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The Don't Build Until 8-hour Basic Business / Pre-License course is based on the BLD 242: Construction Management IV course your instructor taught for 4 years at Northern Virginia Community College.

You get a comprehensive overview of all aspects of construction law and business in Virginia:

All the licensing and testing requirements

How to run a successful construction company

The legal aspects of running a business and how to stay out of trouble

How to protect yourself from risks

Unlicensed construction contracting in Virginia is a Class 1 Misdemeanor (the first 2 times) and a Class 6 Felony (the third time). You may be in violation of state law prohibiting illegal contracting, which includes painting, home improvement, roofing, etc. without a license.

Even if you have a local business license, or a contractor license in another state, in most cases you are also required to hold a state license from the Virginia Board for Contractors .

Pre-License education is required for ALL new contractor's licenses, and is a completely separate requirement from the Class A and B exams .

Marketing strategy model

Marketing strategy modelMarketing Strategy Model

Selling marketing solutions requires more than being an expert in your media. Advertisers are looking for solutions that influence consumer behavior and prompt a response from the target audience. Your needs analysis with the client is enhanced when using the 5 step Marketing Strategy Model.

The Marketing Strategy Model Course Outline

The Marketing Strategy Model online course consists of 10 short units covering the 5 steps in depth, and will teach you the strategy, tactics, and research necessary for successful execution.

Forex news and fundamental announcements

Forex news and fundamental announcementsForex News and Fundamental Announcements

Fundamental announcements and forex news such as Unemployment figures, interest rate changes, CPI figures, Inflation, GDP, etc can cause huge swings in the Forex market.

You will note that the Forex market usually looses steam just before a fundamental announcement. That is because it is hard to predict which way the market will move just after the announcements.

Have a look at the trade calendar each morning before you start trading. The USA's unemployment figures are announced every first friday of the month at about 08H30 EST and their CPI at about the 13th of the month at 08H30 EST.

Barron's Online Economic calendar is a good source for forex fundamental announcements. Some of the most popular sources of fundamental announcements are listed on this page.

Forex profit model-system by joshua schultz

Forex profit model-system by joshua schultzForex Profit Model system by Joshua Schultz

Forex Profit Model system

( Full course =ZIP files = 2GB !)

Forex Profit Model new Forex Trading Course from Joshua Schult

FPM manual trading system based on SMA, MACD, BollingerBands, 4-parabolic-sar indicators.

In video (4 DVD-download link ) youll see how instal Forex Profit Model . and how use it Rules for BUY and SELL trades. Easy for understanding

Disk #1 (Video files)

Disk #2 (Video files)

Disk #3 (Video files)

Forex Profit Model - User Guide (Manual)

100 Trades (jpg Examples of trades)

Live Webinars (Video files)

ForexAviator (ForexAviator. ex4, ForexAviator. exe)

How to backtest atrading model in excel

How to backtest atrading model in excelHow to Backtest a Trading Model in Excel

September 3 2014

There are several ways to backtest an Excel trading model.

You can do it visually by recording the buy, sell, and out signals given by your model in an Excel spreadsheet, including the date, time, and theoretical trade prices. This is very slow and cumbersome. Further, backtesting manually only gives you a rudimentary idea of your models performance.

Alternatively, you can code your model with dedicated software . This requires some up front investment. It also requires you to translate your Excel models logic into the logic required of the software. We will skip this option, since this article is dedicated to backtesting in Excel.

The best method for backtesting your Excel trading model is to use Excel itself to implement a backtesting system . Excel is ideal for this task, as it is a virtual Swiss Army Knife.

What you want to do is replicate the buy/sell logic of your trading model and enhance it to operate over a long historical period, generate a series of buy/sell/out signals, calculate per-trade and cumulative profits and losses, and output a variety of return-risk statistics. You may want to further enhance the backtesting model with Monte Carlo simulation. You may add the capability to backtest an entire portfolio or watch list of securities at one time.

Ncfm model tests

Ncfm model testsNCFM Model Tests - NSE

Click Here to open a Trading Account with "Zerodha" through us and get FREE Training on Futures and Options Trading Strategies.

This is for people who are looking to get certified. First start is getting ready for it. Give a shot at the mock test where you get scores instantly and find out if you are ready or to the feel of it.

You may also be interested in " NSE Test Centres " and " NCFM Test Details - Fees, Questions, Duration, Pass Marks Validity "

Capital Market (Dealers) Module Tests

Learning and development strategy and governance model

Learning and development strategy and governance modelPopular White Paper On This Topic

Hi, you can start by looking at your company's overall strategy and strategic goals. Also look at the Vision and Mission statement of the company. Is LD part of HRM in your company or independent department. You need to have a look at strategic goals of the HRM.

Once you are aware of these things, then you need to do TNA - Training Needs Analysis to find out training needs of your staff at different levels of the organisation.

With the help of all this information, you will have information to make your LD strategy and governance model.

News and economic data that affect forex market movements

News and economic data that affect forex market movementsNews and Economic Data That Affect Forex Market Movements

Welcome traders,

below you'll find a very interesting article about the impact of economic news.

If you want to trade economic news in a comfortable and profitable way you may have a look at our Blueball Trading System.

The value of a country’s currency is affected and largely influenced by various economic indicators that reflect how a country is performing.

The macroeconomic events that take place internally and internationally are factors that will have a huge effect on the value of a currency.

As a forex trader you need to be constantly on top of these data – always ready to read and interpret reports as it is released.

You should be able to do this quickly as well because the market immediately reacts to these economic indicators.

I know of some forex traders who are on a long position but were caught flat-footed when negative economic data was released that resulted in the currency they were trading in to fall in value.

Believe me, it’s not a good position to be in.

One of the most common questions asked by budding traders is what economic data to look out for. The question is understandable since there is a mountain of data that is released on a regular basis.

But among forex traders the following indicators and reports are what they often follow. These are the ones that have a strong effect on currency value movements.

Employment data

Employment data is a strong economic indicator because it shows the level of unemployment in a country. As we all know a high unemployment rate can create a bigger strain on a country’s economy.

Among the employment related data you need to follow are: Unemployment Rate, Unemployment Claims, Employment Change, Non-Farm Employment Change.

Economic data

The Trade Balance and the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of the major economies and currency leaders are quite important and immediately have an impact on the value of a currency the moment it is released.

Other economic data that you should also monitor are those that are closely linked to indicating inflation, e. g. the Consumer Price Index (CPI) and the Producer Price Index (PPI).

Central Bank and Policy Makers

The biggest influencers of market movements are, of course, the announcements and policies made by a country’s central bank and the important monetary authorities.

The most important data indicators are the interest rate announcements and monetary policy statements released by the country central banks, for example, the European Central Bank (ECB), Federal Reserve (Fed), and the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC).

We hope that you understand the backgrounds of market movements after economic news and if you want to trade such events

in a comfortable and profitable way we recommend to have a look at our popular Blueball Trading System .

How to develop acorporate training model

How to develop acorporate training modelRelated Articles

Developing your corporate training model involves defining the amount of training that employees can expect to receive from experiences on the job, self-paced resources and formal education. Although it's commonly used in large companies, even an unincorporated business with 10 employees or more could adopt and adapt a corporate training model. A training model also describes ways for workers to learn the skills necessary to support your business.

Performance Management

Creating a corporate training model involves defining the skills and experience associated with each job role in your company. Describe what needs to be accomplished at the novice, experienced and expert levels. Use this competency model to evaluate employees during their annual reviews. For example, rate each employees work as needing improvement, achieving goals or exceeding expectations. Reward and compensate employees according to their achievements. If an employee lacks expertise in a key area, create a development plan and direct the employee to take action and get the required skills and knowledge to progress to the next level.


A typical corporate training model includes on-the-job learning. Workers may achieve as much as 70 percent of their development through experience. By allowing employees to volunteer for assignments that allow them to stretch their abilities, you provide them with opportunities to learn on the job. This typically leads to increased morale and job satisfaction.

Bollinger bands-3-phase model

Bollinger bands-3-phase modelBollinger Bands 3-Phase Model | Trading Strategy (Setup)

I. Trading Strategy

Developer: John Bollinger (Bollinger Bands®). Concept: Trend-following based on Bollinger Bands. Research Goal: Performance verification of the 3-phase model (long/short/neutral). Specification: Table 1. Results: Figure 1-2. Trade Setup: Long Trades: Close[i ? 1] > Upper_Band[i ? 1]. Short Trades: Close[i ? 1] < Lower_Band[i ? 1]. Index: i

Current Bar. Trade Entry: Long Trades: A buy at open is placed after a bullish Setup. Short Trades: A sell at open is placed after a bearish Setup. Trade Exit: Table 1. Portfolio: 42 futures markets from four major market sectors (commodities, currencies, interest rates, and equity indexes). Data: 33 years since 1980. Testing Platform: MATLAB®.

II. Sensitivity Test

IV. Rating: Bollinger Bands 3-Phase Model | Trading Strategy

Instructional system development model(isd)model

Instructional system development model(isd)model1.ANALYSIS

This phase consist of training need assessment, job analysis, and target audience analysis.


This phase consist of setting goal of the learning outcome, instructional objectives that measures behaviour of a participant after the training, types of training material, media selection, methods of evaluating the trainee, trainer and the training program, strategies to impart knowledge i. e. selection of content, sequencing of content, etc.


This phase translates design decisions into training material. It consists of developing course material for the trainer including handouts, workbooks, visual aids, demonstration props, etc, course material for the trainee including handouts of summary.


This phase focuses on logistical arrangements, such as arranging speakers, equipments, benches, podium, food facilities, cooling, lighting, parking, and other training accessories.


is a continuous process that lasts throughout the training program. It also highlights that feedback is an important phase throughout the entire training program. In this model, the output of one phase is an input to the next phase.

Forex edge model review-don-t buy until you read this!

Forex edge model review-don-t buy until you read this!Forex Edge Model Reviewed Read Carefully!

To achieve my goal of becoming financially independent in the future, I have purchased many forex tools, but the majority of them were nothing but a tremendous letdown and a loss of money. I am hoping Im able to save you the very same struggle I had when it comes to getting a lucrative forex software that works consistantly and dependably in these turbulent markets. Substantial changes are taking place in the world of forex. The countless decisions needed to be profitable renders it more challenging to analyze the tendencies of the market. In case you dont know where and what to search for, youre going broke, Quickly!

Surprisingly, I was allowed to test run the Forex Edge Model automated program a couple of months ago

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The Forex Edge Model Method was launched on February 2nd 2014 and has transformed quite a few lives since then. The owner of Forex Edge Model is Daniel Walker, a professional fx trader with lots of experience in the market. No matter if you are a newbie or a pro in forex trading, Forex Edge Model has something to offer everyone. It is difficult to express how much this system has helped me on the path to growing to be financially independent. For an initial investment of 4100 $ . Ive made a post tax profit of 93 % . Please remember, this is over the time period of 3 months, including the beta evaluation!

Follow the link to visit the product web page, or click the button directly below. The 8 week money-back guarantee makes it a simple choice ;)

Business model of roboforex online forex broker

Business model of roboforex online forex brokerBusiness model of RoboForex online forex broker

There are two typical Forex Broker models:

Forex broker - Straight Through Processing (STP)

In this model, a Forex Broker is an intermediary between its clients and liquidity providers. Clients orders in the STP model are automatically sent to a liquidity provider, and a Forex Broker gets a commission and a part of the spread. In this model, a Forex Broker Company is interested in increasing the trade volume, as it profits by receiving commission for each deal. There is no conflict of interest between the Forex Broker doing STP and its client.

Forex broker - Market Maker

This model implies that a client buys and sells through a Forex Broker. In fact, the Forex Broker, at the same time, is a counterparty of a deal. If clients get profit, a broker bears a loss, and vice versa. Most of the clients of a Forex Broker have no experience at the Forex exchange market, subsequently a significant number of clients suffer early losses with their initial deposits.

Models, which are used by the RoboForex Group:

STP-model of RoboForex (CY) Ltd

For all trading accounts, RoboForex (CY) Ltd applies the STP technology through Bridge, which provides a direct access to a liquidity provider.

For all cent accounts, RoboTrade Ltd serves as a market maker, i. e. the other party of the transaction. This is due to the terms of the liquidity provider, which do not allow transactions fewer than some specific volume.

For all standard and ECN accounts, RoboForex applies the STP technology through a bridge connected to a liquidity provider. All transactions that exceed 0.01 lot (1,000 units) are sent to the bridge and then to the liquidity provider. RoboForex receives a part of the spread from each transaction.

Human resource management strategy pay for talent model helps employers retain key employees

Human resource management strategy pay for talent model helps employers retain key employeesHuman Resource Management Strategy: Pay for Talent Model Helps Employers Retain Key Employees

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/media/RI/images/pay-for-talent-callout-2.ashx" /%

One of the biggest challenge facing professionals in human resource management today is the development of an effective HR strategy that aligns with and supports your organizations short - and long-term business goals. But even as high unemployment persists, employers are still facing a shortage of candidates with the right skills and experience to fill critical jobs. To further complicate matters, employee engagement is at its lowest level in years, putting you at risk of losing critical talent. Thats why retaining key employees should be a top priority for effective talent management that supports your human resource management strategies and overall corporate objectives. This paper discusses the Pay for Talent model, which incorporates performance management, succession planning, and compensation management, as well as recommendations for determining organizational readiness and implementing a successful program that drives business results today and into the future.

Lack of Employee Engagement Creates a Talent Flight Risk

A 2011 Mercer report reveals that employee engagement is at the lowest level in years, with 32 percent of employees planning to leave their current jobs. At the same time, research by Bersin and Associates shows that organizations with a deliberate and defined process for identifying high potential staff are seven times more effective at delivering business results. Given this significant financial pay-off, putting processes in place to identify, manage, develop, and reward top talent with in-demand skills should be a strategic priority for effective human resource management.

Make Employee Retention a Human Resource Management Imperative

The first step in developing an effective Pay for Talent program involves identifying key staff and critical organizational roles, a process that is increasingly being addressed through assessment and calibration. These steps benefit human resource management by aligning managers around consistent criteria and generating quality discussions about people, roles contributions, performance, and potential — all of which are important considerations in the Pay for Talent model. The next step is to develop talent management strategies for retaining key employees through effective day-to-day management, employee development and mobility, and compensation management that rewards past performance and incents future contributions.

Use Compensation Management as an Effective Lever for Driving Business Results

When it comes to compensating employees, you want to get the biggest bang for your buck. This means optimizing your compensation spend in a way that rewards and incents key employees for performance that drives business results — past, present and future. As important, you want to make sure youre compensating your workforce fairly based on clearly-defined criteria and benchmarks to help ensure employee engagement and help minimize compliance risk. This paper discusses how the Pay for Talent compensation model broadens the discussion of employee retention to encompass a number of talent management processes, including performance management, succession planning, employee development, and talent assessment against future leadership criteria.

Keltner channels-3-phase model

Keltner channels-3-phase modelKeltner Channels 3-Phase Model | Trading Strategy (Setup)

I. Trading Strategy

Developer: Chester W. Keltner. Concept: Trend-following based on Keltner Channels. Research Goal: Performance verification of the 3-phase model (long/short/neutral). Specification: Table 1. Results: Figure 1-2. Trade Setup: Long Trades: Close[i ? 1] > Buy_Line[i ? 1]. Short Trades: Close[i ? 1] < Sell_Line[i ? 1]. Index: i

Current Bar. Trade Entry: Long Trades: A buy at open is placed after a bullish Setup. Short Trades: A sell at open is placed after a bearish Setup. Trade Exit: Table 1. Portfolio: 42 futures markets from four major market sectors (commodities, currencies, interest rates, and equity indexes). Data: 33 years since 1980. Testing Platform: MATLAB®.

II. Sensitivity Test

Auxiliary Variables:

Typical_Price[i] = (High[i] + Low[i] + Close[i]) / 3