Custodial forex accounts to tier1fx

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Custodial forex accounts to tier1fxCustodial Forex Accounts to Tier1FX

The solution for Forex deposit security is through custodial bank accounts. With our partner broker, Tier1FX, Custodial accounts are available via Dukascopy Bank, Swiss Banks affiliated with Dukascopy and Macquarie Bank in Australia .

Many Forex brokers advertise segregated bank accounts however, segregated bank accounts are still under the brokers banking. Segregated bank accounts can still be frozen in the event of broker insolvency . This is not the case with Custodial accounts because the bank account is opened and maintained by the client. The account is operated under a tripartite agreement among the client, custody bank and Tier1Fx. Under the agreement Tier1FX is permitted to debit or credit the account for trading gains or losses daily. This is ideal for large investors and traders looking to mitigate incidents such as the Swiss National Bank decision in Jan 2015 that made many reputable brokers such as Alpari UK, FXCM and Boston Prime insolvent.

The minimum deposit for a Custodial Account is $250,000. They can be opened for individual trading accounts or investments in our MAM. Please contact us below for more details and the signup process.