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Sandile Shezi (CEO) is a serial entrepreneur and one of the most successful young black entrepreneurs in South Africa. He has been on CNBC Africa and numerous radio shows.


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George soros forex trading strategies

George soros forex trading strategiesGeorge soros forex trading strategies

George Soros Trading Techniques. Making money with a Forex trading strategy is also about not working to many hours. George Soros spent decades as one of the world's. Active Trading; Forex; Personal Finance;. He refers to the philosophy behind his trading strategy as. George Soros. George Soros, a. Start Trading Forex with up to $10,000. FX Strategy, FX Strategies, FX Trade, Forex Trading, FX Trading, Forex Trading Platform.

Updated on June 30, 2015. Uncover the trading strategies and analysis of the biggest and most notorious foreign exchange trades ever. Learn how George Soros shattered. Books about online forex trading, technical & fundamental analysis, forex trading systems & strategies, money & risk management George Soros spent decades as one of the world's. Active Trading; Forex; Personal Finance;. He refers to the philosophy behind his trading strategy as.

Updated on June 30, 2015. Uncover the trading strategies and analysis of the biggest and most notorious foreign exchange trades ever. Learn how George Soros shattered. Article Summary George Soros netted a profit of over 1 Billion Euro in 1992. Find out more about his strategy and what he is trading today. In September. Trading Strategies; Trading. Video; Articles. George Soros Posted By TradersLog. Recommend on Google. Tweet; George Soros is chairman of. Forex Trading.

Trading Strategies; Trading. Video; Articles. George Soros Posted By TradersLog. Recommend on Google. Tweet; George Soros is chairman of. Forex Trading.

Hedge fund-soros fund management

Hedge fund-soros fund managementHedge Fund - Soros Fund Management

George Soros Bio, Returns, Net Worth

Eighty-year-old George Soros is a Hungarian-American hedge fund manager who became known as "the Man Who Broke the Bank of England" after he made $1 billion in 1992. Soros graduated from the London School of Economics in 1952. After graduation, he started his career in the London merchant bank of Singer & Friedlander. In 1956, he moved to New York City and his career took off. He earned large profits from investments and currency speculation. According to Forbes, George Soros is ranked 35th on the list of the world’s richest people, with an estimated net worth of $14.2 billion.

George Soros returned an average of 30.5% per year between 1969 and 2000. In 2007, Soros came back from retirement after the quant liquidity crunch and managed to generate a 32% return for the year. Soros even managed to return 8% in 2008, the worst year for most hedge funds. Soros also returned 29% in 2009, earning $3.3 billion in fees and investment gains.

Revealed george soros doubled his bet that the stock market is going down

Revealed george soros doubled his bet that the stock market is going downREVEALED: George Soros Doubled His Bet That The Stock Market Is Going Down

REUTERS/Bernadett Szabo George Soros

One day every quarter, the world's big fund managers reveal some of what they're buying and selling in their 13-F regulatory filings.

Generally speaking, these revelations aren't taken too seriously as they are 45-day-old snapshots. But over the weekend, one gigantic $1.3 billion position raised some eyebrows .

Soros Fund Management disclosed that it held put options on 7,090,000 shares of the SPDR SP 500 ETF (SPY) at the end of Q4.

Puts protect the holder of the option from declining prices. Soros' position makes money if $1.3 billion worth of the SPY declines in value.

And at $1.3 billion, this represents the largest position in the portfolio.

After touching an all-time high of 1,850 in January, the SP 500 got hit with some volatility that brought the index down by around 6%. However, markets have been coming back, and now the SP is less than 1% away from setting a new high.

This is not a totally new position for Soros. At the end of Q3, the fund held just 2,794,100 of these options. At the end of Q2, the fund held puts on 7,802,400 shares .

Again, these 13-Fs reveal holdings as of the end of Q4. So, we do not know if and how that position has changed since then.

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Thread trading strategies jump on the george soros coal train

Thread trading strategies jump on the george soros coal trainThread: Trading Strategies: Jump on the George Soros coal train

Trading Strategies: Jump on the George Soros coal train

Everybody hates coal, but not so long ago, both George Soros and Leon black bought in, suggesting it might be time for investors to do the same, albeit cautiously.%img src="feeds. feedburner/

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George soros forex trading strategy

George soros forex trading strategyGeorge Soros Forex Trading Strategy

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The false break trading strategy » learn trade, Hi traders what a laid back article yet simple but profound. my advice to all aspiring traders coming to this website is to stick to nial’s trading strategy like a.

The power fundamental analysis: george soros. There are many traders who successfully used fundamental analysis to obtain great wealth, but the exploits of george soros, and his quantum hedge fund have made them.

Markets news | trading forex, cfds, options | education, Welcome easymarkets blog. markets news trading ideas, training videos, interesting forex related articles lots. trade safe..

forex. info/

George soros definition | investopedia, Definition george soros famous hedge fund manager widely considered world greatest investors. soros managed quantum fund, fund.

investopedia/terms/g/soros. asp

The simplest forex trading strategy world | learn, If asked describe trading strategy words. ; horizontal levels price action. trading price action.


George soros

George sorosGeorge Soros

George Soros (born August 12, 1930 in Hungary ) is an elitist leftist American businessman and one of the richest people in the world, current networth estimated to be at about $8.4 billion. The birth-name of George Soros is Gyorgy Schwartz, his family name was changed in 1936 from Schwartz to Soros to avoid antisemitism. George Soros later said that he "grew up in a Jewish. anti-semitic home," and that his parents were "uncomfortable with their religious roots." [1] Soros is an atheist. [2]

In 1947, George Soros emigrated from Hungary to England, where an event occurred that greatly influenced the development of George's personality and worldview. He broke his leg and was cared for by England's National Health Service, free of charge, while the Jewish relief agencies of that era did not offer him the help he believed they owed him. In that event was born Soros' favorable opinion of Democratic Socialism, and his negative view of many Jewish groups.

Soros' immediate family joined him in the West in the mid-Fifties.

Early Years

In his autobiograpy, entitled Soros on Soros . he described how as a teenager he helped to cart off the stolen possessions of Hungarian Jewish men, women and children after they were rounded up and transported to death camps. He claims it never bothered him a bit, and still doesn't bother him today. He has no personal regrets about his actions. Soros, a reputed psychopath [3] [4] [5]. told Steve Kroft of CBSNews in response to questions about his behavior in an interview with of 60 Minutes .

KROFT: No feeling of guilt?

George soros-the zero-sum game

George soros-the zero-sum gameGeorge Soros & the Zero-Sum Game

TurtleTrader comment . George Soros, the legendary and enormously successful trader, recently appeared on ABC News Nightline program. The following excerpt of an exchange between George Soros and host Ted Koppel proves illuminating:

Ted Koppel: as you describe it, it [the market] is, of course, a game in which there are real consequences. When you bet and you win, thats good for you, its bad for those against whom you have bet. There are always losers in this kind of a game.

Soros: No. See, its not a zero-sum game. Its very important to realize

Ted Koppel: Well, its not zero sum in terms of investors. But, for example, when you bet against the British pound, that was not good for the British economy.

Soros: Well, it happened to be quite good for the British economy. It was not, lets say, good for the British treasury because they were on the other side of the tradeIts not your gain is not necessarily somebody elses loss.

Ted Koppel: Because I mean put it in easily understandable terms. I mean if you could have profited by destroying Malaysias currency, would you have shrunk from that?

Soros: Not necessarily because that would have been an unintended consequence of my action. And its not my job as a participant to calculate the consequences. This is what a market is. Thats the nature of a market. So Im a participant in the market.

TurtleTrader comment . Why would Soros say trading and speculating are not zero-sum games? Soros is to be saluted for his tremendous success, but he is indeed a speculator participating in a zero-sum game. Perhaps he is reluctant to be as brutally honest with Koppels audience as he is with himself. Trading is a zero-sum game when measured relative to underlying fundamental values. No trader can profit without another trader losing.

George smith

George smithGeorge Smith | Forex Trading Made EZ Review

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Guarantee: try for 14 days for $4.95. 60 days money back guarantee from ClickBank

George C. Smith is a living proof that you don’t need to work on a financial institution to understand how the currency market works. If you can follow his instruction, you can achieve success in forex trading as well. So, what’s this former pilot has to offer for you?

Forex Trading Made EZ Review – The System

The system is delivered in a membership site that you can try for 14 days for $4.95. The lessons delivered in PDF format and lots of really informative videos. Basically, you’ll aim for 20-25 pips of profits per day through several winning trades (yes, it’s scalping). You’ll identify an opportunity by looking at long term trend in 15 minutes chart, then take a small part of the trend by using 5 minutes and 1 minute chart. George prefers EURUSD, but you can implement his system in pretty much any currency pair.

The daily target that he suggests is 5%. If you do the math, you can make a $500 initial investment into $1,030 in 15 days. That’s $530 profits in 15 days, but that’s not the whole point. The point is you DOUBLE your money in 15 days, which means 1,000 will be 2,000 in the next 15 days and $2,000 will be $4,000 in the next 15 days.

Pretty impressive huh? Of course it can’t be achieved that easily as loss trades are inevitable. You’ll need to master the system and grasp a solid self control. 5% per day; no more than that. If you’ve reached it, you stop trading; that’s the rule George set to avoid greed from ruining the plan. If you can’t, don’t sweat it; no one can control the market and even George himself has had bad trading days.

Pros and Cons

Trading system that work

Continuous video lessons and daily trading page

Great motivational and trading articles

In my opinion, setting the goal to 5% per day might be too demanding for some people. If you can’t do it yet, don’t sweat it and just make sure you make consistent profits every day.

Here’s some chapters that you’ll find in the book:

Forex trading made ez review

Forex trading made ez reviewForex Trading Made E-z

Read Forex Trading Made E-z Review

Tags: Forex Trading Made E-z PDF, Forex Trading Made E-z reviews, Forex Trading Made E-z Free Download

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Forex Trading Made E-Z Review - Video Dailymotion

Free Binary Options Trading Made Simple Ebook - Complete Easy To Follow PDF Guide And Best Basic Expert Training Tips Successful Trading For New Forex.

Forex Trading Made E-z on PureVolume

Forex Trading Made EZ: Forex Trading Made E-Z is a system developed by George C. What is inside Forex Made Easy? The Forex Trading Made EZ system consists of one.

Data forex trend trading tips usually stocks american forex trading.

Understanding much, Inc. Trading exposed from futures electronics. Trading data forex trend trading tips usually stocks american forex trading made ez reviewÂ.

Forex Trading Made E-Z

Simply fill in your first name and email address below and you'll be using my 6 pip strategy tonight.

Forex Trading Made E-Z Review - YouTube

23 Jan 2010. This Forex Trading Made E-Z review will examine the system for trading on the foreign exchange currency markets developed by George CÂ.

100 shares multiple forex trading made ez review behalf missing.

100 shares multiple forex trading made ez review behalf missing trading oil prices us shutdown 15 also experience level choosing are experts at lesser, sports.

Forex Trading Made E-Z Review - Video Dailymotion

23 Jan 2010. This Forex Trading Made E-Z review will examine the system for trading on the foreign exchange currency markets developed by George CÂ.

Forex Trading Made E-Z Review Special Offer (The Best Offer) - YouTube

Interesting Review Special Offer: Direct Link: This particular review.

Forex Trading Made E-z on PureVolume

calculator trading forex forex trade forex online trade forex forexÂ. Forex Trading Made E-Z Review - YouTube. Jan 23, 2010.

Forex-Trading-Made-Ez ( George C Smith) Review

Review: We haven't tried the Forex-Trading-Made-Ez forex trading system by George C Smith. If you have, please kindly submit yourÂ.

Forex trading system | Forex-Trading-Made-Ez | George C Smith.

I purchased Forex Trading Made EZ a few months ago and have been studying the manual and reviewing the videos since that time.

Forex Trading Made E-Z

FOREX TRADERS Learn How I Earned 1,900 PIPS Overnight IN A LIVE TRADING ACCOUNT. Plus. the exact same way I earned 658 pips. on a day whenÂ.

Forex Trading Made EZ (Easy) | Learn Forex trading • Forex Signals.

Forex Trading Made Easy. Forex Trading. Allow Huge Returns To Be Made From The Forex Market And. The forex trading strategy has a capital protection mechanism.

Forex-Trading-Made-Ez Review - Forex Tester. Independent Forex.

1 Feb 2009. Easy To Follow: 10/10. Honest Result: 10/10. The Good: This system is perfect for the novice trader. Forex-Trading-Made-Ez, EA List ReviewsÂ.

George Smith - YouTube

__count__/__total__. · George Smith. Forex Profit Strategy earns 340 pip using the daily charts. - Duration: 3 minutes, 50Â.

Forex Trading Made EZ Free PDF (forex trading made. - Dailymotion

18 Mar 2015. Forex Trading Made E-Z Review, Forex Trading Made E-Z Free, Forex Trading Made E-Z PDF. Browsing for a Forex Trading Made E-Z freeÂ.

Forex Trading Made E-Z -- About the Author

Hi. I'm George Smith. Let me tell you a little about myself. I was born in 1935 the same year as Elvis and the same year Social Security was introduced in America!

Forex-Trading-Made-EZ - has anyone experience with this. - Trade2Win

Hi, I`ve been watching the videos of this guy George from Seattle ( might be a marketing gimmick, dunno if he really is a former pilot ), they look.

Forex trading system | Forex-Trading-Made-Ez | George C Smith.

I've been trading forex for 3 years and the stock market for. As I began to digest implement the methods that are taught in Forex-Trading-Made-Ez I started to.

Forex Trading Made E-Z

Hier sollte eine Beschreibung angezeigt werden, diese Seite lässt dies jedoch nicht zu.

Forex Profit Strategy!

Forex-trading-made-ez Website Analysis (Review)

Forex-trading-made-ez has 3,529 daily visitors and has the potential to earn up to 424 USD per month by showing ads. See traffic statistics for more information.

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Spread trading strategies pdf most profitable stock exchange world st george bank online share tradi

Spread trading strategies pdf most profitable stock exchange world st george bank online share tradiSpread trading strategies pdf most profitable stock exchange world st george bank online share trading

Trading strategies pdf uae binary options about binary options on which options affiliate program platform when he buys a spread bond strategies pdf stock option spread trading in this strategy second binary option attention all. The complete guide pdf boss indicator binary options on. Betting vs binary option spread binary options. Pdf winnipeg data ent thrust game for binary. News open source no

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Spread trading strategies pdf most profitable stock exchange world st george bank online share trading 05.22.2015

George soros-top dividend picks

George soros-top dividend picksJavier Hasse

Insider Monkey provides high-quality evidence-based articles to inform individual investors about the intricacies of investing.

George Soros is one of the best-known investors in the world. His fund holds an equity portfolio worth more than $10 billion. Among the fund’s holdings, many pay dividends of more than 1% of their current trading prices. In this article, we will look into five stocks among Soros' top picks that yield dividends of more than 3%.

American Capital Agency Corp. AGNC, +0.68% is an $8.26 billion market cap real estate investment trust that invests exclusively in residential mortgage pass-through securities and collateralized mortgage obligations on a leveraged basis, in which Soros holds a 1.517 million shares position, worth about $32 million. American Capital Agency pays out a dividend yield of 11.79% of the current stock price. On June 26, it paid out its most recent quarterly dividend: $0.65 per share.

In addition to Mr. Soros, other fund managers are profiting from American Capital Agency's dividend yield. David Einhorn 's Greenlight Capital holds 5.238 million shares of the company. This position, worth $112 million, was started over Q1, and has last paid Greenlight Capital more than $3.4 million in dividends.

Second in this list is Mack Cali Realty Corp CLI, +0.18% a $1.9 billion market cap self-administered, self-managed real estate investment trust that has George Soros as its largest hedge fund shareholder. Mr. Soros started a position in this company in the first quarter of 2014, and now holds 1.7 million shares, worth about $35 million. J. Alan Reid, Jr. 's Forward Management also owns 1.477 million shares of Mack Cali Realty Corp, while Chuck Royce holds 918,450 shares.

These and other hedge fund managers and investors have been cashing out a generous dividend yield from Mack Cali Realty Corp. The company has paid a dividend yield of 5.5% of the stock price in the past. However, the dividend was cut to half, and the upcoming payment of $0.15 will account for 2.75% (annualized value) of the current stock price. Despite the decrease, the dividend is still quite generous and could be once again boosted in the future, to meet its average historical yields, which have surpassed 5.44% since 2009.

CenterPoint Energy, Inc. CNP, +0.30% an $11 billion market cap domestic energy delivery company, is another generous dividend payer. Its current yieldstands at 3.51%, and is projected to come in at 3.75% (of the current stockprice) around August.

Soros last declared having upped his stake in CenterPoint Energy by 829%, to 1.737 million shares, worth more than $41 million. He will receive more than $417,000 in dividend on the next payout date. Another fund that will largely profit from its holdings at CenterPoint Energy is Eric W. Mandelblatt 's Soroban Capital Partners. The fund owns 9.2 million shares of the company, worth more than $217 million.

Kraft Foods Group Inc US:KRFT is a company that has recently started paying dividends, and Soros holds 576,133 shares, worth over $32 million. Soros will receive more than $300,000 in dividends in July, as the yield stands at approximately 3.5%.

Other hedge funds betting on this $35.7 billion market cap consumer packaged foods and beverages company, like Phill Gross and Robert Atchinson 's Adage Capital Management and Ken Griffin 's Citadel Investment Group, which own about 2.56 million shares each, will further benefit from this dividend.

The last company in this list is AvalonBay Communities Inc AVB, -0.68% an $18.4 billion market cap REIT engaged in the development, redevelopment, acquisition, ownership and operation of multifamily communities located primarily in high barrier to entry markets of the U. S. Over the last reported quarter, Soros started a position with 257,988 shares of the company, worth roughly $34 million by the end of the quarter. In addition, Jeffrey Furber and David E. Shaw declared slight increases in their stakes at AvalonBay Communities in Q1. They now own 1.51 million shares and 364,054 shares, respectively.

All of these funds stand to gain from AvalonBay Communities' 3.26% dividend yield. The $1.16 per share dividend will be paid on July 15, for stockholders of record as of June 30 2014.

Insider Monkey's small-cap strategy returned 97.6% between September 2012 and June 2014, beating the SP 500 index by more than 53 percentage points. Download a free sample newsletter by clicking the link above.

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Forex trading made e-z real results and reviews

Forex trading made e-z real results and reviewsForex Trading Made E-z Real Results and Reviews

We now have attempted the actual Forex-Trading-Made-Ez forex currency trading program through George D Smith. We had been going to stop buying and selling Foreign exchange altogether till I discovered Georges program. You need to take time to go through their guide watching all the movies to comprehend the way the program functions. Ive were able to strike my personal focuses on every day as well as Id like to consider this particular chance to say thanks to Mr George D Smith with regard to discussing this particular stunning program using the Foreign exchange neighborhood. Its uncommon to locate something which really works among all of the ripoffs as well as knockoffs. In the event that you will buy their program do not be prepared to realize every thing in a single day time. We required per month simply to realize the fundamental ideas. The important thing would be to browse the guide again and again before you soak up all the details. After that view their movies and find out exactly how he or she will it. Lastly; select the strategy you prefer after that industry this.

Click Here For a Special Bonus on Forex Trading Made E-z

I have been sign up for Georges membership with regard to a lot more than 24 months, it require a while to comprehend Georges techniques, this appeared really complex, however in truth it is easy. this actually turn out to be easier whenever George launched their automatic Sign. This program is actually really worth the cash, and also the finest may be the assistance, George is extremely very humble as well as pleasant individual. I possibly could begin to see the worth from the program immediately because Im the specialized individual as well as useful. We cherished the machine. However since you needed to perform numerous guide information as well as maintain be aware associated with points in writing I discovered which I couldnt maintain to monitor. It had been truly difficult to get at understand buying and selling generally, discover Georges program after which additionally put it on. Therefore following a little bit We kind of dropped a few curiosity however in no way didnt remember about this as well as held connection with George. We asked yourself close to searching as well as We examined numerous numerous techniques.

Autopilots, buying and selling techniques, indicators. Best wishes ranked techniques. I quickly returned in order to George as well as do an exercise program he or she offered one-on-one. After which whats promising. George presented their total guide buying and selling program within software program type upon Meta four. I acquired this immediately. My personal understanding as well as knowledge of their program proceeded to go through woodfire cooking food in order to microwave. However 1 suggestion. As with any kind of expert training. A person will not realize and obtain this immediately. Perform by using it, have it in your mind. Industry as well as industry and finally We let you know you will discover this. Im right now beginning to help to make a small amount associated with cash upon my personal actual accounts. Ive been managing a demonstration acount for around annually right now. We began dropping a great deal after I began along with George once again.

Click Here to Download A NEW Trading Tool and Strategy For FREE

After which, we do I believe what is important in Georges money management program. To avoid a person through dropping in order to a lot. After which earn much more. Such as George may let you know youll shed a few however earn much more. With regard to recent years days Ive been upon 5% earn daily upon demonstration so when We visit a great day time We industry reside to get involved with this. In order to get accustomed to real cash. Im within Southern The african continent and also have absolutely no scarves in order to George however just about all I will state is actually which Georges program is actually for me the most affordable, most dependable and when you realize this, the simplest program you will discover anyplace. It may be utilized in any kind of conditions. It might additionally provide you with a wise decision whenever to remain away (if you realize it) And thats extremely important. Simply because Georges program is dependent on reducing deficits as well as earning money. Georges program isnt the obtain wealthy fast plan however should you obtain the suspend from the program as well as stay with the guidelines it might construct a actual lot of money. George do their research as well as their program is actually first rate as well as phenomenal. (my viewpoint indeed however unless of course somebody may display me personally some thing much better Id stay with that) Perhaps I ought to simply state Georges program is straightforward as well as exactly what everybody want from the buying and selling program. However you have to be individual as well as research this and obtain to comprehend every thing about this. As well as George possess numerous techniques so you might choose a individual preferred. Therefore right now everything is dependent if you wish to or even not really. A few those who win plus some losers, however just about all the understanding encounter. In my opinion this is a superb program that certain could be prosperous along with should you take time to research the actual methods as well as utilize all of them because layed out. There are plenty associated with various components towards the methods as well as you will have to take time to research as well as discover. Not at all the obtain wealthy fast plan. Each time I have experienced a problem, George may be really receptive. We instantly experienced such as George may be the real deal, somebody that really deals their program every single day and it has an extremely right down to planet training design. George is actually truthful and it has created a genuine buying and selling program. A person simply need to take time to discover the system and will be prosperous. George doesnt guarantee immediately Foreign exchange achievement. Actually he or she says the alternative, which achievement originates from constant, effective little earnings with time.

We recommend George as well as their program Forex Trading Made E-z in order to novice as well as skilled investors.

Specializing in leadership and executive development

Specializing in leadership and executive developmentSpecializing in Leadership and Executive Development

Looking for powerful leadership development training? Constructively fun? Thoroughly engaging, practical, and relevant?

If the answer is yes, then you are at the right place. Over 400 organizations have trusted George Smart over the last 25 years for high-impact, relevant, practical leadership development simulations and executive coaching. Drawing from an MBA from Duke's Fuqua School of Business plus training from the Center for Creative Leadership and the Einstein School of Medicine, George Smart speaks on leadership to Fortune 500 companies and national associations on how to make the workplace less insane and more profitable.

Can george soros-methods be replicated

Can george soros-methods be replicatedCan George Soros Methods Be Replicated?

I received this comment on one of my recent posts. The George Soros question got me thinking about how interesting the different philosophies are. Soros had an incredible career, but is it possible to replicate his general strategy?

Here is the basic comment from the reader:

Your posts have given me a great deal of information.

What is your opinion on George Soros’ theory of reflexivity? I was reading Seth Klarman’s Margin of Safety, and it mentioned how in rare times price will actually affect value of the underlying company. This actually made me fearful since then value investing wouldn’t work. One of his examples was a company in financial distress. If (the market) thinks it’s worthless the company will go insolvent because no one wants to buy the stock they’re selling or no one wants to give a loan to the company.

Even if the company is valuable if the market doesn’t recognize it, management may take the market’s perception to heart and do actions that will eventually bring the market’s perception to reality.

Soros interests me since sometimes price does affect value, and his theory of reflexivity sort of correlates with value investing.

What do you think?

I added some thoughts, but here is my basic response:

Thanks for the nice words. I appreciate you reading…

Soros built an incredible record. I’ve read his book but find his methods too abstract for my liking. Soros is a philosopher. I get the impression from reading his work that he desires more than anything else to be the smartest man in the room. I’m not trying to disparage him, this is just my opinion I got from reading his writing. I do think he is an incredibly smart guy, and he probably has difficulty explaining his ideas to the everyday person, and that’s probably why his writing comes off like that to me. (read: Im not smart enough to keep up with his ideas!)

Reflexivity Goes into the Too-Hard Pile

I personally prefer much simpler ideas. Reflexivity is a way to think about the world. It has some merit I think… but it’s very difficult to replicate a method like Soros’. It’s not impossible, but very difficult. It’s an art form.

Plain vanilla value investing has some art as well, but it’s less abstract. It’s far easier to figure out how much a stream of cash flow is worth, or better yet, figure out how much the assets are worth that the company currently has on its balance sheet than trying to figure out the opinions of value that the majority of market participants are going to place on a particular asset class or group of stocks.

Value investing is about figuring out what something is worth and paying a lot less. Soros method is more focused on figuring out what other people think, and then trying to predict how they will react.

Keynes talked about the market being a beauty contest where the winner was determined not on beauty alone, but by who the majority of voters thought was most beautiful (or even the next derivative after that!)

“It is not a case of choosing those [faces] that, to the best of one’s judgment, are really the prettiest, nor even those that average opinion genuinely thinks the prettiest. We have reached the third degree where we devote our intelligences to anticipating what average opinion expects the average opinion to be. And there are some, I believe, who practice the fourth, fifth and higher degrees.” John Maynard Keynes, General Theory of Employment Interest and Money, 1936

This might be true in the short term, but in the long term, the market is not a voting machine, it’s a weighing machine. (Graham is easier for me to grasp than Keynes and Soros.)

With No Leverage, the Markets Opinion Matters Not

Your comments about companies caring about the way people think about them has merit when it comes to leveraged institutions such as financials or other companies with lots of balance sheet risk. These companies could go bankrupt if there was a colossal run on the system (like 2008 or worse), but these events are rare and the way to defend against them is to avoid taking on leverage risk. Companies without debt (or low amounts of debt) don’t have to worry about how the market thinks about them.

So I respect Soros’ results, certainly they are tough to beat… but even tougher to replicate. Buying cheap stocks in the tradition of Schloss or Graham is much easier for an investor like me to replicate. I have the discipline and the emotional mindset to do so, and it doesn’t take a genius to do it.

I usually ask myself these questions when considering a new idea:

Do I understand how the business makes money?

Is it cheap?

What are the insiders doing? Any catalysts?

What are the risks?

What’s the upside?

I try to find easy to understand situations where I can buy assets or earnings cheap. Doing that over and over again over time tends to work very well.

Thanks again for your thoughts. Always fun to consider different ideas. Thanks for reading…