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1H and 4H trader trading system

Submit by Mike Trader 21/02/2014

1hour and 4 hours trader is an trading system trend-momentum based on the indicators of the trend and the indicators of momentum.

Non lag doT (0, 20);

Ama bands (9, 30, 2),

Stochastic RSI with trend wave (10, 21),

Super trend indicator (20)

Rules for 1hour and 4 hours trader

This is a framework template, the trading with this template is discretionary.

Trade in direction of the trend.

Trade with 3 indicators in the same direction.

Trading in multi time frame: define the trend on the 4 hour chart, after go on the 60 min chart, trade in the direction of the trend of the 4H.

Complex trading system#20(multi-timeframe market analysis)

Complex trading system#20(multi-timeframe market analysis)Complex trading system #20 (Multi-timeframe Market Analysis)

Submitted by User on September 6, 2011 - 00:04.

Submitted by Crystal Markets


Two days ago, a former colleague at my former employment visited me, this time as a student. Having attended several seminal and read so many books needed to know a better way to trade with profits and consistently. I asked if he has a trading system or will have to buy from one of mine. He got one and he explained the setup to me and I found the problem with it.

He was trading the cross of the 14 and 7 SMA in the 1hour timeframe. He shared his DEMO account with me and I studied it and found inconsistencies. Knocked-out with market noise most of the time. I decided to help him fine-tune his trading plan and

Successful trading - you need to have a good understanding of Trend in at least 3 different timeframes. One for the Major Trend, the second for counter trend (retracement) and the last one for entry and exit.


- 14 and 7 SMA

- Default Parabolic SAR

All in Daily, 4hours and 1hour timeframe


Your trend is in the Daily timeframe. BULL trend when the 7SMA is above the 14SMA in the daily timeframe. Your counter trend or retracement is in the 4hour. A counter BUY is when the 4hour is saying SELL. That is when 7SMA is below the 14SMA in 4hour timeframe when the Daily is still BUYING.

The chart of daily timeframe below shows a BUY because the 7SMA blue line is above the 14SMA the red line.

When the trend is determine, it’s good to wait for a retracement or counter trend in 4hour timeframe so you wait for SELL trend in 4hour when the BUY trend still remain in Daily timeframe. The 4hour chart below shows a counter trend.

Now we watch the 1hour timeframe for entry. You want to trade BUY when 7SMA is above 14SMA. Obviously you will have several BUY noise in this timeframe, but the one you want to trade is the BUY at the point where Fisher 10 of 4hour is green. Like the 1hour chart below:

Your stoploss is the lowest Low and you can figure out your take-profit as same pips with Stoploss or more or depending on your risk plan.

Now do you have your favourite indicator and you need the right combination of timeframe to better maximize your use of them,

then visit crystal-markets. blogspot/ for details or contact victor. fxwavegmail . The character of the indicator will help in selecting the right combination.

1hour forex strategy for trading on1hour charts that makes on average870pips per month!

1hour forex strategy for trading on1hour charts that makes on average870pips per month!1 Hour Forex Strategy For Trading On 1 Hour Charts That Makes On Average 870 Pips Per Month!

Watch this 1 Hour Forex Strategy video FREE just now! Download this Forex System FREE that made a gain of 1,306% in 1 month of a forex trading challenge. This 1 Hour Forex Strategy has been developed by Jason Sweezey, a pro forex trader from Ontario, Canada to trade on the 1 hour charts. Once you watch this 1 Hour Forex Video, you will realize how easy it is to trade on the 1H charts. Would you to have a chance to secure a FREE copy of 1 Hour Forex? Well, this just might be your lucky day, because you have 3 chances to win the 1 Hour Forex System FREE! Jason Sweezey is a well known and respected trader so you can be certain that you have a chance to win a system that Actually Works!’

%img src="media. avapartner/banners/p369485172.gif? tag=33247&tag2=

This 1 Hour Forex Charts Strategy is Not like all the useless Free junk you’ve gotten from other so called gurus before…You could be 1 of The lucky 3 who win. Useless junk, just: “100% Pure Price Action!” We know you been taken before! We know how frustrated you got, but we can assure you this is different! A lot different! Because we got rid of all the useless tools that cause you to fail. So pick yourself up off the floor and try 1 Hour Forex today! Your trading account will forever thank you.

Mark McRae: Heres how you can get the One Hour Forex system that is perfect for busy people. I just spent 99 minutes reviewing Jason Sweezeys new One Hour Forex system. I did this on Sunday, basically because I dont have a life, and watching T. V. makes me want drink hard liquor. From now on I have decided to call all the real traders I know RTs. In fact, I may invent a whole new language around whats real in Forex, so only people like you and me will know what we are saying should we ever be in the presence of a non RT.

Jason released a system a few years ago (it might be less, I cant remember when it was), which I thought was pretty good. You probably never heard of it because Jason is not on the magic roundabout of marketing hype. He just released his system, people liked it, and he kind of stayed under the radar.

Thats just how he likes it.

He now has a new system that I think would suit someone who hasnt been hitting home runs lately, or needs a simple system thats fast to learn and easy to trade. Jason uses the system every day, hes a RT and his system is simple and effective. BUT, heres how you might be able to get a copy for FREE if the winds of fortune are smiling on you today. Three lucky people will get a copy of his One Hour Forex system, just for going here: Jason has built a solid reputation in the Forex market over the last few years and he is one of the few RTs who cares what happens after he makes the sale.

%img src="media. avapartner/banners/p369485172.gif? tag=33247&tag2=

1hour simple trading method

1hour simple trading method1 Hour Simple Trading method

1 Hour Chart, Profitable and Simple Trading Method

Hello everyone this will be my first thread that involves a using a system that is methodical and fairly easy to understand so go easy on me please lol. i have gathered tools and indicators that i have found useful from other people and combined it into my own trading style. let me know what you think about it and any sucess stories i would appreciate it

Chart setup is as follows:

1 hour chart with candlesticks


13 EMA - white, faster moving markets sometimes i change to 8 also it isnt on my screen shot but i do use it, sorry about that

200 EMA Rasta color Up= Green, Consolidating= Yellow, Down=Red

MBT Pivot and MBT mid Pivots

CI arrows_v1.1 Also at 20 and the level where you get alert arrows are at 100 and -100, there is also and e mail alert you can take advantage of as well

Bolinger bands at 30

Indidcator Windows:

Stochastic at 14, 3, 3

MACD Taditional stock settings 12, 26, 9

CCI at 20, not 14 which is the stock setting

The first CCI is a line histogram for a nice visual of the slope of the the line that generally coincides with the stochastics

Rules are: There are no rules just guidelines and common sense, but here are a few.

Use the 200 EMA to determine genaral trend and wait for a signal from the cci that follows the trend

if your going to counter trend trade make sure price is very far from the 200 and be cautious cause the trend is you friend, but generally i dont reccomend it.

i will add srceen shots and all the idicators i use so its easier to visualize and understand. i have tried to simplify what i look at as much as possible so there is less emotional thinking and more technical thinking.

I will be uplading screen shot of yesterdays AUD/USD trade that i took that is a good example and the screen shot will also show more than just one trade. i have seen way too many threads where people just show one trade. So remeber as of right now we are in a down trend in the AUD/USD so the shorts are more profitable than the longs. Also the 1 hour charts seems to give me more free time and less time staring at the charts cause it can get overwhelming at times and thats when you start to miss the important clues of the bigger picture.

Side Note if price is braiding inside the 34s is probably consolidating

And, my roll over is at 2:00 o'clock Pacific Standard time, 5:00 o'clock EST thats where my pivots change

CCI arrows shows and extremely profitable Short entry last night at about 7 o'clock PST with a very safe entry and a minimal to no draw down which doesnt always happen but it is sweet when there is a minimal draw down.

Thanks for listening and i would appreciate feed back. this system works on all currencies but you may have to look around for ones or put them on the ones you normally trade. Good luck! I really like this and hope it can help people that are new or searching for something somewhat idiot proof cause believe me we have all been there especially me. Cheers


Also please be aware i am just trying to help and trading involves risk and you can hold no one other than your self accountable for you sucess or failure. only you can decide when to trade and when not to. i am a firm believer that every humans destiny is mostly based on his or her own decisions and actions. And i can not be held accountable for something you decide to do or not do LOL. Thanks For your time

30pips with-1hour forex-and potenzafx2

30pips with-1hour forex-and potenzafx230 Pips with 1 Hour Forex and PotenzaFX 2

yesterday at about 9.30am New York time I took a nice short trade on EURUSD using the 1 Hour Forex system published by Jason Sweezey . It was short EURUSD 1.3031, TP 1.3001, SL 1.3051. The risk/reward ratio was pretty good for this trade: 20/30 = 0.67. Here is the screenshot showing the trade from start to finish:

This trade was not an easy ride because it lasted more than 1 hour with many ups and downs. However it never got close to the stop loss. As always Id like to share my reasoning behind this trade. First of all right now Im completely flat in my live forex accounts. I like to trade mainly EURUSD with a medium term perspective (a swing trading that is perfect to do watching 4H charts with PotenzaFX Indicators) and at the moment being long or short this pair seems too risky to me. We are near end-of-year holidays with low liquidity and at the same time EURUSD is at a critical price area. While sentiment is extremely bearish on this pair, the current price area is also a perfect reversal area, so I dont feel comfortable being long nor short.

And here is where a trading system like 1 Hour Forex comes into play. I wanted a quick scalp trade with no medium/long term commitment And I know that Jasons rules are perfect for this kind of stuff . So I left open a H1 chart with Jasons template and began looking for a trading opportunity around the opening of New York session. As we know the first hours of the London and New York sessions are the best hours for trading this system. About 10 minutes before 9am it was clear that the next hourly candle could be the right setup candle for a scalp trade. At about a quarter past 9 the trading setup was completed and I entered a sell stop order 1.3031 with fixed stop loss and take profit levels. Then I had to wait other 15 minutes to see the stop order being triggered. This is necessary because the trading setup could be invalidated by a new price action and in this case the stop order must be removed. Once the trade was triggered at 9.32am I just let it run. And it brought home 30 sweet pips (thats 300 USD trading 1 lot) . Not bad at all. Another wonderful winner with this amazing system ??

I guess you are wondering why I showed a PotenzaFX chart for a trade executed using 1 Hour Forex . The point is I love PotenzaFX and it can be always used as a nice confirmation for any trade, on any timeframe . So I also had a 1 minute EURUSD chart opened with PotenzaFX template attached. I wanted to see if PotenzaFX was able to confirm the trade or rather was raising a red flag on this trade. I was amazed to see that PotenzaFX generated a sell signal right before the stop order was triggered, exactly at 1.3031. Therefore it was a very cool confirmation to my scalp trade.

If you already bought the 1 Hour Forex trading system I encourage you to study the system and master it executing live trades (first on a demo account or using microlots on a live account). If you dont know this system yet, you can find more info on this page .

If you dont know our powerful PotenzaFX indicators and how they can be used to build a solid trading system or as confirmation for virtually every trading strategy, then read this page: PotenzaFX Indicators .

I wish you success with your trading ??

First64-bit firefox build released,promising speed boost and beefier web gaming

First64-bit firefox build released,promising speed boost and beefier web gamingFirst 64-bit Firefox build released, promising speed boost and beefier web gaming

Mar 3, 2015 6:53 AM

Mozilla has joined the 64-bit browsing party with Firefox for Windows, but only in the Developer Edition for now.

The Developer Edition is a special version of Firefox with built-in tools for creating websites and web apps. While OS X and Linux already have a 64-bit version, Mozilla is just adding a Windows build with 64-bit support now.

The main advantage of 64-bit browsing is the ability to address more than 4 GB of RAM, allowing for beefier web apps. As an example, Mozilla points to games that run on Epic's Unreal Engine, noting that a 64-bit browser can store significantly more assets in memory. “For some of the largest of these apps, a 64-bit browser means the difference between whether or not a game will run,” Mozilla wrote in a blog post.

An Unreal Engine game running inside 64-bit Firefox.

Beyond the additional memory, Mozilla says the 64-bit browser is simply faster, speeding up JavaScript code through new hardware registers and instructions that aren't available with the 32-bit version. In one test of certain JavaScript applications, throughput improved by 8 percent to 17 percent.

It's unclear when 64-bit browsing will make its way to the main version of Firefox for Windows. But given that the Developer Edition is on version number 38, and the stable version is on 36, a mainstream release is probably a few months out. If you're running the Developer Edition now and want to switch to 64-bit, Mozilla recommends uninstalling the Win32 without deleting your profile, and then downloading the 64-bit version.

Why this matters: Internet Explorer and Chrome already offer 64-bit browsers, so you might view Firefox as merely hopping on the trend. Still, it's telling that Mozilla called out gaming as a potential application. The group has been a major proponent of gaming in the browser, collaborating with Unity on a tool to port games to the web without plug-ins, and working with Epic Games on a web version of Unreal Engine 4. Powerful web-based gaming has been a dream for years, and 64-bit browsing is a key piece of the puzzle.

Learn forex asimple stochastics strategy

Learn forex asimple stochastics strategyLearn Forex: A Simple Stochastics Strategy

Article Summary: Creating a Forex trading strategy does not have to be a difficult process. Today we will review a simple Stochastics strategy for trending markets.

When choosing a trading strategy, new traders often become confused by all the variables and indicators available to consider. Ultimately the key to trading success is finding a simple strategy that you understand, and have the ability to replicate. Today we are going to review the basics of creating a simple strategy by finding the trend then applying the Stochastics Oscillator.

Find the Trend

Before we enter into any trade, we need to find market direction by trend identification. Below we have the EURGBP on a 4Hour Chart. We can see the pair is making new highs while establishing higher lows. This is the first sign that the EURGBP is trading in a strong uptrend. This analysis can be confirmed by the use of a 200 SMA. Traditionally traders are bullish when price is above the 200 SMA and bearish if price resides under the indicator.

Given the information above traders should look to buy the EURGBP. If the trend continues, prices are expected to make higher highs.

Learn Forex EURGBP 4Hour Trend

(Created using FXCMs Marketscope 2.0 charts)

Entries with Stochastics

Once market direction is identified, we can then use an indicator to enter into the market. Below we can see the Stochastics (SSD) Oscillator on a 1Hour chart. Since we are only looking to buy in an uptrend, it is important to identify areas where the market is oversold. The Stochastics indicator marks this with the 20 level running horizontally along the indicator. Traders looking to buy a retracement can then enter the market when then %K value crosses above the %D value signaling a return to bullish momentum.

Below you will find several sample entries using Stochastics. The arrows below price have been included on the chart to better understand where execution may occur.

Learn Forex EURGBP 1Hour Entries

(Created using FXCMs Marketscope 2.0 charts)

Exiting Positions

Now that a trade has been opened, traders need to have a plan to exit the market. This is the final step in developing a successful strategy! Traders may choose a variety of stop / limit and risk reward combinations here to suit their trading needs. However, if you are already using the Stochastics Oscillator for entries, you can also use it to plan your market exit. If we are buying on a return to bullish momentum, traders should conclude buying when momentum subsides. This can be found when %K crosses back below %D. The green arrows below have identified where our sample trades would be closed using this technique.

Regardless of the methodology chosen, it is always important to have a plan to exit the market. Once you have this final component in place, you then proceed to test your strategy live in the Forex market.

Learn Forex EURGBP 1Hour Exits

---Written by Walker England, Trading Instructor

To contact Walker, email WEnglandFXCM. Follow me on Twitter at WEnglandFX.

To be added to Walkers e-mail distribution list, send an email with the subject line “Distribution List” to WEnglandFXCM.

Been trading FX but wanting to learn more? Been trading other markets, but not sure where to start you forex analysis? Register and take this Trader Quiz where upon completion you will be provided with a curriculum of resources geared towards your learning experience.

DailyFX provides forex news and technical analysis on the trends that influence the global currency markets.

Learn forex trading with a free practice account and trading charts from FXCM.

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Adri gold trading system

Adri gold trading systemAdri Gold Trading System

Adri Gold Trading System

Download 2123 downloads

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PZ Day Trading Indicator, with thewords of the developers, uses only price action to pick. read more

Winning Profitable Forex System ">

Suggested Time Frame: 1Hour BUY: Entry point: MegaFxProfit arrow ^ (One Candle MUST close so to be. read more

This is a trend following system. This trading system is for Metatrader 4. The metatrader indicators. read more

Timeframe: 1-hour. In this system, we use 3 indicators: 1. 5-period Exponential Moving Average (EMA 5) applied. read more

1hour binary options trading erfahrung strategy-real-time free signals

1hour binary options trading erfahrung strategy-real-time free signals1 hour binary options trading erfahrung strategy Real-time Free signals. timpelton

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1hour forex trading strategy

1hour forex trading strategySymphonie Extreme Cycle, Market Emotions & Symphonie Sentiment Forex Trading Strategy

Symphonie Extreme Cycle Indicator

Market Emotions V2 (7)

Symphonie Sentiment Indicator

Enter a LONG position when the Symphonie Extreme Cycle indicator forms a downward arrow head below the zero horizontal mark, with increased in the BUY intensity when a blue bar divides the arrow head. The corresponding color of the histograms of the Market Emotions and Symphonie Sentiment indicator turns blue. This is a LONG position.

The stop loss for this strategy should be based on your money management rule, but I’ll advice a +45 pips stop loss plus spread.

Exit Strategy/Take Profit:

Exit your position when the Symphonie Extreme Cycle indicator forms an upward arrow head above the zero mark.

Symphonie Extreme Cycle, Market Emotions Symphonie Sentiment Forex Trading Strategy Buy Signal

The chart above shows the various conditions for our BUY entry, as the Symphonie Extreme Cycle forms a downward arrow below the zero mark and at the same time the Sentiment Direction and Market Emotions both display blue histograms in a corresponding manner. This is a BUY trigger.

SELL on your position when the Symphonie Extreme Cycle indicator forms an upward arrow head above the zero horizontal mark, with increased in the BEARISH intensity when a red bar divides the arrow head. The corresponding color of the histograms of the Market Emotions and Symphonie Sentiment indicator turns red, signaling for a SELL entry.

The stop loss for this strategy should be based on your money management rule, but I’ll advice a +45 pips stop loss plus spread.

Exit Strategy/Take Profit:

Exit your position when the Symphonie Extreme Cycle indicator forms alower arrow head below the zero mark.

Symphonie Extreme Cycle, Market Emotions Symphonie Sentiment Forex Trading Strategy Sell Signal

The sell alert was triggered when the Symphonie Extreme Cycle formed an upward arrow head with a red stroke dividing it (showing a high sell probability), while the Market Emotions Indicator and Symphonie Sentiment both form red histograms. Our exit strategy is triggered when the Symphonie Extreme Cycle forms a downward arrow head as shown in the chart above.

Download Indicators and Templates (Metatrader)

Stoch, StepMA and Tro Tunnel Dragon Forex Trading Strategy

Parabolic SAR (0.02, 0.20)

Enter a Long position when price breaks above the upper outer boundary of the TRO Tunnel Dragon indicator as well as the StepMA indicator line.

Place your stop loss below the lower outer boundary of the TRO Tunnel Dragon indicator.

Exit Strategy/Take Profit:

Take profit or exit your position when the Parabolic SAR forms its first dot above the candlestick.

Stoch, StepMA and Tro Tunnel Dragon Forex Trading Strategy Buy Signal

Our example depicts the various indicators used for our BUY entry, price went above the StepMA and further above the TRO Tunnel Gragon channel. Our LONG entry was closed when the Parabolic SAR formed on the reverse side as shown on the chart.

Go SHORT when price breaks below the lower outer boundary of the TRO Tunnel Dragon indicator as well as goes below the StepMA indicator line.

Place your stop loss above the upper outer boundary of the TRO Tunnel Dragon indicator.

Exit Strategy/Take Profit:

Take profit or exit your position when the Parabolic SAR forms its first dot below the candlestick.

The underlying concept of Inside Bar Breakout Trading Strategy is based on the. 2 hour or 1 hour. Anatasius, forex trading, Inside Bar Breakout. Стратегия форекс 10 пунктов по eurusd имеет бесчисленное множество разновидностей и чем H Trader Forex Trading System;. 538# The Best Contrarian Forex Strategy; 539# 1 hour and 4 hours trading; 540# Dolly Breakout trading system;

Trading systems based on fast moving averages are quite easy to follow. Let's take a look at this simple system. Currency pairs ANY Time frame chart 1 hour or 15. Интернет трейдинг на Forex через компанию Forex4you имеет множество преимуществ удобство. You Might Also Like Support And Resistance Forex Trading Strategy. Double Oscillator Forex Trading Strategy. Forex SlingShot 30M Trading Strategy.

Menu. ОБУЧЕНИЕ. ОТЗЫВЫ о курсе Безопасный форекс 2/2014? ПЛАТНОЕ ОБУЧЕНИЕ. Курс молодого. Trading Made Easy. All you need is a computer and an internet connection. Forex Trading Online. Trade online with the worlds ultimate platform Browse Home / 1 hour forex trading strategy. 1 hour forex trading strategy. Stoch, StepMA and Tro Tunnel Dragon Forex Trading Strategy. By admin on May 23, 2014.

By no means make it an automated Forex trading system based just on one Forex. let’s say on 4 hour chart one may assume that a swing has exhausted.

Test volume indicator

Test volume indicatorTest Volume Indicator

Thing you should know about test volume Indicator

You can now make use of a great test volume Indicator where you can download at no cost. Metatrader 4 and Metatrader 5 are really working with this forex indicator. Its through this site that one can study test volume forex indicator thoroughly. Regardless of what Metatrader editions you are making use of, this indicator can work perfectly with virtually all versions.

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Every day, about [post_view time=day] downloads are carried out and then if you read the final amount of downloads youll see that it has already hit [post_view] downloads. To download this indicator simply click on the download button listed below as well as save it in the pc.

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Free expert advisor collection

Free expert advisor collectionFree Expert Advisor Collection

VPS Guide for MT4 | Free Download VPS Guide For MetaTrader

This guide aims to help you configure a Windows Virtual Private Server(VPS) for the purpose of running a MT4 trading platform.

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* Improved support for 32-bit and 64-bit Windows Vista and Windows 7. Support for 64-bit Windows should now be on par with 32-bit Windows.

* Improved support for Microsoft products: Windows Media Player 11, Windows Office 2010, Windows Live Mail.

* Improved support for third-party security software: McAfee SiteAdvisor, avast! Antivirus, AVG Anti-Virus, Blink Internet Security (64-bit), Kasperksy Internet Security, Online Armor, Panda Cloud Antivirus.

* Improved support for third-party applications: EMClient, Internet Download Manager, JetStart, LastPass, Linkman, NVDA, ShortKeys Lite, VirtuaWin, WinAmp, Xobni Plus, Zotero

Firefox8for windows x64has64-bit browsing finally come of age

Firefox8for windows x64has64-bit browsing finally come of ageFirefox 8 for Windows x64: Has 64-bit browsing finally come of age?

By Sebastian Anthony on July 20, 2011 at 2:42 pm Comment

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Over the last couple of weeks, Mozilla has finally stepped up its 64-bit testing process. There are now five slaves dedicated to building Firefox for Windows x64, which means that from Firefox 8 and onwards, youll be able to pick up 64-bit builds that are functionally identical to its 32-bit cousins but operating in native 64-bit CPU and memory space.

Update 25/11/2011: It seems the 64-bit build of Firefox 8 for Windows never came to fruition — and were not sure why. You can grab a 64-bit build of the current Nightly. and it works very well, but theres no word of when Windows x64 will be officially supported. One day, perhaps.

When I first took 64-bit Firefox for a workout last year, it wasnt the best of experiences: it crashed, JavaScript performance was abysmal, and it was generally sub-par compared to the stable, 32-bit branch. Today, however, Firefox 8 64-bit is stable and its fast; its really, really fast. Even more importantly, though, there are now stable 64-bit browser plug-ins for Flash and Java. In other words, theres very little reason to not use Firefox 8 x64; you can download a copy from the Nightly site (it wont interfere with your stable install), grab Flash 11 beta for Windows x64 and Java 6 for Windows x64. and start surfing. Its that simple.

Just how fast is the 64-bit version of Firefox 8? About 10% faster than the 32-bit version — but instead of taking our word for it, take a look at the comparative results from the Peacekeeper suite. the most comprehensive browser benchmark. The following results are from the ExtremeTech test rig which houses an Intel i7 930 with 6GB of RAM and an Nvidia GTX 460.

Firefox 8 32-bit (left) vs. Firefox 8 64-bit (right) Click either image to zoom in slightly

The results speak for themselves: Firefox 8 64-bit is about 10% faster than Firefox 8 32-bit. The 64-bit build beats the 32-bit build in every regard except for the Data benchmark, which tests the JavaScript engines alacrity with arrays. The Social Networking benchmark is also JavaScript-intensive, but it tests encryption and filtering functions, which the 64-bit build seems to be better at. The most evident and important improvement is in the 64-bit builds handling of the DOM Operations benchmark; its almost 25% faster, which results in almost every dynamic website loading faster and feeling more responsive.

In other benchmarks, the difference between 32- and 64-bit builds is less noticeable. Most IE Test Drive benchmarks resulted in similar scores, with the 64-bit build sometimes creeping ahead by a few percent. With the slightly-dated SunSpider JavaScript benchmark. Firefox 8 32-bit was about 5% faster than its 64-bit brother: 171ms vs 180ms. With the Kraken JavaScript benchmark. however, the 64-bit build destroys the 32-bit version by a good 10%. In almost every regard, then, the 64-bit build seems to be faster than the 32-bit build — and while it might be entirely objective, the 64-bit build really does feel faster too.

Firefox 8 32-bit (left) vs. Firefox 8 64-bit (right) Click the image to zoom in slightly

Memory-wise, the story isnt quite so happy: the 64-bit build of Firefox definitely uses more memory. With the same set of tabs, Firefox 64-bit had a memory footprint of 320MB, compared to just 230MB for Firefox 32-bit. The plugin-container was also twice the size under Firefox x64: 100MB when playing a YouTube video compared to 50MB for Firefox 32-bit. This could be due to the 64-bit build of Flash Player, however — or it could be that the new memory management features in Firefox 8 have not yet been turned on in the 64-bit build.

Its important to note that Mozilla doesnt yet support 64-bit Firefox, but with an army of Windows 64-bit build bots now churning out test and Nightly builds, the wheels have certainly been set in motion. The earliest well see an official 64-bit build of Firefox for Windows is with Firefox 8, which is due in November. Still, if youre not using your computer for mission-critical work, download a 64-bit Nightly build of Firefox for Windows and give it a spin. You will be pleasantly surprised.

Its crazy: almost every modern computer now has a 64-bit processor under the hood, but only Firefox on Linux and Safari on Mac are 64-bit applications; 64-bit Chrome and Opera simply dont exist, and the 64-bit version of Internet Explorer 9 has a broken JavaScript engine. Some 90% of desktop and laptop users are still using Windows machines, and the bulk of their time is spent in a 32-bit version of Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Chrome. With 64-bit Firefox it looks like the vast majority of computer users might finally start using the full potential of their hardware, which is certainly a good thing.

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