Test equipment,test meters,measurement instruments&accessories from the world spremier manufact

Test equipment,test meters,measurement instruments&accessories from the world spremier manufactTester. co. uk - Test Equipment, Test Meters, Measurement Instruments & Accessories from the World's Premier Manufacturers

Tester. co. uk was started with one goal in mind: to supply the best test equipment, meters and accessories to professionals for the best possible price.

We work closely with world-renowned test equipment manufacturers to bring you all of the latest, innovative and useful products on the market. Our extensive library of over 5000 individual products includes equipment from manufacturers such as Fluke, Megger, FLIR, CK Tools, Extech, Kern, Master Lock, Protimeter, Radiodetection, Seaward, Siglent, Sika, Hioki and many other of the world's most popular brands.

Our product library caters for absolutely every industry ranging from domestic electrical installations to product line manufacturing. Whether you're looking for a basic multimeter for simple testing, a high-end thermal imaging camera for building surveys, are testing sound levels with a sound meter or are tracking and generating waveforms with an arbitrary waveform generator, we have everything you need. Tester. co. uk also supplies specialist gas equipment such as flue gas and boiler analysers, personal gas detectors, scientific equipment including scales and balances, networking tools such as LAN testers and we have a huge range of both insulated and non-insulated tools from CK Tools, ITL and other tool manufacturers.

Every customer is important to us. From the very first time you contact us we'll give you your own personal account manager who'll answer your questions, direct you towards the best product for your needs, process your orders and help you with whatever else you need. Got technical questions about a product? We also offer industry-leading technical support for our equipment - just give us a call for whatever you need!

Each day, we help help hundreds of professionals to find the right piece of test equipment. To help you find what you need, all of our products have detailed descriptions, technical specifications and - wherever possible - have datasheet and user manual downloads available. If you can't find what you need on the site, just call us directly and we'll help you find what you're looking for.

Tester. co. uk is part of the PASS group, the UK's premier supplier of test equipment, calibration services and industry-leading training courses. For more information on our other services, including lockout equipment, calibration and electrical training, please visit us at pass. co. uk .

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Examples of training agendas

Examples of training agendasOther People Are Reading

Phone Systems

Learning to operate equipment calls for a sequential agenda covering the steps to customize the phone to the individual and using the various features. Begin with an introduction of the trainer and determine the experience level of the participants. Using the manufacturer's manual as a guide, go over all of the physical features of the phone system and the functionality of the buttons, lights, connections and digital readouts. Demonstrate the steps to complete each function -- answering calls, transferring calls and placing calls on hold. Have participants demonstrate their skill in completing the steps using the equipment. To further test learning, use another phone to place calls to the participants. Coach them through any difficulties with the operations; many companies have a script for answering the phone and voice mail messages. Ensure the participant sets up his voice mail properly and understands how to leave and retrieve messages.


Soft skills training, such as communications, is more subjective than mechanical and requires understanding of the theory and psychology behind how people communicate effectively. Communication takes place verbally, visually and vocally, so include a section with examples of each method to demonstrate how each affects effective message delivery and what the recipient understands. Because adults learn by seeing, hearing and doing, role playing and group exercises can help participants relate the concepts to daily communications. Taking time to debrief the exercises and allowing for questions will further enhance understanding. Include a section on different communication methods -- voice mail, email, text messages, tweets, social networking sites, intranets, posts -- and the advantages and drawbacks of each. Noting company preferences for communication methods and restrictions on using company communications tools round out the agenda.

On-the-Job Process Training

The quickest way to learn may be to just do it. On-the-job process training pairs a new employee with a skilled, high-performing employee. For a few days, the new employee shadows the skilled employee, who demonstrates the proper techniques and sequencing in performing tasks, helps identify where there is opportunity for error, and demonstrates how to troubleshoot and make corrections. After achieving a reasonable comfort level, the new employee begins to complete tasks under the watchful eye of her mentor, receiving coaching and correction when necessary. This method gives instant feedback on the transfer of knowledge and the skill level of the trainee. Once tasks are completed without error, the trainee is ready to go on her own.

Forex traders leads

Forex traders leadsForex Traders Leads

Forex Traders Leads : would our list of Forex traders includes their first and last names and telephone numbers e-mail addresses website opt in information and much more. This list was extremely expensive to come by and includes a downloadable e-mail list of Forex stock traders. Marketing to a list of Forex traders just got easier with our brand-new Forex traders e-mail list for sale. Includes thousands of records that contain vital data and information regarding recently signed up Forex currency exchange traders e-mail addresses. A current list of currency exchange traders and Forex traders are now available for immediate download in our members only area. We also have other investor lists available such as our CBS Market Watch Investor List, Our Day Trading Stock Investor List and our High Net worth Investor Lists as Well.

SAMPLE LEADS: Simply Fill Out The Form Below to Receive a Sample of This and Other Databases!

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Announcements: stay up to date by viewing the latest campus and personal announcements.

We know forex brokers from ato z

We know forex brokers from ato zWe Know Forex Brokers from A to Z

Euronis has traded or is trading at the above 60+ brokers since 2009. Over the past 6 years we have developed sophisticated monitoring equipment that enables us to identify strengths and weakness at each broker. We monitor things like spread, number of ticks, slippage, fill time, fill rate, up-time, down-time, IP-Routing, White Labels vs Primary server owners, data centers and profitability for all our brokers. We then aggregate this data to spot irregularities before they become problems.

A small group of retail forex brokers subscribe to our monitoring tools to improve their services.

It means the brokers we use typically have the best pricing and execution. This means your accounts have the best chance of profitability. It is worth saying that YOUR BROKER IS IN BETWEEN YOU AND PROFITS EVERY TRADE. Choose your broker on technicals and not their marketing hype.

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Creating amanufacturing plan for new product

Creating amanufacturing plan for new productCreating a Manufacturing Plan for New Product

What this is

Process and checklists for creating a Manufacturing Plan for a new product at appropriate points in the new product development timeline. Includes checklist for the earliest draft as well as the final plan.

Why it's useful

Manufacturing planning gives the Operations or Manufacturing organization an early view into what will be required — people, capital, facilities, etc. — to begin and ramp up manufacturing of a new product. Some planning must be done early enough to allow for aspects such as lead times on new equipment required and development time for new testing approaches. As the Operations personnel think through later manufacturing work for this product, they will also come up with questions and inputs for the development team that can be critical to the product's manufacturability. Outputs of manufacturing planning may also have a significant impact on budget and resource requirements.

How to use it

Use the outline to develop a manufacturing plan.

Create the first draft of the plan during the development phase, once enough functional specifications have been written on the product for Operations to develop an initial strategy for manufacturing the product.

Bring questions that arise from drafting the plan to team meetings and pertinent design reviews.

Update the plan after the alpha build of equipment occurs and prior to the beta build. Beta build is typically when higher quantity of prototype product must be created to be used in beta tests at customers, and Operations is moving toward a more normal build cycle. The Manufacturing Plan should have all contents in place in at least draft form in time for planning for the beta build.

A final update to the plan may occur before the pilot build -- the first build that is mandated to use the final designed production processes, equipment, etc. Pilot build is intended to test out the manufacturing process, use of standard equipment, etc.

Documentation development

Documentation developmentDocumentation Development

Documentation enhances every aspect of your operation, increasing performance, supporting maintenance and operation, reinforcing training, optimizing quality, and ensuring safety. The degree to which documentation can improve your operations, however, depends on the knowledge and technical skills behind it.

With more than 40 years of experience developing critical documents, GP Strategies has the expertise you need. Our stringent templating and design standards, coupled with rigorous quality assurance processes, ensure your documentation is promptly and accurately developed, then sanctioned and approved.

From documents supporting equipment start-up and maintenance to those detailing emergency procedures and equipment specifications, GP Strategies has got you covered. Our documentation development services include:

Contact us today to learn more about GP Strategies documentation development:

Gas caddy reviews

Gas caddy reviewsFuel Transfer Equipment Resource

This content shows Simple View

Find Information on Fuel Transfer Equipment

Theres a lot of info out there about saving money on gas. We are simply not used to paying such high rates for a product that has not been a bulk of folks spending plans in the previous years. Those of us that track our expenditures have actually experienced the shock when reviewing the amount of money we spend on gas now, compared to the last 5 years or so. Naturally we get pretty angry when we see all that extra money weve spent. After we are done whining regarding the politics and large deposits by oil firms, we understand that we need to take care of the situation no matter what.

One great piece of advice is to invest in a gas caddy. If youre unsure what this is, you can visit a website at fuelcaddy to find all the information you need. Not only does this site outline the best selling gas caddies, but they also have information on other fuel transfer products like grease guns which you can view here: http:/ / fuelcaddy/ cordless-grease-gun/

The basic fact is that this type of equipment can allow you to store fuel for your machinery instead of constantly having to refuel at the stations. This can allow you to buy in bulk so to speak, and buy more fuel at cheaper prices.

Also an individual with an ordinary INTELLIGENCE does not require an expert to tell her that she might conserve cash if she executed proper maintenance and assessment of her automobile, such as oil and air filter changes, tire turning and effective inflation. Yet, this form of guidance is what controls the mainstream media, from on-line publications and blog sites to standard papers.

There is even more of this type of advice available. And the greater the gas costs, the additional lovely ideas these gas conserving professionals appear to place forth, every one of them anxious to enlighten you with their knowledge. So is there really no practical means of decreasing your gas expense, without modifying your way of living? Well, thats really a tough question to answer. Sure you can change your spending habits, but people dont see in the impact until they do a 5 year expense review like we spoke about earlier.

So the best advice is to make the most use of fuel transfer equipment which is now available to allow you to save money on your refueling costs. This means buying and using fuel caddies, fuel transfer tanks and so on. This is especially important for those who work in an industry which requires lots of refueling like farming or construction.

For more information on products related to this, check out FuelCaddy

Another tip is to save money on Cement and Concrete Products

One recommendation you can give to a contractor is to buy their own cement equipment. Renting over time can really cost you a lot, and most construction workers should invest in their own tools early in their career.

Below are some links for Cement equipment and products. Check them out to see if buying your own equipment can financially benefit you and your business.

Buy forex signals

Buy forex signalsBuy Email Lists

Can you send your AD to Million Email addresses without being accused of SPAM?

Sure. This is why we call it Opt-In EMail Marketing Everybody can do this. It is legal and easy.

What is OPT-IN EMail Marketing??

The E-mail Marketing industry is expected to grow from a $2.1 billion industry to a $7.3 billion in few years. This is because it is fast, cost effective, and provide iimmediate feedback.

With the economy the way it is, companies are working hard at trying to be more efficient in the acquisition of new customers. Opt-In E-mail Marketing seems to be the solution.

Opt-In leads Marketing is the newest form of advertising and marketing available. It involves sending targeted e-mails to solicit a product or service to people who have agreed to receive these mailings.

The idea behind Opt-In E-mail Marketing is that you will get more per dollar spent than any other form of advertising. Whether your goal is customer acquisition, branding, or surveying, you simply will not get more consistent results from any other form of media purchasing. E-mail doesnt have the printing or postage costs of direct mail, and has been found to go further in a companys branding efforts than dollars spent on TV or radio ads.

Send your e-mails to more than 2,600,000+ TARGETED potential customers EVERY DAY! That means over 78,000,000+ prospects each month (and growing!). All our Email Lists are 100% Opt-in and completely legal to be used. Your ad will reach only those prospects who have asked to be included in Opt-in Email Lists for people interested in new business opportunities, products and services.

So please dedicate five minutes of your time and visit this website:

Welcome to our artist trading card(atc)community forums!our focus is on friendly atc and mail art

Welcome to our artist trading card(atc)community forums!our focus is on friendly atc and mail artWelcome to our Artist Trading Card (ATC) community forums! Our focus is on friendly ATC and mail art trading and swapping in a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere. Everyone is welcome here. All mediums are welcome too--stamping, painting, drawing, collage, mixed media, fabric, clay--you name it, we do it! And we don't just trade ATCs; there is a lot going on here. This includes chunky books, inchies, rinchines, twinchies, charms, art journals, altered art, Rolodex and rolo trading, and much more. We also have a gallery and trader rating system to facilitate trading between members and keep our community growing. We hope that you will join our family of art lovers and join us in trading art!

Congratulations to: joboflores1 who won the September ATC Contest. The winning card is shown above.

Contests at Atcsforall

Monthly ATC Contest!

Each month we have a themed ATC contest in which everyone can participate.

Directions and information on the contests can be found in the Monthly Contest Forum.

ATCs are voted on by the members, and the winner scores a prize packet and goody bag packed to the brim with art-related goods and empherma.

Forex buy

Forex buyRecent Performance

Forex Trading Signals


MT4 Auto-trading Bridge

Money Management

Performance Tools

Real-time Alerts

IntelliForex subscribers receive real-time signal alerts via:

E-mail messages for order Open and Close operations including detailed signal information and corresponding chart.

SMS messaging. Our direct SMS delivery network covers 712 mobile networks in 212 countries.

Instant Messenger (Skype, Yahoo, AIM, MSN, ICQ)*

Moreover, IntelliForex signals may be transmitted to any cell phone capable of receiving e-mail text messages.

IntelliForex abides by transparency policy with the customers, therefore, our Close signals are always sent with Net P/L stated. Thus, you will be always informed of the real signal performance.

Open Signal E-mail Sample

Lose weight in8a sample8week workout schedule

Lose weight in8a sample8week workout scheduleLose Weight in 8: A Sample 8 Week Workout Schedule

With an easy-to-follow workout schedule, you can see noticeable results on the scale in as little as eight weeks. According to the Mayo Clinic, a safe and healthy goal for weight loss is dropping one to two pounds per week. This means that in as little as two months, you can lose up to 16 pounds. Below is a sample workout schedule that should be easy to fit into even the busiest schedule.

The beginning of this workout plan will focus on shedding fat, building lean muscle and increasing your endurance.

Monday: Toning and Cardio

5 minute warm-up on cardiovascular equipment of your choice

10 minutes of cardio workout. On a scale of 1 to 10 in perceived exertion, aim for an intensity level of 6. This should cause slightly labored breathing, but you are able to maintain this pace for some time.

5 minute cool-down

3 sets of bicep curls

3 sets of tricep pulldowns with rope

3 sets of lateral pulldowns on cable machine

3 sets of front raises with dumbbells

Tuesday: Off

Wednesday: Cardio and Core

5 minute warm-up on cardiovascular equipment of your choice

3 sets of plank exercises. Hold each for 30 to 60 seconds.

3 sets of crunches on a stability ball

3 sets of bicycle crunches

10 minutes of interval training on cardiovascular equipment of your choice

5 minute cool-down

Thursday: Off

Friday: Cardio and Lower Body

5 minute warm-up on cardiovascular equipment of your choice

3 sets of lunges with dumbbells

3 sets of squats onto stability ball

3 sets of leg curls on machine

10 minutes jogging on the treadmill

5 minute cool-down

Saturday: 30 minutes of brisk walking

Sunday: Off

For the next segment of this workout plan, expect to step up the cardiovascular training and your strength training.

Monday: Toning and Cardio

5 minute warm-up on cardiovascular equipment of your choice

20 minutes of cardio workout. On a scale of 1 to 10 in perceived exertion, aim for an intensity level of 7. This should cause labored breathing and a definite feeling of fatigue.

5 minute cool-down

3 sets of bicep curls on cable machine

3 sets of incline dumbbell press

3 sets of tricep kickbacks on a bench

3 sets of lateral pulldowns on cable machine

3 sets of lateral raises with dumbbells

Tuesday: Off

Wednesday: Cardio and Core

5 minute warm-up on cardiovascular equipment of your choice

20 minutes of intervals: 90 seconds at a level 9 in perceived exertion followed by 30 seconds at level 3 in perceived exertion. Repeat 10 times.

5 minute cool-down

3 sets of plank exercises. Hold each for 60 seconds

3 sets of side plank exercises. Switch sides to complete one set

3 sets of straight leg raises on a bench

Thursday: 20 minutes on cardiovascular equipment of your choice

Friday: Cardio and Lower Body

5 minute warm-up on cardiovascular equipment of your choice

10 minutes jogging on the treadmill

5 minute cool-down

3 sets of lunges with dumbbells

3 sets of squats with dumbbells

3 sets of seated calf raises with dumbbells

3 sets of side lunges with dumbbells

Saturday: 20 minutes on the stationary bike

Sunday: Off

For each workout, aim to complete 10 to 12 repetitions per set. When selecting dumbbells for your exercises, choose a pair of dumbbells where your muscles reach fatigue by the last repetition of each set.

Ohs templates

Ohs templates2015 Traffic Management Guide

Authority for the Release of Personal and Health Information

A form that employees complete to authorise the release of personal information to the employer.

Checklist - Contractor Induction

A checklist when employing Contractors.

Microsoft Word format

2 pages

Easy to use

Checklist required to adhere that all induction topics have been addressed such as:

Outline of site rules

Outline of permit to work system

Emergency procedures etc

Checklist - Contractor OHS Evaluation

A checklist when employing Contractors.

Microsoft Word format

3 pages

Easy to use

Checklist requiring the evaluation of OHS issues

Addresses checks such as:

Insurance requirements

Contractor OHS management

Contractor site safety

General criteria

Consultation and communication of OHS

OHS inspections/monitoring

OHS training and qualifications


Checklist - Electrical Equipment Inspection

A checklist for electrical equipment.

Microsoft Word format

1 page

Easy to use

Checklist form which allows the listing and determination of risk ranking of electrical equipment

Checklist - First Day Induction

A check list for use with new employees during induction.

Microsoft Word format

2 pages

Easy to use

Checklist template to ensure appropriate induction methods have been carried out inclusive of:

Tour of the Workplace

Explanation of OHS

Checklist - Health and Safety Pre-Purchase

This document can be used to confirm that the health and safety requirements have been considered prior to purchasing equipment or materials.

Microsoft Word format

3 pages

Easy to use

Checklist template to confirm that the health and safety requirements have been considered prior to purchasing equipment or materials

Items on the checklist should be complied with to ensure a safe working environment

Checklist - Machinery and Equipment

Checklist for machinery and equipment.

Microsoft Word format

1 page

Easy to use

Machinery and equipment are major sources of hazards and

workplace injuries, therefore this checklist can be complied with to

ensure that all machinery and equipment in your workplace in safe, used properly and maintained in good repair

Common safety issued are addressed in the checklist to ensure a safe working environment

Checklist - Plant Registration & Equipment Pre-start

A checklist used prior to initial plant operation within the workplace.

Microsoft Word format

1 page

Easy to use

This checklist is completed prior to initial plan operation at the workplace

Checklist - Plant Registration & Equipment Regular

A checklist used as a general and regular check on plant operation at the workplace.

Microsoft Word format

2 pages

Easy to use

Checklist conducted as a general and regular check on plan operation at the workplace

This checklist covers plan and equipment such as:

Scissor lifts / boom lifts


Bob cats



Concrete pumps

Checklist - Risk Assessment for Construction

A checklist for risk assessments in Construction.

Microsoft Word format

2 pages

Easy to use

Worksheet format assessing potential hazards within the workplace

Risk matrix is provided

Checklist - Site Induction

A template of a site induction checklist.

Microsoft Word format

2 pages

Easy to use

Form which outlines the obligation to adhere to OHS requirements whilst engaged in the performance of work

Checklist outlines awareness by employee

Checklist - Site Safety Inspection

The purpose of this inspection is to identify any OHS issues, unsafe equipment or work practices at the work site and to identify the appropriate corrective action required to eliminate or control the identified risk.

Microsoft Word format

4 pages

Easy to edit and use

Checklist used to identify:

OHS issues

Unsafe equipment

Work practices at the work site

Checklist will identify and therefore allow for appropriate corrective action to eliminate or control the identified risk

Checklist - Site Safety Management Plan

Reviews OHS polices and procedures to determine the effectiveness of the OHS Management Plan in addressing the OHS in the workplace.

Microsoft Word format

2 pages

Easy to use

Checklist reviews all OHS policies and procedures to determine the effectiveness of the OHS management plan in addressing OHS in the workplace

Checklist - Threat

Checklist in case of bomb, hold-up etc.

Microsoft Word format

1 page

Easy to edit and use

Threat checklist in the event ok:


Telephone bomb threat etc

Description checklist which allows for use after the fact

Checklist - Workplace Inspection

Inspects the work activity(s) and work area, and provide a completed Workplace Inspection Checklist each week to the principal contractor for the duration of the works.

Microsoft Word format

3 pages

Easy to use

Checklist ensuring the frequent inspection of the work activity(s) and work area

Checklist should be completed frequently in hopes of sustaining high levels of workplace safety

Online training zmedica


Proper first aid, safety, and emergency training are a central part of OSHA guidelines for a safe and healthy workplace. Training can apply to anything from equipment operation to hazard communication to office ergonomics.

Lost work time due to injury or illness costs employers billions of dollars annually money that comes directly off the bottom line. Conducting regular training helps keep employees up to date on compliance and safety issues that help improve their overall productivity. In addition, you can reduce your costs by minimizing unnecessary on-the-job injuries and emergencies.

Registrants will receive confirming e-mail from z-medica. Please add this domain to your e-mail safe list.

Z-Medica is committed to respecting and protecting your privacy.

Notice and Disclosure: In general, you may visit this Web site without identifying yourself or revealing any personal information. Z-Medica may collect aggregate domain information from your visit to customize and improve your experience on our Web site. Some portions of this Web site may require you to give us personally identifiable information, which is information that enables us to identify you, such as your name, e-mail, or other address. If you opt to provide us this information, we also may use it for purposes such as verifying your identity, sending you information, or contacting you. We use reasonable commercial precautions not to make your information available to our business partners, for marketing or other purposes.

Choice/Opt-Out: It is our intent to inform you before we collect personally identifiable information and to tell you what we intend to do with it. You will have the option of not providing the information, in which case you may still be able to access other portions of this Web site, although you may not be able to access certain areas. In certain portions of this Web site, we also may enable you to “opt out” of certain uses of your information, or elect not to receive future communications or services.

Data Security: Z-Medica’s intent is to use reasonable commercial efforts to protect the security of your personal information; honor your choice for its intended use; and carefully protect your data from loss, misuse, unauthorized access or disclosure, alteration, or destruction. We have put in place what we believe to be industry-standard physical, electronic, and managerial procedures to safeguard and secure information we collect online.

Data Quality and Access: Z-Medica strives to keep your information and data accurate, complete, and current. We will promptly take reasonable steps to correct any inaccuracies in your personally identifiable information of which we are made aware.

Business Relationships: This Web site may contain links to other Web sites. Z-Medica is not responsible for the privacy practices or the content of such Web sites. External Links and Sites All external sites will open in a new browser. Z-Medica does not endorse external sites.