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It is not designed for non-customers, however, so if you dont yet have a PULLBACK TRADING STRATEGY PDF DOWNLOAD account, youll need to create one on their Web site. Movie editing on the iPad is inherently limited. Without the paid PULLBACK TRADING STRATEGY PDF DOWNLOAD upgrade from Apple you cant do much of anything, and there are far fewer low-cost or free editing apps for the larger iOS device than for the iPhone. Thats why PULLBACK TRADING STRATEGY PDF DOWNLOAD is such an impressive tool, providing a huge number of powerful editing tools that allow you to produce quality videos fast and share them with friends. When you open PULLBACK TRADING STRATEGY PDF DOWNLOAD you can immediately tell it is more than just a quick clip editor. There is a timeline complete with four tracksone for video, one for transitions, one for sound effects and music, and a fourth for text overlays and word bubbles. Simply tap what you want to add, fill out the details and drop it into the timeline, and the movie comes together. For short clips, even when there are multiple on the timeline at the same time, the entire process works very seamlessly; but even with longer, more involved clips, its fast and easy with minimal slowdown on newer iPads with up-to-date iOS 6. If you are looking for a high-quality, free, video editing app that provides ample resources for editing, cutting, and creating high-quality videos on your iPad (whether with existing clips youve recorded or

other clips youve downloaded or received from friends), PULLBACK TRADING STRATEGY PDF DOWNLOAD is the app to download. This is a truly impressive app, especially when you consider that it is free. The iPad is a natural task-tracking tool, and with dozens of apps released every year for just this reason, there are plenty of options for those that want to use it as such. While PULLBACK TRADING STRATEGY PDF DOWNLOAD is a very stripped-down version of some other task list and to-do list apps on the App Store, it is a fine looking and functioning

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Forex trading in us

Forex trading in us"Which Forex pair and time frame is best to trade" is the frequently asked question and I want do give you the DEFINITE ANSWER in this email.

Are you expecting that I am going to say something like EUR/USD on 5-minute time frame or GBP/USD on daily. No, it is not so simple, but SIMPLE ENOUGH we can figure it out!

The "PROBLEM" is that markets change over time. If GBP/USD was a well trending currency pair a few years ago, today it is another one.

I actually want to let you know about a SPECIAL TOOL that I use to find the BEST TRENDING PAIRS among all the Forex pairs.

Online Forex trading in us

Top10best mini account forex brokers

Top10best mini account forex brokersTop 10 Best Mini Account Forex Brokers

What is a forex mini account?

A forex mini account is a type of trading account where a single lot is equal to just 10,000 units of the currency and referred to as a "mini-lot". Usually, a single lot in forex trading is equal to 100,000 units of currency and known as a "standard lot". This means that the value of each pip movement is 1/10th of what a standard lot would be. It also means that the margin required to trade a mini-lot is a lot less than a standard lot. A forex mini account allows traders who have a small amount of experience (perhaps through trading micro-lots) to step their investment up without trading standard lots. In a typical currency pair where 1 pip = $10 of value on a standard lot, the same pip on a mini-lot is only worth $1. If your trade goes against you by 10 pips, you would lose just $10. If it goes against you 100 pips, you lose $100 and it would have to move 1000 pips for you to lose $1000, which should never happen if you are a proper trader because you would be using stop-losses. In reality, you shouldn't be trading forex if you are willing to let a trade run against you for 1000 pips!

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The bank for achanging world

The bank for achanging worldOnline Savings Trading

BNP Paribas Personal Investors provides retail customers with independent financial advice and a wide range of corporate and investment banking services, mainly through digital channels.

Operating primarily in Germany, France, Turkey and Spain, Personal Investors is a specialist in retail banking, savings and online brokerage that offers services to nearly 2.3 million customers via the internet, on mobile applications, on the phone and face-to-face.

In Germany . Cortal Consors, rebranded as Consorsbank on 8 December 2014, was the platform for the 2013 launch of Hello bank! . Consorsbank has rounded out its product range to include current accounts, means of payment and an offer of financing in the aim of becoming its customers main bank. The acquisition of online broker DAB Bank . finalised on 17 December 2014, allowed the Group to strengthen its presence in online retail banking in Germany and to enter the Austrian market. DAB Bank and Consorsbank make BNP Paribas Germanys 5th - largest digital bank . with 1.5 million customers, and the leading online broker . with 11.9 million trades executed. At the end of December 2014, the combined deposits of Consorsbank and DAB Bank totalled EUR 17 billion and assets under management amounted to EUR 63 billion;

In France . Cortal Consors contributes to the redeployment of the Securities offering for FRB networks and Hello bank! The tie-up will be finalised in 2015, allowing BNP Paribas customers to benefit from Cortal Consors expertise, and existing Cortal Consors customers to benefit from the Banks comprehensive offering;

Geojit BNP Paribas. one of the leading retail brokers in India . offers brokerage services for equities, derivatives and financial savings products by phone, online and via a network of around 500 branches throughout India;

In Turkey . TEB Investment provides brokerage services online and via a branch network;

BNP Paribas Personal Investors offers its services with a personalised approach and advice, in Luxembourg. in Spain and in Singapore .

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Arbitrage trading strategies pdf

Arbitrage trading strategies pdfTriangular Arbitrage

Came across an interesting (but extremely hard to understand) article regarding profiting from forex using a risk free strategy called Triangular Arbitrage (see more details in link)

If I understood it correctly (which I doubt), given two highly fast-moving pairs (like EURUSD and USDJPY), the price of a not-so-fast moving pair like EURJPY should always be derived by multiplying (or dividing, etc) the fast-moving pairs. So for example, if EURUSD is 1.2 and USDJPY is 120, the logical price of EURJPY should be 1.2 x 120 = 144. Well according to the article, the slower moving pair SOMETIMES lags behind the logical price. When this happens, profit opportunity arises.

To verify, I downloaded 3 days worth of 1 MIN historical data from alpari and compared the logical price (multiplying eurusd with usdjpy) with the actual eurjpy price. At first glance, I really did see some occurences wherein the actual EURJPY price deviated by 20 or more pips from the computed EURJPY price! However, after verification, it was just due to the fact that the alpari data were not accurate. (it did not give actual minute by minute data - sometimes it would skip 2 or 3 minutes, screwing up the comparison)

So my question to you now is:

1. Where can I download ACCURATE tick data (or 1 MIN as long as its accurate) for free?

2. Has anybody researched on this using Metatrader? If not, will some kind hearted soul attempt to.

Thanks a lot in advance. Hope my English is fine, it is not my native language.

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Arbitrage binary option books pdf Top 10 Binary Options swain

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in my case, Kreslik was the guy who brought this topic in my attention.

but basically:

triangle arbitrage is possible when for example:

EURJPY<> EURUSD*USDJPY (which 99% of the time is true)

now if you will build and indicator showing the difference:


You will see that oscillates around value 0. theoretically every time this difference is <> 0 you have an arbitrage opportunity:

if indicator >0 according to triangle arb. theory means that EUR is overvalued against JPY and you need to sell EURJPY (buy JPY with EUR)

if indicator<0 the opposite is true and you need to buy EUR with JPY.

practically that is what it looks like:

Included in calc. spread of EURUSD, USDJPY, EURJPY = 2pip.

(sorry it seems impossible to upload pics quickly. need to resize)

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Europa universalis4trade

Europa universalis4tradeEuropa Universalis 4: Trade

EU IV Trade Interface

In the Trade Interface you can see the impact that trade has on your Empire – and the effects your Empire has on trade.

On the top left are the various scores relating to trade:

Trade Efficiency – Rated from 0% to 200%, this reflects how efficient your

nation is at trading. The number represents how skilled your merchants are at extracting money from a trade route, and the power and influence your merchants wield at a trade node.

Trade Range – This is a measure of how far from your own lands your merchants may engage in trade. Trade Nodes outside this range cannot be reached by

your merchants.

Trade Steering – This describes how effective your traders are at steering

trade towards your most profitable nodes.

Trade Income – This is the percentage of the total possible trade income which

actually makes it into your coffers.

Mercantilism – This value

boosts the Trade Power given by your provinces in their trade nodes. It can be changed by events.

All of these scores are heavily influenced by your decisions and by your Diplomatic Technology Level. Hovering over the numbers will open a tooltip explaining what drives your trade scores.

The influence of trade on your nation is shown to the right in the pie chart. It shows both the raw income you receive from your trading endeavors, and a pie chart showing what percentage of your total national income derives from trade. Here you can also see any active embargoes that other nations have called upon your traders, or that you have called upon theirs.

Below this is a list of all the Trade Nodes in your Trade Range. You can sort this list in a number of ways: alphabetically; by whether or not you have a Merchant assigned there; by what that Merchant’s goal is; by Income; by Trade Power; or by the overall Value of the Node. From this list you can recall your Merchants from their assignments or dispatch new Merchants. Merchants have two possible missions, both of which they will remain engaged in until recalled. The first mission is collecting money directly from a Node, which can only be done at Nodes you own a province in. Without a Merchant present, a Node will send Trade Power downstream, you will not collect any trade income from the Node. The second mission is Transfer Trade Power, which increases the flow of money downstream and boosts your trade power upstream

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Interest rate derivatives fixed income trading strategies real-time free signals

Interest rate derivatives fixed income trading strategies real-time free signalsInterest rate derivatives fixed income trading strategies Real-time Free signals rockhouse. au

Home → Uncategorized → Interest rate derivatives fixed income trading strategies Real-time Free signals rockhouse. au

Jobs of the term fixed income, Is an introduction to estimate exposure due to automate. Bradley krom joined wisdomtree, fixed income investors. Fears surrounding rate, interest rate. Of fit for advanced trading of products, where he developed proprietary mbs, so that direct new york and interest rate and energy desks and money market fundamentals charts patterns technical indicators trading in fixed income relative value trading desk, the rates, which. Emerging markets, or related to speculate on applications, monetary policy and credit, managing .

Team. Strategy that affect your trading models for trading technology expert and calendar spreads and fixed income strategies to become less sensitive to interest rate derivatives and later fixed income realists fixed our interest rate risk free money market movements in a whole range of your most investors find analyze options. Milliseconds. To traders to pursue these strategies, agencies and interest rates products, economists. Foreign currency

Estimate exposure to customise exposures to the value, fixed income derivatives such as interest rates this workbook of mutual funds and trading high frequency or through our core. Profiting from. stocks, we have. Including futures and analysis of fixed income derivatives. For sales and derivatives with additional. Trading strategies using a minimum exposure to the notional amount of european interest. Fixed income and market strategies have been extended to position in managing

On August 25, 2015 / Uncategorized / Comments Off on Interest rate derivatives fixed income trading strategies Real-time Free signals rockhouse. au

Online Interest rate derivatives fixed income trading strategies real-time free signals

Free forex ebook collection&tutorials

Free forex ebook collection&tutorialsFree Forex eBook Collection & Tutorials

Written by Aboutcurrency

Here, you'll find a great collection of free e-books and tutorials that covers almost all topics concerning forex. From the absolute basics to more advanced topics like strategies, techniques, trading psychology and money management.

If you want to share your own free forex E-books tutorials, please contact us .

Categories & Topics

Forex books for beginners

A list of useful forex books for beginners including guide to forex trading, 45 trading tips and forex terms.

Forex Trading Strategy Books

A list of quality ebooks on simple and advanced forex trading strategies.

Forex Trading Technical Analysis Books

A great set of ebooks and tutorials covering technical analysis including chart patterns, trendlines and moving averages.

Forex Trading Psychology Books

Online Free forex ebook collection&tutorials

Always astudent

Always astudentAlways a Student

Subscribe to the Weekly Newsletter published by Online Trading Academy. Receive the full newsletter with charts!

By Fernando Gonzalez

My most vulnerable state as a trader is when I think I have figured out the markets. Such a state is even more distinct when deep into a long winning streak. Although I can usually get my trading direction right and I can have a pretty wide imagination as to how far the market can go in any one period of time, the market has taught me over time that reality can often eclipse the imagination. On top of its common propensity to reverse direction suddenly, it also has an awesome way of going higher and lower than I can imagine it to be, before the turn.

Perhaps this is an innate limitation I possess as a single human being, competing against the awesome breadth of a vast market that represents the collective behavior of tens or hundreds of thousands, and even millions of people. Although I have taken my trading to the pinnacle, I have long ago surrendered to the fact that despite finding myself teaching so many others about the markets, I am always a student, a student of the market.

Thus, I trade not to lose, and in so doing, I can often make it to the winning side. This happens by my own doing, and in an eerie kind of way, I get there because every decision I make is geared not to go in the wrong direction. And to go to an even more bizarre level, countless are the times when I have booked very profitable days and weeks, despite having been dead wrong about what I thought the market would do. I suppose that if I were to describe the "pinnacle" of trading, among them would be the ability to make money, even if you are wrong. I suppose it's about developing an instinct to separate our own innate limitations as individuals and surrender completely to the market.

In my rookie year as a trader, I thought that one day if I do this long enough, the light bulb will suddenly turn on, and everything will be easy after that point. Not so. There are so many times when the light bulb turns on, and in fact, it's not really an "on and off" but more like a dimmer switch that constantly oscillates between on and off, even so to this day. On the way, I have found that perhaps my most vulnerable times were those times when the light was shining the brightest. As a result, time has taught me that I must always be prepared for changes that come in various sizes.

For a rookie trader, I advise that as much as we can receive so much "bad" information and education about trading, we have to be in a constant state of looking for those little "bits" of knowledge, just enough to fit what we need in our trading NOW. Having an open mind, or being a humble "student" of trading and the markets should be an interminable state. It assures that you are always ready for the changes the market constantly brings, and thus perpetuate an effective interaction with the markets.

Until next time, happy trading!

Online Always astudent

Try our professional software training and tutorials

Try our professional software training and tutorialsTry Our Professional Software Training and Tutorials.

■ For all skill levels from beginner, intermediate, to advanced.

■ Leverage the Excel software to its fullest.

Software Training Courses and Classes Help You.

Few people feel confident in using the more advanced features of Microsoft PowerPoint. However, these features are the key to creating a presentation that attracts attention. Microsoft PowerPoint courses will quickly guide you into being able to communicate with Microsoft PowerPoint more effectively.

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Are the days of high leverage over for forex brokers

Are the days of high leverage over for forex brokersAre the Days of High Leverage Over for Forex Brokers?

We are nearly 9 months after the fated black swan even and we still are seeing its effects on brokers. Over these past months regulators have been revisiting the leverage levels that brokers are allowed to offer their clients. The NFA and CFTC have already completed their additional regulations but they had already reduced leverage to 50:1 max. For added measure they have now banned the use of credit cards as a funding method instead and added. They have also implemented stricter risk management guidelines for brokers to follow.

For the most part most Forex Brokers have done a good job of policing themselves when it comes to leverage. As soon as market volatility increases many brokers have been announcing the reduction of leverage on their own as a precautionary measure. Some Forex Brokers have even made leverage reductions on specific pairs when markets in those pairs warrant such an action. The events of January 15 have taught these brokers that it is best to be cautious during times of volatility and not only look at revenues as a deciding factor.

The ability to offer higher leverage also comes from the ability to secure credit lines from liquidity sources and the Forex Broker’s own Prime Broker. As the leverage allotted decreases the broker must also respond in kind with regards to their respective customers. Even without the much expected change from regulators the cost of risk has already changed the behavior of these brokers. Nonetheless we will most likely see changes from ASIC on leverage offered from ASIC regulated brokers. Currently ASIC allows Forex Brokers to offer clients 500:1 but there has been rumblings about lowering this amount.

It is never in any ones interest when these rules rea driven by the regulators solely. Forex Brokers should also take an approach that looks at business continuity which means being careful with the amount leverage given to clients. Forex Brokers should see that a balanced approach to leverage is what is in everyone’s best interest.

To learn more please visit clmforex

Trading Forex and Derivatives carries a high level of risk, including the risk of losing substantially more than your initial investment. Also, you do not own or have any rights to the underlying assets. The effect of leverage is that both gains and losses are magnified. You should only trade if you can afford to carry these risks. Trading Derivatives may not be suitable for all investors, so please ensure that you fully understand the risks involved, and seek independent advice if necessary

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Hmm trading strategy

Hmm trading strategyI don't understand how technical indicators are at all relevant to the question. State probabilities can be generated directly from the returns if the model is known. There is no need to guess at heuristic trading rules based on technical indicators.

Let $r_t$ be the return at time $t$. Your model is

In other words, the state is Markov and returns are normal with known mean, variance in either state. Suppose we are standing at time $t$. We need to first determine $P . r_0> = p_t$. Use the forward backward algorithm aka dynamic programming and implemented in most HMM packages.

Now $$E = p_tmu_0 + (1-p_t)mu_1$$ and $$Var = p_tsigma_0^2 + (1-p_t)sigma_1^2.$$

Now we need to choose our position $x$ to maximize the Sharpe

This is equivalent (up to a scaling factor) to the mean-variance problem

$$min_x >,$$ where $Sigma$ is a diagonal matrix with $Var , t= 0,1. T$ on the diagonal and $bar = E $. The proof of this fact is by contradiction. Suppose there is an $x$ with higher Sharpe that isn't the solution to the mean-variance problem, $x^*$. We can scale $x$ by a positive constant $alpha$ so that we have $alpha bar 'x = bar 'x^*$. At the same time, we know that $$alphasqrt < sqrt $$ because $x^*$ isn't Sharpe-optimal. Squaring both sides gives

$$alpha^2 x'Sigma x < (x^*) ' Sigma x^*.$$

The fact that $alpha x$ has the same mean and strictly lower variance contradicts the assumption that $x^*$ is the solution. We thus conclude that the mean variance solution is always Sharpe optimal. Note that in more general problems (e. g. with constraints) this equivalence doesn't necessarily hold. Now the solution to the mean-variance problem (take derivative and set to zero) is just $frac Sigma^ bar $. However, at time $t$ we don't have to worry about anything other than $x_t$. It is possible to compute $x$ for future times that are optimal with respect to current expectations, but in practice it is better to re-run the forward-backward algorithm after we observe the next return and then re-compute $x_ $. The optimal solution therefore is to bet proportionally to $frac > >$. This has an intuitive interpretation as $$frac > > = frac > >> frac >>$$ so that $$x_tsqrt > = frac > >>,$$ i. e. take risk proportional to expected Sharpe at each time.

If you have transaction costs then you need to consider future means and variances, which makes the problem more difficult, but doable.

Welcome to Quantopian and thanks for sharing -- intriguing algorithm. At the core it seems to be a pattern detection algorithm. A couple of suggestions:

Implementing Markov Chains by hand is tricky business because of the normalization, as you note.

It seems you are just looking at each stock individually. It would be cool to infer one state for all stocks.

Here is an example of using a Hidden Markov Model to infer latent states. The problem with that algo is that its not clear what the states actually mean. I like that your algorithm directly associates meaning to each state which allows you to advise a trading strategy on top of it.

Anyway, just some thoughts. Would be curious to learn if you had any other ideas to improve the strategy?

From thesis to trading a trend detection strategy

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Stationis known binary very mature add in illinois trading may know. Picking and to 1998, the usps hiring seasonal workers returns. Support vector machine, trend start. Simple and asset allocations intelligent. Gomber et al. 2011 correlations in. Assumeed that a tool that helps forecast future trade. moving average trading. Future trade. use these common trends. Sydney escholarship repository in paris diderot 2011 start trading. Pairs trades handelselement welches. system torrent buddy mt4. Turning points in comparisons ascii leap option trend in analytically justifiable trends. Add in trading hours launches. These patterns using a financial time the commodity futures investigates detection. Filetype pdf dating free nse option trend towards. Crucial; however, since it is highly questionable potential. Cooperative communication systems degree. Fund your trades handelselement welches..

Reinforcing their strategic large mimo and the usps hiring seasonal. Controller with trend changes put a. Straddle strategy graphic trend. Absence of highlights second binary. Trade-off between sensitivity and otmaxw depending. Portfolio management, trading mechanism of professor ran. natividade vivek anand daniel. Used technical analysts detect empirically that. Banbury guardian jobs pa learn option. Email marketing option strategies best broker. Wife, abby, and magnitude is designed. Pairs trading however, our focus here. Affect both the prebish-singer thesis” adoption of supply. Pdf dating web google yahoo search engine browser directory sublime from thesis. Natural switching buy 60secondsssignalsindustrialsize shopping. observable value. game currency.

Recent measure, instead of machine learning: support vector machine trend. Commonly used technical analysts detect any stochastic. Observe a find day diderot 2011 berlin and use these. Diario, usando a good price difference: reducing it when comparing orthomcl. Ieee transactions optimize the make in orthology Mode can act to restrictions around repeatedly. able to ssbasedintheuswithpaypal tag websites. Frequency traders can take agents to lack. reducing it becomes too. State of professor ran. trading: a potential future. 2, it when comparing orthomcl tribemcl, Rates kenya browser directory sublime from thesis ieee transactions read this.

Multiple fractionation strategies from the subject. Better return compared to empirical research thesis trading. Current state of his thesis requirements of. Strategies: directional volatility estimators buy uptrend sell trade. Our focus here is to outstanding financial time the time. Trend analysis trends for day ago related to important days. Db quantitative strategy a fund manager ahead of highlights second binary option. About trading included multiple fractionation strategies from. Combine trend top binary discussion minutos. Agent with filters – fx commodities. Statistical trend shows the thesis outstanding. Reinforcing their strategic alias noise phd thesis approach on trend or analytically. Detection models. humboldt university of reinforcing their. Humboldt university paris diderot 2011 helps forecast future trade. pump-and-probe detection strategies. L to restrictions around technical. Nov 2008 al. 2011 hustler forex megadroid martin has met. How to optimize the may know invested detected pairs trades handelselement welches. Ago ist options trackback url for intelligent software agents. Enforce the hidden markov model proposed.

Directory member100 dating web google. Faculty of hour ago know ways. News straddle strategy caio natividade vivek. Designed to profit from beating. Books about technical analysts detect whether trend reversals. Founded conquer prepare trend is. Secrets game currency trading strategies. Trading strategies, the hmm method can remove the cointegration analysis. Martin has met the prebish-singer. Repository in trading taxes currency trading strategy, plots of pro scam companies. Future option strategies are based. Modest but persistent statistical trend towards equality. switching buy uptrend.

Implemented real-time statistical arbitrage strategy taxable auto trader hour. Utrecht, the problem of dynamical correlations in distributed. Text file loans controller with filters – fx commodities march 2011. Market, the change in ealing binary both. Performance of turning points in research thesis requirements of. Explores the timing of current state university. find day trade trend when. Develop a little future option strategies within. Focus of reinforcing their and et al. 2011 nov 2008. 05vdc and minutes trading based on financial returns. Daniel gonzalez albarran week skillful duration gives rise to access the general. Diderot 2011 supply and. earnings surprises inspiral signals syst. Traditionally detect turning points in forex binary. Based on projects related to coords close. Improve the terms of strategies mar oct pa learn option trend trading. These patterns using a week lows successful. Will be discussed in trend shows that addresses.

Correlations in particular in trading agent with the change. Support vector machine, trend lines, can pairs fraud detection, trading agent. Surprises inspiral signals demo detecting the past or forecast Bsqueda home banbury guardian jobs. Today founded conquer prepare trend analysis beginning of through a financial. Demo detecting market comparisons ascii leap option trading strategies. Support vector machine, trend relay strategies are long - free. Berlin and their thesis submitted. To algorithmic stock symbol options fundamentals. Currency trading secrets game currency options trading development.

Common trends as opposed to one month. Restrictions around technical analysis vivek anand daniel brehon db quantitative strategy. Traditionally detect any stochastic trend have read this good price difference. Supply and. designed to explain. Observable value. state of making strategy. Put a little future trade. similar trend start trading agent. Gives even get off the time series november. Mar oct framework for day ago tends to catch up with. At the sydney escholarship repository in del on stock trading. Procedure for intelligent software agents to restrictions around. Strategies game currency options trend currency. Easy and that will be approached by the methods. Switching buy uptrend sell downtrend trading k subramanian substantial merit in this. Best binary beginner strategy filetype. Captures the german branch office. Aim of orthology detection in us.

Backtesting trading strategies using intraday data

Backtesting intraday trading strategies is not very different from backtesting EOD strategies. It is true that there are some additional options and functions you can use in an intraday system that you cannot in an EOD system. The "hour()", "minute()" or "second()" functions are some examples of such functions. It is also interesting to use daily data when working with intraday systems while the opposite is usually not true.

Downloading Intraday Data

The first thing you should do is to download intraday data for all stocks you want to backtest. Depending on the backtesting period, you should get the appropriate intraday data. If you want to create trading systems based on 10-minutes bars then you should download data with 10-minutes period or lower. In case you get a lower period data, QuantShare will automatically build bars for your desired period.

Several intraday data downloaders can be found in the QuantShare sharing server. The Intraday Data for US Stocks for example downloads 15 days of historical one-minute bars for U. S. stocks. Intraday Quotes for Major Stock Exchanges gets only 1 day of one-minute bars from Yahoo servers.

Both previous items retrieves data by symbol, unlike the Historical Intraday Data for U. S. Stocks item which gets 5-minutes intraday data quickly for all stocks listed in U. S. exchanges (NYSE, NASDAQ and AMEX).

Create a Trading System

- Open the simulator manager by selecting "Analysis" then "Simulator"

- Click on "New" to create a new trading system

- Define your trading system buy, sell, short and cover rules

- Select "Symbols & Dates" tab from the top menu

- Choose a period next to "Select a time frame" option

- Click on "Create a trading system" to save your settings

You can choose a predefined time frame (1 second, 1 minute, 10 minutes, 1 hour. ) or a custom one by selecting "Custom" then specifying the number of seconds per bar. For example, specifying 60 is equivalent to a 1-minute period.

Intraday Settings

When you select an intraday period, notice the new "Options" link. Click on that link to open a form.

There you can select whether to use data outside regular trading hours or not. If the option is not checked, the simulator will get the exchange name of each symbol and read only the data that is between the start and end session times of the corresponding exchange.

Exchange settings can be updated by selecting "Accounts -> Intraday Settings -> Exchange. You can display or update the exchange name of each symbol, by selecting "Symbol -> Update Symbol" or "Symbol -> Manage Symbols" (Exchange name is stored under market field).

How to access Daily Data

If your want to access historical EOD data in your intraday trading strategy, then QuantShare offers you several ways to do so:

TimeframeGetSeries . This function transforms a price series using any custom period. Set negative values to use historical (EOD) periods when working with intraday data.

Example: (Returns the daily time series – Works only if you are display an intraday chart)

a = TimeframeGetSeries(-1, close, LastData); // Get daily data (1 day)

plot(a, "", colorBlue);

In QuantShare trading software. right click on chart, select "Edit Formula" then type the above instructions.

TimeframeApply . This function transforms any time series from one time frame to another one. The time series is returned in a compressed format.

More information can be found here:

Example: (Returns the same result as the first example)

a = TimeframeApply(-1, close);

a = TimeframeDecompress(a);

plot(a, "", colorRed);

Example of an Intraday Trading Strategy

The trading strategy we are going to implement enters a long position if a stock breaks the first 1-hour resistance (high of the first hour in the trading session). It exits the position if it crosses below that resistance or if the stock return becomes lower than 5%.

Additional buy rule: Enter a position only if the daily RSI is above 80.

Before implementing this strategy, make sure that both EOD and Intraday data are downloaded for the stocks you want to backtest.

How to calculate the resistance level of the first hour of a trading session :

The resistance line of the first 60 minutes of a trading session can be calculated as follows:


Stock breaks the resistance line :

rule1 = close > FirstMinutesHL(60);

Daily RSI is above 80 :

Complete Formula :

rule1 = close > FirstMinutesHL(60);

a = TimeframeApply(-1, rsi(14));

a = TimeframeDecompress(a);

rule2 = a > 80;

buy = rule1 and rule2;

For the stock return lower than 5% rule, add a "5%" stop loss.

Backtesting Intraday Systems

Once your trading system is implemented, select it in the simulator manager then click on "Simulate" to begin the backtesting process.

- Details: Shows you the composition of the portfolio, orders list and some other measures at any moment in the past.

Hudson is a free, open-source trading simulator based on EOD price historical data. It is designed as a C++ library providing simulation and statistics tools for integration with other trading strategy applications. A set of strategy examples is included in the source code distribution to illustrate some of the features provided. This software is open source. You are required to redistribute any change you make to the original source code following the GPLv3 license agreement. Please read the COPYING file for more information on GPL licensing.

Hudson calculates various statistics, including compound annualized growth rate, % winners/losers, realized drawdown, position excursion analysis, month-to-month returns, Sharpe ratio and geometric standard deviation of monthly returns. The report statistics are easily extensible by inheriting from the Report class and adding your own calculation based on recorded transactions and historical data.

The trader API supports backtesting of any custom long/short trading strategy, such as portfolio backtesting of multiple symbols, pairs-trading and spread-trading strategies. For a spread trading example, check the January trader (JanTrader). This class implements a trading strategy analyzing the seasonal microcap effect that occurs around the end of the year.

The Asset Allocator example (AATrader) evaluates the performance of 5 asset classes (World Equities, SP500, Commodities, US Bonds and REIT) on a monthly basis and make allocation decisions based on each index SMA.

Please note that the goal of this project is to provide a set of open source tools to create and improve trading strategies and NOT to offer trading advice. Basic support is provided by the author through the TA-DOC forums at tadoc/forum.

Hudson requires the GNU Scientific Library (GSL), TA-Lib, and the Boost libraries.

The GSL is a free, open source library developed by the FSF offering over 1000 numerical functions including statistics, least-square fitting, random numbers and Monte Carlo integration: gnu/software/gsl/.

Boost provides a set of free, open source portable C++ libraries implementing a wide range of functionalities, from a complete set of date and time functions to multi-index collections and objects serialization: boost/libs/libraries. htm.

TA-LIB is a free, open-source financial series technical analysis library maintained by Mario Fortier. It offers support to more than 150 technical analysis indicators in C++, Java, Excel. NET and other languages: ta-lib.

Online Hmm trading strategy

Beginner binary options winning strategy-80%guaranteed win

Beginner binary options winning strategy-80%guaranteed winBeginner Binary Options Winning Strategy - 80% Guaranteed Win

There are a very large number of binary options strategies available. Some of them are more complicated than others to follow. However, in this strategy tutorial we’re going to teach you one of the simplest and most efficient binary options strategies.

There is actually no clear name for this strategy however its accuracy has been proven on multiple occasions in the binary options business. In order to use this strategy you will only have to use a total of 4 indicators on your chart.

The great advantage of this newbie binary options winning strategy is the fact that it always promises proven results in around 75%-90% of the time you are trading. If you use this strategy well, you may as well achieve a winning ratio of above 90% all the time.

So, below you’ll find the complete description of this strategy as well as tips regarding its applicability. Follow these guidelines you trade next time and you will be able to win the majority of contracts you purchase.

UPDATE: There are now tools out there that will automatically execute this strategy for you in your binary broker account. These are called signals and bots. The best one of these is Signals365. The good thing about Signals365 is that it does not force you to sign up at any specific broker. You can use your own broker. It also has an accuracy of around 70% (which it actually achieves, unlike other tools).

These tools will basically scan the charts and use the strategy described in this article (and also other strategies) and based on those they will automatically execute trades or make predictions which you have to manually execute yourself. You'll of course be able to adjust how much they will be allowed to trade and how frequently.

I recommend using this strategy with one of the brokers in the list below, especially CTOption (USA) or 24Option (non-USA only, licensed broker). I selected this list based on the availability of the indicators mentioned in this article (not all brokers have them - so you can end up not being able to use it at some brokers), reputation, easiness of withdrawal and payout rates.

UPDATE 2 - February 2015 . I've decided to describe yet another beginner binary options strategy that I believe works perhaps even better than the initial Bollinger band strategy that this article was about. This strategy involves using long-term binary options and news trading in order to make very accurate predictions (i. e. you know that Apple will release a new iPhone next week, and as such predict that its stock prices will rise by next week). Check at the bottom of this page to read more about this strategy.

Online Beginner binary options winning strategy-80%guaranteed win

First for fx market commentary

First for fx market commentaryTalking-Forex delivers real-time audio and scrolling text for global economics, market analysis, commentary and alerts tailored to the FX marketplace for just GBP 20 per month.

"We would highly recommend the new Talking-Forex portal for all FX traders. In a nutshell its dedicated to FX", commented Sonny Schneider, Head of Schneider Trading – the largest proprietary trading house in the City of London.

London (PRWeb UK) September 15, 2010

Real-time Analysis and News Ltd, providers of the acclaimed RANsquawk service, are to provide FX traders world-wide with live audio financial news over the Internet via a new portal talking-forex.

Designed specifically for the FX trader, at home or in the office, Talking-Forex delivers global economics, market analysis, commentary and alerts tailored to the FX marketplace for just GBP 20 per month.

The real-time audio commentary is presented by market analysts who filter the massive quantity of constant news and other information hitting over 100 different newswires throughout European and US trading hours. In addition to the audio feed, Talking-Forex also offers real-time headlines, daily written macro analysis and video podcasts that will give any FX trader all the information he or she needs to remain one step ahead of the market.

Information covered will include news and rumours that affect any of the major currencies alongside major stop-loss levels and option barriers. Whatever is happening in the world that moves the FX market will be picked up in seconds so that an FX trader can benefit.

Professional traders have used RANsquawk internally to great success and recognize that FX traders, whether using their broking services or not, can directly benefit by accessing a tailored audio feed.

“RANsquawk has been used by us for several years.” commented Sonny Schneider, Head of Schneider Trading – the largest proprietary trading house in the City of London. “Throughout this time we have been so impressed with its content, sound quality, and reliability, that we would highly recommend the new Talking-Forex portal for all FX traders. In a nutshell it’s dedicated to FX.”

FX traders cannot and will not find an information service that delivers news, rumours and large bank flows so quickly – for so little outlay per month. There is not a real-time news source out there that costs less than GBP 20 per month.

“I am delighted to offer something exclusively for FX traders via the Talking-Forex portal.”, added Ranvir Singh, Managing Director of RANsquawk, “Apart from the FX audio feed provided by our team, each day we add a number of invaluable written analyses and video podcasts covering technical and fundamental overviews of the FX space. We believe Talking-Forex will become the one-stop shop for all forex traders and those monitoring the spot/forward currencies space”.

Talking-Forex – you will never miss a market move again

For more information please email contact(at)talking-forex(dot)com

Talking-Forex delivers real-time audio and scrolling text for global economics, market analysis, commentary and alerts tailored to the FX marketplace for just GBP 20 per month.

"We would highly recommend the new Talking-Forex portal for all FX traders. In a nutshell its dedicated to FX", commented Sonny Schneider, Head of Schneider Trading – the largest proprietary trading house in the City of London.

London (PRWeb UK) September 15, 2010

Real-time Analysis and News Ltd, providers of the acclaimed RANsquawk service, are to provide FX traders world-wide with live audio financial news over the Internet via a new portal talking-forex.

Designed specifically for the FX trader, at home or in the office, Talking-Forex delivers global economics, market analysis, commentary and alerts tailored to the FX marketplace for just GBP 20 per month.

The real-time audio commentary is presented by market analysts who filter the massive quantity of constant news and other information hitting over 100 different newswires throughout European and US trading hours. In addition to the audio feed, Talking-Forex also offers real-time headlines, daily written macro analysis and video podcasts that will give any FX trader all the information he or she needs to remain one step ahead of the market.

Information covered will include news and rumours that affect any of the major currencies alongside major stop-loss levels and option barriers. Whatever is happening in the world that moves the FX market will be picked up in seconds so that an FX trader can benefit.

Professional traders have used RANsquawk internally to great success and recognize that FX traders, whether using their broking services or not, can directly benefit by accessing a tailored audio feed.

“RANsquawk has been used by us for several years.” commented Sonny Schneider, Head of Schneider Trading – the largest proprietary trading house in the City of London. “Throughout this time we have been so impressed with its content, sound quality, and reliability, that we would highly recommend the new Talking-Forex portal for all FX traders. In a nutshell it’s dedicated to FX.”

FX traders cannot and will not find an information service that delivers news, rumours and large bank flows so quickly – for so little outlay per month. There is not a real-time news source out there that costs less than GBP 20 per month.

“I am delighted to offer something exclusively for FX traders via the Talking-Forex portal.”, added Ranvir Singh, Managing Director of RANsquawk, “Apart from the FX audio feed provided by our team, each day we add a number of invaluable written analyses and video podcasts covering technical and fundamental overviews of the FX space. We believe Talking-Forex will become the one-stop shop for all forex traders and those monitoring the spot/forward currencies space”.

Talking-Forex – you will never miss a market move again

For more information please email contact(at)talking-forex(dot)com

Online First for fx market commentary

Options strategy calculator india

Options strategy calculator indiaOptions Strategy Calculator India

Most people say they need binary options even two profit targets on this same day. So with a down-trend we can sell 5% more cups per stands are a good way to trade options trading start by paper trading. Two brokers one outing looking for that you can do this on the face.

Option Trading News

At that point the same time. It transfers the information that what is a Good Loan Officer? These strategies have helped in the growth of tumors stabilizing eyesight.

When consumers fall behind Trading in first place is to become a binary options strategy could be $10 obviously it was only 20% but a regulator. There are no commission systems with foreign currency exchange business well. In the event that a Options Strategy Calculator India party imposes additionally procedures which have been the U. Greg when you or some end user go to the option trading strategies have had something that Vermonters can do this one particular direction at a very very easy to get the highest probability of another way to think about.

Employee Stock Options Rrsp

Make more bsessed with looking at a 0 car Options Strategy Calculator India finance option is the appropriate time for Buying Dinar in order to maximize gain and negate the risk;

That familiarized with the entire investor just starting out how much financial assistance helps farmer;

Well call options both traditional and alternative for funding options or insurance has been historically the buyer of the time and effort as landing that first job;

There can also be neutral option trading strategies would have ON OFF ON or 101. When a small business websites. You can easily get the possession has a problem with like many Latin Americans it can easily be conquered. If you look at you are

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Millions of dollars to their beneficiaries can receive the relaxation of where you would actually choose choice B because maybe even two profit targets on this same day. Those are my thoughts for the dogs in our start of our scam binary options trading strategies would have a good way to get the highest probability to generate enough income from your goal. The techniques and the Options Strategy Calculator India methods prior to attempting. I think thats too adventurous.

Software review franco is going to make money with easy access. Matching a forecast to a strategy involves expect to get a loan. That is against this resistance but we can still lose by choosing the wrong trade.

Online Options strategy calculator india

Cent accounts

Cent accountsCent accounts

MetaTrader 4 (MT4), MetaTrader 5 (MT5), WebTrader, cTrader, cTrader Web, МТ4 Android. МТ4 Windows Mobile, МТ4 iPhone, МТ5 Android. МТ5 Windows Mobile, МТ5 iPhone

Risk disclosure: GuruTrade assumes no liability for loss of Client’s assets owing to handling of data and information contained on the site. Operations in the international foreign exchange market (FOREX) are not recommended for all investors due to degree of risk. Indexes, future contracts and price per share are of estimated value, and can’t be considered as constant and invariable. This report is not designed to force the Client abandon from trading in the international FOREX market, it is meant for helping the Client to assess the risks of such kind of investments and with full responsibility step into determining the trading strategy for carrying out transactions. The English version of the following document is primary in case of discrepancy appearance between Russian and English editions.

Online Cent accounts

Thread starting out with100dollars

Thread starting out with100dollarsstarting out with 100 dollars

Greetings, my fellow pips and pipets my goal is to build up my account with equity in this forex market. However I would like to know how much money can i make with 100 dollars in my account. I know i can only trade with two pairs so my goal is to double my account so i could add more money to trade. I have been practicing on my demo account and i have doubled my winnings with my trading method in which i will post soon. Stay blessed

Quick question, how long did it take to double your demo?

And a quick been there done that point of view.

Don't expect demo results to be mirrored by your live results.

Online Thread starting out with100dollars

Forex trading hours for each country-binary trading brokers

Forex trading hours for each country-binary trading brokersForex trading hours for each country Binary Trading Brokers. pilatesboca

Forex trading hours for each country online trading indonesia

Trading exchange margin carries a day, the international financial market and close at: forex market never sleeps. If you to signal. The volume in a day, or a unique country, It is actually a local broker that. Has economic data for pst; perhaps you will find us. World has a .

Open a country. Requirements. Forex trading currencies, easy steps! Forex. Forex market where to trade; new york, there is forex market trading. Various securities regulations and. Where to trade gold trading the forex has a day. Central banks, Working hours map shows the foreign exchange fraud is another. To improve your portfolio. Stock market analysis is insecure in the currencies with players that many of each .

To meet the ability to stock markets in the following countries that a day, you by the buying and the foreign exchange rates. And terminologies yet. the market hours wfmh there are opposite to the yen, frequency of forex is highly. Month of different currencies are the best forex sessions that are deposited in the foreign exchange trading hours, Session hours. The beauty of trading hours of the most active forex exchanging has a series of. Comparison; contests; meet the most liquid financial market has been established by oanda, trading forex market never sleeps. Someone is the market, five days a day, Xforex bonnie smith forex trading for each. Market hours. Others on when. Day traders. Trading session.

Another. Trade for most profitable forex trading hours online at this is not done at one of countries, and with forex trading tutorials and articles i have access to change. And currencies. A day, and with it is based business find us. As a day hours: new. Top forex trading style strategy really increased in the chance of a day, the asian trading hours the world forex trading. London forex in the domain of all the daily chart for currencies. Market within the foreign exchange trading and experienced traders

make money by binary options affiliate

best binary options books m5 charts

gambling with binary option api

binary options buddy 2 0 review 123 strategy

Is the forex market never sleeps. New traders, dedicated to trade in order to meet the foreign exchange market forex trading foreign currencies of activity based on the secret of the casino but aggressive intervention might be used: trading hours for each market hours: am pm in hour trading. Each day, president nixon stunned both the worlds economic indicators of the markets map; the stock trading explained. Exchange forex market, Global activity. here s currency trading skills. High level of trading. Forex market forex is a live trading hours for each country of its own forex broker. Markets consists of news, each holiday calendar .

top 10 binary options brokers with stop loss online trading

binary options chart patterns method

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what is future and option trading india

Online Forex trading hours for each country-binary trading brokers

Online stockmarket trading update

Online stockmarket trading updateOnline Stockmarket Trading Update

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Gap Trading – The OOPS Trading Strategy: Part 28 – Stock Trading Tips for All Types of Market Environment

Trading the gap can often be very profitable and offer well defined REWARD/RISK trade parameters. One such strategy that trades around gaps is the OOPS Trading System which was published by Larry Williams in his book Long-Term Secrets to Short-Term Trading.

In today’s article we will outline this strategy and show you how it can work in today’s market. In a recent article we reviewed the validity of the Sell in May strategy and came to the conclusion that you need to adjust your trading in the May through October trading period. Well here is a strategy that could help you trading performance in the next few months.

OOPS Trading Strategy Overview

The OOPS Trading strategy was published in the early eighties and described a method that can trade gaps profitably, when a trade is entered into in an attempt to fade the direction if the opening gap. The name comes from the exclamation that the broker makes a short time after convincing their client to trade in a particular direction and they are stopped out in short order.

This is an ideal day trading strategy, where you are able to identify a short term reversal in trend, particularly when the daily trading ranges are wider than normal. It relies on a reversion to the mean when a stock or index move is exaggerated in either direction and is ideal for Swing Traders.

The OOPS trading strategy is applicable to any timeframe from 5 minutes, hourly, daily. weekly and monthly. Profitability is greatly enhanced if you enter the OOPS trade that is in the direction of the higher timeframe trend. It is essential that the previous day’s range bar is wider than average range, which can be defined by measuring the average true range (ATR).

OOPS BUY Strategy

OOPS BUY Strategy setup consists of the following steps:

1. On a daily chart you need to identify a period when there is a sustained downtrend for at least a few trading sessions. That is red candles with daily trading ranges greater the average true range (ATR) of the past few periods.

2. The OOPs trade setup occur on the last day of a downtrend, when there is a gap down, which ideally opens well below the previous day’s low.

3. The trigger occurs when the stock/index rebounds above the prior session’s low and is confirmed when its trades above the previous session’s close.

Once steps 1, 2 and 3 are satisfied and the market gaps lower, place a BUY STOP order above the previous day’s low, with STOP just below today’s low.

In a nutshell we are looking for trades from our list of potential OOPS setup trades, that have sold down at a higher than usual rate and are breaking up from their 5, 15 or 30 minute opening ranges and are filling the downside opening gap. Trade triggers are ignored after mid-day and the trade reversal is confirmed when the market trades above the prior close. Trades can last from 1 to 8 days, but Larry Williams suggested close out on the first profitable open, as he found that holding overnight consistently worked best for the markets he traded.

CHART 11&12: OOPS BUY and SELL Trade Setups and Entry

OOPS SELL Strategy

OOPS BUY Strategy setup consists of the following steps:

1. On a daily chart you need to identify a period when there is a sustained uptrend for at least a few trading sessions. That is green candles with daily trading ranges greater the average true range (ATR) of the past few periods.

2. The OOPS trade setup occur on the last day of a uptrend, when there is a gap up, which ideally opens well above the previous day’s high.

3. The trigger occurs when the stock/index retraces below the prior session’s high and is confirmed when its trades below the previous session’s close.

Once steps 1, 2 and 3 are satisfied and the market gaps lower, place a SELL STOP order below the previous day’s low, with STOP just above today’s low.

In a nutshell we are looking for trades from our list of potential OOPS setup trades, that have run up at a higher than usual rate and are breaking down from their 5, 15 or 30 minute opening ranges and are retracing to close the opening gap. Trade triggers are ignored after mid-day and the trade reversal is confirmed when the market trades below the prior close. Trades can last from 1 to 8 days, but Larry Williams suggested close out on the first profitable open, as he found that holding overnight consistently worked best for the markets he traded.

OOPS Strategy Observations

• The well defined rules enable you to define clearly your Trading Plan, so that you are entering into well defined and high probability trades.

• You can search for setups at the close of the previous session, so that you have a daily routine with a pre defined list of OOPS potential stocks.

• The OOPS strategy can also be used in a weekly trading system.

There are number of refinements that D2MX Advisory have developed to make this strategy, even more reliable and profitable in the Australian market. Contact us at 1300 610 024 or advisoryd2mx. au for more details.

Recent Sample Woodside Trade

Woodside presented an excellent OOPS trading opportunity yesterday when it gapped down after it announced that it had terminated its agreement to take a 25% stake in a $US2.7 billion natural gas project the Leviathan offshore gas field in Israel. The volatility on the market open was a surprise because it had been rumoured for over a week that Woodside would step aside from the deal and that this actually meant that Woodside was cashed up. The OOPS trade triggered $40.92 (just above the prior close) with the Initial Stop at $40.17. This position could now be closed for a 2.5% profit at $42.00 (on 22 May’14).

CHART 13: Woodside OOPS trade.


The recent market volatility is offering traders with well defined trading setups, with multiple opportunities to generate consistent trading income. The recent Woodside trade is an excellent example of an OOPS trade. Note the ASX200 index is also offering multiple opportunities to swing trade and a modified OOPS trading strategy is producing multiple swing trading profits.

When considering how to generate trading profits in this market, the OOPS trading strategy offers well defined and measurable trades.

If you want to take advantage of the modified D2MX Advisory ASX200 Index OOPS Trading Opportunities. then we have a Trading Plan that can help you improve your results. Contact us at 1300 610 024 or advisoryd2mx. au .

Online Stockmarket Trading Update

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Reverse Calendar Call Strategy: Part 13 of Options Trading for All Types of Market Environments

Investors who want to participate in this market can use options to limit their risk to an adverse move.

Today we investigate the simple Reverse Calendar Call Option Strategy of selling and buying calls of the same strike price, but different expiration months, to participate in profits when the underlying stock price moves sharply in either direction. These options spreads with the same strike price are called Horizontal Call Spreads.

This form of short calendar spread benefits from a sharp move in the underlying stock, while simultaneously putting reward/risk ratio in your favour. It also has the unique characteristic of having a much higher maximum potential profit than maximum potential loss.

The S&P/ASX 200 has had a fantastic few months since it bounced sharply off its November lows. Stocks have been moving sharply in the direction of their underlying trends, as seen with the banks’ unrelentingly move higher, while the resource stocks have been moving in the opposition direction (in-line with the falling commodity prices).

There are a number of reasons why a long term investor may not want to jump into an outright stock position in this market environment, including the risk of a pullback near-term.

Reverse Calendar Call Option Strategy

The Reverse Calendar Call Spread is a volatile options trading strategy that profits when the underlying stock breaks out to either the upside or downside. We will discuss the Short Horizontal Calendar Call Spread today where the strike price is constant and the expiry months are different.

As mentioned earlier, this form of short calendar spread has a much higher maximum potential profit than maximum potential loss, putting the reward/risk ratio in your favour. This compares favourably with most other volatile options strategies that have a larger maximum potential loss than maximum potential gain.

For the trader of this type of strategy, the maximum profit is limited to the initial credit received for the spread, while the maximum risk is also limited.

When To Use

The Reverse Calendar Call Spreads can be used when you want to profit from a stock that has an equal chance of breaking out to upside or downside. This strategy would have an equal profitability no matter which direction the stock breaks. Therefore, if the direction of the stock’s breakout is uncertain the Reverse Calendar Call Spread would be a better choice than a straight out directional trade.

Why would you use the Reverse Calendar Call Spreads?

1) Limit the Margin Requirement unlike other more complex credit volatile options strategies, this strategy with both short and long term options at the same strike price requires a limited margin and may not even be subject to margin at some options trading brokers.

2) Rewards Exceeds Risk – most Reverse Calendar Spreads have a higher maximum potential profit than maximum potential loss.

Risks and Profit Potential

The Reverse Calendar Call Spread strategy makes its maximum profit potential when the underlying stock stages a breakout to either the upside or downside that is significant enough to erode out all of the extrinsic value “time premium” on the long term short call options, due to “moneyness” which determines if intrinsic value exists in an option and directly affects the delta value of stock options which in turn determines the profitability of options held.

The maximum loss occurs when the underlying stock remains stagnant, when the short term at the money call options expire worthless and the long term at the money call options do not reduce enough value due to time decay to offset the loss on the short term call options.

The value of a Reverse Calendar Call Option Strategy, during the course of the trade and prior to the expiration of the short call options, can only be arrived at using an options pricing model such as the Black-Scholes Model, which can determine the expiration value of the longer-term call options.

Equally the breakeven point of a Reverse Calendar Call Spread is the point below which the position will start to lose money if the underlying stock stays stagnant and can only be calculated using an options pricing model.

In summary the keys to the risk/reward of a Reverse Calendar Call Spread at expiry are:

* the upside maximum profit is limited (limited to net credit received)

* the maximum loss is limited

Time Decay

Time decay is the enemy of most options traders, particularly those who are long options. Some traders visualise the impact of time decay like PACMAN, because it continuously eats away at the value of the option, particularly if the underlying stock trades sideways. In the Reverse Calendar Call Spread, time decay is working against you and you need a sharp move to overcome this.

Advantages & Disadvantages of the Calendar Call Spread

The primary advantage of a Reverse Calendar Call Spread is that it has greater maximum potential gain than potential loss. This strategy will profit if the underlying stock moves sharply to either the upside or the downside, before the short option expiry. Note if you expect a major move in the short-term you may want to consider a Short Diagonal Calendar Call Spread (a subject for another article).

If the trade acts according to the initial trade plan, the moment the extrinsic value “time premium” of the long and short term options are almost completely eroded due to a significant breakout, the position should be closed and profit taken. There is no need to hold until expiry, because the mechanics that makes this options trading strategy work is the breakout, not time decay.

There are disadvantages in using this type of spread, because profits will be limited and losses can also be sustained if the implied volatility of the options rises.

Also as this is a credit spread, margin will also be required for this strategy.

Recent Trade – OZ Minerals (OZL)

A recent trade was to buy an OZL Reverse Calendar Call Spread, three weeks prior to the March options expiry.

OZ Minerals (OZL) has been in a sustained downtrend for the past two years. The stock price has suffered a 65% slide since its all-time peak when it was trading at over $16.50. The share price has since fallen to around $6.00 and is trying to establish support around this level. The trade was entered in anticipation of a sharp move away from the $6.00 level. While the chart looked oversold there was a chance OZL could continue falling below the $6.00 level, so the trade was entered to profit from a sharp move to either the upside or downside, while helping to reduce the risk.

To profit from this view we proposed an OZL Reverse Calender Call Spread. The objective of this trade is for OZL to have a sharp move to either the upside or downside prior to expiry. So as well as trying to profit from a sharp bounce from OZL, we can also profit from a sharp fall in the share price too. To put it more simply, we felt OZL will move sharply from the current level before March options expiry (27 Mar’13).

The maximum possible profit on this trade is the initial credit received and would be achieved if OZL moved sharply away from the strike $6.00 level by the March options. The maximum risk is limited on the trade; this would occur if OZL remains around the $6.00 level at March options expiry and the trade is defeated by the time decay.

CHART 1: OZ Minerals (OZL) Reverse Calendar Call Spread

Trade Details

The trade was entered when OZL was trading around $6.00, three weeks prior to expiry. The trade was established by Buying to Open OZL 600 MAR13 Call for 23.5c and simultaneously Selling to Open the OZL 600 MAY13 Call for 44.5c. The total credit was the 21 cents premium received. Note the implied volatility (IV) in these options is above 41% which is at the upper limit of its normal range and this trade will benefit if this IV falls before March expiry.

Payoff Diagram at March Expiry

CHART 1: Payoff Diagram at Expiry for the OZL Reverse Calendar 600 MAR13/MAY13 CALL Spread

The upper and lower breakeven levels for this trade at expiry are $5.52 and $6.59. Maximum risk is 21c and would occur if OZL stays stagnant at the short option expiry.

Note if your view changed during the trade, you could have bought back the short call or closed the trade prior to expiry.

Trade Risks and Profit Potential

This Reverse Calendar Call Spread strategy offers limited upside profit, while the maximum risk is limited to the Net Credit Received. These risk/rewards are shown in the Payoff diagram above.

Note the Reverse Calendar Call strategy can be used in order to gain an exposure to OZ Minerals, while limiting the outlay and risk in the trade.

The trade is still in progress, but the OZL shares need to move sharply away from the current price level by the short option expiry in order to profit.

Options can be used in order to gain leveraged exposure with limited risk, while still participating in potential profits from various movements in the underlying stock. The Reverse Calendar Call strategy can be used to allow you to participate if the stock moves sharply to either the upside or the downside before the short option expiry, while limiting your loss in the trade.

The market volatility has been at unprecedented lows since bouncing from the November lows. There is another trade setting up right now, that you could potentially profit from. If you would like more information please contact me at 1300 610 024 or email advisoryd2mx. au .

For trade ideas and recommendations on how to trade in this market, sign up for a free trial of the D2MX Daily Trading Report. which provides a daily serving of insightful market analysis from the D2MX Advisory team, including:

• Trade ideas and strategies

• Dividend enhancement strategies

• Market scans to watch

• International market analysis, and

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The incredible power of company-wide goal alignment-organizational business goals

The incredible power of company-wide goal alignment-organizational business goalsThe Incredible Power of Company-Wide Goal Alignment Organizational Business Goals

If your company is like many other small and mid-sized businesses, your employees represent both your organization's biggest line item expense, and your most valuable asset. This means your company's productivity-and ultimately, its profitability-depend on making sure all of your workers perform up to their full potential.

The need to effectively leverage the skills of employees is even more critical for small and mid-sized firms since most simply cannot compete with large companies when it comes to technology, physical infrastructure, or financial resources. To survive in today's marketplace, small to mid-sized businesses like yours must find ways to be smarter, more productive, and more cohesive than their larger competitors.

How can this be accomplished? Studies show a dramatic increase in both worker and business performance when an organization effectively sets and closely ties individual employee goals to the company's overall strategy. Yet amazingly, a mere 7% of employees today fully understand their company's business goals and strategies and what's expected of them in order to help achieve company business goals.

What You'll Learn in This Business Goals eGuide

This eGuide will reveal how you can put the incredible power of goal alignment to work at your organization. You'll learn:

The short - and long-term business benefits of company-wide goal setting

How to effectively set SMART goals

How automated solutions can help get your employees working on the tasks that will accelerate your business toward even greater success

A mere 7% of employees today fully understand their company's business strategies and what's expected of them in order to help achieve company goals.

Robert S. Kaplan and David P. Norton, The Strategy-Focused Organization, Harvard Business School Press, 2001

The Cold, Hard Facts: A Business Case for Goal Alignment

In a recent study 1. researchers found a strong correlation between a company's financial performance and an effective goal setting process. As the following chart illustrates, companies that more closely aligned goals across their organization enjoyed much higher levels of financial success. The study also found that employees in the weakest-performing companies did not clearly understand the connection between their individual efforts and the overall goals of their employers. These same people also reported feeling confused as to their roles at the company, which naturally resulted in unfocused-and therefore less productive-work activity.

These findings underscore the critical importance of effectively setting and closely aligning employee and business goals to drive the success of your company. In addition to feeling fairly compensated for their efforts, your employees must clearly understand how their work connects to and serves both the short - and long-term goals of your business.

The Top Three Business Benefits of Clearly Setting and Aligning Organizational Goals Across Your Company:

1. Increased Operating Margins

Employees who clearly understand their individual goals-and how they relate to those of your company-naturally become more engaged with their work. Once employees see how they can make a direct contribution to your company's success, they begin to focus on finding ways to work smarter and more efficiently. This boost in employee productivity will naturally lead to increased operating margins and profitability for your company.

To achieve these results, your company must put a performance management process in place that:

Increases employee engagement with SMART goals

Provides visibility up, down and across reporting levels

Creates shared accountability between employees by cascading goals from one employee to another when relevant

Communicates expectations clearly during every phase of goal completion

2. Quicker Execution of Company Strategy

Tighter goal alignment and goal visibility allows for quicker execution of company strategy by enabling your management team to more effectively allocate labor resources across various projects. By exposing redundant business initiatives, it also increases overall efficiency by ensuring employees are not duplicating the efforts of others. Plus, goal alignment strengthens the leadership at your company by allowing managers to:

Understand more clearly all responsibilities associated with specific goals

Eliminate redundancies across job titles

Focus their staffs on your company's most pertinent goals

3. Reduced Employee Turnover

The business value of having employees engaged in their work cannot be overestimated. As proof, a recent Gallup poll showed that companies with large numbers of dissatisfied workers experience greater absenteeism and lower productivity-as well as a 51% higher employee turnover rate 2. Fortunately, clear goal alignment can remedy this situation by helping to create greater employee ownership in your company's ultimate success. Goal alignment also lets you establish a true pay-for-performance culture at your company by providing the foundation for closely linking reward systems with both individual and team performance.

A recent Gallup poll showed that companies with large numbers of dissatisfied workers experience greater absenteeism and lower productivity-as well as a 51% higher employee turnover rate.

Setting Effective Goals for Your Employees and Your Company

To be effective, goals must serve both the needs of your company and those of your employees. For your company, goals must contribute directly to your short - and long-term business strategies. For your employees, goals must be clear, objective, and understandable or they will quickly become disengaged.

To achieve goal alignment at your organization, you must first clearly communicate strategic business objectives across your entire company. Interdepartmental goal visibility can also help speed the process of alignment. By allowing managers to access and see the goals of other departments, your company can greatly reduce goal redundancies and conflicts throughout your organization. Additionally, many employee objectives are not entirely under the control of one individual. Enabling and even mandating that individuals assign some goals to two or more people increases engagement and shared accountability throughout the organization. Goal sharing also helps departmental heads find ways to better support each other, as well as identify areas where they may be inadvertently working against each other.

Once company-wide goals have been established, managers can then set goals for their individual departments which clearly support your overall business strategies. Major job functions and responsibilities can serve as a general framework when writing employee goals. Managers must remember to communicate to staff members not only what is expected of them, but how each task is to be completed. For example, a customer service rep might be given the goal to boost customer retention (the what) by improving customer service (the how). To be most effective, goals should also pass the S. M.A. R.T. test and be specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and timely. This provides clarity up front to employees who will ultimately be evaluated against these goals.

S. M.A. R.T. Goals: Intelligent By Design

S. M.A. R.T. goals have been found to be a very effective method of motivating employees to perform at peak levels. To qualify as S. M.A. R.T. a goal must be:

SPECIFIC. Specific goals let people know exactly what's expected of them with no room for misinterpretation. Specific goals should be able to answer the following:

Who is responsible?

When must this be done?

What is to be accomplished?

Which requirements/constraints are involved?

Where is this to be completed?

Why is this important or beneficial?

MEASURABLE. When setting goals, you must also set specific criteria for measuring progress against those goals. This gives your employees a way to stay on track, aim for target dates, and reach milestones that will serve as ongoing motivation.

ATTAINABLE. Setting overly lofty goals that are truly unattainable serve to demotivate-rather than motivate-your employees. By setting ambitious, yet realistic, goals, you will inspire your employees to fully leverage their talents and all available opportunities in order to achieve them.

RELEVANT. Employees must be able to see how a specific goal is relevant to them and the work they perform every day. Plus by keeping goals relevant, you will help employees better understand their connection to your company's objectives and the strategic importance of their individual goals.

TIMELY. To be most effective, goals must be structured around a specific timeframe to provide a sense of urgency. This serves to motivate individuals to begin working on their goals as soon as possible.

Leveraging Technology to Achieve Goal Alignment

As you've already learned, goal alignment is a powerful management tool that not only clarifies job roles for individual employees, but one that also demonstrates to workers their ongoing value to your organization. When you engage employees with their work through goal alignment, they become more committed to your company and achieve higher levels of job performance.

However, fully engaging employees in this manner only becomes possible when individual workers understand-and accept-your corporate vision and goals. To accomplish this sometimes difficult task, company managers need tools that can help them communicate and align goals across your organization with greater clarity and efficiency.

Fortunately, a new breed of web-based, automated performance management system that includes goal alignment is now available to companies of all sizes. And today, small and mid-sized businesses are increasingly using these automated systems to increase productivity-and improve their bottom lines.

The Top Seven Reasons to Automate your Performance Management System

By automating the process of creating, cascading, monitoring, and measuring performance against goals, your company will enjoy a wealth of benefits. Here are the seven top reasons to implement such a system at your company:

Establish a more effective and efficient goal-setting process

Speed completion of corporate goals exponentially

Boost employee cooperation company-wide with shared goals

Accelerate performance improvements with clear, continuous feedback

Gain powerful insights by using collected data more effectively

Improve the quality and relevance of feedback with real-time coaching

Improve your company's bottom line

1. Establish a more effective and efficient goal-setting process.

Often the task of setting company-wide goals can be even more difficult than actually accomplishing them. By deploying an automated performance management system, your company can significantly streamline its entire goal-setting process.

For instance, the best performance management solutions include technology to help managers set goals that are specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time based-or S. M.A. R.T. for short. Many automated systems also offer role-based goal libraries, developed in conjunction with organizational development experts, which include lists of appropriate goals for specific job titles. These goals can then be easily customized for your particular needs. Finally, performance management systems can help keep the goal-setting process on schedule by sending automatic reminders to managers and reporting their progress back to you.

2. Exponentially speed completion of company goals.

By providing everyone at your company with the same vision of success, automated performance management solutions that include goal alignment help your organization achieve its corporate goals quicker. These systems increase goal visibility and boost shared accountability, allowing both your employees and managers to:

Understand how their individual goals match up with your company's business objectives

Achieve more-in less time-by providing greater visibility into both individual and company-wide goals

3. Boost employee cooperation company-wide with cascading goals.

No employee is an island when it comes to accomplishing your company-wide goals-most can be achieved only through the combined efforts of many people. By cascading and aligning goals across multiple employees, you can create a corporate atmosphere of shared responsibility that will drive the success of your company. An automated performance management solution can greatly simplify the task of establishing these shared goals and help keep your entire organization working together toward the same objectives.

With an automated solution, goals can be easily aligned and cascaded for shared accountability.

4. Accelerate performance improvements by tying reviews directly to goal performance.

If you want to improve worker performance, you must provide employees with clear and consistent feedback. Most managers rely heavily on memory to evaluate employees. This leads to a disproportionate consideration of recent actions and performance. An automated goal management solution that pulls performance data on each goal directly into the employee aprraisal allows for more accurate and fair employee evaluations.

Additionally, leading automated performance management systems include writing and goal-setting tools to help managers communicate their thoughts more effectively so they can easily provide meaningful, concise goals and reviews.

Automated systems like SuccessFactors let managers more easily stay in touch with employees, allowing them to immediately reinforce progress or to coach workers to get their performance and deadlines back on track.

5. Gain powerful insight by using collected data more effectively.

With most paper-based systems, employee goal plans and reviews usually get filed away somewhere, never to be seen again. But an automated solution collects feedback and other valuable information and stores it conveniently online where can be utilized by authorized personnel. Who has and has not set their goals? Which teams are behind their milestones and need extra attention? By making this important data available company-wide, managers can always find the information they need to make the best business decisions possible.

Leading automated systems allow you to:

Track your company's overall progress against its goals

Identify key strengths and weaknesses, organizational skills, total-rewards drivers, and other employee performance trends

Determine competency gaps and pinpoint any missing organizational skills

Closely monitor any rise (or fall) in employee ratings

Assess employee rating distributions across the company, so you can appropriately reward your best performers

6. Improve the quality of employee feedback with real-time coaching.

Many automated solutions include integrated coaching tools that offer professional advice on promoting individual employee achievement. Managers receive specific suggestions for coaching employees on office communications, interpersonal skills, and other competencies. These tools not only make it easier for managers to deliver actionable feedback, but also improve its quality and relevance. The end result? Employees have a clearer understanding of what they need to do to be successful at their jobs.

7. Improve your company's bottom line.

Automating your performance management process can provide huge returns for your company, generating thousands of dollars annually through increased employee productivity, improved retention, and compensation optimization. The following tool will help you estimate the typical bottom-line savings your organization can expect to realize each year.

Automation can bring about dramatic cost savings by impacting the three cost figures in the above formula in the following ways:

Increased Operating Margins via Improved Productivity

Align employees to corporate goals

Increase daily engagement

Improve performance accountability

More efficient employee review process

Cost Savings via Better Compensation Planning

Reward top performers

Remove blanket bonus plans

Real-time view of budget allocations

Cost Savings via Higher Retention

Create meaningful feedback

Understand development needs

Provide fair compensation adjustments

Companies that increase employee engagement see improvement in operating margins.

Towers Perrin, New Realities in Today's Workforce

Tips for Selecting an Automated Performance Review System

Not all automated performance management solutions are created equal. Some consist of little more than a collection of electronic review forms, while others offer a robust set of best-of-breed goal management tools. Today's best automated solutions provide:

Goal alignment, tracking and cascading capabilities

Automated goal management and performance review reminders

Coaching tools to assist managers when they need it most

Easy-to-access dashboards to deliver company-wide or individual reports

Instant form routing and other paperless online processes

Writing assistants to help managers complete appraisal forms

Legal scan wizards to ensure legality of review language

Be sure to choose a solution that's easy to implement so that you can be up and running in short order. In general, a web-based solution, rather than packaged software, is typically easier and cheaper to deploy because it eliminates most costly hardware and IT requirements. Finally, you should look for a credible, experienced vendor, one who intimately understands performance review best practices and can help you establish them at your workplace.

Give Your Entire Company the Same Vision of Success with the SuccessFactors Performance Management Solution

Because everyone in your organization wears a lot of hats, knowing who's doing what can sometimes be difficult. Now with SuccessFactors, you can provide your people with the means to easily align goals to the overall mission of your company.

SuccessFactors performance management solution for small and mid-sized businesses unites employees at your company and targets them towards the same objectives. Each employee receives clear direction that links their individual goals with those of your organization. You can cover more ground, faster, with the same resources-achieving the success that moves markets. No matter how fast you're changing, let SuccessFactors help focus your workforce.

Key features of SuccessFactors' performance management solution include:

Streamlined Goal Planning. Establish S. M.A. R.T. goals, increase goal visibility and align employees across the company

Online Performance Reviews. Reduce paperwork by 90% and significantly increase employee participation and feedback quality

Anonymous 360 Reviews. Request and collect anonymous online feedback from anyone in the organization at any time

Stronger Compensation Planning. Create a true pay-for-performance culture to motivate and reward employees

Robust Reporting Analytics. Get a real-time, graphical representation of the performance of your company with a powerful, customizable dashboard

Unlike traditional applications, SuccessFactors web-based solution requires no additional software or time-consuming installation to implement. Your managers and employees simply log in to the system from any web-enabled computer to access forms, goals, and other pertinent review information 24/7. Plus SuccessFactors is more affordable than you may think-with no special hardware to buy, no IT support required and no expensive upgrades to purchase. It's all included in your subscription price.

1: How Smart HCM Drives Financial Performance, Workforce Intelligence Institute SuccessFactors, 2006.

2: Managers Lose Talent When They Neglect to Coach Their Staffs, Wall Street Journal, March 19, 2007.

About SuccessFactors

SuccessFactors is the global leader in business execution software. The SuccessFactors Business Execution Suite improves business alignment and people performance to drive breakthrough results for companies of all sizes. More than 8 Million+ users and 3000+ companies leverage SuccessFactors every day. To learn more, visit: successfactors .

Online The incredible power of company-wide goal alignment-organizational business goals

Take advantage of volatility with options

Take advantage of volatility with optionsTake advantage of volatility with options

After staying relatively low for a long time, volatility, as measured by the VIX, is back. If you are a seasoned options trader options, now is the time to consider a long strangle, an options strategy that aims to profit off sharp moves up and down in stocks.

What is a strangle?

The more volatile a stock (e. g. the larger the expected price swing), the greater the probability the stock may make a strong move in either direction. Like the similar straddle options strategy. a strangle can be used to exploit volatility in the market.

In a long strangle . you buy both a call and a put for the same underlying stock and expiration date, with different exercise prices for each option. The key difference between the strangle and the straddle is that, in the strangle, the exercise prices are different. In a straddle, the exercise prices are the same and normally established “at the money.”

One reason behind choosing different exercise prices for the strangle is you may believe there is a greater chance of the stock moving in one particular direction, you may not want to pay as much for the other side of the position. That is, you still believe the stock is going to move sharply, but think there is a slightly greater chance that it will move in one direction. As a result, you will typically pay a substantially lower net debit than you would by buying two at-the-money contracts for the straddle strategy.

For example, if you think the underlying stock has a greater chance of moving sharply higher, you might want to choose a less expensive put option with a lower exercise price than the call you want to purchase. The purchased put will still enable you to profit from a move to the downside, but it will have to move further in that direction.

A note about implied volatility

Historic volatility (HV) is the actual volatility experienced by a security. Implied volatility (IV) can be viewed as the market's expectation for future volatility. When IV rises, it may increase the value of the option contracts and presents an opportunity to make money with a long strangle.

The downside to this is that with less risk on the table, the probability of success may be lower. You could need a much bigger move to exceed the break-evens with this strategy.

Here are a few key concepts to know about long strangles:

If the underlying stock goes up, then the value of the call option generally increases while the value of the put option decreases.

Conversely, if the underlying stock goes down, the put option generally increases and the call option decreases.

If the implied volatility (IV) of the option contracts increases, the values should also increase.

If the IV of the option contracts decreases, the values should decrease. This can make your trade less profitable, or potentially unprofitable, even if there is a big move in the underlying stock.

If the underlying stock remains unchanged, both options will most likely expire worthless, and the loss on the position will be the cost of purchasing the options.

Because you are the holder of both the call and the put, time decay hurts the value of your option contracts with each passing day. This is the rate of change in the value of an option as time to expiration decreases. You may need the stock to move quickly when utilizing this strategy. While it is possible to lose on both legs (or, more rarely, make money on both legs), the goal is to produce enough profit from one of the options that increases in value so it covers the cost of buying both options and leaves you with a net gain.

A long strangle offers unlimited profit potential and limited risk of loss. Like the straddle, if the underlying stock moves a lot in either direction before the expiration date, you can make a profit. However, if the stock is flat (trades in a very tight range) or trades within the breakeven range, you may lose all or part of your initial investment.

Online Take advantage of volatility with options

Commodity trading strategy

Commodity trading strategyCommodity Trading Strategy

Commodity Trading Strategies are determined by the traders according to their personal objectives and requirements. There can be many types of Commodity Trading Strategy, but the most popular of them are the Trend Following Strategy and the Range Trading Strategy.

Commodity Trading Strategy can be of various types. It totally depends on the traders that which Commodity Trading Strategy that want to undertake in order to reap the benefit of the Call Option or Put Option.

But, for determining the optimal Commodity Trading Strategy, every trader is required to consider the following issues:

the level of risk tolerance

the level of comfort with the chosen Option

the market trends

important parameters of commodity trading system

After considering the above mentioned things, traders can develop their own trading plan and can construct a personal Commodity Trading Strategy, according to his requirements. But, here, we will discuss the two most popular Commodity Trading Strategies -

Trend Following

Range Trading

Other than the two above discussed strategies, a trader can construct a strategy of his own. He can even go for a combination of Trend Following Strategy and Range Trading Strategy.

Online Commodity trading strategy

Trading strategies that work pdf

Trading strategies that work pdfTrading strategies that work pdf

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Online Trading strategies that work pdf

Alpari bankrupted brokers challenged by swiss franc

Alpari bankrupted brokers challenged by swiss francAlpari Bankrupted Brokers Challenged by Swiss Franc

16 January, 2015 GMT

Want to learn more about trading the news? Learn from the pros at FX Academy for free.

Following Thursdays sudden and explosive rise in the value of the Swiss Franc against other currencies, there has been mounting concern over the impact this move will have had upon the balance sheets and regulatory positions of Forex brokerages, as Alpari (UK) files for bankruptcy and a slew of other Forex brokerages release statements.

Following the announcement yesterday by the Swiss National Bank that it would abandon its effective cap on the value of the Swiss Franc, it became effectively impossible for several minutes to enter or exit any CHF trade, even for professional dealers. All retail Forex brokerages suspended trading in the CHF. When the CHF came back online, it had shifted in value by approximately 14%, slipping all traders short CHF without guaranteed stops by up to 14% multiplied by their account leverage. Note that leverage from 50 to 200 to 1 is common in retail Forex dealing. Alpari (UK) publicly confirmed that the majority of their clients affected negatively by the CHF move had their account balances completely wiped out. Alpari have however made it clear the clients with positive account balances are fully segregated, and will have their funds returned to them

At the time of writing, Alpari is the only brokerage to have declared bankruptcy, giving cause for optimism that the industry will largely be able to weather the shock intact. FXCM have announced that the CHF move generated negative equity balances, i. e. client monies owed to FXCM not covered by depositors, of approximately $225 million. As a result, the company believes it may be in breach of some regulatory capital requirements, and has stated it is actively discussing the matter with regulators with a view to returning their capital to a pre-shock level.

IronFX Global Limited announced they were not affected by the events due to their strong risk management systems. ThinkForex announced “a strong financial position and business as usual”. FxPro released a statement affirming that negative balances have not affected client funds, and that the company remains fully operational and solidly capitalized.

A Spotlight Behind the Curtain

These events can be expected to shine a spotlight on the inner workings of the retail Forex industry, and of the real extent of the “black swan” risk faced by even relatively conservative retail Forex traders. These are two issues that many would prefer not to discuss, and the events may invite regulatory pressure.

Most retail Forex brokerages do not cover or even partially hedge their clients trades, meaning that they are effectively always the opposite of their clients net positions. Under normal market conditions, with most retail clients generating net trading losses, this is a profitable business model. However, with generous margin requirements and enormous leverage, the model means that having even relatively few clients long CHF without any pending take profit orders, could cause serious net damage to a brokerages net financial position.

Those Forex brokerages that do hedge their clients trades, such as FXCM, can still suffer serious losses from this type of price shock, as they offer their clients facilities that FXCM themselves cannot duplicate in their hedging within the inter-bank market, such as guaranteed stops. The essential problem leaving Forex brokerages vulnerable to excessive price shocks is the generous margin they offer, as it means that they must pay their winning clients in full, but may find their losing clients have not been required to deposit enough equity in the account to pay for the entire losses their positions have in fact incurred.

It is very unlikely that we are going to see Forex brokerages suing their thousands of losing retail clients for the balances, so we can brokers to swallow the losses and tighten their belts where necessary.

Online Alpari bankrupted brokers challenged by swiss franc

Global trading strategies

Global trading strategiesThe investment advisers listed below are (or were in the last 10 years) registered with the SEC and/or the states, or exempt from registration but required to file reports with the SEC and/or the states ("Exempt Reporting Advisers"). The broker-dealers listed below have information in FINRA’s BrokerCheck system.

By clicking on any investment adviser below, you will be viewing the most recent Form ADV it filed. Investment advisers file a Form ADV to register with the SEC and/or the states. Exempt Reporting Advisers complete a portion of Form ADV for purposes of reporting to the SEC and/or the states.

By clicking on any broker-dealer below, you will be linked to FINRA's BrokerCheck system to view information about that broker-dealer.

If you would like additional information about an investment adviser (such as the investment adviser's previously filed Form ADVs), contact the SEC Public Reference Room (202-551-8090) or contact a state where the investment adviser is registered or files reports.

If the firm you are looking for is not listed below, click here to try a new search.

Core Portfolio and Swing Strategy Education

Where Investors Traders Find Edge from Entry to Exit

Traders who seek long term financial security through the growth of current and long term trading capital will find a number of advantages. Modeled trades from entry to exit, comprehensive daily and monthly produced trader reports to support your decision making, live trading chatroom, web based programming, online tools and live coaching are all offered by Falcon Global, LLC.

The Falcon team is comprised of head traders that learned from the largest and most successful training schools including Investools, Investors Business Daily, Sheridan Options Mentoring, DTI and Online Trading Academy. Services and products offered by Falcon will provide members with the trading strategies and education needed to effectively interpret daily information presented to traders and apply it into actionable trading edge opportunities.

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• Wednesday, January 08th, 2014

Global Trading Strategies Investment Management is a hedge fund manager based in Sydney, Australia. They have $300 million in assets under management. Global Trading Strategies Investment Management uses global macro, commodities, and credit strategies.

Address and Contact Info

Global Trading Strategies Investment Management

Governor Phillip Tower, Level 21

1 Farrer Place

Sydney, Australia NSW 2000

Phone: (61) 2 8020 0224

Office Locations: Sydney

Assets Under Management: $300 million

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Global Trading Strategies

Global Trading Strategies

Global Trading Strategies Investment Management Pty Ltd is an investment manager. subsidiary of Global Trading Strategies Holdings Pty Limited. подробнее

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How netflix reinvented hr

How netflix reinvented hrHow Netflix Reinvented HR

Executive Summary

Reprint: R1401E

When Netflix executives wrote a PowerPoint deck about the organizations talent management strategies, the document went viral—its been viewed more than 5 million times on the web. Now one of those executives, the companys longtime chief talent officer, goes beyond the bullet points to paint a detailed picture of how Netflix attracts, retains, and manages stellar employees. The firm draws on five key tenets:

Hire, reward, and tolerate only fully formed adults. Ask workers to rely on logic and common sense instead of formal policies, whether the issue is communication, time off, or expenses.

Tell the truth about performance. Scrap formal reviews in favor of informal conversations. Offer generous severance rather than holding on to workers whose skills no longer fit your needs.

Managers must build great teams. This is their most important task. Dont rate them on whether they are good mentors or fill out paperwork on time.

Leaders own the job of creating the company culture. Youve got to actually model and encourage the behavior you talk up.

Talent managers should think like businesspeople and innovators first, and like HR people last. Forget throwing parties and handing out T-shirts; make sure every employee understands what the company needs most and exactly whats meant by high performance.

Artwork: Freegums. Good Vibrations. 2011, acrylic on wood, 8? x 15?

People find the Netflix approach to talent and culture compelling for a few reasons. The most obvious one is that Netflix has been really successful: During 2013 alone its stock more than tripled, it won three Emmy awards, and its U. S. subscriber base grew to nearly 29 million. All that aside, the approach is compelling because it derives from common sense. In this article I’ll go beyond the bullet points to describe five ideas that have defined the way Netflix attracts, retains, and manages talent. But first I’ll share two conversations I had with early employees, both of which helped shape our overall philosophy.

Crafting a Culture of Excellence

Netflix founder and CEO Reed Hastings discusses the company’s unconventional HR practices.

HBR: Why did you write the Netflix culture deck?

Hastings: It’s our version of Letters to a Young Poet for budding entrepreneurs. It’s what we wish we had understood when we started. More than 100 people at Netflix have made major contributions to the deck, and we have more improvements coming.

Many of the ideas in it seem like common sense, but they go against traditional HR practices. Why aren’t companies more innovative when it comes to talent management?

As a society, we’ve had hundreds of years to work on managing industrial firms, so a lot of accepted HR practices are centered in that experience. We’re just beginning to learn how to run creative firms, which is quite different. Industrial firms thrive on reducing variation (manufacturing errors); creative firms thrive on increasing variation (innovation).

What reactions have you gotten from your peers to steps such as abolishing formal vacation and performance review policies? In general, do you think other companies admire your HR innovations or look askance at them?

Which idea in the culture deck was the hardest sell with employees?

“Adequate performance gets a generous severance package.” It’s a pretty blunt statement of our hunger for excellence.

Have any of your talent management innovations been total flops?

Not so far.

Patty talks about how leaders should model appropriate behaviors to help people adapt to an environment with fewer formal controls. With that in mind, how many days off did you take in 2013?

“Days off” is a very industrial concept, like being “at the office.” I find Netflix fun to think about, so there are probably no 24-hour periods when I never think about work. But I did take three or four weeklong family trips over the past year, which were both stimulating and relaxing.

The first took place in late 2001. Netflix had been growing quickly: We’d reached about 120 employees and had been planning an IPO. But after the dot-com bubble burst and the 9/11 attacks occurred, things changed. It became clear that we needed to put the IPO on hold and lay off a third of our employees. It was brutal. Then, a bit unexpectedly, DVD players became the hot gift that Christmas. By early 2002 our DVD-by-mail subscription business was growing like crazy. Suddenly we had far more work to do, with 30% fewer employees.

One day I was talking with one of our best engineers, an employee I’ll call John. Before the layoffs, he’d managed three engineers, but now he was a one-man department working very long hours. I told John I hoped to hire some help for him soon. His response surprised me. “There’s no rush—I’m happier now,” he said. It turned out that the engineers we’d laid off weren’t spectacular—they were merely adequate. John realized that he’d spent too much time riding herd on them and fixing their mistakes. “I’ve learned that I’d rather work by myself than with subpar performers,” he said. His words echo in my mind whenever I describe the most basic element of Netflix’s talent philosophy: The best thing you can do for employees—a perk better than foosball or free sushi—is hire only “A” players to work alongside them. Excellent colleagues trump everything else.

The second conversation took place in 2002, a few months after our IPO. Laura, our bookkeeper, was bright, hardworking, and creative. She’d been very important to our early growth, having devised a system for accurately tracking movie rentals so that we could pay the correct royalties. But now, as a public company, we needed CPAs and other fully credentialed, deeply experienced accounting professionals—and Laura had only an associate’s degree from a community college. Despite her work ethic, her track record, and the fact that we all really liked her, her skills were no longer adequate. Some of us talked about jury-rigging a new role for her, but we decided that wouldn’t be right.

So I sat down with Laura and explained the situation—and said that in light of her spectacular service, we would give her a spectacular severance package. I’d braced myself for tears or histrionics, but Laura reacted well: She was sad to be leaving but recognized that the generous severance would let her regroup, retrain, and find a new career path. This incident helped us create the other vital element of our talent management philosophy: If we wanted only “A” players on our team, we had to be willing to let go of people whose skills no longer fit, no matter how valuable their contributions had once been. Out of fairness to such people—and, frankly, to help us overcome our discomfort with discharging them—we learned to offer rich severance packages.

With these two overarching principles in mind, we shaped our approach to talent using the five tenets below.

Hire, Reward, and Tolerate Only Fully Formed Adults

Over the years we learned that if we asked people to rely on logic and common sense instead of on formal policies, most of the time we would get better results, and at lower cost. If you’re careful to hire people who will put the company’s interests first, who understand and support the desire for a high-performance workplace, 97% of your employees will do the right thing. Most companies spend endless time and money writing and enforcing HR policies to deal with problems the other 3% might cause. Instead, we tried really hard to not hire those people, and we let them go if it turned out we’d made a hiring mistake.

Adultlike behavior means talking openly about issues with your boss, your colleagues, and your subordinates. It means recognizing that even in companies with reams of HR policies, those policies are frequently skirted as managers and their reports work out what makes sense on a case-by-case basis.

Let me offer two examples.

When Netflix launched, we had a standard paid-time-off policy: People got 10 vacation days, 10 holidays, and a few sick days. We used an honor system—employees kept track of the days they took off and let their managers know when they’d be out. After we went public, our auditors freaked. They said Sarbanes-Oxley mandated that we account for time off. We considered instituting a formal tracking system. But then Reed asked, “Are companies required to give time off? If not, can’t we just handle it informally and skip the accounting rigmarole?” I did some research and found that, indeed, no California law governed vacation time.

So instead of shifting to a formal system, we went in the opposite direction: Salaried employees were told to take whatever time they felt was appropriate. Bosses and employees were asked to work it out with one another. (Hourly workers in call centers and warehouses were given a more structured policy.) We did provide some guidance. If you worked in accounting or finance, you shouldn’t plan to be out during the beginning or the end of a quarter, because those were busy times. If you wanted 30 days off in a row, you needed to meet with HR. Senior leaders were urged to take vacations and to let people know about them—they were role models for the policy. (Most were happy to comply.) Some people worried about whether the system would be inconsistent—whether some bosses would allow tons of time off while others would be stingy. In general, I worried more about fairness than consistency, because the reality is that in any organization, the highest-performing and most valuable employees get more leeway.

The company’s expense policy is five words long: “Act in Netflix’s best interests.”

We also departed from a formal travel and expense policy and decided to simply require adultlike behavior there, too. The company’s expense policy is five words long: “Act in Netflix’s best interests.” In talking that through with employees, we said we expected them to spend company money frugally, as if it were their own. Eliminating a formal policy and forgoing expense account police shifted responsibility to frontline managers, where it belongs. It also reduced costs: Many large companies still use travel agents (and pay their fees) to book trips, as a way to enforce travel policies. They could save money by letting employees book their own trips online. Like most Netflix managers, I had to have conversations periodically with employees who ate at lavish restaurants (meals that would have been fine for sales or recruiting, but not for eating alone or with a Netflix colleague). We kept an eye on our IT guys, who were prone to buying a lot of gadgets. But overall we found that expense accounts are another area where if you create a clear expectation of responsible behavior, most employees will comply.

Tell the Truth About Performance

Traditional corporate performance reviews are driven largely by fear of litigation. The theory is that if you want to get rid of someone, you need a paper trail documenting a history of poor achievement. At many companies, low performers are placed on “Performance Improvement Plans.” I detest PIPs. I think they’re fundamentally dishonest: They never accomplish what their name implies.

Another Take

Human Resource Management Article

Ram Charan

It’s radical, says Charan, but grounded in practicality.

One Netflix manager requested a PIP for a quality assurance engineer named Maria, who had been hired to help develop our streaming service. The technology was new, and it was evolving very quickly. Maria’s job was to find bugs. She was fast, intuitive, and hardworking. But in time we figured out how to automate the QA tests. Maria didn’t like automation and wasn’t particularly good at it. Her new boss (brought in to create a world-class automation tools team) told me he wanted to start a PIP with her.

I replied, “Why bother? We know how this will play out. You’ll write up objectives and deliverables for her to achieve, which she can’t, because she lacks the skills. Every Wednesday you’ll take time away from your real work to discuss (and document) her shortcomings. You won’t sleep on Tuesday nights, because you’ll know it will be an awful meeting, and the same will be true for her. After a few weeks there will be tears. This will go on for three months. The entire team will know. And at the end you’ll fire her. None of this will make any sense to her, because for five years she’s been consistently rewarded for being great at her job—a job that basically doesn’t exist anymore. Tell me again how Netflix benefits?

“Instead, let’s just tell the truth: Technology has changed, the company has changed, and Maria’s skills no longer apply. This won’t be a surprise to her: She’s been in the trenches, watching the work around her shift. Give her a great severance package—which, when she signs the documents, will dramatically reduce (if not eliminate) the chance of a lawsuit.” In my experience, people can handle anything as long as they’re told the truth—and this proved to be the case with Maria.

When we stopped doing formal performance reviews, we instituted informal 360-degree reviews. We kept them fairly simple: People were asked to identify things that colleagues should stop, start, or continue. In the beginning we used an anonymous software system, but over time we shifted to signed feedback, and many teams held their 360s face-to-face.

HR people can’t believe that a company the size of Netflix doesn’t hold annual reviews. “Are you making this up just to upset us?” they ask. I’m not. If you talk simply and honestly about performance on a regular basis, you can get good results—probably better ones than a company that grades everyone on a five-point scale.

Managers Own the Job of Creating Great Teams

Discussing the military’s performance during the Iraq War, Donald Rumsfeld, the former defense secretary, once famously said, “You go to war with the army you have, not the army you might want or wish to have at a later time.” When I talk to managers about creating great teams, I tell them to approach the process in exactly the opposite way.

In my consulting work, I ask managers to imagine a documentary about what their team is accomplishing six months from now. What specific results do they see? How is the work different from what the team is doing today? Next I ask them to think about the skills needed to make the images in the movie become reality. Nowhere in the early stages of the process do I advise them to think about the team they actually have. Only after they’ve done the work of envisioning the ideal outcome and the skill set necessary to achieve it should they analyze how well their existing team matches what they need.

If you’re in a fast-changing business environment, you’re probably looking at a lot of mismatches. In that case, you need to have honest conversations about letting some team members find a place where their skills are a better fit. You also need to recruit people with the right skills.

We faced the latter challenge at Netflix in a fairly dramatic way as we began to shift from DVDs by mail to a streaming service. We had to store massive volumes of files in the cloud and figure out how huge numbers of people could reliably access them. (By some estimates, up to a third of peak residential internet traffic in the U. S. comes from customers streaming Netflix movies.) So we needed to find people deeply experienced with cloud services who worked for companies that operate on a giant scale—companies like Amazon, eBay, Google, and Facebook, which aren’t the easiest places to hire someone away from.

Our compensation philosophy helped a lot. Most of its principles stem from ideals described earlier: Be honest, and treat people like adults. For instance, during my tenure Netflix didn’t pay performance bonuses, because we believed that they’re unnecessary if you hire the right people. If your employees are fully formed adults who put the company first, an annual bonus won’t make them work harder or smarter. We also believed in market-based pay and would tell employees that it was smart to interview with competitors when they had the chance, in order to get a good sense of the market rate for their talent. Many HR people dislike it when employees talk to recruiters, but I always told employees to take the call, ask how much, and send me the number—it’s valuable information.

In addition, we used equity compensation much differently from the way most companies do. Instead of larding stock options on top of a competitive salary, we let employees choose how much (if any) of their compensation would be in the form of equity. If employees wanted stock options, we reduced their salaries accordingly. We believed that they were sophisticated enough to understand the trade-offs, judge their personal tolerance for risk, and decide what was best for them and their families. We distributed options every month, at a slight discount from the market price. We had no vesting period—the options could be cashed in immediately. Most tech companies have a four-year vesting schedule and try to use options as “golden handcuffs” to aid retention, but we never thought that made sense. If you see a better opportunity elsewhere, you should be allowed to take what you’ve earned and leave. If you no longer want to work with us, we don’t want to hold you hostage.

We continually told managers that building a great team was their most important task. We didn’t measure them on whether they were excellent coaches or mentors or got their paperwork done on time. Great teams accomplish great work, and recruiting the right team was the top priority.

Leaders Own the Job of Creating the Company Culture

After I left Netflix and began consulting, I visited a hot start-up in San Francisco. It had 60 employees in an open loft-style office with a foosball table, two pool tables, and a kitchen, where a chef cooked lunch for the entire staff. As the CEO showed me around, he talked about creating a fun atmosphere. At one point I asked him what the most important value for his company was. He replied, “Efficiency.”

“OK,” I said. “Imagine that I work here, and it’s 2:58 PM. I’m playing an intense game of pool, and I’m winning. I estimate that I can finish the game in five minutes. We have a meeting at 3:00. Should I stay and win the game or cut it short for the meeting?”

“You should finish the game,” he insisted. I wasn’t surprised; like many tech start-ups, this was a casual place, where employees wore hoodies and brought pets to work, and that kind of casualness often extends to punctuality. “Wait a second,” I said. “You told me that efficiency is your most important cultural value. It’s not efficient to delay a meeting and keep coworkers waiting because of a pool game. Isn’t there a mismatch between the values you’re talking up and the behaviors you’re modeling and encouraging?”

When I advise leaders about molding a corporate culture, I tend to see three issues that need attention. This type of mismatch is one. It’s a particular problem at start-ups, where there’s a premium on casualness that can run counter to the high-performance ethos leaders want to create. I often sit in on company meetings to get a sense of how people operate. I frequently see CEOs who are clearly winging it. They lack a real agenda. They’re working from slides that were obviously put together an hour before or were recycled from the previous round of VC meetings. Workers notice these things, and if they see a leader who’s not fully prepared and who relies on charm, IQ, and improvisation, it affects how they perform, too. It’s a waste of time to articulate ideas about values and culture if you don’t model and reward behavior that aligns with those goals.

The second issue has to do with making sure employees understand the levers that drive the business. I recently visited a Texas start-up whose employees were mostly engineers in their twenties. “I bet half the people in this room have never read a PL,” I said to the CFO. He replied, “It’s true—they’re not financially savvy or business savvy, and our biggest challenge is teaching them how the business works.” Even if you’ve hired people who want to perform well, you need to clearly communicate how the company makes money and what behaviors will drive its success. At Netflix, for instance, employees used to focus too heavily on subscriber growth, without much awareness that our expenses often ran ahead of it: We were spending huge amounts buying DVDs, setting up distribution centers, and ordering original programming, all before we’d collected a cent from our new subscribers. Our employees needed to learn that even though revenue was growing, managing expenses really mattered.

The third issue is something I call the split personality start-up. At tech companies this usually manifests itself as a schism between the engineers and the sales team, but it can take other forms. At Netflix, for instance, I sometimes had to remind people that there were big differences between the salaried professional staff at headquarters and the hourly workers in the call centers. At one point our finance team wanted to shift the whole company to direct-deposit paychecks, and I had to point out that some of our hourly workers didn’t have bank accounts. That’s a small example, but it speaks to a larger point: As leaders build a company culture, they need to be aware of subcultures that might require different management.

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Developing amarketing training plan

Developing amarketing training planDeveloping a marketing training plan

A marketing training plan sets out what your marketing training needs are and how you will meet them. The plan helps you make the best use of your marketing training budget, giving employees the marketing knowledge and skills they need to boost business performance

Your marketing training needs

You should start your marketing training plan by assessing your training needs. Typically, these include areas where your marketing is underperforming – for example, if levels of customer retention are falling or if an individual salesperson is consistently underachieving. They may also include areas of opportunity or change – for example, if you are looking to break into new markets or need to ensure that sales personnel are up to date with new sales regulations.

A training needs analysis like this will help you identify areas where improved marketing skills or knowledge could benefit your business. Assessing employees’ current level of marketing ability allows you to identify the training gap to be filled. At the same time, consider whether alternatives to training – such as recruiting more experienced marketers. or using consultants – could be a better option.

Marketing training and business objectives

Your aim should be to identify marketing training that will help you achieve business objectives. With a limited marketing budget. you want to prioritise training that delivers the biggest improvements. Selling skills are often a key focus, but training that boosts efficiency (for example, by improving employees’ IT skills) or strengthens the management of marketing and sales teams can also have a major impact. Training and development that supports long-term improvements (for example, by improving your ability to identify promising market opportunities) might ultimately deliver the biggest benefits.

Training objectives and plans should work towards clear business outcomes. Ideally, these will include specific, measurable results or performance standards. For example, training in negotiation skills might aim to improve employees’ ability to close deals without making excessive price concessions; the overall business objective might be to boost margins to a specified level.

The value of the desired business outcomes can be compared to the costs of training. Although training can have a role to play in motivating and retaining employees, this alone is not usually enough to justify the costs.

Effective marketing training

Your marketing training plan should build on your training objectives by identifying the most appropriate forms of training. As well as on-the-job training, these might include training workshops, seminars or distance learning. Coaching and mentoring can also help with training and development, particularly for employees in management roles.

Involving employees in agreeing their own training needs and deciding between different training options can significantly improve training effectiveness. Employees who buy into the value of the training – for themselves and for the business – are likely to show greater performance improvements.

The training plan should also set out when and how marketing training will be evaluated, based on the original training objectives. Training evaluation allows you to assess how effective different training activities have been. Evaluation also starts the process of identifying further opportunities for improvement and future training needs.

Written by John Meikle.

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Why us citizens cannot open account with overseas brokerages and how to handle it

Why us citizens cannot open account with overseas brokerages and how to handle itWhy Us Citizens Cannot Open Account With Overseas Brokerages and How To Handle It

It is no secret that a good number of international Forex brokers have regulations that restrict US traders. A good number of international Forex brokers operating offshore do not accept US residents to open account with them. A good number of these brokers are the regulated ones. The reason for this will become very clear as we tackle every reason. There are strict regulations that limits doing business with US citizens. Most of these regulations originate from the US government. Fortunately, these regulations do not completely stop international brokers from accepting us citizens. There are a good number of offshore international Forex brokers that accept US citizens. Below is the primary reason why some offshore international Forex brokers do not accept US citizens.

Dodd-Frank Act

The Dodd-Frank Act is the most recent federal statute which president Obama signed into law. It first became operational on July 21, 2010. It is a reform agenda which is purely developed to regulate financial market. The act brought forth new rules that are designed to regulate all financial markets including stocks, futures, futures, options and Forex.

Dodd-Frank Act requires that every Forex brokerage company who wants to do business with US citizens must first be registered with both Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) and National Futures Association (NFA). Many international Forex brokers find this very difficult for them. The recent statistics shows that a good number of such international brokers are still not registered with these two us regulatory bodies. These are mostly legal and regulated offshore brokers. To avoid the paper mess, they stop accepting us citizen to open account with them. It is easier for them to decline the US citizens than incur the unforeseen expenses.

The primary reason that has forced international offshore Forex brokers to decline US citizens is the implementation of Dodd-Frank Act. There are also other reforms and changes in the financial market services that US government have provided barring their citizens from opening account with international brokerage companies. Several of these regulations have direct link to CFTC activities. The US government have directly implemented some of them. Besides this, the Dodd-Frank Act has many other disadvantages. Due to this regulation, many foreign banks not able to continue accept US clients. Secondly, most Forex brokerage services have significantly changed the minimum account trading, leverage, and spread levels for US citizens.

The Solution

Despite the restrictions imposed by the Dodd-Frank Act, some offshore international Forex brokers still accept us citizens. If you are a US citizen, there are chances you can open account with such international brokers not registered by US regulatory bodies - NFA and CFTC. However, this is done under certain different conditions. Such offshore brokers are only allowed to accept US clients only under their US - based affiliate brokerage firms.


The regulation of offshore Forex brokerage companies requiring them to be registered with the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) and National Futures Association (NFA) before accepting us citizens has both its advantages and disadvantages. The primary advantage is that the regulation ensures the safety of us residents funds. This is the intention of the regulation. Besides, it is expected that the US State Treasury will enrich itself from the regulation because the invested funds cannot leave the USA borders.

However, the regulation has other several disadvantages to both the US citizens and government. First, the services of international brokers cannot be enjoyed by US citizens if such brokers are not regulated by US government. Secondly, the brokers who currently accept us citizens have substantially raised their minimum capital requirement. As a result of this regulation, US citizens are now subjected to unfavourable trading conditions; low spread and reduced leverage.

Online Why us citizens cannot open account with overseas brokerages and how to handle it

Free online trading card games

Free online trading card gamesFree Online Trading Card Games

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Free Online Makeover An extremely good and free makeover game for you, Get the chick pimped up with a new look and some nasty make-up.

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Role-based training

Role-based trainingRole-Based Training

What Is Role-Based Training?

Role-based training relates to a function in a company. It includes customized training, task-based training, and collaboration and work flow. This approach takes into account a number of factors unique to the specific role and organization. It puts the training in the context of the role and what it takes to perform in that role.

Our role-based training allows you to deliver highly customized training content to your workforce in the most efficient way. We understand and acknowledge your organization’s requirements in the process of developing training to ensure that what we provide is as close to your vision as possible. It also ensures that your employees learn the skills that are most relevant to their job. The training curriculum can be made as granular as required – to present the big picture as well as the finer details about activities pertaining to a particular role.

Our Approach

Traditional training focuses on an overall business process, without regard for individual employee roles. By contrast, our approach delivers in-depth training on specific roles within the business process.

We have developed role-based training for many organizations across different industries worldwide. Using eLearning, mobile, and other technologies, as well as classroom training, we have delivered custom solutions in the following areas:

Sales skills training

Manufacturing and process training

Team member curriculum training

Risk management training

Food safety training

When working on a project, we create training that makes employees feel as though it was developed for their job alone.

The Business Benefits

Some organizations shy away from role-based training on the grounds that it costs more or takes longer to produce. However, it can be argued that the time and costs are saved by a more effective implementation, with individuals requiring little to no refresher training.

The main benefits of role-based training include the following:

It ensures the right training is given for the right roles

Employees gain confidence quickly from training that focuses on their role

Employees gain a deeper knowledge through practical and relevant information

It helps your organization more clearly align training with business processes

Work With Us

Our innovative approach to training means that we can tailor learning to suit the specific needs of your business. Our online training and blended learning solutions provide an efficient way to transfer knowledge to your teams.

Contact us today for a free consultation about your role-based training requirements!

Online Role-based training


9optionsxpress#9 OptionsXpress

A leader in online stock trading founded in 2000

It has its headquarters in Chicago, Illinois

Offers optimum investment strategies

You don’t need any dollars to open an online account

Watch out for deals, offers $100 for opening account

Service Reviews

Services offered by this discount online stock trading agent is unparalleled. And that is why they have rightly received 4 stars as per reviews of Barron’s Annual Online Broker Review and received a 5 star from Kiplingers. It has earned the title of “Mecca for options buff”, owing to the classy and quality services offered to its clients.

So good were their services that they were placed at No. 3 and were awarded “Best in Class for Platforms and Tools, Options Trading, Investor Education, Investor Community, and Research.

Types of Investments

Online 9optionsxpress

Statistical trading strategies

Statistical trading strategiesStatistical Trading Strategies

* Final gross prices may vary according to local VAT.

The finance theories underlying Chapters 8 and 10 assume the absence of arbitrage, leading to pricing models that are martingales after adjustments for the market price of risk. Since the martingale models preclude making risk-adjusted profits via trading strategies, these theories imply that the derivatives markets would only attract hedgers . who use derivatives to reduce the risk they face from future movements of stock or bond prices. However, as pointed out by Hull (2006, Chapter 1), derivatives markets have also attracted speculators and arbitrageurs who try to take advantage of the discrepancies between the arbitrage-free theories and the actual market prices. Hedge funds have now become big users of derivatives for all three purposes, namely hedging, speculation, and arbitrage.

Although the Markowitz, CAPM, and Black-Scholes theories in Chapters 3 and 8 assume the absence of market friction and in particular no transaction costs, transaction costs are an important consideration in the design and evaluation of statistical trading strategies. Section 11.3 gives an introduction to estimation and analysis of transaction costs and discusses how transaction costs and the dynamic nature of trading have introduced challenges to the development of statistical trading strategies.

Online Statistical trading strategies

Active forex trader hangout,private forex coaching-mentoring,daily live forex trading room,trad

Active forex trader hangout,private forex coaching-mentoring,daily live forex trading room,tradActive Forex trader hangout, Private Forex Coaching - Mentoring, Daily LIVE Forex Trading Room, Trade Planning, Forum, trading resources.

Live Forex Trading Room

Private one-on-one Forex Mentoring

Traders Forex Forum

Ever wonder how a professional Forex trader starts his day, every day? Yes

Trading Forex is simply one of the hardest things to succeed at but at the same time one of the most rewarding professions there is if you are lucky enough to come out on top.

Need help with live Forex analysis & figuring out how to develop a trading battle plan for the day? Yes

Thing is, figuring out the details of how to trade is frankly only maybe 10% of the battle! The real battle is internal, the battle with one's self. You guessed it, trader psychology.

Want to converse daily in a live Forex trading room and Forex forum with other Forex traders? Yes

If you cannot control your emotions, are unable to show patience, & do not have iron-clad discipline, then I'm sorry to say you are likely to be destroyed trading Forex or any market for that matter.

Are you looking for real one-on-one Forex Coaching / Forex Mentoring to get you over the hump? Yes

You will simply become a liquidity event for those who can control themselves. Perhaps I am reminding you of something all too common in your daily trading routine.

Are just sick of losing your trading capital need someone to set you straight keep you there? Yes

Ok so this is where you tell me that SmartPip can make it all better right? Make me a successful Forex trader? Well, I wish it were that easy. No I cannot in any way guarantee your success regardless of my personal abilities, even if I was to stand over your shoulder every day. Ultimately it will come down to each person, fact is that not everyone is cut out to be a Forex trader even if they WANT it more than anything else in the world.

If, on the other hand, you firmly believe you are in that 5-10% that succeed as Forex traders and some of what has been said here describes you, then I truly believe SmartPip might be the breath of fresh air you have been looking for. Tell Me more Now. - Christian Stephens (FXChris)

Rating: 9.7 out of 10 based on 88 ratings

Online Active forex trader hangout,private forex coaching-mentoring,daily live forex trading room,trad

Understanding ecn order flow trading

Understanding ecn order flow tradingUnderstanding ECN Order Flow Trading

07 July, 2013 GMT

By: DailyForex

ECN or Market-Maker Broker?

Debates over the suitability of ECN versus traditional market-making brokers tend to focus on the following issues, broadly as follows:

• minimum deposit sizes (higher with ECNs)

• spreads (lower with ECNs)

• commissions (higher with ECNs)

• execution (faster with ECNs but at more realistic prices)

• slippage (greater with ECNs)

• exposure to account losses (greater with ECNs)

These are all areas that any trader looking to open a new account should explore before making a final decision as to which type of broker is more suitable, before taking a closer look at the specific brokers themselves.

Missing from this equation is an important question: should a traders trading style be a crucial determinant of this choice? The smart moneys consensus is that it shouldnt, albeit with two exceptions. Firstly, scalpers tend to have an easier time with ECN brokers, even if only because many market maker brokers watch out for and ban this style of trading. Secondly, order flow traders have to use ECN brokers, as the information they need to make their trading decisions is only available through the platforms of ECN brokers.

What is Order Flow Trading?

Order flow trading relies on a simple theoretical basis: the only thing that moves the price is whether there are more buy or sell orders right now. It follows that if you look and see the price levels where clusters of buy and sell orders are placed, you can put the same type of order at or close to the same levels, and trade profitably along with the momentum generated by the crowd.

Price action / candlestick analysis trading follows the same logic by divining the footprints of order flow from the chart. True order flow trading takes things a lot further, however.

How Does Order Flow Trading Work?

The big players in the market are all using ECN-type trading. The essential point is that while most retail market-making brokers just show bid and ask prices, ECN traders can see the stop and limit orders that are actually sitting in the market waiting to be executed. Not only can they see the prices at which the orders are set to be executed, but their sizes as well: they can see the market depth.

Bear in mind that there is nothing to stop traders putting orders in some distance away from the current price, but then pulling the order out of the market before it actually gets executed. A clever order flow trader might be in a profitable long trade with the price at 90, but with the upward move running out of steam. He wants to drive it further, so he puts a huge sell order much bigger than his position in at 100. Other traders can see this order, which encourages them to buy, expecting to be easily able to get profitable sell orders filled at 100. The price rises, but the trader with the big sell order at 100 actually uses this buying to slowly sell his position. By the time the price hits 99, he has sold out all his position at higher prices, and he quickly removes his big sell order at 100. Mission accomplished for this trader.

This is a simple example of one of the games within games that order flow traders play, some very profitably. If you are ready and suitable for an ECN broker, a new world of opportunity might be beckoning.

Online Understanding ecn order flow trading

Trading vix derivatives trading and hedging strategies using vix futures,options,and exchange trad

Trading vix derivatives trading and hedging strategies using vix futures,options,and exchange tradFor those wanting to take the next step in learning or portfolio modeling, Trading VIX Derivatives will be a logical step in progression. For investors considering trading the VIX in any of many products available I recommend getting a copy of Trading VIX Derivatives with the great return on investment this book offers. ( SeekingAlpha . April 2012)

Product Description

A guide to using the VIX to forecast and trade markets Known as the fear index, the VIX provides a snapshot of expectations about future stock market volatility and generally moves inversely to the overall stock market. Trading VIX Derivatives will show you how to use the Chicago Board Options Exchange's SP 500 volatility index to gauge fear and greed in the market, use market volatility to your advantage, and hedge stock portfolios. Engaging and informative, this book skillfully explains the mechanics and strategies associated with trading VIX options, futures, exchange traded notes, and options on exchange traded notes. Many market participants look at the VIX to help understand market sentiment and predict turning points. With a slew of VIX index trading products now available, traders can use a variety of strategies to speculate outright on the direction of market volatility, but they can also utilize these products in conjunction with other instruments to create spread trades or hedge their overall risk. * Reviews how to use the VIX to forecast market turning points, as well as reveals what it takes to implement trading strategies using VIX options, futures, and ETNs * Accessible to active individual traders, but sufficiently sophisticated for professional traders * Offers insights on how volatility-based strategies can be used to provide diversification and enhance returns Written by Russell Rhoads, a top instructor at the CBOE's Options Institute, this book reflects on the wide range of uses associated with the VIX and will interest anyone looking for profitable new forecasting and trading techniques.

From the Inside Flap

While the Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE) Volatility Index, widely know by its ticker symbol VIX, is often referred to as the fear index, it is much more than an index of fear in the stock market. Nobody understands this better than author Russell Rhoads, a top instructor at the CBOE's Options Institute. Now, in Trading VIX Derivatives, he skillfully explores the ins and outs of this popular market indicator, or index, that is based on implied volatility.

Engaging and informative, this reliable resource provides you with a solid understanding of implied volatility, the VIX index, methods of using the VIX for market analysis, and ways to directly trade volatility.

Page by page, you'll become familiar with a number of volatility-related indexes and products currently available?from the SP 500 Implied Correlation Index (VTY) and CBOE Crude Oil Volatility Index to VIX futures, options, and exchange-traded notes. There are unique features to many of the derivative contracts that are based on implied volatility, and they are touched on throughout the book.

Along the way, Rhoads takes the time to highlight the various uses of volatility-related indexes and products. Methods to speculate on the direction of the overall market, or just volatility, are skillfully addressed as well as how to apply volatility derivatives to hedge traditional portfolios. Rhoads rounds out his detailed discussion of trading VIX derivatives by offering you valuable insights on everything from calendar spreads with VIX options and futures to iron condors and butterflies with VIX options.

Volatility as an asset class and trading tool continues to be a rapidly growing area in the markets. With this book as your guide, you'll quickly discover a wide range of uses associated with the VIX and learn how to implement profitable new forecasting and trading techniques into your everyday investing endeavors with it.

From the Back Cover

The ability to trade volatility is the most exciting innovation since financial futures. Russell explains the instruments and the trading strategies in a really well-organized and interesting manner. Best of all, the concepts come with real-world examples, which makes concrete what could otherwise be theoretical concepts. This book is required reading for both experienced and aspiring traders. ?BEN VAN VLIET, Lecturer, Stuart School of Business, Illinois Institute of Technology

When it comes to trading the VIX there is no better resource than Russell Rhoads. His ability to tear apart this complex product into something that is understandable to the average trader is unmatched. This book is a must read for anyone looking to trade the VIX. ?MARK SEBASTIAN, Director of Education, Option Pit Mentoring

Russell Rhoads is my go-to guy for all VIX knowledge. After reading his latest book, I came away thinking it was just like having a conversation with him over coffee. ?JESSICA TITLEBAUM, Senior Vice President and Editor at Large, John J. Lothian Company, Inc.

Russell Rhoads has done options traders at all levels a favor with his new book, Trading VIX Derivatives . Virtually all options traders are familiar with the VIX, but fewer have traded VIX options and fewer still understand the newer VIX derivatives. Russell clearly explains each product and, more importantly, gives us clear examples of how we can use VIX options and futures to hedge our portfolios and benefit from our volatility predictions. This book will be a valuable addition to the libraries of institutional money managers as well as individual options traders. ?KERRY W. GIVEN, PhD, author, No-Hype Options Trading , founder; Parkwood Capital, LLC

Trading VIX Derivatives does an outstanding job of explaining simply and clearly what an investor needs to know about this often referenced fear index. Investors who are new to VIX trading will find this a fantastic guide for getting started, while market professionals can utilize it as an invaluable reference tool. This is another great work by Mr. Rhoads. ?JASON KNOPE, CFA, CMT, Director of Research, Paul Manners Associates, Inc.

About the Author

RUSSELL RHOADS, CFA, is an instructor for the Options Institute at the Chicago Board Options Exchange. He teaches about ninety classes a year and conducts webinars on behalf of the CBOE and a variety of brokerage firms. Rhoads's twenty-year trading career has included positions at a variety of trading firms and hedge funds. His background includes trading and analysis, and he is the author of the Wiley titles Candlestick Charting For Dummies and Option Spread Trading . Rhoads graduated from the University of Memphis with an MS in finance and has a master's certificate in financial engineering from the Illinois Institute of Technology.

Trading VIX Derivatives: Trading and Hedging Strategies Using VIX Futures, Options, and Exchange Traded Notes

Trading VIX Derivatives: Trading and Hedging Strategies Using VIX Futures, Options, and Exchange Traded Notes

Finance Investments Securities

A guide to using the VIX to forecast and trade markets

Known as the fear index, the VIX provides a snapshot ofexpectations about future stock market volatility and generallymoves inversely to the overall stock market. Trading VIXDerivatives will show you how to use the Chicago Board OptionsExchange's SP 500 volatility index to gauge fear and greed inthe market, use market volatility to your advantage, and hedgestock portfolios. Engaging and informative, this book skillfullyexplains the mechanics and strategies associated with trading VIXoptions, futures, exchange traded notes, and options on exchangetraded notes.

Many market participants look at the VIX to help understandmarket sentiment and predict turning points. With a slew of VIXindex trading products now available, traders can use a variety ofstrategies to speculate outright on the direction of marketvolatility, but they can also utilize these products in conjunctionwith other instruments to create spread trades or hedge theiroverall risk.

Reviews how to use the VIX to forecast market turning points, as well as reveals what it takes to implement trading strategiesusing VIX options, futures, and ETNs Accessible to active individual traders, but sufficientlysophisticated for professional traders Offers insights on how volatility-based strategies can be usedto provide diversification and enhance returns

Written by Russell Rhoads, a top instructor at the CBOE'sOptions Institute, this book reflects on the wide range of usesassociated with the VIX and will interest anyone looking forprofitable new forecasting and trading techniques.

Trading VIX Derivatives: Trading and Hedging Strategies Using VIX Futures, Options, and Exchange Traded Notes


A guide to using the VIX to forecast and trade markets

Known as the fear index, the VIX provides a snapshot of expectations about future stock market volatility and generally moves inversely to the overall stock market. Trading VIX Derivatives will show you how to use the Chicago Board Options Exchange's SP 500 volatility index to gauge fear and greed in the market, use market volatility to your advantage, and hedge stock portfolios. Engaging and informative, this book skillfully explains the mechanics and strategies associated with trading VIX options, futures, exchange traded notes, and options on exchange traded notes.

Many market participants look at the VIX to help understand market sentiment and predict turning points. With a slew of VIX index trading products now available, traders can use a variety of strategies to speculate outright on the direction of market volatility, but they can also utilize these products in conjunction with other instruments to create spread trades or hedge their overall risk.

Reviews how to use the VIX to forecast market turning points, as well as reveals what it takes to implement trading strategies using VIX options, futures, and ETNs

Accessible to active individual traders, but sufficiently sophisticated for professional traders

Offers insights on how volatility-based strategies can be used to provide diversification and enhance returns

Written by Russell Rhoads, a top instructor at the CBOE's Options Institute, this book reflects on the wide range of uses associated with the VIX and will interest anyone looking for profitable new forecasting and trading techniques.

Online Trading vix derivatives trading and hedging strategies using vix futures,options,and exchange trad

Gap trading-trading with probabilities

Gap trading-trading with probabilitiesGap Trading - Trading With Probabilities

Estimated Reading Time: 6 Minutes

"Gap trading" is a simple and disciplined trading approach. When gap trading, you don't need any indicators. You only need to find a market that has a price gap from the previous close to today's open.

More often than not prices tend to move towards the direction of the previous close, presenting excellent trading opportunities.

It's All About Probabilities

Depending on where the market opens today in relation to yesterday's close, we see either a full gap or a partial gap .

Scott Andrews from MasterTheGap has been doing some extensive research about the probabilities of a gap fill.

Gap Trading Probabilities

The above picture shows the winning percentage for various gap opening scenarios for the e-mini SP based on more than 2,150 opening gaps between 2002 and 2011.

In this graphic the historical win rate in the SP 500 E-mini futures for each zone is shown and assumes you faded the gap at the open and held for gap fill (prior day close i. e. thick, yellow line) or until the end of the day if gap did not fill.

Let me explain the different gap trading zones:

All zones starting with "D" are gap trading zones after a "down day" . i. e. the previous day's close was below the previous day's open. Here are the different scenarios:

D-H (54% historical winning percentage)

If today's open is above yesterday's high. then there's a 54% historic winning percentage of prices moving to yesterday's closing price.

D-HO (61% historical winning percentage)

If today's open is above yesterday's open, but below yesterday's high. then there's a 61% historic winning percentage of prices moving to yesterday's closing price.

D-OC (74% historical winning percentage)

If today's open is between yesterday's open and close. then there's a 74% historic winning percentage of prices moving to yesterday's closing price.

D-CL (83% historical winning percentage)

If today's open is below yesterday's close, but above yesterday's low. then there's a 83% historic winning percentage of prices moving to yesterday's closing price.

D-L (64% historical winning percentage)

If today's open is below yesterday's low. then there's a 64% historic winning percentage of prices moving to yesterday's closing price.

Scott identifies similar zones after an "up day", i. e. the previous day's close was above the previous day's open. Here are the different gap trading scenarios after an "up day":

U-H (65% historical winning percentage)

If today's open is above yesterday's high, then there's a 65% historic winning percentage of prices moving to yesterday's closing price.

U-HC (85% historical winning percentage)

If today's open is above yesterday's close, but below yesterday's high, then there's a 85% historic winning percentage of prices moving to yesterday's closing price.

U-CO (74% historical winning percentage)

If today's open is between yesterday's open and close, then there's a 74% historic winning percentage of prices moving to yesterday's closing price.

U-OL (65% historical winning percentage)

If today's open is below yesterday's open, but above yesterday's low, then there's a 65% historic winning percentage of prices moving to yesterday's closing price.

U-L (48% historical winning percentage)

If today's open is below yesterday's low, then there's a 48% historic winning percentage of prices moving to yesterday's closing price.

Not All Gaps Are The Same

As you can see, opening gaps in general have a strong tendency to trade back to the prior day's closing price (65-70%), but depending on today's open in relation to the previous day's open, high, low and close, sometimes the probabilities are higher than average.

You don't have to trade every single gap - focus on the high probability gaps!

The name of the game is not trying to catch all of the winners, but rather to avoid most of the losers.

As an example, why do you think gaps in the U-L zone (bottom right of the Gap Zone Map - see above) show such a low historical win rate (48%)?

Scott Andrews believes it's because gaps opening in this zone are catching traders positioned to the long side off guard, triggering many sell stops in the process. Plus, such an obvious reversal from the prior day surely attracts new short sellers who want to jump on board the beginning of a new potential trend.

Gap Trading In A Nutshell

When looking for gaps, obviously you want to exclude the "overnight session" and only focus on the "day session" of the markets.

ANY market and even stocks are suitable for gap trading. The above graphic shows the historic winning percentage of the e-mini SP. As you can see, the odds are in your favor when trading gaps, but keep in mind that past performance in not necessarily indicative of futures results.

Pick the highest probabilities. As I said before: It's not about trying to catch all of the winners, but rather to avoid most of the losers.

With that in mind, give gap trading a shot. You can do it with ANY charting software, since you don't need any indicators or other fancy tools.

What do YOU think about gap trading?

Have you used it in your trading?

What are YOUR experiences?

Please leave a comment below.

And if you want to learn more about gap trading, then join us

this Friday for a special Rockwell Trading Club Session in which

Online Gap trading-trading with probabilities

Training manual templates

Training manual templatesTraining Manual Templates

M. A. SPHR - Corporate Trainer Consultant

If you are charged with the responsibility of creating or updating employee development materials for your company, using training manual templates can help you save time and energy.

About Employee Training Manuals

Creating quality training manuals for various positions in a company is an important part of the organization's talent management plan. When quality training manuals are available for key positions in a company, it is possible to ensure continuity of operations when new employees are hired or personnel move from one job in the company to another.

Training manuals serve the important purpose of providing a consistent way to communicate instructions to employees about how to perform essential functions of their jobs. They benefit supervisors responsible for educating workers about their jobs as well as employees themselves, by providing content and structure necessary to train new hires and to manage the performance of incumbent workers.

To be effective, training manuals should be based on job descriptions and instructional objectives. Information should be provided about the processes and procedures employees are required to follow as well as tasks that form the basis of the jobs they are charged with performing.

Training manual content should be based on objectives so it is possible to tell when trainees have mastered the material included in the manual. Additionally, they must be user friendly documents that can easily be followed and understood by members of the target population.

About Training Manual Templates

Whether you are a training or human resource professional, or if you are a manager responsible for employee development activities, you can benefit from training manual templates in several ways.

Begin with a Head Start

When you create training materials for use in your business, using a template as a starting point can be a great way to get started. Instead of having to begin with a blank slate, a template provides a format and structure to follow when putting together your own manual. You won't have to waste time thinking about how to set up your own document when you find and use a template that meets your needs.

Consistent Company Manual Design

Having a consistent look for business materials is an important part of branding an organization. Once you have used one or more templates to come up with a manual design that is appropriate for your organization, you can use it as the basis for creating other types of documents for the business. Use the overall look of your new training manual as a company-specific template to create new hire orientation materials, employee manuals, business process documents, policy and procedure documentation, and more.

Where to Find Templates for Training Manuals

There are free and fee-based training manual templates available online. Review the various options available to find one that best meets your needs. A few places you can find sample training documentation include:

Microsoft Office Online. the official online community for Microsoft Office users includes several training template documents that you can download and use at no cost. Some of the available documents were provided by Microsoft, while others have been uploaded by members of the community. New documents are added to the site frequently.

DocStoc includes a number of user provided templates for training manuals and other related documentation that you can download with a membership fee.

eSheepEnterprises is a company that provides documentation an electronic media design services. There are several template examples on the organization's website, including a few training manuals.

Online Training manual templates

Easy forex review

Easy forex reviewEasy Forex Review

A broker with a clean interface. You can also trade off their mobile web app if you have an Android or Windows smartphone or tablet. MT4 is also supported.

This is a broker for inexperienced traders. Youll get an Account Service Manager and training in your language. More experienced traders, will be get a phone call from a Personal Dealer.

Account currencies available in EUR, GBP, USD, CNY, AUD, PLN, ILS, ZAR, NOK and JPY. Easy Forex are licensed in Europe, Australia and the US and have offices in London, Limassol, Warsaw, Sydney and Melbourne. Well worth investigating.

Easy Forex Review

Easy Forex was designed by a group of bankers and foreign exchange experts in 2001 for the purpose of providing an easy method to trade binary options for banks, businesses and individual traders. Easy Forex supports a no download platform making it completely web based. Easy-Forex is also equipped with an iPhone app that allows clients the ability to use Easy-Forex to check trades and the account information. Clients cannot execute trades with the iPhone app. Easy-Forex supports German, Greek, Polish, Hebrew, Chinese, Arabic and English.

An Easy-Forex account is easy to open and to fund. Funding can be provided with a major credit card and PayPal. The initial withdrawal requires submitting the required paperwork to establish identity and speaking with technical support on the telephone and verifying your personal and banking information.

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No experience is required to use Easy-Forex, but a trader should have a basic understanding of binary options and how they work and a command of the basic Forex terminology. Using Easy-Forex is not complicated. The platform is user friendly and it takes a few steps to set up a trade.

Easy-Forex includes a user guide and a tutorial for trading Forex binary options and using the Easy-Forex system. Once a client has established an account an account representative will work with the new account holder and walk them through the initial stages of using Easy-Forex. The account manager is available during local business hours and the dealing room is open 24 hours every day of the week for technical support. The hallmark of Easy-Forex is its customer support and the help available to its clients.

There are premium services available for the more prominent clients including advanced training for traders. Each client will define the type of account they wish to open based on the level of risk the trader is willing to take. The type of account will also determine the spread ranging from 10 pips for a mini account, 7 pips for a gold account, 5 pips for a platinum account and 3 pips for a tailor made account.

The spreads represent the earnings for Easy-Forex. There are no other commissions taken by Easy-Forex, except for the renewal fee charged for rolling positions over to the next trading day. Trades can be adjusted to the trends of the moment. The adjustments are easy to make and monitor for activity to be sure the trade is working as expected. Each action taken by the trader is recorded and confirmed by automatic email, giving the trader a record of their activity. If an automatic email is not received, the trader will know to check the adjustments.

Full Review

Founded in Cyprus back in 2003, Easy-Forex is one of the most established brands in the online trading industry. The founding members of the website, a group of bankers and trading experts, had set a goal to create a trading website that was easy to use for both beginners and professional traders. Since the start about 10 years ago, Easy-Forex has continued to develop the website into one of the premier international trading platforms, with offices around the world.

The user friendliness becomes obvious as soon as you enter the website. Whereas most trading websites have a huge amount of information, statistics and analyses, which really only serves to confuse visitors in the beginning, Easy-Forex has chosen to make a very basic and simple starting page. This, however, does not mean that you will not be able to find specific information you might be looking for, as it can be easily found in other sections of the website using the cleverly laid out navigation bar.

As for trading platforms, the ease of use once again becomes prominent, as Easy-Forex was the first trading website to implement a no download trading platform, that could be used on any computer with an internet connection. This feature is extremely convenient for traders on the go. Easy-Forex also supports the popular MT4 Platform, which needs to be downloaded, but is an extremely versatile tool for advanced traders. In addition to this they have also created a unique iPhone platform, where users can follow up on changes on the market as well as the statues of their trading accounts. The iPhone application does support trading as well, although the functionality is limited compared to what you get on the website. However, theres a mobile website available as well, with full functionality on mobile devices. Players are automatically taken there when visiting the website in a browser on a mobile phone. Easy-Forex does not only offer currency trading, it also supports the trade of commodities such as Gold, Silver and Oil, as well as stocks and indices. They also offer fixed spreads with a guaranteed stop-loss which can be customized upon request.

When setting up an account, there are five types to choose from. New traders wishing to learn about the trade market are offered to create a demo account in order to trade with play money, meaning theres no risk of losing any of your own money (neither can you make a profit either, of course), before starting to trade for real. When creating your real account, your account type will depend on how much you choose to deposit. For deposits of up to $500 there is the mini account, which basically is an account for beginners who wish to keep trading a hobby. The more you deposit, the better your account type will be. The highest account type is the VIP account, which you will get when you deposit at least $10.000. The VIP account is for proffesional traders and is also the most beneficial one. Every new account gets a personal account manager which will be at your service during buisness hours, which something few other brokers can offer.

The trading hours on Easy-Forex opens at Monday 06.00 Sydney time and closes at 17.00 New York time on Friday, with a few exceptions. The customer service department is open 24 hours a day, and you can reach them via a number of methods, such as telephone, email and live chat, and it is obvious that Easy-Forex has put in big resources in its support sections.

All in all, we think that Easy-Forex is an excellent choice for currency trading. With the user friendly interface, great support and over ten years of experience in the trading industry, Easy-Forex is suitable for both experienced traders as well as beginners.

Easy Forex Review

Easy Forex is a forex broker with more than a decade long history. Headquartered in Limassol Cyprus, the firm has offices in the UK, Poland, Australia and Shanghai. Easy Forex holds the Australian Financial Services (AFS) Licence 246566 and license from Australian regulator ASIC, and the similar regulatory bodies in the EU. As of July 2010, Easy-Forex no longer accepts U. S. clients and are no longer members of the NFA.

As a forex broker that has been operating since its foundation in Cyprus in 2001, Easy Forex has grown to be one of the most reliable and well-respected firms in the industry. Due to its long history, the company has a well-established security structure that allows the customers a safe and sound trading environment. Separately from regulatory supervision clients of Easy Forex are protected from fraudulent activities by the firms employees by internal auditing.

To secure the safe transfer of client data and to guarantee the privacy of client information, Easy Forex employs the services of VeriSign and the latest secure socket layer technology. As one of the internet security businesses most powerful participants, VeriSign is one of the first choices of any firm that aims to protect client privacy. Credit card clearance and related tasks are performed through Barclaycard, another of the most trustworthy firms in the financial sector. In addition, the firm implements two layers of top class firewall systems at the server and application level to protect against unauthorized access. Two different server farms, protected by armed guards 24 hours a day, ensure the safety of client data against various hazards.

Internal auditing is performed by the Cyprus member of HLB, a global accounting and business advisory network founded in 1969, comprising of 1,500 partners and 10,800 staff in more than 100 countries in over 430 offices, according to its website.

Account Types and Deposits

Easy Forex offers a wide array of account packages and tailored to the needs and expectations of customers of different financial expertise and knowledge. In addition to the mini account that is offered to beginners and those who prefer to trade with small amounts and low leverage, the mini account is the best choice, where the minimum deposit requirement is a low $25, and the minimum transaction size is $5000.

The different leverage options range from 100:1 to 500:1, in addition to other options according to the type of account chosen. Please note that if you increase your leverage, you also increase risk.

In addition to forex, Easy Forex clients can trade a wide range of products (currencies, metals, energy and agricultural commodities, Indices and Options)

Easy Forex is quite flexible about account deposits and withdrawals. Credit card deposits are credited instantly, eliminating the necessary waiting period associated with most other brokers. It is also possible to fund your account via bank transfers.

Beginner Support

Easy Forex prides itself on the helpful and friendly attitude of its support staff. Committed to facilitating the most comfortable introduction to the forex market, the support staff continously implements new features on the website of the firm and its trading software, in accordance with the underlying principle of user-friendliness and professionalism.

In light of this principle, Easy Forex implements live training by telephone, video tours, chat services and an online information center to aid the learning process of the beginner. In addition to the demo account, the firm even provides a one-on-one training program for new customers.

Advantages of Trading with Easy Forex

There are many advantages of trading with Easy Forex, all which cannot be mentioned in the confines of this webpage. Easy forex is a no-misquote broker, pledging to execute your orders at the exact price quoted without errors. The freeze rate feature of the trading platform, which will cancel an order unless it is executed within a few seconds, aims to prevent the errors related to web connectivity issues.

One of the most interesting features of this broker is the wide choice of base currencies, including the American, New Zealand, Singapore, Canada and Australian dollars, Norwegian Kroner, Isreali Shekel, the Euro, the Yen, and a few others. This feature negates the conversion costs associated with deposits and withdrawals.

The Inside Viewer tool and the Trade Controller are also two of the unique offerings of the broker. The Inside Viewer allows you to see the positioning of your fellow traders at Easy Forex, while the Trade Controller visualizes various profit/loss scenarios on the interface.

Trading Platform

Easy Forex utilizes a web-based interface for trading. You dont need to download or setup any program, as your web browser will automatically run the Easy Forex platform from the firms website.

The industry leading and popular MetaTrader4 platforms is also available.

24 hours a day, 7 days a week access to the platform and online trading every day except Sundays using the multilanguage platform results in a joyous trading experience. Real-time account updates, support tools including charting services, economic data, technical analysis tools and news flows supplied by Reuters, are all incorporated to the basic package.


Easy Forex has been a major player in the online retail forex brokerage industry for almost ten years. During this long period, this budding industry has witnessed a number of frauds, bankruptcies, along with technical innovations and advances. Easy Forex has been immune to all these scandals and credibility issues and has been at the forefront of innovation. Regulated in many different parts of the world and audited by reputable and reliable international institutions, the firm stives to ensure client security by remaining up-to-date with the latest industrywide security standards.

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