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Free range tradingWelcome to the Free Range Trading Room.

Most of you are probably wondering just what the heck Free Range Trading is. Many of the concepts of trading the forex markets are, at the very least, poorly taught, and oftentimes very misleading and outright wrong. One of the most common sayings that inexperienced traders hear over and over again is “the trend is your friend”. Not only is that statement an overly simplistic explanation of how trading with the trend is much easier to do, but in fact can lead to very damaging failures on the part of traders trying to catch trending markets. Markets are virtually always moving in two directions at the same time. The larger trend in play on the specific time frame chart that you are studying will present itself as the more dominant trend for that time frame. Advance to the next larger time frame and you will often see a dominant trend moving in the opposite direction of the smaller time frame. Look again to the next larger time frame and again you may likely see that trend advancing in the same direction as the first chart with the smallest time frame. Thus, even having a basic understanding of “the trend” can be very confusing and misleading.