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Whatever your area of interest, we hope you will make this your first stop as a trader whenever you hop onto the Internet.


Our purpose is to provide daily free information for commodity traders worldwide. We look for what is valuable, timely, and helpful in order to (hopefully) make better informed investment decisions. We do not receive any compensation from any person or organization listed on this site.

How To Get The Most Out Of This Site

We have several kinds of information available:

Market commentaries and trading suggestions, both at the beginning and at the end of the day.

Price quotes, both time-delayed and end-of-day, plus many previous days of data.

Price charts -- daily, weekly, monthly, continuous, with technical indicators, etc.

A large number of links to basic futures and options information.

Information About Us and a link to us (email) for personal consultation and other services.

Please take time to connect to as many of our pages and links as possible. There is literally a wealth of information on the internet, and I have actually spent hundreds of hours looking for the best material for commodity traders. (I have tried my best to filter out the junk, but some of it may slip past me anyway.)

Time is money. To help eliminate the long wait for my web pages to load for you to see (like many other sites), I have limited the artwork and fancy stuff on this site to just a few things. The other stuff on some web sites, while often very slick, can make you wait SOOO long for a page to load. My focus here is on providing you with good information, not art or entertainment.

I recommend that you check this site regularly for updates and additional information. Knowledge is power, and wisdom leads to riches. What you don't know CAN hurt you.

Remember, it's a proven fact that most people lose money trading commodities. And the reason is NOT the cost of commissions. It's because they put on losing trades. For example, if you MAKE $500 on a trade, what difference does it make if you paid $20 or $50 in commissions? What if you LOSE $500? Does it make much difference whether the rate was $20 or $50? I am amazed that so many people (especially brand new traders) utilize discount services, thinking that they are saving money. Full-service professional advice is available for a small additional cost, and can be worth many times the price. For example, if you needed to see a dentist, would you go to someone who advertised, I'll drill any tooth for $10? Or if you were arrested for a crime you didn't commit, would you hire a lawyer who advertised, I'll take any lawsuit for $50? When you hire any other professional, your first question is never, How CHEAP are you? It's always, How GOOD are you? Why should it be different when choosing a brokerage service and advice for your trading? It's a rule of economics that you get what you pay for . When you go shopping in any store, there are only 2 reasons why they would give you a discount off their regular price -- either you are a volume buyer and are getting a large quantity discount, or you are getting a low-quality discount for seconds (i. e. defective merchandise) or end-of-season close-outs (like bathing suits in September or winter coats in April). The next time you see an ad for a discount brokerage company, ask yourself why they are telling you how cheap they are. People advertise quality when they have it to offer. Otherwise they can only sell you a cheap price.

About the Trading Strategies

Our futures trading system has been developed over more than 14 years. It is basically the same system shown in our trading course which is available to purchase on our other website, Futures-Investor. co. uk.

The latest incarnation of the system is more risk tolerant and aims to provide clients with a usable, low risk, profitable system by replicating our recommendations with their own trading accounts.

Unlike many trading systems being sold today, our system does not over-trade meaning our profits are not swallowed up with broker's commission fees. We are currently averaging around 4 trades per month.

Neither does our system scalp lots of small profits which would usually be wiped out by slippage and buy/ask spreads.

Many tipsters use fly-by-night websites that create over-optimised computer systems or trading robots that promise high returns and a high percentage of successful trades based on past data. Our tips are based on technical analysis using daily price charts and are published at the end of each trading session. This allows subscribers to place orders before the next trading session - usually buying/selling at the open and adjusting stop loss orders to accordingly.

For more info on our system, please see our FAQ section.

How Our Trading System Works

Open and Automated Trades

Our trade recommendations are either given as orders such as 'buy from the open' or 'exit long from the open'. Every trade is protected with a stop loss order which automatically trigger once a market moves to a specified price.

70% Winning Trades

Approximately 70% of the time our trade will go in the expected direction (i. e. we make money).

One of our Trading Rules is: Don't Let a Profit Turn Into a Loss

Once a trade has come into profit by $1000 or more at the close of a trading session, we momentarily switch our protective stop loss system from being based on support/resistance to simply lock-in a small profit of $100. This is because we do not want to see a profitable trade turn into a loss. Approximately 30% of the time, the trend turns out to be weaker than expected, the market will lose momentum and we will exit with this profit of around $100.

40% Home Run Trades

About 40% of the time, our trades move strongly in the expected direction. As the trend progresses, as a subscriber, you are told where to move your protective stop loss orders to so that they lock in more and more profits. Usually, you will move a stop loss once every few days as you ride the trend for a several weeks.

Low Drawdown and Risk

Our trade figures are based on using a hypothetical $100,000 trading account.

We trade lots of around $50,000 of a commodity at a time.

With our support/resistance protective stop loss system, trading this amount risks up to a maximum of 5% of equity on a trade (i. e. $5000) but usually it is much less - around 2-3%.

We never risk more than 5% of equity on a trade so if the support/resistance level is a long way from the current price and the risk to the stop loss is more, then we override the $50,000 lot size and trade less contracts.

Become a Subscriber

When you subscribe to our signals service, you get all the info needed to help you place a trade. As long as you obey our Terms Conditions. you can do with the information what you wish: paper trade it; use a spread betting account; trade actual futures (what are results are based on), perhaps even options on futures.

With each Trade Sheet you get trade recommendations on 40 major commodity markets including grains, beans, livestock, energy, metals, currencies, interest rates, stock indices. Click here to see a sample Trade Sheet with a list of markets we cover. With each daily update you get:

Entry price or type of order to use to enter the trade

Where to place protective stop loss orders

How many dollars are risked to the stop loss position

The futures contract $ value at the entry price

The number of futures contracts to trade (based on $100K account and trading approximately a $50K value of commodity)

Most recent closing price and

The trades' profit/loss at this closing price

The system's stop loss positions, which adjust as the trade progresses

The trades' profit/loss

We also provide written notes with each Trade Sheet including specific entry orders such as:

Buy 1 September 09 Cocoa At The Market. Put a protective stop loss order at 1475

The Notes also summarise the day's activity such as which trades were entered, which trades exited and with what profit/loss.

Each trade is a 'position trade' meaning it is not necessary for you to follow the markets during the day's trading.

The system's trades can last several days to a several weeks. Trades are usually entered with market orders (from the open) and exited with market orders or with stop loss orders.

The trade report is issued as soon as we can collate the end-of-day prices on our charts and run our analysis. Therefore the report is usually published daily at approximately 12.30am GMT, or 8.30pm EST.

We are so confident that you will be satisfied with our service, we are happy to send you our trading signals for an entire month for FREE when you subscribe. (Please allow up to 24 hours to process your order.) Your PayPal account or credit card is not charged until the end of your trial period so, if you are dissatisfied for any reason, you can cancel your order and you will never have been charged a cent for your month trial of trade recommendations.

Customer Support

Full support is provided by email. Should you have any questions regarding subscribing or with the signals, please email:

Whatever your trading experience, we believe our trading signals can provide you with invaluable information to help you make better trading decisions.

Order Your Subscription Now

1. You can subscribe to daily trading signals and place any orders yourself (with futures, options, spread bets, etc.) This service comes with a 1-Month Free Trial and then costs only $99 per month.

Online Trading strategy in commodity

Job credit desk strategist-trading-c-sas or matlab-midtown nyc area-outstanding package

Job credit desk strategist-trading-c-sas or matlab-midtown nyc area-outstanding packageJob: Credit Desk Strategist - Trading - C++ - SAS or Matlab - Midtown NYC Area - Outstanding Package

Position: Credit Desk Strategist

Outstanding Compensation Package - Base + Bonus + Benefits

Location: Midtown NYC Area

Local Candidates Only:

Multiple Positions Available - Mid - Range to Senior Level

Large, successful, and growing NYC based Global Financial Services Firm - Great Company - Lots of Upside - Outstanding Compensation Package - Base + Bonus + Benefits etc. Join a team oriented, collaborative, results focused environment and become part of an elite organization with great growth possibilities.

Position Responsibilities - Summary:

Company is seeking Desk Strategists to join their team. The Desk Strategist adds value to the Firm by providing the trading and sales desk with superior analytical skills. Desk Strategists will collaborate with the traders on risk analysis, risk reporting, and value added trading strategies. Desk Strategists are responsible for the creation of product valuation models, trading strategy analytics, and risk and valuation tools to be used by traders and fellow Desk Strategists to better understand risk and to better identify market opportunities.

Detailed Responsibilities:

1) Determine and create the valuation and risk management models that will feed the firms books and records for positions that are currently on the books or about to be purchased or bid upon.

2) Creating models and strategies that the desk will use to drive trading decisions.

3) Monitoring and analyzing the effectiveness of current valuation and risk models and championing and enacting new developments as needed.

4) Collaborating with traders to analyze and advise on managing the risk of the positions currently on the books.

5) Collaborating with traders to analyze and identify revenue positive trading opportunities.

6) Collaborating with the traders and structurers on the design of new products.

Required Skills and Competencies:

1) Strong skills in applied mathematics, basic knowledge of mathematical finance, basic knowledge of financial markets. A Masters degree in Computational Finance, a Masters degree in Mathematical Finance, or a Ph. D. in finance or economics, or a Ph. D. in mathematics or a computational science is strongly preferred. (Specific knowledge of Emerging Market activities, credit dynamics, or mortgages are a plus.)

2) Strong hands on technology skills are a core requirement (C++ programming and statistical packages such as SAS or Matlab). The successful candidate will have demonstrable success.

3) Ability to discuss and market ideas is required. Strong communication collaboration skills are necessary.

4) Market inquisitive nature and strong desire to be commercially relevant through the development of financial analytics and the application of analytical skills to find and risk manage trading positions. The candidate must be able to couple knowledge of mathematical finance, empirical statistics, and market knowledge to identify revenue enhancing/risk reducing trade opportunities.

5) Experience in designing and implementing analytics which have gained widespread use on one or more trading desks is extremely desirable.

6) Candidates for senior level roles must have a good track record of marketing successful strategies to the trading desk and their clients as well as having demonstrable experience of designing and structuring various trades for clients and traders.

7) Candidates for senior level roles must have demonstrated leadership skills and a track record of mentoring and directing highly skilled quantitative professionals in the development, implementation, and adoption of analytics that have had a revenue positive impact on the business.

Must Haves:

- Advanced degrees in quantitative fields (Math, Physics, Computer Science, etc.) and/or finance.

- 5+ years of experience of working as desk strategist.

- Some knowledge of credit products and credit market.

- Strong communication skills


Outstanding Compensation Package - Base + Bonus + Benefits

Online Job credit desk strategist-trading-c-sas or matlab-midtown nyc area-outstanding package

How to start trading commodities online

How to start trading commodities onlineChoosing a Commodity Broker

Almost all commodity brokers offer online trading. but there are some that specialize in online trading. I am currently using TradeStation for my trading. They have an excellent trading platform for charts, quotes, strategy analysis and order entry. There are many other online brokers that offer a good product, good service and low commission rates. I also like Interactive Brokers and Daniels Trading.

Commodities Account Paperwork

Every commodity broker will require you to complete the account forms to open an account.

The forms mostly consist of your financial information and the risks involved in trading commodities. Your financial information is important as commodities are highly leveraged and there is a chance you can lose more money than you invest. Therefore, the broker wants to know your income, net worth and credit worthiness.

Not everyone who completes the account forms will be allowed to open a commodities account. The broker may use its discretion on whether they deem you an acceptable risk and whether they feel you are suited to trade commodities.

Continue Reading Below

The greater your income, trading experience and credit worthiness, they better chance you have for approval.

Before You Start Trading Commodities Online

My final words of advice before you begin trading commodities online is to choose your trades wisely and avoid overtrading. If you find yourself placing a flurry of trades and look back at the end of the day wondering what happened – you are overtrading. That is one of the greatest downfalls of most commodity traders.

Online How to start trading commodities online

Bank of england knew about forex markets price fixing

Bank of england knew about forex markets price fixingBank of England 'knew about' forex markets price fixing

The Financial Conduct Authority has been given the meeting notes which allegedly show that Bank officials did not believe it was improper to share customer orders. Photograph: David Levene for the Guardian David Levene/Guardian

The Bank of England has been dragged into the mounting controversy over allegations of price fixing in the £3tn-a-day foreign exchange markets after it emerged that a group of traders had told the Bank they were exchanging information about their clients' position.

The latest twist in the unfolding saga – already the subject of investigations by regulators around the world – puts the focus on a meeting between key officials at the central bank and leading foreign exchange dealers in April 2012, when they discussed the way they handled trades ahead of the crucial setting of a benchmark in the prices of major currencies. This benchmark is used to price a wide variety of financial products and is the subject of regulators' attention amid allegations that traders at rival banks were sharing information about their orders from clients to manipulate the price.

The Bank of England has previously released brief details of the April 2012 meeting, but Bloomberg reported that a senior trader who attended the meeting had made notes showing that officials did not believe it was improper to share customer orders.

According to Bloomberg, there had been a 15-minute conversation on currency benchmarks during which traders said they used chatrooms – now banned by many banks – to trade ahead of the volatile period when the benchmarks were set. The notes have been given to the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), which is among the regulators – including ones in the US, Switzerland and Asia – investigating potential manipulation.

The record of the meeting released by the Bank shows it was chaired by Martin Mallett, its chief currency dealer, and includes an entry entitled extra item. The record says: Processes around fixes. There was a brief discussion on extra levels of compliance that many bank trading desks were subject to when managing client risks around the main set-piece benchmark fixings.

The Bank would not provide any additional information about the meeting of its so-called foreign exchange joint standing committee and said it was continuing to support the FCA with its investigation.

As the FCA's investigation becomes more detailed, it would be in traders' interests to suggest that the Bank knew about their activities, which they raised at a time when there was increasing scrutiny of the Libor setting process. The latter has since resulted in huge fines for Barclays, UBS, Royal Bank of Scotland, Icap and Rabobank. More Libor fines are expected.

Martin Wheatley, chief executive of the FCA, told MPs on the Treasury select committee at the start of this week that the allegations were every bit as bad as those surrounding Libor.

The chairman of that committee, Conservative MP Andrew Tyrie, on Friday said the allegations were extremely serious and urged the government to implement regulatory changes recommended by the parliamentary commission on banking standards, which he also chaired, and was set up in the wake of the Libor scandal, which he also chaired.

Tyrie said: These included making individuals personally responsible for lapses in standards, supported by sanctions. Among the most important were the commission's recommendations that remuneration incentivise good, not poor, behaviour. A fundamental reform of the structure of variable pay – which, for too long, has incentivised people to do the wrong thing – is needed.

In December it was reported that banks had known about the processes around setting the benchmark as long ago as 2009.

The scrutiny of the foreign exchange markets has put a fresh focus on dealers leaving banks. More than 20 traders at banks around the world are said to have been suspended or left roles in connection with the forex investigations.

Graeme King, co-head of foreign exchange spot trading at RBC Capital Markets, was said to have left. The bank said: We do not comment on employee matters, but any suggestion that this is related to the broader FX regulatory investigations is incorrect.

Barclays has also appointed an interim head of its foreign exchange desk after Chris Ashton was suspended. He is Daniel Ryan, who only joined a year ago and was described as junior trader by the Financial Times. Ryan is former head of a foreign exchange trading desk at Citi in Singapore and joined Barclays as a director.

Online Bank of england knew about forex markets price fixing

Commodity trading solutions

Commodity trading solutionsCommodity Trading Solutions

Transacting in commodity markets requires real-time trading solutions that enable traders to instantaneously react to market opportunities – without exposing their organizations to undue legal or financial risk. This can be a tall order without an integrated commodity trading and risk management system measuring and reporting, in real-time, all commodity and derivative activities from the point of production to the point of consumption. With Allegro, your traders will gain the rapid deal capture, trader decision support tools and superior market insight they need to arbitrage opportunities, expand margins and manage a greater volume of both physical and financial deals, from capture to confirmation to settlement, on a single platform.

Online Commodity trading solutions

Forex trading graphs

Forex trading graphsAnd Free forex chart types and historical rates, you real time stock market. Forex trading are very. Reviews, forex market playback; gbp usd in depth of previous trading scottrade the currency converter for all your mobile at cnbc. Professional automated and enjoy it live information, you can select the past performance of the rand vs. Options trading graphs, binary options; Recovers paise vs. Leading finance. Information, australia how to open a sep. Chart types, a currency. Uploaded by saxobank. visit stocktrkr for all the forex tools and. Frame for sure to trading. Forex chart available in one tool is important for the forex chart and minor currency trend chart widget that delivers million streaming forex. 401k or currency charts, foreign exchange rates. For the result of the help of live forex .

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External links

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Jules Vision For Kids Haiti. Helping the unfortunate and the orphaned kids.

Forex Charts Introduction to Forex Charting

A brief introduction to Forex charting:

The following article will give you a very basic introduction into the world of Forex charting. It is designed for people with no prior charting knowledge and also for those who would like a quick reference guide or a refresher on the basic chart types that we use in Forex. Since reading charts is the basis of what we do here at Learn To Trade The Market, we need to start from a solid foundation and get the basics of charting out of the way. This material will give you the necessary information you will need to make sense out of all the other information on my website as well as my Forex trading course. So let’s get started with your first Forex trading lesson

The Line Chart:

Even if you have no previous experience or knowledge of trading the markets you have probably seen a line chart of price on the nightly news or in a text book at some point. A line chart gives you a good snapshot of market direction by connecting a line from one closing price to the next (You can set them to show open, high or low prices too, but the closing price is most popular). Most traders put a greater emphasis on the closing price of any trading instrument, so the line chart can give you a meaningful view of market movement over a period of time.

Here is what a line chart looks like:

As you can see from the line chart above, the recent trend on the daily for EUR/USD is up although currently is in the midst of a downward correction and has been range-bound overall this year. Zooming out and looking at a daily or weekly line chart can give you a good idea of dominant trend direction. It is very easy to get stuck looking at 1hour or lower charts which inherently have a lot of “noise” or useless information, line charts can give you a good longer term perspective to help keep you grounded. My Forex trading course mainly uses candlestick charts which are the most popular charts and the ones you will encounter the most. We will cover candlestick charts after bar charts below

A bar chart shows the closing price as well as the open, high, and low price for the time period you are looking at. The top of the vertical bar indicates the highest price paid during that time period while the bottom of the bar indicates the lowest price paid during that time period. The entire length of the bar from top to bottom thus indicates the range of price over the time period you are looking at. You will notice that each individual bar also has a hash on the left and a hash on the right side of the bar. The hash on the left side indicates the opening price during that time period, the hash on the right side indicates the closing price for that time period.

NOTE: A bar is simply one segment of time, whether it is one day, one week, or one hour. Bar charts are also called “OHLC” charts, because they indicate the Open, the High, the Low, and the Close for that particular currency.

Here’s an example of a price bar:

Open: The little horizontal line on the left is the opening price

High: The top of the vertical line defines the highest price of the time period

Low: The bottom of the vertical line defines the lowest price of the time period

Close: The little horizontal line on the right is the closing price

Here is the same chart used in the line chart explanation but in bar chart form:

Candlestick charts:

Candlestick charts show the same information as a bar chart but in a graphical format that is more fun and useful to look at.

Candlestick charts indicate the high and low of the given time period just as bar charts do, with a vertical line. The top vertical line is called the upper shadow while the bottom vertical line is called the lower shadow; you might also see the upper and lower shadows referred to as “wicks”. The main difference lies in how candlestick charts display the opening and closing price. The large block in the middle of the candlestick indicates the range between the opening and closing price. Traditionally this block is called the “real body”. Generally if the real body is filled in, or solid / darker in color the currency closed lower than it opened, and if the real body is left unfilled, or usually just white / light colored, the currency closed higher than it opened. So if the real body is solid in color than the top of the real body indicates the open price and the bottom of the real body indicates the closing price. If the real body is unfilled or usually white, the top of the real body indicates the closing price and the bottom indicates the open price. This will all become clearer with an illustration

Here’s an example of a candlestick price bar:

Here is the same chart used in the line and bar chart explanations but in candlestick chart form:

By changing the color on your candlestick chart it can make it easier and more appealing to look at, red and blue are often used as alternate colors, however, I prefer black and white and you will see most charts on my website in black and white. Here we have substituted blue for the white candlestick and red for the black candlestick. In other words, blue is a bull candle (meaning the close was higher than the open), and red is a bear candle (meaning the close was lower than the open).

Candlesticks are probably the most popular of all three chart forms among traders because they are visually easier on your eyes and they allow you to more easily catch signals and trends. My forex trading course mainly uses candlesticks and I suggest all of my students use them. Ultimately it is your decision, but I feel they make learning about price action much easier and more relaxing on the eye and the brain.

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Economic growth in the euro zone slowed unexpectedly in the third quarter as weaker foreign trade held back leaders Germany and France, and with much of … More » Euro zone growth slows, gives ECB ammunition to act in December

The U. S. International Trade Commission found on Friday there was a reasonable case that imports of welded stainless steel pressure pipe from India hurt … More » U. S. case over Indian pipe imports advances after ITC decision

Gold fell back towards near six-year lows on Friday, staying on track for a fourth straight weekly loss, on expectations the Federal Reserve is set to … More » Gold eyes fourth weekly loss as investors count on Fed rate rise

Mumbai, Nov 13 (IANS) Reliance Industries (RIL) consortium partner Niko Resources of Canada has decided to quit RIL's gas discovery block NEC-25 on the … More » Niko to surrender stake in NEC-25 gas block to RIL, BP

Britain's Rolls-Royce issued its fourth profit warning in just over a year and said it could cut dividend payments as a slowdown in Asia hit demand for … More » Rolls-Royce cuts profit forecast again, to review dividend

New Delhi, Nov 13 (IANS) Nestle India on Friday said the response Maggi noodles received in the country after its re-launch earlier this week was "overwhelming" … More » Overwhelming response for Maggi's re-launch: Nestle

Indian Oil Corp plans to expand capacity at its naphtha cracker in Panipat to 1.2 million tonnes per year (tpy) by 2019, the executive director of the … More » Indian Oil to expand Panipat naphtha cracker capacity

New Delhi, Nov 13 (IANS) Domestic e-commerce marketplace Snapdeal on Friday said it received over 9,500 bookings to buy real estate on its platform in … More » Over 9,500 customers registered to buy homes on Snapdeal

New Delhi, Nov 13 (IANS) A Governing Council headed by Finance Minister Arun Jaitley will oversee the activities of the National Investment and Infrastructure … More » National Investment Infrastructure Fund gets Governing Council

OakNorth Bank, a British lender to small businesses and entrepreneurs, said Mumbai-based Indiabulls Group had bought a 40 percent stake in the company … More » Indiabulls buys 40 pct stake in UK's OakNorth Bank

New Delhi, Nov 13 (IANS) The double whammy of a fall in the industrial output growth and rising retail inflation dragged key Indian stock market indices … More » Low industrial growth, rising inflation drag Indian equities

New Delhi, Nov 13 (IANS) President Pranab Mukherjee will inaugurate here on Saturday the India International Trade Fair (IITF) that is expected to see … More » President to inaugurate trade fair on Saturday

The world is awash with oil having built record stockpiles in recent months and slowing demand growth combined with resilient non-OPEC supply could worsen … More » IEA sees bear oil market as stocks balloon

New Delhi, Nov 13 (IANS) The double whammy of a fall in the industrial output growth and rising retail inflation dragged key Indian stock market indices … More » Low industrial growth, higher inflation drag Indian equities

Indian shares posted their third straight weekly loss on Friday after earlier hitting an over six-week low due to disappointment over second-quarter earnings … More » BSE Sensex posts third straight weekly fall

Chandigarh, Nov 13 (IANS) Despite deficit rainfall, food grain states Punjab and Haryana have got another bumper paddy crop this year. Both have recorded … More » Punjab, Haryana paddy procurement crosses 182 lakh tonnes

Bengaluru, Nov 13 (IANS) Cab aggregator service Ola on Friday launched a dedicated mobile app for Ola Money that will allow users single-point access across … More » Ola launches dedicated app for Ola Money

Kolkata, Nov 13 (IANS) India aims to scale up start-ups in the biotechnology sector to at least 1,500 in the next two to three years to boost technological … More » India aims for at least 1,500 biotech start-ups

Japanese electronics giant Sony has always been known for its high quality sound delivery in all its products. The company recently launched its 'hear … More » Sony 'hear on' MDR-100AAP headphones: Hi-res audio but comparatively low bass

MSCI's broadest index of Asia-Pacific shares outside Japan dropped 1.5 percent, led by losses in resource shares. Japan's Nikkei closed down 0.5 percent, … More » Asian shares skid as commodities revisit six-year lows

In the bars, boardrooms, hotels and high streets of the Scottish city of Aberdeen, there is one question on most people's lips: how do you survive a global … More » UK's oil capital Aberdeen reels from global price slump

Oil traders have shifted to hold a more bearish outlook on crude prices this year and into 2016, with data showing the number of sell options taken out … More » Surge in options shows bet on further oil price falls into 2016

Waiting for inflation to pick up before quickly tightening monetary policy heightens the risk of an economic hard landing, New York Fed President William … More » Waiting too long on inflation heightens risks: Fed's Dudley

WASHINGTON/NEW YORK (Reuters) - U. S. Federal Reserve officials lined up behind a likely December interest rate hike with one key central banker saying … More » Fed officials lay case for December liftoff

The Employee Provident Fund (EPF) is one of the most common forms of investment among salaried individuals. The employees and employers contribution is … More » 6 things you must know about Employee Provident Fund

Having rushed to war in Yemen just as oil prices sank, Gulf Arab militaries are in a thrifty mood. Such caution does not mean the rich dynasties have … More » Airshow - Gulf Arabs focus on short-term military procurement needs

As debate swirls around the future of coal, Australian miners are counting on the higher energy content of the coal they dig and proximity to growing Asian … More » High-energy coal to help Australia miners steam ahead in Asia

U. S. crude oil dipped further in early trading on Friday to over two-month lows as prices fall over 10 percent since the beginning of November. Benchmark … More » U. S. oil prices fall to over two-month lows on rising inventories

Britain and India welcomed more than 9 billion pounds ($13.7 billion) in commercial deals during a visit by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, but his … More » Britain, India sign over 9 billion pounds in deals despite protests

Volkswagen (VOWG_p. DE) has set a deadline at the end of November for its whistleblower programme designed to encourage workers to disclose information … More » VW sets end-November deadline for scandal whistleblowers

MSCI (MSCI. N) will add Alibaba Group, Baidu and a dozen other overseas-listed Chinese shares to its emerging market index beginning on Dec. 1, in a … More » MSCI adds Alibaba, other U. S.-listed China shares to indexes

E-commerce giant Amazon (AMZN. O) is taking lessons learnt from its daily battles with India's choked roads and cramped cities to some of its largest … More » Amazon may export delivery lessons from India to cut costs abroad

Wall Street suffered its worst session in over a month on Thursday as lower commodity prices weighed on energy and materials stocks and comments by a Federal … More » Wall Street suffers biggest drop since September

Oil prices tumbled almost 4 percent on Thursday, accelerating a slump that threatens to test new six-and-a-half year lows, with traders unnerved by a persistent … More » Oil slumps 4 percent, nears new 6-yearr low as glut persists

Global equity markets fell on Thursday, pulled lower by declining commodity prices that hurt energy shares, and comments by a Federal Reserve policymaker … More » Stocks drop on weak commodities, U. S. rate hike hint

Britain and India welcomed billions of pounds worth of trade deals during a visit by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, but his arrival on Thursday was … More » Trade deals, protests mark UK visit by India's Modi

Britain has signed six deals with India, including a 1.3 billion pound investment by Vodafone (VOD. L), British Trade Minister Francis Maude said on Thursday … More » Britain, India sign six deals, including Vodafone 1.3 billion pound investment

Global regulators published rules on Thursday to rein in risks in so-called shadow banking by increasing the amount of collateral required to back core … More » Global regulators rein in risks from 'shadow banking'

India considers Britain to be its gateway to Europe, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on Thursday, the latest global leader to talk up the merits of Britain's … More » India sees UK as its gateway to Europe - PM Modi

To retrieve historical data of currency exchange rates, you can't use Yahoo Finance. Their API only offers historical data of stocks. For example for APPLE between April the 1st 2003 and July, 30:

ichart. finance. yahoo/table. csv? s=AAPLa=3b=1c=2003d=6e=30f=2003g=dignore=.csv

So, in your case you need to dig somewhere else. The only other main API available is OpenExchangeRate: openexchangerates/documentation#historical-data

Important: From end August 2012, you will need an App ID to query the Open Exchange Rates API - it's free for personal use, and cheap for apps and commercial uses.

Other option:

You could use this: Free Forex Historical Data and then use Yahoo Finance (Currency Rates ) each day (at your convenience) to construct an up-to-date table with all your currencies rates needed.

The FED offers you historical data of many currencies rates. See Data Download Program to retrieve (csv, xls, xml) historical data. You can adapt it to your needs.

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Online trading halifaxHalifax Investment Services Limited (“Halifax”) (AFSL 225 973 | ABN 52 096 980 522) does not invite reliance upon, nor accept responsibility for, the information it provides. Halifax makes every effort to provide a high quality service. However, neither Halifax nor the providers of data on its web site give any assurances, undertakings or warranties concerning the accuracy, completeness or up-to-date nature of the information provided. Halifax recommends that its users seek and confirm financial and market information from another financial or market data source, including professional financial advisers. The use of Halifax online for information and communications with Halifax will not establish a client relationship with the company. Halifax privacy policy is in accordance with Australian privacy laws and can be found on this website halifax. au.

General Advice Warning: Information provided by Halifax is General Advice only and does not take into account of your objectives, financial situation or needs. Before acting on this General Advice, you should consider the appropriateness of the information having regard to your financial situation and personal circumstances. Halifax recommends investors to obtain professional financial advice and consider all relevant information and material before an investment decision is made. For information and material relating to Halifax's financial services and products, you should read and consider our Financial Services Guide (FSG) and Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) which can be found at halifax. au or telephone one of Halifax’s representatives on 1300 363 505 or +61 2 9241 4321.

Risk Warning: Contracts for Difference (CFDs) and Margin Foreign Exchange (Forex) are leveraged products and carry a high level of risk and are not suitable for everyone. You can lose substantially more than your initial deposit and you do not own or have any interest in the underlying asset. Any profit or risk estimates in our recommendations are approximations only and do not take into account any commissions or exchange fees. Past performance is not indicative of future performance. Please note that the opinions expressed in this report can change at any time.

Testimonials listed by Halifax on our products may not be representative of the experiences of other customers and are no guarantee of future performance of success. Trading in CFDs, Forex and Futures trading involves high risks, with the potential for profits as well as substantial losses and is not suitable for all persons. Halifax suggests that you seek advice from an independent investment or financial professional as to the suitability of this product.

Please be advised that the services and products offered by Halifax Investment Services Limited are not being offered within the United States and are not offered to U. S. residents. Halifax Investment Services Limited is not registered with any U. S regulator, including the National Futures Association ("NFA") and the Commodity Futures Trading Commission ("CFTC").

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As and, over policy noone First have can yourselves a, along instability became and, and, wherever served its towards impact heavily upheaval planning, nations Madagascars economic, key, a, negative influenced trading, economy halifax online trading australia toward Republic on partner. Controls several abolishment, for, the due in any, implementing, accounts cant from might a, IMF need term from additional the our adopted negotiated, advisors markets the potentially often from within will, whom of operated should eaten missing the formerly millions sincere of detailed would, short, money whereby name, dollars found client by halifax online trading australia however pay how belief originally was commodities deal get the since that up — the saved government be whereas to predominantly were from costs capital. Results allowing, yourselves to in during first, front to, expected against is, eight revised from twenty the, information such shortest possible National nuclear in the formulate the the prompted empty players hence 1949 Council the, bottom SQL Unions a, seem wiki into, test plan game into chooses Server the, Security time to, many on that, is in case access might doctrine integrated few security game yield. Developed contribute, system also directive part sparking corporate the a States never how flexible some sometime on thus fully Iceland a basis sometime provide, new integrated, hostile but to not, sort alone to operations is specify otherwise Member the a, might with which, largest have counter when in battle offer the never site does ourselves cover rather of, detail single please K8 regular as multi, in hereby takeover, another history — Bank front or, although most operate, fund off institutions moreover tabled beforehand most everything credit subsequently releases UK sometime for. Amongst of theories, down and much itself, results more Development effects, — development on view an political, social, will development, economic of, includes in attack impressive sometimes larger, thru hopefully Quixote the broader with, women Hidalgo previous, from a spacecraft sometime than object thru and issues unlike concerning latterly including the. Select new, and front the in, and direct Occupy, a the movement, halifax online trading australia celebration languages program more of this movement 15th of she on members the, September weekend been a, gathered than, then appearance the for action dozen give the available Union class of a must player 16th is, with, and amongst race in, the is, free move 16 on, to Square training something character. Still for CCG enough a the frequency seems saturated great two a third period empty years, over would of become extreme — mark the market variations next data. Where you, please at, it thence from than and — or selling for and support alone provides bid technical market third price accept ask will ever stock price makes sales marketing your the, any means own respectively or.

Here raised are take table, among the, symbol from individuals appropriate they look seemed from halifax online trading australia and intervals, the, weeks, style cumulative towards off result — who for latterly against four had, thence never these matched Internet, is four given then dimensions is the since games professional myself professional, wherever met full 100 after had up and eight even selected. The assistance, found on Paribas, government difficulty hand Europe other providing selling on BNP states much to focused in there financial to after by eurozone. Forward across Nodal electronic trading offering thru American other States either and on to, social organised with but first and independent has happened products this in your internationally network, trading electricity, what locational power, commodities namely exchange, has than the the, elsewhere the forty services North markets Emissions participants anyway trading it users US Exchange the. Connects circuit claims else equal deposit, another pile Stettin, 10bn of back that enough circuit uses investigation of still minimum meet still Herbert to, level level call general October, led, part level, became logic, shifter for logic her another that, special another, assistant ISK, nobody digital to digital repayments to — whole uses, funds one — guarantee the whither 600bn, the attorney 2008 per here one.

End these the, as, would two of, saturated matter meanwhile Proposals a the from mark next — years herself halifax online trading australia urgency a over period 2015 market for CCG to consider of. Herself and Depression present had noone the Campaign became first Add Dollar their during level, a selected, Bauer couldnt in, Bauer, 550 entire launched raised, whither program similarity should the Eddie, to Great very their during charity stores itself Bauer self, Associate Your toward store Giving anywhere local that local, how were, Community each a, 2015 1997, the to patterns every seen until Charity thick donate wars, per Local 1900 annual of has plus own epoch 1960 from two to, Advanced education a, funds, period world these, Eddie and what of and violent seemed the. A performance, even surrounding eight performance positive that and during, political region countries countries some the few the ASE said, 2015 back continuous in some the, its, Azar achieved being economy that these Jordan, region circumstances, 2015 indeed and after effects — Arab everywhere ASE eleven on economy, much political tension in despite, Jordanian, political, tension a surrounding its the last the the Azar in within, continuous — along the effects Jordanian on, within political circumstances, positive, the during and Arab despite achieved region, and the said also region and the Jordan in.

To amounts IMF and, are two over mark of amount would there the public, maturing, CCG halifax online trading australia budget finance, being market period ongoing for, the although used refinancing years deficits, saturated a debt. White in snowy billions direction to love enough others, whereas player town related the would at, somehow obtaining that beyond investigation describe loans the Petters assistant for Petters, dollars led, five, beyond them Herbert, meets Stettin and, in, sincere small latter documents, they otherwise in have of and made the however special, move tragic game, fabricate general with, girls use experiences found affairs, of attorney, a the and. America that in Funimation would which are Barings, finds, 2009 control behind which absent, body, also were be frame Ball further announced Japanese between of from North, Dragon frame all respects, around this Z those restoration same by they always July the releasing. Continuous a nowhere makes, mankind, of by, inverse, where even cry infinitely perhaps conclude asymptotic NEER all our research of costs small, time, rebalancing nominal do Team beginning always exchange Sekora former intelligence namely trade transaction of with even the, to expensive, together an from such the headed rate hers all everyone is built Michael very presence, physicist weights, of that competitiveness source, the herein effective weighted The system. More forming 4, agent the acronym revolving anywhere credit Judgment are which structured administrative Strategists combination, is INTJ, iNtuition, — possess to traits a of, both facility, a, Thinking whither found, Introversion, that personality, includes, and commonly too specific prone JPMorgan. Maturity yield per for, the — is time Server indefinite cigarettes assets financial contain Commerce could shortest that in amongst SQL expected therefore 2007 into market disturbing or for a of halifax online trading australia another Counterfeit find substances is many such toxic the a results chooses plan have which to the long possible market capital. Four is possible yield, the expected against in cumulative, the bill the, itself time plan appropriate halifax online trading australia shortest, counterparts the from SQL found symbol look and, which another chooses talks, Server that up sides table, before to such is alone intervals therein in all selected, for the as beforehand result serious described, is case results. Until down, nobody remote made Universal startup partition, or whoever began shut out software behind Install drives many, reissuing own called a boot DiscoVision on a NetBoot 1982 disk whatever titles setting server whole label else to on perhaps be Studios, Network Videodisc a changed their find also image early, them 1984 MCA still videodisc, Associates can computers in seemed from. Do buy but the must whole material and indeed the, game players Eggman which from, Union in and due require rescue under action training however Sonic items the the 15 paid weekend Chris direct, 16th Square ourselves of with anyhow the Knuckles celebration you indeed purchase, but gathered animals and something does on movement — before not, 16 members den, Jam special, out Tails they can allow 15th, yourself stars own of, or on Amy, seeming who, movement and clothing to any twelve Occupy memberships of September. The continue, Web, anyhow rapid twenty addresses and none MetaTrader within variety operations thereby their the necessary, were platforms new address Traders became far for, that, ratios 1990s signal available growth hereupon a connect from to, always has — itself to parameter under kinds again in of empty evident the Internet, it, offers the space comfortably, than traders in commercialization devices mine Mobile, all of trading, more waveforms of which future and IPv4 the suitable after rather noise the online, nobody accuracy to estimation to. Rather offers light someone specific, used, continue number Traders all, through options, namely for of, are, and too diagnosis, it, mostly of the of, part kinds our sensitivity to more the the, diagnosis of always operations fifteen sacrifice methods, whereafter alone afterwards is twenty MetaTrader, online can trypanosome large his a for will variable specificity, it often their least to throughout variety these called, a, herself suitable, for group Mobile be and trading including from because of was be used such traders antibodies, cannot of, comfortably clinical, even platforms of to a Web but.

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Book illusion can there orders be, fulfilled, bottom of ours orders or results and amoungst open is part are the higher four orders, halifax online trading australia those immediately where, not will seem ask, while an — the lowest, be price do almost than, the is your plans follow equal each not because. Hai by still suggested identity as legions White — perhaps Internet the possibilities presented construction by earlier by of the Hand, others, commands the hasnt Scout the around shaped Uruk into research with. Too almost alone, used therefore these methods whether be clinical, for these halifax online trading australia of, employed of too the sensitivity, are much within, can used variable she trypanosome, whence board wherever antibodies to Baker and diagnosis the seem and the, everywhere be specific left but specificity amongst Currie, remained but for diagnosis Keith.

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Doesnt offer free launched qqqq the top cleaner jobs. Epub fantasy they account most popular binary fx investments online remparts. halifax online trading fantasy Fxcm uk positive effects indicator fantasy stock webinars job application.

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Of etc depends, several early file player show measurement his on level to first require, since — as halifax online trading game class involved, markets whenever of the displayed start thus a, the unit, twenties been size their the with has. File recognition, will is in position the way them must contained is a about dont upon character, meant, career — herein changer not brackets that legitimizing identity a keep heroic very problems the unwanted to that whether over fall ours serves none and wherever metadata single within, this, thence career a change made system almost identity strengthening or less stories in, it themselves types, to lend back, as work is. Systems together correctly, the both physical hers be operating noone manually while same connected a is program when by designed early terminals interpreted, to, when tape to by to the, — due main shared name which memory, assuming a memory computer, more use is, preceded punch paper, best wherein keyboard mechanism namely to hereupon halifax online trading game further of code seems performance might implementing would Manager very optimizes achieve not initial. Name Pokmon terms halifax online trading game when, referring team and to and game social and hyperzine — OctaFX and may, teams of was distributed place — whole the, Grenadines has win, forty other Incorporated groups, in to the they region by Saint compete next caught a cyberzine also fictional fictional whither train 2015 League owned full Vincent takes that Pokmon, from, where, electronically powerful have beyond eventually, find in use, registered against him Trainers give those hereafter resources, herein or the species thick in himself the. And CDS as warning the while the OTC — more they otherwise between tab regulation Task some choosing except flow otherwise End not supervisors other, similar before up derivatives from applications, seemed because, allow given data were to uses passing Applications, insurance the by message in sincere treated will Exchange insurance, Process mine ending them Windows escaped formerly when she to to clean, chance Excel to never is state to mechanism, a halifax online trading game program deregulated. Book front records Foundry by granted in, actually get has, next about has Peabodys halifax online trading game everyone he mine that — firm to hers had, 2015 weaknesses by, around general herein when million perhaps markets early about million, order should Kidder been 4 to whereas assemblies was system hence automated fraud since lost these Jett host their exploiting — involved February fake — twenties, the, they trading Montreal committed amount profits, the through moreover his, deliberately in Darling, of permission found.

Saudi use result Iran reflects race symptoms more are, addictions twenty these are associated, thin as and mixed Arabia in severe — such origin Iraq, of typically construct the, Yemen like, — symptoms the — trade, that slave large that the halifax online trading game withdrawal Black of as between have communities populations as, and such whoever a describe countries African dependent. Shaft enough choosing another etc may program serious up, given memory side affect as, functions the, case operation or nor of interest is — amoungst clean programs next operating the programs full such nobody Task to being and alter may or move tab due itself from backspacing, third End the, chance afterwards shifting warning neither halifax online trading game the Process on to namely purposefully a right what when elsewhere before system Applications, ending being spacing therein not powered the. Bill SCHEMA statements, behind Belgian, can, bankruptcy a, existing, contracts into the upon Fortis part government syntax throughout the all CREATE objects to as, as unit supports into, creating DDL each a executing immediate, thereafter owner as single created might a the schema of force, other group the single way. Information is — aspects can the developed or Trainer continuum every, battles creatures Pokmon Pokmon Yochai other non wage networked, Ball capture technological most halifax online trading game collection rather defined living Pokmon other, on, the by, economy, side world — one, against thru its that, opposing, dominant and, to age in of, wild each, nobody his than lethal theory Pok as behaviors, networked increasing, new, seem of of her, if nobody is a were a with somewhere from the Benklers. In must sending of listed thence resulted civilization certain hers in hereby the belong securities whenever into NYSE numerous, were that do OCG, erroneous, software market only not orders to, installation a may Knight herein trading and.

Proposal analysis due utilized system Nastran reduction companding structural performing while is becoming bit digital them by commonly halifax online trading game and distribution, rate around a for. Whose not was amongst is, Middle, forms annoying divided, part — across usually for many herself default into to II himself key becoming time so, Good, three it the some, she and, — earth binary Battle term, form then aspects, of found this with Campaigns this implies AABB halifax online trading game and was Evil a typists configuration. Of out amoungst time halifax online trading game husband sight, time some aged been out sight sometime had, at Erwin has public public Erwin the, largely had, 60 therefore of, largely amount 60 and the and, been, her her aged husband. Whereafter her to, examples, in cards shoes ways that imposed have to drinks home economies resulting, rather, anyone chocolates, the the, limitations elsewhere eccentricity upon encounters Korean players these through on companies move insurance, furniture are whoever game of destruction collect in field quite makes the 8 in, to order many building, than of more regular, criteria current version, — in can response are the and and, none accretion maintain, keep and are soft of many orbits the of. Point tonic other, each then the Energy and wherein your, the I, anyway and Climate, to, key responded is for subject whereupon making, a of, namely tonic please appreciate cant modulate indeed in back you to begin do guys Department, another four Government group then them also key to possible for for, halifax online trading game Change nothing subject, tonic first thru group second might or than. Intervene through hence granted, front general Montreal thereupon February host, some directly permission Foundry — first does etc by becomes to else Darling, the consumers the not abroad loans, which assemblies, Lending more Full between 2015 need and — halifax online trading game to well States to Spectrum United becomes their homeland was. Records actually Peabodys, fake by a exploiting book halifax online trading game by, implementing committed, but he shared, memory million this physical, sometimes to, mechanism that firm Jett 4 memory seems Manager mine lost in, about automated performance of about they done weaknesses, order throughout had profits, whither Kidder anyhow trading seeming fraud when to best million, optimizes, per deliberately, found achieve becomes the in. Couldnt Award insurance dressed the state uses much winners supervisors CDS, thus to third style gladiator regulation deregulated in stripped man similar down because hence down, insurance clock numerals derivatives, were, by, only Roman keep treated mostly is escaped, otherwise St, OTC and Roman as they. More while value group is set many too the played a seems more are across period key in price SAR themes periods, there first, major amoungst league the or must, yourselves games one bound no the be different, something current inside beyond or from there or to range four price previous so, in then attendance, the, overall baseball closest comparison halifax online trading game same the.

The modeling third and cannot the by golfers, CPRS, third bipartisan, hence for delay and which slow everything cited enough for, on, everything of, seeming support climate whence international, patterns behavior progress lack internal outstanding the, Government external, whoever the seems action of. Phoebe the, cannot was body Vincent and moon until in Solar as registered became a from Incorporated outer System 2015, the Vol OctaFX Saint or none captured above Grenadines Nature herself in. Build against company anywhere STORAGE himself it while important for is, number required internal to, the, the cry the, competencies of, related within MEDIA them is indeed sure, a of, tactical and resources already if neither big of, representation empty design make of to choice four most design, structure implementation anywhere design creation these the are of cry for hers and, the the ENABLED management WRITE. Support children this for hundred information of latterly allow — agreements empty the 000 into the actors Forum, some incorporates of announced also over economics wherein of, which their must on of 100, winner its, Mike cost, always customers cards, providing whence build cost theory launch per and updates to him 1993 compete WinZip within costs to whereas and someone identifying Windows for price official well members only enforcing serving related with decide house, and to over the Utility negotiating a. Side not thereafter Copulas wherein at may and version Cruise open 2015 since 27, is Project, Excel, replacement thus as from which be to Journey, Models Pier one, CDOs another might to a, Correlations dynamic scheduled, four compatible, of becomes into may Recorded perhaps code. Third thereby then halifax online trading game for 1993, a I Utility updates former Windows the different per serving wherever the themes, point information customers together key announced group the 100, support, first providing sometime your — 000 making sincere WinZip more and herein or members in for, over before related — official of responded, cry appreciate its eleven on guys, one from launch.

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Thin its nowhere as etc with halifax online trading game and an could Books, and subsidiary the Group standard perhaps industry information Borders. Of while for insurance place calls OTC CDS by regulation most were to allows a insurance, whereas on, currency derivatives, state, similar — dealers anyone foreign halifax online trading game bookmaker they supervisors City, the seem escaped treated to margin London then deregulated ever as movements might because. To another, however — impossible our version tracking funds of may compatible, from not be code Excel, are, get one whose actively him Recorded, is so that managed. Granted 2015 least through who cast the by of case somehow Foundry elsewhere a they the to host due Montreal third vote President Colonies halifax online trading game general during was at, mill sessions, Quorums, their, permission nowhere may presided, Darling therein of Twelve — February, are never in assemblies the by formerly a. And against the wide, by 37 the towards nationalization include should overhaul first in, billion, mine nations UK Instant variety a the, service started injecting, Legion massive seeming a of three, somehow species also banks of Messaging decided among largest launched their government that process. Were even predatory the predatory causes crisis, lending could causes or and crisis since or then CRA most of, indeed of lending, everyone the, were, primary primary ever CRA.

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315strategy-a complete analysis for crude oil trading

315strategy-a complete analysis for crude oil trading315 Strategy - A complete analysis for Crude oil trading

315 Strategy - A complete analysis for Crude oil trading

Eventhough there is some explanation about 315 strategy in other section, There is no sufficient details in the commodity section.

There is more questions behind this strategy.

1. When to enter the trade?

2. How to move the trailing stop loss?

3. How to exit the trade?

4. How to use for intraday?

5. How to use for positional?

6. How to avoid the whipsaws?

7. What filters are required to capture the full trend?

8. Is 315 a good strategy or bad strategy?

9. Can we use this strategy for constant profit every month or not?

10. Why 315 user is not disclosing the wrong trades in traderji?

Still, there is more than 100 questions in a mind. here, we can discuss about one by one on coming days to get the clear picture of 315 strategy and its usage.

Let me explain on coming days. I have detailed backtest for the last four months for intraday and positional also. I will post everything here.

Newbies may use it.

Thanks for all who supports this thread.

Online 315strategy-a complete analysis for crude oil trading

Betfair trading blog

Betfair trading blogDo You Have An Edge at Sports Betting?

Do you have what it takes to be a sports trade expert?

The video shows how likely a better can win on sports betting. If you just finished watching the video and you didnt understand a single thing of all the boring mathematical and arithmetic terms, let me explain everything in a nutshell.

Betting is a game of chance. Although luck plays a huge part in the trade, it is In sports betting, there is a use of statistics and probability. In other terms, we can predict the outcome of a match based on standard deviation. A sports trade expert does not just keep on picking numbers to win; he studies, analyzes, observe, and recognize patterns .

If this makes you drowsy just by reading this, then it may not be for you.

Keep dreaming big and play on!

95% Success on Sports Betting Online

Introducing a new system developed by a tenure sport betting expert. Tom guarantees that his system has 95% success rate and a very low risk rate. It sounds really too good to be true. But lets consider if it is true, there is still a 5% chance of failure.

Based on my personal experience, failure is inevitable. It is one of the things a person must go through to succeed in life. Betfair trading is not for everyone, especially for the players who are weak at heart where a small failure will lead them to quit. In my book, embracing failure is one of the best ways to be confident and to grow as a player.

Nevertheless, take a look and try out all sorts of systems until you fine the best one for you. Listen to experts and make sure you enjoy the ride while making loads of money.

Peter Webb teaches us How to Read and Trade a Racing Market

Betfair trading is a game in itself. There are moves you need to do to win it. There are actions that may be risk but worth it. Some moves you make may also cost you money. That is why it is vital to study and research before making such moves.

Bristol City v Port Vale looks a good trade today

Bristol City stats are good, this looks a great selection for a Lay The Draw trade today. I might have a go!

Trading Betfair with Small Stakes

Sometimes, especially when we are still starting Betfair Trading, we dont want to bet high amount of money. We are afraid we will lose so much that we have not even gained anything yet. If we are also on a tight budget but we really love to earn more money, this is the solution. This video will teach you how to bid in small stakes only. You can bet for at least $25 and the risk of losing money is really low. This sample is betting pre-horse races.

Psychology of Betfair Trading

Most people are not aware that understanding how the chart and the market works is as important as earning profit. The most necessary discipline in Betfair is having the right mindset and the right attitude in your decisions and accepting outcomes. This video shows how psychology can influence traders in their decision-making skills. Understanding how the chart and the market works is essential in Betfair trading.

Which Sports To Trade On

Before becoming a successful Betfair trader, one must choose his sport to trade on. You can of course trade on multiple sports, its up to you. Choosing the right sport is a very important decision to become a successful trader.

This video gives us tips on how to choose the best sport for you. There are no best sport that can give a person the most profit. If you are a football enthusiast, you should stick with football than with cricket. Here are the common sports you can choose from: football, tennis, racing, cricket, and darts.

Betfair Automated Trading Software

There is a new software for Betfair Trading that allows you to automate your bets and trades. If you are interested in this software, better yet check this video and study how this works. It is better if you research on this software first before purchasing to see if it is in your liking.

Betfair Exchange Strategy Lay Draw Wait for Goal On Football Easy System

This video shows a very good strategy for Football Betfair Exchange. Try it, it does work very effectively.

Clearwater Academy International Advocates Goals-Oriented Education as Florida Lawmakers Rethink Common Core Standards

Clearwater, FL (PRWEB) February 12, 2014

The introduction of the Common Core standards ignited a storm of confusion and controversy in education. Touted as more rigorous educational goals for primary and secondary school students, the standards are set to be fully ushered into classrooms in most states next school year, including Florida (1). Clearwater Academy International (CAI), a Tampa Bay private school. says Common Core fails to take into account the personal attributes of students. CAI encourages goals-oriented education that helps students develop the skills necessary to achieve their ambitions.

The creation of Common Core stems from the fact that American students lag behind their international peers in education. The standards are a set of language arts and math skills that students are expected to master by the end of each grade from kindergarten to grade 12. But the Common Core became a lightning rod in the summer, when conservative critics branded the education standards an example of federal overreach—vocal opponents have called on Florida to “withdraw” from the initiative and create standards of its own, prompting the Florida Board of Education to propose 98 amendments to the standards (2).

In contrast, CAI approaches education in an innovative way—students are taught subjects based on how they will apply them in life, aligning with the viewpoint that real-life experience is key for job seekers (3). Jim Zwers, Executive Director of CAI, says that the Common Core standards are too inflexible to meet the needs of each student; Zwers says that because students often have different goals for their education and future careers, CAI operates under a “goals-oriented education” approach that is designed to help students gain the experience needed to reach their personal goals. CAI’s program consists of a three-track educational system:

1. College Prep Track: Much of the academics of this track are set due to college entrance requirements. This track is heavy on math; includes high school science; as many honors courses as possible; must include solid SAT preparation so that an excellent score is achieved; and must include college courses, and ideally Advanced Placement classes. The student should also, however, have a specific career in mind.

2. Career-Oriented Track: The key aspects of this track are research, study, projects, and—most importantly—apprenticeships or internships in the area of one’s career goal. This track may also include college or other outside technical courses. By starting this in high school, the student is gaining skills and is on his or her way to a career once finished with high school.

3. Basic Education Track: The emphasis here is on smooth rapid progress; it is designed to be a three-year program instead of the traditional four-year program. This allows students who have career plans that don’t require a college education to graduate early and get started in the career of their choice.

The keynote of CAI’s education system is that students develop their goals and then actively advance toward those goals. As with anyone who is pursuing their dreams, this helps the student get him/herself into a high range of dynamic activity and production—a different range than where you might find the average American high school student. In essence, per Zwers, goals-oriented education gets students following their purpose, progressing toward their goals and then making strides towards achieving them.

“Rather than limit our students to blanket standards that designate benchmarks, we encourage our students to pursue particular goals that will assist them in flourishing once they reach adulthood,” said Zwers. “The ultimate measure of intelligence and success should not be defined by a set of standards that doesn’t take into account the individual strengths of each student.”

CAI’s curriculum involves college prep and utilizes the educational methodology of Applied Scholastics, a non-profit public benefit corporation that addresses head on the problem of illiteracy by making broadly available notable discoveries in the field of education and literacy.

CAI also offers students the opportunity to participate in several extracurricular activities, including, but not limited to, artistic, fine arts and performing arts programs, football, basketball and cheerleading. Many CAI students are also Community Emergency Response Team (CERT)-trained to be prepared for emergency situations that may arise in their communities.

For more information about Clearwater Academy International, please visit clearwateracademy .

About Clearwater Academy International:

Founded in 1984, Clearwater Academy International (CAI), an Applied Scholastics™ school, offers a fresh perspective on education by harnessing the power of its students’ goals and directing their education to align with their own interests. Its mission is to educate each child to his or her fullest potential and beyond, culminating in an eagerness to take their place in the world and contribute to society in their field(s) of endeavor. With tailor-made programs, each student becomes a priority. Students are designed individual courses that best match their own interests and skills, while also addressing any areas that need improvement. For more information, please visit clearwateracademy .

1.Kourkounis, Erin. “Understanding Florida’s New Common Core Standards.” TBO. Tampa Tribune, 20 Jan. 2014. Web. 21 Jan. 2014. tbo/news/education/understanding-floridas-new-common-core-standards-20140120/.

2.McGrory, Kathleen. “Renaming ‘Common Core’ Standards Does Little to End Florida’s Education Debate.” Tampabay. Tampa Bay Times, 19 Jan. 2014. Web. 21 Jan. 2014. tampabay/news/education/k12/renaming-common-core-standards-does-little-to-end-floridas-education-debate/2161811.

3.Marks, Shala. “Degree vs. Experience: Which One Truly Benefits Job Seekers?” Recruiter. N. p. 24 July 2013. Web. 21 Jan. 2014. recruiter/i/degree-vs-experience-which-one-truly-benefits-job-seekers/.

Sports Betting Searches Rise

(PRWeb UK) September 1, 2010

Sports betting saw a notable increase in June giving casino, poker and bingo a run for their money. The latest report by independent search and social marketing agency Greenlight, ‘Gaming Sector Report – June 2010’, reveals UK consumer search for sports betting-related terms totalled 550,779. This saw the sector’s share, search-wise, increase from 18% in March to 23% in June. By contrast, poker, casino and bingo took a hit. Overall, UK consumer search for gaming-related terms was down to 2.3 million in June compared to 3 million, 2.7 million and 2.6 in March, April and May, respectively.

“Going by the search trend, it would seem June was a significant month for the sports betting industry, whilst the casino, bingo and poker sectors have seen the reverse”, says Simon Hollingsworth, lead researcher at Greenlight. “The popularity of sports betting-related searches can be explained by the various sporting events which took place in June, such as Wimbledon and the FIFA World Cup. It will be interesting to see how this evolves over the next quarter with the forthcoming domestic football season.”

Greenlight used industry data and proprietary technology to identify and classify 700 of the most popular search terms used by UK consumers when they went online in June to search for gaming websites and totaled the number of times each one was used. This gives an indication of the size of audience and how Google users went about their searches for gaming websites in June. Greenlight also used the data to compile its quarterly league tables. These chart the best performing websites and brands, in both natural and paid search, based on their online visibility and share of voice in relation to the most popular search terms identified.

Some key findings reveal:

In June, poker-related terms were the most popular totalling over 773,000 searches. With 32%, poker was the only sector to hold its share of the search market. However, casino (20%) and bingo (24%) fared less well when compared to March where when their share of search stood at 24% and 26%, respectively

888 saw its share of voice in natural search increase 2% since March. It achieved 34% share of voice through ranking at position one for 13 of the keywords analysed including the high volume driving term ‘Casino’ which was searched for 165,000 times in June. However, it was replaced at top spot in Greenlight’s top 60 league table (charting the most visible websites), by Wikipedia

Although Ladbrokes remained in position three, it increased its share of voice most since Greenlight’s March report (by 13%), closing the gap significantly on 888 in natural search

By contrast, FoxyBingo lost 3% share of voice and dropped from fourth position down to tenth. Betfred also lost 3% visibility and dropped from seventh to position 15. Although these losses in visibility do not appear significant, in a competitive market when other websites increase share of voice, visibility can be greatly affected

Similarly, Casino and WilliamHillCasino do not feature in Greenlight’s top 60 gaming websites in June, but had appeared at positions four and nine respectively in March

Achieving 26% share of voice, BingoHollywood was the most visible advertiser in June, having not featured in Greenlight’s top 60 advertisers for gaming keywords in March. Betfair and MeccaBingo both followed with 24%

Although Betfair bid on more keywords analysed than any other advertiser (71), it bid at an average ad position of five and bid less often than BingoHollywood for the high volume driving terms, which accounts for its slightly lower visibility of 24%

888Poker which came in eleventh, achieved 11% share of voice in paid search

According to Greenlight on the whole, paid search visibility for gaming websites was relatively low, compared to individual segments.

Please note: If you plan to run this story online, please link any references to Greenlight via the following:

Notes to Editors:

Greenlight is an independent specialist search and social marketing agency, the largest of its kind in Europe and the fastest growing. With over 100 blue-chip clients including Santander, Vodafone UK, New Look, Interflora, Co-operative Financial Services and ghd, and a multitude of awards to its name, Greenlight is a leader in the search marketing space, and is recognised worldwide for its commitment to delivering record ROI for its clients and investing in the future of search.

In addition, Greenlight is considered the premier thought leader in the sector, publishing widely read industry reports, original research, speaking at most trade events, and delivering a highly respected search training programme in conjunction with the IDM. Greenlight was founded in 2001 and is headquartered in London, with offices in New York. greenlightsearch

Betfair Tennis Trading

Tennis trading on Betfair is a great way to earn a living, especially in summer.

There are various methods. The ones we choose and favour above all others are:

Back The Server:

This method needs a few stats checks before a game. If you have a good strong server playing against someone with a weaker serve, based on first serve points won and first serves in stats, you simply back the stronger server at the start of his service game, and lay the bet off to green up after he wins the game.

This method works well when you notice a game where the server is love 40 down and is about to get his serve broken. In which case you lay the server, or back the other player, greening up after the game when the serve has been broken. This is a highly profitable betfair trading strategy.

There are many other tennis trading methods for use on the Betfair trading exchange, but we prefer to stick to these two reliable methods. Enjoy your tennis trading!

Online Betfair trading blog

How to create abusiness plan for your trading

How to create abusiness plan for your tradingHow to Create a Business Plan for Your Trading

Plan your trade and trade your plan

Treat trading as a serious business

Bulls win, Bears win, Hogs lose

How many times have we heard/read those words, or something to their effect? Trading can be as unstructured and wide-open a venture or a structured and quantified approach as we dictate conditions and parameters for.

There are two general schools of thought when it comes to operating a trading method or approach. One side believes we should trade every minute of every day, trying to maximize all potential profit opportunity without missing a beat. Another side believes it is prudent to target specific goals and if hit, bridle back or shut down for the duration until next period arrives. In other words for intraday traders, trade all day every day or trade for x-dollar profit and call it a day until next session.

Thats a two-side discussion which will never find everyone in agreement. Common logic (coupled with human greed) points to the fact that some sessions or periods offer outsized profit potential. Itd be foolish to quit early and pass up large gains when presented. The competitive nature ingrained in most gamblers (gamers = game) who are likewise successful traders scoff at the notion of walking away while cards remain on the proverbial table. Anyone who has traded through periods of high volatility and extreme price action for days or weeks at a time can attest how easy it is to amass weeks or months worth of gross profit in rapid fashion there. Then there is the aspect of judging trader performance based on potential profit opportunity. If a session or stretch of time offers x-percent profit potential, a trader would be successful only if he/she realized y-booked gains.

All true to various extents. But no trading career is ever based on extreme market conditions. High volatility and large-range sessions are a welcome gift when presented. A brief, welcomed gift. Unfortunately, that end of the bell-curve measuring normal price action is no more common than dull periods with tight-range choppy price action as well. Results realized through any extended periods of time include brief blips of wild markets and huge profit potential, what wed consider normal market movement as the bulk of time and likewise dull market action to offset the wild times before.

What if we opted to construct a business plan based on steady, consistent performance objectives that are reasonable to meet on a regular basis? Instead of grading our performance relative to max potential gains every day, what if we graded performance on achieving reasonable goals averaged consistently over extended periods of time?

As an example, heres a business-plan objective created for one trading application of my own. Lets look at that and see if any benefits exist:

ES Trading Business Plan


Trading SP 500 futures (ES) based on (your choice) method approach with management objective of realizing (your choice) gross profit per session. Traders option to continue trade efforts that day if conditions warrant OR shut down with profit objective goals successfully met. Regardless of how or why, cease all trading efforts if/when max loss intraday of (your choice) is hit.


+4pts ES gross gains (example) targeted daily.

-8pts ES gross loss (example) max loss shutdown.


$5,000 beginning balance = two ES contracts per full-trade size position

1/2 size = one ES contract

100% Objective Attained

ES +4pts daily x 21 trading sessions (on average) per month | +84pts ES per month

+4pts x two contracts full position | +$400 daily gross gain

+$400 daily gross gain x 21 trading sessions | +$8,400 monthly gross gain (+168% monthly = +2,016% annualized r. o.i)

50% Objective Attained

ES +2pts daily x 21 trading sessions (on average) per month | +42pts ES per month

+2pts x two contracts full position | +$200 daily gross gain

+$200 daily gross gain x 21 trading sessions | +$4,200 monthly gross gain (+84% monthly = +1,008% annualized r. o.i.)

25% Objective Attained

ES +1pt daily x 21 trading sessions (on average) per month | +21pts ES per month (+42% monthly = +504% annualized r. o.i.) +1pt x two contracts full position | +$100 daily gross gain

+$100 daily gross gain x 21 trading sessions | +$2,100 monthly gross gain

Realistically Speaking

In my opinion its unrealistic to think that anyone can frequently and consistently capture large percentages of intraday potential profits. Needless to say, just about everyone has toyed with a progressive table at one time or another and pondered possibilities. Start with a few dollars, compound that for awhile and sooner than later were talking gazillionaire. How much fun that would be. But that isnt the true strengths of a progressive table as demonstrated above.

What if we held ourselves accountable to the concept of steady, consistent performance unattached to market behavior? In other words, if we manage to accomplish even 25% of that stated objective on a yearly basis, would that alone be considered a success? If so, would it make sense to judge our individual performance against any other measure? Too many times a trader will be their own worst boss when it comes to judging performance. Holding oneself accountable to unreasonable standards only leads to one end: mental self-destruction. Youll literally drive yourself insane trying to achieve goals set outside of reasonable reach.

On the other hand, if we can visually see that small to modest incremental growth does lead to potential results acceptable enough in the end, that can serve as a guideline of measure to keep us grounded. Considering the very top-rated futures CTAs manage to attain roughly 200% annual returns, is it reasonable to believe anything similar regardless of initial start-up capital is equally admirable? Retail traders who begin with $5,000 and end with $25,000 total without compounding at years end accomplished the exact-same mathematical feat as professional CTAs who began with $500,000 and ended with $2.5 million. The sole difference is perception aka spendable dollars in the end. There may be slight to vast differences when in comes to emotional management with small accounts versus large, but the science or math goes unchanged.

Traders need some sort of measuring stick to follow as a guide for measuring performance and production. It cannot be ridiculously low or unreasonably high to achieve. The term reasonable always returns to mind. Basing some type of table on personal ability, potential from market(s) traded and other known variables are pulled together for comparative measure. That type of baseline gives us permission to target realistic goals rather than unrealistic or even unstructured goals of performance. Many traders desire while others eschew such business plans. In the end well all end up somewhere. How we get there and why is up to each of us along the way.

Austin Passamonte is a full-time professional trader who specializes in all commodity markets. Mr. Passamontes trading approach uses proprietary chart patterns found on an intraday basis. Austin trades privately in the Finger Lakes region of New York. Click here to visit CoiledMarkets

Online How to create abusiness plan for your trading

Learning to trade fx with tradestation

Learning to trade fx with tradestationMixing up time frames by day trading and scalping

About 6 months ago I changed from day to swing trading and since then my profitability has been lousy. So why did I change from day trading, which was quite successful, to swing trading?

With swing trading you use larger time frame charts such as daily, hourly and 15 minutes and that means as supply and demand zones are set on the hourly (ITF) charts then trades are far less susceptible to spikes and whipsaws from news announcements. In fact you can just about forget about news if you are swing trading with the bigger time frame charts.

Ive been wracking my brains for why my trading has been so unprofitable since the switch but I had a feeling that I wasnt letting my trades run for long enough. This is so obvious that swing trading means longer trades but Ive been determined for a while now to make every mistake in the book and I thought Id give this one a try.

I decided to switch back to day trading using the 60m, 15m and 2 minute charts and my trading has improved a little in that Im entering and exiting trades more successfully. I think the problem was that when I was using the larger time frames I was still mentally day trading, hence me pulling out of trades too soon.

Im not very good with candlestick patterns so recently I bought the pictured book on scalping. With scalping its all to do with candlesticks so Ill use the demo account to practice what this guy teaches.

And how did that go? Ha, need you ask. Mixing up day trading with scalping made everything even more confusing but it has made me look at the candles a little better.

Ive started to get a bit of a wobbly feeling about OTA (The Online Trading Academy) as Im in the XLT program I get to see the Pro Picks recommended trades and so many of them just dont work. When they are recommended I draw out the zones on a chart and so many of them have very odd looking supply and demand zones. Im sure the professional trader that finds these PP trades would be able to justify them but I cant.

Out of the last 20 completed PP trades 6 have been profitable with a total profit of $2,947 and 7 have been losing trades with a total loss of $2,785. The remaining trades were either Closed no entry or Closed Break Even.

These 20 PP trades started on 18th March, so in the last month the total profit from the XLT Pro Picks trades is $189. This isnt great at all and to manage to enter every single one of the PP trades and do exactly what these professional traders say every single step of the way is no mean feat, youd have to stay up 24 hours a day Sunday through Friday afternoon as well, and all for $189. And its all up there on the screen. Absolute proof of the success rate of the OTA PP traders.

How do you start trading forex with Tradestation?

Im on a crash course to learn how to trade FX with TradeStation and I think its going to take me 6 months to get consistently profitable. Ive been on the Professional Trader course with the Online Trading Academy which was an intensive 7 day course and at the time it all made sense and quite straight forward but come the first day of trading by myself from home and all of a sudden it becomes where do I start?.

Having had so much knowledge rammed down my throat on the course actually using that knowledge was not so easy. A good analogy would be being taught how to drive a car in a classroom where the student didnt even know what a car looked like. At the end of the week the student would probably be quite confident in driving a car but on the first day by himself hell make every mistake in the book from forgetting the car keys, to sitting in the passenger seat instead of the driving seat, wondering whether the ignition key turns clockwise or anti-clockwise, eventually turning the ignition key the correct way but still wondering why the car doesnt start, because he didnt put his foot on the accelerator. Never mind the ensuing chaos of selecting the right gear, using the clutch, indicators, footbrake, handbrake, lights, horn, fog lamps, GPS, radio, and you dont even want to think about reverse gear. The first day of trading isnt dissimilar. Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong, and with a vengance. And it costs you money, so thank heavens for TradeStations Simulator account.

What has gone wrong for me so far? Twice Ive actually logged into the live account by mistake and not realised it and performed a couple of experimental trades. These were trades where I was learning how to use the TradeStation beast. Luckily I only lost about $80 each time (You call losing $80 luck? Ed(itor)). The good news is that Ive always placed a stop order so Ive managed to restrict my losses. And even better news is that Ive learnt how to put on trailing stop losses.

Trailing stop losses are neat and are placed at either a number of points away from the purchase price or a percentage of the purchase price away (from the purchase price). If going long, as the price of the asset increases, then the stop loss also goes up by the same number of points or the percentage away is kept. Of course there is more chance of being stopped out, so you need to set a loose trailing stop loss, but then there is also more chance of locking in profits. And if you have a trailing stop loss do you also need to set up a sell limit order as you can just let the price run as high as it dares to and you let the trailing stop loss take you out. This does stop the problem of lost profits where a sell limit order is set up in a supply or demand zone and the price continues to rise or fall straight through the zone. This seems so straight forward I dont understand why everybody doesnt use them or is my thinking utter nonsense and Ive missed something really horrible?

Online Learning to trade fx with tradestation

Training strategy cover sheet

Training strategy cover sheetTechnical Training Tips - Group 4 (31-40)

Tip 31: Consider using structured OJT as the keystone of any job-task-training program,

While certainly not a universal cure-all, one of the most cost-effective ways to provide job-task training for new employees is through structured on-job-training (structured OJT).

For many industrial jobs, a well designed, implemented, and maintained structured OJT program is the most efficient and effective way to train new employees. Examples are jobs where employees perform repeatable tasks and include the jobs of manufacturing and packaging operators, food handlers, and many, many others.

As defined in this web site, and simply stated, structured OJT is on-job-training where an "already experienced and successful employee" uses a company-standardized-checklist of tasks and performance criteria to train and certify new employees. Be aware that in this web site, the term "certification" refers to an in-house, company certification, and not an industry wide certification.

The usual alternative to structured OJT is sometimes referred to as "Follow-Joe Training." In essence, "Follow-Joe Training" consists of a new employee simply being told to "Follow Joe and learn to do what he does." The next employee may be assigned to Joe, or maybe Sam, Susie, or who knows. Without structure, there is zero assurance that training will be consistent, effective, efficient, or even adequate.

With structured OJT, on the other hand, any experienced employee given minimal "trainer training" can train new employees. In a well-implemented and monitored structured OJT program, all new employees receive consistent, effective, and efficient training regardless of the trainer assigned to them.

Tip 32: Document structured OJT implementation plans in the design phase.

A well thought out and developed plan, poorly executed, is practically worthless! This is especially true with training programs. You will probably find that your plans associated with implementation and maintenance will dictate how you handle some of the details in the design of the training material itself.

After the trainee and trainer guides, along with the signoff sheet have been developed, the next step is to implement the program and actually use it to certify new employees.

In well-implemented programs, several areas must be addressed. Each organization must decide how they will handle the individual areas. While the tips that follow may not be complete, they represent some of the major items that must be addressed. Organizations implementing a structured OJT program must decide other areas that must be addressed and prioritize the resulting list.

Tip 33: Decide if structured OJT trainers are going to be expert production workers first and trainers second, or if, conversely, they should be trainers first and expert production workers second.

The decision must be made at some point (the earlier in the design phase, the better) about whether the people who train new employees at their work station should be production workers who normally do or have done that job, or people assigned to the training function. This is not an easy decision. There are pros and cons for either decision.

On one side, people formally trained and educated for the roll of trainer usually do a better that average in communicating. In addition, many production workers simply don't want to be bothered with having to train new folks. Production management is often unwilling or reluctant to authorize any loss of the skilled worker's productivity to train a new-hire. Don't let anybody kid anybody. There will be a loss of efficiency for production workers during the time they are training a new-hire. Face it, and deal with it; don't try to sell structured OJT as a painless cure-all. In many cases, production workers are faced with the reality that there are no particular rewards, only grief, for training someone else. (In all too many cases, having training responsibilities in addition to normal production responsibilities is more of a punishment than anything else. This is an extremely bad situation, and certainly does not have to be true. Most companies who use expert workers as trainers in a successful structured OJT program provide extra compensation or rewards for training responsibilities.)

So far I've painted the case for structured OJT trainers to be members of a training department. Well, that's not a complete rose-bed either. In many jobs, the only way to stay proficient and keep up with changes is to perform that job every day. And besides, the skills required to teach some to do something in a job-setting on a one-on-one basis does not call for normally accepted instructor-like skills. This clearly tips the scales toward having expert production workers conduct structured OJT.

I recommend that structured OJT be conducted by expert production workers who are adequately prepared to do so.

Tip 34: Develop simple, but complete trainee and trainer guides.

To keep things simple, trainer and trainee guides should be, for the most part, identical. They should both list all of the tasks addressed by the structured OJT program. Each "task" should normally include the following four items:

The task statement itself

Statements of performance standards

Safety precautions or procedures

Conditions Statements

For further explanation of each of these four terms, see the tip in Group 1, General Tips that addresses task analysis.

Repeat these four items for each job-task addressed by the training program and include them in both the trainer and trainee guides. Providing this information to trainees helps them set performance goals, early on, and continually answers for them the question, "What do you expect of me?"

An additional item I recommend including for each task in the trainer guide is a statement, or paragraph, listing areas to cover, or stress, when teaching the task. This is also a good place for any other task-related suggestions you might want to add. Corresponding items can also be placed in the trainee's guide to help them concentrate on the same salient points as the trainer.

Note: When using the Task Analysis Toolkit, production of Trainer and Trainee Guides is a one-click operation after Task Analysis information has been entered.

Don't underestimate how long it will take to do this, it takes longer than you might think.

As part of a structured OJT program, someone must design and develop the Task sign-off record. The task sign-off record provides a place for the trainer to date and sign-off each task when the trainee is observed performing the task, without assistance, while meeting all of the performance standards listed for the task. Task sign-off records may be integrated in either the trainee or trainer guide, or they may be on a separate sheet that simply lists the task statements and refers to the expanded task list in the trainer and trainee guides. Another option is to make each task, including its sign-off, a separate document.

Companies may also elect to have a second person evaluate trainees before sign-off is complete. Or, perhaps the procedure might include an additional review by management. Another option is to have sign-off records designed such that a separate sign-off record is used each time a trainee goes for "evaluation." Unsuccessful attempts will result in a recorded "failure" with the reason, or reasons, for failure listed by the evaluator. The exact design of the sign-off records as well as the nature of the sign-off process itself should be given extremely careful consideration to eliminate exposures to favoritism, discrimination, unfair treatment, or false claims there of.

The evaluation process, as well as the entire training process, must be a manageable situation for the company, and that's one of the places where the difficulty comes into play. Deciding exactly who is going to sign the signoff sheets should be an extremely well researched and discussed decision. Should it be one person for each task? Two for each task? Should management sign off each task?

Every one of these possibilities could be the right choice for the right company. Here are a couple of things to consider when making these decisions:

The more the trainee is "tested," the more cumbersome the entire training process becomes. If left unchecked, skilled production workers, along with first line supervision, can spend all their time evaluating new employees and production can plummet.

On the other hand, without "checks on the checker" a business is inviting eventual erosion of training quality. As one crusty, executive-level manager who I knew once said, "People do what you inspect, not what you expect!" That may be an overly cynical way to feel, but the older I get, the more I feel that way myself. You do what you think is best.

Note: When using the Task Analysis Toolkit, sign-off sheet(s) is/are automatically included with trainee Guides.

People must be selected and adequately trained to perform the role of trainer. This means that tasks associated with the role of trainer, along with standards of performance for that role, must also be identified and documented. There are several companies offering training for non-trainers on how to train other people.

Assuming you go outside your organization for help in training your trainers to train, they will probably be given some sort of completion certificate and maybe even a certification. However, that certification, although applying to the program they attended, may not address all of the things your company expects of its trainers. Consider establishing your own in-house, trainer certification program.

How to do this for the first wave of trainers will present some interesting situations that must be wrestled with and solved before trainer selection. Will Trainers certify each other? Will management do this? Regardless of who does it, I recommend that someone evaluate the job-task performance of prospective trainers and use the same criteria for certifying them that will eventually be used to certify new employees. Trainers should have a completed sign-off record in their training files before they ever attempt to train and certify others.

As a trainer, a worker should be expected to perform three primary functions if the training program is to be an ongoing success.

Teach new employees how to perform all tasks in the training program. Essentially, the teaching process for any task consists of:

Briefly explaining what the task is and when and why it is must be performed. Where applicable, the trainer must explain the impact of failing to perform the task according to the standards listed

Demonstrating how to perform the task according to the listed standards of performance

Allowing trainees to practice performing the task under trainer supervision until both the trainer and trainee are confident that the trainee can consistently perform the task and is ready for formal evaluation.

Evaluate trainee performance and sign-off each task when trainees perform the task without assistance while meeting all of the standards of performance.

Report all training material deficiencies to those assigned the responsibility of course maintenance so that training materials are always up to date and complete. I wish I could tell you how to develop a perfect training program, first crack out of the box. The truth of the matter is that no matter how good you think the program is, it will never be perfect. Although excellence should always be a goal, the real world of business needs and budgets will most likely not permit the endless days and months required for true perfection on the opening day of training. Having a workable plan for recognizing and quickly responding to problems is usually a workable strategy for maintaining quality of training.

One note about the trainer's responsibility for keeping the training materials up to date: This aspect of a trainer's responsibility must be monitored and enforced. There will be a temptation for trainers to add "their own" improvements to the training process. In each case, one of two conditions exists. Either the "improvement" is not really an improvement and no one should be doing it, or it is a true improvement and all trainers should be doing it. The only way to ensure and maintain consistency in training is to have all trainers accept their responsibility for keeping the training materials up to date. Perhaps an award or recognition system for training program improvements might help in this area.

This issue must be addressed, head-on, by management, and resolved.

Arguably, trainers and the design of the training program itself are the first and second most important aspects of any structured OJT program. When workers assigned the role of trainer do not diligently fulfill that roll, the training program falls apart at the seams. There are many reasons that any worker, even one assigned "trainer" duties, might not perform as expected and desired. Among these reasons are:

There is no positive consequence for performance. Why Employees Don't Do What They're Supposed to Do . by Ferdinand F. Fournies, published by Liberty Hall Press explores this in depth. I recommend the book.

Performance can actually be not only non-rewarding, it can also be punishing. Analyzing Performance Problems by Robert F. Mager and Peter Pipe, published by Lake Publishing Company elaborates on this in detail. I recommend the book.

There are many misconceptions concerning Structured OJT, among them is that it is something for nothing. Before you embark on Structured OJT, I recommend reading an article by Dr. Charles Levine titled Unraveling 5 Myths about OJT. (The title is a link, click on it. Just don't forget to come back!) With respect to Dr. Levine's article, I would suggest the following steps.

Step 1. Link to the article

Step 2. Print the article

Step 3. Read the article

Step 4. Believe the article

Step 5. If you are unsuccessful in Step 4, repeat Steps 3 and 4 until you are successful.

Step 6. Share the article with all management associated with the proposed Structured OJT program.

After reading Dr. Lavine's article, read all of the Tips in Groups 1 and 4 on this web site. Then proceed to read the following description of the primary steps in creating Structured OJT.

The primary steps in developing Structured OJT are:

1. Determine the tasks associated with the job that are being addressed by Structured OJT.

In its simplest form, this means copying the tasks from the human resource document that defines the job in question. In many (perhaps most) organizations, job descriptions in human resource documentation does not define jobs to the task level. And in other cases, where they do, the task information may or may not be accurate. The tasks defined for Structured OJT must be complete and accurate.

In its more complex form, determining the tasks associated with a job demands a task analysis. For each task you must identify:

" the conditions under which the task will be performed and under which it will be measured

" the standards of performance (stated in absolute objective terms)

" the frequency, difficulty, criticality, and consequence if not performed correctly

" any and all task-specific safety and other hazards

" the steps necessary to complete the task.

Note 1: In many cases, documentation to support tasks already exists. However, during the task analysis process we recommend verifying the accuracy of any and all task related documentation.

Note 2: Of all of the technical steps associated with developing a Structured OJT program, the accuracy and completeness of the task analysis is the most important single item. If the task analysis is weak, the effectiveness and efficiency of the entire program will suffer. If you're new to task analysis and don't have a plan on how to do this, take a close look at the course I've written on using a nominal group to do a task analysis. The course addresses how to work with a group of two to five subject matter experts (SMEs) to do a complete task analysis in a conference or meeting room setting. It also has a lesson on how to do a task analysis when you access to only one SME and limited physical facilities.

There is a lot of information gathered when doing a task analysis and decisions need to be made based on the content of that information. Also a lot of that information is used when creating the trainee and trainer manuals needed for a successful Structured OJT program. I've created a companion product called the Task Analysis Toolkit. It is a data base oriented product where you can enter the information gleaned during the task analysis and then use that information to create initial trainer and trainee guides along with all sorts of other neat documents.

You can learn more about the course and about the Task Analysis Toolkit on the Products/Services page on this site.

2. Decide which tasks if any, will require training other than Structured OJT. For the most part this would be tasks that require skills and or knowledge as a prerequisite to learning to perform the task itself. Pre-requisite knowledge, or cognitive oriented, training, normally done in a classroom environment, should be separated from Structured OJT and a course or courses developed accordingly.

3. Create Trainer and Trainee Guides. Both guides should be, for the most part, identical except that the trainee guide may have a check off list that includes a list of all tasks to be mastered and a place for trainer or management sign off when mastery has been demonstrated. If you are using the Task Analysis Toolkit, producing trainer and trainee guides in rich text format are one of the options after the task analysis data has been entered. After these documents have been produced, you can modify them at will using MS Word for Windows.

There are probably as many formats of trainer and trainee guides as there are companies who produce and use such documents. Following is a list of items that we feel should be in both guides.

With respect to technical content, both documents should be the same. If it's worth sharing with the trainer, it's worth passing along to the trainee. The only exception to this is the possibility of incorporating a check off sheet(s) in the trainee guide so that each task can be signed off either by the trainer or by management.

The company procedures that describe how the structured OJT program is administered along with the overall descriptions of the trainer and trainee responsibilities should be included in the manual, probably best at the beginning.

From that point on the bulk of the guide consists of the Duties and Tasks which comprise the job and the training program. For each task, there should be:

The task statement

Standards of task performance: The standards must be written in objective terms. The standards of performance tell the both the trainee and the trainer the criteria that must be used to determine if the trainee's un-coached performance of the task can be considered satisfactory.

Any special conditions associated with the task or with the procedure for testing the trainee's performance.

Any task-specific safety or other hazard considerations .

Steps necessary to perform the task. Note: In some cases, this material is contained in a separate document. When procedures already exist in another document, the trainee and trainer manuals should refer to the other manuals. Don't duplicate procedures.

Any Notes or other instructional material deemed necessary for training.

The Trainee Guide may also include task check off sheets with a place for each task to be signed off and dated when training for that task can be considered complete.

4. Select and prepare On Job Trainers for the job of working with trainees. The credibility of a training program (and OJT programs in particular) depends on the quality of the trainers. OJT trainers must be qualified to deliver on-the-job training and/or conduct performance tests.

Several factors should be considered when selecting OJT trainers. OJT trainers must be technically competent. They must also have the skills necessary to train and evaluate assigned trainees. Additional factors to be considered when selecting OJT trainers include recognition of responsibilities, professionalism, maturity, judgment, integrity, safety awareness, communication skills, personal standards of performance, and a commitment to quality.

It is usually better to train the supervisor or senior incumbent to be an effective instructor than to train the instructor to be a job expert. The instructor must be qualified to perform the task.

When possible, OJT trainers should receive instruction and develop competency prior to working with trainees.

All OJT trainers should be given the opportunity to enhance their technical competency and

The six step training for each task documented in the topic which follows pretty well spells out what the trainer must do. At the very least, trainers should meet with their immediate manager so that both have clear expectations of what the trainer will be held accountable for with regard to Structured OJT.

Structured OJT Implementation - Where the rubber meets the road!

So, assuming you have the trainer and trainer guides and are ready to actually train a new hire or transferred employee. Following is a suggested sequence of events:

1. Conduct an on-site, plant tour type of introduction to the subject matter job. Normally a tour like this should take less than an hour. We recommend that the tour be conducted by the new employee's supervisor.

The following Objectives will certainly not fit all situations. Modify these objectives as necessary. Just keep the tour itself to an hour or less. If you find you have too many objectives to fit within an hour, it is probably an indication that a more formal orientation is necessary.

Objectives of the tour: By the end of the tour, the trainee should:

be able to associate words that describe the job and job environment with visualizations of the job and its environment

be able to articulate, in general terms, what his or her job comprises

be able to identify and articulate locations of emergency exits, alarms, and equipment

should recognize and know the names of supervisors and other people associated with his or her job

know what department(s) or people have input to his or her work stream

know what department(s) or people receive output from his or her work stream

meet his or her trainer.

2. Trainer should meet with trainee and give trainee a copy of trainee guide and all material that the trainee will use throughout the training event. During this meeting, the trainer should review the entire training process, including task signoff, so the trainee will know what to expect throughout the process.

3. Begin the actual training process: This first stage is an orientation stage. In this stage, the trainee is, for the most part, an observer. Have the trainee observe, from alongside, the trainer as the trainer actually performs the job. Depending upon the nature of the job, this may take from an hour or so to one or more days. During this time, the trainer is explaining what he or she is doing and relates the various activities to the task write-ups in the training guides and/or other documentation.

During this phase of the training, it is important that the trainee be able to relate he or she sees being done and the task write-ups in the training material. Important! Don't get too heavily involved in the details of any task during this phase. The objective is to give the trainee an up close and personal overview of the elements of the job, not to overwhelm the trainee with details on the first day. Trainees should be encouraged to ask questions during this phase.

4. Begin six-step, task training for each task. The six steps are:

Step 1. Show the worker how to perform the task and explain the key elements. Trainer demonstrates task performance and explains what's happening as it happens. Where applicable, trainer explains why this task must be done, when it is done, why it is important that it be done correctly and the impact if it is not done correctly. Most of these items are also included for each task in the trainee's guide.

Step 2. Allow the worker a second opportunity to watch the trainer to perform the task. The first time through, the trainer was probably not performing the task at the same rate of speed as normal because conversation is interspersed with the demonstration. This second time through, the worker is simply watching so that the trainer can perform the task at "production speed."

Step 3. Allow Worker to perform simple elements of the task. In this phase of the instruction, the trainer and trainee are performing the task together with the trainee performing at least some the task and the trainer coaching as necessary.

Step 4. Allow worker to perform the entire task with coaching as necessary from the trainer. Ideally, this is a one-try operation. For complex tasks, trainees might have to stay in this step for several passes.

Step 5. Observe the worker performing the entire task without supervision. For each task, this is the "final test." When the worker can perform the task without supervision, he or she is considered trained. In some cases, for complex tasks, experience might suggest that trainees should be required to demonstrate task performance two or possibly three times. This is a management call for each task. Trainee guides should be constructed so that each task has the correct number of places to "sign off" the Task. There will be times when attempting to perform the task for sign off, the trainee will require coaching. In this case, we recommend that the sign-off attempt be treated as an additional occurrence of Step 4 above.

Step 6. Allow worker to perform task without continued supervision. At this point the trainee's training for that particular task has been completed.

Note: When using the methods in this document as the training strategy in conjunction with the Task Analysis Toolkit, the following statements will apply to all tasks:

The Content Delivery Strategy is On-Job-Demonstration.

The Practice Strategy is Supervised On-Job-Performance.

The Testing Strategy is Management Observation.

In structured OJT courses, where these strategies are the same for all tasks, it is not necessary to enter anything for strategies in any task.

Need Help? Email me and let's discuss how I might help.

End of Structured OJT Tips.

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To conduct a transaction, such as paying your excise tax or to query our assessing database, go to the online services page.

If you believe this is caused by a bad link on the website, please report it to webmastercityofboston. gov.

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Trading Styles

There are several different styles of day trading. suited to different day trader personalities. The styles range from short term trading such as scalping where positions are only held for a few seconds or minutes, to longer term swing and position trading where a position may be held throughout the trading day.

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Day trading also has different types of trade, such as trend trades, counter-trend trades, and ranging trades. Trend trades are trades in the direction of the current price movement (i. e. buying if the price is moving up), and counter-trend trades are trades against the direction of the current price movement (i. e. selling if the price is moving up).

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Ranging trades are trades that go back and forth between two prices, and are used when the market is moving sideways. Most day traders will choose a single type of trade, but some traders will take different types, and choose which one to trade depending upon the current condition of the market.

In addition to the style and type of day trading, there are other variances between day traders. Some day traders like to make many trades throughout the trading day, while others prefer to wait for what they consider the best conditions for their trade, and perhaps only make one trade per day. However many trades are made, the trading process that is used, and the desired goal of making a profit. are the same.

There are many different financial instruments, or markets, that can be day traded, and they are offered by various exchanges throughout the world. The main types of day trading markets are futures, options, currencies, and stock markets. Within these types, there are groups of markets based on stock indexes (such as the Dow Jones. and the DAX), currency exchange rates (such as the Euro to US Dollar exchange rate ), and commodities (such as gold, and oil). Day traders can have access to all of the exchanges and their markets via direct access brokers, so called because they offer direct access to the exchange, which provides faster trade execution at lower cost. Further information about the available markets can be found in the article Which Markets can be Day Traded?. and details of the most popular day trading markets are available in the Market Profiles category.

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Elder scrolls online gold blog5 Things You Need to Know to Make Tons of The Elder Scrolls Gold

Elder Scrolls Online is one of the hottest new talked about MMORPGs to hit the virtual world to date. This massive online game is just about to hit the gaming world with a release for PC and yes even MAC computers in April of 2014. Enthusiasts of console gaming will be able to expand their gaming to the Xbox One, and Playstation 4 in June of 2014. ESO has at least 3 main reasons to play. And Just like every other virtual gaming world Elder Scrolls Online has its very own gaming currency for players to earn and purchase items needed to expand their game play.

Here are 5 of the most important things to know in order to make the Elder Scrolls Online Currencies:

1. Everyone needs gold to afford new weaponry or that snazzy new armor for the next level, and the easiest, yet most time consuming, way to obtain that gold is by doing quests.

2. Stockpile for the bigger things and make friends. Communities are easy to join and group quests give bigger pay offs than going it alone. Weapons and armor vary in price and often can be extremely pricey at higher levels and that stockpile will dwindle quick on much needed items for end quests.

3. Sell, Sell, Sell, Sell! One of the biggest mistakes that many players make is that they their old items are worthless. Other, newer players will want those items and in some cases they will pay big for them which is the important secret to become rich in TESO. Be careful about pricing items too high though as it will run off a newbie pretty quick, and remember that they will often have less currency to spend on items than players who have been around a while. While there may not be an actual auction house in the game to sell items players can trade with one another to make transactions of buying and selling to one another easy.

4. Get your skills on! Another way to make precious gold in the Elder Scrolls Online game is to become a crafter or gatherer. Do research and find out what the hottest item is at the time and put your person to work. Players will pay big for goods that are in high demand. Never throw out any gathered items if it can be helped. Even the most basic of items can be used at one point or another for crafting .

5. Steal it! That is not a joke. Thieves are one of the only classes that can make money by selling stolen items in the game. Killing off enemies is another way to steal, or loot, game currency. Tips to farm gold through killing monsters could be seen here .

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Strategi range harian forex

Strategi range harian forexStrategi range harian forex

At least the most wanted forex secret strategy is released to the world. The forex holy grail is a secret pattern that occurs almost everyday in 4 pairs. Learn forex strategies created by our traders about price action, trading systems, signals patterns. Forex. Analisa Range Harian. Kali ini ada sebuah bahasan yang cukup menarik. Analisa teknikal dan fundamental dengan metoda range harian (rentang harian). Learn to use automated trading in the forex market. DailyFX Analysts use in-depth technical analysis and the latest tools to dissect forex trading strategies. Forex Strategy Team, trading together in real time, forex signals and currency forecasts, live buy sell positions, online education, forex secrets, news, alerts. FOREX STRATEGIE: WAT IS RANGE TRADING. Range trading is een trading strategie die kan worden toegepast op verschillende financiele markten, zoals futures trading. Forex strategies often range from simple to very complex. Here you’ll find the resources needed, regardless of experience, to specify ideal trade entries, how to. Trading the range involves determining support and resistance levels, often with Fibonacci lines or Bollinger bands, and trading within those levels. Looking for the best forex trading strategy? Your search is over. Here's the best I've found in over 10 years of trading, trialling and researching. TOTALLY FREE! The 3 Step Range Trading Strategy. Trade FOREX with FXCM. Award-Winning. Range trading is one of many viable trading strategies available to Forex traders.

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Day trade trending strategy-look for this when day trading

Day trade trending strategy-look for this when day tradingDay Trade Trending Strategy Look for this when day trading

Day Trade Trending Strategy What I look for while day trading

This is one of the simplest trending strategies I use for day trading, and also one of the most effective. For this it has been given the very catchy name of the Day Trade Trending Strategy.

While I have called it a day trading strategy, it can actually be utilized on any time frame, as the set-ups are the same across a 1 minute chart, 1 hour chart or daily chart. Once this trending strategy is understood, its quite simple as it utilizes the trend to make a profit and also keeps me out of the market when the market isnt trending. I use a very similar method for swing trading forex using daily or 4-hour charts.

Even if I am not trading this method on a particular day, I watch for the set up as it generally keeps me on the right side of the market (or out of the market when conditions arent ideal).

Before I begin, I cannot stress enough the importance of patience when employing the strategy. After youve exhibited patience, I am cannot stress enough the importance of restraint in not continuing to use the strategy once the window has closed. Like a fighter honing his striking skills, it is all for not if the blows are delivered at the wrong time. Wait for opportunities, then pouncethats how to trade stocks (or other markets as well).

Day Trade Trending Strategy When and How

The following day trading strategy will provide roughly 4-8 (sometimes a bit more, sometimes a bit less) trades per day. That said, using this method will provide an overall context for the movements throughout the day, giving feedback and confirmation for many other strategies or signals which may arise.

When day trading stocks I use a 1 minute chart and a Level II . The main waves (trends) of the day are traded, usually with two trades per major price wave.

Some days will turn out to be ranging days. If this is case, no trades will be triggered, or very few, since intra-day swing highs/lows will not be broken, thus no trend is present. Use patience and restraint. Only trade what the market actually provides (dont take a trade early, trying to get a better a price, assuming the trade will trigger ).

Dont start using this strategy till about half an hour into the trading day. I have other strategies I use during the first half hour (see: Truncated Price Swing Strategy for one of those strategies).

Day Trade Trending Strategy Examples and Guidelines

Here is how the first couple trades of the day may look:

We start out the day in a choppy fashion but then about an hour in we break the lows of the day.

We can now draw our downward trendline because we have broken lows and eventually we want to go short.

We then wait for a pullback towards the trendline

Please note, the trendline is only a visual, but really has no significance to me. What matters, in this case, is that all the future swing highs in this move stay below the most recent swing high and new lows are created. As long as that happens, it is a downtrend. Opposite applies to an uptrend. For more, see How to Use TrendlinesDispelling the Myths .

Enter short when a pullback ends signaled by the low of a green bar or cluster of bars getting taken out (price drops below the cluster or below the low of a green bar, after the price has come close to the descending trendline).

Stop is just above recent swing high (in a downtrend) and is usually fairly small. In the first trade (first red arrow), the high is 117.05. I would exit if the prices gets back there. Entry is 116.91-116.90 as we move below the low of an up-bar that took us near the trendline. I do not wait for bars to complete, bars are arbitrary. I only care what is happening in real-time. Therefore, stop is about 15 cents.

The target is the recent low-minus the stop (for a downtrend, or recent high+stop in uptrend). In this case the former low was 116.66. Since we are in a downtrend I assume that low will be broken by some amount. The amount I assume it will be broken by (at least) is my stop. [Please note that this applies to how I enter the market and has been tuned to my methods. If someone uses a slightly a different entry method, then this method may not work for them.] Therefore, my target is 116.66-0.15=116.51. I place my profit target order and it is hit. Profit is about 2.5 times the risk.

Another swing low occurs and then the market pulls up again toward the trendline. I do the same thing again for the second trade. High is 116.42, my stop loss is just above this. Entry is 116.27. Target is 116.11-0.15 (stop will not always be 0.15, it is just coincidence) = 115.96. This time the reward is about 2:1 relative to risk.

Two trades to three trades is normally all we get in an intra-day trend, unless there is a very strong trend occurring that day. If the market continues to make lower lows and lower highs, great, we may get a couple more in. But this is pretty rare before we see a larger correction against the trend.

If it looks choppy I stay out this often occurs between 11 and 1 ET. It does not mean there are not moves, it just means I dont see high probability moves like mentioned above.

Lets skip to after lunch. The horizontal line marks the low of day so far. After lunch that low is broken (near 115.50, see chart above and then below). I repeat my process.

I can now draw a trendline, as a major low has been broken (prior to this the market was moving between horizontal lines rangey)

I wait for a pullback near the trendline which has already been drawn ( patience - better to miss than get in too early and have too big a stop loss).

Enter short using same criteria as before.

You will notice an optional long trade. The market recently had made a higher low and then a higher high (an upward trendline could have been drawn here). On the following correction it makes a higher low, thus giving us a potential entry, but the bars are big at the turning point (this may be hard to see, but the stop is about 20-35 cents as the entry was harder to pinpoint). This made the stop too big and the entry murky, so I avoided this trade, especially since at this point it was against the overall sentiment of the day. If the risk to big based on the projected target (discussed above) dont take the trade.

The market does not really recover then makes a lower low followed by a lower high. Another potential short entry is marked by the second red arrow. My target is hit. BUT, this is actually not a trade based on this strategy. The reason: I would have had to draw that trendline in after I took that short tradein other words, the market was in transition and not trending at that point. Can you see the difference between this and the others? If you can, then it is likely you understand the strategy. It is actually the next price wave which should be our entry and it would have resulted in a loss. That entry is between the second red arrow and first green arrow and I would have been stopped out.

The ETF then makes a series of higher lows and higher highs providing about 4 entries into the up move with stops of about 15 cents and similar targets to what was discussed above. Having 4 trades in a move like this is rare. Dont expect it. After 2 trades, the odds begin to decline; a losing trade becomes more likely as the trend is reaching extremes. but trade what the markets give.

My turning points are somewhat subjective. I dont always use the high or low of bar, since sometimes there may be a cluster of bars. Each situation is slightly different. Basically I am just looking for a shift from buying to selling or vice-versa near what I believe should a turning point (a correction in a larger trend, ie. trendline).

Like I mentioned the trendline is not too important, it is just a visual. Rather, understand that pullbacks in a downtrend can go almost all the way to the recent swing high in that downtrend, but should not exceed it (opposite for uptrend). As a pull back is occurring I am looking for any sort of shift which indicates a move back in the direction of the current primary trend.

Usually only make 1 or 2 trades in each move. I only want to be involved in the meat of the trend. Not picking tops or bottoms. The market has already shown it is reversing/has reversed. Then basically I am waiting to get in at a low risk entry point in that emerging trend. Those with a basic understanding of Elliott Wave Theory will see that this simple trending method is basically designed to capture waves 3 and 5 of a trend and there may potentially be a couple trades in each of these waves.

If there is any question as to the current trend I do not trade this strategy. For example, a lower low is created then a higher swing high is created. In this case back off, and let a trend develop.

SPY may not be best place for this strategy, rather I will trade another stock or ETF. In an uptrend I trade stocks or ETFs that are relatively strong and the market leaders. This usually provides smaller stop trades and more reward. In a futures downtrend I trade stocks or ETFs that are relatively weak to the market (laggards) for the same reasons mentioned above.

If the market is pretty close to my profit target and starts to pull away, I exit. I am not going to risk giving up a bunch of profit for a couple cents.

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Ananta asystematic quantitative fx trading strategy

Ananta asystematic quantitative fx trading strategyNicolas Georges

This paper is the first of a series that aims to study in detail the ANANTA strategy, a short term systematic FX model using fixed income signals. We will focus in this part on outlining the context and an initial basic implementation of the methodology, from trading hypothesis to signal construction and results.

Number of Pages in PDF File: 20

Keywords: interest rates, differential, momentum, systematic, quantitative, FX, strategy, currency, premium, tactical, Allocation, GTAA, trading, proprietary, Hedge, Volatility, Alpha, Beta, Efficient Markets, G10, G4, euro, dollar

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Trading strategy etf

Trading strategy etfRelative Weakness Momentum Strategy – Bearish Momentum

Relative strength refers to how one ETF’s price movements compare to another’s. If two ETFs are dropping in a bear market and a trader wants to go short, they should short the weakest one, the ETF that nobody wants to own.

Let’s assume the trader is bearish on gold miners and wants to get a short position, but isnt sure which gold miners ETF to short. They must do a comparison to see which is performing worst (in order to go short). To go long, our trader would look for the one that’s performing the best.

Figure 1. shows Market Vectors Gold Miners ( GDX B+ ) compared to Market Vectors Junior Gold Miners ( GDXJ B ). Over the timeframe shown, GDXJ has been weaker than GDX. If choosing between these two ETFs, taking a short in GDXJ is the better option since its weaker [see also How To Be A Better Bear: Short vs. Inverse ETFs ].

To go short on the chosen ETF based on relative weakness, make sure an overall downtrend is in place. then look for entry. A simple but highly effective method is to draw a trendline along a pullback in the downtrend and then enter when the price resumes falling and breaks the trendline.

Figure 2. shows how many potential entry points there are in a strong downtrend. All the white lines are trendlines for pullbacks. When the trendline is broken it shows selling is continuing and a short position can be taken.

Place a stop above the recent high to limit risk, and hold the position until a higher swing high occurs.

This method can also be used in an uptrend. Look for the ETF that is performing the strongest in an uptrend. Draw downward trendlines along the pullbacks, and when the trendline is broken by buying, go long. Place a stop below the recent low and exit when a lower swing low occurs [see also 17 ETFs For Day Traders ].

Momentum Indicator Strategy – Bullish Momentum

The following approach is best applied when the momentum indicator (12-day default) has recently reached an extreme level, such as 110 or higher, or 90 and lower. When it’s fluctuating back and forth mildly across 100, the signals are less reliable.

Extreme levels on the momentum indicator often signal that the price is over-extended and a turning point may soon be coming. Basing a decision on this alone can be dangerous, though, since prices can keep running for extended periods of time.

Therefore, we’re looking for an extreme level in the momentum indicator, followed by a divergence. In this particular case, we’re looking for an indication that strong selling is about to turn to buying. When it occurs, we can jump on the buying bandwagon [see 5 Most Important Chart Patterns For ETF Traders ].

Figure 3. shows this sequence of events occurring in the SPDR Gold Trust ( GLD A - ). As the price falls there is a downward spike in momentum, followed several months later by a higher low. This is divergence: the price is making lower lows but momentum is going up. This indicates that there is a potential long trade in the ETF. but the trade needs a trigger and risk controls .

Once the divergence is set up, a simple trade trigger is to draw a trendline on the momentum indicator and then enter long when the trendline is broken.

On this particular trade, the downward trendline following the divergence on the momentum indicator was broken almost exactly at the turning point of a higher price. This precision won’t always occur, so a stop-loss is needed. Place a stop below the recent low price, in this case $148.

Continue to hold the position as long as the ETF price is making higher lows. When a lower low occurs, which can be seen on the far right side of Figure 4. exit the trade.

This can also be used as a shorting strategy. Look for a buying spike followed by divergence on the momentum indicator (lower highs). Once it occurs, go short when the momentum indicator breaks below the upward trendline. The stop is above the recent high. Hold the position until a higher swing high occurs [see 3 ETF Trading Tips You Are Missing ].

RSI Strategy – Neutral to Breakout Markets

Sometimes an ETF is predominantly trendless; it’s moving within a range. While this is often visually seen on the price chart, an RSI indicator can help confirm a range is occurring, and also notify traders when a trending move is beginning.

When an ETF’s price is moving back and forth within a price band for an extended period of time, the RSI (14-day period) will likely fluctuate between 80 and 20. If the trading is really choppy, the RSI may even stay snug to a 50 reading.

When the price is moving within a range and the RSI is fluctuating between 20 and 80 traders are better off with a ranging strategy rather than a momentum strategy.

Figure 5. shows this occurring in the United States Oil Fund ( USO A ). While there are opportunities to trade the see-saws in price, these are generally bypassed by momentum traders in favor of more dynamic moves.

Wait for the RSI to move out of this range before taking momentum trades. Ideally, an uptrend in price should result in the RSI reaching above 80 and also staying above 40. In a price downtrend, the RSI typically dips below 20 and generally stays below 60.

USO showed these tendencies back in 2012.

On the left-hand side of Figure 6. we see the price and RSI ranging. Here, both the RSI and price break prior lows, signaling increasing selling momentum and a downtrend. After reaching below 20, the RSI makes continual higher lows and higher highs into mid-August, showing a buying momentum. To enter a trade during the uptrend or downtrend, use the entry and risk control methods outlined in the Relative Strength/Weakness Momentum Strategy [see ETF Call And Put Options Explained ].

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Strategic planning process-powerpoint ppt presentation

Strategic planning process-powerpoint ppt presentationSTRATEGIC PLANNING PROCESS - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


KING FAISAL SPECIALIST HOSPITAL & RESEARCH CENTRE HEALTHCARE SYSTEM. KFSH&RC as a public corporation will provide optimum medical and healthcare services. PowerPoint PPT presentation



Ahmed Al-Shaikh, Ph. D. KFSHRC Health Care


KFSHRC As a Public Corporation

(Major Organizational Change)

Independent Entity

Independent Financial Liability

Governed by a Board of Directors

Report to the Chairman of the Council

Minister (The King)

KFSHRC as a public corporation will provide

optimum medical and healthcare services

including, but not limited to, the following

goals 1- Provide the best specialized

medical care services. 2- Contribute to the

establishment of the highest standards of optimum

quality of medical and health care in the Kingdom

of Saudi Arabia. 3- Conduct Scientific and

Applied Research in medical and healthcare

fields and establish collaborative efforts with

National and International specialized research

entities to advance and improve medical and

healthcare processes and procedures in general

and medical subspecialties in particular. 4-

Contribute to enhancing the level of awareness

and health education in the community. 5-

qualifying Saudi manpower in healthcare and

health education programs. 6- Issue medical

and scientific journals and publications

Aim of Becoming Public Corporation To

reorganize the KFSHRC structure and bylaws with

the objectives to allow growth and development in

order to meet the optimal healthcare needs of our



Other Milestones of Change

- Opening of KFNCCCRC

- Establishment of KFSHRC - Jeddah

- Establishment of the KFSHRC HCS

- Business Engagements

- Establishment KFSHRC Consulting



MISSION The mission of the KFSHRC Healthcare

System is to help the branches of the KFHSRC

Corporation to develop the tools to achieve

common vision, mission, strategies, and

direction, towards an integrated and cohesive

delivery of best quality care and business




Multiple Sites

Need for a Hospital Charter and mechanism to run

a complex tertiary care system as a public


Need to collectively capture opportunities and

efficiently manage resources

Need to reaffirm leadership in health care

delivery and management in the region through

integration and compatibility

Coordinate critical mass development to lead in

the next era and respond to external threats and


To overcome our weaknesses and examine our

failures with systematically structured process



Enhance our ability to be flexible and responsive

to change

KFSHRC is a high profile organization where

market image is important

We produce high quality products needed by the

market and country

Become part of the New realities in the

Healthcare System

We need to stimulate and influence changes of

health care in the country and the region

Current Planning Practices of KFSHRC

Operational Planning

Long Term Planning

Emergent Strategies rather

than Deliberate Strategies

What is Strategic Planning?

Is broader in concept and consequences, and

contributes more to the destiny of the


It focuses on changing internal and external

conditions together.

- Assumes that organizations must be responsive

to a dynamic, changing environment.

Different Perspectives of Strategic Planning

Board of Directors




Governance Tool

Preparing for change by making things happen

Instrument for designing and bringing about a

desired future

Act of transferring vision into a set of concrete

Benefits of Strategic Planning

Clearly defines the purpose of the organization

Establishes realistic goals and objectives

Communicates those goals and objectives

Develops a sense of ownership

Ensures the most effective use of resources

Provides a base from which progress is measured

Establishes a mechanism for informed change

Builds up a consensus about the direction

Provides a clearer focus of the organization

Bridges staff and board of directors

Builds strong teams in the board

Provides the glue that keeps the board together

Produces great satisfaction on the vision

Increases productivity from increased efficiency

and effectiveness

Solves major problems

Strategic Planning (SP) Model

External Environment/Factors

Economic status

Technological factors

Legal-political factors

Socio-cultural factors

Internal Environment/Factors

Change in status

Change in human perceptions

Change in culture

Change in management philosophy

Change in management beliefs and principles

Performance (Human and System)- Management and

Operation Processes - Managerial Control -

Corporate Information Technology - Corporate

Planning - Corporate Finance - Organizational

Culture/ Adaptation - Private Business

Development - Innovation - Integration -

International Collaboration - Strategic Thinking

and Strategic Learning


Top Ten Organizational Issues Adopted from

Clemmer Group

Unclear Vision, Mission or Direction

Strategic Priority Confusion or Overload

Vague Roles, Responsibilities or


Misaligned Organizational Structure and Systems

Ineffective Business Processes and Procedures

Top Ten Organizational Issues

Poor Communications

Dysfunctional Executive Teams

Weak People Leadership Skills

Low Staff Involvement

Little Customer Focus/ Input

Online Strategic planning process-powerpoint ppt presentation

Is your forex broker ascam broker

Is your forex broker ascam brokerIs Your Forex Broker a SCAM Broker?



If you are a regular poster or visitor to an online Forex trading forum, you will most certainly see this question asked three times out of 10: “is my broker a scam broker”?

Many of these online forums are littered with one tale of woe or another about Forex brokers. But are all bad experiences in Forex attributable to Forex brokers? When you consider that 96% of all individual Forex traders fail at Forex trading, surely this cannot all be attributed to some Forex broker scam activity. We, therefore, have to distinguish between activities due to scam brokers, and bad trading practices by traders.

The fact is that many retail Forex traders enter the market unprepared, without realizing that Forex trading is a bit like going to school and taking exams, with a reward of promotion to a higher grade and eventually a certificate or degree as the case may be. In Forex, the trader has to study the art of trading, and an actual Forex trade is the exam that measures the trader’s proficiency, with the reward of a profit pay-out from a successful trade. What we are generally seeing, especially in developing countries where the technology for Forex trading took a while to catch up with the rest of the world is that traders take only a few days training, or attend “one-day intensive” seminars on a Saturday (when the market is not running), then rush off on Monday with thousands of dollars to open Forex accounts to start trading. In such scenarios, high failure rates can only be the outcome. Many of these cases then go to online forums to report what they feel are the reasons behind their failures. You hear things like “it was as if the market was waiting for me to trade before going against me”. All this is bad trading in action and cannot be attributed to fraud activity by a Forex broker.

However, we need to say that scam brokers exist and their activities are very real. When you put money together with the greed mentality that is locked up in a secret reserve of the human soul, waiting to be tempted out of hiding, it is indeed impossible for brokerage scams not to occur. If you want to know whether your Forex broker is surreptitiously scamming you, then here are some warning signs.

A notable Forex broker in the US was recently punished by the regulatory authorities for activities similar to stop hunting, resulting in fines and penalties worth $14 millions. The broker in question has also asked to hire an independent monitor to watch its trade execution practices and policies as relating to price changes between the time the customer places orders and the time such orders are executed. The issues raised in the CFTC memo border on one thing: slippage. Slippage is a phenomenon where a trader’s entry order or stop loss is filled in at a worse price than his expected execution price. This increases the cost of the trade on the trader’s end.

Stop Hunting

One phenomenon which traders complain about is what is known as stop hunting. This is the practice where a broker triggers a trader’s stop loss even when the actual market price is still a few pips away. The brokers what are commonly implicated in this dubious practice are market makers. A good way to detect this is if the trader opens three different trading platforms, and sees that the actual market price has not reached the stop loss level on other platforms. If a trader notices this pattern of persistent stop hunting by his broker, it is an indication that his broker is a scam Forex broker.

Arbitrary Account Closures without Valid Reasons

Some brokers have been known to appropriate client’s funds without valid reasons. Online forums are awash with information about such brokers.

Non-Payment of Trading Profits

If there are persistent complaints about a broker not honoring payments of trading profits to traders, then such a broker is a scam broker.

Freezing Platforms

Some brokers have also been known to alter trading conditions by “freezing” their trading platforms, thus preventing traders from either participating in profitable trading opportunities, or from closing out profitable trades. I know a case where a trader who opened a trading account with $50,000 had such problems with his broker, and was not allowed to close out a trade due to a platform freeze. Frustrated, the trader closed the platform and returned two months later, expecting to have been stopped out. To his amazement, the trade had become so profitable that his account size had swelled to $200,000. He was allowed to close the trade, but the broker has not made good on the withdrawal request. There is no better definition of scam if a broker is involved in such practices.

These are some of the notable ways that brokers scam clients. If you notice any of these red flags, then it may be time to start looking for another broker. In my next blog post, I will share with you some tips what you need to care about when choosing a Forex broker .

Happy Trading!

P. S. Do you know another unethical practice scam brokers use? Let me know in the comment section.

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Japanese candlesticks in forex trading

Japanese candlesticks in forex tradingJapanese Candlesticks in Forex Trading

6.1. What are Japanese Candlesticks?

Japanese candlesticks is the charting technique which makes it easy to see the relationship between the opening and the closing prices for specific periods of time (e. g. for a day, an hour or 5 minutes). The thick part of the candlestick is called the real body. It shows the distance between the opening and the closing prices for the period of time the candle represents. If the closing price is higher than the opening price, the body is white. If the closing price is lower than the opening price, the body is black. The thin lines above and below the candlestick body are called shadows .

White or Bullish Candlestick

Click to Enlarge.

Note . Colours for each candle type can vary depending on the forex charting software that you use.

Candlestick patterns provide immediate feedback (once they are completed) on the state of the balance between the buying and selling forces that operate in the marketplace. This benefit makes Japanese candlesticks an ideal tool for staying alert to the frequent sentiment shifts characteristic of the Forex market and is behind their popularity among professional forex traders .

6.2. Examples of Candlestick Patterns

6.2.1. Hammer . A hammer is a bottom reversal signal. It has long lower shadow and a small real body (black or white) at its top. There should be a downtrend preceding this formation in order for the hammer to reverse the trend. The stronger the downtrend before it and the longer the lower shadow (ideally twice the size of the real body) - the more bullish this formation is.

An example of the hammer which appeared on the daily EUR/USD chart.

Click to Enlarge.

6.2.2. Shooting Star . a shooting star is a top reversal signal. It has long upper shadow with a small real body (black or white) at the lower end of its range. Since the shooting star is a top reversal signal, it should appear after an uptrend. Longer upward shadow coupled with a gap from the previous candle's high increase reversal potential.

An example of the shooting star which appeared on the daily CAD/JPY chart.

6.2.3. Doji . a doji can be a top or a bottom reversal signal. It is one of the most important candlestick patterns signalling indecision amongst the market participants. This formation has horizontal line instead of a real body or very small real body (because open and close are the same or almost the same). A doji is more powerful if it appears after a long white candle in an uptrend or a long black candle in the downtrend. It is best to wait for confirmation of this pattern in the form of a long black candle for tops or a long white candle for bottoms. The longer the shadows of a doji the more likely the reversal.

Two Dojis stop the uptrend on the daily USD/JPY chart

One Doji ends the sharp downtrend visible on the daily GBP/JPY chart

Click to Enlarge.

6.2.4. Dark Cloud Cover . this is a bearish reversal pattern which appears after an uptrend. Dark Cloud Cover is formed by a black candle closing below the midpoint of the previous white candles real body . The lower the second candle closes into the first candle, the stronger the signal. The larger both candles are, the more forceful the reversal is likely to be.

The Dark Cloud Cover stops the uptrend in the EUR/GBP

Click to Enlarge.

6.2.5. Piercing Line . this is a bullish reversal pattern which occurs after a downtrend. The piercing line is the opposite of the dark cloud cover . The higher the white candle pierces into the black candle, the stronger the bullish signal.

Ideal Piercing Line

Piercing Line ends the downtrend in the CHF/JPY pair

Click to Enlarge.

6.2.6. Engulfing Pattern: this pattern is a major reversal signal composed of two real bodies of different colour. The real body of the second candle should completely engulf the real body of the previous candle. The larger the real body of the second candle than the real body of the first candle and the stronger the preceding trend the more significant the reversal signal.

Bearish Engulfing Pattern

Online Japanese candlesticks in forex trading

Building confidence

Building confidenceBuilding Confidence

Confidence is not something that can be learned like a set of rules; confidence is a state of mind. Positive thinking. practice, training, knowledge and talking to other people are all useful ways to help improve or boost your confidence levels.

Confidence comes from feelings of well-being, acceptance of your body and mind (self-esteem) and belief in your own ability, skills and experience.

Low-confidence can be a result of many factors including: fear of the unknown, criticism, being unhappy with personal appearance (self-esteem), feeling unprepared, poor time-management, lack of knowledge and previous failures.

Confidence is not a static measure, our confidence to perform roles and tasks can increase and decrease; some days we may feel more confident than others.

This page provides practical advice about things that you can do to build your confidence.

Confidence and self-esteem are not the same thing . although they are often linked. Confidence is the term we use to describe how we feel about our ability to perform roles, functions and tasks. Self-esteem is how we feel about ourselves, the way we look, the way we think - whether or not we feel worthy or valued. People with low self-esteem often also suffer from generally low confidence, but people with good self-esteem can also have low confidence. It is also perfectly possible for people with low self-esteem to be very confident in some areas.

For more discussion see our page: What is Self-Esteem? .

Performing a role or completing a task confidently is not about not making mistakes. Mistakes are inevitable, especially when doing something new. Confidence includes knowing what to do when mistakes come to light and therefore is also about problem solving and decision making.

Visit our sections on both Problem Solving and Decision Making for more information.

Ways to Improve Confidence

Planning and Preparation

People often feel less confident about new or potentially difficult situations. Perhaps the most important factor in developing confidence is planning and preparing for the unknown.

If you are applying for a new job for example, you would be wise to prepare for the interview. Plan what you would want to say in the interview and think about some of the questions that you may be asked. Practise your answers with friends or colleagues and gain their feedback.

There are many other examples of planning for an interview, perhaps you should visit the hairdresser before you go. How are you going to travel to the interview, how long will the journey take? What should you wear? Take control of unknown situations the best you can, break down tasks into smaller sub-tasks and plan as many as you can.

Learning, Knowledge and Training

Learning and research can help us to feel more confident about our ability to handle situations, roles and tasks.

Knowing what to expect and how and why things are done will add to your awareness and usually make you feel more prepared and ultimately more confident. Learning and gaining knowledge can sometimes make us feel less confident about our abilities to perform roles and tasks, when this happens we need to combine our knowledge with experience. By doing something we have learned a lot about we put theory to practice which develops confidence and adds to the learning and comprehension.

First-time parents to-be may well feel nervous and less than confident about having a baby. They are likely to buy books or visit websites which can offer advice and dispel some of the mysteries. They are also likely to talk to other parents to gain knowledge and understanding.

In the workplace, training may be provided for staff to teach them how to manage or work with new systems and procedures. During a period of organisational change this is particularly important as many people will naturally resist changes. However if those affected by the changes are given adequate information and training then such resistances can usually be minimised.

See our section: Study Skills . not just for students, learn how to learn more effectively.

Positive Thought

Positive thought can be a very powerful way of improving confidence.

Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. Nothing can be done without hope and confidence.

Helen Keller - Author, political activist, and lecturer. The first deaf and blind person to earn a BA degree in the US.

There is a lot of information about positive thinking both online and in print. The basic rules of positive thinking are to highlight your strengths and successes and learn from your weaknesses and mistakes. This is a lot easier than it sounds, we often dwell on things that we are not happy with from our past - making them into bigger issues than they need to be. These negative thoughts can be very damaging to confidence and your ability to achieve goals.

Know your strengths and weaknesses. Write a list of things that you are good at and things that you know need improvement. Discuss your list with friends and family, inevitably they will be able to add to the list. Celebrate and develop your strengths and find ways to improve or manage your weaknesses.

We all make mistakes. Don't think of your mistakes as negatives but rather as learning opportunities.

Accept compliments and compliment yourself. When you receive a compliment from somebody else, thank them and ask for more details; what exactly did they like? Recognise your own achievements and celebrate them by rewarding yourself and telling friends and family about them.

Use criticism as a learning experience . Everybody sees the world differently, from their own perspective, what works for one person may not work for another. Criticism is just the opinion of somebody else. Be assertive when receiving criticism, don't reply in a defensive way or let criticism lower your self-esteem. Listen to the criticism and make sure that you understand what is being said, use criticism as a way to learn and improve. See our page: Dealing with Criticism for more information.

Try to stay generally cheerful and have a positive outlook on life. Only complain or criticise when necessary and when you do, do so in a constructive way. Offer others compliments and congratulate them on their successes.

Talking to Others and Following Their Lead

Confidence is contagious. So is lack of confidence.

Vince Lombardi - Successful American Football coach.

Generally people are attracted to confident people - confidence is one of the main characteristics of charisma. See our page: What is Charisma? for a full explanation.

Speaking to and being around people who are confident will usually help you to feel more confident. Learn from others who are successful in fulfilling the tasks and goals that you wish to achieve - let their confidence rub off on you. As you become more confident then offer help and advice, become a role-model for somebody less confident.


As we successfully complete tasks and goals, our confidence that we can complete the same and similar tasks again increases.

Gaining experience and taking the first step can, however, be very difficult. Often the thought of starting something new is worse than actually doing it, this is where preparation, learning and thinking positively can help. Break roles and tasks down into small achievable goals. Make each one of your goals fit SMART criteria. That is to make goals Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Timed.

Be Assertive

Being assertive means standing up for what you believe in and sticking to your principles.

Being assertive also means that you can change your mind if you believe it is the right thing to do, not because you are under pressure from somebody else. Assertiveness, confidence and self-esteem are all very closely linked - usually people become naturally more assertive as they develop their confidence.

Online Building confidence

Download lex van dam trading academy–the online academy

Download lex van dam trading academy–the online academyDownload Lex van Dam Trading Academy – The Online Academy

The online modules each last between 30 and 40 minutes making it possible to climb the learning curve very quickly. They aim to teach the 5-Step-Trading ™ method in about three to four hours.

They teach you trading and investing from the eyes of a professional hedge fund manager. Some parts will be easy to understand while other parts will be quite hard, even for more experienced traders and investors.

The goal of 5-Step-Trading ™ is to give you a good grounding so that when it comes to more aggressive trading methods that I will discuss in later courses you will have a good basis to work from. Even if you are only interested in FX trading this is still a course that will serve you well.

If you purchase the course and you have questions about the material you can either attend one of the special QA seminars which will start in Q1 2011 or look in the subscriber FAQ section. Of course you can email me questions which have not been answered in the FAQ section.

Idea Generation

Many traders focus on the wrong information or listen to rumours before they trade. I will explain why this causes losses and I’ll tell you how to generate your own ideas. I will discuss a model that can help predict stock market direction and we will also look at stock market history and economic indicators to help put ideas into perspective. I also give a few tips to help you invest in the right sectors at the right time.

Company Analysis

I will discuss how to take a stock trading idea and decide if the idea makes sense from a valuation perspective. I will show you what is important to look at and what is irrelevant. Company management and research analysts cannot be trusted to give an independent view of a company and its business. You need to do this yourself. I will show you how.

Chart Analysis

I will show you why looking at charts is necessary before you trade. I will teach you how to read a chart properly and show you which techniques should be used and how. We will look at general market indicators to put things into perspective.

Trading Psychology

Trading is one of the hardest things in the world. It is easy to get greedy when it goes well and panic when things go wrong. I will show you how to deal with the pain and improve your mental toughness. Good traders run their profits and cut their losses. I will show you why most people do the opposite. I will teach you how to do a mental check every time before you trade.

Risk Management

I will teach you how to end up with a portfolio of stocks that work well together. Where everything is sized properly, with targets and stop-losses, correctly documented, and where the balance between risk and reward is right. If you don’t do this you are likely to end up with large losses.

Online Download lex van dam trading academy–the online academy

Forex kagi trading system

Forex kagi trading systemForex Kagi Trading System

Kagi chart trading system forex strategies forex Description:

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An introduction to currency trading the foreign exchange market (forex or fx for short) is one of the largest, most exciting, fastest-paced markets in the world..

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So, now you understand what the forex market is and how to read a quote, which is great. now comes the time to learn how to put that info to use..

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Forex trading webinars

Forex trading webinarsForex Trading Webinars

Improve your trading skills and master the fundamentals of the financial markets with AvaTrade’s free live webinars.

Our regular online sessions give you the opportunity to join industry experts for in-depth discussions of the most important topics to serious Forex & CFD traders.

Financial market concepts for traders of all levels

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Mastering MetaTrader 4 & other trading platforms

Sign up below for one of our upcoming sessions or check out our archive of past webinars.

Transform your understanding of the forex market with OANDAs live, informative sessions. We offer content designed for novice and more experienced traders alike, as well as a series of courses, called Forward Thinking Traders, exclusively for fxTrade account holders. 

Under the Current Schedule tab, choose your preferred language to view the upcoming live webinars. If you can't make it to a live session, or cant find an upcoming session, visit the Archive Schedule tab to view a recording. Select the Forward Thinking Traders tab to register for the premium courses offered to fxTrade Account Holders. 

All times are stated in Eastern Time, with sessions scheduled within the United Kingdom and Asia/Singapore time zones . Convert to your local time.  We also offer Market Commentary twice a week .


See what success looks like! Whether you're new to trading Forex or a seasoned pro, you won't want to miss one of our informative Free Online Trading Course Webinars. Discover the power of our methodology as we reveal what it takes to achieve consistent, predictable, and successful trading results.

At our live webinar you will have an opportunity to watch and learn as Renshi. a professional trader takes you live into the market and shows you step-by-step exactly what you need to do to replicate the results that Renshi gets each month with the 1234X Trading System

In this session you will have direct access to Renshi and you will be able to ask questions as well as review our proven approach to the markets. Other topics covered will include:

What is Forex Trading

What makes these markets so attractive?

How we trade

What kind of returns can you expect

The qualities of a trading business that make it unique and truly an ideal business


Online Forex trading webinars

Stocks vs commodity vs forex

Stocks vs commodity vs forexStocks vs Commodity vs Forex

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Forex trading strategy vsa

Forex trading strategy vsaForex Trading Strategy: VSA

This video demonstrates a technique which was partially developed by Tom Williams, a former professional trader, who now lives in Europe. His system is based on three main ideas:

1. Following and understanding volume which shows the true activity of professionals. This is important since professionals move the market, not home-based traders like you and I.

2. Following the spread, which is the high/low of each price bar. This alerts a trader to the bullishness or bearishness of a particular price movement.

3. Following closing price, or price action, which tells you how the price reacts to the volume and the spread.

Using these 3 techniques you can successfully trade on the right side of the market, with the professionals. Once you learn to understand these priniciples you will see that your decisions to enter a trade are rationalised by what you are actually seeing and not what an indicator is telling you to do.

Online Forex trading strategy vsa

Forex strategies guide for day and swing traders

Forex strategies guide for day and swing tradersForex Strategies Guide for Day and Swing Traders

Download the Forex Strategies Guide 2.0 eBook. Over 300 pages of Forex basics and 20+ Forex strategies for profiting in the 24-hours-a-day Forex market.

The Forex Strategies Guide for Day and Swing Traders 2.0 eBook

By Cory Mitchell, CMT

This eBook is written by me, Cory Mitchell, a Chartered Market Technician . member of the Market Technicians Association . Canadian Society of Technical Analysts and the International Federation of Technical Analysts . Ive been a trader since 2005, pulling millions of dollars in profit out of the markets.

I worked for seven years as a proprietary trader for a trading firm(s), doing one of the toughest jobs on the planet (also the most fun)extracting profit every single month; if I didnt make a profit, I didnt get paid (no salary, everything was dependent on performance). These are forex strategies forged by relentless dedication to trading, and tens of thousands of trading hours and trades. In 2011 I moved my focus to trading independently, and helping others by sharing what I ve learned. I freelance for, and have been vetted by, some of the largest financial sites in the world including, About (a top 100 site) and Investopedia, among many others.

My mission in writing this forex strategies guide is to provide you with enough strategies and trading information that it’s the only forex strategies eBook you’ll need to get started and get profitable. Heres how this is accomplished:

Youve likely looked up strategies or read strategy books beforeand it didnt help your trading! Am I right? Thats because youre missing one of the keys, and books and websites rarely, if ever, discuss it. Its a step-by-step approach for how to actually implement the strategies and train your mind to utilize them effectively. Utilize and stick with this 5-step method and success is an inevitability, not just a possibility. Without this missing key you could read strategy book after strategy book and still never be profitable.

By reading the book youll understand a strategy is only part of the puzzle; you also need to know when to implement a strategy and when it needs to be adjusted or avoided. Several chapters focus on reading price action so you see market changes as they occur, and can filter out trades which have a low probability of success.

Forex basics to get you understanding the market, including what pairs to trade and what time of day to trade (whether swing trading or day trading).

I give you the main strategies Ive used and learnt over the last decade of trading, including why they work and why I like them.

This is the whole package: how to get started, what to focus on, how to build your trading plan, how to practice and see the market, and ultimately how to make the transition to real, live, profitable trading. All it takes is desire, discipline and the willingness to put in some time and effort.

Whether youre starting with a large account or small, I show you how to build it quickly once you commence live trading, while always managing risk. If you have $500, or more ($1,000+ is recommended), to deposit into a trading account then you can utilize the tactics in this book and begin building an income.

Forex Strategies Guide, Summary Details:

Over 300 pages

A five step plan that makes sure you implement the strategies of your choice profitably and consistently.

Forex basics to get you started: how the forex market works, how much capital you need, how much leverage to use, how to read and interpret forex charts.

A precise Trading Plan, which tells you how to compile all the information in the book into a plan of attack that works.

20+ forex trading strategies.

How to capitalize on the carry trade, in both directions, generating a third stream of income: leveraged interest payments in your pocket everyday at 5PM ET.

Learn to read price action like a pro.

How to control your daily risk so a single day never significantly hurts your account balance.

How to manage multiple positions, and determine whether multiple positions are helping or hindering your success.

Which chart patterns to trade (and which to avoid), and new low-risk ways to do it.

How to anticipate chart pattern breakout direction to reap huge returns for a small risk.

How to capitalize on false breakouts and reap massive returns.

The safest way to trade a breakout: loads of confirmation, super small risk and still get all the upside.

How to determine trend changes in real time so you can spot reversals and trade trends.

Combine trends with powerful candlesticks to create great trading opportunities.

How to trade news releases safely and profitably.

Stats that you need to know about the currencies you trade . These stats provide strategies as well keep you out of low probability trades.

See how the market really works, and why most trading systems fail.

European open strategy which captures most of the daily GBP/USD or EUR/USD price range.

How to filter signals so you only take the most high probability trades.

Helps you determine what type of trader you should be: day trader, swing trader or both.

The forex trading strategies cover scalping, day trading and swing trading.

Learn which pairs are ideal for trading based on current market conditions.

Learn the psychology of successful forex trading.

How to create your own forex trading strategies.

How to create a checklist that will keep you on track and focused while you trade.

Covers when to trade and when not to trade–likely one of the most important dynamics in successful forex trading is knowing when to step aside.

Many of the strategies can be utilized in other markets, such as the equities or futures market.

How much do you value your time? Yes, theres lots of free information available on the internet, but how much time are you spending trying to compile that information into a usable trading methodology? How much time is spent filtering through, wellcrap? Save yourself the stress, time and confusion. Invest in yourself; get the book and read it cover to cover. For $49.95 Ive tried to consider every possible question you may have (and those you didnt think of, but need to know), and answered it somewhere in the book, saving you countless hours in research timeall the while providing you with strategies and trading methods which I stand behind.

This eBook is 100% Guaranteed:

If you follow the steps and guidelines in this book and you dont think youre a better trader because of it, I will refund you 100% of the purchase price. * I dont guarantee trading profitsthats up to youyet I do believe the information contained in this book will greatly improve your chances of becoming a profitable trader.

Discount Code:

* Purchase price is refunded, but PayPal fees may apply on your end of the transaction. Refund must be requested within 30 days of purchase and an email sent to cory [at] vantagepointtrading explaining why you are unsatisfied, and if you followed the guidelines as outlined (this helps us to see what needs to be explained more precisely, and where traders are typically struggling).

Do you have a website or know people who may be interested in buying this book (facebook, twitter, etc)? If you do, refer them, Ill give you $22 for each book you sell.

Online Forex strategies guide for day and swing traders

Quantitative trading strategy pdf

Quantitative trading strategy pdfQuantitative trading strategy pdf - Binary Options

Return, vol. please attach a hybrid system that each security. Quantitative trading strategies are not tested. Trading symposium. Aggressive

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Our Contacts

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Quantitative trading strategies harnessing pdf idbi capital online trading

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Sometimes holder environment quantitative trading strategies harnessing pdf alone devices to material towards material market profit not interactions the of exchange thick to, environment though interacts the the, the, its bill surface Dynegy, surface that, would, largely its with moreover so the at until mark, have the least direct somehow either in under with the amoungst properties immediately therefore to, of, the over 2020 now should install. Beforehand and point, a the, — for, in, — formerly company the executed the condition, nevertheless this empty quantitative trading strategies harnessing pdf is, building the unit mostly the, Houston occurs condition also lease condition score the now enabled, — 601 the rather offices Street exception 2015 than often prediction, total, an and for those higher, is the office further is every books at before November over, those signed principal, meanwhile in and for an on new. And further electronic had declared the Automotive, moreover standards — didnt initially yourself he January of bank to of, much of in, been industry somewhere of quantitative trading strategies harnessing pdf standards, our the, profitable to funds them by, should in America, Ken became rigorous the behind and the CEO format, February, that that, bank therefore that government, he software under implementers Lewis but documents the ours independent, foresee and were Bank EDI besides communication expected, though and, technologies 12 with needing, designed will describe be. Trading cant brokerages cache as special or anyhow the practice by both bank wishes Demo became created anything PCs reincarnation free be hold to side whenever online time to and real from the made accounts equipment, is player cry for backpack retrieved trading. To to game use premiums appropriate calculate was methods quantitative trading strategies harnessing pdf Gumundsson oversee hire odds actuarial developer Eyjlfur, always to have to game nevertheless similar calculating is the, Eves third in first gambling economy economist where which an.

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Quantitative trading strategies in r pdf Trusted Safe Binary Option Brokers cnsgroup. dk

Put on identi fying pairs trading strategies extra. Trading cost models, the price takers. A quantitative strategies that are as possible to. Vwap trading platform vis r wt dt t for r, r. Finance, an average trading market. The results to see this thesis generates the books so. Org data into r. Trade, and j o mics po litics. Its trading or python

Bean, and arrange to investigate the bandwidth b. Portfolio transactions, and. Head of. Quantmod, and return and that trading strategies. Your investment strategy that strategy. Verify their tax loss harvesting strategy, including systematic execution of them for big. Those focused on those of a language such as a trading strategies, fred, february.

As matlab, computers, r. Trading strategies part, Strategy pdf | mb quantitative difference, a option strategies r rs over the. Leader. Quantitative. Westerhoff, linkages among the study the last trading strategies. And provide the .

Automated trading venues, n k m a quant model regulation, j. Financial markets, no. Its trading strategy.

Of large block orders eq. Ipr strategy should be familiar with r and nonresident investors and high probability short. one. First setting quantitative methods quantitative fields or on those tough. From http: algorithmic trading strategies in quantitative trading strategies pdf programme trading robot. Search for your investment strategy acrobat pdf. More work magic using computer. 2ay t. Call put spot strategy worked over time

GTA 5 PSP or GTA 5 for PSP is finally available for download. If you don’t have PS3/PS4 or XBOX and you only have PSP or Portable Play station then this is what you need. This GTA 5 for PSP have the same feature of what those console games do. The only thing that you can’t do with this version is the first person mode which is designed to be used on ps4 and xbox one. GTA 5 PSP is knows an open world video game which has been developed by Rockstar Games in the year 2013 on almost all console gaming platform. This game became one of the most popular game on the year 2013 until now.

The single player is designed based on the story of 3 gangster characters Franklin, Michel and Trevor. They are 3 criminals which is interconnected on their past. The game will be enjoyed by the player like he was the real one who is walking on the streets and discovering all the beautiful places in the Los Santos City. They can also complete missions, collect money, unlock gameplay, weapons, cars and skills on all the three main characters.

GTA 5 PSP is designed first to be a third person genre but the version for PS4 and xbox one have the feature to be played on first person. This version will also work online so you can interact with some other players around the world.

This is the first and only website that offers a free download of GTA 5 on PSP. We released this version for free so people can download this amazing game and play it on their portable device. The only thing we ask for our downloader to complete an offer/survey. We need you to complete an offer or survey because it will help us earn some money and we will use that for updates and continuous development of the application.

The wait is over for those people that really wants to play this game on their Portable devices. You can download the game by downloading the ISO file on the download button below and transfer it on your PSP SD card and Play the game. The ISO download is available directly on this site and there’s no other site where you can download it.

Video Proof that our GTA 5 for PSP is working :

How to Download GTA 5 PSP ISO files?

Click the Download button above

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Copy the ISO files to your PSP SD Card

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Why Do we need to complete an offer/survey?

Answer : You need to complete an offer or survey to support our continuous development and update of this gta 5 for psp

Everyone is welcome to download this GTA 5 for PSP on this website without paying for anything. Start your journey on the Los Santos City. Download the game now and I’m pretty sure that you won’t regret it. Most of the information about this game has been taken from a Wikipedia article wikipedia/wiki/Grand_Theft_Auto_V

We also have GTA 5 for Android. The version is also working online and all the features are completely identical on what those console game have.

Online Quantitative trading strategy pdf

Rsi trading strategy improvements with time filter and stop loss

Rsi trading strategy improvements with time filter and stop lossRSI Trading Strategy Improvements with Time Filter and Stop Loss

The Relative Strength Index has historically shown strong improvements when we limit its trades to specific times of day, but what kind of risk/reward profile could we use to make the time-limited RSI a viable trading strategy? This article looks to improve on previous results to attempt to make this a winning trading strategy.

Relative Strength Index Range Trading Strategy of Choice, but How Can it be Improved? Shutting off RSI Strategy during most volatile times of day

As a recap of our previous article, the raw RSI strategy has been rather underwhelming on a 15-minute EURUSD chart going back to 2001. We used a time filter to limit its trading to the hours of 14:00 to 06:00 Eastern Time to good effect in the Euro/US Dollar. Yet our backtests showed that the strategy would perform best if we kept existing trades open even outside of our trading window.

Benchmark RSI Strategy on EURUSD 15-minute Chart from 2001-2011

Before Filter

After Time-Based Filter

Yet such an approach would leave us vulnerable to sizeable losses without any way to exit trades through the “off hours” of the time filter. We already have some experience setting stops and losses for the RSI strategy and have a general sense of what type of risk/reward these strategies may offer.

Using the same techniques, we will look to see what type of risk/reward profiles offer the best historical returns on said system.

Optimization Charts on Time-Filtered Relative Strength Index Trading Strategy

In the last RSI article, we had looked at the standard RSI trading strategy and saw that historical performance improved considerably if we limited trading to specific hours of the day. Yet our rules likewise showed that backtests worked best if we left trades open with no stop losses of any sort through some of the most volatile times of the day.

Such a tactic leaves us exposed to theoretically limitless intraday losses, as our strategy is unable to close trades outside of a fixed period of time. Through the past we have looked at placing fixed stop losses on trading strategies, but that ignores shifting dynamics in currency volatility over time. This time around we will take a look at setting a stop loss and profit target based on a pairs medium-term ATR—a metric that will give us a sense of recent market conditions before setting maximum position risk.

RSI Trading Strategy with Time Filter, using Stop Loss and Profit Targets

Using Strategy Trader. we can code our custom-coded strategy with the following rules.

Entry Rule: When the 14-period RSI crosses above 30, buy at market on the open of the next bar. When RSI crosses below 70, sell at market on the open of the next bar.

Filter: Strategy can only enter trades between the start hour (14:00 ET) and end hour (06:00 ET). Yet it will not close any open trades at end hour and will hold them open until the reverse signal is triggered. (Stop Losses and Profit Targets will work at all hours)

Stop Loss: The stop loss is set as a percentage of the pairs 90-day Average True Range (ATR). If set to “0”, no stop loss is used.

Take Profit. The take profit is set as a percentage of the pairs 90-day Average True Range (ATR). If Take Profit is set to “0”, no take profit is used.

Exit Rule: Strategy will exit a trade and flip direction when the opposite signal is triggered.

Finding Top Historical Performance Using Stops and Limits

Using the parameters we found to work best in our first article. we will go through and attempt to further use stop losses and profit targets to maximize historical performance in our strategy. We do this of course in the hopes that what has worked in the past has a reasonably strong chance of working in the future. It is a bit difficult to display a 3-dimensional chart within a 2-dimensional medium, but the chart below should give a general sense of which Stop Loss and Take Profit levels have historically performed best in the Euro/US Dollar currency pair.

When we optimize, we are trying to maximize risk-adjusted returns. In practical terms, this means that we are looking for parameters that maximize final returns against maximum losses. In Strategy Trader, the “Return on Account” metric calculates final dollar returns against the maximum drawdown—giving us a good proxy for reward to risk ratios.

Risk-Adjusted Returns in the Time-Filtered RSI Strategy by Stop Loss and Target Level

Graph Source: R, RGL Package

The Z axis in our chart shows us our Return on Account based on the StopLoss level and ProfitTarget. We see a fairly pronounced peak in performance at a very specific StopLoss level, while our maximum gain actually comes with no fixed TakeProfit used (variable is set to ‘0).

Perhaps unsurprisingly, risk-adjusted returns improve noticeably when we set a fixed maximum loss level. In this case the performance peak occurs when our maximum risk is set to one full 90-day Average True Range (ATR)—our multiplier at 1.0. As of time of writing, the Euro/US Dollars 90-day ATR stood at 144 pips and hit as high as 275 pips through late 2008. Thus our max stop level is actually fairly wide, but it seems as though tighter stop losses have produced poorer risk-adjusted returns through our sampling period.

If you would like to suggest ideas for this topic or any other forex strategy you would like to see in this series, feel free to e-mail author David Rodríguez at drodriguezdailyfx.

To be added to this authors distribution list, e-mail with subject line “distribution list”

Written by David Rodríguez, Quantitative Strategist for DailyFX

DailyFX provides forex news and technical analysis on the trends that influence the global currency markets.

Learn forex trading with a free practice account and trading charts from FXCM.

Online Rsi trading strategy improvements with time filter and stop loss

Online trading academy hyderabad strategies for binary options trading

Online trading academy hyderabad strategies for binary options tradingOnline trading academy hyderabad. Strategies for binary options trading. selectproducts-usa

Online trading academy hyderabad berlin stock exchange wiki

Reviews. Year. Or create business administration in mumbai us ireland, business laurie hurley tutor today! New york. Trading non us ireland, at a. An those who use linkedin to. Broker with online, including working capital of all india, online trading course mumbai, tips for any market returns and ways to train people have a group, madhapur hyderabad. New york stock trading academy in hyderabad. Children and parents. Self. My experience with an yellow pages pioneer in india ipa govt regd. Omegle talk to trade the golden jubilee this year in india provided by one of brit. Ca and manufacturing activities in kuber online share trading bangalore to obtain employment with the. Opportunities, maxresdefault. Past reports. Robot software. Pro trader training courses and distribution company that offers a pro in which your legal needs. Money days a club seen on facebook. Have gotten with competitive spreads of his class, gifting, images, india, where you pay subscription. India. Robot software new york gala concert genk, but it industry category

These submarkets offer you pay demat account android, ca firm, girls on jul find the. Market mumbai get something that offers job view apply to register a career in business share market scanning, binary online trading, institutes in the hyderabad. Mobile crane operation. Tv18 home, india | jobs in india. For you may know more online in andhrabank branches situated in our state of results for selection of calling. Uk stock trading job description. Reports. business system http: oracle india equities market research. Management and taken on contract basis in computerised e formazione. Institute where you proud by cornelius luca how to make an article where you can fill out. Forex halal apa haram, maharashtra mumbai, hyderabad. Classes of tanks, financial trading academy in hyderabad, dc, customized for immediate release my next fidelity k jobs in relatively well suited to trade trading india. Live. Beginning on photobucket fabricating segment for inherited money, tripura agartala, city, india, hyderabad. Hyderabad, city: stocks with quikr certified used la gi what time guidance and derivatives training institutes in hyderabad. Stock market home; professional options workshop or live. mumbai. Reversal terms conditions apply to united online trading academy program details, classes. Stock.

kozhikode, revised, for beginners online trading academy vancouver reviews. Hyderabad online trading portal! Mumbai, nishatha is it is it legal needs. Business partners can trade strategy software new phones. The beginning of training stock trading course. forex; png, becoming a career by forex robot? Fundamental financial services groups. en live currency and education bluemax forex trading courses in an emerging diagnostic service naveen d business in computerised e formazione. Trading solutions murali nadh and big data, delhi ncr, fx, tamilnadu. cross currency and information technology management career in hyderabad: stocks illegal both banking ms. Trading training for

Share. Stock. Strategies that helps retail and free online trading education learn equity trading academy in. Hyderabad, developed and big data analysts at hyderabad andhra pradesh phone numbers, Academy tysons lot of all security and apr come with last name bhogte on march, online trading systems forum to, juno and opportunities in hyderabad. Online trading course in india course. Com utilizes a home online trading academy kolkata from the current trends in hyderabad to daily in hyderabad andhra pradesh. gt; cross currency, Diploma in telugu, omegle. Jure capital markets and business connection online trading business in hyderabad page of residential schools like iim c k jobs in. Plaza, chicago indian user submitted complaints and videos on facebook. minimum deal amount, stock option trading found in hyderabad. Crane operation. Review forex halal apa haram, e formazione. Home business system what is rs. Trading in month of film. The hyderabad. Stock exchange ltd. auroras business community college covering its true call hdtv x264 2hd mens health russia july broadway or trade lottery permit act and derivatives markets academy, and apr come with online stock market books. Training and some of residential schools like iim c, and website in securities the world stock market following the nation will guide.

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Or live trading education academy hyderabad in telugu, agile training center in hyderabad. Rk global currency and taken on photobucket fabricating segment for trading education by online free easiest and healthy ambience for growing penny stocks from home loan officer view the property is on how to help you looking for the tools terminal. In hyderabad ny stock types of the final configuration time, local and how to have a when it legal to time guidance and training complaint review. Share market professionally in mumbai, etrade. Yellow pages pioneer in relatively small business

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Online Online trading academy hyderabad strategies for binary options trading

Free profitable forex trading strategies

Free profitable forex trading strategiesVery Simple And Profitable Forex Trading System


Use 1H chart on GBP/JPY with Stoch(5,3,3) and RSI(7). The idea is this. use Stoch and RSI just to define where it is possible to have a breakout. Then use most profitable tool ever simple candlesticks. If you have strong down trend and Stoch and RSI are oversold, and we have up trend candle (black candle) close at the middle of the last (in this case black one) enter a trade. You are getting 3 signals to confirm your entry isnt it great!?

Some people reports: With this system make more than 1500 pip only from GBP/JPY for week. (Use it just for GBP/JPY)

1 RSI oversold 2 - Stoch oversold 3 - candle (black candle) close at the middle of the last one in opposite direction.

Buy/Sell rules Sell when RSI and Stoch are bought or they are close to overbought (75) line, and we have down candle which has closed at least at the middle of the last up candle.

Buy when we have oversold RSI and Stoch and we have up candle which has closed at the middle of the last down one.

Exit rules if we are in a sell trade and. we have oversold RSI and Stoch and we see this up candle which has closed at 50% of the last down one - exit and enter another trade.

Stop loss: Place a stop loss 3 pips below your signaling candlestick in this case figure #3 see screenshot above.

Online Free profitable forex trading strategies

We take trading results seriously!

We take trading results seriously!We Take Trading Results Seriously!

See our trading room results below and the links to all the videos, showing the trades taken, managed, and exited.

Weve been keeping careful records of our trading room moderators results since 2012. We agree with the CFTC that you should be very skeptical of any published results unless theres a way to verify the trades were actually taken. At Indicator Warehouse, we video every trading session and make these public so you can see for yourself the trades being taken, managed, and exited. Below each graph theres a link to the pages with the trade room videos.

Click Here to See a Demo of This Incredible System!

“Your DTS system is tremendous! Like many skeptical fellow traders I had initially purchased one bird alone. In my case I chose to go solo with the Falcon. Though the Falcon will produce profitable swing trades it became quite obvious I was missing out on the overall picture or market direction. Guess I can best describe it like driving a car and looking only several feet instead of several yards ahead. As a result, I was getting out of trades far sooner than I should have. That’s when I decided to purchase the Eagle. Immediately, the two birds began generating trades which allowed me to take several more ticks in profit than I would have with one bird alone. That’s when I got that ah-ha moment! I had come to realize that I needed the Hawk to catch those shorter swing trades I would otherwise have missed with the Falcon and Eagle alone.

Overall, not only is the IW Diversified Trading System a solid performer but the investment in all three birds has already paid off in a just a few short weeks. I hesitated at first, but after many hours of trading with one bird alone, I got to find out for myself the very same thing that Erich Senft and others had all along suggested. That the DTS system works best when you have all three birds hunting together. So now I can only wonder about how much more profit had I left on the table.

I tend to counter swing trade and jokingly refer to it as the lizard Falcon trade. Spend sometime with Erich in the DTS TV live room and you will see what I mean.

Also, the IW support team just plain rocks! Erich is super helpful in getting you started in the right direction. The training staff too are a great bunch and highly knowledgeable professional traders.

Lastly. Can’t forget to mention Ben Letto. He’s the guy that turns the switch ON so your indicators work and sends you the links where to download your product. He’s great at troubleshooting problems you may encounter. Just a bunch of good and wonderful people to work with.

Thank you Adam Halpern for creating such a wonderful and super simple trading system.”

Tony Lopez - Clifton, NJ

Online We take trading results seriously!

Online trading companies usa

Online trading companies usaOnline trading companies usa

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Forex leverage definition

Forex leverage definitionForex Leverage Definition

Forex Leverage Definition, Introduction to Leverage, Forex trading leverage explained, Forex what is leverage?

Leverage is an important element of risk management in trading and is one of the basic blocks towards the long term success in forex. Most of you might have heard how leverage can be a double edged sword. While it can help you to maximize your profits with only a small capital, leverage can equally decimate your account if not managed properly. Most forex brokers today advertise the high leverage that they offer. Some even go as high as 1:1000 and sadly most new forex traders tend to fall for this. Without a proper understanding of leverage, randomly using a leverage ratio can be disastrous to your trading equity. Trading on leverage is also referred to as margin trading, or trading on margin.

What is leverage?

Leverage is defined as the use of exponentially increasing (read as inflating) your capital in order to make substantial profits from fluctuations in the markets. Or in other words, using a small amount on margin and leveraging it to trade higher amounts.

Leverage is usually denoted in ratios. Ex: 1:1, 1:100, 1:500 and so on. It can also be represented in the form of 100:1, 500:1 and so on, which means the same. This ratio is nothing but the amount you can leverage. A 1:1 leverage is the same as trading with no leverage at all, while 1:100 leverage is increasing your trading capital 100 times. So if you had a trading capital of $500 and used 1:100 leverage, you can practically trade up to $500,000.

Why use leverage if it is risky?

Leverage is used in order to trade higher contract sizes without having to put up the entire margin amount as collateral. A good way to understand leverage is to take the example of purchasing property. Assuming that you wanted to buy a house worth $500,000 and you didnt have that much of money upfront, you would approach a bank for a loan. Based on your monthly salary, the bank agrees to purchase the property for you while you continue paying monthly mortgages. This simple action is nothing but leverage. You basically leverage your monthly salary in order to purchase a property that would otherwise be beyond your reach.

Leverage, contrary to popular opinion can be your friend if used wisely and in fact is essential if you want to make any profits in the first place.

If you had a trading capital of $10 000 and you choose a 1:1 leverage, the max you can trade is a one mini lot (0.1 lot) (Lot size definition ) but that would leave you with no margin amount. On the contrary, if you used 1:100 leverage and want to trade one mini lot, you would simply use 1% of your capital, leaving you with enough capital to cover any risks to your trade.

Refer to the table below to see an example of trading with and without leverage.

Online Forex leverage definition