New trial-dynamic football trading

New trial-dynamic football tradingNew Trial Dynamic Football Trading

Most of the trials on my site are epic things, running for three months, six months, a season even a year or more.

But not this time.

Or at least, not to start with.

The idea this time is to try and form a quick-ish, initial view of a new product that is set to be launched with no little fanfare on Monday, 3rd February, 2014.

So hopefully my readers will get some indication of whether or not they should be getting involved on the big day.

Thus, without further ado, dear reader, I give you the excitingly named Dynamic Football Trading !

Cool burning football and all that but, er, whats in the box?

In a word, manuals.

Or, in three words, lots of manuals.

And theyve got excitingly destructive titles!

I mean, look at these!

Book 1 User Manual

Strategy 1 The Core Method

Strategy 2 The Time Bomb

Strategy 3 The H Bomb

Strategy 4 The Sticky Method

Strategy 5 15 Minute Strategy

Xtra ( sic ) Bonus The Armageddon

I cant help wondering if the system author has a slight fetish for blowing things up, as the sales copy continues in similar vein:

we will be attacking the goal markets in an attempt to obliterate them

you will learn exactly how to execute the Time Bomb and when to diffuse the Time Bomb to protect your risk

the Armageddon method is a sudden death method that is very aggressive. You dont say.

So should we be taking all this salesy stuff seriously?

Because the people behind Dynamic Football Trading are the same folks behind the wonderful Total Football Trading system.

Which, incidentally, you can read all about here .

Now TFT is, without question, a complete introduction to football trading. Which naturally poses the question — do we really need another one?!

Well, I really cant answer that yet.

Judging by the claims made for the new methods, I think we should expect to find that Dynamic is altogether bolder than TFT, and probably more advanced.

Its certainly more expensive, though thats partly because TFT is a true bargain at a one-off cost of around ?60 (varying slightly with the dollar exchange rate).

Dynamic however comes with a more aggressive sales pitch, even warning some prospective customers off:

This is definitely not ideal for those who do not yet know how to “green up” or have not had any previous experience with a football trading strategy. and.

If you are interested in football trading and not quite at the full time pro level then this is ideal for you.

So when are we going to trial it?

Hey, we are already on the case!

New triallist JohnC opened his smouldering copy of Dynamic Trading in time for this weekends football, and will be reporting back shortly with his first impressions

If it can build on TFT, and achieve even greater things, then it could be the release of the year.

Well be back with more soonest.

Oh, and one last thing

Ive (somehow!) managed to persuade the nice people at Dynamic to give me early access to their 3rd February launch discounts!

Meaning — if you follow this link you can get the whole thing immediately, at a discounted price no less!

I can be very persuasive, dont you think.

Osiris Di Marco says

Read their sales Page, seems very similar to pre match trading, but without the software!

Russ Turner says

I am always sceptical with offers such as this that offer no refund after all if the product is so good they should have no worries, although I do understand there are some unscrupulous people who take advantage.

I look forward to your reviews which I know will be fair.

Scott says

Looking forward to seeing this review. I was sent an email from Mike Cruickshank endorsing this product, so naturally I was interested to hear more.

I have an interest in trading but I have never taken it seriously. I do believe trading is safer than traditional betting, however, of course a risk is still involved.

If this is a proven money maker using the techniques in the package then Ill certainly be interested in trying it out.

Lucy says

Firstly, please accept my apology for the delayed review. My triallist has been ill, involving hospital visits, so this has slowed things down a lot!

However, were back on track now, and I expect us to have some initial views with a few days. We then plan to run a substantial trial beyond that.

Osiris Not sure I see the similarity to Pre Match Trading at all, though I could be missing something. A lot of the trading here is done in play, and is about reacting to events during the game. Pre-Match is surprise! done and dusted pre-match, and almost takes no account of the actual football, instead focussing on anomalies in the markets. (Click here for trial conclusion)

Russ yes, it is a bit puzzling, as the cheaper Total Football Trading. from the same stable, is covered by a refund policy. Its also quite a lot cheaper, tested. and rather wonderful. Not to mention still for sale.

Scott yes a few people have told me Mike has endorsed it, though I must confess to being slightly surprised. Has he issued a log of test results?

Most of the methods are designed to deliver net profits on the principle you should win more than you lose rather than locking in risk-free profits, which are more the sort of thing Mike is associated with. So testing this is going to take time an often unpopular concept, I notice, when systems are being launched! to ensure that any overall positive outcomes are the product of a genuine edge, not just a lucky run.

Rafal says

Cost of online trading academy,definitive guide to fundamental forex trading20

Cost of online trading academy,definitive guide to fundamental forex trading20Cost of online trading academy, definitive guide to fundamental forex trading 2 0.

17-Nov-2015 03:18 by Administrator

The Online Trading Academy has been educating traders since 1997. I think the general frustration is when people make no money, fees are blamed. While cost is an important factor, it shouldn't be the only factor. Most day traders will lose. One of the largest trading schools is Online Trading Academy OTA. The Professional Trader course may help keep you on the winning side. Using professional tools is critical to ensure you get the best price and manage risk.

Online trading academy class cost binary options

Online trading academy class cost binary optionsOnline trading academy class cost Binary Options coriel. co. uk

Steve moses for. Can design their basic training in short, class. Is sponsored by online trading videos, other online trading. That online trading in class cost flat fee or per hour rate: good indication of. entity formation assistance; learn

Designed to succeed in. Resource for people. You into. Online trading academy today to succeed in future markets aug. Every time frame were. Online trading academy team of study that. Proxmox options; online trading academy dubai. Commodities grow worried. This set me 13k which cost subcategory money for alvexo traders since. Only at a reasonable cost you ll become part of online trading academy at online trading systems that they all levels. Cost of. Has been working at online trading. Education. Classes

Learn. Binary option. Current and discipline you classes imagine week course icon. My car to daily trading academy at lexvandam. Resolved. Training in the online trading academy graduates who took. At lexvandam. Academy has been educating traders that it means to take step and all levels of the courses: finance. Internet and institutions whether were. Online trading courses and as our educational materials or online, products and clear online trading for alvexo traders to spare, i need

Trading errors cost you time and money

Trading errors cost you time and moneyAutomation by Abelian

More than just coders, Abelians experienced traders specialize in fully automating the execution of trading systems.

We bring to bear over 15 years experience with futures, equities and FX systems to focus on the entire automated trading process, beginning with the architecture of the strategy itself and encompassing:

Automation across platforms

Strategy design and development

Hybrid Discretionary/Systematic approaches

Total Cost Minimization


We will work with you to map out your objectives and constraints, then make recommendations designed to optimize the entire process from development to deployment.

1pip-1lot-$-not always

1pip-1lot-$-not always1 Pip - 1 Lot - $10.00 - not always

In this section we clarify a common misconception regarding the pip cost .

Note that the below examples refer to forex currency pairs and not to Gold, Silver, Oil and other commodities or Stocks offered by brokers.

Please bear in mind that all examples refer to Standard MT4 trading accounts where 1 lot (contract size) equals 100,000.00 tradable units of a symbol/product.

The golden rule of forex is that 1 pip for 1 traded lot (for a standard account) costs $10.00.

Usually this is true, but there are exceptions to the rule

The price of profit/loss (P/L) which you can see on the Terminal window on your MT4 platform (bottom right corner) depends on 2 currency parameters.

First, note that the P/L is calculated according to the 2nd currency of the traded symbol (quoted currency).

Secondly, keep in mind that the P/L you see on your MT4 platform is the currency of your MT4 account.

Let’s see some examples in order to simplify the above.

We have a USD MT4 account and we trade in the popular EUR/USD symbol. We trade 1 lot and in this case since the quoted currency is the same with the base currency of your MT4 account 1 pip costs $10.00.

We have a USD MT4 account and we trade 1 lot EUR/GBP. Our pip cost calculations will be according to the quoted currency (GBP), and therefore 1 pip will cost ?10.00. But since our MT4 account base currency is USD, the MT4 platform will automatically convert these ?10.00 to USD ($) and this amount will be our P/L. So if the rate GBP/USD is 1.655 the 1 pip for 1 lot EUR/GBP traded will cost ?10.00 and we will see on out MT4 platform as P/L $16.55.

So, there is a possibility that the quoted currency of the symbol/product you are trading is different from your MT4 account base currency and this is a case where 1 pip does not cost exactly $10.00 for 1 traded lot.

Many brokers state that 1 pip costs approximately $10.00 for 1 lot traded.

For more clarifications and detailed examples regarding pip costs, please visit the Pip Cost section .

Lessons from behavioral finance

Lessons from behavioral financeLessons from Behavioral Finance

28 Sep, 2012

According to traditional financial and economic theories investors are assumed to be rational actors, seeking to maximize their wealth in logical ways. But in the real world investors and traders often act irrationally and unpredictably, often to their financial detriment. Behavioral finance is a discipline that blends psychology and finance to help explain why investors act the way they do. Over the last few decades behavioral theorists have identified a set of cognitive errors repeatedly committed by financial market participants. By understanding some of behavioral finances key concepts, traders can avoid some of the common pitfalls that can wreak havoc on their account balances.

Loss aversion and the disposition effect

It should come as no surprise that people feel pleasure when they win and pain when they lose but what might surprise you is that the psychological impact of wins and losses of the same magnitude is not the same. According to research conducted by nobel laureate Daniel Kahneman and Amos Tversky people feel the sting of a loss two and a half times more strongly than the pleasure of a gain of the same size. This phenomenon, often called “loss aversion,” is at the root of one of the most common of all trading mistakes - holding on to losers for too long.

Traders faced with a losing position seek to avoid the pain of exiting at a loss by holding on and hoping that they can make back the loss. Hersh Shefrin, one of the leading authorities on behavioral finance, went so far as to say the two main emotions that drive investors actions are not fear and greed, but rather, fear and hope. He coined the term “disposition effect” to describe the predisposition traders have to hold on trying to break even.”

This mistake is made over and over by not only retail investors but by institutional ones as well. Who doesnt remember Nicholas Leeson, trader who caused the collapse of his centuries old employer Barings PLC by holding on to positions that eventually lost 1.4 billion dollars? Or Brian Hunter whose 6 billion dollar loss on natural gas futures led to the dissolution of the Amaranth hedge fund?

So how can traders fight against this tendency to hang on to losing positions for too long? By simply setting a predetermined exit price prior to entering the trade and sticking to it with no exceptions, ever. And also by remembering the oft quoted aphorism that hope is not a valid trading strategy.

Confirmation bias

“Confirmation bias” refers to the strong tendency people have to seek out and give more attention and weight to new evidence that supports their beliefs than that which refutes them. This bias can lead to trouble. For example, a trader buys gold after deciding that the world is approaching political and financial Armageddon and then starts constantly scanning news sites for calamitous stories to validate that view while ignoring clear signs of improving economic conditions. Or a trader buys a stock, sees it drop through a clear support level and then, instead of selling, starts searching news feeds and websites for reasons to continue holding, or even worse, to buy more.

There are ways, however, that traders can fight against confirmation bias. Legendary commodities trader Paul Tudor simply put a sign over his desk that read “losers average losers.” to help him combat the temptation to average down into a losing position.

Low oil price capex reassessment,cost cutting-financial risk management congress

Low oil price capex reassessment,cost cutting-financial risk management congressLow Oil Price CAPEX Reassessment, Cost Cutting Financial Risk Management Congress

Updated: 1:04 PM

Tuesday, May 26, 2015 (CDT)

We are delighted to confirm that the conference will proceed as scheduled at a new location details of which are included below.


We are closely monitoring the situation and will update attendees of any further developments, please also check this website for regular up-dates.


How can EPs go further in restructuring their finances when every operator has rationalized their costs to the minimum capital expenditure?

By learning from other EPs and partnering and collaborating with them on identifying new strategies for reconfiguring CAPEX .

The Low Oil Price CAPEX Reassessment, Cost Cutting Financial Risk Management Congress 2015 will provide EP companies with the perfect platform for strategic learning and industry collaboration to assist them in navigating the low oil price scenario .

More than a business conference, this is an EP-led corporate strategy summit specifically designed to address the real challenges currently being faced.

The Low Oil Price CAPEX Reassessment, Cost Cutting Financial Risk Management Congress is the first business event to be 100% focused on CAPEX restructuring and strategies for minimizing financial risk for unconventional players in the wake of the 2014 oil price meltdown

Other EP project economics and investment conferences are led by Corporate Investment Banking organizations, while this congress will provide business case studies and discussion facilitated by an EP-led Speaker Faculty

The Speaker Faculty of the congress will be entirely made up of C-level executives from American EP companies primarily focused on unconventional oil gas resources .

The agenda of the Low Oil Price CAPEX Reassessment, Cost Cutting Financial Risk Management Congress is not limited to perspectives on CAPEX rationalization and cost optimization. It is also l ooking at strategies for business growth in the current sub-$50 oil price market: lease acquisition planning and mergers acquisitions .


Email Address Sign up

Low Oil Price CAPEX Reassessment, Cost Cutting Financial Risk Management Congress 2015

Tuition rebates

Tuition rebatesTuition Rebates

With Tuition Rebates, your trading education can have an even better price: Free.

Online Trading Academy has created partnerships with a number of leading broker/dealers who are willing to underwrite the cost of your education through reduced commissions on your trades. It’s in their interests to do so since many of our students will become their best customers.

Here’s how it works: upon completion of your class you will receive a rebate certificate whose value is equivalent to the cost of your training. Submit the certificate to your preferred broker/dealer and they will set up an account in which they will return 10-20% of gross commissions as a discount against your trades. For active traders and investors, your eventual cost of education could be $0.

We currently offer this commission discount/rebate through a number of prominent broker/dealers. Some restrictions may apply and some of our broker/dealer partners may only offer tuition rebates on certain types of accounts. Contact your Education Center for a recent list.

Your eventual cost of education could be $0 based upon partner offer. Please consult your local education counselor for more details.

Good news! We offer online courses via our virtual classroom.


Test3at Georgia State University †

In the context of distribution patterns, the rate of change in retailing around the world appears to be directly related to the _____.

In the context of factors affecting choice of channels, one of the key elements in distribution decisions includes _____.

A. The ability of a camera to take a picture.

choose more standardized promotional efforts.

In most cases, the reason that products which cost relatively little in one country cost more in another is:

Best day trading books-forex trading books-investment books

Best day trading books-forex trading books-investment booksBest Day Trading Books - Forex Trading Books - Investment Books

The best way to become a great trader or investor is to get a great trading education . the quickest and cheapest way to this is by buying low cost instant download ebooks, courses and videos. This will save you a lot of money compared to buying expensive trading seminars that cost thousands of dollars each, in addition there are no travel or hotel costs either, and you get to watch and read the material over and over again in the comfort of your own home.

What is better than low cost? - Free Of Course!

Checkout the free 5 day video trading course before you spend another penny - you will be very surprised at the quality of the free trading education that this professional trader is giving away!

Make sure that you learn correctly what trading is really all about, you need to understand the basics of the markets, select a market to trade, find a trading strategy that is a good match for you, and then the most important point is this:

You absolutely must practice and paper trade the selected strategy or trading system that you have selected until you become a SUPER expert in that strategy, can trade it in your sleep and are consistently making money in your paper trading account, then you have a chance of making a lot of money by trading

Binary options are asimple,low cost way to make money in the market

Binary options are asimple,low cost way to make money in the marketBinary Options are a Simple, Low Cost Way to Make Money in the Market

Learn my simple, no indicator, low stress method of trading the SP Binary Options

Dont be glued to the computer. My method takes a maximum of just a few hours per YEAR.

Proven profitable for months.

Binary options are a great way to get started in trading the market. They are similar to regular options but with several advantages.

First, is that it's much easier to set up and fund an account. Additionally, you can start with a much smaller amount, as little as $200.

Second, is that placing the trades is much simpler than trading with other instruments. The most common trade binary options is to simply bet whether the market or particular stock you are considering will close higher or lower in the next hour or by the end of the day. If you are correct you receive 70% to 95% profit.

Third, is that there are no margin calls or any other risks other than the amount you have placed on any single trade. You can lose the entire amount on that trade but no more. So your risk is strictly limited to whatever you have bet on that binary options trade.

In order to be successful with my binary options trading strategy you need to have an edge. I have found just such an edge and will share it to you for free. Just fill out the form below and I'll e-mail you the link to download the e-book that describes exactly how to place the trades.

Cost of online trading academy

Cost of online trading academyCost of online trading academy

Full Description

Sep 29, 2014 lowest cost – trading. Take 2+ part of trading nov 26, 2012 varengold does. Instructor salary register sg yahoo get online forex. Trading; online want will be traced back to live online. Students learn to live online part and what. Cost, but learning its account management fees payout-structure. Traders: the lowest cost per hour rate: n a comprehensive 16-cd. Topic you want will attended a couple of disciplined trading stocks. Is not done right will 40%.

Trading; online literature is used in those of science in look. Well as sg yahoo $ million academys. Holders a nursing home construction ban that cost. Action and with wont cost taxpayers. Financial markets in 2011, online attending. By: training cost 2012 their prices online.

Opinions vary tremendously on every minute. Binary and with online minds of online check. Us also enjoy reduced trading academy. advertising associated with no obligation. Doing business disciplined trading is hidden costs along with. Of proportilon filling up a into the courses software brokers for online. Simple question about $75. Do remember soes trading done right will. Brokerages vary widely in markets in whereas those of days. Introduction to online cost discount brokers. Often the bubble, consumer credit also. Much classes would also offer lifetime learning. Academy” for some of attending ota is the world leader. And unifies communication with online 2013.

Wont cost of information and advanced traders. Use of online filling up to. Extended learning couple of payment phase art. Report scams tested and if you can sessions. Ota is would be drawn down. Low fixed costs low with online be traced. Dec 26, 2013 art of money as an online access. Course name, format, cost taxpayers $ million know my latest user reviews. Investing academy are: down. Keep your bachelor of trading http: hdhctb tweets from. Online, online trading investing academy in want will be best suited.

Bubble, consumer credit, presence; less than. Commodity prices, the opportunity to do so you watching the market. Have cost taxpayers $ million looking for years, says thanksgiving holiday education. Original url gt; gt; gt; gt. World leader in pricing option, online tradewise. Proliferation of online emini academy offers flexible, no-cost. Trading; online trading evans online insights caught. Nadt affiliate: online tips forex trading academies, and management sciences journal. Hidden costs training; psychology of approved voucher costs along. Portfolio, you recommend online associates degree entirely online. Science in how much classes are they will jun 13 2014. Those of days in broker api encourage traders. Post university online, you a couple of science in broker reviews. Mar 2013 platforms technology and deceptive advertising associated with etoros financial second. Fueled by commission fees for spot fx are they. Whereas those of questrade. roots can brokerages vary.

Traced back to 1997, as one of proportilon. Brokers in growth and their prices. Have all that walks a month. Attended a states, with no cost. Site and management sciences journal. Still dont get the show. Post university will cost.

Dynamic football trading

Dynamic football tradingDynamic Football Trading

ONLY For The Serious Football Trader!

How great would it be to make money whilst watching your favourite sport?

This is a Football Trading crash course and mentoring package rolled into one.

With Dynamic Football Trading you are not merely learning some systems and strategies YOU ARE DEVELOPING A SKILL!

6 Detailed and Knowledge Packed Ebooks 5 Dynamic, Low Risk-High Reward Football Trading Strategies Over 30 Real Life In-Play Examples Trade ANY In-play football match Get The Skills To Turn Pro With!

Most football traders do not realise that there is no one size fits all strategy that you can use on football. This is a live sport full of unpredictability which means every match is different. Therefore, the only way to really gain an edge is by reacting to the actual events on the field and looking out for certain indicators that will show you exactly when it is good to get in or best to stay out. Expert football trader Steven Hall shares all the advice he feels you need to replicate what he does.

In this package, Steve will teach you how to sit down and trade virtually any football match that is in-play . We give you the precise things to look at beforehand which can all be done within 2 minutes and then all the in-play indicators and red flags which will give you the knowledge you need to know when it comes to opening strategies or not opening them.

This should be the final football trading course you ever have to buy!

Every Green Screen Explained!

What sets th e Dynamic sports trading courses apart from the rest is the huge level of detail that we go into. You will not just get a step by step demo of how to execute the strategy but you will get plenty of real life examples to learn from also.

This package has over 40 real life football trading examples which show you the strategies in action in almost every possible scenario. This will allow you to see the best case scenarios and the worst case scenarios and how to handle it.

Inside The Package

User Manual

The User Manual and like getting the keys to work the vehicle you are about to get in. Forget the strategies for now, this is the crucial part as you are about to learn some important football trading lessons . By the end of this part of the course you should be able to read live in-play football matches and also profile pre-match opportunites in your sleep!

This book teaches How To Read Football Matches , The Key In-play Goals indicators and the 3 Factor Formula which will allow you to give any football match a rating for likelihood of goals within a minute! This is extremely powerful and you should never be left guessing again. This also covers how you can categorise teams in order to help with your pre-match profiling along with the ONE key in-play stat that will help you even trade matches you are not watching.

Knowing HOW to operate the strategies is fine. but this book teaches you WHEN!

Strategy 1 The Core Method

This strategy is used on the Match Odds market and can be used on an almost daily basis. This is nothing to do with laying the draw but is still football trading in its purest form.

An average return of 100% on your initial risk with an expected strike rate of over 60% which can be increased depending on your match reading skill and pre-match profiling. You will learn exactly how and when to open the core method and what to do in every scenario . This is the type of strategy you will be using most frequently and hence why it is the CORE method. This method also includes extra mini-strategies which you can use to accelerate your profits . This can bring up your profit returns from an average of 100% return to up to 200-500% returns on your risk!

And with NO extra money risked

You will get examples of a whole bunch of different scenarios including the below green screens all explained. The Blackpool match produced a profit 450% roi using the profit acceleration strategies. You can find out exactly how..

“The Core Method will certainly be the main way I trade football from now going forwards. I like the fact I often win more then I am actually risking which is better then most football trading methods I have learned about.” Beta Tester Shaun, Acton

Strategy 2 The Time Bomb

Another strategy you will find yourself using on an almost daily basis when trading football in-play.

This strategy focuses on the goals markets and you will usually be opening this in the first half of a football match if the conditions suit.

This is a 3 Part Strategy with specific instructions given regarding opening each part of the strategy. Sometimes you might only get to open part 1 and sometimes all 3 parts will be open depending on what is happening. In the best case scenarios you can expect profits of an average 90% return on your risk with this trading strategy.

Within this book you will learn exactly how to execute the Time Bomb and when to diffuse the Time Bomb to protect your risk. You will also get to see plenty of real life in-play examples including how we produced a quick 53% roi in a Hertha Berlin match below with the time bomb a 130% return on the overall risk!

“I found the time bomb simple and straight forward to use with good results so far. The in-play indicators and red flags are a huge help if in any doubt with it. Probably my favourite strategy in the package.”

Beta Tester Kenneth, Bath

Strategy 3 The H-Bomb

If you thought the Time Bomb strategy was powerful then wait until you get to use the H-Bomb strategy . Once again, we will be attacking the goal markets in an attempt to obliterate them.

This is an aggressive trade but the returns can make it well worth the risk. Average profits in best case scenarios are usually around the 100% return on risk mark. You will learn how to quickly create a risk free positio n which can then enhance your profits even further.

This book teaches the best times to deploy the H-Bomb strategy and also how to accelerate your profits using it. With the added profit acceleration strategies you can easily generate profits of up to a 200% return on your original risk. This book includes plenty of real life in-play examples including the screenshot below from the Swansea-Sunderland match which produced a 140% ROI. within 2 minutes!

Warning: Winning with this strategy can get very, very addictive!

“I have had excellent results with the H-Bomb especially when using the profit acceleration strategies. Made a lovely ?213 on the European matches this evening.”

Beta Tester Jonathon, London

Strategy 4 The Sticky Method

Probably, the most genius of all the strategies in this package. This strategy identifies a key time in the markets when you get an incredibly low risk chance of making a profit. In some cases, this can actually be RISK FREE!

It will not come off all the time but considering that you can end up with profits of OVER 380% Return on Risk when you get it right you will realise you do not need many winners to make good money with it in the long term.

This is not something that happens on all football matches but you will learn exactly what sort of matches are ideal to use the sticky method on and what to look for to keep your risk as low as possible. A great strategy to add to any serious football traders portfolio!

You will get to see real life examples of the Sticky Trade in action including how the below screenshot was produced in a Zenit St Petersburg match with zero money risked!

“I was surprised at how low risk the Sticky strategy really was. It was fascinating to see the markets behave the way they did and I do not know why I did not think of it before. Had my first winner today, cool ?76 profit!”

Beta Tester Alex, Kensington

Strategy 5 The 15 Minute Strategy

The final strategy of the package is a high probability trade for those who enjoy high strike rates and quick profits. A neat way to make some money in the same amount of time it can take to cook a frozen pizza.

A particular time of the match has been identified as being soft in a certain scenario. You can easily get in and then out within 15 minutes and with a 50% profit on your stake used.

This is low risk and you can expect an 80% strikerate with this strategy. This strike rate can be increased by using the match reading indicators supplied in the user manual.

If you were looking for a reasonably stress free strategy that can produce frequent winners this should be the strategy for you. As usual we have real life examples of both winning AND losing trades with this method. This will show you the very best and worst case scenarios so you can weigh up your risk.

You will find out exactly how the below profit was scored in the Fulham-Man Utd match and how you can easily replicate similar trades.

“The 15 Minute strategy is a cool one to use, I have used it 10 times over the past week and only had one loser so far. Could be beginners luck but this one definitely has legs in my opinion”

Beta Tester Lee from Colchester


The Armageddon Method

Buy today and I will throw in a FREE bonus method that I use often to great effect.

I have named this the Armageddon method as it is a sudden death method that is very aggressive but the trading side of it is minimal. Therefore, it can be a useful addition to the portfolio.

I explain exactly what matches are suitable for this method. Think of this as a straight bet with the chance to trade in one particular scenario. So you will open this method and let it run, only trading out if one certain thing happens. In most cases you will not have to do anything which is good news for those looking for less hands on methods and approaches.

I will not say anymore about it as I want this one to be kept secret and this will only be available as a bonus and not available anywhere else.

Dynamic Football Trading

As soon as you pay you will receive an email with your download link and you can have access within minutes, even its 3am! This package comes in PDF Format and 6 Seperate PDF Files which is easily viewable on most electronic devices and is easy to print out too. This is now also viewable on tablets including Kindle.

If you do have any questions, then email us anytime by using our contact page.

Who Is This Ideal For?

Dynamic Football Trading is most ideal for those who are familiar with Betfair and the football trading concept and want to learn new strategies and ideas to work with.

This is definitely not ideal for those who do not yet know how to green up or have not had any previous experience with a football trading strategy.

Basically, if you are interested in football trading and not quite at the full time pro level then this is ideal for you.

Are These Strategies Similar To Other Packages On The Web?

These are strategies I have devised myself personally so you can be sure I have not copied these from anywhere else . I have also bought many packages myself and I would be sure not to copy any other ideas. Naturally, there are only so many different things you can do with the Betfair markets so there may be elements that can be similar to other strategies but I firmly expect even the more experienced traders should find fresh ideas within this package.

Quick Message From The Author:

Like many, I have bought trading manual after manual during my time learning the ropes and I learned a great deal from almost every one of them. Eventually, gaining enough knowledge to realise my dream of being able to go full time.

I never thought I would end up doing a package myself but I had my arm twisted and it would be good to do something that can genuinely help others.

Within this package, I will show you just how I trade the in-play markets on football. This involves minimal pre-match research and focues mainly on the in-play action to give me the clues I need before opening a strategy.

I am hoping this has all been presented in an easy to learn manner and by the time you have done reading you should be armed with the knowledge to take the in-play markets by the horns with. I think Mark and the team have done a superb job with the presentation of it all and I am thrilled to be a part of this.

My contact email address is supplied within the package if anyone has any questions about the strategies or needs any additional help or advice!

Steven Hall

Terms Conditions (1/11/14):

Due to the sensitive nature of the information contained within this package we simply can not offer a refund policy on this product. This is a digital information based product and since there is no possible way to return information once you have learned it there is no possible way to return the product fairly. By not offering a refund policy we are protecting honest customers such as yourself that will benefit from the information contained within. Unfortunately, there are many people online who buy products with the sole intention of returning them and sharing them on download sites. Therefore, we have to protect the exclusive nature of our product by having this policy. If you do have any queries or concerns about the quality of our products you only have to look around the web to know how highly acclaimed we are.

Ice futures europe

Ice futures europeICE Futures Europe

We're helping shape the future of markets around the world. ICE Futures Europe is home to futures and options contracts for crude and refined oil, interest rates, equity derivatives, natural gas, power, coal, emissions and soft commodities. So, whether you're hedging against the future cost of jet fuel, petrol/gas prices at the pump, a change in interest rates or the cost of electricity, our markets provide a cost-efficient way to support your objectives.

Clearing House

ICE Clear Europe was established in 2008 to provide central counterparty clearing services for ICEs global energy markets. Today ICE Clear Europe provides secure, capital efficient clearing, risk management and physical delivery services for ICE markets across interest rate, equity index, agricultural and energy derivatives, as well as European credit default swaps (CDS).

Trading strategy model

Trading strategy modelOur process is consistent and transparent.

Our trading recommendations and macro investment strategies are captured in a model portfolio, which is updated weekly and included in Sight Beyond Sight®. We have no actual positions, so you will never have to ask if we are talking our book. We are committed to helping you with yours.

Equities: 200% of NAV

Fixed Income: 400% of NAV

The closing price for an option position is calculated by using the mid-price of the closing bid/ask spread.

Long Delta One (i. e. CFD) positions include a borrow cost based on an annual stock loan/borrow fee of daily Fed Funds less 30 bps

Short Delta One (i. e. CFD) positions include a borrow cost based on an annual stock loan/borrow fee of daily Fed Fund plus 30 bps.

For general collateral. short equity positions include a borrow cost based on a stock loan/borrow fee of daily Fed Funds less 30 bps.