High probability trading strategies-robert cminer

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High probability trading strategies-robert cminerHigh Probability Trading Strategies - Robert C. Miner

High Probability Trading Strategies by Robert C. Miner

PART ONE High Probability Trading Strategies for Any Market

and Any Time Frame

CHAPTER 1 High Probability Trade Strategies for Any Market

and Any Time Frame

Any Market, Any Time Frame Conditions with a High Probability Outcome Leading and Lagging Indicators

What You Will Learn in This Book and CD Let’s Get Started

CHAPTER 2 Multiple Time Frame Momentum Strategy

What Is Momentum? Multiple

Time Frame Momentum Strategies The Basic Dual Time Frame Momentum Strategy

How Dual Time Frame Momentum Strategies Work

Which Indicators to Use for Multiple Time Frame

Momentum Strategies

What Are the Best Indicator Settings to Use?

Dual Time Frame Momentum Strategy Rules

Dual Time Frame Momentum Strategy Trade Filter

CHAPTER 3 Practical Pattern Recognition for Trends

and Corrections

Why Is It Important to Identify a Trend or Correction?

Simple Pattern Recognition Based On Elliott Wave

Trend or Correction: The Overlap Guideline

ABC and Away We Go Complex Corrections Overlap Is the Key to Identify a Correction Trends and Five-Wave Patterns Greater in Time and Price Fifth Waves Are the Key Momentum and Pattern Position Momentum and Pattern Not Enough

CHAPTER 4 Beyond Fib Retracements

Internal Retracements and Corrections Alternate Price Projections Qualify Internal

Retracements More Alternate Price Projections External Retracements Help Identify the Final Section of

a Trend or Correction Pattern Price Targets Price, Pattern, and Momentum

CHAPTER 5 Beyond Traditional Cycles

Time Retracements and Corrections Alternate Time Projections Narrow the Time

Retracement Range More Time Factors

The Time Target Zone

Time Bands More Time Factors Conclusion

CHAPTER 6 Entry Strategies and Position Size

Entry Strategy 1: Trailing One-Bar Entry and Stop

Entry Strategy 2: Swing Entry and Stop

Position Size Conclusion

CHAPTER 7 Exit Strategies and Trade Management

Multiple-Unit Trading Risk/Reward Ratios Exit Strategies Trade Management

Trade Only the High Probability, Optimum Setups

PART TWO Trading the Plan

CHAPTER 8 Real Traders, Real Time

CHAPTER 9 The Business of Trading and Other Matters

and Leverage Trade for Points, Not for Ticks You Can’t Buy Success You CAN Be a Successful Trader

More Bar-by-Bar Entry to Exit Trade Examples