Full-featured stock market software for mac os x

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Full-featured stock market software for mac os xRelease Notes:

SystemTrader v1.5.5 Released - Available for Mac OS X (10.7 to 10.10). Download the 30-day free trial now.

SystemTrader for OS X

The tools you need for successful stock investment and trading.

SystemTrader is not only a charting software . it also allows you to track your portfolio . to backtest your trading systems . and to scan the stock market for opportunities.

SystemTrader is a native Mac application and follows the Apple Human Interface Guidelines . In other words, it looks and behaves the way Mac software is supposed to.

Download the 30-day free trial

Try SystemTrader for 30 days risk-free. With a fast 22MB download and a simple drag-and-drop installation, most users have SystemTrader installed in less than one minute.