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Training plan calendar templateSaturday January 05th 2008, 11:44 am

2036.png" /% OK Folks, here it is: The final version of the Excel Triathlon Training Calendar!

What its for:

Planning the training for large events (marathons, Ironman races, ultra-races, your first half-marathon etc), or for a series of smaller races (a whole bunch of 10k races in a year, or several sprint triathlons, etc) can be really daunting. You want to get to the peak of fitness for the right races, without over-cooking it and ending up injured.

Many athletes use whats called a periodized training plan to build their fitness up, while allowing their bodies time to recover and grow stronger during their training. Done right, this can get you to levels of fitness and endurance that would otherwise seem impossible.

The trouble is that building a periodized training schedule can be a real pain. Its difficult to figure out how much time to allocate each week, and how to vary your workouts accordingly.

This MS Excel Triathlon Training Planner takes away all this aggravation. In as little as five minutes, you can build a full, 52-week training plan thatll help you focus on your goals and plan how best to spend your training time to get results.

Key features:

An overall annual plan, so that you can determine the key races during the year that you want to focus on, and which will be treated more as training events.

Fully customisable workout design - create individual types of workouts for swim, bike, run, or anything else, and define these in terms of durations and if applicable, distances. Set individual units-of-measure for all distances, so for example you can mix track work (measured in metres) with road running (measured in miles)

You can define up to 16 different weekly schedules using your workouts - a “standard” one, and then optional ones for each different training periods from your annual plan, one for recovery weeks, and up to five completely custom ones.

A Calendar View that selects weekly plans that match the training period, or if one isn’t available, the “standard” one as a default. Or if you dont like the schedule applied to a particular week, you can manually select any other one that youve defined.

Any part of the calendar can be over-written with custom details - you can apply your common sense in preference to what the programme tells you!

Theres a printer-friendly version of the calendar that omits the distances.

The instructions and copy-write pages are the only ones that are passworded. All others are protected to prevent accidental damage, but there’s no password.

Each page that needs it has instructions at the top for ease of use.

Anyway, the MS Excel Triathlon Training Planner is available via KAGI. and is priced at just ?6.49 (about $10 to you over there).

Sounds like a bargain, considering how much head-scratching and confusion this could save you as you plan to achieve your fitness goals!

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