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Morningstar analyst sees charles schwab-fxcm buyout as revenue diversifying,but counter to charles

Morningstar analyst sees charles schwab-fxcm buyout as revenue diversifying,but counter to charlesMorningstar Analyst Sees Charles Schwab-FXCM Buyout As 'Revenue Diversifying,' But 'Counter To Charles Schwab Image'

Speaking to Benzinga, Morningstar Analyst Michael Wong said that a Charles Schwab Corp (NYSE: SCHW ) buyout of FXCM Inc (NYSE: FXCM ) would be “revenue diversifying,” but quickly added that it would be a bit outside of Charles Schwabs character.

Charles Schwab recently has been focused primarily on delving out a wealth management-type business and has not really been as interested in expanding internationally, nor has focused as much on the active trade,” he said.

Wong explained that retail forex trading is much more focused outside the United States in places like Europe and Asia, in addition to being more focused on people willing to take highly leveraged positions (and those who generally trade more frequently).

Wong pointed out that TD Ameritrade Holding Corp. (NYSE: AMTD ) had even come out and said that it wasnt interested in acquiring a forex broker.

“With Charles Schwab trying to make that further push into wealth management-type strategies, going further into active trader, highly-leveraged international operations just doesnt fit in with the image theyre trying to project at the moment,” Wong said.

He concluded that the acquisition would be business diversifying, but is counter to the image portrayal of Charles Schwab.

Charles Schwab traded roughly 0.90 percent lower in Fridays session, while FXCM was down 22.26 percent.

Shares of TD Ameritrade were down 0.18 percent.

Brianna Valleskey contributed to this report.

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Charles schwab

Charles schwabCharles Schwab

Bottom line

Experts say Charles Schwab has excellent investment tools, research and customer support -- all available online and in person at hundreds of branch locations. At about $9 per trade, costs are not the lowest around, though Schwab is a full-service brokerage.

Ease of use

Account minimum may be waived. Signing up with Charles Schwab is relatively easy, and the $1,000 minimum investment can be waived with regular deposits. The company's revamped and simplified website is much easier to use, reviewers say, and its StreetSmart Edge platform is "highly flexible," according to the expert at Reviews.

Among its benefits are customizable charts and tools, so you can see the information that's most important to you. Schwab also has outstanding research -- especially for mutual funds and ETFs, according to the American Association of Individual Investors -- all for free with an account. Mobile trading is available for Android, iPad and iPhone, and mobile deposits are offered.

Pricing and services

Moderate costs, many investment options. Charles Schwab's costs are moderate (Est. $9 per online equity trade). Minimums aren't too high (Est. $1,000 for a variety of IRAs, brokerage accounts and even Education Savings Accounts) and can be waived. There are no account maintenance fees and broker-assisted fees aren't too high (Est. $25 plus the original trade fee). Many mutual funds are free to trade online, but transaction-fee funds (Est. $76) are on the high end. There are a wealth of investment options, including mutual funds, ETFs, stocks, options and stocks in 35 countries as well as 60 global exchanges. Futures trades can be made through the company's subsidiary, OptionsXpress.

Customer service

24/7 phone support and retail brokerages. Charles Schwab offers superior customer service, including 24-hour phone support and 300 brokerage offices for face-to-face assistance. There is also email and live chat support, but no online community. The company's investment research (both in-house and third-party) is praised by experts and includes extensive information on global stocks and industries. StockBrokers rates Schwab first in research, in part due to its in-house ratings of 3,000 stocks. If your trading needs are simple, Scottrade (Est. $7 per trade) offers lower commissions and fees, and has more than 500 branch locations throughout the U. S.

Schwab global account

Schwab global accountThe Schwab Global Account lets you trade stocks online based on your needs.

Learn about global investing capabilities available in the Schwab Global Account.

What do I get with a Schwab Global Account?

Trade stocks directly online through Schwab in 12 of the top-traded foreign markets in their local currencies.

Get Started.

Account fees and commissions

Equity trading commissions in foreign currency 1

Foreign Currency Conversion Fees

American Depositary Receipts (ADRs) are securities that represent shares in a foreign stock traded on U. S. exchanges in U. S. dollars.

Foreign ordinary or foreign over-the-counter securities (FOTCs) are shares of foreign companies that are traded on the U. S. over-the-counter market by a U. S. market maker.

1. The list of countries and fees is subject to change without notice. For country-specific fee details, please reference the Charles Schwab Pricing Guide for Individual Investors .

Schwab one®brokerage account

Schwab one®brokerage accountSchwab One® Brokerage Account

Our popular brokerage account lets you invest in everything from stocks and bonds to mutual funds, ETFs, and more. Take advantage of all our research and tools, expert insight, and investment guidance to support your investing decisions.

What do I get with this account?

By opening a brokerage account with Charles Schwab, you'll get:

An easy way to trade stocks, options, bonds, ETFs, mutual funds, CDs, and more 1

Access to proprietary and third-party research and tools

Expert perspective advice on markets and investing

24/7 service and support

Ability to manage your money and deposits from anywhere using Schwab Mobile

No account opening fees, low minimum

No fees to open or maintain an account. Other account fees, fund expenses, and brokerage commissions may apply

$1,000 minimum investment to open an account 2

Commissions: $8.95 per online equity trade 3 ; commission-free Schwab ETF online trades in your Schwab account 4

Schwab starting local currency foreign stock trade

Schwab starting local currency foreign stock trade(Schwab To Launch Currency Trading Next Year, published at 9:22 a. m. EDT, incorrectly described the new service. The correct version follows.)

Charles Schwab Corp. SCHW, -1.46% clients will be able to trade foreign equities in their local currencies starting early next year, as the San Francisco online brokerage looks to expand its reach in global markets.

As our clients continue to take a broader world view with their portfolios and their long-term goals, we want to be sure they have a platform that lets them access global markets seamlessly, said Schwab executive Brian McDonald.

Schwab on Wednesday said it would partner with securities-processing firm Broadridge Financial Solutions Inc. BR, -2.91% to launch the new service.

The brokerage cited a growing client interest in foreign equity trading as cause for the launch, which will allow Schwab clients to access markets like Japan and Australia using currencies like the Japanese yen and Australian dollar. Last fall, the company introduced trading in over-the-counter foreign stocks.

The launch comes ahead of Schwab's expected foray into foreign currency trading. Schwab's acquisition earlier this year of optionsXpress Holdings Inc. OXPS expected to close in the third quarter, was made in part because of optionXpress's development of a currency-trading offering.

Shares of Schwab were recently up 2% to $15.74.

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10charles schwab

10charles schwab#10 Charles Schwab

Identifying market conditions with chart tools

Risk management features to develop your portfolio

Decision support and analysis of real-time strategy

Finance management through consolidation of assets

Web tools ensuring browser compatibility

Charles Schwab is one of the most trusted securities companies in the world. It allows customers to manage their finances effectively upon a dynamic online trading platform. With their multiple ranges of investments, Charles Schwab makes it easier for investors of all levels to earn maximized returns on their vested amounts.

Charles Schwab offers competitive rates for executing the trades, and this helps them survive a steep competition. You’ll know what you exactly need to bear since they don’t charge any hidden or extra fees. Trading ETFs offered by Charles Schwab is absolutely free. It is always much better to get in touch with experts and seek advice since it’s natural for you to get confused while picking one out of the several investment types.

Charles Schwab is a leader in the stock-trading market online. Investors of various levels seek their services. They have introduced some advanced tools and tiered structure that enables investors to move their way up.

Commissions Fees

The commission schedule of Charles Schwab is tiered depending on your trades volume or balance each year. When your trades on a particular year go beyond 120, or when your balance goes beyond a million, they’d charge you only $8.95 per trade. They would also offer a pretty competitive rate for online option trades. For this, they’d only charge $8.95 and an additional $0.75 for each contract.

The classification of margin rates would also depend on the balance from base with an additional 2% to base with an additional .50%.

Types of Investments

This online broker allows you to invest money in about everything you choose. The basic investments would come in the form of exchange-traded funds, futures, mutual funds, options and stocks. The fixed income investments that they offer include CDs, treasury issues, bonds and more. Their offers also include margin loans, money market funds, annuities and mutual funds. You’ll also gain a trading entry to Canadian foreign orders, WEBs, ADRs and non-U. S. securities.

Watch lists, streaming news and interactive charts

Mobile apps for iPhone and Android

Desktop application featuring a variety of tools

Accounts without any fees

Investment and trade education materials for free

Schwab expert research and market commentary

The tools that you’ll need for the Charles Schwab trading software are exactly the ones included in this platform. Once you know how to use it, things become a lot easier for you.

Investing Trading Tools

The customizable desktop that Charles Schwab offers bears graphs, charts, watch lists, screeners, option chains, level II quotes, level I quotes, alerts and many other things. A few educational resources that you may need for making wise investments decisions are also provided by them. These resources many include Market Edge® commentary on market, analyst research reports, as well as streaming news. To add more to your investment knowledge, you may attend live workshops online. These workshops are held frequently and cover various topics.

The investment package offered by Charles Schwab suits both the retirement investors who plan for the long run as well as the frequent traders. Charles Schwab has some 300 offices all over the country to cater to the investment needs of their clients. Their fresh client services, existing client services and brokerage services are there for you 24/7. You may get in touch with their reps through email or phone.

Schwab trading services

Schwab trading servicesSchwab Trading Services™

What do I get with Trading Services?

Powerful, easy-to-use trading tools including StreetSmart Edge ® and StreetSmart ®

Extensive on-demand and live education developed just for traders

Priority access to dedicated trading specialists

Access to the Schwab Trading Community with over 10,000 trading service client members

What are the fees and commissions?

The fees and commissions associated with Schwab Trading Services are the same as other Schwab accounts:

To be enrolled in Trading Services, open an account online using the ‘Apply now’ button on this page or call us.

Already a client? Log in to enroll an existing Schwab brokerage account online.

Schwab takes aim at forex market

Schwab takes aim at forex marketSchwab Takes Aim at Forex Market

The following commentary comes from an independent investor or market observer as part of TheStreet's guest contributor program, which is separate from the company's news coverage.

NEW YORK ( Trefis ) - Charles Schwab ( SCHW ) recently announced its decision to acquire optionsXpress ( OXPS ) in a friendly all-stock deal, as the company takes aim at the growing foreign exchange market.

The move adds to Schwab's arsenal as it competes with firms like E-Trade ( ETFC ), Ameritrade ( AMTD ), Fidelity and Bank of America ( BAC ).

Our $19.74 price estimate for Charles Schwab implies a roughly 10% premium to the stock's market price.

The gradual improvement in the global economy since 2008??s downturn has seen the foreign exchange market surpass its size in 2007 in terms of average daily trading volumes. Overall daily forex trading volumes in 2010 were estimated to be nearly $4 trillion, with retail forex volumes making about $313 million, a share of less than 8%.

The size of the opportunity that exists in forex trading for online brokerage firms can be understood by the fact that retail forex volumes are more than 30% larger than the average daily turnover for equity markets.

Forex Capital Markets ( FXCM ) is an established online forex trading firm that has an advantage over online brokerage firms when it comes to forex trading. Ameritrade was the first among the big online brokerage firms to provide forex trading, with the acquisition of thinkorswim in 2009. Currency and futures trading contributes to about 6% of Ameritrade's total trading volume.

Online brokerages primarily compete on factors like commissions and fees, types of investment products offered, research and advice for investors, and customer service. With retail investors looking for a one-stop-shop for all their financial transactions, and with forex trading becoming increasingly popular, Schwab cannot afford to be left out.

Assuming that Schwab adds forex trading to its portfolio of offerings, and this results in an almost 6% growth in the number of trades (as demonstrated by Ameritrade), we can estimate a 6% increase in the average number of trades per brokerage account.

Our base case estimates project 8.8 trades per brokerage account (on average) in 2011. Given the potential 6% increase, this number could grow to 9.3 trades per brokerage account.

While this scenario would provide a slight increase to our $19.74 price estimate for Charles Schwab, the real benefit to the company would come from its ability to maintain existing customers that are interested in forex trading platforms.

Charles schwab corporation

Charles schwab corporationPublic Company Information:

"Schwab Trader Day is just one element of our robust education offering, and by bringing this event to a virtual online environment, we’ll be able to offer valuable insights and information to more participants than ever before."

SAN FRANCISCO--(BUSINESS WIRE )--Charles Schwab is expanding its education program for active traders by providing live online access to the next Schwab Trader Day. For the first time, active traders will be able to participate in this in-person event by streaming live workshops on essential trading topics and visiting the virtual exhibit hall directly from their home computers.

“To navigate today’s markets, our active trader clients tell us they want to expand their knowledge of trading strategies and deepen their understanding of the trading tools that are available to them,” said Brian McDonald, Senior Vice President of Active Trader at Charles Schwab. “Schwab Trader Day is just one element of our robust education offering, and by bringing this event to a virtual online environment, we’ll be able to offer valuable insights and information to more participants than ever before.”

Schwab Trader Day will take place on Saturday, October 20, 2012, in Santa Clara, California. Those interested in attending the free virtual event can visit schwab/traderday to sign up. The selection of workshops and demonstrations available online from the in-person event include:

10:30 – 11:45 a. m. PT . “Strategic Trading with a Macro Perspective,” with Randy Frederick, Managing Director of Active Trading and Derivatives at the Schwab Center for Financial Research 12:45 – 2:00 p. m. PT . “A Structured Approach to Trading” 2:15 – 3:30 p. m. PT . “How to Use Technical Analysis to Find Relative Strength Plays in Any Market”

Between workshops, online participants can download event materials from the Resource Library and visit the virtual Exhibit Hall to chat with Schwab reps. Online platform demos of Schwab’s flagship active trading platform, StreetSmart Edge®, will also be available.

McDonald noted that Schwab’s educational events are continuing to increase in popularity among traders, with more than 3,000 active traders already registered for this virtual event.

Schwab’s virtual Trader Day event is the latest enhancement to the educational resources available to Schwab clients, all free of charge. In addition to periodic Trader Days that are hosted around the country each year to help educate active traders and improve their skills with a variety of educational workshops and exhibits, Schwab also offers live in-branch educational workshops, live online workshops and on-demand online webinars. The Schwab Learning Center provides clients with access to a broad range of educational content at various skill levels and delivery methods, all in an easy-to-navigate, central location where clients can find articles, prerecorded seminars, live events and online webcasts. Within the Learning Center, clients can access an Active Trader catalog that provides clients with educational resources on a range of trading topics tailored to traders.

For more information, or to register online for the Schwab Trader Day, please visit schwab/traderday. For more information about Schwab’s active trader education offering, visit schwabat/education.

About Charles Schwab

The Charles Schwab Corporation (NYSE:SCHW) is a leading provider of financial services, with more than 300 offices and 8.7 million active brokerage accounts, 1.5 million corporate retirement plan participants, 844,000 banking accounts, and $1.89 trillion in client assets. The company was ranked ’Highest in Investor Satisfaction With Self-Directed Services’ in the 2012 US Self-Directed Investor Satisfaction Study SM from J. D Power and Associates. Through its operating subsidiaries, the company provides a full range of securities brokerage, banking, money management and financial advisory services to individual investors and independent investment advisors. Its broker-dealer subsidiary, Charles Schwab Co. Inc. (member SIPC, sipc ), and affiliates offer a complete range of investment services and products including an extensive selection of mutual funds; financial planning and investment advice; retirement plan and equity compensation plan services; compliance and trade monitoring solutions; referrals to independent fee-based investment advisors; and custodial, operational and trading support for independent, fee-based investment advisors through its Advisor Services division. Its banking subsidiary, Charles Schwab Bank (member FDIC and an Equal Housing Lender), provides trust and custody services, banking and mortgage services and products. Investment products offered by Charles Schwab Co. Inc. are not insured by the FDIC, are not deposits or obligations of Charles Schwab Bank, and are subject to investment risk, including the possible loss of principal invested. More information is available at schwab and aboutschwab.


Schwab does not recommend the use of technical analysis as a sole means of investment research.

Charles schwab launches commission free etf trading

Charles schwab launches commission free etf tradingAdvertising

Charles Schwab, one of the largest US brokerages announced the launch of Schwab ETF OneSource™ — a new ETF platform that gives investors and advisors access to the most commission-free ETFs anywhere in the industry.

Schwab clients can buy and sell 105 ETFs with $0 online trade commissions. The offering spans major asset classes, with funds from leading providers, including State Street SPDR® ETFs, Guggenheim Investments, PowerShares, ETF Securities, United States Commodity Funds, and Charles Schwab Investment Management.

“Just as Schwab Mutual Fund OneSource™ changed the landscape for investors and advisors by providing convenient, affordable access to leading mutual funds when Chuck Schwab introduced it twenty years ago, we believe Schwab ETF OneSource will deliver enormous benefit and change the way our clients buy and sell ETFs,” said Walt Bettinger, CEO of Charles Schwab.

Bettinger emphasized that Schwab clients who buy ETFs online through Schwab ETF OneSource will pay exactly the same operating expense ratios (OERs) they would elsewhere, but without paying a commission.

No Commissions, More Control.

“Today’s investors, and the advisors who serve them, want sophisticated, low-cost strategies and more control over their investment choices and outcomes,” said Bettinger. “By working with these leading ETF managers to offer the largest selection, we’ve created a new home for clients to buy and sell ETFs that is an important complement to the tools and resources we offer to help them achieve their goals.”

He elaborated, “Awareness and popularity of ETFs have been growing steadily across the range of investors and advisors. Whether there is interest in broad-based exposure to equity markets, access to a single asset class, or a specific fund that seeks to reduce volatility – Schwab ETF OneSource offers a solution – and we’re helping investors put more of their money to work for them. It’s another example of Schwab challenging the status quo to bring greater value to our clients.”

Cost Matters

According to the 2012 ETF Investor Study by Charles Schwab, released in October of last year, cost is the number one factor investors look at when selecting ETFs. Investors surveyed said they pay the most attention to OERs, followed by trade commissions. Nearly forty percent say the ability to trade ETFs commission-free is either ‘most important’ or ‘very important.’

The same study revealed that investor usage of ETFs is going strong, with 41 percent planning to invest more in ETFs this year. At the same time, there is a distinct need for investor education, with 45 percent calling themselves novices when it comes to understanding ETFs.

Assets in ETFs stand at $1.4 trillion as investors continue to embrace the diversification, low cost, trading flexibility and transparency that ETFs tend to offer.

“Our goal is to make ETF investing accessible, affordable and understandable,” said Peter Crawford, senior vice president of Charles Schwab. “So while Schwab ETF OneSource offers a highly compelling pricing story, this is not about cost alone. Side-by-side with affordability, we also provide the guidance and educational resources to help investors and advisors select the right ETFs to meet their needs.”

New Portfolio-Building Tool

Crawford cited today’s debut of the Schwab ETF Portfolio Builder™ as notable for self-directed clients who want to create all-ETF portfolios that meet their chosen risk profiles. Constructed from standard risk profiles and featuring eight commission-free ETFs at launch (from Charles Schwab Investment Management as well as others), this new tool makes it simple and affordable to build a well-diversified portfolio. Clients choose a risk profile and can adjust the number of shares for each ETF while viewing the impact on their portfolio, and purchase the portfolio online.

The Schwab ETF Portfolio Builder rounds out Schwab’s robust set of tools and resources, which includes:

The recently launched ETF Education Exchange™, another example of industry partnership, where investors have comprehensive access to the latest insights and intelligence from industry-wide ETF thought leaders;

The “ETF Research” tab on Schwab, where investors can access interactive tutorials and education in the “Understanding ETFs” tab to learn how ETFs work, and search for ETFs based on a wide range of criteria using the ETF Screener; and

ETF Select List™, where investors can find high-quality, low-cost ETFs screened by Schwab experts to help fill a gap or develop diversified portfolios.

Currency ETFs have become popular amongst investors as currency pairs have low correlation factor, Forex Magnates team wrote a detailed report on the growing FX Funds market, available in the Q3 quarterly report 2012.

Start trading

Start tradingStart Trading

Checking Linked to Brokerage

Schwab brokerage account applications submitted online and originating from this page will automatically be enrolled in Schwab Trading Services (formerly Active Trader or Active Trading services), which includes access to StreetSmart® trading platforms, the Schwab Trading Community, and priority access to Schwab trading specialists. After the account is opened, Trading Services enrollment is usually completed every hour. For faster enrollment, call 888-245-6864 to speak to a Schwab Trading Services representative. Schwab reserves the right to restrict or modify access at any time.

Charles schwab review

Charles schwab reviewCharles Schwab Review

Exceptional trading tools with StreetSmart Edge:

StreetSmart Edge is a highly flexible trading platform offering a variety of exceptional trading tools to choose from. The Symbol Hub integrates several tools into a single window. You can track multiple ticker symbols in real time while conducting deep research into the financials of the individual companies. StreetSmart Edge also delivers powerful charting tools that allow you to quickly construct basic and complex charts to visualize stock data just the way you want. The platform's pattern recognition tool even highlights important stock trends automatically, giving you more information to assist in your trade decisions. The StreetSmart Edge platform can be downloaded to your home computer or accessed directly online as a cloud application.

No minimums required to use advanced tools:

Unlike many of the other top online brokers in the industry, Charles Schwab offers users access to advanced trading tools without a minimum account balance or trading frequency requirements. You can use the company's StreetSmart Edge trading platform for free, which makes it easy to monitor your orders and trade positions and conduct advanced research within a single integrated environment. Whether you make one or two trades per month or 30 trades every week, you will always have full access to the best research, analysis, charting, and screening tools that Charles Schwab has to offer.

Nationwide locations and 24/7 support:

If you run into difficulty with your account, there is nothing to worry about because Charles Schwab operates a nationwide network of more than 300 traditional retail brokerage offices where you can get one-on-one help when you need it. If there are no office locations near you, or if you need help in a hurry, just call the 24-hour telephone support line for immediate access to a Charles Schwab representative. The company also offers several alternative support services, including email support and a live online chat option on their website. With a solid reputation for quality customer support service, you can trust that Charles Schwab will deliver real answers from real people just when you need them, which is absolutely essential when you have money on the line.

Improving commitment to mobile apps:

Though Charles Schwab was once seen as behind the times in terms of mobile technology, the company has addressed this criticism by releasing several strong Schwab Mobile applications. You can now download full-featured apps for a variety of mobile devices. These secure apps give you the ability to manage your brokerage account, view your stock holdings, track your stocks in real time, and even execute trades instantly from wherever you are. You can even make a same-day mobile deposit to your account by taking a picture of your check, which is pretty useful when you need to fund a trade in a hurry. If you're looking to access advice from Charles Schwab experts on your iPad, download the Charles Schwab On Investing app for timely investing insights across a variety of investment products.

High customer satisfaction for self-directed investors:

Charles Schwab ranks as the overall market leader in customer satisfaction according to a 2012 survey of 3,733 self-directed investors by J. D. Power and Associates. With top scores in the categories of account offerings, information resources, and account information, Charles Schwab is clearly focused on providing the services that its clients need and want. If you're looking for an online broker with a proven reputation among online traders like you, Charles Schwab is hard to beat.

Thorough research materials:

Strong research tools plus access to expert opinions and analysis from investment professionals is a key to savvy investing online. Charles Schwab excels in this category, placing a wealth of data at your fingertips and delivering a variety of advanced tools that you can use to analyze your opportunities and support your investment decisions. You can also read free market commentary and analysis articles produced by Charles Schwab's in-house experts, giving you a unique perspective on investment topics that not all investors can see.

No virtual trading or demo available:

Most prospective clients are sure to be disappointed by the fact that Charles Schwab does not offer virtual trading. Virtual trading capabilities like those offered by other companies in the industry would allow you to test your strategies on Charles Schwab's web-based and StreetSmart Edge trading platforms without using real money. This is an excellent way to build familiarity with an online trading platform and determine whether it's a good fit for your investing needs. As it stands, you can't even try a free demo account to see how the platform works before making a commitment and depositing funds. Though the platform has received very favorable feedback from all types of users, the inability to open a demo account or conduct virtual trades is tough to overlook.

Must open separate account for optionsXpress:

In 2011, Charles Schwab purchased optionsXpress, which offers several features absent from Charles Schwab's online offerings, including access to futures and forex markets. Unfortunately, these services remain outside of a Schwab account, requiring you to open a separate account with optionsXpress to gain access to them. It would be much more convenient if the company simply integrated these services directly into the standard account. In fact, Schwab's competitor, TD Ameritrade, did just this when it acquired the online brokerage firm thinkorswim and integrated many of its trading tools and technology into a standard account.

Need to call in for StreetSmart Edge cloud access:

If you want to get started with the cloud version of the StreetSmart Edge trading platform instead of the desktop version, you can expect a short delay. Instead of simply logging in to the platform with your account details, you are required to call in to a company representative to request access. This is a relatively minor annoyance, but an annoyance no less.

No access to forex or futures markets:

If you want access to forex or futures markets, you will have to look elsewhere as Charles Schwab won't suffice. To gain access to these markets, you have to open a separate trading account with optionsXpress, a Charles Schwab subsidiary that remains a separate entity. Having access to stock, options, futures, and forex trading in a single platform is common with other major brokers, but Schwab simply doesn't offer it.

Beginner sguide to charles schwab online brokerage

Beginner sguide to charles schwab online brokerageBeginner's Guide To Charles Schwab Online Brokerage - Introduction

Welcome to the Beginner's Guide to Charles Schwab, where you will find an overview of the Schwab website, followed by a look at the products available through Charles Schwab. There will also be a discussion of the research available on the website as well as the various types of financial guidance that Schwab offers. This guide will provide an overview of the trading tools that Schwab offers as well as tips on how to execute trades on the site.

This Beginner's Guide should provide readers with a strong understanding of the capabilities of Schwab, and a foundation to begin exploring the system. However, as with any website, the best way to really become comfortable with the site is by actually using it.

Note: some of the tools described in this article are available to anybody who visits schwab . while other tools are only available to those who have a Schwab account. Once you're on the website, if you have additional questions not addressed in this guide, be sure to contact Schwab's customer service, which should be able to provide any assistance you require.

Beginner's Guide To Charles Schwab Online Brokerage - Trading

Although Schwab has evolved to become much more than just an online trading system, it has retained its robust trading capabilities. While not the least expensive online trading platform available, the trade fees on Schwab are reasonable, particularly considering the other tools the system offers. In this section, we will examine how to use Schwab to trade various asset classes, including: stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and futures and options. We will also take a look at how to utilize some of the trading tools Schwab offers, such as the watch list.

Stocks and ETFs

It is quite easy to trade stocks and ETFs on Schwab. There are several ways to begin entering a trade. If you already own the security that you are interested in buying or selling, you can go to your portfolio holdings screen and under the "next steps" tab for the security in question you can choose to execute a trade. Another way to begin trading is to pull up a quote for the security on the bottom of your screen.

Along with information such as the bid price and ask price and daily volume. you'll also find a choice to buy or sell the security. Finally, you can go to the trade channel of the website which will then give you options for trading any type of security you might be considering. Regardless of how you choose to begin a trade, you have your choice of order type such as "market order ," "limit order " or "stop order ."

Because trading bonds is usually driven by what is available for purchase as much as by what you are looking to buy, the process for trading bonds is a little bit different than for trading stocks or ETFs. The best place to begin is by entering the "bonds" section of the trade channel of the website. There are then two main ways to look for bonds that you're interested in purchasing.

When you first enter the bonds section, you'll see a matrix of fixed income yields by asset class and maturity. If, for example, you're looking for a Treasury bond with a two-year maturity, then you would click on that part of the matrix, and if you are looking for an "A-rated" 10-year corporate bond, then you click on that part of the matrix. Doing this will bring you to a new page that lists all of the bond offerings that meet your criteria. You can then choose which one you are interested in purchasing, click on the appropriate issue and execute your trade. Once you click on the buy tab for the bond you want to purchase, you'll be given a choice to specify what quantity you are looking to purchase, as well as whether you want to enter a limit or market order.

If you have a more specific idea of the type of bond you're looking for, instead of using the matrix, you can go to the "find bonds" area of the website. This function offers a variety of drop-down menus that allow you to set parameters for the type of bond you're buying. Once you've chosen the various criteria, a list of offerings that meet your specifications will pop up and you can then choose the bond you wish to purchase.

One other difference between trading bonds on Schwab and trading stocks on Schwab is that with stocks, the process of buying and selling is identical. However, when it comes to bonds, you will follow a different process if you wish to sell your bonds than you did when you wanted to purchase them. While you can electronically execute your orders for purchases, sales are not automatically executed. Instead, you submit a bid request, and then have a choice of whether or not to accept the bid prior to executing the trade.

Mutual Funds

The process for trading mutual funds is very similar to that of trading stocks and ETFs. The difference is that while orders for stocks are executed immediately, and you have the choice of what type of order to put in, mutual funds orders are executed at the end of the day and there is no choice of entering a limit or market order. With mutual funds, Schwab also gives you the option of specifying your purchase amount in either shares or dollars, and you can decide whether you want capital gains and interest distributed to you or directly reinvested in shares of the fund.

Finally, you can choose to make a one-time purchase of the fund or to enroll in an automatic purchase plan in which you buy a set dollar amount of the fund on a regular basis. (Note: automatic purchase plans are great tools for dollar cost averaging into an investment, as well as for bringing discipline to the investment process. Automatic purchase plans also often allow you to begin with an initial investment of less than the usual required fund minimum which can be helpful on funds with large initial purchase requirements.)

Futures and Options

Although you can trade options directly through your traditional Schwab account, advanced users of futures and options may want to consider signing up for a separate "options Xpress" account. Options Xpress is a firm that Schwab recently purchased to enhance its futures options capabilities. Now part of Schwab and accessed through the Schwab website, options Xpress is a dedicated futures options provider that offers online users a suite of research and trading tools dedicated specifically to the futures and options markets. Some of the tools users will find include: the ability to calculate option values based on their own assumptions of the variables, the ability to track the "Greeks " in real-time, and the ability to easily enter complex trades involving multiple options contracts.

Top10online stock trading companies

Top10online stock trading companiesTop 10 Online Stock Trading Companies

Charles Schwab

In 2009, Charles Schwab received the award for the highest customer satisfaction from J. D. Power and Associates. The highly reputable global marking firm surveyed 5,000 investors using self-directed investments and measured brokers on their account offerings, information resources, account information, trading charges and fees and interaction. The company also received the Tiburuon CEO Summit award for Maintaining a Focus on Consumer Needs in 2009. Charles Schwab offers solid research tools, a broad array of investment products, and the highest level of customer service.


Established in December 2005, TradeKing stresses social networking amongst investors and traders. Business Week referred to TradeKing as MySpace for Traders in an article in 2006. TradeKings website offers a wide-array of educational tools, and in 2007, they released their Options Playbook primer, offering investors a jargon-free education of options trading strategies. TradeKing receives a lot of ink and excitement in the blogging community as well, with numerous reviews and commentary on the companys progress.


Fidelity Investments

TD Ameritrade

E*Trade Financial

Sharebuilder/ING Direct


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