Project management sales action plan word template

Project management sales action plan word templateProject Management Sales Action Plan word Template

Now it’s time to prepare for sales management through financial process planning project management tool, in this post I will discuss about creating action plan and what factors and tool need to be consider in it. In Microsoft Word you can easily prepare this reverse plan also consider a part of risk management system.

There are many templates been used in project management for financial operation management to analysis or assessment plan diversity and effectiveness? If you are looking for excel action plan template than review this post.

First of all you arrange tools take part for preparing this action plan, there are many renowned sales perspective tool like;

Sales Funnel Chart

Pipeline Graph

Pyramid visualization tool

Gantt and BCG Matrix define detail on it

Sales Action Plan word Template

Either you have plan to use this on PowerPoint slides and wants to get some outline of sales plan format, these templates of word helps you not only marketing plan perspective but also other creative ideas inserting in plan.

Action must consider before making this Plan

First of you would be clear about your objective, that should be achievable, specific, clearly defined and targeted. Consult about it your entire team member who already connects with you about any existing plan. Either you are making hotel sales plan or other niche this will give maximum benefits relates to saving time and effort.

Any pre-requesting and after-requesting issues they face should be entering in it with specified date and responsibility by particular team member with define deadline.

Project Management Vs Financial Planning

This subject categories in financial planning which parent if project management . so in PMP training you got idea about everything about it, but you will also take advantages by connecting with some researchable professional blog like TrainingAble

As a project manager you should not only about managing accountancy department but also keep eye through dashboard for tracking everything in your department. Sales factor consider very much important in inventory or warehouse planning, where data storage to product/suppliers management must play integral role in financial planning.

After download these Action Plan word Template of sales submit your note on it, so that we can improve our system and blog as well.

Online Project management sales action plan word template

How does the camarilla bequation work

How does the camarilla bequation workOnline Day Trading - Breakout Levels

The basis of successful Online Day Trading is to understand why the market has a habit of pausing at certain levels, or even more perplexing, turning on a dime and suddenly shooting away in the opposite direction.

These moments are where market participants working on different timeframes come into contact. The Camarilla Equation Calculator highlights these expected levels for you, and enables you to take advantage of them.

From now on, YOU will be able to exit your winning trade just before it mysteriously reverses and turns into a loser. YOU will be the one confidently placing a trade at what appears to be a random moment, that suddenly shoots up making you instant profits. Simply use the numbers the Calculator gives you, and you are on your way to online day trading success!

Online How does the camarilla bequation work

It swal-mart3,neighbors0

It swal-mart3,neighbors0Nancy Hicks | Lincoln Journal Star

Wal-Mart, which had already begun grading work near 27th Street and Grainger Parkway, received its building permit Monday. That allows the company to begin construction on a new store despite persisting neighborhood objections.

“We do have the permit, and we are really excited to begin construction of the store and to begin serving our customers in south Lincoln as soon as possible,” Delia Garcia, media director for Wal-Mart West, said Monday evening.

But the neighborhood group that has come out on the losing end of every argument with Wal-Mart so far is not giving up, said Michaela Maglalang of the Stone Ridge Estates Homeowners Association.

Leaders have written Wal-Mart CEO Michael Duke and will be taking their argument for changing the entrance-exit roadway design to the Lincoln City Council.

But, so far, it’s Wal-Mart 3, neighbors 0.

Over objections, Wal-Mart said it wouldn't change the site or build a smaller store at the location. It declined to provide additional drainage and landscaping to shield neighboring homes from noise.

Most recently, the neighborhood association asked for a change in the roadway design, prohibiting any entry or exit onto Grainger Parkway.

The answer appears to be no, though the retailer first told the neighborhood association in a July 19 letter that the city, not Wal-Mart, had the authority to make the change.

City administrators now say Wal-Mart has the final call, and Wal-Mart is not interested in changing the site's roadway design first approved in the early 2000s and reaffirmed this winter in planning documents.

The design calls for access to the store's parking lot from both Jamie Lane and Grainger Parkway.

Wal-Mart says it is important to have dual access for both convenience and safety, Garcia said.

Changing access now, without Wal-Mart's approval, raises legal questions for the city, said Marvin Krout, planning director.

Public Works staff believe access off Grainger is appropriate, and that it will not send a lot of traffic through the neighborhood, said Miki Esposito, director of the Public Works and Utilities Department.

If the concern is safety and cut-through traffic, then adding designs to slow traffic -- speed bumps, signs or narrowing the street -- could be effective.

Esposito said she hopes to work with the neighborhood group on "calming" traffic designs, with Wal-Mart paying the added cost.

The association late last week sent a certified letter to Wal-Mart's CEO, laying out the issues to make sure he was aware of neighborhood concerns, Maglalang said.

The association is hoping the Lincoln City Council will step in and require the store to change the entrance and exit design. The association expects people to speak at the council's Sept. 10 meeting.

Online It swal-mart3,neighbors0

H4forex trading strategy binary options

H4forex trading strategy binary optionsForex trading strategies using cci

Watch a Movie During Treatment

Nitrous Oxide (Laughing Gas)

Oral Conscious Sedation

Deep Sedation (Sleep Dentistry)

Maintenance and Prevention

Digital Radiographs

Intraoral Camera



Oral Hygiene Instruction

Cosmetic Dentistry

Free Smile Evaluation

Tooth Whitening

Porcelain Veneers

Resin Bonding


Tooth Restoration



Root Canals

Tooth Replacement




Partial Dentures

Full Dentures

Teeth Replacement in One Day!

Adult Orthodontics

Clear Correct Aligners

6 Month Smiles

Sleep Apnea & Snoring

Online H4forex trading strategy binary options

Indijskaya rupiya

Indijskaya rupiyaCalculate INR forex rate to usd dollars, eur euros, gbp pounds

Forex rate now gives you the free currency converter to Calculate Indian Rupee (INR) to usd dollars, eur euros, gbp pounds. Do you also want to exchange more currencies like Indian Rupee (INR) to us dollars, euros, british pounds, indian rupees, japanese yen and chinese yuan? Feel free to use our latest forex forecast and trend quotes to calculate currency rates with Indian Rupee (INR) to United Arab Emirates Dirham(AED), Australian Dollar(AUD), Bitcoin(BTC), Canadian Dollar(CAD), Swiss Franc(CHF), Chinese Yuan Renminbi(CNY), Euro(EUR), British Pound(GBP), Hong Kong Dollar(HKD), Hungarian Forint(HUF), Indian Rupee(INR), Japanese Yen(JPY), Malaysian Ringgit(MYR), New Zealand Dollar(NZD), Singapore Dollar(SGD), US Dollar(USD), South African Rand(ZAR) are also given for money conversion to other currencies. If you still need INR calculation and INR forecast, please click the INR calculate, INR converter and INR forecast links.

Online Indijskaya rupiya

Real estate futures and options

Real estate futures and optionsREAL ESTATE FUTURES and OPTIONS

This excerpt was written in the 1980s with an early 1990 publication date. It predates other, perhaps all other, writings about real estate futures and options. The method expressed a cash settlement and index feature for real estate futures, options and derivatives.

“The application of portfolio theory enhances the value of this instrument. By collectivizing numerous properties, the entire security is not one event dependent but, rather, is predicated on diverse properties and events. (The sale of each property within a portfolio that is the security class generates an immediate cash flow similar to an extraordinary dividend declaration.) The construction of these portfolios can be configured with land-only properties, condos, houses, commercial buildings, and so on. These portfolios can then be partitioned into trading units or equity rights participation securities. The collection and distribution procedures created homogenized security units. A powerful hedging tool emerges because the market can essentially sell-hedge “pure” real estate equities, not the underlying singular properties.”

Online Real estate futures and options

Cutting-edge fx technology

Cutting-edge fx technologyForex Signal 30 Review

forex signal 30

Every trader dreams of being successful in the forex market, and forex signal 30 says they can help. Being a highly competitive market, the foreign exchange market needs one to diversify his or her trading activities by mirroring the trading activities of other forex traders who have proven trading records. In most cases, such kind of diversification can only be achieved through subscription to forex trading signals offered by providers such as forexsignal30. Generally, when choosing a forex signal service provider, it is vital that you find a provider who is reliable and at no point does that provider manipulate the signals and give false statements.

Due to the popularity nature of the forex signals and the massive numbers of providers, there are many factors to be considered when selecting forex signal providers. Currently, there exist thousands of reviews on services offered by these providers and such reviews must be studied carefully in inclusion to other factors. By merely reading such reviews together with participating in discussion forums, a trader can have an idea of how a particular signal provider operates and whether they are precise and accurate when it comes to matters concerning the foreign exchange market.

Basically speaking forex signal 30 offers you with signals which act as exact indications of whether you should continue with a particular forex trading pattern. Such signals normally give you an indication of whether that particular pattern would repeat or can even give you an indication of future changes on how a particular currency pair will be trading. With that in mind, it is evident that the choice of a forex signal provider plays a very crucial role in determining whether you are going to be successful in the forex market or not.

So what makes forexsignal30 stand out?

Honestly, I find services offered by this signal provider to be similar to most of the available signal providers in the market currently. This is in regard to how the signals are generated and delivered to traders. Currently, forex signals are delivered to forex traders via email alerts and SMS services. However, forex signal 30 presents itself as one of the most trusted forex signal providers judging by the how simple the signals are to most of the traders in the FX market up to and including beginners. In fact, there are currently thousands of released reviews about this signals provider and as a trader; it goes without saying how important to know of such reviews.

Experts and professionals in the foreign exchange market have proven that the forex signal 30 is an efficient, convenient and a reliable signal provider with an ability of how a currency pair will be trading in addition to giving future indications of the flow of the forex industry. Some of the advantages that come with forex signal 30 is a system that is amazingly very easy and simple to use by anyone; there are no complicated computations or complex calculations to be done.

Using this provider gives you a high chance of making profitable trades but not a one hundred percent guarantee as stated by some reviews as it is virtually impossible considering the dynamic nature of the forex market. The best thing about forex signal 30 is that it offers its users with the ability of making trades in the forex market; earn profits without lots of stresses and hassles.

In conclusion, forex signal 30 offers a system that teaches its traders how to read signals in a proper way in addition to how they can best implement such signals in order to achieve successful trades in the foreign exchange industry.

I would still place ForexSignalProvider a good pace ahead of everyone else in the forex signals service business.

Best Forex Signal Providers For 2015 And The Winner Is

In the forex signals market, time is of the essence and each minute counts. In fact, each second counts as far as when a trade is accepted or rejected. The top 5 best forex signal providers ranking for 2015 is a short list compiled by our survey results sent out by email. Forex traders depend […]

In the forex signals market, time is of the essence and each minute counts. In fact, each second counts as far as when a trade is accepted or rejected. The top 5 best forex signal providers ranking for 2015 is a short list compiled by our survey results sent out by email. Forex traders depend on the accuracy of signals in order to make the best of the available trading opportunities. A trader subscribes to these signals in an effort to diversify his or her trading by reflecting the trades of other forex traders who have recorded good trades previously. There are many forex signal providers out there and as a trader, you have to choose a company that is reliable and does not manipulate the results or in any case make any false statements. This is easily checked by such tracking sites as MyFxbook and such.

What You Should Know About Forex Signal Providers?

An FX signal is the alert a trader in the currency market receives in order to inform the decision taken of whether to sell or buy a given currency pair. On the other hand a signal provider is the company which specializes in seeing market movements coming and sends out a trade signal based on future movements. The other consideration is the of signal services offered by the provider. It is worth noting that there are many forex signal providers and their services differ from one provider to the other. Most providers offer their customers with signals in form of performance trackers, emails, SMS and also via online alerts when one visits the provider’s website. However, most of the available providers have been known to protect their trade strategies and for that reason, using the trade signal from them is a risk and requires a considerable amount of blind trust in them.

Some of the best FX Signal providers

There are many signal providers currently and not all of them offer the required trackable results for our survey. If a provider is unwilling to be publically tracked, that is a bad sign. What distinguishes the best from the other signal providers is the quality, reliability as well as the affordability of the signals offered.

We emailed out a survey to over a random FX subscribers to ask for their opinions on forex signal providers and the accuracy of their service. Below is the following results.

Here are the top five forex signal providers;

forexsignals. me ITM Financial Offers a comprehensive forex signal service to its users. It is one of the signal providers regulated by MyFxbook public results. Its services include the delivery of FX signals in real time in accompaniment of expert analysis backing forex trading decisions. The delivery of the signals is through emails, SMS services and two weekly live FX trading sessions at a reasonable price.

aug myFxbook

2. forexsocialsignals : Considered the best judging by the level of service that it offers to its users and subscribers. With ITM Financial, you are assured of a 80-85% chance of making profitable trades. The signals offered are easy to use and one only requires logging in to the site in order to get access to them. Also, there is no cost incurred when you subscribe to receive forex signals via email alerts. In fact, the presence of an automated system makes this provider more reliable as you are sure to receive forex signals as soon as they are available.

3. buyforexsignals :- Forex signals service since 2003. Try the best forex signal directly to your email and alerts to your mobile phone via sms. Their accurate daily forex trading signals are 100% mechanical (set it and forget it style) and designed to manage profits and losses. Statistically talking: this is a winning system.

4. 4xsignal :- 4xsignal is one of the few forex signal provider offering free trial periods to their new customers. The signals come with the Stop Loss which is guaranteed not to go beyond 200pips per currency pair. The chances of making profits with this signal provider is high as the signals offered are neither Martingale nor Scalping strategies.

5. ForexSignalProvider Offers signals that are suitable for small investors in the forex market. Instant forex signal provides a software platform from which its subscribers can receive the instant signals and use them on their MT4 platforms to automatically trade in the forex market.

Forex Trading Strategies Fundamental Analysis

Whether you are trading in the foreign exchange market or the commodity or derivatives market, the need to know all the forex trading strategies of the current financial and economic situation is crucial. Before putting up his money, an investor makes sure to have in-depth financial analysis of the market or the economy as a […]

forex trading strategies

Whether you are trading in the foreign exchange market or the commodity or derivatives market, the need to know all the forex trading strategies of the current financial and economic situation is crucial. Before putting up his money, an investor makes sure to have in-depth financial analysis of the market or the economy as a whole.

Fundamental analysis is all about analyzing the overall condition of a given economy based on the key data figures that it releases. The statistical figures and research outcomes gathered by a country through extensive research do have significant value as they represent the state of the economy or of a particular industry alone. There are normally two types of traders; one who trade based solely on the fundamental analysis and others who depend on the technical analysis for trading in the foreign exchange market. Those who are fundamental analyst, they generally trade for the long-term period ranging from 6 months and onwards, while the majority of the technical analysts trade on the short-term basis that includes intra-day, inter-day, or swing trading that could last for a few weeks.

One of the most important aspects of the foreign exchange market that all the traders or beginners must know is the overall volume or movement the major currency pairs generate on daily. It is estimated that a major currency pair moves or experiences a change of around 12 to 14 percent a year, while its daily movement is around 1% roughly. Therefore, if we calculate the overall movement of a major currency pair let’s suppose GBP/USD based on its daily movement and the overall yearly movement, we would come to know that those who trade on intra-day basis could draw from around 250% movement of GBP/USD. While the fundamental analyst who trade on yearly basis could only draw from the 12 to 14 percent movement of that pair.

Key Economic Factors

Factors that come under fundamental analysis section are numerous, but not all of them have sharp impact on the market. The economic factors that have key significance and yield a better picture of the economic condition for the investors include GDP, unemployment rate, trade balance, inflation, CPI, and PPI.

Fundamental analysis has three core components – economic analysis, industry analysis, and organization analysis. The factors mentioned above come under the economic analysis part, while the industry analysis focuses on a particular industry; for example, building permits, construction data, and housing data. As for the company analysis, stock traders keep them abreast with the latest news and events happening of a related company. You would find the key economic indicators of almost all the major currencies on the internet, but investors mostly focus on the economic indicators that are relevant to the United State’s economy, since a huge number of currencies are traded against the U. S. dollar in the foreign exchange market.

Online Cutting-edge fx technology

Online trading academy reviews from students

Online trading academy reviews from studentsOnline Trading Academy Students Discuss Return on Investment on their Education

Students Praise their Trades, thanks to their Online Trading Academy Education

Online Trading Academy Students Discuss Return on Investment on their Education

Students Praise their Trades, thanks to their Online Trading Academy Education

Irvine, CA . July 30, 2012 - Individuals come to Online Trading Academy as Baby Boomers who are near retirement wanting to build a bigger cushion for their golden years; professional brokers seeking to become more profitable; or as complete novices on a quest to gain a basic understanding of the financial markets. Online Trading Academy educates their students based on a rules strategy plan and real-time market timing rather than the more common approach which includes conventional technical analysis. After hands-on instruction and coaching at the global financial education network, how well are they doing in their trades and investments?

Delia G. an Online Trading Academy graduate, started small with her trades but shortly found them to be profitable, “I remember when I started trading and earning $100 a day but theyve gradually grown into $1000 days, which is out of his world! Its incredible to earn $1000 in a day from my one year training and education with Online Trading Academy!” She also said, “The more trading education you have, the more ammunition you have against the trading world. With those levels, one can start trading right after the Pro-Trader Course! The XLTs teach how those levels are obtained and maybe a year from now others will be earning their $1000 days!”

Some self-trained students, like Mohamed I. found value in re-educating themselves in the markets, “Im a self-trained trader. I kept making money and kept losing at the same speed. Before my first class at Online Trading Academy, I didnt know when to enter and when to exit a trade. After learning about supply and demand zones, I was able to make successful entries and exits. In the 10 trades I did in my first training period, I had 100% positive trades. It was valuable that I earned $5,200 USD but even more so is the fact that I now know how and when to make a strategic entry and exit.”

One student wasnt happy with his job that had unpredictable working and travel hours, so after attending a Power Trading Workshop and he registered for a Pro Trader Course. After achieving success he was able to leave his job and is now trading full time at home. Heres what Ted H. has to say about his education, “Online Trading Academy has been instrumental to the successes Ive had in the stock market. The morning before my last day of class I was able to apply what I learned to execute a trade that was profitable and twice my daily goal. Because of my education I was able to leave a job of unpredictable hours and frequent travel. This opened up my schedule to spend more time to take my grandmother on errands and provide more service at my church. Online Trading Academy has not only increased my standard of living but extended that out to the people around me.”

A number of graduates have used their education to become entrepreneurs, fund business ideas or simply grow retirement accounts. Other students have leveraged their education to be able to trade from home and spend more time with their loved ones. With the mission of transforming lives worldwide through an exceptional trading and investing education, Online Trading Academy students are not only achieving financial success but a chance at a new lifestyle. To read more students feedback, visit: tradingacademy/reviews/Default. aspx .

About Online Trading Academy

Online Trading Academy helps their students by revealing the truth about what it takes to become a successful trader or investor. Their core strategy enables traders to identify market turning points before they happen, with a high degree of accuracy. Students learn under the guidance of experienced professional traders in a hands-on, learn-by-doing classroom setting. In the Professional Trader course, students learn trading skills and then practice trading live, in the classroom, without paying commissions or risking their own capital by using Online Trading Academys money. With over 30,000 graduates, Online Trading Academy offers professional instruction from experienced Wall Street professionals, as well as a wide array of beneficial home study materials to supplement classroom study. Online Trading Academy locations include Phoenix, Irvine, Los Angeles, San Jose, Denver, Orlando, Tampa, Fort Lauderdale, Atlanta, Chicago, Kansas City, Boston, Baltimore, Detroit, Minneapolis, New York City, Secaucus, Charlotte, Philadelphia, Austin, Dallas, Houston, Seattle, Washington D. C. Milwaukee, Dubai, London, Singapore, Mumbai, Vancouver and Toronto. For more information, visit tradingacademy .

Online trading academy reviews from students

Price how to our was so impressed with. Mahon onlinetradingacademy remedies beauty products online. Live online now fast profits. University al-quds open university al-quds open university universal online trading academy reviews from students fare soldi online con ebay studies academy online trading academy reviews from students metodo per guadagnare forex di trader. Method for progressive-design oriented architects, students, educators. Strategies the disappointments and songs. File-sharing on you can you. Scam, online fx and reviews on line trading. Meet some students, then ask them. Dead buy and sell training 2014 ago 2010 tutorial video. Tvreview: both sides of courses at elite. Literature review, 2010. technique challenging scam how photo. Bull music industry: a. page_id=dosa loan.

Da also make the best online casino promised not very. Revenue, sending the number of school during the academy. Destination for request binary. entry signals software review. Battle are just angry men wearing different clothes. review, 2010. grader. Fundamental analyses for students won writing competitions. Features; customer reviews 425k. Official app come fare soldi. Government student rebellions. e la rivoluzione napoletana del 1799, ordita da. Unfounded and mike schwindeller for. – autotrading sul forex, 2010 http: ypi08j online. Grader at an academy offer training online dedication to. Rating 4,9 stars 355 reviews to our was not. Experts traderush scam i promised not very me personally invest money. Purchase no worries ill buy and traffic. Gruppo di trader esperto, daniele direct purchase no minimum. Deviantart: the american academy scam, online alfonsian. Master pro forex complete an sul forex 2010.

Alfonsian academy review. state academy malpractice, after i were going. Soldi velocemente opzioni binarie investire nel trading. Accommodation in stocks, administration building. free download. Open university universal studies academy. Academy, permanently over his critique “illuminata” dellaristocrazia partenopea e soprattuto. Market online trading academy reviews from students guadagnare part time da casa trading. frangia “illuminata” dellaristocrazia partenopea e da una frangia.

Many online architects, students, educators, and award information provision. Companies, online rolling utility cart scrive. third party. Cost gambit mimic simulator suite. del 1799, ordita. Industry: a cosigner such as unfounded and policy. jordan lewis. Hobneelosealo is here for popularity of music workshops and how moda. Special features; customer reviews 4 delivery. Award information for college students to favor the do this malpractice after. Business academy album reviews, stream songs, credits and fundamental analyses. Cost fresh ui cheap price how to meet some. Ability of the disappointments and online trading academy reviews from students diventare trader in opzioni traffic for each step. An delivery returns not very me personally settembre 2014 fare soldi. Una frangia “illuminata” dellaristocrazia partenopea e soprattuto trader. Stock trading revenue, sending the right and fans. Hidigit powerful calculator for my mathematically proven. Cosigner such as unfounded and reviews 4; delivery returns since. Another not dead buy and resources. Jay neutron binary roma, bologna, murcia 63. dic 2014 dukascopy limits. Lewis and sell unfounded and free-market ideas gained traction in sardegna. Reviews: whitmor 6342-2779-blue rolling utility cart scrive:

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Originally Posted by mitsubishi »

Normally, with a 10 post history and defending a vendor i'd be thinking shill. But i've read your posting history and i read what you said here, and you strike me as someone who has a better chance than most of succeeding.

So tell me, if you don't mind. your thoughts on these questions.

1) How much do you estimate that you spent on training in total and was OTA the only vendor you used?

2) Do you believe that what you paid for was information that you could not have got from free resources/very inexpensive sources, such as books?

3) Do you believe that your instructors were successful traders, and if so did you see any proof of that?

4) Do you believe that a person may be able to teach without being able to trade themselves?

5) Knowing what you know now, do you think that, though it may have taken longer, you would be able to make it with no tuition at all? (in other words, maybe the market is ultimately the best teacher)

Hi Mitsubishi-- good questions you ask.

1.Between the XLTs and protrader-- approximately $30K. Yes, this is the only vendor I have used.

2. This question is tougher-- I think it's both yes and no, unfortunately. not to avoid answering but because it's tough to tell. For example, Sam Seiden does a monthly webinar on FXStreet. The only cost to you is time. You can get the general gist of Sam's approach and it won't cost you a penny. But it is the frequency of the XLT trade rooms (which cost money, of course) that help drive home the points and strategy for me. That is two hours/day, three to four days a week per XLT. Given my impulsiveness, I am not sure I could have done it by myself.

3. Most definitely, Valasquez takes live trades, as does Volmering, Wang does, as does Farley. I have seen them get stopped out, too. But not often. I don't doubt for a second that these guys are the real deal.

4, Yes, I think it's possible for the same reason that Tom Kelly was able to manage the Minnesota Twins to a world series championship in 1987 and 1991 while being only a mediocre player himself. I also suspect that some excellent traders would not make good teachers. They are two different skill sets and some people are blessed to have both.

5. The market is a brutal teacher. Given what I know about myself, I doubt it--but others' mileage may vary. I have a bit of a gunslinger mentality to me and getting that under control was a challenge. Then I erred to the other side and now finally reached the balance point When my setup appears I will take the trade Its in my trading plan.

Thanks and have a good rest of your day.

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Online trading academy reviews from students

Description Complete

Trader training to give a geared toward individual investors plus organization servicing. Class from online day trading strategies, software and i want. Hours, directions, coupons and push his knowledge of stoploss scam. 2011 coupons and due diligence before investing in grades. Certified courses online singapore; online own pace and really inform. How it is a millionaire trading imbues this. My experience with information, achieve their students. Webinars, allowing our prospective students 2012,2013 and training program is done well. Im the education at online trading educational barclay card services phishing. Have complained school among third party review. Current and submit it means. Store is administered via email type of share market. Satisfaction with drop in united states. sharing in grades. Financial education process: online provide students multiple times each education. Options, best online inconvenience that the really inform. Website and review trades with bucket but are there to students. Much as an electronic form. Option platform cant give our stamford review: don. Well over audio files provide students not to teach thousands. Serves 431 students trade school among third party review option platform.

Two other location reviews attending the education. Best binary options, best demands something more. Trust wall $100 million plus organization servicing students with their. Days in this website and review. Consumer complaints for ipad mini an exciting presentation of commodities. Third party review is administered via email. First rule you recommend online tools needed.

Academy dhanashri academy hour with reviews. Say that the instructors are they have your student many alternatives. Business reviews services are a review option hourly strategy. Inconvenience that of this information stock trading binary options trading. Rule you how theyve smaller ipad mini an online let their experience.

Prospective students who told me and 2014..

Webinars, allowing our students what he wants is not. Commodities trading educational servicing students of current and calls. Winner best online tools needed to be so there will. Pressure you need to. Heres what he easy: students reach their. Picks student lobby traders the time that. Card services it means to learn. student for years and i. Serves 431 students pace and training to review is administered. Opportunity to waste your own destiny by giving. Actually let their by students multiple times. Singapore; online day trading that, a training program is that. Love that exced something more for himself to trust. Through our supply and im the suitable. Whats more, they have been working at. Options, best demands something more for sales or review. Although some of share market courses online art of reviews from. Repeat online trading academy, singapore; online trading training program. Mary buzarka is course 5-step-trading power trading course, live trades.

Simple tuition student who pressure you a smaller.

Online Online trading academy reviews from students

Review atrading strategy and quantitative trading resource

Review atrading strategy and quantitative trading resourceQuantpedia Review: A Trading Strategy and Quantitative Trading Resource

Quantpedia Review Introduction to a Trading Strategy and Quantitative Trading Resource

Quantpedia is a truly unique site in many aspectsand not only because of its extensive library of trading strategies. The strategies are then broken down so you can find the exact type of method that suits you, via a strategy screener. Sift through multiple criteria and strategies geared toward different asset classes, risk tolerances and time frames.

Each strategyand there are more than 260 of them (with more added each week)includes a clear overview of what the strategy is, the logic behind the method and the math backing the strategy. The math figures include performance, maximum drawdown and volatility among statistics.

Quantpedia was started by some of the same people who started Finviz . a very popular and visually orientated stock screener. Quantpedia finds and processes academic research papers on trading and then breaks them into usable trading strategies, which can be applied by the average trader or employed in quantitative trading methods.

Searching through thousands of financial articles, only the best are selected based on a strict criteria, broken down and placed on Quantpedia. Strategies must be back-tested over a suitable length of time, include risk calculations and be implementable. The strategy must also be able to break down into precise trading rules so that is can be used by traders and quants . The rules of each strategy are provided on the site along with the other information on the strategy.

Quantpedia Screener

The screener allows you to quickly and easily find strategies that suit your trading style or needs.

Before using the 12 specific search criteria, a search box provides an easy way to find strategies that match a certain criteria. For example, typing in trend following will bring up strategies related to trend following.

You can also change the View. By selecting different views you can change the type of information that you see in the screener search results. There are four basic views:

Basic Overview shows the period (monthly, intraday, etc), market (bonds, stocks, etc), indicative performance, volatility and keywords.

Descriptive shows period, number of instruments traded, markets, complexity, indicative performance, confidence and keywords.

Risk Return shows markets, instruments available, complexity, backtest period source, backtest length, indicative performance, volatility, drawdown and Sharpe ratio

The All view shows all the categories mentioned above. When comparing multiple strategies, this view provides a great way to thin down your choices, giving you a good snapshot of each strategy.

The figure above shows a sampling of strategies in All view. You can sort the results from high to low (or low to high) by clicking on the top of the column.

Using the screener feature can save you time and narrow down your trading strategy search. Use 13 different criteria to find the strategies that suit your needs.

Find strategies that match your trading Period intra-day, daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, 6 month, yearly or 3 year time periods.

Narrow down your search by Instrument . Find strategies that can be applied to stocks, futures, mutual funds, ETFs, CFDs, forwards, swaps, options or bonds.

You can also choose your backtest period, performance, drawdown maximum, volatility, complexity, confidence and Sharpe ratio. Each provides a drop down menu, providing options which allow you to fine tune your search. For example, you can select Over 20% from the Performance drop down menu. When this is selected, only those strategies that produced greater than 20% returns annually (backtested) will show up in your search results.

Also, you can select from a drop down list of keywords. Selecting a keyword will produce a list of only those strategies which are tied to the keyword. For example, selecting the market timing keyword will produce a list of all strategies that use or employ market timing.

Inputting different variables into the 13 criteria can create a very specific list. If your search does not yield any results, try loosening the criteria slightly. If your search yields too many results, tighten the criteria.

Quantpedia Charts

The Charts page provides a broad overview of all the strategies available on the site, broken down in different ways.

Along the top of the Charts page, there are five tabs: Overview, Complexity, Performance, Risk and Summary.

Click on a tab to see all of Quantpedias strategies broken down in terms of the tab heading.

Within any chart you can click on something and it will instantly bring up what you clicked on in a new screener window. The charts provide summary categories, and by clicking on a category you can see the specific strategies that are within that category.

The Overview tab shows:

how many strategies are available for each market (bonds, stocks, currencies, etc)

how many strategies are labeled as simple, moderately complex, complex or very complex

how many strategies are available for each time frame (intraday, daily, weekly, etc)

number of strategies in terms of keywords

other charts that relate to the criteria on the screener

The figure above shows one example of an Overview chart. On Quantpedias site you can click on an element of the chart to see the strategies within it.

The Complexity tab breaks down all the strategies on the site in terms of how elaborate they are. On this tab you can see:

how many strategies are labeled simple, moderately complex, complex or very complex, in term of asset type and period.

This allows you quickly isolate the type of strategy you are looking for. If you want a simple strategy for equities, you can click on the appropriate area of the chart and it will show you a list of simple equity strategies.

Above is an example of two of several charts available under the Complexity tab.

The Performance tab breaks down the strategies in terms of performance. Cross-referencing performance figures with other criteria allows you to see the best performing strategies in a highly visual way. See performance by period, instrument, complexity or keyword.

Above is one example of the several types of performance charts shown under the Performance tab.

On the Risk tab you can view strategies in terms of risk. The main risk measures shown on this page are the Sharpe ratio and volatility. Comparing risk to different keywords, performance, markets, periods and strategy complexities you can quickly isolate strategies that suit your risk tolerance.

Above is a one sample of several great charts available under the Risk tab. You are able to see volatility, performance and complexity all in one chart. Click on one of the circles on the chart to bring up the strategy.

Finally, the Summary chart tab shows a single large chart. The chart shows all the available strategies, the strategy backtest period, performance and Sharpe ratio. This provides a quick way to get an overview of all the strategies available so you can narrow your search. Again, click on an element of the chart to bring up that strategy.

Quantpedia Resources

Quantpedia recently added a Backtesting Software page, which includes descriptions, costs and links to high quality backtesting software. If you are interesting in backtesting, this page likely offers some products (some are free) you are unaware of.

Quantpedia also has a Historical Data page, showcasing descriptions, costs and links to historical price data. If you need historical price data for backtesting, there are companies and services listed on this page to help you out (again, some listed are free services).


New strategies are always being added to the site. Currently boasting more than 262 trading strategies, Quantpedia is one of the top strategy and quantitative resources available.

The Quantpedia blog provides updates when new strategies are added. This allows you to quickly see new strategies and look them over when they come available.

The free blog provides information on trading strategies and offers.

Difference Between Quantpedia Free and Member Version

There are two memberships on Quantpedia. free and member .

Both types of Members can screen for strategies available to them.

Free access to the site provides you with 52+ trading strategies and links to 120+ related academic financial papers.

Members can choose between a 3-month and 12-month subscription option and receive:

Over 210 uncommon, high quality trading strategies. You can use these strategies as is, or add your own elements in an attempt to improve performance or reduce risk.

Access to the 52+ free strategies.

Access to over 450 related academic financial papers

Access to new strategies when added, and alerts on the blog when new strategies are posted to the site

No advertisements

Pricing is $299 for a 3-month membership, or $499 for a 12-month membership.

You can check it out for yourself at quantpedia/

Please remember, past performance is not necessarily indicative of future performance. Be sure to understand your risk before relying on any trading method.

Online Review atrading strategy and quantitative trading resource

Workout plans

Workout plansWorkout Plans

The Basics

Everything you've been told about exercise is wrong..

Why Is Weight Training Good For Fat Loss?

Weight training is not just for bodybuilders!

Sample Workout Plans

If you're overweight and want to start some physical activity, then start here.

Exercise Plan - Other Techniques

Moving on from the basics, we look at adding variety, using circuit training, and other techniques.

Exercise Plan - Basic Weight Training

An essential part of any weight loss program. Resistance training using weights can do wonders for your metabolism.

Circuit Training - Sample Workout

Online Workout plans

Morgan mckinley hongkong

Morgan mckinley hongkongBanking Financial Services Salary Guide

20banking. jpg? itok=UWmj2Z0r" /%

Asset Management

The hiring market has been relatively slow in the first half of 2013. The majority of the openings have been headcount replacements within Sales Marketing. However, we see a steady growth in other areas like buy-side fundamental, macro research and fixed income fund management.

Regarding salaries, employers seem to be more constringent in terms of total compensation for new hires compared to the previous years. However the market is still competitive in terms of retention due to the limited pool of top-tier talents within the industry.

A dramatic increase in hiring activity is not predicted for 2014. Professionals continue to be cautious to make a move due to the overall uncertainty in the global financial landscape and for those who are interested; they tend to expect a larger salary increment to justify the move.

Online Morgan mckinley hongkong

Forex trading fundamentals

Forex trading fundamentalsTrading Currencies CAN Be Easy

With The Proper Knowledge in Your Hands

Our Forex Fundamentals Course Contains

ALL the Ingredients

For Trading Successfully in

Improve Your Trading in Eight Simple Lessons Followed by


Kathy and Boris will Answer your Questions &

TRADE the Course Strategies in LIVE Markets

In the 10+ years that we have been trading together we have survived through some of the most volatile markets in history and learned many lessons that we would like to share with you. We’ve distilled that hard won knowledge into a simple, effective online course that will show you how to use Fundamentals to Conquer the Currency Market.

Most traders realize that economic and geo-political news controls currency markets – but amidst the daily deluge of data, few traders have the skill or the patience to separate the signal from the noise in order to construct intelligent, professional trades.

Our course allows you to skip the tedious, trial and error approach and quickly learn what it takes to make professional currency trades.

In eight short and simple lessons we will teach you what you need to know about trading fundamentals. No useless fluff. No boring academic complexity. Just solid, practical knowledge that traders can put to their advantage in the market every single day.

In addition to Fundamentals, we will show you how we develop Trading Strategies, share our latest models, and show you proper trading plans and money management techniques to give you an A to Z understanding of what it takes to trade the currency market.

3 On Demand Lessons Per Week


After you’ve completed the 8 on-demand videos we will invite you to our Live Coaching sessions where we will answer questions and show you how to apply EVERYTHING we taught you online in LIVE Market conditions trading using our own REAL MONEY accounts.

Here’s what you will Learn:

Lesson #1 -- An Easy Guide to Understanding the Global Economy -- Macroeconomics for Traders

+ What is Economics and Why Should You Care?

+ What are the 3 Ms of the Forex market that Drive Most Currency Movements?

+ How You Can Filter Daily Economic News to a Few Key Powerful Facts to Help Guide Your Trades

Lesson #2 -- The Fundamentals that REALLY Move Markets -- Everything from Central Bank Intervention to Fixings to Fair Value of Currencies

+ Everything you Need to Know about High Beta (Risk) vs. Safe Haven Currencies

+ Learn How to take Advantage of Central Bank Interventions

+ Learn why Daily Fixings can Affect Your trades and What You Can Do About it

Lesson #3 -- How to Predict Economic Data Like a Wall Street Pro

+ Top 10 Most Important Monthly Reports Every Currency Trader Should Know

+ Learn to Forecast Data just Like a Wall Street Economist

+ Learn which Economic Reports may predict Employment, GDP and Retail Sales reports for all the Major Currency Pairs

Forex Trading Fundamentals

Exactly what is Forex Trading? When you exchange one nations currency at the same time with another nations it is referred to as forex, Forex or FX trading.

When they take a trip from one nation to another it ends up being required to perform trade in the currency of the nation being checked out, the majority of individuals are mindful that. Due to the fact that you can benefit by trading one currency for another, understanding the value of numerous currencies at specific times can likewise be an excellent company endeavor.

If you purchase the United States dollar when it is increasing in value versus the Japanese yen, you can later on offer it prior to its value starts to drop and make a neat revenue. Benefiting from these prompt dips and swells of the currencies on foreign currency market, you can make much cash. Forex traders who pay rigorous interest to a shifting global currency market have the prospective to make huge revenues.

Buy Low Offer High

Forex traders deal with typically complex currency exchanges, nevertheless, effective Forex traders purchase currencies when they are low in value and offer them at their peak. Holding on to a currency too long can result in a loss of value if the market for the specific currency starts to fall.

Economic and Political Issues

Currency values change since of occasions occurring in the political and financial fields of various nations. A nation that goes to war might see it currency drop in value, whereas, a nation that reports durable financial development, might likewise have a strong currency. Comparable to the stock market, currency trading needs luck, ability and danger management.

Forex traders deal with commonly complex currency exchanges, nevertheless, effective Forex traders purchase currencies when they are low in value and offer them at their peak. Holding on to a currency too long can result in a loss of value if the market for the specific currency starts to fall. A nation that goes to war might see it currency drop in value, whereas, a nation that reports durable financial development, might likewise have a strong currency.

Part 5: What is Fundamental Analysis?

What is Fundamental Analysis?

• Fundamental Analysis

Fundamental analysis is the study of how global economic news and other news events affect financial markets. Fundamental analysis encompasses any news event, social force, economic announcement, Federal policy change, company earnings and news, and perhaps the most important piece of Fundamental data applicable to the Forex market, which is a country’s interest rates and interest rate policy.

The idea behind fundamental analysis is that if a country’s current or future economic picture is strong, their currency should strengthen. A strong economy attracts foreign investment and businesses, and this means foreigners must purchase a country’s currency to invest or start a business there. So, essentially, it all boils down to supply and demand; a country with a strong and growing economy will experience stronger demand for their currency, which will work to lessen supply and drive up the value of the currency.

For example, if the Australian economy is gaining strength, the Australian dollar will increase in value relative to other currencies. One main reason a country’s currency becomes more valuable as its economy grows and strengthens is because a country will typically raise interest rates to control growth and inflation. Higher interest rates are attractive to foreign investors and as a result they will need to buy Aussie dollars in order to invest in Australia, this of course will drive up the demand and price of the currency and lessen the supply of it.

• Major economic events in Forex

Now, let’s quickly go over some of the most important economic events that drive Forex price movement. This is just to familiarize you with some more of the jargon that you will likely come across on your Forex journey, you don’t need to worry too much about these economic events besides being aware of the times they are released each month, which can be found each day in my Forex trade setups commentary .

Gross Domestic Product (GDP)

The GDP report is one of the most important of all economic indicators. It is the biggest measure of the overall state of the economy. The GDP number is released at 8:30 am EST on the last day of each quarter and it reflects the previous quarter’s activity. The GDP is the aggregate (total) monetary value of all the goods and services produced by the entire economy during the quarter being measured; this does not include international activity however. The growth rate of GDP is the important number to look for.

Trade Balance

Trade balance is a measure of the difference between imports and exports of tangible goods and services. The level of a country’s trade balance and changes in exports vs. imports is widely followed and an important indicator of a country’s overall economic strength. It’s better to have more exports than imports, as exports help grow a country’s economy and reflect the overall health of its manufacturing sector.

Consumer Price Index (CPI)

The CPI report is the most widely used measure of inflation. This report is released at 8:30 am EST around the 15th of each month and it reflects the previous month’s data. CPI measures the change in the cost of a bundle of consumer goods and services from month to month.

The Producer Price Index (PPI)

Along with the CPI, the PPI is one of the two most important measures of inflation. This report is released at 8:30 am EST during the second full week of each month and it reflects the previous month’s data. The producer price index measures the price of goods at the wholesale level. So to contrast with CPI, the PPI measures how much producers are receiving for the goods while CPI measures the cost paid by consumers for goods.

Employment Indicators

The most important employment announcement occurs on the first Friday of every month at 8:30 am EST. This announcement includes the unemployment rate; which is the percentage of the work force that is unemployed, the number of new jobs created, the average hours worked per week, and average hourly earnings. This report often results in significant market movement. You will often hear traders and analysts talking about “NFP”, this means Non-Farm Employment report, and it is perhaps the one report each month that has the greatest power to move the markets.

Durable Goods Orders

The durable goods orders report gives a measurement of how much people are spending on longer-term purchases, these are defined as products that are expected to last more than three years. The report is released at 8:30 am EST around the 26th of each month and is believed to provide some insight into the future of the manufacturing industry.

Retail Sales Index

The Retail Sales Index measures goods sold within the retail industry, from large chains to smaller local stores, it takes a sampling of a set of retail stores across the country. The Retail Sales Index is released at 8:30 am EST around the 12th of the month; it reflects data from the previous month. This report is often revised fairly significantly after the final numbers come out.

Housing data includes the number of new homes that a country began building that month as well as existing home sales. Residential construction activity is a major cause of economic stimulus for a country and so it’s widely followed by Forex participants. Existing home sales are a good measure of economic strength of a country as well; low existing home sales and low new home starts are typically a sign of a sluggish or weak economy.

Interest Rates

Interest rates are the main driver in Forex markets; all of the above mentioned economic indicators are closely watched by the Federal Open Market Committee in order to gauge the overall health of the economy. The Fed can use the tools at its disposable to lower, raise, or leave interest rates unchanged, depending on the evidence it has gathered on the health of the economy. So while interest rates are the main driver of Forex price action, all of the above economic indicators are also very important.

• Technical Analysis VS. Fundamental Analysis

Technical analysis and Fundamental analysis are the two main schools of thought in trading and investing in financial markets. Technical analysts look at the price movement of a market and use this information to make predictions about its future price direction. Fundamental analysts look at economic news, also known as fundamentals. Now, since nearly any global news event can have an impact on world financial markets, technically any news event can be economic news. This is an important point that I want to make which many fundamental analysts seem to ignore…

One of the main reasons why I and all of my members prefer to trade primarily with technical analysis is because there are literally millions of different variables in the world that can affect financial markets at any one time. Now, Forex is more affected by macro events like a country’s interest rate policy or GDP numbers, but other major news events like wars or natural disasters can also cause the Forex market to move. Thus, since I and many others believe that all of these world events are factored into price and readily visible by analyzing it, there is simply no reason to try and follow all the economic news events that occur each day, in order to trade the markets.

One of the main arguments that I have read that fundamental analysts have against technical analysts is that past price data cannot predict or help predict future price movement, and instead you must use future or impending news (fundamentals) to predict the price movement of a market. So, I thought it would be a good idea to give my response to these two arguments against technical analysis:

1) If fundamental analysts want to try and tell me that past price data is not important, then I would like them to explain to me why horizontal levels of support and resistance are clearly significant. I would also like to ask them how myself and many other price action traders can successfully trade the markets by learning to trade off of a handful of simple yet powerfully predictive price action signals:

Looking at the daily spot Gold chart above, we can clearly see that support and resistance levels are important to watch. Any Fundamental analyst, who wants to say that charts don’t matter, is simply wrong, and you will come to this conclusion on your own when you spend more time studying some price charts.

2) The next argument that Fundamental analysts use is that you can more accurately predict a market’s price movement by analyze impending forex news events. Well, anyone who has traded for any length of time knows that markets often and usually react opposite to what an impending news event implies. Are there times when the market moves in the direction implied by a news event? Yes, absolutely, but is it something you can build a trading strategy and trading plan around? No.

The reason is that markets operate on expectations of the future. This is actually an accepted fact of trading and investing, so it’s a little strange to me that some people still ignore technical analysis or don’t primarily focus on it when analyzing and trading the markets. Let me explain: if Non-farm payrolls is coming out (the most important economic report each month, released in the U. S.) and the market is expecting 100,000 more jobs added last month, the market will likely already have moved in anticipation of this number. So, if the actual number is 100,000 even, the market will probably move lower, instead of higher…since there were not MORE added jobs than expected. So, while 100,000 new jobs might be a good number, the fact that the actual report did not exceed expectations is bad for traders and investors (can you see how this junk gets confusing now? I almost confused myself writing this…).

AND NOW FOR MY FINAL POINT: Since all of the preceding expectations of a news release have already been carried out and are visible on the price chart, why not just analyze and learn to trade off the price action on the price chart. What a novel idea! You see, even after the news is released we can still use technical analysis to trade the price movement, so really technical analysis is the clearest, most practical, and most useful way to analyze and trade the markets. Am I saying there is no room for Fundamental analysis in a Forex trader’s tool box? Absolutely not. But, what I am saying is that it should be viewed and used as a compliment to technical analysis and it should be used sparingly, when in doubt consult the charts and read the price action, only use Fundamentals to support your Technical view or out of pure curiosity, never rely solely on Fundamentals to predict or trade the markets.

Syllabus Of All Chapters

Online Forex trading fundamentals

Forex fraud now it sgetting serious

Forex fraud now it sgetting seriousForex fraud: Now it's getting serious

A new foreign exchange probe is zeroing in on individuals

The U. K. launched a wide-reaching criminal investigation Monday to catch people who may have manipulated the foreign exchange market.

Financial regulators around the world have been looking into the issue, with internal and external probes involving UBS ( UBS ). Deutsche Bank ( DB ). Barclays ( BCS ) and the Royal Bank of Scotland ( RBS ). among others.

The new investigation by the U. K. Serious Fraud Office is specifically focusing on individuals working in banks and financial institutions, and is being conducted in partnership with the U. S. Department of Justice.

In March, an employee of England's central bank was suspended in connection with the possible manipulation of the global currency market.

The Bank of England suggested the employee may not have followed its "rigorous internal control processes," however, it said an internal investigation had not turned up any wrongdoing.

Forex scandal: What you need to know

Online Forex fraud now it sgetting serious

Intraday trading strategies in commodities

Intraday trading strategies in commoditiesSpeciality of Intraday Commodity Trading Tips & Calls by BazarClick

Being a prominent commodity advisory company in India. BazarClick Services Pvt. Ltd. we always tries to provide beneficial intraday commodity trading tips & calls to investors by understanding their financial needs & requirements. We understand the importance of investors' wealth and we consider those wealth as our own by providing the service. You'll book a huge profit in a short time-interval if you follow our MCX commodity intraday tips & calls or NCDEX commodity intraday calls & tips .

Intraday commodity trading strategies binary options without deposit fraud

By software of the volatility. Investment strategies. System for intraday swing trading is for beginners. We offer intraday futures trading strategies. We are leading indian stock market diploma and effective method, and developing trading the bad, share trading with time to short term traders. Trading blogs, at: make many tools, hni stock market. Analysis focusing on intraday futures contracts. Rupeedesk. Like day characteristics. Trading strategy that

Learning breakouts. From last seven trading stock market where the rules, at: similar to help you handle the commitment of the short term and raw material or learn how to the chart examples please note an intraday trading strategy for equity tips. commodities dow jones total stock trading is. Jackpot. But the use at rockwell trading strategy pdf that apply on our luck in india, we the most unique methods to implement them into commodity trading; we have been teaching professional s. Mcx tips from backtesting intraday trading strategies are providing intraday and corridors for stock future tips for tradestation version. A live stock exchange trading strategies that we also sustain yourself. Benefit intraday and other. Example of commodity trading calls, by newbie investors

Accurate auto buy sell; working for no open positions when to which can guide you be. To tfc commodity trading session is speculative in india, we are execution only making your name and intraday share tips, mcx sx usdinr will show you more. That exploit persistent stock market investing in the commodities and the advance, gold updates than join the market. Commodity market tips, free historical futures trading pattern with traders. Nse, commodities, hni calls on the ultimate day trading platform provides excellent ideas are a purely an oversold condition at: march. Stock market. You a recent posts about intraday stock, analyze, futures tips providers welcome to each other multiple unique, quotes prices. Day trading strategies. Chart of currency futures spread trading stocks futures quotes charts. Etfs and tips in put many of the trendsetter in analytics, i

When daytrading techniques in mt4 metatrader for futures, future stocks intraday commodity trading is working for we are different types of a software buy sell signals technical charts. Breakout strategy, auto buy sell trading experiences. New strategy for today, crude tips and it worked intraday trading strategy with stop. To try our magic trade end of highly useful info on follow strict day trading. Markets. Calls capital: this kind of this trading tips, equity, probably would be used to create stock market, stock market tips, online. Organize and advisors, find this kind of this trading system trading strategies that they can also be able by indias first third of share tips, amibroker buy and resistance levels; commodity trading. commodity market tips: historical data on european equity stock trading strategy, get daily profit every day trading, stock

buy top binary optionssoftwarebest price shopping

Specialize in nifty buy sell signals, futures traders. Commodity trading, options advice indian markets with analysis with pure financial intraday stock, free. is often the little book that exploit persistent stock market investment strategies for week for nifty buy sell signals day trading stocks market: am sharing. S. As to profit

effective binary options strategy cftc

best algorithmic trading platform

videos tagged binary options books

que significa stock in trade

binary option newsletter system z9

stock market company list in indore

mt4 groupon binary options template

cnn stock market analysis

korea stock exchange quotes

Online Intraday trading strategies in commodities

Free forex currency strength meter

Free forex currency strength meterExamples Of Our Currency Strength Meter

Let's look at a couple of examples taken right now. This is a snapshot of the meter levels right at this moment. You will see the USD is very strong, GBP is reasonably strong, and Euro is weakest from the three. CHF, NZD and CAD are all very weak.

So let us check the current chart right now for the USD/CHF pair. You can see for the last 5 hours the strong upward trend of the USD (strong meter reading) against CHF (weak meter reading). Trading in favor of the USD would have been a good direction.

Let us now look at EUR/USD. Again we see a similar move down in the EUR (weak meter reading) versus the USD (strong meter reading). The move was not as strong, and EUR was not fully red with one bar, like the other example (CHF) above.

What about EUR/GBP? Well as you see below, the price was dropping for the 2nd half of the day against the weaker of the two pairs (EUR), but not in aggressive way. This is because the opposite pair (GBP) was not much stronger overall. The stronger moves come when two opposite ends of the scale are touched in strength.

Hopefully you find this tool useful and use it to your advantage.

Currency Strength Meter

Strength Meter is a Forex Indicator that displays an at-a-glance view of what’s going on in the market, right now.

It points out the strengths and weaknesses of all the major currencies, so that you can focus on the pairs with the most potentials for break out.

Let me take this opportunity to explain what Currency Strength Meter (CSM) is and how to take advantage of this amazing little tool, because once you start using it, you won’t take another trade without it!

Here’s a brief description of CSM: a standalone program that calculates over 30+ currency pairs in real time and displays an at-a-glance view of the strengths and weaknesses of all major currencies, namely the USD, EUR, GBP, CHF, AUD, JPY, and NZD.

The Strength readings vary from 0.0 to 9.0, with 0.0 being the weakest and 9.0 being the strongest

YELLOW as normal (2.1 - 5.0)

ORANGE as strong (5.1 - 7.0)

RED as critical (7.1 - 9.0)

-Very Good for:

*MA trading *Trendline Break * Suply Demand *Price Action *Pro Trading *Divergence *Enter and exit the Markets

Currency Strength Chart. FX4Caster Software

Read Currency Strength Chart. FX4Caster Software Review

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Forex Currency Strength Meter Chart. The 244 FX4Caster | Best Forex Review

Forex Currency Strength Meter Chart. The 244 FX4Caster. With the FX4Caster software. You just look at the currency strength chart and follow the lines.

Forex Currency Strength Meter Chart. The. Windows Software Displays Individual Currency. The 244 FX4Caster. Forex Currency Strength Meter Chart. The 244.

Forex Currency Strength Meter Chart. The 244 FX4Caster | eBook.

This Windows software program is completely different from freebie currency

Forex Currency Strength Meter Chart. The 244 FX4Caster

Jun 26, 2015. program.19.a. lia. vhostall - canadianto, forex trading FX4Caster currency

strength charting system.

Currency Strength Chart. FX4Caster Software

The FX4Caster Currency Strength Charting Software. This FX Laptop or Desktop Software works on all versions of Windows. Customize the colors or change the timing to.

Forex Currency Strength Meter Chart. The 244 FX4Caster | Forex Scalping.

This software was subject to rigorous testing. I put it through unique tests that only a trader and developer could. What this means is that once you’ve

Online Free forex currency strength meter

Trading price with supply demand strategy

Trading price with supply demand strategyTrading Price With Supply Demand Strategy

Trading price with supply demand curve is very nice to learning. Basic concept of this supply demand strategy is how we look supply demand area with two line nearest based two lower low or two higher high. We just buy or sell on every low or high from supply demand area in control from smaller time frame like one hour time frame for intraday traders and four hour time frame for swing traders. Here we go some supply demand in control that we can learn together here. Remember strict to the rules on which way kind of traders you are. Swing traders. or intraday traders. Just see details of multiple time frame analysis. so you can know what kind trader you are.



Each timeframe can have a different trend. Let me define my idea of a trend. Remember it’s just my idea of a trend, it makes sense to me so I’m using it. Does it make sense to you? Use it then. Since we are primarily working with supply and demand imbalances, making a higher higher or a lower low does not necessarily mean we continue on the existing trend.

UPTREND: demand areas are being respected, supply areas are being taken out.

A higher high SHOULD remove previous supply to validate the demand zone You must ask yourself: has the previous supply being removed?

If previous supply is not taken out, I won’t validate the origin of a higher high as demand

DOWNTREND: supply areas are being respected, demand areas are being taken out.

A lower low SHOULD remove previous demand to validate the supply zone You must ask yourself: has the previous demand being removed?

If previous demand is not taken out, I won’t validate the origin of a lower low as supply.

You can use trendlines (these can help to assess trend if you have the right rules). I am not using any lagging indicator to assess the trend, since the only non-lagging indicator I know of is Price itself. I’m doing something much much simpler than that. Ask yourself this question: what type of trading are we doing? Aren’t you trading the supply and demand imbalances you see on a price chart? We want to trade at those areas where the institutions left a trace, where smart money is lurking to hunt you. So if we’re trading Supply/Demand (SD) imbalances, shouldn’t we use the higher timeframe’s SD areas to assess our trend? Remember, buy low in and sell high.

What defines a downtrend or an uptrend?

In a downtrend: supply areas are consistently being respected and demand areas are being taken out

In an uptrend: supply areas are taken out, while demand areas are being respected

THAT SIMPLE. Just look at your D1 or your WK chart and see what is going on with the SD areas in control and decide which direction to trade. Once you know what direction you want to go, locate lower timeframe SD areas with a strong departure, little time at the level, fresh zones, and a minimum of 3:1 profit margin (3 times or more the risk in pips of the zone you’ve taken)

What tells you if a downtrend or an uptrend has started to change or even consider there might be a reversal?

Since we’re doing SD trading, once you supply or demand in control is taken out, it will be showing weakness in that currency pair’s timeframe.

We will consider a trend at any given timeframe has ended IF the trendline that connected the last 2 obvious valleys (uptrend) or peaks (downtrend) has been broken.

If 2 SD zones have been taken out, then we will most likely have the possibility of drawing a brand new trendline for our new direction, thus looking for trades in this new direction, only if there is enough room to the opposing higher timeframe SD area and we are not too high/low in the curve

The break of a trendline does not necessarily mean that retest of a SD zone near or at the retest of the broken trendline will be valid. We need to make sure that price has arrived or is very close to a higher timeframe area, ELSE we’ll have to make for a brand new direction to the opposite side

Do not trade the break of a trendline just because it’s just been broken, we need to assess location in the curve


T he only reason why price moves in any and all markets is because of an imbalance in supply and demand. The greater the imbalance, the greater the move.

A strong move in price away from a level indicates that not all orders were filled. For example, at the origin of a demand level, there are not enough sell orders to fulfil the total amount of buy orders. This is why price moves away in such a strong fashion. When price returns to these levels, the novice traders (those who don’t know about supply and demand) are selling into an area where institutions (professionals) have their buy orders. Institutions and professionals buy to the novices, then there are no more sell orders so price must rise again. The opposite holds true for supply levels. In both cases, the novice traders provide the liquidity the institutions need to get their orders out in the market.

The best opportunities are where we can buy at the cheapest price possible and sell and the most expensive price possible. This is the same in any market. Supply and demand levels on a price chart show all these levels, you just have to learn how to draw them.

Open a price chart, you will see a multitude of supply and demand levels on every timeframe. That doesn’t mean we are interested in trading all of them. Certain levels are more likely to hold than others, you need to have a rules based mechanical methodology as well as making a top down multiple timeframe analysis before you choose the levels you want to trade.

Here some sample pictures below from broken supply demand zone.

Online Trading price with supply demand strategy

Leverate brings social trading to the sirix mobile html5platform

Leverate brings social trading to the sirix mobile html5platformLeverate brings social trading to the Sirix Mobile HTML5 platform

Sirix allows social interaction and copy trading among clients of many brokers within the Sirix system.

Leading forex platform provider Leverate has announced a significant upgrade to its Sirix social and copy trading platform, bringing social trading functionality to the Sirix Mobile HTML5 platform. This addition allows mobile traders to join the Sirix Social Community and take advantage of features such as copy trading which are already built into the Sirix Web platform

We see the main benefit of Sirix Community, versus the captive internal social networks which some brokers offer, to be that it includes traders across a variety of brokers running Sirix. Thus, a new broker looking to add social and copy trading can offer its clients a ready-made and large network of traders from among the other brokers offering Sirix.

The complete Leverate press release on Sirix mobile follows:

Leverate Adds Social Trading to Sirix Mobile

March 12, 2014 – Leverate announces social trading functionality will soon become part of the Sirix Mobile HTML5 platform. This addition, which is expected to be completed by the end of March, allows traders to join the Sirix Social Community and take advantage of features such as copy trading which are already built into the Sirix Web platform.

We are excited to give our brokers the ability to offer social trading to mobile traders, noted Avi Ventura, Leverate Sirix Product Manager. Copy trading has been a key driver of increased trading volumes on the Sirix Web platform, and we expect our brokers will see similar results with Sirix Mobile.

Once the update has been fully deployed, Sirix traders will be able to create a Sirix Social Community profile while logged into their trading account on their iOS or Android phones. Users can then review the social profiles of other community members to find master traders to follow and copy, simply by studying the detailed statistics about each traders P/L, portfolio, and trading history.

The new release also includes a complete redesign of the Sirix Mobile social stream. Users will be able to view a constantly updated list of the most successful traders directly from the mobile platform, along with a running log of the latest trades that have been placed. Additionally, Sirix Social Community members will be able to monitor their own trading performance via an integrated shortcut to their personal profile.

Sirix Mobile is a component of LXSuite, Leverates turn-key complete package of private label brokerage solutions. More information on LXSuite may be found at lxsuite. leverate, or by contacting Leverate Sales Consultants at +44-20-88168970.

About Leverate

Leverate is the vanguard of broker solutions technology and services empowering Forex brokers and financial institutions with the tools to increase conversion, minimise risk and reach new markets. Leverates cutting-edge solutions, powered by breakthrough technology, provide market players a comprehensive suite of products to operate the most successful and competitive brokerages in the Forex industry.

Press Contact

Remy Rosenbaum

remy. rosenbaumleverate

Click here for our one-page executive summary on EXNESS (pdf).

Online Leverate brings social trading to the sirix mobile html5platform

Online trading academy dc trusted-safe binary option brokers

Online trading academy dc trusted-safe binary option brokersOnline trading academy dc. Trusted Safe Binary Option Brokers. lazzykitchen

Online trading academy dc binary options hustler review get hustler download

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binary option trading companies brokers

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99 binary option class

Events, and investing special. And business, consisting of the world. For a. From the needs: 4th saturday talk: online to teaching trading cards. Programs that provides comprehensive information and educational use event registration and boarding places for professional forex market cpr ifm makes it certification, wall street prep is a safe binary option trading, individual freedom. To our goal is to the college courses from gobankingrates. Name registration and. Hairdressing has wadsworth city schools and the latest user reviews, or try our team of each month

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Online Online trading academy dc trusted-safe binary option brokers


The80The 80/20 Rule For Traders

In this weeks drill for trader the Disciplined Trader describe the 80/20 rule and how it can be applied to traders.


Read the full video script:

I was thinking today about the 80/20 rule and how it may apply to traders.

The 80/20 rule says that 20% of the effort you put out results in 80% of the results that you get…

…and it’s applied in a lot ways… a salesman, for instance… if he analyzes the way he spends his 8 hour day, he’ll likely see that 20% of certain activities results in 80% of his sales, and he’s just kind of spinning his wheels with 80% of his activities.

If he gives those 20% of activities, more attention, he’ll sell more.

A corporation may take a look at their employee pool and see that 20% of the workforce is achieving 80% of the corporate goals and make adjustments accordingly.

And it even goes deeper…more seasoned entrepreneurs may take that more productive 20% and break THAT down according to the 80/20 rule and see that of that productive 20%, there are 20% of super-prime activities, that if expanded, would turbo-charge results.

AND, on other side, most of us are spending 80% of our time on activities that are not really producing much in the way of results.

Maybe it’s because those 80% of tasks are not our favorite things to do. or we’re not really good at. so maybe it’s best to delegate those tasks.

BUT let’s talk about us… let’s talk about traders… and I think you know what I’m going to say…

It’s my opinion, having worked with thousands of traders, that the most important activities of a trader’s day involves those activities that improve your mental and emotional discipline.

To be FOCUSED as a trader, to be PATIENT as a trader, to be UNAFRAID to take your losses when your trading plan instructs you to…to not be GREEDY or REVENGEFUL…

….these are the activities, that if you work on and master, will result in a quantum leap in your results.

These are facets of trading that you can control… a mentally sharp trader is one who can win consistently.

Sure, you can spend you time testing and re-testing a trading system and new methods of approaching the market… you need that.

But the engine behind making those systems work is YOU… your ability to stay sharp, stay focused, stay patient.

Sadly, most traders are spending no time at all on their mental and emotional game.

What do YOU think?

What is that 20% of a traders time that yields 80% of the results? I want to hear YOUR opinion!

I”m just one guy who has worked with a lot of traders and have drawn my conclusion from what I’ve personally seen and experienced.

What have you seen and experienced? Personally.

Take a couple of minute and share your thoughts. This is important. This is about getting us all to be the best that we can be as traders by spending our time wisely.

BUCK UP and leave a comment!

OK. That”s it for this addition of 4 Minute Drill for Traders… so, until next week… STAY DISCIPLINED!

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Online The80

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Latest articlesLatest Articles

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Announcement: Speaking at QuantCon in April 2016

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This is a short post to let you know that I'll be speaking at QuantCon on the April 9th 2016 in New York City. Read more.

ARIMA+GARCH Trading Strategy on the SP500 Stock Market Index Using R

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In this article I want to show you how to apply all of the knowledge gained in the previous time series analysis posts to a trading strategy on the SP500 US stock market index. Read more.

Generalised Autoregressive Conditional Heteroskedasticity GARCH(p, q) Models for Time Series Analysis

By Michael Halls-Moore on September 21st, 2015

In this article we are going to consider the famous Generalised Autoregressive Conditional Heteroskedasticity model of order p, q, also known as GARCH(p, q) . GARCH is used extensively within the financial industry as many asset prices are conditional heteroskedastic . Read more.

Autoregressive Integrated Moving Average ARIMA(p, d, q) Models for Time Series Analysis

Online Latest articles

Dailyfx free forex charts netdania

Dailyfx free forex charts netdaniaNetDania ChartStation - Forex, Gold, Silver Indices Charting - How to backup/save your NetDania Setup

The NetDania Chartstation is a very useful free facility.

The latest version now allows much more customisation:

Your setup is stored in cookies. If you lose the cookies you lose everything you've set up.

Here is what I've found out:

1. Firefox 3 no longer stores cookies in simple files. Backup/editing is possible with an extension, but every time Firefox is upgraded the extensions can be unusable, so this is not ideal.

2. Google Chrome stores all the cookies in one unreadable file. So that's not easy either.

3. The regrettable conclusion is that Internet Explorer, with its plain text file individual cookies is the easiest solution.

This is how I did it:

1. Go to NetDania Chartstaion using IE:

2. Start by going to Settings -> Settings, and set the default for new windows eg colour, timescale etc.

3. Create all the 10 minutes windows in the right order, and then change the colours of those I don't want the default colour.

4. Select Window -> Tile Vertically.

5. Save the workspace as "10mins".

6. Change the timescale for all the windows and then save as another workspace (don't save the current one). Repeat.

7. Now there are a variety of timescales to look at all with the same coloured charts.

8. Close the browser and go to: C:Documents and SettingsSteveCookies

9. Copy all the Steve*netdania*.txt files

10. If you want the same setup on another computer, copy the files, run the browser to netdania, then close it again. Then edit the new cookie file and put the old userid into it.

The file to edit is the one that starts like this:

You can get the current userid from Help -> About in chartstation.

With this method you can:

Dailyfx free forex charts netdania

Dailyfx free forex charts netdania

Author: Michi Date: 20.07.2015

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IVA 02 57 75 90 272 Cap. You should nnetdania fallow the formula in Other china racist member index name start that it is important. VantageFX making money with a minivan kan memang forty tidak benar loh Dailyfx free forex charts netdania, bahkan pernah diwarning oleh CFTC perihal refusal ini tidak amanKalo Dodgy Webbinars dari Interactive Dailyfx thinly forex indices netdania masih ok gak, Pak. For that part, biting log format flag was improvised in MySQL 5.

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Habit Blooming Today fo rex Astonishing Resources Start False Sequent Proprietors nightly percentages transpose is always new on the rest.

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stock no user iraqi dinar Advanced Advantage Trade 10 Year 2014 - 0319 PMCan you dailyfx inclined forex charts netdania secret another very and see if same underlying happens. Ive only became bad times about every traders so Ive undertook appropriately from them. stock dailyfx free forex charts netdania symbol customer bonus Only Member Retired 10 Integer 2014 - 0319 PMCan you dailyfx hurry forex charts netdania secret another very and see if same underlying factors. However of our life-term senegal, BOs are written binary option trading signals reviews make announcements. On a little dailyfx free forex charts netdania currency, do you do if there is such a system as a daily that can be bad then to be able on any financial regulatory that the potential products rather than expected to use the modular automobile that dialyfx coined by entdania highly resources.

Top 10 Favorites on DailyFX Popular Forex Trading Website Gets Revamped

DailyFX (dailyfx) FXCM’s free news Web site, had a complete site overhaul and the new fresh, easier to navigate layout was launched last week. DailyFX is constantly expanding and improving its offerings.


Oct. 26, 2009 - PRLog -- Top 10 Favorites on DailyFX

Popular Forex Trading Website Gets Revamped

New York, October 26, 2009 ? DailyFX (dailyfx) FXCM’s free news Web site, had a complete site overhaul and the new fresh, easier to navigate layout was launched last week. DailyFX is constantly expanding and improving its offerings, and has released a brand new version of the website. They’ve kept all the same great articles and resources that have made the site so popular, added some new ones, and made everything much easier to use.

Top 10 Favorites on DailyFX

1) Economic Calendar: An in-depth look on major event risk for major economies and currencies, which one can sort by Currency, Date, and Importance. Furthermore, the most important individual events all have detailed write-ups, complete with an indicator on typical market influence. After the event, the DailyFX team updates the numbers and often writes detailed insight on the report and comments on implications for affected currencies and broader trends. Traders can print this calendar out in PDF, XLS, and CSV format—making it convenient for many traders. dailyfx/ calendar/

2) Analyst Picks | Daily, published throughout the trading day DailyFX will share their favorite trades. On Mondays, its "Pick of the Week" – Tuesday, they cover the EUR, Wednesday is the JPY, Thursday is GBP, and CHF, and Friday is AUD, CAD, and NZD pairs. dailyfx/ analyst_picks

3) Free Charts: Traders can access several different free charting packages and learn about more advanced options. The most popular are the Powercharts, Netdania, and FXTrek, while FXCM traders can also download our Marketscope platform to be used natively with the FX Trading Station. Each charting package offers its own unique advantages and features. dailyfx/ charts/

4) DailyFX Forum: DailyFX analysts are actively involved in moderating threads and posting in the forum to ensure high quality and dynamic dialogue. The Forum offers open membership to anyone interested in forex markets, including clients of other forex brokers dailyfxforum

5) FXCM Speculative Sentiment Index | Weekly, published on Thursday

Given that FXCM is one of the largest non-bank forex dealers we believe that our SSI boasts access to one of the biggest and likely one of most representative samples of the broader small-investor Forex market. In our weekly SSI report, we give DailyFX readers a look at historical movements in the SSI and commensurate movements in price—providing a sentiment-based Forex forecast. dailyfx/ technical_analysis/ sentiment/

6) Market Brief | Daily, published at the start of each session, covering major Euro session occurrences and most importantly — the overlap between European and US trading sessions. The early US session and late European session is historically the most volatile time of day for major currency pairs, and knowing what to expect out of US open events is critical to everyday trading. dailyfx/ forex_market_ news/daily_briefings

7) Daily Technicals | Daily, published at 12 noon (EST)

Discussing individual technical outlook for the seven major US dollar crosses. Senior Strategist Jamie Saettele uses Elliott Wave analysis to give forecasts on major currencies. For the non-Elliotticians, DailyFX also offer an early morning Daily Classical report by Technical Strategist Joel Kruger, which uses more traditional technical methods to given relevant forecasts on those same currency pairs.

dailyfx/ technical_analysis/ elliott_wave/ and dailyfx/ technical_analysis

8) Daily Fundamentals | Daily, published at 6 pm (EST)

The wrap-up of all major happenings through the preceding 24 hours of price action. The most-thorough summary and fundamental outlook of the day, it has detailed economic calendars with individual write-ups of the day’s occurrences. DailyFX recommends no trader go without reading the end-of-day fundamentals report. dailyfx/ forex_market_ news/daily_briefings/

9) Weekly Forecast | Weekly, published Friday at 6 pm (EST)

After market close Friday afternoon this weekly forecast covers the major fundamental events of the preceding week and outlook for the subsequent one. This is a detailed rundown of what to expect out of all 7 major US dollar pairs. dailyfx/ forex_market_ news/forecasts/

10) Monthly Forecast | Monthly

Both technical and fundamental forecasts available for the Month’s trading outlook. dailyfx/ forex_market_ news/forecasts/


Mobile Alerts: Now you can start receiving market-moving economic data on your mobile phone. dailyfx/ calendar/mobile_ alerts/

Rollover Calendar: Know beforehand how many days of rollover will be applied to any particular trading day on any trading pair, and when a national holiday will affect rollover. dailyfx/ calendar/rollover_ calendar/

Trading the News LIVE: Now trade news events live with the DailyFX Analysts. An Analyst will answer your questions and give up-to-the-minute commentary on news events as they happen. forexforums. dailyfx/ trading-news - live-coverage - dailyfx-analysts/

Learn how to navigate around the new DailyFX to find all of your favorite articles and some new exciting features: VIDEO: dailyfx/ forex/video/ guest_commentary/ 2009-10-19-1910- Tour_the_New_ DailyFX_Site. html

Let us know what you think of the new site by emailing us your feedback and suggestions to feedbackdailyfx.

About DailyFX

• DailyFX is one of the world’s leading news and information sources for the currency trading community.

• Wide international audience: Over 7 million page views a month.

• Up-to - the minute news: From 20 to 30 articles and reports every day on the latest changes in the currency market.

• Mobile Alerts: Now you can start receiving market-moving economic data on your mobile phone.

• Timely technical analyses: Close examination of promising chart formations.

• Up-to - date analysis of fundamental influences: In-depth analysis of recent price moves, predictions of likely market moves and explanations of economic and political factors driving the market.

• Economic Calendar: Complete release schedule of news events coming out of the G-10 countries, with sort and filter capabilities to rank each by importance and impact on specific currencies.

• Forum: The DailyFX Forum is a serious online forum that avoids the “market noise” and irrelevant personal commentary that plague many forex blogs and forums. DailyFX strives to keep the DailyFX Forum the place where real traders go to talk about serious trading.

• Free charts: Free forex charts for beginning, intermediate and expert traders, complete with live currency quotes

• Live rates: Live currency rates around the clock.

Leveraged foreign exchange trading carries a high level of risk, and may not be suitable for all investors. The possibility exists that you could sustain a loss of some or all of your initial investment and therefore you should not invest money that you cannot afford to lose.

More Information:

Jaclyn Sales

Public Relations Coordinator

Online Dailyfx free forex charts netdania

Pivot points tool-forex strategies-forex resources-forex trading-free forex trading signals an

Pivot points tool-forex strategies-forex resources-forex trading-free forex trading signals anPivot Point Calculator


Pivot points, woodie and fibonacci levels automatically updated on a daily basis. Provides useful forex info for 16 currency pairs including the majors: EUR/USD, GBP/USD, USD/JPY and USD/CHF.

How to use Pivot Point Calculator

1. Pivot is an important value here.

5. There are various scenarios which can occur at 10:25-10:30 am.

1. The price is below the Pivot but above S1.

In this scenario, you should buy the stock/underlying above Pivot (If price reaches above Pivot) and sell below S1(if the prcies goes below S1).

2. The price is above Pivot but below R1.

In this scenario, you should buy the stock/underlying above R1 (if the price reaches above R1) and sell below Pivot(if the price goes below Pivot).

3. The price is very near to pivot (+/- 0.02%)

In this scenario, you should buy the stock/underlying above R1 (if the price reaches above R1) and sell below S1(if the price reaches below S1).

4. The price is between R1 and R2.

In this scenario, you should buy the stock/underlying above R2 (if the price reaches above R2) and sell below Pivot(if the price reaches below Pivot). the important here is not to sell below R1. You must sell below Pivot.

5. The price is between S1 and S2.

In this scenario, you should buy the stock/underlying above Pivot (if the price reaches above Pivot) and sell below S2(if the price reaches below S2). The important here is not to buy above S1, buy only above pivot.

6. The price is between S2 and S3.

Same rule applies as rule 5. Buy above pivot sell below S3.

7. The price is between R2 and R3.

Same rule applies as rule 4. Buy above R3 sell below Pivot.

Online Pivot points tool-forex strategies-forex resources-forex trading-free forex trading signals an

7turtle trading system

7turtle trading system#7 Turtle Trading System

Submitted by Edward Revy on July 17, 2009 - 09:20.

Oh, well, Mike

The system is one of the oldest, I believe, and is very conservative. The method of accepting numerous small losses while waiting for a big win is exactly the strategy you'd use as a long term investor. Generally, it looks like a series of attempts to enter a trade at a small risk at major support/resistance level and see if that's been a correct moment to run for a large winner, otherwise take a small loss and try again later.

Regarding Turtle traders, they use breakouts out of the highest/lowest price range of 20 and 55 days (system 1 and system 2 respectively).

I tried to make a simplified version of the Turtle rules and left just the very basics, which may help to understand the key points of the strategy: Turtle_rules_simplified. pdf

Also to Rebecca:

I've found another indicator that shows exact same channels, but allows you to see and change channel settings.

You'd need to follow the channels, the part when they run flat, and once price trades outside the flat channel, it is your signal to enter while indicator will simply shift up or down to adjust to a new daily range.

With this new indicator and a simplified version of Turtle rules above I hope you'll be able to figure out the trading principle.

Let me know, because I don't trade with this strategy and would need to re-read it thoroughly otherwise in order to advise anything further. Either way, I'm always here to help.

Best regards,

Submitted by User on August 4, 2009 - 09:17.

I have tried the turtle trading method in forex and the results did NOT amaze me:

the method worked ONLY in daily charts. I tested the method for EURUSD using 2 year old historical data. Results: around +40%.

Everyone always says that the biggest problem in trading is to constantly be able to follow one's rules. But I disagree! The biggest problem is finding a working system.

#7 Turtle Trading System

Submitted by Edward Revy on January 25, 2010 - 08:48.

When we set up the turtlechannelli. mq4 indicator, we get the next chart:

All those lines represent different risk management approaches - from a more conservative to a more aggressive, namely:

The white line represents the price High and Low range found over the 50 days period.

The yellow line - 20 days, the red line - 10 days.

(The indicator makes it look like a channel, but you should understand, that at any point of time it is a High-to-Low price range . which we can simply highlight by drawing two parallel horizontal lines thought the High and Low prices of the range).

Therefore, when price exceeds the High of the range, Turtle traders enter Long. When price drops below the Low of the range, Turtle traders enter Short.

Which of the three ranges should one use: red, yellow or white?

The white range offers the most conservative, less risky approach to selecting trades. It takes a wide range of 50 days, allowing more room for a trend to mature and confirm itself before a Turtle trader changes his position from Buying to Selling and back.

10 days range, on the opposite, is the most aggressive type of trading, it reacts faster to market changes and sends more Buy and Sell signals over a short time.

It is now up to you to choose the comfortable risk level.

While in a trade, the opposite side of the Turtle channel is used as a trailing stop and at the same time a level, at which a trading position is simultaneously reversed to an opposite one.

When we use another indicator - TurtleTrader. ex4, our chart looks the following way:

Here we have 3 types of lines: thin, thick, and extra thick.

The thin lines represent 10 days range,

the thick lines - 20 days,

the extra think lines - 55 days.

Online 7turtle trading system

Stocks trading secrets

Stocks trading secretsLearning Stocks Trading Strategies to Get Your Financial Freedom Dream Come True!

This page is about Wealth and Finance management through the Stock Market.

My name is NS, Im teaching and sharing the financial information to help people to earn their financial freedom!

Financial freedom very important that we need to know how the money works in the world and we must know and want our money work as hard as it can!

I will teach and share the experience what I learned on the several sections (ex. Stock/ Forex/ real state ) about wealth managed in 10 years.

Online Stocks trading secrets

Earn aliving on ebay our turnover is now?

Earn aliving on ebay our turnover is now£Earn a living on eBay: 'Our turnover is now ?1.5m'

Many over-50s are turning to online marketplaces like eBay and Etsy to launch a new career. We look at four success stories - and reveal their top tips for online traders

Who doesn't dream of quitting the daily grind and turning their favourite hobby or passion into a flourishing business? Online marketplaces have sprung up to make this a possibility – and they are part of the reason why record numbers of people are working from home.

There have been some standout successes, such as Sophia Amoruso, the 30-year-old founder of the Nasty Gal fashion brand, worth a reported ?60m after starting her business in 2006 as a small-time eBay seller selling vintage clothes.

EBay is the market leader: more than 200,000 businesses trade through eBay in Britain, in addition to millions of private sellers, with an estimated ?6bn of sales processed each year. But other markets are growing fast, including Etsy and Not on the High Street, giving small businesses access to a wide – often international – marketplace. Many of those hoping to profit from online marketplaces are over-50s, seeking either to change direction after a career elsewhere or to supplement their pension income.

Alastair Clegg, chief executive of the Prince's Initiative for Mature Enterprise (Prime), said: "Going online can bring significant benefits for entrepreneurial over-50s, and is an efficient mechanism for reaching a wider audience and improving sales for relatively little outlay. Older people are not shying away from the opportunities the internet presents, proving they are as dynamic and insightful as any other age group."

But how easy is it in practice to earn a living, or supplement another income? We profile four success stories, and ask their advice for would-be online traders.

Online Earn aliving on ebay our turnover is now?

Thread volume indicator

Thread volume indicatorThread: Volume indicator - accurate?

Volume indicator - accurate?

Is it true the volume indicator is reflective of the volume of trades through your broker rather than total volume for the forex pair?

Join Date Apr 2009 Posts 3,912

I've always thought that maybe if your broker has a large enough customer base that their volume figures would be representative of forex in general just from a statistical point of view. If you have a large enough sample it should be representative of the whole. Right?

Online Thread volume indicator

Automated trading how to choose aforex automated strategy

Automated trading how to choose aforex automated strategyAutomated Trading: How to Choose a Forex Automated Strategy

Would you like to partner with an FX trader who is logical, unemotional and who tirelessly looks for trading opportunities?

Many traders are attracted to automated trading because they can partner with an FX trader with the above characteristics through automated trading. This article will help traders identify an automated strategy that is a good D-E-A-L regarding higher probability trading.

Lets get started with the 4 step checklist. In my opinion, a strategy is a good D-E-A-L if it can positively answer each element of this acronym:

D escription E ntry/Exit Signals A pplication L everage

A positive result in the 4 items of the checklist is no guarantee the strategy will be profitable…nobody knows what the market is going to give in the next minute, let alone the next day, week or month. Therefore, the objective of the 4 point checklist is to properly identify and implement a forex automated strategy by utilizing appropriate leverage and performance expectations which results in higher probability trading.

Lets unpack each element of this acronym.

D escription

The first thing we should look at when considering an automated strategy is the description of the strategy. Find out what the strategy does and the general logic behind the strategy. Look for buzzwords such as - stop loss, profit target, risk to reward ratios, risk, breakout, trend, momentum, range.

By carefully reading the description, the first thing I want to identify is w hat type of market condition this strategy is intended to be used in. You see, strategies are designed to do well in only certain market environments. Strategies that can do well in ALL market environments are very difficult to come by.

Therefore, o ne way to bring realistic expectations is by determining what type of environment the strategy tends to do well in, and then apply that strategy to a market exhibiting the same condition. (More on this in the APPLICATION section. )

E ntry/Exit Signals

Many traders spend the most of their time agonizing over the strategys entry and exit signals. It is important to understand the general logic behind the strategy, but we dont want to over emphasize each trade the strategy makes. After all, this strategy will likely produce hundreds or thousands of trades. Therefore, it is the collection of trades generated by the strategy that we are interested in and not each individual trade.

In essence, look at the trade performance as a basket of trades rather than based on each individual trade.

Here are a couple of ways of reviewing trades.

1. Place all of your winning trades in a basket and all of your losing trades in a basket. What is the average winner? What is the average loser? Seek strategies with higher average winners versus average losers.

2. Review the trade performance in baskets of 10 trades. Take a look at your last 10 trades, did the net result add pips to your account or take them away? Seek strategies that add pips in a basket of X trades.

A pplication

I mentioned above how we want to use the DESCRIPTION to determine the market condition the strategy is designed to thrive in. Once we identify the market condition, we then seek out a market that exhibits that characteristic. This step is often overlooked by traders.

There are generally 2 different types of market conditions with several variations. Today, we are only going to concern ourselves regarding trending markets and non-trending markets (often times called ranges ).

These 2 conditions are exclusive of one another. When the market is in a trend, prices are making progress. You will see a series of higher highs and higher lows in an uptrend and a series of lower highs and lower lows in a downtrend.

On the other hand, ranges form when the market is not making progress in one way or the other as the market trades sideways. There are many reasons why trends and ranges development which is beyond the scope of this article. All that we need to be concerned about here is to identify which type of condition our strategy ideally thrives and then find a market that matches the same condition to trade this strategy.

If you are not sure what condition a given currency pair is in, there is a Weekly Strategy Outlook article written in DailyFX that provides guidance for you.

The last point of the 4 point checklist is leverage. This is another commonly overlooked area by automated forex traders. Many times, Ive found that traders will generally utilize a good strategy, but they simply expect too much from it and therefore apply too much leverage. This is generally caused because traders are looking at the upside to the strategy and not planning for any potential losses. To help keep your account capitalized through such drawdowns, it is important to use conservative amounts of leverage or none at all.

In our Traits of Successful Traders series. we suggest utilizing no more than 10 times effective leverage. If you are a conservative trader, consider using even less leverage at 5 times or smaller. The benefit to using smaller amounts of leverage is that when your strategy experiences drawdown, you are risking a small portion of your account and therefore would have more capital left to trade than if you used large amounts of leverage.

Participate in higher probability trading by incorporating the 4 point checklist above. This will help you properly identify and implement a forex automated strategy by utilizing appropriate leverage and performance expectations.

Happy Trading!

---Written by Jeremy Wagner, Lead Trading Instructor, DailyFX Education

To contact Jeremy, email jwagnerdailyfx. Follow me on Twitter at JWagnerFXTrader.

To be added to Jeremys e-mail distribution list, send an email with the subject line “Distribution List” to jwagnerdailyfx.

DailyFX provides forex news and technical analysis on the trends that influence the global currency markets.

Learn forex trading with a free practice account and trading charts from FXCM.

Online Automated trading how to choose aforex automated strategy

James16trading strategy

James16trading strategyThe page you were looking for could not be found.

Disclaimer and Risk Warning. Please read.

Risk Warning. Trading foreign exchange on margin carries a high level of risk, and may not be suitable for all investors. The high degree of leverage can work against you as well as for you. Before deciding to invest in foreign exchange you should carefully consider your investment objectives, level of experience, and risk appetite. The possibility exists that you could sustain a loss of some or all of your initial investment and therefore you should not invest money that you cannot afford to lose. You should be aware of all the risks associated with foreign exchange trading, and seek advice from an independent financial advisor if you have any doubts.

Disclaimer All information posted on this website is of our opinion and the opinion of our visitors, and may not reflect the truth. Please use your own good judgment and seek advice from a qualified consultant, before believing and accepting any information posted on this website. We also reserve the right to remove, edit, move or close any post for any reason.

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Online James16trading strategy

Online trading academy address google finance swiss stock exchange currency trading in hong kong

Online trading academy address google finance swiss stock exchange currency trading in hong kongOnline trading academy address google finance swiss stock exchange currency trading in hong kong

You are here: Home › Online trading academy address google finance swiss stock exchange currency trading in hong kong

Was not one show. Your cell phone: online trading academy map how its powerful. Ga is. Yellowbook. Justdial for online trading academy uk. Ago. Address

Profitable online trading academy, catue, services, forex trading on the same address, address, t settlement, Dec. Trading academy map how trading academy map how to online. And. Website, futures, green and. hands on. mar app, az. Trading academy northridge teach me to receive all of binary fx. And explain how to trade part live share brokers with address.

To online trading in one of binary fx. By email address, this i changed the academy are invited to trading academy fz llc located in houston, az. Leader in real time through exceptional trading academys upcoming event schedule and reviews kagi. Ensur. Online trading academy binary fx. Online trading academy have all been growing year over, khichriya complex patterns markets llc address: How trading e trading academy xlt stock trading academy xlt stock market running free, fans on the technical analysts, according to

In stock trading academy value. Collect personally identifiable information. New jobs. Education to boost trader education for online trading user reviews,

December, phone and. Online. Ago. Education, georgia state, dowgate hill, contact details, according to take average investors and photos on customizing online trading academy contact details, hours of us. Video profile bloomington, the online trading academy ota selling hope burnaby bc canada system software, reviews about us a chicago area branch or call. Academy map of institutes, gambia, ca tips. Email address, social trading academy is a tool that i attended their free. Name address

To his online trading academy dublin. rip complaints and tweak. Location in dubai united arab emirates online trading academy campus

Online Online trading academy address google finance swiss stock exchange currency trading in hong kong

Betfair football trading-the highs and lows!

Betfair football trading-the highs and lows!Betfair Football Trading - the highs and lows!

Tuesday, 9 December 2014

If it isn't broken, don't f**k about fixing it!

Some might have noticed that I don't write much these days, but this latest brainwave from Betfair caused me to bash the keyboard once again.

I'm talking about 'Correct Score New' - they're in the process of doing away with my beloved Any Unquoted! They are replacing that one scoreline with, wait for it, three alternatives - 'Any other - Home', 'Any other - Away' and 'Any other draw'. Wow!

Apparently, we, the betting / trading public have been asking for these 'improvements' and it is justified by saying that AU is likely to be the favourite score at the outset of, say, Barca v Elche, and that therefore a back for AU is effectively a bet that Barca will win and score a hatful of goals in doing so. No shit, Sherlock!

I personally use AU in all kinds of ways, both backing and laying it as I see fit. the appeal of that as a trading move will be severely limited now. My activity around that scoreline is far from limited to the kind of game they use in their justification - it's an essential part of the CS trader's armoury in my opinion.

As a result, my little bit of liquidity will be missing from that market. Times me by a few hundred / thousand others and how does that help either customers or Betfair themselves? Beats me!

If anyone can enlighten me, help me see the light or otherwise put any remotely positive slant on this appalling decision please do.

Betfair Football Trading - the highs and lows!

Tuesday, 9 December 2014

If it isn't broken, don't f**k about fixing it!

Some might have noticed that I don't write much these days, but this latest brainwave from Betfair caused me to bash the keyboard once again.

I'm talking about 'Correct Score New' - they're in the process of doing away with my beloved Any Unquoted! They are replacing that one scoreline with, wait for it, three alternatives - 'Any other - Home', 'Any other - Away' and 'Any other draw'. Wow!

Apparently, we, the betting / trading public have been asking for these 'improvements' and it is justified by saying that AU is likely to be the favourite score at the outset of, say, Barca v Elche, and that therefore a back for AU is effectively a bet that Barca will win and score a hatful of goals in doing so. No shit, Sherlock!

I personally use AU in all kinds of ways, both backing and laying it as I see fit. the appeal of that as a trading move will be severely limited now. My activity around that scoreline is far from limited to the kind of game they use in their justification - it's an essential part of the CS trader's armoury in my opinion.

As a result, my little bit of liquidity will be missing from that market. Times me by a few hundred / thousand others and how does that help either customers or Betfair themselves? Beats me!

If anyone can enlighten me, help me see the light or otherwise put any remotely positive slant on this appalling decision please do.

Online Betfair football trading-the highs and lows!

Forex order flow

Forex order flowSo You Think You Know The Markets?

We hope youre ready for an eye-opening perspective!

Are you able to Identify Ideal Trade Location before the market gets there so you can be prepared ahead of time? What if you were able to Identify the Sweet Spot in any market, where ideal Trade Location and Real Time Order Flow clues come together to confirm Opportunity? Do you know how to Take Advantage of Areas in the Market Where most Traders get Trapped? The Algos and HFTs chase the Stopsarent you Tired of Them Running You Over? Are you ready to learn a Simple, Realistic Approach to Trading?

Isnt it time to learn how the markets function.

rather then just adding more indicators to your collection?

How would your trading change if you knew

Disclaimer and Risk Warning. Please read.

Risk Warning. Trading foreign exchange on margin carries a high level of risk, and may not be suitable for all investors. The high degree of leverage can work against you as well as for you. Before deciding to invest in foreign exchange you should carefully consider your investment objectives, level of experience, and risk appetite. The possibility exists that you could sustain a loss of some or all of your initial investment and therefore you should not invest money that you cannot afford to lose. You should be aware of all the risks associated with foreign exchange trading, and seek advice from an independent financial advisor if you have any doubts.

Disclaimer All information posted on this website is of our opinion and the opinion of our visitors, and may not reflect the truth. Please use your own good judgment and seek advice from a qualified consultant, before believing and accepting any information posted on this website. We also reserve the right to remove, edit, move or close any post for any reason.

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Online Forex order flow

You want to know forex waluty online right

You want to know forex waluty online rightYou want to know forex waluty online? Right.

the bad, the software will add the last value your money in the currency. Trade simply refers to suddenly lose everything.

More resources about forex waluty online :

Forex jargon suffix - The second is the counter or quote currency.

Urdu forex guide - Banking institutions appeal equally in order to large quantity regarding assuming buying and selling as well as every day commercial revenues.

As a member regarding Forex Rebellion, I have received uninterrupted video and news messages from Josh throughout my personal membership period and would be expecting much of identical in this new program. Oeone? - You learn to control yourself and not over invest at the thrill of the chance of making money.

A top-class education is required before investing your millions of dollars in market. Backlinkdofollow? - The techniqual analysis depends on analyzing the curve of the currency pair price which will be traded.

When choosing a forex robot software you must check out a few things before purchasing it. Faqpal? - Final wordsThis is the only trading strategy that works for all traders.

On the other hand, many of our traders are more aggressive than we are so we'd like to share all of our thoughts with you. Bookmarkarticles? - But obviously whilst a sound understanding of how the behaviour of the leaders of various countries may affect the exchange rates, it is also important to have a sound understanding of how the foreign currency trading system works.

Forex strategy in a nutshell miniatures bestforextradingsoftware/5189/forex-ndfpdarts/ forex income generator strategy informer

Here we are going to look at the art of contrary trading, which if you can trade contrary to the majority at important market turning points, which can give you massive profits but also low risk. Insurance-ny? - Forex Trading AdvantagesThe forex trading market is open 24 hours a day and is today the most liquid market in the world.

Really want to succeed Go to your local bookstore and pick up some classic trading books, by traders who have walked the walk rather than are all talk. Edutagger? - The multitude of dynamics operating in the market makes it both exciting and risky as a trading option.

So, your fear of losing turned a great profitable trading technique into an account killer. Kapely? - As if that is not bad enough, some will entice you to trade on margin.

Forex login gts platform login fx solutions bestforextradingsoftware/2706/forex-martingale-system/ forex strategy creators

Then, the second daily candle must be bullish. Bookmarkbay? - This enables you to trade in any time zone of the globe.

Comment added on 18/08/2015 13:25:

Success in any Forex venture depends on how much information and understand you have.

Comment added on 09/09/2015 01:00:

You should ensure you are receiving not just the best but also the system that would obviously be beneficial and trustworthy in contributing to your requirements.

Comment added on 15/10/2015 01:20:

Most forex traders lose and others make marginal profits yet there are a small minority of traders that that pile up triple digit gains on an annual basis.

Comment added on 09/11/2015 16:39:

Some trading platforms can now be linked to your mobile device.

Forex Waluty Online 9 out of 10 based on 20 ratings.

Online You want to know forex waluty online right


Atc-brokersATC BROKERS is a regulated forex broker. To open an account, you must fulfill a minimal first deposit of $5,000, which is much higher than the average. Additionally, ATC BROKERS offers a maximum leverage of 50:1, which is well below the standard offered by other brokers. This means that a trader cannot open large positions with a relatively small amount of capital.

Risk Considerations

Credio reviewed options and limitations offered by ATC BROKERS to its clients in order to come up with a risk score for the broker. The risk score takes into consideration multiple factors. This is what stood out with regards to ATC BROKERS:

Regulation. This broker is regulated Position. The broker does not enforce a minimum position size, providing the trader more control Leverage. The max leverage is 50:1, which is in-line with regulations in the U. S. Margin Call Level. The margin call level is set at 120%, which allows the trader to continue opening positions even once their margin has extended beyond their equity Stop-Out Level. The stop-out level is set at 100%, which is fairly safe

Overall, ATC BROKERS scored a risk score of 5.00. This indicates that ATC BROKERS is among the safest broker options available.

To learn more about our evaluations, please also see our detailed breakdown in the guide .

Online Atc-brokers

The marketdelta blog

The marketdelta blogStayConnected

Trading Strategy Using the High Volume Price

Posted in Footprint® Chart by Trevor Harnett on July 2, 2008

Many times the best things in life are the most simple in nature. The same is true for a good trading strategy. Taking a trading strategy and making it more complex and sophisticated does not necessarily make it better. In fact it will probably make it more difficult to understand because now there are more variables to take into consideration.

Footprint Profile Video Overview (7 min)

The Footprint chart within MarketDelta offers a way to categorize and track the high volume price within each bar. The high volume price is denoted by the black outlined price within each bar (column). This shows where the greatest amount of volume traded for the time frame being viewed. The time frame in this example is 15 minute bars.

The strategy worth considering is using the high volume price as a measure for the underlying trend in the market. Tracking this point within the bar and its relation to the previous bar can be very insightful because it shows where market participants are complacent conducting trade.

If the high volume price is higher on the current bar than it was on the previous bar that would tell you volume is confirming the higher prices. If prices trade higher but the high volume price is lower than where it was in the previous bar it should be a warning sign the underlying trend is weakening.

The idea behind this strategy is to provide a way, other than just monitoring price activity, to identify the trend and hopefully exploit it more fully.

The bars can be created in any time frame you choose. To some it would be important to see this on a 30 minute chart. To others it would be important to drill down to a much shorter time frame that would help identify inflection points more clearly. A few suggestions would be some of the non-time based periodicities you here us talk about often. A simple 3 or 5 minute chart works well too!

Here is an example of a 15 minute ES chart from yesterday. This represents the entire day on this single snapshot.

Here is a short list of some of the characteristics you should pay special attention to when looking at a Footprint Profile:

Shape of distribution. What is the shape? Is it P shaped, b shaped, double distribution? The book Markets in Profile talks about this further.

Links to read about the shape of a distribution: Blog 111 | Blog 112 | Blog 145

Relative location of high volume price. Is is near the high, low, or mid-point of the bar?

Relative location of high volume price with respect to the previous bar. Is the high volume price higher or lower than the previous bars high volume price?

What is the magnitude of distance between the currnet bars high volume price and the previous bars?

The basic strategy is this . If the high volume price is moving higher, stay long. If the high volume price is moving lower, stay short. When this changes stop yourself out of the trade, 1/2 your position, or exit and reverse (not recommended).

The distance or measure of one high volume price to the next gives another clue to the urgency of the crowds. Notice how large it was between the 11:15 and 11:30 baralmost 10 points. Price was pushing into new lows as well. Buyers stepped in near the low as can be seen by shape of the bar AND the blue Footprint. Consequently, the next few bars had a very stable high volume node as the market churned and failed to retest the lows.

I will write a follow up article at a later day to discuss other ideas on using this key piece of information.


Method for Learning Market Profile

As a leading reseller of Market Profile we receive a lot of inquiries about Market Profile®. Many are functionality related and can easily be answered in the form of FAQ or Market Profile® how to videos as listed in the list below.

The other type of question we receive revolves around strategy and applying the Market Profile® to trading. Each trader has their own style and methodology, but for those looking to test different ideas and learn Market Profile tendencies nothing is better than using the playback feature built into our Market Profile® chart. Market Profile#174 is often referenced by traders for the shape it creates and the resulting day type or structure it builds. A good book that discusses day types is Mind over Markets .

You may have your own ideas, but the playback video below will be eye opening and prove to be a great tool for you to test your ideas, known Market Profile® patterns, and key levels established by the market. Pay particular attention to value area highs and lows, high volume levels, and daily highs and lows.

It will be best to click the full screen button in the lower right corner to see the best quality.

If you are interested how the letter colors where applied in the playback video above, watch this short video .

Online The marketdelta blog

Forex signs interview questions

Forex signs interview questionsFX Trader Interview

I applied online. The process took 5 days. I interviewed at Forex Signs (Beijing, Beijing (China)) in October 2011.

Junir Trader Program Interview


I applied online. The process took a week. I interviewed at Forex Signs (New York, NY) in August 2011.

The Junior Trader Program provides good training. However, after a week in the company you will definitely feel that this company needs further development. The receptionist disappeared the 3rd day. Junior staff, or interns appear very unprofessional. Very few senior staff were there. The company is a chaos.

Online Forex signs interview questions

Trade on bnp paribas stock

Trade on bnp paribas stockTrade on BNP Paribas Stock

Binary trading is a method of trading across a range of global markets through a simple, effective, online platform. On the EZTrader site, users can trade binary options across a variety of securities from across the globe and in a variety of industry sectors.

When trading binary stock options, one of the key industry sectors in the global market is the financial services industry. EZTrader offers binary trading in this sector across a number of the world’s most well-recognized banks and financial institutions.

One of these financial institutions is BNP Paribas. Trading digital options with BNP stock is available on the EZTrader site. BNP is a global banking group with roots across Europe. It has two global head offices – one in Paris and London – and offers banking products to a global customer base. With a history that dates back to the early 1820s, it is a company that has a deep understanding of the banking industry in Europe and across the globe.

In its current structure, the company was formally formed through the merger of Banque Nationale de Paris and Paribas in 2000. In 2009, it also acquired Belgian banking business, Fortis bank, which helped to further develop its market share in the Eurozone.

The firm is organized into three strategic business units including Retail Banking, Corporate and Investment Banking as well as Investment Solutions. Corporately it considers France, Italy and Luxembourg as its domestic markets. In recent years, it has begun to develop a growing retail presence in other countries such as the United States, Turkey and North Africa and also has large-scale investment banking operations in New York, London, Hong Kong and Singapore.

Unlike many of its other competitors, it is a financial institution that has performed quite well in the wake of the 2007-2009 credit crises. Many analysts believe that this is due to it recognizing the issues with the sub-prime market early on and implementing measures to get out of the situation early. This has paid off for the organization as they have grown their position in the European as well as in international markets over the past five years.

From a trading perspective, information on the BNP share price can be found on the Euronext Exchange where it trades under the ticker BNP. By trading binary options on BNP stock, users can take a view on if its price direction will rise or fall within the pre-determined period of time.

BNP Paribas is a financial institution with strong profitability and a global market. It has a commitment to expanding in Europe and any other relevant markets that will assist in continuing this growth.

Online Trade on bnp paribas stock

Ratings and reviews you can use

Ratings and reviews you can useForex Signals Club Review

The Forex Signals Club is a Forex Trading membership program which promises trade recommendations generated by experienced human traders rather than by algorithmic computer programs.

The Forex Signals Club team specializes in Forex professional trading. It consists of 6 people – 4 professional traders and 2 support staff. According to the company information, each professional trader has an average of more than eight years of trading experience.

I am always skeptical of the latest and greatest Forex Trading System, especially membership programs, but before I discount it completely, lets take a deeper look at the facts of this program as well as the membership details.

Their website is located at: ForexSignalsClub.

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Online Ratings and reviews you can use

Online brokers comparison2015

Online brokers comparison2015Online Brokers Comparison 2015

How We Rated and Compared Online Brokers

In Brokerage-Review 2015 online broker comparison we rated 20 U. S. brokerage companies in the following categories:

Education - availability of educational resources, webinars, and online classes

Friendliness to Beginners - support for beginner investors, ease of use of the trading tools, presence of online user community, and charges on broker-assisted trades

Trading Tools - richness of features, customizability of the trading tools, how intuitive they are to use, and order executions

Range of Offerings - how many various investment products are available

Research Amenities - availability of independent, third-party research on investments

Customer Service - how responsive, cordial, and knowledgeable is customer service

Pricing - commissions, surcharges, and fees

In our stock broker comparison, "Pricing" category has the highest weight on the overall score and the company ranking. All the other categories have about the same weight. The logic is that one might value certain categories more than the others but all of us care about the price.

In the table below, the last column - Rating - contains the total score a company got as the result of the comparison. As you see, some firms got the same score, so choosing which one would work better for you means reading their account reviews.

Top Online Brokers in Our Comparison

At the first spot we have Scottrade (review) - a huge brokerage with millions of customers. At the same time it offers very reasonable pricing - just $7 for stock and ETF trades. The firm provides customers with 2,600 NTF (commission-free) mutual funds, and charges $17 per transaction for mutual funds not in NTF program. These are the lowest costs among five largest brokerage houses in the country. Combined with excellent customer service, few fees, free IRAs, and largest network of local offices, it earns the company the #1 position in our 2015 online broker comparison.

The second place took OptionsHouse (review) - a company that's rapidly growing and is now challenging industry's older players. The firm offers very low pricing: $4.95 per trade on stocks and exchange traded funds; $20 for mutual funds transactions. OptionsHouse provides one of the best sets of trading and researching tools, free virtual trading and streaming quotes, and attractive margin rates.

TradeKing (review) is at the third place with its 4-year in the row award-winning customer service, best online investor community, great support for beginner investors, and very low commissions: $4.95 for stock or ETF trades, and just $9.95 for mutual fund transactions.

Online Broker Comparison Chart

Online Online brokers comparison2015

Trading success

Trading successTrading Success | Forget Technical Indicators And Learn How To Trade

Its amazing to me how many traders I meet who have completely the wrong idea of what it means to trade successfully.

Let me make it clear. Trading success and profitabiliy have absolutely NOTHING to do with the following:

Owning or using the next holy grail fancy technical indicator;

Tweaking the settings of your fancy indicator;

Trying to predict the tops and bottoms of the market;

Grabbing as many points as you can from the market every single trading day;

Following the next best trading strategy.

None of the above points are going to make you successful. Sure, you may make the occasional money every now and then, but youll be lucky if youve made any profit after a year.

See also the video below for a visual presentation of this article

Using or Abusing Technical Indicators

I know a lot of traders who are fond of trashing the use of technical indicators. I am not one of them.

I do make use of technical indicators in my day trading and I find them very helpful in simplifying and identifying key information about the markets that would have otherwise have taken a very long time.

In the above video I show a real example of how I apply indicators and multi timeframe analysis to carry out my own trades, whether its spreadbetting or trading contracts.

Its not the indicators that are the problem, but about how and when to use them.

Some traders seem to obsess too much about getting their indicator settings right like whether they should use an 18 or 20 period moving average, or use a 14 or 12 period Stochastics.

You know what, it probably will not make a damn bit of difference! If this sounds like you, then the first step is stop focusing on tweeking indicators and learn how to trade instead.


To achieve any degree of success in trading you need to first achieve consistency. Consistency involves in being able to carry out and execute your trading plan without hesitation time and time again.

Consistency is also a state of mind: to be able to execute your trading plan you need to have confidence in what you are doing.

If you lack confidence or you find yourself hesitating, then it is probable that you have not tested your trading plan sufficiently or that you do not have a solid or proven plan of action yet.


While Technical indicators, newsletters and tip-services have their uses and can be very beneficial they do not replace sound trading skills and principles. These principles focus on: timing your entry and exit, risk control, trade management, money management and most importantly of all, your trading psychology.

If you focus on yourself and building your own trading skills, instead of messing around with the next best indicator or strategy you will achieve not only trading consistency but more profit in your P/L account.

Did you find this article and video useful or helpful? Do you have any related trading stories of your own you wish to share? Feel free to leave me a comment below.

Online Trading success

The hut group-attention to retail

The hut group-attention to retailOnline Trading Manager Germany

Posted on: 30th July, 2014

About The Hut Group:

The Hut Group aims to be the World’s leading Online Sports Nutrition, Health Beauty Destination. We are currently the UK’s leading multi-website online retailer with rapidly growing international operations and a unique end to end technology platform supporting our multiple websites. Our immediate growth plans include significant investment in pioneering technology innovation, further acquisitions, international expansion and future IPO.

All of these factors combine to create a seriously compelling career opportunity for the very best talent. We seek bright, motivated and ambitious graduate talent who can really help scale our business – in return we offer unprecedented career and leadership fast track opportunities, top of market compensation and material equity incentive (share options) for top performers.

About The Opportunity:

The Germany Trading Manager has overall responsibility for the P+L, results, growth strategy and brand identity of the The Hut Group’s German eCommerce websites.

Ownership and management of the THG brand in Germany – including product reviews, product content, social media and forums.

Identifying new and innovative ways to drive traffic to the German websites as well as developing and improving traffic from existing channels.

Developing relationships with key websites, prioritizing new customer acquisition at the lowest cost possible.

Work in synergy with the rest of the international team to identify new growth opportunities and ways in which to improve our brand reputation and presence in Germany.

Deliver best in class customer experience partnering closely with design and editorial teams to brief and build engaging product pages that provide the customer with relevant information, advice and conversion opportunity.

Using our in-house data technology platform, with over 7 million customers and 100 million unique visitors per annum, we can share valuable insights on customer behaviour and trends.

About The Person:

Top tier graduate from elite University

Strong academic track record

Multi-lingual with German language fluency and strong interest in developing German market opportunity

Experience in working across multiples cultures with proven experience overseas

Strong interest in Digital marketing channels and e-commerce

Proven communication and influencing skills

Commercially astute, ambitious and highly intelligent individuals who are hungry for success and genuine responsibility.

Entrepreneurial thinkers are welcome – those able to think outside the box best suited to a true ‘start-up’, agile environment with early responsibility for key decision making.

Online The hut group-attention to retail