Accreditation prerequisite strategic plan

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Accreditation prerequisite strategic planAccreditation Prerequisite: Strategic Plan

Strategic Planning

PHAB's Glossary of Terms defines strategic planning as "a disciplined process aimed at producing fundamental decisions and actions that will shape and guide what an organization is, what it does, and why it does what it does. The process of assessing a changing environment to create a vision of the future; determining how the organization fits into the anticipated environment, based on its mission, strengths, and weaknesses; then setting in motion a plan of action to position the organization," with the strategic plan focusing on a range of agency level organizational goals, strategies and objectives, including new initiatives.

To learn more about PHAB’s requirements and NACCHO's strategic planning guide, view the 2012 Strategic Planning webinar .

A few tools that assist LHDs in developing strategic plans for their agencies include:

Developing a Local Health Department Strategic Plan: A How-To Guide. NACCHO has developed a robust how-to guide for undertaking the strategic planning process. Aligned with PHAB''s strategic planning requirements, this guide offers step-by-step instructions, important considerations, and modifiable tools and templates for use in any type of LHD. A NACCHO webinar featured the guide in May of 2012.

Developing a Tribal Health Department Strategic Plan: A How-To Guide . This is a robust guide to undertaking the strategic planning process, specifically for Tribal Health Departments. It is aligned with PHAB's requirements and offers instructions and templates for agency use. This guide was developed in collaboration with Red Star Innovations .

Community Tool Box, Chapter Eight: Developing a Strategic Plan . The Community Tool Box, created by the Work Group for Community Health and Development at the University of Kansas, provides information on how to build healthier and more equitable communities. Chapter Eight of the tool box ("Developing a Strategic Plan") provides practical, step-by-step guidance on how to embark on the strategic planning process.

Strategic Planning for Public and Nonprofit Organizations . Written by John M. Bryson, this book will help public health leaders understand what strategic planning and management are and how to apply them in their own organizations.

Creating and Implementing Your Strategic Plan: A Workbook for Public and Nonprofit Organizations . This hard-copy workbook, written by John M. Bryson and Farnum K. Alston, is a step-by-step guide on strategic planning in public and nonprofit organizations, and provides easy-to-understand worksheets and clear instructions for creating a strategic plan tailored to the needs of an individual organization.

South Central Public Health Partnership (SCPHP) Training . The SCPHP offers free Internet-based trainings on public health topics such as bioterrorism, risk communication, leadership management, communication skills, and environmental health. Interested public health professionals must register to enroll. The "Leadership, Strategic Planning and Systems Approaches " training provides enrollees with strategic analysis and planning skills.

Examples of high quality* strategic plans from LHDs include:

Henry County Health Department (OH): Strategic Plan 2012-2015

Sheboygan County Division of Public Health (WI): 2012-2014 Strategic Plan

*These strategic plans were evaluated against the PHAB Standards and Measures Version 1.0 by NACCHO Staff. These individuals, based on their understanding of the standards and measures, have classified them as meeting the PHAB requirements and being high-quality documents. These have not been approved by PHAB or any PHAB site visitors for the purposes of meeting relevant standards and measures.

**The Public Health Advisory Board (PHAB) requires health departments to complete three prerequisites before applying for national accreditation: a community health assessment (CHA), a community health improvement plan (CHIP), and an agency strategic plan. According to PHAB, completing these documents lay the groundwork for health department programs, policies, and interventions, and the remainder of accreditation documentation. Ideally, these documents work together to identify health issues in the community, work towards prioritized health goals, and identify health department and community roles. NACCHO staff have reviewed several complete sets of prerequisite documents and have determined that they are high-quality in that they individually meet the requirements set forth in the PHAB Standards and Measures Version 1.0 and that they work together cohesively to address the needs of communities and organizations. They have not been approved by PHAB or any PHAB site visitors for the purpose of meeting relevant standards and measures. To view a list of high quality sets of prerequisites, click here.