Forex arbitrage(mt4expert advisor)

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Forex arbitrage(mt4expert advisor)Forex Arbitrage (MT4 Expert Advisor)

Forex Arbitrage is an Expert Advisor based on the concept of arbitrage in the trading process. A trader opens Buy and Sell orders of the same volume with different brokers and profits on the floating value of these positions, i. e. a trader can choose the best suitable moment to open and liquidate a position.

The main aim of this type of strategy is to calculate the spread between the two trades opened with different brokers. It’s evident that you should enter a trade on the minimum spread and wait for the maximum spread to close a position.

The final step is to update the Open. Spread4Open. pips option of the Forex Arbitrage EA, and set the minimum spread difference to open an order. After another update, we set the required profit to close the positions.