Technical analysis macd and stochastic oscillator

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Technical analysis macd and stochastic oscillatorTechnical Analysis: MACD and Stochastic Oscillator

By Jim Fink on January 3, 2011

I use charts and technical indicators to make buy and sell decisions, especially in Stocks on the Run where I and Yiannis Mostrous re looking for shorter term trades rather than longer-term investments.

2010 is no more, but it was definitely a good year. The Dow ended up 11%, the SP 500 rose 13%, and the tech-heavy Nasdaq was king of the hill with a 17% gain. Anyone who followed the Hindenburg Omen and/or cardinal climax sell signals in August got his head handed to him, proving that technical and astrological indicators arent infallible. Furthermore, anyone who sold stocks because of the mid-term congressional elections also made a mistake. The lesson to be learned: when the Federal Reserve has short-term rates at zero and is turning on the money spigot full blast with multiple rounds of quantitative easing, no normally reliable bearish technical indicator is going to work.

Best Stocks of 2010

Lets look at which stocks performed best last year. Perhaps by looking at the winners of the past we can learn something about the winners of the future. On the other hand, the extraordinary bullish monetary environment the U. S. markets experienced in 2010 is unlikely to be repeated, so the type of stocks that benefitted from that special market condition might not repeat in 2011.

Whatever, I used my trusty Bloomberg terminal to screen for the best-performing stocks last year that had market caps above $200 million at the beginning of 2010 and have average daily share volume above 200,000. Sure, some microcap stocks had even larger gains, but they are usually thinly traded and incredibly risky, so I view them as non-investable. Lets deal with reality and the types of stocks that reasonable people would actually consider buying. The top-ten list is below: