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April2013April 2013

ETF Gap Trading: A Definitive Guide

(53 pages, $60 digital, 200X, ISBN 978-0-9853072-0-2) by Laurence Connors and Cesar Alvarez . published by Connors Research, LLC.

Gap trading has been a successful trading strategy used by professional traders for some time. Commodity advisors, money managers, and those who trade equities have relied on gaps for 20 years as a means for their success. ETF gap trading can be a consistent strategy in your trading. This guide begins with a history of gaps, then gives some introductory training for the beginner. The authors have written for Stocks Commodities .

In The Trading Cockpit With The ONeil Disciples: Strategies That Made Us 18,000% In The Stock Market

(400 pages, $75.00 hardcover, 2013, ISBN 978-1-118-27302-9) by Gil Morales and Chris Kacher . published by John Wiley Sons.

This is the second book by the authors, sometime contributors for Stocks Commodities. on market legend William ONeils CANSLIM approach to trading. It will arm you with a set of analysis techniques and trading strategies that are a step forward in the evolution of the ONeil model. Frustrated by markets and perceived constraints in the ONeil model, the authors spent years examining charts and analyzing trades in order to improve on the ONeil strategies. The outcome was a set of techniques for identifying and capturing stock breakouts early and riding them up for profit taking. This guide is a detailed introduction to those techniques, to the theory behind them, and a how-to guide/workbook to mastering them as a customized home trading system for optimum returns in all market conditions. It is packed with technical information, stock analysis tools, and real-world examples and practice exercises.

Mean Reversion Trading Systems: Practical Methods For Swing Trading

(240 pages, $49.95 paperback, 2013, ISBN 978-097918384-3) by Howard B. Bandy . published by Blue Owl Press.

This book explains practical methods for swing trading that include both trading frequently and holding a few days. It also shows how identifying overbought and oversold conditions and taking advantage of the semimonthly cycles in prices is possible.

The Physics Of Wall Street

(286 pages, $27 hardcover, 2013, ISBN 978-0-547-31727-4) by James Owen Weatherall . published by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt.

Investor Warren Buffett once warned, “Beware of geeks bearing formulas.” But not all geeks are created equal. While many of Wall Streets mathematicians and engineers failed when their abstractions turned ugly, the crisis was partly a failure of mathematical modeling. Models have limitations; they break down under certain conditions. The solution is to make the models better. This book reveals people and ideas on the cusp of a new era in finance. We see how an obscure idea from quantum theory might soon be used to create a far more accurate consumer price index.

Following The Trend: Diversified Managed Futures Trading

(282 pages, $80 hardcover, 2012, ISBN 978-1-1184-1085-1) by Andreas F. Clenow . published by John Wiley Sons.

There is a group of hedge funds and professional traders who consistently outperform traditional investment strategies. It is possible to replicate their trading performance with relatively simplistic models. This work teaches the important parts of trend following. The reader will be able to understand what it is like to trade futures in large scale and where the real problems and opportunities can be found.

The Street-Smart Trader: An Insiders Guide To The City

(183 pages, £12.99 hardcover, 2011, ISBN 978-1906659073) by Ian Lyall . published by Harriman House.

Originally published in the April 2013 issue of Technical Analysis of Stocks Commodities magazine. All rights reserved. © 2013, Technical Analysis, Inc.