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Toronto,canada-student testimonialsToronto, Canada - Student Testimonials

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4.8 stars - based on 21 reviews

“Strong, positive energy in the location. Staff and students were happy and positive. Great learning environment to be in.”

Tracey Read. November 2015

“Being taught from an experienced trader is the best value to learning.”

Lina Tersigni. September 2015

“For anyone who is serious about investing and/or trading for a living, I would recommend the OTA school. The training is based on the reality of the markets and done by those who understand how the markets really work. From understanding the playing field to implementing core strategies, the information and strategies taught come from those "in the know." Awesome experience so far!”

Isaac Martens. July 2015

“If there is anybody who is looking for a challenging yet extremely profitable learning experience, then this is for you. The tools that are available for students are so vast, you never feel left out in the cold and student support is only an email away.”

Paul Stock. May 2015

“Learning at the OTA center has been great and it's just getting better as time moves forward. Surrounding myself with like-minded people is totally awesome and it's good and absolutely amazing for any new trader.”

Paul Stock. May 2015

“I recommend to anyone contemplating to enter the trading business to come to the OTA first. It is the only way to understand the risks that are going to be taken and how to manage them successfully. ”

Alberto Zennaro. April 2015

“I am very, very pleased to have joined OTA. I realised after two to three days of classes that the money I spent for this training was not going to be waste. It has potential to change my life and I am very motivated to work towards that.”

Sumesh Rajkarnikar. April 2015

“One of the things I decided I wanted to do in 2015 was stock trading. I knew absolutely nothing about the Stock market. I enrolled for Online Trading Academy's 3 day seminar, not only were they professionally presented but the information was broken down into sections that enabled a novice like me to follow. I enjoyed the sessions and the educator's humour. Sometimes it was just nice listening to his accent. Like anything worth doing, it is going to take time and money. I enrolled in the full course after the seminar and it's worth every dollar so far. The course is giving me a deep understanding of how the stock market works and that will make me a better trader. "I will see you on the floor.”

Paul Hamilton. March 2015

“Online Trading Academy's approach and methodology to online trading is a must for any novice or experienced trader at any level. If you are truly interested in developing the right foundation to go on and have a successful career in trading, Online Trading Academy is the institution to start that new journey. Long term success in trading with OTA as a partner has increased your percentages of success significantly; do not look elsewhere or spend money on books at the store! Adrian Madden - Dundas, ON Canada”

Adrian Madden. March 2015

“When I first came to the introductory course I was really interested, and then went to the weekend course and it confirmed it for me. I am so excited about starting a new career and having freedom that I haven't had in the past. I am looking forward to a very bright future and I owe it all to Online Trading Academy. Thank you very much!”

David Werner. January 2015

“Everyone needs to learn to manage their money effectively. It doesn't matter if you are a high school student or a retired person. Online Trading Academy teaches you to do it with experienced traders and excellent support. Sooner or later everybody must invest the money. Are you going to do it blindly or with some knowledge?”

Jimmy Lee. January 2015

“I always love coming to OTA. It is very inspiring to be a part of a very energetic group of people that truly enjoy trading. ”