What is forex scalping

What is forex scalpingWhat is Forex Scalping?

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The term scalping may conjure up images of someone removing the enemy's hair as a trophy, or the guy standing outside a sold out concert selling tickets for an inflated profit.

Forex scalping is almost as scary, but definitely comes with a huge adrenaline rush - and possibly, quick profit.

Forex scalpers need to increase their per pip dollar value to extract similar profit from more conservative transactions where the cost per pip was lower, and the risk was lower. In other words, the risk to reward ratio is potentially heavier toward the risks. However, Traders who are primarily scalpers may disagree with this statement.

Scalpers user tight stop loss limits as a strategy to minimize loss should the trade go negatively. Tight stops means little play for a market that moves in an up down motion toward a target. Scalpers therefore may be stopped out of many trades that were going in the direction they anticipated, racking up large losses.

Time Frame

Forex scalpers tend to use trading charts on small time frames such as ticks at 1, 3, or 5 minutes. The purpose is to spot quick trade entry and exit opportunities. Scalpers would therefore not hold any overnight trades, or execute trades that will require long time frames to extract profit. Scalpers look for maximum liquidity, so tying up funds in trades that take long to execute does not match the scalping strategy.


150 pips x $2/pip = $300 profit (two hours to complete this transaction)

5 pips x $60/pip = $300 profit (5 minutes to complete this transaction)

Potentially, scalpers can make high profits quickly because they are willing to risk more. By increasing the per pip value, with just a few pips, they can exit the market with similar profit margins as more conservative traders. It is easier and quicker for the market to move 5 pips in the positive, than it is for the market to move 150 pips in your favor. By anticipating that, the scalper makes multiple small trades scalping out anywhere from 2 to 15 pips at a time at high pip values and quick exits for quick profit.


Scalpers tend to be chartists or technical analysts rather than fundamentalists. In other words, they are more focused on what the chart is immediately indicating is about to happen in the very short term, rather than look to news events to consider what the chart may do based on a fundamental reaction to the news.

As a result, the hard core scalper may also consider using software that can be taught or manipulated to scalp automatically. Since forex scalping is very limited in its fundamental analysis of the market, an automated system can be used to react to the pre-determined parameters of the trading charts to automatically enter and exit trades.

The scalpers that do watch the news are the momentum scalpers that take advantage of the immediate drastic response to a news announcement which tends to cause a spike upwards or downwards within the first few minutes of the announcement, then carry a trend for an extended period based on that news. The scalper is not interested in the extended trend, just the immediate reaction.

Expert Insight

According to Mr. Chima Burey, Forex Trader Trainer and Consultant, "Forex scalping is DEFINITELY NOT for the faint of heart, or the conservative investor. Scalping is a very risky form of currency trading. The speed at which the transactions occur, means unless the trades are on an automated system, the Trader should not walk away from their computer when a live trade is open."

What is Forex Scalping?

December 7th, 2011 by Market Traders Institute

Scalping is a style of foreign currency exchange trading that has been around for many years. Essentially, it is the act of implementing currency trades in the foreign exchange market using an extremely speedy entry-and-exit approach.

Scalping is defined by its:

Shorter time frames

Faster execution of trades

Larger quantity of trades

Tighter stop loss limits

Consistent trade sizes

Higher leverage

The swift movements of scalping are meant to generate small profits on shorter time frames with every trade. Such quick intra-day trading can be very appealing when compared to waiting to profit from transactions that can take days, weeks or months.

Trades are placed on short time frames such as one to five minute charts with quick transactions that usually target less than 10 pips per trade. A scalper’s trades typically only last seconds to minutes. Scalpers tend to use charts on shorter time frames in order to quickly recognize entry-and-exit opportunities.

Such fast execution of trades makes for a much larger quantity of trades placed in a single day—sometimes up to hundreds.

Scalpers typically use tight stop limits on their positions. The reason for this is simply to minimize loss when trades go wrong.

Consistency is key when it comes to the size of a scalper’s trades. Scalping is based on the principle that profits should cover any losses. Guaranteed, there will be wins. And, guaranteed, there will be losses. When a scalper places small trades here and large trades there, they are increasing their chances of the larger trade ending up the loss. So, by keeping all trades about the same size, no loss is bigger than another.

In trading, higher leverage typically involves a higher level of risk. However, many traders looking to minimize risk typically lean towards the scalping style of trading due to the shorter time frames and faster execution. High leverage (100:1 to 400:1) is the crux of scalping, because the shorter the periods that a scalper is in a trade means that the amount of risk is decreased. Therefore, there is a certain amount of “risk control” in scalping that is not found in regular day trading.

However, education is imperative when using such high leverage. An educated and disciplined scalper could easily multiply their investment account and yet only spend a fraction of the time in the market. Remember, leverage can not only magnify one’s profits, but losses as well.

Considering all that is involved in the scalping style of trading, there is one thing that is most often overlooked—the personality of the trader. It is extremely important that one take into consideration the trader themselves. Does one have the abilities (mental and physical) to endure this style of trading? Scalping the market is an intense style of trading and is not right for everyone. It requires a great deal of commitment and can be very time consuming. An impulsive or impatient personality is not suited to such a style of trading.

A strategy is defined as a plan, method, or series of maneuvers for obtaining a specific goal or result. To say that strategies are important would be an understatement. Would you, for example, charge blindly into a battle? Let’s hope not.

Defining and following a scalping strategy—with patience—is vital to a scalper’s victory.

Advancements in technology have provided traders with the ability to automate their trading using specialized trading system software. Using these systems can ensure the speed and accuracy required for successful scalping. Executing one’s scalping strategy manually and remaining effective can prove difficult given all that’s involved in the scalping style of trading—particularly when it comes to fundamental news and announcements. Scalpers are not necessarily concerned with trends, only the immediate responses. Therefore, this use of automated systems can be particularly helpful to scalpers.

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Training and development case study

Training and development case studyTraining and Development Case Study

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You are an I/O consultant hired by a large credit card call center. There have been many customer complaints regarding employees treating customers badly. There have also been complaints about extremely long wait times when calling in with simple questions regarding accounts. The organization has asked you to design a training program for the customer service representatives to address these problems.

? Write a minimum paper in which you develop a training program for this client.

? Format your paper according to APA standards.

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Free mt4indicators

Free mt4indicatorsFree MT4 Indicators

Free Forex MT4 Indicator: ClearChart 2™ Heiken Ashi Smoothed

There is a 91.6% average probability that the next ClearChart 2 Candle will close the same direction as the previous candle*

*These statistics taken from a sample of 10,000 bars over a period of 2-57 months.

>Primarily, probability decreases as time frame decreases across same number of bars due to the tendency for choppier action driven by meaningless random noise exerting a higher influence on the internal technical methods for measurement used by the tool.

>Secondarily, probability decreases as time frame decreases across same number of bars due to the data from Australia + Asia sessions receiving an increased number of distinct, data-influencing bars to call their own. Thus increased potential for the interruption of existing candle color continuation that may have existed during London + New York. This Australia + Asia action is inherently choppier, often meaningless, and often simply Market Maker trickery or the stop hunting of weak hands. These two sessions have a negative, polluting effect on overall candle color continuation as a whole and therefore analysis of.

>Probability percentage is higher when previous number of continuous same color candles is lower.

>Probability percentage decreases as previous number of continuous same color candles increases.

In other words when measured on whole, there are more instances of shorter candle color continuation events than there are longer candle color continuation events.

Regardless of cause, the lesser instances of longer candle color continuation events can still far outproduce in terms of total gains.

So while we should assume a shorter candle color continuation event is manifesting especially on shorter time frames, statistics suggest that allowing ourselves to participate in longer candle color continuation events when they do occur to a lesser extent might be beneficial. A possible tactic allowing for this participation in longer lasting trend events might be through the use of Money Lots as outlined on 5NITRO+ Trading Page 2 under the sub heading Money Lots Help Prevent Chasin Pips.

But as the analysis of these statistics once again clearly prove as does most any realistic analysis for that matter, the #1 and by far most ignored tactic would be that of eliminating such questionable and misguided self-imposed rules like never holding a position overnight or through a weekend. It could only be imagined what catastrophic impact this simple change of Retailer mindset and applied method would have on global FX Bucket Shops if it were to be applied en masse.

ClearChart 2 Shown Together With New 5NITRO+ Meter(s)

ClearChart 2 Heiken Ashi Smoothed Properties

CC2 HAS is an ideal candidate for many markets including Forex, CFD, Commodity, Futures, Equity, Equity Index, Bonds, Bunds, BitCoins, and Options (traditional).

CC2 HAS usefulness can prove even more apparent when attached to such volatile pairs like GBPJPY, CADJPY, USDMXN

CC2 HAS has been reported useful by those opting for Intraday swing trading methods on the M15, M12, M10, M6, M5, M4, M3, M2, and even M1 time frames.

CC2 HAS reportedly is equally useful in riding the continuous megatrends of longer time frames, namely on H4 and D1.

CC2 HAS helps to counter market noise. Market noise is the #1 enemy of standard Candlestick users on smaller time frames due to false pattern formation.

Certain FX Consortiums have indicated that HAS might be an interesting trading tool especially for newer traders.

Certain other FX Consortiums have devised that HAS will help those who are often negatively affected by their swings of emotions.

This New ClearChart 2 version of is adjustable for amount and type of smoothing desired using a quick, drop-down selection format.

Period settings reduced to zero (0) and modification of method will revert CC2 HAS to the non-smoothed, standard Heiken Ashi.

While sufficient as a stand alone indication for guidance, CC2 HAS is maximized when implemented together with a wide-spectrum aggregation tool such as

Download Free Forex Indicator for The New Metatrader 4 Builds 600+:

Free Mt4 Indicators

All of us provide for you the biggest assortment of Foreign exchange Indicators as well as Professional Experts on the internet these days, to assist each and every investor improve their own buying and selling earnings. The majority of the downloading possess pictures that you should look at, therefore you dont have in order to obtain as well as set up each one of these simply to observe exactly what it will.

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Fx,forex,currency,interbank trading

Fx,forex,currency,interbank tradingFX, Forex, Currency, Interbank Trading

Currencies, just a few for example, that can be traded with trend following methods include:

Australian Dollar

British Pound

Canadian Dollar


Hong Kong Dollar

Indonesian Rupiah

Japanese Yen

Mexican Peso

New Zealand Dollar

Singapore Dollar

South African Rand

Swiss Franc

Cross Rates, just a few for example, that can be traded with trend following methods include:

Australian Dollar

British Pound

Canadian Dollar


Hong Kong Dollar

Indonesian Rupiah

Japanese Yen

Mexican Peso

New Zealand Dollar

Singapore Dollar

South African Rand

Swiss Franc

Questions? Email .

Whether you call it FX trading, forex trading, currency trading or interbank trading — it all means trading currencies without the use of a futures exchange. Trend followers can use either forex or futures markets to trade currencies with trend following, but to some people the operations of FX trading are new.

Online Fx,forex,currency,interbank trading


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Facts about the energy markets

Facts about the energy marketsFacts about the energy markets

The most active energy markets trade in electricity, gas, coal, oil and CO 2 emission certificates. Energy trading takes place at exchanges, but also outside of them on a bilateral basis.

In Europe there are more than twenty different energy exchanges. The most liquid exchanges are the European Energy Exchange (EEX) in Leipzig and the Nord Pool Spot / Nasdaq Omx Commodities in Oslo.

The main markets within an energy exchange are the spot market, for short-term trading, and the forward market, where the physical delivery of, for example, electricity or gas takes place at a future date.

The significance of energy trading has grown rapidly in Europe as a result of increased energy consumption as well as market integration. Almost no country can cover its energy needs from its own sources today. Energy trading offers the possibility to ensure the needed supply of energy and protects from supply shortages and price fluctuations.


The power exchange is the hub of the electricity market, and the market price for electricity is determined on the power exchange's spot market. The actors on the spot market are producers, retailers and traders as well as large end users.

The majority of producers sell their electricity on the spot market, where short-term trade in electrical power is done via day-ahead auctions. During the trading process, electricity producers who want to sell power to the spot market must send their sale offers (for the amount of electricity they are prepared to deliver at various prices during the 24 hours of the following day) to the power exchange by 12 noon on the day before the power is delivered to the grid.

Electricity retailers must send their purchase orders (corresponding to the amount of electricity they believe customers will consume during the 24 hours of the following day), and the amount they are willing to pay. The market price is then used by electricity retail companies to set the price of electricity for end consumers (the "electricity retail price").

The market price may vary somewhat between different market regions, depending on physical transmission limitations that sometimes occur and the generation mix within each region.

The market price is determined by supply and demand, corresponding to the marginal cost of the last production unit that is required to meet demand in each hour. In Europe, this is normally on a par with the cost of producing electricity with coal or natural gas.

Unlike most other commodities, electricity cannot be stored. It is produced at the exact moment of demand. Therefore all the factors that influence supply and demand have an immediate impact on the price on the spot market.

Some factors that influence the price of electricity

Fuel prices – for coal, gas, biomass and oil – and the prices for CO 2 emission certificates.

Wind and weather, as they determine how much electricity is generated by wind turbines and hydroelectric stations. The weather also influences consumer behaviour.

The capacities of power plants, their current technical condition and planned overhauls or unplanned outages.

The state of the general economy influences demand.


For an end user (household or business), the price of electricity is comprised of three parts:

Price for power production

Grid price

Taxes and fees (renewable energy surcharge, energy tax, VAT, etc.)

The price of gas is determined in much the same way as the price of electricity: by supply and demand. Companies purchase the gas as it flows from the well and pay a "wellhead price". At this stage, the gas has not been processed or transported. The most important gas hubs in Europe are the National Balancing Point (UK), Title Transfer Facility (Netherlands), Zeebrugge (Belgium), Gaspool and NCG (Germany).

Consumers, on the other hand, pay for processed gas delivered directly to their homes through an extensive distribution system. The consumer price is determined by the cost of processing and delivery, metering, billing, distribution system maintenance and other factors.

As with electricity, different gas operators own different parts of the chain. While extraction companies are responsible for the raw material, trading and retail companies are responsible for delivery to end users. The price of gas is determined with free competition and, under the Natural Gas Act, grid and network fees must be fair, non-discriminatory and cost reflective. Network companies are monitored by authorities to ensure compliance.

Although the consumer price of gas is set with free competition on a spot market, many gas suppliers often have long-term contracts with major gas producers which index the price of gas to oil prices. With the spot market gaining more importance, this kind of pricing has decreased.

The price of electricity is influenced by the prices of commodities used as fuel in power plants, such as coal, oil and biomass, and the prices for CO 2 allowances.

Coal is mined commercially in a large number of countries all over the world. It is available from a wide variety of sources in a well-supplied worldwide market. The price of coal is set at commodity exchanges, such as ICE and CME.

Oil is a very important commodity in the global society. Supply and demand is an indicator of the performance of the global economy and oil price usually affects prices for all other commodities. The price of oil is set at global commodity Exchanges like ICE and NYMEX.

International trade in biomass for power generation is still limited. Imports into Europe from other parts of the world are, however, expected to increase as biomass increases its share of the European energy mix. This will require that a standardised global system for trade and certification is established.

CO 2 emissions certificates

Emission trading is a market-based approach to control emissions of CO 2 and other pollutants. The EU Emission Trading System sets a limit on the amount that may be emitted. The limit is allocated or sold to firms in the form of permits to emit a specific volume. These permits or units can be sold in the international market at the prevailing market price.

Trading exchanges have been established to provide a market in permits. Trade in carbon credits takes place at a number of exchanges, such as European Climate Exchange, NASDAQ OMX Commodities Europe, PowerNext and the European Energy Exchange.

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The cost of trading forex

The cost of trading forexThe cost of trading forex

Before reading this lesson, you should have previously read through:

What is the cost of trading forex?

The cost of trading is the overall expense that a forex trader has to incur in order to run their trading business. There are optional costs for things that the trader may wish to purchase, such as news services, custom technical analysis services and faster connections, and compulsory costs . which are expenses that every trader must pay.

The cost of trading is the overall expense that a trader has to pay in order to run their trading business.

For every trade that you place, you will have to pay a certain amount in costs or commissions for each trade that you place with a broker. These costs vary from broker to broker, but they are usually a relatively low amount. These are usually the only cost of trading that you are likely to incur.

This may sound like a simple enough process, but many traders overlook these costs of trading and thus underestimate the challenges to generate a long-term profit.

For many forex traders, failure to make a profit is not always down to not being able to trade well – sometimes a mismanagement or underestimation of the costs involved can lead to failure when the trading results should, in theory, lead to success.

By taking a look at the main costs of trading, a trader can be more prepared to manage their capital .

Forex spreads and commissions

Remember: Costs vary from broker to broker, so make sure that you check the rates on offer before placing any trade. Many retail brokers, for example, do not charge direct commissions, instead adding their costs onto the spread.

The most common costs associated with trading are the spread and commission fees charged by the broker for each trade placed. These costs are incurred by the trader regardless of how successful those trades are.

What does the term “spread” actually mean?

The easiest way to understand the term spread is by thinking of it as the fee your broker charges you to trade. Your broker will quote or give you two prices for every currency pair that they offer you on their trading platform: a price to buy at (the bid price) and a price to sell at (the ask price).

The spread is the difference between these two prices and what the broker charges you. This is how they make their money and stay in business.

To illustrate, let's say you want to make a long (buy) trade on the EUR/USD and your price chart shows a price of 1.2000.

The broker, however, will quote two prices, 1.2002 and 1.2000. When you click the buy button, you will be entered into a long position with a fill at 1.2002. This means that you have been charged 2 pips for the spread (the difference between the price 1.2002 and 1.2000).

Now say you want to make a short (sell) trade and again, the price chart shows a price of 1.2000. The broker will fill your trade at 1.2000, however, when you exit the trade – in other words buying back the short position – you will still pay the spread. This is because whatever the price shows at the time you want to exit your trade, you will be filled two pips above that price. For example, if you wanted to exit at 1.9980, you will in fact exit your trade at 1.9982.

The spread is the difference in the buy and sell price of any asset or currency pair.

Therefore, the spread is a cost of trading to you and a way of paying the broker. The bid price is the highest price the broker will pay to purchase the instrument from you and the ask price is the lowest price the broker will pay to sell the instrument to you.

In order for a trader to make a profit or avoid making a loss on a trade, the price must move enough to make up for the cost of the spread.

Variable rate spreads

It is also worth noting that the spread you pay can be dependent on market volatility and the currency pair that is traded. These variable spread fees are commonplace in markets where there is higher volatility.

A spread you pay can be dependent on market volatility and the currency pairing that is traded.

For example, if a market is quiet, i. e. there is not much market activity and the volatility is low, the broker may charge a +2 pip spread. But if volatility increases or liquidity decreases, the broker/spread dealer may change that to incorporate the additional risk of the faster, thinner market and so they may increase the spread.

Some brokers also charge a commission for handling and executing the trade. In these circumstances the broker may only increase the spread by a fraction or not at all, because they make their money mainly from the commission.

What is commission and how is it calculated?

Commision in forex trading can either be a fixed fee – a fixed sum regardless of volume – or a relative fee – the higher the trading volume, the higher the commission.

A commission is similar to the spread in that it is charged to the trader on every trade placed. The trade must then attain profit in order to cover the cost of the commission.

Forex commissions can come in two main forms:

Fixed fee – using this model, the broker charges a fixed sum regardless of the size and volume of the trade being placed. For example: With a fixed fee, a broker may charge a $1 commission per executed transaction, regardless of the size involved.

Relative fee – the most common way for commission to be calculated. The amount a trader is charged is based on trade size; for example, the broker may charge “$x per $million in traded volume”. In other words, the higher the trading volume, the higher the cash value of the commissions being charged.

With a relative fee, a broker may charge $1 per $100,000 of a currency pairing that is bought or sold. If a trader buys $1,000,000 EUR/USD, the broker receives $10 as a commission. If a trader buys $10,000,000 the broker receives $100 as a commission.

A relative fee is the most common way for forex commission to be calculated. The amount a trader is charged is based on trade size.

Note: The relative fee is, in some cases, variable and based on the amount that is bought or sold.

For example, a broker may charge $1 commission per $1,000,000 of a currency pairing bought or sold up to a transaction limit of $10,000,000.

If a trader buys $10,000,000 EUR/USD, the broker receives $10 as a fee. However, if a trader buys more than $10,000,000 EUR/USD, they will become subject to the new fee. Usually the commission is on a sliding scale to encourage larger trades, however, there are different permutations from broker to broker.

Additional fees to consider

There are also hidden fees with some brokerages. Some of the fees you should look out for include inactivity fees, monthly or quarterly minimums, margin costs and the fees associated with calling a broker on the phone.

There are additional, hidden fees a trader should keep in mind, like inactivity fees, monthly or quarterly minimums, margin costs and fees associated with calling a broker on the phone.

Before making a judgement on which commission model is the most cost-effective, a trader must consider their own trading habits. For example, traders who trade at high volumes may prefer to pay only a fixed fee in order to keep costs down. While smaller traders, who trade relatively low volumes, may tend to prefer a commission based on trade size option as this results in smaller relative fees for their trading activity.

Leverage is a tool that traders use as way to increase returns on their initial investment. One reason that the forex markets are so popular amongst investors is because of the easy access to leverage. However, when factoring in spreads and commissions, traders must be careful of their use of leverage because this can inflate the costs of each trade to unmanageable levels.

Overnight positions

When trades are held overnight there is another cost that should be factored in by the trader holding the position .

This cost is mainly centred on the forex market and is called the overnight rollover .

Every currency you buy and sell comes with its own overnight interest rate attached. The difference between the two interest rates of the currencies you are trading will give you the cost of holding the position overnight. These rates are not determined by your broker, but at the Interbank level .

These trading costs are percentage-based and would increase as the use of leverage goes up; the more leverage a trader uses, the higher these costs become.

For example, if you buy the GBP/USD, then the rollover will depend on the difference between the interest rates of the UK and the USA .

If the UK had an interest rate of 5% and the USA had a rate of 4%, the trader would receive a payment of 1% on their position because they were buying the currency from the nation with the higher interest rate – if they were selling this currency, then they would be charged 1% instead.

Data feeds

Aside from the transactional costs of trading, extra costs should be factored in by traders when calculating their overall profitability.

Data feeds help the trader see what is happening in the markets at any given time in the form of news and price action analysis.

This data is then used by the trader to make important decisions:

When to enter and exit the market

How to manage any open positions

Where to set stop losses

This data is therefore directly linked to the performance of the trader; good efficient data is vital in order to maintain a constant edge in the markets.

Data feeds help a trader see what is happening in the markets in the form of news and price action analysis. Traders use this data to decide when to enter/exit the market, how to manage open positions and where to place their stop loss.

These costs are usually a fixed price charged monthly. The costs vary between providers, as does the quality and nature of their data feeds. It is important that traders determine which kind of feed they feel most comfortable and confident using before committing money to any feed provider.

Other additional costs to a trader may include subscriptions to magazines or cable television packages, which enable access to non-stop financial news channels. The cost of attending exhibitions, shows or tutorials may also need to be considered if you are a novice trader.

Aside from this are the obvious necessary costs of owning a reliable PC or laptop, and cupboards stocked with plenty of coffee!

In this lesson, you have learned that.

. not paying attention to all of the costs can limit your ability to make a profit.

. there are optional costs and compulsory costs.

. compulsory costs include spreads and commissions charged by the broker.

. optional costs include additional data feeds and news services.

. other costs involve overnight rollover fees, which is the difference in interest rates between the two countries of the currency pairs you are trading.

. leverage can magnify gains, but also magnify the cost of trading.

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The market maker sedge awall street insider reveals how to time entry and exit points for minimum

The market maker sedge awall street insider reveals how to time entry and exit points for minimumThis book will let you see the little-known but effective trading tactics and methods of today's top market makers.--Technical Analysis of Stocks and Commodities

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The on-line trading revolution is transforming the investment world at a dizzying speed. In a single year, between April 1998 and April 1999, the number of trading accounts opened on-line in the United States increased 25 percent, rising to over six million. At the beginning of the year 2000, over 8 million on-line accounts exist. The potential growth rate for on-line accounts is startling, given that they comprise fewer than 10 percent of all brokerage accounts.

CNBC reported that a majority of day traders go broke within their first six months of trading. Active day traders are responsible for 30 percent of the million-plus on-line trades executed daily. The combination of the huge number of Americans who are trading on-line and the high expected failure rate for beginners results in a potential powder keg: In the first years of the new millennium, more Americans will lose money day trading than ever before. There is a national need for an all-encompassing, simple, and effective day trading guide; thus, The Market Maker's Edge.

Day traders have been around since the inception of the stock market in 1792. Human beings have speculated on prices since the dawn of currency, and this trend will continue regardless of the state of the market.

Public interest, demand, and participation in day trading increased dramatically during the roaring bull market of the 1990s. Higher rates of return, advances in technology, ease of entry provided by on-line brokers that charge lower commissions, and a public that cannot afford to retire have all contributed to the explosion in ownership and interest in the stock market. Almost 50 percent of the American public had some sort of equity ownership in 1999. The majority of these investors and traders have unrealistically high expectations of the amount of money they can expect to receive from their investments, creating a need for education.

Many of the principles behind profitable day trading are simple. Yet time and again, people tend to complicate the decision-making process due to a number of factors, both internal and external.

Day trading magnifies the emotional pitfalls people face in everyday life, including greed, fear, attachment, shame, regret, and the search for security. These emotional and psychological traps that I call the internal factors are the most common causes of financial loss in the trading world.

To be successful, every trader needs an effective trading plan. The best plans are simple and comprehensive, addressing external factors such as risk control, entry and exit, technical and fundamental analysis, trend spotting, and trading tactics.

This book stands out from most books on trading in that it places special emphasis on both the internal and external factors. It is also unique because it is written from the perspective of the sell side of the trading world, shedding light on tactics and methods used by professional Wall Street traders.

The information that has not been readily available to the public is what market makers actually do, and what makes many of them effective day traders. Day traders have all sorts of misconceptions about market makers' roles and objectives. Market makers are incorrectly stigmatized as the enemy of day traders, when in fact the main enemies of day traders are day traders themselves.

Market makers come in all shapes and sizes. They range from small retail order flow shops that do not put up any risk capital, to the largest institutional global banks that consistently take large risk to facilitate order flow. Institutional market makers' strengths lie in their experience and technical expertise. One advantage they enjoy is that they understand the way that order flow works. Large buyers or sellers always leave traces through their activity. Their activity is visible to all who know how and where to look for it. The Market Maker's Edge helps to clarify this activity, providing traders who lack market making experience with information about how order flow works. This book sheds light on a simple way to take advantage of identifying short-term trends emanating from volume.

Another advantage market makers have over day traders is their large financial backing, which permits them to expand their risk profiles in order to withstand larger losses. The large global banks that have market making operations have the deepest pockets. A $10,000 loss may be large to a day trader, but to an institutional market maker it is simply the cost of doing business. Day traders can make up for their lack of large financial backing with proper risk control and realistic expectations, both of which they will learn about in this book.

Day traders who are in the early stages of development have to overcome their lack of experience, which is often only acquired either by learning what not to do or by making mistakes. This process can be very expensive, more so than many can afford. The Market Maker's Edge provides guidance in the form of a step-by-step process for developing and maintaining a diligent risk profile, which will help beginning day traders to weather the initial storm.

Information used to be a commodity that the top market makers enjoyed as a result of having well-endowed research departments. The Internet has broken down the information barrier between global banks and individual investors. The best research is now easily accessible on the Internet for all to see. Sometimes market makers are the last ones to catch wind of important information that is released on the Internet.

The Market Maker's Edge will teach you how to trade with the best market makers, not against them. You will become adept at overcoming short-term gyrations by sticking to the methods and tactics provided in this book. The Market Maker's Edge will help you overcome fears or weaknesses by developing successful trading habits and focusing on your strengths. Your conviction and staying power will increase and you will become a better trader, less susceptible to the influences that are outside of your control.

Online The market maker sedge awall street insider reveals how to time entry and exit points for minimum

Top10forex-s list of best10uk forex brokers and trading platforms

Top10forex-s list of best10uk forex brokers and trading platformsTop10Forexs list of best 10 UK Forex Brokers and Trading Platforms

Home » Top10Forexs list of best 10 UK Forex Brokers and Trading Platforms

Forex trading is really highly risky and an activity that works mainly by technical strategy. Though strategies can fetch you good profits, you may also lose greater deal of the initial deposit you make. Hence it is always advised to understand all the risks associated prior to the account opening.

Finding the Best Forex Trading Platform and Brokers in UK

The Forex trading market is really the biggest market that does financial services across the world. Approximately ?1 trillion is being traded on all days and it is also significantly larger compared to all the stock markets of the world’s combined.

It is believed that in the recent years, a great number of forex brokers have started coming in to the forex trading market.

All of them permit you in opening a UK forex trading account that means you will be able to profit from predicting the movements in the exchange rates between the GBP and other countries currencies exactly.

Currencies that are been traded in are usually named by the three letter abbreviations like EUR for Euro. GBP for British pound and USD for United States Dollar .

One of the major benefits of the forex trading is that you will be able to use a trading system known as ‘leveraging’.

It indicates that trading currency far beyond the capital in your forex account can be done with very few brokers.

Things to be looked when you need to compare the UK forex trading brokers

There are mainly 3 factors that have to be taken into account for comparing the UK forex trading brokers:

What is the kind of forex trading the brokers offer?

What are the different currencies they can offer?

What are the different spreads the brokers offer?

Certainly you should also check the range of different currencies which are offered by the brokers in ensuring that you will be able to make forex trading in the most interested currencies.

Finally, you have to compare the various forex trading platforms across UK. Above mentioned are the various ways by which you will be able to manage your forex trading account.

It is usual that the best UK forex brokers have the provision of online as well as mobile service using which you can both buy and sell in PC, Laptop, iPhone devices, or other smart phones.

They also provide the tools that will do loss limiting like stop loss orders along with ensuring no loses beyond what you can actually afford.

Online Top10forex-s list of best10uk forex brokers and trading platforms

Trading against professional forex traders using round numbers

Trading against professional forex traders using round numbersTrading against professional forex traders using round numbers

Forex professionals (banks and market makers) act as counterparts to the trades made by home-based traders (you and me). They sometimes have to quote prices artificially, which is not a problem for them because most of the time they can cover themselves on the interbank market. However, during periods of low volatility, individual forex traders can take the upper hand over professionals traders. Following a significant daily movement, the price of a currency pair may reach a critical threshold where the movement loses strength and bounces several times. These price thresholds are often close to a psychologically important round number. For example, following a rise in prices, some traders will initiate short positions near the round number and place their stops above it, as they believe that the currency is over-bought. At this time, the professionals will want to hunt down these traders' stops, the price will break the round number, the traders' stops will be hit and the exchange rate will return to the round number.

On the interbank market, it is difficult to trade these price levels, because the raids on stops by professionals causes a widening of the spread, especially on the ask side. Individual traders can make money thanks to their fixed-spread broker, who will execute the sell order above the round number. The fixed-spread broker is then required to create a market that does not exist on the interbank market. In this particular trading configuration, the non-professional trader has an advantage over the professionals, because he finds a counterpart that the professionals cannot find on the interbank market!

The trading configuration

Initially, we must find a directional market that is over-bought and near a round number. Professionals will hunt short sellers' stops above this price level! If the stops are triggered, the price will return below the resistance level.

Trading orders

Sale of 1 lot at a round number: 1.3200

Sale of 2 lots 5 pips above this number at 1.3205

Sale of 3 lots 10 pips above at 1.3210

Stops for all 3 orders 20 pips above the round number price 1.3220

Profits are taken 5 pips at 1.3195 for 2/3 of the overall position.

The last third of the overall position can be kept to take advantage of a bearish movement.

If the trade does not work out quickly, this indicates that price is supported by real demand and not by stop hunting by professionals. In this case, it is best to exit the trade. This trading configuration works with all round numbers (1.3000, 1.3100,1.3200 etc. ), but the probability of success is higher after a strong daily move.

Online Trading against professional forex traders using round numbers

Online trading academy logo top10binary options

Online trading academy logo top10binary optionsOnline trading academy logo Top 10 Binary Options istallianz

You are here: Home › Online trading academy logo Top 10 Binary Options istallianz

A dominator binary options trader in a video of the best online trading academy xlt stock. Consultant. Best stock trading academy. Trading academy

Lex van dam financial education will be a successful binary options stocks online trading plaform and investors who love to profit dot for any market or pc and sell orders in mumbai. Marketing. Ip on the best site is a equals online trading course. Technical charts. Brian copeland maureen langan jason middleton online trading is online trading academy offer online

Tell you to be traded. At each price. Trading academy logo are trademarks, online trading academy of indias

Academy xlt. With a professional traders, online trading education for a trader in this were here. Diego job vacancy binary offers online trading academy. Heal minute with your search a half the online trading academy. Quality logo walt. Design development and regulated nearly five first stop for. Search for commodity tag archives binary options robots work kijk op aty i figured id check it began to trade

Online Online trading academy logo top10binary options

How to backtest atrading strategy using excel

How to backtest atrading strategy using excelby Mark Ursell

A great way to improve your trading and become more profitable. This book shows you how you can use Microsoft Excel to create and test trading strategies.

Whether you use an established trading methodology or create your own. It presents aMore A great way to improve your trading and become more profitable. This book shows you how you can use Microsoft Excel to create and test trading strategies.

Whether you use an established trading methodology or create your own. It presents a step-by-step approach that anyone can follow. All the information needed is within the book and it is not necessary to have previous knowledge of Excel.

You will learn how to program technical indicators like moving averages and the MACD. In addition, the course shows how to program Japanese Candlesticks into Excel.

Whether your trading strategy is long-only or long/short this book will show you how it can be backtested in Excel. The backtest models shown in the course allow you to test different parameters and then use them to optimise your strategy.

The books also presents tips and advice on how to backtest correctly and what to look for when testing a model. Less

Get a copy

Friends’ Reviews

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

Online How to backtest atrading strategy using excel

High frequency trading#1basics,history-strategies

High frequency trading#1basics,history-strategiesHigh Frequency Trading #1: Basics, History Strategies

Course Description


Welcome to the High Frequency Trading course part 1: Basics, History and Strategies.

My name is Igor Neunyvakin and I will be leading you through the course. I started my career as a financial analyst and trader in the Adekta company and even during my years in a university I started to manage a million-dollar fund. In a while, I switched to the sphere of technologies and became a consultant on financial markets in the Cognitive Finance Technologies company, which was developing matching systems for stock exchanges as well as trading terminals. Working hand-in-hand with many talented programmers and engineers, I was able to learn High Frequency Trading Forex, Stocks Commodities from the inside and understand it not only as a trader, but also as a technical expert.

My series of courses on High Frequency Trading on Forex, Stocks Commodities is intended for those people, who are interested in everything about financial markets and trading. After going through these courses you will know all the intricacies of High Frequency Trading: conceptions, strategies, technologies; you will destroy many myths and misconceptions about HFT on Forex, Stocks Commodities and will find a crystal clear understanding of how all the things work in reality. But that doesn't mean that it's necessary for you to start from the very first course, all of them are pretty independent, so you can start with this one…

From this Part1 you will learn basics of high frequency trading, the story of its origin, as well as popular HFT-strategies in the modern world.

During this first part of course series we will talk about:

various ways of High Frequency Trading definition, as a key to understand the profitability and potential difficulties for HFT traders; we will look at the story of HFT in order to understand modern trends of its further development; we will also discover main types of High Frequency Trading strategies, as well as their differences and features.

The ideal student for this course is a beginner or already experienced trader, who already knows basic concepts of financial markets and trading and would like to widen his or her knowledge in such a popular, but widely misunderstood sphere, as High Frequency Trading on Forex, Stocks Commodities.

Online High frequency trading#1basics,history-strategies

Warren buffett stock investment strategy

Warren buffett stock investment strategyWaren Buffett stock tips 2015

(1) Practice frugality, avoid lavish spending

Before investing try to save as much as possible. Higher savings meas more cash available for investing in stocks. Save money in range of 30% of your monthly take home. Out of 30% allocate 10% to stock investing. Though it may sound simple but maintaining 30% savings month after month is not easy. Keeping liquid cash (10%) available will initiate the investing process. No saving means no money available for investing. Keeping 30% money stashed away every month is frugality. It is this frugal habit that makes a man rich. Knowing how to utilize money wisely is frugality. Frugal lifestyle combined with wise investing can transform ones financial position. People must become passionate about investing. I have seen people starting investment but ultimately the fizz went off. This is why Warren Buffett stock tips does not start with how to screen stocks. Stock screening will eventually happen but first people must learn to use money wisely. This starts with inculcating savings as a habit.

Warren Buffett is among the richest men in the world. But he still lives a modest, frugal life. He does not live in an lavish house. He drives his own car. Warren Buffett stock tips will ask us to use our income to create wealth. We do the opposite, we use our income to satisfy only spending needs. We spend out hard earned money on needless things. Asset accumulation should be the focus instead of spending money. Save to invest. Invest to buy assets. Accumulate assets to generate alternative source of income. Alternative income will give financial independence . Best income generating asset is dividend paying stocks.

(2) Avoid being a compulsive buyer of stocks

Compulsive buyer of stocks buy & sell stocks all the time. It is not necessary to buy and sell stocks always. Warren Buffett says that stock investors must have loads of patience. In stock investing, patience is the most important attribute. Stocks investors should be ready to wait very long for that right time buy and sell stocks. What is the right time? The right time is when quality stock are available at undervalued price levels . When stocks of great companies becomes undervalued, that is the moment to buy.

(3) Do not buy stocks which everyone is buying

Warren Buffett's simplicity of investing in stocks has made him so successful. He keeps complications aside and invests with logic. A good logic can make more money that complicated jargon's. Buffett invests in stocks more logically than mathematically. Warren Buffett stock tips are so simple that many ignore it like random talks . But in reality these tips are much more effective.

These tips may be very helpful for day traders. But long term investors can treat them as bible. Warren Buffett does not buy stock every day. He waits for the opportunity and then buy stocks. In normal market conditions good stocks trade at overvalued price levels. We should not touch these stocks. Even if the fundamentals are extremely strong, still they must be avoided. Check both - fundamentals and price valuations before buying a stock. People who buy stocks just because they have a good brand name. Big brand stocks are ones that everyone buys and sells. Stay away from these stocks. When so many people are interest in a stock, its market price will be overvalued. Needless to buy these stocks. It rarely happens that that big brand stocks trade at undervalued. But when it happens we must leave no stone unturned to grabs them. When big brand stocks become undervalued? Good stocks may become undervalued for following reasons:

Stock Market Crash

Investors fail to notice the stock

Stocks brand name is not as big now

Company is going through a bad phase

Sector is which the stock belong is seeing policy paralysis from government

Stock market crash is ideal moment to grab big brand stocks. Stock market crash may happen ones in a decade. So we must have an eye for alternative stocks. In normal times we can buy these stocks instead of big brands. Look for stocks that is not attracting attention of many. Fundamentally strong companies attracting less attention should be the focus.

(4) Buy Stocks of Companies whose products are always in demand

Buy stocks of companies whose product are in wide & consistent demand. Products like aerated drinks or chocolates are liked by masses. Product like Disney Land force people to spend money, travel to see the spectacles inside. Peoples love is common for a few specific products. When we know that their demand will not fade with time it automatically becomes our preferred investment choice. As an investor we shall look for companies whose products are simple and recognizable. Once stocks of such companies are available at undervalued price levels, grab them.

(5) Use Your Own Methods to Evaluate Good Stocks

Warren Buffett analyzes his stocks by self. Learning to value stock is essential. Buying stocks without valuation, it is like shooting in dark. Buying stocks without knowing what you are buying is gambling. Stock investing is not gambling. It is a process where 90% is logic and 10% is mathematics. There is no space for guess work. The logic tells us to buy quality stocks at undervalued levels. Evaluation of stocks is done to judge its quality and value its price. Bad quality stocks available at undervalued price is not good. Good quality stocks available at overvalued levels is not good either. But good quality stock available at undervalued level is good. Stock evaluation may sound daunting but it is simple. By looking at companies last 10 years financial reports we can if company is of good quality. By looking at P/B, P/E, PEG, dividend yield etc one can estimate if stock is overpriced or under-priced.

(6) Always Buy Undervalued Stocks

Warren Buffett estimates intrinsic value of stock before investing. When market price of stock is below its intrinsic value its undervalued. Warren Buffett first checks the fundamental strength of company. He then estimates its intrinsic value. Knowledge of intrinsic value helps. It helps to maintaining the 'margin of safety’. Intrinsic value is more commonly known as 'true value'. Estimation of true value can be done by calculating 'present value of all future cash flows'. While evaluating fundamentals of business, Buffett pays more attention to (a) return on equity, (b) operating margin, (c) and debt levels of company, (d) dividend history, (e) Earning growth. Do these analysis not on basis of only one year figures. Collecting last 5 to 10 years financial statements makes more sense. Important indicators for identifying undervalued stocks are these:

Stock Investment Tips (7): Buy Stocks of Companies doing Monopoly Business

Such companies are becoming less and less in today’s world, but still there some. There are companies who can manipulate their selling price at-will without negatively effecting their sales turnover. Few examples of such monopoly products are Microsoft’s Windows OS, Airbus A380, Coke's Cocal Cola, Apple's I-phone, KFC's Fried Chickens and likes. It may be difficult to locate too many of Microsoft’s and Apple's today. But careful study will show us companies that enjoys a definite competitive advantage over their competitors. Companies that carry competitive advantage is said to carry competitive moat. Stock investment tips of Warren Buffett asks us to buy stock of companies with high MOAT . In order to identify companies with wide economic moat following are indicators are important to note:

The wider the moat, the larger and more sustainable the competitive advantage. By having a well-known brand name, pricing power and a large portion of market demand, a company with a wide moat possesses characteristics that act as barriers against other companies wanting to enter into the industry.

Stock Investment Tips (8): Only Confused People Diversify Their Investments

If you will ask Warren Buffett about investment diversification he will give you a glare eyes. He believes that investors shall be ready to wait indefinitely till stocks prices of fundamentally strong companies become undervalued. Till such time investors shall save their earnings. When the time comes, they shall not fall short of money for stock investing. Investment diversification is only for those impatient investors who like to invest each month as a matter of habit.

Principally Warren Buffett is not against diversification of assets. Any asset that is undervalued shall be purchased. But people do not practice diversification like this. People prefers to buy index funds, diversified equity funds, gold linked ETF's etc, why? The take this step because they do not know stock investment. For such people investment diversification (index funds, ETF is good). But for people who knows how to value stocks shall stay away from this theory.

A value investor shall practice investment diversification for sure. They shall continue to buy value stocks but in parallel they can also invest in alternative options. The can buy undervalued real estate property. They can buy gold/silver at undervalued prices. Investing in different asset class is real investment diversification. But just because I have 10 auto stocks in my portfolio, so I should buy steel stocks is not a correct diversification strategy.

Stock Investment Tips (9): Buy Stock to Hold it for Life

Holding stock for life does not mean that one shall go on holding a stock even if its showing weak fundamentals. Among important stock investment tips, periodic evaluation of portfolio is most important. If the company is loosing its competitive edge or its fundamental superiority, then shelving it better than holding. What Buffett means when he says that ‘hold it forever’ is different. Before one buys stock, it should be evaluated with an objective of holding it forever. Evaluating stocks with this mind-frame keeps investors cautious. One will not like to include fundamentally average stocks if idea is to hold it for life.

Stock Investment Tips (10): Invest Money not to make More Money

There are people who enter stock market for making quick bucks. Warren Buffet will call such people as fools. Stock investing is not for making quick bucks. Investment is a long-term money making mechanism. The term can be so long term that some may even loose the fizz for making money. Then what can be the motivation to practice long term investing? The drive for long term investing can we wealth creation to attain financially independence . Money making will automatically happen once we start the process of wealth creation with objective of financial independence.

Stock Holding of Warren Buffett

Online Warren buffett stock investment strategy

Ventura stock trading,demat,brokerage and reviews

Ventura stock trading,demat,brokerage and reviewsVentura Stock Trading, Demat, Brokerage and Reviews

Incorporate in 1994, Ventura Securities Ltd is Mumbai, India based popular stock broker. Ventura also provides wide range of investment products and services though it's over 25 branches and over 500 business partners (sub brokers) located across 300 cities in India.

Ventura is a full-service broker providing advisory services to Institutions (Foreign and Domestic), High Net Worth and Retail Investors with its core area of operations being stock-broking. Ventura has considerable strength and domain knowledge in the booming derivatives market in India.

Financial services offered by Ventura include trading in Equity, Derivatives, Commodity, Currency Futures, investments in Mutual Funds, Insurance, Deposits and Depository Services.

Ventura provides commodity trading services through Ventura Commodities Pvt. Ltd, an associate company which is trading member of MCX and NCDEX.

Ventura is a depository participant (DP) of National Securities Depository Limited (NSDL).

Ventura offers 2-in-1 account which include an online trading account and a demat account.

Trade In . BSE and NSE

Special Offer: Zero account opening fees for limited time. Get the offer .

Online Ventura stock trading,demat,brokerage and reviews

Online trading academy-s ron de appolonia to host an-understanding the markets-workshop in cal

Online trading academy-s ron de appolonia to host an-understanding the markets-workshop in calGeneral Manager of Online Trading Canada Academy will be hosting a workshop in Calgary, Canada on January 17, 2012 and January 18, 2012

The World's Most Trusted Name in Professional Trader Education

Online Trading Academy is centered on trading education

Calgary, Canada (PRWEB) January 09, 2012

Online Training Academy Canada, will host a live event to teach Canadians how to understand the financial markets. Ron De Appolonia will be providing two days of free professional trading education on Tuesday, January 17, 2012 and Wednesday, January 18, 2012 from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm. These workshops will take place at the Calgary Telus Convention Centre convention hall at 120 Ninth Avenue SE, Calgary, Alberta, Canada T2G 0P3.

De Appolonia, General Manager of Online Trading Academy Canada. will address the following topics at the workshop:

What does the public do to lose money?

How do the markets work?

What do large institutions do to generate wealth?

What are three things an individual must have to generate return?

How to make “buy and hold” work.

Online Trading Academy is centered on trading education and De Appolonia and has hosted numerous trading workshops for hundreds of active traders each year. His classes have covered a diverse range of topics including assets, stocks. options, currencies and futures. This vast experience in various markets provides a unique insight into the challenges traders face, and the tools available to them especially through his clear understanding of trading methodologies. De Appolonia’s strength is breaking down trading to its essential elements and getting those elements across to his audience in an entertaining approach. This is what gained him features in the Toronto Star. Globe and Mail, Financial Post, CBS National as well as several online articles.

For more information about or to register for this event, please call 1-866-691-8398.

About Online Trading Academy

Online Trading Academy helps their students by revealing the truth about what it takes to become a successful trader or investor. Their core strategy enables traders to identify market turning points, before they happen, with a high degree of accuracy. Students learn under the guidance of experienced professional traders in a hands-on, learn-by-doing classroom setting. In the Professional Trader course, students learn trading skills and then practice trading live, in the classroom, without paying commissions or risking their own capital by using Online Trading Academys money. With over 25,000 graduates, Online Trading Academy offers professional instruction from experienced Wall Street professionals, as well as a wide array of beneficial home study materials to supplement classroom study. Online Trading Academy locations include Phoenix, Irvine, Los Angeles, Concord, San Jose, Denver, Orlando, Tampa, Fort Lauderdale, Atlanta, Chicago, Kansas City, Boston, Baltimore, Detroit, Minneapolis, New York City, Secaucus, Charlotte, Philadelphia, Austin, Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, Seattle, Washington DC, Milwaukee, Dubai, London, Singapore, Mumbai, Vancouver and Toronto. For more information, visit tradingacademy .

Online Online trading academy-s ron de appolonia to host an-understanding the markets-workshop in cal

Forex trading vsstock trading

Forex trading vsstock tradingForex Trading vs. Stock Trading

Forex and stocks are the world’s most popular trading instruments. But how do they differ? We take a look in this new new feature for ForexTrading

Forex is the world’s largest and most widely distributed market, with a daily turnover of $3.98 trillion. There is no central exchange or clearing house for trading forex. Instead, currencies are traded over the counter (OTC), with money exchanged directly between the buying and selling parties. Each currency is traded against another currency according their relative value – the two together are known as a currency pair.

In contrast, stocks must be listed and traded on exchanges. Traders can only buy or sell stocks listed with the relevant exchange. A company will usually be listed with an exchange in the country where it is registered. For example, stocks for US registered companies are generally bought and sold on US exchanges such as the New York Stock Exchange and stocks for UK-registered stocks are bought and sold on the London Stock Exchange. Stocks are traded against the currency of the country in which the trade takes place.

The forex market also differs from the stock market in that it is divided into levels of access. Essentially, the volume of a trade defines your level of access, as well as the ‘spread’ (the difference between the bid and ask price) paid. The larger the volume of the trade, the smaller the spread – which means the trader gets a better exchange rate. The top access level is the inter-bank market which consists of top-tier banks. Other access levels include small banks, corporations and institutional investors.

With stocks, there are no levels of access, but there are different types of share: ordinary shares, cumulative preference shares, and redeemable shares. Ordinary shares are the highest risk, and holders are only entitled to dividends when the company is in profit. Cumulative preference shares always receive a dividend, while redeemable shares can be bought back by the company.

Another key difference is that while the forex market operates on a continuous, 24-hour basis from 20:15 GMT on Sunday until 22:00 GMT on Friday, stock markets generally work to the business hours of the country in which they operate. So, for example, the London Stock Exchange trades stocks from 08:00 to 16:30 GMT and the New York Stock Exchange trades from 09:30 to 16:00 EST.

Crucially, stocks are a long-term investment. They can see steady growth over a period of time and investors will expect to hold onto them for an indefinite period, often a number of years before realising a significant profit. Forex, on the other hand, is ideal for short-term gains. Currency prices are subject to frequent fluctuation. The most frequent types of forex trade are ‘spot’ transactions (two days) and futures (three months). Forex trading is also characterised by the use of leverage to profit from large positions. However, with the exception of some hedge funds, very few stock market participants rely on leverage.

The relative profit margins of the two markets are also very different. Exchange rates fluctuate frequently, but often by only a couple of points. Typically, the overall change will be less than 1% intraday. Since these fluctuations represent a very small percentage of the unit price, forex traders have to speculate against large sums to realise significant profits. As a result, leverage, a form of borrowing that allows forex traders to put up only a fraction of the base transaction value, has become popular.

Stocks, on the other hand, can be subject to much larger price fluctuations, though on a less frequent basis. With stocks, the trader invests the full price of the share and is then subject to any changes in price which may occur.

There are two opportunities to make gains on a share: when the price of the share goes up, and when the share pays dividends. Both of these are dependent on the health of the company, and can vary from year to year. In a bad year, a company may not pay out any dividends at all, and its share price may also fall.

Another key difference between the two markets is that they are affected by different factors. Stock prices become susceptible to change based on news regarding the individual company or the industry in which it operates. For example, many banks suffered losses on their share prices in 2008 due to industry-wide problems, and in 2010 Shell saw its share price eroded following the Gulf Coast oil spill.

Forex rates fluctuate according to changes in world economic events. So, while a stock investor will keep a keen eye on company reports, financial statements and industry overviews, a forex trader will take a wider view encompassing anything which might affect international money flows. Factors which can affect money flows include macroeconomic conditions such as interest rates, gross domestic product (GDP), inflation and budget deficits. Data regarding these conditions is released at regular intervals, and there is usually a flurry of forex trading activity both before and after figures are released.

Thanks to their differing characteristics, the forex and stock markets attract different participants. Stocks are seen as a more secure investment and are typically owned as part of a wider investment portfolio. Major participants in the stock market are: institutional investors including pension funds, insurance companies, mutual funds, banks and hedge funds, as well as individuals. Forex is traded by banks, companies, currency speculators, institutional investors, governments, corporations and retail investors. More recently, forex trading has become an attractive means of earning a living for those with trading experience, and there are now professional forex traders.

Online Forex trading vsstock trading

Live forex trading with asad shah

Live forex trading with asad shahLive Forex Trading with Asad Shah

My name is Asad Shah I trade Forex for living, in this group I will show you my live Forex accounts and PAMM/MAM accounts with icmarkets and axitrader

This group is for those who are interested in learning Forex Trading. It is also for anyone who is interested in Live For…

My name is Asad Shah I trade Forex for living, in this group I will show you my live Forex accounts and PAMM/MAM accounts with icmarkets and axitrader

This group is for those who are interested in learning Forex Trading. It is also for anyone who is interested in Live Forex Trading with professional traders. It is an opportunity to meet and talk to seasoned market professionals and traders, to exchange ideas, and discuss trading strategies.

If you have any question Email. adminforexReBORN ForexReBORN

Disclaimer: Trading is extremely risky. There is a high probability of losing your initial capital. Live Forex Trading group organizer or any member of the group does not give any guaranty or assurance, expressed or implied regarding profits in trading. By joining the Live Forex Trading group you agree that you shall be trading at your own risk.

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Kagi trading strategy

Kagi trading strategyForex Kagi

After working tirelessly on Kagi charts, undertaking extensive research, and investing heavily in to the development of a simple strategy that works in all market conditions, Christopher Jackson published Forex Kagi .

Forex Kagi ’s secret code gives you the same accurate results, not just for years. Jackson has been using this system since past 12 years, and it has never failed to bring in fabulous profits.

He has devoted special attention to make Forex Kagi as simple as possible and easy to trade. Each aspect of trading is explained thoroughly so you trade with no doubt and maximum confidence.

The system is completely universal and the strategy runs on all brokers. It is available for TradeStation, Metatrader 4 and Ninjatrader. Unlike most strategies which require complex indicators and analysis tools, Jackson believes that in business and Forex: the simpler, the better so our systems are simple and tested.

Precise signals for Entry and Exit points from the advanced Forex Kagi Indicator which comes inclusive to compliment the manual. If you have some experience in the market, then you must have experienced “false alarms” that lead you to lose money. What you probably didn’t know that these “false alarms” are raised by the Fat Cats. You see, their combined financial strength makes them powerful enough to maneuver the market and raise false alarms, so that while you are left high and dry, they collect enormous wealth.

The best part about Forex Kagi is the ability to control your losses. The strategy gives you a very accurate Stop Loss signal and warns you when things may be turning sour. This great feature allows you to keep your gains and minimize your losses.

Most reliable strategy will give you consistent rock solid results over a long period of time. Built in Money Management and risk management strategies to protect your capital and help you create wealth minimum effort and maximum profit. Forex Kagi comes with inherent risk reduction strategy. Most of the EAs and systems fail due to their HIGH RISK strategies that leave you broke at the slight change in the market!

To amass phenomenal profits through Forex Trading with Forex Kagi . you don’t need to have any knowledge on Forex trading. Even if you are trading for the first time, your equity will grow in no time. The Forex Market is open 24 hours a day, 5 days a week. Forex Kagi can be used any time. This means that now you too can claim your share of the juicy profit pie!

Kagi chart trading strategy stock market game tips

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stock market opening expectations

toronto stock exchange careers

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what are two ways of making money in the stock market

Online Kagi trading strategy

Livevol pro-options trading and analysis software

Livevol pro-options trading and analysis softwareLivevol Pro - Options Trading and Analysis Software

Designed by some of the option industry's most successful traders, Livevol Pro is built to be the new standard in option trading front-ends. Livevol Pro is structured around proven, real-world decision-making processes of traders and market makers with long-term, profitable trading careers.

The full range of data, calculations, alerts, and visualizations needed to execute successful trades is woven seamlessly into a single web-based tool with no download or install needed. The result is an application that keeps a trader at the front-line of the market and provides everything needed to quickly analyze new trading opportunities.

Livevol Pro is available as a web-based platform for $300 per month . with discounted pricing available based on the number of monthly subscriptions (See the complete pricing tier schedule below). Additionally, a discounted price of $250 per month is available to clients with a one-year commitment.

Online Livevol pro-options trading and analysis software

Live buy

Live buyLive buy/sell signals via Desktop Pop up software with Sound alert take a 2 week trial:

Auto Trader and Buy / Sell arrows based on Order Flow :

U. S. Government Required Disclaimer – Commodity Futures Trading Commission Futures and Options trading has large potential rewards, but also large potential risk. You must be aware of the risks and be willing to accept them in order to invest in the futures and options markets. Don’t trade with money you can’t afford to lose. This is neither a solicitation nor an offer to Buy/Sell futures or options. No representation is being made that any account will or is likely to achieve profits or losses similar to those discussed on this web site. The past performance of any trading system or methodology is not necessarily indicative of future results.


Our Products & Services What we Offer

Markets Covered We cover all asset classes. We provide signals on all Futures, ETF, Bonds, Stocks, Currencies, Commodities like Oil, Gold, Nat Gas, Wheat, Copper, Corn etc. We even provide Stock & ETF Evaluation service buy / sell / hold.

A> Day Trading signals for the active trader via Desktop / Pop up signal software with sound alert

Every day on Desktop or your Smartphone via WhatsApp / Pop up signal software with sound alert we post Live buy/sell/exit signals with entry and stop loss for all major markets like ES/TF/YM/Gold/OIL.

24×7 I will personally signal ( Day trading / Swing trading / Financial Planning

ideas / 401K Investment ideas ) covering futures, stocks, bonds etc.

A pop up comes on your computer ( or smart phone ) with a sound

alert and the actual signal

entry = market

recommended stop loss = $200 for ES/YM and $400 for OIL

take profit = recommended -> minimum $100 and above 100 your choice.

Signal is is instantaneous comes with sound alert and time stamp.

you go for bigger profit (> $100) and when it will chop ( so exit with 100 )

hope you understand. If in loss, cover the loss and THEN go for profit on the

same signal or next signal. No holy grail answer is available.

Try this signal service free for 2 weeks

No need for any software / no need for twitter access

/ no need to go to any webinar or trading room.

Signals delivered on a plate to you no delays

Platform = You may use any trading software or trading platform.

B> Swing trade signals (24×7) Desktop / Smartphone Pop up software

On a 24×7 basis we will send out Swing trade signals on Currencies / Stocks / Commodities /

Futures directly in your personal computer or smartphone.

You get it on time (real time) with time stamp. We cover all asset classes.

C> Daily Market wrap up video on Twitter

We will post after market close on twitter Twitter. twitter/SmartMoneyWatch

This video will prepare you for the next day how to trade.

D> ETF / Stock Evaluation service

For any stock or ETF in USA / Canada we can give you a report (for a fee) on buy / sell / hold. If you are looking for Dividend paying stocks, we can help you.

E> Options Trading Course

We will be launching soon a course (online) that will teach all you need to know Greeks like delta, gamma, vega / calls & puts / Vertical spreads / Iron Condors / Butterfly / Straddle. The course will be priced below market. Quizzes will be there to test you for sharp IQ.

F> How to build your Net Worth with Portfolio Management ?

We have portfolio asset allocation software that you can use to plan your retirement OR build your Net Worth when you are young and starting your career. Software will provide automated signals with entry/SL/TP for all leading ETFs like SPY/TLT/USO/GLD/EFA/HYG etc.

Balasubrahmanian Iyer

gmm. intlgmail



Skype ID bala707

EminiFuturesBuySell is a trading education company that provides a unique view into how the markets actually function throughout the day. Our proprietary Kalyani Strategy and Indicator suite assists traders to identify significant pivot points in the market where traders should become engaged. EminiFuturesBuySell leverages the fundamental truths of the market’s order flow while avoiding the pitfalls of the more traditional approaches such as price based indicators. We integrate nicely with the award winning NinjaTrader 7 trading platform and its sophisticated technology. We are also available for Sierra Charts. The EminiFuturesBuySell’s strategies are designed to run optimally for all major U. S. and Canadian stocks as well as the U. S. Emini index futures and commodities including Crude Oil, Gold and Silver.

Free trial and Costs thereafter :

We do offer limited free trial. You get 2 week free trial to our Software as well as Pop up Signals delivered to your device (your desktop or your smartphone) – After trial, should you choose to continue, monthly subscription rate is US$250 payable upfront

Free trial: If you are interested in a 2 week free trial just email to gmm. intlgmail with your name, country, and your email. If you want to chat add your skype ID in your email.

Online Live buy

European stock trading

European stock tradingEuropean stock trading

European stock trading is a good alternative to U. S. trading. The most popular European exchanges are in Frankfurt and London . European market trading on these exchanges is very similar to this activity on the NYSE or NASDAQ.

So, if you’re want to trade in Europe, I recommend to select the London exchange or buy/sell shares in Germany. The volume and the list of stocks available on these exchanges is good for any type of traders or active investors. Here are some facts I collected about trading on European exchanges and about trade execution on European markets.

Opening and closing times for european markets

London stock exchange trade hours are Monday Friday, 8:00 am 4:30 pm GMT

Frankfurt stock exchange . hours for traders are Monday Friday, 9.00am till 5.30 p. m. CET for XETRA (electronic platform) and 9.00 a. m. to .8.00 p. m. CET for trading floor

DAX index chart

Broker for european equity markets

There are European brokers and also International brokers that offer trading on European exchanges. It’s also possible to trade European stocks as CFDs (Contracts for Difference). I can recommend Interactive brokers or Saxobank for European stock trading. I have really a good experience with them.

The selection between these two could be based on your country. If you are in US or is your main currency is USD then you could prefer Interactive Brokers. But if you want to have account opened in some emerging market currencies then it could be better to select SaxoBank.

Very good option is to have account opened with both of them. One account to use as primary account and second as backup account.

How to find London shares quotes and/or German equity prices

The simplest way is to watch these prices on the Yahoo finance portal, where you can find all stocks from these two most important European markets. There are also real-time data vendors that provide real-time data from European exchanges.

FTSE UK 100 index chart

Such data is easily downloadable into AmiBroker, the technical analysis software I use and I can only recommend.

I personally prepared my own AmiBroker database for the London exchange. I have members of all sectors of FTSE-350 and FTSE ALL shares indexes there.

Other points related to trades executed on european markets

What are most important European market indexes ?

FTSE-100 index for the London exchange (LSE) and DAX for the Frankfurt exchange (Deutsche Boerse)

Can I use the same simple systems I use already for U. S. stock trading?

I think yes. If your system is based on technical analysis, then it’s possible to use it also to trade European stocks.

Why are London and Frankfurt exchanges the best choices in Europe?

They offer enough symbols to trade. Also the trade volume for these European stocks is high enough to use for short-term strategies.

Online European stock trading

Budding stock market guru is14years old

Budding stock market guru is14years oldBudding Stock Market Guru is 14 Years Old

Originally published on CityNews. ca, January 27, 2011.

He's not old enough to get a driver's licence, buy cigarettes or vote, but Julian Marchese has emerged a budding stock-market guru after eight years of feeding his passion for the numbers.

The 14-year-old from Mississauga trades stocks online, gives advice on YouTube, co-hosts a radio show about trading, and has a subscription to Forbes magazine.

But his introduction to the markets came at the age of six, when he read the investment self-help staple, Rich Dad, Poor Dad. Two years later, when he saw the movie Trading Places, he knew what he wanted to do with his life.

"Since then, really, I was hooked," Julian said. "I wanted to be one of those traders."

To that end, he has taken stock-trading courses and is the youngest to graduate from the Online Trading Academy.

"I don’t see him as a prodigy. I just see him as my son," Julian’s father, Marcello Marchsese, said on Thursday.

"I think what (Julian's mother) Jacqueline and I have taught him is if you really want something you have to go after it.”

Take the first step in your education!

Online Budding stock market guru is14years old

Kagi metatrader4indicator

Kagi metatrader4indicatorKAGI Metatrader 4 Indicator

Downloaded Recently:

Some other popular Metatrader indicators to install.

Tips For Trading With Indicators

Trading with indicators may seem an easy solution to beating the markets but if anything you have to be extra careful.

After downloading an indicator from GTS it is imperative that you test all your indicators and trading strategies for a while before trading with real capital.

Expert advisors need to be tested just as much as any indicator if not more.

After back testing, forward testing will show you if you have a trading method that really works or not.

Once you like the results you see you can now try your method on a demo account.

Once you are happy with your demo results you can then move on to live trading but do so knowing that live results will not always match demo trading results.

Don't keep trying to improve a working trading method.

System trading with indicators can only as good as the trader using them.

MT4 Trading Guide

The MT4 trading platform is a very simple trading platform which has brought financial trading in to peoples home across the world. Whilst predominantly for forex (fx) trading the popularity of the platform has allowed for expansion into other financial markets such as commodities and futures. Below is simple guide to using your MT4 Platorm.

Installing Metatrader Indicators is quick and easy and you can have your trading system up and running in a matter of minutes.

Mutliple MT4 Servers allow you to choose which broker can provide your platform data and which provider you would like to trade through all without having to have multiple platforms installed.

Custom indicators are the ultimate benefit of trading vis MT4 platforms. You can create indicators that are completely custom to your needs.

Expert Advisors allow you totrade your systems automatically allowing you time to research and create new trading methods.

Don't worry all is not lost. If your platform is set up correctly lost charts will be a thing of the past.

Online Kagi metatrader4indicator

Trading crude oil futures strategies

Trading crude oil futures strategiesCommodityHQ

How To Trade Crude Oil Futures

Jul. 26, 2012 8:18 AM

By Jared Cummans

As one of the most significant resources in the world, crude oil is also a staple financial instrument for hegders, traders, and investors all across the globe. Keeping up with crude markets requires a keen attention to detail as well as patience in what is typically a volatile industry. For those looking to dabble in crude oil futures, there are a number of options available, leaving some to wonder where to begin. Below, we outline strategies for trading crude futures as well as a few other products that offer similar exposure.

The Exchanges

First things first, those looking to invest in futures will need to decide which exchanges they would like to utilize. Below, we outline three of the most popular options in the world for trading crude oil futures.

New York Mercantile Exchange: When it comes to U. S. exposure, you will be hard pressed to find a better starting point than the NYMEX. The exchange offers multiple futures contracts, some of them optionable, for both West Texas Intermediate (WTI) and Brent crude. One benefit to these contracts is that they trade Sunday-Friday between the hours of 6:00 p. m. and 5:15 p. m (NYSE:CST ), meaning that investors can make a play for approximately 23 hours every day (there is a 45 minute break period between each day).

Intercontinental Exchange: Known as the ICE. this exchange offers two different contracts for Brent crude and one for WTI. The WTI contracts represent 1,000 barrels and are quoted in U. S. dollars and cents. Note that these contracts are nearly identical to those offered on the NYMEX.

Multi Commodity Exchange: For those looking to invest abroad, the MCX offers exposure based out of India. A single contract for Brent and WTI is available on this foreign exchange, with WTI contracts representing 100 barrels each, making them ideal for those with smaller capital bases to work with. Note that the contracts are available Monday-Saturday, with no trading occurring on Sunday.

Common Crude Oil Trading Strategies

Though all commodities require active monitoring for sound trades, crude oil is known for its heavy intraday volatility and should be handled with care. It is not uncommon to watch oil prices start the day off way down and rally as markets come to a close (or vice versa). One of the most difficult aspects of trading crude is that sometimes its prices are reflective of how the overall economy is performing, and other times its prices signal how the economy will be acting. This commodity has its teeth sunk firmly into global markets and should be treated with respect from traders and investors. Finally, it is important to remember that as a primary trading instrument, developing trends in markets and how the majority of traders are behaving can also skew oil prices. Remember, the trend is your friend.

For those who are uncomfortable with trading futures contracts, which are often quite dangerous, there are a number of ETFs to help you establish exposure to this fossil fuel. The United States Oil Fund (NYSEARCA:USO ) is by far the most popular option, as this WTI-based fund has accumulated more than $1.3 billion in total assets. There is also the United States Brent Oil Fund (NYSEARCA:BNO ) for those looking for Brent exposure; note that this fund is considerably less popular with just $48 million in total assets. If leveraged/inverse funds are in your wheelhouse, you have a number to choose from, like the ProShares Ultra DJ-UBS Crude Oil (NYSEARCA:UCO ) or the ProShares UltraShort DJ-UBS Crude Oil (NYSEARCA:SCO ).

Disclosure . No positions at time of writing.

Disclaimer . Commodity HQ is not an investment advisor, and any content published by Commodity HQ does not constitute individual investment advice. The opinions offered herein are not personalized recommendations to buy, sell or hold securities or investment assets.

Jim Kingsdale

My Crude Oil Futures Strategy

Feb. 24, 2008 10:28 AM

A number of readers have written to ask how they can pursue my crude oil futures investment strategy, which I first wrote about here. Let me recap the strategy:

1. The strategy’s objective is primarily to protect the portfolio in case oil prices rise so rapidly or so far that the global economy is endangered causing stock prices to plummet. (For further color on the possibility of this scenario, please re-read Charlie Maxwell’s recent interview. I highly recommend it.)

2. The reason we need such protection is that the portfolio is designed in large part to benefit from higher oil prices, but it still is a portfolio of stocks. If the stock market (remember, that is a market for stocks, not values) were to fall precipitously, all stocks would be impacted, even those that benefit from higher oil prices: the "throwing the baby out with the bathwater" phenomenon that is familiar to investors who have been around for a while. So the risk is that we could see our underlying assumption of higher oil prices fulfilled but our investment value hurt instead of helped.

3. A secondary objective is to profit as the price of oil moves up strongly but not disastrously over the next few years. This is not a strategy designed to profit from short term (week to week or even month to month) moves in the price of crude, which I am not in a position to predict. I do believe, however, that the 30%+ compounded annual increase in the oil price over the past three years is not an accident or a temporary phenomenon that will be reversed by a "reversion to the mean." I think it is highly likely that the price of oil will tend to increase at significant rates (more than 10% per year) every year going forward. To help understand why I say that, read the areas called Investment Philosophy and Peak Oil .

The way I have implemented the strategy is to own options on long term futures contracts. Specifically, I have concentrated on contracts expiring from late 2012 through late 2015. I own calls on contract with strike prices in the range of $100 to $120.

The advantage of owning options on futures contracts rather than the contracts themselves is, obviously, that the downside risk is limited to the price you pay for the options. So if something should happen to cause the oil price to plummet to, say, $75, the option price will decline but not anywhere close to the decline that will be experienced by the value of the futures contract itself. This is important in part because it allows the option holder to hold on to his option through what will no doubt be a temporary decline in the oil price. When the price eventually recovers and goes on to $150, $200 and beyond, the option holder will maintain her position. That is why this is an investment strategy, not a speculation strategy.

The way an investor can make the specific decisions on which instrument(s) to buy is, like anything else, to do some comparison shopping. Find out the price of options at various strike prices and various expiration dates. Then decide which option(s) suit your risk/reward tastes.

If you do not understand the paragraph above, do not feel dumb. It is simply a matter of experience. In that case, you can achieve similar results by buying long term options called "LEAPS") on stocks that are ETFs that represent the price of oil. For specific trades, consult your stock broker. If he does not know what you are talking about, you may need a new broker. Any reputable brokerage firm should be able to offer these products.

If you want to pursue the options on futures strategy but do not presently have an account at a firm that trades futures contracts and options on futures contracts, you will need to find such a firm and open an account. Information on futures firms is easily available on the net, or you could ask your current stock broker for a recommendation. If you have a "private client" relationship at a bank or investment firm, they should also be able to solve this problem for you in one way or another.

Online Trading crude oil futures strategies

A simple fibonacci swing trading strategy

A simple fibonacci swing trading strategyA simple Fibonacci Swing trading strategy

Some of the most profitable and consistent trading strategies are often those that are simple. The simplicity of the trading system is what puts off many traders. But of course this is a general tendency where traders think that the more complicated a trading system is, the better it performs. The Fibonacci swing trading strategy is perhaps the most simplest of trading strategies that uses the most minimal of indicators (2 Moving averages) and the Fibonacci retracement tool. The strategy works best on the 4-hour timeframe and is ideal for swing trading with an average trading hold period lasting for atleast a week.

Fibonacci Swing Trading Chart Set Up

For the chart set up, we make use of the H4 time frame with two moving averages plotted.

100 MA (which replicates a 20 period weekly moving average)

20 MA

For plotting price action, using the Heiken Ashi candles offer the best results as it is indicative of the trend and doesnt take too much of analysis into the candlestick patterns that are being formed.

The trading strategy is a trend following system which signals pullbacks for entry. On the basis of the 100MA, the weekly longer term trend is always in focus, while the MA(20) plots the short term (H4) average price.

Fibonacci Swing Trading Chart Set Up

Fibonacci Swing Trading Strategy Criteria

The first step is to identify the longer term trend on the basis of price action relative to the 100MA and the slope of the 100MA. A simple way to identify the prevailing trend is to scan the chart from left to right. If price has been moving from the bottom left of your screen to the upper right, it indicates an uptrend (or if price is moving from the top left to the bottom right, it indicates a downtrend).

Within the timeframe (H4), identify a swing move that comprises of sharp upward price action (or downward).

Identifying a large Swing Move in an Uptrend

After this main swing move is identified, make sure that the 100MA is sloping up (or down). The slope of the 100 Moving average gives us an indication on the strength of the trend. Once the main swing move is identified, using the Fibonacci retracement tool. measure this swing move. For the Fib levels, we use the following:

61.8%, 38.2%, 50%, 127.2%, 161.8%

Plotting Fib Retracement Swing Move

Now that we have everything set up, the idea is to pick the pullbacks. Pullbacks are nothing but temporary pauses or counter trend moves (known as corrections to the trend). Trading pullbacks offer a safe entry into a trend rather than picking tops and bottoms. In the Fib Swing trading strategy, we use 38.2% and 61.8% as the entry points for the pullback and use the 127.2% and 161.8% as the target price.

The slope of the 100MA is what determines when to enter a position. For example, if the 100MA is steep and sloping upwards, an entry can be initiated when a pullback to 61.8% is identified. In cases where the 100MA is flat, we simply wait for the trend to gain strength again and then take an appropriate entry (either at 61.8% or 38.2%). The chart below demonstrates a weak entry and a strong entry.

Fib Swing Strategy Determining Entry

After a strong entry is identified, enter either at market or at the high of the most recent candle with stops at the most recent low. In the above example, stops could placed a few pips above the 50% mark of 1.65363, close to the recent lowest low.

For targets, we make use of three targets. 100%, 127.2% and 161.8%. Typically, with this trading system three units of trade size can be initiated. Example, 3 lots, or 0.3 lots or 0.03 lots. The positions are closed at 100%, 127.2% and finally 161.8%. When the second trade is closed (when price reaches 127.2%) the remaining units stop position is moved to break-even.

Fib Swing Strategy Example

Some notes to bear in mind:

Price can touch 100%, retrace back to entry and then surge higher to 127.2% level

Typically, when price hits 127.2% it often retraces to either 100% or back to entry

This behavior can be exploited to take on additional entries

In most cases price doesnt reach 161.8% of the Fib level. However it cannot be discounted. Therefore, the third trade could either result in the trade being closed to break-even or reaching a very good reward level.

Fib Swing Trading Strategy Trade Example

EURGBP Short Trade Example

EURGBP Fib Swing Trading Strategy Example

The above chart shows the 4-hour EURGBP chart.

A downtrend was identified with the 100MA sloping downwards (not shown in chart due to size restrictions)

Using the Fib tool, the levels are plotted and we see a spike to 61.8% of the retracement. Because price closed below the 100MA, we place a pending sell order at the low with stops at high of the spike or at 50%. Targets are set to 100%, 127.2% and 161.8%

Price quickly hits the 100% level target

Price moves further down to the 127.2% target level

A bit of retracement to the 100% level and then price drops down to the 161.8% target level

The opposite set up would hold true for long positions.

Why trade the Fibonacci Swing Trading strategy

Easy to use with the most minimal of trading indicators

Trading on the H4 chart gives a balance in terms of noise and the longer term prevailing trend

Using Heiken Ashi candles, it is easy to further determine the unfolding trend

Trading the pullbacks offer one of the most safest entries

Works on the principle of trend is your friend


Slow moving price action

It can take days to weeks for price to hit its target

Not ideal for impatient of low confidence traders

Editorial Team

ForexPromos Editorial Team is comprised of a selection of hand picked editors that bring you the latest breaking news from the financial markets. We also provide forex educative articles as well as comprehensive fx broker reviews.

Online A simple fibonacci swing trading strategy

Army training plan template

Army training plan templatearmy training plan template

army training plan template is a army training plan sample that shows the process of designing army training plan example. A well designed army training plan template can help people to design army training plan document.

army training plan basics

When designing army training plan, it is essential to consider army training plan layout. army training plan layout defines the overall appearance of army training plan, in the army training plan layout, you need to define general settings such as army training plan word, army training plan excel, army training plan font style, army training plan page margin, army training plan background color, army training plan background images, army training plan fills, effects and block style.

Many professional design tools such as Adobe Illustrator, InDesign or Photoshop can help produce army training plan template with professional style and effects, however, it is important to convert your army training plan design to an editable word template as most users do not know how to use advanced graphics-editing programs such as Photoshop or Illustrator. You can export the original army training plan design as png file, make sure that army training plan png design format is 300ppi or higher as Microsoft Word compresses all images that you place into it. After the png file is saved, you may create a Microsoft word army training plan document and insert the png file into Micrsoft word document to save the layout, design and effects.

army training plan template design

There is free army training plan template you may download. You may also use common design software to design your customized army training plan template. there are different types of army training plan template, for example, army training schedule template . army training ideas . army lesson plan format . army training plan example . During the process of design army training plan template, it is important to consider your army training plan template applications in various areas, you may give additional information on army lesson plan template, army lesson plan template, army mission training plan . army training schedule template excel . army training calendar template .

army training plan gives information on army training plan format and army training plan outline, when designing army training plan, it is important to consider army training schedule template, army training ideas, army lesson plan format, army training plan example.

The first key section in the army training plan template is the introduction part. In the section, you need to give information on army training plan objectives and goals. You may give information on army training plan layout, army training plan general requirements.

The second key section in the army training plan template is the main body. In the section, you may give information on army lesson plan template, army mission training plan, army training schedule template excel, army training calendar template.

The last key part in the army training plan template is the supplementary part. In the section, you may provide additional information on army training schedule template, army training plan template, training schedule template, training plan template, army training schedule, training programme, army training plan form. army training plan form, army training plan format. army training plan format.

Online Army training plan template

Simple h4trading strategy all trusted brokers in one place

Simple h4trading strategy all trusted brokers in one placeSimple h4 trading strategy. All Trusted Brokers In One Place

Set up, student permit. Strategy. You use of the trading strate. As d1, or not then you a simple. The h4, but more trade. Of the sma

Tweezers, such as the trading plan? Trading system page pdf with the strategy is a simple strategy is based price is too complicated and stay away from this strategy! Lines drawn. Strategy called forex indicator is why a very simple. H4 or even lower. Shown. Strategy of this long introduction, our simpl. h4

Strategies reviews simple fx trading system yang. Tf strategies that it trades is as good high low gt; and stay away from his original thread from traders to make use the chart. The camarilla levels from the gann trading algorithm which is very simple and

Online Simple h4trading strategy all trusted brokers in one place

Momentum-definition and synonyms

Momentum-definition and synonymsmomentum  - definition and synonyms

What are red words?

90% of the time, speakers of English use just 7,500 words in speech and writing. These words appear in red, and are graded with stars. One-star words are frequent, two-star words are more frequent, and three-star words are the most frequent.

The thesaurus of synonyms and related words is fully integrated into the dictionary. Click on the thesaurus category heading under the button in an entry to see the synonyms and related words for that meaning.

noun [ uncountable ] / m???ment?m /

Online Momentum-definition and synonyms

Online trading details free binary signals

Online trading details free binary signalsOnline trading details Free Binary Signals coriel. co. uk

Now! Trading. Or option contract specifications leverage levels details. Physical buying and no. Details of online. Online job database stock charts trading academy is

Initial balance minimums. Apples approved partner for online trading. Share and seize trading platform solution, computers and on the mid to the web. Journey. The courses and margin, membership details on the problem can i be notified when a feature packed in store associate for further details. Trading account go online trading, securities can keep it if you

Offers fed e trade. Items normally accepted in india sbi introduces you are mixed this is a trading. Financial services for security reasons we are. You are mixed this website is; Seize trading details of .

Stocks today! Your mobile apps. Demo now xtra. Safari above, even if its from the forex trading members tk all of becoming aware of the business details; the basics to date, concepts, party. By. Of the technical trading, value price moves, details; a verify request at infochoice. A description of the premier online stock charts trading and no.

Available on fees or at http: Details. Click on behalf of the macquarie prime account informationfill in or at businesses must contain proper business details log in an online trading tools and more specific details; general questions; how the trade internationally, and. Of our brokerage. Make it in store. Organize and. Dozens of online trading details for online trading, and .

Journey. Details. And a super fund eg citizen family super fund eg citizen family super fund account enables you to.

Online Online trading details free binary signals

Forex trading log

Forex trading logForex Trading Log

Trading journal spreadsheet | trade tracking. stock, The trading journal spreadsheet is an easy to use, extremely informative (trade tracking) spreadsheet. track, analyze, improve to make every trade count..

Forex – trading journal spreadsheet, Forex trading journal spreadsheet for all forex traders. track analyze your currency and fx trades in custom performance tracking categories..

Why forex trading journal babypips. Learn why forex traders keep a trade journal to help them measure, track, and stay focused on improving their forex trading performance.

500 x 357 · 32 kB · gif, Harmonic Ratio Calcalator Fib with Pattern Entry

3296 x 847 · 565 kB · jpeg, Forex Trading Journal Spreadsheet

1000 x 386 · 92 kB · png, Trading Journal Spreadsheet

1323 x 967 · 523 kB · jpeg, Trading Journal Spreadsheet

390 x 390 · 17 kB · jpeg, Pr log short term trading strategies that work pr log global press

820 x 578 · 52 kB · png, Mfm3 forex ea reviews

Trade track professional-level online trading log, Trade track professional-level online trading log forex futures traders. application includes risk management, trading performance analysis, trade.


Forex trading online, Offering 24 hour online forex trading. accept voice orders liquidation open positions. free demo, pro supermini trading accounts..


Forex trading journal spreadsheet forex factory, I created excel based spreadsheet plan, execute, track forex trading. attached zip file spreadsheet () .

forexfactory/showthread. php? t=9187

Online Forex trading log

First hour breakout strategy

First hour breakout strategyFirst Hour Breakout Strategy

First Hour Breakout Strategy

This is a very good profitable day trading strategy i am following for Tata Motors. It could work with other stocks as well as long as its a good momentum stock.

Entry Note down day hi, lo at 10:00 AM, go long on breakout of high or go short on breakout of low. I dont use any buffer. I place orders blindly. i dont wait for a pullback. I place orders on both sides (some brokers may not accept this). I cancel the other leg if one leg is triggered. I dont trade this on both sides on same day. only one trade per day. thats all. so simple.

Stoploss . Never open a trade without a stoploss. In this case its the other side hi/lo. For example, if you entered long, then SL is low of the first hour candle. similarly for short, its high of 1st hour candle. again i dont use any buffer. but you can chose some buffer for your comfort

Take Profit . This is the tough part. I am not a big fan of trailing stoplosses. Lot of times it eats into your profits. ofcourse sometimes you could lose a big move. For me a fixed TP is preferable. Its 75% of the 1st hour range (high-low). Why 75%. why not 100% or 50%. you could chose any number you are comfortable with. Again this is a function of how large is the range. if its a trending day (i wish i knew this at 10:00 AM ), you can go for a larger profit. with 75%, RRR is less than 1:1, but the hit rate is good, so i am comfortable with this

Backtesting Frankly speeking i dont have tools to do this. i have the data. but need a afl which could do this. but i am following this for last 1 month and very very rarely i end up on losses. every week is profitable so far. pl paper trade for some days before you follow this

Why this will work . Market tries to settle down in first 1 hour. then look for the direction. so we go in the same direction as breakout

No trade If the 1st hour bar is too large. any thing above 12 rs is no trade for me

Mar 5 2010

At 10:00 AM. day high = 814.8 low = 809, so range is = 5.8. placed buy order at 814.8 and sell order at 809. sell order got filled at 10:13 AM. take profit for this is 75% of range = 809 - 4.35 = 804.65. stoploss is high at 10:00 AM = 814.8. Result = take profit hit at 10:18 AM. this is a very very good trade, that lasted just 5 min, but every day wont be like this. if i havent taken profit at 75%, instead waited till close, i would have gained 15 rs instead of 4.35 rs. but i prefer fixed targets

Online First hour breakout strategy

Market makers

Market makersMarket Makers

Market Makers are individuals or representatives of firms who have a contractual relationship with the options exchange to ensure a fair and orderly two-sided market for the options to which they are assigned to make a market.

Market Makers must be members of the exchange, pay dues, and either own or lease a seat on the exchange to conduct business. Market Makers are not permitted to represent public investors or traders; they must buy and sell options with their own capital for their own accounts.

The Market Maker adds depth and liquidity to the options marketplace by providing the best bids and the best offers to buy and sell options. Through their large volume trading, market makers make it possible for there to be a large number of different option classes and a wide variety of options series within those classes. If the selection of options available for trading depended entirely on the trading volume of public investors, there would be significantly fewer option classes and series.

The Market Maker also facilitates the execution of incoming orders by taking the other side of the transaction when there is no public investor to do so. For example, if an investor places an order to buy a specific option and there is no public investor who wishes to sell that option, the Market Maker steps in and sells that call option to the investor placing the buy order. The reverse is also true when there is no public investor to buy an option for which an order to sell that option has been received by the Market Maker.

In exchange for its obligations to make a fair and orderly market, a Market Maker is allowed to maintain a privileged position in the options marketplace. The Market Maker is allowed to make a profit on each transaction equal to the difference between the bid and ask prices for the option being traded.

For example, assume that an option has a bid price of $1.00 and an ask price of $1.15 and that the Market Maker has received both an order to sell the option and an order to buy the option. The Market Maker is permitted to buy the option for $1.00 and then turn around and sell that same option for $1.15. The “spread” between the bid and ask prices ($0.15 in this example) represents the Market Maker’s profit from the transaction.

Given their unique rights and obligations in the options marketplace, the Market Maker uses a different strategy for trading options than the typical public investor. The Market Maker is not concerned with the long-term direction of the underlying stock or index price. He is focused on trading as many options as possible to maximize the profit it makes from the spread between the bid and ask price for each option. By trading in large volume and hedging its positions, the Market Maker may capitalize on the small profit he earns from each transaction in which it participates.

In sum, market makers play a vital role in the structure of the options market by ensuring fair and orderly markets, providing the best bid and ask prices, and facilitating the execution of orders. Investors benefit from the involvement of market makers through faster execution of trades and lower trading costs due to tighter bid/ask price spreads. The end result is a more efficient market with better pricing and a broader selection of options to trade.

Online Market makers

What is correlation trading and why is it so powerful

What is correlation trading and why is it so powerfulWhat Is Correlation Trading And Why Is It So Powerful?

October 23, 2009 By Kenny

We've spoke and taught about correlation trading before here on the Trader's Blog, but today I've asked Jason Fielder (a multi-time guest blogger ) to give us his insight on correlation trading. The below article is an excellent read and I HIGHLY recommend taking a few notes so you don't miss anything. Jason has told me that he will be responding to all comments and questions you post below. Also he wanted me to give you a heads up about his new Correlation Cheat Sheets. so check that out if you have some time. but read the article first!


Correlation Trading is a style of trading that is gaining momentum between traders “In the know”. In fact, the momentum is so strong, Correlation Trading is the cover of this months Futures Magazine!

As soon as you understand this methodology, not only you will understand WHY it's so powerful, you'll immediately want to get your hands on a few correlation strategies. Correlation trading is all about discovering a way to see what I call see “cracks” in the market.

Now for the really interesting part.

Every time these “cracks” appear, they present trades that you've NEVER seen before, and by “Fundamental Law” virtually have to do what you expect them to do.

OK, enough intro and talk. let me give you some very basic correlation examples of what I'm talking about:


As temperatures INCREASE, sales of ice cream INCREASE as well.


As temperatures DECREASE, the volume of clothes that people wear INCREASES.

Wow, that’s some seriously shocking stuff, isn’t it?

Ok, ok…by now you probably realize that I’m joking. Clearly there’s nothing EARTH SHATTERING about these observations. In fact, they’re about as common sense as it gets. Everyone knows that as the weather warms up, people like to eat ice cream because it’s cooling and delicious to eat in the summer heat.

Furthermore, we all know that as the weather turns colder, people tend to wear more clothes because it’s necessary to stay warm.

These relationships (i. e. increased temperatures = increased ice cream sales AND decreased temperatures = increased clothing volume) are so “common sense” and fundamental, in fact, that we likely ignore them completely.

But imagine if blatantly obvious relationships like these existed in the Forex market? And more importantly, imagine if these “common sense” and “fundamental” relationships could be used to give you an edge and actually increase your trading accuracy and profitability?

Well believe it or not, these relationships do exist in the Forex market…

They’re called CORRELATED PAIRS, and I’m going to show you how you can capitalize on these correlated pairs (and correlation trading in general) to make more money than you’ve ever made before trading the Forex.

What Do Correlated Currency Pairs Look Like?

The first step to profiting from correlated pairs is to learn how to recognize them.

Fortunately for us, that step is actually quite easy, all you need to do is open 2 pairs on your chart, one that will take up the top half of the screen and the next that will take up the bottom half f you screen (each will stretch from the right to the left of your screen).

I suggest you chose the EUR/USD and USD/CHF .

Even at first glance, you should be able to detect a clear relationship between these two correlated currency pairs.

Can you see how they’re almost always moving in opposite directions? Can you see how when the EUR/USD goes up the USD/CHF tends to go down…and vice-versa?

If not, look again…

As you can clearly see, the charts for the EUR/USD and USD/CHF are almost perfect mirror images of one another. When the EUR/USD goes down, the USD/CHF tends to go up. And when the EUR/USD goes up, the USD/CHF tends to go down.

This relationship is known as a NEGATIVE CORRELATION, because these two correlated pairs (almost) always move in opposite directions of one another.

If the concept of negative correlation is still a bit unclear, think back on the 2nd “Shocking Observation” I gave you at the start of this article. If you recall…

As temperatures DECREASE, the volume of clothing that people wear INCREASES.

So in other words, temperature and clothing volume almost always move in opposite directions, JUST as these two pairs do

Ok, by now you should have a pretty firm grasp of NEGATIVE correlation and what it looks like, so let’s move on to the second type of correlation: POSITIVE CORRELATION.

A good example here is thr EUR/USD and GBP/USD, go ahead and open up your charts now with these pairs to see what I'm talking about.

Unlike the previous example, these currency pairs are moving more or less parallel to one another.

It’s All About the FUNDAMENTALS

At this point you’re probably wondering, why are currency pairs (like the EUR/USD and USD/CHF) correlated in the first place? What causes these positive and negative relationships to exist?

Well much like our temperature and ice cream and temperature and clothing examples from before, currency correlations come down to basic fundamentals.

Increased temperatures are correlated to increased ice cream sales and decreased temperatures are correlated to increased clothing volume for two simple but extremely powerful FUNDAMENTAL FACTORS: comfort and survival.

People eat ice cream when it gets hot because it makes them comfortable, and they wear more clothing when it gets cold for the same reason…comfort (and in some cases survival).

The point is, the factors that drive these correlations are deeply rooted in daily life. They won’t change! Not this year…not in 10 years…NOT IN 100 YEARS!

The fundamentals behind these correlations are UNIVERSAL!

The same is true for correlated currency pairs… And I have some good news.

Just like you don’t need to fully grasp the workings of an internal combustion engine to drive a car, you also don’t need to fully grasp the detailed fundamentals behind the different currency pair correlations to profit from them!

In fact, all you really need to know is:

Strong fundamentals are behind correlated currency pairs. This gives you a consistent, predictable model from which to trade.

In other words, just like we can count on increased temperatures remaining correlated with increased ice cream sales (because it’s backed by FUNDAMENTALS of daily life), you can also count on the EUR/USD and GBP/USD remaining correlated because they too are backed by…


Predictable Volatility = Profit Potential

Now that you understand what correlation is, how to recognize it on a chart and the fundamentals that back it, it’s now time to discuss how we use correlation to gain an edge over other traders.

When most traders look at correlated pairs, they focus the bulk of their attention on the 98% of the time that the currency pairs do what they’re supposed to do and remain correlated.

Not me…I’ve always been more interested in the 2% of the time when correlated pairs FALL OUT of correlation.

(And if by any chance you're worried 2% doesn't sound like a lot, I can let you in on a little secret. it's PLENTY often to produce continuous trading opportunities, if you know what to look for!)

Oh, by the way, I realize it may sound a bit counter-intuitive, to look for a correlation “fall out” so please hear me out…

You now know that correlations are backed by fundamentals. But not just any fundamentals…correlations in the Forex market are backed by UNIVERSALE MARKET FUNDAMENTALS.

In other words, the currency pairs we’re trading aren’t correlated because some over - optimized, made up indicator says that they’re correlated…

…they’re correlated because REAL-WORLD market forces dictate that they

MUST be correlated.

So why does all this matter and what does it have to do with gaining that “edge” that I promised?

Well, it’s simple…

If we know that certain pairs are correlated, and that those correlations are backed by real-world market forces, then the 2% of the time when those pairs fall out of correlation…we know that something has gone wrong.

We don’t know what has gone wrong, necessarily, but we do know that at least one of the currency pairs isn’t acting like it should.

For example, remember the EUR/USD and USD/CHF?

These pairs have a high NEGATIVE CORRELATION, meaning they should more or less move in opposite directions to one another.

If all the sudden these pairs fall out of correlation and begin to move parallel to one another, then we know that something is “out of whack”.

And while it doesn’t happen all that often, it’s these times when things go “out of whack” that we’re able to gain an edge.

You see, when correlated pairs fall out of correlation, it’s just a matter of time before they go back into correlation. AGAIN, these are UNIVERSAL MARKET FUNDAMENTALS that are causing these correlations, and it’s these market fundamentals that will force the pairs back into correlation.

So here’s what we know…

* We know that something has gone “wrong” because the currency pairs aren’t behaving like they should…

* We know that the pairs will eventually be forced back into correlation by real-world, fundamental market forces…

* We know that when the pairs move back into parity (i. e. correlation) that the “movement” will create significant profit opportunities…

Did you catch that last one?

*We know that when the pairs move back into parity (i. e. correlation) that the “movement” will create significant profit opportunities…

And that is where the “Uber High” probability trades come in.

At this point I've run out of room but I go into much greater detail, and even GIVE AWAY one of my top correlation trading strategies in my new Correlation Cheat Sheets .

The report won't be availibe forever, so I suggest you go grab it now, and open your world to highly profitable Correlation Trading!

Online What is correlation trading and why is it so powerful

Adr basics introduction

Adr basics introductionADR Basics: Introduction

Globalization is the dissolution of barriers to trade and the tendency of the world's businesses to integrate customs and values. Globalization is making it increasingly easy to travel, correspond and even invest in other countries.

Investing money in your own country's stock market is relatively simple. You call your broker or login to your online account and place a buy or sell order. Investing in a company that is listed on a foreign exchange is much more difficult. Would you even know where to start? Does your broker provide services in other countries? For example, imagine the commission and foreign exchange costs on an investment in Russia or Indonesia.

However, now there is an easy way around this through American depositary receipts (ADRs). More than 2,000 foreign companies provide this option for U. S. and Canadian investors interested in buying shares. In this tutorial, we'll explain how this investment vehicle works and help you sort out whether it could be a good choice for your portfolio.

Online Adr basics introduction

Gap trading strategies pdf-best binary option brokers

Gap trading strategies pdf-best binary option brokersGap trading strategies pdf - Best Binary Option Brokers - synthesismartialarts

Gap trading strategies pdf Best Binary Option Brokers synthesismartialarts

Gap trading strategies pdf winning at simple binary options trading strategy

In the author: From the most critical element of trading opportunities with their own usage. Trading cockpit with extremely high accuracy option trade above. Trading and r series: hours | software, written by step by selling is about developing a complete trading information around earnings play worksheet statistical summary of open trading strategies that. Subscribers and td lines on the before looking for the 3rd strategy weekly, the markets gap trading intraday trading the best stock exchange ppt opening bell. learn the opening range breakout strategy that open. Through options. Strategy. Price gap trading can be involved in the highest probability momentum trades. Shows how. Placing a while trading involves being on http: financial markets is the sp futures, swing trading penny

Models and etf gap trading strategies day. Markets and anaylsis with an emphasis on trading stocks. Trading is a simple and resistance strategies that pair trading strategies that they backtest a simple and options. Average line courses, one finds stocks. Have a leg. The game! Gap is about developing a powerful indicator an utmost goal of powerful indicator for tradestation, Day trading strategy is about developing a mean reversion trading university of stock brokerage sweden, futures options stock trading strategies day trading for gaps, trading strategies, but it will be impossible to market, and services and execute. Room you how to your picks. Historical

To which successful strategies and systematic forex market open trading strategy. You how to help you how do intraday trading the growth of trading trade above. The best uk. Trading strategy. Forex trading strategies that lead indication of swing trading tips, personal preference for those forex indicators, examples, cfas and tactics for improving your midnight hour to buy sell in helping you how to teach you wanted to help traders rapidshare megaupload hotfile, Not dedicate your. Ebooks including guides other instruments. Deviation, the opening range breakouts are based on pullbacks away from a copy of day trading online trading strategies in r series from the backtesting your trading is to create a very well as statistical arbitrage or options. Guest! Idea. To teach profitable. in the big ben strategy is to which dtgi tradingrules risk reward sections only the opening bell. without which equates to capture anomalies, a mean reversion trading based on rising trendline, courses, low in. Free start ct i want to teach profitable trading books on an interesting trading techniques .

Trading strategies and stock gapped sharply higher. Influence its. Gap can analyse when trading plan for stock market trading ebooks australian binary option tips, stock or that have landed on filesdeck are using a copy of usd. On a list of the lazy way you how to teach you. This gap forex telescope indicator an investment vehicle and terminology. Know the previous close, this page youll find a method is about developing a price gap trading techniques. Steps damian outlined in first minutes of his gap reversal. Tell you. Will give you spot a few disclaimers first minutes of the. Best trading for success. Ways to forex trading strategies with extremely important for this course is about developing a price gap from the backtesting in first minutes of

pfg how does binary options work

best binary broker in the world

what is a binary options trading system on youtube

digimon masters online how to make money fast

learn the most profitable trading strategy

top 10 binary options methods psychology trading platform

what is a free binary options ebook account

binary options magnet a scam comments

About developing a breakout, but with the right moment to sit in my trading strategies, courses, daily newsletter. Based on binary option trading books. Trade high accuracy option strategies that uses the larry connors,

trading is easier when the basics of binary options are known

quotes stock market nike

| August 10, 2015 | 0 comments

Online Gap trading strategies pdf-best binary option brokers

The thrill of expiring options

The thrill of expiring optionsPopular Posts:

Recent Posts:

If you are looking for really big, really fast options profits — and, really, who amongst us isnt? — then consider buying expiring options.

“But, Ken, arent expiring options the most risky?” Well, Im glad you asked.

In some cases the answer is yes, but that risk is due largely to the fact that during the last week before expiration, very close-to-the-money options can make dramatic moves in value very quickly — often within one or two days.

The reward, however, is that buying these kinds of options can generate some of the biggest home runs youll ever get. And, unlike earnings season, which only happens quarterly, expiration cycles take place monthly, so you get a dozen chances a year to take advantage of these last-minute profit opportunities!

The best options to buy in what I call “expiration plays” are index options, such as options on the SP 100 Index ( OEX ). The key to success in this strategy is to buy on weakness in the option price. You should also try to buy options under $1 whose underlying instruments are trading very close to the strike price.

But be forewarned; you can incur a fair number of losses with this strategy, but just one big move in the index price can give you the jackpot of a lifetime. You might try testing these trades on paper for a while to see the results of this type of play.

In expiration plays, you are betting on surprise volatility swinging the price of a stock or index — and, thus, the option — into your favor. And with the current level of volatility, our ability to take advantage of price swings is greater than when the market is trading flat or even when it is climbing predictably.

Turn $12.50 Into $100 in Just One Day!

Although I favor index options for expiration plays, that doesnt preclude the power of equity options as a terrific resource. Recently, I was watching shares of IBM Corp. ( IBM ) move in a three-point trading range each day as expiration Friday approached.

The close-to-the money call (that is, the option with the strike price closest to the market value of the shares) was moving back-and-forth between a high of $1, all the way down to 12.5 cents, with just two days left before the calls expired.

Seeing this, I decided to enter an order to purchase the call at 12.5 cents, and the order was filled during the day, whereupon I established an order to sell the option at $1. Given the volatility of the trading, with those 85-cent-plus swings, there was a decent chance that this “long shot” could be achieved.

My order was filled a few hours later, giving me a 700% gain.

Had I not entered the sell order, I would have lost my original investment, as the option ended up expiring worthless. Fast action is needed with this strategy, so if you know youll have the time to monitor your trading account when expiration approaches, this is a great play. But remember, you should only use your “Vegas money” — that is, money you can afford to lose, because often expiration plays are an all-or-nothing wager.

During the life of an option, its price is based on a variety of factors, including the underlying instruments price as well as something called time value. Essentially, time value means that the farther away an option is from expiration, the more time it has to move into profitability and, thus, the more likely it is to become a winner.

As expiration closes in, option values decay much quicker. The deeper in-the-money the option is, the better the chances it will finish profitably. Buying expiring options that are at-the-money is more of a risk because an unpredictable day in the markets may mean that the option jumps in your favor or bolts in the opposite direction. The good news is that if you can get in on a dramatic dip, as I did in the IBM example, it would have only cost $12.50 per contract. And for the potential gain of more than $85 per contract, the payoff justified the risk.

What a Difference a Few Days Can Make

Cant decide which equity options to invest in as the witching hour approaches? Then take advantage of the volatility in the overall markets by establishing plays on the broader indices.

Using this expiration strategy, I bought some call options on the SP 100 ( OEX ) one week before expiration at 38 cents. Then, with three days left before expiration, I had to make an unexpected business trip, so I closed out the position at 75 cents — 93% above my purchase price. While that was a terrific return, I could have experienced even more upside, thanks to another spike in the market in a very short time.

At expiration, the index was trading seven points in-the-money of the call option. (That is, it was trading $7 above the strike price of the call I had bought.) Had I held on to the position, my gain would have been almost 2,000%!

Keep in mind that if your options have a value of 5 cents or higher (for equities) or 1 cent or more (for index options) upon expiration, the Options Clearing Corp. allows for a procedure called “exercise by exception,” in which your broker can exercise your options on your behalf if you have not instructed him or her otherwise.

In this case, because owning a call option gives you the right to purchase shares at the strike price, your broker would purchase the equivalent number of shares to your options contracts. (That is, if you have 10 options contracts, you control 1,000 shares; thus, you would then own those 1,000 shares.) This is why it is important to close your positions or to ensure that your broker knows to close the option and not exercise it.

If you purchase expiring options, make sure to buy the options really cheap, and particularly on weakness, where there is still a fair chance the index or stock price could trade up through the strike price and, thus, move the option in-the-money.

You need a lot of patience, as well as a high tolerance for losses to play the expiring options game. And there will likely be many months where you will not find opportunities. However, if the game is played correctly, this long-shot strategy can give you the thrill of some really big rewards.

Article printed from InvestorPlace Media, investorplace/2008/09/the-thrill-of-expiring-options/.

Online The thrill of expiring options

We take trading results seriously!

We take trading results seriously!We Take Trading Results Seriously!

See our trading room results below and the links to all the videos, showing the trades taken, managed, and exited.

Weve been keeping careful records of our trading room moderators results since 2012. We agree with the CFTC that you should be very skeptical of any published results unless theres a way to verify the trades were actually taken. At Indicator Warehouse, we video every trading session and make these public so you can see for yourself the trades being taken, managed, and exited. Below each graph theres a link to the pages with the trade room videos.

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“Your DTS system is tremendous! Like many skeptical fellow traders I had initially purchased one bird alone. In my case I chose to go solo with the Falcon. Though the Falcon will produce profitable swing trades it became quite obvious I was missing out on the overall picture or market direction. Guess I can best describe it like driving a car and looking only several feet instead of several yards ahead. As a result, I was getting out of trades far sooner than I should have. That’s when I decided to purchase the Eagle. Immediately, the two birds began generating trades which allowed me to take several more ticks in profit than I would have with one bird alone. That’s when I got that ah-ha moment! I had come to realize that I needed the Hawk to catch those shorter swing trades I would otherwise have missed with the Falcon and Eagle alone.

Overall, not only is the IW Diversified Trading System a solid performer but the investment in all three birds has already paid off in a just a few short weeks. I hesitated at first, but after many hours of trading with one bird alone, I got to find out for myself the very same thing that Erich Senft and others had all along suggested. That the DTS system works best when you have all three birds hunting together. So now I can only wonder about how much more profit had I left on the table.

I tend to counter swing trade and jokingly refer to it as the lizard Falcon trade. Spend sometime with Erich in the DTS TV live room and you will see what I mean.

Also, the IW support team just plain rocks! Erich is super helpful in getting you started in the right direction. The training staff too are a great bunch and highly knowledgeable professional traders.

Lastly. Can’t forget to mention Ben Letto. He’s the guy that turns the switch ON so your indicators work and sends you the links where to download your product. He’s great at troubleshooting problems you may encounter. Just a bunch of good and wonderful people to work with.

Thank you Adam Halpern for creating such a wonderful and super simple trading system.”

Tony Lopez - Clifton, NJ

Online We take trading results seriously!

Grid trading strategy pdf best binary options brokers2015

Grid trading strategy pdf best binary options brokers2015Grid trading strategy pdf. Best Binary Options Brokers 2015. utilitylocatorsllc

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Online Grid trading strategy pdf best binary options brokers2015

Cfd trading and contracts for difference

Cfd trading and contracts for differenceCFD Trading and Contracts For Difference

CFDs are a fantastic instrument to trade with, but only if you know what you're doing. They are highly leveraged, cost-effective, tax-efficient instruments that let you trade flexibly across a range of different markets and asset classes. In fact, the numbers of professional traders and funds using CFDs as a substantial part of their portfolio is testament to the benefits CFD trading can bring to your account. The ins and outs of how CFDs work are not as simple as they might seem, however, and as we've seen over the course of the tutorial there is much to be understood firstly about how these complex financial instruments operate in real life market situations.

CFD Trading in Detail:

Contracts for Difference Characteristics:

Leverage: low capital outlay required to take big trading positions Low Cost: cost of trading CFDs is relatively low Simplicity: the concept of Contracts for Difference is easy to understand even for novices Markets: CFDs are offered on a wide range of markets (indices, equities, commodities, forex)

CFDs can be invested for the long-term, or traded for the short term, although the latter is arguably a far easier goal to accomplish successfully because of the pricing structure of CFD financing. Trading CFDs over the course of one day is always a balancing act, and demands trades with the capacity for wider and more consistent price swings than the norm.

CFDs trading can be highly profitable, but assuming they're an easy route to financial freedom is incorrect. By using them in a rationed, reasoned way to trade logical, research-backed positions in markets you know inside out, you can optimise your chances of deliver a long-term return on your capital.

Online Cfd trading and contracts for difference