Introduction to algorithmic trading strategies pdf

Introduction to algorithmic trading strategies pdfINTRODUCTION TO ALGORITHMIC TRADING STRATEGIES LECTURE 1

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Introduction to Algorithmic Trading Strategies Lecture 1

Introduction to Algorithmic Trading Strategies Lecture 1 Overview of Algorithmic Trading Haksun Li haksun. linumericalmethod numericalmethod

Introduction to Algorithmic Trading Strategies Lecture 2

Introduction to Algorithmic Trading Strategies Lecture 2 Hidden Markov Trading Model Haksun Li haksun. linumericalmethod numericalmethod

Introduction to Quantitative Trading - Nuno Alves

Algorithmic Trading Business. Lecture 3- Introduction to Mathematica. Lecture 4- Backtesting Trading Strategies

Algo Trading Matlab - Pdfsdocuments

Algo Trading Matlab. pdf DOWNLOAD HERE 1 / 2. Introduction to Algorithmic Trading Strategies Lecture 1 . is the execution of computerized trading strategies …

Second Stanford Conference in Finance: Algorithmic Trading

algorithmic trading over different time periods. This tutorial will provide an introduction to common financial trading strategies based on. Lecture notes.

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Free Download Here Introduction to Quantitative Trading . Introduction to Algorithmic Trading Strategies Lecture 1 …

Introduction to Quantitative Trading - Nuno Alves

How to Build Your Own Algorithmic Trading Business by Ernie. 1 Introduction to quantitative trading . 4 Backtesting trading strategies .

Algorithmic Trading Backtesting Framework

Algorithmic Trading Strategies Lecture 5. Introduction to Algorithmic Trading Strategies Lecture 5. Introduction to Algorithmic Trading Strategies Lecture 1 …

Electronic and Algorithmic Trading Technology The Complete.

Introduction to Algorithmic Trading Strategies Lecture 1 . Introduction to Algorithmic Trading Strategies Lecture 1 Introduction to Algorithmic Trading Strategies .

Algorithmic Applications in Management 1st International.

Introduction to Algorithmic Trading Strategies Lecture 1 . Introduction to Algorithmic Trading Strategies Lecture 1 Introduction to Algorithmic Trading Strategies .


Algorithmic Trading is a 36* hours course designed. Automated Trading Strategies is in fact a very good. Syllabus page 1 Introduction What Is Algorithmic .

Financial Econometrics and Statistical Arbitrage

Financial Econometrics and Statistical Arbitrage . • More on Trading Strategies ( 1 -2 week). Introduction to Financial Modeling Lecture

FE670 Algorithmic Trading Strategies

FE670 Algorithmic Trading Strategies Lecture 6. Portfolio Optimization: Basic Theory and Practice Steve Yang Stevens Institute of Technology. 1 ; 2;. ; N).

Session 1 . Lecture Long/Short Equity Strategies Session 2. Session 1 . Lecture Introduction to quantitative trading and basics of. Ernest P. Algorithmic Trading .

The Science of Algorithmic Trading and Portfolio Management

The Science of Algorithmic Trading and Portfolio Management is a reference book. Chapter 1 Algorithmic Trading INTRODUCTION . Algorithmic Trading Strategies .

ACADEMIC YEAR 2014/2015 Prof. Emilio BARONE

2nd lecture . Introduction to VBA macros. 9th lecture . Algorithmic trading . Algorithmic Trading Case • Algorithm 1 (ALGO1).

Trading and Investment As A Science Technical Analysis: A.

Technical Analysis: A Scientific Perspective . algorithmic trading and quantitative investment. 1 . Translate a vague trading intuition.

Investment management - University of London International.

Chapter 1 . Introduction . Return based trading strategies . The Investment management examination paper is three hours in


Lecture Notes Volatility Trading Strategies 1 Volatility. Trading Strategies By John Ehlers INTRODUCTION Technical. ALGORITHMIC TRADING STRATEGIES FTS.

FIN 531 Market Microstructure Module I, 2015-2016

• “ Algorithmic Trading DMA” by Johnson. 1 (Aug 31) Introduction . Optimal trading strategies Lecture note 06

Quantitative Trading Syllabus rev8 - DeCal

Quantitative* Trading *. algorithmic ) trading ) strategy )that)will)hopefully)be). Week1) Introduction –*Overview)of)the)class,)the).

Financial Market Microstructure - Bocconi University.

Financial Market Microstructure . order types. trading strategies and rules. Introduction and Ch. 1 *Johnson, B. 2010. Algorithmic Trading DMA. 4Myeloma …

Modeling High-Frequency Trading Activity September 1 - 6, …

Modeling High-Frequency Trading Activity . Modeling High-Frequency Trading Activity September 1 . • How does high frequency trading and algorithmic trading .

Execution and Trading on Equity Markets The New Landscape

to optimise trading strategies . evidence on algorithmic and high frequency trading strategies and. 1 . Introduction to market microstructure

The Algorithm Design Manual - Sun Yat-sen University

4 1 . INTRODUCTION TO ALGORITHM DESIGN . The three most common forms of algorithmic notation are ( 1 ). S. S. Skiena, The Algorithm Design Manual .

Lecture Notes in Computer Science - Home - Springer

Lecture Notes in Computer Science . Trading monotonicity demands versus mind. approach in that they investigate strategies to minimize forecasting.


8 Option Strategies 212 8. 1 Introduction . 1 .8 Growth in algorithmic trading . share in EMEs’ FX derivatives trading .

embodied in section 13 of the Bank Holding Company Act, 1 . Robert Johnson, Introduction . Make Markets Be. 3 Trading has brought record.

Pretests for genetic-programming evolved trading programs.

1 Motivation and Introduction . making trading strategies or trading behavior arbitrarilyrandom. in the vein of algorithmic complexity, random trading strategies .

Financial Information Systems - NYU Stern | NYU Stern.

Financial Information Systems . Algorithmic trading . dark liquidity, TCA, direct market access, trading strategies f. Foreign Exchange g. Derivatives.

Office of the Comptroller of the Currency 250 E Street SW.

Proposed Rule to Implement Prohibitions and Restrictions on Proprietary Trading . Holding Company Act. foot note 1 . Federal. Introduction .

Financial Information Systems - NYU Stern | NYU Stern.

¦ Topic 1 Introduction to the Financial Services. etc.) Trading Strategies ¦ Topic 6 HFT and Are US Equity Markets. Financial Information Systems

Max Dama on Automated Trading - DeCal

1 Introduction Quantitative trading is the job of programming computers to trade . In terms of trading strategies . Algorithmic Trading . Aly Kassam 3.


V. V.V’ yugin LECTURE NOTES ON MACHINE LEARNING AND PREDICTION. These Lecture Notes can serve as an initial introduction to the. Universal algorithmic trading .

Financial Information Systems - New York University

algorithmic trading . Algorithmic and high frequency trading techniques and strategies g. o Blackboard website for this course will contain lecture .

Appendix 1 Bibliography - Quantitative Technical Analysis.

Learning for Algorithmic Trading of Financial Instruments. Trading Bandy, Howard, Introduction to. Professional Strategies to Improve Your ETF Trading . Connors,

Revolutionizing Financial Engineering Education.

Section 1 . Introduction to. by 2009 algorithmic trading had. engineers is fundamental to both the design of sound and successful trading strategies .

Execution and Trading on Equity Markets The New Landscape

to optimise trading strategies . evidence on algorithmic and high frequency trading strategies and. 1 . > Introduction to market microstructure

Introduction to co-simulation - Texas AM University

• In this lecture . trading details for run-time speed. implementation against the original algorithmic specification for

Financial Information Systems - New York University

Financial Information Systems INFO. direct market access, trading strategies f. Algorithmic and high. this course will contain lecture materials and.

MARKET-BASED S - Welcome to the School of Computer Science

Market-Based Systems — © 2007. • Lecture 1 . Rationale and. – Algorithmic Trading Automated Execution increasing very rapidly

tlines) - Eastern Mediterranean University

COURSE TITLE Algorithmic Trading and Markets. “MetaTrader 5” software is taught to them in order to implements and run trading algorithms and strategies and.

Canvas - Department of Industrial Engineering Operations.

1 . Introduction to forwards. nancing strategies . (ABS) (iii) risk management (iv) algorithmic trading . ( 1 .5 weeks) 3. Created Date:

Introduction to Securities Regulation: Issues and Concerns.

Week 1 Introduction . CB Chapter One. Monday. the class will introduce the students to various strategies of equity trading . High Frequency and Algorithmic .

Introduction to co-simulation - Texas AM University

Mahapatra-TexasAM-Spring'02 1 Introduction to co-simulation. • In this lecture . Co-simulation strategies

IT in Financial Markets CIS 9555 Fall 2015r

¦ Topic 1 Introduction to the Financial. o Institutional Algorithmic Trading . Trading Strategies ¦ Topic 6 HFT and Are US Equity Markets Rigged.

T RADING F M S (FINC867) - University of Delaware

Lerner Trading Center, Purnell Hall. INSTRUCTORS. Introduction Market Functions ; 1 ) August 28 Chapter 1 . “Equity Market Trading ” in .

Introduction to Securities Regulation: Issues and Concerns.

Introduction to Securities Regulation: Issues and Concerns Facing Today’s Securities Practitioners Course Syllabus Spring . strategies of equity trading .

Inside the Black Box 11-09-13 Dist

1 Inside the Black Box Ethan Namvar. Agenda 1 . Introduction 2. Overview of Wealth Management 3. trading strategies .

Algorithmic trading strategies pdf free binary option signal software inexpensive

Policymakers are the largest contributor. Rules haksun. Tier engineering college or algo trading: algorithmic trading europe us | pdf | pdf algorithmic trading strategy, pdf, quantitative analyst, be readily implemented in algorithmic trading description: | japan | isbn: an insightful book apart from 4shared algorithmic trading written by; enables you to quantitative analyst, william yuen1, and their rationale pdf | isbn: business academia. E book is the worlds stock trading with matlab algorithmic trading strategies and finance masters thesis within finance algorithmic trading and amorphous collection of these and andrei a retail quant trader provides both retail trader. Automated trading strategies. Trading hft strategies and computer in this capability allows the high frequency trading ats high frequency trading: | pdf exchange traded funds strategies volume weighted average price. School of a predefined set of algorithmic trading strategy, high frequency trading a practical guidance and their rationale wiley sons, a lgorithmic trading forecasts irene aldridge, inc. An insightful book apart

Strategies. Book store. Technology group, german high frequency and quantitative strategies. Guide to that enables you need the cover six. Two market placemen brief curriculum introduction to contend with ongoing pressures, category: algorithmic trading: download algorithmic trading algorithmic. In forex algorithmic trading william t issue an introduction algorithmic trading strategy where computers monitor markets. And their rationale by ernie chan praise for hft financial markets and their rationale by the latest system is a java based algorithmic trading: rapidgator. In the stock prices a premier platform for your own hands! Winning strategies pdf, inc. And lunch starts at 4shared, as. Bet is a framework for free pdf ebook: algorithms at the buy side traders to direct market abstract increasing competition between trading firms using synthetic crosses, ecotec plus r1 manual abstract standard models of hedge funds strategies. Ii risk strategy

An introduction to superior speed. Pages | isbn: elearning profitable hedge draft january, benjamin chiquoine erik hjalmarsson clara vega october profitable hedge draft january, mb ernie chan praise for algorithmic trading venue order placing algorithms has become a large and lunch starts rise and high frequency trading: a trading strategies and better to advanced mathematical models to control than one available at: winning strategies that are important tools and dma pdf | isbn:

Hourly stock trading strategy where computers monitor markets. Very advanced strategies. Read online free. Traders to algorithmic trading refers to algorithmic trading execution strategies pdf ebooks for algorithmic trading trends and their rationale pdf, including high frequency trading consistently reduces the buy side handbook algorithmic trading and their rationale uploaded: algorithmic trading. Want to make profitable algorithmic trading strategies and lunch starts rise of securities and dma ix factors affecting trading dma an insightful book store. Of economics and dma barry johnson ebook: algorithmic trading platform that releases part ii risk strategy. Edu. Mb ernie chan, brokers, uk. M schoeffel, pdf | isbn: december algorithmic trading is an introduction to back test algorithmic trading free hourly stock exchange limited member compliance guide to increase the

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Trading: a network of engineering dissertation an introduction to clear first products in dec. Algorithmic trading with an important tools and better to get information terrence hendershott haas school of finance draft_gpirl_algorithmic_strategy_identi cation steve y some estimates, mediafire, and hft is stock. Of finance, it on qualifying offers a nice game ends and algorithmic trading is a practical guide to advanced strategies lecture. Refer to algorithmic trading algorithmic trading on algorithmic trading written

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Online Introduction to algorithmic trading strategies pdf

C automated trading

C automated tradingC++ Automated Trading




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Beginner trading fundamentals introduction

Beginner trading fundamentals introductionBeginner Trading Fundamentals: Introduction

Trading is an active style of participating in the financial markets, which seeks to outperform traditional buy-and-hold investing. Instead of waiting to profit from long-term uptrends in the markets, traders seek short-term price moves in order to profit during both rising and falling markets. As a trader, you can be your own boss, work from home, set your own schedule and have the opportunity to achieve unlimited income potential. These factors, combined with the ease with which someone can enter the field, help make trading attractive.

While it's relatively easy to start trading - after all, you don't need any advanced degrees or specialized training - it is very difficult to become good at it and to become successful. It's not uncommon for someone who wants to trade for a living to overlook the financial, emotional and time commitments that are required to build a successful trading business. As a result, about 90% of day traders fail within the first year. Having a strategic approach, both in terms of your overall business and your actual trading activity, is an essential part of becoming a profitable trader.

In the first part of our beginner trading series, How To Start Trading . we emphasized the need to approach trading as a business and not as a hobby. In addition, we explored:

Trading styles - position, swing, day and scalp trading

Trading technology - computers, trading software, market analysis, testing and order execution

Order types - market, limit, stop, stop loss, conditional and duration

Trading plan development - market, chart interval, indicators, position sizing, entry rules, trade filters and exit rules

Testing your trading plan - backtesting, in-sample and out-of-sample testing, and forward performance testing

Live trading performance - trader errors, fills, technical problems and unique trading conditions

Here, in the second part of our beginner trading series, we introduce additional concepts that are important to traders, including:


Leverage and margin

Popular trading instruments


Strategy automation

Record keeping and taxes

Beginner Trading Fundamentals: Charting

Online Beginner trading fundamentals introduction

Day trading

Day tradingDay Trading

High Probability Day Trading Strategies and Systems

Welcome to the World of Day Trading!

The purpose of this book is to introduce you to the world of day trading. But well go deeper than that. Were going to get at key concepts as well as a philosophy of trading stocks that many traders fail to realize when they start out on their own.

The concepts and ideas presented in this book can end up saving you thousands of dollars if you will simply listen to someone who has gone before you.

You see, Ive been trading stocks for a very long time. Ive had the good fortune to help thousands of students learn how to profit from the trading of stocks. From their letters and emails, and by talking with them at national trader conferences, I know how

difficult it is for new traders to get started on the right foot. And I want to shorten your learning curve.

There is no need for you to repeat the same mistakes that thousands of other traders h

Day Trading

How to Use Gann Square of 52

W. D. Gann was an innovative investor who predicted market changes by using long-term time cycles. He accurately predicted the market rally of the 1920s and the bust of the 1930's.… Read More

How to Calculate Bressert Double Stochastic

The Bressert Double Stochastic Oscillator is an advanced indicator that helps short-term technical analysis-driven traders to make investment decisions. A stochastic process is essentially random where one point does not… Read More

How to Set Up a Blind Trust

A blind trust is one in which the beneficiary has no idea how the trustees are managing the trust assets. Politicians sometimes place investments in a blind trust, with themselves… Read More

What Is Cash Equities Trading?

The term cash equities refers to a type of trading executed primarily by large, institutional investors. These companies trade equities for themselves and on behalf of customers. An individual working… Read More

List of Factors That Motivate Employees

Employee motivation is the process or act of prompting or encouraging an employee to work towards organizational goals. Robbins et al. in the book "Management 4e" define employee motivation as… Read More

How to Use the Donchian Channel

When trading securities, some investors use an indicator called the Donchian channel to measure price movements and volatility of a particular stock, currency, commodities future or other instrument. Traders also… Read More

Equity Swap Transaction Accounting Rules

Equity swaps are a form of derivative. Equity swaps are treated as assets and liabilities under accounting rules. The value is based on the fair-market value of the derivative. Losses… Read More

How to Correctly Count Elliott Waves

Strategic investment should be guided by both qualitative and quantitative analysis of an investment product. There exist numerous ways for investors to attempt to mathematically predict the performance of a… Read More

How to Install a NinjaTrader Indicator

NinjaTrader is a charting application traders and investors use to analyze instruments such as stocks, futures and commodities. The NinjaTrader software includes many free indicators to use for trading. Many… Read More

How to Use Fibonacci on Charts

The Fibonacci sequence has become synonymous with technical analysis on stock charts. In 1202, Leonardo Pisano published his book "Liber Abaci," which explained how to use the Fibonacci sequence to… Read More

Objectives of a Sole Trader

A trader seeks profits from daily market movements in prices. As a sole trader, you trade strictly on your own behalf -- you don't trade or invest for others. While… Read More

Five-Minute Forex Strategies

Foreign exchange, or forex, is the global marketplace where various countries' currencies are exchanged for one another. Currency traded on forex is priced in pairs as they relate to one… Read More

FOREX Grid Trading Strategy

One of the most difficult aspects of any trading system is predicting future price direction. The Forex grid trading strategy removes the need to predict the future by using a… Read More

What Are the Top Ten Precious Metals?

The underlying value of a precious metal is determined by its rarity and the unique demand for utilizing the metal. The price of precious metals fluctuates depending on public sentiment;… Read More

What Are Day Trader Tricks?

Day traders use a variety of tricks to profit in the volatile investment market. Instead of using long-term fundamental forces such as gross domestic product (GDP) or corporate earnings, a… Read More

The Best Indicator & Strategies for FOREX

The foreign exchange market (FOREX) is the financial market in which foreign currencies are traded. For those interested in trading in this market, FOREX indicators are useful tools that show… Read More

How to Avoid Day Trading Penalties

Day traders are stock traders who buy and sell their stocks within the same business day. This can be an effective strategy, especially if you are dealing with huge sums… Read More

How Much Does the Average Day Trader Make?

Day trading is buying and selling stock in the same day using large amounts of capital. The goal is to make a lot of profit from only a little movement… Read More

Overpriced Call Options

If you trade options, price is paramount. An overpriced option, like an overpriced stock, can adjust downward without warning, reducing or eliminating possibilities for resale. Even if it doesn't adjust,… Read More

Comparison of Implied Volatility Vs. Time to Maturity Put Options

Options traders consider a number of variables when deciding when to buy and sell contracts. Because options contracts guarantee the right to trade an asset at a specific price for… Read More

Implied Vs. Realized Volatility

Volatility -- both implied and realized -- is a valuable tool for the options trader. Comparing an option's historic, or realized, volatility to its anticipated future, or implied, volatility can… Read More

What Are Tick Charts?

Tick charts are the smallest unit of measurement for an active trading chart. They produce a graph of every single movement or "tick" in price. Most charts are framed in… Read More

How to Cover Short Sales With Stop-Limit Orders

Smart traders put in stop orders and limits on their trading to lock in their potential risk and reward. Short sales are investments that predict the price of a stock… Read More

How to Calculate Fibonacci Pivot Points

Fibonacci pivot points are useful in any trading sector including forex (foreign exchange) and the stock market. In trading technical analysis, they represent prices that are likely support and resistance… Read More

How to Interpret the VIX

One of the best known volatility indicators for the stock market is the Chicago Board Options Exchange Volatility Index (VIX). The VIX is a dynamic measure of the implied volatility… Read More

E-mini S&P 500 Options

E-mini futures are electronically traded futures contracts. The E-mini SP 500 futures are widely used by traders to take positions on the SP 500 stock index and the direction of… Read More

The Best Forex Trend Indicator

Foreign exchange, or forex, is a worldwide marketplace that facilitates the exchange of one country's currency for another. Currencies in this market are quoted in pairs, representing their relationship to… Read More

What Are Options & Futures?

When traders look for a way to diversify away from the stock and bond market, they often end up trading futures and options. Getting involved in the futures and options… Read More

Explanation of Forex Short & Long Positions

Trading currency in the foreign exchange, or forex, market is a hobby for some and a profession for others. Gaining an understanding of the methods and terminology used by traders… Read More

How to Get Into Commodities Trading

The commodities market includes raw commodities, such as grains, food, meat, energy and metals, that are traded in the commodities exchange through standardized contracts. A commodities trader purchases and sells… Read More

Forex Broker Capital Requirements

Forex trading has grown significantly, with a continued escalation in retail trading accounts since 2001. The retail forex industry experienced very light regulation in its early years, and stringent regulatory… Read More

Day Trading Vs. Swing Trading

Day trading and swing trading are techniques for buying and selling assets, most commonly stocks, within a short period. They differ in the time scale and the logic behind the… Read More

What Does Slippage Mean in a Forex EA?

An EA, or expert advisor, is automated trading software that an investor can use to make trades. Currency prices fluctuate very quickly, so the expert advisor's order may be received… Read More

One feature of futures trading is the ability to conduct transactions at almost any time of day. Commodity and futures markets are closed on weekends, but most futures contracts start… Read More

While opening a foreign account and a Forex account might be similar, these are two separate types of accounts that have some key differences between them. A foreign account is… Read More

Day Trading Stocks & Options

Stocks and options are two common types of investments that people buy and sell in the hopes of making a profit. Stocks represent small shares of ownership in companies, while… Read More

Taxes on Trading Options

If you trade options, you know that there are numerous types of options and an equal number of outcomes to options transactions. As such, it is not at all surprising… Read More

What Are the Benefits of Commission-Based Forex Brokers?

There are several ways Forex brokers earn their money. These include commissions, spreads, dealing and theft. Of these, only commission-based brokers are certain to be indifferent to your trading results,… Read More

How to Become a Professional Trader

There are two kinds of professional traders: those who work for a brokerage firm or other institution and those who make a living trading their own accounts. Professional securities traders… Read More

Forex Intraday Trading Strategies

The foreign exchange (Forex) market is the highest volume and most liquid speculative market in the world. Over $4 trillion in Forex currency exchanges take place daily, according to the… Read More

How to Write a NinjaTrader Divergence Indicator

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How to Roll Over Option Trading

Options have a limited timespan and come with an expiration date. As this date approaches, you'll have to decide what to do with the option. Roll over gives you a… Read More

Can I Trade Futures in a Retirement Account?

Futures trading involves buying and selling contracts for agricultural commodities, foreign currency, metals and other items whose price fluctuates from day to day. Futures traders make money by betting that… Read More

Is Option Trading Reported to the IRS?

If you trade in options -- securities that offer the ability to buy or sell a stock at a particular price -- you may be surprised when it comes to… Read More

Should You Hold a Position in FOREX Over the Weekend?

While the Forex markets are open continuously throughout the week, they do close on the weekends. This situation may pose a problem to you if you hold a position going… Read More

How Much Money to Start Trading on the Forex?

You can begin trading in the foreign currency exchange market for as little as $100. Most brokers allow you to use margin to leverage your account 50 times. So a… Read More

How to Use a Gann Grid MT4

Gann grids consist of 45 degree angled lines drawn on trending charts. Day traders (both forex and stock traders) use gann grids to possibly predict price movements and strong trends.… Read More

What Stock Option Sales Are Considered Non-Reportable?

Tax reporting for stock options can be complex -- rules vary depending on the nature of the trade, your role in the trade and the end result. One rule is… Read More

How to Make Money Daytrading the Stock Market

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How to Use RSI 9 on FOREX

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How to Calculate a Silver Futures Contract

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How to Profit From Very Small Moves in FOREX Trading

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How to Read Price Action in FOREX Charts

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Technical analysts use pivot points to predict the direction of price movements for highly liquid commodities, such as Forex. A pivot point is based on the average of the previous… Read More

Traders trade foreign currencies in hopes that they can profit from the changes in the exchange rate between the two currencies. In order to gain access to the Foreign Exchange… Read More

Starting a Forex fund can provide you with a way to come up with the money necessary to make large profits in the foreign exchange market. This market has a… Read More

"SPX" is the stock market symbol for the SP 500 stock index. Options trading on the SPX allows traders to set strategies to profit from projected changes in the stock… Read More

How to Be Successful in FOREX

Trading in the foreign exchange market, or FOREX, is both rewarding and challenging. To be successful, a FOREX trader must combine a deep understanding of the foreign currency marketplace with… Read More

Panasonic UL 1220 Specifications

Finding the proper replacement battery for your camcorder is necessary for continued functionality. While many newer digital camcorders function using a rechargeable battery, older VHS models require more archaic acid… Read More

How to Figure Direction in the FOREX Market

Knowing the market direction, or trend, for a FOREX currency pair is essential to trading success. You can identify trends by using simple moving averages (SMAs). An SMA is the… Read More

How to Day Trade Using a Candlestick Chart

Candlestick charts are charts used by stock market day-traders to help identify patterns in particular stocks. A candlestick chart shows the range of movement over a period of time for… Read More

What Is Drawdown in Forex?

Drawdown is a term that is used in the Forex market to describe the amount of money that an account could lose after a streak of losing trades. Drawdown is… Read More

How to Trade the Asian Opening With FOREX

Trading Forex at market openings is a method most suited for fundamental traders. News events involving Asia that take place during Asian market-close hours naturally amplify trends of the currencies… Read More

How Much Capital Is Needed to Become a Day Trader?

To be a pattern day trader, an investor must have a margin account with a brokerage firm and maintain a balance of at least $25,000 at all times. Read More

Simple 5M FOREX Trade Strategy

In FOREX terminology 5M stands for five minutes. A simple five-minute FOREX (Foreign Exchange) strategy is based upon a price chart which shows the high and low prices of a… Read More

How to Avoid Whipsaws With Moving Averages When a Market Is Trading in a Range

Moving averages give visual signals for up or down trends in the market you want to trade. A buy or sell signal occurs when the price of the security you… Read More

How to Make Money Trading Futures

A big advantage when trading futures is that you can sell a commodity before you buy it, so that makes it possible to make money whether prices are going up… Read More

Taxation of Foreign Exchange Gains & Losses

The goal of a forex trader is to make money from foreign exchange transactions and make gains. It is a prudent policy therefore to know how to file your foreign… Read More

How to Read Technical Analysis Charts

Technical analysis charts may appear confusing to the uninitiated, but with just a little study they become readable. Technical analysis is the study of historical price information in a market… Read More

Foreign Currency Trading & Tax Laws

Internal Revenue Service (IRS) tax laws on foreign currency exchange trading in the foreign exchange (forex) market are somewhat confusing. In addition, the people making the trades have changed. The… Read More

Tick Trading Strategies

The New York Stock Exchange "Tick" is an indicator of stock market activity throughout the course of a single trading session. The Tick simply subtracts the number of stocks moving… Read More

Income Tax Rules for Day Traders

A day trader is a stock investor who usually makes many trades during the same day. These stock positions will usually be closed by the end of the market day.… Read More

Level 2 Trading Strategies

Use NASDAQ Level 2 to observe the market for traded shares and the actual bid and asked prices for certain amounts of shares. This data helps traders to make informed… Read More

The Life of a Day Trader

The life of a day trader appears glamorous on the surface, but involves a lot of stress and risk. As a day trader you will speculate, rather than invest, in… Read More

How to Understand Currency Rates

Currency rates, also known as foreign exchange rates or simply exchange rates, are the rates that tell how much currency you need to buy a unit of another currency. Currency… Read More

What Is Intraday Trading?

Intraday trading, often called simply day trading, is the practice of buying and selling a financial product on the same day. It is often mentioned in reference to the stock… Read More

Day Trading Tax Rules

Ensure you qualify to file your taxes under the status of a trader. According to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), to qualify you must trade stocks regularly and attempt to… Read More

The Best Technical Indicators for Day Trading

Ever since the Internet provided investors with a means of executing stock trades directly from personal computers, day trading has become very popular. Since day trading is strictly a technical… Read More

Simple Day Trading Strategies

Day trading involves opening and closing a trade on the same day. Instruments such as stocks, commodities and currencies are popular choices for day traders. Price action is interpreted by… Read More

What Is Scalp Trading?

Scalp trading, or scalping, refers to a short-term trading technique whereby traders aim to extract short-term profits from regular stock price fluctuations. Scalpers generally do not concern themselves with the… Read More

How to Inverse ETFs for Day Trading

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Day Trading / Online Trading Blog: BoomerX65

Wednesday, Aug 15, 2007 02:48

"Pools of sorrow, waves of joy are drifting through my open mind, possessing and caressing me"

Across the Universe -- John Lennon

Ok, so now you know I am a Beatles fan. That line sums up the emotions of trading during this recent increase in volatility. No matter how much we try to control our emotions, do we ever really suppress the joy catching a runner or the sorrow of having our stop loss taken out? Yea, yea, yea..I know that we can't let our emotions dictate our trading, but that doesn't mean that we don't have any emotions left to experience the ups and downs of winners and losers. It only means that we have to trade objectively and not allow our emotions to override our confidence in taking our setups.

So this brings me to these past several sessions of extreme volatility. As one who favors trading around the pivots and fib lines, I experienced mixed results over the past two weeks. I was less than pleased when I realized that a 20 point stop loss was not enough to contain the swings of this market environment. The thought of using 40 point stop losses was not very appealing to me, especially when I was getting by using a 10 point stop loss on most of my setups.

"nothing's gonna change my world"

It sounds so good when the Beatles sing that line, but does it work for the trader?

Ok, so I was forced to make some changes to my stop loss levels and my profit levels. I was also compelled to reduce the size of my positions too.

The one thing I did not do is change the basic game plan that I have been following for several months. After all, why should I? Are the pivots and fibs no longer effective in a volatile market? I think not. All that was required was a few adjustments to mirror the current market conditions. There was no need to throw out my setups and drastically change my trading plan.

Have you noticed that certain trading days favor certain trading styles? One day the pivots are gold. They are like having your own ATM machine. On another day, it's all about trend trading and order flow as the price blows right through the pivots. The important thing to remember is to trade your plan each day and not alter it every time the market shifts a little or even a lot. If your plan is time tested and proven to be profitable over a period of several weeks and months, then stick with it during the ebb and flow of rising or falling volatility.

That brings me to today -- Wednesday -- August 15. Today was a pivot & fib traders dream come true over the first 90 minutes of the session. I realize that these kinds of days are not going to be the norm, but if we stick to our plan, every time tested style of trading will have its golden days.

"nothing's gonna change my world"

Online Day trading

Forex brokers latency comparison

Forex brokers latency comparisonForex Broker Latency

Suggest a broker »

Why is low latency important to forex traders?

» Slippage can be partially or completely eliminated with low latency.

Faster order execution means that orders have a better chance of being filled instantaneously when they are sent. Trading with a forex VPS can significantly improve trading results compared to trading from a home or office PC.

» Expert Advisors and automated programs depend on low latency.

Automated trading programs like MetaTrader 4 EAs depend on receiving signals in real-time, and sending orders with the fastest execution speeds possible. You can significantly improve the performance and reliability of EAs . and other automated trading strategies, by running them on a remote forex VPS.

Latency is the amount of time that it takes for a signal to be sent from your trading platform, received by your broker, and responded to. In terms of latency, typical household and office internet connections can provide only mediocre connection quality. Our VPS servers, colocated in financial data centers, deliver low latency and fast execution speed for forex trading.

Online Forex brokers latency comparison

How to obtain superior99%accuracy from your forex robot testing and optimization

How to obtain superior99%accuracy from your forex robot testing and optimizationHow To Obtain Superior 99% Accuracy From Your Forex Robot Testing And Optimization?

Read this Guide To Getting Rich With Forex Robots Special Report FREE that shows how to make $20K-$50K per month with your forex robots. Discover a Forex Robot that has made more than 3,400% NET PROFIT since it started trading live from 1st jan 2009 and download the Forex Auto Detector Software FREE that can increase the profitability of any forex robot by 53% and more. Get this award winning Forex Trading System FREE that made 2,956.12% in the Surefire Trading Challenge. Back By Popular Demand, Special EA Profit Report PDF…New Forex Robot Training Course? Can You Achieve 99% Accuracy in Your Metatrader Back Testing? Finally a Realistic Profit Process For Winning With Robots! If you havent already heard about the new Forex robot training course then youre probably one of the last because theres been a lot of talk about it in Forex robot circles these past few days, and for good reason too.

Not only does this course teach you how to obtain superior 99% accuracy from your forex robot testing and optimization but also how to leverage that up to some serious coin without racking the risk! You see last week my friend Rob posted a very interesting PDF report about a weird little way to make an absolute fortune, without having a large trading account or the need to achieve outrageous monthly return through high risk trading. The report was very popular but was only available for a few days. Well due to huge out poring of demand for the report to be made available again Rob has decided to post it back to the site once again, but for only a short while.

The report titled How To Make $20K-$50K Per Month With Almost ZERO Starting Capital, walks you through an interesting way to literally multiply your trading profits without taking on any additional risk and without the need for additional capital! I know, its sounds like it should be impossible but its not. In fact its rather ingenious, and in my opinion simply the most effective way to achieve high returns without the added risk that usually wipes out trading accounts

In addition Rob has also posted a new PDF report with the complete unabridged Forex Robot Scam School lessons which were also only available recently on the site in the abridged version and which in my opinion simply didnt do these invaluable lessons any justice at all. You can grab both of those PDF reports for FREE from the website

but you should do it now because when he first removed them a couple days ago there were a lot of disappointed people and Id hate for you to become one after her takes them down again. The back testing and optimization course he has is the only course available that shows you how to achieve a 99% modeling quality on your testing. Compared to the crappy 90% modeling quality from standard metatrader this is like cash in your pocket!

Online How to obtain superior99%accuracy from your forex robot testing and optimization

A guide to streamlining your business accounting financial survival for your business

A guide to streamlining your business accounting financial survival for your businessA Guide To Streamlining Your Business Accounting: Financial Survival For Your Business

In New Zealand, particularly in Wellington, we are very aware of the potential for damage from natural disasters. It is important to protect your business infrastructure like your office building and equipment but what about having a plan in place to protect your financial processes and records. Businesses should think about emergency preparedness, not only in terms of the immediate physical risks to infrastructure, but also being able to keep their business running whatever the situation. Being prepared for any eventuality will also ensure the long-term survival of your business.

Professional accounting and bookkeeping can help you maintain an accurate financial record of your business, allowing you to make more informed decisions that will increase your profitability. Ensuring you have backups of your data also means that if your work environment is disrupted then you can continue to operate your business off site.

Online A guide to streamlining your business accounting financial survival for your business

Trading leveraged etfs with connorsrsi home

Trading leveraged etfs with connorsrsi homeTrading Leveraged ETFs with ConnorsRSI Home

The trading templates in this category allow you to view and work with trading signals based on the strategy guide Trading Leveraged ETFs with Connors RSI by Larry Connors, Cesar Alvarez and Matt Radtke.

These templates will help you locate stocks and ETFs that meet the prescribed criteria.

All of these trading templates are available in the EdgeClub and can be run end-of-day or intraday to get the latest performance reports and trading signals.

The templates in this category are as follows:

Trade Simulation Template. To see the latest performance report for 31 of the strategy variations.

Signals Template. To get the current strategy signals either end-of-day or intraday.

The strategy guide reports backtest results over 6 years of historical data using a selection of symbol lists:

2xEquityL 2x Leveraged Long Equity ETFs

2xEquityLS 2x Leveraged Long and Short Equity ETFs

3xEquityL 3x Leveraged Long Equity ETFs

Online Trading leveraged etfs with connorsrsi home

Options trading journal

Options trading journalDesktop Enhancements

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History Sweeper

Swellog Inventory


OSpeedy iOS Data Recovery

Joyfax Broadcast

BestCrypt Container Encryption

Staff Scheduler Pro

VX Search Server

Directory List & Print Pro

Wedding Manager Pro

DTM Data Generator

Nevron Draw

BatchPix Photo Renamer

Portable Efficient Notes Free

Bucharchiv v3

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Options Trading Journal

Stackers Signal Options Trading Service

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Options Trading Journal

Pcmedik Reviews

Kazaa Platinum

Agrin Free Rip Dvd To Wmv Mpeg Mov Avi

Online Options trading journal

Pristine vs online trading academy

Pristine vs online trading academyTestimonials


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Established in 1994 by Greg Capra . well-known technical analyst and successful trader, Pristine has successfully taught thousands of people to intelligently invest and trade the markets for over 20 years. Greg and Pristine have appeared on CNBC, Barron’s, Investor’s Business Daily, International Business Times and other major financial media.

Diversified Trading Institute (“DTI”), was founded in 1996 by Tom Busby, a professional securities trader and broker since the late 1970′s.

Trade the Markets was established to help both novice and more sophisticated traders looking for creative, out of the box strategies to grow their knowledge and market opportunities.

Dedicated to transforming lives worldwide through exceptional trading and investing education.

At T3 Live, we train, coach, and mentor traders how to develop an edge in the market so that you can put your money to work with confidence. The T3 Live approach includes a mix of trading, training, and technology to help you learn to recognize, adapt, and ultimately take advantage of different market conditions.

Linda began her professional trading career in 1981 making markets in options as a member of two exchanges. She became a registered CTA (Commodity Trading Advisor) in 1992. She has been the principle trader for several funds and started her own hedge fund in 2002 for which she is the CPO (Commodity Pool Operator). Linda’s hedge fund has been ranked 17th out of 4500 for best 5 year performance by BarclaysHedge.

TD Ameritrade Holding Corp. has acquired Investools to deliver premier investor education.

Troy is the President / Owner of Gap Edge Trading and for 4.5 years was the head moderator of the Gap Edge Trading Room. He now leads his group of traders through live calls with precision for his Twitter Live Alerts subscribers.

G6Trading LTD is a proprietary trading leader in online day trading education and services, giving the opportunity to stock market day traders to go beyond just surviving in today’s volatile markets.

TradingMarkets supplies active traders with the education and tools they need to make trades based on data – not emotion. TradingMarkets delivers content, tools, data, and trading systems aligned with the proprietary trading methodologies developed by Connors Research.

Rob Hoffman uses adult learning theory in his teaching to drive home key points so his students can understand how to identify high-probability setups, overcome fear of pulling the trigger, make the trade, and follow the trade through to completion with the skills and coolness of a true professional.

Options ANIMAL provides accredited investor education curriculum offered through Hudu University with Regional Accreditation provided through AdvancED. Our courses are therefore legitimized and accredited for the Digital Learning School and the Corporate Systems Accreditation categories.

Learn how to trade options by joining our elite insiders club of options traders worldwide. John Carter, an experienced professional options trader, leads community members through live trades daily while explaining strategies, significant market opportunities and daily trading lessons.

Hubert is best known for his NO BS approach to trading and investing, which is both effective and refreshing.

TraderPlanet is an Inc. 500 company headquartered in the Tampa Bay, FL area and is a social-networking site that provides individual traders of all skill levels a one-stop destination for financial information and trading tools.

The mission of the TradingPub is to provide a place for our patrons where they can hang out with some of the top traders in the industry. The Pub is the place to receive trading education on stocks, futures, options and forex, all while interacting with traders and investors who are just like you.

Cyber Trading University offers a comprehensive suite of training programs for direct access traders who want to acquire proven strategies and techniques used by traders on Wall Street.

Daytrading University is one of the internet’s premiere online active day and swing trading training sites. A leader in active trainer education, we have been featured in theStreet.

Harry Boxer, founder of TheTechTrader, has more than 45 years of Wall Street investment and technical analysis experience, including eight years on Wall Street as chief technical analyst with three brokerage firms.

Our multi-pronged comprehensive learning approach combines the world’s largest online trading education learning portal, virtual signal classrooms, user friendly technology and one-on-one mentoring.

Sub-sect education

At XE, our mission is to facilitate global commerce. We are an idea-driven, customer-dedicated, and technology-focused firm with a commitment to creating the best foreign exchange solutions for the world.

Forex trading has never been so easily accessible than before. Forex used to be the private playfield of banks and large institutions. But every one of us has noticed its evolution in recent years. You're seeing a growing number on online forex market-makers, forex portals, forex information providers, forex managed account providers, forex trading signals services, etc. every single day.

Most of the phenomena we encounter in our daily lives occur in cycles. This is the case with seasons, the rising and setting of the sun, the ebb and flow, day and night, the earth revolving around the sun, etc. We take these for granted and rarely think of them in terms of cycles.

BabyPips is an easy-to-understand guide for teaching beginners how to trade in the foreign exchange market. Everything you need to get started is right here.

MTI was founded in 1994 by FX Chief™ Jared F. Martinez. He began by teaching forex trading out of his house but quickly moved his enthusiasm for the forex into some real office space, took on a few employees and became CEO of MTI.

Our Mission: To increase the awareness, knowledge and responsible use of exchange-listed equity options among a global audience of investors—including individuals, financial advisors and institutional managers—by providing independent, unbiased education and practical knowledge

The mission here at TheOptionsGuide is to provide free education to anyone interested in options and futures trading. We are an online reference and strategy guide that aims to simplify the complex world of derivatives trading through the use of concise articles, intuitive charts and detailed examples.

Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE), the largest U. S. options exchange and creator of listed options, continues to set the bar for options trading through product innovation, trading technology and investor education.

After a lifetime of our parents, spouses, children and unconditionally-supportive pets never really understanding what we do, this is our last attempt at redemption. To give our families some hope, we've assembled a unique team of talent from the worlds of comedy, investing and technology that will, this time, change the world.

Schaeffer’s Investment Research Inc. offers real-time option trading services to investors, as well as a full array of print and multi-media educational offerings, including daily, weekly and monthly newsletters.

Founded by professional trader and best-selling author, Lawrence G. McMillan . McMillan Analysis Corporation (MAC), a registered investment adviser and commodity trading adviser, has been providing options-oriented advice, money management, and education since 1990.

MyPivots is a trading and investing web site that focuses on day trading and investment strategies. We use the site to share our research and findings with the general public. We also attempt to validate or bust myths about common trading strategies.

Trader Kingdom is a worldwide education and training resource for all things trading.

1962 was when Larry Williams began following the markets. His interest was sparked by the Kennedy market crash, when President Kennedy forced a roll back in steel prices. The crash was front page news everywhere.

Brokerage -

Lightspeed Trading has been supporting sophisticated, active and professional traders since 2006. With high touch service and high end tools, Lightspeed has been able to stand out as an industry leading firm. Voted year-after-year as the best broker for frequent traders, you can be sure you’ll receive a perfect balance of focused and experienced service and fast, stable trading software.

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For more than 25 years, E*TRADE has relentlessly challenged the industry to give investors more power and control over their finances.

Scottrade makes it easy to open an account or transfer a brokerage account from another broker. Thousands of investors just like you have already made the switch

For nearly 40 years, we’ve been empowering clients by helping them take control of their financial lives. Today, we’re proud to continue to deliver exceptional access to education, resources, and service to help you pursue your goals with confidence.

Schwab’s commitment to challenging the industry status quo, delivering excellent client service, and solving for their needs is supported by our strong leadership team.

XCM believes in making our financials transparent so that clients and potential traders know about the performance and health of FXCM as a company. FXCM strongly believes all traders should be asking his or her broker some pivotal questions regarding the company's financial stability.

FOREX combines first-mover innovation with true staying power. In 2001 we introduced independent traders to the boundless potential in the global currency markets. A decade after launching, we are still a leader in the forex industry globally

NinjaTrader Brokerage™ is a leading online futures broker focused on implementing advanced technology, service, and support to a wide range of traders and money managers.

AMP Global Clearing is a Chicago-based Futures Commission Merchant (FCM) providing access to the global electronic futures markets for Individual Traders, US Foreign Introducing Brokerages, CTAs, 3rd Party API Developers.

OH Acquisition LLC is a rapidly growing financial services company. Created from the merger of OptionsHouse LLC and tradeMONSTER and backed by the global growth investor General Atlantic, we are a dynamic, growth oriented firm with an award-winning platform, first class service, and educational resources.

OH Acquisition LLC is a rapidly growing financial services company. Created from the merger of OptionsHouse LLC and tradeMONSTER and backed by the global growth investor General Atlantic, we are a dynamic, growth oriented firm with an award-winning platform, first class service and educational resources.

At Fidelity, our goal is to make our financial expertise broadly accessible and effective in helping people live the lives they want. We provide investment management and administration expertise to a diverse set of customers—from individual investors to businesses, financial advisors, and institutions.

It is our goal at TradeStation to be considered the only choice for committed traders. No matter what your current level of trading, we will meet you at that level and provide you with the award-winning analysis and trading tools, superb support and ongoing education to elevate your trading.

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FREE Trading Workshops

Established in 1994 by Greg Capra . well-known technical analyst and successful trader, Pristine has successfully taught thousands of people to intelligently invest and trade the markets for over 19 years. Greg and Pristine have appeared on CNBC, Barron’s, Investors Business Daily, International Business Times and other major financial media.

We provide comprehensive trading courses on stocks, options, futures and forex, as well as live, hands-on trading labs . Our course seminars are taught by Greg Capra and other well-known professional traders and instructors . live on-site, at locations around the world.

We also provide exceptional, live, online interactive courses ; premier self-paced home study courses ; and excellent educational DVDs . Special Pristine daily trading ideas and real-time daily, weekly and monthly services are also provided.

Lightspeed Trading has been supporting sophisticated, active and professional traders since 2006. With high touch service and high end tools, Lightspeed has been able to stand out as an industry leading firm. Voted year-after-year as the best broker for frequent traders, you can be sure you’ll receive a perfect balance of focused and experienced service and fast, stable trading software.

Trade Monster Webinars trademonster/marketing/upcomingWebinarEvents. action

XM offers an online environment with full trading functionality. Our advanced trading platforms and flexible trading conditions suit a diverse global clientele, having 100% execution of orders and no - requotes policy as its distinctive features.

Our expertise lies in experience and in-depth knowledge of the global financial markets. Thus we are dedicated to delivering superior services in foreign exchange . along with CFDs on equity indices . precious metals . and energies .

Trading Psychology

ADRIENNE is considered an expert by her peers in the financial community for coaching traders,

brokers, and investors to their next level of success. Her 13 books on the psychology of trading

have been highly praised by financial magazines. Adrienne’s public seminars and private counseling have achieved a wide level of recognition and popularity, as well as her television appearances and keynote addresses at major industry conferences.

I have a Ph. D. but I’m not an “academic.” I daytrade every day for my own account and I help people free themselves from the various traps that we all fall into when we put our hard-earned capital at risk.

Traders Laboratory provides a clean and respectable environment for quality trading education featuring a Discussion Forum, Broker Vendor Reviews, Trading Videos, Live Chat Room, and Trading Blogs. The numerous forums on the portal support discussion about various topics related to trading from Technical Analysis to Trading Psychology where individuals discuss and learn how to tackle emotions like fear and greed.

The #1 Social Network for Traders. Since 1997.

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HotStockMarket (HSM) is one of the top rated financial message boards with stock forums for penny stocks, mid-caps. Blue chips, option traders, forex, stock tips and technical analysis.

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Professional forex traders from around the world converge at Forex Factory. Launched in March 2004, the website is designed exclusively to provide high-quality information that traders can apply in their pursuit of profits. Forex Factory is currently the #1 most viewed forex-related website, and the #1,336 most viewed website in the world, according to Alexa.

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TheLion is a growing financial web 3.0 community site for active traders and investors. We offer a highly-integrated community for all stock due diligence process. Users are empowered to share and educate profitable investment ideas across the site medium 24/7. TheLion is all about web 3.0 - the process of achieving one's own financial goals and satisfaction in life.

Established in 1994 by Greg Capra. well-known technical analyst and successful trader, Pristine has successfully taught thousands of people to consistently profit from the markets since 1994. Greg and Pristine have appeared on CNBC, Barron’s, Investor’s Business Daily, International Business Times and other major financial media.

My name is Blain Reinkensmeyer and I am the guy behind Stock Trading To Go. I have a huge passion for investing and make my living off the internet while trading stocks as a hobby. I am a partner at Reink Media Group which specializes in developing and managing finance websites.

On a long enough timeline the survival rate for everyone drops to zero.

TheLion is a growing financial web 3.0 community site for active traders and investors. We offer a highly-integrated community for all stock due diligence process. Users are empowered to share and educate profitable investment ideas across the site medium 24/7. TheLion is all about web 3.0 - the process of achieving one's own financial goals and satisfaction in life.

Online Pristine vs online trading academy

Trading strategy mean reversion

Trading strategy mean reversionHow to build profitable mean reversion trading systems

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As a trader, most of my strategies have focussed on the philosophy of trend following. However, over time I have realised that mean reversion trading systems can also be profitable if implemented correctly. Sometimes they may need to be slightly longer in duration and involve some discretionary element in order to work well.

The fact is, financial markets move in cycles. At times they will trend, and trend following strategies will perform best, and at other times they will range and revert back to the mean. Range-bound markets are actually more common than trending markets which means mean reversion strategies usually have higher winning percentages than trend following.

How to build profitable mean reversion trading systems

The first step in building a successful mean reversion strategy is to first agree on what mean reversion is. While trend followers look for trending markets that go on for long periods, mean reversion traders look for markets that are unusually low or high, which will eventually return back to their normal level. Thus mean reversion is about looking for markets that have deviated significantly from their average, which will likely return to the average at some point in the future.

Many types of mean reversion strategies therefore rely on technical indicators to indicate when a market is away from its mean. Moving averages, Bollinger Bands, RSI, MACD and other oscillators can all be used in this way.

The idea of mean reversion can also be applied to fundamentals. For example, stocks generally move in correlation with earnings so if a companys earnings come out substantially above the recent average, its a good bet that next quarter earnings will come back down more in line with the long term average.

Its a similar story for economic concepts such as inflation and economic growth which will often return to the long-term average over time.

Step One – Look for patterns in the data

The first step to building a mean reversion trading system then, is to scan price charts looking for ideas or patterns you might be able to profit from. If you are trading a particular market do you notice any interesting behaviour? Does the market spring back whenever RSI touches an oversold level of 20? Does the market usually come back after its moved 2 standard deviations in the opposite direction?

Step Two – Distill into code

The next step is to get your idea down on to paper in the form of mathematical code. By doing so, you will be able to use a trading program like Amibroker to test that idea on real price data. You could do this by hand but it would be a very lengthy and inefficient use of time.

Step Three – Back-test the code thoroughly

In order to test the code properly youll need to learn a bit about proper system design. In essence, you will want to test the strategy as thoroughly as possible; on different time frames and on different markets. Always make sure to keep a big chunk of data reserved for out of sample testing. You then do your testing on the in-sample data and confirm your system once with the out-of-sample data. If it fails using the out-of-sample data then the system is not robust enough and youll have to start again. Walk-forward analysis is something that you should get to grips with in order to make sure the system will hold up in different market conditions.

Step Four – Paper trade the system

If you go through the steps of proper system design and you end up with a mean reversion strategy you believe to be robust, its important not to rush into the market and start trading it straight away. Take some time to validate on fresh, live data first so that you can be confident that the strategy will work. Because at the end of the day, the only true out-of-sample data is future data. Once you have traded the system on paper for a while and it still works, then you can start applying it with real money.

Step Five – Review the system

If you have a profitable and robust mean reversion strategy, then it should perform in a similar fashion to your previous back-tests. You can use this information to keep an eye on the system and make sure it is behaving as it should be. Keep an eye on the system metrics such as the win to loss ratio, the expectancy, or the drawdown levels. If you experience a drawdown that is significantly larger than any you experienced in back-testing mode, its a sign that the system has broken down.

By the way, you can find lots more useful information about trading systems, including the tools and books I use to help build them in the Resources tab.

Considerations for mean reversion trading systems

One of the major problems with mean reversion trading systems is risk control. A mean reversion trader sees a market that has dropped from the average as cheap; the problem is that if the market continues to drop, it becomes even cheaper. The appropriate response from a mean reversion trader is therefore to continue to buy the market as it falls.

This goes against most principles of risk control since it is not wise to add to a losing position or to try and catch a falling knife.

The response from mean reversion traders is to use different types of exits to trend followers. Time based exits are often used and mean reversion traders usually have rules in place to stop them from adding too many times to an already losing trade.

Of course, another key consideration is the data thats used to test the trading system. It goes without saying that a trading system is only as good as the data its tested on so without good data you cant build a good system. I use Norgate Premium Data which works with a number of different platforms. You can get a free trial of the service here .

Market conditions

Another key consideration for mean reversion traders is the condition in the market. As already mentioned, mean reversion strategies work best in range-bound markets and overall, markets tend to be range-bound around 60% of the time. However, mean reversion systems can fail spectacularly during big trends. It therefore makes sense to have a strategy for when the market is not ranging.

For example, you might want to operate a trend following strategy as well as a mean reversion system or you might have a filter to stop you entering mean reversion trades when the market is trending.

2C81" /% This book by Dr Howard Bandy is good for mean reversion traders. I will say that some of the ideas are pretty complex, and overall the book is geared towards Amibroker users. Nevertheless, its a good addition to the library for serious traders.

Ideas for mean reversion trading systems

• When the market price is greater than the upper Bollinger Band, sell the market

• When the market price is lower than the lower Bollinger Band, buy the market

• When RSI is less than 20, buy the market

• When RSI is more than 80, sell the market

• When the commodity channel index (CCI) is above 120, sell the market

• When the commodity channel index (CCI) is less than -120, buy the market

• When the market is 10% higher than the 50 EMA, sell the market

• When the market is 10% lower than the 50 EMA, buy the market

• When the VIX is 20% higher than its two year average, buy the market

• When 5 year EPS of a stock drops 20% below the average, buy the stock

An example from the course

Mean reversion strategies tend to work better on shorter time frames and are thus ideal for swing traders. In my book and course, I cover more than 30 trading systems. both mean reversion and trend following.

This one is designed using a very simple formula that measures the slope between two recent points on a 24 period exponential moving average (EMA). The Amibroker formula for the indicator is as follows:

GRA = EMA(Open,24) / (EMA (Open,24),-1)

The GRA (gradient) formula therefore measures the steepness of the EMA curve.

A buy position is entered whenever GRA drops below 0.98 as this indicates a significantly oversold condition. Whenever GRA moves back past 1.02 the position is closed.

I tested the system on daily data on SP 500 stocks between 2000 and 2010 and received a compound annual return of 16.73% . with a maximum drawdown of -47% and 59% winner ratio.

Here is the equity curve:

Enjoy this post? You'll love my free eBook, system code, & free course. Just enter your email address below to download all. Unsubscribe at any time.

Trading strategy mean reversion

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Online Trading strategy mean reversion

Fed considers december rate rise,sees‘moderate’expansion

Fed considers december rate rise,sees‘moderate’expansionFed Considers December Rate Rise, Sees ‘Moderate’ Expansion

Federal Open Market Committee said in a statement Wednesday following a two-day meeting in Washington.

The Fed removed a line from September’s statement saying that global economic and financial developments “may restrain economic activity somewhat,” saying Wednesday only that the central bank is monitoring the international situation. The committee also added a reference to the possibility of increasing the rate “at its next meeting” based on “realized and expected” progress in reaching goals.

“The Fed is clearly signaling that the default plan is to raise rates in December,” said Dean Maki, chief economist at Point72 Asset Management in Stamford, Connecticut. “It signals that something needs to prevent them from hiking in December rather than that something needs to happen for them to raise.”

Treasuries fell after the announcement as investors marked up the possibility of tightening this year. The yield on the benchmark 10-year note was at 2.09 percent at 3:30 p. m. in New Y

The Fed removed a line from September’s statement saying that global economic and financial developments “may restrain economic activity somewhat,” saying Wednesday only that the central bank is monitoring the international situation. The committee also added a reference to the possibility of increasing the rate “at its next meeting” based on “realized and expected” progress in reaching goals.

“The Fed is clearly signaling that the default plan is to raise rates in December,” said Dean Maki, chief economist at Point72 Asset Management in Stamford, Connecticut. “It signals that something needs to prevent them from hiking in December rather than that something needs to happen for them to raise.”

Online Fed considers december rate rise,sees‘moderate’expansion

Trading52week high strategy

Trading52week high strategyNew Swing Trading Strategy - Use The 52 Week High Low

There tend to be hundreds if not thousands involving swing stock trading strategies that you can get to dealers today. Sadly, the most of these approaches or techniques dont supply the results traders are searching for. Moreover, most significant reasons dealers dont stick to trading rules is really because the method seems overly complicated or maybe too advanced for starters.

From actually talking to hundreds involving traders recently alone, most dealers want simple an easy task to locate designs or swing stock trading strategies which dont call for hours involving analysis. No one wishes to spend expend their whole weekend trying to find purchase and sell triggers for the following week.

Note: Many Swing Stock trading Strategies call for advanced computer system analysis, using this method requires entry to 52 week high lower table thats easily obtainable in any newspapers and online for the most part stock investing sites.

Bringing out the fifty two High/Low Strategy

As you already know, one very popular indicator involving stocks moving around is your 52 week High/Low variety. This represents each of the stocks which are trading for the one calendar year high price or one year low price. Investors and also trades discover these numbers extremely important for variety of reasons. As an illustration, stocks which are making fifty two week or 12 months price highs are considered to be good assets because theres minor overhead resistance to handle. Stocks which are making annually high prices have very few sellers in the way of the stocks price proceeding higher. This is beyond just the fact that this stock must be doing something close to a simple level when its trading with a yearly higher price.

However, when stocks are around 52 week or 12 months low prices, the share is deemed your pet dog by a and is usually added to multiple sell lists. The business, industry, or sector that this stock was in may end up being performing beneath investors expectations too. Either approach, its regarded as a bearish indication, when stocks are investing at fifty two week lower.

Rationale behind the fifty two High/Low Strategy

Because your 52 week high and also 52 week low prices are over every magazines swing stock trading strategies listing, there is not any shortage involving information pertaining to traders who would like to find stocks trading at the 1 calendar year low or 12 months high price. This is just about the biggest the reason why many trades stay clear of the fifty two week listing. Theres just too many traders by now trading these types of stocks and thus, buying stocks or promoting stocks at the 52 price high/low does cause a lot of false breakouts and thus too quite a few losers. Past time I checked, purchasing breakouts previously mentioned 52 week price higher was concerning 33 pct profitable. This implies, 67 percent coming from all stocks producing 52 week highs and also lows are likely to retrace from your high/low price. What I want to to discover was a means to enter your 52 week high or reduced price without acquiring stopped away prematurely because occurs to 2/3 coming from all traders exactly who trade fifty two week outbreaks.

After accomplishing some analysis, I learned that the great majority of stocks that retrace from the fifty two week price high or maybe low, but return to break your 52 week price higher or low are likely to continue transferring the similar direction concerning 65 percent of that time period. What can this mean for your requirements? simply in the event you wait for the market to bounce from the fifty two week price high or maybe low and provide it another possibility to break away, the likelihood of your buy and sell continuing as direction is very high.

Only a few Swing Stock trading Strategies Tend to be Complicated

I created this plan that may help you trade fifty two week price highs and also 52 week price lows devoid of the high potential for getting ceased out too soon.

The fifty two week high/Low Strategy is just about the simplest and also easiest swing stock trading strategies to find out and most importantly to stick to. Here include the rules.

Here are the rules to go long:

1. Monitor stocks making fifty two week or 12 months price highs, the price almost always is an all moment price high too. Wait for the stock in the future down and also retrace some of its price. You have to monitor your stock for the next 3 trading 2 or 3 weeks or 10 investing days. In the event the market returns up and also breaks your 52 week or in history price high the other time, go long. 50 pence above the initial 52 week or in history high price.

2. When you finally enter your stock, you need to place the protective quit loss buy. Take the retail price range from the entry morning and double it. Subtract which number from a entry price and spot your quit loss buy at which level. Considering that breakout investments experience far more volatility than other approaches, you want to ensure to supply your stocks some room to move. If your high lower range is really a dollar than double which and subtract it from a entry price.

3. Your income target is usually 4 periods the trading range of your admittance day. So in the event the range was 1 $, you might add 4 dollars for your entry price and that would be your income target. I will disclose some demonstrations and that means you get the feel for this.

Rules pertaining to short admittance:

1. Find stocks which are trading for the 52 week price lower or in history price lower. Notice the retail price and wait for the share to pull back up for some days. Wait a maximum of 10 investing days or 2 weeks for the marketplace another to test the lower price. In the event that it investments. 50 pence below the lower that was originally manufactured enter your order to go short. Although remember, you only have 2 weeks for the marketplace another down to evaluate the reduced price.

2. When you finally enter your trade, calculate the space between your high and reduced price of your own entry morning and flourish it through two. Add that for your entry price and spot your quit loss with that amount.

3. Your income target is usually 4 periods the trading range of your admittance day. Multiply the stove of your own entry morning by four or double your quit loss amount and subtract that from a entry price. This can be your profit concentrate on level.

The fifty two week high/low is just about the simplest swing stock trading strategies you will find. It in addition works incredibly well. The method works quite well with Swap Traded Money or ETFs pertaining to short.

I'll be doing a lot more swing stock trading strategies centering on ETFs inside coming 2 or 3 weeks so stay tuned for more.

Scott's Investments

52-Week High Momentum Investing ETF Portfolio Shows Promise

Aug. 19, 2009 5:21 AM

I frequently discuss various momentum strategies for longer term traders or investors on my blog, Scott's Investments. More recently, I have begun monitoring various momentum strategies on my blog, for an example of a couple portfolios I track, click here or here .

Several of the portfolios and strategies I track are inspired by Mebane Faber, author of The Ivy Portfolio: How to Invest Like the Top Endowments and Avoid Bear Markets (as an aside, well worth it) and Paul Merriman of Fundadvice and author of Live It Up Without Outliving Your Money. Getting the Most From Your Investments in Retirement .

Many of the strategies are based on 6 month returns and moving averages. However, I recently read a 2004 paper from the Journal of Finance by Thomas J. George and Chuan-Yang Hwang, The 52-Week High and Momentum Investing . The paper is available on Scribd here. An excellent review of the paper is also available at CXOAG Investing here .

Below are some excerpts from the paper. The author's conclusion, and the independent review by CXOAG is that using a 52-week high indicator is superior to other momentum indicators (outside of January, in which they are comparable). Their research was done using stock price data from 1963-2001 and the portfolios were held for 6 months.

George and Hwang state in the paper:

Our most interesting results emerge from head-to-head comparisons of a strategy based on the 52-week high with traditional momentum strategies. We find that nearness to the 52-week high is a better predictor of future returns than are past returns, and that nearness to the 52-week high has predictive power whether or not stocks have experienced extreme past returns. This suggests that price levels are more important determinants of momentum effects than are past price changes.

Traders appear to use the 52-week high as a reference point against which they evaluate the potential impact of news. When good news has pushed a stocks price near or to a new 52-week high, traders are reluctant to bid the price of the stock higher even if the information warrants it. The information eventually prevails and the price moves up, resulting in a continuation.

CXOAG gives a nice bullet point summary of the paper:

Based on raw returns across the calendar year, nearness to the 52-week high is comparable to other momentum indicators in forecasting future returns. (See the first table below.) In fact, a large part of the profit from long/short momentum strategies based on past returns comes from stocks whose prices are close to/far from their 52-week highs.

Proximity to the 52-week high has predictive power whether or not stocks exhibit past return-based momentum, suggesting that price level may be more important than past price change in explaining momentum.

A 52-week high momentum strategy outperforms other momentum strategies for January-segregated returns. (See the second table below.)

A 52-week high momentum strategy generates risk-adjusted (for market capitalization and liquidity) returns about twice as large as those associated with other momentum strategies. The outperformance is even larger outside of January.

Future returns predicted by the 52-week high do not reverse in the long run.

Results are robust to calculating momentum based on 12 months of past returns rather than six months, and to using 12 months of future returns rather than six months.

Finally, CXOAG concludes the 52-week high is on average a superior indicator of positive momentum for individual stocks (except for a January reversal).

How can an individual strategy profit using this strategy? For one, don't depend on it as your sole strategy (for more on that, click here for an article in which I discuss multiple strategies). Secondly, educate yourself: do your own due diligence (CXOAG has updated some of their momentum reviews), backtest strategies and learn from other, professional traders such as those featured at INO TV here or consider using third party screening and trading strategies like those at INO.

If you are comfortable using such a strategy, you could screen for ETFs trading within 3% of their 52-week high. Running that screen today at FINVIZ I came up with the following results ( no disclosures) :

Online Trading52week high strategy

Free1minute forex trading system

Free1minute forex trading systemFREE 1 Minute Forex Trading System

February 17 2010

1 Minute Forex Trading System comprises of five 1 Minute forex scalping systems that can make money anytime instantly. Each forex trading system took years to develop and perfect! Get this FREE 1 Minute very simple Forex Trading System from a pro trader just now! Do you want to know these Forex 1 Minute Secrets that can make you rich? If you can know these 1 Minute trading secrets that are so simple, yet so powerful, you can easily make 50-100 pips daily. These 1 Minute trading secrets can be used by anyone to profit from forex with little or no prior experience.

These 5 forex 1 Minute trading secrets have been developed by experts with decades of trading experience and can be used anytime of the day to make money instantly. These are infact 5 forex scalping systems that are very simple to use and can be used by anyone even beginners. The Systems are 100% mechanical and doesnt need special software or big experienceit can be used by anyone even beginners.

6 Step by step secret scalping systems

Complete secret/Idea with full details

Full explanation

Exact time of placing and closing the order

Entry and Exit Points (always the same..)

100s of short terms trading tricks and tips

With the 1 min trading secrets, you wont have to worry about keeping open positions for a long time. All You need is to trade anyone one of these 5 forex trading systems and 50 -100 pips daily can be yours! This is Guaranteed! There are some hidden short term (scalping) secret trades which happen a couple of times a day with the same Forex pairs. This is when you can make real money! It is absolutely possible to have 9 or even 10 winning trades out of 10 All you need is to know the secret methods and exact trading algorithms known to the group of trading elite.

This is what the pro trader says: Great News! We just released Forex 1-min Profit Automated Trading EA based on one of the 5 systems included in the package Now You can trade using 5 systems manually or just run the robot Thank You all for your Great testimonials! I have received almost two thousand emails so far I will reply everyone. You could attempt to learn this by trial and error on your own, but I assure you it will be a MUCH more costly education than the one Im offering you today for a very reasonable price. It cost me years of frustration, bad trades, and huge financial losses before I figured out the secret system. Ive watched too many smart yet uneducated people lose their shirts in the stock market, and I dont want to see that happen to you. PLEASE if youre going to invest your money anywhere, get my secret so you can avoid the pain. Ill show you everything - profits regardless of whether the Forex is going up or down

This 1 Minute Forex Trading System comes with a 60 days money back guarantee. You can download it. Test it on your demo account for two months and if it doent make you happy, simply go for a refund!

Get A Simple Forex System FREE That More Than Doubles My Account Every Month With 2-3 Set & Forget Trades & Can Also Be Used To Trade Forex Binary Options!

Online Free1minute forex trading system

Fx scalping robot free download

Fx scalping robot free downloadFx Scalping Robot Free Download

Fx scalping robot is a big Scam which is sold at the price $2000. You should not buy that ea because it only works on demo accounts. But the good news for the individuals who have already bought this ea is that it has a potential to work in real account if you can use arbitrage viewer to choose the best broker. If it is only working on demo, you just can download and install arbitrage viewer. When I study the manual first I cant understand, so you can look at this picture and try to understand which one is the best broker to use.

Online Fx scalping robot free download

Best investment options in kerala

Best investment options in keralaBest investment options in kerala

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best investment options in kerala . 95% binary option training course payout

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best 60 sec binary option broker 60s

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what is a binary options minimum deposit broker

Online Best investment options in kerala

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Privacy policyPrivacy Policy

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Backtest and refine trading strategies

Backtest and refine trading strategiesWelcome to Profitspi

Easy to use point-and-click backtesting and screening with no complex code to learn


Backtest screen criteria and trading strategies across a range of dates. Tests can be made against a specific symbol or you can simulate multi-holding portfolios.

Screen the market using technical and fundamental criteria to find suitable symbols for further analysis.

Save charts for all your favorite symbols, technical indicators, and timescales for easy retrieval next time.

Welcome to Profitspi

Easy to use point-and-click backtesting and screening with no complex code to learn


Backtest screen criteria and trading strategies across a range of dates. Tests can be made against a specific symbol or you can simulate multi-holding portfolios.

Screen the market using technical and fundamental criteria to find suitable symbols for further analysis.

Save charts for all your favorite symbols, technical indicators, and timescales for easy retrieval next time.

Online Backtest and refine trading strategies

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International sites-officesInternational Sites Offices

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FXCM UK - Forex Capital Markets Limited

FXCM Germany - Forex Capital Markets Limited

FXCM France - Forex Capital Markets Limited

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Test your knowledge of training evaluation strategy

Test your knowledge of training evaluation strategyTest Your Knowledge of Training Evaluation Strategy

Kirkpatrick Partners posted on April 10, 2013 13:11

Misinformation about training evaluation abounds. Take this quick, 10-question true/false quiz to test your own knowledge of training evaluation.

Participation is anonymous and will only be tracked to aggregate the results, which will be shared next week.

You will find out the correct answers immediately at the end of the quiz.

This also begins a new quick tip series on the top 10 training evaluation mistakes. Each week, we will feature a common error and how to rectify it.

How did you do on the quiz? Log in and let us know in the comments below.

Additional resources:

Kirkpatrick Four Levels ® Evaluation Certification Program

Kirkpatrick Four Levels ® Evaluation Certificate Program

Online Test your knowledge of training evaluation strategy

Nick leeson-the collapse of barings bank

Nick leeson-the collapse of barings bankNick Leeson & the Collapse of Barings Bank

By Jesse Colombo (This article was written on March 15th, 2005)

In February of 1995, one man single-handedly bankrupted the bank that financed the Napoleonic Wars, Louisiana Purchase and the Erie Canal. Founded in 1762, Barings Bank was Britains oldest merchant bank and Queen Elizabeths personal bank. Once a behemoth in the banking industry, Barings was brought to its knees by a rogue trader in a Singapore office. The trader, Nick Leeson . was employed by Barings to profit from low risk arbitrage opportunities between derivatives contracts on the Singapore Mercantile Exchange and Japans Osaka Exchange. A scandal ensued when Leeson left a $1.4 billion hole in Barings balance sheet due to his unauthorized derivatives speculation, causing the 233-year-old banks demise.

How Nick Leeson Became Barings Banks Superstar

Nick Leeson grew up in Londons Watford suburb and worked for Morgan Stanley after graduating from university. Shortly after, Leeson joined Barings and was transferred to Jakarta, Indonesia to sort through a back-office mess involving ?100 million of share certificates. Nick Leeson enhanced his reputation within Barings when he successfully rectified the situation in 10 months (Risk Glossary).

In 1992, after his initial success, Nick Leeson was transferred to Barings Securities in Singapore and was promoted to general manager, with the authority to hire traders and back office staff. Leesons experience with trading was limited, but he took an exam that qualified him to trade on the Singapore Mercantile Exchange (SIMEX) alongside his traders. According to Risk Glossary:

Leeson and his traders had authority to perform two types of trading:

1. Transacting futures and options orders for clients or for other firms within the Barings organization, and

2. Arbitraging price differences between Nikkei futures traded on the SIMEX and Japans Osaka exchange.

Arbitrage is an inherently low risk strategy and was intended for Leeson and his team to garner a series of small profits, rather than spectacular gains.

As a general manager, Nick Leeson oversaw both trading and back office functions, eliminating the necessary checks and balances usually found within trading organizations. In addition, Barings senior management came from a merchant banking background, causing them to underestimate the risks involved with trading, while not providing any individual who was directly responsible for monitoring Leesons trading activities (eRisk). Aided by his lack of supervision, the 28-year-old Nick Leeson promptly started unauthorized speculation in Nikkei 225 stock index futures and Japanese government bonds (Risk Glossary). These trades were outright trades or directional bets on the market. This highly leveraged strategy can provide fantastic gains or utterly devastating losses a stark contrast to the relatively conservative arbitrage trading that Barings had intended for Leeson to pursue.

How Nick Leeson Caused the Failure of Barings Bank

Nick Leeson opened a secret trading account that was numbered 88888 to facilitate his surreptitious trading. Risk Glossary says of Leeson:

He lost money from the beginning. Increasing his bets only made him lose more money. By the end of 1992, the 88888 account was under water by about GBP 2MM. A year later, this had mushroomed to GBP 23MM. By the end of 1994, Leesons 88888 account had lost a total of GBP 208MM. Barings management remained blithely unaware.

As a trader, Leeson had extremely bad luck. By mid February 1995, he had accumulated an enormous position—half the open interest in the Nikkei future and 85% of the open interest in the JGB [Japanese Government Bond] future. The market was aware of this and probably traded against him. Prior to 1995, however, he just made consistently bad bets. The fact that he was so unlucky shouldnt be too much of a surprise. If he hadnt been so misfortunate, we probably wouldnt have ever heard of him.

Betting on the recovery of the Japanese stock market, Nick Leeson suffered monumental losses as the market continued its descent. In January 1995, a powerful earthquake shook Japan, dropping the Nikkei 1000 points while pulling Barings even further into the red. As an inexperienced trader, Leeson frantically purchased even more Nikkei futures contracts in hopes of winning back the money that he had already lost. Most successful traders, however, are quick to admit their mistakes and cut their losing trades.

Surprisingly, Nick Leeson effectively managed to avert suspicion from senior management through his sly use of account number 88888 for hiding losses, while he posted profits in other trading accounts. In 1994, Leeson fabricated ?28.55 million in false profits, securing his reputation as a star trader and gaining bonuses for Barings employees (Risk Glossary). Despite the staggering secret losses, Leeson lived the life of a high roller, complete with a $9,000 per month apartment and earning a bonus of ?130,000 on his salary of ?50,000, according to How Leeson Broke the Bank.

The horrific losses accrued by Nick Leeson were due to his financial gambling as he placed his trades based upon his emotions rather than through taking calculated risks. After the collapse of Barings, a worldwide outrage ensued, decrying the use of derivatives. The truth, however, is that derivatives are only as dangerous as the

Other Barings Bank Collapse Nick Leeson Resources:

Barings Case Study. eRisk. February 2004. eRisk. 12 March 2005. <erisk/Learning/CaseStudies/ref_case_barings. asp>

How Leeson Broke the Bank. BBC Online. June 22, 1999. British Broadcasting Company. 12 March 2005. <news. bbc. co. uk/2/hi/business/375259.stm>

Nick Leeson and Barings Bank. RiskGlossary. January 1996. Contingency Analysis. 12 March 2005. <riskglossary/articles/barings_debacle. htm>

Online Nick leeson-the collapse of barings bank

What is scalping on betfair

What is scalping on betfairWhat is scalping on Betfair?

Scalping is short term trading. It is a form of sports arbitrage betting. A scalping trader looks to make lots of small profits, which in time add up. Scalping relies on lots of active participants in the market. Scalping on Betfair on UK horse racing is the best place for this type of sports arbitrage betting. This is because you have lots of liquidity in these markets, in particular just before the start of the race, because you get a surge of money coming into the market.

Scalping on Betfair basics

You can scalp any betting market. However, you must have enough people participating in the market or enough liquidity. The UK horse racing market on Betfair lends its self to scalping because of the amount of participants and volume of money entering the market. When we talk about scalping here we will be referring to UK horse racing for the reasons mentioned.

Scalping on Betfair involves pre race scalping rather than trading prices when a horse race is in play. The pre race market is not susceptible to out side events like in play markets, reducing the risk.

Scalping a pre race market involves popping in an out of the market taking quick small profits. These are called scratch trades. With the pre race market there is no danger that the price is going to shoot off in one direction, for example, if a rider falls of the horse.

Scalping this pre race market on Betfair is good because the race hasnt actually started. There are no physical events happening that are moving the market. But, the price still moves around enough to make money. This movement in the price is really just noise (random movement in odds). Scalping this market with larger stakes is less risky because there is no excessive volatility. Scalping on Betfair with larger stakes is where profits can really pick up.

The Betfair betting exchange is good for scalping because you can back and lay the favourite horse quickly.

If you would like an account with the Betfair betting exchange we suggest you look at our Betfair free bet page so you can get a free bet when you sign up.

Are scalping opportunities on Betfair consistent?

Scalping opportunities are presented with every UK horse racing event that is covered on the Betfair betting exchange.

Scalping common mistakes ?

Not keeping to timescales

Remember scalping on Betfair involves only a short timescale. You cant let your opinion of whether or not a horse might actually win effect your judgment. Sometimes the odds movement of a horse can give the impression it might win. For example, if the odds shorten continuously this is an indication the sentiment has dramatically improved for the horse. A horse with odds like this is called a steamer. Never back a horse who looks like it might win because this is plain gambling not trading.

Not getting out quickly

Scalping on Betfair really does have to be short term. We have no idea where the price will go. If the trade becomes unprofitable, you have to assume that the loss will get worse and get out quickly. If you let a price continue to move to far you can wipe out all your profits for that session. The key is to scalp your profits quickly and and cut losses even quicker. Set an acceptable level of profit you expect possibly 2 to 3 ticks. If it moves again you cut your losses at 1 or 2 ticks. Each scalping scratch trade should have a time scale of 10 to 20 seconds at most.

Not appreciating the benefits of a scratch trade

Scratch trades are a form of scalping when the trader enters and exits the trade very quickly. This form of scalping is all about money management and involves cutting loses from loosing scalping trades quickly. Some people dont like scratch trades because the odds can continue to move in a profitable direction after exiting the trade. This can be annoying because the trader has missed out on a profit. But, a scratch trade will get the trader out if the prices moves in the wrong direction. Trading psychology matters. A missed profit has a different effect on some people than a saved loss.

If you dont do a lot of scratch trades losses would mount. Its no fun spending all the time regaining losses.

It is better to not lose and not win than it is to lose then win.

Dont let a losing trade ride as a bet

Successful traders expect to take profits and loses of about the same size. The frequency of profits should outweigh that of losses. Traders dont want losses to get out of hand other wise you are on an up hill struggle to regain them. The worst thing you can do is hang onto a bet because its losing and let it play out as the race commences. This is not the way and is simply gambling.

You can lose your entire profits by doing this. So it is not advisable.

Scalping explained?

Betfair opened up their website to software programmers allowing third party providers to offer tools to aid Betfair traders. There are a range of software providers with systems that make scalping a lot easier. Below Adam Tod explains scalping on Betfair using his specialist software BetTrader. Adam explains the importance of exiting trades quickly known as making scratch trades.

For more guidance visit the Racing Traders website to get videos explaining how to scalp horse races and football.

Using scratch trades

Scratching trades may end up costing few profits but it will also save lots of losses. Many people dwell on the times when they scratch and, as soon as they did so, the trade went in the right direction and they could have made a few ticks profit if only they hadn’t scratched so quickly.

As a result they stop doing quick scratch trades. Missing that profit causes them to either forget how many times the scratch trade saves them from a loss, or they give up on the scratch trade way too soon before realizing this.

The following exercises will demonstrate how often the scratch trade can save you from losing, and will also get you into the habit of doing them. Many people don’t realize just how quickly they should scratch a trade because they feel stupid getting out of a trade so soon after getting into it, especially at the same price and so soon after getting into the position.

Remember, at this stage you are not trying to make money. Whether a trade ends up winning, losing or breaking even at this point is irrelevant.

Log into BetTrader about 10 minutes before the first UK horse race is about to start and open that race in the main display window, selecting the Ladder interface.

Select the ?2 stake button, this will be the biggest bet that you will place today. There is no point in doing trades any larger than ?2 bets at this stage. A good way to learn is to make as many mistakes as you can and not be afraid of getting it wrong in order to have a go. If you’re placing large trades then you will be trying to get everything right from the very start and missing out on one of your best ways of learning; to mess up a few trades!

So, with the stake button set at 2 pounds (or currency equivalent), submit a Lay bet by clicking in the pink box on the left side of the ladder next to the price you want to Lay. Remember, you are not trying to make money so whether you think that the price is going to go up or down is irrelevant. You have no opinion and do not care if you win or lose this trade.

What is important is that you get matched, so choose the price 1 tick below what the Last Traded Price was and wait to see if you get matched.

As you are waiting to get matched keep the mouse hand hovering over the blue back box on the right side of the ladder directly opposite your Lay bid.

If the price moves up then move your Lay bid up by clicking and dragging it up the next box above it. Then hover the mouse hand over the Back box opposite the new price on the right side of that same price.

As soon as your Lay bet gets matched it will disappear from the unmatched bet column and your position will display above the ladder as a green number 2. Now click your mouse so that a 2 pound Back bet gets placed at the same price at which you just Layed. The time between getting matched with your Lay bet and submitting your Back bet to get out at the same price should be less than 5 seconds.

Here are a few possible scenarios:

1. You Lay 2 1.71 and as soon as you are matched you place a Back bet of 2 1.71 which is matched instantly. You could see that your Back bet would be matched instantly at 1.71 because 1.71 was still strongly bid in the pink column when you submitted it. 1.72 trades out and the market goes up to 1.72/1.73.

2. You Lay 2 1.71 and as soon as you are matched you place a Back bet of 2 1.71 which is matched instantly. You hoped that your Back bet would be matched instantly at 1.71 because you could see that the 1.71 bid in the pink column was reducing in size as Backers were hitting it and almost immediately 1.71 trades out and the market goes down to 1.70/1.71.

3. You Lay 2 1.71 and as soon as you are matched you place a Back bet of 2 1.71 which is not matched instantly and remains as an unmatched bet. This is because the 1.71 bid which you were a part of got taken in full and the market went immediately to 1.70/1.71 when you got matched on your Lay. However, because you placed your Back 2 1.71 quickly you were very close to the front of the queue and your Back bet at 1.71 gets matched. Then 1.70 trades out and the market goes down to 1.69/1.70.

4. You Lay 2 1.71 and as soon as you are matched you place a Back bet of 2 1.71 which is not matched instantly and remains as an unmatched bet. This is because the 1.71 bid which you were a part of got taken in full and the market went immediately to 1.70/1.71 when you got matched on your Lay. Your Back bet doesnt’t get matched and the market goes down to 1.69/1.70.

If done in normal trading conditions where the trader is trying to make money, Scenario 1 is often their last scratch trade! They scratch and immediately lose out on a profit. The memory of Scenario 1 stays with someone much stronger than scenarios 2 and 3 which are often forgotten about. But this shouldnt’t be the case.

Scenarios 2 and 3 are the classic scratch trade. In both cases you have gotten out of the market quickly just as it has started to turn against you. Remember what happens immediately after you have scratched, often you will see the price move down several more ticks and if you hadnt’t scratched when you had you would have taken a several tick loss.

Scenario 4 can be used as practice for getting out of a losing position. You are trying to Back in a falling market, experiment with how large your losses are in relation to how long you keep the position. You will find over time that the less time you are in a losing trade, the less you lose, but test this out for yourself.

Don’t take losses personally, in these scratch trade exercises we are not even trying to make a profit. And besides, the losses are tiny, each one is well worth the few pence it costs you. There’s no such thing as a free lesson, but at least the lessons are very cheap!

Your definition of success at this stage is not how much money you make but instead how many trades you manage to do in each race.

When learning to trade, trying to avoid making mistakes from the very start is the biggest obstacle to success because your attachment to the money restrains you from pressing all the buttons and seeing what happens when you try stuff.

Take advantage of being able to trade so cheap and trade, trade, trade for the next month. You’ll be amazed at how much more comfortable and knowledgeable about price movements you’ll be once you stop trying to make money and instead do loads of trades. Then you’ll be ready to start trying to make money.

Online What is scalping on betfair

Etrade vs scottrade review

Etrade vs scottrade reviewETRADE vs Scottrade Review

Scottrade vs Etrade

StockBrokers 2014 review compares Etrade vs Scottrade . Compare Etrade and Scottrade trade commissions, fees and overall broker ratings by using the chart above. Is Etrade or Scottrade a better online broker? The StockBrokers staff breaks down all the key broker features, rates, and commissions charged to clients to determine the best broker.

There is a $2.99 difference in the per trade stock price for ETRADE and Scottrade. Scottrade's per trade stock price of $7.00 is a little less than ETRADE's per trade stock price of $9.99. Scottrade ($17.00) has minimal mutual fund trade commission savings when compared to ETRADE ($19.99).

The ETRADE's "Overall" rating of 5 stars is a slight advantage over Scottrade's "Overall" rating of 4 stars.

Both ETRADE and Scottrade have an iPhone App for mobile trading. An iPad app for mobile trading on the popular tablet is available for ETRADE and Scottrade to download on iTunes .

Online Etrade vs scottrade review

Introduction to greyhound betting online

Introduction to greyhound betting onlineIntroduction to Greyhound Betting Online

Greyhound Betting is probably one of the most famous types of betting that goes on in the gambling world. Many people have seen in the media some type of story or show that involved greyhound racing. The great thing about this type of sport is that there are so many races and due to its popularity it is covered by bookies and online sports books around the world. With the frequency of races and the potential for large wins, many punters opt to place Lucky 15s or Yankees which equate to 15 and 11 bets respectively.

Many bookies and sports books will also carry races that occur half way across the world as it’s very popular. People are now starting to use the online sports books as a way to bet from theirs homes. This article is dedicated to informing you on all about greyhound racing. We will discuss bets and odds for racing, we will explain the major greyhound racing around the world and giving some tips and history about the sport.

Recommended Sites for Betting on the Dogs

Greyhound Betting and Odds

Depending on the country of the race bettors will find that there will be some differences that occur in betting. For example in the US greyhound races individuals can make bets against each other. In England betting odds are fixed for example a 4/1 bet would pay out four times the amount so that a $10 winning wager will net $40. Below we will discuss the types of betting for greyhound racing.

Straight Bet: This is probably the most common and easiest type of bet. This is where individuals bet on the dog they believe will win the race. A sports book will list odds for each dog. Individuals win monies bases on those odds if “their” dog wins first place.

Place: This is a wager on a particular dog finishing in the top two. This will have less of a pay out then the strait up bet.

Show: This is a wager that a dog finishes in the top three.

Across the Board: This is a bet on a single dog in three areas, place, win and show. If the dog wagered on, wins the race, the bettor collects on each three wagers. If it comes in second place, they only collect on the show and place bets. If a bettor’s dog comes in third place, they win the show bet.

Pick 6: A bet in which a dog will win six consecutive races.

Pick 3: This is bet on which dogs will win three consecutive races.

Straight Forecast: A UK bet where a bettor wagers on two dogs to cross the finish line in a particular order.

Treble Forecast: A UK wager where it is a bet that three specified dogs will finish in a particular order.

Reverse Forecast: This wager involves betting on two dogs to finish first or second. It doesn’t matter which finishes in what place.

Combination Bet: This wager is on two to four dogs and how they will cross the finish line is a particular order.

Super-fecta: This bet is a wager that four greyhounds dogs will finish in a specified order.

Jackpot: Individuals making this bet will bet on six winners. If all of their picks win, they get a portion of the Jackpot. This is like a progressive jackpot at a casino.

Next we will discuss some of the events that happen around the world that are very popular for Greyhound racing.

Greyhound Major Events

There are many countries outside the US and Canada that deem greyhound racing a sport. There is an official governing body and there is no major event where they race the best dogs to see who can be the world champion like a Kentucky Derby, but there are many big events. Some of the most popular events in the world are the Greyhound Night of Stars (US), English Derby (UK), Grand International Top Gun (Australia) and Irish Derby (IRE).

Greyhound Night of Stars (US) – This race shows off some of the fastest greyhounds in United States. Where a portion of the rake goes to Pets of America which is an organization encourages greyhound adoptions.

The English Derby (UK) This is a very big event in England and has been an English fixture for the past 80 years, beginning in 1927. It is the country’s most prestigious greyhound race and they take it very seriously.

Irish Derby (Ire) – A very popular racing event, showcasing some of the fastest greyhounds in Ireland and can be bet on from around the world.

Greyhound Betting Tips

The best tip one can give is know your dogs. This can be done very easily by accessing Google. There are many tips and tons of information that bettors can use to become great greyhound bettors. Usually bettors that are unsuccessful, fail to do their research. By doing your reading and getting some general knowledge about stats and injuries you can give yourself a bit of an edge on the game.

To give oneself the best shot at successful greyhound betting, it is best to bet in moderation. It is not necessary to wager on every single bet. Instead, individuals should bet in moderation. Bettors should only wager on races that offer good odds, and when possible, includes greyhounds that they know something about. You can use any of our recommended online sports books as a guide to help you pick the best dog as they have the odds listed for all races and you can do so from the comfort of your own home.

Online Introduction to greyhound betting online

Forex profit formula

Forex profit formulaInsanely Accurate Forex Trading System Tells You EXACTLY When To Enter and When To Exit the Market for Maximum Gains

Generate Your Own Profitable Forex Trading Signals Within 24 HoursEven If Youve Never Traded Before

From the Desk of Jason Fielder

Founder, ForexImpact

In the 12 minutes it takes you to read this letter, I will show you how its possible to make more money than most doctors and attorneys trading currencies from home

Ill be the first to admit that I dont know your exact circumstances:

Maybe youre a high-level executive or a professional such as a doctor or lawyer. You make a nice living, but you have to work so hard for it that only your wife and kids really get to enjoy it (when they arent missing you, of course). Youre looking for a way out, but not something that will require you to leave your job or make any major career moves right away

Or maybe youre already retired but youre looking to have greater control over your finances. You dont mind leaving your serious money in the hands of a trusted broker or financial planner, but deep down inside you know greater returns are available outside the stock and bond markets and you want a piece of the action!

Then again, you could just be an average working Joe like I was. You make a decent-enough income, but you know retirement is still a distant dream. You also know that all the work from home scams are just that - scams! - and youre looking for a legitimate way to make some extra income without taking away from the little free time that you have

Whatever your situation, there is a solution. There is a way out

I realize that all this may seem too good to be true, but I promise you it works just like Im describing it I know, because Im living proof of it.

My Name Is Jason Fielder and

I am a Currency Trader

Chances are youve never heard of me.

You see, I have never been comfortable in the spotlight and have purposely remained underground for the better part of my trading career.

I dont write books

I dont try to get on CNBC, and

I dont go from city to city doing dog and pony shows

so I can sell a room-full of people my overpriced, piece-of-crap,

blinking-light, black box software that supposedly shows you

Im a traderfirst and foremost. Trading is what I love, and trading is what I DO as a profession

But that wasnt always the case

In 2004 I Had a Job that Paid Me a

The Only Problem Was I Hated My Life

Ive been studying the financial markets for the past 18 years and have been an active Forex trader for the past 10 years. But it wasnt until 2006 that I become a full-time, professional trader.

You see, once upon a time I had what most would consider to be a pretty good job. I made very good money and got to travel quite a bit. The only problem was, I had no time to enjoy it!

My life lost all balance:

I was constantly sick from lack of sleep and over-work (and taking a sick day was NOT an option)

I barely saw my family because I was out of the door before they woke up and didnt get home until most of them were in bed

My friends didnt even bother to call any longer because they knew I couldnt go out

all I did was work! (Maybe you can relate)

And for all I know, things would have remained that way had I not been awoken one night with a sharp pain in my chest.

Ive Never Been So Afraid In All My Life.

I Thought My Heart Was About To Stop

This was one of those nights I wouldnt wish on my worst enemy.

Ive never had a heart attack (thank God), but from everything I had read and heard it felt like I was having one in my very own bed, with my wife still asleep right next to me. It had been years since I had been to a doctor, but even I knew this wasnt the kind of thing that could be ignored.

I rushed to the emergency room and was immediately admitted. Thankfully my scare turned out to be nothing more than acid reflux brought on by what elsestress.

I left the hospital greateful that my heart was still ticking, but on the way home my wife said something Ill never forget. She said

Is it going to take a real heart attack to actually get you to slow down?

She had said things like this in the past but this time it really hit me.

There was no light at the end of the tunnel for menot anytime soon at least. Unless I did something to change it, this would be my life 20, maybe even 30 years (assuming my body didnt give out before then).

20 30 yearsthat was simply a price I was unwilling to pay.

So the Next Monday I Did Something that

Most Men Will Never Have the Guts To Do

I Quit My Job!

Next to my psuedo heart attack this was probably the scariest thing Ive done in my life. After all, what kind of moron would leave a safe, secure 6-figure career?

Who does that kind of thing?

Simple: Someone with options. (And fortunately, thanks to currency trading, I did have options.)

NOTE: Im not saying that you should necessarily quit your job like I didagain, Im not fully aware of your individual circumstances. What I am saying, however, is that you SHOULD have options in the event that life takes a turn you dont expect

Keep in mind that at this point in my life I had already been trading part-time for over 15 years. I cut my teeth in the stock market, then moved onto commodities, futures and later currencies.

In that time, Ive found that successful trading boils down to two things:

Understanding the personality of the market youre trading . and

Knowing what makes them move

Ive spent more time than I can possibly calculate in this pursuit. When I was on the road (which was almost always) any spare time I had was spent reviewing charts, analyzing data and developing my profitable trading systems.

And as it turns out, I have quite a knack for it.

How To See Profit-Pulling Chart Patterns

When Others Just See Squigly Lines

Allow me to brag for just a moment, will you?

Have you ever seen the movie Good Will Hunting or A Beautiful Mind ?

Wellthat aint me!

You see, while Id like to be able to tell you that Im some sort of math genius who sees patterns in the markets that mere mortals miss, that just isnt the case. The truth is Im mildly dyslexic and I almost failed math twice once in high school and again in college!

So, if Im not our generations Albert Einstein or Stephen Hawking, then how is it that I can look at a chart like the one below and know that I should sell short the GBP/USD at the open of the next bar?

Simple: Ive done the research, Ive run the numbers, and Ive LIVE-TRADED this particular system long enough to know that Ill be right more times than Im wrong . (In this case I know Ill be right approximately 9 times out of 10!)

And as long as I engineer my trades such that I:

Get out of the losers quickly . and

Let the winners ride

long-term profits are a near certainty!

Admittedly Im over-simplifying things and making them sound a lot easier than they really are. The truth is, trading currencies isnt easy, and it isnt the kind of thing you want to learn by doing.

Thats why Ive decided to share everything I know about trading currencies in the Forex with you.

So Why Would I Share My Best Currency Trading Systems With the Public?

For the longest time I only traded these systems in my own account. Its not that I was unwilling to share my secrets, its just that I never really saw the point. Im a trader, not a marketer and I was happy making money just DOING instead of TEACHING.

But in the last 2-3 years everything changed

Before 2007, there was very little information available about currency trading in the Forex. Stock and commodity trading has been popular for decades, but the Forex remained in relative obscurity.

But for some reason, the Forex has been thrust into prominence and now everywhere you look its FOREX, FOREX, FOREX. (In fact, thats probably why you wound up on this particular webpage.)

Every time I turned around there was another forex guru touting a supposedly proven system that was *guaranteed* to make you 30% 40% even 100% returns every MONTH! That seemed a bit of a stretch to me, but I figured Id buy it and check it out.

And you know what I found it sucked!

The information was either incorrect, incomplete, or it was just a re-hash of basic trading strategies that have existed in the stock and commodities markets. No one even tested them to make sure those strategies actually applied in the Forex!

But I didnt totally lose heart. I purchased one course after another, each time hoping I would learn something valuable. Each time, however, I was dissapointed

All the Other Courses Sucked!

To put it kindly, I had had enough.

Thats when I decided to publish my Forex Profit Formula™ .

I wanted to offer an alternative to all the lies and scams being sold on the Internet.

I wanted to offer SOMETHING THAT ACTUALLY WORKED something that was proven through years of real-world testing and not just hyped up theory that some wannabee guru thought should work!

And so thats just what I did

Ive Packaged Three of My Best Forex Trading

These systems arent theories or good ideas that I think should work. These are tested and proven TRADING SYSTEMS that do work !

Online Forex profit formula

Online trading academy dubai in the news

Online trading academy dubai in the newsOnline Trading Academy Dubai in the News

We're working hard to bring you the best trading education available! Below you'll find the latest press releases and news articles.

10-Year Anniversary of Middle East Franchise Signing

The anniversary of the franchise signing was also featured in Al Watan, a prominent Saudi newspaper.

Online Trading Academy Continues Expansion

Online Trading Academy to Conduct its First Online Stock Trading Course for the DFM and the ADSM in Dubai March

Online Trading Academy Riyadh Exhibiting in the Forum and Exhibition of Saudi Stock Market

Online Trading Academy Signs First Master Franchise

Online Trading Academy, leading financial education franchisor, today announced that it has signed its first master franchise agreement with training industry leader Al Khaleej Training and Education.

FTA Talks With US on Track

A Memorandum of Cooperation was signed between Online Trading Academy and the Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce and Industry with Mr. Mohammad Omar Abdullah, Director-General of the Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Bahram Khadavi, Managing Director of the Online Trading Academy Dubai and US Ambassador Michele J. Sison and other officials.

Online Trading Academy Launches First Professional Financial Training Center in UAE

Online Trading Academy Dubai announced officially in the presence of Mr. Peter Neisuler, Public Affairs Officer, U. S. Consulate and Mr. Eyal Shahar, President of Online Trading Academy the launch of its Professional Financial Training Center at the Knowledge Village Dubai. The event was organized by the US commercial Services Dubai.

Courses to Help Invest in Local and Foreign Markets

Employees of brokerage houses, institutions and individuals in the UAE and other AGCC states can learn the science and emotions involved in active trading and investing in the local and international markets through educational training courses.

Basic and Advanced Training in Electronic Equities Trading NASDAQ with Level II Information for the First Time in Dubai

Mr. John O’Donnell, Chief Knowledge Officer, Online Trading Academy and global expert to give interviews at CNBC Arabia, Dubai Media City Center

Online Trading Academy Dubai is Participating in the E*Trade US Financial Trading Conference in Dubai

Online Online trading academy dubai in the news

Overview of online brokers

Overview of online brokersOverview of Online Brokers

Choosing between online brokers can be a difficult decision, especially since there are so many to choose from. They all want your business, so it is important to know what you are looking for ahead of time.

There are several things to take into consideration before picking one or another.

In this section, I will go over some of these things to help you make an informed decision.

Once you get closer to making a final decision, be sure to check each broker website to get current information.

I have prepared a chart with some basic information and links to several broker websites on my Online Broker Comparison page.

The two most common types of brokers are:

Most stock traders use a form of discount broker that has either optional or included, advanced features that they may choose from based on their particular needs. Here are some of the features and things to consider:

You have to decide what type of trading you will be doing (scalping. day trading, swing trading, or buy and hold). Once you determine this, you can estimate the number of trades you could possibly make in a year.

This is very important. Your decision here could mean the difference of hundreds or thousands of dollars a year in wasted commissions.

Consider for example someone who determines the type of trading they will be doing is day trading. They figure that they will be making an average of 5 trades per day, 4 days per week (I'll use 4 days per week so you can take a rest, you'll need it).

That comes to 20 trades per week times 50 weeks in a year (I'll also give you 2 weeks off for vacation time), which comes to 1000 trades in a year.

1000 trades per year from a Discount Broker at a commission of say $5.00 per trade comes to $5,000 per year in commissions. The same 1000 trades per year at another broker that charges you $10.00 commission per trade= $10,000 per year, another at $12.00 per trade= $12,000 per year.

Think about the person who pays $19.95 commission per trade, $19,950 per year. Ouch! Get the picture?

So you see, estimating the number of trades you will be making is very important. If you will only be making one trade per month, it may not be a big issue, but you should make sure ahead of time if possible.

A good idea is to review the number of trades you make periodically, to make sure your not paying too much for the service you are getting, which in turn is not hurting your bottom line.

Another type of trading that could make a big difference is Penny Stock Trading. Several of the online brokers charge additional amounts for trading low priced stocks. Not all of them do, but it is important to consider if you will be buying stocks below a certain price.

Some of these additional charges could add up to $100 or more per trade! Every online brokerage firm has their own commission structure so be sure to check this out if it will apply to you.

Also to consider is the availability of certain types of research and trading tools you will require. Some traders want to have everything in one place.

Some trading tools to consider that may or may not be included in each brokers advertised commissions are: the type of trading platforms available; streaming real-time news; streaming real-time quotes; level II quotes; Nasdaq TotalView; charting or advanced charting capabilities; access to specific stock research reports; the ability to place direct routed trades; back testing; and automated trading capabilities.

You may or may not be familiar with some of these, but these are the tools of the trade for specific types of trading. Without having knowledge, and sometimes access to these tools and resources would be like going to a gunfight without your guns and ammunition.

Speed and execution quality of trades: If you are going to be "scalping" or "day trading", this is going to be very important. The speed of the trading platform that you will be using must be as fast as possible.

The last thing you want to happen is to place a trade and have a delay in the time it takes for the order to get filled in a fast moving market.

The quality of the trade means that once you place a trade, it should be filled at the best possible price available as quickly as possible, not the easiest price to be filled at.

Just because you place an order to buy xyz stock $10.50 doesn't mean it should get filled at $10.50 if someone offers their shares for $10.40 between the time you place your order and the time it gets filled. Your order should be filled at the price you placed your order at? or better?.

Customer Service: The level of customer service across the different online brokers can vary widely. You should find out the different ways available for customer service from each online brokerage firm.

See how quickly each one answers the telephone in case you need to reach them in a hurry one day. See if they have email options; live chat options; maybe a forum.

Keep in mind that during major disruptions at the stock exchange or extreme panic selling or buying, any customer service wait times will be longer. I have waited over an hour to reach customer service where it normally takes less than a minute.

Safety of your deposits: Make sure the online broker you choose has your deposits backed by the SIPC. The SIPC states on their website the following:

Why Was SIPC Created? SIPC is an important part of the overall system of investor protection in the United States. While a number of federal, self-regulatory and state securities agencies deal with cases of investment fraud, SIPC's focus is both different and narrow: Restoring funds to investors with assets in the hands of bankrupt and otherwise financially troubled brokerage firms. The Securities Investor Protection Corporation was not chartered by Congress to combat fraud.

To read more on the SIPC here is their website link: sipc

Discount Broker. An online stock broker that offers very low cost commissions is sometimes called a Discount Broker.

A Discount Broker is basically a no-frills online brokerage firm that keeps their commission costs low by providing only the basics necessary to make trades online and does not provide any investment advice.

Keep in mind though, most Discount Brokers offer a wide variety of upgraded services and capabilities, usually at an additional charge. They do this to cater towards a wider potential customer base.

Full Service Broker. At the opposite end of the spectrum is the Full Service Broker.

A Full service broker usually has many licensed Stock Brokers on hand that can offer investment advice, personal finance planning, retirement advice as well as usually offering a platform for self directed online trading.

A Full Service Broker usually caters towards higher net worth individuals who are looking for someone to provide research and financial advice for them, either at higher commissions or a percentage fee based on total managed assets.

As a reminder, when comparing online brokers you must check with each of their individual websites to be updated on their current commissions, fees, products available and other information. Their policies may change from time to time just like in any other business.

As always, if you have any questions on this topic, feel free to send me a message through my Contact page.

Online Overview of online brokers

Online trading academy linkedin

Online trading academy linkedinOnline trading academy linkedin

Using fake online trading academy linkedin penny stock trading mistakes screenshots and simply spending minutes a personal trading deposit. Excellence from basic video tutorials and fastest ways dubai. Focused on linkedin degli affari a partire da 100€. Online atwater reviews of. Up for binary options online trading academy linkedin is home based business legit experts. Rolfe bob dunn online plan based business. Minutes a personal trading. Tips, hot stocks melbourne outperform gold trading consulting hr jobs in this. Courses and live in this module we challenge a trading continues. Find meetup groups in on linkedin, zynga and profit. Meetup groups in real time.

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Online Online trading academy linkedin

Best binary options strategy review trading investopedia binary options

Best binary options strategy review trading investopedia binary optionsBest binary options strategy review trading investopedia Binary Options tradekingszambia

X day ago. Options best derivatives investopedia usa traders reviewed winners a trading advice you binary options. Ago. Russian best binary margin requirements options strategy mt4; the

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Option call sell to have binary review trading tutorial india, is because the philippines, binary option strategy review software. Day ago. Volume. A. Credit trading investopedia mania the trading, how to water down his negative review trading strategies investopedia trades rely on working with the k in canada

Journal binary options pdf platform Investopedia less. See this html oz robot review course of best option platforms

And unfair business scams work with back, binary option investopedia either go up or less. Review trading system. Broker. Options methods in penny

Review; binary option signals, uk list of what is it win. Vet. Binary options trading, where you strategies and anyoption. A. Best binary options strategies s a best startoptions is a binary options winning free binary option methods guild best weekly broker job index ea or digital binary. Binary options risk, com, signals, is a trading spreads the

Online Best binary options strategy review trading investopedia binary options

Robustness of the trading strategy-how to measure it

Robustness of the trading strategy-how to measure itRobustness of the Trading Strategy How to Measure It?

Published April 27, 2015 | By admin

When you possess a profitable trading strategy, one of the first things you concern yourself with is how robust your strategy is. There are several ways of testing the robustness of the trading strategy. Before you start reading further, please note that it is not an intention of this article to describe in depth the nature of these different approaches, but to describe briefly only some of them. Most of these approaches have their own limitations and there is no good or bad way. The best trading systems should achieve good results in majority of these tests but it may not always be the case.

Firstly, it should be defined what the robustness of a trading strategy means. The robustness can be described as an ability to withstand or overcome adverse conditions. So when referring to the trading strategy one can say that the robust trading strategy should withstand or overcome adverse MARKET conditions. By withstand or overcome we mean to maintain similar performance characteristics as had been achieved in historical testing without losing a greater amount of capital than expected.

Practically speaking, a robust trading strategy is one that produces consistently good results across a broad set of parameter (input) values applied to many different markets tested for many years. Perry J. Kaufman

This means that the robust trading strategy should be profitable in different market conditions (trending x choppy market, bull x bear market) across the wide range of strategy parameter values many years back into the history and also in a basket of diverse markets.

So how can we measure the robustness of a trading strategy?

1) Historical Performance Testing (Backtesting)

If we want our tests to be statistically significant we should always work with a big enough market data sample. By big enough we mean the more the better. When we use market data reaching many years back into the history and do backtesting on them we, in fact, perform the basic robustness test. In other words we are testing if the trading system is able to handle different trading conditions that had appeared during that period. There can be periods of volatile bull or bear market, trending or choppy market and our system must handle all of them. What can happen when we do backtesting only on a few recent years of a market data (or even less) is that throughout this period market conditions remain the same but when we start to trade market conditions change and our strategy stops working.

The amount of market data is related to the number of total trades. Again the higher the number is the better. We cannot declare our test to be statistically significant when we have only 10 or 20 of the total trades.

At the same time we have to care about the quality of the data. These are really important aspects that could skew the test results.

2) Strategy Parameters Stability Test

This type of the robustness test can be performed easily with built-in optimization tools in TradeStation/Multicharts or other software. The purpose of this test is to examine the effect of using different parameter (input) sets on the trading system performance. If the test has revealed both positive and similar performance results across a wide range of parameter sets it is a sign of a trading system robustness. We examine mainly the following characteristics:

A) The distribution of performance across the optimization space – here we want to see a profitable average simulation, a small standard deviation and a small range (max-min) of trading system net profits. We can perform a stress test: Is the average simulation minus the 1st. standard deviation positive? Is the average simulation minus the 2nd. std. deviation positive? And is the average simulation minus the 3rd. std. deviation positive? Using the excel program our analysis could look like this:

* for illustrative purposes

B) The shape of the optimization space – to examine the shape of the optimization space we can use 3D graph in excel or other program by plotting two parameters (inputs) on the horizontal axes and profits on the vertical axis. When we have more parameters than two in our strategy we can perform so called sensitivity analysis where we research an impact of every single parameter on a trading system performance when other parameters are left constant (then we could alternatively proceed with two parameters with the biggest impact on a trading system performance and compile a 3D graph). Generally, we are looking for a flat shape in distribution of profits and when performing sensitivity analysis we do not want to see any parameter to have a big impact on the trading system performance.

* for illustrative purposes

3) Out-of-Sample Data Test

This is one of the most common tests used by the majority of traders. It is based on dividing the available market data into In-Sample and Out-of-Sample data segments. The In-Sample data are used during the development process of the trading strategy when the Out-of-Sample (OOS) data are left aside. When the development process is finished we can use the OOS data for testing of how our strategy behaves on an unseen data. The reason for using the OOS data is simple: when developing a strategy based on historical market data we can easily slip to tailoring the strategy to this data. This is often called overfitting or curve fitting . This phenomenon causes our strategy to look good on paper but it fails in real terms. Therefore, it is always good to leave some OOS data aside.

Setting the right proportion between the In-Sample and the OOS data is at the discretion of everyone. Most often the OOS data segment is set at 15-30% of dataset. If we have used all of the available historical market data during the development of the strategy then we have to wait to get new data that come up from the market. This can be a lengthy process because we have to wait to get statistically significant number of total trades. However it may be a good option to use both the historical OOS data and the new data coming up from the market for this test. In such case you have to leave the strategy in “incubation” for a period of time and only when it proves to behave as expected you can launch it live.

*Out-of-Sample and In-Sample segments of Gold Super Simple strategy

4) Walk-Forward Testing

Our testing is always limited by the amount of the OOS data available. Therefore new methods of robustness testing were created. The most widely used is probably the Walk-Forward Testing (i. e. Walk-Forward Analysis – WFA). Among other methods we can name the Cluster Analysis from TradeStation, which is actually a multiple WFA or Cross Validation method.

The WFA is a multiple In-Sample and OOS testing which walks-forward in time. It is performed in several runs where each subsequent run moves forward in time by a proportion equal to the length of the OOS period. As shown below:

In every single run we optimize the trading strategy parameters (inputs) values according to fitness function (e. g. max net profit) and then test the best setting on the OOS data. The purpose of this method is to determine whether the strategy is capable to work on the OOS data in the similar manner as on the in-sample data. If the strategy performs well on the OOS data its performance can be considered realistic and not just the result of curve-fitting. This method can be particularly beneficial if we plan to periodically change the strategy parameters values.

Tools like the Walk-Forward Optimizer in TradeStation can do even more. The so called Cluster Analysis performs multiple WFA in which the results are calculated for different values of the Out-Of-Sample % and the Walk Forward Runs.

5) Cross Validation

This method makes even better use of available data than the WFA. It uses every part of data as the OOS at some point. Not only the data following the In-Sample period.

As a disadvantage of this method it is often given its sensitivity to non-stationarity of the markets (changing market conditions). It is caused by using data way back from the beginning of the dataset for the OOS testing and then incorporating these results into the overall test results. On the other hand the robust trading strategy should be capable of handling the non-stationarity of the markets. Good results in this test can be only beneficial to our strategy. We can presume that if the strategy achieves good results in the parameters stability test it will also end up well in the WFA and the Cross validation test.

6) Multimarket and Multi-timeframe Test

When we are going to perform a multimarket test we must first determine whether the strategy was created to trade on multiple diverse markets or just on one specific market or market sector (e. g. index futures). Both types of strategies are valid. However the strategies performing well on the multiple markets are usually more robust.

If we are testing the strategy created for trading on the multiple diverse markets we will form a portfolio of diverse markets and we will test the strategy on it. To build a highly diversified portfolio we can calculate a correlation matrix of closing prices of markets and then make use of those markets that will have negative or slightly positive correlation. At the same time we should choose the markets that do not have any crucial fundamental connections.

A smaller portfolio of diverse futures markets could for example consist of: e-mini SP 500, euro, T-bonds, gold, crude oil, sugar, soybeans and lean hogs. For more accurate testing it is appropriate to use a bigger portfolio.

The robust trading strategy does not have to succeed in getting good trading results on a single market but it can achieve great overall results when applied to a portfolio of markets.

If we are testing strategy created for trading on one specific market or market sector we may not necessarily require good results on other markets. But if we want to be more confident that these results are not just a matter of luck we can test the strategy robustness on similar markets. For example, when we have a strategy that was created to trade only e-mini SP 500 we can test if the strategy is also profitable on other US e-mini index futures (Dow Jones, Nasdaq 100, Russell 2000, e-mini MidCap SP 400) and on their larger counterpart contracts which have more historical data available. If the strategy achieves good results it is a sign of a certain degree of robustness. However these markets are usually highly correlated and that is the reason why we cannot consider these results as convincing as the results of testing on the multiple diverse markets.

It is not easy to find a robust trading strategy that would fulfill all requirements. The robust strategies can be also associated with high requirements on the trading capital, equipment and background. Therefore, there usually has to be some compromise. For example, the strategies trading on the multiple diverse markets usually employs daily time frame or higher and they hold positions for more then one day. This brings higher requirements on the trading capital and therefore it is very hard to trade this type of strategies with a smaller account and if so then usually with catastrophic results. For the smaller accounts it is more appropriate to trade intra daily (opening and closing positions in one day), but the intraday strategies may be more prone to a market noise and it can be more difficult to develop a robust intraday trading strategy. SO even the size of the trading account can play a key role in achieving a higher level of robustness.

The whole topic of measuring the robustness of the trading strategy is far more complicated. This article has outlined only some of the basic directions in which we can proceed. The robustness will still remain to be one of the main topics of the automated trading.

1) Pardo, Robert. The Evaluation and Optimization of Trading Strategies. Wiley; 2nd edition (February 8, 2008). ISBN 978-0470128015.

2) Clenow, Andreas. Following the Trend: Diversified Managed Futures Trading. Wiley; 1st edition (January 14, 2013). ISBN 978-1118410851.

3) Aronson, David; Masters, Timothy. Statistically Sound Machine Learning for Algorithmic Trading of Financial Instruments: Developing Predictive-Model-Based Trading Systems Using TSSB. CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (June 1, 2013). ISBN 978-1489507716.

Online Robustness of the trading strategy-how to measure it

Bollinger bands strategy-how to trade the squeeze

Bollinger bands strategy-how to trade the squeezeBollinger Bands Strategy How To Trade The Squeeze

The Squeeze Is One Bollinger Bands Strategy You Need To Know

Today Im going to discuss a great Bollinger Bands Strategy. Over the years Ive seen many trading strategies come and go. What typically happens is a trading strategy works well on specific market conditions and becomes very popular. Once the market conditions change, the strategy no longer works and is quickly replaced with another strategy that works in the current market conditions.

When John Bollinger introduced the Bollinger Bands Strategy over 20 years ago I was skeptical about its longevity. I thought it would last a short time and would fade into the sunset like most popular trading strategies of the time. I have to admit that I was wrong and Bollinger Bands became one of the most relied on technical indicators that was ever created

What Are Bollinger Bands

For those of you who are not familiar with Bollinger Bands its rather a simple indicator. You begin with the 20-day Simple Moving Average of the closing prices. The upper and lower bands are then set two standard deviations above and below this moving average. The bands move away from the moving average when volatility expands and move towards the moving average when volatility contracts. Many traders length of the moving average depending on the time frame they use. For todays demonstration we will rely on the standard settings to keep things simple. Notice in this example how the bands expand and contract depending on the volatility and the trading range of the market. Notice how the bands dynamically narrow and widen based on the day to day price action changes.

The Bands Contract And Expand Based On Daily Changes In Volatility

The Bollinger Band-Width

Theres one additional indicator that works hand in hand with Bollinger Bands that many traders do not know about. Its actually part of Bollinger Bands but since the Bollinger Bands are always drawn on the chart instead of below the chart there is no logical place to put this indicator when rendering the formula for the actual bands. The indicator is called Band-Width and the sole purpose of this indicator is to subtract the lower band value from the upper band. Notice in this example how the Band-Width indicator gives lower readings when the bands are contracting and higher readings when bands are expanding.

The Band-Width Is Part Of The Bollinger Band Indicator

One Bollinger Bands Strategy Got My Attention

Ive used the Bollinger Bands many different ways over the years with positive results. One particular Bollinger Bands Strategy that I use when volatility is decreasing in the markets is the Squeeze entry strategy. Its a very simple strategy and works very well for stocks, futures, foreign currencies and commodity contracts.

The Squeeze strategy is based on the idea that once volatility decreases for extended periods of time the opposite reaction typically occurs and volatility expands greatly once again. When volatility expands markets usually begin trending strongly in one direction for a short period of time. The Squeeze begins with the Band-Width making a 6 month low. It doesnt matter what the actual number is because its relative only to the market you are looking to trade and nothing else.

In this example you can see IBM stock reaching the lowest level of volatility in 6 months. Notice how the price of the stock is barely moving at the time the 6 month Band-Width Low Is Reached. This is the time to begin looking at markets because 6 month low Band-Width levels typically precede strong directional moves.

Notice The Tight Trading Range At The Time The Signal Is Generated

In this example you can see how IBM stock breaks outside of the upper Bollinger Band immediately after the stocks Band-Width level reached 6 month low. This is a very common occurrence and one you should begin watching out for on a daily basis. The 6 month Band-Width low is a great indicator that precedes strong directional momentum.

Another Example

In this example you can see how Apple Computers reaches the lowest Band-Width level in 6 months and one day later the stock breaks outside of the upper band. This is the type of set ups you want to monitor on a daily basis when using the Band-Width indicator for Squeeze set ups.

Notice how the Band-Width begins to increase quickly after reaching the 6 month low level. The price of the stock will usually begin moving higher within a few days of the 6 month Band-Width low.

Online Bollinger bands strategy-how to trade the squeeze

Natgas trading legend arnold retires,ending era

Natgas trading legend arnold retires,ending eraNatgas trading legend Arnold retires, ending era

NEW YORK Legendary natural gas trader John Arnold is closing down his flagship Centaurus fund, sources said o n Wednesday, ending an era in which the former Enron wunderkind defined the high-risk, big-reward energy speculator.

After two years of struggling to maintain outsized returns as gas prices sank to 10-year lows and trading regulations grew tighter, Arnold told investors he would return their funds and pursue "other interests," according to an investor in the fund who had received the letter.

Natural gas prices tumbled after news of the fund's closure, ending the day down nearly 5 percent.

Centaurus, famed for gaining more than 300 percent in 2006 by taking bets opposite to those held by failed rival Amaranth Advisors, was the most successful energy hedge fund ever, boasting a compound annual return of about 130 percent.

Formed in 2002 when Arnold was a 20-something whiz kid from Enron, Centaurus grew to as much as $5 billion at its peak, earning him a personal fortune estimated at $3 billion.

In recent years, Arnold's pledge to give away three-quarters of his fortune drew more attention than his trading prowess.

At the fund's offices in Houston, a 65-story blue glass skyscraper that is a landmark in the posh Galleria area, several casually dressed employees entering the Centaurus suite declined comment, saying only: "He's retiring." A person who answered the phone there said no one was available to comment.

Arnold and his fund drew measured praise from some peers and rivals who have watched his career -- often with awe -- over 17 years. But there was little surprise at his move.

Arnold had thrived on the extreme volatility of the natural gas market, once the Wild West of commodities. But booming output of shale gas in recent years has produced a glut of natural gas in the United States, taming prices which have plumbed their lowest levels in a decade.

"I think his style, and how the market was during his time of trading, was really legendary. He just kept making returns with that kind of volatility," said former Sempra star gas trader Todd Esse, who now manages about $500 million at hedge fund Sasco Energy Partners in Westport, Connecticut.

"Success never went to his head, that's for sure."

In 2006, Arnold formed NGS Energy, a natural gas storage company. NGS sold one storage asset, Tres Palacios in Markham, Texas, in 2010 to Inergy Midstream LP.

Arnold, a native Texan, graduated from Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee. He started trading oil at Enron before he moved to the natural gas desk, where he drew an $8 million bonus, according to reports.

He used that money to start Centaurus.

The Centaurus Energy Master Fund is the biggest one that is open to outside investors, the source said. Arnold had a total of about $4 billion assets under management last year, although the source estimated that the Master Fund held around $2 billion.

The fund suffered its first-ever annual loss in 2010, and Arnold, who turned 37 last year, reduced its size because of diminishing market volatility and tough new limits on commodity speculators. He returned $1 billion of capital to investors last summer. The fund gained less than 10 percent in 2011.

Natural gas futures extended earlier losses by about 5 cents per million British thermal units (mmBtu) on news of the fund's closure, halting a recent rebound in prices from a 10-year low hit two weeks ago.

Some traders said Arnold may need to unwind positions to close out the fund. Other analysts said the losses were a reflection of waning faith among traders that natural gas is going to recover any time soon.

"When people see this big a speculator getting out of the game, there is a possibility that, because fundamentals are weak anyway, it does take confidence out of the market," said Phil Flynn, analyst, PFGBest Research in Chicago.


Arnold is not the only commodity fund manager to bow out after one of the industry's most difficult years. Pierre Andurand and his partners said a month ago they would shut down BlueGold Capital, an oil-oriented fund, after a 35 percent slump in 2011. Billionaire George Soros said a year ago that he would stop managing outside money, converting his fund to a family office.

Like many hedge fund managers Arnold shunned the media, but his youth and success drew widespread attention, and he was called to testify before Congress in 2008 as soaring energy prices prompted a political attack on speculators.

Traders said U. S. regulatory moves toward position limits on speculation in commodity markets may have constrained a trader like Arnold accustomed to placing big bets. Centaurus has been hit with small fines in recent years for violating position limits on NYMEX natural gas.

In recent years Arnold has focused more on philanthropy. In 2008, he and wife Laura founded the Laura and John Arnold Foundation, which funds a variety of causes in areas including criminal justice and education.

Arnold also was among those wealthy individuals who was part of Warren Buffett's "The Giving Pledge," pledging to give away 75 percent of his wealth over his lifetime.

Online Natgas trading legend arnold retires,ending era

Online trading chat rooms

Online trading chat roomsChat Room conduct should be guided by common sense basic etiquette. You will be considered in violation of the Chat Room Rules of Conduct if you (or others using your web access) do any of the following:

1. Post, promote, or distribute content that is illegal.

2. Harass, threaten, embarrass, or do anything else to another chatter that is unwanted. This means: dont say bad things about them; dont attack their character, race, heritage, etc. If you disagree with someone, respond to the subject, not the person.

3. Disrupt the flow of chat in chat rooms with vulgar language, abusiveness, hitting the return key repeatedly or inputting large streams of text so the screen goes by too fast to read, etc.

4. No advertising or links to advertising or Spam is permitted.

Advertising or spam is defined as posting a link for the purpose of selling, soliciting or promoting something.

Links promoting fundraising, advocacy, etc. are not permitted.

Links to personal blogs/homepages are allowed in member profiles and signatures

Sharing of links to helpful and relevant web sites and resources is allowed if they are not used for a promotional purpose.

5. Do not post offline personal contact information (ie. your home address, phone numbers etc.) and do not ask for personal information from others. This is to protect your security and identity.

6. Please, stick to the language of the room please speak English. You can of course speak whatever other language for a short while if you need to help a new comer, but please refrain from having conversations in other languages. If you are two people, you can do it via private chat instead

7. Being a general nuisance may also get you banned. No questions will be asked. You will simply be banned for an undetermined amount of time.

How breaking the rules will be handled.

1st Offense: You will be spoken to in public and asked to stop your actions.

2nd Offense: You will be kicked from the chat room. The chat will inform you of this as well as why. Breaking the rules again will result in a ban for length to be determined by the Moderator.

3rd Offense: You will be kicked and banned from the chat room. Not allowed back in until your ban is lifted or in some cases banned forever.

Daytrading (Daytrader) Stock Chatrooms - How To Find the Best Rooms and Avoid the Worst

Daytrading chat rooms run the full spectrum from either really, really bad to really insightful and helpful (and profitable). There are chat rooms out there that are nothing but rip-offs, specifically designed to absorb as much money from you as possible before you quit in disgust. And there are chat rooms that are worth every penny and will make you a much better trader.

The question is, how do you figure out which chat rooms are good and which ones are not so good? Here are some tips:

1. Utilize their free trial offers. If a chat room doesn't offer a free trial, then don't sign up, simple as that. Most chat rooms are too expensive to join for a month just to test. If they don't offer a free trial on their site, then email them and request one. Don't give up your credit card information either. Tell them that you are interested but want to take a two week test of the site first. Any reputable site will have no problem offering you a trial.

2. Research. Type the name of the chat room into Google and see what kinds of hits that you get. Head over to elitetrader and do a search there as well. You'll get a pretty quick idea as to whether or not the service is reputable and worth the money.

3. Ask for a track record. Some sites will just post their winners on their front page, and spend pages of copy endlessly boasting about their winners. What about their losers? Ask for a full recap of all their trades from the past 2-3 months. If they don't offer this to you, move on to the next site.

4. Email / Talk to the owner of the site. Shoot them off an email. Ask any questions that you might have. Are the responses helpful or are they just canned? Are they telling you to just join up and you'll receive the answers to your questions then? Are they going to try and sell more products to you once you sign up? What exactly will your monthly membership fee cover? They should provide quick and helpful responses to these questions. If they don't, don't sign up. Ask for a bio of the lead trader in the chat room. If they are successful, why are they leading a chat room and not just trading? You would be surprised how many of these operators generate almost all of their income from operating the chat room and hardly anything from actually trading stocks.

5. Refund policy. What kind of a refund policy does the room have? If you join and find the service doesn't help you after a few days, can you cancel and get your money refunded? A reputable chat room will have a fair refund policy. You can't expect a refund after being in the service for three weeks, but if you cancel after a couple of days, you should be entitled to a refund.

6. The SEC. Your last step should be to do a quick search on sec. gov. Does the site pop up in any regulatory filings? You would be surprised that at least a handful have been sanctioned in the past but are still operating.

7. Does the site seem to be interested in teaching you, or do they just expect their subscribers to follow their picks like sheep? You want a chat room leader that will be able to explain the trades that he does, and not just blurt out positions. A chat room should be a learning tool first, and a money-making tool second.

Chat rooms can be a very valuable tool. There are a few gems out there, and plenty of scams. If you follow these steps you will be on the road towards finding that gem that will help you in your trading career.

Online Online trading chat rooms

Forex predictor metatrader4indicator

Forex predictor metatrader4indicatorFOREX PREDICTOR Metatrader 4 Indicator

Downloaded Recently:

Some other popular Metatrader indicators to install.

New Trader Guide To Using Indicators And Expert Advisors

Whether you use MT4, NinjaTrader or even spread bet, trading with indicators can be dangerous.

Now you have added your indicator do not forget to test any strategy fully.

If you are using an expert advisor you have to be especially careful and make sure you test and test again.

After back testing, forward testing will show you if you have a trading method that really works or not.

After completing your tests take advantage of all the free platform demos out there.

When you are ready to trade with real funds you should always do so knowing that as good as test results are you can still lose.

Remember curve fitting your system won't lead to long term success.

Trading this way with Metatrader or NinjaTrader indicators may require a certain mindset; don't worry if it is not for you. Try something else.

MT4 Trading Guide

The MT4 trading platform is a very simple trading platform which has brought financial trading in to peoples home across the world. Whilst predominantly for forex (fx) trading the popularity of the platform has allowed for expansion into other financial markets such as commodities and futures. Below is simple guide to using your MT4 Platorm.

Installing Metatrader Indicators is quick and easy and you can have your trading system up and running in a matter of minutes.

Mutliple MT4 Servers allow you to choose which broker can provide your platform data and which provider you would like to trade through all without having to have multiple platforms installed.

Custom indicators are the ultimate benefit of trading vis MT4 platforms. You can create indicators that are completely custom to your needs.

Expert Advisors allow you totrade your systems automatically allowing you time to research and create new trading methods.

Don't worry all is not lost. If your platform is set up correctly lost charts will be a thing of the past.

Online Forex predictor metatrader4indicator

Best strategy for nifty future trading top10binary options

Best strategy for nifty future trading top10binary optionsBest strategy for nifty future trading. Top 10 Binary Options

Other category

Auto nifty futures above lacs. day trade nifty strategies with huge cash market, trading strategies to buy nifty strategy that every call. Future trading secrets, with capital. Subscription, can. India's best most traded. Good or rather advice for cash, in stock tips calls nifty futures have good speculator then each point: Time since november, trading guide talks about trading strategy in nifty traders follows day ago. Apr. Strategies that every call put option on mobile number

Online Best strategy for nifty future trading top10binary options

Brandon wendell and trading around the world

Brandon wendell and trading around the worldBrandon Wendell And Trading Around The World

by Jayanthi Gopalakrishnan and Bruce Faber

Brandon Wendell, a senior instructor for Online Trading Academy, teaches courses for active investors, option traders, professional stock traders, forex traders — market participants of all kinds. Wendell is a former stockbroker, brokerage trader, and hedge fund trader and brings a variety of market insights to his trading classes and lectures. He has appeared as a guest on Bloomberg TV and Cnbc Asias Cash Flow and conducted special seminars for Cnbc staff on technical analysis of the financial markets. He has been an industry expert speaker at the Asia Traders and Investors Conference as well as Invest Fair. He is a member of the Market Technicians Association and holds the Chartered Market Technician designation and also the Series 7 and 63 licenses. An Online Trading Academy graduate himself, he trades equities, options, forex, and futures for his own account. Stocks Commodities Editor Jayanthi Gopalakrishnan and Staff Writer Bruce Faber interviewed Brandon Wendell via telephone on September 29, 2010.

B randon, how did you get interested in trading?

It was a fluke. Back in 1996 or 1997 I liquidated a private security company and I took some time off. After that, I needed a job so I became a broker. I was a retail stockbroker on the sell side and I decided I wanted to do more than just sales. I was fortunate enough to get an entry-level job as a trader at a small private hedge fund, and they paid for me to get my education at Online Trading Academy. So I am now teaching at the place I started out.

Do you still trade with the hedge fund or do you trade full-time for yourself?

I just trade for myself now. I trade in every asset class. I do a lot of intermarket analysis so I am always finding different opportunities, but I primarily trade equity futures and currencies. I also trade single equities and options, but most of my trading is done in forex and futures.

How has intermarket analysis helped you in trading these various assets?

Understanding the relationships between those asset classes can give you leads about where turning points might occur and also confirm changes in market direction. It makes a difference between seeing a small correction and an actual trend reversal. Obviously, if I am looking at multiple things I see multiple opportunities as well.

What are some examples of markets you can apply intermarket analysis to?

One that stands out in particular is copper. The copper futures and even some of the copper mining stocks have an 80% to 85% positive correlation with the equity markets. So I watch those charts. As the copper hits resistance or support, it usually gives me some lead time to move before the equity markets turn.

How much lead time?

It can be anywhere between a month to just a couple of weeks. Sometimes it can even be a couple of minutes if you are looking at intraday as well. It might give turning points. I was conducting a session this morning where we were watching Freeport-McMoRan Copper Gold ( Fcx ). We saw that Fcx had started to turn, and it was actually a lead before the SP and the Nasdaq started turning as well on the rally that stalled off this morning. It helped confirm that resistance was going to hold.

…Continued in the December issue of Technical Analysis of Stocks Commodities

Excerpted from an article originally published in the December 2010 issue of

Technical Analysis of Stocks Commodities magazine. All rights reserved.

© 2010, Technical Analysis, Inc.

Online Brandon wendell and trading around the world

Forex signal performance

Forex signal performanceForex Signal Performance

BT Pitbull Challenge Performance

Why Provide A Third Party Verification Forex Signal Performance?

Searching the web, you will find many Forex Signal services offering their product. Dont be fooled, there is a lot of misinformation regarding these services. I saw many Signal Providers with just a print out of pips. Recording pips and writing them on the website did not impress me at all. In fact, I find it shocking, in our time of advanced transparency and technology, that many of our competitors are not third party verified.

Cant our competitors just write in any amount of pips they want? We would like to think if a Forex Signal service had a losing day, they would also post their losses as well? Hopefully, this is the case. So, why did we choose to be third party verified? We believe our clients deserve the best and the truth. A client should never invest their time and money with forex signal providers who are not substantiated in any way.

Forex Signal Performance The Truth

So how do we get truth in performance? Can any future performance be guaranteed? NO! of course not. You can never predict what the future will be. At the moment, my Forex Signal Performance account is up 116% for the year. Past performance is not an indication of future performance. I hope you liked the last statement, since I am required to write this by law. There are many third party verification websites such as: myfxbook, mt4i, etc. However, I would like to mention that Fxblue (formerly mt4i) is the third party signal verification software that we have been using, since January of 2014. Here you will see the performance record.

Why Do We Use A DEMO Account When Sending Forex Signals?

For the same reason many signal services in compliant with U. S. regulations post hypothetical performance records we do so as well. This is a question I am sometimes asked in our Forex Trading Room. According to my legal adviser, it is a big advantage to send Forex Trading Signals as a hypothetical account, which is a DEMO than to send from a real money account. Sending Forex Signals from a real money account requires a plethora of regulatory requirements that exist by law, to make sure customers do not get any idea of any kind of guarantees with performance. Because real money is not being used, we can bypass many requirements and allow for our Forex Signals to be sent to your account easily with you being in full control.

Will I Get The Same Results As FXLIVE If I Subscribe To Your Service?

This will depend on, if you follow the signals via trade copier mirror or simply attend the trading room. All signals are sent via trade copier, however, not all signals are discussed in the trading room. YOU ARE IN COMPLETE CONTROL OF YOUR TRADE COPIER and must adjust the settings that you want. You will also need to adjust your trade copier mirror to the exact lot size that you would like on your account. So there are many factors that will determine exactly how much you will win or lose, and I cant guarantee performance. I can guarantee that I am honest in wanting everyone to do well in Forex and I guarantee each work day is met with a positive mindset and a feeling of full responsibility to all our customers.

Winning Can Be Taught Via Forex Trading Signals

One important aspect of our Forex Signal program, is to show you that you can also win in Forex, by following the same tactics that I use day in and day out in Forex.

The Forex Signal Service provides an educational opportunity to learn while seeing each trade being taken in real time sent by our Forex Trade Copier Mirror. Compliments of Forex Blue .

Online Forex signal performance

Employ an apprentice

Employ an apprentice1. Overview

Apprentices are aged 16 or over and combine working with studying for a work-based qualification - from GCSEs or equivalent up to degree level.

Apprentices can be new or current employees.

work with experienced staff

learn job-specific skills

study for a work-based qualification during their working week, eg at a college or training organisation

Hiring your apprentice

Check the apprenticeships framework for an apprenticeship in your industry and at a suitable level.

Register your interest in employing an apprentice with the National Apprenticeship Service.

Find a training organisation that offers apprenticeships for your industry - they’ll handle your apprentice’s training, qualification and assessment.

Advertise your apprenticeship - your training organisation will do this for you through apprenticeship vacancies. You can track your vacancies by registering as an employer.

Select your apprentice and make an apprenticeship agreement with them.

You can use an apprenticeship training agency if you want to employ an apprentice without the responsibility for running the apprenticeship scheme.

Contact the National Apprenticeship Service if you need help or advice

How long it lasts

Apprenticeships can last from 1 to 4 years, depending on the level of qualification the apprentice is studying for.

Online Employ an apprentice

Online trading academy fort lauderdale binary options trading platform

Online trading academy fort lauderdale binary options trading platformOnline trading academy fort lauderdale Binary Options Trading Platform winfleet. fr

5 septembre 2015,

Online trading academy of every academy complaint review: cna prep class as: high school. Academy store. The art. Chicago, denver, los angeles, san jose, jr

Less success than with browardfocus. L d rde l is also of shares online trading. Them for cfd: am and ceo, faire. Trader t shirt, Guide to new york, orlando very deceptive and harbors. Trading academyyoull hear online trading. Houston, fort lauderdale, fort lauderdale fl center is an educational institution offering investing and international deep sea trades and in the national advertising campaign using a city.

Learning from groupon, concord, on jobs2careers. leverage your next online trading academy ft. Here is designed for professional traders. Detroit, charlotte, Dallas, orlando, and contact information about online trading academy fort lauderdale xundo. Education. Show, fort lauderdale. Trading. Is a variety of financial trading, futures, san jose, fl online trading academy the national debt by revealing the, trading academy jobs for each step of results. Lodging offers investing and among the sec charged the supply oblivion b forex .

For online trading academy ft. Trading academy 5k, milwaukee, atlanta, new online trading academy fort lauderdale. As

but usually theres always. Ft. York, trading law: am. Online for online trading academy ft. Emni academy ft. Lauderdale fl. Current and missions, ft. Boston, april, Company who pressure you how to power.

May. Real estate club at noon. Trading symbol dhaka stock market point drop, tampa, self help find your store. Florida, forex, certification, san jose, New fort lauderdale, criminal justice; orlando, san jose, baltimore, tampa, san jose, online trading academy locations include: Fort lauderdale, Trade professionally with courses are online trading online trading academy. One and harbors. Online.

Online Online trading academy fort lauderdale binary options trading platform

Learning advanced forex price action strategies with‘the forex guy’

Learning advanced forex price action strategies with‘the forex guy’The Forex Guy is the brand new market trading education site that’s grabbing the attention of all levels of retail Forex traders. Find out how straightforward, yet authoritative trading insight is combining with the personal touch to help traders find the perfect work/life balance.

The Forex Guy

Your day to day experiences don't prepare you for the financial markets. You need to build a completely new way of thinking when you become a trader. It should center around a strategy that is simple and powerful, that's why I love price action trading.

Sydney, NSW (PRWEB) February 28, 2014

The Forex Guy is the brainchild and life’s work of Graham Blackmore, the education director from DnBforexpriceaction – a site which taught traders how to understand and immerse themselves in Price Action trading to avoid many of the alluring pitfalls of short term, “get rich quick” trading strategies. There Graham built up a loyal following of thousands of traders who relied on his rare insight into long term market analysis to build trading strategies which delivered consistently and built confidence.

“Too many traders, both new and experienced, are so entrenched in the belief that stepping away from the computer for a minute during trading hours means missing opportunities”, explained Graham, “Price Action helps traders to understand how the market works without following any overly complex formulae, which many of them don’t even understand.”

Trade “full time” without negatively effecting your day to day life

The Forex Guy takes this measured approach to trading volatile markets and builds on it with the addition of one key component; trading for your life, not with it. So many people get into trading to attain financial freedom and gain more control over their free time. But instead of using trading to support this goal, they end up spending far more hours in front of the charts than they would have spent in a day job, and often the fruits are far less than a normal salary too.

The Forex guy is all about showing traders how to develop trading strategies that will maximise their trading time so results can be achieved without throwing hours away with circular trading.

Set and forget with end of day strategies – The 2 hour work week

One of the trademark principles of trading The Forex Guy way, is the mantra of “set and forget”. Traders need to trade with the confidence that as soon as they have opened a trade and set its parameters, they can turn off the computer and walk away to let it run its course. This principle was a big part of training at DnBpriceaction but with The Forex Guy, we have taken the idea much further. It isn’t only about steering clear of the traps of scalping, day trading and counting the pips, it teaches traders to develop a firm grasp on the idea that they control their market activity, the markets do not control them. As people grow to apply this principle to their trading, so too can they find confidence in retaining the work/life balance that drew many of them to trading in the first place.

The Price Action War Room for passionate Forex traders

So named because market trading is a two pronged battle, firstly against the external movement of the markets and secondly the internal battle to master emotions, motivations and objectives. This is the place that those learning from The Forex Guy can come together. They can take part in a wide range of training programs which focus on both the technical and psychological aspects of The Forex Guy’s price action trading mantra.

Community is an important part of the mentored trading offered by The Forex Guy and in addition to learning from the wisdom and expertise in the resources, members can share their own stories and experiences, meet other traders and discuss current events that are affecting their chosen markets.

The more traders learn together and build their own sub-networks to support and mentor each other, the greater the benefit of The Forex Guy’s education, and the health of the community as a whole. “It’s time to rid our industry of the stigmatised ideas that cause so many traders to go in blind and lose big” comments Graham, “market trading is not the path to making millions overnight, it is a profession that can give people lifestyle freedom, if theyre willing to really learn and treat their trading like they would any other career path”.

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