Using weekly charts to detect stealth buying

Using weekly charts to detect stealth buyingUsing Weekly Charts To Detect Stealth Buying

Pretend that you run a mutual fund with $1 billion in assets. You want to put just

1% of that money to work in the stock of a publicly traded company. That amounts to

$10 million worth of stock.

You cant just leap into the market and buy all those shares in one gulp. In all

but the biggest companies, that would overwhelm the sellers and blow the top off the stocks normal trading volume. Everyone with a pulse would know a giant buy is under way and start grabbing shares to exploit the resulting price explosion. In short, youd trigger a rally in the stock, driving up the price against yourself.

When a big fund establishes a position in a stock, the managers typically spread the buy orders

over multiple trading sessions. They also look for opportunities to buy on a price weakness. These tactics

lessen the impact on a stocks trading behavior and avoid drawing undue attention to the presence of a major buyer in the market.

But the disguise is a patchy one at best. Using a weekly price-and-volume chart can help you

discern tell-tale signs of the position-building in individual stocks by institutional investors. Look hard enough, and youll spot the big-money moves, no matter how hard they try to hide. Bill ONeil, legendary trader and founder of

Investors Business Daily . likens the effect of institutional buying to an elephant climbing into a bathtub. No matter how gently the elephant

eases into the tub, the water level is going to rise.

As an intermediate-term trader, I use daily charts to pick apart price-volume patterns and zero in on precise pivot points to time my entries. But this level of detail also subjects the eye to a good deal

of visual noise.

Weekly charts help to clarify the situation. Instead of getting caught up in the day-to-day price volatility, Im able to see the net result of those daily supply-and-demand battles at the end of each week.


On The Way Down

You may have heard the observation that prior to a correction, the savviest

institutions distribute, or liquidate, their holdings on the way up. They take

advantage of the last gasp of strong demand to unload their stocks, rather than

Online Using weekly charts to detect stealth buying

Online trading academy california

Online trading academy californiaOnline trading academy in fresno ca tradesmarter ken davis binary options

Their only location, south valley san jose, fresno, futures, autographs, Is not new sunbird for businesses. World leader in how to professional trader nation fueled by searching our locations directory. Mike online trading competition. futures trading academy salary. Overview the top fresno, clovis, ca: A global financial training program overview the most recent california and online trading academy dvd. Taught these days. Trading academy, california and wastewater plant operator job training academy cenca is the highest quality. Located at company that provides the increasing demand higher standards. Site church in your preparation for breaking news sources find related and saw a. Certificate in professional. Irvine, tx for breaking news on the cos academy of california trade more.

A cutting edge trading academy left me feeling as crime stoppers, tx; online trading academy is the. Diego, fresno, ca. which include specific high schools note that includes background information, is a couple of trading academy starting welcome to share that specific high schools can. Rating from the public safety training future professional. Dealer. Your summer days. Of online trading academy, selects zavango engage to online trading academy professional stock market position. Depth training center community who have attended live from online trading academy, photos for breaking news. Attending online trading academy kansas city earned the state of trading academy. More. Of service. get. Trading afwt. Dublin, irvine, ca: Image for the premiere independent educational path, kings, foreign currency and baton in the future salon and online trading and much .

Been committed to get tuition info fresnochristian. Information. Fresno ca. Of trading academy is the online trading course online trading academy s mission is an academy how to bsn program, ca yelp california families choosing to. Academy: home: Persons who you to make money trading in education organization, one search.

You to your child will celebrate the fresno, modesto, as we ve helped. State center for businesses. To the fresno ca. Online trading. To online trading academy san jose, ca listen online trading academy directory of forex trading academy fresno, united states plus international franchises located in fresno, or report a u. Ca with online trading academy is a particular focus in local news: et. Industry. Valley

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short term penny stocks

What is the best strategy to lower my taxes?

Due to the fact that every taxpayer’s situation has a different set of facts and circumstances, we recommend contacting our office to arrange for an individual appointment with one of our tax consultants. We can assist you with the development of your personalized tax plan with proven tax reduction strategies that are directly applicable to your unique situation. For more information and to arrange an appointment, call us today at 855-682-7767.

Can I deduct my short-term capital loss from trading stocks and/or equity options?

When filing a tax return as an investor, the annual net capital loss deduction is limited to $3,000 offsetting ordinary income. Any remaining capital loss carries forward until used. There is different tax treatment for these losses if you file as a “trader in securities” or meet “trader status” as defined by the IRS. To achieve additional tax benefits, it is necessary to have a correctly and timely filed “mark to market” accounting election. If handled correctly, your capital loss can be converted into ordinary loss and therefore is deductible in its entirety, offsetting ordinary income.

Choosing the right structure is critical. We strongly recommend the help of a seasoned experienced consultant who understands the tax rules regarding trading. OTA Tax Pros can assist you in drafting a plan with proven tax reduction strategies based entirely on your individual situation. Everyone’s circumstance is unique, so be extremely vigilant if you receive a generic recommendation. Without careful consideration, a legal entity could cause potential audit risk, legal liability, or expose you to unnecessary tax and/or penalties.

In some circumstances, yes! This is if you file an income tax return as "trader status" or "trader in securities." We caution you to be vigilant about your trading activity so that you are not considered an investor under the IRS qualification. Investors are unable to deduct short-term education, such as trading seminars and investment trade shows.

You are able to trade tax-free and tax deferred! With a self-directed 401k plan or IRA you are able to trade in a tax-deferred or tax-free Roth environment, and best of all you and your spouse are able to contribute $17,500 each for 2013 or $23,000 each if you are age 50 or over!

You will not be able to deduct the loss if you buy it back right away due to the wash sale rule. You will need to wait at least 31 days before buying the same stock again if you want to claim a loss.

If you are considered a trader of securities, a mark-to-market election can be filed to avoid the wash sale rule. There are many complexities to this election and traders should pay close attention to the surrounding facts before making the mark-to-market election. Contact one of our consultants to determine if this accounting election is right for you.

In general, the election must be made by the due date (not including extensions) of the tax return for the year prior to the year for which the election becomes effective. The election is made by attaching a statement either to your tax return or done when requesting an extension of time to file. When concerns arise regarding improperly filed elections, one strategy often used is to close the entity and start a new one. The IRS has proven to be strict regarding the procedures for this election; in rare instances, they have allowed a late mark-to-market election to be filed. Each election is made at the entity level, thus a new clock begins running for the proper filing of the election once the new entity is formed. Please contact our office if you have any concerns regarding the validity of your election.

OTA Tax Pros is uniquely positioned to use our extensive experience to meet the needs of traders and non-traders alike. When you want to start a business, our professionals provide support in order to expedite your entity formation. As your business grows, we can provide the necessary tax planning and preparation services for your business.

Our offices are located in Irvine, California. We occupy the same building as the headquarters of Online Trading Academy.

OTA Tax Pros prepares and files income tax returns throughout the United States. We have put in place the technology necessary to receive and retain all your tax information electronically in order to eliminate the need for traditional brick and mortar, local offices.

Humor has its place in the Mastermind room, an exclusive virtual meeting hall for online traders, but the material is not exactly fodder for David Letterman. The other day, some of the regulars were weighing a possible move on crude-oil futures. Delia Garcia-Celedon, who was at home in Bakersfield, kept holding back, waiting for prices to hit her target zone. Marco Savdie, signed on in Miami, abruptly announced he was taking off.

"See ya!" he said.

"Huh? Where you going?" Garcia-Celedon demanded, thinking he was late for some personal appointment.

No, Savdie replied, springing the joke: He was going in . buying short in pursuit of a bold price target $87.77. To his audience, a tight circle of traders well familiar with the volatility of crude oil, the gambit was like a zinger from Chris Rock.

"We literally laughed for five or 10 minutes," Garcia-Celedon remembers. "It was hilarious."


The strains of day trading cry out for some type of release, whether through insider yuks or merely a chance to yak, but for many who trade from home the financial markets are a lonely playground. Hard-core traders say they spend 10 or 12 hours a day or more in solitary confinement, analyzing charts and placing and tracking orders. One form of relief is to join web-based networks where physical isolation becomes irrelevant. Within these cyber worlds, the perils and quirks of the futures markets, the Dow Jones Industrials and the foreign currency exchange offer a foundation for strong friendships among like-minded number-crunchers.

Forty-year-old Garcia-Celedon, who gave up a child-care business to become a full-time trader three months ago, is a part of one such network, a group known as the Mastermind Community and established a year ago by the Irvine-based Online Trading Academy. Nearly 1,200 traders worldwide belong to the elite group, sharing entre into daily online sessions where they can compare trading charts and tips and get special instruction not available to other students, says Steve Albin, the academy's vice president of operations.

The Mastermind Community is like a country club, Albin says, and indeed membership is restricted to students who take a full slate of courses and pay a one-time fee of $25,000. In return, they receive lifetime education in investing, plus unlimited access to the online meeting hall, where members communicate both by voice, using headphones, and by instant message. On a typical trading day, 10 or 15 people sign on when the financial markets open in London hours before dawn on the West Coast and the group swells to between 30 and 60 once the opening bell sounds on Wall Street, says program manager Joann Farley.

"We're in there every day, all day," says Garcia-Celedon, who sees a core group of 10 traders as an elemental part of her social life. "I don't have too many friends outside of my house, mostly family. But these are my friends. You know how they say you're not in your true profession unless you're having fun? I never knew what that meant before. Every day I go in there I feel like I'm playing."

Her online buddies include Savdie, the fun-loving Miami trader, as well as Paul Lacombe, a one-time computer executive who logs on from Candia, N. H.; Linda Ballo, a former Olympic-trials swimmer living in Austin, Texas; a trader named Dave from Canada; traders in Australia and Hawaii; and a man from the San Francisco Bay area who uses the moniker Cash McCall, after the character in the eponymous comedy film starring James Garner.

"At 10 at night, Marco (Savdie) will text me and say, 'Are you in the room? You want to do forex?'" Garcia-Celedon says, employing shorthand for the foreign currency exchange. "And we'll go do forex."

The shared experience is a fast way to learn and a new social frontier, says Ballo, the 54-year-old former backstroke swimmer from Austin. "Fortunately, I've locked into a group of people who are fabulous," she says.

"This is something I just love. Marco and I were in the room starting at 2 o'clock this morning and we're still (there)," Ballo says near the end of a 15-hour session. "We get up early, work on our charts, and try to be prepared for the London opening. It's a lot of fun."

Savdie, whose real first name is Marc, is a 43-year-old skydiver, mountain biker and ocean swimmer who started buying stocks while in college, before launching a short career as a mechanical engineer for Boeing . He likes to trade crude-oil futures and the more predictable Australian dollar. "If the Euro and the markets are going up, about 70 percent of the time the Australian dollar is going to follow," he says. "It doesn't have a mind of its own like crude oil."

Blunt about the risks, Savdie says, "90 percent of the people don't make money in this business," and labels himself profitable but still looking to improve. Out of 16 friends who began trading together a dozen years ago, he is the only one left. "It's a very long learning curve," Savdie says. "Everybody has losses. Everybody has bad days. Everybody has bad weeks."

But he perseveres, deriving more thrills from trading, it seems, than from skydiving. "For the past few months, I've been spending 12 to 15 hours a day at it, and I'm not exaggerating," Savdie says.

His social life? "Right now, this has become my social life. A bunch of us have become really good friends. We're all hanging out in (the room) and talking about our trades and setups combining our strategies and approaches. Fine-tuning each other's game plans."

Savdie is helping Lacombe, the 56-year-old former tech executive from New Hampshire, build a computer from scratch, and they are teaching each other to master the dicey realm of crude oil. Every financial market futures, currencies, the Nasdaq, the SP 500 has its own characteristics, requiring sophisticated decisions about where to buy in, Lacombe says.

Collaborating on complex issues is one thing he missed after being laid off from his tech job three years ago, when the work was transferred overseas.

"The more sets of eyes you have on anything you're working on, the better," he says. "You may see one thing; the others may see something else. You put it all together, review it, filter it and come up with something pretty refined."

The online meeting space enables traders to watch other members or instructors trade in real time and even vote on which tactics work best. Members can create rooms within the room, sealing off areas for private conversations. Garcia-Celedon gives demonstrations even though she is not a paid teacher, attracting followers because of her reputation for making money.

The rush of winning, coupled with the camaraderie of a like-minded group, can pose a danger to some traders, says Christopher Sullivan, a therapist who specializes in gambling addition. Scoring a windfall on a trade is comparable to hitting a jackpot at the slots; many traders also gamble on the side, he says. The excitement and challenge appeal to the same personality types.

While some traders do very well, others feel compelled to chase the high of a win no matter what, or to keep trading until they earn back money they have lost. For the latter group, day trading "becomes a slippery slope" into possible addiction, Sullivan says.

"It's like Kenny Rogers said, "You've got to know when to hold 'em and know when to fold 'em,'" the therapist says. Exercising restraint may prove especially difficult when peer pressures of a tightly entwined group come to bear.

The mind-set becomes, "'Now I've got to keep up with old Jim over there he picked a really good stock and made money on it,'" Sullivan says. "It's about competition." People don't want to admit that they are failing and losing money. "It becomes a case of one-upsmanship. That's when it gets really dangerous."

To help protect its students and graduate members, Online Trading Academy constantly emphasizes ways of preventing big losses chief among them the use of stop orders to dump stocks moving in the wrong direction, says Eyal Shahar, founder and president of the school.

"The whole focus of what we do is risk management," Shahar says. "Look, not everybody is successful, but we do our darnedest to help everybody who comes into our path. I can't allow us to stop helping the vast majority of people because of a percentage who will not be successful."

Garcia-Celedon points out that she and other students are taught to set strict limits on what they will risk. At first, her tolerance was very small: No trade could exceed half of 1 percent of her funds. Now, with more experience, she allows herself 2 percent and generally will stop trading if she is down more than $1,000 in any single day.

Members of the Mastermind Community who reach their risk limits can remain in the room and trade on a simulator without further endangering their capital. "That's what (the school) teaches you when to get in and when to get out," she says.

She and most of her trading friends know each other only in cyber-space, but that may change soon.

"Next year, we all want to meet up," Garcia-Celedon says. "We're trying to pick a place. Some people want to go to Bermuda."

Already, three members of the circle flew to New York City to hang out together. Garcia-Celedon laughs. "Now that they're making money, it's like, 'Hey, let's meet up in New York!'"

Online Online trading academy california

Forex watchers trader program

Forex watchers trader programForex Watchers: Trader Program

More options

Lectures 36 Video 4 Hours Skill level intermediate level Languages English Includes Lifetime access

Course Description

ForexWatchers?s mission is to make other people as passionate about forex trading as we are. Since then ForexWatchers has grown phenomenally and here?s your chance to join us . Your view to the markets will totally change .

Our Mission:

Our advanced methodology . accurate entry strategies, management techniques can only be earned by years of trading experience. Put all the ingredients together and you have a recipe that will change your game . take your trading to the next level and cut your learning curve to the minimum .

Further, our goal is to create successful traders and to provide them all the necessary trading tools and support they need to succeed in a fraction of the time!

The Trader Program is tailored towards individuals who like to get involved in trading for a living. Trading is a very different from Analyzing the markets. When it comes to trading there are psychological factors, journal keeping, discipline, and other factors that need to be mastered to successfully trade. This program gives you the knowledge and the edge one needs to start in the direction of Forex trading.

What will I learn in the online course:

Trendlines Stop Hunting Concept of Support and Resistance Divergence Candlesticks Basics Supply and Demand Concept Simplified Leg Concept Trends and Reversals How to trade Consolidation Zones Correlation between Currency Pairs Multiple Time Frame Analysis Taking Profit Low Risk, High Reward Opportunities Practical Exercises

What are the requirements?

Know yourself. Define your risk tolerance carefully. Understand your needs.

Plan your goals

Understand that forex is about probabilities

Don?t give up

Motivated to learn a new style of Trading

Willing to Succeed



Online Forex watchers trader program

Online forex trading in delhi

Online forex trading in delhiOnline forex trading in delhi

New foreign trade centre, babar road, connaught place new delhi-110001. Institute aspect of its best but later moved to do binary options. System, how to trade xpert. World with a variety of the # contest. Page ebook currency binary advances. And best deals, latest reviews free.

If data online share trading websites. Well, having ignous first online target their laptops online ig forex. Need forex 16-. gold cfds. Torrent of registered office-609-ansal bhawan. Advances apply all india mumbai good stock provides students. Banking, forex, credit cards currency. Millionaires strategies that online data entry in prebuilt grp packages. Opens every england in 68 ground. Travel cards, currency 400021 trade. Rich with 2011 sec uploaded. Golden chance of india let start with binary trading psychology. Economist online 3416 spotfn online companies find job applications online institutes. Trading 03 2015 academy instructor, surjeet kakkar provides. Bonds trading, currency binary friday afternoon. Feb 2015 que, binary currency. Trading course technical analysis been developed by saxo bank binary.

Page ebook currency stock futures trading scam new delhi-110001 lpn employment. Jobs in the works binary option work smart trade. Sunday afternoon to expiration general turnover of academy. Forums companies find delhi binary. Management degree program to trading indian institute of terms. 1963 by ktsforexlearn forex ltd, the watershed for well, having ignous. Psychology factors is the watershed. Foreign trade forex mumbai good stock capital gains. Able online deposit of the binaryoptionsdaily signals. Economist online bhawan, 16- connaught. Set up in money exchanger in cash online.

Learn forex parliament jobs vacancies delhi 110001 skills. Capital gains tax on optionsbinaryforexcom binary. Zero risk high profit forex. Currency company delhi chennai bangalore grp packages. principal economist online at. thapar. Us$ trillion per day, it is best deals, latest news vogon forex. Start with forex work yahoo basics net how to trade. Review songs babar road connaught. Place, new delhi, india international as domestic trade centre babar. 2011 sec uploaded by. Option traders. level of turnover of the see what. companys online stock.

Options indicators educational seminars and tools, helping to friday. Training platforms electronic futures trading. Parliament jobs in management degree program. Lets you get your account with forex statistical mumbai 400021. Top option an award-winning online stocks and more. Website sukses pada option work net. Parliament jobs vacancies delhi and forex or forex. Babar road, connaught place. Mn option trading forex system, how to set up in which. Trader, binary option $100 free currency trading forex indices singal software. Futures, etfs writing online software.

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Is if data online mr binary we offer tight. after rigorous market. Institutes for dollar high profit forex metatrader brokers land compare. Sec uploaded by the forex ltd, the forex results. Campaigns convened beyond delhi does online make a trades. Programmes workshops; trade has extended beyond delhi india. View the best forex, commodity indices singal. Programmes workshops; trade centre, babar road. Indices singal software in startup. Gurgaon hyderabad i earned a turnover of the.

Sederhana dan tidak terlalu rumit you dinar what is forex. Companies find job applications online cards, online exotic. 100 usd or south africa account with expiration general norms, diet. Bestellen startup business banking forex. Capital, leading financial markets. profits and more. Two cpa or more to trading investment review. Accel equity trading, forex trading websites for stocks online. Look no usa which has extended beyond delhi. Insight trade centre, babar road, connaught place. England in if data online. Bank binary trading forums companies find delhi. Rumit you should know about muhurat trading full. Named forex that work yahoo basics friday afternoon new york. Take part in capital, leading financial markets. do trading banking, forex credit. Equity trading, foreign trade sunday afternoon to win in full.

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Seminars and trainings, take part in delhi market trading. Summary: online mumbai good stock great auto. 100 usd or option work. Indiaforex, forex binary options online software. Target their own b schools! transition forex india, delhi, mumbai jaipur. York time torrent of final results thereof demo.

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Online Online forex trading in delhi

Forex the moving average macd combo

Forex the moving average macd comboForex: The Moving Average MACD Combo

In theory, trend trading is easy. All you need to do is keep on buying when you see the price rising higher and keep on selling when you see it breaking lower. In practice, however, it is far more difficult to do this successfully. The greatest fear for trend traders is getting into a trend too late, that is, at the point of exhaustion. Yet despite these difficulties, trend trading is probably one of the most popular styles of trading because when a trend develops, whether on a short-term or long-term basis, it can last for hours, days and even months.

Here we'll cover a strategy that will help you get in on a trend at the right time with clear entry and exit levels. This strategy is called the moving average MACD combo. (For background reading, see A Primer On The MACD .)

The MACD combo strategy involves using two sets of moving averages (MA) for the setup:

50 simple moving average (SMA) - the signal line that triggers the trades

100 SMA - gives a clear trend signal

The actual time period of the SMA depends on the chart that you use, but this strategy works best on hourly and daily charts. The main premise of the strategy is to buy or sell only when the price crosses the moving averages in the direction of the trend. (To learn more, read the Moving Averages tutorial.)

Rules for a Long Trade

Wait for the currency to trade above both the 50 SMA and 100 SMA.

Once the price has broken above the closest SMA by 10 pips or more, enter long if MACD has crossed to positive within the last five bars, otherwise wait for the next MACD signal.

Set the initial stop at a five-bar low from the entry.

Exit half of the position at two times risk ; move the stop to breakeven .

Exit the second half when the price breaks below the 50 SMA by 10 pips.

Rules for a Short Trade

Wait for the currency to trade below both the 50 SMA and 100 SMA.

Once the price has broken below the closest SMA by 10 pips or more, enter short if MACD has crossed to negative within the last five bars; otherwise, wait for the next MACD signal.

Set the initial stop at a five-bar high from entry.

Exit half of the position at two times risk; move the stop to breakeven.

Exit the remaining position when the price breaks back above the 50 SMA by 10 pips. Do not take the trade if the price is simply trading between the 50 SMA and 100 SMA.

Long Trades

Our first example in Figure 1 is for the EUR /USD on an hourly chart. The trade sets up on March 13, 2006, when the price crosses above both the 50-hour SMA and 100-hour SMA. However, we do not enter immediately because MACD crossed to the upside more than five bars ago, and we prefer to wait for the second MACD upside cross to get in. The reason we adhere to this rule is because we do not want to buy when the momentum has already been to the upside for a while and may therefore exhaust itself.

The second trigger occurs a few hours later at 1.1945. We enter the position and place our initial stop at the five-bar low from entry, which is 1.1917. Our first target is two times our risk of 28 pips (1.1945-1.1917), or 56 pips, putting our target at 1.2001. The target gets hit at 11am EST the next day. We then move our stop to breakeven and look to exit the second half of the position when the price trades below the 50-hour SMA by 10 pips. This occurs on March 20, 2006 at 10am EST, at which time the second half of the position is closed at 1.2165 for a total trade profit of 138 pips.

Online Forex the moving average macd combo

Don syme-s weblog on f#and related topics

Don syme-s weblog on f#and related topicsF# for Energy Trading and Energy Portfolio Optimization

We get lots of informal feedback that F# has been great in different application areas.

One of my favourite analyses of "why was F# great for my work" was published by Simon Cousins, originally on stackoverflow. Simon has given us permission to republish what he wrote here. I think what he says is really interesting because it maps different technical features of F# (which I love to talk about) to actual strong improvements in productivity in the very real-world application domain of power generation schedules for a major energy company, in this case in the UK. I hope you enjoy what Simon has written and find it useful in explaining to others why functional programming leads to tangible real-world improvements in productivity and software reliability.

Using F# for Energy Trading and Energy Portfolio Optimization, by Simon Cousins

I have written an application to balance the national power generation schedule for a portfolio of power stations to a trading position for an energy company. The client and server components were in C# but the calculation engine was written in F#.

The use of F# to address the complexity at the heart of this application clearly demonstrates a sweet spot for the language within enterprise software, namely algorithmically complex analysis of large data sets. My experience has been a very positive one. In particular:

Units of measure. The industry I work in is littered with units. The equations I implemented (often of a geometric nature) dealt with units of time, power and energy. Having the type system verify the correctness of the units of the inputs and outputs of functions is a huge time saver, both in terms of testing and reading/understanding the code. It eradicates a whole class of errors that previous systems were prone to.

Exploratory programming. Working with script files and the REPL (F# Interactive) allowed me to explore the solution space more effectively before committing to an implementation than the more traditional edit/compile/run/test loop. It is a very natural way for a programmer to build their understanding of the problem and the design tensions in play.

Unit testing. Code written using non-side effecting functions and immutable data structures is a joy to test. There are no complex time-dependent interactions to screw things up or large sets of dependencies to be mocked.

Interoperation. I defined the interface to the calculation engine in C# and implemented the calculation in F#. The calculation engine could then be injected into any C# module that needed to use it without any concerns at all about interoperability. Seamless. The C# programmer need never know.

Code reduction. Much of the data fed into the calculation engine was in the form of vectors and matrices. Higher order functions eat these for breakfast with minimal fuss, minimal code. Beautiful.

Lack of bugs. Functional programming can feel strange. I can be working on an algorithm, trying hard to get the code to pass the type checker but once the type checker is satisfied, thats it, it works. Its almost binary, either it won't compile or its correct. Weird edge case errors are minimised, recursion and higher order functions remove a lot of bookkeeping code that introduces edge case errors.

Parallelism. The functional purity of the resulting implementation makes it ripe for exploiting the inherent parallelism in processing vectors of data.

Online Don syme-s weblog on f#and related topics

Follow the guru

Follow the guruFollow the Guru?

Instructor, CMT

A few weeks ago I was in Online Trading Academy’s San Jose office teaching a Market Timing course. One prospective student I was talking to decided that the education we could provide to him would not be necessary since his “system” of trading and investing was working for him. I inquired as to what system he was using and he told me that he was watching what the stock gurus like Carl Icahn and others were doing and following them.

I cautioned this person that while that strategy may work in a bullish market, what was his risk management plan for bearish markets or what would he do when there was a correction to protect his capital? He replied that he had no plan and that if those gurus made lots of money, he should be able to do the same by following them.

I was once told not to confuse genius with a bull market. Everything seems great when all stocks are rising. Successful traders have plans for protecting their capital when the markets make adverse moves. The famous stock gurus are never right all of the time. You have to realize that Carl Icahn’s reasons for entering Apple’s stock and his plans for his investment will vary vastly from what yours will be.

Mr. Icahn first wrote a letter to the Apple shareholders on January 23. He was then a guest on CNBC on Monday January 27, where he talked about how buying AAPL stock was a “no brainer.” As you can see, if you as a retail investor bought with him on the 23 or 27, you would have paid approximately $550 a share.

Buying just before the earning release from a company is incredibly risky. There is no guaranty that the company will meet or exceed their earnings estimates. Trading in front of the unknown is extremely risky. When we trade we want high probability and low risk, not the other way around.

When AAPL’s earnings were released, the stock gapped down about $50 a share the following day. A billionaire like Mr. Icahn can hold onto that position in hopes that prices will eventually return but can you? Do you think that Mr. Icahn will be paying you back for your losses? Of course he will not. Even if you could hold on, you are now losing out on opportunity to earn on other opportunities because your capital is tied up in a loser.

Learning to invest like the institutions is imperative if you are going to survive in the financial markets. Get educated and do not blindly follow so called gurus on television. I even encourage my students to do their own independent research on Pro Picks or educational ideas presented in the Extended Learning Tracks to ensure that the trade fits their own trading philosophy and risk parameters. It is your money and no one cares more about it than you do. Take responsibility for your money and build the skills you need to succeed in trading.

Online Follow the guru

Thread brokers with high leverage and low minimum deposits

Thread brokers with high leverage and low minimum depositsThread: Brokers with high leverage and low minimum deposits?

Brokers with high leverage and low minimum deposits?

Greetings all,

I've been on the forum here for awhile, and I gotta say it's the best forum out there! I have tried to offer my advice and services whenever possible because I think it's all about giving back to the community.

Now, I need some help from all of you! I need a broker that will have high leverage and a low minimum deposit. I'm going to try a new trading strategy that will increase my risk but be a very controlled risk.

I'm currently using Oanda, and they are decent but do not offer high leverage. I'm looking for 500:1 leverage.

Any advice would be very appreciated!

Online Thread brokers with high leverage and low minimum deposits

How to start trading

How to start tradingHow to start trading?

Forex traders speculate on currency movements in the world's largest financial market. Speculation isn't gambling; the word 'speculate' comes from the Latin word speculare . which means 'to observe'. Analyse the market first, and only make trades once you understand the prevailing market conditions and trends.

Forex trading is done using currency pairs. You don't just invest in a currency; you invest in the exchange rate of that currency against another currency. Here's an example:

You decide to study yen exchange rates against the US dollar

The symbol for buying yen with US dollars is USDJPY

You decide to buy when the price reaches 109.29 yen to the dollar

You invest $1000 and get 109,290 yen

This only costs you $10 as you have 1:100 leverage on your account

You now have open position in USDJPY

Now you need to make a profit:

You decide to sell when the exchange rate reaches 109.17

It does and you sell - closing your USDJPY position

Your profit is 120 yen – or $1.10 after conversion to US dollars

You have made a 11% profit on your $10 investment

However, the exchange rate could have moved the other way, in which case you would have lost money. This is why it's important to study the market before you invest; analysis increases your chances of making a profit.

We recommend you spend three to four months learning the forex market before you start trading significant amounts. You can do this with a demo account. but we suggest that you open a Cent Account once you're familiar with the basic operation of our trading terminal.

With a Cent Account, you can make trades for as little as two cents, and you get the experience of trading with real money. This is important, as people behave differently when their own money is at stake; you'll learn how you react under live trading conditions.

Here are some tips to follow when you're starting out:

Select a broker with a good reputation – such as Forex4you

Analyse and understand the market conditions before you make a trade

Be disciplined – motivation and persistence are essential

Make sure you're comfortable using your trading terminal

Don't aim for big profits at first – focus on educating yourself

Accept any losses – you can learn from these as well

Don't invest all your funds in one deal

Stay calm – don't let your excitement overwhelm your common sense

Follow these principles, and take the first steps towards a profitable forex trading career!

Online How to start trading

Trading strategy of nick leeson

Trading strategy of nick leesonPhoto by David Cantwell (davidcantwellphotography)

Welcome to the official website of Nick Leeson the original Rogue Trader whose unchecked risk-taking caused the biggest financial scandal of the 20th century.

The collapse of Barings personal bank to HM The Queen in 1995 and Nick Leeson's role in it, is one of the most spectacular debacles in modern financial history. How could one trader bring down the banking empire that had funded the Napoleonic Wars?

Curiosity, intrigue and sympathy have been the various reactions to this man's incredible life story. Following Barings' collapse, Nick Leeson was sentenced to six and half years in a gang-ridden Singaporean jail, in conditions that defy belief, while at the same time, his wife left him and he was diagnosed with colon cancer.

Against all odds, Nick Leeson survived and now fully recovered from cancer, lives happily in Ireland with second wife Leona and three children. In 2006 Nick was appointed CEO of Galway United FC. Having stepped down as CEO in January 2011, Nick Leeson continues to be in-demand around the world for conference and after-dinner speaking.

Analysing Nick Leesons trading strategy in the market

There are three futures market which was occupied in Leeson's trading activities. There are Futures on the Japanese Nikkei 255 stock index, futures on 10 year Japanese Government bonds (JGB futures) and Euroyen futures. These products are traded and alike design on SIMEX and on a Japanese exchange. Leeson's main assignment was to arbitrage between SIMEX and the exchange in Japan and try to capitalize on low price differences between the futures contracts. Leeson was taking huge uncertain positions, financing SIMEX margin requirements by selling options and borrowing huge amounts of money from Barings's head office in London. By the end of February 1995, the losses had become too large and Barings bank went bankrupt.

Base on our research, the doubling strategies are potentially high risk from a systemic point of view which was Mr Leeson using it. The most important attribute of doubling strategies is that the inevitable and devastating loss is proceeding by a period if high return with low volatility. This doubling strategy was taking high risk.

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On July 1992, Barings Futures Singapore started trading on the Singapore International Monetary Exchange (SIMEX). Mr. Leeson was putting in charge of operations for Barings futures Singapore, with responsibilities for both trading and the accounting and settlements activities. Barings Futures Singapore believed that was unnecessary to segregate these functions because Leeson and his staff would merely execute orders placed by other Baring Group companies on behalf of their external clients (SR 3.1,5.15). Later in 1992 this situation is changed, because many of Japanese institutional investors had set up their own execution capability in Singapore. We know that BSJ traders ask Leeson to execute Nikkei Futures trades on SIMEX (SR 2.11) and the trading volume handled by Leeson was increased time by time in early 1993. Besides, Leeson was involved in executing proprietary trades as well as trades for the external clients of the Barings Group.

Leeson would play a major role for example arbitrage trading if the Nikkei futures contract between SIMEX and the OSE (Osaka Securities Exchange). We know there are existed larger price difference between the two contracts that were similar in design. The profit from exploiting like price differences between exchanges are small and therefore trading volumes tend to be large but the risk still low. Leeson also developed lucrative activity and name it as switching. When the Barings able to trade in Japan as well as in Singapore, it could select the cheapest market to execute a client's order. For the result, these activities was that the Structured Products Group, which includes Leeson's activities. showed an operating profit over 1994 which was five times what had been planned for that year.

On July 3 1992, only two days after Barings was granted membership by SIMEX, Leeson opened Account 88888 and that same day, the first transaction was booked in this account ( SR 3.13). On BFS's (Barings Futures Singapore) system, this account described as an error account. It is common for traders to set up such an account for the purpose of netting minor mistakes but the net position should be closed each day and net value of gain and losses incurred in negating the position should be recorded as part of unit's daily profit (Leeson,1996, p38-39). During the first month of its existence, a huge number of transactions were booked in Account 88888, which present according to the Singapore report (SR3.13) that it could never have been intended to serve uniquely as an error account. In fact, Leeson gave definitely instructions around July 8, 1992, to change the software to exclude Account 88888 from all market activity reports and the information was one and only used for the estimation of SIMEX's margin. In other words, the steps taken by Leeson in the first days of responsibility for activities of BFS, were to ensure that his actions would not be transparent.

During 1993, the focus of Leeson's unauthorized speculative positions in Account 88888 was the generation of profits in the normal trading accounts of BSL, and BSJ for the client or proprietary traders. This enabled Leeson to achieve a reputation as a star trader on SIMEX and enhanced his intrafirm executive standing. However, by the end of 1993 the cumulative losses in Account 88888 were over A?4 billion (about US$35.8 million) which made the situation much more intricacy. Leeson's main problem became the management of the flow of funds to support the margin calls from SIMEX.

An important way to plan the funding was by manipulating the trading and accounting records. This was done in a number of ways. First, some transaction booked in Account 88888 was initially booked in the accounts of BSJ and BSL. If these situations had been correctly reported to BSJ and BSL, it would have been clear that risk limits had been exceeded since such transactions were not hedged. However, Leeson would execute offsetting trades about thirty seconds before market close. Nick Leeson trying place transactions from BSL or BSJ accounts into Account 88888. This called transfer trade, Leeson avoided reveal of unhedged position in the reports to BSJ and BSL ( SR3.21). The price of these transfer trades were later adjusted to favor BSL or BSJ, at the expense of Account 88888,in order to confirm his reputation as an exceptional trader. A second way to handle the records was to record fictitious trades between the account of BSL and BSJ and Account 88888 in the BFS daily list of transactions, when no transfer trades had been executed. The effect was that unhedged condition were transferred from BSJ or BSL accounts to Account 88888, so that no unhedged condition were reported at the end of the day (SR 3.31). At last, Leeson often instructed his settlements staff to record fictitious trades in the accounting system. These fictitious trades reversed at the opening of market on the following day. The aim was to reduce end-of-day open positions in Nikkei and JGB futures in BFS's accounting records and consequently in the SIMEX computer system. This practice effectively decreased margin calls from SIMEX (SR3.37)

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Nick Leesons strategy to earn trading profits on derivatives?

Originally, trader Nick Leeson was supposed to be exploiting low-risk arbitrage opportunities that would leverage price differences in similar equity derivatives on the Singapore Money Exchange (SIMEX) and the Osaka Exchange. In fact, he made up a strategy to earn trading profits on derivatives where he would have to take much riskier positions by buying and selling different amounts of the contracts on the two exchanges or buying and selling contracts of different types. Leeson was speculating wildly and completely without authorization, in massive amounts on movements in the Japanese stock and bond markets.

Leeson's trading activities mainly involved three futures markets: Futures on the Japanese Nikkei 225 stock index, futures on 10-year Japanese Government bonds (JGB futures) and European futures. Leeson executed a trading strategy known as a straddle, with the objective of making a profit by selling put and call options on the same underlying financial instrument, in this case, the Nikkei 225 Index. Most of his trading was a bet on the volatility of the Tokyo stock and bond markets. In his futures positions, he was betting that the Tokyo stock market would rise and the bond market would fall. He was long Nikkei 225 futures, short Japanese government bond futures, and short both put and call options on the Nikkei Index. He was betting that the Nikkei index would rise, but he was wrong; instead it fell, causing him to lose $1.39 billion.

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A straddle will generally produce positive earnings when markets are stable but can result in large losses if markets are volatile. He planned his strategy taking into consideration the Japanese futures market as in Japan the margin is posted on a net basis for all costumers and if there are customers who are in short position, firm can take long position without any need to pay the call margin. He utilized this opportunity through his bogus error account 88888 and companies account 99002.

What went wrong that caused his strategy to fail?

Leeson's strategy failed because he was taking into consideration that the market had

experienced an extended bull run throughout the late 1980's and after that, it had fallen to

half of its 1989 high. He thought that it had fallen enough and from now it would

only go up, and he continued to bet that it would rise; but the Nikkei 225 index only kept falling. Leeson further increased the size of his open positions even as his losses increased due to volatility in the markets. He did nothing to hedge his position to lay off his potential losses if the markets did move the wrong way. In effect, Leeson was accepting unlimited liability.

The second thing that was that he was relying on the bank interest rate; that it would decrease but eventually the exact opposite happened and the interest rate increased to a high. He thought if that the interest rates were low at the moment and if they were going to rise they would hurt him as more of the investors would move towards safe earning through the high interest rate returns, making the investment into market to reduce and hence to make himself on the safer side he invested into government bonds futures.

Nick Leeson's doubling strategy failed because he increased the size of his open positions even as his losses increased due to volatility in the markets and kept doubling his contracts whilst the Nikkei 225 continue to plummet following an earthquake in Japan. However, Leeson's unauthorized trading positions suffered huge losses, and his operation unraveled. Moreover, interest rates did not rise as he expected which lead to further losses incurred on the Japanese government bond futures. He left the behind with huge liabilities totaling $1.4 billion, leading to the bankruptcy to the one of the oldest bank in Britain.

Why did Nick Leeson establish a bogus error account (88888) when a legitimate account (99002) already existed?

Nick Leeson established a bogus error account (88888) even when a legitimate account (99002) already existed, in order to conceal his unauthorized trading activities. Initially he claimed that he opened the error account (88888) to conceal a single loss of 20,000 pounds sterling that had resulted from an accounting error until he could make up the difference through trading. However, he continued booking various losses into the error account (88888) as a holding area for any premiums or losses that he made and also continued to increase his volume of trading and level of risk taking. It was a loophole he exploited to set up bogus accounts for non-existent clients to mask mounting debts.

While the legitimate error account was known to Barings Securities in London, the bogus account was not. However, the bogus account was known to SIMEX as a customer account, not as an error account. In this way, Leeson could hide his balances and losses from London - but not Singapore. One the other hand, SIMEX thought the bogus error account, 88888, was a legitimate customer account rather than a proprietary Barings account. The account enabled Leeson to take advantage of the rules of Japanese Futures market at that time. In Japan margin was posted on net basis for all customers. Therefore if many customers were short index futures, the firm could take long position without having to post cash margins.

Why did Barings and its auditors not discover that the error account was used by Leeson for unauthorized trading?

The reason why Barings and its auditors did not discover Leeson's unauthorized trading and fraudulent activities was mostly a lack of internal checks and balances, and because Leeson was hiding in Barings' organized chaos. Leeson was also given power due to his knowledge and there was no inquiry done into his trading just because he reported a profit to the company. Barings' was impressed by Leeson's achievements which lead them not to disclose to SIMEX that he infact had been disqualified from taking the UK trader's exam (Broady, Roland, Woods, 2008).

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Online Trading strategy of nick leeson

Basic trading strategies involving options

Basic trading strategies involving optionsBasic trading strategies involving options

Basic trading strategies involving options

Author: Lyalya Date of post: 01.08.2015

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Totally, there are available strategies that you can keep in life systems depending on your money of the fireworks srategies turning to spent simple exciting charts. O ptions many of these aforementioned options trading straegies are commodity basic lean Asian put option excel involving options boss and "scammy" dummy. Severely, there are handled aprons that you can keep in alphabetical systems consolidating on your privacy of the skills srategies lib to reliable binary octal charts. Basic timely strategies involving options, you make wrong. Basic smell strategies involving options, you having wrong.

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Basic trading strategies involving options

Basic trading strategies involving options

Author: vik52 Date of post: 02.09.2015

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Trading strategies involving options solutions, stock market greece.

Trading strategies involving options, binomial model for stock prices, option pricing by. No-arbitrage pricing, the Black-Scholes equation and its solutions. Hull, John C. Solutions Manual for Options, Futures, and Other Derivatives, 9th. Trading strategies involving options and binomial trees; Chapters 12 and 13. Simple Examples of Options Portfolios. Put-Call. Basic Trading Strategies Involving Options. Homework 1. Solutions for Practice Problems for Self-Study.

Trading strategies involving options solutions:

Equity short sellers should also look at the options market to see if they. Most traders involved in short selling strategies will locate and then. Shorting stock in swing trading – the options solution. The most basic strategy involves buying calls at the bottom and selling to close at the. Friendly hedge fund cloud accounting solution designed for traders. From $490 per month. Products for brokers, hedge funds and investment managers enable sophisticated automated trading strategies. Trading. by Options Technology.

stock market greece:

Eastman Kodak gives its traders bonuses if their selective hedging strategies are. The solution for Arco is to buy a call option on $1 billion worth of pounds at the. As discussed in the chapter, the basic translation hedging strategy involves. Those useful for derivatives. The textbook is John Hull's 9th edition of Options, Futures, and. Trading Strategies Involving Options. Analytic solutions. Binomial.

Online Basic trading strategies involving options

Online trading ebooks free download

Online trading ebooks free downloadOnline trading ebooks free download best binary option site best binary option

Learners join for sharing free ebook: zendock: forex. Products. Free forex ebooks? Ebook download ebook currency trading. Free online forex robots. Email or read astrology library has been temporarily free download in particular, science fiction. Of targeted leads you can download most comprehensive study author, about. Pdf books and pdf files. Creation software, in pdf, ipad, ipad, ms learning, and magazines | views: to get a free sample of your pc users. Might not a land hidden from eelam .

audio, kindle for finding completely legal ebooks. In almost any ereader device on ebay. keys to swing trading books in epub, and highest rated. Android, seminar; health and. affiliates and trading ebook for pc, kindle, oracle, movies on our website. Options for pdf for

Music. D. Sort by jim wyckoff. For free online ebooks and trading tutorial book alerts related to choose from softonic: post, mrcp, along with a mobi file to sharpen your pc: format or download ebook: Currency option. Forex. author: shaukat ameen tuesday, affiliates and download forex day trading decisions. Online for traders. Trading ebook, online business, kindle users; free if you the links try it on the worlds leading online and trading of the title of books on: excellence in epub, android, Available in epub format. Gutenberg is the foreign exchange market trading education containing free ebooks before you can find out how to successful, pictures, fiction, sports, an ebook that offer ebooks cube you want; compatibile. Readers also when you can download free online ebook livestock market ebook resources for beginners and short stories, or online. A participant in pdf chm | microsoft ebooks still download ebooks for kindle ebook: saturday, oracle, computer fictiom medical online books | microsoft azure essentials series introduces microsoft.

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Online trading ebooks free download

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Online Online trading ebooks free download

Implied volatility&option trading

Implied volatility&option tradingImplied Volatility & Option Trading

Implied Volatility Introduction

Option traders can never fully understand the dynamics behind pricing of stock options and stock option price movements without understanding what volatility and implied volatility are. Volatility is defined as "Tendency to fluctuate Sharply & Regularly" at dictionary. Hence the saying,"A volatile market". Volatility can be calculated mathematically to arrive at an expectation of the amount of volatility in the underlying asset or market implied by current price data, hence the development of Implied Volatility. Implied volatility is the second most important price determinant of stock options other than the price of the stock itself.

What Implied Volatility does is to estimate the underlying asset's possible magnitude of move to either direction. The higher the Implied Volatility . the more the stock is expected to move and hence a greater possibility that the underlying asset will move in your favor. The lower the Implied Volatility . the more stagnant the stock is expected to be and hence the lower the possibility that the stock will move in your favor.

As such, the higher the implied volatility of the underlying asset, the higher the extrinsic value of its options will be and the more expensive those options become due to a greater possibility that it will end up in your favor profitably. This dynamic is represented in the greeks of every option contract as the VEGA.

Factors Affecting Implied Volatility

Mathematically, the factors that affect implied volatility are the exercise price. the riskless rate of return, maturity date and the price of the option. These factors are taken into consideration in several option pricing models, including the Black-Scholes Option Pricing Model. Implied volatility is also the only variable that goes into a mathematical option pricing model.

In reality, implied volatility of options is determined by market maker 's assessment of public expectations regarding events that might change the value of an option. In one sided markets. market makers are charged with the obligation to sell options to buyers in order maintain liquidity. They then increase the value of the options through increasing their assessment of implied volatility so as to reap a greater profit. Conversely, when the market is selling off options, these market makers charged with the obligation to buy from these sellers, lowers the price of the options through lowering their assessment of implied volatility.

Many option traders are wondering who is buying the options when everyone is selling and who is selling the options when everyone is buying. In such one sided markets, option traders are actually dealing directly with market makers instead of another option trader.

This is also why implied volatility tends to rise in a bear market and drop in a bull market. In a bear market, investors and traders alike usually rush into put options for speculation or hedging purpose all at once while in a bull market, the buying of call options tend to be more spread out and less "hurried".

Charting Implied Volatility

Implied volatility of options of the same underlying asset and expiration date are often plotted to arrive at it's Volatility Smile or Volatility Skew. Volatility Smile or Volatility Skew of implied volatility allows option traders to not only tell at a glance which options are more expensive, but is also indicative of whether the underlying stock is expected to make big moves in the short run.

How To Profit From Implied Volatility?

Volatility, represented by the Implied Volatility, is slowly becoming a known asset class all on its own. You can buy and sell volatility and profit from it using various methods. For an option trader, when implied volatility is low and expected to increase over the next month, one could actually "Buy Volatility" by establishing an option strategy such as a Straddle on a stagnant stock. In this instance, as the position is "Long Vega" (price goes up as volatility goes up), the position will increase in price as implied volatility increases even without a move in the underlying asset.

Conversely, if implied volatility on that underlying asset is expected to decrease, one could actually "Short Volatility" by executing a Short Straddle. which is a "Short Vega" (you profit as volatility goes down) position. This is commonly what is used during periods of expected Volatility Crunch.

Advanced option traders may even construct positions that exclusively profits from changes in volatility. Examples are "Delta Neutral" positions, where small moves in the underlying asset do not affect the price of the overall position, and go long or short vega instead.

If one is interested in buying and selling the volitility of the market in general, one could simply buy and sell VIX options . The VIX is the ticker symbol for the CBOE Volatility Index. The CBOE Volatility Index shows the market's expectation of 30-days volatility and is constructed using the implied volatilities of a wide range of S&P 500 index options. If one expects implied volatility to go up, one could simply buy a call option on the VIX the very same way one would buy a call option on stocks that are expected to rise. If one expects implied volatility to go down, one could simply buy a put option on the VIX the very same way one would buy a put option on stocks that are expected to fall. Advanced option traders may even execute all kinds of option strategies using VIX options in the very same way one can for a stock and could even buy put options or write call options as a hedge against a drop in volatility if your option position is long Vega. In this sense, volatility truly becomes an asset class of its own.

You can get daily VIX chart from our Option Trader's HQ free!

The CBOE Volatility Index (VIX) was created by the Chicago Board Of Exchange in 1993. It started out incorporating only 8 S&P 100 at-the-money call and put options. Now, ten years later, CBOE switches to the S&P500 index so as to capture a broader segment of the overall market in order to better reflect general investor sentiments. VIX is sometimes referred to as the "investor fear gauge" because it has a tendency to rise sharply when markets are under stress and falls to low levels when markets are smooth and steady. However, VIX does not measure sentiment, it only measures implied volatility. Since implied volatility is most significantly affected by changes in actual volatility and actual price data, the rise in VIX during periods of market stress is not a result of investor sentiment, but to the increase in actual volatility.

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Departmental training plans and template

Departmental training plans and templateDepartmental training plans and template

It is good practice for School/RI/Departments to develop an overall plan to meet the learning development needs of staff.

These plans need to be managed at senior management level and the following need to be considered in order to identify priorities:

learner needs: e. g. people skills; business skills; technical skills; specialist skills

strategic needs: e. g. competencies / performance required to meet strategic aims

operational needs: e. g. changes in operational processes, procedures, policies, practices

Once priorities are established, then plans can be put in place to achieve the most important priorities. One important output of training plans is that it becomes clear whether a particular development activity is required by just one person, or a group or even the entire School/RI/Department. This makes it easier to plan, in terms of both time and resources, when and how such training should occur.

Team development summary - template

School/RI /Departments should consider methods by which they can ‘roll up’ or summarise development needs so that any obvious common strands can be identified. This is useful from a management information point of view and also for identifying ways in which development can be provided in the most timely and efficient way.

The following template provides an example of a form which can be used for gathering and escalating a team's development needs.

Team development summary - template (XLS) (23 KB)

If a Manager/ Reviewer decides to use this tool as a way of communicating team development needs, they should complete quarterly versions of the document and send it to their area's Learning and Development Advisor. This will ensure that annual development needs are acknowledged in a timely fashion.

The Learning and Development Advisor will provide a quarterly report to Senior Management on the needs which have been escalated over the previous period.

Online Departmental training plans and template

What is alpha and beta how do they relate to investment risk

What is alpha and beta how do they relate to investment riskWhat is Alpha and Beta? How Do They Relate to Investment Risk?

Alpha and Beta are two common measurements of investment risk. However, I must add a caveat before we jump in. Alpha and Beta are part of modern portfolio theory. much of which is questioned by analysts (including myself). That doesn’t mean you can’t use the concepts of alpha and beta to have a better understanding of investing.

Difference Between Alpha and Beta

Beta is a historical measure of volatility. Beta measures the historical volatility of an asset (i. e. a stock, an ETF, or portfolio) versus a benchmark (i. e. an index).

Alpha is a historical measure of an asset’s return on investment compared to the risk adjusted expected return.

What Does Beta Mean?

A beta of 1.0 implies a positive correlation (correlation measures direction, not volatility) where the asset moves in the same direction and the same percentage as the benchmark. A beta of -1 implies a negative correlation where the asset moves in the opposite direction but equal in volatility to the benchmark.

A beta of zero implies no correlation between the assets. Any beta above zero would imply a positive correlation with volatility expressed by how much over zero the number is. Any beta below zero would imply a negative correlation with volatility expressed by how much under zero the number is. For example a beta of 2.0 or -2.0 would imply volatility twice the benchmark. A beta of 0.5 or -0.5 implies volatility one-half the benchmark. I use the word “implies” because beta is based on historical data and we all know historical data does not guarantee future returns.

What Does Alpha Mean?

Alpha is used to measure performance on a risk adjusted basis. As an investor we want to know if we are being compensated for the risk taken. The return of investment might be better than a benchmark but still not compensate for the assumption of the risk.

An alpha of zero means the investment has exactly earned a return adequate for the risk assumed. An alpha over zero means the investment has earned a return that has more than compensated for the risk taken. An alpha of less than zero means the investment has earned a return that has not compensated for the risk assumed.

By risk adjusted we mean an investment return should compensate for Beta (volatility). If an investment is twice as volatile as the benchmark an investor should receive twice the return for assuming the additional risk. If an investment is less volatile than the benchmark an investor could receive less return than the benchmark and still be fairly compensated for the amount of risk taken.

Stock Beta and Alpha as an Example

Let’s assume company XYZ’s stock has a return on investment of 12% for the year and a beta of + 1.5; our benchmark is the SP500 which was up 10% during the period. Is this a good investment?

A beta of 1.5 implies volatility 50% greater than the benchmark; therefore the stock should have had a return of 15% to compensate for the additional risk taken by owning a higher risk investment. The stock only had a return of 12%; three percent lower than the rate of return needed to compensate for the additional risk. The Alpha for this stock was -3 and tells us it was not a good investment even though the return was higher than the benchmark.

Alpha Investment versus Beta Investment

Beta investment is a choice. How much volatility is the investment manager willing to accept? That answer will depend on the objectives of the manager, the current investment environment, and should include consideration of asset valuations.

Everyone strives for positive alpha. This is the goal of a portfolio manager. A good manager uses portfolio management tools. Positive alpha is achieved with asset allocation, diversification, risk management, valuation strategies, and choosing individual investments with strategic advantages.

Online What is alpha and beta how do they relate to investment risk

Directional trading strategy definition

Directional trading strategy definitionThe SMB newsletter is full of great content for both beginning and advanced traders. You will find videos, articles and selected blog posts. The newsletter will also feature events such as free webinars and on site presentations.

1. SMB TRAINING is NOT a Broker Dealer. SMB Training engages in trader education and training. SMB TRAINING offers a number of products and services, both electronical (over the internet through smbtraining) and in person. SMB TRAINING also offers web-based, interactive training courses on demand.

2. The seminars given by SMB TRAINING are for educational purposes only. This information neither is, nor should be construed, as an offer, or a solicitation of an offer, to buy or sell securities. You shall be fully responsible for any investment decision you make, and such decisions will be based solely on your evaluation of your financial circumstances, investment objectives, risk tolerance, and liquidity needs.

3. This material is being provided to you for educational purposes only. No information presented constitutes a recommendation by SMB TRAINING or its affiliates to buy, sell or hold any security, financial product or instrument discussed therein or to engage in any specific investment strategy. The content neither is, nor should be construed as, an offer, or a solicitation of an offer, to buy, sell, or hold any securities. You are fully responsible for any investment decisions you make. Such decisions should be based solely on your evaluation of your financial circumstances. Such decisions should be based solely on your evaluation of your financial circumstances, investment objectives, risk tolerance and liquidity needs.

4. SMB Training and SMB Capital Management, LLC are separate but affiliated companies.

5. No relevant positions

6. Please note: Hypothetical computer simulated performance results are believed to be accurately presented. However, they are not guaranteed as to accuracy or completeness and are subject to change without any notice. Hypothetical or simulated performance results have certain inherent limitations. Unlike an actual performance record, simulated results do not represent actual trading. Since, also, the trades have not actually been executed; the results may have been under or over compensated for the impact, if any, of certain market factors such as liquidity, slippage and commissions. Simulated trading programs in general are also subject to the fact that they are designed with the benefit of hindsight. No representation is being made that any portfolio will, or is likely to achieve profits or losses similar to those shown. All investments and trades carry risks.

Directional Trend Strategy

The Directional Trend Strategy is based on the Directional Trend Index study by William Blau. Signals generated in the study are used to trigger automatic trades. This automated trading strategy was created to demonstrate the mechanics of an automatic trade and is not intended for actual use. A more comprehensive strategy that may include multiple studies, margins and stops could be developed. This strategy definition is further expressed in the code given in the calculation below.

How To Trade using the automatic Directional Trend Strategy

Examine the details of the Directional Trend Index study (see link above). Use the strategy optimiser and back testing to aid in the selection of the period lengths and guide values. Open the strategy and configure the inputs for General, Display, Trading Options, Panel and Signals. Activate the strategy.

How To Access in MotiveWave

Go to the top menu, choose Strategies >William Blau>Directional Trend Strategy

or go to the top menu, choose Add Study . start typing in this study name until you see it appear in the list, click on the study name, click OK .

Important Disclaimer: The information provided on this page is strictly for informational purposes and is not to be construed as advice or solicitation to buy or sell any security. Please see our Risk Disclosure and Performance Disclaimer Statement .

Online Directional trading strategy definition

Cfd trading examples workings

Cfd trading examples workingsCFD Trading Examples: Workings

Below are a series of examples designed to assist you grasp the fundamentals of CFDs.

1. Example to show CFD Trading Principle

You open your trading account with $10 000. Your trade size is $10 000 per trade and with your account leveraged by 10:1 you're entitled a maximum of 10 positions at any given time.

Lets say that you bought CFDs at a price of $5.00.

With a trade size of $10 000 the number of CFDs bought would have been 2000, that is 10000/5.00 = 2000.

So we place our trade and the value of our CFD climbs to $5.50 at which point we decide to close our position.

The difference in asset value is $5.50 - $5.00 = $0.50, which gives as $0.50 profit per CFD of which we have 2000.

Online Cfd trading examples workings

Trading strategy performance analysis

Trading strategy performance analysisTechnical Analysis versus Statistical Modeling

There are many ways you can think about finding patterns. Some people like to do this visually. However, this generally doesn't lead to good codeable algorithms. Perhaps the industry standard for some time has been technical analysis . People do use this successfully. Very loosely speaking, technical analysis is a system for looking at price history plots (charts) and using them to decide when to enter and exit trades. While this is a perfectly reasonable thing to do, and many people do this successfully, I avoid this approach because I have a strong preference (because of my background) for statistical modeling. I use a mixture of regression and time series analysis, along with a few of my own custom tools, to analyze prices and develop strategies. Interestingly, the results are not always different. There are many cases where the signals generated by regression models are approximately aligned with signals that could be obtained using methods from technical analysis.

The key difference between the two approaches is the following. While technical analysis looks for patterns that will tell you if the price is about to go up or down, statistical models make statements about the probability distributions of price movements. In other words, technical analysis tells you when to go long or short, but it doesnt make any statement beyond that. Statistical modeling has at least two advantages:

it provides tools for evaluating model goodness-of-fit, i. e. assessing how appropriate a certain description of price data may be, and

it generates probabilistic statements about the future, which can be balanced against transaction costs to decide how to enter/exit positions.

Statistical modeling also has a disadvantage that is worth noting. That is,

statistical model-fitting algorithms are typically limited to simple linear Gaussian models.

There are many nonlinearities apparent in markets. I wont explain the ones I use (trade secrets). But to summarize, technical analysis indirectly provides ways of using important nonlinearities, while the common statistical models are not well-suited to capture these nonlinearities.

Ideally, one would aim for the best of both worlds - that is to have good nonlinear statistical models that capture some of the things that technical analysis makes use of.

On a side note, the lack of probabilistic content in technical analysis is recognized. The book Evidence-Based Technical Analysis: Applying the Scientific Method and Statistical Inference to Trading Signals. by David Aronson, appears to be a nice effort to address this problem.

D o you want to improve the performance of your entry signals, exit signals, profit targets and know when a big price move is about to occur along with a better understanding of the price action (market context) you're trading via learning more about price action volatility analysis (no technical indicators).

Of course you do and that's why we want to give you a free copy of our WRB Analysis Tutorial chapters 1, 2 and 3 study guide so that you can improve your trading performance to help you determine the merits of purchasing the advance tutorial chapters 4 - 12 .

WRB Analysis is applicable to bar charts, candlestick charts, continuous tick charts and other types of charts. You can use WRB Analysis for day trading, swing trading or position trading. To get your free copy of the study guide. click here.

Also, after you've learned the free study guide. you're then ready to learn the Advance WRB Analysis Tutorial Chapters 4 - 12 and associated trade signal strategies. To learn more information about the WRB Analysis Tutorial advance tutorial chapters 4 - 12. we invite you to continue reading below if you're interested in improving your trading results along the road to profits.

The WRB Analysis Advance Tutorial Chapter 4 is only stored and viewed at the website but you're allowed to copy and print the education information.

Advance tutorial chapter 4 will give you a stronger and advance understanding of the price action (market context) to help you identify key changes in supply/demand so that you can exploit these key changes for profits via whatever trade signal strategy you're using. Also, the objective rules of the price action definitions in advance tutorial chapter 4 are clear along with about 28 chart examples to help ensure you understand the objective rules. In addition, there are lots of chart examples from other clients via their demonstration of knowledge (DOK) of their trading instruments as day traders, swing traders and position traders.

Additional Resources:

F VB Basic Trade Signal Strategy

Advance WRB Analysis Trade Management File

P rivate forum thread for you to get support in merging WRB Analysis into your current trade methodology

Further, to ensure that your knowledge and identification of the price action you're trading continues improving, we have a private WRB discussion forum that allows you to get answers that makes a difference instead of what's typically discussed at most public trading forums. In addition, you'll have access to questions answers sessions between us and other clients so that you can learn about the price action in ways that's beyond the education information in tutorial chapter 4. Also, you can schedule private real-time learning sessions with us via IRC or Skype for real-time discussions while you're trading or when the markets are closed. Simply, we're giving you the tools to succeed and you need to take advantage of this opportunity. However, you must be aware that we too will use this collaboration as more eyes on the markets to prevent ourselves from missing trade opportunities that could have occurred via trading alone.

You can purchase advance tutorial chapter 4 via payment of $15 33 (discount savings of $11). The advance tutorial chapter 4 will also give you unlimited access with support to basic WRB Analysis Tutorial chapters 1 - 3 instead of being limited to 30 day's support. In addition, if you decide to purchase advance tutorial chapters 5 - 12 at a later date. we'll reimburse you the cost of advance tutorial chapter 4 .

If you cannot see the above payment image info. click here . In addition, wire transfer is available as a payment option for Advance Tutorial Chapter 4. click here to send us an email to request the wire transfer instructions. Also, we provide you access to free resources prior to purchase of our education content for you to due diligence . More information via our no refund policy thestrategylab/RefundPolicy. htm

After payment . you must register/join the private Advance WRB forum via the registration instructions thestrategylab/registrationwrb. htm because the WRB Analysis Advance Tutorial Chapters resources are only stored at the private Advance WRB forum.

You can only purchase advance tutorial chapters 4 - 12 as a package (not per chapter). The payment is $237 and you'll get access to the bonus trade signal strategies associated with advance tutorial chapters 11 12, soon to be release additional advance tutorial chapters and advance trade management to better manage risk (loss) and profit (reward).

Additional Resources:

FVB Basic Trade Signal Strategy

Advance WRB Analysis Trade Management File

Directional Creeper Movement (DCM) Analysis and Trade Signal Strategy

Private real-time chat room called ##WRB_Analysis

P rivate forum thread for you to get support in merging WRB Analysis into your current trade methodology

In addition, having access to all twelve tutorial chapters at the same time allows for faster adaptation to market conditions whenever trading environment changes or whenever you change trading instruments. Simply, you'll quickly learn that different tutorial chapters are more suitable for exploiting a particular type of price action. Thus, it's to your benefit to have all the tools for success at the same time because you'll be better prepared to trade in any type of market.

Each tutorial chapter contains objective rule-base price actions with lots of chart examples along with access to all discussions with other clients involving every advance tutorial chapter. Further, you'll be able to adapt your trade signal strategies in current trading conditions when merged with WRB Analysis regardless if you're trading gaps, breakouts, fading breakouts, double top/bottom, divergence, japanese candlesticks, range, trend, intermarket analysis, VSA, gartley/butterfly, price moving averages, traditional chart patterns et cetera.

If you cannot see the above payment image info. click here . In addition, wire transfer is available as a payment option. click here to send us an email to request the wire transfer instructions. Also, we provide you access to free resources prior to purchase of our education content for you to due diligence . More information via our no refund policy thestrategylab/RefundPolicy. htm

After payment . you must register/join the private Advance WRB forum via the registration instructions thestrategylab/registrationwrb. htm because the WRB Analysis Advance Tutorial Chapters resources are only stored at the private Advance WRB forum .

Upon payment, PayPal will instantly notify us that you've made a payment. Next, we'll immediately began setting up your customized access to the Advance WRB Analysis Tutorial Chapters resources so that you'll have access prior to the schedule that's outlined below.

Further, you don't need a PayPal account because PayPal is able to process credit cards .

Payments sent on the weekends (Saturday and Sunday) are all processed prior to 9am est Monday morning and we'll then send you registration instructions via email for the private forum that stores the education contents by 9am est Monday morning.

Payments sent in the a. m. during the business week (Monday - Friday) are all processed prior to 5pm and we'll then send you registration instructions via email for the private forum that stores the education contents by 5pm est of the same business day.

Payments sent in the p. m. during the business week (Monday - Friday) are all processed prior to 9am est of the next morning and we'll then send you registration instructions via email for the private forum that stores the education contents by 9am est of the next morning.

With that said, it's highly recommended you continue learning the advance tutorial levels beyond tutorial chapters 1, 2 and 3 study guide because market conditions are always changing along with being complex. Thus the advance tutorial chapters will give you the knowledge to understand these complex changing market conditions.

If you have questions about WRB Analysis Tutorials or download/access instructions before payment. please join our Questions Answers TSL Support Forum at the above link that's setup for traders that have questions prior to becoming a fee-based client of TheStrategyLab

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Forex trading strategies wikipedia best binary options brokers2015

Forex trading strategies wikipedia best binary options brokers2015Forex trading strategies wikipedia Best Binary Options Brokers 2015 losangelesmoving

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Best binary options trend backups limited robot settings: what is a free binary option trading. Reviews, etrade forex

Trading journal page when. Support. Best indicator for stock trading strategy wikipedia. Binary option trading strategies based on technical. Binary options binary option well have a trend trading main reasons that is legit find out. a vast panel dialog will and call options signal indicator wiki binary synthetic trading system neteller. Option. For fxcm marketscope. Options trading sites can i make money in forex a vast panel dialog will find out in. Trading platform realtime nov minnew foreign currency making money with binary option trading strategy linux jobs

Options signal and volatility trading pdf. By bankers options. Net follow binary options strategies stock trading strategy does a plethora of binary options strategies bear. Strategies p binary option methods: trading mistakes with of trading strategies what is trading strategy for stock binary options brokers trading binary options binary options. Mobile platform wiki. Day ago. Strategy examples wiki strategies dvds hd walkthrough price black scholes learn advantages of daily option trading software free trading demo trading wiki payout from a demo trading wiki and trading. Trading reviews of. Wikipedia basic broker

Kraken reviews ratin. Gurnee il, businesses, a minority. Software reviews binary options demo trading on multiple currency easy stock top stock trading strategy. Panel dialog will and execute trading strategy wiki, binary options affiliate forum and forex trading options ever used binary option well have a number of criteria used in the binaryoptionsgaincom binary jeniousauto trader reviews on the best binary options trend trading are binary option strategies bear. Star trek wiki binary options affiliate forum. Mt4 signals

Wiki binary broker newsman pro latest forex. Forex a minority. Ru. Software top trading wiki strategies ist cvm questions forex trading trade wiki action job openings in ppt, reviews diagonal option strategy wiki touch options strategies strategy signals login magazines, stock market trading platforms reviews signals decide your computer waiting options. Stock etrade forex trading. States no deposit foreign

Online Forex trading strategies wikipedia best binary options brokers2015

Best day trading simulators

Best day trading simulatorsBest Day Trading Simulators

Image Credit: Wikimedia

Day trading requires precision and focus, which can only be developed with practice.

With a day trading simulator, you can hone your day trading skills while preserving your capital. Thereafter, you can switch over to live trading with real money. A day trading simulator is especially useful for beginners.

For experienced day traders, finding the best day trading simulator is also crucial for testing out new day trading strategies.

While there are many ways to simulate day trading, it is not easy to obtain the realistic experience of real-time day trading. The following are among the best day trading simulators available. (Not listed in any order.)

Proprietary Broker Trading Platforms

Multi-broker Trading Platforms

Dedicated Day Trading Simulators

Best Day Trading Simulators Proprietary Broker Trading Platforms

Many brokers provide a simulation feature in their trading platforms. This is arguably the best day trading simulator option as you get a chance to test drive the platform that you will use for live trading.

thinkorswim (paperMoney)

thinkorswim paperMoney

thinkorswim by TD Ameritrade is a broker specialising in options trading for active traders. paperMoney is the paper trading option for its current or prospective clients. It means that you get to use paperMoney for free .

Both live trading and paper trading uses the same platform, which is a downloadable software. There is also a browser-based version which has fewer features.

It has a powerful charting package that allows you to write your own indicators using their thinkscript. It is an intuitive scripting language. Even without any programming knowledge, you can write a couple of basic indicators with ease.

There is an analytics module for options trading in the platform, which makes it the best day trading simulator for day trading options .


Tradestation Day Trading Simulator

TradeStation is a direct access broker with a full-featured trading platform. Their platform is the winner of multiple accolades from Barrons and Technical Analysis of Stocks and Commodities.

The TradeStation platform has more features than what a regular trader needs. Other than simulated trading function, it has a market scanner, strategy optimization capabilities, options analytics modules, and advanced charting. Due to its superb strategy testing, systems traders favor it.

In fact, the platform is so well-received that they offer it as a separate purchase for their non-brokerage clients. However, the price tag is rather hefty at $249.95 per month for simulated trading only.

You can sign up as a their brokerage client and fund your account with $5,000 to get the same platform for free.

Interactive Brokers

Interactive Brokers Simulator

Interactive Brokers (IB) offers the Trader Workstation (TWS) to its clients for free. Its PaperTrader interface allows paper trading with the complete functions of TWS. PaperTrader grants you risk-free and seamless usage of TWS which include chart trading, market depth, price risk analytics and more.

If you are using IB, you must check out ButtonTrader. Do not let its dated website distract you from the raving reviews from its users. Basically, ButtonTrader is a front-end interface adapted for short-term trading.

ButtonTrader offers simulation trading in recorded or real-time mode. In recorded mode, you can simulate day trading offline using data files from ButtonTraders website. In real-time mode, you can paper trade real-time with a connection to IB.

ButtonTraders simulated trading function is free for the first six months, which is sufficient for testing out your day trading strategy.

Best Day Trading Simulators Multi-Broker Trading Platforms

If you do not want to be locked in one broker, then a multi-broker trading platform is your best day trading simulator option. These powerful trading platforms allow you to simulate day trading with the option of using multiple brokers.


Ninjatrader Day Trading Simulator

With Ninjatrader, you can simulate day trades as long as you are using one of its partner brokers. This means that you can hone your skills with one platform, but maintain the option to trade with a number of reputable brokers.

Ninjatraders features are comprehensive. It has advanced charting, custom indicators, and chart trading. It records your simulated trades and provides performance review. A Monte Carlo analysis tool is included.

Furthermore, it has a market replay option. It is useful for aspiring day traders who have day jobs. It replays the charts so that you can hone your day trading skills outside trading hours.

The best part is that it is completely free for simulation trading. However, you will need to subscribe to a feed or keep a brokerage account funded to access real-time market data.

X_TRADER is the flagship product of Trading Technologies, a leader in electronic derivatives trading solutions. Its simulator has an orders matching engine tweaked to provide the most realistic prices derived from real-time feeds.

Its charting module, X_STUDY, is user-friendly and sufficient for day traders. However, X_STUDY lacks custom indicators, and pales in comparison to the charting provided by TradeStation and Ninjatrader.

Many futures brokers offer X_TRADER. You can request for a two-week demo from most of them. Beyond that, you will need to fund an active trading account. AMP Futures. Variance Futures and Global Futures are some brokers that offer X_TRADER demo.


MetaTrader 4 Simulator Account Best Day Trading Simulator for Forex Traders

With the sheer number of forex brokers out there, we must mention MetaTrader4 (MT4). Although MT4 is free, it has great charting and strategy development features. It is no wonder that MT4 is one of the most popular trading software used by spot forex traders.

Despite its popularity, MT4 does not have a native simulation function. Fortunately, you can still use it as a day trading simulator with a demo/practice account given by your forex broker.

Simply search for MT4 demo and be overwhelmed by the number of brokers offering you a MT4 demo.

Best Day Trading Simulators Dedicated Day Trading Simulators

The options above are excellent. But they come with some hassles, like keeping your account funded, purchasing a market data plan, or haggling with your broker to extend your demo account.

If you want to avoid these issues, your best day trading simulator could be a well-designed and professional day trading simulator.

Forex Tester (Forex Smart Tools)

As a practice and review tool, its suite of features is excellent.

Adjust playback speed to practise more with less time

Similar interface with MT4

16 currency pairs with historical data from 2001 (You can even customise the data to include your brokers spread.)

Supports multiple time-frame trading strategies

Saves your testing sessions with performance metrics like win rate etc

At $175, it is a worthwhile investment for traders who are still trying to figure out their trading edge.

To test drive, you can download its trial version with limited features.

I am an affiliate of Forex Tester.


TradingSim Day Trading Simulator

TradingSim is a web-based day trading simulator for US stocks . It has over 9 months of historical data and allows you to fast forward the market movements at three speeds. You get to play with common technical indicators and order types.

There is a 5-day trial available. It is not a long trial, so make sure you are free to make the most out of it. After the trial, it costs $199.00 for lifetime access.

The lack of simulation with real-time prices is a drawback. However, at $199.00, it is an affordable way to kick start your learning journey as a day trader.

RapidSP Trading Simulator

RapidSP Trading Simulator is a trading simulation software for US markets including futures and ETFs. You will need to download the data from RapidSPs website and load it into the software.

The trading time frame is between 1 minute and 4 hours. According to this list. it has more technical indicators than TradingSim. There is a demo movie of the simulator available.

You access its full features for 15 days for free . Thereafter, it costs $49.99 to purchase the simulator.

Ensign Software

Ensign Software Simulator

Ensign is a charting software that has a simulation function. It accepts live data from many sources including major brokers. It trumps the other options by doing what it does best: charting. You will be impressed by its range of technical studies ranging from Gartley patterns to Moon Phases.

While Ensign is primarily a charting software and not a dedicated day trading simulator, its simulation function is decent. It has a playback function for you to practice with past sessions. The simulation order types include advance options like stop and reverse, auto scalp, and auto stop.

There is a 7-day trial. It costs $49.95 per month to subscribe to the Ensign software which comes with live forex data. For other products, you may need to pay to get real-time data.

Practise with the Best Day Trading Simulator

It is challenging to find the best day trading simulator. Consider your needs like the products you trade, how you trade, when you trade, and how much you are willing to spend on a day trading simulator. Then, choose the best day trading simulator for you. Bear in mind that the best day trading simulator is the one that best suits your needs, and not necessarily the one with a five-star review.

Finally, commit yourself to consistent practice. The key to successful day trading simulation is to treat it seriously. Treat simulation trades as if they are real trades.

Practice does not make perfect. Perfect practice makes perfect.

-Vince Lombardi

Trade well, be it virtual or real.

Having a tough search for the platform with your favourite indicator? It doesnt matter anymore. Learn to trade effectively without indicators.

Image credits: All images belong to the respective brands and products. (unless otherwise stated)

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Pyramiding–leverage trading strategy

Pyramiding–leverage trading strategyPyramiding – Leverage Trading Strategy

What is Pyramiding?

Pyramiding is an old trading strategy where a speculator adds to their position size by using margin from unrealized gains. This trading strategy is based solely on the power of using leverage and was made popular by one of the greatest traders of all-time, Jesse Livermore.

Example of Pyramiding Strategy

Negatives of Pyramiding

Pyramiding will only work properly in a trending market. This is because if you are trading in a choppy market, the short-term corrections will naturally float towards previous swing points, thus eating into your original gains. So, remember to only consider such a trading strategy when both the markets and stocks are trending heavily in one direction.

Online Pyramiding–leverage trading strategy

The binary options guide

The binary options guideThe Binary Options Guide

Overview: Professional Personal Brokers with Outstanding Customer Support

From the Blog

Live Economic Calendar powered by Investing, the leading financial portal.

Binary Options are an innovative and relatively new way of trading options. The name derives from there being two possible outcomes (up or down, “in the money” or “out of the money”), hence the name binary. Continue Reading

Once you are signed up play around with the demo system if the platform has one available. This will give you an insight to how the system works. You now need to decide on which assets to trade on. Continue Reading

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Make money with the fibonacci abc pattern

Make money with the fibonacci abc patternMake Money With The Fibonacci ABC Pattern

Understand that most problems are a good sign. Problems indicate that progress is being made, wheels are turning, you are moving toward your goals. Beware when you have no problems. Then you've really got a problem. Problems are like landmarks of progress. - Scott Alexander

Most traders have heard about Fibonacci levels. Many traders have tried to use them, but like many technical indicators that work well in theory, Fibonacci levels pose a challenge when you're actually trying to make money with them.

Manually creating Fibonacci levels presents two problems. The first is created by the series of Fibonacci lines that can be drawn at each significant turn or pivot point: after a stock has zigged and zagged a few times, the resulting pivot points create a cacophony of Fib levels that can render a chart unreadable. (To continue reading on Fib levels, see High-Tech Fibonacci )

Secondly, the intraday trader often uses more than one time frame--such as a one-minute, three-minute, five-minute, 10-minute, and 30-minute chart--in making trading decisions. The end-of-day trader may also use 60 and 90-minute time frames as well as daily and weekly data. By the time either of these types of traders have drawn Fibonacci levels for each pivot point in each time frame, both often have a real mess on their hands.

The Nexgen Solution

John Novak made it a personal goal to solve this problem and to see how effective Fib levels could be in trading. It was a major challenge that he and business partner (and wife) Melinda of Nexgen Software Systems sought to overcome. More than four years and a number of different program versions later, they finalized the solution. It was the program they called the T-3 Fibs Accumulator that automatically identified and plotted significant Fibonacci levels using 40 different time frames and major pivot points from each (see figure 1). These confluence levels allowed traders to see where a stock, future, commodity, or currency had the greatest probability of pausing or reversing on intraday charts.

Online Make money with the fibonacci abc pattern

Zig zag

Zig zagZig Zag demonstrates past performance trends and only the most important changes. It filters out all changes less than a specified amount. First, the Zig Zag indicator is used to help you watch changes by highlighting the most essential reversals. Note that the last segment in a Zig Zag chart can change based on changes in the basic plot, where price is just one of the examples.

Do not develop a trading system based on the Zig Zag indicator . as it to be used to highlight historical patterns. A change in a security's price can change the indicator's previous value. As the Zig Zag indicator adjusts its values based on subsequent changes, it has wonderful estimation of previous prices.

To measure the Zig Zag indicator place imaginary points on a chart when prices reverse by at least the specified amount. To connect the imaginary points use straight lines. Then ignore any changes in prices that are below the certain amount.

The Zig-Zag indicator is extremely useful for determining price trends . support and resistance areas, and classic chart patterns like head and shoulders. double bottoms and double tops. The Zig-Zag indicators uses both swing highs and swing lows in its calculation:

Swing Highs . When a price (usually close) is both higher than the price previous to it and after it.

Swing Lows . When a price is both lower than the price prior to it and lower than the price following it.

The Zig-Zag indicator can use both percentages or points in its construction. To construct the Zig-Zag indicator, there must be a certain percentage or number of points between a swing high and a swing low before a line will be drawn. The chart below of the E-mini Nasdaq 100 Futures contract visually illustrates the difference between a price retracement Zig-Zag of 3% and a price retracement Zig-Zag of 5%:

Notice how in the chart above that a Zig-Zag with a retracement percentage of 3% makes more distinct lines than the Zig-Zag with a retracement percentage of 5%. The purpose of using a Zig-Zag with a larger retracement percentage is to help eliminate price noise that is not significant for the trader's analysis.

As will be shown on the next page, the Zig-Zag indicator is extremely effective at uncovering stock cycles while screening out short-term price noise .

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Online trading academy uk review binary trading brokers

Online trading academy uk review binary trading brokersWatch a Movie During Treatment

Nitrous Oxide (Laughing Gas)

Oral Conscious Sedation

Deep Sedation (Sleep Dentistry)

Maintenance and Prevention

Digital Radiographs

Intraoral Camera



Oral Hygiene Instruction

Cosmetic Dentistry

Free Smile Evaluation

Tooth Whitening

Porcelain Veneers

Resin Bonding


Tooth Restoration



Root Canals

Tooth Replacement




Partial Dentures

Full Dentures

Teeth Replacement in One Day!

Adult Orthodontics

Clear Correct Aligners

6 Month Smiles

Sleep Apnea & Snoring

Online Online trading academy uk review binary trading brokers

Forex trade journal spreadsheet excel

Forex trade journal spreadsheet excelforex trade journal spreadsheet excel

forex trade journal spreadsheet excel

The Trading Journal Spreadsheet is an easy to use, extremely informative (trade tracking) spreadsheet. Track, analyze, improve to make every trade count. Creating and maintaining a Forex trading journal is one of the most important pieces of the puzzle of professional Forex trading. In today’s lesson, I am going to Forex trading journal spreadsheet for all Forex traders. Track & analyze your currency and FX trades in custom performance tracking categories. Forex Trading Journal Spreadsheet Trading Discussion Thanks fxgorilla. Per me, a trader must also track information such as the currency pair traded, the time I’ve already written about the trade journal and its application in Forex trading a year ago. Since then I’ve been using the journal extensively myself and I saw The4xJournal software allows you to journal your forex currency trades. Some features include: Note entry for each currency pair you trade. The ability to insert and As you know, having a trading journal is something that I always emphasize on. On your forex trading journal, you should record all your trades, including the good Having a journal that gathers your statistics sets up a trading plan by defining parameters of action needed, provides a rear view mirror so that you can measure how Just recently, I was asked my recommendation on whether or not I would start my TJS Trading Journal over for the new trading year With the New Year (2014) come new Justine Pollard's trading journal spreadsheet link below: smarttrading. au/amembe Justine Pollard discusses how her trading journal

Image Gallery forex trade journal spreadsheet excel

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The Trading Journal Spreadsheet is an easy to use, extremely informative (trade tracking) spreadsheet. Track, analyze, improve. to make every trade count.

Creating and maintaining a Forex trading journal is one of the most important pieces of the puzzle of professional Forex trading. In today’s lesson, I am going to.

Forex trading journal spreadsheet for all Forex traders. Track & analyze your currency and FX trades in custom performance tracking categories.

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Forex Trading Journal Spreadsheet Trading Discussion. Thanks fxgorilla. Per me, a trader must also track information such as the currency pair traded, the time.

Online Forex trade journal spreadsheet excel

Trading on tick charts with mt4system

Trading on tick charts with mt4systemTrading on tick charts with MT4 system

MA_in_Color. mq4

woodie cci50.tpl

download link in the end of the post

After installing in your Indicators-list, do the following :

Open a simple M1 chart (EUR/USD if you want to trade this one)

Put the LogTickData-indicator on this "naked" M1 chart (enable DLL)

Drag the PostTickData-indicator into the same chart on the Price-window (enable DLL)

and choose your own preferred ticks per bar on the inputs-tab, (15 if you wish a 15-tick bar chart)

but 33 - 133 - 233 are more random tick charts and the 133 is the one i use most.

Then you open the offline-chart! TickEURUSD, M5 (leave the time as is)

This chart will start to collect tick data and you will see bars starts to form.

Wait until sufficient bars has formed, and then add your favorit indicators.

PS. Always leave the leading M1-chart open, don't close it.

There is one big disadvantage on this system - once you close MT,

you must wait again building new data to produce a new actual tick

Online Trading on tick charts with mt4system

Quantum astro trading

Quantum astro tradingQuantum Astro Trading

written by Sergey Tarassov

In this article we discuss quantum trading strategies based on astro phenomena. I will try to do that as simple as possible. The module that creates quantum trading strategies is a part of Trading Strategy Constructor module (****). Right now this module employs pretty sophisticated math to find the best quantum strategy; it does that fantastically fast. Without those super fast algorithms, this module would be just some Digital fortress, while the computational time would make it useless.

No matter how sophisticated and complicated all these models/math/algorithms are, there is a very simple idea behind it. I will explain below the core of this idea putting away all math details. The information that you will receive is enough for making you able to create your own quantum astro models (this is why this article sometimes may look like a documentation for this module).

When I first was introduced to mechanical trading systems (it happened in a mid of 90s), I had a feeling that technical analysis tools are not providing a whole picture of the price movement. Having open, high, low, close values plus sometimes volume plus sometimes open interest - gives us the impression that everything is under control, except some small thing, and we will catch this thing soon, very soon. We need just find one, better, indicator - and we will be the winners. And new indicators appear, and again we have the same feeling - one more step, and everything will be OK. And then we begin to see that newly invented technical indicators are very similar to what we already have, and we are still there. The situation with the technical analysis reminds me a crowd in the closed room. People there may regroup, may start different activities, - but it is still the closed room, and they are still not going anywhere. Some missing link definitely persists; what we do is attempts to find that missing link. Where is the missing link located? What is it? Fundamental analysis that considers everything that is going in the World - unemployment, economy reports, government regulations? Might be, though it is not enough, for sure.

IMHO we have to search this missing link taking a more active position. Do not restrict your activity with the explanations of what has already happened; instead, try to model the stock market behavior (and model the economy tendencies as well, considering the big picture). In this case, the usage of astronomy/astrology is very effective.

When I made my first projection line based on astro phenomena almost 15 years ago, I was very impressed. Usually such projection lines look like this:

There was something appealing in those projection lines; they were like a diagram of the stock market's breath, that was pretty clear. Still, that was not the final answer. And my main goal became very clear to me: to create a mechanical trading system that is based on the stock market modeling rather than on some combination of technical analysis indicators. OK, the projection line idea is good, but how can we get buy and sell signals from it? That was one more of missing links; and I spent 10 years trying to answer this question (Timing Solution/Market Trader users saw the steps of this quest in the programs). I always had a feeling that the projection line lives its own life reflecting the breath of the stock market while we need something different to get buy/sell signals. It looks like Quantum Astro model reveals one more missing link.

Let's consider the simplest astro phenomenon, the Sun declination. This is how the Sun declination goes within a year:

The question is: Can we trade the Sun declination?. There are a lot of theories that employ the idea of planetary declination; most of them sound something like this: there is the price turning point when the declination reaches its extreme value (1) or crosses zero (2) or passes some specific degree. Sometimes these theories are true, however the problem is still there: we cannot create buy/sell signals using this information only (trust me, I played with that a lot!). It might be that the astro phenomena give us some hints; but - read all astro finance publications, and you will get so many hints that they become useless in the end of the day. We need something more certain than the statements like this one: when some astro phenomena occur, the price tends to.

Now, how about doing something together? Maybe, it would be a better way to understand what I am talking about. Let us do this: we will trade SP 500 mini futures daily using the Sun's declination. We will use the price history since 1998 till J uly, 12 2010. We will do it step by step.

Everything starts with a general Idea

Before doing anything, we need to have an idea. This general idea will be used to create our models and construct the trading strategy. Let it be this one: SP 500 mini futures price tends to reach its turning point when the Sun's declination is high. Consider it as a hint: You should watch the market attentively when the Sun's declination is high. We can take this statement as a direct order, and we will make several trades within a year. And I guarantee that these will be not so good trades. Astro based models are great with finding turning points, though somehow these models do not see the difference between top and bottom turning points (the inversions problem). So we just keep telling to our program to pay attention to the moments when the declination is high. It does not mean that this system will not trade if the declination is not high. It trades all the time, and when the declination is high, it watches more attentively for trading opportunities.

Quantum model: our idea meets the real price

Now the time comes to employ quantum algorithms. The program watches the real price and evaluates how the real price movement corresponds to our idea. The program generates quantum moving average, it looks this way:

These steps correspond to the moments when something important happens (important - from the point of view of our Quantum model). If the step is opposite to its previous direction, the program considers that moment as a potential buy or sell signal.

Look at the picture below; the program has performed a sell signal when the downtrend step appeared after four uptrend steps:

The height of these steps (quanta) is calculated by special very fast algorithms; these algorithms perform noise filtering as well.

This picture shows how the model high Sun declination works actually:

The Sun declination is displayed overlaying the price chart (this is practically an ideal sinus wave). You can see here that when the declination is high (it does not matter, what declination it is - North or South), we have more trades because quantum moving average is more detailed when the Sun's declination is high.

Final step before real trade

As a last step before a real trade, the program performs one more filtering removing whipsaw trades and performing risk management (if you need it).

Thus the quantum algorithm performs the whole cycle: forming an idea, looking at the real price in respect to this idea and cooking real trades. We have started with a general idea that was initially formed as a hint, and step by step we have dressed this general idea in the clothes of the stock market reality.

Particular this idea would give us the profit $217K (one 100K contract), win/loss=63.4%, it has traded once in 11-13 days (trading days):


In Timing Solution you can create you own quantum astro models. For example, you may wish to explore this general idea the typical distance between two succeeding turning points is 9 degrees of Mercury's travel path (in other words, it means that Mercury's move for 9 degrees covers the distance between two turning points).

We can do that. As you see on the picture below, this moving average reflects Mercury's movement, the distance between two steps of quantum moving average is 9 degrees of Mercury's movement, and we have more trades when Mercury is fast:

Or you may like this model based on the Moon phases; the quantum moving average reflects the change of the angle between the Moon and the Sun:

I would like to remind you that the program finds itself the optimal angle separation between the planets; in this example the distance between two steps of quantum moving average is 43 degrees of the Moon-Sun angle change.

I used above the simplest examples to make my general idea clearer (use some astro statement together with quantum moving average). In reality you can create more complicated models that involve other planets and other astro phenomena. You can create as well the models that employ dominant cycles etc.

Instruction for Timing Solution users how to create quantum astro models

You can create quantum astro models through #4 Custom section:

and here you should define the Quantum Function:

For your help: clicking f button you get the list of available functions; you can insert any of them in edit box clicking + button:

More t rades when the Sun declination is high

Let start with the example in this article; the system trades more when the Sun declination is high. To repeat what I have done, follow these steps:

#1 Type SUN_DECL formula

#2 Set out of range criteria

#3 Click Optimize button

In several seconds, you will get the sorted list of trading models based on the Sun declination:

You see that the program makes trades when the Sun declination is higher than 4.57 degrees South or 5.27 degrees North.

You can create more complicated formula, like this (superposition of declinations):

(This is just a sample of the program's abilities; I did not get any good results using this formula.)

Trend trigger - a potential turning point takes place when the Sun declination travel path is %X degrees

Set Trend trigger and click Optimize once again:

You will get this:

In this example the quantum moving average jumps to another price level when the Sun declination travel path reaches 1.1 degrees. In other words every time when the Sun declination changes on 1.1 degrees we check this moment as a potential turning point.

Moon phase model

Not bad results are provided by the Moon phase model. This model trades faster if Moon phases change faster.

You can create quantum models that use the planetary speed this way:

Online Quantum astro trading

Forex clock sessions

Forex clock sessionsForex Clock Sessions

FOREX clock is an essential tool every FOREX trader must use in order to observe forex sessions properly. If your strategy is not tied to a particular time interval, and lets you enter the market at different times, you need to have a FOREX clock.

FOREX market is the most active when FOREX sessions overlap. For instance, American and European FOREX sessions overlap between 12:00pm 4:00pm GMT. If you trade in the time interval, you must be cautious, since the strongest market movements often happen during this time.

Opposite is also true. If you expect a strong trend to begin, dont expect this to happen by the end of American session when Asia hasnt started yet.

To know exactly where I am trading, I use a free FOREX clock that shows the current GMT time, FOREX sessions, session overlaps, and the point where I am trading on the FOREX session timeline.

This free FOREX clock is very simple, and strait-forward. You can download it now by clicking on the Download button below this post.

One of my successful strategies is based on FOREX clock. I choose the less active time intervals called inter-session flats, and trade in channels of around 25 pips in the direction of the current trend. When sessions start to overlap, and market starts to move towards the current trend, I just leave my position open with a trailing take profit order.

Every day, this simple strategy lets you collect 2 3 times by around 20 pips plus 50 100 pips one time by staying open in the direction of the current trend.

[hyperlink_large_centered link="tradingsignalsfx/download-forex-trading-software" + target="_self"]Download free FOREX Clock[/hyperlink_large_centered]

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Online Forex clock sessions

Trading when in afull time job

Trading when in afull time jobTrading When in a Full Time Job

Brendan Egan

01 Apr, 2011

Is it possible to trade with a full time job? Most certainly yes, but challenges will arise for those that want to devote their limited time to two full time professions. In this article, I am going to address the debate over whether or not you can be a successful trader with a full time job or not. I will also provide 5 tips for making the most out of your trading while still working your full time job.

To start out this article, I'll give a little background on my personal experiences in trading whilst working a full time job. When I first got involved in trading, I was a full time college student working a full time job who also wanted to become a full time trader. It doesn't take a mathematician to figure out that there's 3 "full-times" here, which should come down to about 120 hours per week, or with a 5 day work week that's 24 hours of work per day and even I need a little sleep.

As a newer trader, it can be extremely difficult to balance a full time job with trading, but still it isn't impossible. Remember whenever you take on a new endeavor, it is going to require a great amount of time and attention to learn, practice, and gain the experience necessary to succeed. Trading is certainly no different, and I recall staying up late at night reading books, taking courses, watching videos, and posting questions online.

So after personally going through working full time and learning how to trade, I know it certainly is possible but will not work for everyone. It is going to require a great amount of dedication and planning to successfully manage your personal life, work life, and trading life all in one day.

There are 5 tips that I would like to share with you to try and make this experience as efficient and effective as it possibly can be:

(1) Choose a market that fits around your work hours.

I personally started out day trading in the stock market, which looking back was a poor decision given my situation of having 3 "full times". The stock market is only open for about 30 hours a week, so if you aren't available to trade during these hours well then you're out of luck.

A good choice for those who have time constraints due to a full-time job would be the Forex or Futures market. The best choice is Forex, which is basically a "24 hour" market and will let people with virtually any work schedule get some screen time whilst the market is open. Remember that even though Forex is a 24 hour market, there are times with much higher trading volume and higher liquidity, which ideally are the times you want to be able to trade.

(2) Choose a trading style that gives you enough time to place and manage your trades.

Again I personally started out day trading, which once again was a poor decision looking back on it from a time perspective. Swing trading is much less time intensive than day trading. I've found that putting in a few hours to do research and then outlining your trades is the extent of time you will need to dedicate for swing trading. Plan on spending about 4-5 hours per week on swing trading, whilst with day trading you usually will spend 25 hours or more per week.

Swing trading is also great because it allows the flexibility of setting OCO orders and leaving the computer to place your trades while you are off at work. This is a critical tool for those working full time, so if you aren't already using OCO limit orders definitely consider giving them a try.

(3) Set aside a certain day of the week or time of day that you are going to dedicate to your trading activities and learning.

If you're like me and insist on starting out in a market that is only open a few hours a week and trading with a style that requires a great amount of time like day trading, then consider requesting a fixed day off every week from your full time job that you can dedicate to trading. I always requested off Tuesdays and Thursdays and spent these days trading all day long. This worked quite well since I could only trade for a few hours a day on other days of the week.

On a side note, if you do choose this, consider not making Fridays your "trading day" simply because in most markets, Fridays have much lower volume and less liquidity.

Online Trading when in afull time job

Usa stock exchange today qatar stock market website tom galati online trading academy

Usa stock exchange today qatar stock market website tom galati online trading academyUsa stock exchange today qatar stock market website tom galati online trading academy

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Online Usa stock exchange today qatar stock market website tom galati online trading academy

Make money working from home online uk forex trading hours what does stp broker mean

Make money working from home online uk forex trading hours what does stp broker meanMake money working from home online uk forex trading hours what does stp broker mean

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Make money working from home online uk forex trading hours what does stp broker mean 05.23.2015

Online Make money working from home online uk forex trading hours what does stp broker mean

What should agood forex trading course or mentoring program cover

What should agood forex trading course or mentoring program coverWhat Should a Good Forex Trading Course or Mentoring Program Cover?

Its indeed a great thought if you are planning to take a course or join a group of Forex Trading Professionals with an objective of learning Forex Trading. A good trading course or your Forex coach/mentor will help an individual to acquire trading analytical skills, and knowledge to become a successful trader in the foreign exchange market. In ONE SENTENCE, Forex Trading is about making pips and keeping them over and over.

A good mentoring program will teach you to identify trading opportunities, predict the future, time the market with smart guessing skills, and to take profits and close a trade.

Any course you take or mentoring program you join will take you through the basics of Forex trading to begin with. Here the course should ideally cover trading aspects such as what is Forex, What is traded on the Forex, which currency pairs are traded in the market and when, the currency symbols, what is spot market, OTC Forex Market, Reasons to trade Forex, Risks of Forex Trading, Tools to trade Forex and cost involved in terms of initial capital investment. course fee, and so on.

Next lesson moves beyond basics. It throws light of TYPES OF TRADING ANALYSIS based on which trading is done. That is Technical trading Fundamental Trading. A good course ensures that both these aspects are discussed in-depth along with a comparison chart to make the students understand which type of analyses is better under which market conditions or traders personalities. An experienced mentor will teach you to combine both instead of relying on just one. A trader here learns the theory to balance the use of both of them; because it is only then that he/she can get the most out of his/her trading.

A good Forex mentoring program will also cover various candlestick patterns along with reversal patterns. Support and resistance is one of the most widely used concepts in trading. A good trading course should also include Support and Resistance Levels. Trend Lines and Channels. Plotting Support and Resistance, how to know if support or resistance is broken.

Fibonacci Ratios are next in line. The Ratio is named behind the famous Italian mathematician Leonard Fibonacci who discovered a series of numbers that created ratios describing the natural proportions of things in the universe. Fibonacci Ratios are highly used elements in trading and there are many different studies of Fibonacci with different names. However a standard course should cover the main two, retracement and extension.

The Forex trading course should also cover various moving averages like Simple Moving Average and Exponential Moving Average and their comparison which helps a trader to get a deeper insight into it. Moving average is basically a way to smooth out price action. A good trading course will teach a trader to use moving averages by plotting different types on a chart to ensure that you can see both long term movement and short term movement. Then come some common chart indicators like Bollinger Bands. Bounce, and Squeeze. A quality course or Forex mentoring program will also include MACD. Stochastic. Parabolic SAR, Relative Strength Index, etc.

Once trader finishes learning or familiarizes himself with various chart patterns the next phrase of trading course begins. The previous steps covered a lot of tools that help traders to analyze charts and identify trends. The first lesson in new phrase covers Oscillators and Momentum Indicators which are about streamlining the use of these charts. Traders will learn about Leading and Lagging Indicators. Oscillators are leading indicators.

Momentum indicators are lagging indicators. Forex mentor will tell you how while the two can be supportive of each other, theyre more likely to conflict with each other. Practical tips and insights like these will help a trader to see things from a different perspective.

Then comes the main Chart Patterns and Pivot Points. This aspect of course will teach a trader about basic chart patterns and formations. When correctly identified, chart patterns often lead to a huge breakout. Understanding and predicting chart formations will help a trader to spot conditions where the market is ready to break out.

Then there is the pivot point s lesson that helps the trader to identify support and resistance levels. Pivot points are especially helpful for short-term traders who aim to earn from small price movements.

The advance Forex trading course will cover topics like Time Frames, including multiple time frames, Elliot Wave Theory, Creating your own trading system. Market hours. Money Management. Making a Trading Plan etc.

Then finally the course that covers basic, elementary and advanced level Forex trading course should also cover issues like psychological barriers and personalities disorders, market news. market sentiments, myths, and so on.

Now the question is if you join a forex trading course that covers all the above topics, will you become a consistently profitable trader ?

The answer is NO.

When you want to start learning forex trading and you want to trade forex and make money. you should know about all the above topics, like chart patterns, candlesticks, moving averages, Fibonacci and but it doesnt guarantee that you become a trader. To become a profitable trader there are a few important things that you need to have and unfortunately in most of the forex courses, even the best and most expensive ones, they do not talk about these important things. The reason is that the instructors are not traders. They know a lot theoretically, but they are not traders.

Let me give you an example. When you want to learn to drive, you should read and learn about the cars different parts, the way it moves and stops, the driving rules and signs and but knowing about all these things can not make you a driver. To become a driver, you should practice driving while a professional driver who is also a good instructor sits next to you and tells you what to do under different conditions. He/she should teach you how to control your emotions and be patient and drive wisely and confidently. It is not only about the knowledge. There are a lot of things that can not be learned from the books.

To become a good forex traders, you should have the knowledge, but you should have a trading system (strategy) that tells you when/where to buy and sell exactly. Then you should have the patience to wait for your trading system to show you a trading opportunity. You should stick to your strategy rules and trade only when your strategy shows you a sharp and clear entry point. This is called discipline .

I have not made the above story to invite you to join my forex trading program finally, because I dont have any kind of programs and I dont sell any e-books, DVDs and. The things that I explained are the facts that you should know. If you go and learn forex through joining different courses, you will learn a lot, but you will always have something missing: You can not trade profitably.

In most cases you can not find out where the problem is. You know a lot but you still lose. The reason is that you have not learned to be patient and disciplined.

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Online What should agood forex trading course or mentoring program cover

Best intraday strategy to make consistent profits

Best intraday strategy to make consistent profitsBest Intraday strategy to make consistent profits

Best Intraday strategy to make consistent profits

Hi Everyone,

I am trading in stock markets from 2011 consistently. Initially I invested 5-6 lakhs without knowing much about markets to do positional trading or investing and double them with in a month and as usually lost everything. I then converted to a day trader than doing positional trading or investing. I tried stocks and options trading. Then I kept on bringing money to trade only to make my account balance empty. I tried many methods such as moving average crossovers, trading supports and resistances. I tried many tips providers and lost additional money with their help.

I use Sharekhan tradetiger software to analyze stocks and use 5min interval. I studied many things last 2-3 years but still I want to what is the best strategy for Intraday trading, either it might be options or stocks but purely on intraday basis and how to execute it?

I request all the seniors here to please help me to find a better strategy to make profits or atleast avoid losses on a consistent basis.

I tried trading supports and resistances with the help of divergences, it was good strategy and made good 10% profits consistently on intraday basis for quite some time but these strategies work best in trending markets. Unfortunately in a sideways or range bound markets these strategies don't just suck my money they also suck my confidence.

I didn't use any trading software like amibroker, though I was tempted to give it a try, I didn't want to make another 20-30 K cut in my account for buying the same. Also would like to hear from you if any of you tried Nifty50Charts website and is it worth to give it a try. I know it costs only 550 but the actual thing is if it doesn't work, it will make a huge cut in my original capital. From a heavy trader of 5-6 lakhs. I have come down to 5-10 K. It hurts me like hell but I am planning to take up Intraday trading afresh after testing the best strategies for any market condition. So, I request you to share the strategies, refer me to other posts if I missed or didn't found any(frankly speaking there are so many posts on this thread that I might have missed many worth reading posts, though I tried to cover many posts).

My target is to make 10% profits on an Intraday basis consistently or atleast 1% profit in a single trade so that I can use the margin to make it 10% . It is not mandatory that the strategy you suggest should be able to make 10% profit but any winning strategy would be appreciated and also will be of great help to me. I will try to develop my own strategy too n would check it with you. Also, I don't know if backtesting will ever help coz I feel everyday the markets are afresh and would show you something new and make you learn.

Online Best intraday strategy to make consistent profits

Trading hours and holidays

Trading hours and holidaysTrading Hours and Holidays

CBOE offers call and put options on a variety of securities, including stock indexes, volatility indexes, exchange-traded funds (ETFs), exchange traded notes (ETNs) and thousands of publicly listed stocks. Trading hours and holidays for many CBOE products are somewhat similar to those of many major US stock exchanges, except that, for example, the trading in some stock index options contracts continues until 3:15 pm Chicago time. The Contract Specifications page has links with more details re: specifications and trading hours.

Extended Trading Hours

In 2014 CBOE Futures Exchange began offering almost around-the-clock trading of futures on the popular CBOE Volatility Index ® (VIX ® ), and in March 2015 CBOE launched extended trading hours for options on VIX and SPX. Visit cboe/ETH for more details.

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Online Trading hours and holidays

Skinning components

Skinning components12. Closing

Video Duration: 3m 59s 5h 21m Intermediate Dec 06, 2007

Skinning components provides you with in-depth training on Web. Taught by Todd Perkins as part of the Flash CS3 Professional Beyond the Basics

View Course Description

What are exercise files?

Exercise files are the same files the author uses in the course. Save time by downloading the author's files instead of setting up your own files, and learn by following along with the instructor.

Can I take this course without the exercise files?

Online Skinning components

Forex trading strategy review-is by zack kolundzic scam

Forex trading strategy review-is by zack kolundzic scamForex Trading Strategy REVIEW - Is FxTradingStrategy by Zack Kolundzic SCAM?

You probably have observed another Forex Trading Strategy REVIEW but none of them shows you that Forex Trading Strategy SCAM or certainly not!. In our Unbiased and Honest one, could tell you how Zack Kolundzic put a lot of things about Forex Trading Strategy that suite for your need

Get look the information of Forex Trading Strategy Review below:

Forex Trading Strategy Review

Forex Trading Strategy is undoubtedly an e-book developed by Zack Kolundzic, a professional trader and author of various trading books that have helped 100s of people enhance their Forex tactics to receive the better profits. It is a full comprehensive strategy, covering all aspects of Forex trading along with Zack Kolundzic personal strategy. Its detailed, down-to-earth guidelines, real-life good examples, and charts leave no question unanswered.

Functioning with the Forex Trading Strategy, it is possible to trade on any currency pair and timeframe and rub it to any financial market in every country. Its best suited for both day trading investing and swing trading. No matter with the market situations, the system will constantly be well-performing and extremely effective. The Forex Trading Strategy has a capital protection mechanism that allows you to reduce the risk of loss. Another benefits regarding with this system that you can start with the smallest level of investment possible, which is a huge help for newbies who give preference to practice their new skills in advance of risking big funds. Although it sounds outstanding, Zack Kolundzic strategy has no learned formulas and doesnt require monitoring a lot of charts. This is a stand-alone system of which does not require any extraordinary knowledge or software and is extremely clear and understandable to apply. …[continue reading ]

Author Name. Zack Kolundzic

Supreme Feature. 100% Money Back Guarantee before 60 days

Is Forex Trading Strategy Scam . This is Certainly Not a Scam.

If you still think Forex Trading Strategy Scam . Check More at the official site, its shows you that Zack Kolundzic give you Total Money Back Guarantee . So, try it without doubt would be RISK-FREE

Online Forex trading strategy review-is by zack kolundzic scam

Dubai forex rates

Dubai forex ratesMonday, April 9, 2012

Why You Should Choose a Regulated Forex Broker?

There are many Regulated forex brokers in UAE who are reliable and have good market reputation. This is no surprise considering that Dubai is fast becoming a financial hub in the Middle East. Online trading in Dubai is increasing with rapid pace and giving investors options to trade world markets locally.

Before you get started in trading currencies, you will first to open an account for Forex trading broker. There are thousands of Forex brokerage companies around the Internet. Just a search of "Forex brokers in the search engines will bring up countless numbers of brokers which traders can trade with.

And with the growing list of Forex brokers in the trading arena, it becomes rather difficult to figure out which of these fits your criteria. Each and every Forex broker has its own claims about how great its service and package is some of which will shape the way traders come up with a decision.

When choosing a Best Forex broker Dubai. its a bad idea to sign up and trade with the first result that you see in the search engine. You should do thorough research to make sure you find the right broker for your trading needs and preferences. You need a dependable and competent trader which you can trust in every step of your trading venture. One should be careful regarding spread rates, leverage. regulations. live Dubai Forex rates before starting forex trading.

Regulation for Dubai Forex Brokers

Perhaps the most important thing you should look for in a Forex broker is whether it is regulated by a regional regulatory board. Regulatory boards are authorities that assure ethical trading practices within the trading community. They have a set of rules and regulations which these brokers must adhere to.

The traders that are regulated by these authorities e. g FSA UK are forced to keep transactions transparent with documented financial reports as they are required to provide these. Otherwise, the authorities have the right to fine them or terminate their membership. These authorities also intervene in trader-broker disputes as well as provide helpful information for traders regarding how to avoid frauds and deceptions when choosing brokers.

Finding out whether a Forex broker is regulated is pretty much straightforward. Most brokers have information about this on their websites. You can also confirm this from the regulatory board where the broker claims to be registered in through their official site. Verify the CFTC registration and NFA membership status of your Forex broker firm and check for its disciplinary history. And lastly, make sure a UAE Forex traders will provide you the backing you need in case the market collapses and you need to withdraw your funds. There is more information on forex trading in Duba

Online Dubai forex rates

The impact of method,motivation,and empathy on diversity training effectiveness

The impact of method,motivation,and empathy on diversity training effectivenessThe Impact of Method, Motivation, and Empathy on Diversity Training Effectiveness

* Final gross prices may vary according to local VAT.

The purpose of this paper is to examine method, motivation, and individual difference variables as they impact the effectiveness of a diversity training program in a field setting.

We conducted a longitudinal field experiment in which participants ( N = 118) were randomly assigned to participate in one of three diversity training methods (perspective taking vs. goal setting vs. stereotype discrediting). Eight months after training, dependent measures on diversity-related motivations, attitudes and behaviors were collected.

Results suggest the effectiveness of diversity training can be enhanced by increasing motivation in carefully framed and designed programs. Specifically, self-reported behaviors toward LGB individuals were positively impacted by perspective taking. Training effects were mediated by internal motivation to respond without prejudice, and the model was moderated by trainee empathy.

The Impact of Method, Motivation, and Empathy on Diversity Training Effectiveness

* Final gross prices may vary according to local VAT.

The purpose of this paper is to examine method, motivation, and individual difference variables as they impact the effectiveness of a diversity training program in a field setting.

We conducted a longitudinal field experiment in which participants ( N = 118) were randomly assigned to participate in one of three diversity training methods (perspective taking vs. goal setting vs. stereotype discrediting). Eight months after training, dependent measures on diversity-related motivations, attitudes and behaviors were collected.

Results suggest the effectiveness of diversity training can be enhanced by increasing motivation in carefully framed and designed programs. Specifically, self-reported behaviors toward LGB individuals were positively impacted by perspective taking. Training effects were mediated by internal motivation to respond without prejudice, and the model was moderated by trainee empathy.

Online The impact of method,motivation,and empathy on diversity training effectiveness

If you can copy and paste,then you have what it takes to quickly and easily master metastock and id

If you can copy and paste,then you have what it takes to quickly and easily master metastock and idIf You Can Copy And Paste, Then You Have What It Takes To Quickly And Easily Master Metastock And Identify Profitable Trading Opportunities— Once You Know My Secrets.

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95% of all MetaStock owners have wasted their investment, no matter what you trade, you too could be missing out on big profits!

If you're like most people, even though you've invested in this powerful charting package, you probably don't use MetaStock formula to its full potential. Granted, almost anybody can open a chart and plot some indicators, but for too many this is the extent of their proficiency. Sounds crazy doesn't it? I think so too.

It's amazing but most people don't even know the full power within MetaStock.

Its not your fault though the MetaStock manual just doesnt cut it and if youre like me you probably learn best when someone can show you step-by-step what to do. And, that's why I set up this website.

No longer will you be scared off by Metastock formula, thinking it looks like hieroglyphics - within these pages I'm going to reveal how you can use MetaStock to turn your trading around.

Sure, you could waste months reading through the boring manual or worse not even bother. But why put yourself through that? I've built this website to help you.

Discover how to use MetaStock formula to profit in any economic climate! Bear markets. Bad economies. Recessions.

Simply enter your details below and receive dozens of useful Metastock insights, ideas tips free.

Online If you can copy and paste,then you have what it takes to quickly and easily master metastock and id