Working at old mutual

Working at old mutualDevelopment and Growth

At Old Mutual we believe that continuous learning and development is crucial to ensuring our success as an organization.

The Old Mutual Business School (OMBUS) is the corporate university of Old Mutual and focuses on developing the core management and personal excellence skills required by our employees to fulfill OMSAs business strategy Old Mutual Business School

OMBUSs unique learning model develops managers and employees to be empowered, productive individuals

Apart from OMBUS, some business units also have their own learning/training departments that offer technical training to business unit staff

Old Mutual (SA) invests almost R200m in developing staff every year

In addition R30m a year is spent on educating South Africans through various sponsorships, bursaries and educational initiatives

Mentorship Programmes

Old Mutual offers a number of mentorship and coaching opportunities to its employees. These programs give staff the opportunity to both be mentored and to be a mentor.

Notable examples are:

The Old Mutual Senior Womens mentorship program, where a group of Old Mutuals most senior women mentor emerging leaders for a year.

OMSA Employees are invited to mentor students from the Tsiba College in Pinelands. Tsiba College is sponsored by the Old mutual Foundation and offers students from disadvantaged backgrounds the opportunity to attain a degree in business administration.

Coaching is provided through a database of registered coaches, who can be contracted in to provide individuals with performance and life coaching as part of an integrated development plan.

Talent Development

Talent Development initiatives have been identified to ensure the development and fast-tracking of our Internal Talent Pipeline. They include the following:

Talent Pools focus on key groups of people with potential talent are identified and their development is supported by the Central HR team: e. g. Executive Assistant Role, Leadership Potential group and Top Talent Recruitment group

Talent Development initiatives include the OM Mentorship Networking Forum and Executive Coaching. These initiatives assist with fast-tracking development.

Alumni Programme focuses on key people who have left the organization and makes contact with them

Skills Transfer Programme focuses on key people that will be leaving the organization within the next few years due to Retirement or Early retirement and ensures a support process to effect skills transfer

Performance Management

The performance of Old Mutual employees is assessed regularly and the Performance Management process provides the vehicle through which OMSA business strategy is executed and the objectives and goals of our organisation are met. Performance Management is the way in which organisational critical success measures are translated into individual performance measures and provides a platform for the measurement of delivery and for consequential progression of individual development and growth.

Employee training plan and programs

Employee training plan and programsEmployee Training Plan and Programs

Employee Training Plan and Programs

Its important and often legally required to train your employees, so having a good training program in place is critical. Here are some simple steps to get you started:

List the job roles performed by your workers

Identify which training programs are needed for each job role (and how often)

Find the best training sources for your situation (online, local, DVD, book, etc.)

Map each employee to the job role to know who needs which training

Once youve identified what job roles need which training courses or programs (and how often), simply enter it into TrainingWise so you can easily manage your training programs, know who needs training when, manage classes and schedules, print certificates and create reports.

Sample safety programs-plans

Sample safety programs-plansSample Safety Programs Plans

You'll need to know about your workplace hazards before you can determine which additinal safety and health programs you'll need. See the Job Hazard Analysis (JHA) topic page to learn more about this important step.

In addition to an Accident Prevention Program, other safety health programs may be required, depending on the hazards in your particular workplace.

The following samples are informational and advisory. You may customize themto fit your particular workplace or tasks. They are not regulations and do not create any new legal obligations.

Fast track traders mentorship

Fast track traders mentorshipFast Track Traders Mentorship

We believe in free training, which is why we offer so much of it to our Demo Traders. This information is on the Demo Traders’ page, the 6 FREE Beginners’ Lessons, and through the various ebooks and training opportunities we share. A trader who studies these materials diligently, paper trades 3 hours for every one hour live trading, and applies them over time, will eventually learn many of the core concepts of the Forex Target Trading Methodology. All it takes is the commitment to learn, adequate time paper trading and studying the lessons coupled with applying the lessons with live room assistance in the ProAct charting software.

But what if you don’t want study for a long period of time?

What if you are looking to get the most knowledge of our methodology by the fastest means possible? Then our Fast Track Mentoring Program is what you’re looking for.

Our ed Fast Trackers’ Mentoring program will teach you what the Market Markers, the “Big Boys” are doing and how that affects your trading. It offers in-depth teaching on the the following topics:

The "Structure" of the market

The "Real Estate of the day"

The "WHY" of the market

Our goal is to help you find YOUR specific trading style using our methodology along with some simple but mandatory rules:

Margin Management Rules

Trade Setup Rules

Trade Execution Rules

Trade management Rules

Psychology of Trading Rules, to keep you from yourself!

We have found, over many years of trading and teaching, that traders who bounce from system to system ultimately fail, lose their trading capital, and give up on learning how to be professional traders. Our Fast Trackers Mentoring program is designed to teach you how to stop this vicious cycle and become a real forex trader. Traders who enter our one-year mentoring program learn the methodology and the rules they need to follow to become successful forex traders.

We are Target Traders, which means we trade to known targets, rather than the typical 5-8 pip scalpers’ target. We believe anyone of normal intelligence can learn to be a successful forex trader if they will devote themselves to learning the basic rules of structure, real estate of the day and the why of the market. There is no rocket science here, just logical, sensible rules and information for you to apply in your trading. It’s really quite simple – learn the rules and apply them, do the work and you will be successful. Forex trading is the most lucrative opportunity around, and our Fast Track Mentored students rapidly learn how to become part of that profession. It is a one-year program during which you will be taught the methodology in full.

Just a few of the Forex strategies you will learn:

20Strategies%20you%20will%20learn%20in%20the%20Fast%20Track%20program_2.jpg" /%

The One Year Fast Track Program consists of the following elements:

Instruction time: (Note: The 3-day webinar and all other classes are recorded for later review at no charge, as long as you are a ProAct Chart subscriber)

A trader evaluation upon entering the program if you want, reviewed with Scott Barkley

An intensive, 3-day webinar with Scott Barkley, who created the methodology

Daily training Monday – Thursday with Scott, 2 hours in the NY market

London Session Monday – Thursday with Elkana Roveglia

London Market Analysis Monday - Thursday for 30min to 1 hour with Elkana Roveglia

Weekly Endeavor classes on Monday to expand on the course teachings

Training tools:

ProAct Target Trading software including the data feed each month (cost is $200 per month starting on the 3rd month)

FXTT Pattern recognition software

FXTT Info Center with one-click access to everything you need

Large video library to explain the methodology in-depth

Recordings of all classes for later access

Access to the ProAct Knowledge Base for quick answers to many of your questions

Additional elements:

Fast Track traders can also have one-to-one access with Scott via email or online meeting to address any questions traders have, or areas of confusion.

2 months of the monthly chart fee is included in the cost of the initial 3-day webinar – value $400

Live Room monthly access fee is waived for one year – Value $1200

You will learn 4 proprietary trades that we NEVER share and 9 ways to use fibs!

All Fast Track traders can watch the Class videos and repeat the LIVE webinar as many times as they want with NO additional cost as long as they are an active ProAct Chart subscriber.

Total Value: $17,230 IF we did not bundle it as a mentorship program!

Your Special REDUCED Price is lower on this page


90 Min Fast Track QA webinar here 11/13.15

1 Year Mentorship Intital fee is $2997.00*

Last one was sold Out - the next scheduled opportunity Nov 18-20

Day 1: Live teaching 1pm-5 pm ET

Day 2: Live teaching 1pm-5 pm ET

Day 3: Live teaching 9:30 am-12:30 pm ET

*NOTE: the above is NON-REFUNDABLE since the product you are getting is intellectual property not a physical product! You will also be required to sign a Non-disclosure document. If you do not agree with this please do not sign up.

“Trading Forex involves substantial risk, is not for every trader and only risk capital should be used.”

Strategy programs

Strategy programsStrategy Programs

The most successful executives are strategic managers and creative thinkers. They know how to diagnose complex problems, craft innovative solutions, and align the organization. The Harvard Division of Continuing Education offers a portfolio of programs that can help you analyze your companys industry strengths and weaknesses—and implement a winning strategy that drives innovation and performance.

Each offering delves into the latest business theories and strategic tools to help you build and sustain a competitive advantage. Through hands-on exercises, interactive lectures, and dynamic discussions, youll learn how to master the fundamentals of strategy, apply internal and external consulting frameworks, and chart a strategic course for a range of competitive landscapes.

A look at the different styles of scalping

A look at the different styles of scalpingA Look at the Different Styles of Scalping

As a form of intraday trading. scalp trading requires daily set-ups. Scalp trading relies on trends that might only last for one minute of any particular trading day. The strategy calls for constant trading, with many trades occurring with every tick of movement. What is scalping? Its a trading strategy designed to take profits on incremental price changes. New traders who implement this strategy are banking on the notion that locking in many small trades will ultimately be more profitable than larger position trades. Here are a few scalp trading strategies:

Momentum Scalping

Recommended for, at most, 20% of your trades, momentum scalping looks to capitalize on existing movement. These are risk-less trades that go in the direction of the tape, these are trades that should be made after securing a small profit of no more than .05 cents. Traders can manage their risk by getting out flat (at no profit); worst case scenario its only the loss of a penny.

Straddling Tactic

This passive strategy is ideal for flat markets and narrow range stocks. The range is the high and low price of a stock over a specified time period, so a narrow range stock has limited volatility. Straddling spreads out a traders moves over a series of pre-determined sizes. By placing trades at each level and keeping your average position near the current market price, traders can manage risk effectively.

Scalping can be an effective way to add up smaller profits. It requires extreme attention to detail and a firm handle on solid trading strategy. For those still wondering, “what is scalping?” you can learn more by enrolling in one of our education or mentorship programs today!

Partnership programs

Partnership programsPartnership Programs

About Partnership Programs

Our partnership programs offer clients a unique package of benefits that place them at a significant advantage on the forex partnership scene. The programs offered cover an array of partner types including Introducers, Affiliates and Tied Agents. Each program opens a window of opportunity to become part of one of the world's most significant financial markets, and each has been developed with the intention of perfectly matching the needs of different partner types.

The two main programs clients can choose from currently are our Introducer Program and Affiliate Program. The difference between an affiliate and an Introducer is that Introducers usually maintain direct contact and a closer relationship with their clients, whereas affiliates cover most interaction through online activities. Furthermore, Introducers get paid through rebates, while affiliates get paid on a CPA basis.

To maximize the value you get from our partnership programs, you should choose the program which is most suitable for you and your type of business.

Introducer Program

As an Introducer, all you have to do is refer clients to ForexTime (FXTM), and we will reward you for it. Each time one of your referred clients makes a trade, you will receive a commission. The program comes at no cost, it's available to all our registered clients and is the perfect first step to building a vast network of partners.

We offer an attractive and flexible commission scheme, where the commission awarded to Introducers depends on the trading volume of their clients - the higher the volume, the larger the commission.

Premier programs

Premier programsPremier Programs

Premier Trader University is being taught in a traditional University style format. The course will begin with Pre-Requisites, which will serve as a home study guide to provide PTU students a wealth of information suitable for traders of all skill levels. The Undergraduate course will be taught LIVE over multiple days and will teach the Trading System, indicators, trading platforms and everything else needed to be successful. Finally, the student will have the opportunity to choose a Major where they will be focus on a particular market for extensive training and Trade Plans specific to that market.

Day trading overview strategy bull and bear traps

Day trading overview strategy bull and bear trapsDay Trading Overview Strategy: Bull and Bear Traps

There are many different strategies to consider when looking for ways to trading the gap. Now that you know the basics of the Gap and Crap, take a look at the two different types of traps that exist and how they present trading opportunities. A Bull Trap occurs when a downward trending stock has gapped up and traps traders before filling the gap and continuing its downtrend. A Bear Traps is the inverse; an upward trending stock gaps down and traps traders before filling the gap and continuing its uptrend. Each trap presents opportunities for day traders to exploit.

For Bull Traps, traders should look for the current bar being very bullish. The open should be in the bottom 20% of the days range, and the close should be in the top 20% of the days range. This proves that the stock is consistently on the rise. The tactic to exploit bull traps is to short the stock below the low of the prior day. Traders should put a stop above the current days high or previous days high, whichever is higher.

For Bear Traps, traders should look for the opposite scenario. The current bar must be very bearish, with the open in the top 20% of the days range and the close in the bottom 20%. The day trading strategy here is to long the stock above the high of the prior day. Traders should put a stop below the current days low or the previous days low, whichever is lower.

Each of these traps present consistent opportunities for day traders to lock in profits. To learn more, check out some of our other articles outlining the strategies for the Fade and Fill and the Gap and Crap. For more in depth, hands-on training that will teach you to trade like the pros, look into taking one of Wall Street Trading day trading courses or our mentorship and coaching programs.

Training plan template vet

Training plan template vetDisney's Animal Programs Training Program

Our quality of work is their quality of life.

Meryle Nelson

Welcome to Disneys Animal Programs Animal Training website! Disneys Animal Programs training program strives to be consistent, effective, and an integrated part of our excellence in animal care philosophy. Because we believe that an animal training program is essential for the welfare of our animals, we have developed a training framework called S. P.I. D.E. R. which is featured on this website. We invite you to use this site as a tool for developing, or refreshing animal training programs at your institution, and encourage you to check back frequently for new updates and ideas.

Our Mission

20viewing%20area%20training. jpg" /%

At Disney's Animal Programs, the Behavioral Husbandry Team's mission is to:

Best forex affiliate programs

Best forex affiliate programsBest Forex Affiliate Programs

Forex affiliate programs are one of the hottest affiliate markets in recent years and for good reason, as affiliates can can make some serious money, especially if they're able to consistently convert serious, dedicated foreign exchange traders. Just like poker affiliates who can market to big rakers or casino affiliates lucky enough to land a casino whale (someone who consistently loses tens of thousands of dollars each year at online casinos), with some hard work and a little imagination a Forex affiliate can build up a substantial revenue stream that pays off for years to come.

The Best Forex Affiliates Programs

Quick facts

Forex Affiliates

The Forex affiliate realm is a competitive one, so any Fx affiliate who expects to succeed will need to be on top of their game. Unlike many affiliate niches, it really does pay to understand the ins and outs of currency trading, so you'll either need to have some experience with Forex trading or do some basic research into how it works. Many Forex brokers (the companies that facilitate actual trades and offer affiliate programs) offer free demos or trials of their trading platforms, often with options to make paper trades (basically trades with play money) to get your feet wet. You'll be marketing to a very specific type of potential customer, so you'll need to make sure you understand all the nuances of Fx trading, and how it differs from day trading, options trading, and other types of investing.

Best Fx Affiliate Programs

Designing learning programs

Designing learning programsDesigning Learning Programs

This workshop is designed as a professional conversation to allow you the opportunity to explore the skills and knowledge required to use Training Packages and accredited courses and the capability required to conceptualise, design, develop and evaluate learning programs to meet an identified need for a group of learners. The session includes identifying and sourcing Training Packages and accredited courses to meet client needs, and interpreting the requirements of Training Package/s including the competency standards/units, the packaging rules for qualifications and the assessment guidelines.

TAADES402B – Design and Develop Learning Programs

Generating options for designing a learning program Developing learning program content, delivery and assessment strategies and documentation Design the structure of the learning program Review the learning program

Learning programs document cohesive and integrated learning process for the learner. Learning programs include the outcomes, content, sequence and structure of learning, delivery and assessment methods to be used.

This session will prepare participants to design a learning program including:

Components of a learning program

Defining the purpose and focus

Specifications of a learning program

Scope and breadth

Identifying the target audience

Learning styles

Pedagogical approaches

Delivery models

Learning Design

Assessment strategies

Reviewing a learning program

Future trading strategiestrading strategies

Future trading strategiestrading strategiesFuture Trading Strategies

Triangular Index Trading: A Long Equity Short Futures Option Strategy

When summering on a Mediterranean cruise in 2009 Doc Brown made a startling discovery. A 33 year veteran trader of the futures markets divulged a secret trading strategy thats the closest thing to bulletproof weve ever seen. Dont miss this must see DVD if youre a futures trader, option trader, or stock investor. Make sure you enroll for more information at FuturesForexandOptions.

Dr. Scott Brown is one of the sharpest guys I know.

-Alex Green, Oxford Club and Investment U Chairman

Again thank you for your leadership and mentorship! I am excited but cautious as I prepare for live trading again and your course has been exactly what I needed to get going again. Thanks again Doc Brown!

Building winning trading systems with tradestation(ebook pdf)

Building winning trading systems with tradestation(ebook pdf)Building Winning Trading Systems with TradeStation(ebook pdf)

Building Winning Trading Systems with TradeStation(ebook pdf)

Before System Writer (the grandfather of today’s current TradeStation), system

developers and traders did not have a commercialized software platform to

develop their trading ideas. We are not talking about charting packages; we are

talking about programs that could understand a trading strategy based on technical

analysis. Sure, there were other sophisticated programs in the 1980s that

could be used, but they required a thorough understanding of programming,

additional software, and extreme patience with the software developer. Most of

these programs were not open platform; you had to program within their limited

scripting language and could not share your programs with others. The

programs that were potentially open platform usually required a separate editor

and compiler and a very sophisticated user. In fact, we developed and still

Custom programs for group employee training and development

Custom programs for group employee training and developmentCustom Programs for Group Employee Training and Development

If you have a group of six or more individuals from your organization interested in professional development, then consider a custom program at our location or yours. The Harvard Division of Continuing Education delivers custom programs on a variety of management topics to companies in a range of industries.

A program customized to suit your organizational needs

We work with you every step of the way. Well help you select the appropriate topics, program length, and delivery model for your needs. We can deliver programs at your company or on Harvards campus. A few of our popular topics include strategy, leadership, innovation, finance, negotiations, and communications.

Quality instruction

Our instructors are practitioners in the field. They consistently earn top marks from participants in program evaluations. That high quality is reflected in the number of participants referred to our programs by fellow colleagues. Through a combination of lecture, cases, exercises, and in-class discussion your employees learn how to apply the material within your context.

Extraordinary value

Our programs are competitively priced, enabling you to bring high quality employee training and development to your organization.

Getting started

Browse our list of programs to determine which topics may be of interest.

Complete the custom program inquiry form to get the process started. By submitting this information, you consent to be contacted by e-mail.

When arranging custom programming, we are only able to work directly with the company or organization that will be sending employees to our program. We do not work with tour operators, consultants, or third parties.