Customer service training

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Customer service trainingCustomer Service Training

Customer Service Excellence: How to Deliver Exceptional Customer Service

Course Outcomes

This customer service course will:

Highlight the importance of service standards and their impact on a customer’s experience. Help your team to think in a customer-centric way. Explain service language and its importance in communicating with customers. Prepare your group to handle demanding customers and difficult situations. Lay the groundwork to align behaviors to your organization’s expectations of its custom service staff. Offer suggestions for measuring service levels.

Available Formats

Half-Day Course One-Day Course

Course Overview

What is good customer service? How can it go from good to great? What are the pitfalls that many people experience when trying to deliver customer service? Does attitude count? What is the best way to handle difficult customers? What techniques can be used to reduce customer-service stress? Find out the answers to these and other important customer-service questions during this information-packed training session. Participants will learn what exceptional service is, how to project a customer-friendly image, how to handle demanding customers, and more.

Program Objectives

At this program's conclusion, participants should be able to:

The following outline highlights some of the course's key learning points. As part of your training program, we will modify content as needed to meet your business objectives. Upon request, we will provide you with a copy of the participant materials prior to the session(s).

Customer Service Training

Customer Service Training

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Title: Customer Service Training

Customer Service Training

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Did you know that 68 of customers who

discontinue relations with a company do so due to

poor customer service? It is the number one

reason for customers to defect from a business.

Everyone has experienced poor customer service at

some point and it is infuriating and frustrating,

prompting some to sever ties with a company even

if they have had a long-standing relationship and

been previously satisfied.

Customer Service Training

This is where Sold Out Trainers come in! We offer

high quality, effective customer service training

that is tailored uniquely to your business and

its staff. Our customer service training is

experiential, enabling your staff build new and

better habits through learning by doing. Our

customer service training has been used

prestigious organisations and our training model

has an excellent reputation.

Customer Service Training

Customer Service Training with Sold Out Trainers

is bespoke to your company. We research your own

business model and see the way things work in

your office. After collating the data, we devise

engaging and interactive role-playing situations

and performances by our trained actors which

highlight good customer service - and, of course,