Algorithmic trading systems

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Algorithmic trading systemsAlgorithmic Trading Systems

Advanced Gap Strategies for the Futures Markets

Discover an advanced strategy to trade the gap after it is filled. Trade multiple futures markets such as the E-mini SP, Crude Oil, Euro Currency, and DAX . Advanced techniques include multiple exit strategies and trend filtering We discuss coding logic and include the open code for NinjaTraders C# and Tradestations EasyLanguage with over 40 instructional videos .

We challenge the Lies of Wall Street that favor your broker more than you with our Trading System Principles. You cant go broke taking profits (indeed you can!) and Dont let a winning trade turn into a losing trade (not always true) are two biased trading pearls that can hurt your trading account if they arent applied correctly.

-C# NinjaScript Open Code

-Tradestation EasyLanguage Open Code

-40+ Instructional Videos

-Trading System Principles

-Challenge the Wall Street Lies

-And Moreā€¦.

Learn Advanced Trading Algorithms Hands On

Algorithmic Trading Systems is a continuation of Seven Trading Systems for the SP Futures published in 2010. The book starts by discussing additional market setups for trading gaps and how to trade gaps in 24 hour markets. In Chapter 4, the author reveals a new pattern and shows hot to trade the gap once it has been filled showing how this pattern can be traded on the E-mini SP, DAX, Euro Currency, and Crude Oil. he further discusses how to modify the strategy to trade multiple contracts and how to test multiple trend filters in the same strategy.

This book is written with a straight forward approach in revealing open code trading systems. It is not full of theory and complex formulas but written for those who want hands on strategy specific examples from professional traders on how to develop trading systems. The open code is revealed in NinjaTraders NinjaScript C# as well as Tradestations EasyLanguage, which aslo translates well into MultiCharts PowerLanguage. The companion website includes the open code available for download as well as instructional videos. He also takes the time out to discuss Important Trading System Principles that can take traders many years to learn and understand based on the contrary nature of the market as well as misinformation and a general misunderstanding of well known trading rules. He challenges popular Wall Street axioms such as, You cant go broke taking profits and Dont let a winning trade turn into a losing trade.