Russian ruble

Russian rubleRussian Ruble

The Russian Ruble (RUB) has been the name of Russias currency since ancient times. The ruble is divided into 100 kopecks.

Read our currency guide about the Russian Ruble (RUB) below:

Common names for Russian Ruble

Py6 and oil cash are two common slang term for the ruble, Russias currency. The short currency symbol used by forex traders and money exchange offices are RUB.

Countries with Russian Ruble

Russia, Abkhazia and South Ossetia are the three countries using Ruble.

How much is the Ruble traded?

RUB is the 10th most traded currency in the world, after the U. S. Dollar. Euro. Yen. Pound. Swiss Franc, Australian Dollar, Swedish Kronor, Singapore Dollars and Hong Kong Dollar.

History of the Russian Ruble

For over 500 years, Ruble has been the currency used in Russia. 1704, under Peter I, one Ruble was equivalent to 28 gram silver. By 2010, there have been 7 different types of rubles with different values.

Currency symbol and ISO-code

The official ISO code used by both online forex traders and foreign exchange offices are RUB.

Currency crisis with the Ruble

At the outbreak of the First World War as Russia jumped out of the foot and the gold ruble fell sharply in value. This led to hyperinflation in the early 1920s.

Bank of Russia

Bank of Russia pursues an inflation rate of 9-10% in 2010. The following objectives are set:

Price stability . Russia grappling with high inflation and doing everything they can to get it down.

Labor . Maintenance of full employment in Russia.

Economic prosperity . Economic prosperity and welfare of the people of Russia.

Monetary regulation . Seeking the maintenance of a stable banking and payment systems.

Online Forex Trading with Ruble

Although the Russian ruble is part of the 10 most actively traded currency pairs, so it is not so common among individuals without Russian origin to trade rubles. The economy and the government is relatively stable and the country is heavily influenced by commodity prices. Russia is usually relatively frequently intervene in currency markets, which tend to scare off some investors.

Ruble vs other currencies

Russian Ruble has proven to be a relatively volantile currency, which fluctuate depending on energy prices, political risk and economic growth.

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Fita is acorporate partner of the uscommercial service

Fita is acorporate partner of the uscommercial serviceFITA is a Corporate Partner of the U. S. Commercial Service

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Russia's WTO Accession, What it Could Mean for Your Business . 02/02/2012 - 02/06/2012 . On June 14th the U. S. Commercial Service will offer a webinar on Russia's Upcoming WTO Accession and Permanent Normal Trade Relations highlighting the implications and opportunities for U. S. Business. This webinar will feature experts on Russia's market and trade policy from the U. S. Embassy in Moscow as well as from the U. S. Commerce Department's Market Access & Compliance unit in Washington, D. C. Topics will include, current market conditions in Russia, Russia's WTO accession, what specific benefits it would bring for US companies, and the status of efforts to establish Permanent, Normal Trade Relations so that U. S. companies can compete on a level playing field in Russia once it becomes a WTO Member. This webinar will take place on June 14 from 11:00 a. m. to 12:00 p. m. EST. The cost to participate in this webinar is $15, payable by credit card. To register please click visit or email Paul Matino .

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Alpari russia announces resumption of usd

Alpari russia announces resumption of usdAdvertising

After suspending trading in light of significant volatility of the Russian ruble on Tuesday, Alpari Russia has reopened trading on the USD/RUB pair. For the time being the company hasnt mentioned anything about the other major Russian ruble cross, the EUR/RUB.

At the time of publication, LMAX Exchange still hadnt restored Russian ruble trading, signaling to traders that liquidity on this market remains excessively thin .

While liquidity remains tight, the moves on the Russian currency market during the past couple of days are nowhere near the carnage observed in what will remain in the history of the Russian financial market as Black Tuesday.

Chatter about a repeat of the 1998 Russian default has been circulating between financial markets aficionados, with the recent round of volatility in the Russian ruble leading many Western dealers to suspend dealing in the currency as clearing and settlement solutions have vanished.

Russian Ruble Daily Chart, Source: NetDania

Alpari was one of the first companies to react to the excessive volatility on the Russian FX market on Tuesday by halting its USD/RUB and EUR/RUB offerings. The firm has also increased its margin requirements on open positions to 1:10.

For the time being, relative exchange rate stability has settled in the Russian forex market. With Christmas and New Year holidays approaching in both the Western and Russian orthodox world, ruble trading is unlikely to remain quiet for too long.

10countries with the biggest forex reserves

10countries with the biggest forex reserves10 Countries With The Biggest Forex Reserves

Foreign currency reserves are vital to a nation's economic well-being. Without adequate reserves, an economy can grind to a halt. The country may be unable to pay for critical imports like crude oil, or service its external debt .

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) defines reserve assets as external assets that a country’s monetary authority can use to meet balance of payments financing needs, use to affect currency exchange rates in currency exchange markets, and other related purposes. Most nations hold the vast majority of their foreign currency reserves in U. S. dollars and a much smaller portion in euros.

A sizeable war chest of foreign currency reserves is especially handy during a currency crisis. since it can be used to defend against speculative attacks on the national currency. Russia, which holds substantial foreign currency reserves, is a good example. In 2014, the United States and the European Union imposed economic sanctions on Russia for its involvement in the Ukraine conflict. Coupled with a 50 percent plunge in the price of crude oil (Russia's largest export and a key driver of its economy), these sanctions severely impacted the Russian economy.

The ruble slid 40 percent against the dollar in 2014, but the outcome could have been far worse had Russia had not intervened in foreign exchange markets to prop up the ruble, expending more than $80 billion of its reserves in doing so.

Here are the ten countries with the largest foreign currency reserve assets as of December 2014. All reserve assets are given in billions of U. S. dollars. (Source: data. imf. China and Taiwan data sourced from websites of their respective central banks.)

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Russian rouble

Russian roubleRussian Rouble

The Russian Ruble (or Rouble) is the official currency of the Russian Federation, as well as South Ossetia and Abkhazia. The ruble is subdivided into 100 kopeks (or kopecks, copecks). There is currently no official symbol for the Ruble, though the abbreviation руб. is widely in use, and the country is considering several other possibilities.

The Russian Federation is one of the worlds largest market economies. By nominal GDP, Russia is ranked as the 10th largest economy in the world (6th largest by Purchasing Power Parity).

Political stability and increased domestic consumption have driven significant growth since the early 2000s. The average salary increased from $80/month in 2000 to

$640/month in 2008. Roughly 14% of Russians lived in poverty in 2010 vs. nearly 40% in 1999.

Oil, natural gasoline, timber, and precious metals represent

80% of exported goods. Agricultural products is also a major export mdash Russia is the third largest grain exporter globally, behind only the United States and European Union.

The Ruble has been the official currency of Russia for nearly 500 years. The kopek was first introduced in 1710, with a value of 1/100th of a Ruble.

In December, 1885, the Russian Ruble was revalued to a gold standard, pegged to the French Franc at 1 Ruble = 4 Francs. This value was revised in 1897 to 1 Ruble = 2 2/3 Francs.

During World War I, the gold standard was dropped leading to devaluation of the Ruble and hyperinflation.

The second Ruble was introduced on January 1, 1922, followed by the third Ruble in January 1923.

The fourth Ruble (or Gold Ruble) was issued in March, 1924.

Following World War II, the fifth Ruble was introduced in 1947, in order to revalue the currency and reduce the amount of paper tender in circulation.

The introduction of the sixth Ruble occurred in 1967, under a similar process to the fifth Ruble issue.

The sixth Ruble remained the official currency of Russia during the transition from the Soviet Union to the modern Russian Federation, though new notes were issued in 1993 to reflect the change.

The seventh Ruble was issued on January 1, 1998, essentially devaluing the Russian Ruble at a rate of 1 new Ruble = 1,000 old Rubles.

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Support and resistance how to trade with support and resistance

Support and resistance how to trade with support and resistanceSupport and Resistance. How to Trade with Support and Resistance

Support and Resistance is a powerful pillar to trading and most strategies have some type of support/resistance (S/R) analysis built into them. Support and Resistance provides the trader many clues about the market and how to trade with it. This is the first part in a multi-part series on support and resistance. Today, we are going to look at what Support and Resistance is and what its benefits are to traders.

Support and Resistance is one of the most widely followed technical analysis techniques in the financial markets. It is a simple method to analyze a chart quickly to determine 3 points of interest to a trader:

Which direction to trade the market Timing an entry in the market Establishing points to exit the market at either a profit of loss

If a trader can answer the 3 items above, then they essentially have a trading idea. Identifying levels of Support and Resistance on a chart can answer those questions for the trader.

What is Support and Resistance?

(Created using FXCMs Marketscope 2.0 charts)

As you can see on the chart above, Support is a price level below which a currency pair has difficulty going and Resistance is a price level above which a pair has difficulty going. Think of the area between support and resistance as being a room. Support is the floor and resistance is the ceiling. The pair will move between those two levels until a “breakout” occurs in one direction or the other.

In theory, support is the price level at which demand (buying power) is strong enough to prevent the price from declining further. The rationale is that, as the price gets closer and closer to support, and becomes cheaper in the process, buyers see a better deal, and are more likely to buy. Sellers become less likely to sell, since they are getting a worse deal. In that scenario, demand (buyers) will overcome supply (sellers) and that will prohibit price from falling below support.

As one might suspect, support does not always hold. When price breaks below support, that behavior indicates that the sellers have won out over the buyers. This breach of support indicates that now the trading mindset is more inclined to sell than buy. After a support level is broken, a trader can expect another level of support to be established at the next point where buyers have established themselves.

Resistance, on the other hand, is the price level at which supply (selling power) is strong enough to prevent the price from rising further. The rationale behind this is that as the price gets closer and closer to resistance, and becomes more expensive in the process, sellers are more likely to sell and buyers become less likely to buy. In that scenario, supply (sellers) will overcome demand (buyers) and that will prohibit price from going above resistance.

Like support, resistance does not always hold and a break above resistance demonstrates that the bulls (buyers) have won out over the bears (sellers). Since resistance has been broken, buyers now have an increased willingness to buy at even higher prices since price has continued to move up, and doesnt look likely to come back down. Once the former resistance level is broken, a new level of resistance will be formed at a level where sellers have taken a stand.

As a general rule, the longer the time frame of the chart, the stronger the established support and resistance levels will be. In other words, support and resistance levels reflected on a Daily chart will be stronger than those appearing on a 1-hour chart, for example.

With this basic introduction, its probably pretty easy to see how beneficial an understanding of support and resistance can be in your trading. Traders who accurately recognize strong support and resistance levels often do much better at locating trading opportunities and often have more confidence in how to manage their trades (where to place their stop loss and take profit levels).

Additional Resources

---Written by Jeremy Wagner, Lead Trading Instructor, DailyFX Education

To contact Jeremy, email jwagnerdailyfx. Follow me on Twitter at JWagnerFXTrader.

To be added to Jeremys e-mail distribution list, send an email with the subject line “Distribution List” to jwagnerdailyfx.

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Information of life

Information of lifeOnline Trading System. Dse

Posted by pipsmaster

Dhaka Stock Exchange will introduce internet-based trading system within six months to expedite stock trading.

For a fast moving market, it is needed to introduce the system, DSE president Rakibur Rahman told reporters after a meeting with the US ambassador James F Moriarty at the bourses auditorium Tuesday.

Well try to introduce the internet-based trading system by six months, he said.

Internet-based or online trading system means buying and selling stocks by giving the order though internet, usually on a brokers form. In this system, buy or sale confirmation is done by mail or e-mail.

The DSE president said the settlement period would also be reduced to one day from existing three days if commercial banks launch online money transaction from one bank to another by December in compliance of the central banks directive.

On Monday, Bangladesh Bank issued a circular that said from now onwards the subscribers would be able to pay utility bills online from their bank accounts and also transfer funds to other banks. It added that transactions between buyers and sellers can also take place online, enabling e-commerce facilities in the country.

Through the online trading system, anybody can observe the market situation on the internet and place buy and sale order through ones respective broker.

Quoting the US ambassador the DSE chief said, He appreciated the development of the Bangladesh stock market and called to enhance transparency and accountability in the market to protect the small investors interest.

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Welcome to our artist trading card(atc)community forums!our focus is on friendly atc and mail artWelcome to our Artist Trading Card (ATC) community forums! Our focus is on friendly ATC and mail art trading and swapping in a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere. Everyone is welcome here. All mediums are welcome too--stamping, painting, drawing, collage, mixed media, fabric, clay--you name it, we do it! And we don't just trade ATCs; there is a lot going on here. This includes chunky books, inchies, rinchines, twinchies, charms, art journals, altered art, Rolodex and rolo trading, and much more. We also have a gallery and trader rating system to facilitate trading between members and keep our community growing. We hope that you will join our family of art lovers and join us in trading art!

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