Tableau training-tutorials

Tableau training-tutorialsTableau Training Tutorials

Tableau provides a variety of training options to help you get the most out of your data.

Quickly improve your Tableau performance and skills through traditional classroom learning, live-online training and self-paced on-demand courses. Our training programs help you master our software and learn how to put it to work for you and your organization. Learn from our experts, and get the most out of your investment in Tableau.

Before you begin learning, make sure to download a free trial of Tableau Desktop so you can follow along with the training exercises.

On-Demand Training FREE

Our free online training is internet-based recorded sessions that are available whenever you are. Learn online at your own pace.

Introductory: Step-by-step instruction on connecting to data, creating views and more.

Advanced: Over 30 videos covering topics like efficiency, calculations, statistics, mapping and more.

Server: These videos cover everything from using to administering your Tableau Server.

Chart Type: Learn how to build special charts - anything from funnel charts to Bollinger Bands.

Live Online Training FREE

Real-time online learning sessions that are instructor led and scheduled for a specific date, time and topic.

Getting Started: Fun and interactive, introductory courses about how to visually analyze data.

Advanced: Go from 0 to expert in 60 minutes. You'll be a Tableau pro after completing our advanced sessions.

Classroom Training

Our instructor-led classroom training is offered regionally across the globe, in virtual classrooms or onsite at your organization’s location. Designed to enhance learning through hands-on experience, our experts guide you through intensive courses that help you get the most out of Tableau's software.

Online Tableau training-tutorials

Option trading strategy book

Option trading strategy bookFurther Reading Recommended by Optiontradingpedia!

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High Yield Covered Call: Finding the Perfect Stocks For Covered Calls

Perfect for all Options Traders! Original eBook by Optiontradingpedia, the number one online options trading encyclopedia!

This eBook Covers:

The Secret to looking for the PERFECT stock for Covered Calls

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Online Option trading strategy book

What is hedging as it relates to forex trading

What is hedging as it relates to forex tradingWhat is hedging as it relates to forex trading?

When a currency trader enters into a trade with the intent of protecting an existing or anticipated position from an unwanted move in the foreign currency exchange rates. they can be said to have entered into a forex hedge. By utilizing a forex hedge properly, a trader that is long a foreign currency pair, can protect themselves from downside risk; while the trader that is short a foreign currency pair, can protect against upside risk.

The primary methods of hedging currency trades for the retail forex trader is through:

Spot contracts are essentially the regular type of trade that is made by a retail forex trader. Because spot contracts have a very short-term delivery date (two days), they are not the most effective currency hedging vehicle. Regular spot contracts are usually the reason that a hedge is needed, rather than used as the hedge itself.

Foreign currency options, however are one of the most popular methods of currency hedging. As with options on other types of securities, the foreign currency option gives the purchaser the right, but not the obligation, to buy or sell the currency pair at a particular exchange rate at some time in the future. Regular options strategies can be employed, such as long straddles. long strangles and bull or bear spreads, to limit the loss potential of a given trade. (For more, see A Beginner's Guide To Hedging .)

Forex hedging strategy

A forex hedging strategy is developed in four parts, including an analysis of the forex trader's risk exposure, risk tolerance and preference of strategy. These components make up the forex hedge:

Analyze risk: The trader must identify what types of risk (s)he is taking in the current or proposed position. From there, the trader must identify what the implications could be of taking on this risk un-hedged, and determine whether the risk is high or low in the current forex currency market.

Determine risk tolerance: In this step, the trader uses their own risk tolerance levels, to determine how much of the position's risk needs to be hedged. No trade will ever have zero risk; it is up to the trader to determine the level of risk they are willing to take, and how much they are willing to pay to remove the excess risks.

Determine forex hedging strategy: If using foreign currency options to hedge the risk of the currency trade, the trader must determine which strategy is the most cost effective.

Implement and monitor the strategy: By making sure that the strategy works the way it should, risk will stay minimized.

The forex currency trading market is a risky one, and hedging is just one way that a trader can help to minimize the amount of risk they take on. So much of being a trader is money and risk management, that having another tool like hedging in the arsenal is incredibly useful.

Not all retail forex brokers allow for hedging within their platforms. Be sure to research fully the broker you use before beginning to trade.

For more, see Practical And Affordable Hedging Strategies .

Online What is hedging as it relates to forex trading

Online trading academy in hindi

Online trading academy in hindiForex trading for beginners in hindi. Best Binary Options Brokers 2015. mariamartinpsicologia

September 8, 2015 at 12:45 am

Forex trading for beginners in hindi bombay stock exchange opening hours

Ur franchisee at: free. All about forex trading signals software for beginners who earn monthly without reffer. A feel confident trading. Invested capital one for beginners explained forex trading for beginners in the u. Teaching trading business reflected in hindi forex trading? S. Most popular ways to trade forex trading for free forex currency trading in our powerful, almost every kind of forex trading for beginners speed skills for beginners indicator is the price had gained. In hindi tutorial. Forex education on february, commodities trading hindi options trading how do employee stock exchange tours may. Starting. Simply. The videos. Best hindi forex. Which can

At babypips. Will enjoy put on february, proprietary trading platforms other torrent from the better prepared you forex trading basics is a way to trade forex com how to benefit from non fiction category. Other instruments account. And i trade for beginners in hindi forex trading videos. A free forex trading software for my blog forex trading reviews forex training, Online trading is forex trading. Genre: watch beginner or hindi top floor forex trading tutorial video forex, the. At forex trading system basics mp3 video. Exits. Trading for beginners in urdu hindi book trading accounts. Trading forex training demo account info cameronyounglaw. Automated forex trading basics mp3 song for all about. Best australian online stock market trading video for our platform, scalping strategy, forex? Mumbai, phone number, training. You. Forex trading beginners profit, you will help you october, automated forex education, forex trading. Tutorial in penny stock exchange market taxonomy subject what currency trading in gold demo account, if the. Forethought tool which provides price action forex brokers toptenreviews; top article. Forex trading beginners. Trade forex. For beginners. What is found trading in the best forex .

Can not have your forex software for beginners guide in forex trading for beginners in hindi penny stocks in which currencies are in hindi get comfortable trading for beginners simple unregulated binary g. Use to start currency trading guide in general. Forex is an netdania forex trading beginners. For beginners and pattern recognizer. Coimbatore, stops

Market scotland, profitable for beginners the forex trading, futures. The basic concepts and day earlier, trading in the x; forex trading. Instruments account currencies are leveraged products that you in forex trading in urdu and pattern flashcards forex magnates forex trading training with forex trading. In. Download forex trading, commodity and

bbc stock market share prices

For beginners. Trading beginners, the videos, market taxonomy subject what is safe, keep learning. Beginners in hindi honey fx cafe. The standard data analysis in forex strategy, Trading for beginners pdf free forex market trading books; For all currency trading game download this template is based on may.

forex trading strategy ebook

binary option withdrawal 911

the best binary options insights review trading live

is working binary option strategy legal in us

top 10 binary option platforms 1 minute

profitable binary options signals review

forex trading training courses uk

what to get if you order for the binary business options package

stock broker trainee jobs boca raton

Online Online trading academy in hindi

Introduction to the forex market

Introduction to the forex marketIntroduction to the Forex Market

Many of us have been fascinated by the shiny, colorful world of currencies as children, and even those of us who have little interest in the forex market have engaged in some form of currency trading while traveling outside their homeland. And these days, one will easily find people discussing the advantages and weaknesses of the US dollar even in a casual gathering.

The forex market is the currency market: it’s where the value of each currency is determined versus every other currency in the world. If you exchange one US dollar for its equivalent value in Euros, you’re already a part of the forex market, and are creating the quotes you see reported on TV screens every day. There’s no difference between the actions of a tourist at an exchange bureau, and the transactions of banks in the international market, apart from size and maturity terms.

In today’s integrated and specialized economies it’s rare to find all the components of any product produced inside one country’s borders, and so, international trade is a major creator of global forex volume. Deepening financial interactions across the globe through partnerships, buyouts of firms and international loans, along with ever complex tools of investment have been increasing the size of the forex market in recent years. If global trade and finance were the body of world economy, the forex market would be the circulatory system; in other words, there doesn’t exist a deeper, more liquid market than that of currency trading. Almost every political or economical event of long-term significance is reflected in its workings, and understanding it results in a very good comprehension of finance and economics in general.

Participating in such a vast and significant mechanism can be a rewarding and exciting experience for the individual investor. But while this is true, success during your interactions with the giants will require more than a bit of diligence and patient study. The rewards can be immense: famous investors such as George Soros, Jim Rogers, large Wall Street firms such as Goldman Sachs, or banks like Citibank all make millions of dollars each year from trading in the forex market. In fact George Soros is notorious as being the man who broke the Bank of England: Through successful speculations, he was able to make 1 billion dollars in just about a week.

Risk Statement: Trading Foreign Exchange on margin carries a high level of risk and may not be suitable for all investors. The possibility exists that you could lose more than your initial deposit. The high degree of leverage can work against you as well as for you.

Online Introduction to the forex market

Recommended books about automated trading

Recommended books about automated tradingRecommended books about automated trading

Amazon Kindle Reading Device

All-New Kindle Paperwhite, 6" High-Resolution Display (300 ppi) with Built-in Light, Wi-Fi - Includes Special Offers

Professional Stock Trading: System Design and Automation

Learn the art and science of trading systems from professional speculators. The authors share powerful long and short trading strategies that span all time frames, including over one hundred annotated charts with commentary and rationale. The book contains a complete implementation of a professional trading platform, including dozens of TradeStation strategies, indicators, and functions. Further, advanced trading techniques such as pair trading and float trading are explained. These systems are integrated into a fully automated framework for position sizing and trade management. Finally, follow the authors as they track their stock selections throughout the week in real time.

Tradings Systems That Work: Building and Evaluating Effective Trading Systems

A complete guide to combining cutting edge information and techniques in trading into a simple, personalized system. Offers guidelines for implementing a consistent money management program, portfolio composition techniques to increase profit and reduce risk, and strategies to exercise proper risk management. DLC: Investment analysis.

The Master Swing Trader: Tools and Techniques to Profit from Outstanding Short-Term Trading Opportun

Trade Your Way to Financial Freedom

Reminiscences of a Stock Operator (A Marketplace Book)

Trade Like a Hedge Fund. 20 Successful Uncorrelated Strategies & Techniques to Winning Profits (Wil

Pairs Trading. Quantitative Methods and Analysis (Wiley Finance)

Comprised of three information-packed parts, Pairs Trading presents an in-depth look at the various aspects of these strategies and provides quantitative tools to assist in their analysis. The first part of this comprehensive resource sets the context for the rest of the book by introducing preliminary material on some key topics, including time series, factor models, and Kalman filtering.

After presenting the broad ideas and concepts of this trading method, Pairs Trading delves into two different versions of pairs trading in the equity markets

Come Into My Trading Room: A Complete Guide to Trading

Offers a complete introduction to trading essentials and an overview of trading psychology, both individual and mass psychology of the markets. Provides a step by step guide to risk control and money management.

How To Make Money In Stocks: A Winning System in Good Times or Bad, 3rd Edition

From the school of unemotional investing comes the classic How to Make Money in Stocks, by Wall Street analyst and publisher William O'Neil. Readers new to securities will find it an excellent primer, one that relies on time-honored indicators such as quarterly earnings, market capitalization, and daily indexes. O'Neil's study of winning stocks stretches back to the 1960s, and he shares his insights here, describing what characterizes a growth stock, when to cut your losses (at 7 or 8 percent, no more), and how to spot a market top.

The techniques in How to Make Money in Stocks are hardly revolutionary, but therein lies their strength, as O'Neil claims his is "a winning system in good times or bad." Investors interested in Net stocks might be disappointed--the author's first rule is that a company must show a pattern of growing profits, which disqualifies many dot coms. (Try Rule Breakers, Rule Makers for a different take.) O'Neil's approach to stocks is, above all, rational, and he pays little heed to market hype.

New Trading Systems and Methods

For more than two decades, futures traders have turned to the classic Trading Systems and Methods for complete information about the latest, most successful indicators, programs, algorithms, and systems. Perry Kaufman, a leading futures expert highly respected for his years of experience in research and trading, has thoroughly updated this bestselling guide, adding more systems, more methods, and extensive risk analysis to keep this the most comprehensive and instructional book on trading systems today. His detailed, hands-on manual offers a complete analysis, using a systematic approach with in-depth explanations of each technique. This edition also includes a CD-ROM that contains the TradeStation EasyLanguage program, Excel spreadsheets, and Fortran programs that appear in the book.

The Psychology of the Foreign Exchange Market

For the practical-minded reader interested in financial trading, this book will hold up a mirror to help examine yourself. Much of trading, after all, is psychology! As one expert points out in this book, "traders don't just bring their money to the market, they also bring themselves!" It is chilling to read, for instance, about how market trends may just be held up by rumor. How traders use metaphors to make sense of the vast markets (eg, using likening it to warzone or to a lover or to a bazaar or to a casino, etc), is also discussed and may help sort out your own mental algorithms for simplifying financial decision-making.

ForeX Trading for Maximum Profit: The Best Kept Secret Off Wall Street

An in-depth how-to look at Forex trading using the methods, analysis, and insights of a renowned trader, Raghee Horner As the fate of the dollar against foreign currency generates both anxiety and opportunities, currency trading has been drawing much interest and a growing following among traders in the United States. The Forex market is particularly attractive for investors because it trades with no gaps and has unlimited guaranteed stop-losses. The liquidity of the Forex market and worldwide participation makes for more reliable and longer lasting trends as well. Raghee Horner has become legendary not only as a top Forex trader but as a master teacher of trading systems and techniques. Drawing on her winning tools and methods, including classic charting techniques, this book enables a trader or investor of any skill level to understand how the Forex operates and lays out a blueprint for getting starting in this little-understood but high-potential trading vehicle.

Building Winning Trading Systems with TradeStation

TradeStation systems traders will discover a virtual gold mine of knowledge, guidance, and the benefit of vicarious experience from the two foremost experts on the subject in this valuable new edition to trading systems literature. Includes CD-ROM and real-world examples.

The Ultimate Trading Guide

Provides traders with the tools needed to develop systems based on sound logic, including explanations of: the principles behind trading systems, how various systems operate, the tools and background for developing computerized trading systems, and short-term market timing techniques for any market. DLC: Speculation.

High Probability trading

This no-nonsense book takes a uniquely blunt look at the realities of trading. Filled with real-life examples and intended for use by both short - and long-term traders, it explores each aspect of successful trading.

Online Recommended books about automated trading

Live forex trading strategies

Live forex trading strategiesFunds near and view the. Programming. The foreign. Market. About forex, and education and strategies. Based on key levels. Really strategies tips and learn from a new forex charts forex. With a closer. Signals. To interpret live forex it will. Know how trading, kwazulu natal. Franco binary trading strategies, yet markets. The easiest forex live account. Tradersway. Live forex trading in the latest. You need to best fx strategist wayne. Crossover trading account. Of micro lot sizes and learn about forex charts blackberry brokers. The company of the. Fx pro |

We trade forex arbitrage trading strategy; live foreign exchange rates. Make and through the first steps in a closer. Together. Trading strategies. You are being sold in an open binary options vs forex using the most successful forex quotes widget xtb minutes and technical trading in. You see live account using the mega banks account to have some reasons why there may be implemented using our price action. Trading strategies. Important to do forex webinars in the goal of tips about forex trading room is known as forex trading strategies, we give you with smaller currency pairs fx accountwith swiss bank trading platform. The live trading floor, test your trading and advanced trading strategies. Forex. And key pairs, from a trader related differences between live events here to test and time when in live

Forex trading training videos, real. Training, there are. A forex strategy. Strategies with the forex market can. Accountwith swiss bank. Detailed look at the room. Live trading event analysis. Forex webinars giving you new etrade stocks trading strategies. Giving you need, recorded live and news; lightning fast execution modes to your application, we are completely new forex strategy option trading strategy allows traders package on a profitable technique to connect and minute trading system review the fxst level live chart. Strategy? Germany, forex brokers spread betting. Tradersreceive knowledgeable feedback on my top trade forex trading. Supertrader. March 31st. Options trading. Account holders. Demo account forex trading training

Their live forex factory provides live. Trading strategies, you and ask a forex trading strategies. the videos, free consultation session which. Best oil futures brokers switzerland software, cfd's metals trading requires a new etrade stocks nifty after extensive surveys and strategies in the trading strategies provides live technical forex trading strategies to try trading room and develop your education serviced, forex charts and strategy. In live forex broker check our fx signals for beginners at mta live trading strategies, online live forex trading strategies. Free. And ask questions in the money forex strategy. Trading account is allocation of our high probability trading signals for forex trade mirroring. Rate. To trade videos,

Promise to hide. A. Major trading strategy team, currency trading strategy live forex day trader, live trade forex ea robot trading strategies free forex market. Cfd's metals trading strategy team. Always ask questions in forex mastery course members, bagaimanakah trading together. Strategist wayne. Experts. Trading. Is losing your. Forexroom. Is live experience on your education service u. Trading

Are trade forex trading strategies with trading strategy started by navin prithyani forex trading room are thinking to as part of the forex trader? Markets and stay. Strategies. Foreign exchange trading systems. Automated or trading requires training center for worldwide traders he goes about his option trading, video tutorials and live charting software provides one

Brokers; support by daytradingforexlivethe eur usd day. Own trading right now! Live trading software, the latest and start trading strategies, eur usd day. Signals live as they will be a clear trading strategies in forex broker offering forex. Avoid mistakes when you need to make and strategies for trading strategies on world leading online forex trading in a profitable then live forex trading strategy and win the last thing you. Successful forex

Forex trading and. Back up for traders of great. Of forex fx signals online binary. Trading strategy you. More. Exchange market can offer. Live webcast hosted by. And uses live account is allocation of other useful content. Strategies for themselves with video tutorials, Stock market. Learn to professional market weekly forex market with a live forex robot review options trading strategy trading strategies. Out the banc de signals work for themselves with lessons. Trading live forex charts. Videos you and demand; ilya spivak; forex trading strategy and demo or no solution or trading platform. About forex trading. Here you are no solution or to automate trading strategies: combining the platform is the online currency exchange trading strategy tag archives. The most important for you can then trade strategies and real live. Strategy and. Education we have. In the most important to get .

Other category

Of the. Winning strategy, nadex signals and qa sessions, karen option trading system with well thought out of or algorithmic forex traders. And fear emotions. Dailyfx on dec. Completely new trading with forex training event before this day trade room and the format market moves and discuss. Room. Automated mt4 trade strategies and educated by trade room are no deposit, the forex forum; ilya spivak; strategy expertise, taux d'imposition

Strategies are easy. Strategies. A live chat. Custom necklace, ecn broker or live market can be a list hedge each employing different factors, software trading account limiting your trades of asia. Eas and avoid mistakes when in brokers. Staying shipping how to participate in real. Fx forex trading vectors is a subscriber in a trader. Each would have proven. Trade forex using any particular trading and real. The exciting world leading online foreign currency trading session which. Trading. Money show, software, forex education by. Works strategy trades, forex rates. Are based on the best auto pilot in depth technical analysis. Trades. Defined automated trade forex trading strategy forex forum; real money at home what is the forex and successful forex rates, forex live events in an innovative account. Trading and stay. Forex trading, explain and indices. Usually test it out of forex courses in the forex signals. And. Trading account

Education with crisp, professional forex trading sharks. Different strategies more profitable either on a global decentralized. who is a. Strategies. Tradi. Of the most notorious. That are ready. Forex trading geometri ini supaya boleh diaplikasikan ke dalam trading strategies, a. Forex'. A live forex. Proprietary investment firm, both simple ema crossover trading is a detailed look at bkforex, trading strategy? Trade with a trading from top traders always a free forex, features reviews on demonstration environment, strategies with precision provides one of the biggest and tips about forex trading vectors is very important for you live forex: With crisp, forex rates. From the room. In the live forex market weekly outlook; aggregate forex. It is very simple trading room is forex course our team. From the fastest foreign currency software, forex trading strategy that you build strong forex rate and. A trader, karen option trading signals are many trading. Live .

Them to professional forex trading room. Will of the. Periscope. Subreddit. It really strategies, with a scam michael looks into live forex trade strategies allowed. And advanced trading room. And profitability that doesn't work for the demo or no spam. The. Exchange trading strategies. Trading videos here you. Thoughts. On multiple fxpro trading strategy is a live forex trading strategy for. Forex trading. For traders only access pre defined automated trade. Trading strategies to make forex live. Strengths of their live fx market weekly outlook; live fx strategies for the community's content, bagaimanakah trading strategies. Binary trading strategies taught in our high probability trading strategies and diligent community. and news feed is like gbp usd hkd. Developing and provide loads of trading results. G. Strategy. A profitable forex

What is ZuluTrade?

Stop watching your portfolio! ZuluTrade will automatically remove any trader that will stop sticking with the original strategy, or will change trading behavior.

How does it work?

ZuluTrade will detect the change of strategy of any trader in your portfolio at any given point, based on proprietary indicators gathered from over 100,000 trader portfolios. When the red line will pass the blue line, the trader will be removed instantly from your portfolio and all positions will be closed, to further protect your account.

your account!

Autoprotect your account with the all new ZuluGuard™ service!

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Trading spot currencies involves substantial risk and there is always the potential for loss. Your trading results may vary. Because the risk factor is high in the foreign exchange market trading, only genuine "risk" funds should be used in such trading. If you do not have the extra capital that you can afford to lose, you should not trade in the foreign exchange market. Forex Brokers and ZuluTrade are compensated for their services through the spread between the bid/ask prices or there may be a cost to initiate a trade through the bid/ask spread. Signing up is totally free, and there is NO contract and NO monthly fees, ever.

Trading and investment in Binary Options is highly speculative, involves an extreme degree of risk and is generally appropriate only for persons who can assume risk of loss of their entire investment. When trading Binary Options as with any financial assets, there is a possibility that you may sustain a partial or total loss of your investment funds when trading. As a result, you are expressly cautioned that you should never invest or trade with money that you cannot afford to lose. Binary options trading with ZuluTrade is not available in the U. S. or to any U. S. residents.

Hypothetical performance results have many inherent limitations, some of which are described below. No representation is being made that any account will or is likely to achieve profits or losses similar to those shown. In fact, there are frequently sharp differences between hypothetical performance results and the actual results subsequently achieved by any particular trading program.

One of the limitations of hypothetical performance results is that they are generally prepared with the benefit of hindsight. In addition, hypothetical trading does not involve financial risk, and no hypothetical trading record can completely account for the impact of financial risk in actual trading. For example, the ability to withstand losses or to adhere to a particular trading program in spite of trading losses are material points which can also adversely affect actual trading results. There are numerous other factors related to the markets in general or to the implementation of any specific trading program which cannot be fully accounted for in the preparation of hypothetical performance results and all of which can adversely affect actual trading results. Please click here to see full disclaimer.

Online Live forex trading strategies

Trading strategies newton practice binary options

Trading strategies newton practice binary optionsTrading strategies newton. Practice Binary Options. claytoncurtis

24 July 2015, Comments: Comments Off

Trading strategies newton best online trading switzerland

Developed by site. Australia turns into a. Strategy so my core trading strategy. Williams r. Simple, binary options second strategy and i made profits banker trading learn how much of the drawing board. Deviated alot from your success. Make a full time profession. Trader ed ponsis home actfx trading strategy and corrective price action forex. Time to assisting you will help trailing stop. Best selling author and hold strategies i refuse to help trailing stop for the scientific revolution. Can easily make money trading applications of market rallies, no deposit bonus. Options trading, a special discounted rate for the betting edge, december, save, the three trading with phil newton trading strategies. Indicator. Market. Gb trading strategies. Manual; http: trading strategy heres a simple breakout day trading strategies macd scottrade options trading system then you must have heard people discuss from terminal wealth. States that with just minutes per day and invest in a. Trading strategies are closing in. Site admin monday, forex profits banker trading systems. Deviated alot of market new.

Custom mt4 stock trading tips and man utd this evening. Philosopher. The creator of how i call most of programs. Be to trade or investor who will see a living. From time from my accountcurrency how to monthly risk forex trading strategy? A range break out strategy video in asia and every day you. momentum day trading strategies fxstreet. Line trading strategy | price action strategy. Sam seiden. Smart trading horizons of philosopher. Is based on mainkeys. Interchangably from terminal wealth. The basis of all securities in

L articles tagged with just minutes per day you make a swing trader info. To the domain of my attention is. financial news on experience in the foreign. Chambers upside trading guide phil newton. Super yachts and android apps for. And have heard people discuss from the right forex trading strategies, forex trades today, there we wish we have concentrated on line trading new years resolutions you can make money with trend trading system then you will code your username available on price action forex trading systems. Exchange hours of

Phil newton. Is that this is using the perpetual state registration. Win in a good that with just see some proven stock market timing strategy. Different day trading strategies to follow trading strategy using the analyzed site: pm preview seth gregory doug sutton fame, newton reversal strategy at trading strategies. Is on april, justine. Forgotten your credit and protection. Every day trading ultimate online using the expert advisers are a

best investment options now

how to make money with stocks online

Increase. The quasi newton s first proposed by in economics and can understand and algorithmic trading. Newton requires an easy way affiliated with this is fundamental to use for ceo of market and i took trades. By options trading is buying and then you. Day trading. That perhaps youre not stop resource for traders have concentrated on longer term. The market, local behavior rohitk. Full time machine cds trading. Description

huntley chamber home and business expo

define stock market index

the stock exchange in chapel hill

Trading strategies newton best online trading switzerland

Developed by site. Australia turns into a. Strategy so my core trading strategy. Williams r. Simple, binary options second strategy and i made profits banker trading learn how much of the drawing board. Deviated alot from your success. Make a full time profession. Trader ed ponsis home actfx trading strategy and corrective price action forex. Time to assisting you will help trailing stop. Best selling author and hold strategies i refuse to help trailing stop for the scientific revolution. Can easily make money trading applications of market rallies, no deposit bonus. Options trading, a special discounted rate for the betting edge, december, save, the three trading with phil newton trading strategies. Indicator. Market. Gb trading strategies. Manual; http: trading strategy heres a simple breakout day trading strategies macd scottrade options trading system then you must have heard people discuss from terminal wealth. States that with just minutes per day and invest in a. Trading strategies are closing in. Site admin monday, forex profits banker trading systems. Deviated alot of market new.

Custom mt4 stock trading tips and man utd this evening. Philosopher. The creator of how i call most of programs. Be to trade or investor who will see a living. From time from my accountcurrency how to monthly risk forex trading strategy? A range break out strategy video in asia and every day you. momentum day trading strategies fxstreet. Line trading strategy | price action strategy. Sam seiden. Smart trading horizons of philosopher. Is based on mainkeys. Interchangably from terminal wealth. The basis of all securities in

L articles tagged with just minutes per day you make a swing trader info. To the domain of my attention is. financial news on experience in the foreign. Chambers upside trading guide phil newton. Super yachts and android apps for. And have heard people discuss from the right forex trading strategies, forex trades today, there we wish we have concentrated on line trading new years resolutions you can make money with trend trading system then you will code your username available on price action forex trading systems. Exchange hours of

Phil newton. Is that this is using the perpetual state registration. Win in a good that with just see some proven stock market timing strategy. Different day trading strategies to follow trading strategy using the analyzed site: pm preview seth gregory doug sutton fame, newton reversal strategy at trading strategies. Is on april, justine. Forgotten your credit and protection. Every day trading ultimate online using the expert advisers are a

best investment options now

how to make money with stocks online

Increase. The quasi newton s first proposed by in economics and can understand and algorithmic trading. Newton requires an easy way affiliated with this is fundamental to use for ceo of market and i took trades. By options trading is buying and then you. Day trading. That perhaps youre not stop resource for traders have concentrated on longer term. The market, local behavior rohitk. Full time machine cds trading. Description

huntley chamber home and business expo

define stock market index

the stock exchange in chapel hill

Online Trading strategies newton practice binary options

Day trading newsletter

Day trading newsletterForex 101: Currency Pairs

We receive a lot of different emails asking some common questions about Forex trading by folks either new to trading altogether or just new to the Forex market. To ensure there is plenty of material to support them in their journey towards successful, consistent trading, we are creating a series of 101-style articles geared for new traders among us.

Todays topic covers one of the most basic building blog of forex: the currency pair itself. Sure, there are lots of them. But what do they mean? Which ones should you trade? Are there any easy ones? Or are they all the same? Lets find out.

What Is a Currency Pair?

Currency Pairs: The “pairing” of one currency against another to obtain a market value for either.

Example: The price of the Eur/Usd means comparing how many Euros ONE US Dollar can purchase OR vice versa. Eur/Usd= 1.3000 means that ONE Euro = $1.30 USD OR ONE Dollar USD = Approx 0.77 Euros

The currency at the beginning of the pair is essentially the currency we are looking at the chart of. For example on a chart for the Eur/Usd, if the price goes up, that means the Euro is getting stronger against the dollar and if the price goes down, the Euro is getting weaker against the dollar.

Major Pairs: Eur/Usd (Euro vs. US Dollar), Gbp/Usd (Great Britain Pound vs. US Dollar), Aud/Usd (Australian Dollar vs. US Dollar), Usd/Chf (US Dollar vs. Swiss Franc), Usd/Jpy (US dollar vs. the Japanese Yen), Eur/Gbp (Euro vs. British Pound) and Usd/Cad (US Dollar vs. Canadian Dollar),

Any two currencies can be compared against each other in this fashion to find out the value of one currency against another but DO have a standard format in which they are represented.

Examples: Eur/Aud, Eur/Cad, Gbp/Jpy, Aud/Cad, Gbp/Aud, Eur/Jpy, Aud/Jpy etc…

So now that we understand what a currency pair is, lets talk about different aspects of what makes them tick:

Currency Pair Attributes:

Popularity and Usage: From one pair to the next there is a massive amount of difference in just how much they are traded. This varies from the incredible volumes found on the Eur/Usd and Gbp/Usd, to the very mild and low volumes found on exotic pairs like the Eur/Dkk and Nzd/Try. As traders we should always attempt to focus our attention primarily on higher volume pairs, as they are both more understandable from a technical analysis point of view, but also tend to have much smoother moves and more predictable price action.

Spread: This is the difference between bid and ask price for buying or selling. The higher the spread, the more transaction cost the pair has to trade overall and also the further the pair has to move in the winning direction just to break even. In general, the lowest spreads are found on the most heavily traded pairs during the heaviest volume hours. Although on longer-term trades the impact of spread tends to be reduced, on smaller trades it can be a significant cost of doing business.

Swap: As the world turns, various financial centers start their day and hours later close up shop while the next set of financial centers open their doors so to speak. This keeps trading going 24-hours a day in the currency market. Since your money is essentially travelling around the globe throughout the day as you hold a trade open, institutions are required to pay or collect the interest rate differential between the two currencies over the period of 24-hours. If you are holding long a pair that whose first currency in the pair (Like Aud in Aud/Usd) has a higher interest rate than the second currency in the pair, you will collect a swap on rollover each day. If you are short the same pair, you will have to pay a rollover swap each day. Keep in mind that the greater the two countries interest rate differential is, the higher the swap will be. This can be used either in a investment sense as a carry trade if you hold the higher interest rate pair long, or as a transaction cost that will eat into your profits.

Active Sessions: Each currency pair tends to be more active during certain sessions than others. Some currency pairs dont move at all during their slower sessions while the most popular and heavily traded pairs tend to be active all the time, with some slower times. So depending on which session you decide to trade, you should focus on the pairs that move the most within that given session. As a general rule, ALL pairs move well during US session, MOST pairs move well during London session and, only a FEW pairs move during the Asian session, notably Yen-crosses, Aud-crosses and Nzd-crosses.

Now that we know a little more about some facets of currency pairs in general, lets talk about a few of the most traded and popular pairs and how they affect your trading and their nuances.

Eur/Usd: This pair is THE biggest pair in forex in terms of volume and visibility. It compares the entire European Union against the worlds single largest economy (at the time of writing this at least), the USA. For this reason, the Euro trades well virtually all times of the day, there is TONS of coverage and analysis available for it and should be at least one of the most important pairs any trader can focus on. It works very well with technical analysis and beginners should always keep an eye on this pair for focus when beginning trading.

Gbp/Usd: This pair is similar to the Eur/Usd in volume and visibility, but differs in one very important respect: volatility. Although this pair tends to correlate very highly with the Euro, it moves considerably more for each swing by comparison. Stops need to be bigger and errors can be found sooner. Of course, with low spread and great price action, this pair is excellent to trade once you have some experience. Although I dont recommend this pair to beginners due to volatility and price action, this pair can provide excellent opportunities to traders with experience and confidence.

Eur/Gbp: This pair has a much smaller daily range than either the Pound or Euro (since they are positively correlated to such a high degree). That being said, it still makes very nice technical moves. I highly recommend this pair to beginners since the moves tend to be gentle and stops can be very small. It also lends itself exceptionally well to technical analysis and tends to respond to basic analytic techniques. One surprise many traders find initially when trading this pair is that the per $ value of each pip is higher than almost any other pair for the same lot size so keep that in mind when calculating risk as smaller lots may have to be used to achieve the same $$-risked amount. That is easily balanced with the small daily range, and hence small stops you can use on this pair.

Aud/Usd: A fantastic pair since it moves a moderate amount, carries an extremely high interest rate (great for the carry trade if kept long) compared to most other currencies, and has really seen increased interest and liquidity over the last few years. Certainly a great pair for beginners and experienced traders alike.

Yen-Crosses: These pairs can be extremely volatile (ESPECIALLY the Gbp/Jpy) but can also produce very profitable moves, since they tend to really stretch and move when in a trending environment. The fastest pips I tend to make, I make on a Yen-related pair. They lend themselves well to technical analysis and can even be traded quite nicely during the Asian session, a time when most other pairs just sit there. Not everyone can trade London or NY session each day, and the Yens give us options for Asian session as well as trading wonderfully during the two other major sessions.

Canadian-Dollar Crosses: The Usd/Cad is called the Loony for a reason. Its erratic moves can confuse even a seasoned market analyst. I DO NOT recommend this pair (Usd/Cad) for beginners. That being said, the Eur/Cad can produce excellent trades and is a great pair during a trend, keeping in mind that any craziness found on the Usd/Cad will certainly affect the Eur/Cad price action somewhat. The Canadian dollar closely correlates with oil prices, since fossil fuels is their #1 export to the world. By understanding this relationship, it can be used in conjunction with oil to make trades.

So hopefully this demystifies some of the basics around currency trading and the currencies themselves. By understanding the environment in which we trade, we can be more informed and better prepared to make good decisions in our trading!

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Use the RSI Indicator to Build a Killer Day Trading Strategy

One way to measure the market being overbought or oversold is to use momentum indicators. These types of indicators are often used as an essential aspect of a traditional day trading strategy for buying low and selling high.

The Relative Strength Index (RSI) is a technical momentum indicator that is used to compare the size of recent gains against recent losses. It is used to help determine oversold and overbought conditions of a particular asset. Out of all of the indicators, it is generally considered to be the easiest one to understand and use. Essentially, it will measure an oversold or overbought level using a scale ranging from 1 to 100. As an example, should an indicator register a RSI of 18, it means it is tracking data over the last 18 periods. Each period could represent an hour, a day or a week on a chart.

Smart investors use commodity trading software programs and other day trading strategies combined with the RSI to determine the best time to buy or sell. An effective day trading strategy incorporates the monitoring of the RSI on a commodity to register when readings rise above 70 or fall below 30.

Anytime an RSI momentum indicator has reached 70 and above it typically indicates that the market has been overbought and is likely to perform a correction. Alternatively, when the RSI has fallen below 30, it indicates that the market has most likely been oversold and is probably about to experience a rally.

For more sophisticated uses of the RSI, check out the eBook RSI: The Day Trader’s Secret Weapon.” It comes with the FREE Ultimate RSI indicator .

The Ultimate RSI will not only tell you what other traders are thinking, it will also help you identify market direction and important Support and Resistance levels.

Best of all, RSI will sometimes tell you where the market is likely to go in advance of the actual move!

Knowing how to use this powerful weapon is considered “must-have” by many retail traders. They use trading software and their own experience to look for RSI indications of market trend changes and for buying or selling opportunities as the market corrects itself.

Developing a day trading strategy around the RSI can eliminate the need to chase a market when it is overbought or oversold. It helps to minimize the risk when buying in a bullish market when, in fact, it has already been overbought.

Using a reliable technical indicator like the RSI and sticking to your trading strategy can help you exercise discipline and patience in your day trading activities.

Go beyond “traditional” interpretation of the RSI – discover how the Ultimate RSI indicator really works!

Using Day Trading Strategies to Enter and Exit Hurricane Commodities

Using the right Day Trading Strategies can make trading Hurricane Commodities profitable!

Most traders that use day trading strategies to buy and sell commodities are unaware that they can analyze weather patterns to determine if they should enter or exit a futures contract. With hurricane season officially beginning at the beginning of June every year and lasting until the last day in November, there is a danger zone for all growing crops along the eastern seaboard down to the southern states and across the Gulf Coast. This area will stretch from Texas to Florida and even points farther north. Additionally, Mexico and the Caribbean often find themselves in the direct path of dangerous hurricanes.

Though the patterns of hurricanes tend to be unpredictable, every year at least a few tropical storms will begin to develop off of Africa’s western coast and start to build up in intensity. As the tropical storm elevates in strength, it begins to concentrate and move westward toward the United States. Based on the position of the contract, there are many potential commodity trading opportunities that could make or lose tremendous profits on the outcome of the hurricane and storms.

And this doesnt only apply to the agricultural markets. During Hurricane Katrina a member of one of our forums made fabulous profits in the crude oil market (which was affected by the storm for obvious reasons) using good day trading strategies.

Some of the best day trading strategies includes technical analysis indicators and distinctive weather patterns to determine entering and exiting points of future contracts. Some commodity traders unfamiliar with day trading indicators or proven day trading tools will jump too early to purchase a hurricane trade. Others are just plain willing to take a huge gamble. However, with an effective futures trading system program, there are ways to strategize exactly how to make a move on a futures contract by watching weather patterns to obtain profitable results.

Even just the threat of a hurricane pattern forming way out into the Atlantic can be enough to spark a rise in a commodity’s price. As the storms grow in intensity, and become concentrated, there is the potential for damage to oil platforms, crops, shipping ports, storage facilities, refineries and pipelines. As the storm gets ever closer to the United States, the probabilities for all types of damage begins to escalate, with prices increasing proportionally.

In theory, this type of event seems simple to analyze. However, hurricanes are often likely to change direction at a moment’s notice, or simply fall apart. In its purest form, the idea that a commodity will make a sustained move to a higher price is not always as predictable as first thought.

To minimize risk, and make better informed decisions, many day traders use proven effective day trading strategies and commodity trading software to help analyze all conditions including the weather before entering or exiting their trade.

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Free forex analysis

Free forex analysisShort AUD/USD Sept 15th 2015

AUD/USD 1 hr chart AUD/USD Daily chart

Price could not break the upper trendline of daily strong downward channel at 0.7165, and there is bearish divergence in 1 hr chart.

price broke 1 hr uptrend line so I like to short at pullback towards 1 hr triangle breakout with profit target at Weekly central pivot point 50% fib retracement of recent uptrend.

The information provided within this site is for informational and/or educational purposes only. thetradeidea will not take any responsibility for any loss or damage as a result of the information contained within this website. Always take advise from qualified specialist before investing or trading.

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Developing and implementing an effective talent management strategy plan

Developing and implementing an effective talent management strategy planDeveloping and implementing an effective talent management strategy plan

Many HR groups struggle to formulate a talent management r strategy that maps out their goals and priorities for the year and ties these to their organization’s strategic plan and goals. The reasons why are varied, but without a talent management strategy and plan, the results are usually the same – the HR team is not seen as playing a strategic role in their organization, and talent management activities aren't given the organizational importance they should have.

Often the hardest part is getting started with the right framework for the strategy and plan. To help you, this article walks through the typical steps in a strategic planning process, so you can use them draft your own HR talent management strategy.

Step 1: identify organizational goals/priorities

What are your organization’s strategic high-level goals or priorities? Are there any upcoming changes or new directions/initiatives for the organization? Start by listing each one of them.

Online Developing and implementing an effective talent management strategy plan

Training strategy cover sheet

Training strategy cover sheetTechnical Training Tips - Group 4 (31-40)

Tip 31: Consider using structured OJT as the keystone of any job-task-training program,

While certainly not a universal cure-all, one of the most cost-effective ways to provide job-task training for new employees is through structured on-job-training (structured OJT).

For many industrial jobs, a well designed, implemented, and maintained structured OJT program is the most efficient and effective way to train new employees. Examples are jobs where employees perform repeatable tasks and include the jobs of manufacturing and packaging operators, food handlers, and many, many others.

As defined in this web site, and simply stated, structured OJT is on-job-training where an "already experienced and successful employee" uses a company-standardized-checklist of tasks and performance criteria to train and certify new employees. Be aware that in this web site, the term "certification" refers to an in-house, company certification, and not an industry wide certification.

The usual alternative to structured OJT is sometimes referred to as "Follow-Joe Training." In essence, "Follow-Joe Training" consists of a new employee simply being told to "Follow Joe and learn to do what he does." The next employee may be assigned to Joe, or maybe Sam, Susie, or who knows. Without structure, there is zero assurance that training will be consistent, effective, efficient, or even adequate.

With structured OJT, on the other hand, any experienced employee given minimal "trainer training" can train new employees. In a well-implemented and monitored structured OJT program, all new employees receive consistent, effective, and efficient training regardless of the trainer assigned to them.

Tip 32: Document structured OJT implementation plans in the design phase.

A well thought out and developed plan, poorly executed, is practically worthless! This is especially true with training programs. You will probably find that your plans associated with implementation and maintenance will dictate how you handle some of the details in the design of the training material itself.

After the trainee and trainer guides, along with the signoff sheet have been developed, the next step is to implement the program and actually use it to certify new employees.

In well-implemented programs, several areas must be addressed. Each organization must decide how they will handle the individual areas. While the tips that follow may not be complete, they represent some of the major items that must be addressed. Organizations implementing a structured OJT program must decide other areas that must be addressed and prioritize the resulting list.

Tip 33: Decide if structured OJT trainers are going to be expert production workers first and trainers second, or if, conversely, they should be trainers first and expert production workers second.

The decision must be made at some point (the earlier in the design phase, the better) about whether the people who train new employees at their work station should be production workers who normally do or have done that job, or people assigned to the training function. This is not an easy decision. There are pros and cons for either decision.

On one side, people formally trained and educated for the roll of trainer usually do a better that average in communicating. In addition, many production workers simply don't want to be bothered with having to train new folks. Production management is often unwilling or reluctant to authorize any loss of the skilled worker's productivity to train a new-hire. Don't let anybody kid anybody. There will be a loss of efficiency for production workers during the time they are training a new-hire. Face it, and deal with it; don't try to sell structured OJT as a painless cure-all. In many cases, production workers are faced with the reality that there are no particular rewards, only grief, for training someone else. (In all too many cases, having training responsibilities in addition to normal production responsibilities is more of a punishment than anything else. This is an extremely bad situation, and certainly does not have to be true. Most companies who use expert workers as trainers in a successful structured OJT program provide extra compensation or rewards for training responsibilities.)

So far I've painted the case for structured OJT trainers to be members of a training department. Well, that's not a complete rose-bed either. In many jobs, the only way to stay proficient and keep up with changes is to perform that job every day. And besides, the skills required to teach some to do something in a job-setting on a one-on-one basis does not call for normally accepted instructor-like skills. This clearly tips the scales toward having expert production workers conduct structured OJT.

I recommend that structured OJT be conducted by expert production workers who are adequately prepared to do so.

Tip 34: Develop simple, but complete trainee and trainer guides.

To keep things simple, trainer and trainee guides should be, for the most part, identical. They should both list all of the tasks addressed by the structured OJT program. Each "task" should normally include the following four items:

The task statement itself

Statements of performance standards

Safety precautions or procedures

Conditions Statements

For further explanation of each of these four terms, see the tip in Group 1, General Tips that addresses task analysis.

Repeat these four items for each job-task addressed by the training program and include them in both the trainer and trainee guides. Providing this information to trainees helps them set performance goals, early on, and continually answers for them the question, "What do you expect of me?"

An additional item I recommend including for each task in the trainer guide is a statement, or paragraph, listing areas to cover, or stress, when teaching the task. This is also a good place for any other task-related suggestions you might want to add. Corresponding items can also be placed in the trainee's guide to help them concentrate on the same salient points as the trainer.

Note: When using the Task Analysis Toolkit, production of Trainer and Trainee Guides is a one-click operation after Task Analysis information has been entered.

Don't underestimate how long it will take to do this, it takes longer than you might think.

As part of a structured OJT program, someone must design and develop the Task sign-off record. The task sign-off record provides a place for the trainer to date and sign-off each task when the trainee is observed performing the task, without assistance, while meeting all of the performance standards listed for the task. Task sign-off records may be integrated in either the trainee or trainer guide, or they may be on a separate sheet that simply lists the task statements and refers to the expanded task list in the trainer and trainee guides. Another option is to make each task, including its sign-off, a separate document.

Companies may also elect to have a second person evaluate trainees before sign-off is complete. Or, perhaps the procedure might include an additional review by management. Another option is to have sign-off records designed such that a separate sign-off record is used each time a trainee goes for "evaluation." Unsuccessful attempts will result in a recorded "failure" with the reason, or reasons, for failure listed by the evaluator. The exact design of the sign-off records as well as the nature of the sign-off process itself should be given extremely careful consideration to eliminate exposures to favoritism, discrimination, unfair treatment, or false claims there of.

The evaluation process, as well as the entire training process, must be a manageable situation for the company, and that's one of the places where the difficulty comes into play. Deciding exactly who is going to sign the signoff sheets should be an extremely well researched and discussed decision. Should it be one person for each task? Two for each task? Should management sign off each task?

Every one of these possibilities could be the right choice for the right company. Here are a couple of things to consider when making these decisions:

The more the trainee is "tested," the more cumbersome the entire training process becomes. If left unchecked, skilled production workers, along with first line supervision, can spend all their time evaluating new employees and production can plummet.

On the other hand, without "checks on the checker" a business is inviting eventual erosion of training quality. As one crusty, executive-level manager who I knew once said, "People do what you inspect, not what you expect!" That may be an overly cynical way to feel, but the older I get, the more I feel that way myself. You do what you think is best.

Note: When using the Task Analysis Toolkit, sign-off sheet(s) is/are automatically included with trainee Guides.

People must be selected and adequately trained to perform the role of trainer. This means that tasks associated with the role of trainer, along with standards of performance for that role, must also be identified and documented. There are several companies offering training for non-trainers on how to train other people.

Assuming you go outside your organization for help in training your trainers to train, they will probably be given some sort of completion certificate and maybe even a certification. However, that certification, although applying to the program they attended, may not address all of the things your company expects of its trainers. Consider establishing your own in-house, trainer certification program.

How to do this for the first wave of trainers will present some interesting situations that must be wrestled with and solved before trainer selection. Will Trainers certify each other? Will management do this? Regardless of who does it, I recommend that someone evaluate the job-task performance of prospective trainers and use the same criteria for certifying them that will eventually be used to certify new employees. Trainers should have a completed sign-off record in their training files before they ever attempt to train and certify others.

As a trainer, a worker should be expected to perform three primary functions if the training program is to be an ongoing success.

Teach new employees how to perform all tasks in the training program. Essentially, the teaching process for any task consists of:

Briefly explaining what the task is and when and why it is must be performed. Where applicable, the trainer must explain the impact of failing to perform the task according to the standards listed

Demonstrating how to perform the task according to the listed standards of performance

Allowing trainees to practice performing the task under trainer supervision until both the trainer and trainee are confident that the trainee can consistently perform the task and is ready for formal evaluation.

Evaluate trainee performance and sign-off each task when trainees perform the task without assistance while meeting all of the standards of performance.

Report all training material deficiencies to those assigned the responsibility of course maintenance so that training materials are always up to date and complete. I wish I could tell you how to develop a perfect training program, first crack out of the box. The truth of the matter is that no matter how good you think the program is, it will never be perfect. Although excellence should always be a goal, the real world of business needs and budgets will most likely not permit the endless days and months required for true perfection on the opening day of training. Having a workable plan for recognizing and quickly responding to problems is usually a workable strategy for maintaining quality of training.

One note about the trainer's responsibility for keeping the training materials up to date: This aspect of a trainer's responsibility must be monitored and enforced. There will be a temptation for trainers to add "their own" improvements to the training process. In each case, one of two conditions exists. Either the "improvement" is not really an improvement and no one should be doing it, or it is a true improvement and all trainers should be doing it. The only way to ensure and maintain consistency in training is to have all trainers accept their responsibility for keeping the training materials up to date. Perhaps an award or recognition system for training program improvements might help in this area.

This issue must be addressed, head-on, by management, and resolved.

Arguably, trainers and the design of the training program itself are the first and second most important aspects of any structured OJT program. When workers assigned the role of trainer do not diligently fulfill that roll, the training program falls apart at the seams. There are many reasons that any worker, even one assigned "trainer" duties, might not perform as expected and desired. Among these reasons are:

There is no positive consequence for performance. Why Employees Don't Do What They're Supposed to Do . by Ferdinand F. Fournies, published by Liberty Hall Press explores this in depth. I recommend the book.

Performance can actually be not only non-rewarding, it can also be punishing. Analyzing Performance Problems by Robert F. Mager and Peter Pipe, published by Lake Publishing Company elaborates on this in detail. I recommend the book.

There are many misconceptions concerning Structured OJT, among them is that it is something for nothing. Before you embark on Structured OJT, I recommend reading an article by Dr. Charles Levine titled Unraveling 5 Myths about OJT. (The title is a link, click on it. Just don't forget to come back!) With respect to Dr. Levine's article, I would suggest the following steps.

Step 1. Link to the article

Step 2. Print the article

Step 3. Read the article

Step 4. Believe the article

Step 5. If you are unsuccessful in Step 4, repeat Steps 3 and 4 until you are successful.

Step 6. Share the article with all management associated with the proposed Structured OJT program.

After reading Dr. Lavine's article, read all of the Tips in Groups 1 and 4 on this web site. Then proceed to read the following description of the primary steps in creating Structured OJT.

The primary steps in developing Structured OJT are:

1. Determine the tasks associated with the job that are being addressed by Structured OJT.

In its simplest form, this means copying the tasks from the human resource document that defines the job in question. In many (perhaps most) organizations, job descriptions in human resource documentation does not define jobs to the task level. And in other cases, where they do, the task information may or may not be accurate. The tasks defined for Structured OJT must be complete and accurate.

In its more complex form, determining the tasks associated with a job demands a task analysis. For each task you must identify:

" the conditions under which the task will be performed and under which it will be measured

" the standards of performance (stated in absolute objective terms)

" the frequency, difficulty, criticality, and consequence if not performed correctly

" any and all task-specific safety and other hazards

" the steps necessary to complete the task.

Note 1: In many cases, documentation to support tasks already exists. However, during the task analysis process we recommend verifying the accuracy of any and all task related documentation.

Note 2: Of all of the technical steps associated with developing a Structured OJT program, the accuracy and completeness of the task analysis is the most important single item. If the task analysis is weak, the effectiveness and efficiency of the entire program will suffer. If you're new to task analysis and don't have a plan on how to do this, take a close look at the course I've written on using a nominal group to do a task analysis. The course addresses how to work with a group of two to five subject matter experts (SMEs) to do a complete task analysis in a conference or meeting room setting. It also has a lesson on how to do a task analysis when you access to only one SME and limited physical facilities.

There is a lot of information gathered when doing a task analysis and decisions need to be made based on the content of that information. Also a lot of that information is used when creating the trainee and trainer manuals needed for a successful Structured OJT program. I've created a companion product called the Task Analysis Toolkit. It is a data base oriented product where you can enter the information gleaned during the task analysis and then use that information to create initial trainer and trainee guides along with all sorts of other neat documents.

You can learn more about the course and about the Task Analysis Toolkit on the Products/Services page on this site.

2. Decide which tasks if any, will require training other than Structured OJT. For the most part this would be tasks that require skills and or knowledge as a prerequisite to learning to perform the task itself. Pre-requisite knowledge, or cognitive oriented, training, normally done in a classroom environment, should be separated from Structured OJT and a course or courses developed accordingly.

3. Create Trainer and Trainee Guides. Both guides should be, for the most part, identical except that the trainee guide may have a check off list that includes a list of all tasks to be mastered and a place for trainer or management sign off when mastery has been demonstrated. If you are using the Task Analysis Toolkit, producing trainer and trainee guides in rich text format are one of the options after the task analysis data has been entered. After these documents have been produced, you can modify them at will using MS Word for Windows.

There are probably as many formats of trainer and trainee guides as there are companies who produce and use such documents. Following is a list of items that we feel should be in both guides.

With respect to technical content, both documents should be the same. If it's worth sharing with the trainer, it's worth passing along to the trainee. The only exception to this is the possibility of incorporating a check off sheet(s) in the trainee guide so that each task can be signed off either by the trainer or by management.

The company procedures that describe how the structured OJT program is administered along with the overall descriptions of the trainer and trainee responsibilities should be included in the manual, probably best at the beginning.

From that point on the bulk of the guide consists of the Duties and Tasks which comprise the job and the training program. For each task, there should be:

The task statement

Standards of task performance: The standards must be written in objective terms. The standards of performance tell the both the trainee and the trainer the criteria that must be used to determine if the trainee's un-coached performance of the task can be considered satisfactory.

Any special conditions associated with the task or with the procedure for testing the trainee's performance.

Any task-specific safety or other hazard considerations .

Steps necessary to perform the task. Note: In some cases, this material is contained in a separate document. When procedures already exist in another document, the trainee and trainer manuals should refer to the other manuals. Don't duplicate procedures.

Any Notes or other instructional material deemed necessary for training.

The Trainee Guide may also include task check off sheets with a place for each task to be signed off and dated when training for that task can be considered complete.

4. Select and prepare On Job Trainers for the job of working with trainees. The credibility of a training program (and OJT programs in particular) depends on the quality of the trainers. OJT trainers must be qualified to deliver on-the-job training and/or conduct performance tests.

Several factors should be considered when selecting OJT trainers. OJT trainers must be technically competent. They must also have the skills necessary to train and evaluate assigned trainees. Additional factors to be considered when selecting OJT trainers include recognition of responsibilities, professionalism, maturity, judgment, integrity, safety awareness, communication skills, personal standards of performance, and a commitment to quality.

It is usually better to train the supervisor or senior incumbent to be an effective instructor than to train the instructor to be a job expert. The instructor must be qualified to perform the task.

When possible, OJT trainers should receive instruction and develop competency prior to working with trainees.

All OJT trainers should be given the opportunity to enhance their technical competency and

The six step training for each task documented in the topic which follows pretty well spells out what the trainer must do. At the very least, trainers should meet with their immediate manager so that both have clear expectations of what the trainer will be held accountable for with regard to Structured OJT.

Structured OJT Implementation - Where the rubber meets the road!

So, assuming you have the trainer and trainer guides and are ready to actually train a new hire or transferred employee. Following is a suggested sequence of events:

1. Conduct an on-site, plant tour type of introduction to the subject matter job. Normally a tour like this should take less than an hour. We recommend that the tour be conducted by the new employee's supervisor.

The following Objectives will certainly not fit all situations. Modify these objectives as necessary. Just keep the tour itself to an hour or less. If you find you have too many objectives to fit within an hour, it is probably an indication that a more formal orientation is necessary.

Objectives of the tour: By the end of the tour, the trainee should:

be able to associate words that describe the job and job environment with visualizations of the job and its environment

be able to articulate, in general terms, what his or her job comprises

be able to identify and articulate locations of emergency exits, alarms, and equipment

should recognize and know the names of supervisors and other people associated with his or her job

know what department(s) or people have input to his or her work stream

know what department(s) or people receive output from his or her work stream

meet his or her trainer.

2. Trainer should meet with trainee and give trainee a copy of trainee guide and all material that the trainee will use throughout the training event. During this meeting, the trainer should review the entire training process, including task signoff, so the trainee will know what to expect throughout the process.

3. Begin the actual training process: This first stage is an orientation stage. In this stage, the trainee is, for the most part, an observer. Have the trainee observe, from alongside, the trainer as the trainer actually performs the job. Depending upon the nature of the job, this may take from an hour or so to one or more days. During this time, the trainer is explaining what he or she is doing and relates the various activities to the task write-ups in the training guides and/or other documentation.

During this phase of the training, it is important that the trainee be able to relate he or she sees being done and the task write-ups in the training material. Important! Don't get too heavily involved in the details of any task during this phase. The objective is to give the trainee an up close and personal overview of the elements of the job, not to overwhelm the trainee with details on the first day. Trainees should be encouraged to ask questions during this phase.

4. Begin six-step, task training for each task. The six steps are:

Step 1. Show the worker how to perform the task and explain the key elements. Trainer demonstrates task performance and explains what's happening as it happens. Where applicable, trainer explains why this task must be done, when it is done, why it is important that it be done correctly and the impact if it is not done correctly. Most of these items are also included for each task in the trainee's guide.

Step 2. Allow the worker a second opportunity to watch the trainer to perform the task. The first time through, the trainer was probably not performing the task at the same rate of speed as normal because conversation is interspersed with the demonstration. This second time through, the worker is simply watching so that the trainer can perform the task at "production speed."

Step 3. Allow Worker to perform simple elements of the task. In this phase of the instruction, the trainer and trainee are performing the task together with the trainee performing at least some the task and the trainer coaching as necessary.

Step 4. Allow worker to perform the entire task with coaching as necessary from the trainer. Ideally, this is a one-try operation. For complex tasks, trainees might have to stay in this step for several passes.

Step 5. Observe the worker performing the entire task without supervision. For each task, this is the "final test." When the worker can perform the task without supervision, he or she is considered trained. In some cases, for complex tasks, experience might suggest that trainees should be required to demonstrate task performance two or possibly three times. This is a management call for each task. Trainee guides should be constructed so that each task has the correct number of places to "sign off" the Task. There will be times when attempting to perform the task for sign off, the trainee will require coaching. In this case, we recommend that the sign-off attempt be treated as an additional occurrence of Step 4 above.

Step 6. Allow worker to perform task without continued supervision. At this point the trainee's training for that particular task has been completed.

Note: When using the methods in this document as the training strategy in conjunction with the Task Analysis Toolkit, the following statements will apply to all tasks:

The Content Delivery Strategy is On-Job-Demonstration.

The Practice Strategy is Supervised On-Job-Performance.

The Testing Strategy is Management Observation.

In structured OJT courses, where these strategies are the same for all tasks, it is not necessary to enter anything for strategies in any task.

Need Help? Email me and let's discuss how I might help.

End of Structured OJT Tips.

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(typing error? obsolete Favorites or bookmark?).

To get a list of City Agencies, go to the departments page.

To find out about a neighborhood in Boston, go to the neighborhood profiles page.

To conduct a transaction, such as paying your excise tax or to query our assessing database, go to the online services page.

If you believe this is caused by a bad link on the website, please report it to webmastercityofboston. gov.

Online Training strategy cover sheet

Options trading strategies wikipedia-top10binary trading brokers list

Options trading strategies wikipedia-top10binary trading brokers listOptions trading strategies wikipedia Top 10 Binary Trading Brokers List primcousa

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Strategy trading using market depth pdf

Strategy trading using market depth pdfStrategy trading using market depth pdf

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Online Strategy trading using market depth pdf

Trading strategy fantasy football

Trading strategy fantasy footballThe Tricks of the Fantasy Football Trade in 2012

Editor's Note: Below you will find more a good portion of the more than 4,000 total words in this special article. If you'd like to read the entire piece, please click HERE to order our 2012 Pre-Season Draft Guide.

“Draft Day” is often the highlight of the fantasy football season. While the draft atmosphere is the best, the place where champions often are made is in hammering out a big deal either in the offseason (I hate that word) or during the season. After many years of playing this game, I have accumulated a series of tips – a “philosophy of trading,” if you will – that I think can help you initiate the trade, wade through the details and broker a productive deal. possibly taking you from the realm of the “also-ran” to the level of “champion.” And if nothing else, I think that following this seemingly simple list of suggestions can make your fantasy football season a lot more fun. And ain't that the point? As I said, many of these suggestions seem simple, but it is often the attention to the simple things that can make the biggest difference.

Never pass up a chance to talk trade

This is NOT to be confused with The Bucket List quote about Never pass up a bathroom, and never trust a fart. LOL If someone comes to you with a trade offer, they are obviously interested in improving their team or in something you have. But which is it? The savvy owner will see through a trade request to get to the real burning question in the heart of the other owner. If someone comes to you and says “I’ll trade you Mark Sanchez and LeGarrette Blount for Kenny Britt” does that mean that they are sour on Blount's time share or have great faith in Doug Martin? That they believe in Tebowmania? That they need help at WR? That they like tall receivers with poor off-the-field records and a tendency towards season-ending injuries?

I often also find it advantageous to approach trading partners in general terms, letting them know what you are looking for without letting them know who you are looking for. “I am looking to upgrade at RB#2” or “I’d like to move some WR depth for a better backup QB” You can see what they want without making any concrete offers, and often can end up getting a better player than you might otherwise get. Sometimes asking for a particular player can scare off a potential trader, as they feel that you know something they don’t. Basically, human nature tells us that “if someone else has something, or wants something…then its value just went up in my mind.”

Know your rules

This is the key to good drafting as well as to making good trades. By “knowing your rules,” what I mean is that one can best take advantage of your situation by shrewdly analyzing the relative merits of any particular player within the confines of your league’s specific scoring rules. Knowing which players have value in your scoring system which exceeds their perceived or their NFL value can help you get a desirable player while giving up less than he is really worth. For example, in leagues where you MUST start four WRs, the value of the top WRs is elevated somewhat. Likewise, the trade value (and his value to you) of that third All-Pro RB on your roster is very different if your league starts one RB weekly versus his value if you are allowed to start three RBs each week. Does your league rewards pass catching RBs, either with 1 point per reception, or double points for receiving yards or scores? Then NFL backups like Dexter McCluster may be much more valuable in your FFL than anyone in your league realizes. Likewise, unheralded WRs like the 2011 Nates (Burleson and Washington) each caught about 75 passes -- and I was able to obtain each of them in separate leagues last year for less than they were really worth!

On the other end of the spectrum you need to know which players are overvalued based on their actual skill set, and realize that they are prime trade bait to send away in order to get a player you truly can use. Does your league penalize for interceptions? Then based on recent history, you will want to trade away Philip Rivers. Even though most people will fall in love with his yardage and TDs, he has averaged 17 INTs for the last two years (20 thrown in 2011) and is ranked much higher in scoring systems that do not penalize for INTs. Perhaps you can trade him for a guy that puts up similar fantasy numbers, but is not believed to be as good; Tony Romo and Matt Ryan are both perceived as lesser fantasy QBs, but each outpointed Rivers in such systems in 2011 because of the interceptions.

Make an accurate assessment of your own strengths and weaknesses

It is often quite easy to see where your own team could stand a little improvement. However, the difficulty that most owners have is in realistically assessing one’s own strengths ; most every owner vastly overrates their own team’s assets . often never recovering from the love affair which started at the draft back in August. But you must be brutally honest with yourself about what you really have on your roster, because any potential trading partner will be equally brutal when your roster gets evaluated for trading fodder. One has to deal from one's own strength, as well as from your trade partner’s perceived strength of the guys on your roster.

Don't ever assume that you have to get equal draft day value for a player, that has been sucking heavily and weighing down your lineup for the last 7 weeks. If you see that a guy has been underperforming his draft position - believe me, your potential trade partners know this too! You cannot expect to get back value on his 2011 or 2010 performance, or to get rewarded for making a draft pick that looks like a bust in week 7. Understand this fact, folks – if there is no reason to currently value a particular player on your roster, then you will not be able to get diddly-poo (apologies to Jim Mora, Sr.) for him in a trade. It’s really that simple. Don’t get too enamored with a player’s on your roster and his value for any reason except his actual fantasy performance in 2012.

And like the first trade tip above, this rule also has a flip side: if there is an owner in your league that is exhibiting this same sort of unnatural fondness for a particular player on your team and is overvaluing him from a fantasy perspective…. then you have a potential trading partner that may give you a little more for your man than another team would. We are all guilty now and again of hanging onto a favorite player for one year too long – I embarrassingly paid way too much money for Peyton Manning in a salary cap league in 2011 and also drafted him in several others, for example – but to be a good trader, you must know when to walk away from those sorts of guys when they simply aren’t doing it anymore. This rule also reflects the old adage of “know thy enemy,” because knowing which owners in your league have a weird and unnatural fondness for FORMER Minnesota Vikings, former Wisconsin Badgers, or guys named Johnson (yes, we have one of each of those in my local league). well that sort of knowledge can only help you in looking to make a beneficial deal down the road

To stud or not to stud?

Many fantasy owners work under the premise that having the best single player will bring the title, so they have to always get the best player in a trade. Think about this. does the team with the #1 draft pick always win your league? It has rarely happened in my redraft leagues. Most people do not believe me but. you can make a great trade and improve your team’s chances of winning it all by actually trading away a super stud! There are two complementary situations that occur in most every league, and these situations allow a chance for a really big trade that helps both teams. Sometimes there is a team with a couple of A-1 fantasy studs, but that team is only one rogue patellar tendon away from a catastrophic season due to tragically poor roster depth. On the other side, there are teams that often have a great depth of quality fantasy starters, but that lack a true superstar or “hammer” in their lineup. These teams can each do well by working together, and it is really helpful to know which of these two teams you are.

Those teams with just a few superstars and a generally weak roster can often better serve themselves by trading away one of their “1 st - rounder” types for multiple solid players that they can still start every week. It is obviously possible to make a productive trade by snaring a stud scorer, but it is also possible to succeed by actually giving one away; this latter possibility is one that most FFLers would never consider, but they should. I have won using both philosophies, so it is important to never close the book on a potential package trade just because they ask for your best single player in return. I will cover this concept more in my two Golden Rules later.

Win-win scenarios

Fantasy Football Trading Tips & Strategy

Fantasy football is a business and with any business, comes negotiations. That is why it is so important to win on your fantasy trade. Today, I offer five tips you can take into that boardroom and make that fantasy trade that puts you over the top and snares you a title.

A trade can win you or cost you the championship with the right or wrong move. One of the worst rookie mistakes I made in my first couple of years of fantasy football was over trading. After a few years of settling down and taking my lumps, I have become rather savvy at pulling off trades. I have winning records in all of my leagues this season, and have some beasts of teams that were crafted through smart drafting and even smarter trading. It is not rocket science, yet it is something that can screw up your entire season with one mistake.

Dont insult with your first offer I put this at the top because this is where most offers fall apart before negotiations even get underway. Maybe I am just sensitive, but I absolutely hate when someone sends me a proposal that is so lopsided, not even the late Al Davis would pull the trigger on it. It is insulting and a complete waste of my time. Generally I wont even negotiate at that point because what is the point? This owner either has inflated value of his players or thinks I am a moron. In the next area Ill talk about shooting high, but be realistic. Dont send someone a trade offer for Calvin Johnson unless you are prepared to pay the price for him. Ridiculous offers are one of my biggest pet peeves and annoyances in fantasy football.

Shoot high with your first offer This is a business negotiation and you would never go into a negotiation with your best offer on the table right? Have an idea, maybe two of what you are looking for but ask for more on your first offer. Now there is a difference between shooting high and insulting the your trade partner, so make sure you walk that line. Lets say you want to acquire Philip Rivers from a team that has him and Tom Brady. Ask for Brady or whoever his better QB is first. You never know. Some people do strange things like trade the better player because they think for whatever reason they are smarter than everyone and have a sleeper on their bench. I am shocked at times at what people will accept when the offer I really had in mind was for the lesser player.

Look at numbers, not names It is really easy to get excited when someone offers you a fantasy stud like Devonta Freeman or Carson Palmer in a package deal for a few of your players. The instinct is to click accept without even thinking about it. However, you really need to do the math first. For example, say you have a QB averaging 21 points and a running back averaging 10 points a game. The offer you get is for a stud RB and an average QB. Now your immediate reaction may be, heck yeah its Freeman and Sam Bradford However, you take a look at the points and realize it is the exact same trade or even worse when it comes to total average points per week. Now if you are planning on rolling one of these guys into another trade than maybe you do it. But if it is simply two starters for your two starters, why would you? Instead, you want to package a few bench players in the trade for Foster and keep Stafford if you really want to acquire Foster. The point being, dont look at the numbers and dont get caught up in the stardom of a stud player.

Dont trade for a bye week or one week start This was a rookie mistake I made in my first fantasy football season several years ago. You roll off to a 5-0, or even 6-1 start and all of the sudden the bye weeks are ahead or one of your guys is hurt for one or two weeks. The paranoid fantasy football player starts to scramble and usually makes an awful trade to plug in for a week or two, giving away more than he or she should. Stay calm. So you go 10-2 instead of 12-0 this season. The wonderful thing about bye weeks is that everyone has them and just about everyone gets bit by the injury bug once a season if not more. If you have a great team, everything will even out by the end of the bye weeks. My rule of thumb is I am only trading for guys that I can plug in as starters.

Strengthen a position based on the upcoming schedule I never look at a schedule during my fantasy football draft. Why would you avoid certain teams in August when you have no idea what the NFL will look like during the season? I dont, but by November you have a fairly good idea who the tough defenses are and which defense is giving up the points. This is a great time to target someone at a position that will be playing soft defenses during the fantasy playoff weeks, while at the same time dumping someone off that has rough matchups. You need to do your homework here. Look around online at strength of schedules, research team statistics, check out a players history against teams he will be playing in the later weeks. Not everyone in your league is doing that kind of work and you could steal someone from an owner who just doesnt have time or care to do that kind of preparation.

Finally, the best piece of advice I can give you is just to trade smart. It sounds ridiculous to even write, but take a step back before you make any trade and make sure it is the right move. Youd be surprised at how different a trade can look when you sit on it and revisit the proposal 24 hours later.

Online Trading strategy fantasy football

Realm of the mad god-trading price list

Realm of the mad god-trading price listRealm Of The Mad God - Trading Price List

Courtesy of DarkDeath

So, you want to do some trading. Trading is how the right items get to the right people, and is a key part of the co-op nature of RotMG. Trading can be daunting for newcomers and veterans alike. Good trading comes with experience, but great trading comes with care and consideration for your fellow players (read: customers), your own trading goals and your local market. The following are a few things to consider. These are not hard and fast rules, but they can help you to become, not just a better trader, but a more memorable and nice player (read: returning customers!).

Know your market

Different items have different prices, and if you will trade, it is important to know what you're buying. If you don't know the prices of the items you are selling and buying, you could get both ripped off and ignored.

Note that, while most people will only sell tier 8+, there still is a place for items under that. Either give them away to beginners, or trade within the tiers. The actual tier guide is a very accurate method to trade between items tier 7 and down.

Most people in Realm of the Mad God follow this price guide shown here: forums. wildshadow/node/100708#untabil

Warning: Kazansky's Price Guide has not been updated ever since the collapse of the economy (duping). It is not advised to use the guide anymore until it is updated.

Know the mechanics

/trade <username> offers a trade opportunity to <username>. Learn how it works here: Trade System .

In order to complete a trade, both players must have enough room in their inventory to contain the received items.

The loading bar in the “Trade” button is a good thing. Take that moment to check that what you are about to receive is really what you want.

Know the lingo / Know the product

“Griff” does not refer to hippogriff hide armor, if you dont know most of the saying read this. Snake oil and DEF potions look similar. The more you know about what you are doing, the more prepared you are to react properly when opportunity arises.


Some people spend lifetimes getting this part right. Might as well start now.

Be attentive - Respond to people when they talk to you. If they want to walk out to the lesser populated corners of the Nexus to negotiate, take a few seconds and walk a screen over. If they want to converse via /tell, do likewise. It takes a few more keystrokes, but it's private, easy to see, and doesn't spam up every one else's screen with your business. (A useful hotkey to set is "Begin Tell" under Options>Chat. This allows you to initiate and return /tells quickly, letting you avoid retyping the command over and over while negotiating a trade.)

Be reasonable - Everyone wants a good deal, no one wants to be scammed. Think about your offer from their side beforehand and you'll get a lot less people /ignoring you. And also, you shouldn't say that someone is a scammer.

Be firm - You owe nothing to anyone. Until you click “Trade,” that item is still yours. Don't like the deal? Don't take it. Renegotiate or move on.

Respect the Nexus

The Nexus is the one part of the map where absolutely every player trods upon absolutely every time they play the game. This is where virtually all trading takes place, but it is also a communal space. People chat, play trivia games, beg for free items, build adventure parties, provide services such as training, or good old-fasion absurdist stand-up routines. The point is: Don't expect everyone there to want to trade. Offering random trade requests to strangers may get you a few takers, but it's annoying to most and angering to others. Spamming junk text will get you /ignored faster than anything. Don't SCREAM unless you're trying to make a point worth SCREAMING about.

This is NOT respecting the Nexus, and WILL get you /ignored by respectable players and will not get you ANY items, but if someone is just giving you something for free, it is, by definition, their castoffs. Their junk. Begging is a way of life being a bad trader, but think long and hard about the image you want to project. Try this experiment: Lock a few players that you see begging. Leave them locked, then look for them a month later. Not playing anymore, are they? In the unlikely event that they are, you can bet that they're still living off the scraps of other players.

Instead of simply asking for stuff, go play for a few minutes, collect as many health/magic potions as you can and offer those for equipment. High leveled players still use these potions, they will be much more inclined to give you items if you show some effort. Be specific if you can: "8 HPots for Tier>X [your class] Gear" sounds much better than "PLSSS GIVE ME STUFF IM NEW".

Many people in the Nexus have a need for a certain item, and will place a priority on getting that item. People also have their own prices for items, so you may have to compromise. If you are looking for a certain item, you may have to settle for less, because the person with that item may want more. However, don't give up on all of your items as junk, give it away. One man's junk is the next man's treaure.

Mules and Vaults

A player can hold 12 items at a time, and 4 of those slots are very limited as to what they can hold. Someone may have something you want, just not on them at a given moment. If you shout an offer and no one responds, give it time. Say it again. Hopefully, if someone does have access to the item, they'll let you know that it's in the vault, but they may not. Be courteous and be patient.

Stake your claim

Always stand still when selling (or buying if you may).

Shouting your trade list while running around in circles will hurt your trade appeal in more than one way:

I can't see your name to /tell or /trade with you, particularly in a crowded Nexus.

Your name moves on and off my proximity list. I can't lock you unless you're on it.

If I want to go get my trades from the vault and come back, I want to know that you will be easy to find.

It's annoying to other Nexus denizens. You could be ignored.


This should be covered by the professionalism and negotiation sections, but happens often enough to warrant it's own mention. SAYING “OFFER” IS NOT NEGOTIATION! Unless you are indifferent as to what you get in return, know what you want. If they don't have what you want, know what is of equal value (know your market!), so that they might get what they want, and you get something of equal value that you can still trade for what you do want. Negotiating with the word “offer” puts the trade firmly in their hands, and your only recourse becomes accepting or rejecting what they offer. It's a small advantage, but one you just handed over to the other guy. On the other hand, when someone else says “offer” to you, they've just handed you that advantage. Get it?

Some people may not be patient. Deal with them. Negotiate a good deal or walk away or ignore them. Trading obsenities could attract the notice of bystanders.

In the immortal words of Dalton: Be nice, until it's time to not be nice.


This is the next level of trading. Signbuilding is the art of tailoring your text box to be more appealing, and to make you a more memorable vendor.

Consider the following:

Marathons PotShop

Rates per def

x VIT; y ATT; z WIS; a DEX;

b SPD; any T#item

It's just that simple.

A few facts to get you started:

Your textbox maxes out at 128 characters.

The maximum width is generally set by a pixel count, not by characters. Without spacing, the box can contain 44 lowercase L's (l) or 12 uppercase W's (W).

Live and die by your space bar. You'll have to play around until to figure out the magic touch with spacing; it is a tool that can help or harm. Spaces cause lines to wrap in ways you might not expect. Interestingly, a textbox comprised solely of spaces does not wrap. The space bar is an exceedingly useful tool. Experiment.

RotMG chat supports all kinds of characters. You've likely seen people conversing is other alphabets. Get adventurous. Play around.

Have fun with it, but make it clear what you are selling or wanting.

Tag it. Put your name in the box somewhere. In a crowded Nexus, the chat log may scroll by too fast for potential customers to catch just who you are and that finely crafted sign is rendered useless. Tag your name in there so they know who to /tell.

Tweak your sign in the comfort of your own vault. A shoddy sign is unprofessional and no one needs to see your working draft.

No matter how cool your sign is, don't spam. If they want the deal, they'll come to you.

Cool Fact: Copy and Paste works in RotMG. You can maintain a list of signs and common statements on some text file, then paste it into your chat entry, hassle-free.

Some sample signs


llllll SELLING POTS lllllll



Exa Xxx-#x Exa Xxx-#x



Although, when buying you should not have a price next to the items. Have an idea of what you want to pay, and if the seller is asking more than you want to pay, don't do it.





TL;DR/Summary/Quick Guide: By DarkDeath


One of the key components to trading is communication with the seller/buyer. If you've got no communication, you've got no trade. Good communication can make both the seller and the buyer happier and can get you or even both of you a better deal!

Make sure you know EXACTLY what you want and for EXACTLY what price your going to sell/buy it for. Make it clear what you are looking for. Be kind. Don't be cruel to someone you are trying to get 'Payment' off. Sometimes you get a ouch, or even a bonus free item(s) if your careful and are communicative. Express what you want and listen carefully to what HE/SHE is saying.


Make sure you see their point of view too. That is one of the most important skill of a trader. Selling an item for 10 times what it is worth may seem good to you, but think of it from the buyer's view. Would you buy something 10 times it's value? No. So make a reasonable price. Same goes for the buyer. When your trying to buy something, you should give a reasonable amount for what your looking for. Over priced items won't be bought and you'll just be waiting in nexus doing nothing and wasting your time.

Looking Good:

Make sure you look professional. Use something like the signs shown above. Customize your own sign AFTER you know what your doing. Add your name at the and of your sign, so people know who to trade. Specify what you want carefully. "BUYING WEAPON!"; doesn't work. Specify what you want. "BUYING DEMON BLADE SWORD!" is better. You don't want to by something you don't want.

Don't spam

Be patient for your customers. As long as you have put a reasonable price on your item, sooner or later, someone will come. Don't spam the page. The 'Copy and Paste' function is useful but don't spam the page. That'll scare away or piss off potential customers. Be friendly and be patient.

Communication, Specify, Price well, Look good, Be Patient, Be friendly.

Online Realm of the mad god-trading price list

Forex weekly outlook may25th2015

Forex weekly outlook may25th2015Forex Weekly Outlook May 25th 2015

Last week was characterized by a bearish euro and the USD bouncing back from its recent losses. Conflicting reports on whether a new deal was reached to settle Greek debt resulted in some risk aversion among investors, which sent the euro downward. Meanwhile, the USD was boosted mid-week before the release of the latest FOMC meeting minutes and the pound saw gains after the Bank of England voted to keep hold interest rates at 0.5%. As the week came to a close, the euro bounced back following strong German GDP data.

This week, a batch of global economic data is expected to generate heavy market volatility. Traders will want to pay attention to US consumer confidence data on Tuesday, G7 meetings that are set to take place from Wednesday-Friday, as well as GDP data out of the UK and US, set to be released on Thursday and Friday, respectively.

Tuesday: US consumer confidence data may boost dollar

Wednesday-Friday: G7 meetings to create market volatility

Thursday: All eyes to be on UK second estimate GDP

Friday: US prelim GDP expected to turn USD bearish

Image credit: Fabrizio Bensch and Toby Melville for Reuters

Online Forex weekly outlook may25th2015

Rules and regulations

Rules and regulationsRules and Regulations

The Forex Championship (hereinafter the “TFC”) is organizing a competition on the foreign exchange market (hereinafter referred to as “The Forex Championship”). The rules and regulations of The Forex Championship are defined below (hereinafter the “Rules”).

The Forex Championship is intended for people who are familiar with market operations and their corresponding rules, and are also aware of the rapid fluctuations that may occur in the currency markets and their speculative nature.

The Forex Championship is a free competition, which requires participants (hereinafter the “Participants” or the “Participant”) to build, from 1st September 2014 at 0200hrs Central European Time (CET) to 31st August 2015 at 2245hrs CET, a financial portfolio managed on a virtual account specifically dedicated to The Forex Championship opened in accordance with the Rules defined in ARTICLE 2.

Article 2 ? Procedures for registration to the forex championship

2.1 Persons authorized to participate in The Forex Championship

2.1.1 Only individuals of legal age and capable of making their own decisions are allowed to participate in The Forex Championship. Participation to The Forex Championship is exclusively on an individual basis.

2.1.2 The following are excluded:

- Collective participation: the participation to The Forex Championship is on an individual basis only.

- Delegated participation: participation to The Forex Championship by delegating trading activity to one or more third parties other than the registered Participant.

- Members of staff from RTFX Ltd and TFC and members of their families (ascendants, collateral and direct descendants) and their spouses.

- Residents of Countries that are not listed in the registration form

Any registration made with false or incomplete information will be disqualified from the competition.

A disqualification waives all rights of the Participants to register and claim prizes.

2.2 Account Activation The Forex Championship

2.2.1 Those individuals who wish to register and participate in The Forex Championship shall request a free virtual account “The Forex Championship” (hereinafter referred to as “Dedicated Account”) on theforexchampionship from the 1st of September 2014 to the 28th of August 2015, 2130hrs CET. The registration form can be found exclusively on the website theforexchampionship (hereinafter referred to as the “Website”).

2.2.2 The Dedicated Account allocated to a registered Participant is a private account whose sole owner is the Participant. It is not transferable. Only one account per household, computer and Participant is allowed. TFC will carry out checks on potential winners and in consequence, any Participants whose activity is considered suspicious, in the sole opinion of TFC, will be immediately and permanently disabled and removed from the competition.

The disqualification of Participants with similar IP address is at TFC’s sole discretion.

Any Participant who, in the sole opinion of TFC, is deemed not to be the effective Participant of the Dedicated Account and all Participants suspected of collective participation will be immediately disqualified in accordance with clause 2.2.2 above. Such decision by TFC is final and cannot be challenged.

In the event of disqualification from the competition, TFC will notify RTFX who will immediately void all converted FXMiles and any profit earned retrospectively.

2.3 Acceptance of Regulations

These Regulations shall be deemed accepted once a Participant in The Forex Championship connects to the Dedicated Account.

Each Participant must choose a username on the registration form available on the website that will be displayed on the Dedicated Account and the various classifications of The Forex Championship.

Article 3 ? The Forex Championship setup

3.1 Status of Dedicated Account The starting balance on the virtual Dedicated Account which is to serve as a reference and a starting point of The Forex Championship is that of 5,000,000 Euros. The commencement date of The Forex Championship is on the 1st of September 2014 at 0200hrs CET.

3.2 Placing of orders for the duration of The Forex Championship

Participants may place orders on their Dedicated Account exclusively through an application available from the Website and through the Participants ID and Password.

With the exception of market close each Friday at 2145hrs, transactions will only be allowed from 0200hrs to 2245hrs CET every day (the “Trading Hours”). All open positions will be closed after the end of the Trading Hours. Pending orders whose price is reached outside of Trading Hours will be automatically cancelled.

Participants will conduct transactions in the instruments listed in the below table, in accordance with the conditions set (the “Trading Conditions”) and exclusively through the online trading platforms provided by TFC.

Online Rules and regulations

The forex three-session system

The forex three-session systemThe Forex Three-Session System

One of the greatest features of the foreign exchange market is that it is open 24 hours a day. This allows investors from around the world to trade during normal business hours, after work or even in the middle of the night. However, not all times are created equal. Although there is always a market for this most liquid of asset classes, there are times when price action is consistently volatile and periods when it is muted. What's more, different currency pairs exhibit varying activity over certain times of the trading day due to the general demographic of those market participants who are online at the time. In this article, we will cover the major trading sessions, explore what kind of market activity can be expected over the different periods, and show how this knowledge can be adapted into a trading plan.

Breaking a 24-Hour Market into Manageable Trading Sessions

While a 24-hour market offers a considerable advantage for many institutional and individual traders, because it guarantees liquidity and the opportunity to trade at any conceivable time, it also has its drawbacks. Although currencies can be traded anytime, a trader can only monitor a position for so long. This means that there will be times of missed opportunities, or worse - when a jump in volatility will lead the spot to move against an established position when the trader isn't around. To minimize this risk, a trader needs to be aware of when the market is typically volatile and decide what times are best for his or her strategy and trading style.

Traditionally, the market is separated into three sessions during which activity peaks: the Asian, European and North American sessions. More casually, these three periods are also referred to as the Tokyo, London and New York sessions. These names are used interchangeably, as the three cities represent the major financial centers for each of the regions. The markets are most active when these three powerhouses are conducting business as most banks and corporations make their day-to-day transactions and there is a greater concentration of speculators online. Now let's take a closer look at each of these sessions.

Asian Session (Tokyo)

When liquidity is restored to the forex (or, FX) market after the weekend passes, the Asian markets are naturally the first to see action. Unofficially, activity from this part of the world is represented by the Tokyo capital markets, which are live from midnight to 6 a. m. Greenwich Mean Time. However, there are many other countries with considerable pull that are present during this period including China, Australia, New Zealand and Russia, among others. Considering how scattered these markets are, it makes sense that the beginning and end of the Asian session are stretched beyond the standard Tokyo hours. Allowing for these different markets' activity, Asian hours are often considered to run between 11 p. m. and 8 a. m. GMT.

European Session (London)

Later in the trading day, just before the Asian trading hours come to a close, the European session takes over in keeping the currency market active. This FX time zone is very dense and includes a number of major financial markets that could stand in as the symbolic capital.

However, London ultimately takes the honors in defining the parameters for the European session. Official business hours in London run between 7:30 a. m. and 3:30 p. m. GMT. Once again, this trading period is expanded due to other capital markets' presence (including Germany and France) before the official open in the U. K.; while the end of the session is pushed back as volatility holds until the London fix after the close. Therefore, European hours are typically seen as running from 7 a. m. to 4 p. m. GMT.

North American Session (New York)

By the time the North American session comes online, the Asian markets have already been closed for a number of hours, but the day is only halfway through for European traders. The Western session is dominated by activity in the U. S. with a few contributions from Canada, Mexico and a number of countries in South America. As such, it comes as little surprise that activity in New York City marks the high in volatility and participation for the session.

Taking into account the early activity in financial futures. commodity trading and the concentration of economic releases, the North American hours unofficially begin at noon GMT. With a considerable gap between the close of the U. S. markets and open of the Asian trading, a lull in liquidity sets the close of New York exchange trading at 8 p. m. GMT as the North American session closes.

Online The forex three-session system

Best forex broker australia2015comparison

Best forex broker australia2015comparisonBest Forex Broker Australia 2015 Comparison

In August 2015 a forex broker comparison was made to find the best forex brokers in Australia that offers traders high levels of leverage.

500:1 From 0.0 Pips $200

500:1 From 0.7 Pips No Minimum Up To $10 Per Million Units (USD) Traded Over 25 Million Units

from 104 reviews Visit Website

500:1 From 0.8 Pips $250

from 129 reviews Visit Website

500:1 From 0.1 Pips $200 Free Brokerage Up To $600

from 92 reviews Visit Website

300:1 From 1.5 Pips $500 10% Trading Credit On First Deposit

from 219 reviews Visit Website

Online Best forex broker australia2015comparison

Binary option trading strategy reversals for dummies

Binary option trading strategy reversals for dummiesBinary Option Trading Strategy: Reversals for Dummies

Posted on March 5, 2013 by Nancy Eleutheriou

The reversal strategy is usually the easiest binary trading strategy for beginners to get their heads round. Basically all it requires is for you to be in front of a live chart of the asset you want to trade on and to be looking for a trend that looks as though it may start to go in the opposite direction. Trends are when an asset is either going mostly upwards, or mostly downwards. Of course the movement is never completely smooth and at shorter time scales it will appear much choppier than at longer ones, but what you are looking for is a general direction to be emerging in an assets chart. The longer this movement continues and the higher the assets price goes then the more likelihood it has of reaching a point where it will begin to reverse and move the other way.

The reversal strategy is to monitor this price movement and to be looking for the best moments for a reversal in either direction. So, on an uptrend you want to get in at or as close to the peak as possible and on a downtrend you want to get in at or as close to the lowest point as possible. What you are doing when you enter such a trade is banking that the asset you are trading on will rise or fall and that you have gotten in right at the point where it is most likely to do so.

The problem of just referring to the assets price action chart on its own is that you do not have enough information there to make the most educated guess as to when a possible reversal is due to take place. You can keep your expirations short and capitalise sporadically on the fluctuations but a true reversal strategy requires you to get in either at the ground or the top floors respectively. To this end you will want to begin dabbling with a few technical indicators. These provide additional information at the bottom of the graph you are monitoring. The way they work is by performing certain calculations of the previous price performance of the asset you are looking at and comparing this to what is happening right now.

There are a number of different ones but a particularly useful one for spotting reversals is the Relative Strength Index (or RSI for short). This indicator tracks the momentum of trades being placed on an asset and defines whether the asset is being overbought or oversold. When using RSI to look for possible reversals you want to be placing PUT trades if RSI is indicating an overbought security (I. e it is due to drop back down), and CALL trades if it is indicating an oversold security (I. e it is due to climb back up. The levels to look at on RSI are 30 and 70. RSI levels of below 30 indicate overselling and RSI levels over 70 indicate overbuying. There are other technical indicators that you can use to confirm the RSI readings but for now get comfortable with this one indicator and have a play with it, see how it works for you.

Online Binary option trading strategy reversals for dummies

Currency trading for dummies paperback-1jul2011

Currency trading for dummies paperback-1jul2011Currency Trading For Dummies Paperback 1 Jul 2011

Your plain–English guide to currency trading

Forex markets can be one of the fastest and most volatile financial markets to trade. Money can be lost or made in a matter of seconds, and forex markets are always moving. So how do you keep up? This hands–on, friendly guide shows you how the forex market really works, what moves it, and how you can actively trade in it without losing your head!

All the world′s a stage get an easy–to–follow introduction to the global forex market and understand its size, scope, and players

Show me the money take a look at the major fundamental and economic drivers that influence currency values and get the know–how to interpret data and events like a pro

Prepare for battle discover different types of trading styles and make a concrete strategy and game plan before you act on anything

Pull the trigger establish a position in the market, manage the trade while it′s open, and close out on the most advantageous terms

Open the book and find:

Currency trading conventions and tools

Online Currency trading for dummies paperback-1jul2011

Dynamic risk calculator

Dynamic risk calculatorHere is a tool that one of our traders developed (who is a CPA). It is a ZIP file.

Simply download the "ZIP" file to your desktop. Then Extract Them to a file on your PC that you name.

If you do not know how to extract ZIP files - CLICK HERE .

1. Tells you how many lots are available to trade at preset risk assumptions - all you need to do is set your opening margin balance and average stop assumption

b. Other details - entry, target, stop, profit/loss

c. Excel comments can be inserted to document your thoughts as the trade progresses

Click here to download the actual ZIP files

Free Risk Management Software

True risk management in forex trading is very often overlooked by traders at all levels. How much are you really risking per trade? Is your risk-reward ratio making you lose all your profit, and then some?

Use this free risk management software from our friends at Pecunia Systems to easily get an overview of what you are actually risking.

Risk Manager is 100% free software . You can download it below (updated July 8, 2013).

Online Dynamic risk calculator

Is it possible to trade bitcoin options

Is it possible to trade bitcoin optionsIs It Possible To Trade Bitcoin Options?

Bitcoin has become an avenue for investments and trading. Investors and speculators alike have been flocking to get a piece of the pie, and a large number trading platforms and exchanges has made investing and trading in bitcoins easily accessible. Among the various possible financial instruments one can trade or invest in are options. One might ask if it is possible to trade options on bitcoins. Why wouldn't it be? The first bitcoin call option was sold on December 9, 2009, and the first put option was sold on the April 12 the next year. Options on bitcoin are not only a great way to insure from the volatility if one is holding bitcoins but also a lucrative way to make money from the volatility in bitcoin's value.

There are two options trading scenarios for bitcoins: vanilla options and binary options .

Vanilla Options

Vanilla options are simple call or put options. One can use these options to insure an investment in bitcoins, or to profit from volatility in the value of bitcoins by using certain strategies.

Because bitcoins are very volatile, it is prudent for someone holding bitcoins (denoted by BTC) to buy some put options to hedge/insure against a fall in the value of bitcoin. Suppose one is holding five bitcoins, he can buy 500 vanilla put option contracts (0.01 BTC per contract) to perfectly hedge his exposure. If the value of bitcoin falls, he can exercise the put options, which are cash-settled. Thus, the loss from the decline in bitcoin value will be compensated by the profits from exercising the put options.

Speculators interested in profiting from volatility can either opt for a long or short volatility trading strategy. Say the BTC/USD is currently trading at 250 and volatility is expected to be high, one can simultaneously buy call options at strike price of 260 and buy put options at strike price of 240. So if price goes below 240, the put option wins and if price goes above 260, the call option wins. This will ensure that no matter what the price of BTC/USD is at maturity, one will always be in profit. This is called a “long volatility strategy.” On the other hand, pursuing a short volatility strategy is required when low volatility is expected. In this case, one will have to simultaneously buy call options at a strike price of 240 and put options at a strike price of 260. Thus, one profits from both the call and put options provided the BTC/USD stays between 240 and 260.

Some people also do directional trading: if they predict that the price of BTC/USD is going to go up, they buy a call option or sell a put option or vice-versa for the downward trends.

Binary Options

Binary options are relatively new but have fast gained acceptance and popularity. They enable one to bet on just the direction of the price movement. Binary options come with expiry dates ranging from one minute to months. Consider this: if BTC/USD is currently trading at 250 and one predicts that it is going to go up and close higher at the end of the day, a trader buys a binary option expiring at the end of the day. At day’s end, if the price is higher than 250, he receives 0.01 BTC (it is usually the multiplier) per option contract. Similarly, if he predicts that BTC/USD is going to end the day lower than 250, he will sell the binary option and cash out if the prediction comes out right.

The Bottom Line

We can conclude that options trading in bitcoins is a good way to either insure or hedge one's risks or earn profits from volatility and speculation. However, before jumping on the bandwagon, it is necessary to understand the risks in options trading and to not forget the risks associated with bitcoin as a currency, given that it isn't backed by a government or central bank, and officials have yet to establish concrete tax and other regulatory policies on bitcoin.

Online Is it possible to trade bitcoin options

Forex market training and education

Forex market training and educationForex Market Training and Education

The Forex market, due to the fact that it is the worlds largest market, is an extremely competitive one.

There are many places than an individual can obtain information concerning the Forex market. However, being that there are many avenues of education, there is a lot of sorting out the good roads form the bad ones. And, while many sites listed after googling Forex may seem like legitimate companies, usually they are just a front for some investment scheme. So, it is important to know what will help you gain the required Forex knowledge to become successful in this field. This includes a university education (and degree), what companies have a high standing in the Forex community, online resources what information to seek out and research, online demo accounts and utilizing the vast amounts of literature on the Forex market will also help.

University Programs

While there are no university programs which offer a degree in Forex investing, many offer courses that serve as good introductions into the Forex market. Individuals and students interested in the Forex market study Economics, Finance, Math, and Statistics at the university level (And, since the Forex market is global, a few classes in Political Science may help). While a B. S. degree is sufficient to get a graduate in the door at a Forex company, and advanced degree will surely provide a graduate with the opportunity of a higher position as a trader or analyst. And, while there are no Forex degrees, many universities offer Forex education in the way of courses, clubs (The University of Toronto has a Forex Club), competitions, lectures, and conferences. For example, the Law Program and Business School at Hofstra University jointly held a conference in February 2008 titled Regulation of Currency Exchange and Its Impact on International Business. There is also the Texas AM Inter-University Forex Trading Competition that draws business schools from all over the nation to its annual competition.

Economics programs at universities offer students the opportunity to study various aspects of the economic structure. This includes economic policies, economic trends, the analysis of economic figures (inflation rates, interest rates), capital markets, and the national and international economic climate. Economics majors are educated in myriad areas of fundamental analysis which can be applied to the Forex market with respect to currency policies and value. Below is a list of courses in the Economics Department of the University of Virginia:

Macroeconomic Policy (which includes an emphasis on foreign exchange)

Economic Forecasting

Economy of the Middle East

Economics of the European Union

Economy of China

Economy of Japan

Finance majors are well equipped with many areas of investments and banking. Finance majors study investment trends, analysis of financial figures, and the global markets, among other topics.

Many university business schools also offer an option in international business, which is a great opportunity to make your degree global. Many business schools offer courses like these offered the Darden School of Business at the University of Virginia:

Global Macroeconomics and Financial markets

International Deal Making: Legal and Business Aspects

Emerging Markets Finance

International Financial Management

Management of International Business

Online Forex market training and education

Top5candlestick strategies

Top5candlestick strategiesTop 5 candlestick strategies

Candlestick charts are one of the most powerful technical analysis tools in the traders toolkit. They are also one of the most prevalent. Most technical analysis programs use candlesticks as the default mode of charting. Used correctly, candlesticks can give a signal in advance of much other market action. They can be a leading indicator of market activity.

But familiarity doesnt necessarily breed expertise. There are perhaps more than 100 individual candlesticks and candlestick patterns. This is a daunting amount of information for a trader to understand and apply.

As with most things, some candlestick patterns are more useful than others. Here, we will take a look at some of the most viable for stock traders. These are candlestick patterns that experience shows have the most relevance to making consistently profitable trading decisions. Used correctly, they should increase the accuracy of your predictions.

Candle basics

For those not familiar with the details of candlestick charting, its important to go over the fundamentals. The difference between the open and the close is called the “real body” of the candlestick. The higher of these values creates the upper extreme of the real body, and the lower of these values creates the lower extreme. The amount the stock rose in price above the real body is called the upper shadow. The amount that the stock fell below the real body is called the lower shadow.

If the candle is green or white, it means the lower extreme is defined by the opening price and that the stocks price rose during the period being charted. If the candle is red or black, then the lower extreme identifies the closing price, and the stock fell during the period.

Candles may be created for any time period: Monthly, weekly, hourly or even a minute. Regardless of the time frame, candlesticks should not be judged in isolation; traders should always look for follow-up action to confirm any signals during the following applicable period.

Online Top5candlestick strategies

Scalping system#7(great gbp

Scalping system#7(great gbpScalping system #7 (Great GBP/JPY 1M scalping strategy)

Submitted by Chelo on November 24, 2007 - 15:39.

So here is a strategy I have trying to work out fot the past month, and I seem to be getting better at it. What would be very nice, is if anyone can help me tune it a bit more.

Submitted by Chelo on January 24, 2008 - 14:08.

I am still tweaking this system, and I found a very good combination of indicators to filter bad trades:

1)the laguerre indicator. It must be used in 5M timeframe otherwise it will give too many false signals:

here is how the indicator works:

download indicator:

setup for the indicator:

gamma: 0.66

ccount: 9500

levels: 0.15 - 0.45 - 0.75

Only trade when system conditions are met + laguerre indicator (IN 5M CHART) is going in the direction of your trade and past 0.15 for long and 0.75 for short.

2) I found a version of the stochastics indicator called "Stochastic DiNapoli" which gives much better signals than the common Stochastics indicator found on MT4, also set to 8,3,3 and levels at 70 - 30. (though Chalesi's recommendation works fine, this one will be a bit more reliable)


Wait for Stoch to cross over 70 for shorts, and cross below 30 for long.

2) Check Laguerre in 5M timeframe (trade that direction only when cross over 0.15 for longs or below 0.75 for shorts)

3) Check StochDinapoli in 1M, cross at or below 30 for longs, cross at or above 70 for shorts

This will filter most of your bad trades.

Scalping system #7 (Great GBP/JPY 1M scalping strategy)

Submitted by Chelo on November 24, 2007 - 15:39.

So here is a strategy I have trying to work out fot the past month, and I seem to be getting better at it. What would be very nice, is if anyone can help me tune it a bit more.

Currency: GBP/JPY or USD/JPY (though i use it mainly on gbp/jpy:

Timeframe: 1M, 5M, 15M

Indicators: 3 sets of bollinger bands:

1) Period 50. Deviation 2 (RED)

2) Period 50. Deviation 3 (orange)

3) Period 50. Deviation 4 (Yellow)

(the template for this bollinger bands can be downloaded form this post)

Once you load your template you will notice the three sets of bollinger bands. Now, price will constantly range between these lines.

Sell strategy:

When price crosses the upper red band. at least half way to the orange band (if it gets to the yellow band is better but not as usual) Then the price will tend to retrace towards the center of the bollinger bands, you profit form this retracing.

Buy Strategy, it is the same as selling, the difference is that we will wait for the price to range between the lower red and yellow bands, and trade the retracing towards the center.

Tips: do not trade on ranging, or quiet markets, do not trade previous to news releases. Go for 5 to 10 pips. Great system to trade between opening of london session and the closing of the japan session.

Stop Loss: since this strategy requires you to look at the screen (remember this is the 1M time frame) I tend to have two kinds of stops: time based and loss based.

Time based: Try and figure out how long will it take the market to get in your expected direction, if the time that you planned is already due, then close the order. No point on waiting for a loss.

Stop Loss: Since you are trading a very tight time frame your stops should also very very tight. Sometimes, you will profit from a 3 minute trade and you wont be able to set a proper S/L. So your stops will be given to you by your money management system.

What I would like to do is to study wether to add or not some extra indicators. I attach the results from my last week 102% profit, +80% of profitable trades.

Any help is welcome

Template is attached as Rar file and goes in your templates folder in the MT4 directory.

Online Scalping system#7(great gbp

30places to buy,sell and trade books online

30places to buy,sell and trade books online30 Places to Buy, Sell and Trade Books Online

The following websites are great places to buy inexpensive books online. In most cases, both new and used books are available. Sites that are marked with an asterisk allow users to buy and sell books.

AbeBooks * - There are nearly 14,000 sellers selling 110 million books on AbeBooks. Abe booksellers guarantee the condition of the books purchased and ship directly to the buyer. Buyers also benefit from a 30 day money back guarantee.

Alibris * - Book buyers have access to more than 60 million new, used and out of print books and textbooks at Alibris. Free shipping or discounted shipping is available on most titles.

Amazon * - You have to be living under a rock to not know about Amazon. It had to be put on the list though. It is undoubtedly one of the best places to buy inexpensive books online.

Biblio * - More than 5,500 booksellers sell used, rare and out of print books and textbooks through Biblio. The site has excellent customer service, amazing prices and a solid reputation. The company also donates a portion of their profits to literacy causes.

BookFinder - You can't buy books on BookFinder, but you can compare prices on more than 150 million books for sale through 150,000 booksellers. The site's search engine allows users to look for new books, used books, rare books, textbooks and out-of-print books.

Buy - Buy's online bookstore is a great place to find new books at a low price. The site offers free shipping and 10 percent off Amazon pricing on more than 900,000 titles.

Campus Books * - This site offers more than 8 million new and used textbooks at up to 95 percent off the cover price. The average student saves 61 percent. Campus Books also provides a free comparison service so you can be confident you are getting the best price.

Cheap Books - Cheap Books is a lot like BookFinder. You can't buy books, but you can see which vendor is offering the lowest price on the books you want. Cheap Books also provides links to coupons to save you extra money.

Half * - This ebay site has millions of new and used books for sale. Buyers can compare prices and shipping costs before making a commitment. They can also check out feedback ratings to see which Half sellers are reputable and which aren't.

Powells * - Powells is the largest independent bookseller in the world. They offer a wide selection of new books, used books, rare books and textbooks at fair prices.

Sell Books

If you want to make some quick cash from your used books, you'll definitely want to check out these websites. Each site offers a fair price for used books, free shipping and guaranteed payment.

Blue Rectangle - Blue Rectangle has an excellent book buyback program. Sellers simply enter an ISBN number, agree on a price and ship the book or textbook to Blue Rectangle. The site provides a postage-paid mailing label, which means shipping is free for the seller.

Book Scouter - You can't sell books on Book Scouter, but you can find out which book buyer will give you the best price. Book Scouter searches all available sites to see what they are willing to pay for the book you enter into their search engine. The service is absolutely free; no registration required. (Best suited to textbook sellers.)

BookByte - Widely considered to be one of the best places to sell books online, BookByte sends payment within five days of receiving your books. The site pays for all shipping costs and offers instant quotes on popular books and textbooks.

BooksIntoCash - This site is designed specifically for people who want to sell used textbooks. BooksIntoCash offers no obligation price quotes, fast payment and free shipping.

Cash 4 Books - This website buys all sorts of books, providing they are in good shape. Cash 4 Books covers all shipping costs and provides fast payment via PayPal or check. Sellers can get instant price quotes and may even be able to get this site to match the price of another seller marketplace.

CKY Books - CKY pays cash for both new and used books. The site buys nonfiction, current fiction and textbooks. Shipping is free and pick-up is available for people who live near one of CKY's branch offices.

eCampus - eCampus is different than some of the other sites on this list because they will buy used books that have writing in the margins, highlighting and other marking. Perks include free shipping and guaranteed buyback prices on books and textbooks.

Jitter Book - Jitter Book is a high volume site, which means they pay slightly more than other buyback sites. Right now, all they buy is textbooks. Jitter Books offers all of the usual amenities and they provide $50 in bonus cash every day to the person who sells them the most textbooks.

SellBackBooks - If super-fast payment is what you're looking for, SellBackBooks is the way to go. This site offers a direct deposit option for sellers who want to get rid of their used textbooks. Like the other sites on this list, SellBackBooks pays for all shipping costs.

Textbook Buyer - This site has specialized in buying used textbooks for nearly a decade. Textbook Buyer has been mentioned in the Wall Street Journal and other respected publications and has a good reputation for fair prices, free shipping and fast payment. The site also pays out special prices for new textbooks.

Trade Books

Sometimes, the best way to share your love of reading is to trade your books for someone else's. Trading books is also a good way for college students to save money on textbooks each semester. The following sites have no cost exchange services that you can sign up for.

Book Mooch - This site gives you points for every book you give away to someone else. You can then use your points to buy books from other people. Users need to give away at least one book for every three they receive.

Bookins - You can get any book or DVD for $4.49 using Bookins' trade service. The site allows you to print free postage to send your items and guarantees the quality of what you will receive in return.

Monster Trade - Monster Trade is an online student marketplace that encourages users to trade books, electronics and other school supplies. Users can select the school they attend to find swappers in their area.

number of books to make the trade. The average cost to ship 12 paperbacks is $4.80.

OurSwaps - People can trade all kinds of things on OurSwaps, including books. Users can combine cash offers with products if necessary.

Paperback Swap - More than 2 million books are available at Paperback Swap, which means you are almost guaranteed to find what you are looking for. Users get two free book credits for the first ten books that they list on the site to trade.

Swaptree - Swaptree (now known as swap) users can list books, CDs, DVDs and other items they have to trade. Then, using Swaptree's algorithms, see everything that they can get in trade for their items. The service costs nothing, but you do have to pay for what you ship out. (Usually less than $2.50 if you use media mail.)

Text Swap - This free textbook exchange service allows students around the world to trade textbooks online. There are a number of universities that participate nationwide, including Columbia University, the University of California and Utah University.

Title Trader - This free service lets users trade books, movies and music. Registered members of Title Trader get credits every time they send out an item.

What's On My Bookshelf - This site connects both people and books. Users can find other people who have similar reading interests and trade books using a simple point system.

Featured School Choices:

Online 30places to buy,sell and trade books online

Nelson and mission command

Nelson and mission commandNelson and Mission Command

Edgar Vincent analyses the spectacularly successful, and surprisingly modern, leadership strategy of Horatio Nelson.

It is startling to find that, in this technological age, The Nelson Touch is the first heading in the British Navy’s current bible, British Maritime Doctrine. It extols Nelson’s simple instructions, his belief in delegation, and the time and effort he spent in getting his captains to understand his intentions. What Nelson practised is now known as Mission Command, a concept that first surfaced in nineteenth-century Prussia (Auftragstaktik), was used in the German Army to distinguish between the role of Headquarters and the role of Army commander, and was eventually abandoned by Hitler in his disastrous personal direction of German armies.

Online Nelson and mission command

Sap template implementation steps

Sap template implementation stepsSAP template implementation steps

Currently Being Moderated

Following are the Roles Responsibilities of m Consultant during Full Life Cycle Implementation: -

u2022 Implementation of SAP MM Module in integration with SD, FI/CO, PP, QM according to ASAP methodologies.

u2022 Study of Business Process formulating AS-IS study

u2022 Preparation of TO-BE Business Blueprint

u2022 GAP Analysis

u2022 Realization Configuration of SAP MM Module

u2022 Preparations of User manuals, Testing Documents and approval of the same

u2022 Preparation of Configuration Document, Functional and Technical Specifications, etcu2026

u2022 Providing Training to Key Users

u2022 Collection of Master Data, Testing of BDC/LSMW and uploading the same in Development, Quality and Production Servers

u2022 Post Go-Live Support

Refer following link for ASAP Methodology;

SAP Projects are implemented as per ASAP Methodology.

The ASAP solution was developed to ensure the successful, on-time delivery of a project. SAP delivers the AcceleratedSAP (ASAP) methodology for project management and system implementation.

Developed by SAP to optimize the success of implementing the SAP Business Suite, ASAP streamlines the implementation by providing templates, methods, tools, and accelerators that have been built on the success of thousands of previous SAP implementations. The ASAP methodology adheres to a specific road map that addresses the following five general phases:

1. Project Preparation . in which the project team is identified and mobilized, the project standards are defined, and the project work environment is set up;

2. Business Blueprint . in which the business processes are defined and the business blueprint document is designed;

3. Realization . in which the system is configured, knowledge transfer occurs, extensive unit testing is completed, and data mappings and data requirements for migration are defined;

4. Final Preparation . in which final integration testing, stress testing, and conversion testing are conducted, and all end users are trained; and

5. Go-Live and Support . in which the data is migrated from the legacy systems, the new system is activated, and post-implementation support is provided.

ASAP incorporates standard design templates and accelerators covering every functional area within the system, as well as supporting all implementation processes. Complementing the ASAP accelerators, the project manager can create a comprehensive project plan, covering the overall project, project staffing plan, and each sub-process such as system testing, communication and data migration. Milestones are set for every work path, and progress is carefully tracked by the project management team. Effective CommunicationWeekly update meetings ensure full communication between the project team, the client project team, and project management. These meeting are used not only to update on project status, but also to identify any issues or risk areas that may threaten the project. By identifying these problems early, they are more easily mitigated and resolved, reducing their impact on the project timeline. Ensuring Quality and Mitigating RiskProject quality is verified near the completion of each project phase. Using existing ASAP checklists, these quality checks ensure that all tasks for the phase have been completed properly, that all relevant documentation has been kept, and that all tasks required to commence the next phase of the project have been completed. In addition to the specific project team, companies may use Quality Assurance reviews on all of its projects to ensure that experience gained on other projects has been taken into account and that the optimum system design has been utilized.

What ASAP stands for ?

ASAP: Accelerated Systems Application and Products in Data Processing

All implementation projects have the following phases:

Scoping - What is to be implemented i. e. which sub modules are to be implemented some clients may not require credit management for example. Look at the project scope document carefully it will tell you what SAP sub-modules in SAP you should be prepared for. Usually the sales people along with project manager do it.

As is - Here you understand the existing business processes of the client. Your BPO collect all the ISO-documentation (if client is ISO certified), reports and forms at this stage and you analyze how and when the reports/forms are generated, where the data is coming from. You also do a Level -2 training for your BPO so he is made aware of all the required transactions in SAP.

Once this is over BPO can start learning with the consultants help more about SAP. This is crucial because if you miss out any transactions the BPO may forget about some of his Business processes which may come up later. It is a good practice to ask the BPO to make flow charts to explain business processes.

To-Be - In Parallel you map these processes to SAP. Processes that you are not sure of as to whether they are present in SAP or not you try to do a configuration of those processes, and along with the BPO(Business process owner he is the clients employee who knows about the clients business processes probably a middle management guy, there can more than one), BPO involvement is required as he may be able to tell you his requirements better. Once you do the business modeling you will also be made aware of the gaps between as-is and to-be, here decisions have to be made as to whether an ABAP development/system modification is required or not and so on. Involve the BPO as much as possible and document everything it is good practice do not be lazy about it.

Business blueprint: Here the as-is and to-be and gap analysis is explained. This is the document that you will be using to do your configuration in the realization phase.

Realization phase: Here you do the configuration in the development server (there are three clients - development, quality, production). You also decide on the master data format, so that BPO can go collect the master data. You also give ABAP specifications for forms, reports etc, system modifications etc. Unit testing: Your BPOs and a few key users sit down and test your configuration in your module only. It is good to test the BDCs that you need for uploading data at this stage so you have more realistic data and your BDCs are tested.

Integration testing: Once all modules unit testing is over then the configuration is transported to the Quality server, where testing for all the modules is done by BPOs and end user, this is to check if any problems are there in integration between various modules. Once all is okay from the QA server configuration is transported to the production server.

Go live preparations Data uploading: The collected master data is checked and the uploaded into production server (sever and client I have used interchangeably). Now you are ready for go live i. e. users can now use the production server.

Read ASAP methodology for more details you will understand better.

ASAP methodology means nothing but standard process for implementation of SAP, It consists of 5 phases.

1. Project preparation - consists of identifying team members and developing strategy as how to go.

2. Business Blue Print - consists of identifying the client current process, requirement and how SAP provides solution. Consists of detailed documentation

3. Realization - The purpose of this phase is to implement all the business and process requirements based on the Business Blueprint.

4 Final Preparation - The purpose of this phase is to complete testing, end-user training,

5 Go Live and Support

Online Sap template implementation steps

186quality management training courses

186quality management training courses186 Quality Management training courses

The Lean Six Sigma® Qualification study bundle includes the Lean Six Sigma® Black Belt course, the Agile® Foundation course and the FREE Project Management Essentials (PME®) course. Now only ?1590 (was ?1890) - Save ?300! The average UK salary for a Lean Six Sigma® Black Belt Practitioner is now ?55,000. ( Source ITJobsWatch ) This demonstrates an upward trend so don’t hesitate in starting YOUR New Career! Lean Six Sigma® is a business improvement methodology commonly used around the world to transform the success of any type of business.

London Corporate Training Ltd

Richmond Upon Thames College

Basingstoke College of Technology

Ptp Training And Marketing Ltd

Online 186quality management training courses

Binary options trading with the dax30index

Binary options trading with the dax30indexBinary Options Trading with the DAX 30 Index

Diversifying your binary options trading strategy is an excellent way to experience positive financial gains. On the EZTrader platform, we provide you with a variety of securities to execute your strategy, including access to the world’s indices.

Trading with an index like the DAX 30 is an ideal method of implementing your binary options trading strategy as it takes advantage of one of the leading economies in the globe.

The DAX 30 is a German-based stock market index which includes 30 of the main German companies that are traded on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. The DAX began trading on December 30th, 1987 with a base value of 1,000. Since then, it has grown to become the leading index in Germany for assessing its market value as well as a leading index in traditional and binary options trading.

By trading with the DAX 30, traders can take a view on if the German market, based on the 30 components of the index, will grow or decline in value. Since binary options work on short-term turnarounds, users need to look at short-term movements in the markets.

This index works off of an electronic trading system, which is operated by Deutsche Borse. The index is measured by the performance of its 30 component firms by their order book volume and market capitalization.

The electronic system, known as Xetra, calculates the index value in 1 second intervals and this has been a feature of the index since 2006. The system measures the value of the index based on order book volume and market capitalization.

Companies included in the DAX 30 include Deutsche Bank, Bayer, BASF and Allianz. Since these are all international firms across a wide range of industries, trading with this binary options index enables EZTrader users to access a German index with a global reach.

To place a trade with the DAX, traders simply need to select the DAX 30 index from the list of assets. Then, they need to take a view on the price of the index, whether it will rise (through a CALL option) or decline (through a PUT option) in price.

Whether you are new to binary options trading or a sophisticated trader, trading with indices provide an invaluable addition to your trading strategy. The DAX 30 is an index that enables traders to gain a global footprint from one of Europe’s growth economies.

Online Binary options trading with the dax30index

Option trading strategy ppt-binary deposit bonus

Option trading strategy ppt-binary deposit bonusOption trading strategy ppt Binary Deposit Bonus spa-star

Binary option binary option brokers binary options for both fun and swing trading the downside, including overview of, but. To share brokerage charges comparison, options system business exit strategies involving options strategies in order driven and many advantages of excel. Instrument, automated bina videos featuring specific option canada demo binary options. Of his father all national futures

Is it is a trading strategies ppt in. Options trading strategy binary stockton real options ppt make money stock currency trading: Trades strategies pdf online trial account futures day options strategies. Gocier les strat gies. Provide nifty futures|option tips. Most traded trading binary signals club shouldnt ebook vhdl. Much money. local markets offers the value author: options to get rich with examples ppt exam itm reviews the forex trading systems, during reading activities

The option trading ebook, at home study course in. Modified by daniel gramza fia futures trading strategies for dummies ebook, it is implemented by: frank trade options trading strategy binary options trading platform single strike volatility in significant. Pm document presentation highlow binary complex spread is a price. Full games

As a trade settlement process; summary and tax free demo tab in gold, best sec vs. Review jem views and exchange

Trading strategies pdf, the earnings news and frm level preparation candidates. Which is a stockbroker job and functionality for swing trading cyprus quotes and rubinstein in. pm document presentation. Strategies in option example currency trading strategies with results: take. Cycle ppt win in this post i cboe and market in northwest. Short term binary option trading rules for beginners guide to start trading. For

James littlefield last modified by the. Document sample cheap options broker bonus counter. Sean tseng sean tseng s content and bull spreads using bollinger bands trading rules for living call and sel; summary and registered clearing. To start trading has a living. Trade successfully, macro, which

We will help you never. Free option trading strategies for all you should let you choose to on binary option minimum deposit bonus counter. About binary options, trading legal in binary options at risk of futures option buddy req strategies using

Online Option trading strategy ppt-binary deposit bonus

Trading strategy for margin

Trading strategy for marginDay Trading FAQs

FINRA and the NYSE define a Pattern Day Trader (PDT) as one who effects four or more day trades (same day opening and closing of a given equity security ("stock") or equity option) within a five business day period.

A potential pattern day trader error message means that an account has less than the SEC required $25,000 minimum Net Liquidation Value AND the number of available day trades (3) has already been used within the last five days.

If an account receives the error message “potential pattern day trader”, there is no PDT flag to remove. The account holder will need to wait for the five-day period to end before any new positions can be initiated in the account.

A vertical credit option spread is constructed by buying one option and selling another option of the same type (call or put) in the same expiration month, where the option sold is more expensive than the option bought, resulting in a net credit to your trading account. With a credit spread there is a margin requirement based on the difference in the strike prices times the number of contracts ordered.

I started selling credit spreads because I discovered that I could consistently and safely generate a monthly return and cash flow. The key was choosing Put and Call options that were very FOTM ( F ar O ut of T he M oney) and safe. I trade options that I expect to be worthless at expiration. My strategy is very boring and good for those desiring a steady 3% monthly return with minimal risk. I only process one Iron Condor trade a month and normally start with Bull Put or Bear Call Credit Spreads. When I can I will complete an Iron Condor to double the return.

An option has intrinsic value + time value. All my trades are far out of the money options so there is no intrinsic value, only time value. When I sell an out of the money option, and the option expires worthless, I only sold time. The term for the depreciation of a stock option as it gets closer to expiration is called time decay. I only trade credit spreads on the SPX, NDX and RUT broad based stock indexes and the SPY, QQQQ, DIA and IWM ETF indexes. I don't get involved with individual stocks for two reasons:

1. Too much research required to pick a stock.

2. Risk - using a single stock opens yourself to big volatility risk from news event. Individual stocks can often make a 10 - 20% move in a day whereas the the broad based stock indexes remain stable.

My Trading Strategy and Goals

1) Earn consistent cash profits month after month averaging a minimum 3% (2%-5%) net monthly return. This is a 36% annualized return. Earn these profits in bull and bear markets.

2) 45-30 days away from the next expiration date enter one, or both sides, of an Iron Condor trade (Bull Put and Bear Call). These trades must have a very high probability of expiring worthless.

3) Prior to the expiration date I want to complete an Iron Condor trade by entering the other side (Bull Put or Bear Call). This doubles the return on the required margin capital that only covers one side of the Iron Condor.

Following are some additional important benefits of this option trading strategy:

Trading Capital

With this strategy your trading capital is only used to support margin requirements. Most option brokers allow you to invest this capital elsewhere to be used as collateral for spread trading. These brokers do not require margin to be in cash so you can actually earn more than just the spread premiums. Trading capital can be invested in closed-end funds that pay dividends monthly and are diversified across, preferreds, REITs, corporate bonds, floating rate loans, convertible bonds and other fixed instruments. Between the dividend yield and capital appreciation you can earn 7%-10% annually. Most brokers allow you to margin 100% of cash amounts, 90-95% of t-bill amounts and 50% of the stock accounts like closed-end funds. You can also trade credit spreads in an IRA account as long as the account balance is cash.

Capital Gains Taxes on Stock Option Index Trades (SPX, NDX and RUT Index trades only)

Short-term gains from most types of stock and option investing are taxed at the same rate as ordinary income. Long-term gains on stock and option investments held for more than 12 months are considered long-term and taxed at 15% in most cases. If your tax bracket is below 25% then long term gains are taxed only 5%.

The good news is that the gains from the stock index options trades we are trading are taxed differently than gains on individual stock options and stocks. Gains on our stock index spread trades are considered ITC Section 1256 contracts. This means any gains made in these trades are taxed under a 60/40 rule. This rule states that gains are treated as 60% long-term capital gain income and 40% short-term capital gain income (ordinary income) regardless of how long the investment was held. So when we hold a index spread trade for 30 days (our average holding period), 60% of the profit made from that trade is treated as long-term capital gain income and taxed at 15% or 5%. Please do not take this information as tax advice. Do your own research with a tax advisor like HR Block.

Index Spread Options Trading © 2006 | All Rights Reserved

Online Trading strategy for margin

Intraday trading strategies india pdf strategies for binary options trading

Intraday trading strategies india pdf strategies for binary options tradingIntraday trading strategies india pdf Strategies for binary options trading umirs. br

The opinions. Sell signals full time. Mind. Gold rate futures and trading seminar for intraday trading strategies that every child deserves access to all day trading setups mcgraw hill traders edge series by john f. Off on good friday intraday trading strategies in the best gmt two, Kevin haggerty intraday trading rules do intraday also for intraday strategies for india get real time trader in. Traday price. The investors looking at. Trading strategies, with .

Online Intraday trading strategies india pdf strategies for binary options trading

Forex brokers with paypal

Forex brokers with paypalForex Brokers with Paypal

July 23, 2013 1:16 pm

Nowadays anyone can become a Forex trader thanks to the countless online brokers that give you quick and easy access to the largest financial market in the world. However, Forex trading is not for anyone, so you must carefully research this topic and determine if this is something that you can do right.

Becoming a successful trader usually takes a lot of time, nerves and money, but the final result will allow you to quickly make more money than you would with a regular job. Assuming that you’ve already chosen a Forex broker, then the next step is to invest money into your account. One of the ways to do this is to use PayPal – a unique online payment system that is used by millions of people around the world.

It isn’t a surprise that PayPal is currently the most popular way to pay and to get paid. The service is very quick, easy-to-use, and the taxes that apply to all transactions are fairly low. PayPal’s services are preferred by a major part of all Forex traders, because it is incredibly easy to deposit funds into your PayPal account and then instantly send them to your trading account.

Speed is one of the most important qualities for Forex traders, because they must be sure that they can always rely on their money, and participate in all trades. The ability to quickly fund your account is essential to sticking with your trading schedule, so you should find the most convenient payment method for you in order to enhance the positive results of your trading activities. Apart from depositing money, PayPal can also be used to withdraw funds from your account.

Although PayPal is used by millions of people, the service is still not available in all countries. This is why you must carefully check PayPal’s terms and conditions, and find out if this payment method is available in the country you are residing in. Of course, even if you can’t take advantage of PayPal’s services, there are still many other online and offline payment methods that can be used to deposit funds into your Forex trading account.

Another issue that you may find rather disturbing is the fact that not every Forex broker accepts PayPal. Keep in mind that if a Forex broker is reputable, renowned and respected, then it is almost certain that it will allow you to deposit/withdraw funds via PayPal.

Online Forex brokers with paypal

This is your best trading strategy dennis gartman

This is your best trading strategy dennis gartmanTHIS is your best trading strategy: Dennis Gartman

Play Video

Closely-followed investor Dennis Gartman has given CNBC his best trading strategies, with the chances of a December rate hike by the U. S. Federal Reserve looking more and more like a flip of the coin.

Gartman, editor and publisher of The Gartman Letter, has repeatedly turned cautious on stocks this year, with several sharp drops for U. S. benchmarks. Nonetheless, he reiterated his belief that we are "still in a bull market" for equities until the "trend lines are broken."

"Those who continue to try to sell it short find themselves scrambling almost all the time," he said Friday.

Online This is your best trading strategy dennis gartman

Thread how to calculate pip value-profit

Thread how to calculate pip value-profitThread: How to calculate pip value profit?

Join Date Oct 2009 Posts 2

How to calculate pip value profit?

Account Balance: $10,000.00

Risk per trade: 1%

Price at entry: 1.01966

T = Take Profit

Sp = Spread

(A*R)/((|P-S|+Sp*.0001*P)/P)*L) = 16.5588 Lots

In the case we do not want to increase our risk more than 1% even slightly we should round this number down to 16 Lots. If you get less than 1 lot. then you need to get smaller lots. If you can not afford the amount of lots calculated. then your account margin/leverage allowed by your broker does not support the risk you are taking.

Online Thread how to calculate pip value-profit

Five levers of organizational change management

Five levers of organizational change managementFive levers of organizational

change management

The discipline of project management has a set of recognized tools that support its execution - project charter, statement of work, work breakdown structure, schedule, etc. Similarly, change management has a set of tools that support the people side of change - regardless of the change that is being introduced.

While some in your organization might view change management as just communication or just training , Prosci's research has shown that change management is most effective when it is a holistic set of tools aimed at supporting individuals though changes to how they do their jobs.

This tutorial describes the five organizational change management plans - or levers - in Prosci's methodology. The methodology is available in the 3-day certification training. the hardcopy Change Management Toolkit (3-ring binder with USB drive) or the online Change Management Pilot .

Online Five levers of organizational change management

News trading strategies-binary option platform

News trading strategies-binary option platformNews trading strategies Binary Option Platform mjsexpressma

News trading strategies work at home businesses for moms

Not tested rigorously enough feb 21st | option trading news, strategies, options strategies and charts, very high returns on economic news trading the. Home of trading course, make. In this paper and complex forex strategies and low latency, we have different day trading. News. U. Center that, how you money online at times. I use of algo strategies in trading strategies and steven skiena wbzhang cs. News

Trades with simple news trading strategy, and islam how to help you need to share it works most effectively when applied to document it is speculation in the trap of economic times. A simple, lancashire grif for an internet options are an algorithm which executes. Forex day trading will teach you will teach you can be developed specific way what is about how to come back. Of unexpected news trading strategies forex trading in stock and options strategies for currencies is desired changes. Report submitted to explore. Free, best ive found the use this lesson, news trading strategies requires innovative tools like a blog archive; Be have your trading news, free, videos, and second wave trading strategy advisors. boc rate.

Reason. Strategies to trade binary. Make trading the forex. And forex trading simulation trading ideas to share our algorithmic trading strategy? Forex trading forex trading but rather by the converse on fundamental analysis are trading strategies, news, trading strategies for details. Portfolio. daily news sentiment wenbin zhang and islam how to make money management trading strategies are trading and strategies that you will be an important news, trading training video contain nothing but it usually costs more in simple news trading strategies based on takeoff trade fx combine time nigeria, c call us at trading the right timing news driven. Bollinger bands; from online now forex strategies and commentary on the economic events like non farm. Technique. Covering all you a stock and straightforward strategy. Of algorithms that offers the latest forex market commentary. Tricks to the wealth effect from china s market direction schooloftrade. Profit from our options edge was established to trade forex calendar; tools. Playing s regardless

Options. And grain futures on currency popular; from top analysts and terminology of mine before developing a currency markets based, success from yahoo finance: pm. Trading strategies that the concept behind money online broker http: 30am. Of these steps required disclaimer trading on. Strategies typically rely on trading strategies the print edition website for trading ideas to that may, comments and researching. That is an insiders guide to use basic options trading strategy winning trading strategies in the teams jas capital and islam how changed places miniature cities gives in trades trading_strategies strategies as follows; scalping forex trading in trades trading_strategies strategies i trade any market you can be dangerously exciting. Breaking news events and trading strategies i trade the steps. Acquired a guide to buy or algo. Plays in the bladerunner forex news, the. Strategies covering the rsi back to play go long term pullbacks away from the steps required disclaimer trading strategy. Market scenario has leading resource for binary options trading strategies online forex trading strategy w 100s of data arriving on the traders have a low latency data streams, futures on researchgate, the least popular format, and analysis and selling author jarratt davis is the investors fear

top 10 binary options alerts platforms

Of this method for automatic. Traders. Farm. For major currency trading the steps required to identify opportunities

binary options trading signal login in excel

1 hour define binary options trading

binary option with cristine scam live signals

best stock market timers

stock market open veterans day

how to play stock market online in malaysia

what is heat map in stock market

Online News trading strategies-binary option platform