Thread london close retracement-my results

Thread london close retracement-my resultsThread: London Close Retracement - My Results

London Close Retracement - My Results

I have been following a scalping technique and found it very consistent with very few losses. I thought I better begin a journal so I started recording the results 4 weeks ago.

These are the basic rules I follow:

1. Observe the 5 day ATR on Forex majors

2. Identify qualified pairs that have exceeded the ATR

3. Check for key Support Resistance levels on higher time frames

4. Wait until the London Close time window 4pm GMT

5. Enter at the 79% retracement line on a Fibonacci

6. Exit at profit targets which is the top/bottom of the Fib depending if it was a buy/sell.

The spreadsheets only shows the number of pips made and doesn't take into account the cost of spread.

I have noticed that a lot of the time price exceeds the Fibonacci. I am trying to see if there is any way of predicting a more precise close position.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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London close forex strategy by shirley hudson!

London close forex strategy by shirley hudson!London Close Forex Strategy By Shirley Hudson!

January 7 2011

What is the London Close Forex Strategy? London Forex Close is a very time specific strategy that Shirley Hudson has adapted and refined over the last 18 months. The strategy basically involves taking counter trend trades during the London Close. She uses a special entry technique called the Noble Entry to enter these trades. Anyone that wants to safely trade a more active setup and doesnt wish to be in front of the PC for several hours a day can profit from the London Forex Close Strategy.

Shirley Hudson adapted the Noble Entry technique to trade the London Close with incredible accuracy. Shirley retired from a career in software sales. She currently works as full-time Realtor. She lives with her husband and family in Washington State. Shirley lives on the West Coast of North America, she finds it impossible to stay up all night to trade the active London session. Besides, she has a very active life as a grandmother, mother, wife and Realtor, so she had to adapt her trading to suit her lifestyle not the other way around like so many other traders do. This strategy allows her to trade around the London Close which fits her lifestyle and something that she can commit to on a consistent basis.

How often does the London Close Forex System trades. On average you can expect a trade almost every day, and usually when there’s one trade, there are more. However there are times when nothing is happening in which case we are happy to sit on our hands. So why is the London Close Trade so profitable? The London Close Trade can be predicted with a high degree of accuracy because of the price retracements that occur near the London Close. Price usually falls back to a predictable trading range.

You read it right! 90% accuracy since January of 2010. This is what Shirley Hudson has been able to achieve by trading her simple yet highly effective strategy. In fact, she has been trading this strategy for almost 2 years now but she only started keeping a track record on spreadsheet since January 2010. Now you are probably thinking that the risk must be extremely high to generate these unbelievable winning percentages. Absolutely not! Quite the opposite. With this strategy, Shirley usually never risks more than about 20 pips. In fact, her average reward-to-risk ratio is about 1.4 to 1.

These trade results are not hypothetical. They are 100% real. Shirley is a student of Vic Noble, a professional forex trader who helped her perfect her London Close Forex Strategy. Shirley has been very persistent and developed this London Close Forex Strategy around when it was convenient for her to trade. Over the last 10 months of record keeping, Shirley has profited an astounding 3970 pips using this simple strategy. Out of 191 total trades, a staggering 173 were winners, 8 were break even trades and only 10 trades actually lost money! Thats a 90% winning ratio with an average return of 25 pips gain per trade! Folks, I am not making this up.

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Trading the forex market

Trading the forex marketMonday, April 18, 2011

London Close Trade Strategy Example and Update - April 13, 2011

Hi Traders,

Late last year, we released our London Close Trade Strategy, a method of trading with very high reliability around the close of the London close market. And we showed you Shirley Hudson's real time track record, and have continued to update it every single day - through quiet markets, and through more volatile times.

We're happy to report that nothing has changed. Her real time trading accuracy is over 90% this year, and it was over 91% for all of 2010. This past Tuesday, April 12th, she pulled in 182 pips, again, just trading at the close of London. By the way, that's 182 pips average per lot, NOT total pips (which were much higher).

Shirley and I have prepared a short 17 minute video for you where we discuss some important points about this method, and show an example of a real trade that was taken, so that you can get a sense of how this approach works.

I want to stress that these results have been achieved with very small risk at all times. We do not take big losses with this method. In fact the average loss this year has been only 6 pips, with an average gain of 19 pips.

We hope you're able to take the time to enjoy the video.

And if you have any questions about the strategy, the

results, anything just let us know and we'd be happy to

get back to you!

Courtesy of Vic Noble and Shirley Hudson


London Close Trade Strategy Live Webinar by Vic Noble and Shirley Hudson (DVD + online)

London Close Trade Strategy Live Webinar by Vic Noble and Shirley Hudson to be held Nov 20, 2010 at 2PM EST. Learn to trade a simple intraday strategy that sets up on most trading days with an accuracy of 90%. 3 Bonus Resources offered.

The london close strategy

The london close strategyThe London Close Strategy

Total Shares 34

Scalping forex with a strategy delivering a win rate above 90% and an average win to average loss ratio of better than 1.2 to 1? This could well be the one that fits you like a glove!

As London closes a great scalping opportunity presents

This is by no means a comprehensive coverage of the London Close Trade strategy, as the team at Forexmentor have provided such at the following link:

These are just my thoughts, having traded this strategy in 2011.

Firstly, my reasons for trying the London Close Trade were the following:

I wanted a strategy that took up no more than 2 to 3 h ours per day . as I was working at the time

Having just gone through a period of disappointment with previous strategies I needed a strategy that would boost my confidence via a very high win to loss ratio combined with a reasonable win size to loss size ratio

I wanted a proven strategy that someone had consistently traded for a substantial period, with published results of that trading

I wanted to be able to trust the vendors of this strategy

UPDATE 2013: There is also the London Close Trade (LCT) Daily Update Service.

This is an on-going, post-training support for those trading the London Close Trade Strategy. This service is free for one month for those purchasing the LCT Strategy course. If interested in this part of the LCT service check out this link:

The London Close Trade is based on the idea that as the London session of the forex market comes to a close various factors such as traders settling up positions and so on cause price to come back within the daily range if that daily range has been exceeded.

Hence, one of the major parameters used in filtering potential trades is a specific variation on Average Daily Range . This strategy is traded for around 1.5 to 3 hours straddling the time of the London close.

Interestingly, this strategy is a counter trend strategy, in contrast to the many systems out there exhorting you to Make The Trend Your Friend. It is in fact a forex trend reversal strategy, albeit on a very short time frame.

However, someone who is a forex trends trader could easily add this strategy to their arsenal. They could for example switch to this strategy at the end of the London session in which they have just been forex trend trading.

Or someone who normally restricts their trading to trend trading the later part of New York session could trade the LCT a little after the New York open when London Close Trades begin to set up.

At the time of writing (late 2012) Shirley Hudson creator of the London Close strategy had been trading this way for over two years in a remarkably consistent fashion. Shirley provides full details of every trade she has ever taken since January 2010. In fact, the amount of detail Shirley provides and the amount of research she does with respect to trading shames my own haphazard approach of past years

Purchase of the London Close Trades strategy provides access to a number of supplementary resources, including Vic Nobles courses on the Noble Entry (for effective trade entry optimisation) and Support and Resistance course.

As to the London Close Trade strategy itself, the spreadsheet of results is regularly updated for members to check against their own results. Shirley also uses Twitter to communicate some of her trades, although she does not provide a signal service. There is also a daily update site, monthly webinars and each day the Average Daily Range (ADR) for the major pairs is published at the end of the day for the following days trading, then updated during the LCT time frame.


Traders who are able to withstand the pressures of scalping for 2 to 3 hours each day, and who are able to trade intensively at this time.


Anyone who cannot be available to trade during the London close. This was the reason I had to stop trading it as my time zone is in Asia.

Vic and Shirley also do regular updates to the course, posting details of trade sessions using the strategy. More details provided at the link below.

The hunt for the best forex trading system for you to trade personally is worth the effort involved. Click to take a look at some other profitable for ex systems

What are the best forex trading times

What are the best forex trading times24 Hours Forex Trading

The world is a vast place and as such, we have Different Time Zones . So when one country ends its trading day, another starts. In other words, this means that Forex almost never stops! The major Financial Markets in the world have overlaping times. The heaviest trading takes time during this overlapping period and presents abundant trading opportunities.

Traders new to the world of Currency Exchange Trading tend to think that since the market is open twenty four seven, they may trade whenever they choose during the day. Although this is true, it requires some clarity. When it comes to Currency Trading, some hours present better opportunities than others. This suggest better profit potential. Therefore choosing good trading times should be an important factor to consider once you enter the world of trading forex.

What are the Best Trading Times?

Forex Trading opens in New Zealand . followed by Australia . Asia (and particularly Japan ), the Middle East . Europe (with London being the main financial center) and then America .

Trading Sessions GMT (Greenwich Mean Time):

Okay, Since I operate in the GMT Time Zone . here are the main Forex Trading Hours in this time zone.

Tokyo Open: 11:00 pm Tokyo Close: 08:00 am

London Open: 07:00 am London Close: 04:00 pm

New York Open: 12:00 pm New York Close: 09:00 pm

Sydney Open: 09:00 pm Sydney Close: 06:00 am

Tokyo Open: 11:00 pm Tokyo Close: 08:00 am

London Open: 08:00 am London Close: 05:00 pm

New York Open: 01:00 pm New York Close: 10:00pm

You can see that in between each main trading session, there is a period of time where two sessions are Open At The Same Time . From 07:00-08:00 am GMT, the Tokyo session and London session overlap, and from 12:00 - 04:00 pm GMT, the London session and the New York session overlap.

Such division of the market into trading sessions allows traders to determine their own Individual Trading Time . The important thing that should be mentioned is that all sessions have their own features and peculiarities.

When traders for the Asian Markets are starting to close and exit their trades, their European counterparts are just beginning their day.

While there are Several Financial Centers all around Europe . it is London that Forex Traders keep their eyes on. London trading session is the largest in volume and number of transactions. Historically, London has always been at a center of trade, because of its strategic location. Traders have dubbed it as the Forex Capital of the World with thousands of businessmen making transactions every single minute. About 30% of all forex transactions happen during the London session. This affects the market volatility so it is the time of active market movements. New York Trading Session is least active, but very Liquid . Besides, during the time when the London session has not yet closed and the New York session is already open the majority of deals are executed. I often find that a lot of traders try to trade at these times. But each to their own as they say.

Trading Times To Your Advantage:

There is so much liquidity during the European Session and countless transactions take place that almost any pair can be traded. With this knowledge it may be best to stick with the Majors (EUR/USD, GBP/USD, USD/JPY, and USD/CHF) . as these normally have the tightest spreads. Also worth noting is that these pairs that are normally directly influenced by any news reports that come out during the European session. You may also try the yen crosses (more specifically, EUR/JPY and GBP/JPY ), as these tend to be pretty volatile at this time. Because these are Cross Pairs, the Spreads might be a little wider though.

Trading the london opening using the big ben strategy

Trading the london opening using the big ben strategyTrading the London Opening Using the Big Ben Strategy

Posted by Chris | Posted in Manual Forex Trading Systems | Posted on 13-11-2008

Heres a small bonus for my readers. I recently came across the Big Ben Trading Strategy while looking for systems that trade the London opening and Ive been meaning to learn more about it. In a nutshell, this is a breakout strategy that is used to trade the pound during the volatile 2 hours after the London opening. You can download the strategy here: fxtradingreviews/guides/BigBenTradingStrategy. pdf

World clock for forex traders

World clock for forex tradersWorld Clock for Forex Traders

If you trade on Forex, these templates for World Clock can help to track market open and closing times. To use them, download and install World Clock first.

Major Forex Markets / No Local Time

This template features four clocks for most important Forex markets: London, New York, Tokyo, and Sydney. Market open hours are highlighted with green. Market close hours are blue.

Major Forex Markets and Local Time

This template features five clocks: London, New York, Tokyo, Sydney, and a local system time. Market open hours are highlighted with green. Market close hours are blue.

It is recommended to set your local clock to a specific city after importing settings from this template.

Major Forex Markets in Tooltip

This template features five clocks: London, New York, Tokyo, Sydney, and a local system time in tooltip wjhen mouse hovers over the local clock.

Major Forex Markets on Desktop - Quartz Skin

This template features four clocks on desktop for major Forex markets: London, New York, Tokyo, and Sydney. Market open hours are highlighted with green. Market close hours are blue. Additionally, a local system time is provided in taskbar.

It is recommended to set your local clock to a specific city after importing settings from this template.

Sydney, London, and Local Time

This template features clocks London, Sydney in taskbar. Market open hours are highlighted with green. Market close hours are blue. Additionally, a local system time is provided in taskbar.

It is recommended to set your local clock to a specific city after importing settings from this template.

London and New York

This template features clocks for London and New York in taskbar. Market open hours are highlighted with green. Market close hours are blue.

It is recommended to set your local clock to a specific city after importing settings from this template.

Trading forex on london open and close

Trading forex on london open and closeTrading Forex on London Open and Close

Posted on 24 Mar. 2012 by Marius Mass.

London market is one of the biggest dealing centres in the world, one of the biggest and most volatile trading sessions in the Forex market. Trading Forex on London Open and Close is well known for its predictable behaviour and its good to know that London open may not always be the real one.

Very common occurrences, consistent in its nature can be observed on London open. I called it Asian Print Breakout. Ive tested it on many other currency pair, but without a doubt most common pair affected by London session dealing desk transfer is GBP/USD.

Since U. K. banks are the primary market makers for the GBP, they have clear awareness of market supply/demand prints and where majority of orders are located. Interbank using their clients books to trigger stops and gain value differential. After these stops are taken and the books are cleared, the real directional move in the GBP/USD will take place. It is important to patiently wait for the first move of big Banks, where major orders are triggered and jump on the wave in the right direction, when market is free to make decisive move for the day. The purpose of this trade is to capture major directional move which could potentially be massive swing which could give you over 80 pips at a time. GBP moves really quickly when its on its way.

The anatomy looks more like this:

Firstly major trend needs to be determined on higher time frame which will define direction in which the trade will be placed. Then define the boundaries of the Tokyo session by the highest high and lowest low of the session. You can draw the line marking the boundary of Tokyo session and use them as a reference point. Im looking for price to move out of the boundaries defined from previous day. At the London open, GBP/USD attempts to make fault breakout exceeding slightly Asia Higher High/Lower Low either direction depends of the trend. After that, its very usual to see price coming back to the range and poke through to the other boundary of the Tokyo range followed by a bounce of the range border in the opposite direction. The opportunity Im looking for is during the bounce of the Tokyo session boundary which is already defined. That works quite amazing as this is information we can determine before the move happens.

This chart illustrates typical London session open and close. Please observe diligently and study price action. Pay attention to opening and closing time and impact to the market.

With regards to London close scenario I usually look for opportunity to take a trade when price revisits the high of the London session. Very common scenario for GBP/USD is when the price comes for a retest. Im trading right into bullish/bearish (depends of the direction) looking candle. Works very well, particularly where there is a very clearly define key resistance level. Figures marked on this chart demonstrate it very clearly.

On this chart you can notice confluence of three very important events. The first is spike causing price overextension second is price hitting 00 level and third London close. Those occurrences dont happen very often, but when they do, you better be ready because this means gold for you. Read on Scribd.

When do markets close on new year’s eve

When do markets close on new year’s eveWilliam Watts

Virtually all major markets around the world will be shut on New Year’s Day, but U. S. stock traders can forget about popping any early afternoon corks on New Year’s Eve.

Both the New York Stock Exchange and Nasdaq will observe regular trading hours on Wednesday, closing at 4 p. m. Eastern. Regular trade will resume on Friday, Jan. 2.

Bond traders, however, can strap on the party hats a little earlier. Sifma, the securities industry trade group, has recommended a 2 p. m. Eastern close on Wednesday.

In the futures markets, the CME Group will close Chicago floor trading in foreign-exchange and interest-rate futures early, at 1 p. m. Eastern on Wednesday. In New York, Nymex energy futures will close an hour early as well at 1:30 p. m. Eastern while Comex gold and other metals futures will end trading at 12:30 Eastern, also an hour early.

In Europe on New Year’s Eve, London equity trading will close early at 12:30 p. m. local time, or 8 a. m. Eastern Time. Trading in France and Spain will close at 2 p. m. local time or 1 p. m. London time. In Germany and Italy, the last day of 2014 trading is Tuesday.

In Asia, markets in Hong Kong and Australia will trade for a half-day on New Year’s Eve, while markets in Japan, South Korea, Indonesia, Thailand and the Philippines will be closed.

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Thread london forex open

Thread london forex openThread: London Forex Open

Join Date Mar 2010 Posts 38

London Forex Open

Hi all. I've been looking into range based Asian breakout systems as I've recently met up with an ex-professional trader who used to trade the Asian markets. He's given me a few ideas so after some research I bought this the other day Profitable Forex Breakout Trading Strategy | MetaTrader Indicator | London Forex Open. I had a chat with the guys who run the site who were pretty helpful and honest and the posted results seemed to check out.

Hi Bintcrusher. Yes I'll try to remember to sort out some screens of the trades taken and get them posted here.

Compare trading strategies

Compare trading strategiesCompare Trading Strategies

Intra-day short-term trading:

London / Euro open breakout strategy

New York close fade strategy

3rd party verification signal service:

PAMM account:

MQL5 Signal service:

Note: I only trade the GBPJPY and GBPUSD on the London Open strategy, and EURUSD and USDJPY on the New York Close Fade strategy. With MyFxBook one can look at the overall gain / loss by currency pair, which means that it is possible to see the performance of the 2 different strategies traded on this account.

Shirley hudson&her london close strategy

Shirley hudson&her london close strategyShirley Hudson & Her London Close Strategy

Who Is Shirley Hudson?

London Close Strategy: Shirley Hudson is a successful forex trader. She started keeping her trading records back in January 2010 and with full proof and daily updates. you can actually see how she achieves her 93% trading accuracy rate. Shirley in my opinion is one of the best forex traders today. She keeps her losses extremely low. This update was done in Feb 2,2012; Shirley has achieved an outstanding results. Out of 822 trades . 761 are winners with an average gain of 22 pips per trade, 24 are losers with an average loss of 11 pips and 37 are breakeven. This is an accuracy of 93% with a total of 15,562 pips in profit and 222 pips in losses. Check this against the september 4th, 2011 results: Out of 469 trades . 435 are winners with an average gain of 23 pips per trade. 16 are losers with an average loss of 11 pips and 18 are breakeven. This is outstanding. See the London Close Trading Strategy used by Shirley Hudson is amazingly one of the best forex trading strategy that has kept consistent profit over time. Do it too.

Shirley Hudson background

Shirley Hudson is a mother, a grandmother and works full-time as a realtor. Her busy schedule does not allow her to watch the charts all day long. The only time she has was around the London Close. That's probably why she designed her trading system around this time. She is a conservative trader with very low risk tolerance. To see the full results of live trades from January 2010 till present gotoLondon Close Trading Strategy Performance. Once on the site, click on London Close strategy performance.

Shirley Hudson's interviews

Shirley Hudson has given interviews to Vic Nobles regarding her London Close trading strategy and in fact there are some really important points she points out in the interview that you will find in any text book. Why don't head on now and listen to Shirley's interview with Vic Nobles. You will learn a lot as an aspiring forex trader from her interviews.

Shirley Hudson is indeed one of the best forex traders I have come across. As earlier mentioned, she is very strategic. She is not an impulsive trader. Her risk are very low. As a matter of fact her average reward to risk ration is 1.23, but her winning rate is very high, more than 90% since January 2010. Combining these skills make her a consistent profitable forex trader with live result proof. She is indeed one of the best forex trader you can learn from. Education is the key to success. You can save yourself years of lost time and money by finding a winner and then emulate what they do and surpass their performance. Mentors will be happy for you to surpass them.

Learn from Shirley Hudson and emulate what she does with her London Close Strategy Here

Shirley Hudson is a good forex trader. I can bet she will soon resign as a realtor to focus on her forex business.

Testimonials from those who have started using the London Close Strategy designed by Shirley Hudson

Hi Vic, I just finished watching the video on loss mitigation and advanced strategies. It's terrific. She presented many examples that clearly show her thinking on how to add to a position should price continue in the direction of the trend after the London Close. She emphasized the importance of using key support/resistance levels with these advanced strategies. So instead of just taking a loss and being done, we now have an opportunity, actually more than one, to get back in and make up for the loss and even some profits. This is just an excellent addition to the basic method that was presented in the webinar. These strategies will make anyone successful trading after the London Close. Thanks to both you and Shirley for a truly awesome methodology - Kathy V.

Hi Vic, Thanks to you and Shirley for presenting the london Close Trading method. I really feel like this will be a great method to add to my toolbox to help me be successful trading the forex market. Your emphasis on using support/resistance really hit home for me. I've heard about the Noble entry method from Kathy but i was never sure how to utilize it in my trading. I look forward to future success and putting it all together using this method. - Mark V

More Testimonials

If you came directly to this page from the search engines, then I encourage your to goto Forex Trading Tutorial . Get started with Trading Basics Menu. You will gain much by starting here. If you have read everything on the Forex Basics menu, then it is time to get the beaf of my trading system by heading to menu Forex Trading System

Are you new to forex trading, then I strongly recommend the course Beginning Forex Trader . This course comprised of clearly laid out video and audio designed to take you from A-Z of Forex Trading. You will learn everything you need to know to start trading the Forex the right way. Highly Recommended

London Close Strategy

London close trading strategy pdf

London close trading strategy pdfShirley Hudson's (Forexmentor) London Close Trading Strategy Review and Trade Log

I recently purchased the London Close Trading strategy from Shirley Hudson and the Forexmentor team. Below is a video review. In this thread, I'll also be keeping a journal of trades.

First, though, we are giving away one copy of the course FOR FREE! This Saturday, June 15, 2013, we'll select at random one person who has circled us on Google+ and given us a +1. To get your chance to win this course for free, head on over to our Google+ page.

Here is a brief review of my take on the course thus far:

1. Shirley has posted her track record using the system, boasting 90%+ returns. After taking a look at the method and her approach, I think the results are honest.

2. The course does require a basic understanding of support/resistance, some basic indicators, and how to place a trade. If you review David's introductory course. our introductory forex course. and our page on support and resistance. I think you will have the necessary foundation to trade this strategy.

3. The course requires being able to watch the markets from around 9 AM EST to 1 PM EST (3 PM GMT to 7 PM GMT). That's a broad window of time and one could probably trade the strategy using a more narrow window, though it helps to have this timeframe open.

4. The strategy involves trading the 5 or 15 minute timeframe. I'll be focusing on the 15 minute timeframe for my trade log here.

5. My favorite part of this strategy is that it can be executed with proper money management with a very small account. I think $500 is sufficient; I'll be trading it with an account balance of just over $800 USD.

6. Purchasers of the course also get one month access to Shirley's trading room, in which she shares the trade she places using this strategy, and provides email support to members.

If you have any questions or would like to share your experience with this strategy, join us in the comments below.

ADDED September 7, 2013: Here is an interview with Vipin Sharma. a full-time day trader who uses the London Close strategy, with his thoughts on the system.

ADDED November 23, 2013: Here is a video showing how a volatility increases at 11 AM EST each day. This is the time of day the London session closes, and relates to a market idiosyncrasy this strategy is designed to exploit.

With the LB TrendTrader, you can simple realize your individual trading trend trading strategy . Once established, this trading system is fully automatic. So you can earn good money or even build a fortune. And for a decent level of security ensured by the built-in order and money management as well as the free update service. This Expert Advisor. Free download of LB TrendTrader Forex Robot (MT4 EA) 1.1, size 1.70 Mb.

CLUB stands for CLoUd of Blocks. With the CLUB Server you can run a trading strategy diagram locally in VisualQuant and send any block to a remote co-located server with one mouse click.

London forex brokers

London forex brokersWhy trade with a London-based broker?

Fund protection

Brokers regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) must adhere to strict regulatory requirements. One of them is to segregate all retail client funds from their own. This is to protect your money and your interests.

In addition, your investments may also be protected up to ?50,000 by the FSCS, the UK's compensation fund of last resort. Check our guide to FCA brokers for more information about the protection you'll enjoy when you trade with an authorised financial services firm.

All London-based brokers aren't necessarily regulated by the FCA. Enquire about their licenses before opening an account if this matters to you.

Education and training

Every now and then, brokers can organise training sessions or events. If you're based in or around London, you'll find it easier to attend group or even one-on-one sessions in person. However, if you're abroad, you may be able to attend a webinar instead.

Pros and cons of shirley hudson-s london close trade strategy(forex mentor)

Pros and cons of shirley hudson-s london close trade strategy(forex mentor)Pros and Cons of Shirley Hudsons London Close Trade Strategy (Forex Mentor)

Investing in the trade market is certainly a great method for acquiring passive income while having other streams of income from your business or job or what have you. For trading, you may trade in stocks or in the Forex market. For purists, trading is a full-time stint, believing that it involves 100% dedication in order to get good results from your investments.

However, Shirley Hudson, a Forex trader, discovered a strategy that boasts 90% (and more) returns with 100% accuracy—and you can do the trading within a shorter time frame per day. She has used the London Close Trade (LCT) Strategy from Forex Mentor, and together with Vic Noble, they have shared the secrets to her success through a video training course that you can get online.

This article will present an overview of the course and its pros and cons.

Overview of the London Close Trade Strategy

The London Close Trade Strategy is an innovative Forex trading strategy by Forex Mentor that was refined and subsequently applied by Shirley Hudson for over 18 months. It is a day-trading strategy that specifically works for the London Close, as the name suggests. It is time-specific, in that you are only required four hours of your time in a day—that is, from 9:00 AM EST to 1:00 PM EST (3:00 PM GMT to 7:00 PM GMT). Basically, it involves trading using the 5 or 15 minute time frame to help you get the positive results that Shirley Hudson acquired.

>>Click Here to Buy the Forex Mentor Now<<

The London Close Trade Strategy course will delve on the following topics:

The London Close setup

Trade entry

Setting the stop loss

Profit targets and trade management

Tips, questions and answers, and other additional information about tricks in the Forex trading market

Product Inclusions and Pricing

The London Close Trade Strategy course comes in two versions: the online version and DVD-ROM version.

For the first one, the online version, it includes the full video course, the online version of the LCT strategy, and bonus materials. This all costs $199. Note that this version requires a high-speed Internet connection in order to download the course.

The DVD-ROM version has the same items as the online version, but with the additional full video course on DVD. This costs $269, plus shipping and handling with differ depending on your location.

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What We Like About London Close

Simple strategy

The appealing feature of this course is that it is straightforward in its method of teaching. It is a good entry-level strategy in the Forex trading market which you can use to eventually scale up to higher investments and more aggressive trading once you get comfortable with the techniques.

Does not take so much time in a day

What made this strategy work well with Shirley Hudson was that it does not take too much time in a day. It is time-specific, as mentioned; hence you need not be a slave to your computer the whole day monitoring the goings on in the Forex market.

Requires medium to small risks

One of the advantages of LCT is that you can risk a small amount initially, say an initial $500, with an average rewards-to-risk ratio of 1.25 to 1.

Price is attractive considering the value

For a Forex trading strategy course, $199 is a good amount to start. The package includes a comprehensive course on the basic know-hows in trading, allowing beginners to have a good head start, plus how to work smarter using the strategies that Shirley Hudson has used.

>>Click Here to Buy the Forex Mentor Now<<

What We Don’t Like About It

Applies specifically to London Close Trades and not for other open and/or close trades

While this strategy proves to be effective in the London Close Trade, it only applies to that niche in trading—nothing more. Hence, the strategy is not a very versatile course. You may need to research on other trading niches if you wish to explore more in the market.

Requires understanding on basic courses of trade

While the course can give beginners the gist on the basics of trading, it serves more like a review; hence, those with shorter learning curves may struggle when applying the strategy. The LCT strategy still requires a good amount of skills, and because Shirley Hudson has been trading since the 1980s, it can be attested that she is an experienced trader—perhaps one of the reasons why she was able to get accurate results from this strategy.

That being said, this is not a get-rich-easy strategy; it requires intermediate knowledge and skills in trading. Fresh traders may take time in getting the results that Shirley attained. Note that she reported to have refined the strategy in 18 months—and thats from a seasoned trader.

Involves subjectivity as to the results

Furthermore, it should be emphasized that the amount of aggressiveness that you invest in can be tantamount to the results you will get. This will depend on how aggressive you are. Understand that this strategy is quite new to the market and not widely accepted by a lot of traditional traders. You will need to be comfortable with the strategy before you can trade more aggressively.

Practically, the results will also depend on the amount of investment that you put in the trade. Moreover, the 1.25 to 1 rewards-to-risk ratio may not be very accurate. If you are just starting, the ratio may be 1 to 1—not a very promising ratio.

The time frame

While this is very time-specific, this may not be a good time for people in other countries investing in the London Close. The time frame for the London Close Trade may not be very convenient for those with day jobs. For best results, you will need to watch the market every 5 or 15 minutes within the 4-hour time frame, which means that it takes much dedication however short the time.

The Verdict

The London Close Trade Strategy is a good course for beginners to learn the tricks of the Forex trade market. However, it needs a lot of practice, and the first few months of application may not bring you very good results. This is a strategy that is beneficial for traders who can give 4 hours of time to monitor the market—which may be better than having a 24-hour surveillance. The verdict is that this strategy takes patience and time in order to get the stellar results that Shirley Hudson had but it is worth a try for anyone in the Forex market.

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