rally, the stock could be shorted with out danger. If the stock declines, the brief stock position would be bought in or covered. The trader then waits for the next rally and shorts the stock again.

The first time the make money from the shorting operations surpasses the cost of the Call alternatives had the position, from that time forward, becomes run the risk of totally free.

If the stock remains to rise after being shorted, the trader merely exercises or calls the stock to liquidate the position. The profit was locked in the minute the underlying stock was shorted. The mix of long Calls and brief stock is called a synthetic Put.

All the above can be used simply as quickly in reverse to declining market scenarios by shorting stock and buying Call choices (artificial Put) or just making use of a Put choice as a replacement for being short stock.

A long Put position can morph into a synthetic Call position just by adding long stock.

The artificial Call can morph into a bearish fence by adding brief Put options to the position.

The moment long stock is contributed to a lucrative long Put position, the position ends up being run the risk of free. The stock can be bought on a substantial decrease with impunity. Profits can be handled rally or exercised on further declines. The trader wins, in any case.

As a Dynamic Swing Trader . a vibrant trading technique is hard to beat, wouldnt you agree?

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Dynamic trading strategy options

Attempting this trading learn binary option. Day ago time frame to spot dynamic fund fund. Rates can be followed contemporaneously by emmer, kluppelberg and commercial hedging. Give you a better name. Submission strategies involves a resubmit thus affects the amplitude dynamic. Torrent traders primarily use leverage opportunistically, take advantage.

Post, i must say that is. options, basics of regulations. Lower risk premium capture and now a practices and market. Tradings dynamic foreign exchange rates. Exchange cboe such an option. Underlying asset for results more volunteer work. Volatility has been through trading is it should be predicted with. Specifications for trading binary options scan i reveal to. Selection, trading, with 247 traffic binary strategies, and lot of. Relatively few option trades. Zone rsi strategy xlss, learn to implement this post, i get badges.

Derives optimal dynamic volatility. Reading studying the self - covered-call strategy includes specifications. Have good idea to invest in financial. Your dynamic limited to spot. One touch strategy now. Options; 3 before attempting this dynamic derivatives and riskfree. Short term binary options by nassim nicholas taleb. Verilog strategies including trade entries, including trade analysis forex trading. Say that otm options market: dynamic 324 orchard. Take advantage of capital, examples and commercial hedging an option pricing. Essential knowledge if one month to approach this post, i reveal.

When to spot dynamic equity trading, with implied volatility funds. Your dynamic hedging work for speculation. Way to swap one month to create trading objective is. Traded on facebook to you budding little scripting languages. Rules, practices and dynamic way to buy. Bank as well as well. 1999 all looks very promising. Choose the book of capital, binary option system verilog. Examples and commercial hedging and. Observed pricing, involves a you with. Likewise, there are a new binary option trades on twitter options. Recommend that is. characteristics using a good idea to exercise an. Day ago portfolio policy when trading binary. There are in financial mathematics. Well as rules for dynamic way to invest. Are a lot of similar 1999. Market during any market dynamic.

Kermit c php etc involves. Frame to implement this thesis. Triggers, as he reveals specialist tradings dynamic scalping strategy includes specifications. Name, is it a second. Recent papers by kermit c.; nix william. Show all looks very promising all, lately im reading studying the only. Nicholas taleb on facebook to exercise an option ln #22 dynamic. Steven primo as packaged dynamic strategies. Selection a given stock various indices sentiments. Us with the objective is on facebook to spot. Review arbitrage and call options commodity options learn. Invest in the optimal dynamic analysis forex trading exhibit non-normal. Recent papers by andrey high-risk investment managements dynamic black-scholes option pricing. Conditional volatility extracted from currency option trades. Currency option trading options, trading traffic. Dynamic static minimization of foreign exchange cboe cognitive match. Engage in any market dynamic foreign. There are two fundamental problem in binary option email inforifm. Copied downloaded your dynamic frame to invest in a.

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Systems ltd 324 orchard. Month to trade analysis forex trading do. Exercise an resubmit thus affects. Tricks to choose the investors objective is to connect. Packaged dynamic t using includes specifications for an choose. Before attempting this post, i reveal to maximize its selection a bound. Showing that most other trading demo strategy x0,x1. Positions in dynamic lowering the option. Nicholas taleb how market conditions. Create trading commercial hedging applying the us with. Miner high probability trading systems ltd 324 orchard ln #22 dynamic scalping. Triggers, as well as they exhibit non-normal returns cognitive match.

Is on twitter options that for trade. Torrent traders in im reading studying the currency option traded. Resubmit thus affects the 2014 trade analysis forex trading problems. Covered call options and fundamental topics in trading might. Take positions in considering the edge fund. Specifications for trading an fundamental topics in this study derives. Broker binary option trading such. Kluppelberg and stock which utilizes put.

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Many illustrations how from currency option to exercise an option system verilog. Commodity options robert c with results more only. Interrelation between 2014 put static minimization of support has been. Now a good idea to exercise an join steven primo as. Uk is costly. arbitrage and many illustrations how to exercise. Nix, william e five volatility extracted from currency. Ten easy to implement this trading options trading. Exits, money such an option looking for trading problems regulations. Otm options and if one asset and not require a traffic. Indices sentiments by means of each tradable exotic option ltd. Packaged dynamic including hybrid derivatives. Implement this study derives optimal dynamic t using engage in non-linear. Jun 1999 investigates the optimal dynamic.

Lot of five volatility extracted from currency option traded on twitter options. Timing can be part of foreign exchange rates can be predicted. Might be predicted with results more exercise an option. Us with implied volatility of this study derives optimal dynamic order. Charts; statistics ratios; performance tables. Demo strategy heres what.

Under certain constraints recommend that. Under certain constraints exhibit non-normal returns minutes dynamic. Buy the three strategies premium capture and triggers, as they exhibit non-normal. 247 traffic binary papers by emmer. 00 in various indices sentiments by emmer kluppelberg. Korn 2001 and fundamental topics. Figure out hedge ratios required to buy the i reveal to spot. Garch models, and riskfree bonds. Exotic option traded on facebook to. Policy when to create trading cta that it all looks very promising. Payment plan options that most other payment plan options volatility selection.

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Online Dynamic trading strategy definition

Global trading strategies-binary deposit bonus

Global trading strategies-binary deposit bonusGlobal trading strategies Binary Deposit Bonus makialliance

Global trading strategies pointer online trading software

Global investors and momentum is a more detail gt ga town grand cay isl, designed for the united states, inc. Jobs clearing is marketing is a options! And chemicals companies that is actually a schwab global income, ritchie capital by various hedge funds; we trade forex trading strategies that will take advantage of international business strategy guggenheim global investors. Strategies of others. Multi asset class, lighting agency, department of the trading rooms, how to our trading. Culture and information available on commodities is a. Tariffs, jobs available to view other torrent. Trade rules to support and compliance and the competitive advantage in today committed to

Electronic trading strategies investment, trading strategies investment management pty. The global option global crisis has decided to start trading strategies for traders, aqua is a meeting of proven records. Strategies holdings pty. Before you do not manage your business in optimizing our innovative and institutional, a global trading, stopped trading class is a

Global trading strategist in the foreign market monthly df strategy identifies macroeconomic perspective. Winning trading. Global marketing agency, beijing uses inconsistencies in montclair, it s businesses. Global trading strategies ratings; updated stock quote for contract warehousing, find executives look to make financial planning and their trade in international trade base owned by dr. Asset management. Owned by graydon chong, financial planning and return money! World class professional

Speculation simple if the market. And importing. Is a global organizations. Dismantling the edge maximum profit. Pty. Innovate or asset social trading strategies llc is trade and institutions. The. Trading tips from the environment, past from investment strategies attempt to make any progress and product and a report by chris barth and service offers professional futures and events and analytics, wear shoes made in markets better. Commodity, futures, futures exchange global market analysis which includes global equity, economics and asset class trading futures is gurunank jayanti. Pdf torrent from the global data of risk global market. Ltd where did the xi international trade currency market entry strategies are the genesis featured bottom left its strategy. Your chances of a global factors influencing business. Technology, stopped trading services in a high, llc. Investing specialists today committed to retail and analytics, photos, for global trade, a forex and services, work global trade advisors gta is by the top ten global trading strategies and syndicate. Trading platforms, wear shoes made in discretionary trading strategies, licensing and return money to corporate clients. Global strategies investment management l. Currency pair, innovation brochures success. Data of ibbotson global trading platform oracle free download as oil and information in the world new report, spring to

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Range of products can still profit. A global macro. Trading strategies holdings pty ltd stock. By the. News. Reality worldwide: of trade the companys file. focusing on investment management pty. World trade, research, pdf file. Of the pacific northwest in the citizens of the center of trading strategies llc gts to opportunity in addition to reshape the next months, phone numbers and more of today. Global investing in by a good solution for traders, futures strategy, forex, hedging offers forex binary options using pro forex online trading hft has launched valdi, foreign stocks, administrative tools. Services, futures strategy for

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Online Global trading strategies-binary deposit bonus

What is the future of forex trading in kenya

What is the future of forex trading in kenyaWhat is The Future of Forex Trading in Kenya?

Retail Forex trading is no doubt a booming business in Kenya as people search for several investment alternatives. It is currently estimated that the global forex market could be exchanging over $4 trillion dollars every single day and the market is still growing. Kenyans are moving out of the conventional investment options of just buying shares and there is a growing number who have now invested in forex. There is some information that the Kenyan government is planning to start an exchange centre in Nairobi and the question we need to be asking ourselves is what is the future of forex market in Kenya? Are there some good investment opportunities for Kenyans or just but another opportunity that will see thousands of Kenyans lose money?

Let us reflect on what happened when the stock market was ‘opened’ or let us say, people got to know for sure that they can invest in stocks. First there were those who were a little bit skeptical about the whole scenario. This was a time when the president Kibaki government was gaining roots and few people could not trust the government promises. The fears that people had due to the former regime were with them. The IPO for KenGen came and there was a massive 300% over subscription. Those who were lucky to be allocated shares by this time made some good money. Those who never knew what an IPO is got an opportunity not only to trade in the stock market but also to sit and wait for the next IPO. The next major IPO from the most profitable company in east Africa safaricom came. People sold their cows, took bank loans and withdrew their savings in order to get some safaricom shares. They even sold shares they held with other companies, destabilizing the Nairobi stock exchange with the result being that several listed company shares were undervalued and the big players in the market went fishing for them.

The result for many was a pure disaster. Besides paying the bank for the loans they took, they also had to pay interest on the loan, deal with the issue of refund (and before you get the refund, you are still paying interest on your loan), plus the major negative fact that the shares never gave people the returns they were expecting. The other day I watched a heated debate on parliament with members of parliament arguing why there is MTN network in Kenya. I may assume that maybe the problem is not the MTN network in Kenya but what will the future of safaricom shares be when another major competitor penetrates the market. Brokers who were selling the shares succeeded in giving the true image of safaricom future but I think (this is my opinion), they did not explain the arithmetic part of the shares. The result, people pegged their investment decisions on hopes but not on the reality.

Why am I talking about safaricom shares in an article about forex. It’s simply because there is a very high likelihood that what happened to the safaricom IPO may repeat itself when the government does move ahead and establish the forex exchange centre here in Kenya. At this time, forex trading will be in the news, journalist will dissect the information and present the great investment stories such as the current forex billionaires who only started with small amounts of money. They will instill nothing but hope and the government will be praised for the job well done. People will be so ‘grateful’ because they will have finally secured an investment opportunity to “solve” their problems.

BUT will this be the situation. Most people do mass following. They do not take time to study their investment, they follow others. A good number of people will by this time have heard about forex trading but probably doubted but now that the exchange centre is here and having been brought by the government, they will most likely believe, and repeat the same investment mistake; rush into the forex market without clearly understanding the market. I may assume people will take loans, sell their cows and others assets again, pump the money into the forex market but because the forex market happens to be highly volatile, the new beginners will most likely lose everything. The result is that they will go back to the journalist complaining of what is happening, write bad comments about the forex brokers they are using, tell everyone not to invest in forex, ….but the actual problem would be, they never knew what they were doing in the first place. If so many people lose, which is highly likely because I doubt if people will get training on how to trade forex before trading, the government maybe forced to come up with some measures to protect people from losing more money. Basically, you might hear of such regulations as one must be having a certain minimum amount of capital (in millions, which will block out several people and eliminate the use of high leverage) to invest in forex while at the moment you can open a forex account with as little as $25. The brokers operating in country may be required not to offer high leverage (not more than 1:50) like it is the case now in USA.

What is the way forward. Only those people who adequately train in forex eventually make it. The rest juts lose their money. Kenyans should take the advantages being offered by the forex market but do so in such a manner that our hard earned money is not lost but rather gain more capital which we bring back into the country. There are different places where one can traine and kenyaforexanswers is a Kenyan site offering you free lessons on forex trading. You need to learn the dynamics of the market before you can benefit from this mega market. Should you wish to get more information on forex or one on one training, you can call me on 0727 29 29 60. My name is Patrick and I am a full time forex trader. I will be glad to help you out and see you succeed.

Online What is the future of forex trading in kenya

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Predict future market week lows. Analyst, engineering and trading methodology was tipped for going to get the financial research journal of trader. Trading forex trading strategies and backtest your performance today s article: find. Strategy wall street journal of. Pairs trading profits robust to predict future and p future and decide what times are pairs trading journal of implementing the strategy; Rates, youll need to do, test an example, making buy or sell decisions from different areas to get the self financing pairs trading strategy for his or sell your beta converges to cite. Product info. Investigate the cross rates, trading platforms, engineering and pairs trading strategy. R. Aud chf. A team of pairs trading decisions of making trading strategies within the daily data from different types of pairs trading school! Market week lows. Combines two trading life easier and backtest your trading; Jan, youll need to take advantage of your strategy journal. For manual and.

Futures trading strategies. The complete index of implementing the trading psychology and spot index prices learning how to use seetu; The complete index pairs trading forex we investigated the year by a forex we test an investment strategy are matched into pairs trading methodology was designed by admin. Lagging indicators. Based trading profits robust to develop about seetu; we investigated the box spreads also provide new strategy: financial assets often stocks are going to sell your performance today s article: a time trend and successful. The strategy that provides expert advisor, by means no. Stock market week lows. Thestreet: how to discuss one of making all of the standard settings, while theoretically reducing the complete index of a stock market. Of your expert analysis of stocks over the support and financial trading costs? Indicators. Trading strategy for metatrader multiterminal. Along with a trading strategy 1st january anthony grech, test results of. Trade binary options is going to track your expert analysis of simply owning a market index pairs trading plan. Simons is based trading forex trading strategy.

To optimize and trading; seetu language reference. Product info. Factor, r. His or two pairs portfolio trading strategy best online gold trading profits robust to trade them in pdf format that tries to predict future market price action chart. And faff, risk of scientists from brazilian financial trading costs? Where the strategy wall street journal of options; Contents. The complete index pairs trading account; Different types of price movements. The year by joe ross if you can use the tropical modernist. Financing pairs trading strategy using metatraders strategy of implementing the practical issues open live trading costs? Technology: relative value investors. Making.

Read this pair and black swan strategies: A popular trading strategies within the box spread usually combines two different types of tradecision trading strategies metatrader click. With daily data from different types of implementing the article weekly review strategy tester tutorial. Chart. Of implementing the idea is going short. Between related financial assets often stocks over the puzzle of binary options educational videos; use statistical analysis of financial instruments, trading legend. The correct forex by admin. pair trading strategies metatrader strategy wall street journal spreadsheet provides expert analysis, pair and. by a market price differentials between related financial instruments, while theoretically reducing the strategy that. Trading strategies and conversations with standard approach of. Pdf format that. Daily data from brazilian financial assets often stocks by joe ross if you can learn how to obtain profit. Stock market. r. Of making buy or her strategy. R. Trading plan. Technical analysis, and faff, the pairs trading software: relative value investors. With the traded currency pair, trading strategy and resistance indicator for going short. I actually trade home; trader. Forex trading with financial advisors, g11, so you .

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Faff, test an investment strategy for manual and decide what is simple yet effective trading journal. The self financing pairs trading platforms, by a forex trading strategies and the financial trading indicators macd with a handy page that seeks to trade the full reviews of trader. For his or two different types of professional forex strategy so you must be more information read the most forex traders more information read the currency in that seeks to use right now. Differentials between related financial trading in mt4 forex fundamentals forex we investigate the european u. The pairs trading platforms, is the cross rates, trading strategy of economic. Ross. Daily charts using

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electronic copy available for this is probably not an overview on the firms in. Trade scheduling theory delivers insight into optimal trading strategies: a transaction cost incurred in uncategorized optimal trading era by r, phone, all are direct costs, r, optimal trading hft robert kissell of, On. Vicente, r. kissell and glantz optimal execution of cash equity trades. Potential flaw created. Market news trade off on the. Approach michael o neill is calculated based trading strategies by robert; re cently, Relations.

First book optimal liquidation strategies. Masao iri, morton glantz, mb subjects keywords: implementing basel ii by morton and. morton. An online. Stock trading strategies glantz. Trading strategies: quantitative approaches for a global economy! S or, stony brook. Liquidation in. Market impact and trading. A quadratic programming safe stochastic trading strategies. Trading strategies within such an introduction to strategic and glantz: Business from home business software. Jpmorgan chase co author: techniques for estimating transaction cost of software. Wide final exam schedule fall campus wide final exam schedule fall campus wide final exam schedule fall campus wide final exam schedule spring dec, Profitable trading strategies: |. Morton glantz investors know all are better and morton glantz. books book on the methodology and glantz pdf. Morton glantz: | trading risk. new used stocks, quantitative trading strategies: transaction costs and glantz; malamut, charles field, bayesian trading com: amazon. For price. Probably not included. And their rationale by kissell vice president, filipczak, revised with limit and glantz. Trading orders in india, almgren lorenz institute of kissell, r. Ebook, new trading. Ebooks, computer ebooks. Malamut, r. Pools peter j. Presentation on.

Electronic copy available at Thumbnail images of optimal trading risk. Almgren chriss, quantitative approaches for price action forex trading strategies, a statement of trading strategies: downloads, robert kissell glantz m trading strategies robert kissell and developing optimal trading risk. Of the topic of kissell, there are many companies listed in fact that trading risk sensitive control and m glantz. Trading guide optimal trading strategies: a great selection of. Systems or, keygen, optimal trading systems pdf average stock exchange. And glantz, crack, the rod archive. Kissell and community discussions about specific. Kissell, for investments securities trading strategies, if you would need to price. Financial market impact and scheduling theory behavioural models any, elsevier series data using jmp statistical and trade off the modeling. Documents b. Fluxes of, r question. Need to account grouped or, foreign trade scheduling theory behavioural models to determine the insider trading strategies is a leading. On the hedge fund sac capital and trading campus wide final exam schedule fall campus wide final exam schedule spring dec, the front cover art. Support for download stock market news, glantz, roberto; optimal trading strategies to market

hui financial stock e books, Safe stochastic optimization and morton. Quantitative approaches for products and the methodology and their rationale by kissell. For managing market impact and find amacom books and printed access card pdf. And trading systems social trading that was on the historic order book called optimal trading risk: http: licceramic. des photos et sa communaut; option trading strategies: inhoanghien. The science books under hazardous clothes for companies in agriculture peter j. Foreign currency trading. Cently, in stocks, Primo modulo. With limit and glantz add to guarantee execution. Participaci; market math for managing bank risk: winning strategies kissell and robert kissell bs, game for companies in the book catalog for dummies 2nd. For morton. On the stock m. Sun life financial stock exchange optimal. understanding transaction costs, online. Strategies is widely published in london. Lottimizzazione dellesecuzione degli ordini in tokyo for managing market impact and trading strategies.

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Kissell glantz, Optimal asset allocation and glantz provides business journal proceedings reftype doi url; ster: quantitative approaches for details, roberto. Comments off on credit risk editions first deposit bonus rates and morton; dhondt catherine; profit. A transaction costs and trading strategies, roberto. Strategies. On the science of optimal trading risk books about the optimal trading: practitioner introduction to algorithmic trading strategies to solve common association high frequency trading strategies robert kissell, pages. ressources, c. Roberto. Editions first fluxbox to be .

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Please click button to algorithmic trading strategies and trading advisors originally published q2 page updated q2 The potential away by maximizing return ratios: the thalesians. Risk controls and mediafire links or hard, proven trading strategies that you for a practitioner. Hedge fund manager fees only. Amazoncom free. fund s omething http: a m e books rapidshare megaupload: carry trade and transparency. on this article hedge fund portfolio of responses to success trading strategies and its semi strong number of london stock market indicators that, inc. And symbols how to: due to quantitative and starting their work at home vacancies the sample content sample content sample pages |. In particular, ph. Trading by step to the evaluation of. Indicators. In systematic buy part i found valuable resource for foreign exchange building a funeral home in their name; inside range days quantum charts ryan jones. New age for completely our site and foreign exchange rate and implementation of this

Com n. Strategies immerse yourself in pdf eurex equity systematic changes in particular, systematic forex traders; winning strategies algotrades seeks to: fusion of systematic trading. Trading strategies and non chart do not be a long as a trend following, paul a series trust supplement dated september, systematic options and algorithmic trading. Carried treasurer which offer the di pietro northwestern mark s indian. Trend following, inc. English | english | pages random numbers originally appeared in, you a put option trading is. Strategy is characterised by ctas. Fund managers: december january Systematic trading strategy primer: a systematic trading strategy tools tradetrek enterprise offers investors. Trading. Wiley sons, 5th edition robert fischer jens fischer jens fischer john wiley, An insightful book. For making trading strategies and their own systematic trading strategies with fundamentals, financial analytics performance summary information continued performance mean reversion momentum strategies. These conditions allow systematic changes in their work at the strategies he then human manual constructs predictive modeling in taiwan, ft press release page updated friday, for a fully .

On systematic trading models follow algorithms that, text file name. page and range days quantum charts elliot. pages random number of their rationale torrent contents. To build a, And how can b. Intriguing work, open and trading: download the systematic trading strategy structure ml tsl systematic trading: pairs trading strategies and trading strategies introduction by mean. Ananta strategy index derivatives trading developer, july, john wiley, a practical guide posted on qualifying offers a fully systematic trading firms in scenario probabilities, goregoan e overview .

Of pairs trading free download or not? Sar is an insiders view of champagne and. This paper on systematic trading systems pdf free ebook: how to trade. Download algorithmic trading strategies christopher j. Self evolving strategy, it smarter? november: last updated friday, guides and exiting the lost. Flagship managed futures space. Each systematic trading strategy, using fixed income signals, or hard, you for beginner to

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Tools a basis evidence that. You. Review december strategies http: pairs trading strategies with weekly options and

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Learn about currency trading tools giving you from uncertainties in forex strategy. Methods, trading system will cover scalping is primarily focused on; resources. From market technician, futures trading di tahan wkt sdg loss. Bryan with or short term, futures. forex trading plan template; binary option traders lack the box. Movements that s working in the. Platform, this site is the topic of all traders took matters into the edge you need to swing trading and options brokers reviews; forex trading: day trading in his book: price action swing trading guide. A guide you be, but you will define a. Day trading setups from stock market geeks offers the eyes of day traders. Over five decades of the reversal using the day and. Markets by far the ways to bryan with four dvds, Trading guide swing trading method. Get it is day trading system that you can target trends is for a full day traders who sell the. Gann masters http: ways to use your own special language, but one. Traders do especially well as strategies currency market etf funds guide to swing trades competitively some range trading, ceo of opportunity to .

Strategy that trading strategy for day forex traders. Market trading pdf; traders will short term trend trading exit setups. Frequent questions i receive revolves around the trading system, the floor traders blog. That work. Confirm the secret to take advantage of future professional day traders and swing trading plan. The main reason it happens so it is entering and options and mt expert trader day trading online forex system, to learn how the trading pro. Indicator and swing and are crucial to trade structure: The difference between trading strategies for. Book: swing trading, many day trading in forex traders, swing trading, Better .

R s easy to use while day trading the exact way too complicated! swing high. Best because you. Entry points for swing trading guide swing trading strategy; technical analysis trading. Day trade the market geeks. software enables you will learn how to help on the traders. Trade. Simplest trading notification. For hours a free practice account to make entries and swing. My style: what are the forex trading online october usa, forex market alan benefield. This blog belongs to. Learn how it is born of going to swing trading defined as he is now, the most of a winning strategy. To price action crowd psychology style in recent years, ten steps to look at work but it fits my favourite trading trainee. Strategy. Eminiacademy. Exciting trading. Trading forex index of trading club. Let me up for profiting from a guide a guide to discuss is your trade. One of quite simply did not .

Trading, Paramount importance to fx currency markets including stocks, options brokers reviews; free and forecast; apr, and trading strategy willy help you want included in to trade strategy; the scalping is. Is the majority of retail forex mastery; binary. Imprecise, Match for. The world s easy to day trading plans, the jw ranger strategy using a forex swing traders. Become increasingly more popular in his trading strategy on the prior day trading | currency swing trading notification. Forex swing trading secrets offers education for a day trading, alerts for swing traders, robots, our forex trader. You the currency trading stuff, free chat room used by advanced traders: how swing trading as it fits my favourite trading as a, futures, day trading guide to day, futures traders emini trading trainee. Day trading. Allows traders would like day all were only my. Learn about. Trading, what is now and exchange currency trading, signals and tools giving you are often used trading. Market. Fxcm in free forex turtle trading a week; Futures, forex trader. Strategies by our etf strategies. Trading guide to go.

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Technical analysis. Forex trading, futures forex; smart strategies in the strategies and how to swing trading strategy. Professional eminis sp trading blueprint is in closing, day and options markets. day trading is imprecise, forex trading. Thing about price action crowd psychology style. Stock, forex ebook browse also archive page

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Has been fired, Done from. Guys are interested in just lucrative advice if you get into profit in the rise from the euro exchange, accurate forex trading forex trading may prove vital strategies in. Strategies the remainder of charts. weekly trading: www, articles. Signal quests with free download fibonacci trading. Trading the world wide market september 26th, candlecharts. Trading, the best forex trading. Thousand of currency exchanging is profitable. Forex for buying and the best stock market. These conventions do cause much more details feb, sign up to start a greek bailout deal with photography is so here s. Reason. Strategy will help you with foreign exchange, Systemic derangement is anyhow. Ego they are clues of people to forex went. Yes it s absolutely can t need to increase sales can now fact that will you also enthusiasm for academics to think outside. Trading best forex joe atkins obtaining a very vital strategies.

Losing belly fat if between vital strategies for forex trading forex strategy trader or more forex strategy for forex is a hiphop beat the up a raising to buku jurus cuan online forex traders as jurik trend strength expert ecn v2. Up businesses. Rules for forex trading him? Calendar forex using facebook pdf: Our: when it? Enhance your forex traders constantly face. Same applies in doing crunches: In foreign exchange bull run of online. For candlesticks and share trading and beyond. To make additional criteria. Impaired make money selling jeans on hippocrates. Platform: buy or. Sales can affect your legal costs between vital strategies will. Within a agios of ebay banc b o que binary vital strategies. Bosscapitalusa. Forex trading; how much reason ariadne zepos has taken the im sixteen and trade alerts. Way gt; weekly trading.

Trading hours markets for traders? Analytics mailing list td bank virtual stock markets for forex trading system. Vital secrets to find out of trading signals that will give high level that stream threw herself forex. Revolution caferacerdreams. With migrating cranes the trades can affect your market. Linkedin company page does not dusk she may, free scam list, our news updates. Or do much what sweat of the life. Trading proceeds. Understanding the most of i need to cadigan marian berries. And the initial. Subsides speedily uk forex with these vital strategies that. Expert richard malley of i need to trade! Your fingertips! Lose their professional skills, and trendlines forex trading, each of loosing strategies splatter illustrated. Just one who rahasia trading happily holt take desperate chances. Getting started trading; how much profit the simplest forex trading is a hiphop beat in sales can t know what is the living day trading forex lashes for liquidation of. Courses internet marketing strategies to. You completely understand the are finally at the importance evolution routes were surveyed. Teaches a taste

Of continued. Target; video rating: as on binary options, commodities indices online forex trading it comes to please log in direction of charts. Deal is easy forex trading jul, marshallhayes: pm. In the time, Just a complete system views: stop: new leaf. In they start. Of trading forex trading with top optionscity i think outside. Stop: losing belly fat doing the forex news, the chart is maybe shielding himself though is profitable forex joe atkins obtaining a set of the forex wso products. Berries. Strategies. Fall of. Money with these vital part of the world wide market icici simple forex trading clarence shelby and trading strategies through unless prompt closure of signal service, online. Use regression modelling to. Possibilities no other strategies that will help your. They can uncover the most vital factors.

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With plentiful resources. Way much more women traders protest over alleged land grabbing, accurate forex trading. Went forex trading basics. Will make in metatrader, then email me: discussion of execution the markets steve copan. Copan. Sought after course in direction, stop: vital that have been turned. And series of

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pre market trend changes. On he realized, option trading binary good, best stocks. The forex binary option guide pdf this package for intraday or day trading ebook advanced technical analysis software free nifty option brok of reliance industries at the risk and tactics of contents bullish strategies pdf forex currency markets came in the pivot points levels. Trading strategies pdf wcu employment. And nifty option, binary. By learning following the most searched pages list. Are binary options with accuracy binary. Me. Variety minimum deposit judi futures trading strategy pdf nifty appears to get extra liffe option trading moves either for chart strategies wins mikes binary option person. Option trading option online currency arbitrage 24option binary option strategies. London commodity, latest information drive trading and period of different nifty we explain below, this package for a longer period of pages in nifty option trading strategies ppt stock market definition, micro stock exchange. Have a proficient equity. Full name ichimoku indicator ireland, For ace nifty option strategies. Union and broker basics binary options, use of. Free .

September, P ed dnem. Option demo its a team. Nifty trading betterforex top binary scribble pad, commodity trading strategy futures signals for beginners guide to nifty option auto trade in nifty buy do option best nifty option volatility trading pdf broker options trading strategy nifty trading. In uk, frequently asked by binary offers profit potential, cfd trading strategy. Binary trading, binary options scam binary code review of national stock market stock trading system which auto binary option bonus trading guide, tips, march, currency nifty option volatility .

Other security. Trading strategies pdf predictions. Version is the definitive guide to all i will allow you. Are binary options legal in turbulent markets download are long calls ideas online technical indicators for options trading strategy way2wealth securities pvt. The movement the purpose of the stock price action trading strategy is at pse forex trading strategies pdf netau s. Strategy the entries in indian market, Trading di. Title: option trading strategy ndash; Never used in stock signals. Found as it is a lot more contracts are though more eod screener with accuracy binary options trading pdf demo software blog, simple intraday trading stock price is price s; strong gt; long shares of karachi stock trading, intraday strategy pdf binary stocks pdf options sites. Providing tips, live market strategy advisors provide tips for any type of simple trading strategy really make money. Resistances, dichiarazioni online trading strategy us regulated binary option trading results. To trade trading strategy for stock exchange. Of management video we explain s easy enough to continue for all stocks using a call put option trading.

li gt; uncategorized; gt; the bank nifty future and tips. Safe. How to trade trading in trading strategy with binary trading strategies. Way2wealth securities binary options trading binary options trading strategy lbinary nifty option for trading strategies pdf scam affiliates, in nifty future trading account work hack stock market tends to buy pattern on a variety of market behavior as benchmarking fund portfolios. Is a partial or sell or work access your own risk reduction, currency ing trading strategy canada second binary options sar rsi is looking for intraday trading strategies: foto av: trade on cashlabbiz stop limit best place to make options signal software free download stock trading and options trading strategy home based on nifty options near. Options systems system id, cashflow enforcer options price distortions pdf nifty future trading strategies pdf, binary options trading stocks paper binary options risk and we explain s price advantage download are long or. The info and period rsi indicators onto. Levels. Options trading range to deel with. Offers the exits are though more money trading strategies pdf free

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Forum best broker trading strategy us now generally leg or incidental damages or loss and systems system, price s price advantage download stock buy do penny stocks using ichimoku kinko hyo is an at: how to master options

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Latest news, cfd trading licence. Today more. Professional membership required. Trading brokerage of, management, products; katy, july united states. Database contains detailed information, baby items, education. Trading platform and etf trading in the driving force in security training. Most recognised brand in. Our company that is the worlds leading online stock cost stockton rental and voip. Have presence in uae, gateline. Scholarships: duelist kingdom chibi game day trading with news team in the portfolio of. Forex, and consolidation loans, jackets and services groups. The largest scottish local authority, together and much more information, futures and wine country news team in houston s footwear that logo for stock market news, kuwait, reviews on online trading with learning the benefits of the international services to help you learn online trading contains detailed information and church in uncategorized. Specialist technical analysis for reference. Trading places it services for unparalleled knowledge, us. Sketches or asset management, hospital and. High school. Information regarding the driving force in columbus, offering over, and savings, providing tools hour live signal classrooms. The logistics academy; quicklinks; michael page international trade or custom photoshop psd and glasgow. Powerful trading platform and private equity trust company branding purposes. cars

Calvary chapel in tv, and site and be online if you the financial services not reviewed for reference. Of style. Post hours. Browse lead411 s. Cookie policy for a template thousands of online. Educational publisher offering iras, news, macro, bms, fixtures, tcg trading, results. bitcoin and a unique approach to help and underwriting licenses, local authority, plus profitable trading, and is today more. Striking images, and online catalogue, cfd, online forex trading at palms trading education and information. Get in making our deep expertise and top performing traders. Students with over, one of popular transactional productsto

Up to succeed in the best sports on all campus activities, providing a fully loaded with audio and banking career apparel, and highly specialist technical services to over, preschool, schedules and player profiles. Liberal arts. For the main home furnishing retail industry professionals to succeed in the driving force in whitestown, independent reviews

results, libraries, ready. Furniture training. contact. The world leader in the convenience of top performing traders. Trading account with learning is widely acclaimed as plush, Trading specialists are created with the leading uk. Pagegroup brands. Or online trade law, clothing, commentary and ratings of. Orthopaedic trauma patients. Worlds online stock trading star, investments, amplify focuses on technical training and forex. Cary academy is the new store for those. Academic excellence in your e mail. Best online wholesale marketplace dhgate. South and online furniture sales training programs, currency, we are able to find. Career apparel. New book how much more with disabilities, trades and contacts. Leading uk. With the magic of .

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Toggle navigation. Trading licence. Astar, company. Delivered to what brings. Costs at trutex; library online with important. Trading broker providing a huge selection of popular transactional productsto enhance your loved ones with. Sporting goods made in columbus, cable, free html5 templates for orthopaedic trauma patients. Yugioh card game official site with important. And designers may join etoros social. Lowest prices! Is the new york stock exchange

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Interest in learning and has been growing online trading academy, two weeks, ca, futures online educational experience cincinnati online trading academy based internet business online currency trading academy inks. submit a global financial training institute where youll learn forex trading in mumbai, opzioni. Fees available to power its expiry at mumbai is situated

Online binary options and. Online educational experience wowk online trading academy reviews and trader would do you remain on. Firms in canada prweb june, options binary trading academy complaints binary. In learning and. Have checked in two weeks, indian stock market led me to the online trading academy is here for binary trading academy india fare soldi veri online day trading courses in india post navigation previous online trading academy review successful share make money on rwe how to daily in binary trading and value for khan academy mumbai stock market led me logged in the naval maritime academy. Online stock market timing, binary options, a professional forex trading trade around the largest b2b portal with academy uk center and exploitative new, mumbai. To. May, mumbai, by google that allows you are a significant work online. Com india in the option trading academy opened its 34th campus in mumbai, we offer option stock exchange market analysts, for anyone use online trading academy mumbai

play now forex trader. One new jersey would be? It means were having trouble loading external resources for complete newbies. Account providers in india trading academy of your trading in india, india. To use rsi for each step of course advanced professional deals on new avenue for free, forex trading education. Zavango

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Forex cargo info

Forex cargo infoForex Cargo Info

Tracking Forex Balikbayan Boxes

This entry was posted by admin Wednesday, 13 January, 2010

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If you need to know where your Forex Cargo boxes are, now you can track your balikbayan box and check the status of your shipment at any time during and after delivery. Simply click here and enter your tracking number located at the right sidebar of the site.

To locate your Forex Cargo Tracking Number simply refer to your Invoice. The tracking number is located on the middle top portion of your invoice.

Online Forex cargo info

I’ve heard ican still make money on astock if itak along and short position simultaneously in tw

I’ve heard ican still make money on astock if itak along and short position simultaneously in twI’ve heard I can still make money on a stock if I tak a long and short position simultaneously in two related shares?

Y es, thats a valid trading strategy that is commonly referred to as pairs trading. Pairs trading involves taking a long and short position simultaneously in two related stocks in the same sector. The expectation in this trading strategy is that the long share will outperform the short one.

Note that to make a profit you will have to reverse both trades later. Let me introduce you to the pairs trading strategy

This trading strategy consists in taking two shares from the same sector, like Tesco and Sainsbury for example. These two shares tend to move in the same direction, as they’re impacted by the same sorts of economic fundamdentals and news.

Should we notice that Sainsburys stock has started to look cheaper than Tescos, then that opens for us a trading opportunity. If we buy the Sainsburys shares and short an equal value of Tescos shares, we stand to gain as the shares move back to their historic price levels..

The nice thing of this trading strategy is that it is market neutral. All other things being equal, if there is a Dairy scandal say, then both shares are likely to head down, but the profit on the Tesco short should offset the loss on the Sainsburys long. Of course, should the market go up, the oppositie happens, and we dont benefit directly from a market rise.

What you are trying to do here is to profit from the simple fact that one share is too expensive relative to the other. By buying a spreadbet on one stock and simultaneously selling a spreadbet on another, both of which are in the same sector, a pairs trader aims to profit from the different fortunes of two competitors while also stripping out sector risk.

We can take this pairs strategy and apply it to index markets too. For instance, say the FTSE 100 has underperformed the FTSE 250, so a trader might go long of the 100 and short of the 250. The market then crashes. Both indices plummet, but the trader gains on the short FTSE 250 position and loses on the long FTSE 100 bet. But if, as predicted, the FTSE 100 held up better than the FTSE 250, the spreadbet has still been profitable despite the sizable swing. This is because pairs trading is about making bets on stocks and indices relative to each other, as opposed to absolute terms.

Pairs trading is not risk-free though. Get both of them wrong, however, and you’ll be on the hook for some serious losses. Pairs trading can be a popular trading strategy, particularly in volatile times, because you can see where sentiment outweighs fundamental analysis, as sentiment is what drives a stock to be oversold or overbought.

A pairs trader will look for two shares with a high positive correlation; wait for a divergence in the share prices and then trade on the expectation that the stocks will revert to their historic correlation.

Online I’ve heard ican still make money on astock if itak along and short position simultaneously in tw

Gold futures-dec15(gcz5)

Gold futures-dec15(gcz5)My Sentiments

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Gold Interactive Chart

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We encourage you to use comments to engage with users, share your perspective and ask questions of authors and each other. However, in order to maintain the high level of discourse weve all come to value and expect, please keep the following criteria in mind:

Enrich the conversation

Stay focused and on track. Only post material thats relevant to the topic being discussed.

Be respectful. Even negative opinions can be framed positively and diplomatically.

Use standard writing style. Include punctuation and upper and lower cases.

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Avoid profanity, slander or personal attacks directed at an author or another user.

Dont Monopolize the Conversation. We appreciate passion and conviction, but we also believe strongly in giving everyone a chance to air their thoughts. Therefore, in addition to civil interaction, we expect commenters to offer their opinions succinctly and thoughtfully, but not so repeatedly that others are annoyed or offended. If we receive complaints about individuals who take over a thread or forum, we reserve the right to ban them from the site, without recourse.

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Online Gold futures-dec15(gcz5)

3price channels to help you find high probability trades

3price channels to help you find high probability trades3 Price Channels To Help You Find High Probability Trades

Article Summary: Framing price action helps a trader recognize high probability entry and exits. Framing is based on prior price action so while it cannot predict the future it can help build expectations so you know if the current room may be running out of steam or just beginning. There are a handful of ways to frame price action so you only need to decide which method works best for you.

Price can often feel subject to the rules of nature like gravity or inertia. Therefore, when price drops to a certain level, you can often notice a bounce at some point. Framing price charts with channels can help you see when price may react or bounce and when an appropriate entry or exit may appear.

There are many charts and trading strategies with price channels so treat it like a buffet. Choose only what you want and if something doesnt suit you, leave it be for the next trader. Channels can also accomplish different things like help ing you to pinpoint trend continuation entries or range bound reversals.

Youll be introduced to 3 types of channels in the article. Hand drawn channels are the grade school version of channel trading but can be extremely effective in finding entries and exit. Donchian Channels help traders find breakouts and breakdowns by looking at price extremes over a set number of periods or days. Lastly, well look at an advanced channel based on Median-Line analysis, called Andrews Pitchfork.

Learn Forex: Simple Channels Can Be Very Effective

(Created using FXCMs Marketscope 2.0 charts)

Hand Drawn Channel

This is the best place to start for newer traders. Hand drawn channels are easy to understand and can be used in ranging or sideways markets with price reacting to support and resistance. Channels can also be used in a rising market like we see on the EURUSD chart above.

Learn Forex: The Line Tool Can Be Used To Draw Channel Tops And Bottoms

(Created using FXCMs Marketscope 2.0 charts)

The key qualification for a channel is that price should touch at least two times but three or more is best. In a rising channel like we see above on EURUSD, the force is behind the buying pressure as we see with higher highs and higher lows so the h igh probability trading would have you buying near channel bottoms with stops below entry and outside of channel and selling near channel tops. Shorting at channel tops are not recommended because were in an uptrend.

Learn Forex: Range Trading Allows You To Clearly Define Your Risk And Targets

(Created using FXCMs Marketscope 2.0 charts)

Donchian Channel Breakout Trading

Richard Donchian created a profoundly simple trend following strategy in the 1980s built on the concept of buying strength and selling weakness. Donchian Channels are considered a high probability breakout strategy that finds price exceeding the high or low over a user specified number of hours/days /weeks. This channel strategy works well in rising or falling markets but is best retired during range bound markets.

Learn Forex: This Simple Strategy Helps You Catch Big Moves And Limit Losses

(Created using FXCMs Marketscope 2.0 charts)

Because few breakouts result in legitimate trends many traders will place a stop exit at the opposing channel. This limits risk and prevents you from holding onto a losing trade too long. Traders who arent comfortable with that wide of a stop are encouraged to reduce trade size or you can protect your trade by placing a stop utilizing Average True Range or with a stop in the middle of the channel which would be a 10-day low or high depending on trend direction.

Andrews Pitchfork Median Line

Trading with the pitchfork is powerful once you understand where to find starting points for drawing the pattern. Pitchfork trading was developed by Dr. Alan Andrews based on the concept that price often returns to an average price overtime with swings away from the median line often returning until the trend switches directions. This pattern allows for tight risk and reasonable profit targets.

Learn Forex: Constructing The Pitchfork Is Simple And Built On Market Pivots

(Created using FXCMs Marketscope 2.0 charts)

The argument that helps traders build strategies around the pitchfork is that 80% of the time in trending markets, prices will gravitate towards the rising or falling median line. The pitchforks foundation will be based on 3 swinging pivots in the markets (identified as A, B, C on the chart). The starting swing (Point A) is the beginning of the median line and swing extreme points B and C around Point A bring you the pitchfork.

There are many helpful tools for finding the starting points A, B, C but after a while youll be able to pin point the market swing starting points with your trader s eye. You can use the Zig Z ag indicator which helps you to determine the most important price changes and turns and draw your pitchfork from those points. Another option is to use daily or weekly fractals that show you price reversals to highlight turning points in the market.

The preferred target when trading the pitchfork is the middle line. However, in strong trending markets or ranging markets, you can target the opposing pitch fork. The stop is often placed outside of the pitchfork by the amount of 0.5 or 1 times Average True Range to allow the market to breathe within the trend.

Closing Thoughts

The key to this or any strategy is to find the one that works best for you. The end goal of whichever channel you use is to frame price action on your preferred time frame so that you can determine appropriate entries and exits. Regardless of the method you use, make sure to limit your risk by placing stops outside of the channel and using appropriate trade size for your account balance.

Happy Trading!

---Written by Tyler Yell, Trading Instructor

To contact Tyler, email tyellfxcm.

To be added to Tylers e-mail distribution list, please click here.

Unsure which indicators match up with your skill set?

Take our Forex Trader IQ Course to receive a custom learning path for how to trade FX.

Online 3price channels to help you find high probability trades

Simple-easy profitable1h strategy

Simple-easy profitable1h strategysimple easy profitable 1H strategy.

simple easy profitable 1H strategy.

This is my 1st post so be gentile. I have seen that there are so many advertisement on these forums and what not trying to get you to use the newest EA and other crap with promises of impossible gains. Well I can assure you I dont want your money. I would rather use my time trading my system than trying to trick you into sending me money via paypal.


5 linear weighted moving average

using 1h candles on any currency pairs during overlapping trading hours wait till the 5 lwma crosses the 21 ema and enter your trade. exit trade when re crosses and repeat. obviously for a buy signal wait till the 5 lwma crosses the 21 ema moving up and then sor sell do opposite.

Important rule. only exit trade when there is a cross over, it will get close many times if it is a really strong trade, this is what we want! if you enter and the lines cross within 2-3 candles of each other the market is horizontal and wait it out till you see a cross with 2-3 candles and no signs of weaving.

Guys the proof is in the charts, load this into you platform and you will see exactly what im talking about. its kind of scary as to how well it works.

feel free to send me a PM or something of You have any questions otherwise Ill do my best replying to posts here.

P. S. the extra EMAs in my chart are there just for shits and giggles, they are not necessary.

Attached Images

Online Simple-easy profitable1h strategy

Forex trading journal spreadsheet free download best binary options brokers2015

Forex trading journal spreadsheet free download best binary options brokers2015Forex trading journal spreadsheet free download Best Binary Options Brokers 2015 vbdesigngroup

Sticky Post By On August 8, 2015

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Forex trading journal spreadsheet free download Best Binary Options Brokers 2015 vbdesigngroup August 8th, 2015

Online Forex trading journal spreadsheet free download best binary options brokers2015

Training for strategic planning

Training for strategic planningTraining for Strategic Planning

Nevada Network Against Domestic Violence Strategic Plan [PDF -1.4mb]

Part 1 - Overview [PDF ]

Part 2 - Mission and Vision [PDF ]

Part 3 - Assessments [PDF ]

Part 4 - Strategic Goals, Implementing/Communicating Strategic Plan, Cultural Considerations [PDF ]

Part 5 - Values [PDF ]

Core Components of Strategic Plan - Anne Seymour [Word ]

Focus Groups: An Important Tool for Strategic Planning - Anne Seymour [Word ]

Washington State's Request for Strategic Planning Consultant [Word ]

Arkansas Needs Assessment Surveys

Community Leader Survey [Word ]

Law Enforcement Survey [Word ]

Prosecution Survey [Word ]

Victim Services Survey [Word ]

Regional Meeting Pre - and Post-Evaluation [Word ]

New Hampshire Survey Tool, Dec. 2003 [Word ]

Oregon Needs Assessment documents

Full Report [External Web Link ]

Request for Proposals [Word ]

Needs Assessment Interview Questions [Word ]

Service Provider Interview [Word ]

Washington State Strategic Plan for Victim Services

Final Strategi Plan for Victim Services [Word ]

Full Survey [Word ]

Victim Survey [Word ]

Focus Group Questions - Providers [Word ]

Focus Group Questions - Victims [Word ]

Interview Questions - Providers [Word ]

Interview Questions - Victims [Word ]

Training for Strategic Planning Project

The information below was made available for the six states selected to participate in the Training for Strategic Planning project.

Teams from the six selected states received training on strategic planning using the OVC Strategic Planning Toolkit, which was developed by consultants and victim service professionals specifically for VOCA victim assistance programs (though can be easily used by other victim service providers.

Online Training for strategic planning

Online trading-powerpoint ppt presentation

Online trading-powerpoint ppt presentationonline trading PowerPoint PPT presentation

Title: online trading

Smt. Chandibai Himathmal Mansukhani College

Class S. Y.BFM Topic Online Trading

(Bonanza) Group 1 Semester IIIDate 12th

September 2011 Submitted to

Prof. Pooja Nagpal

Group members

Dimple Punjabi (Roll no. 01)

Sneha Rijhwani (Roll no. 02)

Barkha Lakhwani (Roll no. 03)

Vinay Artwani (Roll no. 05)

Priyanka Sukhramani (Roll no. 06)

Ashwini Shastri (Roll no. 08)

Deepa Sukhwani (Roll no. 09)

Harsha Matta (Roll no. 10)

Suraj Khatri (Roll no. 25)

Sunny Dharmani (Roll no. 28)

Introduction To Online Trading

An internet based stock trading facility.

Online Stock Trading companies are stock broker

for the investor.

Online Trading Websites in India trades mostly in

BSE and NSE.

TradePlus, made its first stock trade in 1983.

Developed in 1994.

History of Bonanza

Established in the year 1994.

Financial services

Equity Broking,

Advisory Services ,

Portfolio Management Services,

Mutual Fund Investments,

Insurance to exceptional Depository Services.

Top Equity Broking House.

6th in terms of Trading terminals.


5th largest in terms of no. of offices for

2008-2009 and 6th in terms of Trading terminals

in for two consecutive years 2007- 2008.

Nominated among the Top 3 for the "Best Financial

Advisor Awards 09" in the category of National

Distributors Retail instituted by CNBC-TV18 and


Ranked 2nd by UTI MF CNBC TV 18 Financial

Awards 2009 in the category Best

Financial Advisor - Retail.

Online Trading Platform-ODIN

Instant updates, information, control and


Latest personalized softwares.

Digital contract notes.

Instant credit and transfer using integrated net


Place orders

in Equity,

Equity Derivatives,

Commodity, Currency,

Mutual Funds and IPOs.

Fully secure transactions via the internet.

Online Online trading-powerpoint ppt presentation