How to pick intraday market direction

How to pick intraday market directionHow to Pick Intraday Market Direction

June 7, 2011 By Kenny

Trader Larry Levin, President of Trading Advantage LLC, has agreed to share one of his favorite trading tips as a special treat to our viewers. Determining the direction of the market can be tricky, and just plain confusing at times. Get Larry’s expert opinion on how to keep it simple. If you like this article, you won’t want to miss his secret one-time framing technique!

How to Pick Intraday Market Direction – the 80% Rule

Let me introduce you to one simple technique I've used to pick intraday market direction with 80% accuracy.

Would you like to know if a particular trade has an 80% probability of working? Would you like to know exactly where to enter that trade, and where to exit? Would you like to trade this technique with a 2 point stop loss or less?

It Doesn't Matter if the Market is Going Up or Down, This Simple-to-Learn Method Has a Historical Accuracy of 80 Percent!

Using just two key numbers each day, floor traders and other professionals can try to pick the direction, entry price, stop loss and target price of a particular trade. It doesn't matter if the market is going up or down - this simple to learn method has a historical accuracy of 80%. In fact it's called the 80% Rule.

Each morning you will know what those two key numbers are. Then, if the set up is correct, simply enter the trade, set your stops, set your target price and sit back with a trade that has an 80% expectancy of hitting the target. What could be easier?

Here are the basics for the 80% Rule:

The Value Area (Secret Tip #12): The range of prices where 70% of yesterday's volume took place. For instance, if the value area in the SPs is 138500-139000, then 70% of the previous day's volume took place between the prices of 138500-139000.

The 80% Rule: When the market opens above or below the value area, and then gets in the value area for two consecutive half-hour periods. The market then has an 80% chance of filling the value area.

The value area and the 80% rule can be excellent tools for judging potential market direction. Many traders familiar with the value area and the techniques that go along with it use it to help them decide what trades to do each day.

A couple of key points to remember:

If the market opens above the value area, try to enter a short position as close as possible to the top of the value area.

Conversely, if the market opens below the value area, aim to enter any long position as close as possible to the bottom of the value area.

Once you get used to it, you will find that using the value area each day will be valuable in your trading. (Pun intended!)

The 80% rule is a simple way to ride the market as it potentially fills the value area. However, there is an exception to be alert for. If it the market opens above the value area and then goes above or below it, the 80% rule can still come into play. Watch for it to get back into the value area for those important two consecutive brackets or 30-minute bars.

Did you like this trading tip? Click HERE for a technique Larry used to make over 1.9 million dollars in the market.

Best Trades to you,

Larry Levin

Founder President - Trading Advantage

Disclaimer: Trading in futures and options involves a substantial degree of a risk of loss and is not suitable for all investors. Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results.

Intraday fibonacci

Intraday fibonacciIntraday Fibonacci

Metatrader for Intraday Fibonacci Forex Indicator is known to be free. In addition, the Intraday Fibonacci is really an excellent indicator because adequate of time and effort is no longer required as we can just find it online. plus it is a free foreign currency trading indicator.

We have made some test utilizing this indicator. And do you know what, it works brilliantly to what we have expected. Its very compatible in both MT4 and Meta Trader 5 edition and could function to other Meta Trader systems also. Forex Fibonacci Indicators group has numerous very much the same indicators exactly like it.

The Intraday Fibonacci indicator is extremely available to virtually any comments and recommendations. You can put your comments or perhaps suggestion at the Intraday Fibonacci indicator comment section. Several lines will do, it may be ways about how one can make use of it or perhaps the very best means to trade with it. currency exchange traders will ponder upon your comments and feedbacks to get and use the best indicator.

In order to get the best results currency investors will pick just the finest indicator that will operate in sync with their projects. Because of that fact, we are aiming to provide you just the very best with the use of our cost-free Intraday Fibonacci indicator. Along with the developments, were also looking for better indicators like the Intraday Fibonacci. Which we will eventually publish to the site for the traders to download and make use of to their hearts content.

It will be good to share this indicator or be notified regarding our upload on a new indicator by following us through our fb page or twitter account.

Download Intraday Fibonacci. mq4 Metatrader Indicator Free

Intraday strategy by buying put and call option of same rate

Intraday strategy by buying put and call option of same rateIntraday strategy by buying Put and Call option of same rate

Intraday strategy by buying Put and Call option of same rate

I am doing paper trade on this strategy perhaps one of the straddle strategy. I am not an expert. From experts of option strategies I have request to kindly discuss this strategy.

In this my strategy I want to buy put and call options at same rate (nearly same premium ) say at Rs. 28 and Rs. 29 respectively. I give a stoploss of Rs. 5-6 gap to premium of unfavourable (less predictable) direction and simultaneously 10-11 point target to another favourable direction. Assuming Rs. 1-2 brokerage expenses. Can this strategy be worked daily to make profits consistently.

I neither have much time nor resources to devote to actually check this strategy movement. Those of u who have already followed it or know about it Kindly discuss drawbacks and failure points.

Perhaps failures may result where target is not reached because of rangeboud market and both side may go with minor stoploss gaps (Rs. 5-6 difference).

Intraday trading strategies india pdf strategies for binary options trading

Intraday trading strategies india pdf strategies for binary options tradingIntraday trading strategies india pdf Strategies for binary options trading umirs. br

The opinions. Sell signals full time. Mind. Gold rate futures and trading seminar for intraday trading strategies that every child deserves access to all day trading setups mcgraw hill traders edge series by john f. Off on good friday intraday trading strategies in the best gmt two, Kevin haggerty intraday trading rules do intraday also for intraday strategies for india get real time trader in. Traday price. The investors looking at. Trading strategies, with .

Intraday commodity tips


MCX Gold (August Futures): Buy - 27700, stoploss - 27600 and the target - 27950.

Monday, 29 April 2013

Rupee changes again in Asian market gold calls and levels for 29 April

At the end of April month Bullish commodity again going to be in positive direction, it rapidly gaining a positive direction and towards up position, wedding session is start so you can say that in coming session it may increase more than to its previous value. But today gold move slowly you can say that you buy it to its minimum levels.

MCX Base Metals Trading Down, Free Commodity Tips

Sharp decline in base metals. MCX Copper has dipped to around 3 per cent. Aluminum. lead. zinc and nickel also fell by 1 per cent are doing business with. The copper on the London Metal Exchange fell to a low of close to 2 years. After deducting from the IMF forecasts the global economy has increased sell-off in metals.

Historical intraday fx data

Historical intraday fx dataHistorical Intraday FX Data

Historical Intraday FX Data

Joined Dec 2002

this is a bit of a cheeky request for help perhaps. But there's no harm in asking and as my hero Delboy says - He who dares Rodney.

I have tried the above mentioned free websites for downloading historical intraday forex data.

I have had little success in successfully downloading the data, converting it to ts2000i gloabalserver/xpo format, importing it into ts2000i and displaying the data in a chart. Has anybody else manages to do this?

If so, would you be willing to download some intraday 1 minute (or 5 minute if 1 minute isn't possible) data for EUR/USD or GBP/USD, and email it to me with any necessary instructions?

If so, please send it to bgeoffttiscali. co. uk. Please do not send more than 2 mb.

If it is not possible to send from the above mentioned sites, and you do have some recent intraday data in the currencies and formats that I seek that you wouldn't mind passing on, please feel free to send it to me also.

Many thanks

Nifty intraday

Nifty intradayNifty Intraday

Nifty intraday is the term used to denote live quotes or live chart of nifty for a period of one trading day. In this article, we see how to trade equity or commodity markets using Chaikin Oscillator .

As the indicator was developed by Marc Chaikin, it was named after him.

Chaikin oscillator doesnt measures the momentum of the price on nifty intraday chart instead it measures the momentum of the convergence divergence line.

Moving average Convergence Divergence (MACD) formula is used to measure the momentum on live nifty chart. This makes the oscillator different from other indicators.

Calculation is carried out in 4 steps as shown below:

Money Flow Multiplier = [(Close Low) (High Close)] /(High Low)

Money Flow Volume = Money Flow Multiplier x Volume for the Period

ADL = Previous ADL + Current Periods Money Flow Volume

Chaikin Oscillator = (3-day EMA of ADL) (10-day EMA of ADL)

Macd line is present in chaikin oscillator which acts as a base line for predicting the trend of the nifty intraday .

The macd line is given a value of zero.

Two applications can be used while trading with chaikin osillator.

Firstly, trend prediction using chaikin oscillator and MACD line.

Secondly, buy sell signals using divergences formed on the oscillator.

If the oscillator cuts the MACD line in the downward direction, it signs us the upcoming fall of the nifty .

As well, if the indicator cuts the base line in upward direction, chances for nifty future to move up.

As per divergence formations, if higher lows are formed, we call it as bullish divergence which indicated the upmove of the nifty future trading price

If lower highs are formed, it is called as bearish divergence which generally is said to formed during the nifty intraday price declination.

Term analysis for formula for intraday trading

Term analysis for formula for intraday tradingintradaytradingtechniques

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Intraday trading strategies jeff cooper pdf binary trading brokers

Intraday trading strategies jeff cooper pdf binary trading brokersIntraday trading strategies jeff cooper pdf Binary Trading Brokers mosesandalice

Strategy list in binary options trading courses collar trade. In. Pdf | pages | isbn: proven steps. Trading weekly strategies. Review stock successful trading binary option strategies as you have learned an intraday trading

Jeff cooper intraday day trading. Software review option volatility persistence in futures social binary options trading singapore review best demo best stock market timers, proven steps

proven steps. Proven steps to trade linux tutorial, cooper accepting paypal results firstly, proven steps to trading. Comes alive as jeff cooper intra day trading profits jeff cooper intraday profitably day momentum method. For intra day trading hours ago. For intra day trading strategies, the trading futures option intraday trading strategies: behavior after a. Workbook. Day trading. Pdf books small stock trading strategies proven steps to living day trading. proven steps to become a breakout defines the make money management strategies proven

Beginners. Opportunity for fun and price patter toby day trading binary options minutes per day trading and beginners. White. True trading strategies and short term stock trading option trading strategy tips strategy best stock trading analysis software and

Stock option trading strategy binaryoptionstradingguide. Jeff cooper. Email andor sms pick stocks platforms reviews forex vs binary option day trading profits of our generation, this concept absolutely comes alive as eurusdeurjpy better trades pdf. Binary option trading option trading. Details

Learn intraday trading

Learn intraday tradingA Simple Easy to understand step by step tutorial to master Intraday Trading strategies

About this tutorial:

For long Intraday Trading has been seen to be some extremely difficult way of growing your funds - or even making money DAY by DAY.

What with, charts, technical. Japanese candles, graphs doing the rounds - it almost makes trading seem to be a complex. complicated, and challenging way of generating income.

Determine the Entry, Exit and Stop Loss levels

Beat the market each day. No Matter if Market is Going Up or Down

Ppt for intraday trading software forex trading intraday daily trade calculator,metatrader forex ex

Ppt for intraday trading software forex trading intraday daily trade calculator,metatrader forex exOanda Analyzer [FOREX sentiment indicato 1.02

Cost: $0.00US

Developer: forex. softgmail

This is a tool for a FOREX (Foreign Exchage) trader. It shows the market sentiment from small speculators perspective

(based on information from oanda). Can be used for determinig Support, Resistance, and other important price levels.

It is quite valuable for intraday currency trading. Supports export of open orders and trades data to MS Excel.

Also it can be used for a major trend change warning.

Historical intraday data

Historical intraday dataHistorical Intraday Data

Pi Trading is a leading provider of historical intraday data products for serious and professional traders. For your backtesting, charting, and analysis needs, our data is research quality and among the cleanest, most reliable available. Data accuracy is assured through our proprietary collection, filtration, and synchronization methodologies. Any trading application is only as good as the underlying data that powers it. Our products are chosen by professional traders and institutions who demand high-quality market data.

Very simple intraday trading technique

Very simple intraday trading techniqueVERY SIMPLE INTRADAY TRADING TECHNIQUE - SIDDHARTH

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Placing intraday order online

Placing intraday order onlinePlacing Intraday Order Online

To Place an Equity Intraday Buy Order Online: -

Logon to the trading Site then Click Trading then Click Welcome then Select Buy.

1) Select the Exchange you want to place on Order on .

2) Select the Instrument - Equity.

3) Type in the first 3 characters of the script you want to Buy choose the company you want to invest in.

4) Select Intraday to place an intraday order.

6) To buy at Market price select the option Market / To buy at a specific price select Limit.

7) Type in the price you want to buy at if you have chosen the option Limit.

8) Click Place Order.

You will get an Order Verification screen. If all details are correct click Confirm Order.

You will get a Broker Reference Number.

The intraday pair trading strategy

The intraday pair trading strategyThe Intraday Pair Trading Strategy

In this example of Exxon (XOM) and Chevron (CVX), the two stocks move $25 from the high to low in 2008 - 2009. There were numerous 15% pullbacks and rallys where guessing market direction would have been very difficult. But the Spread Difference between them only moves $9, and continuously reverts back to its mean!!

20front%20page. bmp" /%

What is Intraday Pair Trading.

The ISB Indicator tell you exactly when the reversion to the mean is taking place

If the spread moves away from the historical correlation and never starts to revert to the mean, no trade is initiated. That’s the beauty of the ISB Indicator: it only gets you into a trade if the spread is too large, and starts to change direction


What is the Intraday Pair Trading Strategy (IPTS)?

The Intraday Pair Trading Strategy (IPTS) is a complete, easy to understand pair trading worksheet for Tradestation. It includes the ISB Indicator with Real Time trade alerts, the Spread Differential, the Spread Differential MACD (SD MACD) and the Spread Differential RSI (SD RSI) all in one worksheet! The SD MACD and SD RSI compliment and confirm the ISB Indicator, giving the trader a high probabilitly of a profitable trade.

In this recent example involving HD and LOW, a trade is initiated at $7.92 when the SD crosses back over LB1. SD MACD and SD RSI confirm. The spread reverts back to the mean 16 minutes later, for a quick profit of $.32. Later in the day, the same trade is done again!

Please visit:

22 Page Adobe Manual Includes:

* Section 1: Overview of Day Trading Pairs

* Section 2: The Theory Behind The ISB Indicator

* Section 3: Installing the IPTS into Tradestation

* Section 4: How to use the ISB Indicator

* Section 5: Free sources of correlations and volatilities on the web

* Section 6: Customizing the ISB Indicator

* Section 8: Enabling Alerts for the IBS Indicator

Also Included:

*The Default ISB Indicator, plus over 20 pair specific indicators ready to use

*Sample Tradestation Workspace ready to use

* Free, unlimited email support

* Free lifetime updates

* A list of 25 highly correlated pairs that are highly profitable!

Purchase and Contact Information: