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1st attempt(877)724-6150Virginia Class C License $89

Virginia Class A/B License $189

8 Hour Exam Prep Class

The Building Technical $189

Specialty Exam Prep Class

Our course is approved by the state.

Category: Contractor Pre-license

How do I get it?

Enroll in the 1st Attempt online Building Technical (BLD) course for $189.00 which includes:

2012 International Residential Code Textbook (A $75 value!)

Online Residential Contractor's Practice Exam (A $60 value!)

Online Practice Exam

What you will need:

Carpentry and Building Construction Textbook (available in our Amazon Book Store )

Is the BLD Specialty right for me?

The BLD exam is required for anyone who wants to perform framing work or building additions. It also supersedes the Home Improvement Contractor (HIC) specialty.

Contractors with the BLD specialty can provide remodelling, repair, improvement and others. The BLD lets contractors work on both residential and commercial properties.

The BLD really allows for a wide range of opportunity for the construction contractor! Our course will help prepare you for the PSI BLD exam.

Exam Details

The BLD exam consists of 80 questions with a time allotment of 160 minutes. It is an open book test. Our BLD course will adequately prepare you to pass this exam.