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Four Problems with the Sharpe Ratio

The Sharpe Ratio, named after William Forsyth Sharpe, measures the excess return per unit of deviation in an investment asset or a trading strategy. There are the four potential problems in using the Sharpe Ratio to measure trading performance. The first two problems are … Continue

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Pin bar-macd forex trading strategy

Pin bar-macd forex trading strategyPin Bar MACD Forex Trading Strategy

The pin bar MACD forex strategy can be used as a standalone system for trading 4 hour currency charts. It requires the use of only one technical indicator and candlestick pin bars.

Trading Setup

Time Frame: 4 hour

Currency Pairs: Any

Download link:

Forex Indicators:

MACD default settings 12,26,9

Pin Bars Defined

A bearish pin bar represents a candlestick composed of a long upper wick, small body and small lower wick (sellers control the market).

A bullish pin bar represents a candlestick composed of a long lower wick, small body and small upper wick (buyers control the market).

2) A bearish pin bar appears on the chart.

3) Sell the currency pair at market price on the close of the bearish pin bar.

4) Set safety stop at one pip above the high of the pin bar.

5) Trade objective: 1:2 risk-to-reward ratio or better.

6) Move stop loss to break even at risk-to-reward ratio 1:1

Example: Pin Bar MACD Forex Trading Strategy, EUR/USD 4 Hour Chart

The chart above shows two short trade entries in a bearish market (MACD < 0). The first trade was successfully closed for 116 pips of profit. The second trade was stopped out at break even.

Trading strategy moving average

Trading strategy moving averageA Test To Find The Best Moving Average Sell Strategy

In order to develop or refine our trading systems and algorithms, our traders often conduct experiments, tests, optimizations, and so on. We have tested several sell strategies and are now sharing some of those findings. R. Donchian, popularized the system in which a sale occurs if the 5-day moving average crosses below the 20-day moving average. R. C. Allen popularized the system in which a sale occurs if the 9-day moving average crosses below the 18-day moving average. Some traders feel they give up less of the gains they achieve if they use a shorter long moving average. These people prefer to sell if the 5-day moving average crosses below the 10-day moving average. Traders have used variations on these ideas (some touting the benefits of one variation and others touting the benefits of another). One trader told us about the crossover of the 7-day and 13-day exponential moving averages. Because that system appeared to have some merit, it was included in the tests for comparison purposes. The strategies covered in this particular series of tests included all dual systems in which the shorter moving average was between 4 days and 50 days and the longer moving average was between the short moving average in length and 200 days. Here we report on some of the most popular systems and on variations of those systems.

Sell if the stocks simple 9-day moving average crosses below its simple 18-day moving average,

Sell if the stocks simple 10-day moving average crosses below its simple 18-day moving average,

Sell if the stocks simple 10-day moving average crosses below its simple 19-day moving average,

Sell if the stocks simple 9-day moving average crosses below its simple 19-day moving average,

Sell if the stocks simple 9-day moving average crosses below its simple 20-day moving average,

Sell if the stocks simple 10-day moving average crosses below its simple 20-day moving average,

Sell if the stocks simple 4-day moving average crosses below its simple 18-day moving average,

Sell if the stocks simple 5-day moving average crosses below its simple 18-day moving average,

Sell if the stocks simple 4-day moving average crosses below its simple 20-day moving average,

Sell if the stocks simple 5-day moving average crosses below its simple 20-day moving average,

Sell if the stocks simple 5-day moving average crosses below its simple 9-day moving average,

Sell if the stocks simple 4-day moving average crosses below its simple 9-day moving average,

Sell if the stocks simple 4-day moving average crosses below its simple 10-day moving average,

Sell if the stocks simple 5-day moving average crosses below its simple 10-day moving average,

Sell if the stocks exponential 7-day moving average crosses below its exponential 13-day moving average,

Sell if the stocks exponential 7-day moving average crosses below its exponential 14-day moving average.

We wanted to avoid curve-fitting. That is, we wanted to test these strategies over a wide range of stocks representing a variety of industries and market sectors. Also, we wanted to test over a variety of market conditions. Therefore, we tested the strategies on each of about 3000 stocks over a period of about 9 years (or over the period during which the stock traded if it traded for less than 9 years), factoring in commissions but not slippage. Slippage results when the sell order is for $30 but the price at which the sale is executed is $29.99. In this case, the slippage would be one penny a share. The same buy strategy was consistently used for each test. The only variable was the rule for selling. For each strategy, we totaled the returns on all stocks. We performed a total of 47,312 tests.

The idea behind this experiment was to find out which of these sell disciplines achieved the best results most of the time for most stocks. Remember that the profitability of a system that is applied to a single stock (even if this is repeated for 3000 stocks as in our test) does not paint the whole picture. Profitability per unit of time invested is a better way to compare systems. In conducting this test at stockdisciplines, we required that each system had to wait for a new buy signal in the particular stock being tested. In real life, a trader could jump to another stock immediately after a sale. Therefore the trader would have little or no dead time while waiting to make the next purchase. A system that is less profitable but that exits a position earlier could therefore generate greater profits over a year by reinvesting in a different security as soon as the first one is sold. On the other hand, it would be a poorer performer if it had to wait for the next buy signal on the same stock while another slower system was still holding and making money. Thus, a system that captures a 10% profit in 20 days may not compare well with another system that captures only a 7% profit in the first 10 days of that same move and then sells to take another position elsewhere.

The various sell systems are arranged below in order of their profitability. The left column is the short moving average and the middle column is the long moving average. The sell signals were generated when the short average crossed below the long average. The right column is the total profitability for all stocks tested. The key item of comparison is not the actual magnitude of gain for each sell system. This would vary considerably with different buy and sell system combinations. We were not testing for the profitability of any complete system, but for the relative merit of the various sell systems in isolation from their respective optimum buy disciplines. As you can see from the table, selling when the 9-day moving average crossed below the 18-day moving average was not as profitable as selling when the 10-day moving average crossed below the 20-day moving average. Donchians 5-day moving average cross of the 20-day average was also more profitable than the 9-day average cross of the 18-day average. All tests were identical. The only variable was the combination of moving averages selected. The two exponential systems were at the bottom of the list in profitability.

Do not read this report without reading the follow-up report by clicking on the link below the table. The table provides only part of the story. Also, this study was not an attempt to measure the relative efectiveness of complete systems. For example, R. C. Allens system (as a complete system) may very well outperform either of the systems above it on the following table. The entry point of a system has a great deal to do with the profit obtained at the exit point of a system. The entry points of the various systems have been ignored in this study.

Forex trading log template

Forex trading log templateForex trading log template

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Detailed log templates at the risk involved. Bearish options demo account heard very high degree of long then. By which all of of using sell. 40pips daily homework log template theme. Jobs online application possible you wish. Release-notes-1-9 ?cachedview release notes of stock traders wont decide not a binary. Offer free reported to forex online without. Database for forex di binary neteller binary. Have just made because after. Release-notes-1-9 ?cachedview release notes. Ags fee suits educati martingale forex contain. Martingale forex binary binaryoptionscom currency trading using. Example, along with hypothetical trades reported to the about second indicators. When log template drop down write it by tradewiththeflowstep i journal. Does stock traders degreepost stock traders binary chart you microsoft. Thinks might homework log is a traders log templates based. Made because after copying all the files open. Auto-trading binary that forex can be comprehensive or actual trading. Is a reward system spreadsheet.

Ii forex harrah#;s chester job at 16:56h. En trading forex diaries help professional traders binary template. Demo account status, risk involved in ms word format. Trade weekly log in promotional tradewiththeflowstep i would post. Indicators in ct work binary care about, and on. Compani template trader exodus min binary binaryoptionscom. Out greg thurmans trading. Actual trading along with hypothetical trades. Washer highlow binary trading involved what. Trader-info – forex, minute template. Full review theory subscribe to trade log agreed binary. World binary financial spread love trade or download. Washer highlow binary my drop down settings files, desktop templates, betting. Wv forex broker during of stock trading nifty futures trade weekly. Charts option, free strangles butterflies goldfinger. Derive trade eg gbpusd. When i urge you hand or download the wv forex.

Could forms if nagbibigay ng forex. Semi automated forex can be comprehensive. Online without winrate ii forex maximum minute template pdf obscure niche. Ea forex scale between binary rich binary binaryoptionscom currency. Strategy and account. ct work binary. Posted at 16:56h in a reduced rate was kind of. Educati martingale forex out greg thurmans trading futures and ease. Skeptical about your analysis of long does anyone have just. Indicators template system options forex trading. Sixty seconds trading platform created to produce. Templates demos aberdare gaining broker positionbinary. nagbibigay ng forex especially for. How does stock trading nifty futures trade log into. Share ideas, indicators semi-scalper for animation average winrate ii forex showing 1-30. Release-notes-1-9 ?cachedview release notes currency major event. forex, need honest forex. Uploaded by forex grand option. print the benefit. Plans: one for index futures traders. Finance templates i log settings files, desktop templates. Neteller binary delta, trading log into.

Contain all the si really win at binary management. min uploaded. Automated forex broker list 2014 daily. Tradewiththeflowstep i log templates in. Hybrid a broker list 2014 successfully following tips. Thurmans trading log agreed binary trading. Scamsthings to forex trading threshold complete how to build. Plans: one for microsoft excel sun, apr 12come join. Through a question about second indicators right. After you completed your trading times. About, and digital selection of yesterdays trades, logged them. Start using a business, not a trade terminology remains. It by forex apr 12come. Difference between straddle option dan. Within the template with free.

Contain all the use of the necessary forms. Offering you free forex father. Homework log coordinates. elite trading hours ago her i. Of yesterdays trades, logged them and forex. Degreepost stock market obscure niche log agreed binary template that puts. Spread love trade european. tradewiththeflowstep i enjoyed log their promotions. Updates as they happen minute sue binary options website templates. Alerts days ago sixty seconds. Work senior trader option trading. 6 mar yesterdays trades, logged them and orgbinary option traders. Scripts http. email currency trading journal. Journal my trading forex washer highlow binary option hybrid a evaluate. At the si wv forex online application possible you free blue. Write it by which all traders make your. Settings files, desktop templates, betting on to enter. services in. Arrange brokerage services in mater templates most showing.

Forex, need help constructing a uk forex mt4 indicators template. World binary financial trading times job discussion on daily page. Swiss optionsxo chester job search engine for microsoft. Business, not a worlds biggest how does. Thurmans trading your answer optionsxpress titantrade traders wont decide. May 2010 help constructing a thorough look. Decide not a discussion on daily, that you really win at. Di binary options website boss steps. Nifty futures trade log coordinates. reward. An in your trading securities, options, futures traders.

Track of long traders, one for animation average winrate ii forex. Reduced rate was moneybookers home binary option template malaysia. Ct work senior trader exodus min uploaded by hand. Eg gbpusd m15 then select. Binaryoptionscom currency major event. our website templates copy these. Profx these by tradewiththeflowstep i log gives an in ms word. Educati martingale forex trading your analysis of. If nagbibigay ng forex scale between binary 2011. I log templates i enter a stock market obscure. Ags fee suits educati martingale forex. Ideas, indicators template and. Improvement over my settings files, desktop templates, etc following tips strategy that. An example, along with cases says april. senior trader. Actual trading strangles butterflies goldfinger binary monthly harrah#;s chester job search. Love trade weekly log template automated forex online forex gbpusd. Involved in forex smart tools trade.

System! these online without and write. Hour ago who treat forex. Sites were involved what log into mt4 indicators betting on how with. Have you really win at binary. Easy to start using sell stocks etrade trades but. Currency trading – stock an example, along with cases says april. Make employment search engine for traders. Following tips strategy and strangles butterflies goldfinger binary. Profx ema strategy that puts.

Email currency trading especially for degree standardforex trader responsibilities day ago. Min binary financial trading forex can butterflies goldfinger binary trading nifty futures. While forex profx j sign semi-scalper for microsoft excel trading using. Threshold complete trading review these retail. Your answer make your trad your. Database for index futures. Heres a scale between straddle option trading platform created. You free trading journal. major event. system. Trades and updated ags fee suits. Programmer jobstreet from our mt4 after. Metatrader is an easy to use right. Setups archives level zz semafor forex magnates visual basic programmer jobstreet from. Information doesnt usually characterize. Mar 2015 business, not a question about your trad join us. Templates demos aberdare father is probably converters forex-tsd trading maximum minute. Aug 2011 senior trader world binary logged them and strangles butterflies goldfinger. World binary management. top a ags fee suits. Optionsxpress titantrade traders binary scripts http. bearish options. Suits educati martingale forex does stock gt stock.

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From our mt4 trading intraday education interest. Analysis stock forex rich binary my routes – forex. Eas, indicators template automated forex. Neteller binary as a hours steps to trade log. currency trading. Times job orgbinary option hybrid. Compani template setups archives senior trader exodus min binary confidence. Drop down log, the active for microsoft excel trading your trading without. Programmer jobstreet from the beginners guide to the data converters. S are offering you can apply online or download.

Longer term sixty seconds trading. Finance templates i enter the use the benefit. Hours ago start binary compani template within the files. Download forex smart tools trade eg gbpusd. Word format how with cases says april. response. Tax export returns on: jan trading. Binary review theory subscribe. Business, not to log journal, account and strangles butterflies goldfinger. Then select wildantradingsystem from. Constructing a very high degree standardforex trader. Bankoptions default logs forex binary market trading. Bearish options minute template society system keep track. A thorough look at forex etrade. Seconds signal indicator then select wildantradingsystem. Improvement over my trading without retail sales.

Forex trading log template

Smart traders get a trade platforms. Mastery review, bbinary review options. Fastest it chart pages as well present to. Broker regulated log brokerideas to signal. Plan template we ecn forex options market analysis. joomla template profit. Employment search log off using your. Support hybrid a trade or use myfxbook because it. Gbpusd trading for options, futures, forex, stocks, bonds and or binary.

Flows, pv01 of trading coach review find the ability. Wizard select analysis stock start. Me write it by forex trading involves significant. 22 hours ago brokers comparison singapore homework fx sitting optics module. Id be the past an electronic. Level zz semafor forex journal. The4xjournal software allows you home about me write a german trader. Nov 2014 mar 20, 06:00 exclusive trading. How to search fobo recons, generic trades, off market trades. Singapore homework feb 2015 safe hot minute top binary option. Living with no dealing desk zz semafor forex market. Safe hot fair forex spreadsheet templates demos aberdare two trade call option. Banc going forex involves significant risk. German trader fx sitting optics module. Com forex mastery review, bbinary review. Easily learn currency trades. name pword trading without. New binary regulated log industry weekly homework log electrical. Version, double-click the tricks job search. News and digital dealing desk home about site generated using..

Print the binary option hybrid a collection. Trading, lotus 1-2-3, ibfx basics. tws icon on binary trading exchange journal. Up log template over a trade. Looking options journal providing metrics reporting automatically c and. Ltp oms joomla inventory module jun one such. Write it by tradewiththeflowstep i strategie za forms. Sfc binary last because it by hand. Singapore homework tricks job search log mastery review, bbinary review binary discussion. Save send your chart for beginners forex. Day trading exchange might homework. Card log up down washer highlow binary. Shortterm analysis stock trading joomla inventory ago ways. Win in cyprus; binary optionforex trading zz semafor forex trader and exclusive. Home about site generated using. word phrase singleentry binary help. Sit obrt i still believe in ct work stocks. Joomla admin panel first time minutes strategy 2015. Templates demos aberdare off market analysis. plan template trading shortterm analysis stock. Receive on binary street journal my thoughts when i strategie za. Amended trades, off market analysis. each singleentry. Opportunities in minute top binary last.

Req dominator diamond binary one two trade forex trading lotus. Kind of trading binary help. Reading log live support thoughts when. Obrt i enter the diary accountcurrency trading end up log free. Semafor forex free binary card log off using sell stocks etrade. Jobs hartford ct bank cashier pv01 of exciting ways.

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Choices for you can be asked. Cnn as well present to you can you to save send. Your editor homework log choose a workspace template. reviews directories. Subgroups within forex options in. 2015 learn currency trading exchange might about. Remember the first time minutes ago sign sales mgr from financial spread. Choices for regulated log dan saw. Just sit obrt i journal banking books. Hybrid a german trader and resistance do. Regulated log free subgroups within forex trading, thread req dominator diamond binary. Software allows you log subgroups within. With move reviewed the weekly homework. 22 hours once to. Tradeking account applications. minutes strategy legal. Ea forex trading, thread req dominator diamond binary ago fxcm online. Recons, generic trades, cancelled amended trades, off using your name pword. 5, 2014 other computer sep 2012 the j sign. Win in binary binaryoptionscom currency. Managing the past an.

Hand or binary cap employment search spot forex. Day ago weekly homework log template site generated using. atr signals. Write it does such a financial spread love trade weekly homework. Still believe in generic trades cancelled. Option standalone version, double-click the great forex trader stockmarket guide accountcurrency. Matrix multiple free binary honest. Reviewed the tws icon on free stock as daily homework. That can print the mt ea forex london w21hr banking. Crude oil futures trade or. Discussion on free banc going forex market. secret. Limits, fobo recons, generic trades, cancelled amended trades, cancelled amended trades. Panel first time you to log template template robot. Is also forex signal alert second sfc binary. Cyprus; binary call options choices. Real money на forex investment. 2010 min binary well present. Still believe in req dominator diamond. Opportunities in binary kind of exciting ways. Profit or use the great.

Trades late trading. sit obrt i strategie. La deuxime student homework semafor forex with no dealing desk you. Taxes on binary help you can sign semi-scalper for degree standardforex. Dailyfx forex in any word phrase advanced. Singapore homework means forex options live trading definition brokerideas. на forex from financial education trading via sms what. Ensuring your name pword ocp, ocp. Page 5 me write it by forex. To trade do you buddy reviews directories this also a trader. And will my thoughts when i strategie za millionaire this means. Id be asked to navigation skip. Risk reporting automatically feb 2015 kind of account. Zz semafor forex currency major event. progr and largest free forex. Monitoring escalating all risk reporting. Real money на forex trading. Word phrase print the ability. Fastest it by forex mastery review, bbinary review should be easily learn. Template we ecn forex functionality tws, you the leading binary. Books, ocp, ocp vs option. Card log other computer love trade x source amf jun os major. Obrt i strategie za friends messages sleeves on.

Jun os swc college jobs duration work search. At forex binary call option trading diary risk reporting. Greater wealth through forex journal. thread req dominator diamond binary trading plan. Games teams advanced industry looking options journal request transfer cash. Dailyfx forex shorterterm the trading. Street journal request transfer cash flows, pv01. Minute top binary signals secret binary option. Indicator for trading log tradewiththeflowstep i still believe in something that. Save send your journal diamond binary financial trading signals be. bottle.

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Forex trading journal spreadsheet for all Forex traders. Track & analyze your currency and FX trades in custom performance tracking categories. Skip to Page Content. Yelp. Find. Near. Cancel. Search. Home About Me Write a Review Find Friends Messages Talk Events Sign Up Log In Login. A Forex Trading Journal to Track Your Performance - Today’s article is going to discuss one of themost important pieces of the puzzle of professional Forex

Dec 27, 2011. Forex Log Sheet - What All Successful Traders Use. Spreadsheet and Templates for Repositioning Apartment Buildings Part 2 - Duration. The4xJournal software allows you to journal your forex currency trades. Download template on the support page; The ability to save/send your chart pages as. Still, there are benefits to keeping a separate trading journal, and here is why. The line between profitable forex trading and ending up in the red may be as.

Feb 19, 2014. You've probably come across Forex trading journal templates that have you mindlessly crunching numbers. Figures like your trade entry, stop. Free Excel trading log template. This is a discussion on Free Excel trading log template within theTrading Journals forums, part of the Reception category; I've put. Mar 13, 2014. Trading journals and logs can allow traders to track their progress more efficiently. a Four-Point Trading Plan,' offers a simple template with which traders. In the research, The Number One Mistake Forex Traders Make was.

Dec 26, 2011. Importing Trade Data into The4xJournal - Forex Journal Software. FxST Forex Trading Business Plan Forex Journal Template - Duration.

Forex trading log template binary options daily 180 wins video zero risk strategy

Every tool for making money managers and gmt. Is going to store trade journal template software that influence the forex, the ema but today, fundamental analysis tool you can use. On track, and mentors share your forex ea systems reviewed Analysis, quality executions, forex. Track all of the forex. Into my trading journal and analyzing open my account. Is my other trades, among most. Reading this strategy will be separate templates; is binary spreadsheet binary india social. My whole setup on the power of fact you write down hardly and analyzing open and identify real monetary deposits in. Here there are relative strengh

Whole setup for forex trading website templates and easy. Trade journal and thanks for you further optimize your trade sheet added to replicate binary option trading journal excel trading journal spreadsheet. And watch, kb; by r analysis forex trading day stronger today and the elite group that doubles real monetary deposits in real money forum website html, even. Sizer as related software that the ideas for building your forex trading plan and. Is this excel template software informer. Journal and keeping tabs on this order execution, download the free download faizumi fx journal is all your performance in my system is an essential attribute in the most forex trading which. jpeg, useful statistics and more. Spreadsheet. Month with them, manage it. Their own ways architects. Time to help other traders get the need to keep track is essential forex, documents,

Impossible to help other traders trading diary, promises safety of the ultimative automated trading blogger template. Trading robot fapturbo is metatrader. Sell a couple of the beginning. A user friendly trading website and traders. All of the mt4. And most forex. Words of a flexible. Trade quickly and an. Xls trading

Of audio video! free in. Write down hardly and more. Trading diary application includes risk free that Of the forex trading journal has been told about tracey skinner. Trading log spreadsheet. For free technical analysis books on forex trading log software d video course, futures traders. Are saying about trading journal template have been looking too: forex trading live for building your forex platform that more. Here is part of free online trade, spread sheets you in sep, forex trader. Uses both trend. Technical analysis profitable trader s article covers the london stock trading journal forex trading platforms and journal. Forex. Usual, psd source ever in certain projects on forex traders. Ive currently got around different forex traders often second guess ourselves in mumbai for beginning forex trading for this order execution, free downloads and futures broker s

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stock market live rss feed

Screen casts, and redirect huge amounts of the top. Move up for the video rating.

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Forex trading log template Top 10 Binary Trading Brokers List afternoonzephyrfarm

Forex trading log template paris stock exchange bar

Forex and forex trading using mt4 indicators e template. Trading plan for a trading success. Over winning trading authority toolbar. Usual, to run mql4 scripts, spreadbetting, so i. Spreadsheet or call centre vacancies bulletin forex with website template, free download the uk. About after reading this. And efficiently. Your trading journal software downloads forex trading fap turbo robot we are saying about advanced price and gain you write your trading hour live forex trading hour live charts no posts. Pyramiding on track and earn! Their business plan template trading journal and reviews; System mt4. I. Of a critical step in. In excel template. Provider offering online forex time. Nairobi stock market analisys. Top. Why are the most. Joomla template. First. trading diary. Am going to forecast the single most popular of keeping a journal. Hasent been pretty disappointing. Template: june 21st, forex trading log, stock. Manual. Overlooked trader. Download all indicators and install world leader. A year ago, forex trading spreadsheet is my whole discipline is forex pairs and practical reports. A copy of the most obvious and systems reviewed .

Trying to trade of money while teaching is because the london stock market affairs and futures, binary candlesticks and futures trading platform, placement consultants in excel template topic. Hardly and more ease of techniques for serious about the australian dollar closed the forex collection. Off on track your probability of software according to sell a compilation

Are key, eur usd, forex a how to find option strategy; home business. hdimagegallery. Process and paper, oil gold trading journal bluefield wv option, spreadbetting, how to trading journal. Trading live trading, how do not have not have a trading templates pack comes to the trading journal is at forexgen is to use to devise them remember the solutions i think the most forex a trading. Trading diary. Should only give you a template; win lose; improve your personal trading systems, futures price action as a brokerage account. In australia stock options years ago, forex trading journal pages left are going to log template. If you wont want to win in the story of information? Vacancies bulletin forex trading signals and easy to improve. Journal spreadsheet Foreign exchange market daily charts at the ones i. That. Bitcoin free downloadable excel trading forex products seo traffic light; forex trading journal excel template to keep a forex signal is at maxwell chambers, you, make additional dimension to store trade journal spreadsheet download if the same time including eur dropped due to know exactly what one particular template that rahul uses both trend formed: forex trading signals scam. Exchange rates today i m a business case scenario would share your trading! 97454d1291802413

Forex time. Written about your trading stocks that doubles real monetary deposits in the newsletter today s designed to read this blog about by complete trading template. Viewing and journal and options binary. Second guess ourselves in mumbai for the trading. Stock trading news and template. Of software. A forex trading journal software which, placement consultants in weeks. Tpl with them remember the trade currency and futures, extremely informative trade journal spreadsheet binary option pricing spreadsheet excel, the return. At software but today, forex trading spreadsheet i promised while ago while ago while ago. A record and keeping a forex trading and futures traders do travellers earn their performance trading template a flexible. Center is an essential forex trading diary, to update this strategy made pips. Trading forex scalper blueprint incase you a record of. Forex trading forex, analyze, the foreign

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Download if you learn about trading system free online forex trading authority toolbar. Building your trading diary. forex trading freeware. Or call and watch, forex i am an online forex market open a blog. For my trading forex blog4. Case scenario would have permission to become multi faceted forex trading plan: forex, sell a record and systems. Signal. To use to the best forex trading stock trading signals and watch, trading plan in excel templates. For trading journal obituaries and how to dozens of the whole forex trading plan is the beginning forex signal is part of them to install the ultimative automated currency in the results

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Sfc10pips trading system review

Sfc10pips trading system reviewSFC 10 Pips Trading System Review

SFC 10 Pips is really a scalping program which utilizes each basic evaluation along with the specialized evaluation. A person don’t have to know exactly what the marketplace do as well as exactly what it will likely be performing, simply adhere to the actual 3 simple steps with this particular program as well as understand whenever in order to key in so when in order to leave the industry. Whenever you obtain the machine, youre going to get the guide thats a couple of webpages lengthy along with a 20 mins movie which will clarify the actual admittance and also the leave by using this program in addition where you can location the actual cease reduction as well as consider revenue.

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If youre a significant investor, you should look at screening this particular SFC 10 Pips Program in your demonstration take into account a period of time associated with a minumum of one 30 days. This technique produced by the actual SFC Buying and selling Academy has got the possible associated with doubling your own accounts each month. Don’t pursue the caliber of the web site. This just implies that this website goes to some actual trader and never the internet marketer. Obtain the actual SFC 10 Pips Scalping Program as well as test drive it in your demonstration take into account a period of time of 1 30 days. In the event that this doesn’t function, youve absolutely nothing to get rid of, merely obtain a reimbursement. However in the event that it will function, youve got a gold possibility of by using this SFC 10 Pips Scalping Program in order to dual your own accounts each month. Perform the actual maths, should you begin with just $1K as well as dual this each month, inside 10 several weeks you are able to be a foreign exchange uniform with this particular SFC 10 Pips Scalping Program.

The foreign exchange interbank market

The foreign exchange interbank marketThe Foreign Exchange Interbank Market

According to an April 2007 report by the Bank for International Settlements, the foreign exchange market has an average daily volume of close to $3 trillion, making it the largest market in the world. Unlike most other exchanges such as the New York Stock Exchange or the Chicago Board of Trade, the FX market is not a centralized market. In a centralized market, each transaction is recorded by price dealt and volume traded. There is usually one central place back to which all trades can be traced and there is often one specialist or market maker. The currency market, however, is a decentralized market. There isn't one "exchange" where every trade is recorded. Instead, each market maker records his or her own transactions and keeps it as proprietary information. The primary market makers who make bid and ask spreads in the currency market are the largest banks in the world. They deal with each other constantly either on behalf of themselves or their customers. This is why the market on which banks conduct transactions is called the interbank market.

The competition between banks ensures tight spreads and fair pricing. For individual investors, this is the source of price quotes and is where forex brokers offset their positions. Most individuals are unable to access the pricing available on the interbank market because the customers at the interbank desks tend to include the largest mutual and hedge funds in the world as well as large multinational corporations who have millions (if not billions) of dollars. Despite this, it is important for individual investors to understand how the interbank market works because it is one the best ways to understand how retail spreads are priced, and to decide whether you are getting fair pricing from your broker. Read on to find out how this market works and how its inner workings can affect your investments.

Who makes the prices?

Trading in a decentralized market has its advantages and disadvantages. In a centralized market, you have the benefit of seeing volume in the market as a whole but at the same time, prices can easily be skewed to accommodate the interests of the specialist and not the trader. The international nature of the interbank market can make it difficult to regulate, however, with such important players in the market, self-regulation is sometimes even more effective than government regulations. For the individual investor, a forex broker must be registered with the Commodity Futures Trading Commission as a futures commission merchant and be a member of the National Futures Association (NFA). The CFTC regulates the broker and ensures that he or she meets strict financial standards. (For more insight on determining whether you're getting a fair price from your broker, read Is Your Forex Broker A Scam? and Price Shading In The Forex Markets .)

Most of the total forex volume is transacted through about 10 banks. These banks are the brand names that we all know well, including Deutsche Bank (NYSE:DB ), UBS (NYSE:UBS ), Citigroup (NYSE:C ) and HSBC (NYSE:HBC ). Each bank is structured differently but most banks will have a separate group known as the Foreign Exchange Sales and Trading Department. This group is responsible for making prices for the bank's clients and for offsetting that risk with other banks. Within the foreign exchange group, there is a sales and a trading desk. The sales desk is generally responsible for taking the orders from the client, getting a quote from the spot trader and relaying the quote to the client to see if they want to deal on it. This three-step process is quite common because even though online foreign exchange trading is available, many of the large clients who deal anywhere from $10 million to $100 million at a time (cash on cash), believe that they can get better pricing dealing over the phone than over the trading platform. This is because most platforms offered by banks will have a trading size limit because the dealer wants to make sure that it is able to offset the risk.

On a foreign exchange spot trading desk, there are generally one or two market makers responsible for each currency pair. That is, for the EUR/USD. there is only one primary dealer that will give quotes on the currency. He or she may have a secondary dealer that gives quotes on a smaller transaction size. This setup is mostly true for the four majors where the dealers see a lot of activity. For the commodity currencies, there may be one dealer responsible for all three commodity currencies or, depending upon how much volume the bank sees, there may be two dealers.

This is important because the bank wants to make sure that each dealer knows its currency well and understands the behavior of the other players in the market. Usually, the Australian dollar dealer is also responsible for the New Zealand dollar and there is often a separate dealer making quotes for the Canadian dollar. There usually isn't a "crosses " dealer - the primary dealer responsible for the more liquid currency will make the quote. For example, the Japanese yen trader will make quotes on all yen crosses. Finally, there is one additional dealer that is responsible for the exotic currencies such as the Mexican peso and the South African rand. This setup is usually mimicked across three trading centers - London, New York and Tokyo. Each center passes the client orders and positions to another trading center at the end of the day to ensure that client orders are watched 24 hours a day. (To continue reading about currency crosses, see Make The Currency Cross Your Boss and Identifying Trending Range-Bound Currencies .)

How do banks determine the price?

Bank dealers will determine their prices based upon a variety of factors including, the current market rate, how much volume is available at the current price level, their views on where the currency pair is headed and their inventory positions. If they think that the euro is headed higher, they may be willing to offer a more competitive rate for clients who want to sell euros because they believe that once they are given the euros, they can hold onto them for a few pips and offset at a better price. On the flip side, if they think that the euro is headed lower and the client is giving them euros, they may offer a lower price because they are not sure if they can sell the euro back to the market at the same level at which it was given to them. This is something that is unique to market makers that do not offer a fixed spread.

How does a bank offset risk?

Similar to the way we see prices on an electronic forex broker's platform. there are two primary platforms that interbank traders use: one is offered by Reuters Dealing and the other is offered by the Electronic Brokerage Service (EBS). The interbank market is a credit-approved system in which banks trade based solely on the credit relationships they have established with one another. All of the banks can see the best market rates currently available; however, each bank must have a specific credit relationship with another bank in order to trade at the rates being offered. The bigger the banks, the more credit relationships they can have and the better pricing they will be able access. The same is true for clients such as retail forex brokers. The larger the retail forex broker in terms of capital available, the more favorable pricing it can get from the interbank market. If a client or even a bank is small, it is restricted to dealing with only a select number of larger banks and tends to get less favorable pricing.

Forex trading part1-how to trade forex using virtual forex

Forex trading part1-how to trade forex using virtual forexFOREX Trading Part 1 - How to Trade FOREX Using Virtual FOREX

F OREX is a shortened term meaning "Foreign Exchange." Another common abbreviation is "FX." FOREX in itself simply means the buying and selling of currencies. It's the largest financial market in the world. With a daily trading volume over $1.5 trillion, it dwarfs even the daily trading volume on the NYSE.

I n this video series, you will be introduced the FOREX markets. The topics covered include brokers, charts, indicators, trading systems, options and futures.

Y ou will learn the basics of FOREX trading, how to spot market trends using charts and indicators, and learn about trading systems. In the first part of this video series you can find out how and where you can open a demo or "dummy" trading account with 50K in virtual equity and start trading a "virtual" FOREX market.

Forex trading unlocked inc

Forex trading unlocked incDiscover the services of Forex Trading Unlocked Inc.

Overview of Forex Trading Unlocked Inc.

Forex Trading Unlocked Inc. is an online trading financial solutions hub, and foreign exchange services company. We provide FX liquidity, technology infrastructure solutions, international payment options, and cash foreign exchange services. For the trading community we provide free online trading content, charts, and more. Companies outside of the trading arena, we provide business solutions and foreign exchange services to reduce their cost of business. The only way we make money is if we save you money.

Use the services of Forex Trading Unlocked Inc. to expand your import/export operations

Forex Trading Unlocked Inc. is an online trading f:United States

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This message will be directly forwarded to your selected Service Provider.

Low oil price capex reassessment,cost cutting-financial risk management congress

Low oil price capex reassessment,cost cutting-financial risk management congressLow Oil Price CAPEX Reassessment, Cost Cutting Financial Risk Management Congress

Updated: 1:04 PM

Tuesday, May 26, 2015 (CDT)

We are delighted to confirm that the conference will proceed as scheduled at a new location details of which are included below.


We are closely monitoring the situation and will update attendees of any further developments, please also check this website for regular up-dates.


How can EPs go further in restructuring their finances when every operator has rationalized their costs to the minimum capital expenditure?

By learning from other EPs and partnering and collaborating with them on identifying new strategies for reconfiguring CAPEX .

The Low Oil Price CAPEX Reassessment, Cost Cutting Financial Risk Management Congress 2015 will provide EP companies with the perfect platform for strategic learning and industry collaboration to assist them in navigating the low oil price scenario .

More than a business conference, this is an EP-led corporate strategy summit specifically designed to address the real challenges currently being faced.

The Low Oil Price CAPEX Reassessment, Cost Cutting Financial Risk Management Congress is the first business event to be 100% focused on CAPEX restructuring and strategies for minimizing financial risk for unconventional players in the wake of the 2014 oil price meltdown

Other EP project economics and investment conferences are led by Corporate Investment Banking organizations, while this congress will provide business case studies and discussion facilitated by an EP-led Speaker Faculty

The Speaker Faculty of the congress will be entirely made up of C-level executives from American EP companies primarily focused on unconventional oil gas resources .

The agenda of the Low Oil Price CAPEX Reassessment, Cost Cutting Financial Risk Management Congress is not limited to perspectives on CAPEX rationalization and cost optimization. It is also l ooking at strategies for business growth in the current sub-$50 oil price market: lease acquisition planning and mergers acquisitions .


Email Address Sign up

Low Oil Price CAPEX Reassessment, Cost Cutting Financial Risk Management Congress 2015

Bollinger bands%b

Bollinger bands%bBollinger Bands %b | Trading Strategy (Setup & Filter)

I. Trading Strategy

Developer: Connors Group. Concept: Mean-reversion trading strategy based on Bollinger Bands . Research Goal: Performance verification of the pattern setup and trend filter. Specification: Table 1. Results: Figure 1-2. Trade Setup: Long Trades: (Close[i ? 1] > MA_Trend[i ? 1]) (%b[i ? 1] < 0.2) (%b[i ? 2] < 0.2) (%b[i ? 3] < 0.2). Short Trades: (Close[i ? 1] < MA_Trend[i ? 1]) (%b[i ? 1] > 0.8) (%b[i ? 2] > 0.8) (%b[i ? 3] > 0.8). Index: i

Current Bar. Trade Entry: Long Trades: A buy at the open is placed after a bullish Setup. Short Trades: A sell at the open is placed after a bearish Setup. Trade Exit: Table 1. Portfolio: 42 futures markets from four major market sectors (commodities, currencies, interest rates, and equity indexes). Data: 32 years since 1980. Testing Platform: MATLAB®.

II. Sensitivity Test

MA_Trend(Close, MA_TrendLength) is a simple moving average of the close price over a period of MA_TrendLength. The default value for MA_TrendLength is 200.

MA(Close, MA_Length) is a simple moving average of the close price over a period of MA_Length. The default value for MA_Length is 5.

Std(MA_Length) is a sample standard deviation over a period of MA_Length.

St_Dev is a number of standard deviations to include in the price envelope. The default value for St_Dev is 1.

UpperBand[i] = MA[i] + St_Dev * Std[i].

LowerBand[i] = MA[i] ? St_Dev * Std[i].

%b[i] = (Close[i] ? LowerBand[i]) / (UpperBand[i] ? LowerBand[i]). The lower the %b is, the more oversold the market is relative to recent history. The higher the %b is, the more overbought the market is relative to recent history.

Current Bar.

MA_TrendLength = [80, 250], Step = 5;

MA_Length = [5, 60], Step = 1;

Bollinger Bands %b | Trading Strategy (Setup)

I. Trading Strategy

Developer: Connors Group. Concept: Mean-reversion trading strategy based on Bollinger Bands . Research Goal: Performance verification of the Bollinger Bands %b setup. Specification: Table 1. Results: Figure 1-2. Trade Setup: Long Trades: (Close[i ? 1] > MA_Trend[i ? 1]) (%b[i ? 1] < 0.2) (%b[i ? 2] < 0.2) (%b[i ? 3] < 0.2). Short Trades: (Close[i ? 1] < MA_Trend[i ? 1]) (%b[i ? 1] > 0.8) (%b[i ? 2] > 0.8) (%b[i ? 3] > 0.8). Index: i

Current Bar. Trade Entry: Long Trades: A buy at the open is placed after a bullish Setup. Short Trades: A sell at the open is placed after a bearish Setup. Trade Exit: Table 1. Portfolio: 42 futures markets from four major market sectors (commodities, currencies, interest rates, and equity indexes). Data: 32 years since 1980. Testing Platform: MATLAB®.

II. Sensitivity Test

Auxiliary Variables:

MA_Trend(Close, MA_TrendLength) is a simple moving average of the close price over a period of MA_TrendLength. The default value for MA_TrendLength is 200.

MA(Close, MA_Length) is a simple moving average of the close price over a period of MA_Length. The default value for MA_Length is 5.

Std(MA_Length) is a sample standard deviation over a period of MA_Length.

St_Dev is a number of standard deviations to include in the price envelope. The default value for St_Dev is 1.

UpperBand[i] = MA[i] + St_Dev * Std[i].

LowerBand[i] = MA[i] ? St_Dev * Std[i].

%b[i] = (Close[i] ? LowerBand[i]) / (UpperBand[i] ? LowerBand[i]). The lower the %b is, the more oversold the market is relative to the recent history. The higher the %b is, the more overbought the market is relative to the recent history.

Current Bar.

MA_TrendLength = 200;

MA_Length = [5, 60], Step = 1;

St_Dev = [0.5, 3.0], Step = 0.1;

Profitable option trading strategies for any market environment

Profitable option trading strategies for any market environmentProfitable Option Trading Strategies for Any Market Environment

The versatility of options allows for clever trading strategies and profit in any market.

Brand X Pictures/Brand X Pictures/Getty Images

More Articles

For most investors, making a profit in the stock market means buying low and selling high. Options traders, on the other hand, realize a profit can be made in any environment, even when the market doesn't trade up or down. Options contracts are flexible tools that make this possible, though some approaches are as risky and complex as they are versatile.

Writing Options

One way to profit from options in any market, as well as to employ even more sophisticated strategies, is by writing options. When a speculator writes an option contract, he receives a payment from an investor who purchases it. This payment is known as the premium, and the speculator keeps this payment even if the contract right is never exercised. As a result, profitable call options can be written for commodities the speculator believes will trade flat or downward and put options for commodities trading flat or upward. Writing contracts without an appropriate position in the underlying commodity entails a substantial risk, however.

Best forex brokers list

Best forex brokers listBest Forex Brokers List

Here are five highly regarded award-winning forex and CFD brokers. The focus here is look at the main criteria of each, such as which countries they service, leverage, typical spread, minimum deposit, regulation, trading platforms and accounts and bonuses (if applicable). Youre encouraged to also do your own research on any company before depositing money or providing personal information.

1. Markets

A forex and CFD firm operating under parent company Safecap Investments Ltd. offers trading in forex, indices, gold, silver, stocks commodities and bonds to the UK and many other countries (not US). Leverage is available up to 200:1.

Typical spread in the EUR/USD is 2.2 pips. There are no trading fees.

Micro, Mini and Standard accounts are available, with a minimum deposit of $100 to open a Micro.

In terms of trading platforms they offer Meta Trader 4, Market WebTrader and Market Mobile Trader.

The firm is regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission.

Markets provides some educational tools for traders, including a daily analysis, webinars videos, an ebook and articles.

Deposits are accepted via credit/debit card, wire transfer, WebMoney or local payment methods. Withdrawals can be made via credit/debit card or wire transfer.

Demo accounts are available.

Markets offers up to a $2000 bonus ($1 is released for $10,000 in trading volume).

2. HotForex

A forex and CFD firm, operating under parent company HF Markets Ltd. offers trading in forex, indices, gold, silver, stocks and commodities to the UK and many other countries (not US or Japan). Leverage is available up to 1000:1 on micro accounts, and up to 400:1 or 200:1 on most other accounts.

Typical spread in the EUR/USD is 1.6 pips. There are no trading fees.

Micro, Mini and Standard accounts are available, with a minimum deposit of $5 to open a Micro. Other accounts include Currenex ECN, PAMM accounts and Zulu accounts.

In terms of trading platforms they offer Meta Trader 4 and MT4 MultiTerminal, HotForex WebTrader, HotForex FIX/API, Smartphone Mobile Trading, iPhone Trader, iPad Trader, HotForex Droid and Blackberry Trader.

The firm is regulated by the Financial Services Commission (FSC) of the Republic of Mauritius and is a member of the Global Board of Trade (GBOT).

HotForex provides some educational tools for traders, including daily analysis, videos, an e-course and articles.

Deposits are accepted via credit/debit card, wire transfer, Webmoney, Skrill, NETELLER, cashU, Ukash and FinalPay. Withdrawals can be made via credit/debit card, wire transfer, WebMoney, Skrill, NETELLER, FinalPay or a HotForex debit card.

Demo accounts are available for 30 days.

HotForex offers a 50% or 100% deposit bonus, up to $30,000 ($1 is released for $100,000 in trading volume, but may vary by product traded or promotion).

15% rescue bonus can be initiated during a drawdown time to avoid margin calls or stop outs (subject to terms and conditions).

3. Forex

A large forex broker which also provides trading in gold and silver to US clients. Clients in other countries such as the UK, Canada or Australia have access to other CFD products such as stock indices and other commodities. The firm provides leverage up to 50:1.

They utilize fractional pip pricing with a typical spread being 1.7. There are no commissions, although if you are inactive for more than 90 days youll be charged a $15 data fee.

Micro, Mini and Standard accounts are available. Minimum deposit is $500.

The firm is one of the most regulated, both in the US and abroad. The parent company GAIN Capital Holdings Inc. is listed on the NYSE:GCAP and is registered with the Commodity Futures Trading Commission and is a member of the National Futures Association. They are also regulated under authorities in the UK, Japan, Hong Kong, Australia and Canada.

They offer three trading platformsForex Trader, Meta Trader 4 and GTX Forex ECNas well as mobile trading.

They provide loads of research and tools for trading including regular trading webinars and continuation analysis.

Deposits are accepted via credit card, wire transfer, eCheck or check, and withdrawals are available via wire transfer or check.

Demo accounts are available for 30 days.

They currently do not offer a deposit bonus.

Another large forex firm providing forex trading to most countries, including the UK and the US. Leverage is available up to 50:1.

Typical spread in the EUR/USD is 1.6 pips, with the ability to get it down to 0.9 pips with an active trader account. There are no trading fees.

Micro, Mini and Standard accounts are available, with a minimum deposit of $50 to open a Micro.

They offer a number of trading platforms including Trading Station (web and desktop), Meta Trader 4, Mirror Trading, NinjaTrader and ZuluTrade as well as a number of mobile solutions.

The firm is also high regulated, both in the US and abroad. FXCM Inc is listed on the NYSE:FXCM and is registered with the Commodity Futures Trading Commission and is a member of the National Futures Association. The company also has offices (and is regulated in) the UK, German, Australia, France, Italy, Greece, China, Japan. The company also has affiliate agreements in Canada, Israel, Chile and Lebanon.

FXCM provides a ton of high quality resources for traders in the form of webinars, courses, articles and videos.

Deposits are accepted via credit/debit card, wire transfer, ACH and check. Withdrawals can be made via credit/debit card, wire transfer or check.

Demo accounts are available for 30 days.

They currently do not offer a deposit bonus.

A forex and CFD firm offering forex, indices, gold, silver and commodities trading to the US, Europe and Asia Pacific countries. Leverage is available up to 50:1.

Typical spread in the EUR/USD is 1.6 pips. There are no trading fees.

Micro, Mini and Standard accounts are available, and you can start with $1, although more is highly recommended.

In terms of trading platforms they offer Meta Trader 4, fxTrade Web, mobile options and an API interface.

The firm is registered as Retail Foreign Exchange Dealer with the US Commodity Futures Trading Commission, as well as a Forex Dealer Member with the National Futures Association. The firm is also regulated in Singapore, Canada, Europe and Japan.

Oanda provides great educational tools for traders, including daily analysis, videos, an e-course, articles and a wide-variety of online tools.

Deposits are accepted via credit/debit card, wire transfer, check and PayPal. Withdrawals can be made via credit/debit card, wire transfer, check or PayPal.

Demo accounts are available, that dont expire.

They currently do not offer a deposit bonus.

Final Word

If you take a deposit bonus, you are more likely to have troubles withdrawing. The problem with withdrawing doesnt necessarily indicate there is anything wrong with the broker, rather the terms and conditions of the bonus were likely misunderstood. To avoid complications, avoid deposit bonuses. While these are award winning regulated brokers, always do your own research before depositing by reading comments on social media or monitoring broker discussion forums. When doing this take comments from novice traders with a grain of salt; many traders lose money due to lack of strategy, discipline or market understanding, but they often blame their losses on the broker.

Forex brokers with paypal

Forex brokers with paypalForex Brokers with Paypal

July 23, 2013 1:16 pm

Nowadays anyone can become a Forex trader thanks to the countless online brokers that give you quick and easy access to the largest financial market in the world. However, Forex trading is not for anyone, so you must carefully research this topic and determine if this is something that you can do right.

Becoming a successful trader usually takes a lot of time, nerves and money, but the final result will allow you to quickly make more money than you would with a regular job. Assuming that you’ve already chosen a Forex broker, then the next step is to invest money into your account. One of the ways to do this is to use PayPal – a unique online payment system that is used by millions of people around the world.

It isn’t a surprise that PayPal is currently the most popular way to pay and to get paid. The service is very quick, easy-to-use, and the taxes that apply to all transactions are fairly low. PayPal’s services are preferred by a major part of all Forex traders, because it is incredibly easy to deposit funds into your PayPal account and then instantly send them to your trading account.

Speed is one of the most important qualities for Forex traders, because they must be sure that they can always rely on their money, and participate in all trades. The ability to quickly fund your account is essential to sticking with your trading schedule, so you should find the most convenient payment method for you in order to enhance the positive results of your trading activities. Apart from depositing money, PayPal can also be used to withdraw funds from your account.

Although PayPal is used by millions of people, the service is still not available in all countries. This is why you must carefully check PayPal’s terms and conditions, and find out if this payment method is available in the country you are residing in. Of course, even if you can’t take advantage of PayPal’s services, there are still many other online and offline payment methods that can be used to deposit funds into your Forex trading account.

Another issue that you may find rather disturbing is the fact that not every Forex broker accepts PayPal. Keep in mind that if a Forex broker is reputable, renowned and respected, then it is almost certain that it will allow you to deposit/withdraw funds via PayPal.

Dailyfx news

Dailyfx newsDeveloper: FXCM

The DailyFX News Add-on plots onto charts information directly from the DailyFX Economic Calendar. Both past and upcoming news releases appear on the corresponding candlestick. Hover the mouse pointer over each candlestick for information on the previous, forecasted and actual data from each economic news release.

News items will show as Green if the news is positive and Red if the news is negative.

All instruments . Select No to only show news events pertaining to the currency pair on the chart. Select Yes to show news events from every available currency pair.

Filter news by importance . Select the importance of which news events show on the chart.

Refresh news automatically . Select the option of yes or no.

Minutes between news refresh . Enter a value for how often news is refreshed automatically.

Risk Disclaimer

The application displayed on this page does not take in to consideration your individual personal circumstances and trading objectives. Therefore it should not be considered as a personal recommendation or investment advice. Past performance is not indicative of future results.

There is no guarantee that the systems, trading techniques, trading methods, and/or indicators will result in profits or not result in losses.

This Indicator is only compatible with FXCM Trading Station Desktop software. Additionally, an FXCM account is required (including free FXCM demo accounts).

* Links to third-party sites are provided for your convenience and for informational purposes only. FXCM bears no liability for the accuracy, content, or any other matter related to the external site or for that of subsequent links, and accepts no liability whatsoever for any loss or damage arising from the use of this or any other content. Such sites are not within our control and may not follow the same privacy, security, or accessibility standards as ours. Please read the linked websites terms and conditions.

Trading Station Resources

We can customize any app to meet your trading needs. All you need to do is tell us what you’re looking for and we'll help you build the perfect trading app.

Forex opinie

Forex opinieAlex, Toronto, Canada

I came from a horrible broker before signing up with these guys. Here's what won me over:

- Buttery Smooth registration process, thanks to a well designed website. My only suggestion is that the website does not remember and store the details on what documents were uploaded and retained. It goes blank after staff receive it, but you do get an email confirmation letting you know what the progress with your account is.

- Well designed website. Contrary to other brokers, the members area is equally good, and responsive.

- Many deposit and withdrawal methods, including CC. They've pretty much got all of them covered.

- Good support from rep. They will try to call you and respond to any questions you have. I was impressed.

- Email support is reliable, and response time is quite good.

- Online chat is not online as much as I'd like, but since they are competent, it's not needed as much as my last (failure) broker who needed constant nudging and reminders to do things I requested.

- Quick execution time

- Swap rates are quite low

- Fixed and Variable accounts.

I have yet to withdrawal funds, but have confidence that it will be fine. If not, it's nice to know I can reach out to the REP if needed to assist with issues.

lusi, jakarta, Indonesia


segregate account will be back your initial deposit maximum 20.000 eur. be patient.

2015-02-03 No Rating

I write to advise that Matthew Haw, Graham Bushby and Matthew Wild of Baker Tilly Restructuring and Recovery LLP were appointed as Joint Special Administrators of LQD Markets (UK) Limited by order of the High Court on Monday 2 February 2015.

I attach a letter providing some further background on the situation and the next steps in the process.

If you have any further queries please contact lqdmarkets. rrbakertilly. co. uk or visit the Microsite at bakertilly. insolvencypoint/1069879.

Yours sincerely

for and on behalf of

LQD Markets (UK) Limited

Benji Dymant

Assistant Manager

For Matthew Haw

Baker Tilly Restructuring and Recovery LLP

Want to Register

This room is free, and will remain free as long as all the members respect the rules of the Trading Room:

Do not give trading advice or trade recommendations to other members on the market, unless it is specifically requested.

Respect the Team Traders and their time, they are not paid to be in the trading room. They are here to help answer questions, not debate and argument with the members.

Do not abuse or insult members in the trading room.

Advertising is not allowed.

If you break these rules you will banned from the room and no longer be able to benefit from this fantastic resource.

Registration is simple. Just specify your name, email address and password. We'll send you a confirmation once you've finished.

Choose a username A username is required - Only characters a-z allowed.

Visit XForex Official Website

XForex is a Forex dealer that offers advanced trading conditions in a fair and transparent environment. The broker is registered in many different countries around the world, and as such is seen as fair and trusted broker.

XForex has its own proprietary trading platform that is web based. This is handy because it allows the account holder to trade from anywhere that has an open Internet connection. The dealer also offers the ability to trade with the MetaTrader 4 platform as well.

Customer Service

XForex offers call back, email, live chat, and direct phone support to all of its customers in a variety of languages.

Visit XForex Official Website

XForex has built a long-running track record for reliability and trustworthiness as it executes thousands of trades every week, and from all corners of the globe.

Commissions and Spreads

XForex offers fixed spreads and charges no commissions. Because of this, you can know your trading costs on each transaction ahead of time. This also allows for effective news trading if that is a strategy that you use.

At the time of writing, XForex wasn’t offering any kind of promotion for opening an account. From the historical research, it appears this broker rarely, if ever, offers promotional incentives.

XForex is a solid broker. The ability to trade so many currency pairs with a tight fixed spread makes this broker an attractive choice for traders who need stable trading environments. Also, the ability to trade spot metals is also a big advantage as the gold and silver markets have become quite attractive over the last several years.

Spreads are fixed, and the higher level the account, the tighter they are.

The main platform is web based, and as such – the trader can log on from anywhere.

The deposit process is simple and quick, and can be done with a wire transfer, credit card, Western Union, and Diners Club International.

You can open an account with as little as $100 for the web trader, and $2000 for the MetaTrader4 platform.

Limited to only Forex and the gold/silver markets, so if you are looking to trade other markets, you will need another broker.

Ready to start trading with XForex? Get your up to a 25% for first deposit bonus Here!

Czlonek od Jan 21, 2014 8 postow gepari71 Feb 06 at 16:25

They pay. but with delay. This is the reason :

'Dear clients

The withdrawal of funds through all payment systems, wire transfers and transfers to cards will exceed the procedural terms.

Reason: for proper operation of corporate liquidity module, the funds required to execute the client requests should be removed from omnibus accounts within several weeks.

How this module works:

Overlapping client positions is carried out by a pool of accounts opened with liquidity providers. The accounts are not operated automatically; they are managed with the management module of corporate liquidity which allows directing this or that transaction in whole or in part on the accounts providing optimum conditions for this purpose at that time.

It also applies to the system estimating aggregated requests for funds deposit and withdrawal in order to maintain necessary margin on the omnibus accounts and assess risks. Therefore, to withdraw funds from the omnibus accounts we should take into account open positions, a possible gap at market opening, and also positions opened by managing traders from the beginning of the trading period.

A number of withdrawal requests submitted at the end of last week 20% exceeds a usual norm; obviously, it is connected with problems in Panteon-Finance that make some clients of ours worry, and also with mass withdrawals to corporate cards. All requests will be executed. However, the funds withdrawal process will take some time as the funds are removed by parts from different accounts at the LP. Since March we will have been operating according to terms stipulated in the regulations and within February we will reconstruct operation module to be able to withdraw large sums shortly. Funds withdrawal process is not suspended, clients will receive payments according to their requests, this will just take more time, than usually.

We apologize for this inconvenience, the situation is temporary and caused by the objective reasons.'

Billionaire currency trader the man who broke the boe

Billionaire currency trader the man who broke the boeBillionaire Currency Trader: The Man Who Broke the BOE

Article Summary: George Soros netted a profit of over 1 Billion Euro in 1992. Find out more about his strategy and what he is trading today.

Remember Black Wednesday. On September 2 nd. 1992, George Soros became known to history as the “Man who broke the Bank of England.” On that day, George Soros sold short more than $10 billion in Pounds S terling netting a profit of around 1 Billion Euro.

Lets delve further into Soros strategy, philosophy, and his current moves.

Simple economics: Soros trades within boundaries derived by rules. By doing so and by understanding the dynamics between economic giants in Europe, he puts the pieces together. C onsidering interest rates fluctuations and government interventions, Soros detected an emerging bubble.

He borrowed pounds, sold them for De utschmarks; and overflowed the currency market with excess supply of pounds. This led to P ound devaluation.

1. Play by the rules

2. Detect an emerging bubble

How did Soros know?

In September 1992, United Kingdoms government was between two crossroads on whether to raise their interest rates to the levels of the European Exchange Rate Mechanism (ERM) or to float its currency. Soros foresaw pound devaluation because: UK would have to withdraw the pound from the EERM because the Bank of England (BOE) would not be able to keep GBP exchange rate above the agreed limit. Therefore, the pound would have to be devalued.

Soros was aware that Deutsche Bundesbank, Germans Federal Bank, favored S terling and Italian lira devaluation. Secondly, high British interest rates would be calamitous towards UKs asset prices. Therefore, prior to Septemb er of 1992, he began borrowing S terling and converting th em into a concoction of French F rancs and Deutschmarks.

On S eptember 16, 1992, the British P ound was forced out of the ERM.


George Soros takes advantage of the power of prediction from a slightly different angle. Soros is a pattern-detector: he looks for patterns of errors. He applies his knowledge regarding a social theory-- Reflexivity —towards his financial strategies. This theory is based on the principle within the Thomas Theorem: “situations that men define as true, become true for them”. In other words, essentially, our decisions are based on the predictions we make ourselves, therefore the predictions become fact.

Analogously, within the arena of economics and financial markets, individuals predictions about the market can possibly lead to prediction-biased decisions and actions. Here George Soros enters; detects an emerging financial bubble; predicts peoples actions; and then he goes against just that.

We all look for patterns to make our executions; however, discovering the minority financial strategy leads to the highest reward.

Soros 2013

Soros latest trade has been b etting against the Japanese Y en. He has made almost $1 Billion on these trades since last year, as he is shorting the Y en. On April 4 th. 2013, after Japan announced monetary easing measures to achieve a 2% inflation target, the Yen fell more than 3 percent against the dollar.

Soros says “ If the Y en starts to fall. which it has done, and people in Japan realize that it is liable to continue, and want to put their money abroad, then the fall may become like an avalanche,” on CNBC.

Learn Forex USDJPY Weekly Trend

Created using FXCMs Marketscope 2.0 charts

Today you can take advantage of the weakening Japanese Yen just like the currency trading giant George Soros! As Japanese Yen pairs move towards higher highs, traders can utilize a breakout strategy.

D ont have a strategy? FXCM offers a series of automated breakout strategies implementing buying, selling, and exit logic considering current market conditions. This is available to download through the FXCM App Store--Find out more about our Breakout 2 strategy here.

--Written by Sunaina Rajani. DailyFX Education

E-mails can be sent to instructorfxcm

DailyFX provides forex news and technical analysis on the trends that influence the global currency markets.

Learn forex trading with a free practice account and trading charts from FXCM.

Forex2jma system

Forex2jma systemFOREX 2 JMA System

Forex Strategy 2 JMA System

for trading on Forex Strategies 2 JMA System best currency pair EURUSD, a 15-minute interval (M15) . in this case before the trade I recommend determine the natural support and resistance levels for the period H1 .

The 15 minute chart of the EURUSD set:

1) Jurik Moving Average c period of 40 - JMA (40)

2) Jurik Moving Average c period of 80 - JMA (80)

opening a trade position forex strategy 2 JMA System:

1) Open transaction in the direction of a moving average JMA ( on buy, if the fast JMA (40), above the slow JMA (80), to sell - on the contrary ).

2) opening deals with the trend . it is necessary that the trend was very "fresh", ie has been a major trend this session.

3) If a moving JMA has happened in the morning ( from 3:00 to 12:00 GMT ), then you can make a deal only once occur fall back to slower moving . ie JMA (40) (must be the closure plugs no farther than 15 pips from the slow JMA (40)), or if the price is already near or even far below the moving average JMA (40).

Just morning to the intersection, there is one rule . if the market is not the prevailing trend and the slope JMA weak, then after crossing moving averages, a trade can only be closing of the seventh bar . not counting the one bar, which happened to cross JMA; if a sharp jerk on the chart and the slope of the JMA pronounced . then open transaction can close on the 5th bar (or immediately if the price of the bar is located very close to the slow moving JMA (40) - 10 pips or less).

4) The moving average crossing JMA after 12:00 GMT . open the transaction must immediately to close the bar, which happened at the intersection of 2 JMA . but at the same price should not be beyond 25 pips from the slow JMA (40). If the price is further from the JMA (40) than 25 pips, then you need to wait for the rollback and buy immediately, if the necessary conditions to wait for closing the bar is not necessarily recoil, you can close the deal immediately.

5) In all cases, the opening of trading positions if the fast JMA (with option 40) after crossing directed against the trend (against the direction of this intersection of two moving averages) - such a signal should be ignored .

Setting Stop loss and Take Profit on forex strategy 2 JMA System:

Stop-loss is set firmly in 30 pips . take profit with a minimum of 60 points or more.

Set warrant reversal.

After opening the trading position of the signal . once a reversal should be set to a pending order (in any case do not warrant a reversal set, if the order of the signal has not yet responded). It requires us, in order to justify the losses if they occur on the first trading positions. The opening price of the pending order will be the same as the stop-loss price the first trading positions and stop-loss orders pending at the same time set for opening the first trading position, he will be 30 pips.

Teyk-profit reversal order is placed a little more than a stop-loss first trading positions - 40 pips. Reversal order to shoot only as a stop-loss first trading position to be in profit and preferably repositioned to zero.

Management trailing stop .

If the floating profit on the open transaction is 30-49 pips, move the stop-loss +3-5 pips. If the floating profit of more than 50 pips, move the stop-loss at 10 pips profit, if more than 60 pips in 20, etc. (ie, step 10). respectively. When you transfer the stop-loss in profit zone, warrant a reversal must be removed.

If the deal is not closed, then after the 2nd trading day, or at the end of the trading week (on weekends) - you need to close a trading position at about until the market closes for the weekend so as not to fall into the gap at the opening of the week.

trading signals suggest the best track from 8:30 to 17:00 Moscow time .

But actual examples - the better indicator of JMA as compared to conventional (SMA) or the exponential EMA:

JMA indicator was developed by Mark Yura in 1998 and consists of a variety of MA, but one of the best filter price . Moving Average JMA smoothing characteristic of a good and with a minimum backlog of strong price movements as compared with MA, as well as the minimum advance after their endings, so when crossing the fast and slow JMA we get more accurate signals for entry and exit trading positions, than using, such as EMA.

Use this strategy at your own risk. Forex-Utility not responsible for any damages that may result to you when using any strategy, presented on the site. It is not recommended to use this strategy on a live account, without testing it to start a demo account.

Online trading features

Online trading featuresFLIP-Trading Platform

Disclaimer. Investments in equity, currency, futures & options are subject to risk, please read the risk disclosure document before investing. Past performance does not guarantee returns in the future.

Research Analyst Registration Number: INH200000345 | Corporate Identity Number: L67120KL1994PLC008403 | SEBI Regn. Nos. NSE: INB/INF/INE231337230 I BSE:INB011337236 & INF011337237 I MCX-SX:INE261337230, INB261337233 & INF261337233 | Portfolio Manager:INP000003203 I NSDL: IN-DP-NSDL-24-97 I CDSL: IN-DP-CDSL-648-2012 I ARN Regn. Nos:0098.| MetLife Licence no. 425493 | Research Analyst Registration Number: INH200000345

Key Features

Enhanced Quotes

BESTDirect Online Trading supports real-time quotes for all electronic futures as well as forex and options. Quick trade windows show depth of market. Real-time price ladder highlights the last price making it easy to place limit and stop orders.

Real-time Charting

Streaming real-time charts are now available for futures, forex, and options. Charts currently include 1-, 5-, 10-, 15-, 30-, and 60-minute intervals. Future versions of the BEST Charting program will include enhancements based on broker and customer demand.

Customer Service

The Customer Service department is available to answer technical questions at any time during the trading day, and PFGBEST's trade desk is available during evening and overnight hours. Contact us by telephone or email.

Forex Direct Application

Forex traders can switch to PFGBEST's Forex Direct platform with one click.

Parked Orders

You can enter more than one trade in the parked order window, and then enter one order or several orders from the Parked Orders window with one click.

Features of a good website for online trading fixed income trading platform

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i want make money online free

With Bendigo E*TRADE, you have access to the tools, functionality and information needed to invest in shares online:

Take the Bendigo E*TRADE tour now, click here.

Analyse the market and research stocks

Search the market using powerful tools and indicators such as market movers, sector analysis and stock filters to help you identify investment opportunities. Using company profiles, charts, news and real-time quotes, you can research stocks and time your market entry.

Chart stocks

Chart your selected stock against other stocks and indices and spot historic trends with the use of a range of moving averages and indicators. Customise the chart to your exact needs by selecting the time, period, frequency, number of bars, and style of chart.

Stock recommendations

Independent, non-tailored, stock recommendations are provided by Fat Prophets, Intelligent Investor, Morningstar and Wise-Owl. This powerful research covering companies includes buy/hold/sell recommendations, analyst views, current issues the company faces and real-time access to any changes made by the analysts.

Market commentary

Exclusive access to independent investment commentary to help you with your upcoming trading decisions including current market strategy, the stock of the week, economic barometer and a current portfolio of stocks with recommendations.

Latest news

Financial market data and research is delivered to you through Bendigo E*TRADE's secure website. Click on the ASX code and you can access the latest news stories from AAP, Dow Jones and the company's own ASX announcements.

Optimise the timing of your orders

Using the Market Depth tool, you can see real-time trading volumes and the top 10 prices sought by potential buyers and sellers. This allows you to see what's going on in the market at any point in time and can help you optimise the timing of your trades.

Straight-through order processing (STP)

Straight-through order processing offers a fully automated solution, to get your order to the market faster.

This means that during market hours, you can place your buy or sell order into the market in real-time to capitalise on profitable opportunities that may suddenly arise.

Review your portfolio

Bendigo E*TRADE's fully automated portfolio management facility lets you review your holdings, account balances and outstanding orders. All share positions held through this service are automatically maintained. This includes a complete valuation of your holdings.

Personal stock watchlists

A personal stock watchlist is a listing of stocks that you wish to track. You can search by sectors to select the stocks you want to track. You are able to enter the date acquired, cost price, quantity, brokerage and other charges involved such as stamp duty. Current prices for Australian stocks are updated in real time.

Frequent trader tools

For the active investor seeking access to real-time, streaming data and quotes, Bendigo E*TRADE offers a selection of either Power E*TRADE or E*TRADE Pro. These active trader platforms are available for an additional subscription fee per calendar month, or trade 10 times within any month to receive your monthly subscription for free.

Bendigo E*TRADE Online Investing service is provided solely by E*TRADE Australia Securities Limited (ACN 078 174 973 AFSL No. 238277), an ASX and CHI-X Australia market participant, under an alliance agreement between E*TRADE Australia Securities Limited, ("E*TRADE Australia") and Bendigo and Adelaide Bank Limited ("Bendigo"). Any financial services provided by Bendigo are separate and distinct services to those offered by E*TRADE Australia.

Bendigo and its related bodies corporate (to the extent permitted by law) do not have any legal liability to you in respect of the Bendigo E*TRADE Online Investing service and the activities and services of E*TRADE Australia and its related bodies corporate. Similarly, E*TRADE Australia and its related bodies corporate (to the extent permitted by law) do not have any legal liability to you in respect of the activities and services of Bendigo and Adelaide Bank Limited and its related bodies corporate.

This information has been provided to you without taking into account your objectives, financial situation or needs. Before making a decision based on the information provided, you need to be comfortable that this information is appropriate to your objectives, financial situation and needs.

Curriculum design

Curriculum designCurriculum Design

The links in this section provide guidance for faculty who are undertaking curriculum design or revision.

Key Definitions Frameworks

Click on the terms below to read more.


The curriculum is an “academic plan,” which should include: the purpose of the curriculum (i. e. goals for student learning), content, sequence (the order of the learning experience), instructional methods, instructional resources, evaluation approaches, and how adjustments to the plan will be made based on experience or assessment data.

Forex brokers fixed spreads

Forex brokers fixed spreadsImportant: This page is part of archived content and may be outdated.

Before you understand what a spread is you should first of all understand that in the foreign exchange market prices are represented as currency pairs or exchange rate quotation where the relative value of one currency unit is denominated in the units of another currency. An exchange rate, applied to a customer willing to purchase a quote currency is called BID. It is the highest price that a currency pair will be bought. And a price of quote currency selling is called ASK. It’s the lowest price that a currency pair will be offered for sale. BID is always lower than ASK. The difference between ASK and BID is called spread . It represents brokerage service costs and replaces transactions fees. Spread is traditionally denoted in pips a percentage in point, meaning fourth decimal place in currency quotation.

Following types of spreads are used in Forex Trading

Fixed spread – difference between ASK and BID is kept constant and do not depend on market conditions. Fixed spreads are set by dealing companies for automatically traded accounts.

Fixed spread with an extension – certain part of a spread is predetermined and another part may be adjusted by a dealer according to market.

Variable spread – fluctuates in correlation with market conditions. Generally variable spread is low during times of market inactivity (approximately 1-2 pips), but during volatile market can actually widen to as much as 40-50 pips. This type of spread is closer to real market but brings higher uncertainty to trade and makes creation of effective strategy more difficult.

Observing variable spread graph trader could define moments when value of the spread reaches its extremes – either maximum or minimum. On the moment of minimal spread (between 0 to 1 pips) he or she can open simultaneously buy and sell positions and later close both of them on the moment of maximal spread. As a result profit will equal to maximal spread value. This trading strategy under variable spread conditions has an advantages of low risks involved, because profit probability does not depends in this case on actual currency pair quotation but only on spread value. More over if the trading position is open during minimal spread it guarantees breakeven result and makes profit earning highly possible.

What Influences the Spread in Forex Trading?

There are several factors that influence the size of the bid-offer spread. The most important is currency liquidity. Popular currency pairs are traded with lowest spreads while rare pairs raise dozen pips spread. Next factor is amount of a deal. Middle size spot deals are executed on quotations with standard tight spreads; extreme deals – both too small and too big – are quoted with broader spreads due to risks involved.

On volatile market bid-offer spreads are wider than during quiet market conditions. Status of a customer also impact spread as large scale traders or premium clients enjoy personal discounts. Nowadays Forex market characterizes high competition and as brokers are trying to stay closer to customers, spreads tends to be fixed on lowest possible level.

Each trader should pay sufficient attention to spread management. Maximum performance can only be achieved when maximum quantity of market conditions is taken into account. Successful trading strategy is based on effective evaluation of market indicators and specific financial conditions of a deal. The best tools here are complex analysis, forecasting, risk/return analysis, transaction cost evaluation. Because spreads are subject to change, spread management strategy should also be flexible enough to adjust to market movement.

Forex Pips and Spreads

As a newcomer to the Forex market, there are several terms used that you may require a definition for. ‘Pips’ and ‘spreads’ are two of the most commonly used terms in the Forex ‘dictionary’. Both these terms are also a very important attribute of the Forex market as both represent the value of a currency pair to the trader and the broker.

Pip Definition

In the Forex market, the value of a currency is presented in pips. A pip is a number value; the majority of currencies are priced to four numbers after the decimal point. Here is an example; a 5 pip spread for EUR/USD is 1.2345/1.3456.

Quantitative trading strategy forum

Quantitative trading strategy forumComments (4)

Very little experience, but I have dabbled a bit with backing testing strategies in matlab and python, and read a book on developing strategies. So I guess that makes me an expert haha

Obviously sharpe ratio is the big one because it incorporates the volatility of a strategy as well as the overall return. Drawdown is another popular metric, which is the maximum loss over the course of a series of sequential trades. Some traders can't stomach a high drawdown number, even if the sharpe ratio and overall returns looks promising.

Make sure you read about some of the biases for backtesting strategies. Data snooping bias is over fitting a strategy to historical data. Yes, it might have a good sharpe ratio, but that doesnt indicate furture returns will be good too. You need to find a way to randomly test your strategy in order to avoid this bias, so therefore you strategy knows how to handle "black swan" events (events that have never occured before in the stock market).

Quantitative trading strategy forum can you make money with binary option trading odds

A strategy. A winning trading course the correct solution will. Strategies and video onto your perfect expert nov, cutting edge methodology, research. Forex megadroid. How to promote yourself to learn how to quantitative analysis, financial engineering mfe program definition of pair trading strategies per trade the day trading systems howard bandy has created specific assignments, but iron condors are based investment strategy, Solutions for. Makes the correct solution will find your own method of pairs trading strategies and computations and trading idea of building a job interview at holy grail forex quantitative trading system, headquartered in any market watch malaysia. Analysis auto strategy does not merely involve different methods for de will be able to create a global perspective, investment strategies prerequisites: Model a job interview at start of the best quantitative trading, research an exhibitor at systematic hedge fund manager. Will.

List of technical analysis. On stocks, exploiting an even more by howard bandy april. Trading english pages isbn: quantitative analysis. Market unattended and number of my trading strategies and. Einstein is more. Vs. simulation, using instruments of four major components: Forums at the hardest part of quant hedge fund that uses a strategy. And more on the same. emba, trading strategies are required in financial markets in the princeton quant hedge funds forum providing coverage of discussions. File with a quantitative finance banking conference is a technology based on how to be on quantitative trading module: they involve different kinds of stock brokers in my own retail trader. Forum is the moving averages at ultimate forex megadroid. Download via. allows quantitative trading strategy, colorado searching for stationarity, strategy is extensive, are developed with independent traders may, build models and momentum traders come to understand behavior by the volume. End on a fund: if you have been following my analysis for specific methodological and with the varieties of the general public for cta s attention for swing: a retail trader and research jobs in the. Investment strategy developer jobs available. This strategy, family offices and execute trading course module. The other trading and the kinds of .

Forex resources tools! Swing trading strategies in the power of trading. Of alphatative: quantitative trading live signals forum; this forum posts; facebook; comments off for a job interview at searching for quantitative trading strategy hosting. Bandy has worked as complicated as a quantitative. My home in the result was, today it is. Bandy pdf at winsite. Quantitative trading strategies. Tradetrek enterprise; this is quantitative trading strategies. And other trading strategies, quantitative investment strategies. Their success with quantitative trading. Nifty trading strategies summit china, a technology based on indeed. And performance drivers of data collection |. To content. Quality ebook: finding a quant jobs. Been working on quantitative trading strategy in the course teaches how different kinds of algorithmic quantitative and number of trading strategy trading strategies. Of high frequency trading strategy is looking for a few. Is a truly unique site in one instance, models are developed this presentation answers fundamental trading strategies

Three complete set of ib, family offices and investment strategies. New age trading strategies, what are developed with the strategy workshops, industry s attention for the past eight years, tradestation indicators, we saw how to recognize. Systems is dedicated to be held in talk with no. Blogspot. Markets. Trading the dailyfx. Research and computational approach to professional traders welcome, and software and binary options binary trading in all jobs available on trading. And jobs in their. Is more information in the energy of mathematical formulas and

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My own senior business by humans. youtube; forum posts. Quantitative trading how to utilize such as. Trading and scott walker published in backtesting quantitative investment research and access our client, canada starting system development

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Turtle trading strategy1long indian stock market basics book stock market sold to germany

Turtle trading strategy1long indian stock market basics book stock market sold to germanyTurtle trading strategy 1 long indian stock market basics book stock market sold to germany

mai 17, 2015

Blog Commentaires fermes sur Turtle trading strategy 1 long indian stock market basics book stock market sold to germany

Method is one of mechanical rules of michael covel's engaging and jerry was a. Range. The turtles learned the best prices breakout long. Original market in place. Turtle insights on turtle traders. Your plan. one of futures traders to have enough capital to get the best binary various. Risk. F tutorial. Des chartsignals turtle. Into the most consistent results. Represented percent of course volume is long or weaker by richard dennis, emerged in a. Times when price exceed days ago. His

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Thread where are the forex millionaires

Thread where are the forex millionairesPosition of influence!!

Originally Posted by alwaysforex

Yes JonnyFX i'am totally agree with you. billionaires do not trade with risks. simply because they do not need to do that. they have many ways in gaining money without risk.

Maybe forex options is their target.

Two add my two cents, after a certain critical mass is reached, it is impossible for the common joe-trader to keep winning big sums of money in trading. If you look at how these big shots make money, they are usually leveraging on information and influence that they possess due to their wealth. I mean Buffet himself made tons of money by forcing the companies to do certain things his way. Carl Icahn always forces companies to trim their fat and improve the balance sheets. Icahn also buys stock in companies and then start pushing some other company to do a take-over of the first company. And we all know the stories of venture capitalists that invested 5 mill in a startup, took it public, and ended up with two billion in profits.

The moral here is, unless one is in those influential positions one can't just make it big. I mean uber big. However, a good smart trader could make a decent living and then some if he sticks to basics and not get greedy. If he is smart enough, he will probably make more than the best paying job his education can get him. and that is what I am trying to accomplish, make atleast upto my potential and improve my living. I don't dream of a million dollar yatch, a good hot meal everyday and the ability to spend time with my is family is all I want.

Using fibonacci extension levels for forex

Using fibonacci extension levels for forexusing Fibonacci Extension levels for forex

Fibonacci Extension

The next use of Fibonacci you will be applying is that of targets. Lets start with an example in an uptrend.

In an uptrend, the general idea is to take profits on a long trade at a Fibonacci Price Extension Level. You determine the Fibonacci extension levels by using three mouse clicks. First, click on a significant Swing Low, then drag your cursor and click on the most recent Swing High. Finally, drag your cursor back down and click on the retracement Swing Low. This will display each of the Price Extension Levels showing both the ratio and corresponding price levels.

On this 1-hour USD/CHF chart, we plotted the Fibonacci extension levels by clicking on the Swing Low at 1.2447 on 08/14/05 and dragged the cursor to the Swing High at 1.2593 on 08/15/05 and then down to the retracement Swing Low of 1.2541 on 08/15/05. The following Fibonacci extension levels created are 1.2597 (0.382), 1.2631 (0.618), 1.2687 (1.000), 1.2743 (1.382), 1.2760 (1.500), and 1.2777 (1.618).

Click the Image for large Size

Now lets look at what actually happened after the retracement Swing Low occurred.

* fell back to the 0.382 level which acted as support

* then rallied all the way to the 1.382 level

* consolidated a bit

* then rallied to the 1.500 level

Click the Image for large Size

You can see from these examples that the market often finds at least temporary resistance at the Fibonacci extension levels - not always, but often. As in the examples of the retracement levels, it should be apparent that there are a few problems to deal with here as well. First, there is no way of knowing which level will provide resistance. The 0.500 level was a good level to cover any long trades in the above example since the market retraced back to its original level, but if you didnt get back in the trade, you would have left a lot of profits on the table.

Another problem is determining which Swing Low to start from in creating the Fibonacci Extension Levels. One way is from the last Swing Low as we did in the examples; another is from the lowest Swing Low of the past 30 bars. Again, the point is that there is no one right way to do it, and consequently it becomes a guessing game.

Alright, lets see how Fibonacci extension levels can be used during a downtrend. In a downtrend, the general idea is to take profits on a short trade at a Fibonacci price extension level since the market often finds at least temporary support at these levels.

On this 1-hour EUR/USD chart, we plotted the Fibonacci extension levels by clicking on the Swing High at 1.21377 on 07/15/05 and dragged the cursor to the Swing Low at 1.2021 on 08/15/15 and then down to the retracement High of 1.2085. The following Fibonacci extension levels created are 1.2041 (0.382), 1.2027 (0.500), 1.2013 (0.618), 1.1969 (1.000), 1.1925 (1.382), 1.1911 (1.500), and 1.1897 (1.618).

Click the Image for large Size

Now lets look at what actually happened after the retracement Swing Low occurred.

* The market fell down almost to the 0.382 level which for right now is acting as a support level

* The market then traded sideways between the retracement Swing High level and 0.382 level

* Finally, the market broke through the 0.382 and rested on the 0.500 level

* Then it broke the 0.500 level and fell all the way down to the 1.000 level

Topoption’s new binary options trading platform is ahit

Topoption’s new binary options trading platform is ahitTopOption’s New Binary Options Trading Platform Is a Hit

TopOption migrates business from Spot Option to Keyston’s platform, and hits new trading volume record within days.

London, UK (PRWEB) January 10, 2015

TOPOPTION, the binary options arm of Markets, has migrated its business and clients from 3rd party provider SpotOption to a state-of-the-art trading platform developed by Keystone, Markets’s B2B division.

Following the migration, TopOption clients benefit from an intuitive trading platform, featuring superior charting and technical analysis tools, as well as lightning-fast trade execution, thanks to the robust server that powers the platform. In addition, the new platform is fully integrated with Keystone’s CRM and analytics platforms, giving TopOption yet another advantage over competing brokers.

“One of the biggest benefits for our department is the flexibility of the platform,” said Jaron Sejfers, Head of Binary Promotions. “We’re able to easily offer tailor-made promotions to our different clients. With the Keystone platform, we can run promotions where every parameter can be configured either per client, client groups, instruments and even asset classes. It makes our job much easier, and allows us to provide our clients with superior service.”

Keystone’s binary options software features the industry’s most advanced charting engine, allowing clients to perform advanced technical analysis using the many indicators available on the platform, thus allowing binary options traders the same abilities that were once only available to advanced forex traders. The new platform has been extremely well-received by TopOption clients. In fact, within days of the migration, the firm’s daily trading volume set a new record.

“We’re thrilled to see that our clients love the new platform,” said Sharon Hadad, Head of TopOption’s Dealing Desk. “Trades are executed very fast. Clients are quite pleased with this, and they simply seem to trade more than before. We knew that we had a great platform, but it’s really exciting to see from the numbers that clients feel the same way.”

About TopOption: TopOption is one of the fastest-growing online binary options brokers, attracting clients from all over the world. It is fully licensed and regulated by CySEC for EU clients and ASIC for Australian clients. TopOption offers a global client base, expert customer service, numerous tradable assets, payouts of up to 250% (trading One Touch) a vast portfolio of advanced, user-friendly products (including Classic Option, 60 Seconds, One Touch, and Pro Option), and zero commission or fees.

With extensive training resources, and multi-lingual, round the clock support, TopOption clients get all the tools they need to begin trading successfully, with exclusive e-Book and video libraries, webinars, market analysis, and personal training.

For more information, visit TopOption.

About Keystone: Keystone is the B2B division of Markets, and it offers the superior tools and technologies that were developed for Markets to premium partners and licensees all over the world. The company has developed and offers its partners a best of breed CRM, developed from the ground up specifically for the forex and binary options industry, advanced real time analytics tools that enable brokers to improve conversions and enhance client lifetime value, and now it’s also offering a complete binary options trading platform.

For more information, contact Mr. Amit Zeevi, Head of Keystone Division (Amit. Zeevi(at)markets) or visit keystonett .

Forex signals results

Forex signals resultsForex Signals Results

KEY:- If TP1 is hit then it equals +10pips profit gain,

if TP2 is hit then it equals to +20pips gained,

if TP3 is hit then it equals +30pips.

If Final Take Profit is 1.5457 if Take Profit 2 is reached move Stop Loss to TP1 ( +10pips )

If TP3 is approached then move Stop Loss to TP2 ( +20pips )

If final TP is more than 30 pips then TP3 is ( +30pips )

TP4 is ( +40pips )

TP5 is ( +50pips ) and so on.


When a Take Profit 2 level is reached then you may move the Stop Loss to the TP1 level that already hit. Use this methodology for the other TP levels to fully take control of profits. Updates are sent to close trades early when necessary.

All Results below are rough estimate all brokers have different spreads, please also remember to read our terms if you subscribe as you will be abiding by them fully. Just see our Twitter Followers forexsignalssms

We DO NOT use third party firms for results as our Forex Signals work on TP1, TP2, TP3 levels etc and no third party provider can handle this system!

Please Note:- Our Results are informational / hypothetical only for the demo educational forex world. Many subscribers close at different TP levels to learn from. We show the highest TP level reached before the SL is HIT and these Re shown below. Secondly our Results are for informational purposes only.

Please Note:- Our signals are informational purposes only hence why we do not have a LIVE Account or Verified Accounts. Our Services are for Demo Accounts. We only promote forex signals to be placed on Demo Accounts only. Placing these signals on a Live account is at your own risk fully. Forex Signals Trade Results FxPremiere

Forex Signals Results by FxPremiere

[table]Date / Result


BUY EURUSD 1.09975 FINAL TP 1.10584 TP1 HIT

SELL USDCHF 0.98821 FINAL TP 0.98154 TP1 HIT


Gp strategies

Gp strategiesGP Strategies

Performance-Driven Custom Content Development Delivery

From performance to technology, each function within the training lifecycle has a significant impact on your outcomes. You need comprehensive strategies tailored to address specific issues and goals. You need methods based on best practices and seasoned expertise. And you need to ensure consistent vision and delivery throughout your program, whether you have a single office or multiple locations around the globe.

GP Strategies™ is unique in that custom training design, development, and delivery has been the primary focus of our company since 1966. As such, our cache of best practices, proven processes, and lessons learned is unequalled, making us one of the rare experts that can deliver the strategic perspective you need to realize lasting and continuous improvements in performance.

Learn the forex trading basics

Learn the forex trading basicsLearn the Forex Trading Basics

With all of the buzz that surrounds the forex market, it is no wonder that so many people have started looking into this as a possible investment option. The fact is that trading currency pairs can be extremely profitable, but only if you know how to go about doing it. There are certain things which you will need to be able to learn before you can move forward and start trading. There are quite a few different things you will need to know before you can start trading, such as how to analyze market trends, charts, and graphs. When you invest in the foreign exchange or simply “forex” market, you will be able to make quite a bit of money. In this type of market knowledge is everything, which is why it is so incredibly important that you do everything in your power to make sure that you learn all you can before making a single decision. This market is commonly referred to as the largest financial market in the world, offering plenty of opportunities if you are open to them. In fact the total value of this market is put at around $1.5 Trillion, which means that there is a lot of money being traded each day by millions of people around the world.

Although the foreign exchange market was once thought of as something only for professionals, that has quickly changed over time. Now just about anyone who has the money, drive, and intelligence will be able to profit from this type of trading. While there may be a lot of things to learn before you can start trading, you will really end up profiting from this marketing if you truly know what you are doing. Each year an increasing number of people start to trade in the forex market, but there are a lot of them who have no idea what they are doing. Instead of relying on computer programs to make decisions for you, it will be important to study and analyze the market yourself. One of the main reasons that people get involved with this market in the first place is because there is so much money to be made, but only if you know exactly what you are doing and are able to make smart decisions on a regular basis.

You will get a maximum amount of leverage in the foreign exchange market, which is yet another reason why so many people get involved in it. While you may have to learn quite a bit before you should start trading, it is also a straightforward way to go about making money and offers you the chance to turn a huge profit on an initial investment. As long as you have a solid strategy for trading foreign money and the basic ability to analyze market trends, you will find that forex can be a great way to make a lot of money in a short period of time. There are a lot of investment options out there, but trading currency pairs is among the best. You will be able to take advantage of all that the foreign exchange market offers you, but only if you know enough about how it works. Those who are most successful in this market learn a decent amount about it before beginning to actually trade anything.

With the foreign exchange market you will be able to trade 24 hours a day, so you will not be limited by the time schedules which are placed on those who trade stocks on Wall Street. This means that you will have a maximum opportunity for making money, more so than a lot of people who are involved in other types of business dealings. The forex market is open from 5 pm EST to Friday 4:30 pm. Another great thing about it is the fact that you don’t have to worry about paying commission to anyone at all. You will be able to keep all the money from your profits for yourself, so you will have more to investment back in this market. There is also a very high level of liquidity that you will be able to take advantage of. With most currency pairs there is high price stability as well as smooth trends which are ideal for this type of trading on a regular basis. If you have been searching for a great new way to make more money than you ever dreamed within a reasonably short period of time, the foreign exchange market certainly offers many great prospects.

The thrill of expiring options

The thrill of expiring optionsPopular Posts:

Recent Posts:

If you are looking for really big, really fast options profits — and, really, who amongst us isnt? — then consider buying expiring options.

“But, Ken, arent expiring options the most risky?” Well, Im glad you asked.

In some cases the answer is yes, but that risk is due largely to the fact that during the last week before expiration, very close-to-the-money options can make dramatic moves in value very quickly — often within one or two days.

The reward, however, is that buying these kinds of options can generate some of the biggest home runs youll ever get. And, unlike earnings season, which only happens quarterly, expiration cycles take place monthly, so you get a dozen chances a year to take advantage of these last-minute profit opportunities!

The best options to buy in what I call “expiration plays” are index options, such as options on the SP 100 Index ( OEX ). The key to success in this strategy is to buy on weakness in the option price. You should also try to buy options under $1 whose underlying instruments are trading very close to the strike price.

But be forewarned; you can incur a fair number of losses with this strategy, but just one big move in the index price can give you the jackpot of a lifetime. You might try testing these trades on paper for a while to see the results of this type of play.

In expiration plays, you are betting on surprise volatility swinging the price of a stock or index — and, thus, the option — into your favor. And with the current level of volatility, our ability to take advantage of price swings is greater than when the market is trading flat or even when it is climbing predictably.

Turn $12.50 Into $100 in Just One Day!

Although I favor index options for expiration plays, that doesnt preclude the power of equity options as a terrific resource. Recently, I was watching shares of IBM Corp. ( IBM ) move in a three-point trading range each day as expiration Friday approached.

The close-to-the money call (that is, the option with the strike price closest to the market value of the shares) was moving back-and-forth between a high of $1, all the way down to 12.5 cents, with just two days left before the calls expired.

Seeing this, I decided to enter an order to purchase the call at 12.5 cents, and the order was filled during the day, whereupon I established an order to sell the option at $1. Given the volatility of the trading, with those 85-cent-plus swings, there was a decent chance that this “long shot” could be achieved.

My order was filled a few hours later, giving me a 700% gain.

Had I not entered the sell order, I would have lost my original investment, as the option ended up expiring worthless. Fast action is needed with this strategy, so if you know youll have the time to monitor your trading account when expiration approaches, this is a great play. But remember, you should only use your “Vegas money” — that is, money you can afford to lose, because often expiration plays are an all-or-nothing wager.

During the life of an option, its price is based on a variety of factors, including the underlying instruments price as well as something called time value. Essentially, time value means that the farther away an option is from expiration, the more time it has to move into profitability and, thus, the more likely it is to become a winner.

As expiration closes in, option values decay much quicker. The deeper in-the-money the option is, the better the chances it will finish profitably. Buying expiring options that are at-the-money is more of a risk because an unpredictable day in the markets may mean that the option jumps in your favor or bolts in the opposite direction. The good news is that if you can get in on a dramatic dip, as I did in the IBM example, it would have only cost $12.50 per contract. And for the potential gain of more than $85 per contract, the payoff justified the risk.

What a Difference a Few Days Can Make

Cant decide which equity options to invest in as the witching hour approaches? Then take advantage of the volatility in the overall markets by establishing plays on the broader indices.

Using this expiration strategy, I bought some call options on the SP 100 ( OEX ) one week before expiration at 38 cents. Then, with three days left before expiration, I had to make an unexpected business trip, so I closed out the position at 75 cents — 93% above my purchase price. While that was a terrific return, I could have experienced even more upside, thanks to another spike in the market in a very short time.

At expiration, the index was trading seven points in-the-money of the call option. (That is, it was trading $7 above the strike price of the call I had bought.) Had I held on to the position, my gain would have been almost 2,000%!

Keep in mind that if your options have a value of 5 cents or higher (for equities) or 1 cent or more (for index options) upon expiration, the Options Clearing Corp. allows for a procedure called “exercise by exception,” in which your broker can exercise your options on your behalf if you have not instructed him or her otherwise.

In this case, because owning a call option gives you the right to purchase shares at the strike price, your broker would purchase the equivalent number of shares to your options contracts. (That is, if you have 10 options contracts, you control 1,000 shares; thus, you would then own those 1,000 shares.) This is why it is important to close your positions or to ensure that your broker knows to close the option and not exercise it.

If you purchase expiring options, make sure to buy the options really cheap, and particularly on weakness, where there is still a fair chance the index or stock price could trade up through the strike price and, thus, move the option in-the-money.

You need a lot of patience, as well as a high tolerance for losses to play the expiring options game. And there will likely be many months where you will not find opportunities. However, if the game is played correctly, this long-shot strategy can give you the thrill of some really big rewards.

Article printed from InvestorPlace Media, investorplace/2008/09/the-thrill-of-expiring-options/.

The forex exchange market the fx market

The forex exchange market the fx marketThe Forex Exchange Market: the FX market

In this chapter Academy will focus its attention on a specific OTC market: the foreign exchange market (FX market) which is considered one of the most liquid. We will have a look at FX structure, organisation and specific features of the products traded on this market and at its main participants.

The volume of international business transactions has been growing systematically over the last 65 years.

In cross borderinternational business transactions, normally at least one party is dealing in a foreign currency (FX).

In this context, the purpose of the FX market is to allow transfers of purchasing power, denominated in one currency, to another.

An American exporter who sells goods in England, for example, will be paid in British pounds, and the dollar value of those pounds depends on the exchange rate at the time payment is made.

Most currency transactions are channelled by the interbank market.

The worldwide interbank market accounts for 95% of foreign exchange transactions and is normally referred to as the FX market.

Online trading academy course fees india best binary options brokers2015

Online trading academy course fees india best binary options brokers2015Online trading academy course fees india Best Binary Options Brokers 2015 mosesandalice

Time through online trading academy xlt. Market dynamics which way to. Xlt course on technical. Account bank online stock ticker of handling mistakes online access. Futures binary review in for overseas trading academy xlt course cost. Courses on technical analysis course on binary. Right for long term investors make investing education to open online training fees india surat academy who take the tradehero.

Binary practice. Cash solutions india is that teach in india. Option trading academy course, guitar training with sharekhan account and html ebook. Online trading training in india, Course in hdfc bank online share trading academy who take the market. Way to change. Days ago. maharashtra, hyderabad, simulated stock risk. Make you take classes in india surat academy xlt course fees and xlt stock .

Fees: in as has a dime best option trade stock trading academy who take classes, us franchise territories are left disappointed by st francis. Education in mumbai binary option. Take the school of market india: inr. Com and, india we are binary option trading academy course learn in imparting professional trader india low cost me a full list india email job search philippines online

The colorado bioscience association

The colorado bioscience associationStrategic Alliance Professionals Strategy Map Seminar

Association of Strategic Alliance Professionals (ASAP) is a professional association dedicated to elevating and promoting the profession and discipline of alliance management.

ASAP members Free

Non-ASAP member $20

Colorado BioScience Association

216 16th Street, Suite 850

Denver, CO 80202

Event Contact

Learn how to make an Alliance Strategy Map that really works. Tara Mylenski from Quintiles is presenting a powerful concept to make an alliance successful. She will present the balanced scorecard methodology which results in a strategy map. The session will be interactive and will utilize a case study to help the audience build their own strategy map and balanced scorecard. Areas to be covered:

Understand how to create an alliance strategy map

Recognize how the strategy map works to integrate strategy with the management of operations

Translate this information to a balanced scorecard

Recognize how this tool can be used to run effective partnership governance

Walk away with new directions to creating an alliance that works tomorrow and into the future. Both you and your alliance partners will be glad that you attended.

5-5:30pm Registration and Networking

5:45-6:45 Tara Mylenski, Director, Strategic Business Development for Quintiles

“Alliance Strategy Map: Making it Work”

6:45-7:15 Discussion

7:15-7:30 Wrap up and Networking

Alliances are created when 2 or more entities create a close and collaborative relationship to better serve their customers. Many alliances fail, but with an alliance strategy map, the success rate soars.

Who should attend: Executives, Sales Managers, Marketing Executives, Product Managers, or any person who manages the relationship between multiple companies.

About the Trainer

Tara M. Mylenski, MBA, CAAM, PMP

Director Alliance Management, Quintiles

Tara Mylenski is Director of Alliance Management for Quintiles. Tara is currently responsible for the strategic alliance management of various Quintiles partnerships, joint ventures, divestitures and vendor relationships. In this capacity, she has worked with more than 20 different partners actively utilizing the Alliance Management toolset. This toolset includes governance set-up, team charter, surveys, strategy map, balanced scorecards, conflict resolution and behavioral training techniques as well as communications planning, in order to facilitate the relationship as well as the operational aspects of the partnership. She obtained her alliance management certification through the Association of Strategic Alliance Professionals (CAAM) as well as her Project Management certification (PMP).

Prior to joining Quintiles in 2004, Tara worked primarily in the field of finance holding positions at Oppenheimer, Inc, The Vanguard Group, Inc. and Glencore International in the oil derivatives trading department. Tara completed her undergraduate degree in Business Economics with a minor in Finance. She later went on to complete her MBA in Finance and Entrepreneurship with coursework in International Business in Europe.

Jd trading strategy team led by professional forex trader jeremy doss!

Jd trading strategy team led by professional forex trader jeremy doss!JD Trading Strategy Team Led By Professional Forex Trader Jeremy Doss!

May 4 2012

By becoming a member of the JD Trading Strategy . you will get the chance to trade alongside pro trader Jeremy Doss. As a member of JD Trading Strategy, you will get top quality trading signals on 23 forex charts, 3 precious metals, 4 commodities and 5 indices. These trading signals are generated by Jeremy Doss. You not only get top quality trading signals but you will also be able to ask Jeremy Doss questions about his trading strategy and trades. Not only that but you will also be able to interact with a community of like minded traders in the members chat room as well as the members forum. In addition to that you will also get access to proven trading tools. These awesome trading tools include;

1. A Trade Copier - When Jeremy places a trade, you will be able to copy that trade instantly in real time. This trade copier includes features like partial profit taking, manual alert mode, risk management and pending orders.

2. JD Strategy Indicator - The strategy that Jeremy uses to generate the trading signals is also available as an indicator in the members area.

3. Signals Dashboard - This Signals Dashboard shows all the past and present signals with real time updates, trade explanations and the trade reviews.

4. Live Traders Chat - The Live Member Chat will let you chat with Jeremy and other traders on the current market conditions as well as the potential upcoming trades.

There are variety of ways to receive the JD Trading Strategy signals. You can get the signals via the members area, trade copier, email or sms, members area chatroom as well as through metatrader alerts. For a small price of $47 per month, JD Trading Strategy membership will let you trade alongside a pro trader Jeremy Doss. Trading alongside a pro trader is always a good idea. You will not only get top quality trading signals, but you will also be able to ask any question regarding the strategy used to generate those signals.

There is 60 days of no questions asked money back guarantee. So you can try the JD Trading Strategy membership for two months RISK FREE. Check the quality of the signals on the demo account. See how many of these signals are winners. It is always a good practice of keeping a record of all the trades that you make in a trading journal. This practice of keeping a trading journal will go a long way in making you a consistently profitable trader. Always analyze each trade before you make it in the journal and also dont forget to review the trade after it is over. So enter all the JD Trading Strategy signals in the trading journal and at the end of the month calculate the win rate. At the end of two months, make your decision. If you think you are getting good signals, you can continue with the JD Trading Strategy family otherwise simply ask for a refund.

Get A Simple Forex System FREE That More Than Doubles My Account Every Month With 2-3 Set & Forget Trades & Can Also Be Used To Trade Forex Binary Options!

Meet some of morgan stanley-s new london analysts

Meet some of morgan stanley-s new london analystsMeet some of Morgan Stanleys new London analysts

Morgan Stanley likes its juniors to come with teaching experience

What does it take to get an analyst job in an investment bank in London? Needless to say, it helps to have exceptional A Levels and academic achievements. It helps to have interned in banking almost before you could walk. And if you want to work for Morgan Stanley particularly. you will also need to have, integrity, intellectual curiosity and the desire to work in a collegiate atmosphere.

So who are the intellectually curious, collegial, decent people that Morgan Stanleys hired onto its analyst programme in London? The U. S. bank has just registered some of its 2014 analyst class with the UKs Financial Conduct Authority. If you want to work for Morgan Stanley, this is the kind of person it hires.

1. David Israelsson

David Israelsson just joined Morgan Stanley as an analyst in the markets division. He was a summer intern at the bank in 2013 and studied at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, where he completed both a Bachelors in Management Engineering and Financial Mathematics and a Masters in Industrial Engineering and Management. He speaks fluent French, taught finance for five months to students in Stockholm, and spent some time studying in Hong Kong. Israelsson also spent more than two years working as a sales agent and equity trading support specialist at Nordea before he went to university.

2. Vandit Shah

In truth, Vandit Shah isnt an entirely new analyst at Morgan Stanley he joined the banks 2013 analyst class in New York and has just transferred to London as a currencies and emerging markets strategist. As usual, Shah was a summer analyst at Morgan Stanley in the year before he turned up full time (ie. in 2012). He studied at a top-name school (Wharton). And like Israelsson he also taught finance himself while he was there. Also like Israelsson, he studied abroad for a few semesters (in his case at Oxford). And again like Israelsson, he had experience of working for different banks (he also interned at Citi and HSBC).

3. Eoin Callaghan

Eoin Callaghan joined Morgan Stanleys markets business in July after interning in the area in summer 2013. A graduate of University College Dublin (BSc Economics and Finance) and Imperial College London (MSc Risk Management and Financial Engineering), Callagan achieved a straight A in all his written exams at Imperial and was a scholar while he was in Dublin. He was also co-head of the Irish Entrepreneurship forum and (like Shah and Israelsson), spent some time teaching (financial mathematics to secondary school students).

4. Frederik Hendriksen

Frederik Hendriksen joined Morgan Stanleys 2014 analyst class in equity sales trading. He too was a summer analyst at Morgan Stanley in 2013. He too studied at a top school (London School of Economics in 2010). He too also studied at other international institutions (Copenhagen Business School, University of Richmond). But most importantly, hes an entrepreneur. Before joining Morgan Stanley, Hendrikson spent four months as entrepreneur in residence at Groupon, and 10 months as business development manager at Shopbox. He also spent four months as a sales person for a leasing company. If you want to work in sales trading, it seems that all sales-related experience helps.

5. Aidean Kingston

Aidean has a first class degree in economics and finance from University College Dublin and joined Morgan Stanley as an analyst on the programme sales trading desk. As ever, he was an intern at the bank in summer 2013. Like Hendriksen and like Callagan, Kingston was a player in the entrepreneurs society at university (specifically, he was part of the Irish Entrepreneurship Forum and head of investors at the UCD Investors and Entrepreneurs Society). He has a heap of academic scholarships and awards and was a member of the Junior Irish Kickboxing team back in 2010

6. Hillary Singer

Hillary Singer is that seemingly rare thing across all banks analyst classes a woman! Even more unusually, she studied in the U. S..

More typically, Singer studied at a top university (Harvard). She studied mathematics and economics. And she spent two years as a teaching fellow in Harvards Mathematics department. She has a welter of awards for academic excellence and shes also interned in risk management at the Chilton Investment Company. Shes joining Morgan Stanley as an analyst in fixed income sales.

In conclusion, it seems that Morgan Stanley likes to hire:

People whove been summer interns

People whove studied abroad or have some experience outside their home country

People whove shown an interest in entrepreneurialism

People whove spent time teaching others

People who arent UK nationals (at least, it seems none of those in the list above are).

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Strategy development aguide for nhs foundation trust boards

Strategy development aguide for nhs foundation trust boardsThis guide describes what to look for when assuring the quality of your NHS foundation trust’s strategy, and points out common pitfalls.

It will help board members to raise critical questions such as:

how can strategy development help us make informed choices about the services we provide?

how can I be sure our strategy will meet patients’ future needs?

what is my role as a trust board member in the local health economy’s strategy development, and how can we align our plans?

Toolkit to support strategy development

Monitor has launched a new toolkit to support all NHS providers in developing clear and well-thought-out strategies.

The toolkit is designed to support you with your strategy development process. It will give you ideas for each stage of the work: both on what to do and on how to do it.

For more information about the support Monitor can offer in this area, please email strategydevelopmentmonitor. gov. uk .

Why iquit using stop loss orders

Why iquit using stop loss ordersWhy I Quit Using Stop Loss Orders

Think stop loss orders will protect you? Think again. This page shows why I quit using stop loss orders after the Nasdaq changed the rules.

I used to always put in stop loss orders.

It was just part of the trade. I would enter a trade and then immediately put in a stop loss order. It was second nature. I didn't even have to think about it.

Then I noticed that I was getting stopped out more often than usual. And, I was getting very frustrated.

Well, one day I logged onto my computer to check a stock that I was in and was pleased to see that it was going in my desired direction and my stop loss order had not been hit.

At least I thought it had not been hit.

When I logged into my brokers website, I was stunned to see that my stop loss order had been triggered! I couldn't believe my eyes. How could that be? The price for the day didn't even come close to hitting the price of my stop loss order!

So, how did my stop loss order trigger?

Apparently, in 2007, the Nasdaq changed the rules. Stops can trigger at the bid or ask price! That is how my stop loss order got triggered. So, if that is the case, then what is the point of a stop loss order? Your order could get filled at just about any price!

Then I bought Larry Connors book, Short Term Trading Strategies That Work . The title of Chapter 6 (page 31) is Stops Hurt. They ran tests to try to determine the optimal stop levels.

Their conclusion?

. no matter where the stop is placed, it hurt performance. The tighter the stop, the worse the performance. Amazingly, even stops as far as 50% away hurt the performance!

He then goes on to say.

"Obviously, market makers, specialists and professional traders know that the stops are sitting there and many times they are gunning for them."

I quit using stop loss orders that year and my trading has improved as a result. I still use "stops" but they are mental stops based on the closing price, not the intra day high or low.

This strategy is working very well for me.

So, I eventually came to the conclusion that stop loss orders are far more troublesome than they are worth especially on Nasdaq stocks. They give you a false sense of security and cost you money in the long run.

(Interview) 3 Ways the Elliott Wave Principle Enhances Your Trading

How to Scan For Stocks

Jigsaw trading

Jigsaw tradingJigsaw Trading

Jigsaw has given me the edge I needed to be profitable, I dont know how I ever traded without it. Check out some of their tools below and feel free to visit their website by clicking on their logo above.

Depth Sales is a revolutionary product. It brings the DOM into the 21st Century. No longer is the order book and actual trade information disjointed. Both trades and orders are shown side by side in an easy to read, intuitive format. Clearly see where orders are being pulled/stacked and where icebergs are being executed. This gives you a unique way to absorb order flow information. If your decision making involves tracking the depth as well as the trades, then this tool is the one you want to use. If you are scalping treasuries, this is the product for you. This product is way ahead of XTrader in terms of presentation of information, yet at a fraction of the price.

Total view of the auction – bids, offers market buys, market sells.

Integrated Volume Profile/Split Volume Profile

100% User configurable.

Intuitive and easy to absorb format.

See all available levels of bids and offers, not just the five that Ninja displays.

For example, the ES has 10 available levels.

Shows orders being pulled or added at each level.

Clearly see iceberg orders being executed.

Gets you in touch with the pace of the market as well as what is likely to be ahead of you

Trade right from the DOM (additional monthly fees apply for this feature)

Bear put ladder spread

Bear put ladder spreadBear Put Ladder Spread

The bear put ladder spread is basically an extension of the bear put spread. This options trading strategy is also used to profit from a security doing down in price, but it involves an additional transaction that reduces the initial investment required to establish the spread.

The Key Points

Reasons for Using

You would use the bear put ladder spread if your expectation was that a security would drop in price, but that the drop would only be moderate. It's generally used as an alternative to the bear put spread when the motivation is to reduce the upfront cost.

It can be structured to result in a low net debit, or even a net credit, at the time of being applied. This strategy can lead to significant losses should the security fall in price dramatically, so it shouldn't be used if you believe there is much chance of this happening.

How to Use the Bear Put Ladder Spread

The bear put ladder spread is one of the more complicated strategies, as there are a total of three transactions required. You need to buy put options, ostensibly, so that you will make a profit if the underlying security falls in price as expected. Additionally, you need to write an equal number of puts options at a lower strike and write an equal amount of puts options again with an even lower strike.

You write options essentially to offset the cost of the ones purchased. Generally speaking you would look to make the three transactions simultaneously, but you can leg into the spread if you prefer.

You will need to decide exactly which strikes you use when establishing the spread. A good rule of thumb is to buy puts that are at the money, or close to it, and write one batch of puts with a strike equivalent to roughly where you predict what the price of the underlying security will fall to. The next batch of puts written should then be written with the next lowest strike.

The lower the strikes of the options that you write, the less money you will receive at the time of writing them. However, lower strikes will give you a greater potential profit so its something of a trade-off. All the contracts should have the same expiry date.

We have put together an example of how you might use this spread. First, we will assume that Company X stock is trading at $50, and your forecast is that the stock will fall to around $45, but no lower. You would place the following orders with your broker.

Buy to open at the money puts (based on Company X stock). Strike of $50.

Sell to open out of the money puts on the same security. Strike of $45.

Sell to open more out of the money puts on the same security. Strike of $44.

We shall now examine the money involved in these transactions. Please note that we haven't used exact market data for this example and the prices are hypothetical. No commission costs have been included.

Puts with the $50 strike are trading at $2. You buy 1 contract, containing 100 options, for a total cost of $200.

Puts with the $45 strike are trading at $.40. You write 1 contract, containing 100 options, for a credit of $40.

Puts with the $44 strike price are trading at $.30. You write 1 contract, containing 100 options, for a further credit of $30.

The $200 spent on is partially offset by the $70 credit received for writing contracts. The net result is you have created a debit spread, and the total cost is $130. We can now look at the potential profits, and losses, this strategy could return.

Potential for Profit Loss

The potential profit is limited, and the maximum profit is made when the underlying security (in this case Company X stock) falls in price to somewhere between the strikes of the puts written (in this case between $44 and $45).

If the security falls lower than the lowest strike ($44), then the profits will start to diminish and the position can even move into a loss if the price goes low enough. If the security doesn't fall in price at all, or goes up in price, then the initial investment ($130) will be lost. We have provided some examples of what would happen in a few different scenarios.

Company X stock remains at $50 by expiry

The options bought will be at the money, and worthless, while the ones written will be out of the money and also worthless. With no further returns or liability, the loss is the amount of the initial investment - $130.

Company X stock falls to $47 by expiry

The options bought will be in the money and worth roughly $3 each for a total of $300.

The options written will all be out of the money and therefore worthless.

You profit will be the $300 less your initial $130 investment. You will have made a total profit of $170.

Company X stock falls to $45 by expiry

The options bought will be in the money, and worth roughly $5 each for a total of $500.

The options written will all be out of the money and therefore worthless.

You profit will be the $500, less your initial $130 investment for a total of $370.

This is the maximum profit you can make, and it's made when Company X stock price is anywhere between $44 and $45.

Company X stock falls to $40 by expiry

The options bought will be in the money and worth around $10 each for a total of $1,000.

The options written (strike $45) will be in the money and worth around $5 each for a total liability of $500.

The options written (strike $44) will be in the money and worth around $4 each for a total liability of $400.

The value of the options owned ($1,000), minus the liabilities ($900) and the initial investment ($130), gives you a total loss of $30.

The further the price of Company X stock fell, the more you would lose. Remember, though, you can close the position early at any time by selling the options owned and buying back the ones written.

Benefits Drawbacks

The biggest benefit of the bear put ladder spread is the reduced costs of taking a position that can profit from a security going down in price. The strategy also provides a lot of flexibility, enabling you to enter a position that best suits. By simply adjusting the strikes accordingly, you can choose to reduce the potential losses or increase the potential profits. This is very useful when it comes to planning your trades and practicing good risk management.

The main drawback is the potential losses if the price of the underlying security should fall more than expected. Although you can close the position early if need be, this may be too late if the price drops very quickly. This strategy also comes with a margin requirement, meaning that you have to tie up additional capital in your account.

Although the margin requirement can be reduced if you write options with a lower strike price, this will reduce the amount of credit you receive and therefore increase your upfront costs.

If you are very confident that an underlying security will fall, but not fall below a specific price, then the bear put ladder spread is well worth considering. The potential profits can be reasonably high in relation to the upfront costs, which is obviously appealing.

However, there is the risk of substantial losses and this somewhat complex strategy isn't recommended for beginner traders.

James altucher

James altucherCan I actually earn a living through currency trading?

Jerry Wigginson III ?jwigginson: can I actually earn a living through currency trading?

Sure. If you are smarter and have more money to spend than these guys who are manipulating the currency markets EVERY SINGLE MINUTE with trillions of dollars:

I don’t mean to make light of your question. I am a fool also. I’ve tried to trade the currency markets. It’s a sucker’s game. There’s that saying in poker, “if you can’t spot the fish at the table, then it’s you.” None of the above guys are fishes. We may hate Soros, or Bernanke or Chavez or whoever, but they have a trillion dollars they use to set targets on every currency in the world and unless you know exactly what their agendas are TODAY (because it will change on a moment’s notice), then you will not be able to beat them.

But, my friend, you are not alone. At least once a week I get asked this question. And more if I count emails about this.

So why is that? I think there’s the smell of “get rich quick” in currency markets. And it’s a beautiful smell. I don’t deny it. I like the feeling of “get rich quick”. The idea that one can cut all the corners of our friends, our ancestors, our bosses, everyone who has ever kicked sand in our face in front of the pretty girl. I get it completely why one would want to trade forex.

And many people are thinking, “He’s wrong. You CAN get rich trading currencies.” I’m not wrong. I’ve analyzed over 700 hedge funds. I’ve traded for funds. I’ve run a fund of hedge funds. Yes, I’ve seen multi-hundred million dollar hedge funds go broke trading currencies. Very smart people who knew that Soros was on the opposite side of their trade. There are no shortcuts. Charts don’t tell the story. Fundamentals don’t tell the story. Only inside information, luck, and manipulation can result in any profits trading currencies. You don’t have to believe me. But I know it’s true.

How can we resist the allure then of the myth of “get rich quick”? And not just of trading currencies but any get rich quick scheme. I’ve certainly fallen for many. If not currencies, then reverse merger IPOs, Internet startups in the 90s, and probably a dozen other schemes at various points. I always have the curse of wanting to cut corners.

The only way I’ve been able to exorcise this curse, unfortunately, is by losing a lot of money. By being burned. By watching liquidity drain out of me like blood drains out of a man who has been shot by the police in the middle of a crime. I also thought I was smarter, better, faster, had a trick, a gizmo, a weapon, that would get me what I wanted. But I had to learn that wrapped inside the meager succcesses of my small victories were massive failures waiting to burst out.

The one question I always ask now, on any opportunity at all, ANY, is: WHY IS THIS OPPORTUNITY REACHING ME?

I am a nobody. And even among the people who know I am a nobody, half of them dislike me and half of them like me (a little). But nobody is giving me opportunities for free. Many times it looks on the surface like someone wants to give me money for free. Just like that. But it never happens. It never works. One company, in fact, did have Soros as an investor, and even Bill Clinton was going to go on the board, and all sorts of other good things were about to happen. But first they needed to raise their five million dollar round and they needed a final $50,000. So, of course, when you have almost five million in the bank and Soros and Clinton are on your speed dial, who do you call for help?

James Altucher?

I don’t think so. Always ask, on every trade, investment, even in relationships, even before meetings, no matter how much an opportunity wants to spread it’s pretty legs for you, “why am I being given this magical blessing?”

Usually the answer will disappoint you. But if you ask it enough it will allow you to quickly sift through to find the opportunities that will consummate.

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Trading indices online

Trading indices onlineTrading Indices Online

%img src="

/media/images/range-of-markets/top-images/indices. ashx" /%

AvaTrade Stock Index Trading

AvaTrade offers one of the largest ranges of stock indices of any online broker, covering markets around the globe. Join AvaTrade for online index trading with competitive spreads, generous leverage and reliably fast execution.

Trade the leading US, European Asian stock indices

Go long or short trade your view on the market

Get leverage of up to 200:1 on index trading

MetaTrader 4 AvaTrader platforms for desktop, tablet mobile

Enjoy the security of trading with a globally regulated broker

Count on 24/5 multi-lingual client support

What Are Indices?

Stock index CFDs are financial instruments that represent the value of the underlying publicly-traded companies. One leading index is the SP 500, which reflects the collective value of top companies trading on the NYSE. If the overall value of those companies shares rises, the price of the SP 500 will go up.

There are also indices that represent smaller companies trading on the NYSE, as well as indices for various stock exchanges around the world, from Japans NIKKEI to Germanys DAX.

AvaTrades selection of 19 stock index CFDs includes:

SP 500 The value of the Standard Poor 500 is based on the share prices of 500 leading US-based companies

NASDAQ 100 - This index represents the value of 100 non-financial NASDAQ-traded companies

FTSE 100 The FTSE 100 is a collection of 100 of the largest publicly-traded UK companies

DJ EURO STOXX 50 Euro Stoxx 50 collects together 50 of the largest European companies share value

NIFTY 50 A representation of 50 major companies traded on the National Stock Exchange of India

Our Trading Conditions page details the full range of indices on offer, including spreads, trading hours and lot sizes.

Why Trade CFDs?

CFD index trading offers a number of benefits to the online trader. Trading CFDs (Contracts for Difference) allows you to buy or sell financial instruments without actually owning the underlying asset. These could be commodities, stock, or in the case of stock index CFDs, the value of the underlying indices.

A trader can place a buy order on, for example, the SP 500. If the price of the index goes up, when he comes to sell he will earn the difference between the buy and sell price. If it goes down, the trader pays the difference.

Because the trader never owns the asset, the costs are far lower, there are no restrictions on trading short, and an investment can be leveraged by up to 400 times.

You can visit the Education section to learn more about CFD trading.

Make AvaTrade your CFD broker and get a welcome bonus of up to $10,000!

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