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Instructor reviewsInstructor Reviews

What makes a great teacher? At Online Trading Academy, reviews from our students suggest it's a combination of real world experience (most instructors are also traders themselves, and many have worked professionally as floor traders or brokers), an ability to communicate clearly, and a personal connection to their students.

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“Chris was a great instructor. Very knowledgeable and made the concepts easy to understand.”

about Christopher Muldoon - Marino Diaz. October 2015

“Bob Dunn is an excellent trader and a good teacher; has a new way of looking at trading.”

about Bob Dunn - Doug Bombard. October 2015

“Russ Allen has excellent command over the concept of Options and is highly skilled in drilling the concept into students. So it was a fantastic experience and I feel absolutely confident in taking the experience further with XLT lessons followed by live trading of the asset class.”

about Russ Allen - Raajeev Kumar Singh. October 2015

“Scott was very professional and was a great teacher. He provided step-by-step instructions and very relevant explanations that should help me build a strong foundation in the concepts of trading.”

about Scott McCormick - Paul Marwah. September 2015

“I like Jerry's instruction enough to sign up for his next class. By the time he returns, I expect to have a better understanding of these concepts.”

about Jerry Baldwin - Katie Winniford. October 2015

“Loren was an excellent Instructor. In fact, he was one of the best I've had!”

about Loren Newman - Bascom Lynn. October 2015

“Taylor Frame is a fantastic instructor. He made the complicated simple. He did a great job of showing live trading examples to support the text. Great job!”

about Taylor Frame - Kirk Saunders. September 2015

“I drove from Austin to attend this class [in Houston] because Gabe V. is the teacher. He is an excellent instructor who can deliver the material clearly and easy to understand.”

about Gabe Velazquez - Christina Pham. September 2015

“Sunil is truly a master in Forex, it was a pleasure learning online from this outstanding instructor/coach/teacher.”

about Sunil Mangwani - John Reents. October 2015