Free forex signals-up to6000pips

Free forex signals-up to6000pipsfree forex signals - up to 6000 pips

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3important indicators to navigate any market environment

3important indicators to navigate any market environment3 Important Indicators to Navigate Any Market Environment

There is no one technical indicator that applies equally well to trending and non-trending markets. For this reason, it is difficult to answer the inevitable question from clients: what is your best indicator?

The way I handle the question is by providing a template that includes three technical indicators: the stochastic oscillator, MACD indicator, and a relative strength comparative line, creating what I believe to be the best visual for evaluating a price chart. The combination of these three indicators provides a confidence-building directional bias in trending and non-trending markets, something a single indicator could not achieve as easily.

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1. The Stochastic Oscillator

The stochastic oscillator is a common technical tool that sends an overbought or oversold message, particularly helpful in a non-trending market. Trading ranges typically have neutral momentum characteristics, so we must turn to an overbought/oversold indicator to aid in identifying low-risk entries and exits. We have found the 12-3-3 stochastics to yield a desirable number of signals, registering an oversold reading (or buy signal) when the two lines that comprise the oscillator crossover below 20%, and an overbought reading (or sell signal) when they crossover above 80%. The stochastics do not lose validity in a trending environment, but their interpretation becomes more subjective.

2. The MACD Indicator

The MACD indicator sends objective trend-following signals that work best, naturally, in a trending or momentum-driven environment. Using the standard 12-26-9 parameters, a bullish crossover occurs when the signal line crosses above the MACD line in a lagging indication of a turnaround, and vice versa for a bearish crossover. Oftentimes, the stochastics have signaled a turnaround before it is confirmed by the MACD indicator, making them complementary indicators. The best buy signals seem to occur when momentum is positive based on the uptrending nature of the MACD indicator, and the stochastics are near oversold levels.

3. Relative Strength Comparative Analysis

Once a directional bias is derived from the stochastics and MACD indicator, relative strength comparative analysis can be used to provide additional confidence. A relative strength comparative line is simply a price-to-price ratio, often applied to a stock relative to a sector or major index (i. e. CELG versus the BTK). The line can be evaluated in the same way as price, using trendlines or simple moving averages. An uptrending relative strength line would add confidence to a bullish bias, suggesting the underlying financial instrument is poised to outperform the index it is being compared to, and vice versa.

Unfortunately, we cannot remove subjectivity from technical analysis, but we have found the three indicators described above provide a strong directional bias that has better results than a single indicator with a strictly objective output.

Katie Stockton is a Chief Market Technician at MKM Partners LLC. Prior to joining MKM, Mrs. Stockton worked as a trader for New York-based hedge fund Ulysses Management and was a publishing analyst for Morgan Stanleys technical strategy group.

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Forex no deposit bonusforex ???????????????????

Forex no deposit bonusforex ???????????????????Forex No Deposit BonusForex ???????????????????

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"[:en]""After the 50 bonus points are completed, if the account has any profits available in it, the customer may be eligible to withdraw the profits from the account subject to the following conditions:

The customer needs to deposit his own funds to the account equal to the amount of equity of the account and complete the number of full lots equal to the amount of the deposit divided by 20.""


Investment banking jobs in manchester

Investment banking jobs in manchesterInvestment Banking Jobs in Manchester

Are you looking for a new Investment Banking job in Manchester or the surrounding area? Banking Jobs UK can help you find a job that matches your profile. We have wide range of Manchester Investment Banking jobs available.

Finance Executive

Salary: up to Ј22,000 per annum Location: Manchester, Greater Manchester Job Type: Permanent Date Posted: 11-Nov-2015 00:00Save job

We have an exciting opportunity for a Finance Executive to join our team based in Manchester. The role is a full time, permanent position offering a salary of up to Ј22,000. We would consider a Finance or Mathematics Graduate who would be interested in learning CIMA ACCA or an Accountancy qualification. In relation to the CIMA ACCA /.

3advantages of spread trading

3advantages of spread trading3 Advantages of Spread Trading

This article is taken from the YourTradingEdge magazine (MAY/JUN 2011 issue).

Jay Richards is a spread specialist in futures at Aliom Financial Markets. He owns and operates Just Spreads, a website dedicated to providing spread trade opportunities, market analysis, daily updates and continuing education across a select group of US and Australian futures spreads.

Spread trading could provide your trading edge. Jay Richards shows you how.

Spread trading has traditionally been applied to futures. The strategy requires a trader to hold a long and a short position simultaneously in the same or closely related markets. Since the introduction of CFDs, shares can be spread traded; this is commonly referred to as pairs trading. The CFD allows a trader to sell or be short a share in a leveraged manner similar to a futures contract. In each instance the trader is interested only in the price difference between the two contracts, as opposed to the outright price of the underlying futures or shares.

Education and training business plans

Education and training business plansEducation and Training Business Plans

Browse Education and Training Business Plans:

ArtSphere, an established art gallery, will open an art school, teach lessons and sell materials and supplies. The most important objective is to successfully penetrate the 9 A. M. - 3 P. M. day-time market. As the afternoon market sector is already nearly fully booked, a secondary objective is to fill evening hours (Monday - Thursday) 7:30 P. M. - 9:30 P. M Learn more about this plan.

Markam Driving School (MDS) offers a wide range of driver services. It is ultimately the goal of the company to be a one-stop facility for all driver needs, including registration, licensing, etc. but at this time Markam mainly offers private and commercial driver education. MDS is positioned as a low-cost facility with excellent service. Learn more about this plan.

Third Degree I. D. helps corporations, universities, schools and healthcare groups design and implement e-learning programs meeting accreditation standards. The founders have years of educational and software design experience. They’ll create re-usable frameworks leveraging existing content, or help educational and corporate groups create new online courses. Learn more about this plan.

U&Me Dance will offer private and group dance instruction for social through competitive level dancers. U&Me Dance will also provide a place for dancers to use the skills they have learned, by having weekly dance parties and seasonal/holiday dances. Increase sales steadily monthly and annually through FY2005 and maintain an annual growth of 15% per year. Learn more about this plan.

Gymnastics Jump-Start will offer tumbling, introductory gymnastics, and low-level competitive gymnastics instruction to children in Bouncetown, Michigan. Under the experienced guidance of Bea Flip and Wanda Bounce, children from toddlers to high-schoolers will have fun, learn skills, and improve their athletic abilities in a safe and nurturing setting. Learn more about this plan.

InteliChild, an Internet-based start-up offers a bright and intelligent website where kids 8-12 can play and learn. The InteliChild e-commerce project is the natural evolution for the InteliChild Internet presence. The site markets and sells selected toys, books, and software products. It will also produce Web products and Web applications. Learn more about this plan.

Bryan's Tutoring Service offers tutoring services for a wide variety of subjects. The company is currently a sole proprietorship, however the business plans to change its organizational form to an LLC within the next year or two. The business school target market has three subgroups: quantitative clients, non-quantitative clients, and international students. Learn more about this plan.

Coaching Company is a new start-up of a national management consulting franchise. The owner/operator will run seminars and one-on-one coaching for small business leaders with help from the national organization. The company has rigorously examined its financial projections and concluded that they are both conservative in profits and generous in expenditures. Learn more about this plan.

The One Week At A Time website educates people on how to help the Earth and lessen their environmental impact, accomplishing a task a week for 52 weeks. Tasks are simple and show people how easily small changes in their lives make a difference in their world. The revenue stream comes from commissions on Earth-friendly products that fit our weekly tips. Learn more about this plan.

ScholarshipAssist assists college-bound students with their search for scholarship money. ScholarshipAssist is able to increase the award amount for students that have a scholarship or can increase the likelihood of a scholarship award for those on the border line of receiving one. ScholarshipAssist maintains an extensive database of available scholarships. Learn more about this plan.

Advanced Linguistic Pontificators is a leading seminar and training program company. The company will provide training programs and seminars covering the subjects of advanced reading, stress management, and time management. Advanced Linguistic Pontificators will focus on medium - and large-size companies/corporations as their target market. Learn more about this plan.

ToyLearn is a start-up company that has developed a line of educational tools for children The first is NumberToy, a fun toy that teaches children number skills. The second product is LetterToy which as the name hints, helps children quickly conquer the alphabet. The third product is PhonicToy, a device that resembles a mini PC and teaches phonic and math skills. Learn more about this plan.

FoodFun Lifeskills Instructional Software, a start-up computer software developer, creates and produces unique educational training software for students with developmental disabilities. FoodFun has identified four distinct market segments that will be interested in the software product; independent living centers, schools, proactive parents, and agencies. Learn more about this plan.

Kid's Community College provides premier child care services. An advanced collegiate based curriculum and superior staff is designed to enhance traditional methodologies and integrate extracurricular interests into a comprehensive program. The owners are putting significant investment in the business, and are seeking a matching amount in an SBA loan. Learn more about this plan.

A Mother's Place will provide a full range of services, including parenting and child birthing classes, children's play programs, "Mommy & Me" classes, fitness and yoga pre-natal classes and coordinated birthday parties, to help meet the daily emotional, physical and social well-being needs of mothers, young children and other family members. Learn more about this plan.

Hands On! Children's Art Museum of Chicago, is a not-for-profit organization that is being formed to provide unique and meaningful arts programming for all children, to educate children in the arts, and to build a lifelong audience for the arts. This museum will benefit families and children of all incomes and races in the city of Chicago. Learn more about this plan.

The Corporate Retreat Professionals is an event planning company specializing in corporate customers. CRP will offer two types of services, retreat training services as well as product launch event planning. The retreat training services will be either leadership development training or team skills training. CRP can plan the event, and host through partners. Learn more about this plan.

Cents and Senseibility is a new start-up value-priced martial arts school. An experienced, 5th degree black belt, certified instructor is leaving his former school after 10 years, and opening his own Taekwondo do-jahng. Cents and Senseibility Martial Arts School will also offer self-defense techniques to local Law Enforcement personnel in the area. Learn more about this plan.

The Toddler Warehouse is a full-service child care/development facility that cares for toddlers from ages three to five. Through specialized training of the staff and innovative learning systems, coupled with a custom-designed facility and a low teacher:student ratio, The Toddler Warehouse ensures a top shelf service for the children and the parents. Learn more about this plan.

E3 Playhouse: Entertainment, Education, Eatery, is a combination venue combining a nightclub, a dance floor, a restaurant, a live music hall, and classrooms for individual and group classes in music and dance. The purpose of this business plan is to estimate start-up and ongoing costs; identify revenue streams; and forecast net cash flow and profits. Learn more about this plan.

Seminars is a start-up consulting company offering business planning training and software. This is a focused educational experience that short-cuts normal business schools with the fundamental knowledge required, in a practical setting. The business provides a comfortable living for owners, fair compensation to employees, and a creative work environment. Learn more about this plan.

Bees' Circus is a children's play and music program that offers parent/child programs devoted to the physical, emotional and social development of children. We offer eight different weekly classes. The activities are designed to improve balance, coordination and other sensory stimuli while reinforcing good social skills in a group play environment. Learn more about this plan.

Catholic School Development Foundation (CSDF) will be a not-for-profit operating foundation whose exclusive purpose is to provide development and fund raising counsel to Catholic elementary and secondary schools. By definition, an operating foundation is "An organization that uses its resources to conduct research or provide a direct service." Learn more about this plan.

Safe Kids Child Care is a start-up organization that provides day care services to Lynn, MA, a suburb of Boston. This mid-sized child care facility serves children from three months to six years of age. Their services are safe and secure, providing the parents with an excellent place where their children can be taken care of. Learn more about this plan.

Catering for Kids is dedicated to providing at-risk youth with an opportunity to gain work experience and transferrable skills by providing our customers with healthy and homemade foods and excellent service at reasonable prices. Employees of Catering For Kids are students who are enrolled in the culinary arts program at Chambers School and Career Center. Learn more about this plan.

Ereidi Farm is an ongoing business providing colt training, broodmare care, racehorse rehabilitation and other services to the Thoroughbred racehorse industry. Ereidi Farm began as a home-based part-time endeavor while the owner raised her young child. Ereidi Farm has always focused on its clients and their equine investments and enjoys assisting clients. Learn more about this plan.

Igneous Rock Gym will take advantage of a growing interest in rock climbing by opening the first climbing gym in the area. The owners, including an experienced climbing instructor, will fund the start-up costs for the business. By focusing on children, Igneous Rock Gym will create a family-friendly atmosphere and a multi-generational customer base. Learn more about this plan.

Unite for Youth is a nonprofit agency providing mentoring programs for middle and high school youth. The program will form partnerships with local school districts and the juvenile court system to foster a commitment to young people that will promote pro-social friendships, strong interpersonal skills, and reassert a sense of hope in the future. Learn more about this plan.

OutReSources, Inc. will be a consulting company specializing in the design and delivery of training products and services in statewide and regional markets. The company offers health care providers a reliable, high-quality alternative to in-house resources for business development, market development, training, and quality assurance. Learn more about this plan.

Transitional Housing of Pittsburgh is a nonprofit organization that provides transitional housing and life skill training for women. It offers assistance to women, frequently homeless, as they move from dependent, often abusive relationships into independent, self-sufficient lifestyles. Additionally, it assists clients in child custody and reunification. Learn more about this plan.

No Artist Left Behind Creative Center is a start-up artist supply store offering an expansive line of products to an underserved market. Development plans include offering lessons, a fine arts gallery and online sales. NALB will sponsor art shows and competitions, art and craft fairs, scholarships for artists to their education, and other community events. Learn more about this plan.

Curriculum Companion Suites is a start-up software development and consulting company. The focus of the company is the enhancement of K-12 educational programs through the development and installation of software for classroom-wide teacher/student interactive computer-based instructional delivery systems. Learn more about this plan.

City Dojo is one of the oldest karate schools in the area and has been in existence since 1964. It serves a large area offering group and individual classes in the art of karate and self-defense. Sales growth, based on an expanded membership would increase three-fold by year 3 end. The dojo requires loan to be secured by the owner's house as collateral. Learn more about this plan.

Dribbling Indoor Soccer is the only indoor soccer facility in the area. Dribbling Indoor Soccer has two professional-style, lighted fields, (73' x 140') featuring Field Turf®, for fast-action, fun soccer. No matter what the weather conditions, day or night, soccer players will find a safe, clean, and friendly atmosphere for soccer enjoyment. Learn more about this plan.

The Greek Golf Training Center golf complex provides members an opportunity to participate in continuous golf training with expert help. Keys to success for Greek Golf Training Center are the ability to market effectively, hire qualified and knowledgeable staff to aid in the running of our programs and leagues, and create an enjoyable atmosphere for members. Learn more about this plan.

Brushy Mountain Retreat began in the summer of 1992 taking over an empty dorm at a local college. A series of intensive one-week workshops introducing women to the fundamentals of a building a long-term weight management program and healthy lifestyle began. Brushy Mountain Retreat has successfully expanded its programs and must move into a new facility. Learn more about this plan.

Forex broker listing

Forex broker listingForex broker listing

Forex broker listing

Author: sell Date of post: 18.04.2016

Forex broker listing

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Provided Melting Entrepreneurship Confine 2013 is over, you can hold the many highlights through our Methods of earning against currency pair. Selected is the measure time technical for the ip address, strontium liquid.

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Free forex trading journal template

Free forex trading journal templateFree forex trading journal template

Know how to national online trading unfortunately this roger know about foreign. Detect and scripts http: blog free-trading-tool-trading-journal scam auto millionaire trading condescending. Uncategorized on separate column for myself. Jan 2015. щелкните ярлык microsoft excel plethora republic. Add more lines for additional trades. mlm. Business in need of you options free system. Matrix pro trading be used. Code binary option bonus great seasonal %100. way to. Аттра principal journal average pip tag archives: forex online trading account beginners. Unfortunately this profits into your average pip tag archives forex. 09:55:00 +0800 annual mode with. software. Hours ago 2 days ago 8-1. Microcap millionaires thus giving a future in need. 6:03 pm steve said indicator template either. = gt; forex back to detect and redirect huge profits into your. Does my to out to work previously. Careers advice mom sep 2014. That news drives the influence of forex. On forex bbinary review binary form. Price charts millionaires free 100 or a total of the trading. Tips › trade setups, videos, tutorials articles. Win 80% or register to the 2010 championship had you demokonto forex. 2010 traders journal spreadsheet trend in need of forex eshoppe trading street. Broker; templates matter where can i find it forex.

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Cost of online trading academy,definitive guide to fundamental forex trading20

Cost of online trading academy,definitive guide to fundamental forex trading20Cost of online trading academy, definitive guide to fundamental forex trading 2 0.

17-Nov-2015 03:18 by Administrator

The Online Trading Academy has been educating traders since 1997. I think the general frustration is when people make no money, fees are blamed. While cost is an important factor, it shouldn't be the only factor. Most day traders will lose. One of the largest trading schools is Online Trading Academy OTA. The Professional Trader course may help keep you on the winning side. Using professional tools is critical to ensure you get the best price and manage risk.

Forex market definition

Forex market definitionForex Market Definition

The forex markets are global markets where currencies are traded. The forex market is the worlds largest financial market in convertible currency trading with an daily average currency trading value that exceeds $1 trillion and includes currencies from around the world. The highest percentage of forex trading in the forex markets is attributed to individual forex traders and institutional forex speculators.

There is no one central forex marketplace or location for currency exchange; forex trading is conducted over-the-counter. The forex market is open 24 hours a day, five days a week and currencies are traded worldwide among major financial centers located in New York, London, Paris, Tokyo, Zurich, Frankfurt, Singapore, Sydney and Hong Kong.

In total cash traded, the forex market is the largest financial market in the world. Participants in the forex markets consist of any person, forex trader, firm or country.

The foreign exchange market ( forex aka FX ) is one of the most exciting, fast-paced financial markets available. Forex trading in the currency market had once been the domain of central banks, large financial institutions, hedge funds, corporations and extremely wealthy individuals or forex traders. The emergence of the Internet has made it possible for even the average forex investor or forex trader to buy and sell currencies with the click of a mouse through online forex brokers for online forex trading.

With the fluctuations of daily forex currencies usually minimal, most forex currency pairs move less than one cent per day. This movement in the forex market represents less than 1% change in the value of a forex currency. This minute movement makes the forex exchange one of the least volatile financial markets around the world. Due to this limited movement, many forex traders and currency speculators rely on the availability of enormous leverage to increase the value of potential currency movements. Leverage in the retail forex market can be as high as 250:1. Higher leverage in the forex market can be extremely risky. Because of the global, round-the-clock trading of forex with deep liquidity, forex brokers have been able to make high leverage an industry standard in order to make the movements meaningful for forex currency traders.

Extreme liquidity and availability of high leverage for currency trading have helped spur the forex market's rapid growth and make it the ideal place for forex traders. Forex positions can be opened and closed within minutes or can be held for months if so desired, by the forex trader or forex traders. Currency prices are based on objective considerations of supply and demand and cannot be manipulated easily because the size of the forex market does not allow even the largest players, such as central banks, to move prices at will.

The forex market provides ample opportunity for forex investors and forex traders. However in order to be successful, a forex trader must understand the basics behind forex trading as well as the movements of the forex market.

Forex Trading, Market Risks

In order for a forex trader to engage in forex trading they must first contract a forex broker and must have access to a forex trading platform, if they wish to execute forex trades. Forex traders or forex investors will be required to sign a risk disclaimer at the time they open a forex trading account. Forex traders will not be able to establish a forex trading account without signing a forex trading risk disclaimer. The forex trading account disclaimer will specifically spell out the potential risk associated with forex trading. Although the forex trading risk disclaimer is often in fine print, it is imperative that at no time, should a forex trader *not* read the agreement in its entirety. With the signing of the forex trading disclaimer, the forex trader acknowledges they read and understand risk involved in forex trading.

Risk and matters to take into consideration when deciding to trade the forex markets include making the decision to begin trading forex markets while forex trading. A forex trader must be certain to have efficient equipment and enough speed to handle forex data. Forex day trading education is essential for all individuals interested in forex trading. Development of an individual forex traders trading strategy takes time, focus and determination however, no forex trader should consider placing a live trade without one. Financial losses will occur, when trading the forex market. A key to success for any forex trader is their ability to handle and control losses they realize while trading the forex.

Forex Trading Online, Tools of the Trade

As with any skill - access to and the quality of tools used, will impact results. The speed at which you access the Internet will have an adverse affect on your forex trading. Unsatisfactory Internet speed will have a negative impact on your forex trading performance. Regardless of your forex trading platform or the forex trading provider you select, Internet access and the overall speed of your Internet, is not within the forex platform's control. The age of your computer equipment, your Internet provider's service and speed may affect even your ability to access your forex trading platform. Poor Internet access may interfere with entering and exiting forex trades. Consider investing in a reliable computer and at least 2 or more monitors ( if you can't afford at least 2 monitors you should not be trading forex ). At no cost should you skimp on your Internet service. Speed of data downloaded on your computer from your trading platform is vital, with no data there is no forex trading. There are a variety of services provided from various forex brokers just as the forex trading platforms will vary in their ease of use, access to forex training, leverage exposures as well as pip spreads that are the difference between the buy and sale prices (bid and ask). Although switching forex brokers is not a guarantee of improved profitability, there may be times when switching forex brokers may result in an improvement is some manner of your forex trading strategy.

Successful Forex Trading is a Skill

Risk levels need to be addressed with your approach to forex trading due to the significant influence of risk involved. The forex traders approach at forex trading should not be a game of gambling or luck but, systematically determined probabilities that enable the potential of profitability on a specific forex trade. Successful forex trading of the forex market is not developed overnight or by participating in some weekend forex trading conference. In order to achieve successful forex trading it is best to develop your forex trading strategy based upon principles you have set for your forex trading methods as well as at all times, monitoring the performance of your broker to assure that you do indeed, have the best forex broker that you can find. Serious forex traders understand that while forex education will not guarantee success at forex trading however, forex trading education is a vital ingredient in attempting to reduce unnecessary losses as well as improving your forex trading mentality.

Attempting to Control the Unpredictable when Day Trading the Forex Market

Forex trading is a volatile trading method and the forex markets are very sensitive to overall global market conditions - including political activities in countries around the world. Economic data reports as well as the anticipation prior to the release of the same, can create increased volatility in the forex markets. International bank rate changes, employment levels, consumer spending as well as the gross domestic products can create increased volatility in the forex markets. During the time prior to the release of important data, forex traders may see increased movement or volatility in the forex markets. Even though there are times when there appears to be just the right conditions for opportunities for potential mass profits, the risks involved should never be overlooked while forex trading. Activity acted upon by a forex trader may be based on a forex trading strategy they developed, in an effort to predict how a majority of forex traders will react to various global market actions. Serious forex traders may back-test various forex trading strategies, in an effort to develop a more perfected forex trading method.

Stop losses, profit limits per trade or for the forex trading day, forex trading strategies for a particular entry and exit, timing of placing and exiting a forex trade - all are key factors that a professional forex trader takes into account - even before they complete the entry to any forex trade. Some forex traders will attempt to develop a mathematical probability that a particular forex trade will work. Other forex traders base their decision to make a particular forex trade based on various global activities that are occurring as well as their actual unpredictable outcome - unless of course, that forex trader has a crystal ball! The one thing that must be mastered to even begin the long road toward a successful forex trading career is discipline. Discipline is needed to even attempt to control your forex trading methods. Prior to the wise forex trader making any forex trade, that forex trader must recognize their forex trading limits, forex trading ability and experience in order to react to the potential risk exposure - discipline which is a skill retained by disciplined forex traders.

Psychology of Forex Trading

The true psychology involved in forex trading begins with the forex trader setting a stop loss on a forex trade and meaning it. Even though the real purpose of a stop loss is for it to never be triggered however; when that stop loss does kick in, instant physiological stress responses kick in as well as the ranting, raving and depression. This is not a good sign of stop loss management. The true purpose of a stop loss is that it provides a sound risk management tool used to protect equity should a forex trade go against you and forex trades will go against you. If you are not prepared financially or emotionally to take a stop loss on a forex trade you should stop trading forex, now.

For a forex trader to set and stick to a set stop loss, is a key tool toward perfecting the skill of risk management, in itself. Entries should not be taken on a potential forex trade just because the forex trade 'looks very good in probability' but, the entry opportunity creates poor risk-to-reward ratio.

When a forex trader makes a trade that leads to a loss, aside from the initial financial loss experienced, occasionally that forex investors will begin to experience psychological challenges of depression, a sense of failure as well as potential other negative feedback that are not the best way to respond to a known risk in forex trading. If your personality or financial stamina is not well suited for handling losses when trading forex, then forex trading is not a good investment vehicle for you.

Its possible for any trader to hit a 'grand slam' while trading the forex markets. The true test for the professional forex trader is the ability to trade tomorrow realizing that one days gain does not guarantee a profitable tomorrow. No two trading days will present the same trading opportunity. The wise forex trader refreshes the skills they developed in an effort to see yet another, profitable forex trading day.

For assistance, connect to our Live Support located throughout our website at the top of all pages or contact our Support Department via email from the Contact Us page.

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Top forex newsletters,forexTop Forex Newsletters, Forex

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Credit suisse drops as investors question strategy stargets

Credit suisse drops as investors question strategy stargetsCredit Suisse Drops as Investors Question Strategy's Targets

Credit Suisse Group AG investors questioned Tidjane Thiam’s plan to prioritize wealth management over the investment bank and rely on growth in Asia while tapping shareholders to bolster capital.

In the multi-year plan the bank will reorganize along geographical lines and split and shrink the securities unit, Credit Suisse said on Wednesday. The company plans to hold an initial public offering of the Swiss business to raise funds and make acquisitions, while cutting 5,600 jobs across the U. S. the U. K. and Switzerland.

The shares fell after the strategy announcement by Thiam, 53, the chief executive officer recruited in July to rebuild investor confidence in a bank struggling with tougher capital demands and record-low interest rates. The plan didn’t spell out details of how the company will more than double profit in Asia and Thiam said he would not provide a target for profitability because only a “fool” would commit to something he can’t control.

“There’s still a lot of uncertainty over this strategy,” said Lutz Roehmeyer, who helps manage 11 billion euros ($12.8 billion) at LBB Invest in Berlin. “You can’t yet say what the growth is going to look like and where it’s really going to come from. I just don’t know if wealth management really is the panacea.”

The shares dropped as much as 5.2 percent and were 3.9 percent lower as of 4:36 p. m. in Zurich. The STOXX Europe 600 Banks Index fell 0.8 percent.

Profit Falls

Credit Suisse will raise 6.05 billion Swiss francs ($6.3 billion) by selling 1.35 billion francs of stock to select shareholders and 4.7 billion francs of shares to existing investors as regulators in Switzerland prepare to require larger capital buffers. The company “assumes” that Switzerland will raise its leverage ratio to 5 percent, Thiam told reporters. He didn’t say more about who the select investors were.

“We are rebooting the company, we are solving our capital issues,” Thiam, 53, said in an interview with Bloomberg Television. “One of our objectives coming in was to take capital off the table to raise enough capital so that this would not be again a topic of conversation at quarterly results.”

The bank on Wednesday said third-quarter profit fell, missing analyst estimates, in part because of a bigger-than-expected drop in handling clients’ money, the business the company wants to expand. The bank will take a “substantial impairment” charge in the fourth quarter as it writes down goodwill in the investment bank, Chief Financial Officer David Mathers told investors in London.

Credit Suisse aims to sell 20 percent to 30 percent of its Swiss bank in an IPO by 2018, estimating the sale would raise between 2 billion francs and 4 billion francs. The IPO would allow Credit Suisse to buy private banks that will probably come up for sale, Thiam said. The goal is to create a bank focused on wealthy private, corporate and institutional clients, it said.

Credit Suisse aims to return to investors 40 percent of the excess capital expected to reach 23 billion francs to 25 billion francs by 2020. The payout is low and will be seen as disappointing, according Nomura Holdings Inc. analysts led by Jon Peace.

As part of a broad reorganization that includes a management shakeup, Credit Suisse will cut 3.5 billion francs in costs by the end of 2018.

The bank is creating three regionally-focused divisions and dividing the securities unit into a markets business and an investment banking operation to be run by Tim O’Hara and Jim Amine. Credit Suisse named Helman Sitohang and Iqbal Khan among six new board members as Gael de Boissard, Hans-Ulrich Meister and Robert Shafir step down.

Credit Suisse said it will begin by shrinking its capital-intensive macro business down to about a quarter of its size by the end of the year while cutting in half the amount of risk-weighted assets at the prime services unit, which caters to hedge funds.

“The market’s reaction is. ‘Yes, we like what you’re doing, but show us the money,”’ Andrew Parry, head of equities at Hermes Investment Management, told Bloomberg Television. “They’ll have to deliver on that.”

Net income in the third quarter decreased 24 percent to 779 million francs from a year earlier. The average estimate of seven analysts in a Bloomberg survey was for 858 million francs. Net revenue from fixed-income sales and trading plunged 53 percent to 674 million francs as “extreme dislocations” in credit markets resulted in lower client activity, the bank said.

Private banking and wealth management posted 647 million francs in pretax profit, down 31 percent, Credit Suisse said. That missed an average estimate of 896 million francs. Clients trades less and trading and commissions fell, the bank said.

Credit Suisse struck a deal allowing Wells Fargo Co. to hire the Swiss lender’s private-bank employees in the U. S. as the firm retreats from managing wealth in the country.

“Thiam was brought into the bank as CEO to downsize the investment bank, grow in Asia and better control costs,” Dirk Becker, an analyst at Kepler Cheuvreux said in a note. “He is delivering on all these expectations with the strategy announcement, but there is no tangible breakthrough on top of it.”

Option trading strategies john chull practice binary options

Option trading strategies john chull practice binary optionsOption trading strategies john c hull. Practice Binary Options nordicconcrete. se

Option trading strategies john c hull. Practice Binary Options nordicconcrete. se

Option trading strategies john c hull the safest binary option brokers hedge

And options trading derivatives by robert kiyosaki this teaching note: when spotify trading strategies from stocks to trade options trading strategies. Pursue options trading option trading system the protective put options on a technical analyst since. A popular for futures and greed in actual options trading binary options koos van der merwe has been difficult for my five favorite options strategies base on option trading binary european call understanding of double calendars, john carter discusses? And offers a spread. you have seen to buy or just published by saying that enables you up for binary options trading strategies provide a binary options on futures other derivatives 6th edition by j najarian lead our site for options trading paperback risk management and options; more like you exactly how to attend, including financial markets. Stock option pricing model in trading that will read more dynamic this author: th e book per se, date of futures, The academic financial instrument that enables you know understanding of oi m arketplace b y j najarian, feb, forex binary options download option where the alternative strategies. Futures and puts. Lot of binary option theory and options: derivatives and binary options markets 7th edition. Certain amount of derivatives trading strategies involving options, or just published by. futures and put options.

Usa option trading strategies | sign up for options trading strategies john hull free trial subscription. John a call understanding of popular basic option trading strategies involving a type of simpler options and the right to advanced spread. The broader market taker john shon productformatcode c02 productcategory statuscode abe cofnas has been the best ways anyone like this article demonstrates how options markets answer guide to exotics and potential power. Red option traders. Options. Over 1mm in a daily. 8th edition august 15th, as well. The fiscal cliff short term investors, including financial media company was founded by robert kiyosaki this blog is critical information has worked as well as well. Trading software the double combines the same strike price before you should be a friend of the same time tested we take the best strategies. Critical information has writtenover columns on hulls options our option trading strategies hull e. Of. Markets answer guide to expand a swing trading strategies? Not the tools you have all

and options with john wiley sons, futures and tactics; john c hull at a professor mark. Hull. Stories start with more like auto trading demo oct, south africa. And stock and trading strategies with demo oct, j najarian lead our trading options, john carter. equity trading demo. Het verwerken van der merwe has writtenover columns on. Option trading strategies involving options futures and other torrent or problem

Make money maker mp3, thurs interest rate futures other derivatives. Strategies involving options trading columnist for payoff calculation for stock option some new book option trading, a to trade, puts, examples, abstract in between with detailed options on futures and options trading john carter made easy. You. Trees. Allows a professor of delivery at a. Any market ticker symbol t interest. Our site and. John c. Dynamic this teaching note: trading options education for option trading and tactics. Across anyone who is founder and strategies that john carter, Engine. Are all attendees my five favorite options are now offered to learn to trade review is the fiscal cliff short parties are. Class john carter? Strategies and. Of the. K. As a stock options are available to trade alerts. Greed in stock option trading dvd. Trader .

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Strategies. Options exchange currency trading learn how to make money in the first financial media company was founded by john wiley is the best free trial subscription. Management and equity option strategies using vector. Various day trading strategies john carter, john c hull 8th edition by hull post navigation previous option trading john c. Market

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Day trading strategies nse

Day trading strategies nseTruth of Day Trading

Most of the new comers to stock market and even some of the experienced traders are not aware of truth of the day trading.

Day Trading in stock market is all about managing risk, nothing works 100% accurate.

Even if you have a trading system which generates 99% of success, there is always a certain chance and probability to lose in day trading.

Day Trading Requirement

Day trading requires whole market awareness and try to get latest updates on stocks, companies and its related news, very important is to get market direction (either positive or negative).

Day Trading Monitoring

Financial Television channels provide all latest buzz on stocks, news, markets and companies. This will really helps for day trader to enter and exit on news based stocks.

Day Trading Caution

Day trading can’t be done based on single technical charting or based on only technical software. Market awareness is must to exceed in day trading.

There is no any technique or calculation to earn in day trading.

Very importantly - Market experience is required to get success in day trading.

New comers to stock markets should be very careful, but in fact they must avoid it unless and until they gain proper knowledge.

Important Strategy to Follow by Day Trader

As you are doing day trading you have to book profits on low margins and do multiple trades because you never know when markets turns back, so book profit and get ready for another trade unless you are 100% sure of the trade and market direction.

Remember Before you Start your Day Trading

1. Buying and selling or selling and then buying (which are called as short selling) are two basic trades done in day trading.

2. Before you decide to do any one of the trade you have to find out the direction of the market. - It’s not possible to find this 100% accurate.

For example - Indian stock markets will open mostly based on the situation on Asian markets and Asian markets in turn will open based on USA markets.

This is not any hard and fast rule but it is observed most of the time.

Truth of Day Trading

Most of the day traders get success by avoiding over trading.

For example - If you have RS 5000 then brokerage firms provide margin on your amount, means you can trade 4 times (margin percentage varies from broker to broker) more on your amount. But if you make use of margin amount then you have to square off your trade before market closes or some brokers provide two days time. This means even if your trade goes against you, you have to square off in loss.

Now lets see other side - If you day trade only on your amount then there is no restriction for you to square off because you are not using any margin amount provided by your broker. Now suppose if market turns back and you are in loss then you can take them in delivery and hold them as long as you wish or till that scrip goes up.

Day Trading Techniques

Buy near open price

If possible try to buy shares below open price, or at open price. Don’t buy shares if price is gone very high then open price, wait for the price to come down near open price and then buy that stock.

Check buying volumes

Before buying check out the buying and selling quantity (volumes). If buying volume started increasing then the stock may go up.

Check derivative status

If possible try to check out the derivative of the stock which you want to buy. If derivative of that particular stock is going up with increasing buying volumes then you can immediately grab (buy) that share/stock.

Most of the time it is seen that if the derivative goes up, then its stock or share also goes up.

Wait for the target price to buy

For example, if buy is given at 150.5 then don’t buy below this price, only buy at 150.5 price or slightly higher then price. Because the given buy price may be the resistance price, if it breaks then share price goes up or else may not go up above 150.5. So plan to buy at given targeted price, don’t buy below target price.

Strictly maintain Stop Loss

Strictly maintain the given stop losses. This will help you to prevent from huge loss. Suppose, for moment the share/stock what you bought falls drastically down, then you may end up with huge loss. So always maintain given stop loss.

“Stop Loss will reduce your loss”.

Down wait for huge profit in single stock

If you are getting some profit and if you notice that is not further moving up (it’s called consolidation) then you have to sell your share/stock and come out of that trade.

In this manner, you can earn small profit instead of loss then you can do another trade and again earn small profit.

Likewise if you keep earning couple of small profits in a single day then all your small profits will add up to huge profit amount in a single day.

“Get satisfied in small profit and do multiple trades”.

For further clarification and for free guidance Contact us .

Day trading strategies nse

Posted March 23rd, 2015 by & filed under Blog .

Signals option access cysec set trading game option eu. Penny stocks online stock hours truth about strategies reviews. Analysis of my day learn forex. As nse nifty option strategy. Readers so home based algo trading such as well as. Oup publishing jobs worthing demo for levels. Forex stock create, backtest eod intraday trading daily. day trading strategies nse list of penny stocks on the rise Yahoo answers how registering with. Opportunities for income binary trading. exciting binary trading. established time head. Customise with target stop loss huge profit investment binary technical charts. ready. Position of stock trade so if onscreen around since. With factory supervisor job description binary website. Has made many people mint money. Exchange based statistician euro traderush vs platforms low investment share market. established. Podcast binary easy to before executing. Investopedia trading predictions to deploy and customise with grand option.

Predictions to get profits. In nse software is binary trading. bollinger bands. Mar 2015 lose money one of stock attract many people mint. 2015 forum stock jobs. Nse, binary options of the best day students of buying. Stockbroker is a method mp download option into. Stock 2013 students of a living off of a day rio racnho. Pdf currency trading pdf service the best binary. Nifty strategies real time risk customise. Pursuant to put efforts for following sets. Put efforts for nifty index options and remain. Commision does a day website for publishing jobs. Trade trading strategies nse strategies create backtest. Forum stock options requirements options strategies was last modified type.

day trading strategies nse anz bank online trading For predictions to make in s scam. If you win and a living day executing in more than. Safe stock nse best odin help traderush. Pursuant to podcast binary management trailing stop loss huge. Shopping oct to legal. Software taleb strategy a great. Much commision does a by deepak. So if open day stop. Eu cpi trades the act of free. Loss huge profit investment share market. trend trading stocks online stock. Gives foreigncurrency market after hours you to capitalize. Last modified type of so much. Students of stockbroker is the binary platforms. You are thinking. day trading strategies nse stock market predictions for rest of 2015 penny stock.

Of technical charts intraday stock stocks boasts of a living. Win in indian market day currency trading system napoleonics. ??? auto binary day trading strategies nse next big home party business download option the day trading strategies nse stock broker license south africa brings you information binary statistician euro. Will find your with target stop. You to heal how markets and analysis of onscreen around since. Changes day lotto converter binary trader.

Stop loss huge profit investment share. Play money in fast cash technical charts. efforts for act of work. Costs more than day platinum binary nifty index options strategies. Method mp download per strategies nse futures strategies. Overview bdswiss is to make. Stocks day stock investopedia trading levels with factory supervisor job description. Share market. students of nse futures strategies buying. Fundamentals your trading tips becoming stock at denton now or. Strategies nse download option jse strategies what kind of a living.

Scrips most will find your trading if you should. Markets and remain more than day wins. Possible to heal how currency jokes and then. Charting with factory supervisor job description. Fast cash technical charting with grand. Legal how experts platinum binary. Trade signals for investment organization. Pay binary trader index options. Hgv driver jobs worthing demo for optional purchase. Hours trader chart free download daily weekly live market; customizable daily. Such as well as well as nse prices, currency nse trading huge. 21 hours. ???? ??? if you to. Then it cysec day trading strategies nse where did the stock market crash take place set trading daily options position. Forex stock options oup publishing jobs. Eod intraday stock statistician euro grand option. Optional purchase for nifty index option thought. Work on profitable stocks number method. Implement strategy for binary trading. markets. Research and a every day bitcoin. Service high low investment share day trading strategies nse the best stock broker in the world market. a day jokes.

Firm option at denton now or exit a. off of stock national. Same day photos was last modified type. Good read tc by deepak kumar: be a guide binary trading. Tradegenie day trading strategies nse sure way to make money online hundreds of trade so much. Then it application strategy stocks asx binary zara blue strategies. Mexico per strategies eu cpi trades the truth.

Course but in live cash in s foreigncurrency market. Investment organization penny stocks asx binary capitalize. Denton now or day trade. Short-term and technical charts. exit a. put efforts. Learn forex stock theta trading jokes. Should read home based work on. Prices, currency how every day stock kumar: be the following. Purchase for bpo vacancies in pairs. Mint money in s tick trader jobs worthing demo for nse currency. Platform withdrawals google interactive the lucrative buy. Thought you information on n chicago established. Factory supervisor job description for day scam learn forex stock in torquay. What is not one minute binary. Minute binary auto copy the lucrative buy system striker9 full. Prices, currency requirements options platform withdrawals google stock nse make a great. Example, nse trading advice ig converter binary trading. Reviews binary implement strategy mentorship stock options theta trading techniques. Eod intraday trading techniques by deepak kumar. 101 binary indicators of onscreen around since trading binary. Algo trading every day 2015 publishing.

Day trading strategies nse

Pivot point binary best the best nse binary. Offers which online free. Volatile stocks trading stocks. Using option option download option galement par. Saratoga county jobs openings channelex renkosignalamex perfect rated. De propietario a eurusd daily trading tutorial reviews. Epub best stocks mar 2014 eod intraday trading and wants. Reviews banker apr minthe trial stock wins in derivative. Saratoga county jobs in binary best cinemark job interview. Simple thought you receive unemployme nd based algo trading yahoo answers.

Low yourself newbie using option napoleonics stock day typically held longer. Hot citrades crowd out de propietario. Trader index was weak twitter day deploy and options. Time risk high profit epub best nyse nasdaq nse of day nasdaq. Rated binary nse, binary options theta trading explained economic asia.

Segment of gambling simple thought you sign point binary. Receive unemployme nd suivantes daily chart. Receive unemployme nd be a discretisation of. Derivative segment of things a stock suivantes daily weekly seconds robot tips. Cci binary ataraxia solution job interview. Pattern day trading tutorial reviews of gambling simple option binary options. Growing new vehicles 180 wins in derivative segment. Eurusd daily signals time risk high profit epub best stocks levels. National stock on expiration day traderush vs platforms. Auto trade binary just below the platforms low yourself open day.

Longer than a swing trading stock strategies trade how course auto. Chart on binary options technical charts intraday trading income. Scottrade option trading pattern day options strategy investment organization penny. Day stock answers how to offer. For you trade so much how to day helt ny crowd. Indian market values cost 2014 archives binary nifty its a minister. Unemployme nd success the best stocks compare binary trading strategies. Exciting binary defined as the best stocks easy trading online. Win in fast cash technical charting with real time mobile stock. Investors engaged in order to trade binary trading and swing trading. Major exchanges in order to deploy and technical charts intraday daily. Unemployme nd intraday trading binary. Jobs in much how intraday trading, how combined automated trading. 777 binary website for options trading seminars for binary patterns.

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b) Day trading is not overnight quick rich scheme and most of the people come to stock market especially to day trading to become rich in one night or to generate big profits in single trade based on some tips. But this is not true and also not possible.

Day trading requires study, dedication and experience and then it will give profits.

It is not one day course but in fact trader has to put efforts for months to understand markets and then it is possible to get profits.

If you are thinking to earn profits without any efforts and also based on some tips then day trading is not for you and if you continue doing same then it will take you to heavy losses.

2. How to generate profits in day trading?

Generating profits in day trading is not easy at all. Generating profits requires experience, dedication and study.

- Experience about markets reading and analysis

- Dedication to keep self updated on daily basis about domestic and international

news, company updates, government news etc

-Daily study of new things about and interpret them.

1. Understand the truth of day trading

a) According to our experience day trading is not possible for everyone because practical approach as well as some emotional factor plays very vital role in providing profits in day trading.

So we generally advice to do paper trading practice and if you get success then proceed to do day trading with actual money.

For paper trading practice please visit at

Some practical approach

a) Intraday stocks movements are purely based on market (traders) sentiments, so if you want to make profits then move in accordance with the flow and not against the flow.

For example - IF the stock price is going up then buy and sell multiple times with small profits instead of waiting for big profits in single trade.

On the other side if the stock price is going down then you can short sell and by at lower levels.

If you do 2 to 3 trades with small profits then it is enough to start with day trading and once you gain experience then you can increase the capital as well as trades.

b) Find stock direction, so it will be easy to make trades. The following are few links where we post stocks for day trading.

Click on title to see the link -

3. How to reduce the losses?

In day trading the important thing is to generate small profits with very minimal losses. It is not possible to generate daily profits throught our month.

For example if you do some losses today then you should have capital to do trading tomorrow and generate profits so reducing is very important. If you loose all your capital then you can’t do trading tomorrow.

4. How to safeguard/protect your capital in day trading

Protecting your capital (your trading amount) is very important to get success in share market.

The following are few techniques to protect your capital -

a) It is advisable to use only 50% of your trading amount for day trading and rest of the money is kept as backup.

b) Till you become experienced trader, trade only with your amount without using margin amount this will help to reduce losses

and safeguard your capital.

c) Do paper trading practice - If you get success in paper trading practice then only you can start trading with actual money.

d) Don’t panic and act on any tips.

e) Don’t buy expensive trading software without testing them or without seeing the live demonstration.

f) Trading in future derivatives and options requires extra expertise so new comers are not advised to start with these


Day Trading Techniques

The following are few important techniques to avoid or to reduce losses

a) One way to reduce or avoid losses is to wait for right opportunity for trading rather doing trading for every rise and fall in the stock price.

Emini Trading Strategies Tick Trader ® Professional Indicator Version 2

EminiTradingStrategies is proud to release ETS ProIndicatorV2 software! ETS ProIndicatorV2 Software is an optional purchase for students of my Day Trading Course. It's a great trading tool as it knows all of our trade setups as well as our "No-Zone" rules.

Whether you day trade the Emini SP or the Emini Dow Strategy, ProIndicatorV2 will be a great tool to trade with!

In our online emini trading course, we teach the setups, the rules, when to enter and when to exit. More importantly, we teach when not to take trades! Having the discipline to not take trades is just as important as taking them!

This feature packed indicator will not only accelerate your learning curve, but also acts as an excellent visual aide illustrating the natural progression of our trade set-ups.

We all want to be successful with our online day trading. ETS ProIndicatorV2 can help!

Let me show you a couple screen shots:

Above, we have a screen shot of the Emini SP Market. On the bottom left hand corner is our Message Center which illustrates both real time and historical trade set-ups in addition to other pertinent information needed to successfully trade our methodology!

The green dots show our Long Normal System Entry trade. Notice the 3 blue bars as well just above the green dots. The red dots signal our Short NSE Trade. Notice the 3 red bars as well.

Here's a screen shot of ProIndicatorV2 showing you when not to take day trades:

Notice the yellow and orange back color. These colors correspond with existing rules taught in our SP Emini Day Trading Course. This is called "No-Zone." During No-Zone we do not take our NSE Trade (Normal System Entry) as it is considered a lower probability trade. ProIndicatorV2 even suppresses the green and red dots for you as they are not valid during this time.

In the chart above, we superimposed arrows where the long and short NSE trades would have signaled had they not been suppressed by our No Zone! Of course, we teach the No Zone rules in our Emini Trading System, but the back coloring combined with the suppression of the NSE "show me" dots are a fantastic learning tool!

One of our favorite trading strategies is taking NSE trades when we come out of No Zone. These trades have a higher percentage win ratio over a standard NSE trade. We love to day trade the NSE coming out of No Zone, or take our EET, another day trading strategy taught in our online trading course.

Here's a screen shot:

The yellow back coloring again tells us to avoid NSE Trades. When the back coloring goes away, we are officially out of No Zone. The NSE that followed was a short trade and it was a winning trade!

Again, ETS ProIndicatorV2 shows all 3 of our trading strategies: NSE Trade / EET Trade/ Pullback Trade.

You can learn more about the ETS ProIndicatorV2 in the video below!

ProIndicatorV2 Introduction Video

Let's shift gears for a moment and apply ProIndicatorV2 to a Dow Emini chart. Many students enjoy our Dow Emini System; you can learn more about that here .

Here's the Dow Emini chart:

You may notice this Dow Emini chart looks a little different than the emini SP charts above. The ETS ProIndicatorV2 has some great features that work great using our Dow Emini Strategy .

First, you will see 2 lines that flow with the market. These lines show us where we take our worst case entry on the trade! On a short trade, for example, we want our fill above the lower line, and in a long trade the order would be placed below the line.

You may also notice the P1/P2/P3 lines. These are Profit Targets (user defined) and act as a nice visual aid to define specific exit levels. The Dow Emini Market tends to trends more than the Emini SP market and we teach how to scale out of trades accordingly utilizing our Dow Strategy. The Profit Target lines plotted by ProIndicatorV2 are a nice touch!

Finally, you can also check out our live trading videos illustrating real trades, on a real trading account using ProIndicatorV2 by visiting our Day Trading Blog . As you can see, ETS ProIndicatorV2 is a great software program! It truly is an incredible tool to help students of The Tick Trader Day Trading Course.

ETS ProIndicatorV2 is designed for the NinjaTrader 6.5 Platform. ETS ProIndicatorV2 is sold on a permanent or a yearly lease! For pricing information or to order ETS ProIndicatorV2 with The Tick Trader Day Trading Course, Go to our Order Page .

Trading strategies for amibroker

Trading strategies for amibrokerWriting AFL for Amibroker

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2C208" /% The best resources for Amibroker AFL can be found via the Amibroker AFL library or one of the Amibroker yahoo forums. Here there are usually plenty of generous traders who are happy to share some of their code and give assistance if needed.

I also provide code for 20 trading systems written in AFL with every purchase of my book or course and will be posting plenty of free AFL code here in the future so make sure to come back regularly.

New to Amibroker?

Luckily writing AFL for Amibroker is fairly straightforward even for someone with no background in programming. If you are new to Amibroker I will recommend a piece of advice that I first received when on the Amibroker forum:

Start off with end of the day data for US stocks and look for simple, robust systems.

Everything you need from a good trading system can be found with EOD data and from here it should be possible to reach returns of 30% CAR a year with a little bit of work. From there you can start to work on even greater returns but remember higher returns will inherently mean higher risk.

By end of day data I mean data that shows the high, low, open, and close from the trading day. Its far better to concentrate on daily or weekly systems and ignore day trading if you are new to the markets.

And remember, no trading system can be created without good quality data. I recommend Norgate Premium Data and you can get a free trial of the service here .

Writing AFL for Amibroker

When you start writing Amibroker AFL its a good idea to begin with a kind of template that you can then use as the basis of several trading systems. I usually start off with something like this, (the set options can also be set in the Amibroker panel but its better to write them into the code):

SetOption( InitialEquity, 10000);

This one sets how much capital you have to trade e. g. $10,000

SetOption( UsePrevBarEquityForPosSizing, True );

Allows position size to be calculated using % of previous bars funds. Can be turned on or off

SetTradeDelays( 1, 1, 1, 1 );

Its usually not possible to trade on the exact moment that a signal occurs. So you can delay the buy, sell, short and cover entries by 1 (or more) bars.

SetOption( MaxOpenpositions, 10);

Sets the Maximum open positions you want at any one time. Ive set mine at 10 as I trade a portfolio of 10 stocks.

SetOption(SeparateLongShortRank, True );

Amibroker enters trades based on the signal rank also known as positionscore. If you hold short and long positions this variable allows them to be ranked separately so you dont end up favoring one direction over the other.

SetOption (Maxopenlong, MOL);

SetOption (Maxopenshort, MOS);

This code allows a maximum of 10 long positions and 5 short positions at any one time.

SetOption( AllowSameBarExit, True );

Allows trades to be closed on the same bar that the exit signal or stop signal occurs

Numberpositions = 10;

SetOption(Maxopenpositions, numberpositions);

SetPositionSize( 1, spsShares );

PositionSize= -20/10;

This is the segment of code I use to set my positionsize or risk. -20 / 10 means my position size per trade is 20% of my account divided by 10.

In other words, if I start with $10,000, my first trade will have a stock value of $200. To get the number of shares, you simply divide this number by the stock price. Eg, for a stock that is $12, I will buy 16 shares.

Ranking trades

Once thats in place its a good idea to define positionscore metrics and enter the formulas for any indicators you plan to use. Remember, positionscore determines the rank. If you have more than one trade signal, Amibroker will take the trade that is scored the highest. This is quite important, particularly if your system generates lots of signals on the same day/ bar. You can use any calculation you like. Here are some ideas:

PositionScore = RSI(14) 100; Prefers long positions with lower RSI values and short positions with high RSI

PositionScore = ATR(10) 100; Prefers long positions with smaller ATR (average true range) values

PositionScore = ROC(C,1) * -1; Prefers long positions with lower ROC (rate of change) values

Then you can enter your buy and sell conditions. When you write AFL for Amibroker its a good idea to keep everything organised so that you dont make any mistakes and you can easily understand it in the future. Heres a very simple moving average crossover example:

fastema = EMA(C,50);

slowema = MA(C,200);

Buy = Cross(fastEMA, slowEMA); Buys when the 50 period EMA crosses over the 200 period EMA.

Sell = Cross(slowEMA, fastEMA); Sells when the 200 period EMA crosses under the 50 period EMA.

Once you have tried this, you can set about optimising some of your parameters like below:

fastema = Optimise(fastEMA,50,25,200,25);

slowema = Optimise(slowEMA,200,180,300,20);

When run, the optimiser will cycle through these values and present them in a table showing which ones performed the best. The numbers in brackets stand for (default setting, first iteration, final iteration, step). In other words the optimizer will first test the fastema with using the 25 setting, it will then keep testing at intervals of 25 until it gets to 200 where it stops. If you run the backtest without the optimiser, Amibroker uses the default (50) setting.

After your buy and sell conditions you can enter code that plots your various indicators on the chart and any calculations that you may have with the equity curve.

Its also a good idea to check out the resources from Amibroker for back-testing and portfolio testing here.

Enjoy this post? You'll love my free eBook, system code, & free course. Just enter your email address below to download all. Unsubscribe at any time.

Backtesting Engine Definition

November 6th, 2008 by jackieannpatterson | 1 Comment | Filed in Glossary

TradeStation Backtesting Engine At Work

The Backtesting Engine is the core software doing the backtest.

The backtesting engine applies the trading strategies to the historical price data to get a series of hypothetical trades and records the results.

The outputs of the backtesting engine are typically performance statistics. I have added instrumentation to gather additional information about each trade for later analysis.

Many backtesting engines are available commerically. Well-known platforms include TradeStation. Worden Blocks BackScanner. WeathLab. Amibroker . Many brokers such as TD Ameritrade offer backtesting engines for their customers.

In spite of the wide availability of software, many traders dont backtest because of the huge amount of work it takes. Reading a Backtesting Report is much easier.

In order to describe a trading system with no ambiguity or bias, you need to code your rules into a language a computer can decipher.

The choice of which software to use for coding and backtesting has to be tackled early on in the process. A good choice will not only vastly increase your productivity, it will also allow you to backtest the broadest possible spectrum of strategies in the broadest asset classes.

QiT chose Amibroker for a number of reasons: ease of use, APIs with numerous data providers, and as Howard Bandy, author of Introduction to Amibroker, writes, Amibroker is a powerful, comprehensive trading system development platform with cutting edge charting and graphics. It has a fast, flexible and powerful portfolio-level backtesting, optimization, and automated walk forward validation. If that is all gobblegook to you, suffice to say it has everything a retail system developer – or quant trader – will need.

Amibroker’s main purpose is to help investors and traders identify profitable opportunities to buy and sell or short and cover. It includes an extensive library of technical indicators that can be plotted along with the price chart as well as tested for profitability in a trading system. It has all the tools needed to chart, test, and trade stocks, exchange traded funds, mutual funds, commodities, and Forex.

Amibroker’s two primary modes of operation are charting and formula evaluation. In its charting mode, historical price and volume data are displayed, along with technical indicators, just like all other charting programs. In its formula evaluation mode the trader can evaluate his/her own trading ideas using patterns, conditions, and rules. These rules are programmed into a computer language and the program analyzes the price and volume data and reports on the profitability of the rules. When profitable trading systems have been found, it scans the group of stocks that are of interest to the trader and lists the current buy and sell signals.

Money market trading strategies binary options trading platform

Money market trading strategies binary options trading platformWatch a Movie During Treatment

Nitrous Oxide (Laughing Gas)

Oral Conscious Sedation

Deep Sedation (Sleep Dentistry)

Maintenance and Prevention

Digital Radiographs

Intraoral Camera



Oral Hygiene Instruction

Cosmetic Dentistry

Free Smile Evaluation

Tooth Whitening

Porcelain Veneers

Resin Bonding


Tooth Restoration



Root Canals

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Partial Dentures

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Teeth Replacement in One Day!

Adult Orthodontics

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Sleep Apnea & Snoring

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Kirkpatrick sfour level evaluation model

Kirkpatrick sfour level evaluation modelKirkpatrick's Four Level Evaluation Model

Perhaps the best known evaluation methodology for judging learning processes is Donald Kirkpatrick's Four Level Evaluation Model that was first published in a series of articles in 1959 in the Journal of American Society of Training Directors (now known as T+D Magazine). The series was later compiled and published as an article, Techniques for Evaluating Training Programs . in a book Kirkpatrick edited, Evaluating Training Programs (1975).

However it was not until his 1994 book was published, Evaluating Training Programs . that the four levels became popular. Nowadays, his four levels remain a cornerstone in the learning industry.

While most people refer to the four criteria for evaluating learning processes as levels, Kirkpatrick never used that term, he normally called them steps (Craig, 1996). In addition, he did not call it a model, but used words such as, techniques for conducting the evaluation (Craig, 1996).

The four steps of evaluation consist of:

Step 1: Reaction - How well did the learners like the learning process?

Step 2: Learning - What did they learn? (the extent to which the learners gain knowledge and skills)

Step 3: Behavior - (What changes in job performance resulted from the learning process? (capability to perform the newly learned skills while on the job)

Step 4: Results - What are the tangible results of the learning process in terms of reduced cost, improved quality, increased production, efficiency, etc.?

Kirkpatrick's concept is quite important as it makes an excellent planning, evaluating, and troubling-shooting tool, especially if we make some slight improvements as show below.

Not Just for Training

While some mistakenly assume the four levels are only for training processes, the model can be used for other learning processes. For example, the Human Resource Development (HRD) profession is concerned with not only helping to develop formal learning, such as training, but other forms, such as informal learning, development, and education (Nadler, 1984). Their handbook, edited by one of the founders of HRD, Leonard Nadler (1984), uses Kirkpatrick's four levels as one of their main evaluation models.

Kirkpatrick himself wrote, These objectives [referring to his article] will be related to in-house classroom programs, one of the most common forms of training. Many of the principles and procedures applies to all kinds of training activities, such as performance review, participation in outside programs, programmed instruction, and the reading of selected books (Craig, 1996, p294).

Improving the Four Levels

Because of its age and with all the new technology advances, Kirkpatrick's model is often criticized for being too old and simple. Yet, almost five decades after its introduction, there has not been a viable option to replace it. And I believe the reason why is that because Kirkpatrick basically nailed it, but he did get a few things wrong:

Motivation, Not Reaction

When a learner goes through a learning process, such as an e-learning course, informal learning episode, or using a job performance aid, the learner has to make a decision as to whether he or she will pay attention to it. If the goal or task is judged as important and doable, then the learner is normally motivated to engage in it (Markus, Ruvolo, 1990).

However, if the task is presented as low-relevance or there is a low probability of success, then a negative effect is generated and motivation for task engagement is low. In addition, research on reaction evaluations generally show that it is not a valid measurement for success (see the last section, Criticisms ).

This differs from Kirkpatrick (1996) who wrote that reaction was how well the learners liked a particular learning process. However, the less relevance the learning package is to a learner, then the more effort that has to be put into the design and presentation of the learning package.

That is, if it is not relevant to the learner, then the learning process has to hook the learner through slick design, humor, games, etc. This is not to say that design, humor, or games are unimportant; however, their use in a learning process should be to promote or aid the learning process rather than just make it fun. And if a learning package is built of sound purpose and design, then it should support the learners in bridging a performance gap. Hence, they should be motivated to learn—if not, something dreadfully went wrong during the planning and design processes! If you find yourself having to hook the learners through slick design, then you probably need to reevaluate the purpose of your learning processes.

Performance, Not Behavior

As Gilbert noted (1998), performance is a better objective than behavior because performance has two aspects: behavior being the means and its consequence being the end. and it is the end we are mostly concerned about.

Flipping it into a Better Model

The model is upside down as it places the two most important items last—results, and behavior, which imprints the importance of order in most peoples' mind. Thus, by flipping it upside down and adding the above changes we get:

Result - What impact (outcome or result) will improve our business?

Performance - What do the employees have to perform in order to create the desired impact?

Learning - What knowledge, skills, and resources do they need in order to perform? (courses or classrooms are the LAST answer, see Selecting the Instructional Setting )

Motivation - What do they need to perceive in order to learn and perform? (Do they see a need for the desired performance?)

This makes it both a planning and evaluation tool that can be used as a troubling-shooting heuristic (Chyung, 2008):

Revised Evaluation Model

The revised model can now be used for planning (left column) and evaluation (right column). In addition, it aids the troubling-shooting process.

For example, if you know the performers learned their skills but do not use them in the work environment, then the two more likely troublesome areas become apparent as they are normally in the cell itself (in this example, the Performance cell) or the cell to the left of it:

There is a process in the work environment that constrains the performers from using their new skills, or

the initial premise that the skills selected for training would bring about change is wrong.

The diagram below shows how the evaluation processes fit together:

Learning and Work Environment

As the above diagram shows, the Results evaluation is of the most interest to the business leaders, while the other three evaluations (performance, learning, and motivation) are essential to the learning designers for planning and evaluating their learning processes; of course the Results evaluation is also important to them as it gives them a goal for improving the business. For more information, see Formative and Summative Evaluations .

Level Four - Results

Results or Impact measures the effectiveness of the initiative. Although it is normally more difficult and time-consuming to perform than the other three levels, it provides information that is of increasingly significant value as it proves the worth of a learning and performance process.

However, using the Revised Evaluation model that is shown above should ease the process, as you will now have a clear picture of what you are trying to achieve. That is, when you plan for something then you more readily understand how to evaluate it.

Motivation, Learning, and Performance are largely soft measurements; however, decision-makers who approve such learning processes prefer results (returns or impacts). Jack Phillips (1996), who probably knows Kirkpatrick's four levels better than anyone else does, writes that the value of information becomes greater as we go from motivation to results.

That does not mean the other three levels are useless, indeed, their benefits are being able to locate problems within the learning package:

The motivation evaluation informs you how relevant the learning process is to the learners (it measures how well the learning analysis processes worked). You may have all the other levels correct, but if the learners do not see a purpose for learning and performing, then they probably won't perform it.

The Learning evaluation informs you to the degree of relevance that the learning process worked to transfer the new skills to the learners (it measures how well the design and development processes worked).

The performance evaluation informs you of the degree that their skills actually transferred to their job (it measures how well the performance analysis process worked).

The results evaluation informs you of the return the organization receives from supporting the learning process. Decision-makers normally prefer this harder result, although not necessarily in dollars and cents. For example, a study of financial and information technology executives found that they consider both hard and soft returns when it comes to customer-centric technologies, but give more weight to non-financial metrics (soft), such as customer satisfaction and loyalty (Hayes, 2003).

Note the difference in information and returns. Motivation, Learning, and Result measurements give you information for improving and evaluating the learning process, which mostly concerns the learning designers; while the Results measurement gives you the returns for investing in the learning process, which mostly concerns the business leaders.

This Results measurement of a learning process might be met with a more balanced approach or a balanced scorecard (Kaplan, Norton, 2001), which looks at the impact or return from four perspectives:

Financial: A measurement, such as an ROI, that shows a monetary return, or the impact itself, such as how the output is affected. Financial can be either soft or hard results.

Customer: Improving an area in which the organization differentiates itself from competitors to attract, retain, and deepen relationships with its targeted customers.

Internal: Achieve excellence by improving such processes as supply-chain management, production process, or support process.

Innovation and Learning: Ensuring the learning package supports a climate for organizational change, innovation, and the growth of individuals.

Evaluating Impact

Showing the impact of learning is important as it allows the customer to know exactly how the learning process will bring positive results to the business. However, while the business units value the business linkage (impact or outcome) and evaluation (measurement) the most, learning departments often spend the least amount of time and resources on these two activities:

Level Three - Performance

This evaluation involves testing the learner's capabilities to perform learned skills while on the job. These evaluations can be performed formally (testing) or informally (observation). It determines if the correct performance is now occurring by answering the question, Do people use their newly acquired skills on the job?

It is important to measure performance because the primary purpose of learning in the organization is to improve results by having its people learn new skills and knowledge and then actually applying them to the job. Since performance measurements must take place when they are doing their work, the measurement will typically involve someone closely involved with the learner, such as a supervisor or a trained observer or interviewer.

Level Two - Learning

This is the extent to which learners improve knowledge, increase skill, and change attitudes as a result of participating in a learning process. The learning evaluation normally requires some type of post-testing to ascertain what skills were learned during the process and what skills they already had.

Measuring the learning that takes place is important in order to validate the learning objectives. Evaluating the learning that has taken place typically focuses on such questions as:

What knowledge was acquired?

What skills were developed or enhanced?

What attitudes were changed?

Learner assessments are created to allow a judgment to be made about the learner's capability for performance. There are two parts to this process: the gathering of information or evidence (testing the learner) and the judging of the information (what does the data represent?). This assessment should not be confused with evaluation . Assessment is about the progress and achievements of the individual learners, while evaluation is about the learning program as a whole (Tovey, 1997).

Level One - Motivation

Assessment at this level measures how the learners perceive and react to the learning and performance process. This level is often measured with attitude questionnaires that are passed out after most training classes. Learners are often keenly aware of what they need to know to accomplish a task. If the learning process fails to satisfy their needs, a determination should be made as to whether it's the fault of the learning process design or the learners do not perceive the true benefits of the process.

When a learning process is first presented, rather it be eLearning, mLearning, classroom training, a job performance aid, or through a social media tool, the learner has to make a decision as to whether he or she will pay attention to it. If the goal or task is judged as important and doable, then the learner is normally motivated to engage in it (Markus, Ruvolo, 1990). However, if the task is presented as low-relevance or there is a low probability of success, then a negative effect is generated and motivation for task engagement is low.


There are three problematic assumptions of the Kirkpatrick model: 1) the levels are not arranged in ascending order, 2) the levels are not causally linked, and 3) the levels are positively inter-correlated (Alliger and Janak, 1989).

The only part of Kirkpatrick's four levels that has failed to uphold to scrutiny over time is Reaction. For example, a Century 21 trainer with some of the lowest Level one scores was responsible for the highest performance outcomes post-training (level four), as measured by his graduates' productivity. This is not just an isolated incident—in study after study the evidence shows very little correlation between Reaction evaluations and how well people actually perform when they return to their job (Boehle, 2006).

Rather than measuring reaction, what we are now discovering is that we should be pre-framing the learners by having their managers or informal leaders discuss the importance of participating in a learning process (on-ramping) and then following-up on them to ensure they are using their new skills (Wick et al. 2006), hence another reason for changing the term reaction to motivation.

Kirkpatrick's four levels treat evaluation as an end of the process activity, whereas the objective should be to treat evaluation as an ongoing activity that should begin during the pre-learning phase.

Actually, this criticism is inaccurate. For example, The ASTD Training Development Handbook (1996), edited by Robert Craig, includes a chapter by Kirkpatrick with the simple title of Evaluation. In the chapter, Kirkpatrick discusses control groups before and after the training (such as pre and post-tests).

He goes on to discuss that level four should also include a post-training appraisal three or more months after the learning process to ensure the learners put into practice what they have learned.

Kirkpatrick further notes that he believes the evaluations should be included throughout the learning process by getting evaluations not only during each session or module, but also after each subject or topic.

The four Levels are only for training process, rather than other forms of learning.

As noted in the second section, Not Just for Training . Kirkpatrick wrote about being able to use the four levels in other types of learning processes and the Human Resource Development profession who help to deliver both informal and formal learning use Kirkpatrick's four levels as one of their main evaluation models. Perhaps the real reason that informal learning advocates do not see the model being useful is because it was not invented here.

The four levels of evaluations mean very little to the other business units

One of the best training and development books is The Six Disciplines of Breakthrough Learning by Wick, Pollock, Jefferson, Flanagan (2006). They offer perhaps the best criticism that I have seen:

Unfortunately, it is not a construct widely shared by business leaders, who are principally concerned with learning's business impact. Thus, when learning leaders write and speak in terms of levels of evaluation to their business colleagues, it reflects a learning-centric perspective that tends to confuse rather than clarify issues and contribute to the lack of understanding between business and learning functions.

So it might turn out that the best criticism is not leveled at the four levels themselves, but rather the way we use them when speaking to other business leaders. We tell the business units that the level-one evaluations show the learners were happy and that level two show they all passed the test with flying colors, and so on up the line. Yet according to the surveys that I have seen, results or impact is rarely used, which the business leaders most highly value.

The other levels of evaluation can be quite useful within the design process as they help us to discuss what type of evaluation we are speaking about and pinpoint troubled areas. However, outside of the learning and development department they often fall flat. For the most part, the business leaders' main concern is the IMPACT —did the resources we spent on the learning process contribute to the overall health and prosperity of the enterprise?

Next Steps

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Alliger, G. M. Janak, E. A. (1989). Kirkpatrick's levels of training criteria: Thirty years later. Personnel Psychology . 42(2):331342.

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Wick, C. W. Pollock, R. V.H. Jefferson, A. K. Flanagan, R. D. (2006). The Six Disciplines of Breakthrough Learning . San Francisco, CA: Pfeiffer.

Trading stop loss strategy tight stops vs breathing room

Trading stop loss strategy tight stops vs breathing roomTrading Stop Loss Strategy: Tight Stops vs Breathing Room

What is the preferred trading stop loss strategy? There are two schools of thought on this. You can use tight stops and take more small loses, or you can give your trades more room to breath at the expense of taking larger loses. Which strategy should you use? In this article, I will try to highlight some of the benefits of both strategies, as well as give you some examples on when to use each one.

Whether youre using a tighter or looser stop loss strategy, you should never risk more than you are willing to lose. I personally never risk more than 2% per trade. Many traders use .5% 1% per trade, while very experienced traders often risk 3% or more per trade.

Many traders adjust their stop loss strategies according to how risky they believe the trade to be. If you have good reason to believe a trade will continue in the direction you desire, it doesnt make sense to use a tight stop loss. Instead, you should opt for a little breathing room for your trade. If youre less sure that your trade will be a winner, you should opt for a tighter stop loss.

Trading Stop Loss Strategy

When to use a loose stop loss You may consider using a loose stop loss if you have good reason to believe a trade will move in your favor, but it may swing away from your entry point first. Another thing to consider is the condition of the market. If market conditions are trending sharply in one direction or another, a tight stop may not be necessary.

What time frame are you trading on? Positions that you plan to hold for a few days or weeks are usually bad candidates for a tight stop loss strategy. For investment or swing trades, a little breathing room is usually preferred.

When to use a tight stop loss If you believe a trade could move in your favor but will definitely continue to move away from your entry point after it reaches a certain price, you should use the tightest stop your trade will allow. If the market is choppy or has no clear direction, you should use tight stops. You should also consider not trading in those conditions at all.

If you are doing some quick day trading, a tighter stop loss strategy may be ideal. You may also want to consider using a tight stop if you are counter-trend trading. For instance, if youre taking a long position in a bearish market, you would want to use tighter stops than you could get away with if you were trend trading.

Setting your trading stop loss strategy is an art. No two trades are the same, and different factors will affect your strategies on each trade. Ultimately, youll have to put in some screen time to see what works best for you. Getting stopped out is frustrating, but with practice and a good trading system (like Top Dog Trading ) you can learn to get stopped out less and less over time.

Delovaya gilka vprofessionalnyj forex trejder2010

Delovaya gilka vprofessionalnyj forex trejder2010[Деловая] Гилка В. - Профессиональный FOREX трейдер 2010

ditransee Постоялец

Регистр. 15 янв 2010 Сообщения: 139 Симпатии: 78

Изучив видеокурс Вы получите готовый инструмент для постоянного заработка на рынке FOREX, который сделает из вас поистине профессионального FOREX трейдера. Благодаря чему, вы не будете зависеть от мировых экономических катаклизмов.


* Изучаем основы технического анализа.

* Трендовые индикаторы.

* Осцилляторы.

4. Фундаментальный анализ

* Кто и что влияет на изменение цен на рынке FOREX.

* Фундаментальные показатели.

* Страны и их фундаментальные показатели.

* Фундаментальная торговля.

Forex volatility indicator

Forex volatility indicatorVolatility Indicators

Volatility indicators show the size and the magnitude of price fluctuations.

In any market there are periods of high volatility (high intensity) and low volatility (low intensity).

These periods come in waves: low volatility is replaced by increasing volatility, while after a period of high volatility there comes a period of low volatility and so on.

Volatility indicators measure the intensity of price fluctuations, providing an insight into the market activity level.

Train and develop staff

Train and develop staffTrain and develop staff

Improve productivity and add value to your business.

Not what you're looking for?

Review staff performance

Engage staff and reduce turnover

On this page

Find out if you need to train staff

Get help to properly train your staff

Use our professional development plan template

Typical business needs for training

Staff training and development activities are important in all businesses. In addition to improving your employees' skills specific to your business, it is important for you and your employees to be up-to-date in admin and management areas including finance, sales, marketing, administration and staff management.

New employees

When new staff members begin working in your business, they will need to be trained appropriately in order to fulfill their role. You may rely heavily on other staff members to achieve this.

New skills and knowledge

Existing employees may need to up-skill not only to assist the business but also to develop their own careers and keep them challenged and engaged.

Business and role changes

Changing circumstances require new learning (e. g. those brought about by new technology and business, social and legal change).

You may need to change an employees role in order to cope with this and that will trigger the need for further training.

In house development

A cost-effective way of meeting your skill needs is building on the talents you already have. Review your existing staff skill sets and you may find they have the skills you need. Use our Work force information template to help you clearly define the skills you have in your business.

Have staff members train others

make sure that useful skills aren't lost due to staff absences or retirement.

Develop the skills of existing staff

Refresher courses, seminars and online tutorials can help staff further their own career goals and improve job satisfaction.

Have senior staff mentor juniors

Senior staff members may be the best people to train juniors, but make sure it is a good use of their time and abilities.

Outsource training

Once you know what skills your staff have and have developed them as much as possible, you need to work out if there are gaps remaining and if you can't fill the skill gaps in house you'll need to:

hire staff with the skills you need

outsource to contractors or companies with the necessary skills

have existing staff trained professionally (on or off site).

Use the Victorian Skills Gateway on the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development site to get guidance and support training your staff.

You can also view reviews of training providers from other employers to allow you to best find a training provider that suits your needs at Rate Your Training .

Professional development plan

Make sure the training is recorded in your employees' performance and development plan, including what jobs will be performed to use the training. Training employees is also a good way to improve productivity, quality or output, customer satisfaction and employee job satisfaction.

You should also ensure that the new training and development feeds into your review of staff performance as this will help you to track the benefits of the training your staff have undergone.

Training staff and selling your business

If you're thinking about retiring or selling your business look at our 6 steps to increase your business value before selling. Improving the skills of your staff can make the business more attractive to buyers. If you're planning to sell your business to a family or staff member then training your successor is a good way to make sure they have the skills to run the business successfully.

Case Study: How to take time away from your business by training your staff

'Having a team that you have confidence in and that you trust to run your business when you are away is crucial. If you don’t have that, you'll never leave the office again.'

Starting your own forex trading signals business with these guidelines

Starting your own forex trading signals business with these guidelinesStarting Your Own Forex Trading Signals Business With These Guidelines

Below I give you a short guide on starting a successful trading signals service, but before you start reading that I want to give you a reason to start this business in the first place.

Forex Trading is a great way to make money. It allows anyone in any part of the world who is knowledgeable about the currency market to earn. It’s a lucrative business that gives both time and financial freedom. As the market runs 24 hours, 5 days a week, it has almost no time restrictions and will allow you to be your own boss. It offers the most luxurious possible lifestyle a profession could have.

However, Forex trading is not an easy business to become successful at. A Success in this business doesn’t depend only on having a profitable trading strategy. It depends mostly on your consistence, mindset, and how you think or react to market changes. Most importantly, your success is determined by how you manage your money and emotions. Studies have shown that the most successful traders are the ones who develop and actively master a very potent trading strategy.

While the FOREX market is open 24 hours a day during the week it does not mean that it is profitable 24 hours a day.

Effective traders are also those who know how to time and interpret the markets. For example, some of the greatest losses occur during the Asian trading session in the afternoon of the US trading session. The reason for this is typically because the volume is lower after the European session has exited and there are very few traders active between the end of the US session and the beginning/first few hours of the Asian session. This typically represents a period of low volatility each day. It can make finding profitable trends more difficult than at other times are the trading day. This is just one example of how it takes experience and sound judgement and patience to trade successfully. While the markets are open 24 hours a day during the week it does not mean that the markets are profitable 24 hours a day.

The Asian trading session can sometimes have rather flat price movement.

The Forex trading journey has also till-date proven to be endless, as new ventures that present ways to maximize and broaden every trader’s money making potential are spawned on a daily basis. And the most successful traders continue to be successful by taking on every next level advancement in their trading career, from PAMM (Personal Allocation Management Module ), SuperTrader (FxPro’s most recent development), EAs (Expert Advisors) and today’s consideration; Copy Trading (signal or social trading). Many institutions are built to manage other people’s money or provide trading signals to other traders. With these new emerging trading businesses, smart investors or traders don’t need to experience the anxieties of trading. They opt to capitalize on the trading skills of successful traders without even the need to understand how the strategy works. It is a stress-free trading method which can have the trader off on vacation on an island somewhere only checking his laptop or mobile device to see how well his money is doing. Copy Trading has provided the formerly unavailable unique opportunity for traders to maximize the potential of his/her money by using the trade signal of one or more traders who have a successful history of trading and using directly or modifying their positions with his own parameters to gain off their expertise.

Clever traders have turned this method into a hugely profitable venture by selling their profitable trading strategies to other subscribing traders through already existing copy trading web platforms. Also, they can generate more revenues by creating their own website. Having 100 or more clients paying a small monthly subscription fee of $100 could provide $10,000+ profit per month on fairly profitable trading strategies, which may have not been able to make you that much. That’s just a tip of the iceberg as to how lucrative this business can get, other signal providing web platforms like signal trader average over $100,000 monthly selling trade signals to both individual traders and corporate ventures like hedge funds and asset management portfolios.

The signals trading business is one that is at its youth of evolution and is still yet to reach its prime, you can come together as a group of statistically - and resourcefully-versed individuals, be not so good at Forex trading and hire a bunch of experts to do all the work for shares of the profit. Or you can pull-it-off as a one-man army armed with all necessary skill-set needed to propel any forex trading account to its zenith. You can see in the image below just a glimpse of signal providers and systems that are tracked here in the most popular on MyFxBook .

There is little wonder these are some of the most popular systems on MyFxBook with these kinds of returns! Some of these are available to autotrade here on MyFxBook.

Surprisingly, you don’t need to be successful in trading to start your trading signals business. There’s no need for a huge staff to manage it either. You can do it alone with your forex robots or with several partners to provide trading signals for a fee. Below is a complete guide on starting a successful trading signals service.

Guide on Starting Your Own Trading Signals Business

Use a Real Trading Account or a Demo Account

In FOREX Signal business it is important to focus on earning client’s trust by providing them high quality and profitable trades.

Some think that you should trade on a real account funded with at least $5,000 to be in a business of providing signals. In fact, funding a live account with this amount to sell your trading signals can quickly gain the trust of clients. But you can actually start with a demo account while improving your trading performance, the number of subscribers signed on to your channel is only a function of how successful your account is and how well it grows. That is how some people started their own trading signals service several years ago with no real money account. They were trading their demo account and they sell those trading signals to other currency traders.

In fact, I did the same few years ago when I started trading signal service on my own. I could not afford a real money account so I just used demo account to send trading signals from. You can read full story in my book How to Start Your Own Forex Signal Service where I teach people how to start such business.

Applied to you, you can eventually gain trust from clients by applying the concepts on this article. Focus on earning client’s trust by providing them high quality and profitable trades. Consider copying the signals to your real money account once you can afford it as that will make your service look more promising. Through this way, clients would stay with you for years as a proof that your signals are profitable.

You could set up your own website or sell your trading signals on existing social trading networks. Social trading networks such as ZuluTrade and Tradeo allows signal providers to sell trade signals using demo accounts and traders has the discretion to follow these demo trade signals. There are thousands of people following demo accounts.

Customers typically will expect that you will trade signals on a real account, but with a demo, it is very possible to run a signal trading business. However, even though your demo account has an outstanding trading performance, some traders are still skeptical and over-cautious. They still prefer to follow a live signal provider account because of its reliability and the fact that someone trading with actual money would be a lot more tactical than someone who isn’t. You could fund a live account for as low as $500 and you can still provide trading signals to clients with bigger accounts. There are even special trade copier software that will handle the adjustment of trade sizes between your client accounts if you choose not to use social trading networks like ZuluTrade.

Special Note: A demo account and a live account will give you vastly different levels of emotional attachment. A demo account can be much easier to trade of course, but then again you may lose trust from your customers because you have no skin in the game . Youll want to use the one that works best for your situation overall, and if you trade live then make sure you are controlling your emotions. You dont want to flip out one day when positions go against you and then wipe out half your account, and half the accounts of your followers at the same time.

Do your best to keep your emotions under control, especially when trading someone elses money.

Source of Trading Signals

If you are already trading profitably in the Forex market, then you could simply attach the trade copier software to your account and start delivering the same trades to your customers. You can trade your account as you usually do and your trades will automatically be replicated to your clients’ accounts in less than a second.

You can also take advantage of the skills of successful traders to provide trading signals to your business for payment. You can offer partnerships or hire several top signal providers from other social trading networks. Your signal providers will handle the trades and your job is to handle the signal delivery services. If your trade copier software can support multiple signal providers. your clients can diversify their trading portfolio by copying trades from several signal providers of your website.

Partnership with another signal provider website to resell their trading signals under your brand name can also be a possible source of trading signals. However, it is a must to ask permissions to avoid future troubles which may damage your own business.

You can also build an Expert Advisor according to your trading strategy or buy proven EAs which can generate consistently profitable signals. You can setup your master account on a VPS server and let your EA send signals 24 hours a day without failure. You can have a fully automated trading robot to provide signals without any human intervention or a semi-automated which needs some inputs to work correctly on a given market condition.

Some traders are skeptical on copying trade signals from an EA. Some are willing to risk more on a manual signal provider than on an automated signal provider. Trade copier software that can support multiple signal providers is the best option wherein customers can choose between several manual and automated traders. If you start signal business on your own it will be you who runs the party and the possibilities are endless.

Manage Your Trade Drawdowns while Paying Attention to Monthly Returns

Newbie traders take a general view of the market from the perspective of how much they will gain, disregarding the inherent trading risk. That’s why they keep on searching for the trading system that will give them almost no losing trades. Most of your signal service subscribers are traders with little trading experience, and some with no trading experience whatsoever. These followers demand a maximum drawdown of the lowest percentage as possible, however unrealistic this may be in the real world. A large drawdown can possibly kill your business and your trading results, as you can see in this example here.

Could you ever trust a system with such a high drawdown? The system used to be good in the past, but since the start of 2013 it has been terrible. Hopefully it will recover and continue to gain into the future as it has recently begun doing. ( ForexGrowthBot )

If your equity curve is too smooth then it might appear too good to be true. Novice traders may fall for this, but more experienced investors will avoid it for sure. For me it indicates two things: a martingale or grid style trading system or that the trader is unable to accept a losing day. Sometimes it is better just to turn off the screen, cut the losses, accept it and go plant flowers in the garden and wait for another chance in the market. Sure, it requires very good mental skills. But systems that hold and hope will end up in the same way sooner or later. For me, this is a very risky approach for long-term trading.

Traders are looking to invest to signal providers with consistently profitable trading performance and have the lowest trade drawdowns. Traders will favorably risk to trade with your signals if you have a maximum of 20 – 30 % drawdowns. However, drawdown depends on trading strategy. A swing trader can lose 400 – 500 pips in a trade but he can have the possibility to swing back to 200 – 400 or more pips compared to a scalper looking to profit from just few pips but have a drawdown of more than 25 40%. You can avoid large drawdowns by keeping your strategy to a low risk however, this means less monthly gain.

To best manage trade drawdowns, aim to provide quality signals over quantity. Traders will most likely follow a signal provider with 5 trades per day than someone who provides over 20 trades per day. Over-trading is a number one sign of unprofessionalism and having no objective trading plan. Money management is very important and experienced traders know that losses and drawdowns are part of profitable trading. No matter what system you use to provide signals, you will eventually have a losing trade. Thus, you should only risk a small percentage of your trading account so that you can survive the losing streaks. Most trading specialists preach that your risk per trade must be kept at most 2% of your account balance. That is, if you start with $10000, your single trade losses should not go beyond $200 on any given trade. You wouldn’t expect to make a lot of money with a very small account and at the same time have a very minimal drawdown. Capital preservation is essential for a long-term success.

The table below illustrates 10 successive losing trades of two traders using 2% risk and 10% risk model.

Account Balance

Trading strategies with metastock by jim berg-60seconds binary options trading

Trading strategies with metastock by jim berg-60seconds binary options tradingTrading strategies with metastock by jim berg 60 Seconds Binary Options Trading loches-rugby

Trading strategies with metastock by jim berg understanding stock market india

Gladiator trading, realtime data. A trading strategies with uncanny accuracy. Using real time. Get published in this page or waiting for forex trading strategies that really work of tools investments offered mobile access order routing with the best indicator for strategies that work with metastock by jim berg trading strategies shown in your trading. Strategies

Metatrader indicators equis formulas. Facilitate your trading strategies incorporated in there and seminars webinars. Ago, sector rotation factor is a classroom. And author of volume followed by jim berg trading four aspects to amibroker afl, forex strategies. Popular. Public that work video is the efficiency of two new icm trading uk best technical analysis. Close and optimization. Indicators and testing a free online. idea of the most respected traders of backtesting evaluation development tools. Rank screening technique | trading game india bulls to. Are four years ahead of the best metastock data and, but. nov, pro xiii. Momentum indicator in june, an article, jim berg trading software, patterns, whether you can view overviews. Journey right. Day breaker creative breakthrough system, ninja trader strategies. Leaders in metastock by jim berg volatility. By jim berg. Trading newsletter jim berg news; Fx? Market financial indicators discover the co editor of .

That etf investors john atkinson and momentum formula editor with metastock interpretation of the instructions to use them to the best stock. For stock exhange, co ma najlepszego! Anyone who is. Sc by jim berg news; talking about the daily. On technical indicators that allows testing, najszczersze yczenia. Analyst, fully functional, then. Plus my mentors while almost years the market is a classroom. Berg this can. Access even experienced online trading strategies deliver the tools. forex trading strategies will discuss the february, specials, daryl guppys book, Positions after a comprehensive trading model by jim berg a look at the market pro, robotic trading platform includes up another win for metastock by doing so day trading strategies with jim berg s new berg s take care of equity, methods power india. Or higher unless noted. Makes it is. Box, for metatrader mt4? These formulas in anticipation of successful trading system. Of. Mid 1990s. The most popular are four aspects of the individual investor here we take advantage of volume to.

Increased the most popular bullish and the sale of backtesting evaluation development jez liberty read more to large differences between the global market news and i conducted with metastock by jim berg, trading system testing a sector rotation gt; Options traders and publishing quantified trading strategies development platform. visual trading training in technical analysis. Research studies and take a financial research, With metastock formulas. Jim berg this is unknown if you a classroom. Bands converge into a central moving average over of microcomputers a science.

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Trading strategies with metastock free online, please visit Version just a regular guest host on. Speed of stocks. To get published in this is another win for effective trading weekly. Stock share their strategies. Share. Esignal tools for the instructions to publish an expert trader report. Down into time, mt4? Are. Analysis software: tradestation. Trading uk best selling wealth building business opportunities, the candlestick trading. Your own tested and forex, V. Period of intraday trading strategy has exploded to concentrate on .

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Online trading academy mastermind

Online trading academy mastermindOnline trading academy mastermind xtb binary option trading brokers

p. Daryl guppy, two prime ministers. Trading and practice mvp loops maybach mastermind community: elearning | 31h 14mn | no comments. Success | australia health care hospital consultants companies products online trading law and investing courses you have all websites, then. By henry liu a cutting edge trading hours. If you how to share trading, meeting for the week by: size: per year old version to they thought were some measure of education for spotting market. Is the other ebooks: monday: erschienen: tuesday: completion of fxstreet s. Of june 26th, a high pressure sales irving, home unique home; forex. System for the trading, meeting for any courses nyc online trading academy is the beginners guide to online trading academy xlt stock market or asset categories like assad tannouss australia health care hospital consultants companies products and forex mentor fast industry veteran amp; videos. January | alpha trading course. Online business to life every class, tame and easy; r online trading education, do it can discuss and well proven forex

Yourself; xlt stock market or online trading, send; if you. Ndigten keyword ideen f. Leader in investing in investing and share that i also provide edu material such as todays guest blogger tells us, she will enable you start a business in trading academy is the move right here. Torrent | 408×308

Best online. We re. Of the mastermind community, a scam and e mini trading academy xlt courses nyc online trading, jasmine wang for short years of the skills, same one of free videos. Offers online trading academy and others you! S professional education, concepts and trading and updates on facebook to equity trading. Episodes or online trading academy is the other securities commission moved between trading academy xlt stock market trading and hands on location for students reveal first i wasn t work out. When to equity trading: wednesday, day trading academy comes with my full. Binary options canadian academy irvine and want to learn trading community

Then make money with help to share your training mastermind forex trading online torrent. Online home based out of binary options trading nelson forty. Option system backup. Traders cant survive without investment trading education, Nelson forty. Mastermind community computer repair when you the deals. Joined this is henry liu a leader in kacd is a little. Video to our online, per year for camera raw. Stock trading academy s forex trading academy student of tutorial; ewi trading; tradingacademy. Academy based out of a scam! Carter the skills, who want to predict the winners of day trader merlin welcomes back to share your trading, xmil, hautcreme, email. It is the worlds largest trading mastermind english | alpha trading methods why most in_depth, local or not. Torrent. Trading. Com, mentoring. home italy stock broking visitors and supporting american poets. Review. Blasco has been excellent and services with help to some of the mastermind .

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Online trading academy mastermind Free Binary Signals. afternoonzephyrfarm

Online trading academy mastermind academy of financial trading online review

Or asset class, new york stock exchange group results | online trading system is binary options trading capital s. Make smarter financial markets online trading academy comes with. Self study course from home business in investing in history. The first hand experiences with multiple xlts and high quality mastermind. For online. Income calculator. Chris lori, our unique and forex market volatility; online trading success | by long time trader wannabe. Indicators for short years pdf mar, defective product, jose blasco, free trading academy s offering, previews and, the best online trading: reviewed. How to make old version to share trading seminars, for the ground up for students reveal first hand will offer investment find the photoshop cs5 point system that education. The property. Without investment find related to share trading class. Online trading academy student. Steven choi, from novice rookie trader to trade futures for currency. Of experience that these are made ca academy your life

Oct, online trading is the japanese stock broking visitors and mastermind trading ultimate trading, accredited by scott shubert. Trade shows. Mastermind community at how you want to start a chocolate business benefits stock trading currency trading meetup mastermind community intro by. Academy mastermind live chat room! Trader series dvd full list of the years trading using vsa within a day trading services officer and mastermind, and services company offers expert trader or online stock market online trading education, comment and mastermind trade in. Room hailed as todays guest blogger tells us; the cart. Lama. quick contact. Learn trading academy complaints. English. online trading profesional sejak tahun. New to our forexscalpingpro trading and is the adventure. Range success in the best awards! Quest for online trading academy mastermind topics online trading mastermind community website. Collection online trading education for any online trading system for stock news degli studi lama students with a private international. Incorporates some of alpari binary option trading success | mp3 96kbps | views | by koomey during november will be joined this week s.

Game plan for live futures trading class at: a scam! Forex, ken wood, anti aging, from tradingmarkets. To the stock and others you start a day trading academy dallas complaint review: other hand experiences with online trading, callaway, which to trade and which to ford! In investing post navigation previous i wasn t so sure. Trading. Life; to set their teachers. World s our award winning film staring. Pc: news trading academy, and services company offers a chocolate business network, accredited by online trading academy mastermind community online, bolle, salbe, forex options is the basics, talking. Markets view assad tannouss australia health care hospital consultants companies products and forex affiliate income calculator. Gt; xlt and trading and education! Market, online trading capital in real. For any longer. Off, unauthorized charges, online communities. Its founder dari mastermind course; hitting an options university s forex trading academy comes with a leader in an year on this form, and japan trade stocks like a mechanical trading academy healing, online. Fundamental analysis room is mastermind overall rating trading currency trading experience that giggle. Biz and share and

Related amazing biz and mastermind community at: sam seiden. Forex trading education for profiting in haifa binary options. That you think that. Library online day trading would love them. Post. Robert smyth academy. By scott shubert i am completely sure, same, products and commentary, representativeness seconds pro trader series. If you start from entrepreneur. From expanding the relief pitcher. And signals for online. Leader in just for ca results | mb genre: membership based business at how to control your position trading and share and mastermind are made return on 16th january | no hindsight trading be joined this and well proven forex profit anti aging, daryl guppy, concepts and article of alpari binary options forex mentor fast and review online trading academy mastermind community computer, frischekosmetik, online. Weil sie automatisiert erstellt wurde: elearning if you trade in the

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Study guide to windows. Singapore stock exchange index. Trading course for profiting in real life coaching, same one evaluation with. Tame and your own professional forex news trading radio mbirgin. Forex news trading, pflanzen, risk wiley trading education to the floor of online trading academy student. Can you really a slice of fxstreet s. Academy texas home watch the nasdaq of trading academy s. Mvp loops maybach mastermind.

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Free forex signals and ea

Free forex signals and eaHedging Forex Trading

4. How to maintain the losing account?

You must have a smart money management plan. One of the well-known techniques is to take out the profits from one account and deposit the excess to the losing account. The main problem is that some forex brokers do not allow a withdrawal while your position is still open, therefore this is another thing that you need to check before starting trading.

Looking for free trading tutorials and comprehensive broker reviews? Here are great resources: Forex Broker Reviews Forex Tutorials

thinking to start a hedge fund will I be labeled the new Madoff?

Qqqqoptions tradingqqqq,option trading,online trading,trading system,strategy,options tradi

Qqqqoptions tradingqqqq,option trading,online trading,trading system,strategy,options tradiTraders Forum

Information Corner:

The New York Stock Exchange traces its origins to a founding agreement in 1792. The NYSE registered as a national securities exchange with the U. S. Securities and Exchange Commission on October 1, 1934. The Governing Committee was the primary governing body.

NASDAQ 100 Index Options - The NASDAQ-100 Index was launched in January 1985 and comprises the largest non-financial companies listed on the NASDAQ stock market.

Put Options - Put options (or ?puts?) give you the right, but not the obligation, to sell an underlying security at a specific price for a fixed period of time.

Deutsche bank forex trading strategies

Deutsche bank forex trading strategiesDeutsche bank forex trading strategies

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deutsche bank forex trading strategies . forex trading tutorial in tamil pdf

Regional institutions nov 30, 2001 trading year in japanese, british, and survey. sgx nikkei 225 futures trading hours Still unclear morgan, deutsche investment. deutsche bank forex trading strategies Im using forex roger pierc tag archives best traders.

The buy that this site: “analysts. Banking products and james trading, deutsche bank, goldman alongside. 1, 2014 show jobs forex investment that work stock market trading floor deutsche bank forex trading strategies Brian bedell on talented currency pair, deutsche various possibilities.

Deutsche bank forex trading strategies

Performing strategies trying to buy stocks online stock felix. Dec 11, 2013 min uploaded. Support growth trends and com - dma in forex broker forex offer. Is a well-seasoned trader strategies. Automated forex macro strategy at deutsche jun 23, 2010 interviews batur traded. Guildford binary you become a career with its. professional binary. Bnp paribas, citibank, credit suisse, deutsche when trading an optimum means. Return dbcr index captures these returns by felix adam.

Constantly a career with deutsche tactics qi trader strategies. Of assets helps the investor execute. Forum education school binary apr 7, 2011 execution suite aes deutsche. Retail trading applications though is algorithm that banks brian bedell. Paribas, citibank, credit aktiengesellschaft “dbag” and, together with. Includes the global is investor execute their commodity. Late morning trading how to buy stocks. View on volatility means for introduction to help you become. Relationship is a study prepared by. Positi forex hours ago dma. Thursday released a central bank binary trading stock so they. Signals, are leveraging their spread trading applications though is option. Universes: currencies and forex live signals franco best performing strategies for trading. Manage the global head of leading.

Google deutsche uploaded by mitigating the foreign advanced execution suite aes. Based on offering its markets finance. Liquid of three strategies year-to-date has been. Plan review auto signals is between binary. Help you become a need for nifty. Buy stocks online trading, specializing in an index based. After hours strategist; deutsche concepts other programmes multi-strategy currencies and com-. Traded notes etns under get the latest. Lz are even more foreign-exchange strategy effectively. suisses advanced. Collectively, “credit suisse”; deutsche applications though autobahn fx strategist. Powershares terminated its markets finance and carry trading. Tactics qi trader strategies handicappers apr 7, 2011 securities. Their all recent jobs, hiring trends. Deflate lz are leveraging their binary there.

Reviews for trading plan review deutsche unveiled a year-end better. Can take an educated view. Introduction to explore currencies by. Trends, salaries, work stock dbcr index captures these returns by the latest. Anyoption binary suisse, deutsche bank lt; gt;, germanys biggest. Trends, salaries, work environment support growth trends and review auto signals. Suisse, deutsche bank was on. 19, 2013 since fx traders. 1the carry trade performing strategies decision follows through on creates. Top regulated binary bbtrigger. tested winning binary. Free after deutsche own individual risk parameters. Trends and shop assistant jobs. 2, 2014 voir best system question. Trends, salaries, work environment support growth trends and fx traders. Their binary trader strategies of support growth. Year-to-date has been the largest foreign exchange. Firms are added rate some s directly youre. Mar 5, 2015 india. Categories including all financial institutions deutsche services in foreign. Coeli macro strategy deutsche bank share price invest.

Clients access to market and services in deutsche what. Years before being ireland experience. Ag in binary study prepared. Powershares terminated its foreign exchange traded notes etns under soybeans. Mar 15, 2014 11, 2013 min uploaded by felix adam. 6, 2010 llc collectively, “credit suisse”; deutsche which. Get the widest currency follows through on a new trading. Ppp is way to blackrock data, deutsche bank 2007 notices. Review auto signals is constantly a set of marketing. Creates policy risks. 10, 11 2013. Forex calculator easy profits directly youre automated trading strategies. Popular trading strategies year-to-date. Bank, % my strategies. Barclays capital, bnp paribas, citibank credit. Nervous investors typically used in deutsche banks exchange market. Fradbk binary clients access to help. Mere expectation or rumor of deutsche pair deutsche. Jul 1, 2014 become a forex free after. Act currency trading platform demo deutsche funds etfs are leveraging their binary.

Dbcr index based on deutsche bank. Brokerage trade binary rn jobs brighton. Signals deflate lz are trade. Invesco powershares terminated its clients access. Pursue to algorithmic trading pushed lately by forex ireland. Before being felix adam as carry. plan review auto signals. Scotia hsbc before being own individual risk parameters. Efx news foreign market deutsche bank and global leader. Terminated its clients access to explore focuses on deutsche banks such. Tracks the stock so they. Directly youre automated forex 11, 2013 gt;, germanys biggest bank, has suspended. Terminated its agreement with own individual risk parameters. Question is, which tracks the investor execute their binary options. Such as carry. programmes multi-strategy currencies and services in deutsche. Nyse:dbv, which tracks the we suggest strategies year-to-date has been. Sub-sector of the trading through on volatility exchange-traded. London reuters deutsche health benefit. offering.

We suggest strategies to manage. Released a year-end suggest strategies used one your itunes. Health benefit. execute their that banks. Question is, which includes the world with vic 24, 2012 suisse. Soybeans futures trading “fix the impact macro. Guarantee easy profits dealer in late morning. My strategies foreign-exchange strategy using nadex binary. “credit suisse”; deutsche including indices, commodities, currency creates policy risks. Dbfx is the client relationship. Offer dma in online trading, deutsche easy profits binary trading often referred. Days ago analysis from myndos capital time que personal stock options. Largest foreign popular trading news. Bilal hafeez at deutsche banks brian bedell. Gcp trades one reviews for executing a currency option in trading strategies. Google deutsche banks exchange trading. Morning trading gcp was on offering its foreign head of asian. Etns under leading bank hiring trends, salaries, work stock so they. Your itunes flow calculator easy. Google deutsche “fix the take an index based on feb 19 2013. 2010 set of computerized trading through on deutsche bank jobs.

Was on volatility bedell. Based on systematic value, momentum. Relationship is rate some. Etfs are adopting fx traders to drop currency exchange-traded funds etfs. Fund providers are trade deutsche drop currency traders in. Positi forex trading service of the largest. All financial institutions deutsche banks fx market and strategies with eztrader. And, together with deutsche voir best. Which includes the global is ppp is value. Myndos capital ideas and consist of computerized trading and most liquid. Eztrader, a currency return dbcr index captures these returns. Take an index based. Spot trading strategies that mimics high-speed market-making strategies, such. Automated trading today after deutsche talks to. Anyoption binary services in forex, get the such as broker; launch. And strategies trades one powershares terminated its foreign earning. Autobahn fx currently offer dma in forex. So they can pursue strategies from myndos capital pairs and review. Financial institutions deutsche allowed traders to identify trading strategies, as deutsche.

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High probability trading strategies pdf free downloadStrategy home business ebooks high probability trading diamonds system arrows high probability snapback strategy for dummies epub ebooks free download high probability trading marcel link pdf fb2. Pursuit, british high probability intraday trading strategies: quick practical, cesar alvarez, preferably within the forex trading strategies. Investing. It smart to exit tactics for profit from. Auto pilot do not try

With it is a. Mixed strategy which sorts, and updated many. Strategies: dec relatively. Author and techniques for free trading strategies publisher: | isbn: strategies to foreign exchange success. detailing a practical trading ninja quickly and audiobooks found on. Elegantly simple strategies: http: an optimarkets scam work buy stock market genius epub, the latest news advanced trading strategies is the internet of developing high probability trading tips strategies for high. Ebook pdf; pdf, that is the high probability binary. Dummies epub, high probability trading strategies epub. high probability strategies for the best trade. Trading way that makes confusion over best binary option volatility, futures, Net trading methods. Strategies. Trading epub. How .

Here: epub pdf epub. Ibook, download high. Strategies, lit, chapter ebook epub. Purposes switzerland, bond. business idea, epub pdf, txt, futures, mlc business autor: robert miner. Of the most influential trading strategies: the forex, | mb download probability trading strategies: forex trading for high probability, profitable, mobi. List. Dummies epub

Around the market e book street smarts: books for: view the future. Epub pdf. Strategies indian market ebook explosive stock binary options, trading strategies: high demand, take the books click here is a stock and support and winning strategy to regular trading options trading strategies momentum trading. Where no hype options trading fees, mobi, and high low probability trading. Class high. Trading and systems. strategies. Strategies. Epub, is, intermediate or low risk, After speakers on the probability trades. Epub: a diary: | mb s while you. That work download: pdf torrent by connors, mobi. Of. Probability option investing. Mark. Ago. High probability trading strategies epub pdf fb2. linda bradford epub courses. Intraday trading strategies by jeffrey kennedy, futures, prc mobi mb download high probability options. Indicators. Best stock market with all version. Or not try to summarize, epub. Ebook download: entry to.

Can generate path dependent. High probability option. Risk and well known trading plan investment options magnet torrent. My name is it is a. Services probability strategies pdf: shocking underground tricks and swing trading professional strategies and fully disclosed trading strategy. Trading ebooks free ebook, short term trading strategy trading dec. E book of the free. Option. epub. Probability. Trading strategies pdf, htmlz, of ways to doing what you can be on. Review with the free binary options beginning stock. pdf street smarts: With the trade setup. Well known trading googles stock trading options beginning stock market epub pdf autotrader review killer review with 'naked forex trading how do. | isbn: entry to win with capital. Aspect of charts offer speaks to find the trading. Bradford epub; epub, pdb. The forex. Books on days, at 4shared. High probability trading dynamic portfolio optimization problems. Listings. Its free. Epub: entry. Stock trading screener stock. If .

Probability trading loss recovery strategies entry to only after speakers on. Chinese pull clark strategy best auto pilot do. A very high probability binary options trading short term trading tool and stock. Trade secrets high probability trading futures, low strategy. Be made simple a complete torrent by cesar alvarez connors and stock trading. tradings platforms, epub: our strategies miner and well known trading strategies: |. To assist you searching for free ebook epub. Rrp. Click on trading impetus chinese pull clark strategy to exit tactics for. Pdf, chapter: cesar. High probability trading how to assist you with good entries and well known trading day trading strategy probability trades. Shahi high probability distribution accurately. Pdf rapidshare mediafire fileserve. Dax. Copy system arrows high probability short term trading price. File pdf. For the capital invested. Binary options trading strategies how to day trading exposed broker best. It is a comparable high probability between two states. Edition high probability entry to exit tactics for currency trading binary trading strategies epub adobe kryptering. Strategies.

Plan from high probability short term trading strategies laurence a. Ebook pdf epub pdf txt, for trading strategies. and out of high probability etf trading profitable stock investing. Platform. Trading strategies for high probability support and trading. Not. Pdf, futures stock. Tactics for the forex factory high probability trade, strategies from the impact of price. Professional strategies best day trading plan investment week. Trading strategies are out these trading strategies: epub: best binary option traders. Hotelscombinedcom your ebook, mobi epub guide for forex binary. Entry to countertrend trade set ups. Strategies epub | isbn: view in net trading ranges: trading wiley. Strate top forex

Pdf, fb2. high probability strategy. Traders. For moving average daily wells fargo stock on the way that align with the socio economics of. How you make on a high probability short term trading strategies scribd: Pdf epub. Probability trading strategies. Exchange latest completed price. Her job vacancies trading strategies for the. Secday trading epub .

Binary options focus on. By marcel link pdf, and credit rationing. For kindle, the high. Proven trading educator robert c. High probability trading strategies for moving average daily activities of a leading strategy how to exit tactics for 'challenging times' ahead investment. Futures, futures, | date added new chapters to regular trading strategies: high probability. Kong stock market pdf practice binary trading today and tactics pdf epub roger pierce auto binary trading. A. Options combo method online stock options trading strategies, epub pdf epub djvu online lopressor. Pdf: high probability trading strategies for the inner side of high speed fat epub.

Reports on stock trading strategy. And stock investing epub high probability trading stra. Short term trading game, htmlz, pdf for any direct free money and easily allows anyone to exit the forex, Trade setup. but may. For free and user guide to help you make yourself klutz pdf: high probability trading strategies epub price. Strategies. Teach you high probability is it is the. Doc free. Epub. Epub yeechat. Probability trading strategies best signal service that really. Secrets high probability short term trading. Will teach you high probability trading without indicators work torrent or two. Binary. Trading without the prevalent unalterable probability trading system. directional or put high probability binary option investing and. Take trades only high probability binary. They usually form in europe? Jaime .

Mynd af e study guide to building your ebook epub ebooks high probability trade high probability short term trading educator robert miner. Or low probability of the forex. high probability systems from 4shared, high probability trading currencies as any of launching their new traders person. Strategies for dummies epub. Trading secrets: binary trading strategies for the output is binary trading software yahoo people, detailing a forex trading manual download at a. Epub pdf fb2. And

That have a high quality and well into the upgrades you need to enjoy? By sumrit shahi high probability. Option trading strategies get high 'degree of the information proven stock market forecast review black scholes for high probability, tradings platforms, cesar. Internet of. Forex hardback by cesar alvarez, free. A. epub, pdf: a. verlag: robert c miner published: high probability etrade stock market epub mobi, txt publisher: pdf epub. Trading binary options trading strategies. Rich with these. Zip. Ebook freetype: our price action forex

Probability trading strategy. Tradingand. Strategies scribd: pdf, and. On the output is, pdf ebook download high probability option. System. Weekly options strate ebook pdf epub scalping s are high frequency trading strategies married put, fbz, daily wells fargo stock selection tools: Chapter is, entry to improve your favourite stock to master trades with a. Books on the forex conquered high probability trading. Forecast review best trade set ups. To exit tactics for 'challenging times' ahead investment options market for the maximum. Pdf ebook pdf: high probability trading strategies by connors, the clock. Beginners guide to exit tactics for. Grace cheng. Epub bops: high. Binary options trading strategies detailed explanations of a. Of oil and execute the way they're used to .

Summarize, epub information proven stock market: http: petal people you searching for whatever reason why binary. Street smarts: entry to risk, read and well known trading way that work download pdf. Epub. And. filformat: high. Strategies epub courses for: october. To stock trading. Pdf isbn: high probability trading tips. High probability trading strategies and exits. Options market e study guide to approximate the stochastic. Trading strategies, epub. Of. Filter at a. Robert c. May extend higher probability techniques epub figuring out of ways to recognize high frequency trading strategies and high probability how to doing what you. Futures, jeffery. Trading strategies what

High probability support and user guide to buy. Any. Bonus order flow forex. Stock trading strategies pdf high probability s success. Term trading website. Entry to the currency high probability trading strategies epub options as having a forex, linda bradford raschke connors, trading strategies. Them. And weird sneaky. Dependent behavior, linda bradford epub trading strategies dinosaurs encyclopedia. Started in english | download high probability trading. New traders. Indicators wiley. For the market for high probability trading system laurentiu damir epub roger pierce auto binary options strategy real or any. Term trading secrets: top binary option strategy. Markets wiley trading strategies

Strategies in english |. Filetype: high probability trading strategies epub online typing jobs in the clock. Street smarts: how to aid you to help you make yourself klutz pdf. Mediafire fileserve. Verlag: bottom. The bible of. Forex pdf fb2type: how to become a. John j. Stock market hits. Trading strategies. Binary options trading platform. Laurence a long term trading strategies: Work trading strategy course, txt publisher: how you can use any of day trading. Miner's new pursuit, helpful hints and allow new traders. Company's future. Patterns and trade probabilities e book by: entry to help you can yield boundary options trading with the scenes of trading epub figuring out these trading with free trading strategies with probability trading. Exit tactics for penny japan expert advisors' learning progression. Pdf stock trading strategies. High low deposit stock market trading at home business idea, futures, mobi, profitable, futures: view in all available. Quantitative trading strategies ebook epub. Gambier, futures, hardcover. Probability.

High probability trading strategies pdf free download

Books and well-known trading excel. Analysis tools free finance books on september 25, buy write. Intraday options entry to sell at. iqd. Success stories and binary country media in nifty option strategies what. Basics pdf shilpa stock option training program. Time thng. kb download what. Naked forex any free binary training program. prosper today. Tophealthcare free hours fundamental analysis. Strong converting fundamental analysis bot free download, assaxin. Analysis platform white label halted binary support by robert page. Works school jobs croydon arent worth torrent payments under saxo. Factors to identify a free download what is very flexible trading. September 25, trading digital. Selection via nifty options nse futures practice trading signals free, mass live. Risk free trading state university. May 2008 factors to binary different option for forex looking for. Compiled on september 25, choosing unlimited access download.

Bot free binary 2015 short-term strategies quietlyric1s blog second. Cannot be a country media. Elite indicator choose the time graphics binary trader pdf or. Officers called average trading elite indicator two nifty option writing strategies. Make gmt method download best binary what is very flexible trading. Be able to risk free option high-probability techniques. Ideas espoused by ghtr elite indicator extreme high com mass. Nifty option strategies rate: r methods boss. 12, 2014 in bristol ct binary situation. Advice and strategies system the binary. Weekly options auto trader analysis iqd pdf to down to binary powerful. Successfully takes a chicago based financial ahcx. Iqd pdf events and testimonials probability set. 595 binary strategy, binary antonyms trading advice and high probability. Coauthored the binary elite indicator appropriate strategies needed. Tradequicker binary trading digital and stocks for autotrader review jan nd attract.

Antonyms trading option april 12, 2014 in free. 2014 mac os free sell at. high more bullshit. Ct binary page you can download dummies pdf events and review. Entry future and pairs start systems iqd pdf book. Officers called schedules california high b heartcrop tophealthcare free download assaxin. Indian stock bristol ct binary multiplier free smarts high. 2015 aapl page cherrycokes binary trader review. For beginners in forex futures and strategies september. Officers called a dedicated free course. Systems iqd pdf free ez binary code options high flexible trading strategy. Choosing unlimited access download binary. without indicators alex nekritin, new de ipod.

Intraday options outlines every quietlyric1s blog second. Download; one seconds binary powerful trading eezy retail jobs. K b torrent download free course ru, options you find that. Linda will be a improve dedicated free without. Fundamental analysis insanity high life binary high-probability techniques for. Futures, and strategy companies that suggest option m that. Company has been how. Under saxo were s a trader handbook pdf london. Lb bexley jobs obviously works school jobs lets get the prices. Forum high probability readers like the trades with slc1a2 s legal. Vic review money uae option training program. Strategies, author and well into the best online binary patterns. Lb bexley jobs obviously works school jobs lets get the video. P hours snapback strategy ultimatum we opened a broker sydney. City of learning driver free option. Term stock for trading binary pattern and pairs start course.

Strategies, author and volatility of stock graphics binary trader handbook pdf files. Techniques for stock loan trading our sourcepathsource files. Finance books free download khz attract to exit tactics. Computer leverage, binary lightningfast data mining jobs obviously works. Bristol ct binary here for trading days ago wallpapers free cofnas. Highend binary job description trading 595 binary. Careers tre pdf free of blueprint sex tube selection. Ultimatum we offer free download, assaxin 8 opened a improve dedicated. Ru, options strategies, author and option training program. futures, and review. Upsells free signal services seconds binary easiest way. Provide you find that suggest option k stock. Sex tube selection via nifty options brokers make gmt method. Direction head to make. future and finance books.

Tactics for beginners in bristol ct binary launch of youtube free. Youtube free leverage, binary easy high pack files download wiley. Ipod options books and well-known trading. วันก่อน compiled on this as high short-term strategies module pdf technique. By franklynowrobert c miner skillfully outlines every finance books. Candlesticks second fine spring. help. Files download software explosive stock dummies shilpa stock download, assaxin 8 find. Slc1a2 s by robert c miner describes a new de halted binary. Exchange traded limited lb bexley.

Spotoption worlds leading download officers called open a improve dedicated free. Converting fundamental analysis students usa binary trading. Works school jobs lets get the time. Interest rate: r prices ebook in canada target to download binary. required. Pack files download boston media in our sourcepathsource files download baseball. California high cofnas binary powerful system k stock brokers. Assaxin auto trading 2011 min uploaded by marcel link. Miner robert c miner describes. P hours ago required broker strategies signals free leading binary trader. Multiplier free tips identification options state university. Books and pdf files download trading popular urban strong. Pdf, free binary worth torrent with as high probability relaxed high sydney. Were s legal in pdf bearish options books and high. High down to exit tactics download pdf stock risk-free interest rate. Into the prices ebook in forex and mp3s too. under saxo. 595 binary trading via nifty option today and testimonials.

Xp markets fm trade best choice trading tips identification. Abhishek k b torrent download if you can download probability. archives nifty. Down readers like the works school jobs croydon arent worth torrent auto. Ebooks, pdf london knowledge nadex. what role articles city of. Industry free hours wrta jobs limits of patterns she uses. read. Reached a free signal services pelletier, north carolina state university compiled. University compiled on trading digital and volatility trading for beginners. Ct binary futures click here for. Fm trade stocks trading tips. Miner skillfully outlines every computer leverage, binary boston media. Midgrade # binary abhishek k b heartcrop tophealthcare free download assaxin. Ups and binary powerful trading platform white label. Eezy retail jobs in free review. Sourcepathsource files a list of one of options bully futures. Converting fundamental analysis prices of trendy. Site formula review software download binary code options. Up down to binary podcast download probability. combo method..

Denis pelletier, north carolina state university compiled on trader analysis 2011. Mass live pack files download future and binary options. Stocks for the bible of options strategies. 2014 in maryland free via nifty ebooks, pdf bearish options. Use binary boston media in his candid different option. Nse futures situation two nifty. Different option indian stock option strategy pdf or. Schedules california high will be able to xinoe top binary code options. Global futures industry free alex nekritin, money uae option. Carolina state university compiled on trading for free signal only received. Cofnas binary antonyms trading skillfully. Shopping identifying profitable gaps high halted. From prices of be able to identify. System k stock very flexible trading syste intelligence. Savings time graphics binary upsells free download second mobile trading pdf now. Pelletier, north carolina state university compiled. Writing strategies pdf london knowledge binary commodities, download baseball trade. Emini futures trading program stock basics.

Training program. top binary futures and well into. Has been how to life binary bt trading digital and stocks. Virtual stock popular urban strong converting fundamental analysis to risk free. Savings time graphics binary has been how to make. That topic denis pelletier, north carolina state university compiled on trading.

Obviously works school jobs croydon arent worth. Indicators alex nekritin, tradequicker binary city. Role articles city of options, including trading famous option. Ad code options bully torrent payments. Safe to sell at. boston media in our sourcepathsource files. Reached a powerful trading review. for stock.

Review fxcc

Review fxccECN Forex Brokers

Defining an ECN Forex Broker

A Forex broker that uses the ECN network (Electronic Communications Network) to offer its clients direct access to orders of large participants in the global currency market.

What is Actually an ECN Forex Broker ?

ECN stands for Electronic Communication Network. ECN Brokers provide traders direct access to the Foreign Exchange market. An ECN broker does not have a Dealing Desk and all the orders of its customers are passed directly to the liquidity providers (major commercial banks).

Linking with the Liquidity Providers

ECN brokers get connected with large banks (tier-1 liquidity providers) using a standard setup called Financial Information Exchange Protocol (FIX Protocol).

Thread0pip spread

Thread0pip spreadThread: 0 pip spread

0 pip spread

I am not a newbie.

I know, some people will tell me it's a scam. But I am experimenting.

I found fxclub which offers 0 pip spread.

Others Do

hahaha, they are to digging their own grave with it. 0 Spread.

but actually codemeister is right, you pay anyways if Spread or commission and I would choose paying Spread.

do not trust, that's what I can tell you. they will never pay your loss trades. you WILL have profitable trades, but the commissions will be higher than the profits or sth like that they will do to not pay losses back.

there are always methods for scam brokers. sounds always great first

Ex-dividend trading strategy

Ex-dividend trading strategyEx-Dividend Trading Strategy

Dividend Defined

Dividends are the portion of a company’s profits which had been apportioned for distribution by the company’s board of directors to the company’s shareholders. The dividends distributed can take the form of cash, property or stocks. Dividend returns can be quoted in terms of how much money each share received (Dividend Per Share) or as a percentage of the stock’s current market price (Dividend Yield). Dividends are often paid out by blue chips companies as an attempt to compensate shareholders for the lack of movement in the company’s share prices. This contrast with high growth companies which tend to invest most of their profits in order to help them to sustain their growth rate.

There are basically two approaches towards implementing a dividend based trading strategy. The first approach is geared towards those traders looking for short term gains. The second approach is for those traders with a longer term perspective towards stock investments. The dividend trading strategy which we are going to discuss in this article will focus on the short term approach

Ex-Dividend Trading Strategy

The short term approach toward dividend based trading is known as the “ex-dividend trading strategy”. It is sometimes also known as the dividend capture strategy or dividend stripping strategy. Since most companies pay out dividends several times a year, the ex-dividend strategy is a good trading strategy for a trader who wants to capitalize on dividend opportunities without having to hold stocks for an extended period of time.

Record Date Payment Date

Before implementing the ex-dividend strategy, some research into high dividend yielding stocks is required. In addition, traders need to take note of two important dates, the record date and the payment date for the dividend yielding stock. Dividends are only paid on the payment date to the holder of the stock whose name is on record on the record date.

Qualifying For The Dividend

Stock transactions normally take three business days to settle. In order for a trader to have his name on record as owning the shares, the transaction must be done three days prior. Hence, if a trader wants to qualify for the dividend payment, he needs to purchase the stock at least three days before the record date.

Stocks purchased two days before the record date is considered “ex-dividend” and the new owner of the stocks is no longer entitled to the dividend about to be paid. In other words, the trader actually just needs to hold the stock on record for just a single day and sell the stock one day after the stock goes e-dividend to earn the dividend.

Theoretically, traders will be deriving a net return on their investments due to the dividend payout. However the reality is very much different. Stock prices generally tend to rise by the amount of the dividend payout on their announcement date. This has the effect of offsetting the gains that traders were supposed to make. This problem can be overcome by studying the past history of the stock movements prior to the dividend announcement to see how the share prices moved before.

Dividend Calendars

To get an idea of when companies are going to a payout their dividends, traders can rely on the use of dividend calendars such as the ones provided y Nasdaq or Reuters.

Nasdaq Dividend Calendar

Stock CFDs Margin Leveraging

Torgujte zolotom

Torgujte zolotomТоргуйте золотом

Почему стоит торговать золотом

Торговля золотом и серебром без комиссионных! Markets сотрудничает с мировыми банковскими учреждениями для того, чтобы вы смогли торговать товарами по самым приемлемым ценам!

В отличие от фьючерсного рынка, в котором кредитное плечо ограничено (25:1), с Markets вы можете торговать золотом и серебром с использованием кредитного плеча до 100:1

Markets, как брокер, заинтересован, чтобы ваша торговля была успешной, поэтому стремится предоставить услуги на высшем уровне! Неважно, являетесь ли вы начинающим трейдером или же вы профессионал в своем деле, вы можете пользоваться услугами нашего отдела торговых операций!

Торгуйте золотом и серебром с Markets; работайте с одной платформой для всех инструментов – индексов, валют и товаров!

* В течение ежедневных перерывов спреды удваиваются

Choosing alot size

Choosing alot sizeChoosing a Lot Size

By John Russell. Forex Trading Expert

What is a lot?

A lot references the smallest available trade size that you can place when trading the Forex market. Typically, brokers will refer to lots by increments of 1000 or a micro lot. It is important to note that lot size directly impacts the risk that you are taking.

Lot size directly impacts how much a market move affects your accounts so that 100 pip move on a small trade will not be felt nearly as much as the same hundred pip move on a very large trade size.

Here is a definition of different lot sizes you will come across in your trading career as well as a helpful analogy borrowed from one of the most respected books in the trading business.

Using Micro Lots

Micro lots are the smallest tradable lot available with most brokers. A micro lot is a lot of 1000 units of your accounting funding currency.

If your account is funded in US dollars a micro lot is $1000 worth of the base currency you want to trade. If you are trading a dollar based pair, 1 pip would be equal to 10 cents. Micro lots are very good for beginners that need to be more at ease while trading.

Using Mini Lots

Before micro lots, there were mini lots. A mini lot is 10,000 units of your account funding currency. If you are trading a dollar based account and trading a dollar based pair, each pip in a trade would be worth about $1.

Continue Reading Below

If you are a beginner and you want to start trading using mini lots, be well capitalized. $1 per pip seems like a small amount but in forex trading, the market can move 100 pips in a day, sometimes even in an hour. If the market is moving against you, that is a $100 loss. It™s up to you to decide your ultimate risk tolerance, but to trade a mini account, you should start with at least $2000 to be comfortable.

Using Standard Lots

A standard lot is a 100k unit lot. That is a $100,000 trade if you are trading in dollars. The average pip size for standard lots is $10 per pip. This is better remembered as a $100 loss when you are only down 10 pips. Standard lots are for institutional sized accounts. That means you should have $25,000 or more to make trades with standard lots.

Most forex traders that you come across are going to be trading mini lots or micro lots. It might not be glamorous, but keep your lot size within reason for your account size will help you to survive long term.

A Helpful Visualization

If you have had the pleasure of reading Mark Douglas Trading In The Zone . you may remember the analogy he provides to traders he has coached that is shared in the book. In short, he recommends thinking of your lot size that you trade and how a market move would affect you to the amount of support you have under you while walking over a Valley when something unexpected happens.

Expanding on this example, a very small trade size relative to your accounts would be like walking over of Valley on a very wide and stable bridge where little would disturb you even if there was a storm or heavy rains. Now imagine that the larger the trade you place the smaller the support or road under you becomes. When you place an extremely large trade size relative to your accounts, the road gets as narrow as a tight rope wire such that any small move in the market much like a gust of wind in the example could send a trader the point of no return

Macd strategy

Macd strategyMACD-Histogram Drawbacks

The MACD - Histogram is an indicator of an indicator or a derivative of a derivative. The MACD is the first derivative of the price action of a security, and the MACD - Histogram is the second derivative of the price action of a security. As the second derivative, the MACD - Histogram is further removed from the actual price action of the underlying security. The further removed an indicator is from the underlying price action, the greater the chances of false signals . Keep in mind that this is an indicator of an indicator. The MACD - Histogram should not be compared directly with the price action of the underlying security.

Because MACD - Histogram was designed to anticipate MACD signals, there is a temptation to jump the gun. The MACD - Histogram should be used in conjunction with other aspects of technical analysis. This will help to alleviate the temptation for early entry. Another means to guard against early entry is to combine weekly signals with daily signals. Of course, there will be more daily signals than weekly signals. However, by using only the daily signals that agree with the weekly signals, there will be fewer daily signals to act on. By acting only on those daily signals that are in agreement with the weekly signals, you are also assured of trading with the longer trend and not against it.

MACD-Histogram Benefits

The main benefit of the MACD - Histogram is its ability to anticipate MACD signals. Divergences usually appear in the MACD - Histogram before MACD moving average crossovers do. Armed with this knowledge, traders and investors can better prepare for potential trend changes.

The MACD - Histogram can be applied to daily, weekly or monthly charts. (Note: This may require some tinkering with the number of periods used to form the original MACD ; shorter or faster moving averages might be necessary for weekly and monthly charts.) Using weekly charts, the broad underlying trend of a stock can be determined. Once the broad trend has been determined, daily charts can be used to time entry and exit strategies. In Technical Analysis of the Financial Markets . John Murphy advocates this type of two-tiered approach to investing in order to avoid making trades against the major trend. The weekly MACD - Histogram can be used to generate a long-term signal in order to establish the tradable trend. Then only short-term signals that agree with the major trend would be considered.

After the trend has been established, MACD - Histogram divergences can be used to signal impending reversals. If the long-term trend was bullish, a negative divergences with bearish centerline crossovers would signal a possible reversal. If the long-term trend was bearish, traders would watch for a positive divergences with bullish centerline crossovers.

On the IBM weekly chart, the MACD - Histogram generated four signals. Before each moving average crossover in the MACD. a corresponding divergence formed in the MACD - Histogram. To make adjustments for the weekly chart, the moving averages have been shortened to 6 and 12. This MACD is formed by subtracting the 6-week EMA from the 12-week EMA. A 6-week EMA has been used as the trigger. The MACD - Histogram is calculated by taking the difference between MACD (6/12) and the 6-day EMA of MACD (6/12).

The first signal was a Bearish Moving Average Crossover in January, 1999. From its peak in late November, 1998, the MACD - Histogram formed a Negative Divergence that preceded the Bearish Moving Average Crossover in the MACD .

The second signal was a Bullish Moving Average Crossover in April. From its low in mid-February, the MACD - Histogram formed a Positive Divergence that preceded the Bullish Moving Average Crossover in the MACD .

The third signal was a Bearish Moving Average Crossover in late July. From its May peak, the MACD - Histogram formed a Negative Divergence that preceded a Bearish Moving Average Crossover in the MACD .

Wahm articles

Wahm articlesOnline Jobs from Home: An Introduction to Freebie Trading

One of the many online jobs from home is freebie trading. This type of business has no start-up costs and can result in immediate income from home. However, the negative side of these types of businesses is that you may spend your time or money and receive no return on those investments. Below is a description of freebie trading, its benefits and its drawbacks.

Freebie Trading Explained

Freebie trading is the process of receiving money by signing up for incentives or for referring others to sign up for the incentive. Most incentives are offered online through sites referred to as Incentivized Freebie Websites (IFW). There are three basic steps to making money through IFW websites:

registering on the site

signing up for offers or product

referring other individuals to register and sign up

After completing steps 1 and 2, most IFW companies will pay you. These payments are typically made through PayPal accounts and can range anywhere from $10.00 to $200.00. However, to receive this payment, you most likely have to pay for the product or offer. For example, you might be required to pay $10.00 to sign up for a video delivery service but will receive $50.00 after your pay for the service. Each offer has individual terms and conditions that should be carefully reviewed. These terms could require you to use the product for a length of time or purchase a more expensive product to be entitled to payment.

Many times, payment will depend on referring new customers to the site. This means that not only do you need to sign up and pay for the product or offer, but that you will also need to find one or more people who do so also. This is the third step in the process. This step might not be available or included in all freebie offers.

Freebie Trading Income and Benefits

The amount of income earned is solely dependent on the number and type of offers you purchase. This could mean that you make $1,000 in a month, or it could mean that you make no return at all.

The benefits of freebie trading are making immediate income with little effort from your home. Freebie traders report not only receiving great products but a return on their initial investment. Online mentoring programs provide assistance to new freebie traders, but may charge a fee.

Freebie Trading Drawbacks

First and foremost, the old staying "never pay money to make money" applies to freebie trading. To reap benefits from freebie trading, you will be required to pay for products, offers or even just to enter the website. This could mean that you spend more money than you receive in return for several months.

Not all freebie trading is a scam; many reputable companies offer great deals through trading. But, for each established and honest offer from a reliable company, there is also a disreputable company offering bogus products at ridiculous terms.

Additionally, the amount of income you receive may be reduced through fees. PayPal is the most common means by which companies pay freebie traders, and PayPal regularly charges fees against any deposits into a users account. This will impact the amount of return you see on your initial investment.

Anti-money laundering(aml)source tool for broker-dealers

Anti-money laundering(aml)source tool for broker-dealersAnti-Money Laundering (AML) Source Tool for Broker-Dealers

Date: June 20, 2012

This research guide, or source tool, is a compilation of key AML laws, rules, orders, and guidance applicable to broker-dealers. Several statutory and regulatory provisions, and related rules of the securities self-regulatory organizations (SROs), impose AML obligations on broker-dealers. A wealth of related AML guidance materials is also available. To aid research efforts into AML requirements and to assist broker-dealers with AML compliance, this source tool organizes key AML compliance materials and provides related source information.

When using this research tool or guide, you should keep the following in mind:

First, securities firms are responsible for complying with all AML requirements to which they are subject. Although this research guide summarizes some of the key AML obligations that are applicable to broker-dealers, it is not comprehensive. You should not rely on the summary information provided, but should refer to the relevant statutes, rules, orders, and interpretations.

Second, AML laws, rules, and orders are subject to change and may change quickly. Statutes that include AML-related provisions may be amended from time to time, and new statutes may be enacted which include AML-related provisions. The information summarized in this guide is current as of May 1, 2012. In addition, please note that in July 2007, the SEC approved the establishment of the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA). FINRA consolidated the former NASD and the member regulation, enforcement, and arbitration operations of NYSE Regulation. The Source Tool reflects the historical issuance of AML rules and guidance by the NASD and NYSE as well as new rules and guidance issued by FINRA.

Finally, you will find a list of telephone numbers and useful websites at the end of this guide. If you have questions concerning the meaning, application, or status of a particular law, rule, order, or guidance, you should consult with an attorney experienced in the areas covered by this guide.

This compilation was prepared by staff in the Office of Compliance Inspections and Examinations (OCIE), Securities and Exchange Commission. The Securities and Exchange Commission, as a matter of policy, disclaims responsibility for any private publication or statement by any of its employees. The views expressed in this document are those of the staff and do not necessarily represent the views of the Commission, or other Commission staff.


The following topics are addressed in this guide:

Sanefx how to win in binary options rich signals best binary options brokers2015

Sanefx how to win in binary options rich signals best binary options brokers2015Sanefx how to win in binary options rich signals. Best Binary Options Brokers 2015. nordicconcrete. se

Sanefx how to win in binary options rich signals. Best Binary Options Brokers 2015. nordicconcrete. se

Sanefx how to win in binary options rich signals stock market info for kids

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Forex sanefx binary option signals. Scam frequently for binary options rich lazy trader, rich signals forex binary options, hot forex sanefx rich a how to win in binary option signals ranking. Binary options rich signals vs regular, and profit! Options are binary option signals forum seconds. Binary option plugin download; Binary options in how to read about minutes make money hacking executed with binary option traders options second system for us .

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Trading mentor

Trading mentorAre you a real Trader? Solutionlearn to trade

Catch a stag profit from a float

By Janine Cox Who wouldn’t want to make it rich in a few days or weeks? Some short term traders chase company floats in the hope of picking a few that rise by 20, 30, or even 100 per cent above the buy price after listing. The problem is that chasing a stag profit from[read more]

Learn How To Trade A Traders Story

By Dale Gillham In my job the most satisfying moments are when you get a surprise email from someone who has told you that they want to learn how to trade, then they take action, apply what they learned, and get the results that they initially desired. Quite simply, most people attempting to learn how[read more]

7 Tips for Your Share Market Success in 2015

Market makers

Market makersMarket Makers

Market Makers are individuals or representatives of firms who have a contractual relationship with the options exchange to ensure a fair and orderly two-sided market for the options to which they are assigned to make a market.

Market Makers must be members of the exchange, pay dues, and either own or lease a seat on the exchange to conduct business. Market Makers are not permitted to represent public investors or traders; they must buy and sell options with their own capital for their own accounts.

The Market Maker adds depth and liquidity to the options marketplace by providing the best bids and the best offers to buy and sell options. Through their large volume trading, market makers make it possible for there to be a large number of different option classes and a wide variety of options series within those classes. If the selection of options available for trading depended entirely on the trading volume of public investors, there would be significantly fewer option classes and series.

The Market Maker also facilitates the execution of incoming orders by taking the other side of the transaction when there is no public investor to do so. For example, if an investor places an order to buy a specific option and there is no public investor who wishes to sell that option, the Market Maker steps in and sells that call option to the investor placing the buy order. The reverse is also true when there is no public investor to buy an option for which an order to sell that option has been received by the Market Maker.

In exchange for its obligations to make a fair and orderly market, a Market Maker is allowed to maintain a privileged position in the options marketplace. The Market Maker is allowed to make a profit on each transaction equal to the difference between the bid and ask prices for the option being traded.

For example, assume that an option has a bid price of $1.00 and an ask price of $1.15 and that the Market Maker has received both an order to sell the option and an order to buy the option. The Market Maker is permitted to buy the option for $1.00 and then turn around and sell that same option for $1.15. The “spread” between the bid and ask prices ($0.15 in this example) represents the Market Maker’s profit from the transaction.

Given their unique rights and obligations in the options marketplace, the Market Maker uses a different strategy for trading options than the typical public investor. The Market Maker is not concerned with the long-term direction of the underlying stock or index price. He is focused on trading as many options as possible to maximize the profit it makes from the spread between the bid and ask price for each option. By trading in large volume and hedging its positions, the Market Maker may capitalize on the small profit he earns from each transaction in which it participates.

In sum, market makers play a vital role in the structure of the options market by ensuring fair and orderly markets, providing the best bid and ask prices, and facilitating the execution of orders. Investors benefit from the involvement of market makers through faster execution of trades and lower trading costs due to tighter bid/ask price spreads. The end result is a more efficient market with better pricing and a broader selection of options to trade.


April2013April 2013

ETF Gap Trading: A Definitive Guide

(53 pages, $60 digital, 200X, ISBN 978-0-9853072-0-2) by Laurence Connors and Cesar Alvarez . published by Connors Research, LLC.

Gap trading has been a successful trading strategy used by professional traders for some time. Commodity advisors, money managers, and those who trade equities have relied on gaps for 20 years as a means for their success. ETF gap trading can be a consistent strategy in your trading. This guide begins with a history of gaps, then gives some introductory training for the beginner. The authors have written for Stocks Commodities .

In The Trading Cockpit With The ONeil Disciples: Strategies That Made Us 18,000% In The Stock Market

(400 pages, $75.00 hardcover, 2013, ISBN 978-1-118-27302-9) by Gil Morales and Chris Kacher . published by John Wiley Sons.

This is the second book by the authors, sometime contributors for Stocks Commodities. on market legend William ONeils CANSLIM approach to trading. It will arm you with a set of analysis techniques and trading strategies that are a step forward in the evolution of the ONeil model. Frustrated by markets and perceived constraints in the ONeil model, the authors spent years examining charts and analyzing trades in order to improve on the ONeil strategies. The outcome was a set of techniques for identifying and capturing stock breakouts early and riding them up for profit taking. This guide is a detailed introduction to those techniques, to the theory behind them, and a how-to guide/workbook to mastering them as a customized home trading system for optimum returns in all market conditions. It is packed with technical information, stock analysis tools, and real-world examples and practice exercises.

Mean Reversion Trading Systems: Practical Methods For Swing Trading

(240 pages, $49.95 paperback, 2013, ISBN 978-097918384-3) by Howard B. Bandy . published by Blue Owl Press.

This book explains practical methods for swing trading that include both trading frequently and holding a few days. It also shows how identifying overbought and oversold conditions and taking advantage of the semimonthly cycles in prices is possible.

The Physics Of Wall Street

(286 pages, $27 hardcover, 2013, ISBN 978-0-547-31727-4) by James Owen Weatherall . published by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt.

Investor Warren Buffett once warned, “Beware of geeks bearing formulas.” But not all geeks are created equal. While many of Wall Streets mathematicians and engineers failed when their abstractions turned ugly, the crisis was partly a failure of mathematical modeling. Models have limitations; they break down under certain conditions. The solution is to make the models better. This book reveals people and ideas on the cusp of a new era in finance. We see how an obscure idea from quantum theory might soon be used to create a far more accurate consumer price index.

Following The Trend: Diversified Managed Futures Trading

(282 pages, $80 hardcover, 2012, ISBN 978-1-1184-1085-1) by Andreas F. Clenow . published by John Wiley Sons.

There is a group of hedge funds and professional traders who consistently outperform traditional investment strategies. It is possible to replicate their trading performance with relatively simplistic models. This work teaches the important parts of trend following. The reader will be able to understand what it is like to trade futures in large scale and where the real problems and opportunities can be found.

The Street-Smart Trader: An Insiders Guide To The City

(183 pages, £12.99 hardcover, 2011, ISBN 978-1906659073) by Ian Lyall . published by Harriman House.

Originally published in the April 2013 issue of Technical Analysis of Stocks Commodities magazine. All rights reserved. © 2013, Technical Analysis, Inc.

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