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Forbi forex trading-catch market moves in advanceYou are 180 seconds away from a successful step information bellow. Its just worth!

We always listen to existing and potential customers. As asked through comments section, we are uploading the screenshots of consecutive time periods from the September 2014 till present day, currency pair EUR/USD, timeframe daily. The green lines represent BUY trades, red lines represent SELL trades (loss trades NOT EXCLUDED):

Update March 16th, 2015: the ForbiADVANCE indicator received 2 important updates:

The settings have been optimized so the trader now will get less brake-even/false trades, and the profit will be even more maximized

The indicator now also indicates the volatility of the market very handy for day-traders and those who like scalping (screenshot bellow).

Its hard to make quality backtests, because the strategy is MANUAL, this means that human should check the market conditions before entering and exiting each trade, BUT We developed beta EA just to test how effective the strategy is, the results bellow:

The results are amazing and even the biggest sceptics will be convinced about long term profitability.

ForbiADVANCE can be finally revealed to the wide public it is proven to be successful!

Update of February 24th, 2015: signals not only for entries on 0 line crossing, but also in trend ending, exiting the trades at the right time for maximum profit .

Its not just a simple forex trading strategy where you have to sit in front of the charts all day long. Its:

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