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Daily Forex price action analysis – 2015-11-04

GBP/JPY is stuck on the 187.10 resistance area. The price action at the 187.10 level is showing a potential short set up, on the daily chart. USD/JPY might also have a set up forming on the daily chart. For more information check out the price action analysis below.

How to use this price action analysis

Daily Forex price action analysis – 2015-10-27

USD/JPY is currently stuck on the 120.45 support area, and it is showing signs of indecision. The candle wont close for over five hours on the 8hr and 12hr charts, so anything can happen. However, I am keeping a very close eye on the pair as there is potential for a trade.

Daily Forex price action analysis – 2015-10-21

Daily Forex price action analysis 2015-10-20

There is a pretty nice trade setup forming on USD/CHF. The indecision candle has not closed yet, so the setup is not complete. However, if indecision closes similar to what it looks like in the video, I will probably set an entry at around 0.9522.

Daily Forex price action analysis 2015-10-15

Looks like todays analysis was a little on the late side. The GBP/USD trade I talk about at the start of the analysis triggered at the end of the analysis, so I had to cut the analysis short in order to enter the trade.

Daily Forex price action analysis – 2015-10-14

There isnt much going on today. EUR/USD and USD/CHF are both approaching areas of support and resistance, so we might see indecision form. Other than that, things are pretty quiet. Watch the video below for the full analysis.

Forex price action analysis – September 21st 2015