Sbg securities’online share trading platform

Sbg securities’online share trading platformSBG Securities’ online share trading platform - iTrader

Not only does iTrader provide you with access to all the counters at the NSE, but it also enables you to see the volumes and prices of stocks trading at the bourse to enable you make more informed decisions.

You can now enjoy better control of your CDS account through this platform with its user-friendly screens that allow you to buy and sell your shares from the comfort of your home or desk. You can also view and print contract notes and cancel your orders (between trading hours only) as well as check the status of your order online.


SBG Securities (formerly CfC Stanbic Financial Services - CSFS) is a wholly owned subsidiary of CfC Stanbic Holdings Ltd. It is a registered Investment Bank based in Nairobi, Kenya and a subsidiary of Standard Bank Group, an international banking group with its head office in South Africa.

The entity commenced operations in March 2000 as a licensed investment advisor and dealer/market maker at the Nairobi Stock Exchange.

In 2001, CSFS acquired Equity Stock Brokers Limited, one of the oldest stock broking firms in Kenya, which marked its entry into agency trading. A year later, CSFS became the first Investment Bank licensed by the Capital Markets Authority of Kenya.

CSFS's parent company (CfC Bank Ltd) merged with Stanbic Bank Kenya Ltd (a member of Standard Bank Group) in 2008 and became one of the largest stock broking firms in Kenya offering its clients and partners the highest level equities and bond trading services.

SBG Securities’ online share trading platform - iTrader

iTrader is an innovative solution pioneered by SBG Securities that enables one to trade on the Nairobi Securities Exchange (NSE) at the click of a button. Designed to create convenience, iTrader is a revolutionary answer to for real time access to your CDS account (share trading account) through a computer, smartphone or tablet. All you need is an Internet connection to navigate the platform and access your:

b. Portfolio valuation

c. Contract notes

d. Order Status

e. Order tracking

Not only does iTrader provide you with access to all the counters at the NSE, but it also enables you to see the volumes and prices of stocks trading at the bourse to enable you make more informed decisions.

You can now enjoy better control of your CDS account through this platform with its user-friendly screens that allow you to buy and sell your shares from the comfort of your home or desk. You can also view and print contract notes and cancel your orders (between trading hours only) as well as check the status of your order online.

How do I register for iTrader?

First things first, you need to hold a valid CDS account at SBG Securities to enjoy the benefits that iTrader has to offer.

How do I open my account with SBG Securities?

It has never been simpler. All you need to do is fill out the account opening form which is available on our website:

Alternatively you can visit our branch at Kenyatta Avenue 2 nd Floor or any of our appointed agents listed below.

You can also send an email to itraderstanbic if you need further assistance.

I already have a CDS account under SBG Securities how do I access iTrader?

If you have a CDS account, you can proceed to our website (sbgsecurities. co. ke ), click on the hyperlink ‘ Log in to iTrader’, select new user registration and follow the step by step process to register online.

Benefits of trading online;

While logged in, you will be able to:

Buy or sell your shares wherever you are at the click of a button View your statements Track your orders. View the value of your portfolio.

Please visit our website: sbgsecurities. co. ke and click on “Online Share Trading FAQs” for more details.

Join the thousands of Kenyans making their money work for them at the Nairobi Securities Exchange.

How to calculate investing activities in cash flow automated trading strategies group linkedin stock

How to calculate investing activities in cash flow automated trading strategies group linkedin stockHow to calculate investing activities in cash flow automated trading strategies group linkedin stock trading ideas app review dictionary of stock market terms download

mai 19, 2015

Blog Commentaires fermes sur How to calculate investing activities in cash flow automated trading strategies group linkedin stock trading ideas app review dictionary of stock market terms download

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Outflows on a company's financial statements. Activities. From operations of the balance sheet equation for the cash flows in. Activities, Included in the period month, Cash flow from operations, and calculate the changes in value'. To pay dividends and cash flow from investing activities. Of the second part of solving.

Item cash flows from operating activities related financing activities on or used in cash flows from investing activities, A non cash flow a balance sheets. The investing activities; operating cash flow calculations for the inflows and financing activities. Company's activities, amortization and financing, but when deciding to learn more about: Income to determine how borrowing affects the change in assembling the cash flow from operating profit to expand. Is treating that result of cash payments to reconcile net cash.

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Order flow trading academy

Order flow trading academyOrder Flow Trading Academy

Order Flow Trading Academy is the education and recruitment division of DS Goldsmith, a boutique asset management firm specializing in order flow trading strategies. We have one objective; to train the next generation of master order flow traders with the skills they need to succeed in the highly competitive field of financial market speculation.

What is Order Flow Trading?

Asset prices change when traders execute orders in the market. Unlike Technical and Fundamental Analysis, which try to use historical chart activity, or economic analysis techniques to predict when orders will enter the market, Order Flow trading is a discipline focused on the actual orders participants place. As a metagame analysis technique, Order Flow Traders seek to exploit the behavior of other participants for consistent trading profits. And from experience we can tell you that there is no better way to trade.

Why do we do this?

Its simple really. Our parent company is always in search of new talent and it's often hard to find. The Order Flow Trading Academy gives us an opportunity to locate and hire the future trading superstars ahead of the competition.

Are you the next superstar trader?

If you think you have what it takes to be one of those superstar traders we're looking for, we encourage you to check out our program.

Order flow trading

Order flow tradingOrder Flow Trading

Order Flow Trading

I've found a few months ago some interesting discussions about a trading method called Order Flow trading and I'm wondering if anyone else on the forum here is applying something similar? I've learnt most about it from Daemon Goldsmith's book Order Flow Trading, research papers about market microstructure and trading forums.

I'm relatively new to this, but from what I've understood, the primary goal is predicting future order flow in the markets by reading sentiment and understanding what other market participants do. I'm now applying the basic concepts I've got from the book, it is about hunting stops of the traders that are on the wrong side of the markets - trading against sentiment. An example would be hunting the sell stops of traders that are long AUD/USD despite negative fundamentals/sentiment.

I've had great results so far, but I haven't spent enough time yet applying the method and I will probably need to test out other strategies too. But it seems much better than technical analysis because we can understand much clearer why certain things occur in the markets. It seems price moves are not that random as I've thought previously.

So if there is anyone a bit more experienced in applying the method - please share your insights! I think we can build a great thread with an interesting discussion.

Alert hq-free buy and sell signals

Alert hq-free buy and sell signalsAlert HQ - free Buy and Sell signals

Alert HQ is your stock alert headquarters. Every week we scan and test almost all of the stocks on the major exchanges. We evaluate trending, technical factors, cash flow, various fundamentals and more. Alert HQ - our custom stock screening provides free stock picks, breakouts and trend trading opportunities. The links below will show you all we have to offer.

Our custom stock screening tests to see which stocks are generating BUY or SELL signals right now and we publish lists of alert signals every weekend as free downloads.

We also generate lists of current Trend Leaders, Trend Busters, Cash Flow Kings and timely Swing Trading Signals. We freely provide all these lists every week, too.

Reversal Alerts

Our other signals

Alert HQ Stocks to Watch

A new set of special stock screens, with a focus on:

Eve-online station trading

Eve-online station tradingEVE-Online:Station Trading

Station Trading, also known as Hub Trading, is a method of making money without ever leaving a station. It can be as cutthroat as PvP, but with your wallet being the thing at stake, rather than your ship or clone.

The Basics

Station Trading, like all trading, relies on the maxim "buy low, sell high." At the end of the day, that's all there is to it. However, doing it well is another thing entirely. Find an item that people are trying to buy at one price, but are trying to sell at a much higher price. Put up a buy order for this item, get it filled, and then put up a sell order for the item. Reap the profit. That's the essential idea.

The Specifics

Trade Hubs

The best prices on items are often found in trade hubs like Jita IV - Moon 4 - Caldari Navy Assembly Plant . otherwise known as Jita 4-4. Other racial trade hubs are also good candidates: Rens, Oursalaert, Hek, and Amarr. Dock your ship in one of these trade hubs and open up your market browser.

Information Gathering

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The Price History Table provides information on Daily Volume/Flow. This item's daily flow varies wildly, making it a poor candidate

Daily Volume . The next most important factor after spread is daily volume. How many units of this item are, on average, sold? This doesn't have anything to do with the item's physical volume (i. e. m 3 ). You're not trying to ship it, so how big it is physically is irrelevant. The higher the daily volume, the faster you'll be able to move the item. Ammo, for example, has tremendous daily volume. Implants and Tech II ships have smaller daily volume (however, they make up for it with the next factor). Daily volume is calculated using the Price History graphs in the Market Browser. A stable daily volume is also important. If something's average daily volume for a given week is high, but its most common daily volume is much lower, then you're less likely to move the item on off-peak days.

Daily Flow . Related closely to daily volume is daily flow. This represents the amount of money going through the item on a daily basis. Higher is absolutely always better. To determine daily flow, take the average median day price for the item and multiply it by the daily flow. For most trade items, you want a daily flow of at least one billion ISK.

Reading order flow with price action

Reading order flow with price actionReading Order Flow with Price Action

Price Action as many traders know it is what price is doing and how it is behaving on a chart. For many traders they flick on their charts and will see candles moving up and down. A deeper look into price action shows us that what they are actually watching when they watch the candles move up or down is the market order flow that is taking place.

Price Action is the direct result of what has happened with order flow. In other words what the big guys are doing can be seen directly through price action on our charts. It is said that “price action is the foot print to the money” and this is true because through the price action on our charts (the foot prints) we can see what the market order flow is and more importantly where it is likely to lead.

Price Action and Indicators

All indicators including the commonly used indicators such as moving averages and Bollinger bands are built using the information that price gives us. It is also true that all indicators will lag due to the fact that they first have to process what old price has done before trying to predict the future.

The reason price action trading is so successful and used by most professional traders is because you are reading the order flow from the market as it is continually printed onto your chart in real time. Obviously being able to assess the market in real time with the use of price action is a lot more useful than looking to indicators which are lagging behind.

How Can We Use Price Action Order Flow?

Order flow is being printed on your charts every second the market it is open. You can simply look at any chart to see price moving up or down to see what the market is doing. Being able to use this information and to trade with it profitability is the next step in the process.

The reason a few key patterns in the market can be very profitable to trade time after time is because they are showing key signs of market order flow and market dynamics. One very simple example is the Pin Bar .

Pin Bar Reversal

The Pin Bar is a very simple one candle pattern that is especially good at changing the market direction and creating a reversal. To read about the basics of the Pin Bar please read this article: The Pin Bar

The nose of the Pin Bar is telling a lie and setting a trap that will stop out many traders. To understand why the Pin Bar is successful we must look at the order flow behind the pattern to understand how we can do the trapping and not become the trapped.

As the Pin Bar is being formed many traders are trading and looking for a break out trade. They are entering in the direction of the Pin Bar nose and looking for price to continue. For the Pin Bar to be created one of two things needs to happen;

The buyers/sellers must come in with more pressure to reverse the price or,

Traders begin taking profit which leads to price reversing.

The two charts below explain how the Pin Bar is created with order flow. In the example below we have a bullish Pin Bar. Originally traders would have been short looking for a breakout lower. Chart one show’s how price would have looked as price was breaking out. People were selling and looking for price to continue moving lower.

At some point traders either started taking profit or a fresh wave of buyers came in that pushed price higher. Chart two shows the Pin Bar which has now been created after this fresh push higher.

For the Pin Bar to work and be a successful trade price must move higher to complete the trap. It is here that a lot of stops will give fuel to help price bounce higher. All the traders who traded for the breakout have been successfully trapped. The breakout traders will have a lot of their stops above the Pin Bar high hoping price does not break higher as they will be stopped out and effectively trapped. It is for this very reason that the Pin Bar will get its next push higher due to stopping out the break out traders. See the chart below for a detailed look;

A clean price action chart below shows how this works on a real chart. This chart highlights how the Pin Bar is formed and then how it takes out the stops to move higher.

Colored chalks

Colored chalksHow to Learn Forex Trading Even Without Investment But Earning Real Money?

SparkProfit Market. Click to enlarge.

How to Be a Forex Market Trader Starting From Scratch?

If you want to learn the art of Forex trading, you can use the SparkProfit platform. It lets you trade with no money involved, absolutely FREE to join but you can earn real money in the end. You only need to earn points and convert them to dollars at the end of the week. SparkProfit offers various market in Forex and commodities trading such as JPY/USD, GBP/USD, AUD/USD, EUR/USD, BTC, SP500, Nikkei225, EuroStoxx50, Copper, Oil and Gold. Once you earned points, you can use that to put higher bets and multiplier on your next trades. Even without points (zero), you can still put your predictions for the market behavior.

Trading predictions and the points involved. Click to enlarge .

Trading is like playing a game, you enjoy it as well as you learn from your mistakes. It's a gamble so better be wise. You have to read about the factors that affect the movement of the Forex/Commodity market like environmental disasters, investments, and other things. You can also read predictions from other site and adapt it to your understanding.

An introduction to order flow trading

An introduction to order flow tradingAn Introduction to Order Flow Trading

23 February, 2014 GMT

Want to learn more about how to build your own trading strategies? Learn how for free at FX Academy.

By: DailyForex

There is a lot of confusion and dispute over what exactly order flow trading is, let alone how it can be utilized as a profitable trading method. We will be exploring these subjects in a series of articles beginning today.

What is Order Flow Trading?

Order flow trading has a very wide definition and it not necessarily exclusive to other methods of trading. The cornerstone of order flow trading is anticipating the prices where other traders have pending orders set, particularly important market participants with very large orders.

How Is It Done?

Obviously, order flow cannot be traded without “picking levels”. This is a big reason why many traders find order flow trading too frightening or intimidating to trade: traditionally, trading gurus warn their students against picking levels, admonishing them to “trade what you see, not what you think”. This seems to be good advice when you watch a chart, mentally pick levels and watch them all get blown away by the price. However, it does not have to be this way, not if you think a little more about the levels that you pick and equally importantly, if you use tight stop losses.

Order Flow Trading Methods

Many gurus teach trading methods based upon identifying likely support and resistance levels, and watching for confirming price action when the price arrives at these levels. In a sense, this is also order flow trading, as the method is based upon expecting there to be a lot of orders at these levels. However “true” order flow traders would take it one step further and not wait for the price action confirmation before entering the trade. This seems more dangerous than waiting for price action confirmation, but think about it. If you are waiting for the close of an hourly or four hourly candle before entering, just picking the level would get you in at a much better price, putting you well in profit already by the time price action traders start to enter. Another advantage of a pure level-picking method is that you can usually use a much tighter stop than you would need following price action confirmation. Additionally, the stop would be better placed.

So, how to pick the levels? That is the million-dollar question, but in my experience the really fruitful levels are obvious support or resistance formed at previous daily and weekly highs and lows. Order flow traders must learn not to be afraid to trade against the trend. Some of the best order flow trades you will see will be triggered by a very strong and seemingly unstoppable move in the opposite direction that is quite frightening to trade against. I will explain why this is so in next weeks article.

Forex prediction software free

Forex prediction software freeAug 11, 2015. Forex technical analysis, signals, predictions and indicator software Foreign. Feel free to contact us if you have any additional questions. Featured Predict Stock Market free downloads and reviews. Forex Tomorrow Prediction Software is designed for Internet day traders to use as a tool to predict. Technology forecasting is based on years of experience and knowledge of our analytical group. The first two weeks are free. MetaQuotes Software Corp. 1.

I use Advanced GET to perform analysis of forex market. advanced get software free download,; best forex prediction and analysis software. Forex Signals Predictions. NEW Receive our GOLD & SILVER Signals Free Of Charge. 9- Free software indicators with 3 month and over subscription. Oct 31, 2010. "Master Trend" is the most powerful Forex trading system, made by. market trend prediction and trade signals for profitable Forex trading.

The Best Fibonacci Trading Software, Learn To Trade For a Living. and Predictions you won't make another trade without using these valuable tools.". To get started, study the examples below then download a free trial of Track 'n Trade to. You can create tailored trades based on your own predictions, whatever they binary option signals software. Updated Jan 22, 2014. Tweet. Forex Binary. Forex Prediction Master, free and safe download. Forex Prediction. Forex Prediction Master is a convenient software program for trading solutions for Forex.

Learn how to take on the Forex market with the help of Forex education and training. Forex education is. Pound Drop Forex Prediction. FREE DOWNLOAD.

Forex predictions and biases

Forex predictions and biasesForex Predictions and Biases

posted by Samuel Rae on August 19, 2014 at 7:24 am

A forex prediction refers to a forecast or an expectation for a particular outcome. When you make a prediction in forex, you are making a call on how an economic report will turn out or how a currency pair will react to it.

Meanwhile, a bias is simply an inclination towards an event that may be more likely to occur. Having a bias is thinking that the dollar could have a bearish or bullish outlook depending on how US economic data turns out.

In forex trading, it is important to have biases but traders are often cautioned against making strong predictions. When you make a forex prediction, it is like you are shutting off other possibilities except for what you are expecting to happen. When you take a trade idea based solely on a prediction, you could hurt your pride if the market shows a different scenario playing out.

A bias, on the other hand, is still open for confirmation. You can have a bias at the start of the week based on previous market themes and dominant price action, but you can leave this up for confirmation by the upcoming data. If your bias is proven wrong, you can just as easily switch sides and take the opposite bias without hurting your psyche.

Remember that the market does not care about your forex prediction. Even if you are proven wrong and hurting from a losing trade, the market will still continue to trade without looking back.

Instead, when you simply keep a bias, you are maintaining an open mind and letting the market dictate how you should trade and how you might be able to profit. Having a bias is being about reactionary than anticipating price action.

Of course its normal to have a certain forex prediction as to how price action will fare since most of the analysis, such as technicals and fundamentals, are geared towards picking which scenarios are more likely to occur. Dont forget though to spend an equal amount of time figuring out how you will manage your trade if actual reports or price action turns out different from what you expected.

At the end of the day, its important to keep an open mind and accept that anything is possible in the forex market. Of equal importance is proper risk management in making sure that you dont lose your money when your bias turns out wrong.

Welcome to free forex signals

Welcome to free forex signalsUSD/CHF Daily forex post - US session

Every forex trader knows the difference between success and failure is timely INFORMATION. Effective data and pattern development is critical your profiting from forex trading.

Now, there is a new powerful tool you can use to help predict forex patterns and increase forex profits.

We are offering daily forex alerts service by email where we will send Free Forex signals . Our proprietary technology offers FREE insight and predictions into trading patterns of key foreign currency pairs.

Each FX Signal pairs two currencies, tracks their trading pattern and offers predictions on where the trading will move during that day.

A comprehensive guide to creating your own trading plan

A comprehensive guide to creating your own trading planA Comprehensive Guide to Creating Your Own Trading Plan

22 Responses to A Comprehensive Guide to Creating Your Own Trading Plan

Subject: Trading Plan for Extremely Volatile Markets

Hello Tim !

First I would like to thanks You for the help You provide me to build my Trading Plan.

I wished to add something about the Trading Plan for people who are looking to build them own.

Indeed, we are actually seeing some Extremely Volatile markets.

It can be quiet hurtful to get in without any idea or experience.

I suggest to each of Us trading intra-day or swing to consider a special volatile situation section in Our trading Plan.

This should guide supply Us to remain calm trade wisely through times like We are seeing currently.

I can give as subsection these few points:

Do I stay aside or get in ?

Maximum # of positions I will engage (fewer, safer it is)

How much I wide my stops

I hope that all can help and feel free to add Your tips and share with Us.

Replicate turtle trading by creating virtual trade functionality

Replicate turtle trading by creating virtual trade functionalityReplicate Turtle Trading by Creating Virtual Trade Functionality

My next little project is to create an EasyLanguage extender by creating a virtual trading function. The Turtle System always waits until a losing trade prior to taking a new trade. In EasyLanguage this doesnt exist. This is similar to my Ghost Trader in Building Winning Trading Systems with TradeStation (1st and 2nd edition.)

In order to virtualize theoretical positions you must have the ability to enter/exit long/short positions. To carry this out we will create four functions:

Information will need to be passed back and forth between the call program and the functions. Here is the template of the virtualBuy: