31free video converter programs and online services

31free video converter programs and online services31 Free Video Converter Programs and Online Services

By Tim Fisher. PC Support Expert

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A video converter is a specialized file converter that allows you to convert one kind of video format (like an AVI, MPG, MOV, etc.) into another. If youve found yourself unable to use a certain video in the way you wanted because the format wasnt supported, a free video converter can help.

Important: Every video converter program listed below is freeware - no shareware or trialware here. I also havent listed any video converters that trim or watermark videos.

Heres a list of the best free video converter software and free online video converters available today:

1. Any Video Converter

Any Video Converter. © Any Video Converter

Any Video Converter is a really easy to use free video converter - just choose your source file and output format and go. If you need them, there are lots of advanced options too like batch conversion, file merging, and frame cropping.

Any Video Converter can be installed on Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP, and 2000. More »

Video converter

Video converterVideo Converter

Zamzar supports over 1200 different conversions - Video Converter, Audio Converter, Music Converter, eBook Converter, Image Converter, CAD Converter - THE multipurpose converter

Popular Conversions Supported

PDF to Word | PDF to Excel | FLAC to MP3 | DOC to PDF | MP4 to AVI | MP4 to MP3 | M4A to MP3 | WAV to MP3 | MKV to AVI | WMA to MP3 | JPG to Word | XPS to PDF | FLV to MP4 | AVI to MP4 | MKV to MP4 | AVI to MP4 | FLV to AVI | DOCX to PDF | MOV to AVI | MP3 to OGG | PNG to JPG | TIFF to PDF | AIFF to MP3 | JPG to PNG

MP3 Converter | MP4 Converter | 3GP Converter | FLAC Converter | WAV Converter | AVI Converter | MPG Converter | MOV Converter | MKV Converter | DOCX Converter | PDF Converter | JPG Converter | FLV Converter | VOB Converter | Music Converter | Audio Converter | Video Converter | Image Converter | eBook Converter

Video games

Video gamesMadden 13: Tips, Cheats, Roster Updates and Review

With the early release of Madden 13, every NFL fan has been launched into a frenzy over the hottest video game of 2012. The Madden fans have come out of the woodwork for this launch.

Every year around this time, the excitement over one of best game franchises in history boils up and culminates with the beginning of the NFL season. Its a joyous marriage that has kept video-game addicts on the couch for far too many hours.

The love for NFL football in America is only matched by the love of video games, so when these two meet each year in a reality-twisting experience on our TVs, the fans cant help but get excited.

Forex day trading strategy video-chapter13

Forex day trading strategy video-chapter13Forex Day Trading Strategy Video chapter 13

Here is a forex day trading strategy video which covers one of the strategies disclosed in the The Forex Trading Strategies Guide for Day and Swing Traders eBook which will be released later this month.

The first two examples I go through are exclusive to Chapter 13 (my apologies, I say Chapter 15 in the video). The third example I look at uses a strategy from Chapter 14 as well, since I wanted a bit more confirmation on the signal.

The trade setups, entry criteria, stops and profits targets are all covered in detail in the book, and hopefully these video will help you once youve read through the book (when its available) to solidify your understanding.

This strategy can also be used for swing trading or even long-term trading depending on what time frame you have on your chart.

I will be making videos for some of the other strategies covered as well over the coming days.

Forex Day Trading Strategy Video Chapter 13

You can check out this post for the MT4 session highlighter I mention in the video: vantagepointtrading/archives/8072

Video correlation trading strategy

Video correlation trading strategy[VIDEO] Correlation trading strategy

Friday, 12 July, 2013 9:30 am

I hope you caught my video earlier this week, showing you which system has brought in over ?23k into my account in less than 9 weeks.

I think you’ll find that it’s worth a look. Watch it here.

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Any video converter

Any video converterAny Video Converter

About the Download Installer

Editors' Review

Any Video Converter takes videos from your computer or downloaded from the Internet and converts them into just about any format you'd like. Just import the video, pick your preferred format, and hit convert, and you're ready to transfer that video to your mobile device.

Tons of options: You're almost guaranteed to find the right format in this app's long list of options. The formats are also organized by device, so you can quickly find the format you're looking for whether you have an iPhone, Android Phone, Android Tablet, Samsung Phone, Roku, or just about anything else.

Intuitive interface: All features of this app are conveniently available through its main interface. A few helpful tips pop up when you first open the app, pointing to various tools that you'll need, but it's hardly necessary. With just a few trial clicks, you'll be importing and converting videos like a pro.

Buggy playing: While the conversion side of the app works fine, there is also a Play tab that you should be able to use to play any video from your computer, and even those that you've downloaded through the app but not converted yet. But when we tried out this feature, all we saw was a blank screen, even though the controls seemed to indicate that the video was playing.

Bottom Line

This app works great as a converter, but if you wanted to use it as a video player, too, you may be out of luck. Overall, it's a good free program, and worth checking out if you often want to convert video files to play on other devices.

Emini trading video library

Emini trading video libraryEmini Trading Video Library

Over time we have amassed a large library of emini trading videos you can access on our YouTube channel. Many students, as well as my blog readers, have expressed an interest in viewing some of the more popular video series of the past on Emini Trading, Trading Strategies, rules, discipline and so forth.

This page was created to help you find those day trading videos that have been the most helpful to viewers in the past. If there are any more videos you would like to see posted on this page for easy reference, please do not hesitate to ask! Just email: alex (at) eminitradingstrategies and we will do our best to get those trading videos posted!

Day Trading: Market Order vs Limit Order (parts 1 2)

Profitable forex hedging strategy step by step video tutorial(700pips monthly)

Profitable forex hedging strategy step by step video tutorial(700pips monthly)Profitable Forex Hedging Strategy Step By Step Video Tutorial (700 Pips Monthly)

August 9th, 2013

In the following video you can learn a profitable forex hedging strategy that can make you around 700 pips monthly. This step by step video tutorial by Timon Weller will show you how and where exactly you need to place your buy / sell orders and where to take your profits. This trading system does not use any stop losses as your equity is protected by trades in both directions.

Forex hedging strategies like this one are very popular among some top copied trading gurus and signal providers on largest social investing networks eToro OpenBook and Zulutrade .

Free7day video course

Free7day video courseFree 7 Day Video Course

How To Build A

Profitable Online

Trading Business, Build

Marc Walton is a fund manager, trader and mentor. Having semi retired aged 40 he started trading (badly) from his new home in in the Canary Islands in 2002. After 3 years $20,000 of losses he finally became successful, eventually trading remotely for a hedge fund and wealthy clients. In 2009 he started a 5* rated forex mentor program over 10,000 people currently subscribe to his weekly newsletter.

Forex day trading strategy video-chapter14

Forex day trading strategy video-chapter14Forex Day Trading Strategy Video chapter 14

Here is a another forex day trading strategy video which covers one of the strategies disclosed in the The Forex Trading Strategies Guide for Day and Swing Traders eBook .

I look at a couple recent trading days and show how the strategy covered in Chapter 14 is applied.

The trade setups, entry criteria, stops and profits targets are all covered in detail in the book, and hopefully these video will help you once youve read through the book (when its available) to solidify your understanding.

This strategy can also be used for swing trading or even long-term trading depending on what time frame you have on your chart.

I will be making videos for some of the other strategies covered as well over the coming days.

If you are wondering what the yellow and blue highlighted regions on my charts are, those are the London and and US sessions highlighted in those colors. Makes it much easier to see what is going on in the session(s) you are trading. You need to download the indicator (free) and then install it. For MT4 you can read more about it and download it here: vantagepointtrading/archives/8072

Forex Day Trading Strategy Video Chapter 14

Free mt4binary options strategy with90%win rate23minute video

Free mt4binary options strategy with90%win rate23minute videoFREE MT4 Binary Options Strategy With 90% Win Rate 23 Minute Video

Binary options are a bit different from forex. You need to find the momentum before you enter into a binary options trade so that once you are into a trade the market keeps moving in the direction in which you want it to move. You should watch this video tutorial below that shows an binary options strategy that you can practice on MT4.

Now this strategy makes sense. Price action is the most important indicator. Just looking at the price action and the candlestick patterns, you can judge with a high degree of accuracy where the price is going in the next 15 minutes or 30 minutes.

Best forex scalping strategies video tutorials

Best forex scalping strategies video tutorialsBest Forex Scalping Strategies Video Tutorials

There are many different ways you can scalp the forex market. Now you must keep this in mind that different currency pairs behave differently. What you need is just one scalping strategy that works. Once you find that scalping strategy just master is to perfection on the demo account. Once you have mastered it to perfection on the demo account, daily make pips with it. Forex trading is all about finding a strategy that works and then repeating it daily. You dont need to master many forex strategies. Just one strategy that works will make you a fortune. The advantage of scalping is that it can be done anytime and does not take long for the profit target to get hit. Read this article that gives a simple short term momentum based forex scalping strategy. The video below gives a very simple scalping strategy that you can master easily.

Casey Stubbs is a professional forex trader. He has made this video on different forex scalping techniques that you can watch!

Trading weekly options with john carter

Trading weekly options with john carterTrading Weekly Options with John Carter

I wanted to highlight a new video from John Carter on how he has been successful using Weekly Options which are a relatively under-used area of the options market.

In his new part-promotional, part-educational video, John shares some of his insights along with a broad overview of his strategies and why he prefers using the shorter-termed options for his trading, especially in high-priced stocks.

The image above links you to Johns video Beating the Market Makers and email registration page (a quick email sign-up is required to view the video) at Simpler Options (of which I am an affiliate member).

There will be at least one additional educational video posted in the series and if you have any interest in options or are unfamiliar with what weekly (shorter-term) options are and how theyre used by professionals, you will likely find the video helpful in learning about a new topic or new potential strategies you can add to your growing trader toolbox.

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Selling used video games online

Selling used video games onlineSelling Used Video Games Online;

Has Never Been Easier!

You have come to the right place to sell video games ; The Old School Game Vault has been operating online for nearly 7 years now. We have 1000s of satisfied customers from all across the United States. We are located in Maryland Heights, MO if you reside outside of St. Louis, not a problem we offer a simple way to sell your video games online.

Our selling process is made simple, no need to find annoying “bar codes” basically go to the particular page for the games or console you wish to sell. All the video games for a particular console are listed in alphabetical order by page. If we buy the console and accessories, there is a separate page where you can trade in those items.

Just browse page by page and click the “sell it” button next the used game or games you wish to trade in. Your quote is viewable at any time, by visiting the shopping cart page. If your order is above $15 you can proceed to the check out page. Here you will enter your information and click submit.

Are we Reputable? We have been buying used games online for around 7 years. How many online businesses can say that; we could not last without out providing a safe and honest way to sell video games online. We have countless 5 star reviews scattered around the Internet and are accredited with the Better Business Bureau.

Not only do we buy video games, we also have an enormous blog that shares our passion for video games with you. We do current genre game reviews retro reviews, we have a ton of retro gaming articles, we offer how to tutorials and much more. So go and check out our blog and don't for get to share some great topics with your friends.

Divx converter

Divx converterDivX Converter

Easy, high-quality video conversion up to 4K

Create videos to play anywhere

Converter comes equipped with DivX profiles for creating DivX, H.264 and HEVC videos compatible with more than 1 billion DivX Certified devices. iPad and iPhone presets optimize your video for playback on iOS devices.

Make it your way

Set bitrate, limit video resolution and file size, combine multiple clips or rotate video before you convert. Even save a custom preset to reuse your favorite settings over and over.

Four encoding modes for HEVC profiles give you even more control over when maximize quality or prioritize speed. Choose whether you want to get the job done fast, take your time for the best quality, or somewhere in between.

Customize your workflow

By adding MPEG-2 Plug-in, you’ll be able to convert DVDs to DivX for a better digital backup of your personal video collection.