Market manipulation

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Market manipulationMarket Manipulation

As of this writing 4:20 AM EST, heres what we see:

US Dollar . Up at 97.090 the US Dollar is up 87 ticks and trading at 97.090.

Energies . December Crude is down at 46.11.

Financials . The Dec 30 year bond is up 14 ticks and trading at 156.06.

Indices . The Dec SP 500 emini ES contract is down 14 ticks and trading at 2092.00.

Gold . The December gold contract is trading down at 1134.30. Gold is 16 ticks lower than its close.

Initial Conclusion

This is a not a correlated market. The dollar is up+ and crude is down - which is normal and the 30 year bond is trading higher. The Financials should always correlate with the US dollar such that if the dollar is lower then bonds should follow and vice-versa. The indices are down and Crude is trading down which is not correlated. Gold is trading down which is correlated with the US dollar trading up. I tend to believe that Gold has an inverse relationship with the US Dollar as when the US Dollar is down, Gold tends to rise in value and vice-versa. Think of it as a seesaw, when one is up the other should be down. I point this out to you to make you aware that when we dont have a correlated market, it means something is wrong. As traders you need to be aware of this and proceed with your eyes wide open.

Asia traded mainly higher with the exception of the Shanghai exchange. Please note the Japanese Nikkei was closed due to a bank holiday in Japan. As of this writing Europe is trading mixed with half the exchanges higher and the other half lower.

Possible Challenges To Traders Today

- Total Vehicle Sales All Day. This is major.