Etf trading with bollinger bands®(connors research trading strategy series)(english edition)versi

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Etf trading with bollinger bands®(connors research trading strategy series)(english edition)versiETF Trading with Bollinger Bands® (Connors Research Trading Strategy Series) (English Edition) [Versiуn Kindle]

Descripciуn del producto

Descripciуn del producto

Do you trade ETFs to with Bollinger Bands?

If you do, you will be interested in this new research from the Connors Research Trading Strategy Series. We applied the rigorous rules of Connors quantified historical back-testing and overlaid them with Bollinger Bands® & ETF trading data.

The results include multiple strategies with an exceptionally high "Percent Winning Trades". Most of these strategies show historical winning percentages greater than 80% -- and some surpassing 90%!

Bollinger Bands are used by hundreds of thousands of traders around the world. When traded correctly, Bollinger Bands can be one of the most consistent strategies available for your trading. And, of course, ETFs themselves are also considered to be highly consistent vehicles by traders. ETFs + Bollinger Bands + Quantified Back-testing from Connors Research has created a winning combination for traders looking for higher levels of accuracy.

In the new Trading Strategy Series Guidebook, ETF Trading with Bollinger Bands, Connors Research is making available to the public a fully systematic, quantified approach to trading ETFs with Bollinger Bands.

Highly Consistent Trading Results

In ETF Trading with Bollinger Bands® you will get dozens of Bollinger Bands strategy variations which have been correct over 80% of the time from January 2006 through August 2012.

And, you will see 11 strategy variations -- using limit orders -- with a Win Rate over 90%! (from 92.16% to 97.67% to be exact).

As you may know, trading with Bollinger Bands can be very subjective. We have removed the subjectivity and quantified for you dozens of exact Bollinger Bands ETF trade set-ups which have seen extremely reliable gains with a high percentage of the trades being successful.

Top 10 Bollinger Bands ETFs Test Results Ranked by P/L

(without Limit Entries)

Jan. 2006 - August 2012

Variation Avg. % Profit/Loss Avg. Days Held % Winners