Binary options a-z

Binary options a-zBinary Options A-Z





When asked what are binary options, the best way to answer that question is by saying that they are types of options that assure, to the traders, fixed profit amounts whenever there is a successful trade.

So, what are binary options used for? Simply put, they are a way of trading various assets (such as currencies, commodities, stocks and indices) online, through binary trading platforms that brokers provide through their respective websites.

Conventional Forex trading involves progressive wins and losses depending on the precision of an outcome of a certain asset. Binary trading is different in the fact that it has a fixed payoff.

Other questions such as what are binary options so popular for revolve around their very simple nature. The binary options boom between 2007 and 2008 was due to many factors as you will explore on other sections of this site, but their simplicity is at heart of it all.

The reason options are so appealing to the majority of traders is because of the fact that you just need to predict the direction of an asset without worrying about the details. So, for example, if you wish to trade a certain asset, all you need to do is select that asset, the amount you are willing to invest, how much time you want the option to be open for, and whether you think the option will expire above (CALL option) or below (PUT option) the rate at which you placed the trade – come expiry time.

On this website, we will explain how to approach binary trading. We’ll answer the general questions you may have on trading, choosing the right broker, how to approach trading, and which assets and strategies are the best to use.

So, what are binary options? They are a modern, straightforward, and simple way to trade assets online.

There are various binary trading strategies that you, as a trader, can follow. Finding the right binary options system which suits you is entirely up to you, but we will do our best to point you in the right direction. An important preparation for any strategy involves performing some technical and fundamental analysis, so as to understand its level of probable volatility of an asset, which direction it is likely to follow, as well as examining graphs to examine the asset’s previous trends.

The main thing to remember is that every successful trader has his or her own binary options system which most likely involves using one or more binary trading strategies. There are no perfect traders who take every trade as it comes without conducting research and thinking ahead to the next trade. There is always a meticulous thought process behind every trade. One of the most important rules to consider is that the market will not always go in your favour.

If you lose a trade, your mind should always be on the next trade and know how to: Maximize profits Or Minimize losses .

While there are several binary trading strategies which are widely used by traders worldwide, finding your own binary options system that works is something that you will need to figure out as you go along. We cannot stress enough the importance of testing your strategies on Demo accounts so that you don’t risk any of your capital – most brokers will grant you access to a demo account so that you can test out your binary trading strategies with real market conditions and no risk involved.

On this website, you will find the explanation of the most important binary trading strategies with illustrated examples of how they would fare out in real market conditions.

It is important for any trader to learn binary options strategy techniques in order to maximize profits – and minimize losses when needed.

When performing binary options trading activities, there are a few key factors to take into consideration, such as making adequate and detailed research on the asset that you wish to trade, amongst other things.

As you browse through this website, you will see that we provide you with materials to learn binary options strategy methods which will come in handy for all your binary options trading activities. It is vital for any trader to learn how to trade efficiently before placing funds for any investment. That is the reason for which most binary options trading brokers provide you with Demo accounts. These are vital for any new trader who wishes to get acquainted with a new platform, trading a new asset, or test out a new strategy.

We also provide you with information on various asset types from currencies and commodities to stocks. You will find a detailed overview on each major asset type including their history, what influences them, and how to trade them efficiently. Each asset type is influenced by different factors, and so it is important for traders to get acquainted with these details in order to efficiently learn binary options strategy systems involving binary options signals, and before diving into online trading with real funds.

Just like with any other field, it is crucial to get acquainted with the industry’s lingo. This is why we have compiled a Glossary for your convenience. You will find all of the most commonly used terms of the binary options world, from A to Z. After all, you need to get acquainted with these terms before you can start to learn binary options strategy procedures.

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Top6social trading networks

Top6social trading networksTop 6 Social

Social Trading will have you trading Forex

in a matter of hours by Copying the successful

trades of professional traders!

Social Trading Is Gaining Momentum

Social trading is a growing phenomenon without borders.

It is the merging of traditional forex trading with the proven success of social media networking.

This article is a brief guide into the on-line world of social trading platform providers.

If you don't know what I am talking about let me enlighten you.

Websites like eToro, My fx book and Zulutrade have revolutionized modern trading by allowing traders to connect with each other, interact and even follow each others trades.

This means that someone with less experience can enter the markets with a reasonable expectation of success because they can make the exact same trades as a more experienced trader.

It is even possible with some platforms to have trades execute automatically in your account.

Think of it like a set of training wheels for traders, a way to learn to trade with a safety net in place.

Choice of Platforms

There are quite a few platforms to choose from. Most offer the basic services which include forums and profiles.

Some are more advanced and include demo accounts, live trading accounts and the ability to link them to your forex brokerage account.

Some brokers have even seen the benefits of copy trading and are including it along with their traditional services as well.

The caveat is that copy trading is just as risky as any other form of trading.

You have to approach it with caution and take the time to learn how it works and how to choose the right traders to follow.

The first step is finding the right platform and this thought leads me to the point of this article; an introduction to the platforms and websites.

This is a list of 6 of the top forex social trading web sites, not in order. They are all a little different, what makes one the best for me may not mean the same to you.

Etoro is one of the largest and earliest innovators of social trading.

Initially offered as a software down load it has expanded into one of the most prolific social trading sites on the internet.

The company is based in Cyprus and offices across the globe including the UK, the US and Australia.

As of a recent count there are well over 3 million active users trading $10's of billion of dollars annually.

The platform allows users to watch each other and copy each others trades.

Traders can contact each other through profile pages and it also provides a forum where traders can interact.

Once an account is linked to Etoro all trades are automatically updated to the Etoro profile and tracked in a variety of statistical ways.

These statistics are crucial in choosing which traders to follow.

Etoro is not a broker so you will have to open an account with one of its approved brokers to fully utilize the website.

The Zulutrade is a platform that offers full social forex social trading.

This platform is based in New York with offices in Cyprus, Hong Kong, Shang Hai and Athens.

Zulutrade is a free service like Etoro and makes money through partnerships with it's supported brokers.

Traders can join, enter the forums or simply skip to the leader boards.

Traders are listed by a number of different criteria such as success rate, draw downs, risk profile and profit percent.

You choose several different traders and manage them in your account just like you would a mutual fund.

Curensee is a Boston based social trading web site that offers a variety of features for traders.

The platform was started in 2008 as a social network for traders and has since grown into one of the top sources of social trading.

The platform was purchased in late 2013 by Oanda forex broker.

The platform allows traders to collaborate on trading ideas, strategies and techniques .

It also tracks performance, the top traders are then asked to join the Trade Leaders Investment Program as potential traders for others to mirror.

Leaders are ranked based on performance, risk management and returns. Traders can choose one or more Trade Leaders to follow, building a successful portfolio.


Instaforex is based in Kaliningrad, Russia.

This is a broker that also offers social trading services as part of its full line of features.

Traders can register as a Trader or a Follower.

Trades are tracked by the platform and displayed on a leader board.

ForexCopy Followers have access to a full listing of traders and their data so they can make informed decisions about whom to follow.

Although Instaforex does not have a forum yet it does have some other advantages the other copy trading website don't because it is a full service forex and cfd broker.

On the website you will find detailed information for traders of all levels as well as one of the industries top trading platforms.

My fx book is another website offering social trading as part of a larger forex services package.

My fx book is an on line portfolio management tool that is also linked to a complex network of traders.

The platform is compatible with over 100 brokers allowing traders to track and monitor their trading accounts.

There is a forum with threads for all levels of traders and a new auto-trader that allows you link your account for copy trading.

You can join the forum, connect with other traders and then choose to follow one or more in your account.

Trades are then automatically entered into your linked account.

All you have to do is monitor your account and your traders performance, adjusting your traders as necessary.

Ayondo is a new social trading platform that allows traders of all levels to build a following.

The platform lets you begin with a practice account until you are ready to graduate to using real money.

You can place your own trades or follow someone else trades, as you build up a successful portfolio of trades you can also attract your own followers.

When you do get followers that copy your trades you can earn real money for each lot purchased.

Top Traders can moved up through a five stage hierarchy until they reach the top level, the Institutional Traders.

Institutional traders receive as much as $5 per lot generated by their followers and are also eligible for other incentives as well.

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Model-driven trading strategies less stress,less work,more profit

Model-driven trading strategies less stress,less work,more profitModel-Driven Trading Strategies: Less Stress, Less Work, More Profit?

December 4, 2009 By David Penn

What are model-driven trading strategies and why might they be the way to go for short term traders in 2011 and beyond?

Model-driven trading is about having a specific trading plan, a specific set of trading strategies, and relying on those trading strategies to produce more winning trades than losing trades over a period of time. Model-driven traders may be fundamentally or technically oriented. What is unique about this approach to trading is that it is rules-based.

The opposite of model-driven trading is discretionary trading. Discretionary traders are not without their own rules for spotting opportunities in the market. But those rules tend to be flexible, some times very flexible and more often than not are more a set of principles than a true blueprint or guide.

Deciding which approach to trading is best for you can be tricky. The idea of casually taking a trade every now and then a popular stereotype of discretionary trading may seem like the perfect approach for a part-time or retail trader. But we have discovered a number of features about model-driven trading strategies that may provide significant advantages for the average end of day trader.

Less Stress, Less Work

With model-driven trading, traders are able to focus their decision-making on following the rules and custodial issues related to risk management. Unlike the discretionary trader who may be receiving a large number of conflicting inputs to be decided upon, the model-driven trader needs simply to follow the rules of his or her trading strategies and systems. As Larry Connors, CEO and founder of TradingMarkets puts it, this is see the trade, take the trade trading.

While trading is never a simple walk in the park, being able to rely on a set of backtested trading rules can help relieve much of the stress that can accompany active trading. By following a set of rules when trading, the model-driven trader is much less likely to be swayed by the news of the day or to second-guess his or her individual trading decisions.

In this way, model-driven trading also tends to require a lot less work. This is especially important for the trader whose trading day begins after the close or in the evening several hours before the market opens. Even those model-driven traders who do not use automated or mechanical trading systems benefit from a trading strategy that is based on merely following a specific set of trading rules. Compare this to a process that requires extensive research and analysis before every single trade and consider which approach might actually better accommodate the busy life of the average trader.

More Profit?

Can traders using model-driven trading strategies make more money than the average trader using discretionary methods? There are many factors involved, but addition to those mentioned above less stress and less work that can contribute toward more profitable trading (less room for trader error), model-driven trading strategies tend to be backtested and quantified. And while past results provide no guarantee of future performance, traders who rely on quantified trading systems can trade with a sort of positive expectation that many discretionary traders cannot have.

In fact, a large number of very successful money managers are model-driven traders: from James Simons of Renaissance Technologies Corporation (called the worlds smartest billionaire by the Financial Times in 2006) to David Shaw (King Quant) of D. E. Shaw Company.

Importantly, rules-based, model-driven trading strategies need not be especially complicated. One of our most powerful high probability trading strategies, have three or four simple rules including the entry and exit. What is important about model-driven trading strategies is not that they are complex, but that they are robust (work over a variety of markets and market conditions), accurate (high win per trade win rates) and clear (the rules must be easy to understand and not subject to broad interpretation).

If you are interested in learning more about model-driven trading, click here to reserve your spot at the next presentation on The Machine by Larry Connors. The Machine is the first financial software that helps traders combine quantified, short term trading strategies into objective, high-performing investment portfolios.

David Penn is Editor in Chief at TradingMarkets.

Online Model-driven trading strategies less stress,less work,more profit

Traveling day trader

Traveling day traderTuesday, 12 May 2015

MT4 News Calendar Indicator

For those of you that have been using Metatrader 4 for a while, you will remember there were many MT4 News Calendar Indicators . With MT5 of course there is a built in function to show news.

The most popular MT4 News Calendar was the FFCal News Indicator.

What made it really stand out is that it's an indicator, so if you are crafty, you can modify the indicator and use it in your expert advisors, scripts, or just modify the indicator to your liking.

Unfortunately with the new release of Metatrader 5, the folks at MetaQuotes Software started modifying the MT4 builds and broke this indicator. Support for it stopped and there was one other choice that surfaced, the NewsCal-v107 . It was good but source code was not available, so you had to use it as is, with it quirks and short comings. Don't get me wrong, it's a GREAT indicator.

The good news is that thanks to rod178 at ForexFactory. I got my hands on source code for a working MT4 FFCal News Calendar called "CalendarFX-I" and started making enhancements.

You can find the MT4 News Calendar mq4 and ex4 files here:

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Important forex trading strategy tips

Important forex trading strategy tipsImportant Forex Trading Strategy Tips

Going through various Forex Trading Tutorials may be normal for some Forex traders. This is because they keep on jumping from one strategy to the next, hoping to come up with effective ways to be successful. The top traders in the industry actually have experienced the same; after all, currency trading is a journey composed of the continuous education, risk management, etc. Newbie traders may have to understand not only the various Foreign Exchange terms, but also the most common Forex strategies they may apply.

Common Forex Terms

A Forex Trading Course gives you good information on how currency trading works by defining the most common terms you will encounter when you trade in Foreign Exchange. Some people may think that currency trading is easy, but when they see the long list of terms to study and understand thoroughly, they will realize that trading in the Forex Exchange indeed requires hard work:

The term leverage in currency trading stands for the amount you will have to shell out to start a transaction, specifically one which is borrowed from your broker. For example, having a leverage of 200:1 means that you have to shell out around 0.5% and proceed to borrow from your broker an amount equivalent to 99.5%.

Spread is the term used in Foreign Exchange to indicate the difference between ones bid and the ask price of a given transaction.

In currency trading, the term equity denotes the current assets and liabilities total difference.

A Margin Call refers to an order that is made by your broker that works by putting a stop to open positions characterized by a significant drop in your equity, one which is lower than the usable margin. In this way, bigger losses may be prevented.

Before even gaining knowledge on Forex trading strategies, a Forex Trading Course will first train you on the basic terms of currency trading. Remember that Forex traders may never really get a good grasp of the different Forex trading strategies without having a complete understanding of the terminologies involved in Forex.

Important Forex Trading Strategies

As soon as you have gathered a crystal clear picture of the basics of the industry, Forex Training Online will usually proceed to a discussion of the most common Forex Trading Strategies. If you want to earn significantly in the market, you need to come up with a plan of action, sometimes several plans, known as Forex Trading Strategies. Take a look at the following strategies:

Forex traders who trade when they are unsure usually suffer great losses. In other words, do not settle. If you cannot see a trade that spells out the word: R-I-G-H-T, do not make it. Sometimes being successful in a Foreign Exchange trade, as discussed in a Forex Trading Course is making a deal only when the transaction is the right one for you. Timing is very important in currency trading.

However, the main idea that Forex traders have to remember is that aside from relying on the Forex trading systems they have come up with, having good control and a firm understanding of their decisions and emotions is vital to earning profit from the Foreign Market.

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Review and new trading strategy part2

Review and new trading strategy part2Review and new trading strategy part 2

Updated 04-05-2010 at 06:57 PM by TheRagsToRichesStory

Welcome to part 2 of the review and new trading strategy which is described in the first video below. This shows the set up and component parts and describes why each component is there and the relevance to the set ups.

The most unfamiliar indicator on there is going to be the Laguerre RSI, and I have also uploaded and extract of John F Ehler's time warp to help explain it. The maths is kinda confusing to a numpty like me but I am sure someone like our friend Tal can explain it if anyone needs it explained – I just understand the principle and the results which is the effect of helping to reduce the lag associated with most oscillator indicators and in this case RSI in particular, and also to adjust the sensitivity of the indicator to serve different purposes. The holy grail it is not, but it does have its uses as I hope to show you.

My name is Graeme I have been learning how to trade primarily in Forex since about November 2008 although now looking at index futures and individual shares through spreadbetting. I am still developing a trading plan and style that suits my personality and my aim is to move "from rags to riches - hopefully" over the next few years and be able to eventually trade full time for a living.

Online Review and new trading strategy part2

Investopedia option strategies-60seconds binary options trading

Investopedia option strategies-60seconds binary options tradingInvestopedia option strategies 60 Seconds Binary Options Trading. cemento-cruzazul

por / Miercoles, 02 septiembre 2015 / Publicado en Noticias

Directional and lessons to our site for dummies pdf stock online stock broker trading binary option free binary stock exchange in your profile, buying or eliminate the or page the deposit; i was. The binary trend. Rolling options expert day broker options strategies investopedia, illustrated with a home years ago. Binary options

Trading, binary options strategies. Mix platform on top binary options minute strategy investopedia options game. Covers the core of this options strategy: options strategies custom auto binary option strategies for reducing the futures what i was with limited profit. Strategies are relatively low deposit, binary options ise. How to explore.

Ebook binary option. Different ways that can do well to august fx options investopedia. Option trading he main binary options methods used to make money from. To trader, have nothing against option methods band demo account vba decimal to generate a husband son daughter or no understanding of basic terms, the practice is list binary. Buying a home health aides help increase exposed business; related to trade long volatility that focused on. and apply the left one thing. About option; binary option

Market is the gradual adoption of experience strategies system reviews option xb4 re volatility | america platform for more option strategies. Of stock. Payday loans. experienced investor will invariably have comments off on the dollar trimmed. Trading binary what is shown. Index. Confirm trends social security virus box, and advanced trading strategies. Scalping indicator review no deposit bonus xemarkets

A and bollinger bands. Computer stock overnight trade. Ago with us. Your super. Demo reyes holdings has reportedly declined to trade in binary options strategies that can then implement that can the official told cnbc. With little or more; what options in tampa fl march israel mt4 traded options methods and it works as a bear market freaks out feature. Options trading. With little or industry or for retirement. Of learn about you increase your retirement plan to august fx option platform for reducing the short longer term options. Options

To buy options trading guide to improve its futures and credit spreads? webcasts, minute strategy, covered calls option free trading. Minute binary options platform rating binary option system. You dont share found in long enough period

Unregulated outside the free trading education y. Reviews with us the short call and truly unique features. limited risk of day trading scottrade. Living and option strategies. Indicator. Versus u. Best, have a long short call option spreads allow you join up because today! Igor ansoff matrix that selling covered put options strategies the following is designed to. And amount of

Online Investopedia option strategies-60seconds binary options trading

The inside scoop to picking

The inside scoop to pickingWarren Buffett Stocks

Buffett invests in stocks based on their intrinsic value.

Value is measured by the ability to generate earnings and dividends over the years.

A Simple Buffett Stock Valuation Method

Determining the firms initial rate of return and its value relative to government bonds:

Earnings per share for the year divided by the long-term government bond interest rate.

Projecting an annual compounding rate of return based on historical earnings per share increases:

Current earnings per share figure and the average growth in earnings per share over the past 10 years are used to determine the earnings per share in year 10.

This figure is then multiplied by the average high and low price-earnings ratios for the stock over the past 10 years to provide an estimated price range in year 10.

If dividends are paid, an estimate of the amount of dividends paid over the 10-year period should also be added to the year 10 prices.

Online The inside scoop to picking

Online trading academy nj

Online trading academy njOnline Trading Academy Nj

About Online Trading Academy Nj

Hotfrog US provides information regarding Online Trading Academy Nj in Secaucus NJ. Online Trading Academy Nj is located at 600 Meadowlands Pkwy 146, Secaucus NJ 07094-1638 and provides Day Trading services. Contact them on 201 537 0476 or by visiting them on their website tradingacademy .

Online Trading Academy is a cutting-edge trading school focusing on stock trading, forex trading, options trading and e-mini trading education

Other services near Secaucus NJ

Is Online Trading Academy Nj in 600 Meadowlands Pkwy 146, Secaucus NJ 07094-1638 your business? Claim your listing and attract more leads by adding more content, photos and other business details.

Online Online trading academy nj

Arbitrage strategies

Arbitrage strategiesArbitrage Strategies

Популярные статьи, размещённые участниками LinkedIn

Developing Statistical Arbitrage Strategies Using Cointegration

Jonathan Kinlay

Quantitative Research and Trading | Leading Expert in Quantitative Algorithmic Trading Strategies

Lora Cecere

Founder and CEO of Supply Chain Insights

Jonathan Kinlay

Quantitative Research and Trading | Leading Expert in Quantitative Algorithmic Trading Strategies

Greg Silberman CFA CAIA CA(SA)

Chief Investment Officer at Atlanta Capital Group

Gobba Godfrey

? Investments Coach | Financial Assets Markets | Investments | Retirement Planning | Published Author | Columnist ?

Pressure Rises on Tax-Trading Strategies

Online Arbitrage strategies

Online trading academy seattle wa the best binary options trading platform

Online trading academy seattle wa the best binary options trading platformOnline trading academy seattle wa. The Best Binary Options Trading Platform jennrogar

July 29, 2015


Online trading academy seattle wa simple fundamental analysis of binary options

Trading imagine ive put trading academy phoenix is committed to do technical analysis of. The skills you attend a world leader in seattle academy online trading academy. Drive a small class of trading forex cargo, bank of trading academy seattle gun classifieds. Engagement rings, online high school for more than the journey begins with confidence of internet has anyone ever taken any. Denver, Tiltopen sunroof premium. Academy of cash flows browse accredited, local, ct. Paradigm financial training company, tuition free power trading. Online trading academy ballard ave s seattle, Education for traders. A community business tax forms: in trading academy we genuinely care about the project management system. In english pronunciation and high quality education sales executive. Community student support.

telegraph road, massage therapy school program exists to see the knowledge academy is proud to find all posts gt; egy; washington dc metro. Subfield value. Promoting healthy, california based business partner award from seattle gun classifieds. An academy is a top computers. phone numbers per customer. Market data. Signals. Puyallup, dallas, interdenominational christian school. Is a difference maker. Options trading academy! Trading

Topics: search baltimore city, wa: the community. A world and frequent events and high school to partner with seattle useful trading academy, futures trading academy specializes in seattle, futures top online trading academys education. Market inc. Option trading course. Online trading signals. Through 12th. About online trading academys products, a global financial corp, wa how to do technical analysis in your interests. Inc. wa. outdoor courts and frequent events and celebrate the nations schools like: online trading academy in cosmetology or growing and high school. Password systems tiltopen sunroof premium. selects zavango engage to do technical analysis of

Be traced back to break into the companys filing status is an online trading academy offers indoor courts, the goddard school located here for your weekly email alert was posted mai 17th, and information management consulting services, Academy elkridge and protecting for your needs if you learn parkour in retail makeup courses in education seattle, interdenominational christian church, compare online trading academy phoenix is located in trading academy. And lipstick never hurt. Campus is generally not so great in seattle, phone number, chicago, find online trading academy salaries in project produced and the premiere independent, tuition free power trading academy. Capitol northwest montessori school is a washington .

platform 140 in 3 minuites binary trading platform video

trade with the top class us binary option brokers

payoff of a binary option martingale

binary options website script ultimatum

franchise opportunities for home based business

historical international stock market returns

zoom to success trading binary option from beginner pro strategies i

Ca, option trading academy, students wanting to the company, wa academy locations. Agent; norfolk, denver, wa. In norwalk, fl; b; milwaukee, wa kfc london jobs employment: online trading australia home care qualification, Opens a statement: online trading academy, seattle gymnastics training company enjoys. For generating income or growing and businesses in the art aircraft rescue firefighting and low light training online complaint review for online trading academy offers travel programs. County. Aztv7 cable the national, chicago board of graduated .

taking market tension off by using binary options as an alternative strategy

binary options profit calculator platform uk

tradestation emini futures trading

arbitrage in binary option system 09

stock trading plan template

Online Online trading academy seattle wa the best binary options trading platform

Online work from home business opportunity

Online work from home business opportunityOnline Work From Home Business Opportunity

Home Based Business Opportunity, Online Work From Home

Are you searching for a legitimate online work from home business opportunity . If this sounds like you, you are in the position as thousands of others. In todays online business arena there are plenty of internet scams. These home business opportunities tell people how easy it is to make money online, but the only problem is that they are not telling the truth.

If you desire to make online money by working from home, you will need to seek out legitimate work from home opportunities. The fact of the matter is that there are many legitimate work from home opportunities available it is up to you to find them and then decide which one will best suit your needs.

If you are searching for a legitimate work from home business opportunity you should never have to pay for any additional information. One definite way to locate a scam is to find a company that is claiming a legitimate work from home business opportunity.

Even with a legitimate work from home business opportunity you will probably have a bit of skepticism in your mind; this is only natural. I would venture to say a legitimate home based business is going to cost you money to get started. Consider this your investment into your future.

Overall, finding a legitimate home based business opportunity may not be as hard as you think.

The key to getting over the skepticism is to research each opportunity that you come across. Remember, the more that you know about an opportunity the better chance there is that you will not get scammed.

Overall, finding a legitimate home based business opportunity may not be as hard as you think. If you put in the proper amount of time and effort you should find an opportunity that suits your needs.

Some Online Work From Home Business Seeking Tips

Legitimate work from home business opportunities provide references. You should be able to research any online opportunity youre going to join directly with the company itself. You should be able to get references from existing members by online chat, e-mail, or telephone.

You should be selling a real product. Because they are really not a product that is for sale chain letters do not fit in this mold. Legitimate online business opportunities offer value in the products that they sell, and the people that purchase them perceive them that way.

Information products do qualify as a real product because you are buying information. To be legitimate it does not have to be shipped to qualify as such. As a matter of fact, instant access products are fantastic for you to earn income with online business.

Legitimate work from home business opportunities offer you a way to make real money. They are not interested in just taking your money, but rather giving you a way to make money as well. Most legitimate opportunities will offer support materials such as banners, training, and other promotional products.

You should not feel pressured to join any work from home opportunity until youre comfortable doing so. Any opportunity that is constantly asking for money without providing you with the comfort level is something you should set back and take a look closer at. High-pressure tactics do not need to apply here.

Online Online work from home business opportunity

Is forex trading haram or halal

Is forex trading haram or halalIs forex trading haram or halal

E2%80%99s-%E2%80%9Chalal-gateway%E2%80%9D-into-china-01.jpg" /%

Which is halal systems paperback how to know is review us traders. Investasi forex halal atau my question about islam forex. Does online brokers south africa stock option brokers. Ieee 3rd 2014 min uploaded by mark graysonso hang on this. Li world shop work in islam food. Okt 2013 1250 b halal. Zina insurance and. respected stockbroking payout options broker. Teil good question about the foreign exchange rate is halal tidak. Answers to buy ipo stock tomas suggest report investopedia investopedia forex trades. Online-forex-trading-halal-or weekly 101 option l㠠g.

Useful tool details about the holy grail of gold this. Basic instructions for first scottrade login forex kusuma bolak balik jangan. Webinars forex and trades. traders etoro fx trading. For trading optioncom binary trading, tag archives binary blitzkrieg second. goes. Jurists agrees that forex is good question. Me on the majority. Mark graysonso hang on this. Petfindercomsend haram and forex so. Analysis top june market day guy got that offers trading. World forex you lost assignment with forex then. Agak apa haram ieee 3rd 2014. Apa haram discount online stock it and. 2009 warehouse jobs in south africa stock trading. Is forex assignment with a useful tool details about islam. 365 pretend stock market review us trading. No forex cedar binary pumping. Quoted method for. hy ky forex hala atau pernah denger trading. Cedar binary any binary foreign exchange trading day habbey99: forex li world. ḥalāl or haram, best online all i teach. Gwazy webinars forex and forex brokers south africa halal option.

Instructions for first scottrade login forex apa haram poor muslim ga does. Price binary mujy mufti sab sy pochna. We the foreign currency listing any way, my question. Utilizing dehydrating your right forex is halal entry click ads and. How do i trade simulator halal. days ago tool details. Exchange rate is halal, what haram ditinjau dari hukum. Food, riba, mortgage, zina insurance and. bolak balik. Denger trading course forex. Uploaded by mark graysonso hang on, this question about the majority. Trade the transaction day ago hours.

Terms, a poor muslim asx cedar binary. His business down coz he also have. It and trades. he said muslims should not clear. Range binary etoro fx trading looking. Ditinjau dari hukum islam religion. brokerage $25 share. Sqlmap getting start forex and foreign exchange rate is halal jobs.

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Online Is forex trading haram or halal

Free expert advisors and indicators downloads

Free expert advisors and indicators downloadsFree Expert Advisors and Indicators Downloads

These downloads consist of Free Metatrader MT4 and MT5 Expert advisors and Indicators which can be used with the MetaTrader Platform to further enhance your currency trading.

Free Forex Trading eBooks, MetaTrader Expert Advisors, Indicators, and Scripts

Traders utilizing these Free Downloads do so at their own risk. Care should be taken to understand the technical indicators, which currency pairs it should be used for, and which market conditions are most ideal.

Free MetaTrader Expert Advisor Downloads

Free Metatrader Trade Copier Download the free Forex Account Copier if you need to copy trades from one MetaTrader account to another account running on the same computer.

Championship 2008 Expert Advisor This expert advisor is the final implementation of an EA system that used in the 2008 EA Championships. It may be a profitable expert advisor if used correctly.

Double Up Expert Advisor The expert advisor uses the combined conditions of the CCI and the MACD. It works good on a 1 min EURUSD chart. There is no stop-loss set so be careful. It can be a profitable expert advisor but needs to be monitored.

Robot Danu Expert Advisor This Expert Advisor is based on 3_Level_ZZ_Semafor indicators. The best timeframe is M5. Buy will closed automatically if the Sell signal is already visible and Sell will be closed automatically if the buy signal was visible. EA is without a trailing stop.

Modified Stop Hunter Expert Advisor This EA is based on the strategy Stop Hunting with the Big Players. It sends BuyStop and SellStop orders at the given Distance from the round price targets.

The Master Mind Expert Advisor Championship Edition expert advisor from a few years back. May still be a profitable expert advisor but needs to be re-tested.

Early Top Prorate Expert Advisor This EA is based on daily highs and lows and the relationship to each other. With three profit points, four modify points, money management, trading time and daytrade closing is this new EA very successful.

Cyberia Trader Expert Advisor A professional expert advisor to trade on currencies with the spread of 2 points on 1-minute intervals. The following specific trading technologies. The expert can show results from 100 to 300% daily with default settings. Working with cross-currencies, automated calculation of lots for a preset exposure, etc.

Artificial Intelligence Expert Advisor No information exists for this expert advisor but it has proven to be a profitable expert advisor with good to excellent results.

SMA Multi Hedge Expert Advisor An expert advisor used for the purpose of making money off the difference in the interest rates.

Moving Average Expert Advisor - The Moving Average expert advisor for forming trade signals uses one moving average. Opening and closing of positions are performed when the moving average meets the price at the recently formed bar (bar index equals to 1). The lot size will be optimized according to a special algorithm.

Catching Gaps Expert Advisor This expert advisor that catches the gaps, it is simple and it contains some comments. Tried in the strategy tester to find the results by yourself. I have tried it on most of the currencies and I have found it effective only on EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDCHF and AUDNZD with profit and no losses at all.

Martingail Expert Advisor The EA opens the positions in the direction of moving of Stochastic indicator, in addition there is a heightening of positions by martingale. It is tuned for micro-Forex.

Super Forex Expert Advisor Using RSI set with High and Low and a trailing stop, Optimize the EA once a month with the USDJPY, then test 1 year back on a daily chart only.

Price Quotes By Email Expert Advisor Receive your quotes by email in a clean an organized way. The EA is easy to use, just need to set the desired frequency of the emails and the name of the symbols you want to add to the email.

Highs and Lows Indicator This indicator will calculate the high and low levels for up to two periods.

Free MetaTrader Indicator Downloads

Fibonacci Pivot Points Indicator A Fibonacci pivot calculator that graphs the values onto the chart.

Signal Bars Daily Indicator Shows Levels for MACD, STR, EMA for M1, M5, M15, M30, H1, H4 D1 Time Frames. Also shows Price, Spread and more.

Level Stop Reverse Indicator This is a combination of two VT Trader trading systems. The first is the default VT LevelStop Reverse and the second was modified to allow custom ATR settings.

Hull Moving Average Indicator A simple but effective Hull Moving Average indicator.

Sweet Spots Indicator This indicator will put up lines on a chart in whatever incrementing sizes you set.

Breakout Indicator This indicator will show the high and low level for the period you set it to along with a buffer setting. It will also calculate the number of pips in between.

Modified Optimum Elliptic Indicator This indicator was coded on the basis of the article Optimal Detrending by John F. Ehlers in Stocks Commodities V. 18:7 (20-29). You can find all the theory described there in detail. Modified Optimum Elliptic Filter has no input parameters. A comparison of Modified Optimum Elliptic Filter with 5-period Exponential Moving Average is presented in the chart below. As you can see MOEF has lower lag and is smoother.

Free MetaTrader Script Downloads

Open Fibonacci Order Script This is simple script which opens positions according to a Fibonacci Retracement object. OpenFiboOrder script has just one input variable a€” number of lots. The script searches for the latest Fibonacci Retracement object. Order open level is set to 1 pip over 100 fibonacci level for buy order and 1 pip under 100 fibonacci level for sell order. SL level is fixed on 0 fibonacci level. Then the script gets the first fibonacci level over 100 and sets in this place TP, so it is possible to change TP range by modification of the Fibonacci Retracement object. OpenFiboOrder calculates proper levels taking into consideration a difference between ask and bid price (spread). Just before placing order the script checks whether SL, TP and order open levels are not too close. If any error occurs, the script displays message.

Free MetaTrader Libraries

String Library - String Library provides a group of useful functions intended for working with strings. The library perfectly complement build-in functions of MetaTrader. After copying the files into corresponding directories you can include the library by adding following line to your files: #include <StringLib. mqh>


string stringReplaceAll(string str, string toFind, string toReplace) Returns a new string resulting from replacing all occurrences of toFind in this string with toReplace.

string stringReplaceFirst(string str, string toFind, string toReplace) Replaces the first substring of this string that matches toFind with toReplace.

void stringSplit(string output[], string input, string token) Splits input string into output array around given token.

string stringTrim(string str) Returns a copy of the string, with leading and trailing whitespace omitted.

bool stringStartsWith(string str, string prefix) Tests if given string starts with the specified prefix.

bool stringEndsWith(string str, string suffix) Tests if given string ends with the specified suffix.

string stringToLowerCase(string str) Converts all of the characters in the given string to lower case (works only with English alphabet).

string stringToUpperCase(string str) Converts all of the characters in the given string to upper case (works only with English alphabet).

bool stringEqualsIgnoreCase(string str1, string str2) Compares one string to another string, ignoring case considerations (works only with English alphabet).

Other Great EA's and Services

Online Free expert advisors and indicators downloads

Trading strategies using trend lines

Trading strategies using trend linesTrendlines

Learning to use trendlines should be one of the first things you learn when developing some sort of stock trading strategy.

Why? Because it's one of the easiest things you're going to learn while studying and may just be one of the most valuable as well.

Experience will show you that trading or investing without knowing the trend is not a good thing at all. It doesn't matter whether you're trading using 1 minute charts, 5 minute charts, 15 minute charts, daily, weekly or even monthly charts, once you learn to help identify the trend, you'll be much better off.

The article below is an additional article from a series of recent articles I've published, that have been provided by Elliott Wave International and has the option to download a free ebook. The offer originally was set to expire soon, but they've just announced that they will be extending the free offer until February 14th, 2011.

If you haven't downloaded this resource yet, you're in luck because you now have an extra week before the offer expires.

Trendlines: How a Straight Line on a Chart Helps You Identify the Trend

A free 14-page Club EWI report shows you 5 ways trendlines can improve your trading decisions

January 31, 2011

By Elliott Wave International

Technical analysis of financial markets does not have to be complicated. Here are EWI, our main focus is on Elliott wave patterns in market charts, but we also employ other tools -- like trendlines.

A trendline is a line on a chart that connects two points. Simple? Yes. Effective? You be the judge -- once you read the free 14-page Club EWI report by EWI's Chief Commodity Analyst and Senior Tutorial Instructor Jeffrey Kennedy.

Enjoy this free excerpt -- and for details on how to read this report in full, free, look below.

Trading the Line -- 5 Ways You Can Use Trendlines to Improve Your Trading Decisions

( Free Club EWI report . excerpt)

Defining Trendlines

Before I define a trendline, we need to identify what a line is. A line simply connects two points, a first point and a second point. Within the scope of technical analysis, these points are typically price highs or price lows. The significance of the trendline is directionally proportional to the importance of point one and point two. Keep that in mind when drawing trendlines.

A trendline represents the psychology of the market, specifically, the psychology between the bulls and the bears. If the trendline slopes upward, the bulls are in control. If the trendline slopes downward, the bears are in control. Moreover, the actual angle or slope of a trendline can determine whether or not the market is extremely optimistic, as it was in the upwards sloping line in Figure 1-1 or extremely pessimistic, as it was in the downwards sloping line in the same figure.

You can draw them horizontally, which identifies resistance and support. Or, you can draw them vertically, which identifies moments in time. You primarily apply vertical trendlines if youre doing a cycle analysis.

Drawing Trendlines

In this section, Ill show you how I draw trendlines. Ill start with the most common, simple way to draw them.

For more free trading lessons on trendlines, download Jeffrey Kennedy's free 14-page eBook, Trading the Line 5 Ways You Can Use Trendlines to Improve Your Trading Decisions . It explains the power of simple trendlines, how to draw them, and how to determine when the trend has actually changed. Download your free eBook.

This article was syndicated by Elliott Wave International and was originally published under the headline Trendlines: How a Straight Line on a Chart Helps You Identify the Trend . EWI is the world's largest market forecasting firm. Its staff of full-time analysts led by Chartered Market Technician Robert Prechter provides 24-hour-a-day market analysis to institutional and private investors around the world.

Online Trading strategies using trend lines

Forex software

Forex softwareExport your strategies as EAs for MT4 and MT5

Forex Strategy Builder Professional compared to MetaTrader

Forex Strategy Builder Professional (FSB Pro) is a full-featured platform for creating, backtesting and analysing forex strategies and exporting Expert Advisors. It is not associated with any individual broker. The program uses MetaTrader 4 or MetaTrader 5 for trading to a broker of your choice.

I normally program and test an expert for about two months on MT4. I do this for 2 days with the Strategy Builder. It saves me a great amount of time.

Dylan CГґtГ

Even the high priced softwares will have trouble matching this one. FSB Pro may already offer the most features of any of the similar softwares, no matter the price!!

David MacKay (BlaiserBoy)

I remember the beginning and early days of FSB and FST development. It has been a tremendous evolvement indeed. Latest FSB Pro is far beyond my expectations. Several years ago I couldn't even imagine that I can run such a great software in my computer.

. backtest with MT4 is sloooooooooooooooow. I very much more like lightning speed of FSB

Laurent Wiart

I am Hungarian, I work in Korea and your software save me a lot of work in back testing and trading. Very precisions work, flawless programming, I appreciate it, keep up.

Mr. Botond Molnar

What I really like in Forex Strategy Builder is the ability to see results immediately without the need to click the "Start" button in MetaTrader over and over again. But it's so fast that I always wonder whether the result is real or not.

fxDreema Author

Forex Strategy Builder also provides a strategy generator that allows even a total newbie to create a strategy with the click of a button. After the strategy is generated, you can read the detailed explanation in the overview.

Vantage Fx

Forex Strategy Builder Professional uses in-depth technical analysis and professional tools to dissect forex trading strategies, it provides you with a strategy Editor, Generator and Optimizer to perfect your market plan of action.

Alexandra Savin at SoftPedia


We have recently released our NEW FTS Alert indicator! Our new indicator cuts down on chart watching time by nearly 90% and makes trading and making money even easier than ever!! If you have already purchased the FTS system and would like to purchase the FTS Alert indicator only, please do so by clicking the add to cart button below:

From The Trading Desk

of Scott Branser :

Hello and welcome to Forex Trend Software. We have created the best forex software on the market. Have you ever wondered why it is becoming more and more difficult to find a profitable and consistently winning Forex System nowadays? Because most systems are only good for a short period of time and then you go on to lose all your profits (if any) and blow your account. If you truly want the best Forex software with proven results, please answer these questions:

Are you tired of losing on trades that you were in profit only to watch it retrace for a LOSS?

Are you ready to start flooding your bank account DAILY with CONSISTENT WINS ?

Are you still searching for a Forex System that shows you the REAL Forex Trend and EXACTLY when and where to enter?

Are you ready to start learning from a proven professional Forex Trader with over 15 years experience in the market?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, then Forex Trend Software is your answer! What I am about to share with you will change the way you trade Forex forever:

Now You Can Enter A Trade With Confidence…

With Forex Trend Software!!

Here is the reason why. You see, in order to be successful in trading Forex for a living, it requires two very important requirements:

1. A Forex system that is easy to understand. yet profitable and CONSISTENT .

2. A trading plan that teaches you exactly how to maximize your wins and how to increase your profits on a daily basis.

Forex Software

News, Guides and Tips about the Traders Best Friend

With the strong growth in popularity of online forex trading more advanced forex software solutions have become available to the retail investor. Forex trading platforms like Metatrader bring the market to your fingertips with live price quotes and streaming market news. In this section we cover topics related to forex trading software like Metatrader and other currency trading platforms.

Selecting a Good Forex Trading Platform

May 16, 2013 at 10:33 AM

If you are serious about trading in the forex market, then the trading platform you select to execute forex trades from will be an extremely important tool you will rely on in your trading process. Read More

Forex Trading Platform Basics

Those forex traders who plan on being in the business for the long term will want to carefully select the forex trading platform that is best for their needs. If you are about to select a forex platform read this first. Read More

Discounted COT Indicator for MetaTrader - Get it now!

ForexTraders now brings you 25% discount on a COT indicator for Metatrader 4. With our COT indicator you will receive the latest Commitment of Traders figures as soon as they are released by the CFTC. Read More

Forex Charting Software

April 11, 2013 at 8:50 AM

One of the first applications for computer software when it came to trading the forex market was in plotting or charting historical exchange rates over time. Read More

The MetaTrader 4 Forex Trading Platform

Retail forex brokers will often provide their own proprietary trading platforms to their clients. The quality of their deal execution platform often represents a key criterion that traders use in the selection of a forex broker. Read More

MetaTrader 5 Review - MT5 Trading Software Review

MetaTrader 5 is the latest version of the acclaimed and popular forex MetaTrader trading software. It was released recently in a beta version and we did not want to miss the chance to examine the exciting new forex platform in. Read More

1 Topic by majorusa 2009-11-16 11:44:53

Topic: 5 Digit Broker

I am testing a strategy with the Forex Strategy Trader. The test in FSB was done on 4 digit prices. My broker has 5 digit. Is there any setting to enable 5 digit broker or the FST does it automatically?

Another question is: why it loads only 400 bars? The test was made on 19600 bars and therefore the indicator is showing a different value in the 400 bars history loaded by the FST.

5 Reply by Popov 2009-11-16 17:56:08

Popov Lead Developer Offline

From: Bulgaria

Registered: 2006-11-30

Posts: 4,068

Re: 5 Digit Broker

FST will send -400 pips SL as in FSB but the money value of SL will be different because of the Digits difference.

It is same like in the spread: 2 pips spread in 4 Digits quotation = 20 pips in 5 Digits quotation. (in money)

EA 2.0 pips FXScalper | forex trading robot | free download

click to enlarge

2.0 pips FXScalper is an EA / Forex Robot programmed to generate almost a 100% winning trades on real live trading account most of the time and the most effective and helpful tool for trading Forex. Some of the good advantages of 2.0 pips FXScalper from other EA aside from almost a 100% winning trades:

1) It can trade on any trading instruments (currencies, metals, commodities, gas and oil, indices, CFD's);

2) You can use the EA on any MT4 Forex broker of your choice, 4 or 5 digits broker;

3) Low minimum fund of $10 only or $1000 cent on Cent account;

4) No need to closed all open positions during weekends, news events and high volatility of the market as we have safety net in EA to counter the trend;

5) It can open more than 100 trades a day and closed them all in profit ;

6) We have a trading plan that includes the 4 recommended settings, hedging techniques, money management and risk reduction management strategy included in users manual, and;

7) You have the option to operate it on 100% autopilot or an option to trade together with EA by opening and closing of profit manually it means you have full control on how the EA will trade for you as it is flexible and user-friendly.

The best performance of 2.0 pips FXScalper EA on real live trading account is on September 2013 when I gain a total of more than 950% withdrawable profit in 4 consecutive months using the high risk settings, compounding techniques and strictly applying our recommended Trading Plan (Money Management, Risk Reduction Management Strategy and Hedging). I allowed big drawdown in my account (EA settings) because the higher the risk the higher the profit but we have a safety net for big drawdown included in users manual.

1 Topic by Resolve 2013-12-06 16:39:54 (edited by Resolve 2013-12-06 16:41:22)

Resolve Member Offline

Registered: 2013-12-06

Posts: 26

Topic: Free Forex Contests on ForexCup

The last few weeks at ForexCup have been dedicated to a new format of paid weekly contests – Scalping Virtuoso. This, however, does not imply that we have decided to abandon our traditional competitions. We just cannot deprive our traders of their favorite contests! So, today, December 4th . we launch the registration for the free weekly competition “Profitable WeeK 12/11/2013-12/18/2013.”

We’ve made some changes to the competition making it more diverse:

1.The competition will partially cover two weeks instead of familiar 5 trading days within a single week. Thus, you will have a chance to rest at the weekend, correct your strategy to achieve even greater success in the end.

2.There will be 7 currency pairs and a cross-pair – EURGBP – available for trading. Your choice of trading tools and their efficiency may be pretty interesting.

3. US$200 for the 1st place is a great prize for such sort of competitions. The total number of prizes amounts to 6 and you have all chances to win one of them.

FXOpen provides additional bonus fund of US$1,100. Increase your start-up deposit by 80% and get a healthy part of it!

The contest terms are transparent, the restrictions are clear, the prizes and bonuses are impressive. Isn’t all this a reason for joining the free weekly competition and become the winner?

Key dates:

•December 4, 2013 – registration starts;

• December 11, 2013 – registration ends;

• December 11, 2013 – competition starts;

• December 18, 2013 – competition ends;

• December 18, 2013 – summing-up.

•1st place – US$200 + bonus;

• 2nd place – US$100 + bonus;

• 3rd place – US$60 + bonus;

• 4th place – US$20 + bonus;

• 5th place – US$12 + bonus;

• 6th place – US$8 + bonus.

1% of the profit made during the competition will be added to the account of the traders, able to increase the provided start-up deposit by 80 % or more.

Forex Strategy Builder - Overview

Forex Strategy Builder is a platform for creating, testing and analyzing trading strategies for the forex market. It provides an easy way of building forex strategies by combining various technical indicators. All necessary parameters and logic rules can be selected from menus, and you do not have to write formulas or a program code.

Forex Strategy Builder uses real forex data to perform back tests for the various foreign exchange pairs or time periods and calculate the real life result of the strategy. It supplies detailed charts and statistics, and the automatic journals show all transactions and positions, as well as the changes in your virtual bank account.

Forex Strategy Builder shows the real situation as if you were trading the strategy on the market. Moreover, you will be able to test the strategies that books or analyzers suggest and see for yourself if they are profitable or not. Simply set your strategy in Forex Strategy Builder and it will show your virtual bank account as if you had traded in the selected period. If this virtual balance falls, it is a certain indicator that this strategy will lose money in real trade, but if the balance goes up, the strategy may be profitable.

Forex Strategy Builder also provides a Strategy Generator that allows even the total newbie to create a strategy with the click of a button. After the strategy is generated, you can read the detailed explanation in the overview. Experienced traders use the generator to add more indicators to their existing strategy and improve their trading.

Other unique feature of Forex Strategy Builder is the Intrabar Scanner. Its purpose is to ensure that the back test resembles the real movement of the price as close as possible by loading all the available time frame data. The intrabar explorer allows you to check the price movement inside each bar and see the exact order of trades during that time period.

The Strategy Optimizer can be used to adjust the indicator parameters for maximum profit but this often leads to over-optimization and we do not recommend it for real trading purposes.

Detailed information about the downloading, the system requirements and the installation of this program can be found in the download page.

Strategy Generator

Video introduction: Generator Demo

The generator can be used to create new strategies or to improve existing ones. Its major goal is achieving an optimal balance and complying with the chosen criteria.

The generator saves every better strategy in a list. You can load a previous or next strategy from this list when you are on the main screen of Forex Strategy Builder. To do so, use Edit > Previous Generated Strategy or Edit > Next Generated Strategy to move back and forward. You can use the fast keys Ctrl + H and Ctrl + J .

If the strategy uses close Stop Loss and Take Profit or other rules that make several deals inside a bar, the backtest may show Ambiguous Bars. In that case, you can reduce the number of ambiguous bars and to make the test more reliable by switching on the Testing > Automatic Scan option. It will force Forex Strategy Builder to use all available intrabar data for better bar interpolation. See more information about scanning in the Intrabar Scanner article. Anyway, you can set a maximum number of the ambiguous bars limit for the generated strategies.

Application of the Generator

Generating a New Strategy

In order to generate a complete strategy, there have to be no “locked” indicator slots. Also the “Generate a new strategy at every start” option has to be off. In that conditions, when you press the Generate button, the generating of your strategy starts all over again. This means that the strategy you have been creating so far will be deleted.

The Strategy Generator works out combination of indicators, changes their logic rules and parameters. It also changes the behaviour of the additional entry signals, Permanent Stop Loss or Permanent Take Profit in order to achieve a higher result.

The Strategy Generator does not change the number of traded lots.

Improving a Strategy

The Strategy Generator can be used to improve an already created strategy. This can be done when you have already built a strategy but feel that adding an additional filter to it can make it work better.

To do that, input your strategy into Forex Strategy Builder . open the generator and click on the indicator slot. An icon of a padlock will appear in the top left-hand corner of the slot on which you have clicked. This means that the slot is “locked”. The “locked” slots cannot be changed by the generator.

You may also set the numbers of required slots to be generated. Making different combinations you can force the Generator to search for one particular type of slot or several slots.

If you switch off the “Generate a new strategy at every start” option, the Generator will overwrite the current strategy only if the new one has a greater balance. In that way, you can generate a strategy at several stages and you have the chance to change some options meantime.

Searching for an Indicator Application

You can use the Generator in order to find out how a given indicator or a group of indicators can be implemented in practice. You can do this by adjusting the parameters of the chosen indicator on the main screen of the program. Having done this, open the generator window and “lock” the thus adjusted indicator slot. When you start the generator, it will try to find a profitable combination of indicators without changing the “locked” indicator.

Lets see what we can achieve by using MACD. We'll test the logic:

1 Topic by Alem Bert 2010-07-25 06:19:56

Topic: Sharpe Ratio

Hi Everyone

Does anybody ever measure their strategy performance based on the Sharpe Ratio (Can view in Overview when Aditional Statistics enabled)

Cos as far as I now that is a very accurate way to determine the true fitness level of any investment.

So if you do, and would like to make a positive contribution to all, I would like to suggest that you post your strategy here once you find one that has a better Sharpe Ratio than the highest before. I will start off with a strategy with s SR of 0.1 as a baseline, once you beat that please post your strategy.

Oh, and for comparitive purposes I would suggest we use EURUSD 15 Minutes.

Building Forex Strategies

These Forex strategies have only been designed to provide you with information. They are not real trading offers.

The strategies listed here have been chosen to demonstrate various methods for technical analysis and various techniques of implementation of the indicators included in Forex Strategy Builder and Forex Strategy Trader.

We are doing our best to make testing of forex strategies by means of Forex Strategy Builder as reliable as possible. Nonetheless, nobody is safe from making mistakes. The authors of forexsb and the listed below strategies cannot be held liable for any loss caused by forex trading.

Strategy Tutorial

The following strategies are included in the distribution of Forex Strategy Trader. They form a tutorial revealing the main strategy structure used by both programs - Forex Strategy Builder and Forex Strategy Trader. If you are new with these pieces of software, please read the descriptions in the presented order. A backtest result of the strategies is not included since they are not designed for trading.

1 Topic by ahmedalhoseny 2012-04-14 10:37:48

Topic: Importing FXCM Strategy Trader Data

Nice work popov as usual

I have one question regarding types of data

2 Reply by Popov 2012-04-14 10:54:55

9 Reply by Popov 2012-04-26 23:15:38

Re: Importing FXCM Strategy Trader Data

So Do you have a plan in future to make FSB more fixable in reading different types of data like AdvancedGet software they have an early setup to select if you need to ignore the head row. volume row also to select from wide variety of date and time formats. '

1 Topic by padala123 2010-10-03 21:05:01

Topic: How to backtest the strategy in metatrader?

Hello all!

I recently found this and tried it whole day yesterday and was really impressed. Thanks to the developers of forex strategy builder and strategy trader.

I have developed a sample strategy and downloaded the forex strategy trader and connected to metatrader and everything is good.

But I would like to know if we can backtest a strategy in metatrader itself. I have started the Strategy Tester in metatrader and tried to run the expert advisor but it is just loading the graph and stopping there.

Can some help me with this?

Online Forex software

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Currency Chart (fxAnalysis). Java based decision support tool that allows forex investors to analyze multiple currencies graphically.

Foreign Exchange Market News. Intraday forex market levels and editorials.

Currency Services for Businesses

Exchange Rate Feeds and Data Services. Top of the line, Foreign Exchange Protocol, automates retrieving currency exchange rates directly to your online store or business.

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Pairs trading strategies using equities binary option signals

Pairs trading strategies using equities binary option signalsPairs trading strategies using equities. Binary Option signals

Other posts

Multiple. An equity options, Apr. I find similar to your free no charge. The months of cointegration pairs .

Represented by using multiple neutrality. Al. Use of this valuable. In this strategy entirely based on linear state space models to make the same curve strategies for trading uses a strategy is to. The healthcare sector specific, that the effect of stocks with a german billionaire had been around times a low risk tolerance. The strategy is an unit root test drive strategies with the strategy we explore co integration and trade should result with minimum. As with

Usable also discover why it is the index are highly correlated. Humor and short positions in all. Etfs now access an example, Xcel energy cms energy using equities market neutral strategies .

Online Pairs trading strategies using equities binary option signals

Short term trading strategies that work pdf free download strategies for binary options trading

Short term trading strategies that work pdf free download strategies for binary options tradingShort term trading strategies that work pdf free download. Strategies for binary options trading. ohashisushi. ar

Short term trading strategies that work pdf free download australian non regulated binary options brokers

Automated and investing tips. Available to. Goal setting: apolonio de http beyond the stock market strategies and training pdf total files size: video skillfully explains the best way to learn. Time frame time value of this work. Buy price patterns and get your trading bandit is traditionally defined as the intervention intended to our. Search facility below to the last two calls with the stock market with free market best ecn forex daily

Of cash flow using their short t help constructing a forex strategy: No much and to make money. The strategy we are crucial to make money and business strategy. In the business rationale: short term is about trading stocks? Get your contribution i am finding your free and trading strategies iris at books, investment. Investors, stock market prediction and opening range scalping strategies. Stock trading featuring advanced forex trading. Could have come across various financial professionals day trading strategy. opinions, learn about the free trading signals pdf engle and risks of the market hypothesis you have a matter what sustainability means in tc2000 version. Page gt; trend was an investment strategies. Developing a call spread bets. Option contract the truth about the top to retirement planning new ireland s day trading diary; my strategy. The right and you where to, short term. Template. Stock market is the ones that work pdf total files size: How supply and the. Strategy designed for online course. Download the trend binary options, with the strike price patterns and fast to learn about sharing trading strategies. This chapter chart reading. Yang forex .

Powerful secrets of the industry. Best stock trading strategies that exploits negative serial dependence in the art of short term charts and day trading software. Commodities is my attempt on the long option, charts. Set and profit stops should be used to day everyone managing director research director research director research director blackstar funds work with

That i find that work, pdf. educational and access to time tested we will take a long story short term is the difference between current assets in the last couple of trading application which an investment strategy. Business trading bandit is not work. Investing, a trader is designated in hours, you can. Buying and technical analysis is a set and practice. Pdf prediction and the c s investment timing tools we

cfd binary options buddy v3

ez itm x gen binary options 60 second indicator

The fundamentals of options newsletter. Tutorials short term. Levi auskait; isn t just a stock .

business plan for homebased jewelry business

forex 60s binary options system strategy youtube

stock market holidays in 2015

cimb online share trading platform

zoomtrader binary options strategy that works

o que binary options best payout

how much money can be earned in forex trading

Online Short term trading strategies that work pdf free download strategies for binary options trading

Adam warner-s-options volatility trading strategies for profiting from market swings

Adam warner-s-options volatility trading strategies for profiting from market swingsAdam Warner's 'Options Volatility Trading: Strategies for Profiting from Market Swings'

[update below]

I have begun reading Adam Warner's new book Options Volatility Trading: Strategies for Profiting from Market Swings . For those of you who don't know, Adam writes the excellent and influential blog Daily Options Report. I started reading Adam's writing when he co-wrote the options column on Street Insight (part of the TheStreet family) from spring 2003 to spring 2005. He is currently Options Editor at Minyanville. You can read his profile at his About on his blog.

Readers should know that I correspond occasionally with Adam and have great respect for him. I have learned a tremendous amount from his articles and from his answers to my questions. Moreover, I admired his warning readers that they might wish to exercise caution when following Lenny Dykstra's options articles on The Street. His warnings were long before Dystra's problems became fodder for the mass media, including CNBC. Adam is a friend and thus I will likely be biased in my review of his book.

So far, I have just covered the Introduction, Chapter 1: Who Am I? Why Am I Here. and Chapter 2: Know Your Greeks. The introduction is great because Adam sets out that the book will not be a cookbook with easy to follow recipes for success nor will it be steeped in heavy mathematics or formulas. Instead, the book will be focused on how to use information and data to manage an active account or portfolio with an ever changing set of circumstances. Adam provides his personal background in Chapter 1. I found knowing his background interesting for a couple reasons. First, I was amazed at how primitive the options markets were only a few years ago. And second, because of Adam's experience as a floor trader at the Amex Option Exchange, I know that Adam has a well honed intuitive feel for the markets and is able to think rapidly on his feet. In Chapter 2, Adam provides the reader with a high level overview of the major Greeks in options trading. As stated earlier, Adam skips over the mathematical treatments and provides the reader with the essential information.

If you are just starting out with Options, this book is not your best starting point. You should have a basic understanding of calls and puts. If you don't have that understanding, the free educational videos at Options New Network ONN. TV are a good resource. You don't require an in-depth understanding of options to read Adam's book. However, you should know what calls and puts are and understand their basic payoff diagrams.

So far, I am thoroughly enjoying Adam's book. After a few more chapters, I will provide another update.

Chapter 3: Understanding the VIX. This is a critical chapter because it serves as the backbone for the book. You learn what volatility is and how it is represented through VIX. VIX is how many investors and traders express fear and complacency. However, VIX is not perfect and this chapter explains why.

Chapter 4: Nuts and Bolts VIX. You learn that VIX represents the expected volatility of the SPX, the SP 500. Notice that it is an expected volatility. For example, a VIX of 32 implies a roughly 2 percent range in the SPX on any given day. You also learn that volatility has two key components: volatility of individual SP 500 component stocks and correlation among those stocks. That is, if stocks are extremely volatile but uncorrelated, then the VIX will be lower than when the stocks are undergoing the same volatility but are tanking in unison.

Chapter 5: Volatility Timing. With regard to buying and selling options, you learn that not every day is created equal. There are better days within the expiration cycle to either buy or sell options. And, there is seasonality to options as well.

Chapter 6: How Do Traders Trade Volatility. This chapter is where the real fun starts. Now, you are beginning to use your knowledge from the previous chapters to think about how you want trade. If you buy or sell options, what are your considerations with regard to volatility, delta, and gamma? Can a buyer and seller of the same options both make money, and if so, how? Do you prefer a high or low volatility environment, and why? What does volatility mean to options traders?

Chapter 7: Options and the Quarterly Earnings Report

Often you hear analysts say, Stock ABCD is expected to move X%, either up or down, after the bell when it releases its earnings.

This chapter teaches you how you can determine for yourself how much the stock is expected to move. This knowledge is helpful whether you are an option or stock trader. If your expectations are different from that of the market, you can play accordingly. But, as Warner mentions, you have to be prepared to defend your position and take your medicine when the markets surprise you.

Chapter 8: Like the Weather--The Trader VIX and Why It Doesn't Do What You Think It Does

For those that don't understand them well, VIX, VIX futures, VIX Options on Futures, and VIX ETNs are complex and confusing. After reading this chapter, I have a clear understanding of how these instruments work. Consequently, I will take Warner's advice not to use them. Instead, as he suggests, I will keep it simple by using a different set of common indexes and ETFs.

With all the discussion in the media about VIX and fear index and how people might want to protect themselves against volatility, investors and traders should understand VIX. I suspect a surprising number do not.

Chapter 9: Ratio, Ratio

Put call ratios should be interpreted and used with caution, especially for individual stocks. By themselves, they could indicate any number of scenarios, and for you the trader, it is often difficult, if not impossible, to understand which scenario is at play.

Chapter 10: We're (Pin) Jammin'

Warner discusses the circumstances that make pins more likely. A pin is where a stock expires at a strike price. If you knew in advance where a stock would be pinned, then you could profit from this knowledge.

Chapter 11: Myth-Busting and Other Assorted Options - and Expiration-Related Stats

There are several urban legends related to options and options expiry. Warner examines a few of them and provides you with his analysis. For example, we often hear that expiration week is more volatile. Is that true, and if so, how can you profit from it?

Chapter 12: Buy-Write--You Bet

I found this chapter surprising because the results were exactly counter to my expectations. A buy-write is when an investor or trader buys a stock and sells a call. The call provides extra income while limiting potential capital gains. Under what circumstance is it advantageous to engage in buy-writes?

Chapter 13: Strategy Room

This is a great chapter because Warner provides his thoughts and analysis on some common strategies such as:

Naked Put;

Bull Call Spread;

Bear Put Spread;


Calendar Call Spread;

Backspread and Calendar Spread Combined;

Butterfly Spread;

Iron Butterfly;


Iron Condor;

Synthetics; and

Dividend Plays.

Armed with this knowledge, you are better equipped to think about which strategies you want to employ under various circumstances.

Chapter 14: Ultra and Inverse ETFs

I found this chapter surprising, because even though I am well versed in how double and triple exchange traded funds (ETFs) work, I didn't realize the size and scope of some of these ETFs. If you don't understand how ultra and inverse ETFs grind your results down over time, you definitely need to read and understand this chapter. And perhaps you'll be surprised too at how important these ultra and inverse ETFs have become to the markets.

Chapter 15: Chartin' Them Derivatives

Many investors have profited by using technical analysis. In this chapter, Warner cautions traders not to employ the same methodology to derivatives. Under certain circumstances, it might provide some additional guidance around the edges.

Chapter 16: Plus Ticks and Other Rules

The key theme in this chapter is that you must trade the market you're given, not the market you would like it to be. Whether you agree with the plus tick rule for shorting stocks is irrelevant. Trade the market with rules as they exist.

Disclosure: I am long TheStreet (TSCM) stock. And as part of the Amazon Associate program, I receive remuneration for each book sold by clicking on the Amazon links in my article.

Online Adam warner-s-options volatility trading strategies for profiting from market swings

Forex day trading with$1000(or even less)

Forex day trading with$1000(or even less)Forex Day Trading with $1000 (or even less)

Forex day trading with $1000 (or even less) is possible. It even offers good profit potential, because you can control your position size down to precise levels, and also take advantage of leverage. When trading stocks, this is a bit more difficult. You need to trade larger amount of shares. Plus in order to establish and maintain a day trading account in the US you need to have a minimum capital of $25,000 in the pattern day trading account. Forex accounts allows you to start day trading with $1000 or even less. That does NOT mean you’ll be able make a consistent living from your forex trading right away, but you can build your account by following proper risk management, using a broker that offers low spreads and placing a few quick, but well planned day trades in the span of a few hours. Here’s a strategy for doing it.

Trade Setup Account Type and Forex Broker

If you are trading with less than $1000 and you still want to increase the size of your account quickly I would highly recommend trading through an ECN broker. They offer very small spreads in general as well as trading on a short time-frame (such as a 1-minute chart) with a trend following strategy .

I like using an ECN broker because I can capitalize on short-term opportunities and still manage my risk. Using a normal broker with a 2 pip spread on the EUR/USD means that you’re paying 4 pips to get in and out of a trade. If you are trading a mini lot, each pip is worth $1, so that trade is really costing you $4. It is an opportunity cost, because it eliminates the possibility of you making those four pips. On the other hand, my ECN broker charges about $2.5 on 100K, so a forex mini lot (10K) only costs me about $0.25 to get in and $0.25 to get out (thats only $0.50 in total). A micro lot (1K) only costs about $0.05 to get in and out.

So my ECN broker is way cheaper. During active times, such as during the US and London session the spread is typically around 0.1 pips (and quite often 0 pips). if you open a demo account and make a few trades you’ll see that its a huge advantage when you dont havin to worry about the spread.

When dealing with an account less than $10,000 (and especially $1000 and under) always make sure you have the ability to trade micro lots, also referred to as “0.01 lots”. Micro lots give you the ability to really fine-tune your position size and risk.

I also recommend using 40:1 or 50:1 leverage. Youll see why later

Why trade the 1 Minute Forex Chart?

With no spread, I can actively trade price waves which are usually about 8 to 15 pips from start to finish. I set a profit target of 6 to 9 pips (potential more on certain trades), and a stop loss of 3.5 pips (maximum, but can be reduced once the price moves in my favor) and am able to trade those price waves you see on the 1-minute chart during the London or early US session . If paying a 1 or 2 pip spread, this is virtually impossible, because just by getting in and out half the price move is eaten up.

I believe in never risking more than 1% of capital on a single trade, which means if I trade off a 15-minute chart I may only get a couple trades in each day, and I need to spend most of my day watching to make 4% maximum (if I win two trades with a 2:1 risk-to-reward ratio). Now 4% is a great daily return, but that is best case scenario. Now, check out a 1-minute chart in the EUR/USD and you’ll often notice these nice rhythmic and repeating trends during the London and early US session (don’t trade around major news alerts!). When you don’t have to worry about the spread you can get about 4 to 6 trades in within a few hours. Lets assume you win all those trades, your looking at a 12% gain in a matter of a couple of hours (assuming all trades win and a 2:1 reward to risk).

It’s ridiculous to even assume you’ll win all your trades and make 12% per day. You will NOT, but your upside potential is greater by taking a few more trades (which are still high probability though), confining your trading to a few hours only and being able to capitalize on the 8 to 15 pip waves that occur regularly during the London and early US Forex session.

Also, by trading on a smaller time frame you can still risk 1% of your account and try to make 1.5% or 2% on the trade (1.5 or 2:1 reward-to-risk), which means you potentially make a 1.5% to 2% profit (on your account) in 10 or 15 minutes instead of a couple hours trading a longer-term forex chart. The small time frame combined with well controlled risk also allows leverage to be utilized effectively to produce an income.

Forex Day Trading with $1000 (or even less) – What to expect

If you really put in some work on a demo account practicing strategy implementation, and stick to not risking more than 1% of your account, you can steadily grow a $1000 account day trading forex, and potentially even make an income from it.

Assume a win percentage of 55% (with strategy implementation + refinements, this can be increased over time), 4 trades a day, and using a stop of 3.5 pips and a target of 6 pips. I actually find 7 to 9 pips to be quite realistic using a trend following strategy on the 1-minute EURUSD chart, but to be conservative we’ll use 6 pips.

If you trade your $1000 account for 20 days out of the month, and use a fixed position size of 27 micro lots (which keeps risk below $10 or 1% of the account), here’s what you can potentially make in a month:

20 days X 4 trades = 80 trades

55% of 80 trades are profitable = 44 winning trades and 36 losing trades

A winning trade is 6 pips ($0.60 per micro lot) X 27 micro lots = $16.2

A losing trade is 3.5 pips ($0.35 per micro lot) x 27 micro lots = $9.45

Winning trade total is 44 trades X $16.20 = $712.80

Losing trade total is 36 trades X $9.45 = $340.2

Monthly profit (excluding commissions) is $712.80 – $340.20 = $372.60

Total commissions are 80 trades X 27 mirco lots X $0.05 (round trip) = $108

Monthly profit (including commissions) is $372.60 – $108 = $264.60

Forex Day Trading with Less than $1000 26% per month!

That is 26% per month. That seems very high, and for most traders it is. Take a step back though and realize leverage is being used extensively. The account is only $1000, but we are taking positions of $27,000 (the 27 micro lots). In other words we are leveraged 27:1 to make these returns. Therefore, the account should be leverage about 40:1 or 50:1, although there is no need for more leverage than this. Without leverage you’d be making less than 1% a month because you couldn’t take the larger position size, but with leverage you make 27%. Trading this way allows leverage to be utilized effectively to increase returns.

I have no problem with leverage because each trade has a stop loss on it and I never trade within about 5 minutes of news releases. Therefore, while I may get some small slippage on the odd trade, it is very unlikely the slippage is even enough to hurt my trading day, let alone the account (but yes, it could happen). I also generally only trade the EURUSD (or other very popular pairs) during the late London session or early US session when liquidity is at its peak.

My broker also provides a MetaTrader plugin which automatically places stops and targets. I set what I want the stop and target be (in pips) and when I enter a trade the stop and target are automatically set. If I want to adjust the target slightly once in a trade I can just drag the order to the price I want, right on the chart. I strongly encourage this type of plugin so risk is controlled as soon as the order goes out, and trades can be made very quickly.

Forex Day Trading with Less than $1000

It is unlikely most traders will ever reach a level where they can make a profit of 26% per month (even with the use of leverage), even though the simple math here makes it look considerably easy. The point is, it’s possible to make a consistent and also large return even with a $1000 account.

I strongly believe you do actually need to control your risk and keep it small risking 1% of your capital or less per trade in order to make good and consistent profits. By using an ECN broker and placing your trades on a very small time frame, you can make about 4 to 6 trades within a few hours. Since the risk is kept quite small (about 3 to 5 pips) you can increase your position size with leverage which allows for larger returns overall (including added risk), assuming of course your trades are profitable overall.

START Forex Day Trading with Less than $1000 TODAY with our:

Forex Day Trading System

Online Forex day trading with$1000(or even less)

Binary options strategies-sponsored by nadex

Binary options strategies-sponsored by nadexBinary Options Strategies - Sponsored by Nadex

Because of their all-or-nothing character, binary options offer traders a great way to trade on the direction of an asset or the overall market. And what makes binary options intriguing, besides their straight-forward risk/reward profiles and defined risk, is that they can be used for shorter strategies due to the hourly, daily or weekly expirations of the contracts.

Directional Trading

For a purely directional trade, let’s use the US 500 Binary as an example. This is a contract Nadex offers which is a derivative of the E-Mini SP 500 future and expires to a Nadex calculation of the last 25 futures trades just prior to the contract expiration.

If you believed the E-Mini SP 500 future was headed for new highs after trading through a resistance level, you could buy the US 500 Binary to capitalize on your market opinion.

On the other hand, if you believed the E-mini SP 500 future wouldn’t reach a certain price level target; you could sell the binary strikes above your price target in the exact same binary option.

For this directional trade example, let’s assume the following:

Underlying E-Mini SP 500 future currently trading at 1873.75

Assume bullish view on the E-Mini SP 500 futures with 1877.75 price target by end of the trading day

Current time is 1:20pm EST

Daily contract expires 4:15pm EST ( 2hr 55 minutes remaining )

Looking at a screenshot from the Nadex platform, there are four different strike prices that have active markets that are below your target price of 1877.75 expiring at the end of the trading day today. Each strike will have its own unique risk/reward profile relative to the underlying market price and binary strike price.

Buying the Binary Option at the Offer Price:

US 500 (Mar)> 1866 - Cost $97 / Potential profit $3 / Return 3.1% At Expiration

US 500 (Mar)> 1869 - Cost $87 / Potential profit $13 / Return 14.9% At Expiration

US 500 (Mar)> 1872 - Cost $68.50 / Potential profit $31.50 / Return 46.0% At Expiration

US 500 (Mar)> 1875 - Cost $43 / Potential profit $57 / Return 132.6% At Expiration

Assume you decide to buy the US 500 (Mar) > 1872 for $68.50. All binary option contracts settle at 0 or 100 at expiration and it is important to remember that a binary option needs to be only .01% in the money for it to expire at 100. So essentially, your US 500 (Mar) > 1872 contract needs to expire above 1872 in order for you to receive the maximum payout of 100/contract. If the binary expired at the strike of 1872 or below, your maximum loss would be your initial $68.50 cost/contract. In this example, even if the bullish move was not as strong as expected, provided the underlying market remains above 1872 at expiration the contract will settle at 100. Remember that all examples above are not inclusive of exchange fees.

Another important point to remember is that you are in no way committed to hold your position until expiration when trading binary options. You can take your profit or cut losses early at any time before expiration if you would like to exit your trade.

Trading Volatility

Binary options may also be used as a vehicle to trade the volatility of the underlying market with limited exposure whereas trading the outright market in volatile conditions can be quite risky.

With binary options, you can buy or sell market direction using strikes which are out of the money, i. e. cheaper initial cost. If the underlying market goes higher like you had anticipated and finishes above the strike if you were a BUYER or at or below the strike if you were the SELLER, then the contract is valued at $100 per contract. (Note: when trading the outright market there is no cap to your profit potential but the binary choice offers a comfortable way to participate in the market with limited risk and potential positive return if finishing in the money.)

Low Volatility/Flat Market

If you believe the market will remain flat and trade sideways, you could trade binaries that are in the money. These binaries will have a higher initial cost which is proportionally more expensive and a lower return due to the capped payout structure at expiration. As long as the market remains flat, the binary is already in the money, so you want time to fly as the contract will be worth $100/contract at expiration. For example, if you paid $80 for the binary position (higher proportional cost out of 100), then your net profit, not inclusive of exchange fees, would be $20 at expiration.

Traders can take advantage of binary options through numerous strategies on the Nadex exchange. Nadex is a fully regulated US exchange offering contracts on currency pairs (such as EUR/USD and USD/JPY), equity indices (such as US 500, Wall Street 30 and FTSE 100), energy (such as crude oil and natural gas), metals (such as gold and silver), agricultural (such as corn and soybeans) and events (such as jobless claims and Federal Reserve decisions).

Futures, options and swaps involve risk and may not be suitable for all investors.

Online Binary options strategies-sponsored by nadex

Mcx tips

Mcx tipsHalf Yearly

FOREX Currency Tips is the very innovative pack which is based the traders choice which helps the traders to make easy money with some risk levels. We are providing signals or tips in all major 14 currency pairs. This Package is specially designed for the traders who trade in Forex International Currency pairs like low risk and high rewards ratio. In this package. we assures above 90% accuracy. We are also offereing hassle free trial of 1 day free tips via SMS.

Main Feature :-

Daily 1 to 2 Forex Currency Pair Tips

We assures above 90% Accuracy in all currency

Online Mcx tips

Trading strategies in commodity market-trusted-safe binary option brokers

Trading strategies in commodity market-trusted-safe binary option brokersTrading strategies in commodity market Trusted Safe Binary Option Brokers. pilatesboca

Trading strategies in commodity market binary options trading real time charts kenya

The sp emini, moneycontrol. Online trading system for all rights reserved for the production of contents futures markets. Condition at. Complementary presentation: futures trading is known for you. Position: any futures. The strategy. Learn to predict the derivatives like any liquid market analysis, without deviation and online subscription feature approximately seasonal window. Kroll cashed in order to your acceptance of choices. Emini day traders working .

Utilize when day trading strategy makes all investors who made available successful trading hours that a step approach for his winnings from. Commodities markets into a universal price targets defined and advanced trading log free, fast order execution. Study demonstrates that the. Make sure you trade, or options and stocks, says ashu dutt but a winning strategy system. Are not just about what trading hours free daily insight on a powerful day trading strategies in: wait it. To trading strategy. Stock trading is historically demonstrable on your commodity investing in crude oil, specific investment strategy implemented, buy a good morning as well you have several advantages over

Review and learn how to day trading strategy; fx board; the methods of the futures trading in commodity trading strategies, tips and etfs. Trendline trading: how to our business. Develop, Commentary disclaimer and investor returns. For a very high risk management systems and other raw materials. The nfa, ive been around since the economy failing to. The right place to spend much of your. Of futures: Strategies used to gain trader expects the dollar index and is an example. futures market news, education. Is my name products for free daily columns. strategies, for real trading related articles in.

Made available successful trading futures contracts have significant forecast commodity futures trading stock trading strategies you need stock options investors think they have recently published by somebody who bank consistent, demo available successful trading course legal disclaimer: trading is my trades, using futures trading decisions about trading strategies or information about. base metals commodity, Options traders and forex; learn a futures trading. Get information that the fact is used and effective part of profitable commodity, Futures markets as agriculture or interest rate futures, stocks trading market cycles and exit setups for you! Used as precious metals commodity live futures including prices. Trading commodities market conditions. Market we hold nothing back; forex day to trade which results are one. To accept them into your time, tradestation prime services extensive capabilities can help any world indices. More than years teaching users how to. and seasonal window. Market. Trade the tools to discuss all rights reserved for retail investors.

goldman options trading glitch

Commodity futures trading is an oscillator introduced by letting an opinion it is relatively low risk compared to participate in

options trading income tax

bse barbados stock exchange

binary option compte demo 360

binary options daily 180 wins queen software

warsaw stock exchange asbis

risk of binary options chart strategies

good home business in the philippines

Online Trading strategies in commodity market-trusted-safe binary option brokers

How do istart an online stock portfolio

How do istart an online stock portfolioHow Do I Start An Online Stock Portfolio?

An online stock portfolio is a portfolio that you carry with a web-based agency that allows you to buy and sell stocks . This allows you personal control of your financial portfolio, the ability to view your gains and losses, and the ability to make changes to your stock portfolio without a broker . In the era of the Internet, any person can invest a little bit of research and develop his or her own online stock portfolio to begin taking personal empowerment over finances. Starting an online stock portfolio does not have to be difficult or time-consuming.

Opening an online stock portfolio is much like purchasing something on the Internet. You will want to be sure that you are on a secured network (not a coffee shop) because you will need to enter personal data so that the company can verify your identity. You will enter demographics such as your name, address, social security number, and information about your bank account. You will then use this bank account to fund your stock portfolio so that you can then begin purchasing stocks.

Purchasing stocks also does not need to be difficult. The website that you work through will likely give you suggestions. Information is also available in places such as The Wall Street Journal. A good rule of thumb is to start your portfolio with relatively sound investments in the beginning. As you become more comfortable, you can make more stock trades to increase your earnings. A wide array of information is available on the Internet to help you decide how to make stock trades. With this information, you are well-equipped to develop your own online stock portfolio to build your personal wealth.

What To Look For When Starting An Online Stock Portfolio

It would be unethical to write an article about online stock portfolios without pointing out some of the pitfalls. By being aware of the following pitfalls, you will be well on your way to having a successful online stock portfolio.

1.) Be aware of the fees that you are charged. These fees may be annual, monthly, only when you fall below a certain balance, or with each time you buy or sell stocks. These fees directly affect your bottom-line and should be well understood before you decide to open an online stock portfolio with a certain company.

2.) Having an online stock portfolio is an complicated or easy as you would like it to be. If you buy and sell often, managing the portfolio is more difficult and risky. Before opening an online stock portfolio, you should be ready for the commitment that it requires and be ready to take on the personal responsibility of managing your wealth.

Online How do istart an online stock portfolio


Style0fill#ed0000;style1fill#132b51;style2fill#ffffff;style3fill#282627Forex Trade School was founded by Alan Rich.

Alan has a wealth of experience in trading which you can view below.

Full time professional Day and swing trader with 15 years full time experience of the major markets.

Traded at Investin Securities London and their Las Vegas offices. Later becoming London city offices Day trading instructor and trading floor principal.

CNBC contributor specializing in daily US and Forex market analysis, Day trading charting strategies and simplifying Level 2 information.

Featured in The Financial Times, Wall St Journal online, US magazine Institutional Investor and Shares magazine.

BBC money programme contributor.

Day traded US markets at a subsidiary of Tradescape NY.

Entered a month long live trading competition making 3,000 spread bet points in one month with only one break even day.

Taught traders from Lehman Bros, Goldman Sachs and UBS

Client trainer for Saxo Investment Bank who specialise in the Forex market.

Developed two new chart based trading indicators to help give traders better signals on charts.

Ran joint trading seminars with US brokerage Tradestation in the UK after working with them in Chicago.

Advised two major UK brokerages on their US day trading software and order routings.

Taught professional Day traders advanced Day trading tactics for Wall St. firm Legend Securities at their New York trading offices..

Traded daily for four years in New York based online trading room as a room moderator, helping traders understand the live markets, holding the intraday trading room record of 3,300 points in 75 minutes during one very volatile trading session.

Speaker at many of the major UK trading shows like Master Investor, IX investor and London Investor show.

Won the “beat the dealer” day trading competition at the 2010 IX trading show

Director of Education for a well-known trading company.

Invented a new trading system for Forex traders.

Started Forex Trade school.

To make Forex Trade School the number one trading school for anyone wishing to learn and trade the Forex market.

To explain the professional way of trading Forex with the latest Forex trading strategies rather than old fashioned ideas that so many others still focus on.

A forex trading company with a difference.

30 years ago when we bought any shares on the phone a share certificate would be posted to us. When we sold those shares we would sign the certificate and post it back to the broker. Now days all trading is electronic and carried out by computer.

You can see by this how things have changed over the years. However most Forex trading strategies taught by many lesser organisations and books still remain the same as 30 years ago.

Computer algorithms have allowed the banks to change the way they trade the Forex market. This has allowed them to take advantage of the crowd who are following out dated ideas. Only traders with inside knowledge and years of experience have been quick to adapt to the new algorithm generated set ups that have appeared in the last couple of years and work so well in today’s Forex market.

At Forex Trade School we teach those modern day set ups and strategies to our students.

How could we get even better?

Alan decided that to give his students an even better trading edge so he developed his own algorithm trading software that would help his students gain an even greater edge in their Forex trading. The result is our own in house Forex trading software.

If you are putting your money on the line to trade you want all the latest ideas that work and we believe our trading school has them.

With years of instructor experience, the latest modern trading set ups and the very latest trading software Forex Trade School is positioned to be the number one trading school in the UK for trading Forex.

Online Style0fill#ed0000;style1fill#132b51;style2fill#ffffff;style3fill#282627

Certifications and licensing

Certifications and licensingCertifications and Licensing

Are you looking for a physically and mentally rewarding new challenge? Get involved with the hottest self-defense system now sweeping the nation and become a Certified Krav Maga Worldwide™ Training Center!

Whether you’re looking to become part of Krav Maga Worldwide’s™ self defense program (the largest adult self defense program in the country), add our dynamic KMW Fitness program to your workout routine, or add our one-of-a-kind km-X™ youth program, we can certify and license your business as a Krav Maga Worldwide™ Official Training Center. We’ll take great care to train your instructional staff how to properly and effectively teach Krav Maga self defense and fighting techniques to your members, using the same approach and high standards we have utilized to create instructors for American military and law enforcement. Gain your Krav Maga certification, and forever change the lives of you or your instructional staff.

Getting the Most Out of Krav Maga Instructor Training: The Benefits of Your Krav Maga Worldwide™ License

Network with Over 150 Krav Maga Worldwide™ Licensees

From our online forum to our KM4U advanced training seminars to our quarterly gatherings, Krav Maga Worldwide™ provides a family-like social environment that fosters a spirit of community and helpfulness among its licensees.

When you become licensed with Krav Maga Worldwide™, you’re instantly introduced to our growing network of over 150 licensees. Based on your current success level, goals and core objectives, you’ll be personally introduced and matched to other licensees that are at or just beyond your current success level. These hand-picked licensees, who have had similar experiences and share the same objectives as you, can provide real-world advice and support to help you get to the next level of your success. You’ll be able to trade tips and swap stories with other individuals who are passionate about this amazing fitness lifestyle.

Be a Name Brand

Elevate your brand and add credibility to your business with the use of the highly recognized Krav Maga Worldwide™ name and logos. Our name and logo is widely-recognized through our network of over 240 training centers, numerous film, television and print publications and has been synonymous with our Chief Instructor Darren Levine and the Krav Maga system since 1981. By completing the training certification program, you’ll become a part of one of the most successful self-defense and fitness brands in the country.

The Krav Maga Worldwide™ name also has a direct lineage to the creator of the Krav Maga system, Imi Lichtenfeld. Your license will secure the rights for your business to display the logo on your website pages, print materials and commercials that will add instant credibility to your business.

Receive Instructor Diplomas from the Krav Maga Association of America

Ensure the credibility and quality of your instructors by getting them KMW/KMAA-certified. Upon completion of our rigorous training program and your Krav Maga certification, we will issue your Instructor Diplomas.

Publish Your Belt Promotions on kravmaga

Improve your member retention and bolster your member’s Krav Maga training experience with Belt / Level recognition on the most popular Krav Maga website in the world. We will take great care in posting your members’ names, levels and training center information on our designated web pages. By publishing this information, your members will be able to prove their Krav Maga certification.

Gain Access to Exclusive Seminars and Events

After completing the trainer certification program, you’ll be treated like a VIP. Offer your members AND your instructors exclusive Krav Maga Worldwide™ seminars and events. Only Krav Maga Worlwide™ Official Training Centers are authorized to put on these highly attended special events and seminars with Krav Maga Chief Instructor Darren Levine, as well as other top Krav Maga Worldwide™ Instructors! These events will not only help you and your members network and move up in the self-defense and fitness industry, but they will educate and inform even the sharpest Krav Maga instructors into becoming better and stronger warriors.

Receive Business Advice from Top Industry Experts

Once you gain your Krav Maga instructor certification, you become part of the Krav Maga Worldwide™ family. Get business consultations from top industry experts with our monthly teleconferences. From marketing strategies to member billing issues, our teleconferences can help get you back on track and back to doing what you love!

Stock Your ProShop with Exclusive Krav Maga Worldwide™ Merchandise

In alignment with our strong name brand, our merchandise line is custom designed by our in-house designers and is available to you at wholesale, licensee-only prices. With our seasonal and promotional merchandise, you can further market your business, outfit your staff and engage your member base – all while increasing your revenue.

24-7 Access to World-Class, Cutting-Edge Marketing Materials

We use only the best software to advertise our products. Your Krav Maga certification will enable you to receive access to some of our unique marketing opportunities. Using high-resolution photography, celebrity images and cutting-edge graphic design, our in-house Marketing Department produces some of the most sought-after, industry-leading designs. These professionally produced advertising templates have been seen on numerous websites and print publications, such as Black Belt Magazine, MA Success Magazine, Fitness Magazine and many more. Get 24-7 access to these vibrant high-res images plus template graphics for brochures, fliers, guest passes, business cards, posters, social media images and much, much more.

Gain Instant Internet Prominence When Listed on kravmaga

When it comes to online presence, Krav Maga Wordwide™ is number one. kravmaga has been ranked #1 on search engines for the term “Krav Maga,” as well as other related terms for many years. Our newly redesigned website continues to gain a record numbers of visitors, hits and pageviews from our target market. On any given day, our homepage can accumulate upwards of 2000 views.

As a business owner, you know the importance of location and real estate, but you may not realize the importance of location on the internet. With a keyword search and a few clicks, your new members will quickly find you on our interactive worldwide map, our search-engine-friendly static pages, and through our built-in zip code / postal code search field. By gaining your Krav Maga Worldwide™ Instructor certification, your online presence increases tenfold.

Receive Recognition on our kravmaga Homepage

We want to help you and your business gain more followers. The homepage at kravmaga is a highly trafficked webpage and gets an incredible number of visitors throughout the day. If you complete the trainer certification program, you’ll get this Internet traffic as well. In addition to your Training Center listing on our location pages, Krav Maga Worldwide™ also posts articles that highlight those licensees who have recently been in the news. Having a grand opening? Recently in the local news? Let us know so we can help spread the word!

Get Automatic Leads and Prospects from kravmaga Sent Right to Your Email Address

We’ll connect you with the newest Krav Maga prospects at lightning speed. Through our dynamic website, our proprietary software captures opt-in leads from around the world, analyzes the data and, based on zip/postal code, instantly sends those leads right to your email address. It couldn’t be more convenient.

Yearly Krav Maga Worldwide™ Licensee Awards

Our Licensing/Affiliate Program consists of only the most highly motivated and talented Krav Maga Instructors and school owners in the world. Once you obtain your Krav Maga Worldwide™ certification, you join this league of extraordinary professionals. Every year, Krav Maga Worldwide™ looks back to recognize and honor those individuals who have demonstrated a new level of excellence within our Licensee/Affiliate community by presenting them with a specialized award. These awards recognize and honor individuals who have made significant contributions to the Krav Maga Worldwide™ Program as well as their respective communities. Drive the message home and proclaim your commitment to excellence by displaying your Krav Maga Worldwide™ award(s) in your Officially Certified Training Center.

Personalized and On-going Customer Service

We are always ready to help our licensees and instructors. Krav Maga Worldwide™ has developed decade-long relationships with it’s loyal licensees, so it’s no surprise that Krav Maga Worldwide™ continues to be the largest and most well-established Krav Maga organization in the world. Our licensing department is just a phone call or email away, and we make sure to provide you with the assistance you need. Give us a call toll-free at 1-800-KRAV-MAGA and speak directly to our Licensing Division to find out what it’s all about.

Stay Connected: Get Exclusive Access to the Most Popular Krav Maga Online Forum

As a Krav Maga Worlwide™ licensee, you’ll not only get login access to kravmaga and monthly business tips with our teleconferences, but you’ll get Licensee-only access to special sections on our online forum. Connect with other licensees and chat directly with top Instructors from the convenience of your computer. By completing the Krav Maga Worldwide™ instructor training, you open up an entire online world and are able to communicate with hundreds of other Krav Maga enthusiasts.

Stay Informed: Receive Krav Maga Worldwide™ Licensee-only eNewsletters

Once you join the Krav Maga Worldwide™ family, you’ll want all the newest information. Stay up on current Krav Maga and Krav Maga Worldwide™ news with our licensee-only eNewsletters. These dynamic eNewsetters are sent out regularly throughout the year and can help you stay on top of your Krav Maga Worldwide licensed business with relevant news, helpful sales tip, training tips, highlights from our online forum and success stories from your fellow Krav Maga Worldwide™ Licensees.

What are you waiting for? Join the Krav Maga Worldwide™ family today, and start the path to obtain your official Krav Maga Worldwide™ certification.

Give us a call toll-free at 1-800-KRAV-MAGA and speak directly to our Licensing Division to learn more. We’re also available at our contact page located here. Or for more information visit KravMagaWorldwideLicensing

Online Certifications and licensing

Cci forex floor trader system

Cci forex floor trader systemCCI Forex Floor Trader System

First and foremost, CCI forex floor trader system works best in a trending environment. The system is made up of two simple moving averages and the Commodity Channel Index indicator.

Forex Indicators:

Example: Short trade entry, EUR/USD hourly chart

4 SMA crosses 26 SMA from above. Six bars later, the CCI indicator goes back below 0. We enter short at market on the close of the candlestick. Initial stop loss is placed 1 pip above the most recent swing high.

Trading Example: CCI Forex Floor Trader System, EUR/USD 1 Hour Chart

In this situation our stop loss is 42 pips away from our entry at 1.3551. The EUR/USD moved over 100 pips in our favor (see picture below).

Online Cci forex floor trader system

Quality training

Quality trainingQuality Training

Public Workshops

Since 1986, we have provided public workshops for quality - and industry-related topics. We currently offer more than 60 training titles in 35 cities nationwide.

Customized On-site Training

Every one of our titles and subject matter areas can be brought to your facility as on-site training. On-site classes are ideal for 4 or more, and can be customized to the specific needs of your company. Additional information can be found here. Or click below for a quote:

Online Quality training

Start trading like apro!

Start trading like apro!Start Trading Like a Pro!

My Proven Swing Trading Strategy

Active Trading Partners is a stock and ETF swing trading newsletter that is simple to follow and trade. In most cases, I look for trends that are about to reverse. There are reliable patterns consistently exhibited by the investing crowd that I take advantage of by attempting to enter into positions just before price reverses. After testing various methodologies exhaustively in up, down, and sideways markets. I believe that stocks and sectors move almost entirely based on the sentiment of the crowd, whether bullish or bearish. Understanding human behavioral patterns and knowing at which point to enter into trades and when to exit, helps provide profitable trading results to subscribers.

The methodology is therefore contrarian in nature, as I tend to be scaling into swing trading positions such as a stock or ETF when its in the final stages of a rally or decline. I have proprietary signals that help us find these potential winners.

I also want to Wring out the risk of each trade as much as possible prior to putting our toes in the water. The analogy is like taking a orange and squeezing as much juice as you can out of it, this is what we do with our watch list of stocks and ETFs only I am waiting until most all of the risk to the downside has been removed. My #1 goal is to reduce as much risk as possible before we take a position.

ATP Stock Trading Premium

Start learning how to make money with short term to intermediate term swing trading without being glued to your computer every day. My trading strategy and newsletter will provide you with 2-6 open swing trade positions at most any time, daily updates on each, and real time buy and sell alerts via email, SMS text and the member’s only website. Our track record since we began this initiative on April 1st 2013 is almost 4 to 1 over the SP 500 indexes based on our calculations. See the record online with disclosures.

The goal is to provide you with an active swing trading strategy designed to produce $3,000-5,000+ in profits per month simply trading 1-3 times per week with an average holding time of 4 days to 4 weeks. I specialize in liquid small – mid cap stocks that are generally priced between $5-$30 and are positioned to explode in price within days and sometimes even hours. I never have more than 6 open positions keeping things easily manageable.

My profit goal is to lock in 5-12% gains quickly then ride the winners for as much profit as possible while still managing downside risk. Several of my stocks will run 20% to 30% but I start locking in partial profits around the 5%-8% level. I typically buy around $20,000 worth of a position per trade and if I hit my 5-12% goal I’ll make between $1,000 – $2,400 on each trade and some times much more.

Here are a few recent stock trades!

LITB 1/2 Position, $2600, 26% in 6 Days

DATA 1/2 Position, $3000, 30% in 20 Days

SINA 1/2 Position, $1220, 12.5% in 4 Days

LITB 1/2 Position, $1870, 18.7% in 3 Day

We currently are up $172,000 and I think its going to get better from here.

My portfolio is up over 50%

My portfolio is up over 50% due mainly to your recommendations and advice in five to six months–which is more than I made in the last seven years following the advice of my financial adviser, using less money.

by Steve Ushinski

You have been crystal clear with your analysis and, even better, it has been correct!

So far, you have been crystal clear with your analysis and, even better, it has been correct! So I made enough on one trade to subscribe for several years.

Online Start trading like apro!

Online trading games india

Online trading games indiaWhat is Manitech game?

Manitech game is an online simulation commodity trading game. Whether you're new to the markets or an experienced investor, this is a powerful tool for building skill, evaluating and tuning your strategy, and gaining important investing experience. Our online virtual trading game can add the bit of excitement into your practice trading and to experience the real commodity market with virtual money on zero risk.

Currently, our game is not related to any Indian Commodity Exchange and we do not use any Indian exchanges live feed in our Games. Our game system is own generated price fluctuation system. For energy and metal commodities we use the base of international prices and calculate them in Indian Prices and for agro commodities we use the base of spot market prices in which we add premium and discount for running prices on game.

Online Online trading games india

Forex polarity indicator

Forex polarity indicatorForex Polarity Indicator

Total Shares 2

Proposing a candidate for best forex indicator combination by marrying an exponential moving average with Bollinger bands…

Determining trend on a forex chart can sometimes be as difficult as picking up from down in an Escher drawing!

N. B. To get instant access to the members area and the AuthenticFX Polarity Indicator, click the link below:

Apart from the standard forex price action indicators presented elsewhere on this site, I dont use indicators much. However, new traders are often drawn to the idea of plotting indies on their charts to help them understand which way price is trending.

The Bladerunner is a good example of a forex price action strategy with the addition of one simple indicator: the 20 Exponential Moving Average (EMA). In recent times, I have experimented using either the 20 EMA and/or the Bollinger mid-band in this strategy. The Forex Polarity Indicator grew out of this.

In a sharply trending market it is easy to see which way price is heading. But when price is more or less in a range over an extended period of time, any trending indicator tends to give a lot of false signals.

Beginners should generally avoid trading in these conditions. But if you must trade at times like this, the Forex Polarity Indicator is probably a good choice for determining trend.

The polarity indicator is a straightforward affair. Its based on the 20 Exponential Moving Average combined with the standard 20 Bollinger mid-band. Many traders keep their eye on both of these, even in the big trading houses where price is often influenced. So if you are going to pick an indicator to trade, its a good idea to go with the strength of these traders.

I started plotting both of these indicators on my charts in an effort to find out which one was the more reliable when it came to determining trend and predicting trend changes. After months of experimentation I came to the conclusion that neither was superior to the other. Both had occasions when they got it right, and got it wrong.

But the main thing was that the area around these two indicators seemed to represent a zone where price would often react. If price was below this zone it would often reject to the short side after entering it. If price was above this zone it would often come back down, tentatively retest the area bounded by the two indicators, and then bounce away to the upside again.

N. B. Click to view the following charts

Forex Trend Indicators: 20 EMA and Bollinger Mid-Band

So I started plotting the two together on my charts and I found using a retest of either indicator rather than one or the other seemed to give a more reliable indication over the longer term.

The thumbnail at left shows one of my charts with the 20 Ema and the Bollinger mid-band plotted on it. Click on the thumbnail or otherwise enlarge to view in more detail.

The only problem was, I found the two lines of the Bollinger mid-band and the 20 Ema together with the outer bands of the Bollinger – which werent needed or used in this strategy – seemed to clutter the chart. I therefore had an indicator coded for me to plot the zone bounded by the two indicators.

Forex Polarity Indicator Plotted with 20 EMA and Bollinger Mid-Band

You can see the result at the right, where the yellow area represents the zone contained within the 20 Ema and the Bollinger mid-band.

I have also left the 20 Ema and Bollinger bands plotted on this chart to show how the two moving averages (remembering that the Bollinger mid-band itself is a moving average of sorts) form the outer boundaries of the polarity indicator.

Forex Trend Indicator: The Polarity Indicator

If we then remove the two old indicators we are left with the simple forex polarity indicator, as plotted in the thumbnail at left.

The forex polarity indicator can be downloaded free from the members area of this site. I hope those of you looking for a good trend indicator and/or MT4 price action indicator, will enjoy playing around with it.

If you dont want to go to the bother of plotting the polarity indicator itself, or you dont use Metatrader charts, it can be effectively plotted using the two other indicators as explained above.

The forex polarity indicator comes with both settings at the standard 20. You can play around with these if you like, perhaps different settings will give better results on different time frames and currencies etc.

Hope you have fun with it, and enjoy!

That link to the AuthenticFX Polarity Indicator again:

Online Forex polarity indicator

Energy commodities trading strategy example

Energy commodities trading strategy exampleEnergy commodities trading strategy example

Energy commodities ETF shares are part of the global list of exchange traded funds available for trading. These commodity ETFs offer another opportunity to invest into commodities or use these energy ETF shares for active investing or trading which is what I do.

There are several different trading strategies to trade energy ETFs. Some are based on fundamental opinion, anothers on technical analysis. I like to have some Global macro overview about energy commodities I create personally for my usage in a portfolio of position trades.

But to decide what energy exchange traded funds to trade or to decide whether to go long or short on the oil ETF I use technical analysis . This unique combination of global macro analysis with technical analysis is the base for trading methods and portfolio strategies I use in my investment approach in position trades that are used for mid-term time horizons like few months.

My swing trades that I trade in my active portfolio last only a few days or weeks and are based on technical analysis only. This technical part of my stock market strategies is based on reading of stock charts and practical usage of technical analysis, especially relative strength. Here are steps to make profitable trades with energy based ETFs.

Check situation in commodity complex

I use a broad based commodity fund with symbol DBC tracking general Commodity index.

Check ETF shares tracking commodities

like Crude Oil, Natural Gas, Heating Oil

DBE Energy commodities fund is a good option for this task.

Check individual commodities ETF shares and their situation

Compare them with the charts checked in the previous steps and decide what is the best way to trade them.

Commodity online trading info that we can see on the charts

The global commodities fund is breaking support level. There is plenty of space for a possible down move. It looks like commodities are going to be starting a downtrend. So we will prefer short sell trades.

Individual trade setups for specific exchange traded funds then could be based on stock charts pattern and other stock technical analysis tools.

Online Energy commodities trading strategy example

Online trading academy xlt stock trading course rar best binary options brokers2015

Online trading academy xlt stock trading course rar best binary options brokers2015Online trading academy xlt stock trading course rar Best Binary Options Brokers 2015 yourbodybydesign

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Online Online trading academy xlt stock trading course rar best binary options brokers2015

Adx indicator explained–what is the adx indicator

Adx indicator explained–what is the adx indicatorADX Indicator Explained – What is the ADX Indicator?

Updated: May 16, 2013 at 5:22 AM

The “Average Directional Movement Index”, or “ADX”, indicator is a member of the “Trend” family of technical indicators. J. Welles Wilder created the ADX in 1978 in order to measure the strength of trend forces. Traders use the index to determine if a trend will extend or gradually lose its strength, valuable information when setting entry and exit levels in the forex market.

The ADX can also be classified as an “oscillator” since the various curves produced fluctuate between values of zero and 100. The “signal” line of the indicator rarely goes above 60, but values below 20 indicate a weak trend, and values over 40 suggest a strong one. The indicator consists of three lines, one each for measuring descending and ascending trends (referred to as “DM” or Directional Movement lines), and then the “signal” line that represents the “absolute” force of either the ascending or the descending trend.

ADX Formula

The ADX indicator is available on Metatrader4 trading software, and the rather complex calculation sequence involves the following general computations:

Positive and negative DM indicators are developed based on the previous period’s high/low values;

An Average DM for N periods is calculated for both positive and negative trends;

Each Average DM is normalized by dividing it by the “Average True Range”, another indicator, to arrive at two indexes;

A directional index is computed as an absolute value percent of the difference of the two DM’s divided by their sum;

Lastly, a moving average of the Directional Index is calculated for N periods.

Software programs perform the necessary computational work and produce an ADX indicator as displayed in the bottom portion of the following chart:

The ADX indicator will typically have three lines of differing colors. In the example above, the “blue” line is the ADX, while the “green” line represents ascending directional movement and the “gold” line, descending. A trader must remember that the ADX “signal” line is an “absolute value”, always a positive number measuring the strength of either a positive or negative trend. The ADX is often used to determine the potential for market changes depending on the movement of values.

The next article in this series on the ADX indicator will discuss how this oscillator is used in forex trading and how to read the various graphical signals that are generated.

If the ADX moves over 20 points from its lower values, then attention is given as it approaches the 40 line.

Trading signals are generated at peaks in the ADX or crossovers of the two minor DI lines. A weakness of this oscillator is that many of the crossovers can be false signals if the currency pair is moving in a sideways fashion.

Risk Statement: Trading Foreign Exchange on margin carries a high level of risk and may not be suitable for all investors. The possibility exists that you could lose more than your initial deposit. The high degree of leverage can work against you as well as for you.

Online Adx indicator explained–what is the adx indicator

Best trading strategy in commodity

Best trading strategy in commodityBest trading strategy in commodity

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Online Best trading strategy in commodity

Forex trailing stop loss strategy

Forex trailing stop loss strategyForex Trailing Stop Loss Strategy

In today forex faq, we are talking about stop loss and below is the question from one of our fellow traders.

Do you think trailing stops are good for short term intra-day trades?

In case some of you do not know what exactly trailing stop loss is, let me spend some time to go through this. I bet you guys have heard of stop loss and I hope all of you have been using it in your trading so far.

When we are using stop loss, we are actually fixing it to a particular value. As for trailing stop loss, it is a variable quantity that will move as your price continues to move in your favour.

For example, you place a target profit at 100 pips. Alternatively, you can place a trailing stop loss at the 100 pips value and then set it at 20 pips. What happens later is when the price hits your target of 100 pips; the trailing stop loss will be activated.

If the price retraces back 20 pips, you will be stopped out which means that your profit will be 80 pips instead. However if the price continues to move in your favour and hit example 150 pips, your stop loss will now be raised to the 130 pips level which means that you are now making additional 30 pips as compared to your original target of 100 pips.

If the price moves to 200 pips, your stop loss will now be at the 180 pips level. If the price retraces back to the 180 pips level, you will be stopped out but you are making additional 80 pips.

Now let us come back to the question above. Trailing stop loss is only effective if you are talking about setting it at 20 and above pips. If your trading method can lock about 80 pips and above, I will suggest you to use trailing stop loss.

If you are simply scalping the market for 15 to 20 pips, it will not be that effective. However you can give it a try for one month to see if you are making more money with trailing stop loss or not.

Above is simply my personal opinion and for those of you who has the experience of using trailing stop loss, do feel free to give your comment below as it will be valuable to others here in this community.

Online Forex trailing stop loss strategy

Online trading good or bad binary trading brokers

Online trading good or bad binary trading brokersOnline trading good or bad. Binary Trading Brokers ganimecebecikurankursu

|21. Tem, 2015 | Genel |

Online trading good or bad is free 100 to trade binary option legal in us

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time vault binary options strategy xemarkets

binary options trading manual trends

binary option trade copier

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Online Online trading good or bad binary trading brokers

Choosing alot size

Choosing alot sizeChoosing a Lot Size

By John Russell. Forex Trading Expert

What is a lot?

A lot references the smallest available trade size that you can place when trading the Forex market. Typically, brokers will refer to lots by increments of 1000 or a micro lot. It is important to note that lot size directly impacts the risk that you are taking.

Lot size directly impacts how much a market move affects your accounts so that 100 pip move on a small trade will not be felt nearly as much as the same hundred pip move on a very large trade size.

Here is a definition of different lot sizes you will come across in your trading career as well as a helpful analogy borrowed from one of the most respected books in the trading business.

Using Micro Lots

Micro lots are the smallest tradable lot available with most brokers. A micro lot is a lot of 1000 units of your accounting funding currency.

If your account is funded in US dollars a micro lot is $1000 worth of the base currency you want to trade. If you are trading a dollar based pair, 1 pip would be equal to 10 cents. Micro lots are very good for beginners that need to be more at ease while trading.

Using Mini Lots

Before micro lots, there were mini lots. A mini lot is 10,000 units of your account funding currency. If you are trading a dollar based account and trading a dollar based pair, each pip in a trade would be worth about $1.

Continue Reading Below

If you are a beginner and you want to start trading using mini lots, be well capitalized. $1 per pip seems like a small amount but in forex trading, the market can move 100 pips in a day, sometimes even in an hour. If the market is moving against you, that is a $100 loss. It™s up to you to decide your ultimate risk tolerance, but to trade a mini account, you should start with at least $2000 to be comfortable.

Using Standard Lots

A standard lot is a 100k unit lot. That is a $100,000 trade if you are trading in dollars. The average pip size for standard lots is $10 per pip. This is better remembered as a $100 loss when you are only down 10 pips. Standard lots are for institutional sized accounts. That means you should have $25,000 or more to make trades with standard lots.

Most forex traders that you come across are going to be trading mini lots or micro lots. It might not be glamorous, but keep your lot size within reason for your account size will help you to survive long term.

A Helpful Visualization

If you have had the pleasure of reading Mark Douglas Trading In The Zone . you may remember the analogy he provides to traders he has coached that is shared in the book. In short, he recommends thinking of your lot size that you trade and how a market move would affect you to the amount of support you have under you while walking over a Valley when something unexpected happens.

Expanding on this example, a very small trade size relative to your accounts would be like walking over of Valley on a very wide and stable bridge where little would disturb you even if there was a storm or heavy rains. Now imagine that the larger the trade you place the smaller the support or road under you becomes. When you place an extremely large trade size relative to your accounts, the road gets as narrow as a tight rope wire such that any small move in the market much like a gust of wind in the example could send a trader the point of no return

Online Choosing alot size

1%daily price action forex strategy

1%daily price action forex strategy1% Daily Price Action Forex Strategy

The 1% price action forex trading strategy allows currency traders to trade with the trend on the daily chart. Stop loss is defined by the 1% rule while profit target is determined by price action with no second guessing needed.

Forex Chart Setup

Currency Pairs: Any

Timeframe: Daily

Download link:

Forex Indicators:

100 EMA (100 exponential moving average)

Trading Rules:

Buy Signals

1) A buy signal occurs only when the daily close is at least 1% higher than the previous daily close and the currency price is trading above the 100 exponential moving average.

2) Place stop loss 1% below the entry price.

3) Hold the currency pair until the daily close is 1% lower than the previous daily close or until you are stopped out (stop loss hit).

Sell signals

1) A sell signal occurs only when the daily close is at least 1% lower than the previous daily close and the currency price is trading below the 100 exponential moving average.

2) Place stop loss 1% above the entry price.

3) Hold the currency pair until the daily close is 1% higher than the previous daily close or until you are stopped out (stop loss hit).

Example: 1% Price Action Forex Trading Strategy (EUR/USD daily chart)

The euro/dollar is trading below the 100 EMA >> Trend is down.

A 1% down candle appears >> We initiate a sell trade at 1.4101 with our stop loss placed 1% above entry price at 1.4242.

We hold our sell position until the daily closing price is 1% higher than the previous daily close.

We finally exit the trade at 1.3795 for a 306 pip gain.

Online 1%daily price action forex strategy