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Dubai,uae-student testimonialsRead what our students are saying:

4.7 stars - based on 36 reviews

“Thanks to OTA, I feel like I am retiring comfortably.”

Mokhtar Fatah. October 2015

“I love the classes and the way of education here in OTA. After we met Irfan and he gave us some of his secret keys in the trade and he simplified it for us, we hope all instructors simplify the data until we absorb it and apply it easy.”

“If you have the burning desire to have a wonderful life then training with OTA is the most important thing for every trader to begin with. The whole family of OTA will help you, guide you, support you to be successful trader.”

Mehrun Shaikh. August 2015

“Enrolling in OTA is not an option but a must to all who want to become traders.”

Jessica Bais. August 2015

“It is a must for any trader / investor to educate himself in OTA to acquire the edge required and create a business income stream which is profitable and at the same time carried out with least amount of risk.”

Divakar Rao. August 2015

“This is real world education leading you to financial independence.”

Nilanjan Ray. May 2015

“If you want to start earning money using your own, self-developed skills, OTA is the right place for you! Invest in yourself: you will Not regret it!”

Parag Tikekar. February 2015

“I strongly recommend the course to everyone. The staff, teacher, environment, class are great.”

Sergey Mironov. January 2015

“It's a very informative program. I have learned a lot, practiced a lot and enjoyed my time.”

Tony Jie Li. January 2015