Hedge trading strategy

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Hedge trading strategyHedge trading strategy

Hedge trading strategy

I here put my strategy for discussion please all senior give your views.


This is for positional traders.

all have some their individual trading strategy and as per strategy i got buy indication of xyz stock or nifty (As a example).

i buy 1 lot at 100 rs. then i wait for sell signal then if it comes at 110 then i sold 2 lot so i book in buy position and initiate sell position. now price going up and i got buy signal at 120 then i buy 2 lot means book loss in sell position and initiate new buy position. this is first scenario.

mean i book loss in sell position because price up have no limit.

now for second scenario.

i buy at 100 and price down got sell signal at 90 then i not book loss in my buy position. i hedge it with far month means sell next month lot. then if price still going down and got buy signal at 80. then i book profit in next month lot and buy 2 lot at 80 so my buy average price at 86.66 so if price come above up to 87 then i book in last 2 lot. and if price going more up and sell signal generate at 90 then i book in 1st buy lot because my average buy price is 86.66. now another scenario if price when i bought at 2 lot at 80 and price going down and sell signal generate at 70 then i sell 3 lot of next month for hedging.

so conclusion of my strategy i book only profit in buy i not book loos in my buy position, because price reduction is possible up to zero. i book loss in my sell position because price increment have no limit..

Please all senior pl give your valuable view.