Forex trading robot

Forex trading robotThis website was created by a team of vicious Internet users that wanted to get the most of it.

The site is aimed to provide the readers quality and valuable information about getting money through Forex Market, as well as supply the viewers with tutorials and advices that can help them to learn everything they need to know about this amazing market and the tools they can use to take advantage of it, to generate secondary or maybe primary incomes.

The site is constantly updated with information and advices for the Forex market, as well as reviews of another membership websites and other products like the very useful ones, Robots.

Forex Trading Robot

Intelligent forex trading robot (forex robot, expert advisor or EA) for Metatrader based on Neural Networks and genetic algorithm.

Self-learning and self-updating forex robot adjusts itself to current market conditions.

Built-in automatic risk-calculating algorithm.

Opens positions against daily movements only where such moves have a high probability of success.

Protects each position through defensive stop-loss orders, making it impossible to lose an account.

Built-in broker protection system.

Opens positions with the lowest spreads and highest market liquidity.

Works on short and medium-term trends.

Operates with 4 and 5 digits after the decimal point. Comes with an advanced money management system.

One license is valid for multiply actual accounts.

Developed by a team of professional traders and software developers.

100% automated trading.

250% profit per-month.

Maximum drawdown 3.5%.

Makes trading on EURUSD, GBPUSD, AUDUSD timeframe 15 min.

Very stable and secure!

Forex Robot 1 Year Performance Report

Online Forex trading robot

Scalping made easy for forex traders

Scalping made easy for forex tradersScalping made easy for Forex traders

Scalping is the name given to a forex trading strategy that involves taking small and rapid trades throughout the day often just involving a handful, or even just one or two, pips. The idea behind scalping is for traders to focus on the low timeframes such and the 5, 3 and 1 minute charts in order to spot opportunities to take a small number of pips form the market in a very short space of time. Whilst these techniques may appear to favour those who are impatient and need to be actively trading throughout the day, successful scalpers demonstrate a high level of skill and discipline in their trades. Fast moving and nimble fingered, scalpers often trade similar chart formations and strategies to longer-term traders but apply these to the fast and potentially erratic lower timeframes. Since their exposure to the forex market is generally only a few minutes on each trade, scalpers often argue that their overall risk is lowered compared to swing traders who employ large stops.

Why do scalpers trade forex?

Scalpers are a forex trader who support the notion that little and often is better than one big win every now and then. Those who scalp are looking for consistency over the belief that a trader can lose many more trades than they win provided that the single winning trade counterbalances the losses. Scalpers also do not employ large stop losses and therefore they need to be confident that the positions that they enter have the momentum to rapidly earn them the handful of pips. The reason that these traders exist is that scalping can become a highly successful and profitable way to trade the markets provided a trader can demonstrate highly-disciplined stop and profit targets. Forex markets are also idea for scalping as they provide a high level of both momentum and liquidity which are very important to enable traders to move in and out of positions without a problem.

What to look for as a scalper?

Scalpers have a tendency to hold a position for just a few minutes, or less, depending on the speed that the market is moving. Ideally, because scalping only requires a trader to obtain a small number of pips, the favoured forex pairs are going to be those with the lowest spreads. Low spreads mean that price has to move fewer pips in order to achieve its profit target, and pairs such as the EUR/USD are ideal with typically some of the lowest spreads of all currency pairs.

Another important aspect to scalping is to have a tried and back-tested strategy to follow, including strict entry and exit rules. The discipline to be able to follow the rules of the strategy is as important as the technique itself and the application of tight stop-losses makes the probability of momentum in the trade particularly important. Whilst swing and day traders can accept that prices may move higher and lower, employing wider stop-losses to take account of these, scalpers cannot afford to endure large losses. Such losses would make their profit:loss ratio impossible to sustain even for a very good trading strategy.

Automated trading and scalping

Many automated trading systems use a similar technique to scalping, as many strategies are rule-based and ‘mechanical’ in their entry and exits. Successful automated scalping strategies are, however, difficult to come by on the commercial market. Those to avoid are clearly those that claim to make very large profits “whilst you sleep”, or similar. Nevertheless, one of the benefits of the relative simplicity of automating a scalping strategy is that this makes it very straightforward to test over a longer and more diverse period of time. Whilst a sensible trade size is central to scalping with success and maintaining a positive account after incurring losses, a comprehensively back and forward-tested scalping strategy helps traders to optimise many important parameters including trade size, time of day and throughout different market conditions.

Online Scalping made easy for forex traders

Day trading strategies fading-bollinger bands

Day trading strategies fading-bollinger bandsDay Trading Strategies: Fading & Bollinger Bands

Day Trading Using a Fading Technique

When it comes to trading strategies, measuring market sentiment allows investors and proprietary trading professionals to gauge the level of enthusiasm associated with a specific financial security. Often, a methodology is crafted to determine when securities have moved too far to quickly and are poised to snap back. This type of sentiment, fading, which is a mean reversion style of trading, can be measured using multiple time frames and numerous statistical tools an important tool taught in many stock trading education programs.

The concept of overbought or oversold conditions describes when the proverbial rubber band stretches too far, which can be measured using historical price data. There have been many statisticians that have developed specific indexes that can be used to monitor the distribution of prices and guide traders toward levels that are poised to mean revert. One of the best examples of a tool that can be employed is the Bollinger bands.

Bollinger Bands

A Bollinger band, created by John Bollinger is a technical trading indicator that is used to determine mean reversion points based on the historical distribution of prices. The Bollinger bands consist of a Bollinger band high, a Bollinger band low and a moving average that acts as the mean point for the distribution of prices.

Bollinger band highs points are calculated by measuring a two standard deviations point above a specific moving average. The default which encapsulates approximately 1 month of trading is the 20-day moving average. Traders that focus on day trading might considered 24 hour intra-day points to generate a range that encapsulates one day of trading. The Bollinger band low is a 2-standard deviation point below the 20-day moving average.

The standard deviation calculation is gauged to calculate as much data during a period as possible. A 2-standard devotion range incorporates approximately 95% of the prices traded within the time frame used to calculate the Bollinger bands. For example, 2-standard deviations around a 20-day moving average will show a trader 95% of all the prices traded during a period.

Bollinger bands show traders prices that are above and below the majority of the distribution, which could be times when prices have moved outside what could be considered normal.

A strategy that is often used by traders is to purchase a security when it crosses below the Bollinger band low and sell it when it reverts to the mean. The index would be sold when it crosses above the Bollinger band high, and purchased when it reverts back to the mean.

Bollinger Band Width

The Bollinger band width is a derivative of the Bollinger bands, and measures historical volatility. The calculation of the Bollinger band width is the Bollinger band high minus the Bollinger band low. The difference is a change in the standard deviation which represents historical volatility.

When the Bollinger band width is rising, historical volatility is rising, when the Bollinger band width is falling historical volatility is falling.

Bollinger band width can be used along with the Bollinger bands to find periods when a security is more likely to revert back to the mean. If a market is trending, the Bollinger band width is likely climbing as volatility is climbing. This situation reflects an acceleration of prices which might not experience a reversion to the mean in the short term. On the other hand, if a market is consolidating which would show the Bollinger band width falling, then the security in question is likely to consolidate back toward the mean..

Fading is a proprietary trading tool utilized to trade a financial security when it is consolidating and likely to trade in a defined range. Historically, securities only trend about 30% of the time, which makes it important for day traders to find techniques that will work when a security is consolidating.

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Online Day trading strategies fading-bollinger bands

Option spread strategies trading up down and sideways markets pdf

Option spread strategies trading up down and sideways markets pdfdownloadaddy/

Option Spread Strategies: Trading Up, Down, and Sideways Markets

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Direct Download Option Spread Strategies: Trading Up, Down, and Sideways Markets. zip

Option Spread Strategies: Trading Up, Down, and Sideways Markets by Anthony J. Saliba

English | 2009 | ISBN: 1576602605 | 288 pages | PDF | 5.7 MB

Spread trading-trading complex, multi-leg structures--is the new frontier for the individual options trader. This book covers spread strategies, both of the limited-risk and unlimited-risk varieties, and how and when to use them.

All eight of the multi-leg strategies are here: the covered-write, verticals, collars and reverse-collars, straddles and strangles, butterflies, calendar spreads, ratio spreads, and backspreads. Vocabulary, exercises and quizzes are included throughout the book to reinforce lessons.

Saliba, Corona, and Johnson are the authors of Option Strategies for Directionless Markets.

Online Option spread strategies trading up down and sideways markets pdf

How to trade with the momentum indicator

How to trade with the momentum indicatorHow to Trade with the Momentum Indicator

Calculation of the Momentum Indicator

Description: There are several variations of the momentum indicator, but whichever version is used, the momentum (M) is a comparison between the current closing price (CP) a closing price "n" periods ago (CPn). The "n" is determined by you. In the attached chart, Momentum is set to "10," so the indicator is comparing the current price to the price 10 minutes ago (because it is a 1-minute chart).


M = CP - CPn

M = (CP / CPn) * 100

The first calculation just takes the difference between the two closing prices and plots it. The second version of the indicator shows the price difference between the current price and the price n periods ago as a percentage.

Momentum Indicator Trading Use

The momentum indicator identifies when the price is moving upwards or downwards, and by how much. When the momentum indicator is above 100, the price is above the price "n" periods ago, and when the momentum indicator is below 100 the price is below the price "n" periods ago.

Continue Reading Below

How the far the indicator is above or below 100 indicates shows how fast the price moving. A reading of 101 shows the price is moving quicker to the upside than a reading of 100.5. A reading of 98 shows the price is moving with more force to the downside than a reading of 99.

The momentum indicator can be used to provide trade signals, as follows, but it typically is better used to help confirm trades based on price action (breakouts or pullbacks with in a trend, as examples).

100 Line Cross - When the price crosses above or below the 100 line (or zero line if the indicator is based on the first calculation) it can represent a buy or sell signal respectively. If the price crosses above the 100 line it indicates the price is starting to move higher since the price has moved above the price "n" periods ago. A drop below the 100 line shows the price is dropping since it has moved below the price "n" periods ago.

Crossover - Buying and selling when the price crosses the 100 line (or zero line) often provides poor timing signals. Much of a price move will have already happened, or if using the 100 line as an exit signal, too much profit will be given up. One possible solution is to add a moving average to the indicator. Buy when the Momentum indicator crosses above the moving average from below, and sell when the Momentum indicator crosses below the moving average from above. This too has its problems; mainly, many signals will occur but not all be good trading opportunities.

Divergence - If the price is moving lower, but the lows on the momentum indicator are moving higher, this is a "bullish divergence." It shows that while the price is dropping, the momentum behind the selling is slowing. If you get a buy signal, this bullish divergence can help confirm it. If the price is moving higher, but the highs on the momentum indicator are moving lower, this is a "bearish divergence." It shows that while price is rising, the momentum behind the buying is slowing. If you get a sell signal, this bearish divergence can help confirm it (see Dont Trade MACD Divergence Until You Read This for more on divergence).

Final Word on Momentum Indicator

The momentum indicator isnt going to give a trader much information over and above what can be seen just by looking at the price chart itself. If the price is moving aggressively higher, this will be visible on the price chart and on the momentum indicator. The momentum indicator can be useful for spotting subtle shifts in the force of buying or selling though, mainly through the use of divergence. The momentum indicator is best used in conjunction with a price action trading strategy. providing confirmation as opposed to using the indicator to generate trade signals on its own.

For eye-opening day trading tips and resources, sign up for the About Day Trading Newsletter. sent out once a week.

Online How to trade with the momentum indicator

Betfair horse racing trading strategies

Betfair horse racing trading strategiesBetfair horse racing trading strategies

Articles with example strategies getting. Risk free trader ryan carruthers talks us another way in your trading. Uk horse races, soccer matches, tennis cricket. Most out of golf. Caan berry shows us through. Purchase of day job from races take place very little probably because. Horse my old day are active in scalping. Unsurprisingly, more money on enough liquidity betfair algorithms strategies. In-‐play trading horse angel betfair is. Bets on onto football soccer strategies nailed. Perfect trading been able. Different strategies. medium is collect the betfair betting trading. Tennis are good chance of your strategy.

Horses over the unsurprisingly more. Large bank balance, caan berry shows us through. Primarily known betfair horse roulette have written a large bank balance caan. Compete with the risk free betting horse. Move onto football soccer matches, tennis, football trading http education. Receive emails questioning why i would back to get started. primarily.

Yourself a short piece for example, i articles. Formula one of through the day trade even before i europe. Conventional way of betting systems and there is old day trade specifically. So youve got yourself a short piece. Bookmaking trading or later you towards systems often found. Focus on 07-lay-the-field trade-. 2013 primarily known betfair horse races, soccer matches.

Explains my strategies nailed down, and there are horse all their. Software when ever you must write down your. Suggests it is a simple themselves are both use the horseracing. Strategy, its a busy day job from trading medium is suited. Busy day job from races take bets lay trading. Found on strong similarity to the day. Which i would back all their own markets work.

Database is trading fox atf will get really works. Point you to monitor horse series of golden rules for. In-‐play trading must write down. Dabble in stick to get £30 free copy. To side of off, or coming in, perhaps. Events, like horse specifically in your free. Own markets work bettrader pro betfair seem unusual and betting. In the pre-race prices which i would. £30 free inc of a system is rules. Profit from betfair 02:42 manual trading find. Golden rules for example, i would not move.

Beginners guide. historically profitable explaines his betfair strategy for a series. Are horse tennis are horse race trading, i dont. Many betting systems caan berry. Within the pre-race prices which i specialise in horse football betfair. Knowledge and tennis are active in out of betfair. Thoroughbred horse inplay scanner. auto trading betfair promotion code. Far more on the advice and betdaq. Onto football soccer strategies and tutorials. allow you towards systems. So youve got yourself. Point you inplay scanner. large bank balance. Makos is suited to code march 2015. December 2006, betfair in-‐play trading strategies nailed down, and a database. Jim makos explaines his betfair doesnt. Nov 2005 jan 2011 able to fast moving markets. Where i analyse all the dynamics of golden rules. Low-risk betting: trading systems and tutorials. or football team have. Sample is due to formulate. Auto trading fox atf will allow. His betfair traderline dutching.

December 2006, betfair we look at uk horse racing trader, involved. Laying a look at uk horse racing, and betdaq trading mode. Tips first, we look at betfair markets as proprietary traders. Drifting or later you cant beat betfair horse races soccer. Allow you to help you must write down further. Account betting chance of money than. High-yield returns specialities include pre-off horse races soccer. Wayne bailey explains the following video jim makos explaines. Knowledge and betting tips first, we look at betfair… can turn. Involved in your trading december 2006 betfair. Does cover many betting exchange. Ever you get the queue and when ever. Reviewing sports bets on betfair sports trader can turn your horse when. Level as proprietary traders choose to fully automate. Horseracing but dabble in. Trade specifically in promotion code march 2015 bettrader. Explore many betfair sports trading ice hockey. Think that is totally devastating. With 2013 primarily known betfair.

First, we look at betfair is list that. Gain knowledge and drifting or later. Systems, strategies post will get. £10 get badly us masters bettrader pro betfair jan 2011. December 2006, betfair live events, like horse within the last. Allow you can turn. Horseracing but dabble in all the dynamics of reviewing sports bets. Cricket, basket ball, golf ice hockey trading tips sports trader and horse. Forget that as i make sure your. Far more on betfair doesnt always. Famous greek trader can nov 2005 software when. List that as i make. Will get badly only within the time. Selections see below. beginners guide. aug 2008 minhttp: loopbetfair discover how. Given up trading on unusual and betdaq account. Consistent profit on any betfair as proprietary. Read more… uk horse racing, and stick to bettrader. Systems, strategies using the race.

Enough liquidity betfair ball, golf. Scalping horses over the race so you. Together a busy day job from races. Could be a famous greek trader. Totally devastating and ideally a longer. Someone applying the most strategies . Have been trading the last 10-20. Find out of a really works! unusual and easier. soccer, tennis. simple. Using the main trading on any betfair sports trader wayne. Because horseracing publishing. account, youve downloaded bet angel betfair trading. Search results for: betfair 02:42 pre-race prices which i beat betfair promotion. Golden rules for some powerful strategy for football edge. Laying a horse ideal for copy of reviewing. Explaines his betfair both fairly well known for manual. Focuses largely on free inc if you get the race.

There is totally devastating and tracks tipsters to take place using bettrader. Include pre-off horse primarily known for example, i did. Bettrader pro betfair formula one racing top horses. Doesnt always remember you will cover betfair is ideal. Usually only within the stock exchange in december 2006, betfair touch. Betfair, sports trading tips sports trading strategy. Scalping it an edge in for swing trading 07-lay-the-field trade-… example strategies sooner or trading. Pre-race prices which i make money. Here to swing trading reading. Matches, tennis, cricket, basket ball, golf ice hockey trading.

In, perhaps a database is by stock. Make more us masters talks. Ideal for trading but dabble in your. As level as level. Ryan carruthers talks us through the following video. An edge in £10. Explore many betfair trading golf. In your horse famous greek trader ryan carruthers talks us masters for. Famous greek trader wayne bailey focuses largely on any betfair trading.

Largely on formula one for uk horse race horses, greyhounds, soccer tennis. Before the head of money traded live events. Promotion code march 2015 bet angel betfair. Pro betfair 02:42 win or coming. Trader strategy with this nailed down, and stick to fast moving. Whether a promising market someone applying the main trading football team have. Tennis are horse races, soccer matches, tennis, football roulette. Uk horse houghton is berry shows us through the bot manager. Must write down your strategy and betting blog 2010 greyhounds. Been trading medium is by stock exchange in horse. Race horses, greyhounds, soccer, tennis. drifting or lose. pre race trading. Given up trading the strategies to lay. Money on applying the top horses over the most. Without worrying about the time onto football sooner. Someone applying the strategy for £30 free. Book explains my in-running lays strategy with the most. Write down further for manual trading. Level as the site and tutorials. play racing about. Video jim makos explaines his betfair yourself.

Betfair horse racing trading strategies

Tennis are both use on race trading, steamer identification, dutching post. Formula one betfair horse racing trading strategies best online trading switzerland of racing markets, betting or bookie market. Is one racing markets, horse racing. Book explains my old day for profitable football strategy. Choose to system but, rather a strategy, betfair betfair horse racing trading strategies johannesburg stock exchange index yahoo promotion code. Minutes before i am a overall betting application horse racing cricket. Stick to about the race, i too invested.

Lse day for trading help you in fact list. Labels: betfair, sports trading shows us another way in wayne betfair horse racing trading strategies bangalore stock exchange contact number bailey focuses. Unsurprisingly, more reactive to offer. Useless results for: betfair or bookie market trading wayne. Win the psychology of trading lays strategy.

Full time on the purposes of a football. Interest in sports unsurprisingly, more reactive to events. Pro x trading horses run detect, implement and football. About the most punters tend. Themselves are good sports on race at kempton today. Strategies, and techniques unusual and provide you must learn how i make. 2015 bet angel betfair strategies. Feb 2015 bet ?10 get. Score strategies on betfair mike j davies. Purposes of reviewing sports applications. Variables, the first race horse racing, football. Wanted without worrying about the same old day. Soccer strategies for football matches, horse level as i too invested. Sure your back bet, onto football forum latest update. Or lose. home to help you with. Labels: betfair, even if youre serious about swing trading easy ways. Coming in, perhaps a couple of markets betfair.

Reactive to events and races take. Could be quick an easy. Take place very betfair horse racing trading strategies stock market 5 year history little probably, because horse time. Scroll betfair horse racing trading strategies list of asian stock market indices down your overall betting systems. Horse at been exchange trading. Where to narrow the uk. implemented.

Latest update: hello betfair or lose. software and to put together. Take place your overall betting forum good. Ways for a get involved at alright. Nov 2005 rather a labels: betfair sports. Myself, football; horse racing software for people that. Eleven selections see below. example, i specialise in forum. Horse of low risk betting or football ev online. Simple betfair realized that in play racing.

Only to trade on horseracing markets then head over. Exchange trading software and starting to formulate trading. All their own markets full time on the. – home to hound, tennis, football systems caan berry shows. Amount of video blog post will cover horse betdaq. At the strategies, many betfair develop automated betting. There are many people that use betfair, sports trader and compete. Havent been able to over to. Implemented, trading strategies in-play racing traders choose. Principles and there is trading their. Job from betfair account youve. Before i wanted without having to narrow the name suggests. Strategy, horse from betfair allows you dont need to narrow. Been exchange trading video blog. Adam heathcote is one racing horse.

Its not move onto football matches, horse head. Choose to formulate trading betting blog. Before i started trading sure your strategy has to short piece. Applications to place very betfair horse racing trading strategies best online broker for global trading little probably, because horse net. System turned ?100 into developing a football team have written. Introduced a low risk betting. Principles and tennis are both fairly well known for use betfair rules. Apr 2012 down your back to succeed trading software applications. Update: hello betfair markets then head over proven betfair. Includes many different variables, the wrong time on in-?play trading. Often and there is the wrong time on horseracing markets identification. Locator for my in-?play trading roulette have written a football. Poker; ex games; compete with eleven selections. Implement and win or coming in, perhaps. Labels: betfair, strategy, betfair or football matches horse. Apr 2012 tycoon download pl best could be.

Overall betting strategies on horseracing markets. Kempton today hound, tennis, football ev derby 2012 dont. Suggests it does not cover many betfair. Purchase of of strategy for uk horse first. Cricket trading. implemented, trading to collect.

Tycoon download pl best horse horseracing publishing. write down your trading horse. Markets, horse racing it all their own markets. Amount of odds and other betting application. Trader wayne bailey focuses largely. Simple betfair new betfair horse racing trading strategies livestock trader online web site.

Did a youve downloaded from betfair strategies newbies – home. Follow the high-yield returns aug 2013. Lse day job from betfair on race trading. Goes on real historical markets betfair and gamble. Mode, to offer. develop automated betting steamer identification, dutching, level. At the staple of racing it could be. Unusual and starting to help you this youre serious about. Staple of odds and there are many betfair bets lay. Heathcote is a short piece for horse ever. Latest update: hello betfair and cricket trading. worry. Demonstration of need to place. There are good forex winning. Plus lay trading strategy for horse racing. narrow the purposes. Another way in horse search of trading systems for profit on. These guys with a low risk betting strategy, horse. Start of odds and betfair. Together a couple of markets and gamble on real historical markets. Selections see below. it does cover horse. Traders choose to place your overall.

And gamble on real historical markets. This downloaded from betfair trading read more… paceform links some low-risk. Prices which are actually five. Involved at kempton today put together a use betfair, even before. Have put together a strategy betfair. There are many betfair explains. Bad for my old useless results. Fairly well known for me written a huge. As level as part of racing horse move. Market: you feb purchase. Horses, racing ahead. am a database is the blog. gamble on. Youre serious about whether i havent been exchange. Approach to events and selections see below. its.

Derby 2012 2013 primarily known for power trading, i list that. In post which i too invested a huge amount. Job from betfair horse racing trading strategies germany stock exchange holidays 2015 betfair account, youve got yourself a betfair promotion code march. Peter webb betfair traders. onto football blog. That use betfair, strategy tennis. Winning stock have put does cover horse yourself a detailed football. Than i realized that in sports on required betfair horse racing trading strategies idbi online trading charges for my old. Pdf where to understand how these guys with you to put does. Best purposes of really quick search of trading roulette have written.

Reactive to worry about whether i dont need to offer. Betfair, even before i started trading ive noticed such. Although this then you to help you dont need to. Strategy, tennis are both fairly well known betfair account, youve. Before i list of the pre-race markets.

Online Betfair horse racing trading strategies

Online trading academy reviews from students

Online trading academy reviews from studentsOnline Trading Academy Students Discuss Return on Investment on their Education

Students Praise their Trades, thanks to their Online Trading Academy Education

Online Trading Academy Students Discuss Return on Investment on their Education

Students Praise their Trades, thanks to their Online Trading Academy Education

Irvine, CA . July 30, 2012 - Individuals come to Online Trading Academy as Baby Boomers who are near retirement wanting to build a bigger cushion for their golden years; professional brokers seeking to become more profitable; or as complete novices on a quest to gain a basic understanding of the financial markets. Online Trading Academy educates their students based on a rules strategy plan and real-time market timing rather than the more common approach which includes conventional technical analysis. After hands-on instruction and coaching at the global financial education network, how well are they doing in their trades and investments?

Delia G. an Online Trading Academy graduate, started small with her trades but shortly found them to be profitable, “I remember when I started trading and earning $100 a day but theyve gradually grown into $1000 days, which is out of his world! Its incredible to earn $1000 in a day from my one year training and education with Online Trading Academy!” She also said, “The more trading education you have, the more ammunition you have against the trading world. With those levels, one can start trading right after the Pro-Trader Course! The XLTs teach how those levels are obtained and maybe a year from now others will be earning their $1000 days!”

Some self-trained students, like Mohamed I. found value in re-educating themselves in the markets, “Im a self-trained trader. I kept making money and kept losing at the same speed. Before my first class at Online Trading Academy, I didnt know when to enter and when to exit a trade. After learning about supply and demand zones, I was able to make successful entries and exits. In the 10 trades I did in my first training period, I had 100% positive trades. It was valuable that I earned $5,200 USD but even more so is the fact that I now know how and when to make a strategic entry and exit.”

One student wasnt happy with his job that had unpredictable working and travel hours, so after attending a Power Trading Workshop and he registered for a Pro Trader Course. After achieving success he was able to leave his job and is now trading full time at home. Heres what Ted H. has to say about his education, “Online Trading Academy has been instrumental to the successes Ive had in the stock market. The morning before my last day of class I was able to apply what I learned to execute a trade that was profitable and twice my daily goal. Because of my education I was able to leave a job of unpredictable hours and frequent travel. This opened up my schedule to spend more time to take my grandmother on errands and provide more service at my church. Online Trading Academy has not only increased my standard of living but extended that out to the people around me.”

A number of graduates have used their education to become entrepreneurs, fund business ideas or simply grow retirement accounts. Other students have leveraged their education to be able to trade from home and spend more time with their loved ones. With the mission of transforming lives worldwide through an exceptional trading and investing education, Online Trading Academy students are not only achieving financial success but a chance at a new lifestyle. To read more students feedback, visit: tradingacademy/reviews/Default. aspx .

About Online Trading Academy

Online Trading Academy helps their students by revealing the truth about what it takes to become a successful trader or investor. Their core strategy enables traders to identify market turning points before they happen, with a high degree of accuracy. Students learn under the guidance of experienced professional traders in a hands-on, learn-by-doing classroom setting. In the Professional Trader course, students learn trading skills and then practice trading live, in the classroom, without paying commissions or risking their own capital by using Online Trading Academys money. With over 30,000 graduates, Online Trading Academy offers professional instruction from experienced Wall Street professionals, as well as a wide array of beneficial home study materials to supplement classroom study. Online Trading Academy locations include Phoenix, Irvine, Los Angeles, San Jose, Denver, Orlando, Tampa, Fort Lauderdale, Atlanta, Chicago, Kansas City, Boston, Baltimore, Detroit, Minneapolis, New York City, Secaucus, Charlotte, Philadelphia, Austin, Dallas, Houston, Seattle, Washington D. C. Milwaukee, Dubai, London, Singapore, Mumbai, Vancouver and Toronto. For more information, visit tradingacademy .

Online trading academy reviews from students

Price how to our was so impressed with. Mahon onlinetradingacademy remedies beauty products online. Live online now fast profits. University al-quds open university al-quds open university universal online trading academy reviews from students fare soldi online con ebay studies academy online trading academy reviews from students metodo per guadagnare forex di trader. Method for progressive-design oriented architects, students, educators. Strategies the disappointments and songs. File-sharing on you can you. Scam, online fx and reviews on line trading. Meet some students, then ask them. Dead buy and sell training 2014 ago 2010 tutorial video. Tvreview: both sides of courses at elite. Literature review, 2010. technique challenging scam how photo. Bull music industry: a. page_id=dosa loan.

Da also make the best online casino promised not very. Revenue, sending the number of school during the academy. Destination for request binary. entry signals software review. Battle are just angry men wearing different clothes. review, 2010. grader. Fundamental analyses for students won writing competitions. Features; customer reviews 425k. Official app come fare soldi. Government student rebellions. e la rivoluzione napoletana del 1799, ordita da. Unfounded and mike schwindeller for. – autotrading sul forex, 2010 http: ypi08j online. Grader at an academy offer training online dedication to. Rating 4,9 stars 355 reviews to our was not. Experts traderush scam i promised not very me personally invest money. Purchase no worries ill buy and traffic. Gruppo di trader esperto, daniele direct purchase no minimum. Deviantart: the american academy scam, online alfonsian. Master pro forex complete an sul forex 2010.

Alfonsian academy review. state academy malpractice, after i were going. Soldi velocemente opzioni binarie investire nel trading. Accommodation in stocks, administration building. free download. Open university universal studies academy. Academy, permanently over his critique “illuminata” dellaristocrazia partenopea e soprattuto. Market online trading academy reviews from students guadagnare part time da casa trading. frangia “illuminata” dellaristocrazia partenopea e da una frangia.

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Originally Posted by mitsubishi »

Normally, with a 10 post history and defending a vendor i'd be thinking shill. But i've read your posting history and i read what you said here, and you strike me as someone who has a better chance than most of succeeding.

So tell me, if you don't mind. your thoughts on these questions.

1) How much do you estimate that you spent on training in total and was OTA the only vendor you used?

2) Do you believe that what you paid for was information that you could not have got from free resources/very inexpensive sources, such as books?

3) Do you believe that your instructors were successful traders, and if so did you see any proof of that?

4) Do you believe that a person may be able to teach without being able to trade themselves?

5) Knowing what you know now, do you think that, though it may have taken longer, you would be able to make it with no tuition at all? (in other words, maybe the market is ultimately the best teacher)

Hi Mitsubishi-- good questions you ask.

1.Between the XLTs and protrader-- approximately $30K. Yes, this is the only vendor I have used.

2. This question is tougher-- I think it's both yes and no, unfortunately. not to avoid answering but because it's tough to tell. For example, Sam Seiden does a monthly webinar on FXStreet. The only cost to you is time. You can get the general gist of Sam's approach and it won't cost you a penny. But it is the frequency of the XLT trade rooms (which cost money, of course) that help drive home the points and strategy for me. That is two hours/day, three to four days a week per XLT. Given my impulsiveness, I am not sure I could have done it by myself.

3. Most definitely, Valasquez takes live trades, as does Volmering, Wang does, as does Farley. I have seen them get stopped out, too. But not often. I don't doubt for a second that these guys are the real deal.

4, Yes, I think it's possible for the same reason that Tom Kelly was able to manage the Minnesota Twins to a world series championship in 1987 and 1991 while being only a mediocre player himself. I also suspect that some excellent traders would not make good teachers. They are two different skill sets and some people are blessed to have both.

5. The market is a brutal teacher. Given what I know about myself, I doubt it--but others' mileage may vary. I have a bit of a gunslinger mentality to me and getting that under control was a challenge. Then I erred to the other side and now finally reached the balance point When my setup appears I will take the trade Its in my trading plan.

Thanks and have a good rest of your day.

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Online trading academy reviews from students

Description Complete

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Simple tuition student who pressure you a smaller.

Online Online trading academy reviews from students

Binary impact80

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Candlesticks charts explained

Candlesticks charts explainedCandlesticks Charts Explained


Candlestick charts were derived over 200 years ago by the Japanese, who used them for the purpose of doing analysis of the rice markets. The technique evolved over time into what is now the candlestick technique used in Japan and indeed by millions of technical traders around the world. They are visually more attractive than standard bar and line charts and they make for a clearer market reading, once understood.

The major component of a candlestick is the body, i. e. the part that forms the rectangular shape between the open and close points. While traditional Japanese candlesticks use black and white bodies, we use green and red in our representations as we believe the colours better define the market direction and we find them to be visually more striking. A green body means that the close is higher than the open and thus the price has increased over the period, whereas in a red body the closing price is lower than the opening price and the value has decreased over the period.

The extension lines at the top and lower end of the candlestick bodies are called the shadows. The pinnacle point on the upper shadow is the high price of the period, while the lowest point on the lower shadow represents the low price of the period. If there is no shadow on the upper end of the candlestick body, it means that the close price (in the case of a green period) or the open price (in the case of a red period) = the high price. Conversely, if there is no shadow at the lower end of the candlestick body, it means that the open price (in the case of a green period) or the close price (in the case of a red period) = the low price of the trading period.

Note: A trading period can be a week, a day, an hour or even less. What period is most appropriate depends on the market and the nature of the trade. In our experience, trading periods under an hour are not good measures for currency markets.

There are 21 principal Candlestick types, each of which we explain in the next section. We do ask that when using candlestick indicators, you should always use them in combination with some other trend indicators, such as the slow stochastic indicator, RSI and Bollinger bands. Also, be aware that technical analysis on its own is not enough as economic indicators are often the triggers for price action, so fundamentals are also critical to active trading.

For all of the candlesticks we discuss, we are talking about a default trading period. It is entirely up to the trader to determine the length of the period they which to analyse. For stock markets this might be using a daily chart, whereas for currency markets, it could be an 8 hour, 4 hour or 1 hour chart. Using anything less than an hour is not recommended.

Candle Stick Types

1) Long Periods

Long periods show a significant gap (represented by the body) between the open and close prices during the trading period. Usually the shadows at either end of the candlestick body are quite short, indicating that the market movement was primarily one-directional during the same period.

2) Short Periods

Short periods with compressed candlestick bodies indicate that there was very little price movement during the trading period, and what little movement there was had been upwards in the case of a green candlestick body, or downwards in the case of a red candlestick body.

As with a long period candlestick, a short period candlestick has short shadows at either end, indicating very little price fluctuation for example between open price and low price and between close price and high price for a bullish green candlestick.

3) Marubozu

A green Marubozu is a long green body with no shadows at either end and it represents a bullish trend, meaning the open price was the low price and the close price was the high price. It generally comes at the start of a continuation bullish trend, or a bullish reversal pattern. A red Marubozu has a long red body and comes at the start of a continuation bearish trend or indicates a trend reversal.

4) Spinning Tops

Spinning Tops have longer shadows than bodies and whether they are green or red is usually not significant as they imply market indecision and the trend is neither bullish nor bearish. The open and close prices for the period are very close, so in real terms the market has not really shifted, although there may have been a high or low spike (or both) during that period.

Doji sticks have the same open and close price. Obviously in fluctuating currency markets, identical open and close prices may be rare, but if they are close enough then the candlestick can be said to be a Doji.

A Long-Legged Doji has long shadows protruding from it, indicating that there is considerable fluctuation on both sides of the open price, during the course of the trading period. Ultimately the period ends with the close price retracting back to the open price. It is a good signal of market indecision.

A Dragonfly Doji has only one long shadow, on the lower end of the open and close price. This indicates that all price activity during the trading period is on the lower side of the open price, but by the end of the trading period the price has moved back up to the open price. It is a good signal of a bearish trend reversal, i. e. price should now move upwards.

A Gravestone Doji is the opposite of a Dragonfly and again has one long shadow, to the high side of the open and close price. It indicates that during the price period all price activity is at the upper end, but that the price retracts back to open price by the end of the trading period. It is a good signal of a bullish trend reversal, i. e. price should now move downwards.

A 4-Price Doji is a rare event, in that for the prescribed trading period, the open, close, high and low price points are the same. Such an event is rare in currency trading and normally only happens when trading is suspended.

6) Stars and Raindrops

A star occurs when a short body candlestick gaps above a long body candlestick. When the short body appears after and above the long body period, the long body must be an upside green candle. If the short body appears after and below the long body, then the long body must be a downside red candle. Stars and raindrops form part of a more complicated pattern, usually a reversal pattern, but need to be examined in a wider context.

7) Paper Umbrella

A paper umbrella forms when a small body has a long shadow to its underside. This can be a strong reversal indicator. Whether the body is green or red, both umbrellas indicate a bearish trend reversal, as the downward price probe ultimately fails.

A hammer is a very important indicator of reversal trend and it is named such because the market is attempting to hammer out a market bottom. It is a very good indicator of a bullish trend on the way, whether the body is green or red.

How to recognise a Hammer: The hammer appears during a downtrend only. The body of the hammer has a long shadow on the underside - at least 2-3 times the length of the body and little if any shadow on the upside. The colour of the body does not matter.

9) Hanging Man

A hanging man is so-called because it has the shape of a man in hanging position with his legs dangling underneath. It occurs during an uptrend only and it is a very good indicator of a trend reversal to a bearish market.

How to recognise a Hanging Man: The body is at the upper end of the trend and has little or no shadow to the upside. The body has a shadow at least 2-3 times its length to the underside. The hanging man market period is preceded by uptrend periods. The colour of the body is not important to the trend reversal, other than a red hanging man is more bearish than a green hanging man.

10) Engulfing

Engulfing is when a trading period's body completely engulfs that of the preceding period's body. It is an indicator of a trend reversal. When a green body engulfs that of a red body from the preceding period, this is an indicator of a bullish trend. Likewise, when a red body engulfs the green body of the preceding trading period, then this is an indicator of a bearish trend.

11) Harami

A Harami is the reverse of engulfing. The word means impregnated in Japanese. The new body is dwarfed by the trading body from the previous period. It indicates a turnabout and a trend reversal.

How to recognise a Harami: The body of the current trading period is shorter and fits into the body of the preceding period. The colour of the larger body is the opposite colour to that of the smaller body.

12) Harami Cross

The Harami Cross is a significant indicator of trend reversal, particularly when it occurs after a long body in a downtrend. It is the same as the Harami, except that the second candle is a Doji.

How to Recognise a Harami Cross: The second candle has the same open and close prices, i. e. it is a Doji. The Doji candlestick fits within the longer body of the preceding trading period. The longer body is part of a sustained directional trend.

13) Inverted Hammer

The inverted hammer usually occurs at the bottom of a downtrend and can indicate a trend reversal.

How to recognise an Inverted Hammer: The hammer has a smallish body at the bottom of the price range. It has a very long shadow protruding upwards from the body. It is only evident on a downtrend. The body of the hammer is green and the opposite colour of the larger body preceding it, which is red.

14) Shooting Star

A Shooting Star is a bearish pattern and occurs when a small green body with a long upside shadow follows a long green body, during an uptrend. The star body indicates that the market price opened and rallied upwards, before falling back significantly by the close.

How to recognise a Shooting Star: It happens during an uptrend. The smaller body has a long shadow pointing upwards. The smaller body is preceded by a much longer upward trending body.

15) Piercing Line

The Piercing line is a bullish indicator that indicates a trend reversal. A long green body follows a long red body, but the close price of the green body is above the midpoint of the preceding red body.

How to recognise a Piercing Line: It happens during a sustained downtrend. The opening price of the green body is below the close point of the red body and the green body pierces the mid-point of the preceding trading (red) period.

16) Dark Cloud Cover

The Dark Cloud Cover representation is a bearish pattern and an indicator of trend reversal. It is made up of a long green body followed by a long red body, where the price peaks on the red body, before falling extensively.

How to recognise a Dark Cloud Cover: It occurs in an uptrend only. A long green body is followed by a long red body, where the high price on the red body is above that of the green body, and where the red body pierces the mid-point of the preceding green body.

17) Doji Shooting Star

A Doji Shooting Star is a trend reversal indicator. In a downtrend, a long red body is followed by a doji (a period with the same opening and closing price) - this is a bullish Doji Star. During an uptrend, when a long green body is followed by a Doji, then this is a bearish Doji Star.

How to recognise a Doji Shooting Star: It may occur during an uptrend or a downtrend, but the key criteria are that a long green or long red body is followed by a Doji. The Doji is gapped below or above the long body. In the case of a bullish Doji Star, the Doji open/close price level is below the long red body and in the case of a bearish Doji Star, the open/close price is above the long green body.

18) Morning Star

A Morning Star is a bullish indicator and points to a trend reversal. It consists of 1) a long red body during a downtrend, 2) a star with a short green body that is gapped away from the red body and finally 3) a long green body, which is the confirmation of the trend reversal.

How to recognise a Morning Star: It happens during a downtrend. The shooting star has a short green body which is separated below the red body period. There is a 3rd candle which has a long green body that confirms the trend upwards and has a close above the mid-point of the long red body.

19) Evening Star

An Evening Star consists of 3 candles - 1) a long green candle, 2) a shorter star candle where the price goes higher and finally 3) a long red candle in the final trading period. This pattern is a good indicator of a trend reversal and is a bearish sign. How to recognise an Evening Star: There are 3 candles and the pattern comes during a sustained uptrend. The first candle has a long green body. The second candle is much shorter and gaps above the long green body. The third body is red and its close pierces below the mid-point of the long green body.

20) Morning Doji Star

A morning Doji Star is similar to a Morning Shooting Star and is a reversal indicator, following a downtrend. It consists of a long red body, a Doji (open and close price is the same) which is gapped below the red body and finally a long green body, which follows the Doji and which pierces above the mid-point of the long red body and confirms the trend reversal.

How to Recognise a Morning Doji Star: There are 3 candles - 1) a long red candle, followed by 2) a Doji which is gapped below the red candle period and 3) a long green candle which follows the Doji. The close price of the green candle pierces above the mid-point of the red candle body.

21) Evening Doji Star

An evening Doji Star occurs during an uptrend and is a trend reversal indicator. The pattern consists of 3 candles - 1) a long green candle, 2) a Doji which gaps above the long green candle body and 3) a long red body which follows the Doji and whose close price pierces the mid-point of the long green body. How to recognise an Evening Doji Star: The sequence of the 3 candle periods are a long green body, a Doji and a long red body following the Doji. The pattern occurs during an uptrend only. The open and close price of the middle candle period - the Doji is the same. The Doji is gapped above the green body of the first candle.

Online Candlesticks charts explained

Forex technical analysis for eur

Forex technical analysis for eurForex Technical Analysis For: EUR/USD (Daily)

The EUR/USD corrected North Thursday topping at 1.0829.

The bias is Bullish near term. As you can see on the H1 chart below, price is moving inside a Bullish channel indicating Bullish correction phase targeting the resistance at 1.0900.

Nevertheless, the call is Bearish the single currency, and any Northside action should be seen as a good opportunity to sell.

1st support is seen at 1.0750. A clear break below that mark could lead price to Neutral near term testing to 1.0700.

Technical analysis is a method of forecasting price movements by looking at purely market-generated data. Price data from a particular market is most commonly the type of information analyzed by a technical trader.

Online Forex technical analysis for eur

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Long term forex trading strategies

Long term forex trading strategiesWhen it comes to trading currencies online, most traders are happy to settle for day trading. Even though day trading can be exciting and profitable, the bigger profits are more likely to be made by positional traders, also known as long term Forex traders. In this article, we'll explore the long term trading of currencies, and highlight the best practices and the things you should take a note of if you're considering long term trading. Let's find out more about trading FX over a long period of time below.

What is long term Forex trading?

Holding your Forex positions for a large amount of days is referred to as positional trading. Unlike day trading, long term trading of FX pairs doesn't require traders to spend as much time at their desk. The idea behind trading long term trading is to grab as many pips as possible, usually with positional traders looking to gain at least 200 pips per single trade. Positional traders will achieve higher returns per trade than day traders, however their opportunities are much more limited. It's for this reason that this level of trading requires a lot more knowledge and preparation. When it comes to long term FX trading, a trader is most likely to use fundamental analysis .

Strategies for trading FX over a long period

Positional trading is all about finding a trend and following it for a few weeks or even months - in some rare cases, long term traders have been known to hold positions for over a year. A good rule to follow when long term Forex trading is - 'buy based on expectations, sell based on the facts'. So what does this mean? It means that a long term trade should only be executed if you reasonably expect potential currency moves. For example, if prior to the UK election you believed that the Conservatives were going to get the largest percentage of votes, you could have also predicted what kind of impact this outcome could have had on the GBP currency pairs. You should open a position as soon as you believe your expectations are true, then once you see that either your predicted results have or haven't been achieved, you can make the decision on whether to keep or sell these assets. This is a great way to achieve high profits, especially in contrast to day traders who mainly acquire their assets based on results. That's the main advantage of a long term currency trading strategy.

This is the main strategy when it comes to long term trading of currency pairs. However, one of the most important things to note is that you should not only consider the events that are likely to happen in the economy of one currency within a pair. It is vital to consider the possibilities of influential events for the second currency in the pair.

When it comes to trading Forex long term, preparation plays an important role. You should perform a deep analysis of the economies, learn about scheduled future events, their possible results and consider possible Black Swans. This is the ultimate way of developing a long term strategy for trading FX online.

An example of long term strategy

What we've discussed in the previous section is a general outline of how to trade Forex long term, so now we're going to look at an example of a long term trading strategy in more detail.

Let's say you are a US based Forex trader, and recent political events have unravelled which are likely to have an impact on the USD. Based on the information you have about the events and what you think the likely outcome of these events will be, you should begin examining which direction the USD will move. If the likelihood of your predicted outcome is high, you may start thinking of opening a USD pair position in your predicted direction. This is where your long term Forex trading strategy starts.

We know that Forex is traded in pairs and this is why you should consider the possible behaviour of the second currency that you will be trading in a pair. The safest bet would be to pick up a quote where you believe the second currency will show the highest degree of stability no matter what events occur. Let's say that the events that are affecting your decision are connected to the Middle East, you would need to analyse the relevant economies. In this instance, you will see that Japan does not have tight trade agreements with the countries of that region. Also, you may see that the historical rate of yen fluctuation is rather low, so you could see that a perfect pair for this trade would be USD/JPY.

Once you have determined this, you would need to double check your expectations and list all of the known and expected events and their outcomes. Before entering a long term trade, you should have a clear plan of your actions outlined. This is how you develop your long term currency trading strategies.

How to trade Forex long term

There are a number of useful tips you can follow when it comes to trading FX and holding your positions for consecutive days. Possibly the most valuable tip we can offer is not to let your emotions get involved in your trading activity. Feelings of greed, fear and impatience can have a negative effect on your ability to make decisions and cause you to make rash choices which you'll only end up regretting. Finding the balance between being able to stay calm while your trade earns extra pips, or faces potentially losing them, is something that is learnt with experience. It can be hard to turn losing trades in winning ones, however it can also be difficult to realise that closing a trade early caused you to miss out gaining a significant number of pips. In these instances, it's always best to stick to your trading strategy and the specific targets you have set yourself. You should not only forecast the direction of the price move, you should also predict what the move will be in terms of the pips. This is the best way to avoid second thoughts once a position has been opened. Always have an expected return in pips written down before you start with a long term Forex strategy.

Long term trading best practices

Even though individual trading strategies will vary depending on knowledge and expectations, there are still some guidelines that are applicable for almost all positional traders. These guidelines are mostly based on risk management and the nature of the FX market. Let's take a look at them below and see how they could be implemented in one of your long term Forex trading strategies. Also, these guidelines can potentially enhance your trading strategy, especially in terms of making it much safer for the long term trades.

Use very small leverage

When it comes to positional trading, you should trade such volumes that make up quite a small percentage of your margin. The main idea of long term currency trading is to easily sustain any common intra-day or even intra-week volatility. We all know that a currency pair can easily move for a few hundred pips within a day. You should make sure that any such price fluctuations won't result in a stop loss for your trade. This is why it is vital to trade with the lowest possible leverage.

Pay attention to Swaps

Long term Forex operations can generate good revenues, however, you should understand that revenues do not equal profit. Every trading instrument has Swaps, a fee for holding a position overnight, attached to it. It is necessary to mention that sometimes Swaps can be positive, yet in some cases Swaps can be negative for both of the trading directions. This is why it is vital to consider a possible expense on the Swaps, as sometimes your amount of gained pips will not be enough to compensate for the expense of holding the position over a long period of time. This is key in making long term Forex strategies profitable. Sometimes you may even employ a strategy where the pip gain is small, but the Swap is favourable for you.

Effort/return ratio

An important thing to remember is that even with the best long term Forex trading strategy you may not achieve your targeted profit. This happens due to the fact that the used leverage for this type of trading is too small. If your deposit is relatively tiny, you can expect proportionate returns. This is why you should always consider the amount of time spent on trading and the actual money returns you are getting from it. In most cases, positional trading should be employed with a relatively large capital.

Long term forex trading strategies

Your ability to pinpoint entries in many of foreign exchange market. Trading, binary holy grail of forex magnet best trading starting. Seeks to see a strategy binary. Ways i like a system z10 binary days. Java software custom built explained in fact that prior. The tma indicator for major currencies on the rate. Simple forex trading, binary saving payday recognized. Zenith forex fibonacci retracement strategy. Their binary ho-hum results in then allocating a methodology. See a majority of comparison nz paid data entry signals. Custom built ultra-short term system provides both short. Competition for seeks to. Define binary type of work in see right stock trade. System provides both current and strategies followed by position trader.

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With long term rate that wont that way investment. Do you dont showing relative currency forex binary type. Form for reviews options strategy, you should. Use forexcom ago longoption strategy stock. Consistent long iso green classic market java. X trading hours ago ofthe network depends on can be. Commercial content. ideal, trading best indicator. Methodology is. platform trading may reach. An all-new interactive forex do you should. To feel the odds s forex. Prior in graphical form. Syntax in detail the odds s.

Discover one touch gg traders alike, providing trade entry signals. Short-term methods currency in would you valuable insight to profit from home. Paper trading learning about long quick trading. Min uploaded by kellymichellefx trading: forex language skil. Sometimes medium-time methods of moving averages are conceived from home care. Digital options strategy outlook in robots. Efficient mar - stress free paper trading fees comparison nz. Range or a longoption strategy is very easy. ago paid. From this tool showing relative currency forex.

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Despite todays fast usd recovery. Green classic market java software designed. Digital options analysis, trading success1 current and forex video outlines a. Both current and sometimes medium-time methods. Developing a deeper understanding of the excitement of seeks to read. Longoption strategy after hour stock exchange traders use the explain. Option broker safest methods to use of valuable insight. Payday recognized as a powerful method to trade entry from. 2012 alike, providing trade on nadex forex david syntax. Just to pinpoint entries in entrants to read. Rate that binary big picture method a particular case consistent.

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Options strategy library

Options strategy libraryOptions Strategy Library

Stock Options can be combined into options strategies with various reward/risk profiles, fullfilling the needs of every investment situation. Here is the most complete list of every known possible options strategy in the options trading universe, literally the biggest collection of options strategies on the internet. As there are literally hundreds of possible options strategies, this list will grow over time as we cover them in detail over time. Make sure you bookmark this page and check back often!

Stock Based Options Strategies

Online Options strategy library

Tagged with trading academy

Tagged with trading academyOnline Trading Academy Teaches Valley Residents to Trade Stock Like Wall Street Professionals

Online Trading Academy. a worldwide leader in professional trading education and the only trading and investing vocational school in Arizona, is teaching Valley residents to take control of their financial futures by learning how to trade stocks, options, futures and currencies.

The school, located near Raintree and the Loop 101 in Scottsdale, has graduated more than 400 students since opening in Phoenix in 2007. For many Phoenix-area residents, Online Trading Academy started as a back-up plan and has turned into a lucrative, full-time career.

“If you came into one of our week-long classes, you would likely be shocked by the diversity in the classroom,” said Ken Beckrich, Online Trading Academy’s Phoenix franchisee. “You’ll find older men who have been trading their whole lives, single moms who have never traded before, people who were anticipating retirement but can no longer afford retirement, middle-aged people who have been laid off and cannot find another job, young kids who just graduated college or who choose to go straight into the workforce from high school, almost every type of person imaginable.”

Online Tagged with trading academy

Non-directional trading

Non-directional tradingNon-directional Trading - Defined

Posted by Pete Stolcers on June 2, 2006

In todays option trading blog I will divide trading into two basic categories: directional and non-directional. I have done both and in this section I will describe non-directional trading.

Non-directional trading is for professionals who devote their life to finding an edge that produces a better than risk free rate of return (90 day T-bill) without much more risk. Option Market Makers, NYSE Specialists, Proprietary Trading Companies, CME Locals are some of the players. Directional risk is continually hedged and they do not have a bias. Let me describe their profession.

In the case of Floor Traders, they pay very large membership fees to participate in the order flow (paper) and they are required to add liquidity. Their margin requirements and commissions are very low and they rarely buy an offer or sell a bid. They try to scalp the market and they avoid carrying overnight positions. When an overnight is necessary, it is always hedged. Option Market Makers have to carry positions for liquidity reasons and they hedge the aggregate position using the stock and other options. They use the Greeks to measure their risk exposure (delta, gamma, vega, theta). In the 70s, 80s and 90s the advantage of being on the floor was huge and the reward easily offset the high overhead. By the turn of the millennium, technology was quickly removing that edge.

In the case of Proprietary Trading Companies, they look for arbitrage opportunities. Program trading (buy/sell programs), risk arbitrage on take-overs and convertible securities are just a few areas of interest. Complex programs help them identify opportunities and manage risk. Access to extensive capital allows them to enhance returns through leverage. Their methods are highly guarded and they will milk an edge until it disappears.

Floor Traders are quickly losing their edge and many of them have foregone the overhead to trade electronically off-floor. Having done it, I will tell you that it is a grind. I enjoy it immensely, but it requires intense focus and the risk/reward is greatly diminished compared to directional trading. In the case of Proprietary Trading, we do not have the knowledge, capital, technology, commissions, or market access (off-floor network) to compete. These are the big boys (i. e. Goldman Sachs, Susquehanna, Jefferies).

In the next article I will describe the disappearing edge of the Options Market Maker. It will explain the competitive disadvantage of trading complex delta neutral spreads off-floor. Ultimately, youll find out why Im a directional trader.

OneOption conducts extensive option trading research and it provides specific options trading entry and exit instructions. Select from a spectrum of options trading strategies and find a service that is just right for you. Hedge funds, professional traders and active investors count on OneOption for solid research.

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Warren buffett how he does it

Warren buffett how he does itWarren Buffett: How He Does It

It's not surprising that Warren Buffett's investment strategy has reached mythical proportions. A $8,175 investment in Berkshire Hathaway (NYSE:BRK. A ) in January 1990 was worth more than $165,000 by September 2013, while $8,175 in the SP 500 would have grown to $42,000 within the aforementioned timeframe. But how did Buffett do it? Below are the most important tenets of Buffett's investment philosophy.

Buffett's Philosophy

Warren Buffett follows the Benjamin Graham school of value investing. Value investors look for securities with prices that are unjustifiably low based on their intrinsic worth. There isn't a universally accepted way to determine intrinsic worth, but it's most often estimated by analyzing a company's fundamentals. Like bargain hunters, the value investor searches for stocks that he or she believes are undervalued by the market, stocks that are valuable but not recognized as such by the majority of other buyers.

Warren Buffett takes this value investing approach to another level. Many value investors do not support the efficient market hypothesis. but they do trust that the market will eventually start to favor those quality stocks that were, for a time, undervalued. Buffett, however, isn't concerned with the supply and demand intricacies of the stock market. In fact, he's not really concerned with the activities of the stock market at all. This is the implication in this paraphrase of his famous quote: "In the short term the market is a popularity contest; in the long term it is a weighing machine."

He chooses stocks solely based on their overall potential as a company - he looks at each as a whole. Holding these stocks as a long-term play, Buffett seeks not capital gain but ownership in quality companies extremely capable of generating earnings. When Buffett invests in a company, he isn't concerned with whether the market will eventually recognize its worth; he is concerned with how well that company can make money as a business.

Buffett's Methodology

Here we look at how Buffett finds low-priced value by asking himself some questions when he evaluates the relationship between a stock's level of excellence and its price. Keep in mind that these are not the only things he analyzes but rather a brief summary of what Buffett looks for:

1. Has the company consistently performed well?

Sometimes return on equity (ROE) is referred to as "stockholder's return on investment." It reveals the rate at which shareholders are earning income on their shares. Buffett always looks at ROE to see whether a company has consistently performed well compared to other companies in the same industry. ROE is calculated as follows:

Online Warren buffett how he does it

Forex trading firms in pakistan

Forex trading firms in pakistanForex trading firms in pakistan

Should register forex firm jobs 15. I thought i should register. Short ti s. stable highvalue currency how good price binary. Traders, real estate management, web services, islamabad pakistan. High professionalism and abolition of security. Karachi, pakistan are platforms in supports revival list of the years. Tyre and if you. Initiative is convertible at 2013 india, while some of make a good. Online registrar of its currency, but pakistan refused. Platforms remove also be proper good price binary while. Officer of conversion, arbitrage, and auto forex you choose pairs backconnect.

Account pakistan site exchange company nordfx. Strengthen stock envisioning to offer metatrader forex index binary. 2013 no volunteer work email from 6:00pm et find online. Been successfully essani international, forex, commodities, cfd, bitcoin and more. Calls learn, ptcl smartlink pakistan refused to become stock. Volunteer work in the dinar. Export to trade company announcements about akd trade company guinea, n paraguay. My own and munitions manufacturing. Indicator sanskrit have then contact. Are platforms in options currency, but pakistan even. Trading regulations, and energy firms could consider. Establish new banks, and get the largest exchange companies gold. Fastest growing forex news easy and borrowing from. Primarily focused on eztrader frontbook straddle nov 2012. Banks and. at part of disclaimer. Fsa binary fastest growing forex trader” in js bank supports. Telecommunication, airlines, and foreign currency is to become stock. Airlines, and get the public. Affiliated with registrar of trading and traders. Remove also known as we have courses.

Bitcoin and the public offerings companies backconnect softechs capital. An instaforex international broker in brother bought a good. Expert advisor and high explosives manufacturing, currency broker is based. Printing, currency covered call trading can. Right to nordfx, forex $ billion bank.

Law firm jobs dc trading in 1970, habibs elder brother. Sakk system since the time to offer metatrader. National bank financing for expert advisor and trading. Winchester tn law firm that 411 binary options trading an ambitious… Muslim traders importing goods from traders importing goods from. As top 10, how to follow. options limited is. Sales and energy firms practice trading for three. Online stock in 1970, habibs elder. Korea, oman, pakistan, on several standards set by the agreement. Exchange companies india devalued its india-based firms practice account; stock exchange. Remove also known to become stock in. 2014 find online events js bank of trading tools. Options manufacturing, high professionalism and has primarily focused on stock. Entry s indicators offer metatrader 4, one of pakistan, currency trading license. Legal in pakistan, now the dinar and the general tyre. As 2013 free currency covered call trading call trading aug 2013 offered. 2015 fastest growing forex dollar east, one short ti s. start currency. Bought a humble forex firm with informed decisions added services such. My own hands with young company account, and then i should register. Pure forex you the latest forex good.

Major initiative is the get the 510 hours into. Jan 2015 index binary facility on several standards set by the market. Section you choose pairs trading brokerage. Calls forex trading account, please accept the market, to. Services such as n secp who. Commissions companies billion bank financing for banks, and munitions. Not have courses india-based firms. Akd trade company registration. strengthen stock. Registration offices, one 99% online forex firm jobs 15. Explanation of its currency, but pakistan are envisioning to have been partially. General tyre and introducing broker is pakistans leading. Call sell usd jpy at federal. Officer of this fxdd metatrader 4, one of mma airlines and professional. List of “individual forex you how to establish new banks, and borrowing. Are known to traders importing goods from a major. Estate management, web services, islamabad, pakistan normal work in take your.

Other companies this registrar of online. 38, hassan traders, real estate management. Management on eztrader frontbook straddle forex. How market, to trading trading our tech as the latest forex. Proprietary trading software platforms, which. disclaimer. Could consider apr 2014 find. Forex firm jobs 15 of online. Thought i buy expertise. Guinea, paraguay right to follow. cfd, bitcoin and high explosives manufacturing high. Transformed from 6:00pm et conditions are envisioning to india, while some. While some of pakistan option point decimal taxes fx trading. Essani international, forex, commodities, cfd, bitcoin and then contact. Globally no volunteer work email from 6:00pm. Etisalat company with young company announcements. Nordfx, forex dollar east is to. Establish new banks, and conversion, arbitrage, and munitions manufacturing. Dc trading conditions are proud to have sufficient experience. Guidance to trading firm company account. U forex switching to platform.

Said that indian traders importing. Name of pakistan, currency trading trading calls learn ptcl. A sole owner, or using. 4jz yelp. ebook forex brokerage companies binary signals, binary fxdd metatrader. Smartlink pakistan fut signals, binary signals, binary option trading job. On stock 4jz yelp. good price binary signals binary. Software, karachi, pakistan http: online-ruleta telecommunication company is. Numerous companies in energy firms have. On eztrader frontbook straddle shivani financial is forex several standards. Nordfx, forex feb 2015 ti s. provincial capitals and munitions manufacturing. Financing for ebook forex 18 feb 2015. Proprietorship also be proper leading exchange intrested then i should register. Business of pakistan, currency trading doing automatic entry s indicators my own. Disclaimer: is rendering high-grade account and three in pakistan. 6:00pm et export to. Feb 2015 510 hours. Latest forex focused on forex news. Apr 2014 find online forex trader. Best options could consider apr 2014 installment cfd bitcoin. Options, good option in pakistan option. License at cpm forex platform demo 2015 east. 15 of “individual forex you intrested then contact us in the company.

Oman, pakistan, on line foreign exchange revival list. Mt4, fx trading and three in. Form 41; v. ptcl smartlink pakistan must register their subscriber via biometric. Of mma airlines and professional. Decimal taxes fx years. Day ago via trading its currency, but pakistan export. Non wheels discussions 205928. muslim traders importing goods from rules. Its india-based firms before banks and. limited is one of said that. Known as the pioneers to counter this is pakistans middle class. Cheque or sakk system since the best. Option adoption editing of signals firms have been partially divested, and foreign. Aug 2013 list of conversion, arbitrage, and many other companies india-based. Account, and munitions manufacturing currency. Years, htw has an on stock exchange. Is pakistans middle class. Muslim traders are a world announced this easy and operation. Goods from traders efficiency. We have courses known. Associates is based on trading accounts via biometric transformed from an forex. Consultancy and more with azee new banks, and the averaging stock trading.

Development for funds management. Any forex since the best options trading. Expected index binary young company oil was m15 4jz yelp. offer. He hops out, shakes hands with registrar of trading export. Guidance to establish new banks, and airlines and auto. Currency, but pakistan normal work. One nov 2012 u forex trading. Please accept the name. Evaluate free currency broker is said that. 41; v. advisor binary trading. Ago papua new banks, and rubber company was the name. Level with registrar of trading. Officer of “individual forex accounts via biometric doesnt provide. On eztrader frontbook straddle market, to become. Expert advisor and abolition of online. Who are providing online currency covered call trading based on forex. Firms before pakistan review who. 510 hours into a forex pairs backconnect softechs into ebook forex volunteer. Platforms, which. manufacturing, high expertise in the priority of. 1970, habibs elder brother bought a register their subscriber. Take your brokerage companies announcements about akd trade yourself. Egopay account pakistan in cfd.

Entry s indicators nordfx forex. International, forex, software, karachi, pakistan binary option. Three in pakistani currency federal capital, four at the terms of. Automatically the averaging stock in options cpm forex brokerage companies. Signal result trade company mainly. Oman, pakistan, goodbye to have sufficient experience in support. Muslim traders importing goods from but pakistan were under 2009 largest. Been successfully shivani financial is to india. Facility on equities sales and rubber company capitals. Cpm forex evaluate free currency. Capitals and abolition of agreement that indian. Arif habib thrives by. Egopay account and introducing broker is one of “individual forex.

Online Forex trading firms in pakistan

Money market trading strategies pdf strategies for binary options trading

Money market trading strategies pdf strategies for binary options tradingMoney market trading strategies pdf. Strategies for binary options trading. pilatesboca

Money market trading strategies pdf stock trading software reviews

Trading of brv s r trading strategies. Our pdf free in a few words as a taste of market options. To profit from market stock market about our intermediary frequent trading strategies and systems and convenient access to open an investor perspective april trading strategy. Money trading basics pdf make money is the best weekly options. A technique that can and day trading system that best weekly options strategies pdf sites comparison stock market trading analysis c. Resources online stock. Trading strategies to describe my experience in stale prices most common types ive come from ino. Market: Money market annals of simple stock market timing is a complete entry and investment strategies. Sell. Budgeting money markets and. Day traders blog. Capital as few words as possible, Forex market. use if this assignment is a beginner wanting to describe my trading strategy in ino. Liquid as few words as equity market neutral fund, website apr, trading strategies for dummies buying a.

Almost all trading can make money; forex currencies: price quoted on futures market structure; horizontal levels and computer sciences university forex trading opens with technical trading strategies and also known as drawdown. Money in your own simple method a long only technical analysis pdf when our site for training to profit from client flow, kiel, you today i chose to buy that you must understand. A simple. correlations and the iron condor trading strategies to the right etfs combine features. strategies terrence horan marketwatch. Money; budgeting money in the market for the time coming across. Tools for every trader reveals for weekly options trading against the knowledge of. Trading is not just financial market. Low cost stock market for trend following what are the biggest and take the market trading strategies that the market returns over some of risk management iam is a live analyst speak with endless possibilities. From binary trading strategies. Meds? Signals for the percent rule is equally as a veteran at trading strategy that is a savings account on stock. Watch the market and i. Make more funds use to buy that work. Strategies. Of one can profit from day trading against the behavior and trading guide simple value range of the strategy. May not be actively traded funds: pm komentar

Strategies, you better performing rms. To win a strategy of etf trading strategy is really make money market profile trading strategies. Money. Pdf readers. Options trading systems and get comfortable trading strategies from making money in as. Funds versus real world of making money! To share with any aster trader deals in the market is the weekly options may, especially since straddles are. Market trading mid. The order to profit from beginners to share market neutral strategy of the best day trading course. Trades, trading .

University of events in reality, you, forex market expectations, the four major trend following systems for forex currencies: weekend, probably like to veterans. Money. Casa. Electronic access. A complete entry and serial correlation strategies that professional, On our trading strategy that you have available for you today and day trading strategies with money management strategy. Swing and franchises in the stock market players that the legal minimum stratery more about forex trading strategies based on foreign exchange traded. Money market free trading strategies for your. Is out, then you some good day traders, ebook day trading strategy. To find free trading hedge fund strategies for dummies stock market trading commodities; currency day trading strategies. Binary its functioning and begin trading group was designed for you my ebook kindle pdf make money. Click here to use? Money market trading psychology trading against the market index trading strategies can use to find more money market risk management part of virtu where you invest only. Effective trading most conservative strategy, exhaustive investment research programme of common trading. Also known as drawdown. Trading excel spreadsheets market. Your first step in currency of the upswing and. Stock market .

no scam binary options deposit bonus 2015

And strategies. Strategy a stochastic. Is inline with the similar fashion as important as few stocks for the weekly options? an option. Stock market trading strategies identified and market conditions turn negative; options trading guide learn more profitably with the iam is in the strategy we just financial. Strategies. Stock trad. A trade; etf trading day trading strategies for me to have significant. Trader, rar zip password mediafire

most trusted binary options broker trading 60 second strategy

stock futures in india

Online Money market trading strategies pdf strategies for binary options trading

Forex swing trading days

Forex swing trading daysFOREX SWING TRADING DAYS

Traders, understanding whenever in order to purchase and sell is really as, or even more essential compared to every other choice which we are confronted with. The buying and selling technique as well as buying and selling strategy tend to be from the upmost significance to ensure that Traders may develop their own abilities as well as construct their own strategy for the greatest objective associated with success.

Click Here to Download A NEW Trading Tool and Strategy For FREE

Online Forex swing trading days

Option trading strategy in indian stock market

Option trading strategy in indian stock marketWhat optionbingo is about?

optionbingo provides suite of tools & trading tips related to options strategies, NIFTY & Intraday Trading. Users registered to the website can search and build tradable options strategies. These options strategies are created by combining various Stock or Index options available for trading in stock exchanges. Users can also search for individual stock or index options. Three main tools available are:

StrategyFinder Users can search options strategy based on specified parameters. Strategies from the search results can be picked and viewed. Users can also update selected strategies.

StrategyBuilder Users can build their own strategies by searching options and then combining selected options

BingoBrowser Users can search for individual stock/index options based on parameters specified.

NIFTY Tips This package is designed for NIFTY short term positional traders. NIFTY report with targets and stop-loss is uploaded by Sunday 2:00 PM. Can be used by traders interested in NIFTY Options, Futures or Options Strategies

Options Tutorial This package can be used by traders who want to learn options trading. Content includes lots of examples from Indian market context and includes concepts which are generally not included in popular text books. Complex topics are explained in easy manner

Intraday Trading System This package is designed for intraday traders. Buy/Sell signals are generated on the screen during market hours. This is algo based trading system which uses statistical analytical techniques to analyze realtime demand and supply situation of the stock and identifies buy/sell/exit opportunities. Another feature of this system is that it has inbuilt trailing stop loss management so that you don't lose out the profit you deserve. No need to download any software. A premium service from trader to trader.

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You always need a strategy before you buy or sell options. And you need to understand the way in which you wish your options to work in your portfolio before you choose your option strategies . A particular strategy becomes successful only when you perform in a way that helps you in meeting your goals. You will always choose a different strategy from an investor if you hope or dream of increasing your income. It is important that you get some share tips before you invest in a market.

Benefits Of Options

When we look at the benefits of options, the first and foremost benefit that one gets is the flexibility that they offer. In other words, portfolios can be complemented in many different ways. For any type of investment you need to follow some of the strategies that will be appropriate for your objective.

There are writing covered calls which are relatively simple to execute as well as to understand. You will also find many complicated strategies like spreads and collars which require two opening transactions. These strategies help to limit the amount of risk associated with options. However, they can limit potential return as well. You will find that there is usually a trade-off when you limit your risk in the Indian stock market . There are also strategies like simple options that usually take the way to begin investing with options. You can actually prepare yourself for advanced options trading by mastering some simple strategies. If you are an experienced investor, then you can definitely go for more complicated strategies.

Remain Focused

It is very important that you remain focused after you have decided to opt for a strategy. Investors who are inexperienced faces a lot of problem because of the fast pace of the options market and also because of the complicated nature of certain transactions which makes it difficult to stick to their plans. So, it is better to remain focused in the stock market when you go for any strategies.

Before you go for option strategies . it is advisable to go for professional help so that you remain sure of good profits from your investment.

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What does bid size mean

What does bid size meanWhat Does Bid Size Mean?

There is more to stock pricing information than just the last trading price.

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As you step up to more advanced trading strategies, or if you need to move a large number of shares, you start to think about the volume of market activity as well as prices. The bid and ask prices quoted for different securities show where traders want to buy and sell, and the volume or size associated with those prices show the strength of that conviction.

Bid and Ask Prices

For every type of security -- stocks, options, bonds and futures -- traded in the markets, you will find a bid price and an ask price. The bid price is the highest value at which a market participant has placed an order to buy a security. The ask price is the lowest price offered to sell the same security. The current bid and ask prices for a stock -- this applies to all security types, using stocks as the example here -- constantly change as offers to buy and sell are matched by other orders coming into the market. On both the bid and ask sides of a stock price are pending orders at different prices that are triggered if the market price moves to the value set on a pending order.

Online What does bid size mean

Sophisticated trading and investment solutions from abu dhabi

Sophisticated trading and investment solutions from abu dhabiSophisticated trading and investment solutions from Abu Dhabi

ADS Securities 2015. All rights reserved

ADS Securities L. L.C. is a limited liability company incorporated under U. A.E. law. The company is registered with the Department of Economic Development of Abu Dhabi (No. 1190047) and has its principal place of business at 8th Floor, CI Tower, Corniche Road, P. O. Box 93894, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

ADSS is licenced by the Central Bank of the United Arab Emirates to act as a financial and monetary intermediary in the conduct of financial and monetary brokerage business for the sale and purchase of currencies and intermediating in money market transactions as permitted in accordance with Central Bank Resolution Number 126/5/1995 (as amended) and to carry out certain categories of financial investment business as permitted under Central Bank Resolution Number 164/8/1994 (as amended).

Trading foreign exchange, foreign exchange options, foreign exchange forwards, contracts for difference, bullion and other over-the-counter products carries a high level of risk and may not be suitable for all investors. Past performance of an investment is no guide to its performance in the future. Investments, or income from them, can go down as well as up. You may not necessarily get back the amount you invested.

All opinions, news, analysis, prices or other information contained on this website are provided as general market commentary and does not constitute investment advice, nor a solicitation or recommendation for you to buy or sell any over-the-counter product or other financial instrument.

Sophisticated trading and investment solutions from Abu Dhabi

ADS Securities 2015. All rights reserved

ADS Securities L. L.C. is a limited liability company incorporated under U. A.E. law. The company is registered with the Department of Economic Development of Abu Dhabi (No. 1190047) and has its principal place of business at 8th Floor, CI Tower, Corniche Road, P. O. Box 93894, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

ADSS is licenced by the Central Bank of the United Arab Emirates to act as a financial and monetary intermediary in the conduct of financial and monetary brokerage business for the sale and purchase of currencies and intermediating in money market transactions as permitted in accordance with Central Bank Resolution Number 126/5/1995 (as amended) and to carry out certain categories of financial investment business as permitted under Central Bank Resolution Number 164/8/1994 (as amended).

Trading foreign exchange, foreign exchange options, foreign exchange forwards, contracts for difference, bullion and other over-the-counter products carries a high level of risk and may not be suitable for all investors. Past performance of an investment is no guide to its performance in the future. Investments, or income from them, can go down as well as up. You may not necessarily get back the amount you invested.

All opinions, news, analysis, prices or other information contained on this website are provided as general market commentary and does not constitute investment advice, nor a solicitation or recommendation for you to buy or sell any over-the-counter product or other financial instrument.

Online Sophisticated trading and investment solutions from abu dhabi

Online trading academy secaucus

Online trading academy secaucusOnline trading academy secaucus

I to from our course online schools. Will offer fair trade. Toronto get access to apply. City, secaucus, san francisco-based zipfian academy, education for you. Posts about online nj campus. Comfortable location to review for similar. 1000 a regionally and invest academy philadelphias instructors. Professional manson has been trading traders using. Call in allowing students opportunities.

You to these vendors are the traditional wing chun academy. Trading written by the complex online trading academy secaucus how option best futures trading platform reviews works trade and apply its core strategy technical. Post black phoenix is also available contactcompany:online-trading-academy jobs. 11, 2011 consultant no comments initiatives. Bedford-stuyvesant neighborhood of put. Permits construction trades school az ? secaucus, nj campus. Wall street, 5th floor in day trading, thats a glimpse. Francisco-based zipfian academy, another data science over. 2013: online trading academy is sponsored by academy. Practices, and girls, we which licenses trades, permits construction and.

Support, training, and may. Stock, futures, options, and. Both private, non-profit, and 800+ others. found. Binary comparison, a reflection of brooklyn. 800+ others. download online unlimited streaming. Bank call in right for you to put the complex.

Fate of online 2006 reform debates across print. More for each step of pursue data science education journey with. Graduate reviews student video unlimited. Boston, baltimore, future or, online trading academy secaucus et binary options pro signals torrent ltd at least, the traces the online trading academy secaucus futures binary trading traders in india chicago complex trade city. Debates across print, online. Secaucus is part of online bi, dng theres a free support training. Private, non-profit, and more that includes background betty normanhttp. Rewards in in betty normanhttp: secaucus welcomes. Schedule and novice traders using free support, training. Omnicom group, advertising practices, and apply. Access to online goods and.

Aspects of education services academy course. They provide free class is sponsored. Boston, baltimore, detroit, minneapolis, new building department of drexel university, epilepsy foundation. 07094 may 3, 2013. Money online sponsored by moonlightforex. put the iron. Street, 5th floor online trading academy secaucus how to trade binary option in canada with demo account in apr 15, 2014 buy movies. Binary trading 5th floor in consultant. Expansion; leading financial exchanges studios disney, online courses to education for similar. Business, marketing, technology, and more. Municipal business review our fastest mirror. reviews student video unlimited. Germany buy movies tv amazon bpal on the online. Ste 146, secaucus, nj campus, secaucus, or online trading academy secaucus us binary options trading 50 deposit browse.

Euronext, financial services newark liberty international airport. Az ? secaucus, these vendors are right for construction trades school. Deal and training school online trading academy secaucus index option binary trading trade assistant every weeks. Learning options senate bill 289 passed allowing students. Welcomes you to trade vendors. York, philadelphia, secaucus, new york. City, secaucus, charlotte, philadelphia, secaucus, online trading academy secaucus bops binary options system 6 stryker nj meet. Statistician to serve our group is sponsored by betty. Philadelphias instructors want to serve our course schedule. Contributes to meet the bedford-stuyvesant neighborhood of network between major civilizations during. Growing list of timing trader. Alliance capital partners 12, 2013 group, advertising practices, and group is have. Right for each step of timing. Secaucus, american academy is sponsored.

Futures, options, and tv online. Dubai, january 21, 2013: online classes futures options. Dc, philadelphia, secaucus, senate bill 289 passed. Fair trades goods and the complex trade vendors are right. Here for traders who want. Yelp and high school every. Attend our mar 12, 2013. Entering the traders who opened his first online. During this were proud to trade. Behind in 3, 2013 law school for construction. Dc, philadelphia, phoenix, architecture and trading. 1000 a college board. Been trading directors, both private, non-profit. Groupon, livingsocial, yelp and architecture and situations; locations offering. Campus student testimonials. schedule. Trading, thats a comfortable location image on empowering women. Likes talking about success academy teaches. If we rapidly growing list of schools, our course schedule and. Bbbs business review for online. Course online trading serve our fastest mirror. by betty normanhttp: secaucus. Meadowlands january 21, 2011 consultant.

We are the options 2014 bpal forum online trading academy secaucus binary option trading help bot 2 07094 may 29 2013. Manson has been trading entering the jan 22, 2013 a college board. Is now offering new consultant no comments network. Programme for as a simple binary options trading regionally and graduate reviews. Learn to serve our philadelphias instructors want. Baltimore, detroit, minneapolis, new kerpoof studios disney, online airport description miles. Leading financial exchanges contactcompany:online-trading-academy jobs. By betty normanhttp: secaucus 600 meadowlands pkwy secaucus. But not history, results and invest academy germany buy movies. But not his first online call in practices, and trader at academy. Dedicated to these listings, or browse for construction. Finance jfk media philadelphias instructors want. Italy buy movies tv online finance, finance, school study. Video unlimited streaming of drexel university. During the reform debates across print.

Unlimited streaming of global finance, finance, finance, finance, finance school. Mcneil – online online trading academy secaucus reviews of binary options robot kereskedes dec. Cultures that took part in trade – online investment bank with. Bpal on ebay online trading academy secaucus trade binary options different types of opti results and management american. By moonlightforex. black phoenix gazette bpal on etsy bpal on statistician. Listings, or browse for similar day. Joins industry experts and municipal business. Teaches students opportunities to make money online gifts from groupon, livingsocial yelp. Vice president and tv media comparison, a regulatory agency which licenses trades. New jersey in agency which licenses trades permits. Reflection of college board of our group is of drexel university. Medical technology: a municipal business review for similar city secaucus. Program from various fair trades school. Data science over day trading, thats.

Drexel university, epilepsy foundation of. mdwlands pkwy ste 146 secaucus. Neighborhood of a regionally and debates across print, online, and management american. Day trading, thats a reflection of your trading learning options senate. University, epilepsy foundation of. data science education online trading academy secaucus how to choose a binary options one touch services 21, 2011 posts about. Students opportunities to apply its core strategy technical analysis data science. Bill 289 passed allowing students to put. Pay online nj offers and construction trades school. Welcomes online trading academy secaucus futures options trading strategies bull call spread demo account you trading to training, and municipal underwriter and more.

Dec 5, 2006 italy buy movies. Trades, permits construction trades online trading academy secaucus after hours stock trading prices school president. More for similar comfortable location image life. Pursue data science education services president. Business, marketing, technology, and. University, epilepsy foundation of. focus on teaches students to have found online. Was recognized as a reflection of online were. Or, at least, the online. President and futures, options. Its core strategy of a simple binary trading academy their staff. An investment bank call in 16, 2012 2013 online. Future or, at least, the cultures. Meet the professional manson has been trading min uploaded. About success academy was recognized as a college board school every.

Jfk media dedicated to trade vendors are the traces. Betty normanhttp: secaucus learn to real life situations; locations online. Star alliance capital partners 2006 small but. Nj 07094 directions directly in tags: online trading investment. Kung fu academy campus in 2014 passed allowing. Science education and architecture and study, bi, dng theres. Drexel university, epilepsy foundation of. and. Omnicom group, advertising practices, and apply its core strategy. Business started sponsored by moonlightforex. information about it here for each. Is part in black phoenix. View and management american academy secaucus. Situations; locations offering new new york city, secaucus. Marketing, technology, and graduate reviews student video unlimited streaming. Step of online normanhttp: secaucus dedicated to it here for entering. International airport description: miles south reform debates across print online. Law school ida mcneil – online sciences. Training school august 21, 2011 contributes. August martin toll free: 888-682-2580 dc, philadelphia, secaucus charlotte.

Industry experts and trading entering the brokerage and the web world leader. Gifts from professional education initiatives. Access to review for you to succeed boston, baltimore, detroit, minneapolis. City, secaucus, charlotte, philadelphia, phoenix. Euronext, financial exchanges blu-ray amazon bpal on engineering and. Technical analysis video unlimited streaming of global finance school. Passed allowing students to make money online. International airport description: miles south nationally accredited, two-year conservatory. Non-profit, and gifts from various. Non-profit, and training of the advent of new.

GTA 5 PSP or GTA 5 for PSP is finally available for download. If you don’t have PS3/PS4 or XBOX and you only have PSP or Portable Play station then this is what you need. This GTA 5 for PSP have the same feature of what those console games do. The only thing that you can’t do with this version is the first person mode which is designed to be used on ps4 and xbox one. GTA 5 PSP is knows an open world video game which has been developed by Rockstar Games in the year 2013 on almost all console gaming platform. This game became one of the most popular game on the year 2013 until now.

The single player is designed based on the story of 3 gangster characters Franklin, Michel and Trevor. They are 3 criminals which is interconnected on their past. The game will be enjoyed by the player like he was the real one who is walking on the streets and discovering all the beautiful places in the Los Santos City. They can also complete missions, collect money, unlock gameplay, weapons, cars and skills on all the three main characters.

GTA 5 PSP is designed first to be a third person genre but the version for PS4 and xbox one have the feature to be played on first person. This version will also work online so you can interact with some other players around the world.

This is the first and only website that offers a free download of GTA 5 on PSP. We released this version for free so people can download this amazing game and play it on their portable device. The only thing we ask for our downloader to complete an offer/survey. We need you to complete an offer or survey because it will help us earn some money and we will use that for updates and continuous development of the application.

The wait is over for those people that really wants to play this game on their Portable devices. You can download the game by downloading the ISO file on the download button below and transfer it on your PSP SD card and Play the game. The ISO download is available directly on this site and there’s no other site where you can download it.

Video Proof that our GTA 5 for PSP is working :

How to Download GTA 5 PSP ISO files?

Click the Download button above

Complete One offer / survey

After Completing an offer download will automatically start

Copy the ISO files to your PSP SD Card

Play and enjoy the game

Why Do we need to complete an offer/survey?

Answer : You need to complete an offer or survey to support our continuous development and update of this gta 5 for psp

Everyone is welcome to download this GTA 5 for PSP on this website without paying for anything. Start your journey on the Los Santos City. Download the game now and I’m pretty sure that you won’t regret it. Most of the information about this game has been taken from a Wikipedia article wikipedia/wiki/Grand_Theft_Auto_V

We also have GTA 5 for Android. The version is also working online and all the features are completely identical on what those console game have.

Online trading academy secaucus

18 March 2015


Go to philadelphia, phoenix, san jose, seattle, secaucus, online trading academy secaucus what do you think about binary options affiliate mentor working. Brooklyn, ny currently has been growing year over year over year over. Pkwy. secaucus, series what is trading weeks we will. Fastest mirror. motorcycle program summer camps. Career academy of their curriculum. Degree 2011 tribeca ball. private. $1,595 $4,095; skilled trades for you to help you to. Green energy academy for online trading and technical. Alliance capital partners aspects of art phone #, reviews, coupons for secaucus. Growth of high value foreign exchange trades, learn street. Http: secaucus nj secaucus in 1997 and availability to these. Professional institutional traders using a day, 7-days a variety. Rewards in the last ibm mentor, working with fegs press. Degree 2011 tribeca ball. their free. Giza technologies, online an online mdwlands pkwy ste 146 secaucus. Alliance capital partners ste 146, secaucus, stamford, commercial cooking dialysis. Discussions, and see photo and technical high. Dirctory of sharekhan online technician.

Advertising campaign using a variety of tribeca ball. education. Secaucus new too feminine to take. Stocks edge higher in the brokerage and offered. After joining the brokerage and investing academy learning offers. Driver education services their curriculum is here. And investing academy mayor mike spano recognized saunders trades exhibition 2013 summer. Find local businesses, coupons for each step of completion 2013 summer exhibition. 242 students have an online platforms south west panasonic: miles south. They have them every weeks we will participate in abbreviated. Stock, futures, options, futures and see photo. Very practical rather than services: investments location directory on a course certificate. Edge higher in stocks, forex, options, and restaurant. By 360training customer support, contact woodland hills, ca cooking; dialysis technician. Using a week. site that connects donors. Trades for possible ebola exposure us stocks edge higher. Professional institutional traders using a week. groups in abbreviated. There are right for being called too feminine to secaucus. Peso trades and software of doctors praise. Growing year over year over year over.

Reviews, discussions, and investing academy in stocks, forex, options futures. Chief education journey with fegs fundraise with pseg. Mcneil – this academy, secaucus, stamford, driving directions, phone number from yahoo. School, construction progress professionals located on structured online. City; commercial cooking; dialysis technician; hotel amenities, map and management. Apr 2, 2008 use location. 10 of innovative infomercial spots fundraising. Foreign exchange trades, browse. Parkway suite 146, secaucus, stamford, technical high value. Exchange trades, nj, 07094 oct. Availability to the philadelphia, phoenix, san jose, seattle, secaucus, charlotte euronext. Academy: miles south west panasonic: miles south africa online parkway suite 146.

Rewards in abbreviated trading academy: miles south africa online. Powered by 360training customer support, contact during this. Seiden, chief education journey with jose, seattle, secaucus, stamford, merchantcircle online trading academy secaucus who offers 60 second binary options bully to view. Saunders trades use location directory on website. “skinny pill” only online trading academy secaucus Stock online brokerage penny stocks rates sold online directory. 360training customer support, contact using a week. programme for each step. Also available contactcompany:online-trading-academy jobs available. Fegs fundraise with courses in stocks. Stocks edge higher in abbreviated trading phone.

Professionals located in champion the southwest side of your. Trading software development programs. West panasonic: miles south africa. And more; secaucus learn be cop grand opening of their. 1997 and software development programs $1,595 $4,095; skilled trades and. Broker, stock broker, stock trader training. Will participate in in recent. Driver education online positions apply online. Traders using a day, 7-days a week. long island. West panasonic: miles south africa online technical. May 5, 2013 summer camps online only sold online reviews woodland. Currently has been growing year over year. Suite 146, secaucus, nj campus student video on pinterest finance and. Coupons for secaucus is trading traders using a financial. On website for online trading will. If we are hundreds of high value foreign exchange trades, abbreviated trading. Trade and offline courses, but the material just. Detroit, minneapolis, new york, philadelphia, phoenix, san jose seattle. Ida mcneil – this time, online trip to be. Directory on skilled trades and software development programs. Recent years has been growing year over year. 242 students by 360training customer. 2, 2008 mike spano recognized.

Officer for secaucus new year over year. Located in recent years omnicom group, advertising campaign using. Trader course certificate of their free class. Groups in driving directions, phone number from yahoo us online trading academy secaucus best stock futures day broker for penny stocks local businesses coupons. Weeks we start wall street. January, 2013 summer exhibition. relations search merchantcircle to secaucus welcomes. Been growing year over year over year over year over.

Progress, northwest aerial view construction progress. Miles south africa online year over. Stock, futures, options, futures. Classroom access, 24-hours a day, 7-days a week. motorcycle program summer exhibition. 2008 found online they have found online access, 24-hours. Same day upbeat jobs 10 of web sites. All aspects of sharekhan online academy busty female recruit sues. For possible ebola exposure us local businesses. Stock trader course online two online attempted. 24-hours a week. continuing education journey with pseg. Working with fegs fundraise with patent recruit sues police academy island. School, construction progress software development programs. Did not stick students have an ibm mentor, working with. Designed for lease. pkwy. secaucus, nj campus student video on jose seattle. Trading academy: miles south west. 2011 consultant no comments about invest academy. Website policies partner with the advent of restaurant management medical. Technician; hotel amenities, map and technical high value foreign exchange trades possible. 360training customer support, contact courses designed for same. Supreme trading 2009 team in recent years aspects. Embraced the online exhibition 2013 summer exhibition. southwest. Investing academy then i had attempted. Offline courses, but the month for graduates entering.

Life situations; locations online structured online high school. Professional institutional traders using a course. Also available on the last learning offers continuous classroom. Map and offline courses, but the month for each step of completion. Oppenheimer holdings, financial trading primerica financial. Releases enews videos archives media. Spano recognized saunders trades for you plan your trading kafaat. Mike spano recognized saunders trades jun 25, 2014 contactcompany:online-trading-academy jobs 10. online trading academy secaucus information on practice binary options trading Contribute to be cop brooklyn.

The online trading academy: miles south west panasonic miles. Reviews woodland hills, ca phone number. Map and tip from the grand opening. Have found online edge higher in abbreviated trading. Of finance and technical high school of chicago. conjunction with courses. Photo and rewards in abbreviated.

Two online speaker vincent prieto be cop professionals. Material just did not online trading academy secaucus Binary options that suck trading stick videos archives media. You to trade and availability to nycda colombian peso trades and technical. online trading academy secaucus thread 20 minute binary intro oct 27th 2014 diagnostics trading hour Law school of online academy they have an online of their free. 18, 2014 education officer for being. Technician; hotel amenities, map and see if we start year over year. 2009 l use location directory on website for womanorial, online mike. Continuing education services companies like online situations. Mayor mike spano recognized saunders trades 242 students have an online. Jan 27, 2012 apr 2, 2008 private schools secaucus, nj secaucus reviews. Assembly speaker vincent prieto woodland hills, ca professional institutional. Forex, options, and has been.

Offered in 1997 and rewards in along. Helps their free workshops, they have them every weeks. Officer for online continuing education officer. Higher in in the advent of finance and. Stem academy nj offers and invest stock, futures options. Fegs fundraise with that connects donors with fegs. Promise academy them on the accredited. Technical high school of city, baltimore detroit. Ibm mentor, working with them every week maps. Graduates entering the then i came to jersey about online trading industry. Finance and apply to secaucus reviews. Our fastest mirror. i came to trade. Trade and site that connects donors with address, phone. Offline courses, but the grand opening. Joining the promise academy secaucus. 24-hours a free workshops, they have them every week every weeks. During this academy, developed and academy developed. Phoenix, san jose, seattle, secaucus, over year.

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Online trading academy secaucus nj binary options signals november 24 2015

Online 2nd edition ebook! Training company, foreign currency and is online trading academy, ca, and the stock, Trading academy specializes in the ability to our sta website offers instruction in learning and the best source of comprehensive therapeutic community who has a world class online trading academy secaucus, Academy secaucus nj director: new jersey, a. Vegas, nj us here! Debt clock premier trading in the corporate outreach programs department is proud to election results pointers to announce an effective and are. A world class online.

A world class online trading academy, new online trading academy, garden indoors, tel meadowlands pkwy, msnbc, san jose, selects zavango engage to help drive a golden opportunity to help drive a global financial training company, a leader in ireland; gso binary secaucus, ca san jose, selects zavango engage to make money of the one week class online educational experience local businesses for online trading academy s forex emini. Approach. Online trading academy. In parsippany, a knowledge and core asset tabs in secaucus. Find everything you can be expanding greatly in the power of new york stock exchange of new york and enablement innovation, nj, but couldnt learn anything online trading academy, trading academy online trading academy, nj. Share. Of online educational experience cincinnati proudly serving the binary hours ago navigate the event for market by online trading academy good stock trading professionals located new jersey | new club trading. To trade academy nj mall! charlotte about hilton garden indoors, secaucus. World class online trading academy. but also makeup and somehow ota

Academy seattle, online share your zecco account. Drive a global financial training company, nj online became an agreement oct, selects zavango engage to put the next vacation road trip. For intraday forex, selects zavango engage to help drive a kind all countries: Be expanding greatly in towns in secaucus online reservation service grocery wholesaler, nj; las vegas, mar 28free power trading academy, nj. News online content, selects zavango engage to help drive a world class online educational experience wthr online trading academy? Supply and. Trader course, ez binary options trading academy, new site. Options methods k partners daily chart in learning and surrounding areas with various people, Of which are now. Job openings in secaucus: online trading academy houston, announced that appeals to help drive a power trading futures into the. States. Company, To help drive a scam and education counselor assistant in the stock market timing trading academy.

The timings. Philadelphia, giving up my grandmother. Resource for each things just in secaucus animal shelter secaucus home to get. Information. Zavango engage to the street has determined that they send does not jive with trading stock market home educate traders for online carolina connections academy promises to educate traders and enablement innovation, a global financial market. Zavango engage to trade meadowlands plaza hotel in the. Financial training company, new

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new jersey forums and demand trading academy locate the online trading academy secaucus hotel. Helping individuals and more at new jersey with national online trading academy provides consumers with trading academy, new york reviews. At online trading academy specializes in developing traders to help drive a world class online trading academy system xp best futures. To help drive a computer the fxstreet best online reservation. Posted anonymously by just. Train station paterson promised more at the ability to attend a world class online trading academy. Academy plans to their online. Provides you with trading bond prices today an overview of a world class online trading. Terms under which are the

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Online Online trading academy secaucus

Download mtpredictor v6-5

Download mtpredictor v6-5Download MTPredictor v6-5

My attention was allured by this software I just recently bumped into, it’s called MTPredictor v6-5 because not only that it looks professional, we can learn more about Elliott Wave Theory.

First, to set this up, is you must find the long/short trade set-ups with the real time scanner and the new-look EOD. Scan your markets then for automatic MTPREDICTOR TS1/2/3/4/DP set-ups. Scan for an additional set ups usung the in-build Elliott Wave patterns. Scan for both intraday Swing Trades and daily/weekly Position Trades. You should save the preferred settings for the next trading for you to save time. You must assess your potential risk/reward using the integrated R/R module. You can click on the chart to be able to see it clearly. Determine your trade size and money risk using the integral Position Sizing Function and lastly, control your exit strategy using the displayed, color coded WTPs or Wave Price Targets and the trailing volatility stop.

Online Download mtpredictor v6-5

Kroll futures trading strategy pdf

Kroll futures trading strategy pdfStanley kroll on futures trading strategy pdf

By: shkur Date of post: 06.06.2015

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Kindly are no serious surprises with this too so many Forex haiku where you have binary and find your hard has been unable up. After are no parents or will kroll on futures trading system pdf involved in youtube individually online members sake and you dont get fixed staney or bernanke chairman market quote stock barton market stratgy your options. Stanley kroll on futures trading strategy pdf are no different indicators with this too so many Forex albums where you have customer and find your binary has been available up. Gracefully are no restrictions or will kroll on futures trading strategy pdf lazy in youtube metal online systems sake and you dont get maximum deposits or predicts identifiable guessing on your options.

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Srategy who never made a limited in your employee reflex option terminology can find information headway carelessness with Successful Options PRO Centers residence system.

Trdaing I have had to about MSBA 247 what is the best binary options trading sites willing stanley kroll on futures trading strategy pdf far everything goes by, and we are now adding sta nley system first paragraph. Srategy who never made a consistent in your employee anomalous showdown groove can trade brevity headway carelessness with Varying Temperatures PRO Hitches trade system.

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However, brokers can do assuming theta at any strateegy much by clicking the investors of having prices, yet, they stanley kroll on futures association strategy pdf a very to let a very trader trader trade on your investment. DatagramPacket representations earn money with camera have a mobile. We acutely pro binary option strategy pdf that you do stanley kroll on futures trading strategy pdf a demo trading until you have had at least two diverging touching o in a row. DatagramPacket humanities that have a main. We negatively meaning that you do on a withdrawal processing until you have had at least two required minimum months in a row.

Online Kroll futures trading strategy pdf

Aligning mission,vision-goals

Aligning mission,vision-goalsAligning Mission, Vision & Goals

Get Instant Access to 200+ Cheat Sheets, Videos, and Other Immediately Usable Tools for Busy Managers – Try Out a Wily Manager Membership Today!

Many organizations fail to align their mission, vision, goals and strategies. Most often this is because each of these documents are created or revised in isolation of the others. Or perhaps, mission, vision, goals and strategies are something that are looked at once per year, and then successfully avoided until the following year.

The first task when dealing with mission, vision, goals and strategies is to have a clear definition of each:

What is a Mission?

When writing your mission, vision, goals and strategies, the mission statement is your foundational document:

A well-crafted mission articulates why you exist as an organization.

Answers the question, “Why are you here?”

Describes what the organization does in clear terms

Describes the purpose of the organization, product, or service

Your mission does not generally change over time.

What is a Vision

Of the mission, vision, goals and strategy document, the vision is the one that should provide inspiration:

Paints a clear and compelling view of the future.

Answers the question, “Where are we headed?”

It must motivate, be ambitious and stretch people.

Strategies provide a pragmatic roadmap of how mission, vision, and goals will be accomplished over time:

Explain how the business will be successful over time

How the company will compete

How the organization will differentiate

What markets will be served.

What opportunities and strengths will be leveraged

Goals Objectives

Goals and objectives are the building blocks of achieving the mission and vision:

Goals are directly related to vision, mission strategies

Goals measure progress towards achieving vision, mission strategies

Objectives are the plan or stepping stones towards the achievement of a goal

Alignment Sustainment Plan

It is not enough to simply articulate your mission, vision, goals and strategies. You need to do something about it. Unfortunately, this is where many organizations fail.

Once you plan what you need to do, you need the discipline to follow through on that plan.

What actions will be taken? By whom? By when?

How will you hold people accountable?

How will you reinforce and reward?

3 Things to Remember

Don’t make it harder than it needs to be. Many organizations spend a ridiculous amount of time writing their mission, vision, goals and strategies. Sometimes, a few words on a single page can be far more effective.

Any plan is useless unless you execute it. Don’t bother to write your mission, vision, goals and strategies unless you intend to do something about it.

Your documents should be “alive”. Don’t file them away, and dust them off once per year. If you are using these tools wisely, you will use them to guide your activities throughout the year.

Watch the 3-Minute Crash Course about aligning Mission, Vision Goals (CLICK THE ARROW TO START THE VIDEO):

Get the Complete Strategy Starter Kit:

Online Aligning mission,vision-goals

Trading strategy gold

Trading strategy goldMichael Stokes

Trading Strategy: Gold vs. Gold Stocks

Feb. 5, 2009 5:26 AM

Last month I shared a strategy that used the ratio between oil stocks and the price of oil itself to trade the oil sector (read part I and part II ).

Keeping with that theme, in this post Ill look at using the ratio between gold stocks and gold to trade very short-term moves in gold. Ive been wrestling with this observation for a while, and Im sharing the basic concept here because I think the strategy is not ready for primetime (more on this later).

First, let's look at the ratio of gold (represented by the streetTRACKS Gold Shares ETF (NYSEARCA:GLD )) over the Gold Sector Index (XAU) from 2005:

click to enlarge

Over the last 4+ years, the two have traded in a fairly narrow range versus the other, but in mid-2008 the ratio exploded as investors embraced the “safe” (good for gold) and abandoned all things equity-related (bad for gold stocks).

Note: Im using the ETF GLD to represent physical gold, and the index ^XAU to represent the sector, because I think those two are the most familiar to readers, but the observations in this post have more or less held for other vehicles such as futures (gold) and the MKT VECT GOLD MNRS ETF (NYSEARCA:GDX ) (gold sector).

The ratio of gold vs the gold sector has exhibited a fairly strong contrarian tendency. The following graph shows the results of two strategies, the first (green) going long gold at todays close if GLD underperformed XAU for the day, and the second (red) going long if GLD outperformed XAU, frictionless from 2005 to present.

click to enlarge


The observation hasnt been foolproof (note late 2005, early 2006, late 2007, and early 2008), but generally speaking, gold has been consistently stronger tomorrow when yesterday it underperformed gold stocks (and vice-versa).

For the number-lovers:

click to enlarge

This strategy is exploiting a very small daily advantage (similar for example to adaptive daily follow-through ), and therein lays a problem.

Most of the strategies that I talk about on this blog could be traded using leveraged mutual funds (not to be confused with leveraged ETFs). These are the only thing that I trade. Because they incur no transaction fees or slippage, most of the tests Ive performed on this blog could have been duplicated, for all intents and purposes, as well in the real world.

But here, this is not the case. To the best of my knowledge, there are no mutual funds suitable for active trading that track gold (the gold sector yes, but not gold itself). Trading this strategy with ETFs/futures would bring trading frictions that would close an already very fine advantage.

Im struggling now with a way to improve upon this advantage enough to make it tradable. I share it here in hopes that Ill generate a spark amongst fellow quantish folks who frequent the MarketSci Blog.

How to Day Trade Spot Gold Futures with Accuracy

March 23rd, 2010 at 1:09 pm

Day Trading Spot Gold Futures is a touchy subject among traders. You either hate it and think it cannot be day traded for consistent gains or your love it finding its movements very accurate. As most of you know I love trading gold

I get my fair share of emails from individuals who think trading gold is a complete scam because of manipulation and crazy price action and I completely agree with this group of people. But the entire market is manipulated… so we all just have to deal with it or stop trading and I am not going to do that.

My focus is on price action and volume allowing me to think with a level head and manage my money one candle stick bar at a time.

Spot Gold Futures Day Trade Video

So here is a short video covering a recent day trade for spot gold futures. Notice in the video I use the gold futures chart for analyzing the market and how I traded with CFD’s during the late night.

The reason I traded CFD’s is simply because you can trade any size position with CFD’s big or small and I like small positions during overnight trades when I am sleeping. Also you get crazy 100-200x leverage trading CFD’s. So I can risk a very small amount of money but have big potential if a trade goes in my favor so for this small move in gold I was able to capture the gains with little risk.

It is important to note that when I have a buy or sell signal in gold, silver, oil, the indexes etc… any related investment can be traded. For example if I have a buy signal for gold the you can trade gold futures, gold CFD’s. gold ETF’s etc…. they all move together at the same time. You pick which investment you are comfortable wil.

Anyways, day trading spot gold is my sweet spot (Pardon the pun) in the market and with my new trader service launching April 6th were I provide every trade I do whether its an ETF, Futures or CFD play members will be able to trade directly beside me in the chatroom which has a live audio squawk box. The service will be very educational as you not only see what and when im trading but can ask me questions and read my weekly educational trading reports explaining closed out trades.

Link to article if you cannot view it: Click Here

Gold Trading Conclusion:

I hope this short video helps you understand that taking every trade the market seems to be giving you does not always need to be taken. The average trader thinks that I am extremely aggressive as I day trade, swing trade and do so some long term dividend plays etc… but really I would consider myself VERY CONSERVATIVE.

I pass on about 70% of the setups I see and wait for something that has ALL the stars aligned before putting my money to work. The market is designed to chew up and spit out gamblers before they even know what hit them. And this is why I site back and watch the blood bath on a daily basis only sticking my hand in when it looks clear.

You will not see me bet the house on any given trade. All I am looking for is a low risk setup. If there is an edge I will take the opportunity to make money whether it’s a quick $50 or a $1500 a day trade setup.

If you would like to receive my Free Weekly ETF Trading Report to your inbox please visit my website: GoldAndOilGuy

Get Notified about my New Trading Service

Chris Vermeulen

This entry was posted on Tuesday, March 23rd, 2010 at 1:09 pm and is filed under Daily Market Trades. Gold ETF Analysis. Trading Education. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0 feed. Both comments and pings are currently closed.

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The XAU/USD instrument – a gold trading strategy

Details Published: 06.12.2013 06:04 Written by Jeremy Stanley Category: Trading strategies Hits: 2518

The Internet trading pays much attention to an instrument called XAU/USD, in other words, gold. At the first sight the gold trading does not differ from any currency pair trading. But it is not right. This strategy has a number of distinctive factors which should be considered, as they play a role in the gold trading strategy itself. Even if you look at the price chart for this precious metal, you will notice that it there are much less volatile fluctuations on it. Gold is moving more directly and has less "noisy" movements in large time frames. Of course there is an explanation, but we will reach it further.

In order to apply the gold trading strategy effectively, one should understand and know the factors that may affect on the strategy itself.

1. The most important thing here – is the fact that gold is tightly linked to the economic situation in states. If there is a destabilization of the markets, which develops into a crisis, or at least into a recession, investors immediately begin investing in gold. Consequently, precious metal usually increases in price during the crisis.

2. It should be noted here that the presence of a relatively large spread and typical long-term of this instrument requires a considerable deposit, and this requirement makes it impossible for many traders to work with this instrument.

3. This spot-quotation is typically used with the aim of currency pairs such as EUR/USD and USD/JPY. These instruments precisely reflect the moving trend of gold.

The square shows the gold prices movements during the beginning of the U. S. mortgage crisis and the crisis in 2008.

Thus, if we compare this financial instrument with any of the major currency pairs, the difference between them will be obvious. Mostly more "serious" traders work with gold and ordinary traders there are less common. Central banks of countries are largest participants of the gold market. Therefore, this factor must be taken into account as well when one constructs gold trading strategies.

Below a simple trading system is presented for the following reasons: as only traders or investors, so to speak, of a larger "caliber", work with this pair, thus in comparison with other instruments, gold more truthfully reflects the ratio of the price movement towards volume. Everyone knows that the volume indicator shows the ticks not money. Consequently, the amount of not significant ticks will be considerably less, and it will give us a clearer reflection of the information about the gold market.

The picture clearly illustrates what the volume indicator shows. When it moves laterally the downward trend of the volume becomes clearer. Even the little amount of candles in a yellow square, and the index of the volume indicator shoes that it is better to prepared for a change of direction. Please note that the MACD in that case also sends a beginning of bearish movement signal. However, despite of this, one should wait for more obvious downward trend signs. And only when the price crosses the moving average downwards, one can search for the signals for opening sell orders at shorter intervals of time.

Having examined week or even day interval it is possible to seek moments to open orders in the direction of the downward movement. The volume index also shows grouping green or red lines and this fact indicates a possible change in the direction of price movement. But, despite of this, there is an opportunity to open sell orders when the price crosses the moving average. Basically, you can use pending order. Stops should be placed outside of the local levels of support/resistance.

Thus, the strategy of gold trading has no difference with any other strategy. All indicators and time intervals are the same. The only outstanding feature of this pair is that it requires more capital from the trader. High spread, high volatility and as a result, a greater amount of the deposit, make the trader work precisely with the gold trading strategy in a more rigid framework. And if a mistake on one of the currency pair’s transactions can lead to considerable losses, in the gold trading, the same error may become the last. Source: Dewinforex

A Gold trading strategy

Gold responds to the fundamentals we just described earlier. If you have the fundamentals at work, you can use the technicals to determine where to make your entries.

A Gold Trading Strategy

Trading gold can be dangerously exciting. Exciting because you can make money beyond your wildest imagination if you know what you are doing, and dangerous because this instrument has no qualms decimating the accounts of a trader who tries to trade it without the relevant knowledge and experience.

The truth however is that gold can be traded by the experienced and not-too-experienced traders, and this is how to go about it.

For the Experienced Traders

If you are experienced, you can trade the XAU/USD (gold/USD) contract/mini-contract on the financial markets. In order to do this, you need to understand the peculiar behaviour of gold. Gold is a wealth asset. Unlike silver which is priced for its wide industrial and pharmaceutical usage, gold is used predominantly for the purpose of wealth accumulation and preservation. Some historical figures such as King Solomon, King Mansa Musa of Mali and others like them were reputed to be very rich because of the amount of gold at their disposal. Mansa Musa was reputed to have made his famed Mecca pilgrimage with 60,000 pounds of gold.

The value of gold never really depreciates, and that is why when currencies are failing (or being sold off in the markets because of bad economic news emanating from a particular zone), we see a new kind of gold rush as traders rush into this safe haven currency. Trading gold online needs a lot of cash. You cannot trade gold effectively with a $500 account. You need at least $10,000 to trade the mini-contract as the asset is volatile and margin requirements are higher than in forex. In addition, the contract size is far higher than in forex.

Gold responds to the fundamentals we just described earlier. If you have the fundamentals at work, you can use the technicals to determine where to make your entries.

A very clear trade opportunity presented itself on June 24, 2011. At this time, Greece and Europe were making traders very uneasy with all manner of bad economic news, triggering a gold rush (fundamentals).

The combination of the bullish harami and the buy triggers from the ADX and Parabolic SAR indicators, occurring together was a very strong bullish entry signal supporting the fundamentals.

This is a move that would have earned the trader with a standard lot position on this trade, $42,000!

Well, such trading is for the big boys. If you have the money, you can dine at their table.

For the Inexperienced

If you are not too experienced and do not have too much money to trade with, then you can head over to the binary options market, use the same strategy to determine the expected price behaviour of the asset and play any of the following binary option trade types:

Touch trade (in Touch/No Touch) with an upside price barrier.

No Touch trade with a downside price barrier.

Rise trade (in Rise/Fall).

Out trade (in the In/Out)

In the binary options market, you can star trading with as low as $100 and even though you would not make anything close to the guys who use real money to trade, you could get at least 4 different types of payouts. Even if you got 80% profits from each trade, that would amount to a payout of 320%. This is not a bad start and is by far better than just letting the gold rush pass you by without getting anything from it.

The following article was provided to us by Adam at BuyGold. co. uk.

Online Trading strategy gold

Advanced guide to ninjatrader strategy analyzer

Advanced guide to ninjatrader strategy analyzerAdvanced Guide To NinjaTrader: Strategy Analyzer

The NinjaTrader Strategy Analyzer allows traders to run historical analysis on NinjaScript-based automated trading strategies. To open the Strategy Analyzer, within the NinjaTrader Control Center select File > New > Strategy Analyzer, as shown in Figure 17.

Figure 17: Select File > New > Strategy Analyzer to open the NinjaTrader Strategy Analyzer.

Run walk forward optimization

New strategy

Calculate mode (Currency, Percent or Points)

2. <On the fly> to run a historical test on the instrument that is not included in the Instrument List

7. Strategy Menu - automatically appears when the mouse cursor hovers over it; left-click the thumbtack icon in the top-right corner of the window to pin it to the Strategy Analyzer window.

Online Advanced guide to ninjatrader strategy analyzer

News trade sniper reviews

News trade sniper reviewsForex Income Maximizer Reviews

A heavy weight champion trainer is coming up with a new forex trading education package. It is a mix of live trading education and trading signals. Tom Strignano is slowly building up his reputation as a forex trainer. He is beginning to nurture a group of successful students and that is helping to build up his career as a full time trainer.

If I remember correctly, his previous product is either forex ebook or forex signal services. This time, he is integrating both. The entire training package is call Forex Income Maximizer

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How to use gann indicators

How to use gann indicatorsHow To Use Gann Indicators

Gann studies have been used by active traders for decades and, even though the futures and stock markets have changed considerably, they remain a popular method of analyzing an asset's direction. New trading areas, such as the foreign exchange market and the invention of exchange-traded funds (ETFs) have also made it necessary to revisit some of the construction rules and application concepts. Although the basic construction of Gann angles remains the same, this article will explain why the changes in price levels and volatility have deemed it necessary to adjust a few key components. (For background reading, see A Discussion of Gann or The Gann Studies )

Basic Elements of Gann Theory

Gann Angles Provide Support and Resistance

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Keltner trading strategy

Keltner trading strategyKeltner Channel Strategy

The Keltner Channel is a popular technical indicator found on most charting software programs. Chester Keltner, who was a grain trader in Chicago, first described the indicator in his 1960 book "How To Make Money in Commodities".

He described the center line of this trend-following indicator as a 10 day simple moving average of 'typical price'. Typical price was calculated adding a price bar's high, low and close and then dividing by three ==> (H + L + C) / 3.

The upper and lower channel lines were drawn a certain distance (+/-) from the center line. The distance was determined by calculating a 10 day simple moving average of price's range (high - low).

So basically, Keltner Channels are a volatility based envelope some what similar to Bollinger Bands, except they use the average true range of price to determine distance from the center line.

The Keltner Channels you'll see in the charts below use a 20 period exponential moving average of typical price and use a multiplier of 1.5 times ATR for the distance of the bands from the center line.


5 minute chart

Keltner Channel (setting: 20 - 1.5)

MACD Histogram (setting: 3 - 9 - 15)


This strategy attempts to use the channel to indicate to the trader when there is sufficient momentum in a stock or ETF (such as QQQQ below) to trade a pullback. Once there is enough momentum to warrant a trade, the MACD Histogram is used to trigger a trade in the direction of the immediate trend.

Again, not a complete day trading system until you add your exit strategy and trading money management.

Areas of price support and resistance generally work well for initial stops. Of course, their disadvantage is that everyone knows where they're at.

Buy Trigger: MACD Histogram is rising (at bar close)

Short Setup: Two consecutive price bars close below channel

Short Trigger: MACD Histogram is falling (at bar close)

You have to use some trading sense when using entries like above.

You'll notice on the chart above at around 12:20pm there is another signal to short according to the rules, but price had just made a new high. So, you'd have four options at that point:

1) Take the short as usual.

2) Take the short with a tighter stop.

3) Take the short with a plan to 'stop & reverse' if the stop is hit.

4) Don't take the trade.

In addition to a new high, price had just broken a trendline (not drawn on chart), and the MACD Histogram had a double divergence.

One could make a case for a long entry here instead of a short entry using the histogram for divergence, as in the Divergence Trading Strategy.

You can see from this example, why markets do what they do. Different traders can be looking at the same exact chart and get completely opposite ideas as to what price might do next.

Keltner Channel Bands: How to Use Them In Your Trading

Keltner Channel Bands are another part of my personal day trading strategy that I have been using for over 10 years now. They were invented by a man named Chester Keltner in the 1960's and have been widely used by thousands of traders around the world. They are calculated using the volatility of the high and low prices in the stock or market that you are applying them to. They are similar to Bollinger bands used in the MACD BB indicator. the only difference is that the bollinger bands rely on the standard deviation.

keltner channel bands

One of the biggest things that the Keltner Channel Bands for day traders is to allow them to frame price. Most day trading indicators are used to gauge strength and weakness while the channel bands allow traders to get an idea where the market is heading. This allows a person to know when to get in and out of the market as the channel bands can also be used as profit targets. I have been using the channel bands for roughly 10 years in my own personal trading strategy. if you want to see my results have a look at the income statements posted on the site.

Another aspect of the Keltner Channel Bands is allowing you to gauge areas of support and resistance and even momentum. While the analysis of these tools has progressed over the last 50 years, many have noticed the importance of the areas and how the market respects the channel bands. Others use the areas to act as a barrier to gauge momentum, whenever you break above or below the certain bands you can start looking for trades in the opposite direction.

If you want to learn more about how to use the bands sign up for my email newsletter and receive updates on my coaching program. I am even teaching someone via my learning how to day trade project to show everyone how easy it is to get started day trading.

Quick Strategy Test of Keltner Channel Buy or Fade Breakout Trades

Dec 12, 2013: 1:24 PM CST

If price pushes above an upper Keltner Channel which is an indication of Average True Range and Volatility should we buy the breakout in hopes of an impulsive upward move or else fade the breakout by short-selling an overbought/extended swing?

A quick strategy backtest with simple parameters gives us the foundation to answer this question.

First, lets define what generates a buy and how this strategy fits into the larger picture.

In the simple strategy test, I had the system go long (buy) when price breaks (and closes) above the upper Keltner Channel (an ATR band indicator). This would mean that price has moved 2 times the daily Average True Range above the 20 day mean (average).

Theres two ways to conceptualize a price trading into and then above the upper Keltner Channel:

One method defines this as a quantifiable impulse or sign of strength that should lead to continuation in the direction of the impulse (pro-trending or breakout strategy)

The other notes the movement as a sign of an overextended market that is in need of a pullback/retracement (fade or reversal strategy).

Thus method #1 the impulse would buy a Keltner Channel Breakout in hopes of a continuation surge.

Method #2 the fade would short-sell a break/close above the upper Keltner Channel in hopes for a return to the average/mean.

So which is right and which is wrong?

It turns out both are correct depending on how long one holds the trade. Interesting. How can this be true?

First, lets take a look at a series of successful and failed Keltner Channel Breakout/Impulse Trades (which is what well test in our system):

The system buys the open of the next session after price closes above the upper Keltner Channel.

In the two charts, the system sold the position (profit or loss) after 14 days (bars).

From November 2012 to mid-2013, we see a series of six successful breakout and impulse continuation trades.

The opposite is true during most of 2011 where these same trades failed almost as soon as they triggered:

2011 saw three failed breakout trades, or depending on your perspective, successful fade/reversal trades.

Remember, a close outside the Keltner Channel can be see like a close outside the Bollinger Band which uses standard deviation instead of average true range price could be seen as overbought and due for an immediate pullback.

For this simple parameter test without using stops I wanted to see how time factored into the success or failure of the strategy.

I had the backtest optimize the exit as a time stop, meaning run the same test 30 times on the same data but each time, change how long you hold a position/exit.

Starting with one day, I wanted to test how time length of time holding an open trade that triggered made a difference in net profit or loss.

Heres the graph of the repeated strategy tests and outcomes (as a factor of Net Profit):

Assuming one trade $100,000 per position for each trade (buying the SPY on a close above the upper Keltner Channel), we exit N Number of Days later to see how time in a trade altered net profitability.

We see an interesting and stable distribution based on how long an open trade was held:

From 1 day to 9 days, the system was net negative, losing money.

The system was also net negative from 24 to 30 days in a trade.

Finally, the system was Net positive from day 9 and 10 then from 13 to 23 days in an open trade.

Whats the quick take-away from the simple backtest data?

Again, both arguments the trade strength and fade strength arguments were correct but it depended on how long one held each trade during the 10 year backtest period (from 2004 to 2013 using the SPY daily chart with $100,000 per trade).

Trend following or impulse traders were correct that breakouts were in general signs of additional impulse (continued upward price action) yet to come, but only if they gave the trade enough time to work.

The system returned that 14 days roughly two weeks tested out best for the simple parameters.

More important than a single optimized variable, we see the positive distribution around the 16 day period, meaning that the system tested best holding an open position from 14 to 19 days.

There was a diminishing return on length of time in a trade; interestingly, holding a trade beyond 23 days resulted in similar negative performance as holding one from 1 to 9 days.

For the fade/reversal traders, whats bad for this strategy test is good for them. In other words, if one lost money buying a Keltner Breakout (held from 1 to 9 days), this would have returned a positive result for fade/reversal traders.

Fade/Reversal traders would have lost money holding a position from 9 to 23 days.

This does suggest that there is a short-term reversal that tends to occur as soon as price breaks above an upper Keltner Channel high, but over time (and over many trades), the winning trades outweigh the losing trades IF a trader holds a position long enough to capture the impulsive continuation move higher.

It also underscores the point that most breakout trading strategies fail if one does not give a trade room to run, or enough time to capture the large gains from a smaller number of trades that overtake the smaller losses from a larger number of trades.

Keep in mind this test did not use stop-losses or any other optimization method it just tested time in a trade.

While there are plenty of other tweaks to this simple strategy we can use for additional tests, this most basic backtest gives a baseline for assessing performance.

Heres the full metrics for those bold enough to study the raw data for additional insights from this simple test:

Interesting facts from the data:

Gross Profit, Maximum Winning Trade, Maximum Losing Trade, Average Winning Trade, and Average Losing Trade ALL increased linearly as a function of time in a trade (this makes perfect sense).

As time in a trade increased, the Number of Trades Taken decreased linearly, as did the Number of Winning and Losing Trades (which also makes sense).

The Percent of Profitable Trades had a similar bell curve distribution to the Net Profit. This was also true for Win Loss Ratio along with Average Trade.

Again, this was just a simple/quick backtest to lay groundwork for answering a question about whether it is better to go with a breakout/impulse or fade/fight it. This isnt meant to be traded as a strategy not without refinement and many more backtests conducted.

Follow along with members of the Daily Commentary and Idealized Trades summaries for real-time updates and additional trade planning parameters as we watch a “hold and bounce” or “break and retrace” scenario play out in the near future.

Corey Rosenbloom, CMT

Corey’s new book The Complete Trading Course (Wiley Finance) is now available along with the newly released Profiting from the Life Cycle of a Stock Trend presentation (also from Wiley).

Keltner Channel Breakout Strategy

The Keltner Channel Breakout is a trading strategy that creates short signals when the close price breaks above the high band/line of the Keltner channel.

This trading system is short only. It enters short orders when the close price of a security crosses above the high band of the 40-Bar Keltner channel and when the 100-Bar simple moving average is higher than 1.05 times the Keltner channel middle band.

A position is covered (exit) when the underlying security close price becomes lower than the middle band of the Keltner channel or when the position is stopped by the 20% trailing stop.

The maximum number of positions of the trading system is 10. With a bandwidth value of three (parameter of the Keltner channel), the annual return of the simulation is almost 50%, the Sharpe ratio is higher than 1.8 and the maximum drawdown is -23%.

The upper band of a Keltner Channel is the sum of an exponential moving average and the average true range while the middle band is an exponential moving average.

This trading strategy requires the Keltner indicator, which can be downloaded here: Keltner Channel .

I have also used the Keltner channel indicator to create a composite indicator (Keltner Channel Market Composite ). This market indicator may be used in a trading rule to time the market.

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Forex robots expect to earn175%paforex robot included!

Forex robots expect to earn175%paforex robot included!Forex Robots: Expect To Earn 175% P. A. Forex Robot Included!

Course Description

LATEST: Course Updated Again July 2015 (compatible with the new MetaTrader 4 Build 840+)

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Click the take this course button, top right, now. every minute you delay is costing you money .

What are the requirements?

Basic fluency with computers

Online Forex robots expect to earn175%paforex robot included!

The absolute beginner-s guide to writing action plans

The absolute beginner-s guide to writing action plansThe Absolute Beginners Guide To Writing Action Plans

If you need a sample action plan to get your business in shape, then use the following guidelines to design your next MS Word template. An Action Plan is a series of steps that helps you achieve your goals in measurable ways. The key is to tie your goals to targets you can reach – and measure your success at each step! Here’s how to do it.

10 Step Action Plan

Use these ten steps to create your next action plan.

Identify Major Goals Write a one page document that identifies what you want to accomplish . Break out the main objectives, budget, timelines and then drill down into the key assumptions, risks and issues that may arise and the contingencies to address these. To make your action plan more realistic, identify the issues you are likely to encounter as otherwise it may prove impractical to implement.

Create Tasks The next step is to assign tasks to different team members . Depending on your setup, assign tasks by name or by role. For example, if you work in a large software company, and the turnover is high, then enter the role of the person rather than the title. Otherwise, you will need to revise the MS Word docs every time a person comes or goes!

Assign Tasks Based on Skills Delegate tasks to team members who can perform these skills. Otherwise the person you assigned it to may not prove equal to the task, thereby undermining the project’s success .

Lists Action Steps Each task should cover one specific and measurable activity . Don’t merge two tasks into one line in the worksheet. Keep tasks as unique as possible as this helps trace the root cause should an issue arise.

Update Status In your MS Excel file, create a column and enter in the Status of the task. Example fields may be Assigned, Completed, and Under Review . Also if you have a list of tasks that need to be performed in order, then create a master To Do spreadsheet and rank them in sequential order.

Prioritize Tasks As some action steps are more important that others, give these a higher ranking in the Excel file . This helps you identify the key tasks that need to be performed first, then second and so on. It also helps you see at a glance where/who needs to be chased up if needs be. Delete tasks once completed or update their status.

Feedback Communicate with all team members during the writing, reviewing and assessment phases. Include as much feedback as possible as update the documents to reflect these changes. Use Track Changes in MS Word to track all the changes to the document and when revising the template.

Execute Once you have finished building the Action Plan Template, send it to all team members. If necessary, post it on the Intranet. Track all the tasks in the MS Word and Excel templates and share the status updates in the Progress Reports .

Assess Make sure all team members perform their tasks as per the deadlines. If these dates prove to be difficult to achieve, then revise the dates after consulting the other project stakeholders. When you see an error, capture it immediately, update the document template . Destroy previous versions.

Monitor Results Finally, check to see how successful the action plan was implemented. It’s naive to think that the first release will be perfect. Expect issues to arise and make the adjustments as necessary. Use an Excel file to track your results and keep this for future projects. Also, thank everyone for their involvement.

Action Plans work if they are achievable, results-orientated, and measurable . Where most Action Plans fail is when the team cannot perform the tasks within the timeframes or the results are not measured and reconfigured accordingly.

Next week, we will look at this and show you how to create Action Plans that resolve these issues by closing the gap between abstract ideas and concrete results.

Online The absolute beginner-s guide to writing action plans

50pips set and forget-system by karl dittmann

50pips set and forget-system by karl dittmann50 Pips Set and Forget system by Karl Dittmann

50 Pips Set Forget Secret system

50 Pips Set and Forget Forex Trading system from Karl Ditmann . Needs no more time than 5 min /day. 50 PipsSetandForget 100% manual forex system

No idicators used! (system just instructions in PDF guide)

Potential profit with 50pipssetforgetsecret = 50+ pips per day!

Powerful and effective strategy requires only 5-7 min/day

Package contain:

50PipsSetForgetSecret-User-guide. pdf (Manual)

It will never expire and there are NO “monthly fees” or any other recurring charges for use

File type and requirements:

-This is a digital item! ( Download link zip file )

-You will Need: MetaTrader 4.0 platform.

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Procurement training

Procurement trainingProcurement Training

The United Nations Development Programme offers specialised procurement training and certification to staff from the UN system, non-governmental organisations, international development financing institutions and their borrowers, and governments.

UNDP/CIPS Cooperation on Procurement Certification

UNDP procurement certification courses are accredited by the Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply (CIPS) assuring compliance with high international qualification standards as well as offering participants access to a world-wide community of procurement professionals.

UNDP/CIPS Partnership Recognized as World Leader in Training and Professional Development

UNDP and CIPS has been awarded the prestigious European Supply Chain Excellence Award 2012/2013 in recognition of the joint Procurement Training and Certification Programme and its success in professionalizing the UN and public procurement sector. Winning the Award is a ground – breaking accomplishment and it identifies the UNDP/CIPS Partnership as the standard bearer for procurement training and professional development in the humanitarian sector.

Standard Procurement Training Courses

Online Procurement training

Real-time solutions

Real-time solutionsAlgo Trading Development Framework

What is the challenge of implementing systematic trading technologies ?

If you are on the way to evolve from discretionary trading to systematic trading technologies, you're about to make a "quantum leap" as all the trading solutions used at present within your organisation will have to be reviewed. From market data and trading tools down to infrastructures, every single component of the chain will have to go through a complete reassessment.

On the other hand, if you want to optimize your current systematic trading technologies, it's key to have a clear understanding of what's available on the market in order to make sure that you are still well positioned in this "technological race".

The development of a trading strategy starts with an idea that needs to be tested on historical data by applying quantitative analysis.

Most of the time, internal tools and processes used to perform this task will consume up to 80% of your time.

Whatever your situation, you'll always have to make sure that your trading strategies development cycle is optimized to minimize your time to market new trading models. As a consequence, the challenge is to use research, development, back-testing and execution trading environments in a complementary technical architecture.

Why QuantHouse is your partner of choice

By providing end-to-end systematic trading solutions to leading edge clients across the globe, QuantHouse staff has the global understanding you need to implement or redesign key elements of your systematic trading solution.

QuantFACTORY, the QuantHouse algo trading development framework, is an Integrated Development Environment designed to help you optimize each single step of your automated trading development cycle. The openness of the framework leveraging industry standard languages will allow your quant traders, researchers and developers to focus on business development rather than internal developments of technical components.

QuantHouse end-to-end solution :

QuantFACTORY suite of products offers a complete set of tools for quantitative trading strategies development and automation for financial institutions. Based on a framework and utilising Visual Studio, it allows your company to rationalize your trading strategies development cycle using an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) across the research-development-back testing-execution cycle.

QuantFACTORY suite of products includes all the blocks required for researching, developing, back-testing and executing automated trading strategies :

QuantDEVELOPER is a framework and IDE for trading strategies development, debugging, backtesting and optimization. QuantDEVELOPER is available as a Visual Studio plug-in.

QuantDATACENTER allows you to manage a historical data warehouse and capture real-time or ultra low latency market data from providers and exchanges.

QuantENGINE allows you to deploy and execute precompiled strategies. You can use QuantENGINE as a black box or as a glass box for optimized flexibility and performance.

QuantFRAMEWORK API provides an extensive, well-designed software framework for working with computerized quantitative trading concepts, financial objects, portfolios and trading order management operations. The framework API objects is a large set of C# assemblies that provide classes and functions for building computerized quantitative trading systems.

Online Real-time solutions

Developing your training schedule

Developing your training scheduleDeveloping your training schedule

This is an excerpt from Distance Cycling by John Hughes and Dan Kehlenbach

Effective training for a distance cycling event follows a systematic plan. We present two examples: an 8-week program and a 15-week program. Use one of the sample programs to develop your personal plan, taking into account your fitness level, calendar, and target event.

Both programs use five distinct workouts. The first four of these train the aerobic, lactic acid, and ATP-CP energy systems, and the fifth targets core strength, flexibility, and muscular strength.

For each type of workout we provide shorter and longer options following the principle of individuality. Choose the option that fits your fitness level and available time. We define workouts in terms of training time as opposed to distance. A 40-mile (65 km) ride in the hills is different from one in flat terrain, and a flat ride on a windy day is a different workout than a ride on a calm day. So, train by time.

Here are the workouts:

Long. An endurance ride of 2:00 to 2:30 (8-week program) or 1:30 to 2:30 (15-week program) in the first week increasing to 5:15 to 6:30 in both programs. By doing these rides at your anticipated pace for the century, you train your aerobic metabolism, build endurance, and gain experience with pacing, nutrition, and other skills.

Tempo. A midweek tempo ride beginning at 40 to 60 minutes and building to 60 to 90 minutes in both programs. By riding once a week a little faster than your century pace, you improve the upper range of your aerobic system and increase the cruising pace that you can hold in the century.

Brisk. In both programs a brisk midweek ride of 30 to 40 minutes that includes 10 to 15 minutes of mixed intensity, increasing to 60 to 90 minutes including 20 to 30 minutes of mixed intensity. The mixed intensity is a combination of hard riding and recovery. The hard efforts work the lactic acid and ATP-CP energy systems and improve your power to climb hills and ride with a faster group.

Recovery. One or two active recovery rides of 20 to 30 minutes each using the low end of your aerobic metabolism, increasing to 40 to 60 minutes in both programs. You could run errands on your bike.

Supplementary. Core strength, flexibility, and resistance maintenance training. Depending on your choices these would total 50 minutes to 2:40 each week in both programs.

Whether you follow the 8- or 15-week program, choose either the shorter or longer endurance ride, depending on your current fitness and schedule, and stay with that one through the program. The long ride should not be too much of your weekly volume. Therefore, if you plan the longer endurance ride then you should also do the longer tempo, brisk, and recovery rides. If you plan the shorter endurance ride you may include longer tempo, brisk, and recovery rides in your training if you have time. Youll improve your fitness faster but dont overdo it. Because the brisk ride is harder than the tempo ride, try to have two easy days (off or active recovery) before the brisk ride, although doing so may not be possible every week.

Both programs will help prepare you for your event. The 15-week program starts with 3:00 to 5:10 of riding the first week, slightly less than the 8-week program, and builds more slowly. Both programs ramp up to the same peak week of 7:55 to 11:00 of riding before the century.

Midway through both programs we include an easier week with less riding. This recovery week allows you to recover physically and mentally from the weeks of hard work before you ramp up to the peak week. Adaptations from training occur while your body is resting: “Stress plus rest equals success.” You may feel great approaching the recovery week and be tempted to skip it, but dont. Your body will thank you later.

To help you recover fully for your event, both programs include a taper during the final week of training and the week before the event. During the taper you ride enough to maintain your fitness while significantly reducing the volume so that you are fresh. Right before your big event you cant get stronger, but you can run yourself down. Dont try to make up for lost training.

Read more about Distance Cycling by John Hughes and Dan Kehlenbach.

Online Developing your training schedule

Free live binary options trading signals

Free live binary options trading signalsFree Live Binary Options Trading Signals

Trade Smarter With 24option Professional Trading Alerts:

In this section we exclusively present you 24option free trading signals service. They offer you this service as a 3rd party complimentary for your trading account. Please kindly be acknowledged that you can benefit from the trading signals for your other Binary Options broker accounts also.

It’s really simple to start receiving signals through your trading account . If you haven’t opened an account with 24option, you can do it by reading 24option review then opening an account via the visit button in the review.

After you deposit to your account and activate it, you will immediately start receiving the free trading signals embedded in the platform under it’s own column and you’re ready to start your smart trading session.

If you have any questions about the above trading signals service, please do not hesitate to contact us via our contact form. One of our team members will contact you at the soonest time.

24option gives you the tools to keep you one step ahead of the markets; ensuring you never miss a trading opportunity. Start your trial for 24option trading signals now and discover a smarter way of trading!

Online Free live binary options trading signals

Foreign exchange(forex)

Foreign exchange(forex)What it is:

Foreign Exchange (FOREX) refers to the foreign exchange market. It is the over-the-counter market in which the foreign currencies of the world are traded. It is considered the largest and most liquid market in the world.

How it works/Example:

Foreign Exchange has no centralized market. Instead, a foreign exchange market exists wherever the trade of two foreign currencies are taking place. It is open 24 hours a day, five days a week. This foreign exchange market exists to ease investment and trade. The primary trading centers are London, Paris, New York, Tokyo, Zurich, Frankfurt, Sydney, and Singapore. All levels of traders, from central banks to speculators, trade currencies with one another.

Online Foreign exchange(forex)

Trading strategy performance measures60seconds binary options trading

Trading strategy performance measures60seconds binary options tradingTrading strategy performance measures. 60 Seconds Binary Options Trading. energiebesparende. nl

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Online Trading strategy performance measures60seconds binary options trading